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Found 5 results

  1. Somewhere down the line while growing up, our mindset got corrupted. We observed what we saw around us & heard what people around us talked about and made those things a general conception. And then, we started judging people, communities, religions, cities, and everything based on those conceptions. Following are a few of many such things which we're stereotyping about, knowingly or unknowingly: 1. Punjabis = Butter Chicken + Whiskey + Canada Let's admit it, we all think that Punjabis made of these three things. Or, Canada is made of Punjabis and the other two things. It might be true that the wealthy families of Punjab send their kids abroad and they might be foodies, but putting every Punjabi in that category is not fair. There are many who are vegetarians, don't drink, and are happily working in India. “Are you sure you're a Punjabi?” is what we ask when we come to know about a vegetarian teetotaller Punjabi! 2. I Talk Little English = Illiterate via GIPHY The country with 22 official languages judges people based on their command on English. The language, which is not even our first language! I am not saying it is not important to learn English, it definitely is, since most of our communication happens in this language. But it's not right to declare someone illiterate based on their command over it. 3. Tinder = Hook-ups via GIPHY Believe it or not, but there are people on the app who are looking for just friendship, or a serious relationship, or a hangout buddy. And they do find matches with the same interests. Let's settle it once and for all, Tinder is a platform where you can meet strangers with similar interests. From hook-ups to having children together, interests could be many! 4. Dilli Se Hai? = Behe*od via GIPHY As soon as people get to know that a person is from Delhi, they automatically assume that he (or she) must be an asshole. You have every right to judge, but only if they are being an asshole to you. Otherwise, treat them like you would treat any stranger from any city. 5. Engineers = Desperate and Socially Challenged Nerds via GIPHY “I usually don't go out with engineers, they don't know how to talk to a woman. You are different though." True story. I don't know why people have that perception. In a country where almost everyone is doing engineering first and then figuring out what to do next, this assumption covers the mass of the population. I don't see how people can relate a person's degree to his desperate nature. There are people who don't know how to talk to the opposite *** or who are socially challenged or who are desperate but tagging them based on their degree is plain wrong! I hope we all can move past these stereotypes and next time before judging a person, we at least try to get to know them. Though not judging them at all would be much better, that is, if you can do it.
  2. While we're happy for Ranbir Kapoor when he gave us 'Sanju', the biggest hit of 2018, there are some movies he perhaps inadvertently didn't give his all too, which plummeted at the box office. Why're we telling you this? Well, because when he was giving us back-to-back flops films like 'Besharam' (2014), 'Roy' (2015), 'Tamasha' (2015) and 'Jagga Jasoos' (2017), he was actually trolled by a cop and asked to stop doing so! © Fox Star Studios Well, not literally trolled but recently the actor attended the Umang Police Show 2019 and narrated an incident when a cop asked him to stop one night and upon recognising him, gave him a lecture about his career and how he shouldn't give any more flops and instead, suggested he does a film where he plays a policeman! © Eros International Ranbir went onto stage and narrated the incident to Shah Rukh Khan who was also on stage with him and other prominent guests who were amidst the audience. The cop first stopped his car and upon recognising him, he took a picture with Ranbir, only to sit and give him some detailed career advice on how his next film should be a one where he plays a cop. © Viral Bhayani I mean I wish it was so easy to stop most Bollywood actors and and give them some unsolicited advice on some things they probably shouldn't have done! But I guess the Mumbai policeman was lucky enough to encounter one of the biggest stars in Bollywood and sit him down over some serious talk. © Instagram Watch the video of Ranbir narrating this during the Umang Police Show 2019! Video: Ranbir Kapoor, Shahrukh Khan and Manish Paul on stage. #Umang2019 #umangpoliceshow2019 #RanbirKapoor #Ranbir #ShahRukhKhan #ManishPaul #Bollywood A post shared by Ranbir Kapoor Universe (@ranbirkapooruniverse) on Jan 27, 2019 at 10:00am PST But on an endearing note, I believe it was quite sweet of the cop to suggest something like that to Ranbir, since the policeman would actually want a fine actor to emulate the role of a policeman in a film. If directors do have any good scripts or ideas for a cop-based film, they should definitely get in touch with Ranbir, as he's told the cop he'd be open to doing it, but hasn't had a chance yet. Well, here's hoping Ranbir!
  3. Disclaimer: This article has major spoilers from 'Game of Thrones' season 8, so don't blame us if we kind of ruin it for you. When Aristotle said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet,” he clearly didn't know that someone in future will create a show as brilliant as 'Game of Thrones'. Had he known that he would have probably tweaked his words to, "Sweet fruit is fine, but can someone release the show already because my patience has gone for a toss." If the wait for GOT 8 wasn't tough already, the spoilers are making the wait harder than ever. And this latest piece of information that we have recieved won't make us feel any good either. HBO might have been successful in stopping the hackers from spoiling the show, but can it stop the show's main characters from giving away spoilers? No. If you're a 'Game of Thrones' fan then you will have heard this saying that "a Lannister always pays his debts," but Jaime Lannister got in trouble in real life for not paying the debt he owes to his former manager. Reportedly, the 48-year-old actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is currently fighting a case against his former manager, Jill Littman and owes Littman for an alleged breach of contract. When both theparties were busy fighting the lawsuit, the world got a glimpse of a major spoiler that kind of decides Jaime Lannister's fate in the show. Earlier, it was being rumoured that Jaime Lannister will be a part of only 4 episodes, indicating that he might die in this season. However, according to the documents related to the case, it has now been revealed that Lannister will be a part of all six episodes, which means he will stick around till the end and survive every obstacle. So does this mean he will be the end of Cersei? We'll find out soon. (All image credits: HBO) Source: Hindustan Times
  4. Freedom can be really underrated for those who readily have it, and didn't ever have to face the horrors of captivity - literally and otherwise. Have you ever been called a criminal without having committed any crime? Have you had to lead a life of fear, shame, and guilt, for no fault of your own? Have you ever been treated as a second class citizen in your own country - your own motherland that you love and plan to stay in for the rest of your life? I have gone through all of that, just like millions of other Indians who happen to not be heterosexual. Please note, 'millions' is an understatement here, and no, it's not a 'minuscule' number - and even if it were, should justice be denied just because the number of people suffering is 'small'? © Twitter But all of that is about to be history now. The Supreme Court of India has decriminalized Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, according to which gay *** (among other things) was a criminal offense. I no longer am a 'criminal'. I am a gay man who finally has freedom. © Twitter Not being emotional is hard right now, but I shall try my best to be objective about what exactly changes for me this moment onward. Has the quality, or standard of living been elevated for me? No. And YES! Let's just say I had been pushed into a ditch for no fault of my own, and now I have climbed out of it and stand with others - on equal footing (again, only legally, and not in entirety because we still can't get married like heterosexual people, but that's another topic, and let's just agree that this significant step suffices, for now). For me, and my people, that warrants a huge celebration, for the climb was steep. © Twitter I am not from a metro city, and belong to an extremely conservative family. My parents probably don't even know the full form of 'LGBT'. Of course, I am not out to them. How did you expect me to even start a conversation with them on the topic, when my opening line was going to be 'Legally, I am a criminal for being who I am'? Now, however, I can. I can finally tell them that I am in a loving, fulfilling relationship. The fact that I couldn't even share that part of my life with my parents because of a flawed piece of judgment was killing me everyday. Now, I can finally tell them that they can stop looking for a bride for me, because I already have found a groom. © Twitter The constant, unyielding fear of being harassed because of your sexuality is something I don't wish upon my worst enemies. You're always just a rumour away from being arrested, or blackmailed, or being a part of a full-blown scandal. I have been lucky enough to not face anything like that, but I have friends who have been a part of horror stories - stories of humiliation, exploitation, and abuse - purely and only because of their sexual orientation. That changes today. © Twitter But the battle has only began. We're no longer criminals in the eyes of the law, but what about the society? As happy as I am today, my heart still sinks when I think about all the 'Haha' and 'Angry' reactions this story is going to receive on social media. I still have to think twice before referring to 'my boyfriend' openly. I still have to 'come out'. The assumption is still that I am different, and don't fall under the category 'normal'. I still have to plan and prepare meticulously, with a counselor handy, when I am about to tell my family about my sexual orientation, while hoping and praying hard that I still have a family post that. © Twitter But I will still celebrate. I will celebrate, because today marks the day when millions have tasted freedom for the first time in their life. Today, the efforts of all the noble souls who have been crusading for the availability of something as basic as human rights, armed only with grit and hope, have borne fruit. Today, I can hold my head high, and not be ashamed of how I was born, without being penalized for it legally. Today onward, I am no longer a criminal. Today, I am free. And it feels good. Congratulations, everyone!
  5. Whenever you think of a film from the 90s, you automatically imagine snow clad mountains and a beautiful actress dancing in her solid coloured chiffon sari, gesturing her love interest in the film to come and join her, and complete the romantic dream sequence, that was probably the highlight of the film. But Mani Ratnam wasn't one of those directors who'd charter a plane to Switzerland just to shoot a love song or a sad romance for a movie. He believed in realistic cinema and always brought the truest colours of his subject out, in the most intense way back then. © Eros International 'Dil Se' was one of the most basic examples of a classic Mani Ratnam film, and it surely taught me a lot of things while I watched the movie several times growing up. My sheer fascination with the protagonist's passion for love grew threefold and all the songs from the movie stuck with me, for life. All in all, 'Dil Se' taught me a lot about love and life and gave me an entirely different perspective on Bollywood cinema in the 90s. Ratnam's cinematic experience, Gulzar's lyrics, Rahman's music, Santosh Sivam's screenplay and one of Shah Rukh Khan's best performances till date, 'Dil Se', makes you fall in love with the insatiable sadness and romance the movie showcases, with absolutely no remorse. © Eros International Today, it completes 20 years in Bollywood, and even though it didn't do very well at the box office, here are some lessons in life and love that I take from it and believe in, all at the same time: Love Is Relentless Yet Selfless Shah Rukh Khan portrays the role of an AIR jockey and meets a mysterious woman on a lonely railway platform and instantly falls in love with her. But it's not the kind of love we see today but the kind that is probably rare and uninitiated. He loved her with all his heart but he never forced her to change her life's ideals to suit his needs. He loved her selflessly till the end. I believe we don't believe in that kind of selfless love anymore, the kind 'Dil Se' scripted for the youngsters back then to follow and understand. © Eros International Amar & Meghna's Story Is Unlike Any Other Bollywood Movie Shah Rukh Khan and Manisha Koirala, who play Amar and Meghna, have an intriguing love story. It develops slowly and steadily when Amar falls in love with Meghna and moves swiftly through boatloads of poetry and some intense romance. Even though every step is a struggle for a lost and found kind of love, he still manages to make the best of it, whenever he can. Remember this beautiful dialogue? "Mujhe sabse zyaada pasand hai tumhaari yeh aankhen. Kyunki main jitna bhi inmen dekhna chaahuun...mujhe kuch dikhta hi nahin. Tumhaari andar itna kuch chupaa huaa hai. Mujhe woh bahut pasand hai.." © Eros International You Can Love Someone From A Distance Throughout the movie, Amar is pining and looking for his lady love, until she lands up in his own house, obviously for other reasons unknown to Amar. By this time, Amar is almost engaged to another woman (Preity Zinta), but that in no way deters his spirit to love Meghna even more fiercely and finding out her purpose in life, which has been left in the realms of mystery, throughout the movie. But even though he wishes to see her every time he loses her in the movie, he doesn't stop loving her. © Eros International Love Doesn't Have To Be Subtle Or Full Of Conditions Do you remember the scene in the movie when Amar confesses his love for Meghna? It goes something like this - "Mujhe kuch nahi pata, bas yeh pata hai ki main tumhe chaahta hoon, dil se.." I remember his love for her to be fierce and passionate and I always thought that's the kind of love I want. I wanted to be loved with that kind of a fervour, and a lot of people do fall in love and fill it with passion, but the generation today is so steadfast on a few things, that there are myriad conditions put in front of love, conditions that everyone has to adhere to. Love can be daunting, fierce and passionate and it can be beautiful too. And that's the kind of love that lasts. Not the one with conditions. © Eros International Always Express Your Feelings Amar didn't care who Meghna was or what her purpose was in life but he had to share how he felt for her. He didn't care where she came from or where she was going, as long as she knew he loved her and that he wasn't willing to let go. That's one life lesson this movie has ardently taught me. Never let the people you truly love, go. It's seldom you love and if you need to stick it out to keep them in your life, because they're absolutely worth it, then you definitely must do that. © Eros International 'Dil Se' was an epic cult movie, and it deserves a mention each time it completes another year of existing. Right from the beautiful soundtrack to the abstract and malleable dialogues, it all fits perfectly well with someone who loves without fearing anything or anyone. If you haven't seen it, you've surely missed out on something. Watch it for the heck of nostalgia or to take a trip down memory lane, in any case!