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Found 425 results

  1. We mostly applaud so many Indian celebrities rocking their style game but rarely do we give credit to the musicians for their fashion. We can all agree that Indian music has been evolving quite a bit during the last few decades. We are getting to hear so much more independent music from so many different genres, all thanks to these talented musicians. Their music is undoubtedly brilliant, however, their great sense of style is not too far behind! Here is a run down of these talented musicians and our favourite fashion looks of them that will inspire you too! __ECOMLOOKS__1209__ __ECOMLOOKS__1210__ __ECOMLOOKS__1211__ __ECOMLOOKS__1212__ __ECOMLOOKS__1213__ Final ThoughtsWe hope these trendy fashion looks inspired you to upgrade your wardrobe! Do let us know which of these looks were your favourites! Explore More View the full article
  2. Brie Larson is eyeing the throne by wanting Captain Marvel to become the new face of Marvel
  3. Since when did we become a country of an over-sensitive, raging and intolerant population that can’t even handle a joke? What happened to taking a few below the belt blows made in pure jest? What happened to dissecting sarcasm with our peers when our brain failed us and enjoying satires with a pinch of salt? Are you trying to tell me that nowadays a joke is funny only as long as you crack it or it makes your crush spill a few fake laughs? Have we become so frigid and shallow that we find it okay for people to go around making rape and life threats to another individual because they made the horrible mistake of cracking a joke? And just because one person doesn’t find it funny and decides to take offence, that makes it okay for them to go around abusing and threatening the other with great harm? © Twitter/VireshSwami12 After the entire Agrima Joshua incident which highlighted how fearless people have become when it comes to publicly abusing another person and promising to harm them, now, comedian Rohan Joshi took to Instagram to share that he is going offline because someone decided to leak his personal phone number and house address, and now, he is constantly receiving abuses and life threats which have forced him to go underground in order to ensure the safety of his family and himself. © Instagram/Rohan Joshi I mean, what have we even come to? We cannot even handle a little criticism coming our way? We can’t stand dissent any more? We can’t handle two varying views any more? And above all, we have given up on our sensibilities and human morals in the name of so-called political-religious campaigns? I’m sorry, but if you are going to play the ‘free country’ card in the name of abuse and lawlessness, then you need to remember that this free country and free speech is just as much someone else’s as it is yours. And before you decide to go around threatening people with death and assault, you must remember you are not above the law. © Facebook/Sorabh Pant Unfortunately, comedians like Agrima Joshua and Rohan Joshi aren’t the only ones to have been subjected to public outrage and threats over their jokes. Previously, comedians like Sorabh Pant have spoken up about receiving death threats in person and over social media, because of their takes on some personality or religion or even the society at large. When comedian Kunal Kamra decided to voice his opinion about the government and its version of patriotism the only way he knows how (i.e. through jokes), it almost cost him his life. These are just a few incidents, but for many comics out there this has been a part of their life for much longer than they let on. © Facebook/Kunal Kamra In the light of recent events, comedian Gaurav Kapoor also questioned people’s conscience and made an emotional appeal to his viewers to be a little considerate of their words and actions towards comedians who are just trying to make people laugh, and share a new perspective about things. View this post on Instagram@instagram Thank You for saying that post did not violate community standards when reported ..A post shared by (@gauravkpoor) In the light of recent events, Comedian and actor Vir Das also took to Twitter to share a ‘pre-apology’ because, obviously, he knows he too would be attacked anytime now and so, to save himself and his loved ones from any sort of emotional or physical harm that may be hurled their way in the future Das decided to apologise in advance. #SabkosorryOkBye I have decided to start pre-apologising for my jokes in the wake of what's happening to Indian comedians. Here's my apology video. Should anyone ever need an apology from me in the future, please refer to this video pic.twitter.com/DwoB7IqpMx — Vir Das (@thevirdas) July 12, 2020 This growing sense of hopelessness and fear that is being fed to comedians and dissenters at large, is a reminder that goons and abusers are enjoying a free hand and exploiting the law in the name of safeguarding certain ideologies and self-serving propagandas. © Twitter/Swara Bhaskar To call any of it as just 'trolling' isn’t even acceptable anymore because none of this is a passing incident in the life of a public figure/comedian. This kind of harassment involving a real threat to life and safety is a glimpse into a future where threat culture not only survives, but also thrives because bystanders were too scared to speak up and call out the culprits. Culprits who have no fear of the law or being penalised but instead, find strength in the belief that they will get away with murder and rape because. It’s high time we identify, deter and shun culprits like Shubham Mishra, who think it is okay to do whatever they please without fearing the consequences. Show these abusers their place and fight back against these faceless monsters before we normalise virtual lynchings just like the actual ones. View the full article
  4. If you're a frequent train traveller, then you probably already know that the Indian Railways needs some upgrades. Not that it's not safe to use for the passengers already, it's just that we think our railways can use some improvements to make the passengers' journeys much more comfortable than what it is right now. There's been a lot of chatter about the Indian Railways upgrading its services to offer us a better experience. But exactly what are these upgrades that we're talking about? Well, here are 5 tech introductions that will take the Indian Railways to the next level - 1. Real-Time CCTV Footage © Reuters This is probably the most important addition that's coming to the trains. Currently, there's no way to monitor what's happening inside a moving train, which is simply not ideal in case of an emergency. Especially, real-time monitoring is going to be extremely useful. The CCTV display unit will be provided in the guard's compartment and videos can be recorded to be viewed later. 2. Air Quality MonitoringIt looks like Air Quality monitors will be installed onboard the train compartments. This is definitely a great addition to make sure the passengers are safe at all times. 3. Issuing Unreserved Tickets Through AppsThe Northern Railway has developed a system through which they will issue unreserved tickets through mobile apps and Bluetooth printers. This is a great way to avoid commotion and to make sure the tickets are being issued properly. © Reuters 4. Ultrasonic Detection Of RailsThe North Central Railway has developed a vehicular system for ultrasonic flaw detection of rails. This is something that's currently being done manually, and it'll be a great new introduction. The Malda division of Eastern Railway has used pyrometers to monitor the speed and temperature of tracks. In addition to that, the carriage and wagon department of Allahabad has developed a detector for hot axle box in running trains. Well, those are some of the new additions that are coming to the Indian Railways. The railway board has, apparently, instructed the zones to furnish implementation reports of these additions within the next three months, so we'll soon be seeing some great upgrades happening. We just hope we'll be able to leave this pandemic behind and travel again soon. Source: Livemint View the full article
  5. Meghan Markle's lifestyle blog The Tig which will take on Gwyneth Paltrow?s Goop
  6. We have said this before and we will say it again - if there is anyone in India, on whom men and women alike have had an intoxicating crush on, it is Milind Soman. © Instagram/milindrunning So naturally, when the man drops some serious knowledge about modern relationships, and how our actions and choices in those relationships shape us social animals, we were all ears. Having seen Milind play Dr Aamir Warsi in Amazon Prime Video's Four More Shots Please! which, in its essence is a show that is made about women, by women, but not necessarily just for women, we thought why not have a chat with one of the charismatic men from the show, about what modern-day relationships actually entail. © Amazon Prime Video One thing that pops up in mind when one watches 'Four More Shots Please!' is, the parallels it draws about the four women in lead and the women from *** and the City Series. In both the shows, it was the urban space and the cityscape that allowed the women to make the choices they make. However, in terms of cultural conscience, there is such stark difference, that what would have been “normal,” and insignificant in SATC, takes on a much more nuanced position in Four More Shots Please!. © Amazon Prime Video Milind as Dr Warsi inhabits a rather unique position in the scheme of the show. His portrayal of Dr Aamir Warsi in the series is layered and has a lot more going than what meets the eye. We asked him about the dynamics of changing relationships in these times, where and how do we go ahead in the post-COVID-19 era relationships, and most importantly, we try to ask the age-old question - what do women want from a relationship. © Amazon Prime Video Edited Excerpts: The show deals with relationships in a rather nuanced manner, and in ways that we don't often get to see in Indian films and shows. It has instances of polyamory, it talks about co-parenting, and then there is the conversation about having an agency in a relationship. How would you say have these ideas been received by the audience? These aren't entirely new concepts for us as Indians, especially if we have been exposed to the West in any way. But yes, these are situations where we as a society and as individuals have never faced before. For us, even if we inhabit the urban space and the sensibilities that accompany that space, it has always been about not talking about them. Four More Shots Please! explores these concepts, and places the four women in a position where they come face to face with things like co-parenting and polyamory. The show is not just about four women drinking, and having a good time, it is much more than that. On the other hand, for a series like *** and the City, it wasn't something new, even back then when they were making that show. In the Indian context, Four More Shots Please! tries to explore, the choices and options that people now have, seeing how sub-cultures and influences all over the world, and again, in India, are evolving. © Amazon Prime Video There is this very fleeting but poignant instance in the show when Sayani Gupta's character, Damini, talks about having 'the talk' with your partner before you start a relationship. How does one ensure that both the people are on the same page, assuming they truly get there at all? You can never be truly on the same page unless you talk. When you are starting out in a relationship, you want to present only the good things, what your dreams are and where do you want to go. However, what makes a person are the choices that they make, and what are they willing to do to get to their dreams, what actions to they take, and this is where the differences often creeps in. This is why it is important to have 'the talk', just so that you know what is expected outcome of a relationship is, how do we get there and what do we do once we get there. © Amazon Prime Video Let's talk about fatherhood and how the show deals with it. How would you say the show deals with fatherhood? I think the most crucial thing about fatherhood that the show explores, is the concept of choices, and its notions in these changing times. We have been conditioned in a way that has forced us to see fatherhood using only one lens. The show points towards the free will to make different choices, something that did not occur to most men, like Siddhi's father. Dr Warsi as a character is a very laid back person who lives each day as it comes by. There is no sense of planning. © Amazon Prime Video However, when Damini informs Dr Warsi, that they are pregnant, he jumps on board, even though he knows they have no future together. This is where Warsi's actual personality comes to the foreground. He is no longer a passive character. He switches into overdrive, and starts planning, starts thinking what are they going to do about the situation, and about the baby. That being said, he does not impose what he thinks is best, but rather, adapts to what Damini would want. She does not take a stance when asked about their future as co-parents, and that of their child's. But had she taken one, Warsi would've accepted it and adapted. Then we have someone like Siddhi's father, who even though was a distant father at the beginning of the second season, comes around and becomes one of Siddhi's biggest and most vocal supporter towards the end. He has also been conditioned to go by a certain way, and yet, he breaks those conventions. The point that the show makes is that it is no longer feasible to stand behind what we have come to call conventions and “culture.” You need to take a stand according to what you believe in and look at the virtually limitless options that you have. © Amazon Prime Video One recurring aspect that the show talks about is the idea of being friends with your exes. From your personal experience, would you say that is feasible, and more importantly, a healthy thing to do? This actually depends on the situation. Once you enter into a relationship with someone, it stays. Yes, the dynamics, the meaning, the name of the relationship changes. For example, when two people part ways, they still have a relationship after they have parted. If they are romantically involved, we call them exes. It still is a relationship, albeit a different one. It is up to the individuals to work out what will the new boundaries be, whether it will be productive and healthy for both of them or not. Sometimes, it genuinely is, whereas sometimes, it is not. © Amazon Prime Video Let's talk about your acting career for a bit. You were a supermodel before you took up acting, and after you, we had John Abraham. However, we don't see that happening often, when men who are really successful and established models take up careers in acting. What would you say has changed? It was easier earlier for people to get a part in a film. Casting directors would often meet someone in the most mundane of places and just pick them up. Now though, the process has become very professional. You won't be at the top of a casting director's mind at this day and age, because there is a very limited context in which models are represented in the media. There are no supermodels any more. Models or for that matter anyone who wants to act in films or OTT platforms have to get in touch with the casting directors and agents and actually show that they can act, before getting the green light. © Viral Bhayani Or perhaps, the easier and shorter answer would be they probably aren't that interested anymore. Tell us something about your acting process. How do you prepare yourself for a role? I have come to realise that at the end of the day, it is about human characters. How would a certain human being behave in a certain situation and how I as an actor make it interesting for the screen and the audiences, without going over the top. Of course, there are some technical things that one needs to take care of, but the director and the writers help you out with those things. You cannot expect an actor who plays a gynaecologist, to have undergone the same training as a real-life gynaecologist - that would be impossible. So you construct the character in your mind, how he would behave in a certain situation, and fine-tune those things. © SonyLIV This lockdown is something that has forced people to spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with each other, without any scope of a momentary respite, which is quite antithetical to the way modern relationships have come to function. How should one go about this and deal with it, so that they come out of this situation, stronger as partners and stronger as individuals? The key is to have compassion and understand that the position that you are in, your partner is also in a similar position, that they too are finding it extremely difficult to do normal things. You need space, so ensure that you give your partner the same. This requires discipline, respect and understanding, all of which has to be mutual. View this post on Instagram Day 6. Plain, simple, slightly warmed up, coconut oil for my hair ð¤ A post shared by (@milindrunning) Cases of domestic violence have increases in the lockdown. Although it is much easier said than done, you have to take a stand for yourself. There is a tendency for things and people to breakdown so it is very important for people to find spaces for themselves and afford the same to their partners. Understand where your partner is coming from and work on yourself. And most importantly, talk things out. View the full article
  7. Salman Khan says until a vaccine is discovered wash your hands frequently and stay protected
  8. Bollywood did their best to bring forward an image of Indian cops who could do anything. Chulbul Pandey, Singham, Simba and eventually, Sooryavanshi, they all try to portray Indian police as these extremely stylish and charismatic people who can walk out of moving cars, jump off multi-storey buildings without getting hurt and fight an army of bad guys on their own. © Arbaaz Khan Productions Even then, the age-old picture of a fat cop in a uniform with itâs buttons barely holding on to its dear life in front of his stomach doesnât leave our imagination. And that is exactly why Deepak Sharma, a Tihar prison jailor decided to make fitness a big part of his lifestyle back in 2014 and hasnât looked back ever since. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@deepaksharma_jailor) With a 48-inch chest and 19-inch biceps, Sharma has somehow managed to keep up with his extremely gruelling job requirements while also making sure to take care of his body every single day. He has been involved in some major proceedings inside the jail premise, being specially appointed for the hanging of the Nirbhaya case convicts was one of them. He is one of the most well-known policemen in Delhi who truly believes in making the prisons better men. Along with his department, Sharma organises yoga and other fitness classes for prisoners in collaboration with various NGOs inside the jail. His career as an extremely successful bodybuilder is also well regarded amongst the community. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@deepaksharma_jailor) Sharma gives some credit to Bollywood, specifically Salman Khanâs Dabangg for inspiring him to get into fitness and ever since, he has won multiple titles for himself and his department. Mr UP, Mr Haryana, Mr Delhi, Iron Man of Delhi (Silver), Steel Man of India (Silver Medal), you name it, and the jailorâs won it. His team and senior officers have also been supportive of Sharmaâs unusual dedication to get the best of both worlds. They have given him the morning hours so that he can take care of his physique and start working around 1 in the afternoon and complete his shift by 10 at night. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@deepaksharma_jailor) Watching him take rounds of the jail, dressed neatly in his police uniform, with a straight back and an absolutely upright posture, has created a willingness amongst his department to take up fitness as well. Even the inmates have asked him about his workout routine and diet plan at times, he tells us. Now, obviously, we too wanted to know the secrets behind Sharmaâs chiseled frame so we asked him, you know, just like the Tihar jail prisoners and he was more than welcoming to share: View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@deepaksharma_jailor) âWhen I started bodybuilding, my weight was 60 kg. I started bulking up and at one point I weighed around 118 kilos and then I started cutting. Now I weigh around 90 kg,â he says. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@deepaksharma_jailor) âEvery day, I wake up at 7 and exercise for 4-5 hours. I eat five to six meals a day and because I belong to a family of vegetarians I prepare my food with eggs, chicken and fish by myself in the morning.â Sharma agrees that due to the COVID-19 outbreak he is unable to keep up with the fitness requirements at the gym but says that he does his best to stay in shape while exercising at home. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@deepaksharma_jailor) Nevertheless, watching Jailor Deepak Sharma take care of his health, despite such a tasking job must become a source of inspiration for the rest of us, guys who basically sit in front of a laptop at day, to get out of our beds and do a push-up or two. Check out the original version of this article on MensXP Hindi written by Mradul Rajpoot. View the full article
  9. OIC's IPHRC condemns 'unrelenting vicious Islamophobic campaign in India maligning Muslims for spread of COVID-19'
  10. Every time you think of Kartik Aaryan, you cannot forget the iconic monologue delivery he gave in the Pyaar Ka Punchnama series which shot his to epic fame and became every dudeâs personal favourite. Owing to the lockdown, Doordarshan decided to telecast Ramayan again and now, people are glued to it. While fans are rejoicing watching their favourite show again, some of them could not help but compare it with the millennial world. In todayâs episode, Laxman gave an epic monologue defending Sita and her character after Lord Rama said Sita would have to go through âangniparikshaâ to come to him. This angered Laxman and then came the epic monologue where he questioned the whole idea of making Sita go through all this when she made all the sacrifices against her will, even though she was a daughter of a king. Laxman even went to say that he should be punished because he left Sita alone to follow Ram. Hereâs the telecast of the episode aired today morning and you can witness the brilliance Laxman has shown while giving the monologue. After the episode, Laxman started to trend on Twitter and people appreciated him for his monologue, dialogue and standing up for Sita. People even went on to compare Kartik Aaryan with the character of Laxman. They gave the crown to Laxman for the best monologue. Kartik Aaryan : I own the best monologue! Lakshman Ji : Hold my dhanush!#Ramayan#Ramayana#रामायण What a rant by @LahriSunil in today's episode! Truly proved himself as the best actor of the entire series! pic.twitter.com/TABa6utEN9 â VK Salmaniac (@VK_Payne19) April 18, 2020#Laxman proved as a best actor with best dialogue in today's episode, a deep relationship of BHABHI-DEVAR love which is not less than a mother- son love. Headsoff Jay Shree Ram #रामायण â Tejas (@tejas2436) April 18, 2020Laxman ji's expressions, dialogue delivery Angry and in pain , perfectly portrayed by @LahriSunil . No amount of appreciation is enough for his acting. #Ramayan â Quarantined सà¤à¤à¥ à¤à¥à¤¡à¤¼à¥ð®ð³ (@Adizamybaee) April 18, 2020The way #Laxman Ji @LahriSunil ji changes his facial expressions from being in anger to that little brother's smile is damn good. What an Actor #Ramayan #RamayanOnDDNational â Lockdown Thoughts (@Va1bhav_sharma) April 17, 2020Sir, I am a huge fan of your acting. I wait for your scenes dialogues and reactions. You r my favourite in entire series. Nobody could have done justice to #Laxman 's character but you rocked â Archika Singh (@archika_singh) April 17, 2020#KartikAaryan: I'm the best in monologue, no one can beat me in my own-way monologues. .#LaxmanJi (@LahriSunil) : Hold my dhanush! . . .#रामायण #Ramayana #RamayanOnDDNational #Ramayan #शà¥à¤°à¥à¤°à¤¾à¤® â Dhaval Balai (@DhavalBalai) April 18, 2020Thank you #Laxman for defending #Sita against #Agnipariksha after staying in custody of #Ravana for long time. #Sita was handed to #Agnidev, so that #Ravana should not kidnap real #Sita. #Ravana kidnapped imaginary shadow #Sita. This is not known to most of people. pic.twitter.com/5bH9VBBxyp â newIndia (@1Abhijeet2) April 18, 2020Twitterati has been obsessing over Lord Laxman's character from the show, played by Sunil Lahri. Well, people flooded Twitter with several hilarious memes on Laxman as well. In an interview with an entertainment website, Laxman was asked about his reaction to the memes. Responding to it, he had said, âI have seen many memes that a lot of people have sent. Even my brother's children in the house send me the memes. I like it. I am enjoying it. It's said that you are popular and that's why they make these memes. I am honoured. I feel honoured to be a part of the memes." Doordarshan has brought back iconic shows such as Mahabharat, Ramayan, Byomkesh Bakshi, and others on public demand amid the coronavirus lockdown. Because of the re-telecast of Ramayan and Mahabharat, Doordarshan topped the TRP charts after decades recently. View the full article
  11. The lockdown in the country has got people trying different things at home, especially experimenting with their looks. From haircuts to a trimming their beard, men and women are trying everything they can. Rajkummar Rao has taken it to some other level as he gave a haircut to his girlfriend Patralekhaa. Patralekhaa took to Instagram to share the video of Rajkummar using a trimmer to give her a perfect haircut and guess what, the result has been impressive. Trust me, I would have loved it if I was stuck with my boyfriend during the lockdown. Well, getting pampered by your man does please a woman. So, I am guessing men can take some lessons from the actor on how to keep pampering their girlfriends or wives. View this post on Instagramà¤à¤¹à¤¾à¤ à¤à¤¾à¤¹ वहाठराह ðð½ @rajkummar_rao â¤ï¸â­ï¸A post shared by (@patralekhaa) Rajkummar has turned into the perfect barber for his ladylove and the actor has always been doing things to make her feel special. This is not the first time that Rajkummar has done something to pamper Patralekhaa. In an interview with Humans Of Bombay, Patralekhaa had shared the little things Rajkummar does for her and that makes her fall in love with him all over again. View this post on InstagramHappy new year to you all. Hope this year is filled with love joy and peaceâ¨ð¸A post shared by (@patralekhaa) She had said, âOnce he was late to see me, so he ran all the way from the airport to Juhu! Not only that, but when we werenât earning much, he gifted me my favourite bagâit was so expensive! Years later, someone stole it in London! I called him sobbingâfor me, it was about the memories. Heâd bought it for me when he didnât have much. Later, at our hotel, the exact same bag was waiting for me. These little things make me realize how lucky I am for him. And the best part is, he always says heâs the lucky one. Isnât that what a relationship needs? To remind each other how grateful we are?â Rajkummar is truly an ideal partner and never fails to set relationship goals. Men can take a cue on how to make their âbaeâ feel loved as you guys stay locked in quarantine. View the full article
  12. Now that we are in the third week of the 21 days nationwide lockdown, due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, most of the people would have gotten used to watching back to back favourite movies or shows while being safely tucked away at their homes. No matter how clichéd it sounds, binge-watching our favourite movies can never go out of the to-do list, especially when we have plenty of free time. So getting straight to the point, here we have a list of five good cult Bollywood movies that you can watch on Prime Video while being locked away from the outside world: 1. Kabhi Khushi Kabhie GhamThe Karan Johar directorial, starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Hrithik Roshan, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Amitabh Bachchan among others, is one movie thatâs surely recommended for that afternoon watch. A complete family drama, the film ensures to keep the viewers engrossed till the end with its entertaining storyline. You can now stream this on Prime Video. 2. Kal Ho Naa HoStarring Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta in the lead roles, Kal Ho Naa Ho is a classic story of love, opportunity and sacrifice that talked about embracing happiness with open arms, even during the tough times. It is one of the most loved movies of all time. 3. Andaz Apna ApnaReleased in 1994, the film didnât enjoy commercial success at the time of its release despite its cult classic status that it has today. Today it is considered to be Bollywoodâs one of the finest comedy movies, that features Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor in lead roles. If you still havenât watched it, then you really are missing out on a fun movie thatâll tickle your funny bones. 4. Hera PheriParesh Rawal, Akshay Kumar and Suneil Shetty have to be the most hilarious comic trio in Bollywood. Till now, no one in the industry has come close to their comic chemistry and timing that they share with each other. It is a great watch for a weekend with family and also, this film has a feel-good factor thatâll brighten up your otherwise boring day. 5. Dil Toh Pagal HaiShah Rukh Khanâs Dil Toh Pagal Hai is a classic Bollywood love story. Helmed by Yash Chopra, the film follows the love lives of the members of a musical troupe, in which two dancers played by Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor compete for the love of a choreographer played by Shah Rukh Khan. Watching this film again will take you right back to your childhood days. What is your favourite cult hit from the list? View the full article
  13. Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in India, a lot has changed. It isnât just limited to the lockdown that is restricting people from stepping out of their homes and going about their daily lives, but has also taught an entire generation the craft of transitioning seamlessly into a virtual workspace, and master the art of survival during times of crisis. © BCCL But since there are two sides to every coin, this time, it means a lot of companies shutting shop temporarily, people getting laid off and salary deductions. And this recession hasnât even spared the likes of our Prime Minister, President, Vice-President, and a host of Members of Parliament (MP). Hereâs The Deal Recently, the central government announced that President Ram Nath Kovind, PM Narendra Modi, Vice-President Venkaiah Naidu, Union Ministers and MPs will take a pay cut of 30 per cent for the financial year of 2020-21, in order to make contributions to the Consolidated Fund of India (CFI) which will aid the country in fighting COVID-19. © BCCL Given this development, we let curiosity get the better of us and decided to do some digging. A simple Google search revealed the approximate basic pays of all those involved, and upon carrying out some quick mathematical calculations we figured out how much basic salary the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Governors of State and MPs will be taking home for the next 12 months, post their pay cut. So, here goes: 1. Salary Of President Kovind Post Pay Cut © Twitter President Kovindâs approximate Basic Pay per month is Rs 5,00,000. Amount to be deducted from President Kovindâs salary after 30% pay cut is Rs 1,50,000. Therefore, excluding other allowances and benefits, President Kovindâs basic take-home pay for the next 12 months will be Rs 3,50,000. President Kovindâs Basic Salary Per Month After Pay Cut - Rs 3,50,000. 2. Salary Of Vice-President Naidu Post Pay Cut © Twitter Vice-President Naiduâs approximate basic pay per month is Rs 4,00,000. Amount to be deducted from Vice-President Naiduâs salary after 30% pay cut, is Rs 1,20,000. Therefore, excluding other allowances and benefits, Vice-President Naiduâs basic take-home pay for the next 12 months will be Rs 2,80,000. Vice-President Naiduâs Basic Salary Per Month After Pay Cut - Rs 2,80,000. 3. Salary Of PM Modi Post Pay Cut © Twitter PM Modiâs approximate basic pay per month is Rs 2,00,000. Amount to be deducted from PM Modiâs salary after 30% pay cut is Rs 60,000. Therefore, excluding other allowances and benefits, PM Modiâs basic take-home pay for the next 12 months will be Rs 1,40,000. PM Modiâs Basic Salary Per Month After Pay Cut - Rs 1,40,000. 4. Salary Of State Governors Post Pay Cut © Twitter State Governorsâ approximate basic pay per month is Rs 3,50,000. Amount to be deducted from the State Governorsâ salary after 30% pay cut is Rs 1,05,000. Therefore, excluding their other allowances and benefits, State Governorsâ basic take-home pay for the next 12 months will be Rs 2,45,000. State Governorsâ Basic Salary Per Month After Pay Cut - Rs 2,45,000. 5. Salary Of Members Of Parliament (MPs) Post Pay Cut © Twitter An MPâs approximate basic pay per month is Rs 1,00,000. Amount to be deducted from an MPâs salary after 30% pay cut is Rs 30,000. Therefore, excluding other allowances and benefits, an MPâs basic take-home pay for the next 12 months will be Rs 70,000. An MPâs Basic Salary Per Month After Pay Cut - Rs 70,000. Final Contributions To Fight COVID-19 © Twitter Now, given these monthly reductions for the next 12 months, here is how much money the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, State Governors and MPs will be contributing to the Consolidated Fund of India (CFI) to help fight the Coronavirus pandemic: President Kovindâs Contribution to the CFI In 1-Year = Rs 29,40,000 Vice-President Naiduâs Contribution to the CFI In 1-Year = Rs 14,40,000 PM Modiâs Contribution to the CFI In 1-Year = Rs 7,20,000 State Governorsâ Contribution to the CFI In 1-Year = Rs 12,60,000 An MPâs Contribution to the CFI In 1-Year = Rs 3,60,000 View the full article
  14. Group notes lack of written labour contracts, inadequate legal protections could heighten problems during the pandemic
  15. Priyanka Chopra took a rather whimsical approach to promoting good hygiene among the masses
  16. Prime Minister Narendra Modi,on Tuesday night, announced that the entire nation is going to go on a 21-day lockdown until April 15th in order to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. For many people, the news came as a surprise, but wasn't this the most expected thing to happen? However, many of us expected a prolonged lockdownas the cases of the pandemic is dismally increasing across the globe. As soon as PM Modi made the announcement of a lockdown, Twitter started getting flooded with memes. And during such times, we think a little humour will not hurt anyone. So, get ready for a laugh riot! Here you go- Makes sense to us right now! lockdown expanded form 31st march to 15 April : Modi Ji : #21daylockdown #Coronaviruslockdown pic.twitter.com/Vu0k8vHYHW — Prince Pandeyðð¦ (@princepandey_) March 24, 2020 Now, staying indoors is the only way out. #21daylockdown Corona has reached its third stage, Indians Right now: pic.twitter.com/7x7WaheEJ2 — Sachin Singh Baghel (@sachinn_07) March 24, 2020 Time for a lot of Netflix and chill! Pubg, Netflix during 21 days of lockdown:#21daylockdown pic.twitter.com/6eE8jKSQ6D — Mayur ð¦ (@Mayur_Somsole) March 24, 2020 Ohho. Netflix during #21daylockdown be like pic.twitter.com/TJ0pw8Jmw3 — Akash (@vaderakash) March 24, 2020 I am going to sleep all day long. #21daylockdown My 21days plan pic.twitter.com/9xBWOT7WkW — Your Passion (@ApunHizBhagwanH) March 25, 2020 Ummm… Day 1 of lockdown vs day 21#StayAtHomeSaveLives #21daylockdown #21DaysChallenge pic.twitter.com/4jB1yelX8D — odin putra THOR (@thor_odin_putra) March 25, 2020 This is so true. It's like panic is in our blood! Modi ji announces 21 days #lockdown Le Indians:- pic.twitter.com/QjDz2nfV8d — neeraj (@VenomNeeraj) March 25, 2020 All of us after 21 days! *lockdown* 1st day after 21 days pic.twitter.com/nXyreCD88J — kaptaanð®ð³ (@adarsh_gurjarr) March 24, 2020 Ghar rahega toh zinda rahega… Modiji announced a lockdown for 21 days. Le me:- pic.twitter.com/MgSDF6yb0W — Aman Shrivastava (@Shrivastava_ji_) March 24, 2020 Okay… After #21daylockdown Every policemans be like ð¤£ð¤£ pic.twitter.com/LXs5ocBj5A — Maroof (@Maroof_khaan) March 24, 2020 Hahahahha. Legends, Who will be remembered for their 21 Days Scheme.#21daylockdown pic.twitter.com/4dAc5zuJhb — Anubhav Chaurasia (@theMrFlame) March 24, 2020 Also, Kartik Aaryan recently posted a meme about the 21-day lockdown and you can't miss this one. View this post on Instagram 21 din mein Paisa Double A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Mar 24, 2020 at 11:11am PDT The cases of positive Coronavirus patients in India have reached 562 so far, and to contain the outbreak, it is necessary for all of us to stay indoors and practise social distancing as much as possible. However, all essential commodities will be available during the 21-day lockdown including groceries, vegetables and medicines, etc. All we hope is for the pandemic to end soon and till then stay indoors and keep washing your hands. View the full article
  17. If youâve always wanted an Amazon Echo but didnât really want it confined to one room, Amazon came out with a solution with the Echo Input Portable. Instead of buying multiple Alexa devices to have in multiple rooms, this smart speaker can be carried with you anywhere in the house. It does not need a power outlet and is small enough to be carried in the palm of your hands. This smart speaker is instead powered by a battery and can be charged when it runs low. You can use it to listen to your favourite music and carry it with you to do all the smart things Alexa is capable of doing. It costs only Rs 4,999 and hereâs why you should get it for your home. Design When you first look at the Echo Input Portable, it resembles any generic Bluetooth speaker out there. But when you look closely, it has a more premium design than any Bluetooth speaker in this price range. At the top, it comes with two buttons where one can be used to mute the microphone while the other can be used for bringing up Alexa. It also comes with four microphones so that it can pick up your voice even when listening to loud music. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla There are also three buttons that can be used to operate the smart speaker. One of them is a traditional power button while the other two can be used for controlling the volume. Having said that, the Echo Input Portable does not have a 3.55mm jack which means you will have to rely on a Bluetooth connection. The name of the device is quite misleading as it does not have a headphone jack for audio input. Usability and SoundWhen using the Alexa Input Portable, you will feel right at home as many Bluetooth speakers now come with digital voice assistant integration. While the Input Portable may not be a Bluetooth speaker in its truest form, it does double up as a smart speaker and an audio device. Using Alexa on the Input Portable is flawless as it can easily pick up your voice from far away, thanks to the additional microphones. It performs way better than any audio device that has Alexa integration. You would kind of expect that from an Amazon device, it surely delivers. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla When it comes to the sound, the overall experience was quite pleasing and in line with most small Bluetooth speakers. It is loud enough to fill up a small room but isnât loud enough to host an entire party. You can use these speakers when you have small gatherings or are in a hotel room. The Echo Input Portable isnât supposed to be a full-blown audio speaker, however, if you are interested in that, you can always get the Echo Studio. You can stream music from every service such as Amazon Music, Gaana, Apple Music, Spotify, Saavn and others. Being portable means it needs to last long and according to Amazon, it can last up to 11 hours. We found that our review unit lasted for up to 9 hours on loud volumes. However, if using it on lower volume levels, you can easily push it to last 11 hours. It comes with a 4,800mAh battery but unfortunately, it cannot be fast-charged. You can always use it when it is plugged in, however it will take time for the device to get fully charged. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla In order to use Alexa skills and other commands, you need to have an internet connection. It does not use your smartphoneâs internet and instead uses a Wi-Fi connection. So if you are wanting to use the smart features of the phone outside of the home, you will need to be connected to a WiFi network. Having said that, switching Wi-Fi networks is not an easy task especially if you plan on using it outside your home. Bluetooth connection is quite easy from the Alexa app and takes only a few seconds. The Final Say For Rs 4,999, you can get yourself a decent Bluetooth speaker that also doubles up as a smart speaker for your home. It is quite cheaper than third-party speakers that have digital assistant integration and can hold its own with competent Bluetooth speakers in the audio department. Having the flexibility to carry your smart speaker with you instead of going to your speaker changes the entire smart speaker experience for everyone. View the full article
  18. The websites that you browse online hold a lot of information on you. Just like mobile applications that require a lot of your permissions to work properly, websites have also become very complex and access things like your webcam, your location to serve you local ads, and more. And we're barely scratching the surface while talking about the webcam and location access. You'd actually be surprised to know the things that a lot of websites track on a daily basis. But, fret not. We're here to help you take back your control over your web browsers and the data which all these sites are tracking. How To Control Browser Cookies © Pexels Cookies, for those of you who don't know, are small bits of code that websites deposit on your computer to keep track of what your browsing habits are like. With cookies, websites essentially get to know things like the last time you visited them and remember your preferences. Airline portals, for instance, make use of these cookies to figure out the number of times you're looking at a particular airfare to play around with its pricing. Depending on your browsing habits, cookies may or may not be a good thing for you. If you turn them completely off, you'll be forced to set your preferences on your favorite websites every time you visit them. And this is exactly why you might want to get deep into the granular controls. Google Chrome © MensXP If you're using Google Chrome as your primary web browser, then simply click on the icon next to the address bar to its left. There, you'll see an option called "Site Settings". Tap that and you'll see things like cookies and different permissions which the website needs. We suggest you tweak as per your preference for all the sites you visit more often. Even if you're visiting a particular site for the first time, it's a good practice to check out the permissions and see what all they're accessing. This way, you'll prevent the sites from accessing unnecessary resources on your computer. Mozilla Firefox Firefox also lets you check out the permissions the same way Chrome does. Simply tap on the icon next to the address bar, to its left, to reveal everything you need. Alternatively, you can also go to the browser settings to make any other changes to the way the browser uses cookies. Safari On macOS If you're using Safari as your primary web browser, then you can check out the site settings by clicking on Safari Menu button and going to "Settings for This Website". There, you'll see option for the camera, location, and microphone access. Safari will let you turn on an option to serve you a pop up every time a website needs permission. © MensXP Additionally, you can also choose to get a detailed view by heading to "Preferences" from the Safari menu and by clicking "Websites" tab. Here, you'll be able to set global rules for websites and let you block all sites from requesting access to your resources like a webcam. Alternatively, you can also "Block all cookies" by marking the checkbox to prevent all websites from saving cookies. Microsoft Edge Just like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft's Edge browser also lets you check out the site settings by clicking on the icon next to the address bar. You can also head over to the "Manage Permissions" tab to get a deep dive into the permissions granted. Edge browser will also give you an option to turn off media that plays automatically on some websites. That's a really handy feature to have. The Final Say Websites are gettings more complex by the day as developers are trying to revolutionize the way we consume content. It's important that we take cookies and permissions very seriously because not all websites are transparent about the things they have on you. It's always best to make sure that a website doesn't have things like access to your webcam or location unless it's absolutely necessary. View the full article
  19. If you are a guy with oily skin, you would know that the struggle is real. Not only does your skin have a blinding shine all the time, it's also prone to frequent acne. Moreover, if you are living in an overpopulated urban city, the pollution worsens the problem all the more. Well, it's finally time to bid farewell to all your problems. From your diet to your skin care, here is all that you need to do to remove that excess oil. __ECOMLOOKS__253__ __ECOMLOOKS__254__ __ECOMLOOKS__255__ __ECOMLOOKS__256__ __ECOMLOOKS__257__ Explore More View the full article
  20. The 'great Pakistani nation is capable of overcoming any adversity and defeating any challenge', says the PML-N president
  21. As much as we hate to admit it, as cinephiles and fans of Bollywood, we often forget that there are other film industries, with some really talented actors. Whether it is someone like Ram Pothineni or Allu Arjun, or Vijay Deverakonda for that matter, they were stars down South, long before they came into the limelight in Hindi speaking regions. © Instagram/thenameisyash One thing that is common across these stars that donât pop up on our radar, is that all of them have some serious style game, and can often teach a lesson or two to some of Bollywoodâs best-dressed men. Sure, B-Towners are more prone to experiment; however, they also have the tendency to go haywire when it comes to basics. © Instagram/ranveersingh A neon green-coloured tank top with baby pink shorts? No thanks, Bollywood. Donât even get us started with grade A celebs wearing Hawai chappals, not even flip flops, but those blue and white Hawai chappals to promotional events. Seriously, whatâs up with that? © Viral Bhayani Clearly, when it comes to functional or just regular, normcore dressing, our Southern stars are the place where you should be looking. Take Yash, as a solid example. © Instagram/thenameisyash The Kannadiga actor, who, for some bizarre reason, has been off of our radar, is a bonafide fashionista. Not only does he have one of the most glorious beards in Indian cinema today, but he also has a very simple, crisp and refreshing sense of style. © Viral Bhayani In one of his recent set of airport pictures, he can be seen in a rather simple, but casually chilled out ensemble, that honestly, is something that most of us can easily emulate on any given day. © Viral Bhayani Yash is seen here wearing a very basic, black, v-neck t-shirt with black denim jeans, and a white jacket, which has some exaggerated technical pockets and a militaristic appeal to it. © Viral Bhayani The sneakers that Yash has paired with the outfit are also very simplistic and basic high top sneakers in white. © Viral Bhayani Given the rather simplistic and understated nature of the outfit, it is actually a very great way to go incognito when youâre at the airport, all the while looking super dapper. The silhouette and the fit of the jacket look rather comfortable and relaxed, which is exactly how you should be dressed when youâre travelling, an aspect that most people forget about, when theyâre trying to dress up for the airport (we are looking at you Bollywood). © Viral Bhayani All in all, thatâs actually a great way to step out, while being totally comfortable. Understated, and yet dapper to its core thatâs the way to roll. Hats off, Yash, seriously, that ensemble is the airport look done right. View the full article
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