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Found 11 results

  1. Our armed forces are considered formidable for a reason. Yes, there are more dangerous defense squads out there - more ruthless, more scary, more unforgiving - but that cannot be held true for Indian soldiers. Our men in camouflage would lay down their lives to protect the country and its citizens in a heartbeat. They too believe in avenging senseless killings and ensuring that no innocent person unnecessarily pays for the wrongdoings of others. © Twitter But what makes them so special is that regardless of where they are and what they are upto, our soldiers never lose touch with their humane side, and always go out of their way to serve people, even off duty! We have heard about multiple instances when our soldiers went beyond their call of duty to help people in need. They not only save lives but also inspire others to live a life where there is always space and time to accommodate the needs of others. © Twitter Something very similar happened recently in Chhattisgarh's Bijapur area where CRPF personnel of the CoBRA battalion were seen carrying an injured man on a cot to a hospital that was 5 km away. According to an ANI report, the injured man had hurt himself by falling off a tractor and required treatment. The CRPF personnel carried the man on their shoulder and reportedly the man is now stable. © ANI Much like all the other instances of their selflessness and devotion, even this incident proves that our men in uniforms are nothing less than superheroes in disguise.
  2. It's that time of the year again. When you forget about everything else and spend all your time reading up on 'Avengers: Endgame.' This time is extra special since it's the last movie in the lineup (No, we're not forgetting 'Far From Home,' but that's more of an introduction to Phase IV than a culmination for Phase III). We've been waiting 10 years for this masterpiece and while it's already confirmed to have the largest number of superheroes in a single movie ever, the number might just be a little higher than you expect. Besides everyone who has been confirmed for 'Avengers: Endgame' here are a few names you may or may not have heard that may make an appearance in the movie: 1. Beta Ray Bill We already know that Beta Ray Bill exists in the MCU. For die-hard fans, they'll remember the large statue of his beside the Hulk on Sakaar in 'Thor: Ragnarok.' © Marvel Studios They've already laid the groundwork for this one and it's a possibility for sure. Think about it. Thor needs to get a new Mjolnir. Who's going to wield Stormbreaker when that happens? Who was Stormbreaker originally created for? You guessed it, Beta Ray Bill. 2. Black Knight There are a lot of theories about the Black Knight and how he is going to have an important role to play in the Quantum Realm journey of the Avengers. But, how much of this is fact is debatable? There are some action figures that were released too but knowing Marvel's propensity to mess with fans and theorists alike, it could end up meaning nothing. It's safe to say that the Black Knight would probably be the most underwhelming inclusion to the MCU if we do get to see him. A cursed sword, that's all he has… 3. Nova There was a lot of speculation about whether or not Nova would make an appearance in 'Avengers: Infinity War.' Unfortunately, that didn't happen. But, we have to admit, things have been set up quite well for an appearance by the last survivor of the Nova Corps. We all remember how Xandar was destroyed off-screen in 'Infinity War'. That's how Thanos got his first Infinity stone, the Power stone. As the story goes, this destruction of Xandar is what led to the creation of the superhero Nova. Unfortunately, with Captain Marvel filling in the role of the superpowered being, the chances of another one being introduced so soon are slim. 4. Adam Warlock Yes, he's probably going to get the main role in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 3,' but there's no reason why we can't hope to see more of Adam Warlock in 'Avengers: Endgame.' © Marvel Warlock is supposed to be the original owner of the Soul stone but since the stone is already with Thanos, we could see him showing up in 'Avengers: Endgame' to reclaim what is rightfully his. He's also used the Infinity Gauntlet on one occasion. Who knows… 5. X-Men Okay, the last one may seem the most far-fetched theory of the lot. But, it's actually among the most probable. Yes, we have seen Quicksilver in the MCU and his sister, Scarlet Witch, is one of the strongest Avengers right now. But, they're miracles, not mutants. With Disney buying Fox though, chances of mutants appearing in the MCU are at their peak. The Mind stone is what gave the Maximoff twins their powers in the MCU. It might just be the MacGuffin that ends up waking up the latent mutant genes in humans around the world. Also, there are rumours of an end-credits scene with Charles Xavier. Think it could happen? One last thing, before you go ahead and start dissing me for listing spoiler after spoiler you need to understand that these are all theories. They are possibilities. I don't know if any of them are going to happen for sure. But, if one (or multiple) of these theories turns out to be true, don't call it a spoiler, instead, call it a prediction that came true.
  3. The whole world is gearing up to watch superheroes in action on the big screens, but looks like the nation has already found one in real life in an Indian Navy officer, Lt. Rahul Dalal. People say that an officer is 'never off-duty' and Lt. Rahul Dalal's bravery and courageous act just reiterates the same. Lt. Rahul Dalal was enjoying the evening of April 5 with his wife at Vypin beach, when he noticed a person struggling in water. He was unable to swim and was crying for help. © Facebook There was a huge crowd, but sadly no one was able to help him. So, without giving a second thought, Rahul jumped straight into the water and rescued him within half an hour. It wasn't easy at all, as both Rahul's and the drowning man's lives were at risk because of the strong under-current. "The officer also had to deal with the desperate and panicked victim who was pulling him down, putting both their lives in danger. The officer calmed the victim and made him hold onto his shoulders, after which he started swimming towards the beach. Lt Dalal mustered all his strength and managed to reach the shore with help of some locals," read the Facebook post shared by the official page of Indian Navy. It was further mentioned, "The victim, however, was not breathing and was unconscious. When his mouth was opened, it was found that some plants were choking his air passage. Lt Dalal cleared the passage and administered Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, whereupon the victim was revived." The drowning man, identified as Mr. Dileep Kumar from Aurangabad, was then rushed to a Government hospital where he was discharged after recuperation. Stories like these and people like Lt. Rahul Dalal are the real superheroes who restore our faith in humanity with their selfless efforts.
  4. This copy is not a comparison of our culture to the US or any other country. Maybe other cultures are better or maybe they are worse. This, however, is just a plain and simple explanation about our very own society and its mindset, and how they can sometimes get in the way of life. This is about how even in 2018, the society still pushes people to do academically well and tell them that everything else is a waste of time. This is about every child who could have been Mithali Raj or Rahul Dravid but is stuck in a 9-6 job because (s)he was asked not to miss studies for cricket practice. This is the tale of every child who wanted to be something other than the mainstreamed professional. We all grew up watching Batman & Ironman. We could never get enough of the superhero movies & comics. And we all had at least one superhero we all wanted to be. Oh, how we dreamt of swinging from one building to the other like Spiderman or becoming as strong as the Hulk. And how all of us just lusted for Superman's flying ability! While we all wanted to be them, I think it wasn't a practical thing to think of. Even if we had those superpowers, it would have been impractical of us to be superheroes. This is thanks to our protective & academics-loving parents and the not so liberal society. Let's see how the life of superheroes would have been had they were born in India. Batman – The CEO If Batman were born in India, his parents would have been alive, thanks to the stringent gun laws of our country. He would have been somewhat like the prodigal heir of Ambanis. His life would have been surrounded by the 3M: Media, Money, & MBA. Bruce became Batman because he left his comfort zone, lived a hard life at a remote mountain for years, and dedicated his life to become a better man. All this because his parents didn't force him to do MBA and take care of the family business. Indian parents barely let their child go for a night out, let alone let him go to some mountain and learn how to fight. I think Bruce would have been studying in IIM-A and later taking care of the family business. Spiderman – The Shy Kid Who Becomes Cool Eventually Peter Parker was never shown as a nerdy bookworm. He was just another boy in the class whom people barely noticed. I think Peter would have been a dropper who would have been preparing for IIT-JEE. After getting bitten by a spider and getting his superpowers, he would probably have been flaunting his strength and newly built muscles to impress girls there. The shy Peter would have loved his new popularity but couldn't have put it to better use thanks to the pressure of clearing IIT-JEE. After all, nights are for studies, not for swinging from one building to other and stop crime. Indian priorities! Wonder Woman – Without Any Wonder Princess Diana would have been 'papa's angel' in her early teens. The curious and always eager to break the barriers, Diana would have been stopped by our society to do so. © Marvel Let's face it, in an era of women empowerment, we're still dealing with issues like dowry. So Diana's parents would have tried to tame her behaviour for her “future's” sake. © Marvel Our warrior would have been asked to 'dress appropriately,' mind her own business, and let the men take care of the World War situation. The society would have crushed the wonder part and Diana would have been just another woman. Wolverine – The Avatar of Some God Wolverine would have been the notorious kid who stands out of the class more than sitting inside. After discovering his sharp blades, he would probably have gotten thrown out of school and his parents would have taken him to AIIMS to get it treated. His super strength & healing ability would have been termed 'unnatural.' He either would have been admitted to some hospital or would have considered a Demi-God by our society. The latter option would certainly have made him rich but again, his overprotective parents would have home-schooled him instead of letting him go and fight the crime. Superman – The Page 3 Journalist I don't know where to start. Clark Kent would never have gotten a chance to be the superhero as his editor must have asked him to follow Taimur and get a story on how Taimur looked adorable while eating candy. How on Earth could he find the time to do anything else? © DC Comics Even if somehow he got the time to be Superman, his parents would have asked him to stop wasting time by saving the world and concentrate on his career. After all, 28 is the age to settle down, get married, and start a family. The saving the world concept is not in parent's bucket list. © DC Comics Although I'm sure many girls would have loved to marry him. Not because of his sharp looks, or God-like physique, but for the fact that he does stories on Taimur. Poor Superman would have been just a man had he was born in India. Ironman – The Mechanical Engineer This arrogant prick would have been the guy every relative hates. But his intelligence and IIT tag would have forced the relatives to be nice to him as they would want him to guide their children on how to crack IIT entrance. Tony would have been the overconfident kid in the class who was hated by all, especially his teachers. Just like Sheldon Cooper, in his childhood. His parents would never have allowed him to design an iron suit which would make him fly and do other cool stuff. Instead, he would have graduated, taken a job in the mechanical engineering field, would have been designing amazing cars. His parents would have been proud of him while the country would have lost the hero it badly needs. Our Society would have cut off the capes of these superheroes as well, as it does with most of us. They would have become just another being by following the rules of the society, when they could have been much more! Be your own superhero, people will complain no matter what you do.
  5. There is more to photography than just a good camera or in some cases, Photoshop. While most of us run after buying a DSLR and then spend hours in editing and adding tons of filters, all a good photographer needs, is creativity and perspective to produce great results. Malaysia's Wire Hon is one such brilliant photographer. "Everybody needs a hobby..." yes we do agree with that, but these are not our words, this is what is Hon's Instagram bio reads. Before & After...ð #deadpool #ryanrenolds #wadewilson #hottoys #hottoyscollectibles #sideshow #onesixth #onesixthlegion #onesixthrepublic #marvel #toptoyphotos #actionfigures #toyphotography #toygroup_alliance #toyunion #wheretoysdwell #btstp_id #epictoyart #justanothertoygroup #toys #toyartistry #toysclub #toycommunity #toydiscovery #toy4life #nerd #geek #awesome #amazing #cool A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Aug 17, 2018 at 6:48am PDT Hon loves collecting Marvel and DC superhero toys and figurines and while some will think it's childish to have such a hobby, what he does with those figurines is what sets him apart and is truly commendable. "Well...like the old man said : Together...ð" #tonystark #ironman3 #robertdowneyjr #captainamerica #thor #blackwidow #deadpool #hulk #wolverine #hawkeye #spiderman #infinitywar #marvel #marvelcomics #disney #toycollector #toycommunity #toydiscovery #toyunion #epictoyart #justanothertoygroup #hottoys #hottoysphotography #onesithscale #onesixthscalephotography #nerd #geek #cool #awesome #fun A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on May 22, 2018 at 6:23am PDT He makes interesting and hilarious scenarios to showcase his brilliant photography skills and his entire family participates in capturing these hilariously awesome shots. He takes around 30 minutes to click every picture. Every picture he clicks, looks like he's chilling with these superheroes like it's nobody's damn business. Come on guy ! take a break...ð #deadpool #ryanrenolds #hulk #markruffalo #blackwidow #scarlettjohansson #natasharomanoff #hawkeye #jeremyrenner #avengers #infinitywar #marvel #mcu #comic #superheroes #actionfigures #hottoys #hottoyscommunity #sideshow #onesixth #onesixthscalephotography #colecionatoy #toptoyphotos #epictoyart #toystagram #nerd #geek #awesome #amazing #forcedperspective A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Aug 29, 2018 at 8:37am PDT One look at the picture and you may think, "Whoa! This can't be true. This is photoshop. He must have cropped his picture to create this illusion." Instagram Well, it's not photoshop. It's all about perspective, in this case, 'forced perspective'. And the amazing part is that he clicks these pictures using only his smartphone. Yes, you read that right. Here's how he does it. Instagram So folks, while I try to click similar pictures using my phone, let's take a look at some of his best works. Go there and clean it ...ð ( Forced perspective shot ) #hulk #markruffalo #superman #henrycavill #batman #christianbale #marvel #dc #hottoys #hottoysphotography #onesithscale #onesixthscalephotography #onesixthlegion #toyartistry #toycollector #toycommunity #toycrewbuddies #toystagram #toyart #toyunion #epictoyart #toptoyphotos #justanothertoygroup #nerd #geek #dope #cool #awesome_shots #forcedperspective #samsungcamera A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Jul 5, 2018 at 5:58am PDT Old Wonder Woman...ð #Spiderman #peterparker #deadpool #deadpool2 #ryanrenolds #marvel #disney #hottoys #hottoyscollectibles #onesixthscale #onesixthscalephotography #actionfigures #toys #toysaremydrug #toystagram #toycollector #toycommunity #toycrewbuddies #epictoyart #justanothertoygroup #nerd #geek #dope #awesome #cool #photography #amazing A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Jul 7, 2018 at 8:09am PDT You forgot to wear your underwear...ð #superman #clarkkent #henrycavill #dc #justiceleague #hottoy #hottoyscollectors #onesixth #onesixthlegion #toys #toycollector #toycommunity #toygroup_alliance #toystagram #toy4life #toyartistry #toyart #justanothertoygroup #acba #toptoyphotos #articulatedcomicbookart #epictoyart #nerd #geek #dope #fun #movie #cool #amazing A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Jul 12, 2018 at 3:15am PDT Professional Movers.. Hey big guy !!! Move the mattress to the second floor...ð #hulk #markruffalo #infinitywar #marvel #disney #hottoys #sideshow #onesixth #onesixthlegion #toptoyphotos #epictoyart #justanothertoygroup #colecionatoy #articulatedcomicbookart #toys #toy4life #toydiscovery #toygroup_alliance #toyartistry #toycrewbuddies #toycollector #toycommunity #toyunion #toyphotography #nerd #geek #awesome #amazing A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Aug 8, 2018 at 11:38pm PDT Suddenly I'm a jerk...ð #blackwidow #scarlettjohansson #natasharomanoff #adawong #hottoys #hottoyscollector #onesixth #onesixthlegion #marvel #mcu #infinitywar #theavengers #toygroup_alliance #toystagram #toycollector #toyartistry #toyphotography #toyplanet #toptoyphotos #toysyn #toyark #colecionatoy #nerd #geek #awesome #amazing #forcedperspective #snapshot #cool #fun A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Aug 23, 2018 at 10:08am PDT Super kid... #hottoys #hottoysphotography #hottoyscollection #hottoyscollector #Deadpool #toy4life #toy #toysartistry #actionfigurephotography #actonfigure #toygroup_alliance #onesixth #onesixthscale #marvels #toystagram #toysalagram A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Mar 2, 2018 at 4:50am PST Capture with hero is not a dream anymore... #Deadpool #hottoyscollection #hottoys #onesixth #onesixthscale A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Oct 16, 2017 at 5:27pm PDT Hey , Mr pool... A post shared by Wire Hon (@wirehon) on Oct 20, 2017 at 8:20am PDT
  6. Marvel superheroes have joined forces, not to fight Thanos, but bring a smile on the face of a young boy named Josh. Australia's 17-year-old Josh has been battling with Leukemia since he was 5. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Unfortunately, according to his doctors, Josh has barely a few months left to live. © Twitter Josh is a huge fan of Marvel superheroes, particularly Deadpool and to fulfil his dying wish, his mother, friends and other family members started a campaign, asking his favourite heroes to send him a message and looks like their prayers have been answered. PLEASE SHARE THE HELL OUT OF THIS! He only has a couple of months to live, we need to make his wish come true before it's too late ð°â¤ï¸ pic.twitter.com/R3wPqahE8r — KrissieCosplay (@KrissieCosplay) August 12, 2018 Ryan Reynolds, who's known for his goofy and funny side, was quick to respond to the request made by Josh's family and sent this heartwarming message on behalf of Uncle Deadpool, "I know that you're a Deadpool fan and a superhero fan and I think that's amazing. I also think that's kinda funny, for one particular reason..." I'm already in touch with Josh and his family. Thanks! — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) August 13, 2018 He further said, "After hearing about you and hearing about your story and everything that you're going through, you know, I think it's pretty much a fact that you have more courage and more strength in your pinky finger than any superhero does in their entire body." Such a special man with a huge heart thank you @VancityReynolds josh loves you so much for brightening up his days. Everyone please let's get more @chrishemsworth @RobertDowneyJr @MarkRuffalo @MargotRobbie @TheRock pic.twitter.com/7FulT1Zh1P — BraveheartJosh (@josh_braveheart) August 21, 2018 Soon, other Marvel superheroes like Hugh Jackman, Tom Holland, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans; followed Reynolds' lead and sent their best wishes to Josh. Massive thanks to @RealHughJackman for putting a smile on my brave sons face, what a legend pic.twitter.com/gEmxQ7OqVU — BraveheartJosh (@josh_braveheart) August 15, 2018 Ok guys now we need more messages of support for my hero please. @RobertDowneyJr @MargotRobbie @chrishemsworth @SamuelLJackson @TheSlyStallone @MarkRuffalo and anyone else you may have any contacts with please pic.twitter.com/UIPsPab9De — BraveheartJosh (@josh_braveheart) August 20, 2018 Amazing beautiful man. Please support josh with more videos from celebrities please. @CharlizeAfrica @SamuelLJackson @RobertDowneyJr @MarkRuffalo @MargotRobbie @chrishemsworth @TheRock @JonahHill pic.twitter.com/Hpk8uvL9YR — BraveheartJosh (@josh_braveheart) August 21, 2018 Awesome stuff thank you so much @TomHolland1996 please everyone let's get more to brighten josh's days up please @chrishemsworth @RobertDowneyJr @MarkRuffalo @MargotRobbie @TheSlyStallone @SamuelLJackson @DrakeBell @AnthonyHopkins @MarvelStudios @TheRock @JonahHill @amyschumer pic.twitter.com/apQ5IlfiYC — BraveheartJosh (@josh_braveheart) August 21, 2018 This isn't the first time that these on-screen superheroes went an extra mile for their fans. Earlier this year, Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds responded to the request of a young boy who wanted a greeting from his favourite superheroes. It is heartwarming to see how all these actors turned into real-life superheroes, just to bring a smile on their young fans' faces.
  7. Superheroes, by the virtue of their very being, are entities who deserve to be looked up to. Strength is usually what they embody, but the new age superhero is so much more! Right from being far from perfect and vulnerable (remember Deadpool?) to being unapologetically themselves to the verge of being arrogant (Hi, Mr Stark), superheroes today are not just your run of the mill saviours who'd flex their guns and have damsels in distress ready to be rescued. They are more humane, and the lines are thinning so fast, that even their superhuman 'good looks' can serve as inspiration for us lesser mortals - on a scale that is unbelievably achievable. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of 7 superheroes whose facial hair are giving us legit goals. Take a look. 1. Iron Man © Twitter Tony Stark is rich, and he looks rich, courtesy that carefully shaped, slender yet powerful beard and moustache. There is something inexplicably classy and firm about that moustache that says 'no-nonsense', not to mention rich. Let's call it the 'Gaziliionaire Moustache', shall we? 2. Thor © Twitter Apart from being the supremely powerful God of Thunder, Thor is also one of the, err, 'prettiest' superheroes (well we're just echoing popular sentiments). As much as we loved his long locks and perfectly conditioned beard and moustache, we got to see his facial hair game is actually on point when he had to get rid of his long hair during Ragnarok. 3. Aquaman © Twitter Apart from making women all over the world go weak in the knees, Aquaman also makes men all over the world go green with envy, when it comes to his beard, moustache, and hair, not to mention his physique. He makes 'wild' look aesthetic and if that's not impressive, we don't know what is. 4. Dr Strange © Twitter Dr Strange's beard and moustache is not so regular, and is well-calculated, much like his unusual superpowers. Want a sophisticated, well-groomed look that will make people take you seriously (at least at the first glance)? Go for Dr Strange's facial hairdo. 5. Wolverine © Twitter Wolverine has always had an extremely unusual, wolfish patch of beard (and sometimes, a moustache too) - that exhibits as much savagery as his Adamantium claws. We're not sure how advisable it is to go for that, but it can definitely be a challenge to yourself! 6. The Comedian © Twitter A main character in 'Watchmen', The Comedian's cigar-chomping, gun-toting vigilante persona is aptly accompanied by his signature 'dad' moustache. Much like the 'dad bod', it's a thing now and the ladies find it extremely attractive. Want to go for something basic but classic? Go for this one right here. 7. Superman © Twitter Okay, before you start off with a barrage of abuses saying that we have no clue about the fact that Superman never actually sported a moustache anywhere, we want to put our foot down and say that we want him to sport one. Have you seen Henry Cavill in 'Mission Impossible'? Now imagine that in Superman (minus the CGI moustache-removal scandal, of course). Just look at this picture and tell us, honest to yourself, that you don't think Superman would actually look better with a moustache? Yes, we think so too.
  8. These are hard times for Kerala. In God's own country, the current mantra is to move past the struggles, hustle hard and rise from its ashes in order to put the state back to its former glory at the earliest. The past week has been a tremendous challenge for the community where people not only had to leave behind their homes for the sake of their lives, but have also been displaced to far off areas in search of a safer place. © Facebook While the government and the military personnel carried out their responsibilities round-the-clock and took every possible measure to bring maximum people to safety, it also needs to be admitted that a calamity of this scale couldn't have been brought under control without the active participation of the locals who have come through like superheroes in disguise. The people of Kerala have come together to put on a fight, do their bit and keep up the city's spirit. While trained and equipped people did their bit, many superheroes in disguise stepped in to lend a hand and together, they have managed to inspire the nation and restored its faith in humanity. © Reuters We have curated a list of 11 real-life superheroes who have become the face of courage, selflessness and the spirit of brotherhood in Kerala's moment of crisis. 1. The Fishermen Community The fishermen community have become the saving grace of Kerala and its people. Not only have they lent their boats and services, they have also gone out of their way to ensure they reach as many people and help the stranded reach shelters and camps. A special mention also needs to be given to fisherman Jaisal KP who hunched on a flooded road to help the elderly and women board a rescue raft. His act is being applauded by the public. 2. Blanket Merchant Vishnu Kacchawa #Viral Meet Vishnu Kachhawa, the MP native who donated all his blankets to #KeralaFloods victims. It was his 'payback' to the land which has been offering him a livelihood for more than twelve years. This migrant laborer offers us a warm reason to smile. https://t.co/hx5BaqdCNw pic.twitter.com/1BqE5tk4sz — Jikku Varghese Jacob (@Jikkuvarghese) August 12, 2018 A door-to-door blanket seller in Kerala and originally hailing from the state of Madhya Pradesh, Vishnu donated all 50 of the blankets he had in stock to those who have been sheltered in Iritty and Kannur rescue camps, upon hearing about the needs of the people when natural calamity struck Kerala. Kudos to the man for this selfless act. 3. Kerala Water Resources Minister Mathew T Thomas © Twitter While people always claim that ministers take the easy way out and look out for their personal interests first, Water Resource Minister of state, Mathew Thomas has silenced the gossip mongers by getting on the ground and helping rescue workers with their efforts. 4. Engineering Students Who Developed Emergency Power Banks When everybody in the state was busy arranging other items of need for the flood victims such as food and clothes, a group of engineering students from Trivandrum's Government Engineering College came out with an ingenious measure to tackle the issue of power cuts that prevented people from charging their phones. The students developed emergency, short-term power banks and distributed around 880 power banks amongst the masses. What a thoughtful move! 5. Indian Navy Officer & Flight Diver Who Airlifted A Stranded Kid #OpMadad #KeralaFloodRelief #keralafloods Flight Diver Amit rescues a small child from Aluva. Pilot in Command Cdr Vijay Verma @SpokespersonMoD @DefenceMinIndia @DG_PIB pic.twitter.com/UQmf5rYu27 — SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) August 16, 2018 This video went viral the moment it surfaced on social media and we totally understand the sentiment. No person with skills and means has held back from helping out the ones in need, and this is just one such incident caught on camera wherein we can see flight diver Amit rescuing a stranded child to safety with pilot-in-command Cdr. Vijay Verma manning the helicopter and airlifting the duo. 6. Leader of Opposition Shedding Political Differences - Ramesh Chennithala © Twitter Ramesh Chennithala of Indian National Congress set an example by placing humanity and fraternity above politics in such times of crisis. Like minister of state Mathew Thomas, he can be seen helping out the public and guiding them to safety. We're sure his efforts didn't go unnoticed. 7. Volunteers At The Khalsa Aid Organisation © Facebook The Khalsa Aid Organisation has come forward as a team of true heroes who have constantly stoked the hearth to keep the food supply going even in the face of lesser resources. They have relentlessly been cooking for the stranded people and the volunteers have so far distributed food to at least ten thousand people. They are the real heroes of Kerala. 8. NDRF Team Member Kanhaiya Kumar Who Risked His Life To Save A Kid NDRF constable Kanhaiya is being hailed as a hero ever since this video reached the public. Here, he is seen rescuing a child by running across a bridge with the child in his arms minutes before the water level touched the dangerous mark and gave way under the streams pressure. His valiant gesture has made the nation proud. 9. Fire Force Personnel Rushing A Child To The Ambulance © YouTube A local photographer Bibin Xavier caught on camera this Fire Force personnel from Kerala who is knee-deep in mud and seems determined to save the child in his arms by rushing him to the nearby ambulance, after he was rescued from the rubble of a house that collapsed due to landslide. We salute his efforts. 10. IAS Officers Delivering Food Supplies To Victims Netizens have constantly been praising the two young IAS officers, MG Rajamanikyam and NSK Umesh who decided to join volunteers and rescue workers instead of delegating the task to them, by carrying loaded sacks of rice on their shoulders to a flood relief camp. Such a novel thing to do. 11. Student & Part-time Fisherseller Hanan Hamid Who Donated 1.5 Lakhs © YouTube A B.Sc third-year student from Kerala, Hanan Hamid who caught media attention a few months back when she was trolled by netizens and the public for selling fish in her uniform to help meet ends at home, has donated 1.5 lakhs that she had received from well-wishers from across the state to the flood relief fund, as a way of paying it forward. What an example she has us for all of us. These are the real-life superheroes who have saved the state in their own special ways and we cannot thank them enough for their efforts and restoring our faith in humanity.
  9. There are so many super cool superheroes we have today, brought to the big screen by even more incredible actors. We all love them to the point that we can't even imagine some other actor playing any other character, it just doesn't seem right. Let's take Marvel for example—the casting seems so accurate, we can't see any other actor pulling off any of the characters. Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man, and no one can match up to it. Same with all the characters, including all the 'Chrises'. (Marvel really has a serious Chris problem!) Similarly, the sentence 'Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool' has been said and written so many times since the first movie came out because of how true it is. But, the actors behind two iconic roles might be interested in switching now and I'm not going to lie, I'm quite intrigued and really do want to see how it would play out. The actors in question are Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth and if you don't know what characters they play, then shame on you. In case you didn't know, it was Chris Hemsworth's birthday a couple of days ago – it was also a self-proclaimed national holiday for Marvel fans – and his tweet about his birthday was absolutely hilarious. Immediately after this shot was taken my son viciously attacked me from behind (due to his ninja training) and slammed my face into the flaming candles, I'll now be playing Deadpool if @VancityReynolds pulls the pin #bestbirthdayever @ElsaPataky_ pic.twitter.com/QUvjAC4xAH — Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) August 11, 2018 What a subtle dig, it's so cool. Also, how do I get ninja training, Chris? Please answer! But, Ryan Reynolds always has to maintain his status of being the funniest superhero and was ready with an even better reply. Weird. My daughter JUST stabbed me in the right eye. (She's not a ninja, but she IS a bit of a dick) Point is, We can finally trade roles... (Happy Birthday Bubba!) https://t.co/TsDLuTACaO — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) August 11, 2018 I honestly live for Ryan's tweets mentioning his kids, he really is 'father of the year' and not just a 'daddy'. The first reply is exactly what we're all thinking. MAKE A THOR DEADPOOL CROSSOVER — daddy stark (@woIvern) August 11, 2018 'Thorpool' is something I never knew I wanted but now I need it. This guy is a little salty. They wont let you be an avenger, stop trying its just getting sad at this point — east (@stuckymcu) August 11, 2018 This seems accurate. pic.twitter.com/l3FX8HZjw9 — Allyð¹ (@whereisx6) August 11, 2018 Important question. What kind of children are you both raising ð¤ðð pic.twitter.com/cgc2NntcFp — Witness The Fitness (@janann24) August 11, 2018 Maybe Iron Man will introduce them and that's what Dr. Strange saw. Deadpool and Thor will defeat thanos — ð¸ðð¾ ð (@mxrvxll) August 11, 2018 Will Deadpool bring Cable along? That could get a little awkward. A bigger crossover than Infinity War! (Sorry, just had to do it) Thorpool the hero we all need 𤣠pic.twitter.com/AQj8qJJgSM — Rob Walker (@llamedos77) August 11, 2018 What a gif! He can't lift his hammer ð¨ though pic.twitter.com/HSihujZad3 — vars boilen jr (@action52622952) August 12, 2018 They should just switch places in their next movies and act like nothing is different, it would be hilarious and I would pay so much to watch that.
  10. The World Cup is over and France are champions. While it's great news for all the young French players, who can now call themselves World Champions, one must ask, are they really though? Yes, they won the World Cup and played exceptional football, but did they actually play the best teams in the world? Teams like Italy and the Netherlands didn't even make it past qualifying. Some may argue it was because they didn't play good football. But, do you honestly believe that teams like Saudi Arabia and Panama are better than them? No, they aren't. They should not call it a competition among the best teams in the world, but a competition among the best teams from each part of the world. © Reuters But, on the list of reasons why FIFA scored 11 out of 10 in the Quartz corruption rating, 2015, the poor qualifying structure for the World Cups is not even a factor. Before we delve deeper into why FIFA is far from being a great role model for global sports associations, let us just clarify that this is not meant to take anything away from the thousands of players, support staff, and officials that are a part of this body. Now, let's get started: Corruption This is perhaps the only instance where the word 'corrupt' would seem inadequate to describe the underside of FIFA. Football's governing body has faced so many allegations of corruption, that listing them all out is impossible. An apt example would be the $110 million that was paid for ensuring the Copa America Centenario, 2016 would be hosted in the United States. There were also bribes worth $40 million paid by an unnamed sports company, to ensure they were the only provider of uniforms, accessories, and equipment for the Brazilian team. The picture below might help you figure out which company it was… © Reuters The allegations surrounding the bids for hosting the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups led to the bidding process for the 2026 FIFA World Cup getting delayed. More on this later. One name that kept showing up throughout these allegations was that of Sepp Blatter. For the uninitiated, he is the former President of FIFA. We'll cover him in detail when we talk about the President's position below. You get the idea, right? FIFA is not a governing body that looks out for the sport it governs, instead, FIFA is just like any other corporation. Everything goes to the highest bidder. How else could a company like McDonald's sponsor multiple World Cups? Are FIFA Presidents Elected Or Does The Position Go To The Man With The Most Influence? To say that FIFA was always a front for bribery, money laundering and racketeering wouldn't be fair. When it was formed in 1904, the members probably had the best interests of football at heart. In fact, there isn't much to complain about FIFA until the 1970's. Why? Two names, Joao Havelange and his protégé, Sepp Blatter. Not to say there weren't many great names before them like Stanley Rous and Jules Rimet who did a lot to help football become the global sport it is today. But, the hard work of all these individuals amounts to nothing today. That's the effect Havelange and Blatter have had on the sport. © Reuters Let's start with Havelange, who was the pioneer of mega contracts between brands and FIFA. He's the main reason we see athletes in their prime displaying unimaginable skills, while being sponsored by junk food companies that don't propagate healthy living in any way. He is also the one who made the World Cup Final into a boring affair. With so many sponsored seats being sold for every match, the atmosphere during a final is far from the types we would see in the 50's and 60's. Most of us have accepted the fact that even if the World Cup would be held in our hometown, the chances of us watching the final live were slim. I'm not just talking about India, but globally too. Let's not forget about the bribes he accepted from these sponsors. After all, football is a sport watched the world over. What better way to reach a global audience? He is undoubtedly the man responsible for making FIFA a $250 billion a year enterprise. But, he's far from a saint. His successor, Blatter, was an even bigger disgrace to the position. The number of allegations against the man is astounding. There's no way we could talk about everything Sepp has done better than John Oliver. He covers a few of the other topics we've mentioned here too. But, wait for it, he gets to Blatter. You'll know what kind of a person he is after. Well, Blatter resigned as President of FIFA and was banned for 6 years from being associated with football in any way. And guess what, Oliver drank that Bud Light Lime on camera! Does The FIFA World Cup Actually Benefit The Country It's Held In? The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was the first one to ever be held in an African nation. Something that was considered a remarkable gesture by FIFA quickly turned into the opposite. There were so many evictions in an effort to 'beautify the city' that there were calls by the locals to boycott the event. Considering the large footfall expected by the country during the World Cup, having the locals on edge, the local sporting events also had to be shifted since no other sporting events can take place in the host country during the World Cup. Also, all local vendors weren't allowed to sell any food or merchandise within 1.5 km of the stadium, unless they paid a registration fee upfront. Most vendors couldn't afford the fee and hence the question of whether the World Cup actually helped the local economy came up time and time again. Want to know how the fans reacted to this event? Well, there was one match with more than 11,000 seats empty. © Reuters If that was any indication of what a FIFA World Cup could do to a developing country, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil sealed the deal. Having a World Cup in a developing country was the biggest mistake ever. Why? Let's look at what all happened in Brazil: This was the first real indication that football had lost touch with its fans. No one cared if the World Cup was good for Brazil's economy, they just wanted to erect huge stadiums in the land of Pele, Ronaldo, and Zico. Brazilians used the opportunity to protest against the harsh living conditions in their country and how a World Cup was not going to help them in any way. The 200,000 people who descended on the Maracana for the final of the 1950 World Cup was a sight to behold. Unfortunately, for the 2014 final, after the number of sponsored seats that were given out, there was hardly any room left for the Germans and Argentinians who made the trip. That resulted in one of the dullest atmospheres inside a stadium for a World Cup final. But, the major negative effects of the World Cup only came to the fore months after the competition had ended. © Reuters There were more than 1 million tourists who visited Brazil during the World Cup. The infrastructure that was erected for this global tournament is now lying in waste. More than 170,000 people were forced to relocate to make room for these huge stadiums and other infrastructure. A lot of these people were relocated to huts without water or electricity. What a World Cup it must have been for them. The amount of money that was used to prepare for the World Cup could have provided social welfare for a year to 50 million people. Was the World Cup really in the best interests of the country? Hell no! Were The Best Teams In The World Competing At The 2018 FIFA World Cup? Who would have believed we would see a World Cup in Russia? Yes, it's a great place for vodka, but football? Russia was the lowest-ranked team to ever compete at a World Cup. Yes, they put in a spirited performance and made it to the quarters. But, did they deserve a spot? Of course not. Here's where the whole debate about whether the best teams in the world were actually a part of the World Cup originates? This is more to do with the qualifying process of FIFA than the country that's hosting the cup, but since we're talking about the tournament here, we'll have to bring this up too. © Reuters There are 53 member associations in both UEFA and CAF. But, while UEFA gets 13 spots at the World Cup finals, CAF gets just 5. This is why we'll never get to see Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Tunisia in the same World Cup. At the same point, we'll get to see European teams like Iceland, Serbia, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland who would have struggled against the likes of Ivory Coast, Cameroon or Ghana on their best days. The argument here is it's not really a World Cup if you don't have the best teams in the world competing, is it? Does The World Cup Host Get Selected Or Does The Opportunity Go To The Highest Bidder? How does a country win the bid to host a World Cup? By being the most likely place to host a World Cup? No. In the words of Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness, “a bid nowadays can only be successful if payments are additionally made under the table.” Seems that's exactly what the World Cup is all about nowadays with countries like Russia and Qatar winning the bids. Russia, ranked 70th in the world, got a chance to host and compete in a World Cup. The top 32 teams are supposed to be playing a World Cup, right? How is the 70th ranked team in that list? The only explanation is that the countries bought their opportunities to host the World Cup and compete in it. © Reuters Just think about it, in what universe would it make sense to host a World Cup in Qatar? The temperature in June there is 50 degrees. We want the best athletes in the world running for 90 minutes in that heat? So, the team of delegates who choose where the next World Cup is held unanimously decided to award a country in the Middle-East hosting rights. Sounds like money talking, doesn't it? Don't even get us started on the approximate 4,000 lives that will be lost during construction work in the run-up to the tournament. Qatar is ranked 98th in the world right now. We didn't even know they had a football team till they won this bid! And now, they will be making their first appearance at a World Cup, irrespective of how good or bad their team is. Football is a global sport and is meant to unite the world. But, given the state of affairs at its governing body, the fans of the 'beautiful game' are having to deal with much more heartbreak than they deserve.
  11. Chris Pine (L) and Gal Gadot participate in the Warner Bros. Theatrical Panel for "Wonder Woman 1984," which Gadot described as a "new chapter" rather than a sequel. Photo: AFP Warner Bros closed the final full day of the Comic-Con International...