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Found 85 results

  1. A man who knows how to layer right will never run out of interesting ensembles, because new outfit combinations effortlessly give rise to an ever-expanding wardrobe. To layer right is to understand fashion in its truest sense, and it also makes sure that your wardrobe is super versatile. Here are 5 easy layering hacks that every man should use to upgrade his wardrobe: 1. Plaids & Patchworks Relaxed but well-fitting shirts & jackets in plaid and patchwork patterns will definitely up your style game, when paired with cottons and linens. __ECOMPRODUCT__15__ __ECOMPRODUCT__25__ 2. Pastel Waistcoats A pastel waistcoat can be paired with both button-downs and round neck T-shirts for a sophisticated Indie aesthetic. __ECOMPRODUCT__26__ __ECOMPRODUCT__27__ 3. Oversized Shirts One can completely transform a bland outfit by casually throwing on an oversized shirt on top, and it makes complete sense to utilize that to its fullest potential. __ECOMPRODUCT__17__ 4. Super Relaxed Half-Sleeved Shirts Be it a brunch or a casual get-together with your buddies, wearing a super relaxed half-sleeved shirt on top of a monochrome ensemble will definitely turn heads. __ECOMPRODUCT__28__ __ECOMPRODUCT__16__ 5. Self-Layered Silhouettes Self-layered silhouettes will make you the centre of attention in a room full of fashionable people, without you having to compromise on subtlety or sophistication. __ECOMPRODUCT__21__ __ECOMPRODUCT__23__ __ECOMPRODUCT__24__ Get ready to grab the limelight with your newfound knowledge.
  2. EA decided to kick start the E3 2019 this year by showcasing the games that they're cooking for us this year. From the new Star Wars game to the Sims 4's new pack, EA made a ton of announcements at EA Play. The star of the show, at least for us, was the new FIFA 20. Yes, this year's FIFA is going to be bigger and better than ever and EA is bringing back FIFA Street with FIFA 20. Called 'Volta Football', it's essentially FIFA Street that used to be an old standalone title back in the days. Now EA is bringing it back as a game mode instead of releasing a new game altogether. Makes sense. Volta Football is a part single-player, part multiplayer, a story-driven mode with a branch for team play. It's got everything you can expect from a standalone FIFA Street game. It also has Volta Kick-Off with which you can play with your favorite sides and stars if you want. (c) Electronic Arts In Volta, you can play 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5, each with different modes like Rush Football (no goalkeepers), and more. The Pitches and courts, as you can see, can be of varying sizes and in different locations around the world. From the rooftops of Tokyo to Amsterdam's underpass, you can choose to engage anywhere you want. It's also the first time men and women will be able to share a pitch in FIFA, and that by itself is a huge deal. As a player, you'll also get a ton of customization options with which you'll be able to change a lot of things like shirts, boots, shorts, sweaters, and other vanity items. (c) Electronic Arts EA made it a point to focus primarily on the new Volta mode, but it's worth pointing out that the game will also have the normal game modes that we've come to expect and love from the previous titles. So think of the Volta mode like an addition to the existing stuff you could do in the game. Well, the arrival of a Street mode was kind of inevitable since fans have been asking EA to bring back FIFA Street for a long time. By the way, 'Volta' is Portuguese for "return", which basically means EA is listening to player feedback. We're glad to have FIFA Street back and we hope EA has done justice to it. FIFA 20 launches September 27 on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.
  3. If excessive sweating is what you face every day, we have your back. Anyone who sweats excessively tends to fret over sweat stains. We get it that it's a struggle, especially in this scorching heat. Not only does it affect your look, but also hampers your confidence level. Don't let it affect you in any way. Check out these fashion hacks for your wardrobe to keep the stench away, forever: © Facebook 1. Choose The Right Colours It seems like an excellent idea to wear light colours in this hot weather, but tbh, they don't do a great job at hiding those sweat stains. Light colours like white, grey or beige grab all the attention, but dark navy blue, black or brown will work out for you. © Getty Images 2. Opt For An Absorbent T-Shirt Worried about sweating through your entire look? Absorbent t-shirts are the exact summer saviours you were looking for. Yes, they can be worn underneath and are a sure shot way to keep the stains miles away! 3. Use Natural Fibers For Summers Instead of opting for nylon or polyester shirts, splurge on cotton or linen. They are a safe haven for men who sweat a lot. Natural fibers go a long way and are bound to make you feel less sweaty. Keep this suggestion in mind so you never mess up in an interview or on a date night! © Getty Images 4. Sweat Pads For The Win In case, you sweat a lot from your armpits, sweat pads are the fix you need. You can either stick them on your shirts or wear them directly with clean-shaven armpits. © Getty Images 5. Fix The Stains We all are aware of the disastrous stink of armpits. The sweaty patches tend to stick by for a longer period of time. Next time, before you throw your t-shirt to wash, apply a dab of lemon juice on the stain to eliminate the marks completely and stay fresh all summer long. © Getty Images 6. Opt For A Good Pair Of Shoes Sweaty feet invite trouble, not just for yourself, but also for the people around you. Let your feet breathe in this weather. Steer clear of canvas or plastic shoes and keep your feet rejuvenated at all hours. Wear cotton socks with lightweight formal shoes, sneakers. © Getty Images 7. Ditch Your Backpack Backpacks are your enemy as the sweat gates open up. They also weigh you down due to the whole world stowed in it. Keep yourself cool with messenger bags to lower down the burden on your back, thus lessening the chances of sweat stains. © Getty Images
  4. As soon as Ranveer Singh was roped in to play the main man behind India's first ever Cricket World Cup Win in 1983 - Kapil Dev, we had geared up for another solid sports biopic. Ranveer has had an amazing couple of years, with huge, successful movies like 'Padmaavat' and 'Gully Boy' under his belt, and it's only natural for us to be excited for his unique role in '1983'. He is known to completely throw himself into the process of 'becoming the character', something that sets him apart in Bollwood. For '1983', he needs to become the captain of the team, and he has been spending time with Kapil Dev for that very reason. Take a look. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on May 24, 2019 at 9:30pm PDT What we found noteworthy was the effortless style both these gentlemen were exuding, despite being in their most basic attires. While Ranveer wore a plain white T-shirt, Kapil Dev looked dapper in his usual fare - the plain white shirt. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on May 24, 2019 at 9:31pm PDT They prove that basic attires like summer staples that are extremely comfortable, are terribly underrated. One simply can never go wrong with them, irrespective of the occasion. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on May 24, 2019 at 9:30pm PDT All we can say is that we are extremely excited to see Ranveer snatch the World Cup on screen.
  5. Dheeraj Dhoopar is more than just a boy next door. He's popularly known for his acting in the serial 'Sasural Simar Ka', and 'Kundali Bhagaya'. Previously a model, Dheeraj Dhoopar is going to now be seen on TV in the new show 'Dance India Dance' as the anchor of the show. DID is one of the biggest Indian dance reality TV shows. The Indian TV scene is in a flux right now with brilliant actors and never before seen creativity taking centerstage. Dheeraj Dhoopar comes in the category of actors with stellar acting abilities who dazzle onscreen (he's so versatile he can romance a fly also) and off-screen with his stunning fashion sensibility. So here are five times Dheeraj Dhoopar dazzled us with his killer style. 1. Confused on how to work the denim on denim? Exhibit A, courtesy Dheeraj Dhoopar. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 2. When in doubt, one should always layer. If however, you're confused on how to pull off monochrome layering, take inspiration from here. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 3. Sunglasses should be your arsenal to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun but make sure they're not boring by picking a versatile design that suits your face cut. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 4. Leather jackets are a wardrobe staple that every man should invest in. In Winters, they come in handy when you have an impromptu date night. © Dheeraj Dhoopar 5. Men who are willing to experiment with colours and prints stand out from the crowd rather easily. Take a look at this quirky two piece that suits Dhoopar's frame seamlessly. © Dheeraj Dhoopar
  6. If you're looking to add a little spice to your wardrobe, you should definitely add a few pairs of quirky socks in your ensemble. Before you brush this off as a joke, read further. Adding bright colours to your wardrobe do not just brighten up your look alone, but also brightens up your mood. Now, we understand that you can't just wear a bright red shirt to work, as that'll be awkward. But you can add hints of red without it dominating your corporate lewk. Think fruit-themed socks, or pop culture-inspired socks or socks of your favourite character or favourite food. Soxytoes have introduced a great range of quirky socks that we love. The best part about quirky socks is the fact that you can cherry-pick them to express your personality effortlessly. And, styling socks is not something everyone thinks about, so you can easily get your crush to notice you for your socks. 1. Netflix And Chill A pair of socks that represents what you could do all day every day, if not for your day job. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 2. For The Groom Socks for the big day in your life or for the night before when you have your bachelor party. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 3. Pizza Sticks Socks that reflect your love for food that you wouldn't give up for the world. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 4. Bright Yellow A pair of socks that are going to stand out effortlessly at work. © Instagram/ Soxytoes 5. The Hustle Socks The hustle socks represent the everyday grind that you're proud of. © Instagram/ Soxytoes
  7. Here's someone you ought to know about by now: Maluma. With collaborations with Madonna and Shakira, Maluma is an emerging global pop artist. But Maluma is his stage name, he was born as Juan Luis Londoño Arias in Medellin, Colombia. (Medellin is also the name of the song on which he's collaborated with Madonna) Maluma started performing at the age of 16 in 2010. 'Maluma' comes from a combination of the first syllables from each of his immediate family members names: His mother Marli, dad Luis and older sister Manuela. Besides dropping one hit after the other, he also keeps his fashion game on point. He recently did an interview with Jimmy Falon where he performed, proving that he can set the stage on fire with his magnetic personality. Here are ten times he set his Instagram on fire with his effortlessly chill style: 1. He made his Met Gala debut recently and we love his openness to experiment with a bit of sparkle, because it suits him. © Instagram/ Maluma 2. Here's a casual picture of Maluma chilling with his dog in a jacket we love. No big deal. © Instagram/ Maluma 3. Look at those kicks and then look at the sweats, we love how coordinated those two are. © Instagram/ Maluma 4. We think that this leather one piece is great to make a statement and it's super edgy. © Instagram/ Maluma 5. Not just clothes, we love the stellar tattoo ensemble on his arm. *Adding tat designs to my wishlist* © Instagram/ Maluma 6. There is something about Maluma's affiliation to jumpsuits that we really admire. A bum bag takes any look to another level and here, it complements the look seamlessly. © Instagram/ Maluma 7. That in no way suggests that Maluma can't clean up well. Here's evidence that suggests otherwise. © Instagram/ Maluma 8. While wine needs to be swirled a couple of times before consumption, if you want to enjoy coffee the Maluma way, here's what you should do: © Instagram/ Maluma 9. Another picture that proves Maluma's love for sneakers. © Instagram/ Maluma 10. An airport look that screams Maluma means business wherever he goes. © Instagram/ Maluma
  8. The summer sun is beating down relentlessly, and the rising temperatures make looking sharp seem like a challenging task. You want to dress well and look your best, but comfort is just as important. And unlike winter, wearing more than one layer of clothing in this heat will only have you sweating uncontrollably. So, what can you do to make sure that looking good this summer doesn't come at the cost of staying cool, both figuratively and literally? As luck would have it, you don't need to do much. Just follow these five simple tips, and make sure your summer style game is head and shoulders above the rest! Tip 1: Add A Bit Of Colour To Your Life (And Your Wardrobe!) © Unsplash Just like muted, darker shades better reflect the winter months, wearing bright colours is the more appropriate fashion choice during summer. The black clothes that served you well throughout the winter will cause you to overheat in the summer, because science teaches us that black absorbs more heat. Therefore, with a wardrobe stocked with shirts, t shirts, and shorts in a range of colours, you can put together several eye-catching outfits that will help you really embrace the spirit of summer. You even have the option of exploring the world of trendy patterned shorts, or sporting some of the best printed t shirts for men , if you want to experiment with more than just colours. Tip 2: Don't Be Afraid To Experiment With Your Look © Unsplash A change of weather can go hand in hand with a change in appearance, and summer is the ideal time to try out something simple and stylish. This could involve switching your business suits with a light and trendy linen variant, or topping off your stylish ensemble with a hat. Also, if you've secretly been harbouring a desire to cut short your mane or shave off your beard, now is the time to take that plunge! Not only will this decision freshen up your look, but it makes for an extremely practical fashion choice as well, given how oppressive Indian summers can be. Before you do that, however, it's important to note that the key to making this change (and looking your best throughout) is finding the best razor for the job, one that works well not only on your skin, but also matches your preferences and budget. Tip 3: There's A Fine Line Between Rugged And Unkempt © Wikimedia Commons Whether you choose to maintain a bushy beard or a classic clean shaven look, you need to build up a collection of quality shaving supplies that will help you look well-groomed throughout the summer. If you don't devote enough time and attention to your facial hair, you risk completely messing up the rugged look you were going for, and ending up looking untidy and unkempt. Save yourself the embarrassment by investing in items like the best safety razor for your skin type, as well as a beard balm and shampoo that suits your facial hair the most. Tip 4: Good Grooming Habits Don't Take A Vacation © Unsplash Summer is a time for lengthy vacations, usually spent enjoying the cooler climes of a hill station, or lounging around at the beach. With no daily chores or office work to worry about, it's quite natural for you to relax and let your grooming routine slip a bit too. However, staying out in the sun too long or exposing yourself to the cool, dry air can take its toll on your skin and hair. That's why it's important for you to check out the best travel kits for men that can store all your grooming essentials, so that your personal regime never takes a day off, even if you do! Tip 5: To Beat The Heat, You Might Need To Splash The Cash! © Unsplash When it comes to style or skincare, most Indian men have the unfortunate habit of shying away from buying premium products after taking one look at the price tag. Well, we're here to tell you that investing in quality pieces will not only set you apart from the rest, but actually makes for a smart financial decision as well! The longevity of quality products ensures that they last longer than their cheaper counterparts, which means that you'll be spending less in the long run. So, the next time you're out shopping, go for the finest summer fragrance, the smartest sunglasses, the best razor blade , and the most stylish linen shirts you could get your hands on.
  9. I've been planning to buy a car since the past couple of months. And that's ensued a series of events – browsing through different car models, comparing them, booking test drives and flipping through my bank account to make sure the budget is intact. Every time I mentioned I'm buying a car, even the person eavesdropping on my conversation would leave the pretense and add his input to it. On a normal day, I ignore this extra flow of information, but today I heard the best news – a car designed specifically for design and style seekers is going to hit the Indian markets. If you are into cars or have spent the last couple of months learning all about them like me you'd have heard about the Seoul, Korea based automobile giant Kia Motors. After making a great impact in Global markets, their next destination is India. They've recently announced their launch and their estimated time of arrival on the Indian roads have been pegged in the later half of 2019. Kia Buzz If you're still not jumping up and down with excitement at this news, let me break down the good, the very good and the most exciting elements of the Kia cars. When it comes to design and style, no one quite does it like them. They believe small things make a big difference and since 2006, Kia has primarily focused on its design and has got the best names on board for the same. Kia's globally renowned Design team & state of the art design centers have given Kia a distinct design identity in the international market with their iconic grille design, also known as the Tiger Nose. With Kia it's always about the unique design and they are here. These are some Kia models that have been global trendsetters. Kia Sportage Built for life's adventures, the Sportage is a modern compact crossover with distinguished exteriors. It stands out with its sweeping curves, sleek lines and contemporary features. Its dynamic and unconventional styling is designed for the bold. It flaunts the trademark KIA Tiger Nose grille with elegant side contours, prominent wheel arches, coupe-like roof and extended wheelbase. The front exterior boasts of elongated headlights that sweep gracefully in the body and quad LED fog lights. The Sportage promises to take you on an unforgettable journey. Kia Stinger Centennial Auto Group The Stinger took the centre stage in 2018, where it stole the spotlight from American auto companies and made its debut. Stinger is a premium performance car, something that was a big surprise from the Kia brand. It is also something typical of the Kia personality – a car that only Kia can do. The Stinger is an explosion and not just in the way it looks. It's a smooth drive all the way. It channels the spirit of the gran turismos of the 1970s with its level of elegance and athleticism. The design team has placed a strong emphasis on the balance and proportions of the body. Kia Stinger has won numerous designs & performance awards globally since the launch like The Red Dot designs awards in 2018 and best performance car of the year UK 2018. Kia ProCeed The Kia ProCeed is one of their Ceed variants with a stylish body. The most striking element of the ProCeed body is its design detail on the coupe-like roofline that gives it a more rounded silhouette. It has a more aggressive exterior along with an equally powerful interior working engine that includes a 1.4 liter turbo-four and a 1.6 liter turbodiesel I-4, both of which can be paired with either a six-speed manual or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. The Kia ProCeed also comes with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. Another notable aspect is their triple win at the Red Dot Awards for the three Ceed variants - The five-door Kia Ceed hatchback and Kia Sportswagon models, and the new Kia ProCeed five-door shooting brake. With the new entrants in the Indian market, I for sure am ready to wait out my purchase to lay my hands on the premium Kia models.
  10. Socks are a strange fashion accessory - the best ones are those which you put on and forget about completely. On the other hand, a bad pair renders you incapable of thinking about anything else - whether they're super itchy, too loose, or harbour a pattern you don't like. Most men view them as a throwaway accessory, but the reality is that investing in a variety of stylish socks means less time wasted fussing and dithering, and more time spent confidently putting together a stylish ensemble. That's why building up a collection of the best socks for men is such a fundamental part of building a stylish wardrobe, which is where we at MensXP can help. Check out our list of the best options out there, and give your sock drawer the overhaul it deserves.Socks are a strange fashion accessory - the best ones are those which you put on and forget about completely. On the other hand, a bad pair renders you incapable of thinking about anything else - whether they're super itchy, too loose, or harbour a pattern you don't like. Most men view them as a throwaway accessory, but the reality is that investing in a variety of stylish socks means less time wasted fussing and dithering, and more time spent confidently putting together a stylish ensemble. That's why building up a collection of the best socks for men is such a fundamental part of building a stylish wardrobe, which is where we at MensXP can help. Check out our list of the best options out there, and give your sock drawer the overhaul it deserves. These Socks Will Make A Great Addition To Any Man's Sock Drawer 1. Saucony Men's Performance No-Show Socks (6-Pack) © Amazon Even though this is an article about men's socks, going sockless is the hot fashion trend, which is why no-show socks should be a part of your wardrobe. This is why this 6-pack of versatile no-show socks from Saucony is a smart investment, because they're as stylish as they are comfortable. Saucony's RunDry Moisture Management keeps your feet dry and fresh at all times thanks to ultra-wicking fibers and Airmesh venting. Additionally, the cushioned sole and targeted arch compression keeps your arch stable and cushions impact, all the while keeping your socks from slipping off or bunching up. They're a great choice to wear at the gym, on your runs, and even if you're just on the move all day! Fabric Composition: 95% Polyester, 3% Rubber, 2% Spandex MRP: Rs. 3,740 (including delivery charges) Buy It Here 2. Bombas Colorblock Ankle Socks © Nordstrom Ankle socks are vital to any man's sock wardrobe, and the quality of their products makes Bombas an all-time favourite when it comes to the best socks for men. Not only will they add a dash of colour to any casual outfits, they're also a highly practical addition to your wardrobe. Arch-hugging support means a snug yet comfortable fit, while the band around the middle works in tandem with strategically-placed padding to keep the sock in place. They're available in a variety of softly-marled colours, which means that you're sure to find something that catches your eye. Fabric Composition: 69% Cotton, 27% Polyester, 3% Rubber, 1 % Spandex MRP: Rs. 2,884 (including shipping) Buy It Here 3. Smartwool Men's PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks © Amazon A quality pair of running socks is something that no man should ever skimp on, and this pair from Smartwool demonstrates the multiple advantages of making such an investment. Whether you're an experienced runner or a beginner in the field, they can make quite a difference to your performance. Not only can they absorb a third of their weight in moisture, they dry quicker and don't get as smelly as their regular cotton counterparts, which makes them an ideal option in the oppressive Indian heat. Fabric Composition: 48% Merino Wool, 48% Nylon, 4% Elastane MRP: Rs. 2,452 Buy It Here 4. Pantherella Men's Dress Socks © Nordstrom Taking a break from workout gear and performance socks, and looking on the suave and sophisticated side of things, we have these elegant dress socks from Pantherella. An eye-catching blend of comfort and sophistication, they feature hand-linked toes and fine ribbing at the top to ensure that they stay well-fitted at all times. The wide ribbing means that they can do away with the tight elastic band that is found at the top of most socks, ensuring that they stay up without cutting off circulation to your legs. Available in a variety of colours ranging from muted to bright, without going too out-there with their designs, Pantherella offers a range of solid socks for men that will serve you well in any situation, whether it's in the boardroom or at an after-work party. Fabric Composition: 65% Cotton, 35% Nylon MRP: Rs. 5,481 (including shipping) Buy It Here 5. Stance Classic Crew Sliced Socks © Stance The vibrant striped design of these socks has the same visual effect as a bowl of freshly sliced fruit in the summer, which is what they're named after. With a classic crew fit ending seven inches above the ankle, they're made from a soft, silky smooth, anti-microbial fabric as part of the exclusive Butter Blend collection from Stance. Besides the soft fabric, additional cushioning throughout the sock along with arch support and the reinforced heel and toe ensures superior comfort along with greater impact protection. Fabric Composition: 58% Combed Cotton, 38% Nylon, 4% Elastane MRP: Rs. 3,462 (including shipping) Buy It Here 6. Gold Toe Men's Tech Quarter Socks (6-Pack) © Amazon Although the name suggests a purely athletic pair of socks, this offering from Gold Toe is suitable for a varied range of activities. Specially flattened seams offer reinforcement in the toe area, while the rounded heel also contributes to the added support and comfortable fit. Moisture-wicking AquaFX technology keeps your feet dry and cosy. Elastic around the ankles ensures a secure fit, and the extremely affordable price makes these some of the best men's socks for comfort you could lay your hands (or should we say feet?) on. Fabric Composition: 59% Polyester, 26% Cotton, 13% Nylon, 2% Spandex MRP: Rs. 5,230 Buy It Here 7. Richer Poorer Men's Camino Everyday Socks © Nordstrom Richer Poorer offers a range of printed socks for men who are not quite ready to let go of their 'fun' sock phase. They accomplish this by producing subtle and stylish socks that still retain an element of whimsy. Their motto is that there's no reason to sacrifice style for function, which is why their products reflect both. The classic tube sock styling is visually pleasing, while the extra arch support keeps the sock in place while giving it added protection. A non-binding bib welt and the strong low profile seams enhance durability and reduce irritation, which means that they will be part of your wardrobe for a long time to come! Fabric Composition: Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex MRP: Rs. 4,011 (including shipping) Buy It Here 8. Darn Tough Coolmax Micro Crew Men's Cushion Socks © Amazon As the name suggests, this is a pair of heavy-duty performance socks that even the most enthusiastic hikers and trail runners would be glad to own. Their Coolmax Polyester yarns are engineered to draw moisture away from your skin, while the cushioned foot base ensures that they stay in place all day. The seamless undetectable seam fusion offers a smooth feel, making them extremely comfortable as well. What's even more impressive is the fact that they come with an unconditional guarantee for life, which even makes them the best socks for men who abhor shopping for new clothes and accessories! Fabric Composition: 37% Nylon, 34% Coolmax Polyester, 26% Acrylic, 2% Lycra Spandex, 1% Other fiber MRP: Rs. 4,864 (including delivery charges) Buy It Here 9. Champion Men's No-Show Socks (6-Pack) © Amazon Champion's already excellent reputation for designing and creating quality activewear is only enhanced by these soft and comfortable no-show socks. With built-in moisture management, they will keep your feet cool and dry during the most strenuous of workouts, while also providing additional comfort and flexibility thanks to extra padding. Not only that, they're also resistant to damage, sweat, and odour, making them extremely durable and long-lasting as well. Fabric Composition: 68% Cotton, 26% Polytester, 4% Natural Latex Rubber, 1% Nylon, 1% Other Fibers MRP: Rs. 3,873 (including delivery charges) Buy It Here 10. James Fiallo Men's Sports Socks (12-pack) © Amazon If you just don't have the time to devote to shopping for different types of socks, but don't want to compromise on style or function, then this 12-pack from James Fiallo is the ideal purchase for you. Available in an assortment of eye-catching colours, styles, and patterns, you'll find something to pair with any outfit, ranging from formal to casual, and everything in between. Fabric Composition: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex MRP: Rs. 4,579 (including delivery charges) Buy It Here 11. Feetures High Performance Ultra Light No Show Athletic Running Socks © Amazon A common complaint among runners is painful blisters caused by the friction between the socks and their feet, which is something Feetures aims to address. Their specialty socks combine the rugged performance of athletic socks with the smooth feel of dress socks, resulting in supremely soft, supportive variants. Lycra power bands hug your entire foot, eliminating blisters thanks to the snug fit, while the Y-heel construction keeps them from sliding off. iWick fibres keep your feet cool and dry by ensuring breathability even in the most intense conditions. What's more? Every pair comes with a lifetime guarantee, which means you can return any of their products for a refund or replacement if you're not satisfied with your purchase. Fabric Composition: 79% Polyester, 18% Nylon, 3% Spandex MRP: Rs. 3,430 (including delivery charges) Buy It Here 12. Happy Socks Men's Lumberjack Sock © Nordstrom The name says it all - a pair of brightly coloured or patterned socks can do wonders for an otherwise bland and boring outfit, and Happy Socks can be the key to achieving that effect! Their range of quirky and funny socks for men encompasses a wide variety of attractive colours and patterns, including this classic checkered variant. Formal enough to be worn to work and yet fun enough to rock at a party, and yet supremely affordable, they would make a versatile and fashionable upgrade to your wardrobe. Fabric Composition: 80% Combed Cotton, 17% Polymide and 3% Elastane MRP: Rs. 444 (including delivery charges) Buy It Here
  11. Who says that only the visible components of your attire have to be aesthetically pleasing? While a majority of men don't pay much heed to the colour, fabric, and the fit of their underwear, there does exist a bunch of men who put A LOT of thought into picking the right underwear. Besides the most commonly considered factors, which most men take into account, the type of print they want on their underwear also makes for a requisite factor for some, especially men who consider themselves to be fashion-forward. A well-tailored, printed pair of underwear would effortlessly amp up your innerwear game, all the while ensuring that you remain fashionable both on the inside, as well as on the outside! As such, while Indian markets are packed with a bazillion variants of printed underwear, there is a dearth of brands which tailor the ones which are both high on quality and ooze a stylish vibe. So, for the fashion-conscious men who want their entire ensemble (including their underwear!) to be in vogue, we have curated a list of the hippest printed underwear for men, which are comfortable, and in complete harmony with contemporary trends! Check Out These Underwear For Men Which Feature The Coolest Prints 1. Puma's Black Printed Briefs © Myntra Comfort may be key, but nothing can rival a pair of underwear which, besides being incredibly snug, is also visually appealing. As such, this printed underwear from PUMA has been crafted keeping in mind both these factors. Featuring a black base, and a modish grey abstract print, this pair can be worn with or without anything on top. The elasticated waistband, on the other hand, makes sure that you are at ease all day long! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 449 Buy it here 2. Jockey Black Jaspe Printed Trunk © Jockey A brand which has been ruling the innerwear industry for as long as we can remember, Jockey is a name that does not need any introduction. This pair of printed underwear from Jockey is the perfect example of its skilful craft, for it has an ultrasoft fabric and a print which would appeal to anyone! Saying that this underwear is GOOD, would be a bit of an understatement, for it has everything (and more) that you look for while picking your underwear. Fabric Composition: Super combed cotton MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 3. MeUndies Briefs With Tortoise Print © MeUndies Take your innerwear game to new heights as you don this pair of briefs from MeUndies. This brand has garnered global fame for crafting the LIGHTEST and SOFTEST underwear, owing to their MicroModal make (a fabric which is three times softer than cotton!). This pair, in a cool blue base colour, features a quirky tortoise print, which is perfect for those men who have a quirky taste in clothing Besides being in-vogue, this underwear is so breezy that you might just forget you're wearing it! Fabric Composition: 92% MicroModal and 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,666 Buy it here 4. Calvin Klein Underwear Black & White Slim Fit Boxer © Myntra For a number of men, leisure time is equivalent to lounging in a comfy pair of boxers and scoring goals in a game of FIFA. If you belong to that lot, here's a pair of boxers that you need to invest in, for it would not only ensure your comfort (thanks to its pure cotton make!) but also features a hip print, so you can walk, play, or laze around in complete ease. Also, this pair will stay in place and won't ride up when worn under jeans or trousers! And of course, when it comes to underwear, can you ever go wrong with Calvin Klein? Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,599 Buy it here 5. Undercolours of Benetton's Red And Blue Striped Trousers © Myntra Who says that stripes are restricted to just shirts and t-shirts? Here's a pair of striped underwear for men from Undercolours of Benetton, which features a nautical trend and makes for an ideal fit for men who can't get enough of stripes! One of the most affordable variants in this list compiling the best-printed underwear for men, this makes for a worthy investment. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs.247 Buy it here 6. Jack & Jones Men Black & White Checked Briefs © Myntra Checkmate! Give your innerwear collection a fashion upgrade with this pair of briefs with a classic black and white checked print. Since the blazing Indian summers are upon us, it's essential that your underwear is also breezy, so you don't have to spend your day in unease. As such, the cotton fabric composition of this checked men's underwear ensures that your nether region is not devoid of the requisite ventilation, and keeps you at ease all day long. The check print, on the other hand, adds a hint of style to the pair. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 359 Buy it here 7. Tommy Hilfiger White & Navy Blue Printed Boxers © Myntra Be it a t-shirt, shirt, or in this case, underwear, every piece of garment tailored by Tommy is state-of-the-art, and this pair of printed boxers is proof of that. Whether you are planning to lounge and binge watch something on Netflix, or have your bros coming over to chill with you, these boxers, which feature a star print, are perfect for all scenarios. Besides being incredibly trendy (owing to its ultra-modern print!) these boxers are also super comfortable, which makes them a worthwhile purchase. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs.1,299 Buy it here 8. Under Armour Men Black Printed Novel Trunks © Myntra Underwear, for many, is synonymous with black, and if you too belong to the 'All Black' clan, then you would absolutely swear by this variant from Under Armour. Crafted using sweat-wicking technology which keeps you (and your package!) cool throughout the day, this underwear might qualify as the best underwear you've ever put on. The subtle all-over print on this underwear oozes an up-to-the-minute vibe, which any man would kill to encompass. Fabric Composition: 90% polyester and 10% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,799 Buy it here 9. American Eagle Outfitters Black & Blue Printed Trunks © Myntra Are you the kind of man who is always at the forefront of every conversation regarding fashion? If yes, then you need to own this pair of trunks from American Eagle, which features an eye-catching black and blue print. Perfect to be sported with or without trousers, this printed underwear for men is incredibly snug and would become a pair that you would absolutely swear by! Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs.899 Buy it here 10. Fruit Of The Loom Pack Of 2 Assorted Briefs © Myntra Fruit of the Loom is a globally recognized underwear and casualwear brand, known for crafting premium quality underwear. Their underwear is synonymous with quality, comfort, and style, which makes it one of the most sought-after innerwear brands in the market. This pack of two, which comprises of two printed briefs, speaks of the brand's unparalleled works. Perfect for those who like print, but not too much of it, this underwear features a very subtle print which does not look too gaudy, and adds a tinge of colour to this otherwise solid black pair! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 538 Buy it here
  12. 'Game Of Thrones' first premiered on 17 April 2011. The season 8 (beginning of the end) of the show is premiering on 15 April which is right here. But looking back to the first season, we realise that all these actors were babies when they started out. Jon Snow, or Kit Harington, has now taken major spotlight in Hollywood. We will see the last few episodes of 'Game Of Thrones' in just a few days. We don't know if he'll survive or not, but we hope he does. But before that, let's step back and appreciate Kit for all these years of hard work. Clearly, his style has evolved, and how! Here's Kit through the years parallel to the production of GOT. 1. 2011 In 2011, we saw a young Kit sans beard. He's clearly become a mature version of himself now. © Reuters © Reuters 2. 2012 Jon Snow had only started to become popular and teens would use pictures like these for posters in their room. © Reuters 3. 2013 Balancing a fine stubble is tough. Here is Jon Snow pulling it off casually. © Reuters 4. 2014 A scarf with a coat is an underappreciated Winter style that men should wear more often. © Reuters 5. 2015 A classic two-piece with a black tie can never go wrong, courtesy Kit. © Reuters 6. 2016 Using black on black to his advantage again, here is Kit with a black bow tie that complements his outfit seamlessly. © Reuters 7. 2017 Here's the thing: a blazer can be worn casually without it looking extra, and here's proof. © Reuters 8. 2018 While we think that this is a stellar outfit, we hope to see Kit try and embrace other colors like yellow. What do you think? © Reuters 9. 2019 Kit Harington at the premiere of 'GOT' in 2019. He is going to move on from his Jon Snow appeal and we'll miss this aesthetic. © Reuters
  13. Striking the perfect balance of casual and formal at work especially in the Summer can be difficult. Besides, at work, you don't want to make blunders especially when it comes to what you wear. So, here are some fashion mistakes that you might be making at work and probably should avoid: 1. Too Many Accessories © Getty Images Bold accessories and accent pieces are important to give an added flair to the outfit, but remember to not go overboard with trinkets. We recommend counting up all your accessories — patterned shirt, colourful tie, pocket square, cuff links, bracelets, rings, funky socks, etc. Too many accessories look rather too funky, especially in a professional setting. Limiting your ensemble to 3 or 4. The more restrained you are, the more your bolder accessories will shine. 2. Oversized Clothes © Getty Images Baggy clothes don't hide fat contrary to popular belief. Baggy clothes basically do nothing good for you. It's better to get rid of them. They look out of place in a professional setting. And baggy clothes will make you feel super hot in the Summer and you'll be sweating in no time. 3. A Visible Undershirt © Twitter Just like your boxers, the undershirt should never be visible. If you like leaving a couple of buttons undone, opt for a v-neck undershirt so that it stays hidden from sight. 4. Baggy Trousers © Getty Images Baggy trousers do two things well: they make you look shorter and they make you look sloppy. Also, they get ripped from the bottom easily. Try for trousers with a break at the ankle. 5. Undone Shirt Buttons © Getty Images Wearing a shirt buttoned up all the way can look odd without a tie, however, an unbuttoned shirt with more than buttons looks sleazy and unprofessional. 6. Satin Shirt © Getty Images Wearing satin shirts is like inviting a fashion disaster in the Summer. Not only are you going to sweat profusely but you'll also stink and the worst part is that it'll all be visible, because satin shows.
  14. Sumeet Vyas is the kind of actor who keeps our faith alive, when it comes to the belief that sometimes, being good at your craft is all that matters. When he was thrown under the spotlight, thanks to the inimitable success of TVF's web series 'Permanent Roommates', he stood up to the challenge and kept proving himself, through every role he took up. Through 'Veere Di Wedding', he proved that he can easily give mainstream Bollywood 'stars' a run for their money, effortlessly so. © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Polo Shirt: Ted Baker, Suit: Sahil Aneja, Eyewear: Ray-Ban at Luxottica, Footwear: Nike We caught up with him for a candid chat, and asked him 11 questions based on his personal style, and all things fashion. Read on. © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Polo Shirt: Ted Baker, Suit: Sahil Aneja, Eyewear: Oakley at Luxottica, Footwear: Nike 1. What is your personal style statement like? Understated and subtle - when you like what you see but it's not asking for your attention. © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Polo Shirt: Ted Baker, Suit: Sahil Aneja, Footwear: Nike 2. Who is the one style icon you always look up to, and why? Ranveer Singh, because he's always asking for attention. And Shah Rukh Khan, because he's always getting it! He breathes style. © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Polo Shirt: Ted Baker, Suit: Sahil Aneja, Footwear: Nike 3. What do you like wearing on dates? Good sneakers. These days I'm hooked to Onitsuka, generally I'm a Adidas Originals freak though. © MensXP © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Kurta/Shacket: TISA, Chinos: Ted Baker, Footwear: Asics, Eyewear: Ray-Ban at Luxottica 4. What is that one piece of clothing in your wardrobe you just can't do without? Linen Shirts. © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Kurta/Shacket: TISA, Chinos: Ted Baker, Footwear: Asics, Eyewear: Ray-Ban at Luxottica 5. What is that one fashion trend that you just don't understand/relate to? Oversized giant sneakers. Because my foot size is UK 11, my regular ones are oversized shoes! © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Kurta/Shacket: TISA, Chinos: Ted Baker, Footwear: Asics, Eyewear: Ray-Ban at Luxottica 6. Miminalism vs. Maximalism? Minimalism. © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Kurta/Shacket: TISA, Chinos: Ted Baker, Footwear: Asics, Eyewear: Ray-Ban at Luxottica 7. Boots vs. Sneakers? Sneakers, always. © MensXP © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Shirt: Lacquer Embassy, Socks: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: FILA 8. T-shirts vs. Shirts? Shirts (Linen, of course). © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Shirt: Lacquer Embassy, Socks: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: FILA 9. Who is the one historical figure you'd like to dress up as? Pandit Nehru. © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Shirt: Lacquer Embassy, Socks: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: FILA 10. What is the one body part you like to highlight while dressing up? My cleavage. © MensXP © MensXP What Sumeet is wearing: Shirt: Lacquer Embassy, Socks: H&M, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: FILA 11. Which is the best fashion advice you have received till date? **** them, you are good! Photographer: Shannon Mikhail Lobo Creative Director: Santu Misra Style Editor: Siddharth Batra Assistant Stylist: Devanshi Tuli Hair and Make-up: Jean-Claude Biguine India Bookings Editor: Drishti Malik
  15. Even though they're always hidden from view and not meant for public consumption, choosing the right pair of underwear for every occasion is just as important as picking out the rest of your outfit. Making the wrong choice entails a full day of constant adjustments, uncontrollable itching, and sweat in the most uncomfortable of places. Nothing can ruin your day quite like having to dive down into your pants every so often, which is what makes underwear selection such a crucial decision. Despite what you might think, the one-size-fits-all mentality doesn't work when it comes to underwear. There is a plethora of styles, cuts, and fabric options out there to choose from, not to mention the various colours and prints you could go for. A well-stocked underwear drawer should ideally contain some of the best options in each style, allowing you to make a decision based on the day's activity. Of all the different styles out there, briefs are probably the one men are most familiar with. There is a sense of comfort and security associated with them, probably because these were what most of us wore as children. However, times have changed, and there are a lot more choices out there than the plain white variety we're all used to. Why Briefs? The most recognisable characteristics of briefs are the elastic waistband and no leg coverage. They usually extend from the waist and stop at the top of the thigh, providing excellent support to your nether regions thanks to their snug fit. This also makes them the underwear of choice for men who favour slim cut trousers or low rise jeans, as they're less prone to bunching up or rising up. They're also an excellent option if your job involves sitting at a desk for most of the day, as they end conveniently in the natural crease between your torso and your legs. Although they can't match up to boxer shorts in terms of freedom, which is why you wouldn't pick them to wear when you're lounging around at home, they're the go-to underwear style for the man on the go. With that in mind, here's our list of the best briefs for men who want to make an informed, tasteful and highly useful addition to their underwear drawer. These Are The Best Briefs For Men To Add To Your Underwear Drawer 1. Gildan Platinum Men's Briefs (6-Pack) © Amazon In the world of mens briefs, it's hard to beat Gildan products in terms of quality and value for money. That's what makes this a six pack that you can not only obtain quite easily, but can even get a lot of use out of! There might not be anything flashy about them, but there's no denying their great fit and amazing feel, which ensure total comfort. Available in plain yet classic shades of grey and black, they feature pull-on closure and leg bands that stay securely in place, guarding against that annoying bunching up around the legs. However, their most attractive feature is the Cool Spire moisture wicking technology that serves to keep you cool even in the hottest of conditions. If you're someone who likes to get his underwear shopping done all at once, this is just the kind of product you were looking for. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 3,039 Buy It Here 2. Emporio Armani Men's Briefs (3-Pack) © Arman Briefs are one of the most basic, essential pieces of clothing any man can have in his wardrobe, but with the iconic Emporio Armani logo emblazoned proudly on them, they can also be one of the most stylish garments you own! These stretch cotton boxers from the menswear giant feature a soft, comfortable fabric that feels great against your skin. The elasticized waist bears the brand logo, and is an instant style statement when you wear them underneath your favourite pair of low rise jeans! Available in a variety of attractive colours, they can really enhance the prestige of any man's underwear drawer. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5 % elastane MRP: Rs. 7,496 (including shipping) Buy It Here 3. Hanes Men's Briefs © Amazon Another globally-recognised name in the world of innerwear, Hanes has been curating quality products at incredibly affordable prices for a long time now. Their simple cotton briefs for men highlight those qualities with some added flair, as they're available in three striking colour variants. The fine knitting provides the best fit according to your body contours, as the superior cotton and elastane blend fabric stretches at just the right places. They're designed for active comfort, which means you'll feel no discomfort even if you're on the move all the time, something which the shaped-to-fit double-layered contoured front pouch also contributes to. At the top, the super-soft waistband is smooth against the skin, and is form-fitting without being uncomfortably tight. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 144 Buy It Here 4. Tommy Hilfiger Men's Briefs © Myntra Although the brand is much more well-known for its smart range of menswear, Tommy Hilfiger also has a range of great innerwear, and this pair of briefs is just a small example of their quality craftsmanship. This stylish mid-rise cut variant features an elasticated waistband as well as a double-layered, contoured front pouch, which means additional support wherever you go without having to adjust your privates constantly. This particular offering is in a striking navy blue colour, but there are a variety of colours and patterns you can go for. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 899 Buy It Here 5. Calvin Klein Men's Steel Micro Hip Briefs © Amazon Perhaps one of the most recognisable sights you can see peeking out over the top of a pair of jeans is the iconic CK logo, a testament to the fact that Calvin Klein has been making some of the best briefs for men for a long time now. Available in a range of eye-catching colours, they feature a body-defining fit for enhanced visual appeal. The premium ultra-luxe microfibre fabric is supremely comfortable, as is the metallic microfibre waistband which also happens to boldly bear the Calvin Klein logo. Allowing for added stretch while also providing excellent support thanks to the pouch front, these would definitely be an upgrade to your innerwear collection. Fabric Composition: 89% nylon, 11% elastane MRP: Rs. 9,055 Buy It Here 6. 2(x)ist Men's Briefs (4-pack) © Amazon Low-rise briefs are the epitome of fashion right now (especially when paired with the right pair of jeans) and this pair of brief is as fashionable as it is utilitarian. The covered elastic waistband features ruching for added texture, topping off its seamless construction and contributing to its overall smooth profile, well in keeping with the modern look that's in vogue today. While the high cut leg ensures that they can be worn as part of a formal as well as casual outfit, the original contour pouch provides added support that makes them even more comfortable Available in a convenient four pack and a variety of attractive colours, they would definitely make for a smart and fashion forward purchase. Fabric Composition: 92% cotton, 8% spandex MRP: Rs. 6,964 Buy It Here 7. C-IN2 Men's Super Bright Low Rise Briefs © Amazon Just because mens briefs are the most classic style of underwear doesn't mean that they can't have a bit of modern flair, as evidenced by this flamboyant pair of briefs from C-IN2. Dyed in the eye-popping neon colourways of their Super Bright collection, this pair of briefs will add a splash of colour and a dash of style to your wardrobe. Not just fun to look at, these low cut briefs also provide comfort and style thanks to the flattering silhouette as well as the sturdy no-budge waistband that ensures that they stay in place over time. Fabric Composition: 96% polyester, 4% elastane MRP: Rs. 4,709 Buy It Here 8. Jockey Men's Briefs © Amazon Perhaps the underwear brand that Indian men are most familiar with, no list of the best briefs for men in India can be complete without including a pair of Jockey briefs. It's no coincidence that almost all our underwear drawers have, at one point of time, contained Jockey products - they're one of the best in terms of quality and affordability. Available in a range of attractive colours, they're designed in a modern fit with square-cut styling. The durable and soft waistband offers incredible comfort, while the double-layered contoured pouch offers much-needed support to your privates. As an added bonus, this pair of briefs is label-free, which means you're at ease all the time without having to adjust them constantly. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 160 Buy It Here 9. Tommy John Go Anywhere Brief 2.0 © Tommy John As the name suggests, Tommy John have been hard at work improving their original design, coming up with the 2.0 version of the classic briefs. They've made a number of upgrades other than the variety of colours they're available, the most notable of which is the 31,4% increase in the pouch capacity, which means valuable extra room for your privates. Speaking of valuable additions, the wearer can now enjoy extra coverage on the hip, back, and rise, which not only adds to the style but also prevents them from riding up. As for the Go Anywhere part of the briefs, they're made from a 4-way stretch, all-day performance fabric complete with moisture wicking technology, which combine to keep you comfortable, cool and dry throughout the day. The horizontal fly is another convenient feature, allowing for quick access when nature calls. The Stay Put waistband is not only stylish and comfortable, but also ensures that it won't roll up uncomfortably or leave marks around your waist. As an added bonus, the anti-microbial and anti-odour technology also contributes to innerwear hygiene. Fabric Composition: 90% Non-Pilling Micro Modal, 10% Spandex MRP: Rs. 1,730 Buy It Here 10. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Collection Men's Briefs © Amazon The right pair of briefs can be the key to spicing things up in the bedroom, which is why it's always a good idea to have a pair (or two) of briefs to match the occasion. These Andrew Christian briefs suit the purpose perfectly, as they will keep up without you during any activity, and make sure you look great while doing it! In addition to being extremely eye-catching the waistband has a slimming effect and reduces the appearance of your waistline. Let's be honest, who among us hasn't wished for clothes that'll do that for us? As for the briefs themselves, their revolutionary hang-free design corresponds to the male anatomy perfectly without the use of hidden cups, straps or extra padding. They offer extra room in front, and your package will fall naturally into the snuggle pocket when you slip them on, making for a truly enjoyable wearing experience. The stylish contrast trim makes them a sight to behold, and you're sure to command all the right kind of attention in them! Fabric Composition: 93% rayon, 7% spandex MRP: Rs. 2,200 Buy It Here 11. Marks & Spencer Men's Briefs (4-Pack) © Amazon M&S is already the shopping destination for most of us for a variety of products, and this four-pack of briefs means that you can shop here for quality innerwear as well! Extremely stylish and incredibly soft, this makes for a great buy if you're looking to restock your underwear drawer with products that offer all-day comfort. Woven from pure, soft cotton, they're comfortable and breathable, making them some of the best briefs for men in India, who have to factor in the oppressive heat while shopping for new underwear. The cool and fresh technology wicks away moisture from the skin, keeping things cool and fresh down there. In addition the StayNEW technology ensures that they look bright and new for longer by reducing bobbling and colour loss, making this multipack a worthwhile and shrewd investment for all sorts of reasons! Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,767 Buy It Here 12. Tani Men's SilkCut Briefs © Tani Silk underwear spells out the epitome of luxury for most people, and these are the briefs you should go for if that's what you're looking for from your underwear. Crafted from biodegradable natural materials that create a fabric that's more fine and more durable than silk, they offer superior comfort, support and breathability. The generously-sized pouch and the fabric-wrapped waistband offer further comfort, while the moisture-wicking properties of the fabric is another attractive feature. Despite its amazingly light feel on your skin, it seamlessly falls into shape over the contours of your body, stretching and recovering like no other underwear on the market. In terms of sheer comfort, these are some of the best briefs for men you can buy. Fabric Composition: 94% Micro Modal Air, 6% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,769 Buy It Here 13. Fruit Of The Loom Men's Briefs © Amazon Although the brand is associated with innerwear that's easy on the pocket, that doesn't mean that Fruit Of The Loom have allowed any let ups in terms of design, comfort and modern features. These briefs feature Intellifresh Technology, including Advance Odour Control, which protects fibres while keeping them looking fresh for long. The also have a welcome extra stretch as well as a smooth fit, which goes nicely with the micro nylon stretch jacquard waistband. The vibrant colour stripe design along the waistband offers a trendy look to the garment, while the fabric-covered leg elastic offers full hip coverage while fitting perfectly around the leg Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 229 Buy It Here 14. MeUndies Men's Briefs © MeUndies MeUndies is a brand that has been taking the world of innerwear by storm, as it offers a subscription service for innerwear. Ideal for those who prefer to do their shopping online, they offer quality products that you have delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals, eliminating the need to shop for underwear outside. They're constructed using a soft, supple fabric (that they claim is thrice as soft as regular cotton), which lays comfortably flat across the contours of your body without causing any annoying wedges. The diamond­-seamed pouch cradles your package, offering unmatched support and comfort. The soft and flexible waistband ensures total comfort when you wear them, while the flatlock stitching is what ensures their durability. Fabric Composition: 92% Micro Modal, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,661 Buy It Here 15. Derek Rose Men's Mid Stretch Brief © Amazon Although the price tag attached to this pair of briefs from Derek Rose might surprise you, the superior quality of this product makes the purchase worthwhile. It's available in a classic white variant, which will add a level of elegance to your underwear drawer. Crafted from an extremely soft fabric blend, the briefs feature soft binding on the legs which keeps them in position without making the briefs too tight. The jersey-covered elastic waistband is just as soft, and bears the logo of the brand subtly embossed on it. If you're going to be attending a fancy party and are putting together an outfit befitting the occasion, then you need to start from step one. This pair of briefs is the ideal pair to be worn to a sophisticated get-together, which is why you should invest in a pair right away! Fabric Composition: 94% modal, 6% elastane MRP: Rs. 10,714 Buy It Here
  16. It's very rare for movies with a newbie in the lead to hold their ground. Debutant Abhimanyu Dassani proved that he is an outlier with 'Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota', a comedy that has been receiving commercial and critical acclaim all over. Abhimanyu is a young, fit fashionista, who also happens to be the son of actress Bhagyashree. Here are 10 pictures which prove that his style game is just as elegant as his mother's screen presence: 1. Don't know about the desi Deadpool bit outside of the movie, but his casual layering game sure is on point. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Mar 16, 2019 at 8:16am PDT 2. Co-ords will always cooperate with you. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Mar 13, 2019 at 8:39am PDT 3. A little bit of extra colour always helps to lighten the mood. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Mar 11, 2019 at 9:39am PDT 4. No words. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Feb 21, 2019 at 8:35am PST 5. Pastels will always have your back at social gatherings. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Feb 18, 2019 at 6:56am PST 6. Never forget to accessorize optimally. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Feb 13, 2019 at 7:22am PST 7. Be a nerd but make it fashion. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Jan 29, 2019 at 7:26am PST 8. All black > anything else. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Jan 22, 2019 at 7:34am PST 9. Formals are not boring. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Abhimanyu Dassani (@abhimanyud) on Dec 5, 2018 at 7:10am PST 10. You're allowed to be super extra with suits during award seasons. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amandeep kaur (@amandeepkaur87) on Mar 24, 2019 at 11:30am PDT
  17. Udaybir Sandhu's acting career took off because of his expertise in Hockey. As a talented, skilled, national level Hockey player (who is also blessed with cover-worthy good looks, mind you), Udaybir got a call for a role in Akshay Kumar starrer 'Gold', when he was in Cape Town for a modelling assignment. As luck would have it, he bagged the role, nailed the part, and has successfully set sail for upcoming adventures in the big bad ocean called Bollywood. In a candid chat with us, he answered 11 personal questions about all things fashion, and his own style statement. What Udaybir is wearing: T-Shirt: FILA, Trousers: H&M, Footwear/Snapback: Adidas Originals 1. What is your personal style statement like? Minimalism is my key. What Udaybir is wearing: T-Shirt: FILA, Trousers: H&M, Footwear/Snapback: Adidas Originals 2. Who is the one style icon you always look up to, and why? NDP leader, Jagmeet Singh. I admire him as a well educated lawyer and a great leader, who also happens to be stylish and classy. What Udaybir is wearing: T-Shirt: FILA, Trousers: H&M, Footwear/Snapback: Adidas Originals 3. What do you like wearing on dates? A shirt and a well fitted pair of jeans. What Udaybir is wearing: Bomber Jacket: Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: Adidas Originals, Baseball Cap: ZARA, Eyewear: Burberry at Luxottica 4. What is that one piece of clothing in your wardrobe you just can't do without? A comfortable pair of shorts. What Udaybir is wearing: Bomber Jacket: Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: Adidas Originals, Baseball Cap: ZARA, Eyewear: Burberry at Luxottica 5. What is that one fashion trend that you just don't understand/relate to? Loud logos! What Udaybir is wearing: Shirt, Blazer: Khanijo, Jeans, Hat: H&M, Footwear: Andres Sandra by Berleigh 6. Miminalism vs. Maximalism? Minimalism. What Udaybir is wearing: Shirt, Blazer: Khanijo, Jeans, Hat: H&M, Footwear: Andres Sandra by Berleigh 7. Boots vs. Sneakers? Boots. What Udaybir is wearing: Polo Shirt: FILA, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: Adidas Originals, Cap: Hackett London 8. T-shirts vs. Shirts? Shirts. What Udaybir is wearing: Polo Shirt: FILA, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: Adidas Originals, Cap: Hackett London 9. Who is the one historical figure you'd like to dress up as? Mohd Ali Jinnah. What Udaybir is wearing: Polo Shirt: FILA, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: Adidas Originals, Cap: Hackett London 10. What is the one body part you like to highlight while dressing up? Hair. I never step out without having my hair game on point, it's habitual! What Udaybir is wearing: Polo Shirt: FILA, Jeans: H&M, Footwear: Adidas Originals, Cap: Hackett London 11. Which is the best fashion advice you have received till date? Get rid of those carrot fit jeans. Photographer: Shannon Mikhail Lobo Creative Director: Santu Misra Style Editor: Siddharth Batra Assistant Stylist: Devanshi Tuli Hair and Make-up: Jean-Claude Biguine India Bookings Editor: Drishti Malik
  18. A striped t-shirt is that staple component of an attire that almost every man's wardrobe comes equipped with. Stripes have been in mainstream fashion for as long as we can remember, and continue to make for one of the most sought-after prints when it comes to men's apparel. Don't believe us? Take out some time to scour through your father or grandfather's closet, and we are certain that you would find at least one striped tee. But what according to you is the reason behind the immense fame that this pattern has managed to garner? For us, it has to be the subtlety of this style, which is neither too gaudy, and at the same time, nor too boring. A striped tee makes for the perfect bet for those who aren't a fan of solid tees and who want to run away at the mere mention of loud and bold prints/patterns. Whether you own one, more than one, or no striped t shirt at all, this curation would compel you to immediately invest in one (or all!) of the products mentioned on our list. And so, without beating around the bush anymore, here is a list of the best striped t shirts for men which will scale up your fashion game to new heights. 1. Zara Premium Striped T Shirt © Zara Amp up your wardrobe with this premium ZARA striped t shirt which oozes out a minimalistic yet stylish appeal. This classic striped tee features a subtle blue and white stripe pattern which speaks of this celebrated brand's works. Add to that the breezy cotton fabric, which makes it perfect to be donned on any casual summer day. So, if you are planning to head out, club it with a pair of blue chino trousers for an effortlessly stylish look. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,599 Buy it here 2. Jack & Jones Men Navy Blue & White Striped Round Neck T-shirt © Myntra If you find yourself more inclined towards vertical stripes than the classic horizontal ones, then we have something that would definitely cater to your taste. This Jack & Jones vertical striped t shirt for men which has been crafted out of 100% cotton is certain to keep you at ease all day. The white and red detail on the neck as well as sleeve accentuates the look of this t shirt, making it an even worthy buy. One of the best variants in this list of the best striped t shirts for men, this piece looks the best when paired with a pair of chinos, and tennis shoes. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,299 Buy it here 3. LEVIS Slim Fit Striped Polo T-shirt © Ajio Levis has been taking care of all our denim needs for years now, and we know that we can trust it when it comes to the rest of the attire as well. So, if Levis has been the go-to brand for all your “jeans” requirements, then gear up to fall in love with its tees as well! Flaunt that fashion icon that resides inside you as you wear this black and white striped t shirt from this icon of a brand. The fact that the designers have added a dash of green in between the classic black and white striped print is what distinguishes this tee from the rest. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,599 Buy it here 4. United Colors of Benetton White & Red Striped Round Neck T-shirt © Myntra If you swear by bright colours then this white and red striped t shirt from United Colours Of Benetton is certain to appeal to appeal to you. Besides being exceptionally soft on the skin (which is owed to its 100% cotton make), this t shirt is also high in fashion and looks exceptionally good when clubbed with a pair of denims or lounge shorts. Its vivid colour, as well as breathable fabric, makes it a super-comfy summer attire, something that you can easefully don when heading out for a day in the sun. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,399 Buy it here 5. Puma Ess Striped Blue Polo T-Shirt © Instagram When it comes to buying a t shirt, one has to keep in mind a plethora of factors, the most vital one being the quality of its fabric. Puma, a brand which has been crafting top-grade sportswear for over 65 years now ensures that your comfort is not compromised upon, and this striped t shirt is a true blue example of its nonpareil works. Not only is this t shirt super comfortable (thanks to its 100% cotton make!), but the ultra-modern vibe of this polo is certain to win you over completely. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,299 Buy it here 6. Marks & Spencer Green Striped Round Neck T-shirt © Instagram Most men loathe spending hours getting dressed up and like to keep it simple. If you belong to that very clan of men, then you need to invest in this Marks & Spencer tee RIGHT NOW! This tee in its green variant encompasses a classy appeal which is certain to make you stand out of the crowd, and would fetch you a number of compliments. Drenched in a top-notch appeal, this t shirt is perfect to throw over a pair of lounge shorts, or fitted denims, making for a stylish ensemble when you are not in the mood to put on your glad rags! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs, 1143 Buy it here 7. Adidas Men Grey Melange Striped Polo T-shirt © Myntra While the paparazzi may not be as interested in your gym looks as they are in Varun Dhawan's it is still essential that you look your level best when you are toiling hard to get that Dwayne Johnson physique. One of the leading variants in this compilation of the best striped t shirts for men, this Adidas grey melange t shirt has all that it takes to elevate your athletic-look to new heights and makes for a perfect ensemble when clubbed with a pair of track pants or shorts. With variegated stripes and that top-notch ADIDAS quality, this tee amalgamates style and comfort in the most up-to-the-minute fashion. Fabric Composition: 60% cotton, 40% polyester MRP: Rs. 1,259 Buy it here 8. Allen Solly Men's Striped Regular fit T-Shirt © Amazon Do you have a movie date coming up and can not decide upon what to wear? Well, we have found the perfect pick for you. While the markets today are packed with diverse variants of striped t shirts, nothing can beat the quality and style of this Allen Solly tee. Featuring a navy blue base, and pink stripes, this polo t shirt makes for one of trendiest variants in this compilation. Sport this tee on your next date and get ready to showered in compliments. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,300 Buy it here 9. U.S. Polo Assn Striped Men's Dark Blue T-Shirt © Flipkart For a range of us mortals, black and white make for the ultimate colour choice when it comes to garments, and if you too like stocking up your wardrobe with everything salt and pepper, then you are going to love this tee! Featuring a white base and black stripes, this t shirt from US Polo Assn. is nothing like your regular tee for it is laden with an up-to-the-minute vibe, and makes for a perfect fit for when you are heading out to grab a few beers with your pals. Complete the look with a pair of washed denims and white sneakers. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 1,699 Buy it here 10. Aeropostale Men's Blue Striped T-shirt © Myntra Now that we have managed to keep you hooked to stripes, here's another dapper variant for you to check out! One of the most pocket-friendly pieces in this list compiling the best striped t shirts for men, this Aeropostale t shirt makes for the perfect fit for those wearing early morning lectures. This striped t shirt in a cool blue shade is not only soothing to the eyes but also feels obscenely soft on the skin. Club it with a pair of chinos, and the sneakers of your choice to stay in vogue all day long! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 649 Buy it here
  19. The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week just got over, and there was a lot going on beyond the runway. We were there for all of it, especially the uber cool street style. While it had a lot of elements, what impressed us most was the edgy, innovative examples of layering. Here are 11 cool layering hacks for you, inspired by that. 1. Get a knee length jacket. Wear it with co-ords for a snazzy yet sophisticated street outfit. © Studiopicsing 2. Throw a bomber jacket on top of a longline shirt. © Studiopicsing 3. Any statement piece of outerwear when paired with a button-down shirt and relaxed trousers spells ramp-ready. © Studiopicsing 4. Asymmetric, bizarre silhouettes are in and if you're confident enough to carry it off, nothing will come in your way. © Studiopicsing 5. Round neck T-shirt + pleated pants topped with a statement jacket will make you look like a million bucks. © Studiopicsing 6. Every man needs a black turtleneck to amp up his layering game. © Studiopicsing 7. A subtle bomber with a relaxed pair of linen pants will make you look fly AF - just like Khanijo here. © Studiopicsing 8. While wearing a fur-lined piece with a big collar, keep the rest muted and simple. © Studiopicsing 9. Layering with different all-black textures can be super fun, and it never goes wrong. © Studiopicsing 10. Have you tried this 'over the shoulder' way of wearing a jacket? © Studiopicsing 11. Bold jackets, relaxed pants, statement sneakers, cool bags - the street will be yours. © Studiopicsing
  20. After 'Sacred Games', the only web series to have garnered commercial as well as critical acclaim alike, not to mention enormous popularity, is Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti's 'Made in Heaven'. Arjun Mathur's character 'Karan Mehra' is perhaps one of the most interesting character leads we have seen till now, and Mathur has done absolute justice to the role. However, he has more to him than the amazing acting chops. Our homie here is super fashionable IRL, and here are 10 pictures which prove that. 1. Asymmetrical seems to be his thing, just like the character that shot him to fame. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 13, 2019 at 6:28am PDT 2. That bandhgala though! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 7, 2019 at 2:42am PST 3. 'Playful Sophistication' done right. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 5, 2019 at 4:30am PST 4. 'Make it royal but edgy'. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 5, 2019 at 4:48am PST 5. The style quotient automatically goes up when the outfit is comfortable. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 4, 2019 at 3:49am PST 6. Subtlety always works. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 6, 2019 at 5:58am PST 7. Striped to perfection. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 5, 2019 at 6:25am PST 8. Maroon (high) five! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 6, 2019 at 4:32am PST 9. Blues that no one minds. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Mar 1, 2019 at 4:11am PST 10. Gentlemen can rock distressed denims. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Arjun Mathur (@arjun__mathur) on Feb 28, 2019 at 3:21am PST
  21. The Lotus Makeup India Fashion Week just took off, and the first day saw a plethora of interesting street style moments. From innovative fabric patterns to elaborate layering, we saw it all, and here are 10 style lessons we learned. 1. A well-fitting black turtleneck with a pair of high-waisted pants will give you an effortlessly chic, runway-ready vibe. © Studiopicsing 2. A well-tailored black suit will never be out of fashion. © MensXP 3. It's time to embrace our long lost legacy of patchwork and 'Katha' stitch designs. FDCI Chairman Mr Sunil Sethi is rocking this jacket made of it, and how! © Studiopicsing 4. Super relaxed silhouettes will make you look dapper, and you get extra comfort! © MensXP 5. Print-on-print can make for an extremely interesting statement when paired right. © MensXP 6. A cool bag, shades, and bright sneakers can transform the most basic outfits. © MensXP 7. Designer Suket Dhir shows us how a bright bomber jacket can be super fashionable while being functional. © Studiopicsing 8. An Ikat patterned kurta pyjama can be converted to a snazzy street outfit by throwing on a leather jacket and a scarf. © Studiopicsing 9. Solid brown/chrome is one of the best colours when it comes to casual but sophisticated outerwear, and using a backpack as an accessory will always make you score brownie points. © © MensXP 10. A pair of well-fitted jeans and ankle boots will always make you look dapper AF. © MensXP
  22. Myth: few colours suit men with dark skin. Fact: If you wear the right colours, they could really enhance your complexion and make you look spiffy in no time. Having said that, you don't really need to shell out money to understand which clothes will work best for you. Celebrity stylists are here for this simple reason, as they've already done their research to make celebrities look on point. You just need to copy that and see what'll work best for you. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Farhan Akhtar (@faroutakhtar) on Mar 6, 2019 at 7:56pm PST 1. With Summer on its way in, crisp white cotton white shirts should be worn more often. The white will complement your complexion. Take a cue from Farhan Akhtar and pair with bright coloured solids like blues and pinks and see your outfit light up a day-party. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) on Jan 3, 2019 at 2:33am PST 2. Monochrome outfits should be a part of your wardrobe's arsenal. These instantly complement your skin tone and give the illusion of a great body posture if you don't have one. Besides, these are super easy to style and basic pieces of black and white are found in most people's wardrobes. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Raj Kummar Rao (@rajkummar_rao) on Jan 30, 2019 at 11:16pm PST 3. Warm, earthy tones like browns and mustards will be great for your skin tone. If you're not in the mood for experimenting and doing something loud, these warm tones assure a great look. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Farhan Akhtar (@faroutakhtar) on Jul 29, 2018 at 1:16am PDT 4. Experiment with pastel colours. These colours, while may seem counter-intuitive however, colours like lemon yellow, powder blue, peach are not only impressive on a first date but also suit you because they are super experimental. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) on Feb 21, 2019 at 3:02am PST 5. Move aside from the traditional tones for formal wear. Experiment with offbeat colours. Look at how Vicky Kaushal pulls off this powerful blue suit. Just pair the suit with sharp shoes and a plain shirt that matches the tone of the suit to complete the look.
  23. The real winters might have gone, but the virtual, more important winter is around the corner and we are already hyperventilating because we don't think we can't deal with it. Yes, 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 is almost here, and the dread of finality has taken over because the trailer has already dropped. Let's not even get into 'why we can't wait for it', but just the fact that the look and feel of season 8 is so edgy, that it is giving us goosebumps. If the trailer wasn't enough, here are 18 pictures of the characters from season 8 - all deadly, and much, much more fashionable than ever before. This season, they are all ready to slay us with their style game, before indulging in the great battle. Take a look. 1. Tyrion and Jaime © Entertainment 2. Arya and Sansa © Entertainment 3. Jon and Daenerys © Entertainment 4. Cersei © Entertainment 5. Samwell Tarly © Entertainment 6. Theon Greyjoy © Entertainment 7. Melisandre © Entertainment 8. Varys © Entertainment 9. Brienne Of Tarth © Entertainment 10. The Hound © Entertainment 11. Missandei © Entertainment 12. Grey Worm © Entertainment 13. The Mountain © Entertainment 14. Euron Greyjoy © Entertainment 15. Gilly © Entertainment 16. Bran Stark © Entertainment 17. Jorah Mormont © Entertainment 18. Davos Seaworth © Entertainment We. Can't. Wait.
  24. Yes, you heard that right. Last night, we heard a bit of good news after a long, long time. Remember the Jonas Brothers from Disney? © Jonas Brothers Instagram Or Burnin' Up sparking high school memories for you? © Jonas Brothers Instagram The three brothers, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas formed the Jonas Brothers in 2005, got a deal with Disney and featured in their show called Jonas and further went on to act in other Disney ventures like Camp Rock in 2008. © Jonas Brothers Instagram Last night, among the Jonas family, Priyanka Chopra Jonas was the first to announce her husband's comeback. Take a look. View this post on Instagram And yes they're back…and may I say… hotter than ever. So proud of the family #Sucker #JonasBrothers #MidnightET A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on Feb 28, 2019 at 7:00am PST Now, firstly look at that. Everything is spectacular about this cover art. From Nick's pretty pink pants to Joe's baby blue flowery co-ord set and Kevin's psychedelic salmon shirt and pants. The design is spectacular and represents the style of the millennial man. A man not bound by the gendered boundaries of fashion. These men have arrived and they're fierce. In other news, the video for 'Sucker' just dropped. The over the top, fun three-minute twenty-second video features the boys' IRL love interests Danielle Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Sophie Turner and it can't get better than this. And look at their smashing outfits from the video. © Jonas Brothers Instagram Kevin is in a sparkly dress suit that we adore. © Jonas Brothers Instagram Joe looks spiffy in an all-black tux © Jonas Brothers Instagram And, Nick chose a bright red vest with co-ordinated pants The Jonas Brothers are back for good, it seems. We can't wait to see what they do next!
  25. If Freddie Mercury could meet Rami Malek in his 'Bohemian Rhapsody' avatar, he'd probably have flipped because he'd feel like he's looking into a mirror. Now, we all have seen how Rami has delivered an explosive performance as the intense Freddie (and the universe agrees because Hello Oscars!), but did you know the man can boast of an equally strong fashion game as well? Here are 14 pictures which prove that Rami Malek's style game is Oscar-worthy as well. 1. Talk about painting the town red. © Getty Images 2. No one would mind these blues. © Getty Images 3. Pink pants FTW. © Mr Porter 4. That shirt wins the game, hands down. © Getty Images 5. How to transform a basic outfit with a statement bomber. © Getty Images 6. How to wear sneakers with a suit - the right way. © Getty Images 7. Cuban collars are the best. © Getty Images 8. Denim on denim with a splash of colour? Yes, please! © Mr Porter 9. How to wear a suit but make it super playful. © Getty Images 10. Winter layering done right. © Getty Images 11. That grey suit belongs only on the red carpet. © Getty Images 12. How to conquer the world on a Monday. © Bloomberg 13. Co-ords level: Ramp-ready. © Getty Images 14. How to rock a sleeveless sweater without so much as making an effort. © Mr Porter Let's just say if there was an Oscar for fashion, we know who it would go to.