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Found 5 results

  1. Almost everyone knows about solar energy and its various uses, yet in our fast-paced lives we've become so heavily dependant on using non-renewable resources to create electricity that we totally forgot about it. At a time when the world is struggling with major climate change, global warming and various environmental issues; looks like our 'prayers' have finally been heard, quite literally all thanks to a temple in Gujarat's Surat. In a bid to save electricity, the Badrinarayan temple in Surat switched to solar energy and installed solar panels on the terrace of the temple. But, that's not even the best part. The best part is, they are going to use that saved money to promote education in the region. The shrine has started a college and a school for Sanskrit. So far, 50 kilowatt capacity solar panels worth Rs 25 lakh have been installed on the terrace of the temple. Praveen Chandra, temple's trustee: The electricity bill used to be very high. So motive behind this was to save money. The bill dropped from Rs 1.5-2 Lakh per month to Rs 10-12,000 per month now. With the money that was saved, we started a college and a school for Sanskrit.(6.12) https://t.co/Ahm5yuiFB7 pic.twitter.com/kGuU2ga88g — ANI (@ANI) December 6, 2019 Reportedly, temple's trustee Praveen Chandra said that the electricity bill used to be very high, so they switched to using solar energy, "The motive behind this was to save money. The bill has dropped from Rs 1.5-2 Lakh per month to Rs 10-12,000 per month. With the money that is saved every month, the shrine started a college and a school for Sanskrit." Gujarat: A part of Badrinarayan Temple, a temple in Surat's Adajan, is being run on solar power. 50 kilowatt capacity solar panels have been installed on the terrace of the temple with an expense of Rs 25 Lakh. (06.12.2019) pic.twitter.com/iB0W1PkLke — ANI (@ANI) December 6, 2019 We hope that more cities and states learn a lesson from this temple and work towards the welfare of the environment. View the full article
  2. Remember Savji Dholakia? The generous diamond-merchant from Surat for whom almost half the country wants to work for. Why? Because he showers his employees with gifts and rewards, while most of us sit in our office cribbing about our jobs. But why are we talking about him now? Because Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's wedding details are out and their hotel rooms cost much lesser than what Dholakia spent on his employees this Diwali. He distributed 600 cars to his employees, at an event that was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Facebook While we don't know how Ranveer and Deepika's sangeet functions are coming around, we've got our hands on something equally interesting - the cost of their hotel rooms in Italy. Ranveer and Deepika are getting married at the Villa del Balbianello at Lake Como on November 14 and 15. According to a report in India Today, the couple and their families are staying at a luxury resort on the east side of Lake Como, instead of a villa. The resort has been booked for the wedding and is being decorated by the florists. According to reports 12 florists were flown in from Florence to decorate the wedding venue. View this post on Instagram Pictures from the stunning resort booked by #ranveersingh h & #deepikapadukone #DeepVeerKiShaadi #deepveer . . . Follow US @glitterandglamourindia #instalikes #deepveerkishaadi #deepveer #deepikaranveer #deepikapadukone #ranveersingh #lakecomo #bollywoodwedding #weddingvenue #villadelbalbianello #italy #celebrity #celebritywedding #bollywoodnews #trending #1daytogo #love A post shared by Naveen Pandey (@glitterandglamourindia) on Nov 13, 2018 at 3:14am PST Reportedly, the estimated cost of a room is 400 euros (around 33,000). Given the resort has 75 rooms, then the price is around 25 lakh per day and for a week it cost around 1.73 crores for a week. View this post on Instagram #deepveer and their families have been staying here ,ðwhich is 45 mins away from #villadelbalbianello ð,,It has 75 rooms,,and they have completely booked the hotel until November 17 â¤,,The rent here for 1 week is nearly 1.73 crores ð®,,And it is clear that all of them will leave Italy on November 17,,⤠. #deepveerwaale #deepveerkishaadi #deepveerwedding ,#italyð®ð¹ #lakecomowedding #villadelbalbianello #followme @deepveer_addict_ ⤠A post shared by #deepveerwaale ⤠(@deepveer_addict_) on Nov 13, 2018 at 1:00am PST Coming back to Savji Dholakia, he gifted 600 cars (Renault KWID and Maruti Suzuki Celerio cars) as gifts this Diwali and if we calculate it, the cost comes around 2.7 crores. Did Ranveer and Deepika make the booking from MakeMyTrip or Goibibo? Instagram Fans of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone can't keep calm as the couple is about to get married in a couple of hours at Lake Como, Italy. Unfortunately, there's nothing else their fans can do apart from looking at their previous pictures, because the couple has asked the wedding guests not to carry mobile phones to the wedding venue in order to respect their privacy.
  3. When most of us were cribbing about our respective jobs, there were some people who were enjoying a long drive in their brand new car which they got from their boss as a Diwali gift. If you are one of those people, congratulations, you have the best boss in the world and the boss in question is none other than the Surat-based diamond merchant, Savji Dholakia. Facebook Just like every other year, Dholakia has decided to make this Diwali the happiest one for his employees, by doing something that will make every other person hate their boss. Earlier this year, Dholakia gifted three of his senior employees Mercedes cars worth Rs. 1 crore each. On Thursday, he distributed 600 cars to his employees, at an event that was attended by PM Modi. Facebook In fact, some employees even received car keys from PM Modi. Apart from cars, the employees also received flats and FDs as Diwali gifts. Facebook The billionaire businessman posted his picture with PM Modi on social media and wrote, "As a part of the company's loyalty bonus program, the #HKGroup gave incentives to approximately 1,700 diamond artists and diamond engineers in the form of cars and fixed deposits." Reportedly, the employees got Renault KWID and Maruti Suzuki Celerio cars as gifts. In 2016, Savji Dholakia, who owns Hari Krishna Exports, gifted his employees 400 flats and 1260 cars. Dholakia is gifting his employees such lavish gifts for the fourth year in a row, while we are waiting here to receive a box of Soan Papdi and microwave-safe bowls.
  4. Celebrity statues always have disastrous results and looks like Narendra Modi is the latest victim. This Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a warm welcome in Surat, as he embarked on an 11-kilometre-long roadshow. This was Modi’s first visit to his home state after the party's impressive showing in the state assembly polls. The BJP made sure to arrange a grand welcome for Modi and during the roadshow, he stood through the sunroof of his car as he greeted people waving the tricolour and chanting "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" along his way. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's road show continues in Surat, Gujarat; a bikers rally escorting him to the circuit house. pic.twitter.com/NZU5i2mNcj — ANI (@ANI_news) April 16, 2017 People switch on their mobile flashlights as Prime Minister Narendra Modi proceeds with his roadshow in Surat, Gujarat. pic.twitter.com/nppQfKPVzQ — ANI (@ANI_news) April 16, 2017 Modi was honoured with 'Swagat points', hoardings, five gate structures, nine arch-shaped gate structures, 600 cut-outs displaying government schemes, and recarpeted roads. But one exhibit in his honour completely stood out, and not in a good way. A 22-foot statue has been erected near the airport. Gujarat: Flower petals showered at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's statue in Surat ahead of his arrival. pic.twitter.com/joYS9VevF4 — ANI (@ANI_news) April 16, 2017 Just look at it. © Twitter He honestly looks like a teletubbie! Still can’t decide if it’s worse than Ronaldo’s bust though. And obviously as soon as the pictures of the questionable statue reached Twitter, people had a lot to say. मोदी जी रात भर पानी में भिगा के रखने के बाद। ?? pic.twitter.com/hHUd6DhL3G — maithun (@Being_Humor) April 17, 2017 When you want both Amith Shah and Modi Statue but can afford only one.. pic.twitter.com/mRJuCFNHlk — ಟ್ರೋಲ್ ಹೈಕ್ಳು (@TrollHaiklu) April 16, 2017 @Being_Humor ye hai modichoor ka laddu. — लेजर अकाउंट (@JokerApart) April 17, 2017 @Being_Humor Modi after 108 Gol Gappas — JordanKhusro (@JordanKhusro) April 17, 2017 @Being_Humor That's Amit Shah and Modi ka cross breed ? — Debudada (@MagnuRex) April 17, 2017
  5. While we are still getting cutlery and chocolates for Diwali in our offices, the employees working under this Surat-based businessman are on cloud nine for having the coolest and most generous boss ever. I mean what’s the biggest Diwali bonus you can expect from your boss? Do your expectations go up as high as getting a car or a house? If yes, then you are possibly already working under Savji Dholakia, the owner of Hari Krishna Exports who gifted his employees 400 flats and 1,260 cars. Woah! This means he spent nearly Rs. 50 crores on Diwali bonuses this year. While we are still unwrapping our chocolate boxes? Sigh… © Hari Krishna Exports But, not all his employees made it to his generosity list, he shortlisted over 1,600 employees who performed exceptionally well. Just FYI, he is the same businessman who sent his son to Kerala to survive on odd jobs for a month with just Rs. 7,000 and three pairs of clothes. This is not the first time that he offered such luxurious gifts to his employees, earlier he was in news was gifting jewellery, cars and houses to people working for him. © BCCL “Our aim is to that each employee must have his own home and car in the next five years. So we have decided to gift cars, homes, and jewellery to employees,” Dholakia told AFP. The more we hear about him, the more we respect this man. Well, don’t be disheartened guys, this year many companies are going out of their way to make Diwali special for their employees, though the gifts might not be as generous as ones given in Surat. Well, too bad, huh?
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