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Found 7 results

  1. As streetwear trend catches on, a good ol' pair of jeans is not just a basic piece anymore. As more and more brands hop on the bandwagon of street-inspired attire, denim trends have evolved as well. Be it an ode to the 80s with bleached jeans or the much hyped distressed jeans, denim continues to be a statement maker even with new trends. Denim being the most versatile of the lot, acts as a perfect canvas for DIY tricks. Buying a pair of contemporary style jeans can be pretty expensive. Instead, why not spend a few hours on a lazy weekend to give new life to an already useless old pair found at the back of the closet? Try out these 4 DIY tricks and transform your old pair of basic jeans into a trendy one: 1. Distressed Jeans © instagram @vickykaushal09 What you need: Chopping board, chalk, scissors, sandpaper, tweezer Safety first, place a chopping board where you intend you place your denims. Nobody wants destroyed mattresses or rugs in the process. Place your pair of jeans and neatly mark a line with a chalk where you want to rip it. Rub the targeted area with sandpaper to loosen up the fabrics first and then make the cut using a scissor. Use the tweezer to pull out threads from the denim to create a rugged effect. Remember to start small as there's no turning back if you rip too much. Pro tip: For knee rips, aim a little above the knee when you're going in with scissors, as tearing too low can make the hole bigger when you walk, as you'll lean into them. 2. Frayed hem © instagram @shahidkapoor What you need: Scissors, chalk, tweezer Frayed hem jeans have been popular recently as they resemble a more hep version of ankle length pants. Perfect for showing off your beloved kicks, frayed jeans are a hoot. To make one at home, iron your jeans first to make sure the length of each leg is equal. Begin by making a straight line with chalk of equal length on each ankle. After snipping the jeans you'll see horizontal and vertical threading. Use a tweezer to pull on the threads until you've reached the level of distressing you want. 3. Patch work jeans © pinterest What you need: Iron, iron-on patch, tea towel Patches have been symbolizing brand values for ages now. Be it the Gucci tiger or the Balenciaga logo, patches represent individuality. Also a great way to mend old jeans or to channel your inner cowboy look, patches can transform jeans in a good way. Iron -on patches are the easiest way to DIY old jeans. For this method, pre-heat the denim with an iron for 30 seconds then place the patch at the desired location. Lay out a tea towel over the jeans so you don't end up burning the patch. Repeat for 90 seconds on each side until secure and dry for a few minutes. Don't use a steam iron as dry heat makes the patch stick better. 4. Paint splatter effect © instagram @vickykaushal09 What you need: Newspapers, rubber gloves, a bucket, acrylic paint If you're a fan of the faux-artist vibes, this look will add edge to your look. If not, well it still looks fly as hell. Pick out a pair f medium or light wash jeans as it displays the effect better. To achieve this effect, lay your jeans on old newspapers, put on some rubber gloves and get your chosen paint ready. Make sure the container is big enough to fit your hand in it. Create a fist and flick the paint onto the jeans rapidly. If you desire bigger paint sploges, flick closer to the jeans and for smaller ones, flick further away from them.
  2. Just like every year, and every season, when Fashion Week rolls around, we are given some style goals, not only by the designers but also by the attendees of the shows. We saw some amazing, creative, and innovative looks when it came to the street style, and these looks are the ones that were making heads turn off stage at the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week (LMIFW). We've decoded our favourite looks to tell you exactly what you need to get the India Fashion Week street style right. So, here are the 7 essentials we loved from the India Fashion week street style over the last few days: 1. White Shirt Redux © Tarun Chawla White tee-shirts and shirts have been around for forever, and they have been an essential part of every guy's wardrobe. But that doesn't mean there is only one way to do it. So give your basic white shirt a makeover, and embrace prints, embellishments, and even DIY upgrades of this closet essential. We recommend this subtle floral print shirt, if you aren't ready for a full redux © Amazon MRP: Rs 1,259 Buy it here 2. Stripes Aren't Going Anywhere © Tarun Chawla Stripes had been done, dusted, and put away in the farthest reaches of our wardrobes for quite a few years, especially for all the men out there. Stripes were that boring print that every guy with some imagination had put away (and for good reason), until this classic trend made a comeback last season. And now, stripes are everywhere, and on everything. From a shirt to pants, to a blazer, stripes will see you through, and in style. We recommend this striped navy blazer © Amazon MRP: Rs 2,413 Buy it here 3. Reinvent The Kurta © Tarun Chawla It is the festive season after all, and it will be incomplete without the perfect kurta to add just enough of a traditional touch to your look. We saw some really amazing desi inspired street style at India Fashion Week, and it is definitely time to get out the nice starched kurtas your mum always loved. We recommend this asymmetrical cotton kurta © Amazon MRP: Rs 699 Buy it here 4. Don't Ditch The Half Sleeves Yet © Tarun Chawla Most guys have probably been told that a half-sleeved shirt is unflattering, and it's simple, easier, and more stylish to just don a full-sleeved shirt. That is perhaps not completely untrue, half sleeved shirts are hard to pull off, most often than not because they don't fit properly, or have no personality. But a well-tailored, or well-fitting half sleeved shirt can actually make for a very good casual style staple. You can also go for interesting prints to amp up the style a bit more. We recommend this printed half sleeve from M&S © Amazon MRP: Rs 1,372 Buy it here 5. Embrace The Bold Prints © Tarun Chawla Prints are really taking over, and in the last few seasons, they have kind of become their own category. And if you can find a good print, one that captures your vibe, don't forget to experiment with it a bit. Embrace bold prints, by pairing them with subtle pieces and accessories to create a fun and vibrant look. We recommend this navy printed shirt to give off the right vibe © Amazon MRP: Rs 1,149 Buy it here 6. Frame It Well © Tarun Chawla Classic sunglasses will always be a fashion favourite, but it's time to step out of the box a little bit when it comes to frames. Don't just pick between a pair of aviators or wayfarers. Fun frames, like ovals, round frames are really in, and they actually do look good on a lot of people. So, break away from that myth, and try on a few different styled sunglasses. If you are still unconvinced, then simply get yourself a pair of tinted sunglasses, and rock a nice casual outfit with the least effort. We recommend these tinted metal frame sunglasses © Amazon MRP: Rs 666 Buy it here 7. Backpacks Aren't The Only Option © Tarun Chawla We all watched that FRIENDS episode where Joey simply would not let go of a 'man bag', and everyone else wanted him to. Thankfully, gendering the most basic accessories is something that we left in the 2000s. So when you want to get a bag, keep in mind that backpacks aren't the only option. Feel free to experiment with different styles, from manila style folder bags to messenger bags, laptop bags, or a khadi over-sized tote. We recommend this tan satchel, for style, and convenience © Amazon MRP: Rs 780 Buy it here 8. Combat Boots Aren't Only For Punk Kids © Tarun Chawla Summer is behind us now (almost) so it means we can finally wear things other than sandals, and slip-ons, with comfort and ease. And one footwear you must consider are combat boots. In spite much of what pop culture might have us believe, they aren't just for punk bands and actually make for a pretty good accessory. They look good with skinny jeans, cut-offs, flared pants, even ethnic wear, if done right. We recommend these combat boots in black, making it easier to pair with outfits © Amazon MRP: Rs 498 Buy it here
  3. The Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week just got over, and one of the most conspicuous breeds of fashion enthusiasts who attended it were the Sneakerheads. We, of course, kept an eye out for the best looking ones and compiled a list of 10 pairs that we have a crush on: 1. This super playful pair of Off-White x 'Chuck Taylor All Star' Converse pair is a definitive collectable if you're a sneaker enthusiast. Plus, we love the quirky socks! © MensXP 2. This hot pink pair by Nike is a wet dream for people who swear by pop colours. © Tarun Chawla 3. This Batman pair with spiky studs has a huge personality. © Tarun Chawla 4. We are in love with the colour palette of this Adidas pair. © Tarun Chawla 5. Blue, white, and black is an unusually classy combination. © Tarun Chawla 6. How can a true Sneakerhead not fall in love with the Eclypse Sneakers by Stella McCartney? © Tarun Chawla 7. The Nike Retro High Flyknit Air Jordans are a must-have, if you're building up your collection. © Tarun Chawla 8. This black and white patterned pair is unusual and super versatile. We are digging the pairing with the zippered bootcuts. © Tarun Chawla 9. A classic pair of white sneakers will never go out of style, and the best thing is you can pair it up with any outfit under the sun. © Tarun Chawla 10. Black is universally stylish anyway, but add a little bit of edgy detailing, and you have an ideal pair of classy party shoes. © Tarun Chawla
  4. Day 3 Of the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week was all about simple sophistication in terms of street style. From tastefully placed co-ords to colours that pop, we saw it all and loved every bit of it. Menswear truly is evolving every single day, and honestly, nothing is a bigger proof. Here are our top picks. Take a look. 1. A relaxed kurta-esque longline shirt along with a pair of comfortable and classy pants, plus statement sneakers - if there ever existed an outfit that will fit in absolutely anywhere, it's this one. Tarun Chawla 2. An all-white outfit will always look classy, and if it's smartly layered as well, you get full marks! Tarun Chawla 3. Sometimes, a pop of colour is warranted to jazz up your wardrobe. We like the fact that he has kept it super simple with a pair of matching sliders. Tarun Chawla 4. If you don't yet have a suit stitched in a pop colour fabric, it's time. Look at how simple yet stunning this green outfit is. Tarun Chawla 5. We love the alternate pink and white pattern of this outfit. The smart white hoodie paired with a pair of pink trousers, plus the pink stole along with the white sneakers is pure sophistication. Tarun Chawla 6. Sometimes, you don't even have to go the extra mile for a good outfit. Tasteful pairing can make all the difference, and here is proof. The bright T-shirt paired with the relaxed pants and statement sneakers are working wonders! Tarun Chawla 7. A plain white shirt bejewelled with clumps of colourful sequins - what's not to love? Tarun Chawla 8. Don't you just love these relaxed kurtas? They always have been a part of traditional Indian-wear, but we love the fact that they just fit in amazingly when it comes to no-fuss streetwear. Tarun Chawla 9. Androgyny is in, and it can look phenomenal if you're into it. Those printed pants along with the green boots are perfect. Tarun Chawla 10. This embroidered, tasselled shirt in bright red defines maximalism, and you need one piece like this in your closet for the times you want to make jaws drop. MensXP
  5. Day 2 of the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week witnessed a shift in the street style vibe, that was not evidently conspicuous, but noteworthy nonetheless if you paid attention. Street style is no longer about trying too hard or standing out amongst the crowd. It has become an avenue to express one's individuality through outfits that are essentially functional. It's all about adding the little quirks in the outfits that don't take away from it, in terms of comfort and performance. We saw innovative silhouettes, clever layering, and playful patterns, that are clear indications of the fact that street style of the future is all about eclectic elements that are not essentially cohesive, but functional nonetheless. Here are 10 such examples: 1. Jumpsuits are here to stay with their super sleek silhouette, but will surely be accompanied by their complicated counterparts - just like the super-layered outfit here. We love those layered pants and the overall boho vibe of the outfit. © Tarun Chawla 2. Denim is not going anywhere, and here's proof. What other fabric can be as classy, yet as 'street'? © Tarun Chawla 3. Stripes are always flattering when done properly. Exhibit A. We love the stripe-on-stripe look layered with a rather simplistic jacket. Accessorize right, and voila! © Tarun Chawla 4. A well-tailored jacket and a well-tailored pair of pants will always be among the best looking pieces in your wardrobe. Look at Ben rocking the combo with a pair of smart sneakers and a fannypack thrown in the mix. © Tarun Chawla 5. Sometimes, the most comfortable clothes can turn out to be the classiest ones, provided you pair and style them right. We love the super relaxed vibe, that has been amplified by the pleasing colours. © Tarun Chawla 6. Pieces that don't look cohesive can sometimes give rise to a smart outfit. The printed pants along with the striped jacket look great on the black T-shirt canvas. © Tarun Chawla 7. The simplest of outfits can be the best looking ones. The vintage shirt along with the well-fitted blue jeans are paired to perfection, along with those brown boots. © Tarun Chawla 8. Kimonos need to be more mainstream. Nothing is as comfortable and as stylish, period. © MensXP 9. Dhruv Kapoor sure knows how to take simplicity to the next level. A well-tailored shirt can look just as striking as the best of jackets. © Tarun Chawla 10. Finally, the OG 'Sartorialist' Scott Schuman in a smartly layered, tone-on-tone all blue outfit. It doesn't get simpler, or better. © Tarun Chawla
  6. The evolution of street style has been rapid, and this dynamism can't be experienced anywhere better than in fashion weeks. The never-before-tried, experimental, bold fashion statements are born right there, and rightfully so. We expected the same from the Lotus Make-Up India Fashion Week, and weren't disappointed in the slightest. The street style vibe at the LMIFW was all about functionality, wrapped up in sophistication, along with a hint of tasteful drama. Take a look: 1. Denim on denim never fails to impress, especially with a statement hairdo to boot. Plus fannypacks have been reinvented as across-the-shoulder bags. © MensXP 2. Biker jackets have, and always will be a part of street style- who doesn't like a badass, all-black look? © MensXP 3. When you want to keep it simple with only a shirt, make it patterned, with a pop of colour. © MensXP 4. The futuristic 'Paris meets Egypt' vibe was super conspicuous. © Tarun Chawla 5. The subtle, floral, all-white look with a classy androgynous silhouette was one of our favourites. © Tarun Chawla 6. The bright 'naughty hood boy' aesthetic is here to stay. © Tarun Chawla 7. Prints can be tricky, but not when they are as cool as this one here. © Tarun Chawla 8. You can't go wrong with black and white. Plus, floral will always be in. © MensXP 9. A retro, monochrome silhouette with a pop of colour will always work. © MensXP 10. Talking about experimental silhouettes, we're digging this super cool hipster vibe. © MensXP 11. Who said social messages for a better future can't be spread fashionably? © MensXP
  7. Craig Monson, also known as the gangster bodybuilder, is a relatively unknown name in the bodybuilding community and most reading this article may not have even heard his name. Even though relatively less popular, he was one of the guys who were an integral part of the golden era of bodybuilding, that is, the 70s and the 80s. So Who Was This Bodybuilder? © Twitter You may have heard his name from CT Fletcher in his very first YouTube video and CT claimed that Craig was one of his early inspirations and motivators that got him into the gym. Why Was He Called The Gangster Bodybuilder? Craig was a member of a gang called The Avenue in the 1960s and one of the early members of the well-known street gang called The Cribs. He was known for being in and out of the prison a lot during the 60s and the 70s. A Few Facts About Craig Monson That Made Him Make A Huge Name During The Golden Era Of Bodybuilding He was crazy strong. He used to frequent the Venice Beach Gold's gym and rub shoulders with the famous bodybuilders of the time like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He would draw large crowds to the beach whenever he lifted there due to the crazy amount of weights he could lift. Some examples of this would be doing 500 pounds for 10 reps for bench press and 585 pounds for 5 reps. He would lift 225 pounds behind the neck tricep extensions. © Twitter He was the biggest bodybuilder of the 70s and the 80s. In his offseason, he would weigh around 310 pounds and on stage, the highest he had been was 274 pounds. That crazy amount of mass was not even something one would imagine getting on stage those days. He also had 23 and 1/4 inch arms. He used to compete in amateur shows during his gangster years and during those years, he used to compete naturally without taking any anabolic steroids. Even when competing naturally, he got up to 240 lbs in his offseason. © Twitter His inspiration to compete in pro shows came from Arnold after seeing Arnold doing a guest posing routine as Conan the Barbarian. The Barbarian character sort of spoke to his personality and drove him so much that he decided to get back to competing. © Twitter In the early 80s, someone at his gym was giving him steroids in the guise of vitamins and he did not realize it at the time. Once he did, he instead went to a doctor to get the actual prescription and went on from around 240-250 to over 300 lbs. © Twitter The show that got into pro-level bodybuilding was the Mr. World show which was held in Switzerland in the early 80s. He went to that show weighing 270+ lbs and there were no bodybuilders that had even reached 260 on stage during the time. The show placed him 5th but the crowd was so unhappy that they got vocal about their angst. This made the judges reconsider the placing and took an audience opinion instead. In doing so, Monson was crowned as the World champ in that show. © Twitter He is relatively unpopular mainly due to his dark past and his gangster days but Monson was really one of the big names that popularized the sport during the golden era of bodybuilding. © Twitter Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and join his FREE Facebook Fitness group.