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Found 375 results

  1. Riteish Deshmukh may not be as big a fashion icon as someone like Ranveer Singh or Ayushmann Khurrana, but man, does he know how to experiment with his looks. © Instagram/riteishd It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the man isn’t afraid to push the envelope when it comes to fashion and style. After all, he did colour his hair platinum blonde once and donned it proudly in public. © Instagram/riteishd Well, his recent outfit, as basic and simplistic it might seem, was again a proper lesson in dressing down in style and with effect. What was he wearing? © Viral Bhayani Riteish was spotted wearing a rather cool looking pair of distressed denim, and an equally cool looking pair of sneakers. The jeans looked super cool thanks to the rips and distress marks, along with that printed side, bearing the branding of the jeans. That, and the basic T-shirt that he’s got on looked cool. © Viral Bhayani The sneakers, though, were on a different playing field, thanks to their colour scheme and iridescent panels. The Brands: Puma + Homme+Femme LA © © Homme+Femme LA The jeans that we see Riteish wear are from an American streetwear label called Homme+Femme LA. The brand is known for its avant-garde interpretations of streetwear and making some really cool normcore pieces. The particular jeans that he’s wearing are called the Trademark Denim Black and Neon Green Paint. © Puma As for the sneakers, Riteish is wearing the RS-X Cube Sneakers from Puma. They’re also known as the Emoji sneakers, thanks to the manner in which they can be customised using emoji stickers. The Price: Not Ridiculously Expensive One would imagine that a star of Riteish’s stature would be wearing something ridiculously expensive. Well, that assumption can’t be more far off from the truth. © Homme+Femme LA The jeans that we see here, cost about $135, or Rs 9,950 when as per the day’s conversion rate. Since this is a piece that isn’t available in India, and might need to get it imported, be prepared to shell out another Rs 4,000-5,000 more. © Puma The sneakers, on the other hand, are available in India and can be picked up from Puma’s website, or a number of other platforms, for Rs 6,599. If you know where to look, and how to play your cards right, you can pick them up for as low as Rs 3,500. Why It Works © Viral Bhayani Both the denim and the sneakers look dope. The jeans, thanks to their distressed and ripped design, have a very contemporary aesthetic and look really great when paired together. The sneakers specifically work, because they have a rather reserved silhouette and aren’t too flashy. © Viral Bhayani All in all, this is actually a great outfit and something that can be emulated by mere mortals like us. Seriously Riteish, a job well done. View the full article
  2. The one thing that always gives me a boost in confidence is when I put on a great outfit, fix my hair and my skin is acne free. But. there are days when none of our clothes match and the new product we use gives us acne. We’ve all been there. Sometimes we all need a little guidance when it comes to style, fashion and even self-care but finding all that in one place seems like an impossible task. Until now! MensXP Experiences brings to you a FREE webinar about looking good and feeling right. This webinar led by industry experts will help you refine your style with multiple segments including grooming and fashion. This amazing webinar which will be conducted on 26th February from 5 pm to 6:30 pm, is divided into 5 segments that will cover everything from posture to style to any questions that might be plaguing your mind. The first segment will be led by Anita Singh who is a Fitness Director and will help you learn why posture is important, what a good and bad posture looks like, how to rectify the wrong posture along a few exercises to improve your posture. Basically, turn your posture to match that of a model on the runway! The second segment is all about finding the right clothes to match your personality and will be led by Image Consultant, Madiha Shah Rasool who will help you find your hidden style and learn how to show it off! If this was not enough, the third segment will be dedicated to the art of self-care. Men’s lifestyle influencer, Tejeshwar Sandhoo will help you find the perfect skincare and hair care routine. Plus, he will also teach you the importance of face masks, scrubs, moisturizers by MUD and will help you figure out what works for your skin, hair type & beards without going into treatments blindly. Sounds perfect, right? After all this styling and self-care, we would all want to get some shots for Instagram but how do we get the poses right? This is where the fourth segment will come in! Image Consultant, Chitrakshi Vij will guide you to becoming camera ready. She will help you find your best angle, how to choose flattering colours and so much more! After all this guidance, if you still have questions, the webinar will close out with a Q&A with all 4 experts. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want and drink in all the fashion and grooming knowledge! So, get ready with a pen and paper and take your style up a notch! Sign up for this webinar now! View the full article
  3. Social media, if used correctly, can change lives of people who are in need and who deserve to be celebrated. A week ago, the story of an auto-rickshaw driver, Desraj, from Mumbai had gone viral. For the uninitiated, Desraj revealed that after losing both his sons, it was his responsibility to provide for his grandchildren and daughters-in-law that gave him the strength to keep going. When his granddaughter, then in 9th standard, asked him if she would have to quit school as they were dealing with a major financial crunch, he started working longer hours - leaving home at 6 AM and driving his auto till midnight to earn around Rs 10,000 a month. Things got tougher when the granddaughter said that she wanted to travel to Delhi for a B.Ed course. He had a fair idea that he won’t be able to afford it. To fulfill her desire to pursue higher education, he sold his house. "I can't wait for her to become a teacher so that I can hug her and say, 'You've made me so proud.' She's going to be the first graduate in our family," Mr. Desraj told Humans Of Bombay. View this post on InstagramThis story touched many hearts as people empathized with his situation and saluted his will-power. After the story went viral, people came forward to support him. A crowdfunding initiative, that wanted to raise Rs 20 lakh for Desraj, eventually ended up collecting Rs24 lakh for him and the cheque for the amount was handed over to him. A Facebook user named Gunjan Ratti started this fundraiser for Mr. Desraj. He was so happy and celebrated this big occasion in the ‘Pawri’ style and accepted the cheque with a huge smile on his face. “The support Desraj Ji has received is immense! Because you all went out of your way to help him, he now has a roof over his head, and will be able to educate his granddaughter! Thank you so much," the Humans Of Bombay page wrote. View this post on Instagram Needless to say, such stories bring a sincere smile to your face and, insinuate a feeling of hope and resilience in the face of miseries. View the full article
  4. Maniesh is a proper hypebeast, by all measures. We have often seen him wear some of the quirkiest-looking sneakers and high fashion accessories that many Bollywood celebrities wouldn’t even dream of pairing with their outfits. © Instagram/manieshpaul There was this instance where he wore a dope-looking pair of sneakers that legit looked like they were hand-painted by children for an art project. We also loved the instance when he casually carried a dope-looking belt bag, that cost more than an overseas holiday. © Viral Bhayani Well, Maniesh was seen in yet another dope-looking pair of sneakers, at the Mumbai airport, recently. It actually looks like he mixed two different pairs of sneakers, and wore them together. © Viral Bhayani But first, let’s have a look at his outfit. Maniesh was seen wearing a rather dapper-looking co-orded, sweatshirt and sweatpants set. Fans of Rick & Morty would definitely approve of the outfit that he’s wearing. © Viral Bhayani The co-ord set is from a label called Pull & Bear and is a sister brand of Zara, and has the words ‘Do Not Develop My App,’ that were tattooed on Glootie’s forehead (fans of Glootie, anyone?) © Viral Bhayani The co-ord set retails for about Rs 8,000 and looks rather dope. © Pull & Bear We also like the manner in which Maniesh has paired a quirky-looking pair of green sunglasses. They go really well with the handlebar moustache that he’s growing. © Viral Bhayani However, the co-ord set that he’s wearing pales in comparison to the pair of sneakers that he’s wearing. © Viral Bhayani Although it looks like Maniesh wore two separate pairs of sneakers, which are as different as chalk & cheese, what he’s wearing is actually just one pair. © Nike The sneakers, in question, are the Air Jordan 5 Retro SE, specifically, the 'What The' edition. The right and the left sneakers are of two completely different designs, in this pair. © Nike Made using suede leather, the sneakers come with toggle laces and an oversized, tongue. It also has an exaggerated, puffed up collar, which gives it a dope looking silhouette. © Nike The Air Jordan 5 Retro SE retail for about Rs 19,000. Although they aren’t exactly affordable for mere mortals like us, they still fall on the cheaper side of sneakers that we have seen celebrities wear. © Viral Bhayani All in all, that’s a sick-looking pair of sneakers that Maniesh’s wearing. And also, a dapper airport outfit. View the full article
  5. Admit it - at some point in time or the other, you’ve wanted to grow a handlebar moustache. There is simply no denying the fact that nothing beats the glory and the style of a well twirled, properly maintained moustache. It goes well with every face shape. The thing is though, it can be a bit tricky to grow one properly. © Instagram/ranveersingh Or does it? Is growing a glorious-looking handlebar moustache, which can be twirled with pride, really that difficult? We reckon no. © Instagram/anilskapoor All you need to do is follow a simple, but effective grooming routine, take care of your moustache, and you’re sorted. © Shikhar Dhawan Here are seven easy to follow steps that will let you grow and style your own handlebar moustache in a matter of weeks: 1. Let Your Whiskers Grow © Unsplash First and foremost, you’ve got to let your moustache grow out, especially towards the corners of your lips. Let them grow in length. The longer they grow, they more prominently will you be able to twirl your moustache and give it that glorious shape. If you want to trim your moustache, do it very carefully and strategically. 2. Give Your Whiskers A Direction © Shikhar Dhawan Right from the moment you’re able to see hairs growing over your lips, you need to give them a direction. Simply massage your moustache in such a way, that you stroke the hairs towards the corners of your lips. This also helps in keeping the moustache out of your mouth. Taking the lip bridge as the centre, stroke your moustache towards the right, on the right half, and towards the left on the left half. Use a beard wax if you feel like it. 3. Avoid Beard Oils © Unsplash Right when you’re starting to grow your moustache out, avoid beard oils until they reach a certain length. Simply use coconut oil if you have too, that too in very little amount. Once you have a considerable length to your moustache, switch to a good beard oil to make it feel plush and voluminous. __ECOMPRODUCT__320__ 4. Invest In A Good Beard Wax/Balm © Instagram/ranveersingh You will need something that holds your moustache in place, especially if you’re going for a big, properly moustache that has been twirled into a circle or a semi-circle. Just apply a smidgen of the beard wax on your moustache, mainly focusing on the corners, and give it a nice twirl. __ECOMPRODUCT__928__ You can also apply a little moustache wax on the main body of the moustache. Ensure that your moustache is dry when you use wax. 5. Get A Small Moustache Brush © Unsplash You’ll also need to invest in a good beard brush, to comb and shape your moustache. Once it gets up to a certain length, simply massaging your stache won’t be enough. Also, beard brushes help you make those twirled moustaches look thick and more bodied. Simply brush the right half of your moustache towards the right and the left half towards the left. As you reach the end, give your whiskers a slow tier with the brush. This gives it a really nice shape, 6. Use A Blow Dryer © MensXP When you’re shaping your moustache with your brush, using a blow dryer to soften up the beard will actually help. It also makes the wax settle in properly, and helps it retain its shape really well. Keep the blow dryer at low or medium heat. 7. Be Careful While Trimming © Instagram/ranveersingh Finally, whenever you’re trimming your beard or your moustache, be very careful. You want to trim the bottom and the upper edges of your moustache ever so lightly so as to create proper lines, but you also don’t want to take away too much from the body. Also, use a pair of scissors, instead of a trimmer for better control, if you can’t wield a trimmer with precision. The Bottomline…Styling a handlebar moustache may seem to be a herculean task. However, if you know what you’re doing, and have the right tools, it gets a lot easier. Just sit back, twirl your moustache with pride, and enjoy everyone’s adulation for your glorious moustache. View the full article
  6. We're still living in the middle of a pandemic and soon will complete a year of staying at home as industries have drastically adapted a work-from-home model. The past year has been a year of firsts in a lot of ways; hence, staying at home has enabled some of us to experiment with our hair and beard like never before. While some people have tried shaving it all off, others have dabbled with growing it out or colouring the mane to see how they look like. Considering the consequences are far less, even if we end up with a bad decision in terms of the hair or the beard, it's fixable in the long term and we don't even have to show our faces to our colleagues. So, how does it even matter, right? If you're someone who has grown their hair out in the last few months, here are few ways to manage the long flowing hair without making a mess of it. Some of these are celebrity-approved, considering, we've never related to celebrities more than we have in the past year. 1. Hair Ties © Instagram/Vijay Deverakonda While this may seem too obvious at this point, but use a hair tie. Long hair can get entangled easily and then it hurts to comb them. Wearing a hair tie does not take a lot of effort: You can even steal one from your girlfriend's stash. Just use one to loop one around in a figure-8 until it's tight and holds on its own. 2. A Bandana © Viral Bhayani If hair ties give you a headache, you can give the bandana a try. These can be loosely defined as large coloured handkerchiefs, typically with white spots, tied around the head or neck. These can be great to manage your hair in a gentle way without pulling your hair tightly. Take a cue from Ranbir Kapoor on how he wears his bandana to the football field. 3. A Wave Band © Viral Bhayani An Abhishek Bachchan signature that was back a few months after his Guru days, a waveband is a metallic headband with waves on it that pushes back your hair creating texture on top. It's a rad hair accessory and great for the upcoming Summer months. 4. A Hair Scarf__ECOMPRODUCT__1150__ Another way to manage the hair is to fold a scarf into a triangle, place the hypotenuse end of the scarf against your forehead, and tie the two opposite ends together at the nape of your neck: This will protect your hair while keeping it off your face. This helps also helps them remain intact throughout the day. 5. Hair Products__ECOMPRODUCT__354__ If you don't want to fuss about hair accessories, you can try and get products instead that help with the flyaways and the frizziness throughout the day. There's a whole range of creams and pastes that will keep your hair in place and out of your eyes at the same time. Arata's hair cream is one such example. It's packed with organic flax seed and olive extracts that nourish and strengthen the scalp while sculpting your hair for hours at end. View the full article
  7. Ever wondered how Suniel Shetty manages to look half his age, despite nearing 60? © Instagram/suniel.shetty It is hard to explain how, but it seems like some of our celebrities have cracked to code to look younger as time passes by. Whether they’ve found the fountain of youth, or they were born that way, they simply don’t seem to age like us mere mortals. © Instagram/suniel.shetty Although, taking care of yourself, and your diet is one way to go about things, using fashion and style to look considerably younger, is also a very effective method. This is where Suniel Shetty comes in. © Viral Bhayani Recently, Suniel gave us yet another example, of why people consider him to be the silver fox of Bollywood. © Viral Bhayani He was spotted at the Mumbai Airport, in a cool and hip-looking outfit that guys half his age would fail to carry with the same panache and grace that he does. © Viral Bhayani Suniel was seen wearing a dope looking, lilac coloured T-shirt, which was paired with a rather zany-looking pair of denim cargo pants. The pants, thanks to their huge pockets, looked like patched construction, giving an extremely technical vibe. © Viral Bhayani To add to the technical appeal of the pants, there’s also a chunky-looking brown leather belt that Suniel decided to go for. We also like the green-tinted Ray-Ban aviators that Suniel has used as an accessory. That, along with the bandana that has been used as a mask, without a care in the world, is a dope way to go hip. © Viral Bhayani We particularly like the pair of coke white sneakers that Suniel has gone for. They look like they are a pair from Adidas’ original lineup, and they truly sit well with the outfit that Suniel has gone for. © Viral Bhayani BTW, in case you too are looking for an affordable pair of coke white sneakers, which are easy to maintain, and look super dapper with everything that you wish to pair it with, you might want to check out a dope looking pair from Sko. __ECOMPRODUCT__77__ All in all, that’s a dope looking outfit that Suniel’s got there. We bet half of the guys in Bollywood, can’t dress to that effect, in such a simple manner. A classic style move by Suniel, indeed. © Viral Bhayani Take a bow, man. View the full article
  8. YouTuber Zaid Ali has taken over social media with his newest revealation regarding wife Yumna Ali
  9. Kartik Aaryan has a rather dope sense of style. Whether you consider his athleisure outfits, of when he dresses up in quirky suits, the man knows how to dress to impress. © Viral Bhayani We have always been a fan of his understated, but functional understanding of style. It also compliments the chocolate boy image that he has maintained, rather well. © Viral Bhayani Very recently, he showed us again, why, he is considered to be one of the best-dressed filmstars in India. Kartik was seen in a rather dope looking outfit. It was monochromatic, and yet, it wasn’t a monochrome outfit in the strictest sense of the phrase. © Viral Bhayani Kartik was seen wearing a rather dope looking safari shirt, with huge pockets and relaxed-fitting pair of linen khaki pants. © Viral Bhayani If you ask us, that is actually a dope way to take the monochrome route. All outfits need some semblance of contrast, even the monochromatic ones. © Viral Bhayani We particularly like how he has set up a contrast between his upper and lower halves. What’s even more interesting is the silhouette of the shirt that he’s wearing. The shirt with its huge pockets and crumbled plackets give him a rather dapper look. © Viral Bhayani We also like how he has styled his outfit. It is rather lackadaisical, which is the reason it works. If you look at the buttons of his shirt, you’ll notice that it doesn’t go all the way to the bottom. And yet, Kartik decided to keep most of it unbuttoned, while buttoning just the last two buttons. That’s a dope move. © Viral Bhayani We also like the Todd loafers that he has got on. The dark blue shade of the loafers goes rather well with the rest of his outfit. © Viral Bhayani We can’t help but notice the way that Kartik has been styling his hair for a couple of days now. Kartik had kept his hair long for his upcoming film Dhamaka, which is scheduled for a release this year on Netflix. © Instagram/kartikaaryan Comparisons were drawn between his character and that of Keanu Reeve’s John Wick, in terms of looks, and we have to say, the similarities are eerie indeed. © Viral Bhayani As for Kartik’s outfit, we think he looks super dapper indeed. A job well done. View the full article
  10. Vicky Kaushal may seem to be a fashion recluse, who dresses in a rather mild manner. However, the truth is that apart from being a sneakerhead, the man has a deep understanding of style. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 We normally see Vicky in dope-looking sweatshirts, jeans and some cool-looking sneakers. However, when it comes to smashing fashion faux pas, the actor knows what works and what doesn’t. © Vicky Kaushal Recently, Vicky Kaushal was seen at the Mumbai Airport, wearing double denims, i.e. a pair of denim jeans, and a denim jacket. © Vicky Kaushal Normally, wearing co-orded jeans or denim pieces is considered a strict no-no by stylists and fashion experts all over the world. The thing is, it is considered to be a trend that died in the 1990s and has been struggling to make a comeback ever since. © Vicky Kaushal Having said that, there have been several occasions when people actually wore double denim with great effect. Vicky did something similar. © Vicky Kaushal The reason why Vicky’s double-denim ensemble works so well, is because of the manner in which he has layered and colour-blocked his outfit. © Vicky Kaushal First of all, there is the fact that the jacket is of a lighter wash than his jeans. This allows for a nice looking contrast. A lack of contrast is one of the main reasons why co-ord sets with double denim don’t tend to work. The contrast between the upper and the lower pieces achieves an effect similar to colour-blocking © Vicky Kaushal Then there is the black T-shirt that ties both the upper and lower pieces of the ensemble together. There is also the light blue mask and the white cap sneakers that he’s wearing. © Vicky Kaushal For people interested in the sneakers, they are the Nike Nyjah Free 2 Skate Sneakers in Summit Whites. Apparently, they are hugely popular among professional skateboarders, given that they were made keeping the sport in mind, by one of the sport’s GOAT, Nyjah Huston. © Nyjah Huston/Nike Interestingly, the sneakers aren’t that expensive. They retail for Rs 7,800, but you can pick them up for about Rs 5,000 or so, if you know where to look for and know how to play your cards right. © Vicky Kaushal All in all, that’s a dope way to step clear of a major fashion faux pas. A great way to style an outfit, Vicky, seriously. View the full article
  11. Bollywood industry has not just given us immaculate actors but also sneakerheads who have served us with some amazing looks with their collectables. Then, there's also the music industry, with several singers like Guru Randhawa, Diljit Dosanjh etc. whose fashion sense never fell short in front of the B-towners. © Viral Bhayani It looks like the trend has widespread, across other industries as well. Zaid Darbar, who recently married Gauhar Khan, happens to be a choreographer by profession. A quick peek at his fashion game and you would notice that his style statement as well as his sneaker collection, is no less than any other B-towner. © Puma As for more details, this large shopper has two large handles with webbing carry handles. It also has plastic release buckles with detachable straps. The price of the bag originally is Rs 4,499 which has now been reduced to Rs 2,699. Truly, due to its versatility, this makes for a good addition, according to us. View the full article
  12. Virat Kohli is a man of great taste who appreciates the finer things in life. Whether you speak of his ridiculously expensive watches, or perhaps his insanely expensive wallet, the man knows how to live life king size. © Instagram/virat.kohli Well, he just showed us another example of why, among the Indian cricketers, he is a contender for the title of King Of The Bling. © Instagram/virat.kohli Recently, Virat Kohli was spotted at the Mumbai Airport, with a rather dope looking carry-on bag. At first glance, the bag looked like a vintage piece from some European luxury luggage maker. It sure did turn heads. © Viral Bhayani But first, let’s have a look at his outfit. Virat was seen wearing a pair of khaki coloured chinos, and a rather understated sweatshirt from Amiri. Designed by the American designer Mike Amiri, the piece comes from his line of urban streetwear and retails for about $490, or roughly Rs 36,000. © Viral Bhayani Along with this, Virat also had a dope looking Tissot on his wrist, which had a rather chunky looking strap on it. The basic-looking tennis sneakers also look dope with the outfit that Virat has chosen. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the carry-on bag that Virat was seen carrying, that is the Keepall Bandouliere 50 from Louis Vuitton that we see here. © Viral Bhayani The Keepall is a Louis Vuitton icon and was first introduced in the 1930s, and has remained a staple among their line up ever since. The current iteration of the bag keeps things very subtle and understated. © Louis Vuitton What we get, is a specially treated leather with the label’s branding embossed all over it. The matte black finish of the leather actually goes rather well with the all-black black embellishments, and black hardware, such as the zippers, the buckles and the chains. © Louis Vuitton Given the carry-on’s legacy, and the fact that this is a piece from Louis Vuitton that we’re speaking of, assuming that the price would be sky-high, wouldn’t exactly be wrong. © Louis Vuitton The Keepall Bandoulière 50 retails for just over 1050 Euros, or roughly Rs 92,000. Add to that your regular customs and excise duties, and you’re looking at a figure that crosses the Rs 1.25 Lakhs quite easily. © Viral Bhayani Now that’s how a celebrity of Virat’s stature is supposed to roll. An incredible piece of luggage to show off one's style moves. A great move indeed! View the full article
  13. Vidyut Jammwal is probably one of the most underrated actors in Bollywood. Last year, the star was on a roll on OTT platforms as he was seen in some amazing releases including Yaara and Khuda Haafiz. It's not only acting that's his forte, as Jammwal is also a fitness fanatic who never leaves a chance to post inspiring workout videos on his Instagram feed. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Speaking style-wise, Vidyut has been cracking various style codes, with his fashion sense. Pick any of his style experiments and you would see him turning heads in some zany pieces. From wearing a long pair of shoes to giving us a masterclass with his normcore, street style look, he has successfully championed some of the most difficult fashion trends with unparalleled panache. © Viral Bhayani His recent appearance, yet again proves that he is a master of fashion as he nailed a relaxed attire with impressive aplomb. While it's expertly put together, we liked the sneakers that he has combined with this look. Take a look at the pair here: © Hummel Vidyut is wearing Hummel's Marathona sneakers. These are a contemporary reinterpretation of 80s silhouette and have the brand's recognizable bumblebee silhouettes. Furthermore, the pair is designed in suede fabric with a rubber outsole and breathable mesh with classic bumblebee angles. This pair exudes class like none other. © Hummel These sneakers add to the nonchalant attitude of Vidyut's outfit, and as for the price, these sneakers cost only Rs 4,753. With muted tones and subtle chunky soles, these sneakers are a perfect way to elevate the style statement. © Viral Bhayani In terms of his outfit, Vidyut decided to throw a Hawaiian print shirt over a graphic print T-shirt and to add to the relaxed vibe, he combined it with grey shorts into the mix. This is probably the best way to dress down but also turn heads. © Viral Bhayani We also like the way he has clubbed his wayfarers and a baseball cap here. It's also interesting to see the way he has paired his sneakers with a pair of long, white socks. Overall, the man knows how to dress and look swell, even with such a laid-back ensemble. That's some serious dope style move, Vidyut. View the full article
  14. "I just try to copy the way Ertugrul - the lead character in the drama - rears his horse after winning a battle," says Fawad Alam
  15. The dog can be seen with its head hanging out of the window with no one sitting beside it while a police vehicle rides alongside
  16. The villain of Bollywood, Shakti Kapoor, maybe low-key with his appearances, but he is a fashion icon that one simply cannot ignore. From wearing some spiffy shoes to experimenting with his fashion game, he has an unparalleled sense of style. And, these days, just like any other celebrity, even Shakti Kapoor is seen in outlandish sneakers, the kind of shoes that millions of youngsters will quickly relate to. © Viral Bhayani For us, seeing celebrities in quirky shoes is not a new concept, but when an original style icon from the 90s is seen revolutionising the fashion landscape with it, it certainly makes us happy. © Viral Bhayani As for his outfit, there's another unique element here. The waterfall cardigan, comes in unusual silhouette, with a flowy collar. We don't recall any celebrity who might have tried this style formula lately. He has layered it over a graphic print white T-shirt and black pants. The neutral tone of the outfit seems perfect and that with colour accents of his sneakers, accentuated the overall appeal. View the full article
  17. When it comes to stylish footwear for men, there are thousands of trendy styles that you can try. From loafers and mules to oxfords and sneakers, there’s no denying the fact that there are hundreds of choices for you. Boots are one of the many choices. In fact, wearing boots is probably the best thing about winters. However, styling boots is not always as easy as it seems. Sometimes, it’s so intimidating that you may even avoid investing in boots. Well, worry not because we are here to help you out! Today, we will not only discuss the most common mistakes that men make while wearing boots, but also how to style them the right way. __ECOMLOOKS__2458__ __ECOMLOOKS__2459__ __ECOMLOOKS__2460__ __ECOMLOOKS__2461__ __ECOMLOOKS__2462__ The Bottomline There you go, now you can easily flaunt your boots and be your stylish self. Go ahead and get those boots out of your closet and style them fearlessly! Explore More View the full article
  18. Jackie Shroff, even at the age of 63, has been giving major competition to other actors when it comes to style and fashion. His outfits are such that we always take a closer look at the details of his looks. Jackie Shroff is indeed a style master, who has been experimenting with his fashion game with unusual statement pieces. © Instagram/Apnabhidu © Viral Bhayani Back in the 90s, Jackie wasn't just admired for his acting skills but also his fashion sense. Come 2021, his style has evolved and aged along with him, like a fine wine. He clearly knows how to make a unique statement with his sartorial choices. © Viral Bhayani For an event, Jackie once wowed us with a very strange neckpiece. In fact, he was also seen wearing a Qawali topi along with other accessories. All this makes one thing pretty clear, is that Jaggu Dada knows his accessories right. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the latest instance, we caught a glimpse of him after a very long time. He was seen yet again in an unconventional avatar. Before we speak about the unique accessories that you see here, take a good look at his pants. Aren't they rad and different than the styles we have seen? © Viral Bhayani Jackie is seen dressed quite smartly for the airport. These pants are actually boot-cut jeans and this flowy denim rose to fame again in 2018. The style faded from the fashion spotlight and was then replaced by skinny jeans and later on by baggy pants. But the fact that some trends do make a comeback, these flared jeans are truly hard to miss. We can see Jackie's pants flaring from the knees and only the fashion-savvy men can actually turn the fashion faux pas into a style statement. Jackie, here, has earned brownie points for that. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the accessories, we are all about his extraordinary pieces here. He is wearing a printed bandana as a mask, and that's pretty cool. That, teamed with black aviators, is again very classy. He is also carrying a cap, to sum up the whole accessory game here. © Viral Bhayani Taking a look at his outfit, the olive green jacket is adding to the functional vibe of this look. It's layered over a basic black T-shirt and coupled with black boot-cut pants. Finally, his elegant black shoes are matching the overall look. All in all, this is the best way to stand out at the airport. View the full article
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