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Found 19 results

  1. Harry Styles is set to return to Marvel Cinematic Universe, as he has signed a five-movie deal with the studios
  2. "Set directors and designers have to be smarter about shooting angles," said Chief Executive Gyorgy Rajnai.
  3. Kangana Ranaut has always believed in being vocal about her opinions and doesn’t spare a single soul who she feels has wronged her. Her movie Thalaivii did not get enough screens and multiplexes refused to give her a window too. She has been raising her voice on Instagram to give it back to the 'Bollywood mafia' that controls big studios and multiplexes. View this post on Instagram Bollywood directors are on a spree of announcing their release dates as the Maharashtra government has given a green signal for the reopening of theatres. Theatres are set to reopen in Maharashtra from October 22. Commenting on it, Kangana wrote on her Instagram stories, “Dumb Bollywoodias sleeping for months on end now suddenly announcing release dates like people have nothing better to do than to watch their tacky films.” © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut She continued in her second story, “It's a good time for people like us. We don't get solo releases, we don't find enough screens. And even if we do, we don't get good shows. Big studios and the mafia have full control over exhibitors and multiplexes. The only thing we rely on is good content, that's how I have made it this far. With the current situation, can't resist singing Big B song to all mafia who make trashy films but because of manipulations and monopoly make big numbers. Well, here's the song for you all…” She also went on to use the lyrics to the song Apni Toh Jaise Taise, from the movie Laawaris, starring Amitabh Bachchan: “Apni toh jaise taise, thodi aise ya waise, kat jayegi, aap ka kya hoga janab-e-ali (We'll survive one way or another, what about you?)” © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut She concluded by saying, “This is a transformative time for the film industry, only good content will survive. So actually, it's not a bad time at all. It's time for social cleansing. Old empires will fall and new ones will arise.” © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut We wonder how Bollywood directors would react to her statements. Kangana has been in a feud with the popular gang of Bollywood for a long time now. Talking about her role in Thalaivii, Kangana had to gain 20kg and undergo major physical transformation several times. She took to Instagram to share her experience and said all these physical changes have left her with “permanent stretch marks". View this post on Instagram “Gaining 20 kgs in 6 months and losing it all within 6 months that too in my thirties messed up many things in my body I also have permanent stretch marks as well but art comes to life with a price and more often than not price is the artist him/herself," she wrote. View the full article
  4. Opening date has been postponed for several months due to the coronavirus pandemic
  5. Marvel's 'WandaVision' grabbed 29 nominations for the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards on Tuesday
  6. Marvel Studios have become increasingly famous for hiding interesting easter eggs and minute details in plain sight compelling avid comic-book fans and geeks like me to spend hours looking for them. Iron Man’s ‘Heads-up Display’ or HUD turns out to be a goldmine for such hidden content and also shows the obsession of Marvel Studios and the graphic designers to get everything perfect and maintain continuity in the film. © Marvel Studios Here are five times Iron Man’s HUD paid great attention to detail: 1. Combat Mode - The Avengers (2012) During the third act of the film when the Avengers finally get over their personal egos and form a team of ‘Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ against the Chitauri, Tony Stark’s display changes from the normal blue to deadly red. While the blue display showed Stark’s health status, the red ‘Combat Mode’ showed his arsenal of rockets and other weapons that his suit was equipped with. 2. Hulkbuster - Avenger: Age of Ultron (2015) In the scene in which Hulk is under the spell of Wanda Maximoff, Tony stops him from destroying an entire city with the help of the all-new badass Hulkbuster armour. There are two things to notice once the Hulkbuster is up and running. One, the entire HUD gets significantly better in order to differentiate this suit from his common human-sized ones. Secondly, it shows the different strategies Tony would use to defeat Banner such as activating ‘Sedation’ or even mark spots in an under construction-building where he’d have to hit with rockets in order to ensure minimum collateral damage while dropping the angry beast through it. 3. Diagnosing Anxiety Attack - Iron Man 3 (2013) This entire conversation between Tony and J.A.R.V.I.S. in the first half of the movie is simply brilliant. Unable to forget the memories of the battle of New York from the first Avengers’ movie, Tony suffers an anxiety attack and asks his AI to check what’s wrong with him. While talking to Stark, J.A.R.V.I.S. checks everything that he is asked to, while showing the results on his HUD almost instantly. First, he does a CT Heart Scan, followed by an MRI of the brain. He then checks Stark’s blood for poison under “toxicology screening” before finally letting him know that it’s a severe anxiety attack. 4. The Injured Left Arm - Iron Man 2 (2010) © Marvel Studios Throughout the MCU movies, Stark can be seen nursing his left arm, sometimes even wearing an arm sling to give it rest. In Captain America: Civil War he even explicitly says that his left arm “is numb”. That is because of the numerous injuries caused to the region as Iron Man. However, in Iron Man 2 once Tony and Rhodes defeat Whiplash, the suit runs a check on the damage done to Tony’s body and his left arm is shown in red. This is going a couple of extra miles just to ensure continuity, not only within the film but also an entire movie franchise. 5. Suit Charged To 400% And 312% - Avengers (2012) Arguably the most entertaining detail of them all, is shown in the first Avengers film when Stark and Thor get “acquainted” to each other. Thor zaps with him a powerful lightning bolt which happens to charge the suit by 400%. Interestingly, the suit shows that the power levels didn’t stop at 400% but went all the way up to 475%. Later in the film, when Stark manually tries to kick start one of the engines of the Helicarrier and Captain America fails to pull the red lever in time, the display shows 312% power, signifying that while the suit has consumed over 150% of the energy from Thor’s strike, it can still be active three times more than its usual run-time. These details are so small that you’d miss it if you blink at the wrong moment and with so many other things happening in a scene, it is very easy to not even notice that they are there. Even then, the designers put hours and hours of hard work to ensure that these hints are there, not because they have to, but because they are passionate about their work and want to make it perfect and that’s worth recognition, I believe. Also Read: 5 ‘Jokes’ Only Adults Could Understand While Watching Various MCU Movies View the full article
  7. It has been well over a year since Avengers: Endgame came out and nerdy fans and Redditers are still in awe of how it was the end of an epic era of superhero films. Sure, over the years, we formed a sense of belonging with the actors who brought some of our favourite comic book characters to life on screen and the exponentially improving graphics with every movie made the viewing experience a lot more entertaining. However, there were some subtle details throughout the movie that directors and Marvel Studios didn’t necessarily have to do but they did anyway because they wanted the movies to be perfect. Here are five impressive things in Avengers: Endgame that show Marvel’s obsession with attention to detail: 1. Thor Uses Eye-Drop Only In One Eye Before beginning their “time-heist” mission, the team is in the middle of a briefing, familiarising everyone with the Infinity Stones and their whereabouts at specific moments in time. When Thor starts talking about the Reality Stone or Aether, he hydrates his left eye with an eye drop but doesn’t put it in the right eye because it is fake and a mechanical one that Rocket gave him in Infinity War. 2. Hulk Checks If He’s Not Losing It In what is supposed to be the extension of the final scene from the first Avengers film, the team arrests Loki at the top of the Stark tower. Before taking him downstairs, the ‘God of Mischief’ mocks Captain America by transforming himself into Steve Rogers and repeating his lines. All this while if you look at Hulk, he’s stunned by Loki’s transformation and roars in anger once Loki returns to his normal form. 3. “Going For Lunch” When Ant-Man, Captain America and Iron Man go back in time to the Stark Tower to get the Tesseract, Thor from the 2012 timeline can be heard talking to the then S.H.I.E.L.D. boss Secretary Alexander Pierce. Thor says that the Avengers were heading for a “bit of lunch and then Asgard” before asking how Pierce was. This is a reference to the post-credit scene from the first Avengers movie in which the team can be seen eating shawarma in a ruined New York food joint. 4. Mantis Sways In Prayer During Tony Stark’s funeral, when the camera pans around the garden and almost the entire cast of MCU can be seen in one single shot, standing still in black attire, mourning the loss of Iron Man, Mantis can be seen swaying as she stands next to the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. This was knowingly instructed by the directors as it echoes what an actually praying mantis does. 5. Bucky’s Odd Goodbye To Captain America At the end of the film when Captain America takes on the mission to return all the Infinity Stones but before travelling back in time, he goes to Bucky and says “don’t do anything stupid until I get back” and hugs him. Bucky in turn says “gonna miss you buddy” as if he’ll not see him for a long time, which is odd because Professor Hulk had said that he will bring Rogers back within five seconds. It was later confirmed by the Studios and Bucky knew that Steve wasn’t planning on coming back once he went back in time. View the full article
  8. During Tony Stark’s run as Iron Man throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the audience eventually noticed that he used to constantly take care of his left arm. An ice pack on his left shoulder, a shoulder support, an arm sling pouch or just the superhero constant rubbing and nursing the forearm and the wrist, Stark was always seen uncomfortable with his left arm. In Captain America: Civil War, Stark even goes on to say “My left arm feels numb. Is that normal?”. So, what was up with Tony Stark’s left arm? Well, A LOT of injuries, to be precise. Here are the five times Tony Stark’s left arm got severely injured: 1. Iron Man (2008): © Marvel Studios When Stark flies out to deal with the terrorist group ‘Ten Rings’ in his Mark 3 suit, he gets hit by a high-calibre round fired by a tank which makes him crash into the ground. The impact takes place near his left shoulder which, thanks to the unbelievably durable metal armour, prevents the man from getting shred into pieces. Later at his mansion, Stark can be seen with an ice-pack around that shoulder. 2. Iron Man 2 (2010): © Marvel Studios When Stark becomes extremely careless and decides to participate in the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, where he meets Whiplash for the first time, he takes direct strikes to his left arm as soon as he puts on the suit. The electric whips are so strong that Tony’s left hand repulsor also stops working. 3. Iron Man 3 (2013): © Marvel Studios At the beginning to the movie, Stark injects his left arm with sensors for calibration purposes and so he could call his “prodigal son” Mark 42 to him with arm gestures. However, the sensors clearly seem to cause irritation as later in the film, he can be seen running snow on his hand as soon as he comes out of his suit. 4. Captain America: Civil War (2016): © Marvel Studios During the iconic Airport battle scene in the movie, Wanda drops a bunch of cars on Stark at least three of which directly on him, including one crushing his left arm completely. His new AI, Friday tells him that she detected multiple contusions as his HUD shows a warning sign with his left arm showing in red. 5. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017): © Marvel Studios Even though Iron Man was only seen for seven minutes and 30 seconds throughout the film, his nagging arm also made an appearance. After helping Peter Parker protect the people on the ferry, Tony meets him on a rooftop to take his suit back. As soon as Stark steps out of his suit, you can see him nursing his left wrist while teaching an important lesson to the 15-year-old wall-crawler, the lesson being “if you are nothing without the suit, you shouldn’t have it.” Also Read: 5 Times Iron Man’s Helmet Showed How Obsessed Marvel Studios Is With Attention To Detail View the full article
  9. Harvey Weinstein ? the then co-chairman of the Weinstein Company ? kicks off the Film Finance Circle conference with an informal discussion at the inaugural Middle East International Film Festival in Abu Dhabi, UAE, October 15, 2007. REUTERS/Steve Crisp A second actress has filed an anonymous case claiming she was sexually harassed by movie producer Harvey Weinstein and has also asked for class-action status against Weinstein and the two companies he co-founded in a lawsuit on Wednesday. Filed in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, the lawsuit claims The Weinstein Company and Miramax helped facilitate and cover up Weinstein?s sexual misconduct. ?There are dozens, and likely hundreds, of proposed class members,? according to the lawsuit. It is the first lawsuit filed against Weinstein to seek class-action status. Damages being sought exceed $5 million, which could be tripled under federal racketeering accusations made in the lawsuit. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) targets ongoing patterns of criminal conduct. The 1970 law has been used to target Mafia bosses, professional sports leagues, anti-abortion activists, and Catholic dioceses accused of covering up sexual abuse by priests, among many others. Weinstein and the companies are accused in the suit of violating federal racketeering laws, assault, civil battery, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress, according to the lawsuit. The companies are also accused of negligent supervision. A lawyer and a spokeswoman for Weinstein did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Nor did two representatives of the Weinstein Co. A spokeswoman for Miramax referred comment to the Walt Disney Co, which owned Miramax when Weinstein was the head of the studio. Disney, which bought Miramax in 1993, did not respond to a request for comment. More than 50 women have claimed that Weinstein sexually harassed or assaulted them over the past three decades, and Weinstein has been expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Reuters has been unable to independently confirm any of the allegations. Police in New York, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and London have said they are investigating allegations of sexual assault or rape by Weinstein. Weinstein has denied having non-consensual *** with anyone. The plaintiff in Wednesday?s suit said she was invited to audition for a Miramax production in Weinstein?s private office, where he asked to see her nude. When the actress repeatedly refused to undress, he threatened her career and then locked her in a stairwell, according to the lawsuit. A date for the incident was not disclosed. The plaintiff said in the lawsuit that the Weinstein Co and Miramax aided Weinstein in covering up allegations of sexual misconduct and spying on or threatening his accusers. She is suing on behalf of a proposed class that includes women who were allegedly harassed or assaulted while auditioning for Weinstein, according to the lawsuit. Weinstein and his brother, Bob Weinstein, founded Miramax in the 1970s and left in 2005 to found the Weinstein Co. On Tuesday, an anonymous actress who said she was raped by Weinstein in the spring of 2016 filed a separate lawsuit against him and the Weinstein Co. In response, a spokeswoman for Weinstein said he denies any allegations of non-consensual ***.
  10. Amazon Studios chief Roy Price has resigned, a company spokeswoman said on Tuesday, following reports that he harassed a producer and ignored an allegation by an actress of sexual assault by producer Harvey Weinstein. Price took a leave of absence last week and Albert Cheng, the studio?s chief operating officer, remains interim head of the division, the spokeswoman said. Price did not immediately return a request for comment. Price?s move comes after many women have shared their experiences of mistreatment on social media using the hashtag #MeToo, in the wake of allegations harassment against movie producer Harvey Weinstein in reports this month by the New York Times and the New Yorker. Weinstein has denied having non-consensual *** with anyone. The Hollywood Reporter last week reported an allegation by Isa Hackett, a producer on one of Amazon.com Inc?s shows, that Price had lewdly propositioned her in 2015. Reuters could not independently confirm the allegation. The accusations against Price represented a rare scandal for the online retailer which scored poorly at last month?s Primetime Emmy Awards, for its original TV shows.
  11. Nintendo just announced that they are bringing Super Nintendo World to Universal Studios Japan soon. It will open in 2020, just in time for the Tokyo Olympics. It will be a full blown exhibit, instead of only taking up a small portion of the park. In a press release, the company’s spokesperson has said, “Super Nintendo World will be comprised of expansive and multi-level environments filled with unprecedented, state-of-the-art rides, interactive areas, shops and restaurants, all featuring Nintendo’s most popular characters and games.” © Nintendo The development cost at Universal Studios Japan, according to the sources, is expected to exceed 50 billion yen with Super Nintendo World set to be developed primarily using the park’s current parking area and part of an area designated for future expansion. The press release further highlighted that Super Nintendo World will feature characters and themes from the Super Mario series, which has continued over the years to win the hearts of devoted fans around the world. The attraction area will also feature a variety of other globally popular Nintendo characters. Nintendo characters and the worlds they inhabit will be recreated at the highest level of quality through the strong partnership between Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, Creative Fellow at Nintendo, and Mark Woodbury, President of Universal Creative, renowned for creative and technical excellence. Even though it will take some time to be ready for opening, it surely will be huge and will become one of the biggest tourist attraction. You should start planning your holiday to Japan already. We sure are.
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