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Found 665 results

  1. Without a doubt, one of the key highlights of 2021 will be the series Aspirants. Whether cracking the UPSC exams has ever been your aspiration or not, the show is mesmerisingly relatable. Its characters are very finely etched, and the actors, great performers. Without a doubt, it is one of the best web series we have had this year. © Abhilash Thapliyal One such performer is Abhilash Thapliyal, who plays the character of SK, one of the central characters for the series. You might also remember him as the guy from the “MufflerMan” series. © Abhilash Thapliyal Apart from being a highly talented actor, he’s also a well-known radio jockey, who has hosted some of the most highly awarded & popular radio programmes that we have in India. What you wouldn’t know is that the man has a great sense of style. We caught up with the man and had a chat, about what fashion entails for him, and what does style mean to him. Edited excerpts:Tell us about your journey, how did you start as a content creator? I started as a radio jockey, and you always have these constraints in your traditional media platforms. When it comes to social media, you can do a lot of political commentaries, and that is something that excites me, to create intelligent humour. Social media has that kind of an audience. Depending on the kind of content you create, you will always find your kind of audience. That’s how MufflerMan and all the other characters I have played, started. © Abhilash Thapliyal There’s this perception that men do not need to be fashion-conscious and that only a few men have an intrinsic style that they are born with and need to stick with. Do you agree? This is a major gender bias that we need to deal with. This perception is completely incorrect, and as far as being intrinsically stylish or fashionable, that has got nothing to do with men particularly, it is the case with women as well. Whether or not you’re fashionable, has got nothing to do with your gender. This is a perception that needs to be broken. © Abhilash Thapliyal What are some sartorial staples that every guy should have in their closet? I can’t pass a generic statement on that, but for me, shirts and T-shirts in black, and white, and some blue denims, are must-haves. How would you define your personal style statement? Until recently, I was very confused about my style statement. I did a photoshoot, challenging the objectification of women, as in reversing the objectification. That’s when I realised that comfort has to be the priority, at least for me. Before that, I was very conscious of wearing T-shirts or sleeveless stuff, but I have accepted myself the way I am. For me, comfort will always be the priority. © Abhilash Thapliyal Who is that one style icon that you always look up to? Why? I don’t have icons in mind, for anything, be it performances, acting, or style. I do, however, appreciate anyone and everyone, who’s comfortable in their own skin. What do you prefer to wear on a date? My wife and I do go on dates, but she picks my outfits, as well as the menu, so this is a question to my wife, and not me. What is that one fashion trend that you don't understand or are unable to relate to? I have been very open to ideas and thoughts in general, and the same is the case with fashion. And because you’re open to things and open to experiments, it becomes easy to digest trends that people think are weird. That way, you’re non-judgemental to fashion and ideas. Who is that one historical figure that you'd love to dress up as? I would love to dress up as Jawaharlal Nehru. Even now, his sense of style remains very contemporary. At the same time, I will say that I also loved the confidence with which Mahatma Gandhi carried his dhoti & lathi. It had a lot of swag. He owned it completely. Combining Gandhiji’s Confidence with Nehurji’s style would be a lethal combination. © Abhilash Thapliyal What has been the best fashion advice that you've received to date? This is something that at times, most of us forget. You need to be comfortable being in your skin, while trying to create a statement for yourself, especially in the entertainment industry. What advice would you give someone who wants to pursue a career as an influencer and content creator? There are certain filters that you need to keep in mind, always. Relatability is one. At times you start creating a distance between yourself and your audience and start getting into spaces that are very impractical. So your ideas, thoughts and styles need to practical, relatable, and viable. What do you think of men using cosmetics? I don’t understand, why do we even need to ask these question in today’s time? We are living in a free world, and we have the freedom to choose whatever we want, whatever we wear, what we want to eat. Whether someone wants to use cosmetics or not is a very personal choice, regardless of the gender, the person belongs to. © Abhilash Thapliyal Do you have a dedicated skincare routine? Tell us about it? My skincare routine is very random. At times, I abide by whatever advice I get, for a couple of weeks, then I forget about them completely. I often ignore how my skin looks and feels, whether they’re properly hydrated or not. I want to be a bit disciplined about skincare. One historical era that you find extremely fashionable? Bollywood in the 1990s. We laugh at it right now but just look at the confidence with which people would wear those prints, shades and styles. One celebrity who can teach everyone else a lesson or two on how to pull off the Indian aesthetic elegantly, when it comes to menswear. I think it has to be Saqib Saleem. He carries himself with great poise and confidence. He is a guy to watch out for. © Abhilash Thapliyal Your favourite style icon from Bollywood that you would like to collaborate with, for a video? For style, it will have to be Arjun Rampal, simply because of the way he carries himself. He can be wearing the most basic jeans, and a T-shirt, and yet, look extremely stylish. One traditional Indian menswear item you believe every Indian man should have in his wardrobe, and why. A white Kurta. You can pair it with anything - pyjamas, denims, even trousers. Do you prefer - Tailored suits or ready to wear suits? I am a thin chap, so tailored suits. © Abhilash Thapliyal Sneakers or Boots? I tend to go for things that are comfortable, so it has to be sneakers. Traditional ethnic wear, or something contemporary? Both, but if absolutely I have to choose something, I would go for something contemporary. Multicoloured Prints or Monochrome? Monochrome, for they work better for me. As much as people like to bash social media, there’s no denying the fact that a large chunk of our lives is being shaped by it. What better way to really gauge this phenomenon by the rise of influencers over platforms like YouTube and Instagram? Indeed, the world has become one small ‘gram’. As a series ‘Influencing The ’Gram’ seeks to explore how social media influencers changed the way we think of fashion over the decade, and how for most of them, even though they consider themselves to be ardent renegades, fashion and style contribute immensely to their online personas. View the full article
  2. It is speculated that Trevor Engelson not taking Meghan Markle to the Oscars was the first sign of their crumbling relationship
  3. Sony reported a record-breaking sales figure for the PlayStation 5, however the next-generation consoles have been facing supply problems due to semiconductor shortages. In fact, India has not received a restock of the console since its initial release in February 2021. However, it seems like Sony might already be thinking of a design change to ease the problem of supply. © Pexels/kerde severin The potential redesign news surfaces courtesy of Sony CFO, Hiroki Totoki, who said in an earnings call that the firm was struggling to keep up with the demand of the PlayStation 5. "The shortage of semiconductors is one factor, but there are other factors that will impact on the production volume," stated Totoki. "So, at present, we’d like to aim at [surpassing] second year sales of 14.8 million, which was the second year of PS4.” While Sony will be surpassing the second year sales target, Totoki still expressed concerns over increasing the sales figures. Totoki stated that Sony could, "find maybe a secondary resource, or by changing the design” It is worth pointing out that changing the design doesn’t necessarily mean changing the external look of the console. Since it has more to do with the semiconductors shortage, Totoki might be referring to getting new suppliers for the chips being used inside the console. © Unsplash/martin-katler That’s precisely what a new report by Digitimes suggests as it claims Sony is indeed planning to launch a redesigned PlayStation 5 console. However, this redesign has to do more with the hardware than the outer shell of the console. The report claims Sony could feature an AMD-design, semi-custom chip based on TSMC's 6nm process node. The report also states that Sony did consider using a 5nm chip, however it was said to be “too costly.” Production of the new PlayStation 5 could start sometime in Q2-Q3 2022 which means it would take a while for the supply problems to stabilise. As of now, there is no news whether Sony is considering any external changes to the console. © Unsplash/charles-sims It is also worth highlighting that Sony usually features a new hardware revision in the life cycle of each PlayStation generation. For example, the PS4 received a performance upgrade with the PS4 Pro model. It could be possible that the new PS5 redesigned model might the “Pro” variant Sony might release sometime in the future. Source: Digitimes View the full article
  4. Yesterday it was announced that 5G trials in India have commenced, however the Government did not grant permissions to Chinese companies for the same. Beijing has now expressed deep concerns over the move and said that it would not be "conducive to the innovation and development of related Indian industries." © Unsplash The Indian Department of Telecommunications granted approvals to a dozen companies to conduct six-month trials for 5G technology. Companies like Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel, Vodafone Idea and MTNL were given permission to test equipment made by companies such as Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung and C-DOT. Notably, Chinese telecommunications giants Huawei and ZTE who have been operating in India’s telecom sector for years were not part of the picture. In reaction to the move, Wang Xiaojian, spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in India, said in a statement that showed, “concern and regret that Chinese telecommunications companies have not been permitted to conduct 5G trials with Indian Telecom Service Providers in India.” “Relevant Chinese companies have been operating in India for years, providing mass job opportunities and making a contribution to India’s infrastructure construction in telecommunications,” Xiaojian said. “To exclude Chinese telecommunications companies from the trials will not only harm their legitimate rights and interests but also hinder the improvement of the Indian business environment, which is not conducive to the innovation and development of related Indian industries”. © Unsplash This is not the first time a country has left out Chinese players in the expansion of 5G networks. The US and UK have previously banned companies from using equipment from the two Chinese giants and many in India are demanding the same. Xiaojian said that China hopes that “India could do more to enhance mutual trust and cooperation between the two countries, and provide an open, fair, just, and non-discriminatory investment and business environment for market entities from all countries, including China, to operate and invest in India”. View the full article
  5. In case you were wondering just how bizarre people on social media can be, a man claiming to be from the future has “predicted” when will the next world war take place and why it would be fought. © Paramount Pictures Be warned though that the man usually communicates using TikTok. Make of that what you will, but do take his ‘predictions’ with a pinch of salt. The Time Traveller who goes by the username “@timetraveler2582” (because he’s from the year 2582, he says) claims that the next World War will start in 2048. The man put up a video on TikTok and a few other social media platforms, claiming that a lot of his followers have asked when will the next world war be fought. Putting an end to all speculations, he responded by putting up a video. © TikTok/timetraveler2582 He started by saying that, unlike the previous two World Wars which were ‘total wars,’ the third one will be a ‘precision war.’ © TikTok/timetraveler2582 He continues, saying, “WW3 will start in 2048 but the world war is generally said to have begun on Thanksgiving day, 2051.” © TikTok/timetraveler2582 Giving more details, they went on: "The cause of this war will be with the attack on the US orbital defence network and subsequent declarations of war.” He even names countries like Poland, Turkey, and Japan and the USA being involved in a major conflict. © TikTok/timetraveler2582 People, surprisingly, commented on his video, stating that they were going to move away from where they lived while others revealed they would be building a shelter. A viewer of his asked, "Question and please answer, will Canada be okay? Do we find a way to survive?" Another added: "POLAND? A’ight I'm moving out." Make what you will of these predictions and everything, but one cannot deny, there is a guilty pleasure of sorts in entertaining thoughts such as these. That is why, no matter how ludicrous such “predictions” may seem to be, people listen to the story with a very keen interest, even though they are more likely to dismiss such stories off. The traveller’s Instagram bio has quite a few ominous-sounding predictions. One line says that “Humans open-mindedness will soon change forever.” Another one, reads just a date from November, later this year. © Instagram/timetraveler2582 Make of all this what you will, but one thing is clear for sure. People have very vivid imaginations, and that they have a lot of time on their hands. View the full article
  6. Pakistan captain Babar Azam wants to maintain the winning combination against Zimbabwe in the first Test match
  7. It’s not a new debate that how many talented actors are sidelined, not given their due, and in fact made to believe that they will have to settle for less in order to survive in the fancy world of Bollywood. You would agree to the fact that Randeep Hooda’s talent has been wasted in many movies and he truly deserves to be celebrated way more than he has been until now. It’s sad that Bollywood hasn’t done anything to truly appreciate the actor of his calibre. Bollywood did sideline him and he doesn’t believe in succumbing to the ways the glam industry functions. In an interview with Pinkvilla, the actor shared why he prefers to stay away from Bollywood’s quintessential lifestyle. He said, “There is a life that I want to lead and that ideal Bollywood life of dressing up and going to these parties and being a part of the self-congratulatory cliques-- you know, the kind of a system that exists – No, I don’t miss it. My life has been about trying to live my characters, trying to live life as away from the trappings of it as much as possible; so that I don’t lose touch with the reality of life. Once you lose touch with the reality of life that’s where it starts to show on the screen. You start to appear unreal. So, I have always kept that around me. It’s my ideal lifestyle I don’t have to copy anybody. In fact, I have not given into the kind of culture that we have in the industry. There is certain sycophancy; there is a certain way of dealing with people. Everybody is an artist and so I feel and always have felt at par with everybody. There should be a sense of respect, which is there. But apart from that, I have not catered to that kind of a mindset.” View this post on Instagram We completely agree with the fact that once an actor loses the vision, he or she doesn’t look convincing on the screen. The actor also spoke about how the star system has always driven Bollywood and it needs to stop. This is one of the reasons that we are unable to compete with world cinema. He said, “I’m just an artist. I’m just an actor. I have done movies of all genres. I have done Hindi movies. I have done commercial movies. I have even delved a little into song and dance in a couple of movies; I was not very great at it. There was a time when songs of a film used to take the screenplay forward. But now, it’s more of a disruption. I want to move on and watch the story. The industry always measures it from the point of view of numbers and who they like to cast. That star system has to change.” View this post on Instagram He also added how Bollywood chooses the star first and then builds the script taking that actor in mind. “We have got a huge industry but we’re not really able to compete with the world because [ideally] the script comes first and then the casting is done according to the script or the story. Here, you have to cast a star and then the story is built around. Therefore, a lot of inappropriate casting happens where you know the storyteller is also not left with much to play. This system, obviously, has to change. It has to be about the story, the script, and then you cast actors according to who suits that character the best. Rather than just going for those few names because they are the stars and everybody else is kachra - that’s not the case. It has to be more about storytelling than just be about you know pandering to a star system,” he added. Randeep’s talent has always been underappreciated by the Bollywood circle and he has now gotten used to it. When his Hollywood venture released, he got appreciation from across the border but not many Bollywood celebs praised his act. View this post on Instagram On this, he added, “Well I’m quite used to it. It does happen time and again, well that’s okay. Maybe they didn’t like my acting, liked my action maybe, that’s why they didn’t speak up. But yeah there is a lot of hoopla that happens you know amongst people within the industry which did not happen for this. But, hey maybe as I said before maybe you didn’t like my acting.” We wonder when would Bollywood realize the calibre of actors like Randeep and cast them in movies that can give them their due. View the full article
  8. Let me go on record and say - Michael B Jordan is the uncrowned king of style. Right from flaunting his bulging abs in 'Creed' to looking effortlessly suave in 'Fruitvale Station' - trust this dapper actor to look polished in every avatar. News is, the trailer of his upcoming film 'Without Remorse' has left fans smitten (all over again!), and we're not surprised. Amazon Prime Video Michael B Jordan as Senior Chief John Kelly in 'Without Remorse' is a sight to behold - this elite Navy SEAL operates in war torn Syria where he rescues a CIA officer taken hostage by ex-Russian military forces. When a squad of Russian soldiers kills his family in retaliation for his role in a top-secret op, Sr. Chief John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) pursues the assassins at all costs. Needless to say - one can expect adrenaline-thumping action from this high-octane action thriller headlined by the global heartthrob Michale Bae Jordan! Take a look at the trailer - Voted as ‘PEOPLE’s 2020 Sexiest Man Alive’, Michael B Jordan lives up to the title and looks like a ripped style God in the trailer. His chiseled jawline and drool-wrothy abs work wonders for his Navy SEAL avatar and make us root for him from the word go. Amazon Prime Video On a side note – several men might find themselves googling his coveted work-out regime after watching the trailer – but that’s only natural. Amazon Prime Video His drop-dead-dapper looks complement his rugged character and dark past in Tom Clancy's 'Without Remorse'. After losing his family to a brutal retaliation by the Russian forces, John Kelly (Michael B Jordan) joins forces with fellow Navy SEAL (played by Jodie Turner Smith) and a CIA agent (played by Jamie Bell), John Kelly’s mission unintentionally exposes a covert plot that threatens to unleash an all-out war between the USA and Russia. Amazon Prime Video Directed by Stefano Sollima and written by Taylor Sheridan and Will Staples, ‘Without Remorse’ has action-thriller fans waiting for the film to release with bated breath, while the women are already drooling over the snazzy hunk in lead. The film also stars Jamie Bell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Lauren London, and Brett Gelman in crucial roles. This Amazon original is slated to release globally on April 30, only on Prime Video. So, mark your calendars and brace yourselves to deep dive into Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan universe. View the full article
  9. Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi maintains there are no secret, backdoor talks taking place
  10. 'It is not my place to decide on exams from a health standpoint; such decisions are made by medical experts," says education minister
  11. Shakib Al Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, and Martin Guptill to be a part of the remaining PSL 6 matches, sources say
  12. Prince William has been seeking mentoring sessions on how to fit into his role as the King of England
  13. Varun Dhawan and his wife Natasha Dalal were in Arunachal Pradesh as the actor was shooting for his upcoming movie, Bhediya. Last night, they were spotted at the Mumbai airport and while he was making his way out of the arrival gate, the photographers asked him to come closer and that's when he set an example of being a responsi In the video, he is seen saying, “Guys, guys, tum thoda responsible ho jaoge, bheed apne paas rakhoge, bahut galat baat hai (Guys, you need to be more responsible, keep the crowd to yourself. This is wrong).” When he was at the parking lot, a fan approached him for a selfie and he refused to oblige considering the situation of the pandemic in the country. Here’s the video: View this post on Instagram People might troll him for showing attitude and he shouldn’t be given attention by the paparazzi but it’s a responsible act from him that he is not flouting the rules. On Tuesday, Varun shared a display picture, made by a fan for his birthday. The graphic featured Varun in his various avatars that he played on the big screen. It also had the message 'Stay Home, Stay Safe' written on it. Varun shared the picture with the caption, "Be safe guys." However, he later deleted the tweet after being bashed online. © Twitter/Varun Dhawan After receiving severe backlash, Varun deleted the tweet and explained why he put the display picture in the first place. He wrote, "Well it was to make someone happy who made the graphic and requested it but I guess this medium Shouldn’t be used for that right now." Varun announced the schedule wrap of his upcoming film Bhediya in Arunachal Pradesh. The film also features Kriti Sanon in a pivotal role. View the full article
  14. Once again the Mumbai Indians were involved in an extremely close match and once again eyebrows began to rise as their opponents, the Delhi Capitals consumed overs after overs to chase down a 137-run total. View this post on Instagram However, two no-balls in the penultimate over by Jasprit Bumrah and one no-ball by Kieron Pollard essentially helped the previous year’s runners-up to drive home the victory and break their five-match losing streak against the Rohit Sharma-led side. And even though many people blame the notorious Chepauk Stadium pitch for the low-scoring matches that are taking place in Chennai for the last seven days, some have been extremely critical of the MI skipper for the way he managed the team during their second loss of the season and eventually placed his responsibility on Pollard’s shoulders before walking off the pitch. Rohit Sharma left the field afraid. Pollard, the stand in captain gets the wicket. Real Captain Pollard — 𝐃𝐞𝐯 ࿗ (@Kohlization) April 20, 2021Rohit Sharma is such a tactical captain. After realising that he can't defend 139, he left the field and gave captaincy to Pollard. #DCvsMI #DelhiCapitals #IPL2021 #Dhoni — Raghu (@theraghavca) April 20, 2021If Pollard was captaining in this match from ball 1, he would've definitely led MI to an easy victory. Give MI captaincy to Pollard, he will win you trophy every year. RT if you think the same. — Viru Sharma (@183Mirpur) April 20, 2021Okay nice captaincy by Pollard — amit._.sharma__ (@sasta_sarcasm_) April 20, 2021Sharma was seen leaving the field quickly after Rishabh Pant’s squad started to bat. As deputy-in command, the responsibilities as the stand-in captain were given to Pollard, who evidently did extremely well, considering the situation in which he was left in was with a problematically low total to defend. Pollard not only led the bowling attack from the front, delivering a crucial blow to the DC batting order by dismissing a set batsman in Steve Smith with an LBW in the 19th over by changing the pace of his ball but also managed his bowlers very cunninglessly, allowing Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the second last over, which albiet did not go according to plan. View this post on Instagram Regardless of what could have been an easy chase, Rishabh Pant’s side struggled significantly in winning the match. An early dismissal of Prithvi Shaw shook up the situation a little bit at the beginning, followed by a decent 53-run partnership between Shikhar Dhawan and Smith for the second wicket. Pant himself was unable to leave a mark on the match with his bat and it had to be Windies player Shimron Hetmyer who was at the crease when Pollard delivered a final no-ball to end the match. View this post on Instagram With two wins and two losses, the Mumbai Indians are now at the fourth spot in the IPL Points table while the Delhi Capitals promote themselves to the second spot with three wins in four games. View the full article
  15. Many of us jump up at the thought of spending a much-earned weekender in the pleasant and picturesque locations of Shimla, Kasol, Manali, Bir, Kullu, Dalhousie, and Dharamsala in India's northern Himachal Pradesh state. The pleasant and pollution-free environment along with the sight of the Himalayas continues to be the source of freshening our minds as well as our souls from the constant stress of city life. © Pinterest Be it trekking or other sporting activities like skiing and paragliding with your friends or just the thought of spending time with the family on the famous Mall Road in Shimla, people cannot seem to get enough of the state. Now, April 15 (Thursday) happens to be celebrated as the Himachal Day in the country, to mark the day that the culturally and traditionally rich region became a full-fledged state. And people from all across the country wasted no time sharing their love and affection for the region on the microblogging website, Twitter. HAPPY HIMACHAL DAY best wishes to everyone on 74th Statehood Day. Let's pray & strive hard to make our state self sufficient, Peaceful. pic.twitter.com/2oGueMSSAQ — 𝕂𝕠𝕞𝕒𝕝 (@komal3_dh) April 15, 2021Himachal Day greetings and best wishes. BE SAFE AND CORONA FREE SOON pic.twitter.com/K7e4BT4yDc — Dr. Ashwani Sharma (@ashwanis1208) April 15, 2021Happy Himachal Day (Video of a traditional water mill fully operational in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh) pic.twitter.com/cOM39NyHnc — Ashish Chauhan (@AshishSainram) April 15, 2021A proud Himachali..#HimachalPradesh became a full-fledged state on 15 April. 4 districts of Mandi, Chamba, Mahasu, Sirmour were integrated with 2 dozen princely states, leading to the formation of H.P as a Union Territory in 1948. #himachalday @INCIndia @RahulGandhi @INCHimachal pic.twitter.com/I6Z3kLDKOK — Monica Chopra Jagtap (@monadoctor) April 15, 2021Happy Himachal Day. Lower Himachal apples first setting pic.twitter.com/1ddKdv0ejM — A True Patriot (@Sunny77540246) April 15, 2021Happy Himachal Day.. Beautiful State.. Beautiful People.. Bravest Of Brave Fauji — Jugender Singh (@jugender10) April 15, 2021Close to heaven, down to Earth. A land with plenty of elegance & serene weather all over the year. Happiness is being in Himachal. A very Happy Himachal Day! #HimachalPradesh pic.twitter.com/Wt3quY66ql — _Reetu_Verma_ (@_A_Learner_) April 15, 2021⚡HAPPY HIMACHAL DAY⚡#himachalday pic.twitter.com/xmIhLunev5 — महिमा ठाकुर (@mahimathakur_) April 15, 2021Happy Birthday 🥳 @NehaLambaS & Himachal Day 🤩 pic.twitter.com/3f5q906rjh — Dilbag Koundalਦਿਲਬਾਗ ਕੌਂਡਲ #CoronaVaccine🇮🇳 (@dilbag_koundal) April 15, 2021Wishing you all a very happy #HimachalDay you guys are truly blessed to be born in mother nature’s lap. My experience of visiting Himachal Pradesh cannot be described in words one of the best experiences which I’ll cherish for life. Authentic Himachal food 🤤#RubinaDilaik pic.twitter.com/uoefVzakuj — Akshata Bharadwaj (@BluffyPuffy) April 15, 2021Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who is a resident of the Himachal Pradesh state, also took to Twitter to share her love for it. Wishing everyone a very Happy #Himachalday ,being born in the valley I was soaked in beauty and peace,I chased butterflies and stared at flowers, sound of rain,clouds of fog,snow all made my heart expand , constantly seduced the closet artist in me. Bowing down to this heaven ️ pic.twitter.com/t20iSJre6Z — Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) April 15, 2021 View the full article
  16. Things are really starting to get serious. After experiencing a glimmer of hope in the name of normalcy being restored to the exhausted citizens of India, the sudden astronomical rise in Coronavirus cases across the country has sent us back to the gloomy early months of 2020. © PTI Thanks to the Tsunami of a second wave of Covid-19 on Indian shores, the country on Thursday (April 15) registered 2,00,739 fresh cases of the virus in the last 24 hours. It was a record high since the beginning of the pandemic and has forced major cities across the country to impose different curfews in order to curb the spread. Now, at a time when people might be forced to become anti-social again and live within the confines of their four walls, there is definitely a need for the nation and state heads to keep a cool mind and restore some confidence back with the citizens with their actions. However, one person that you can count out of that list is Madhya Pradesh minister Prem Singh Patel, who on Thursday shocked viewers when he said that "No one can stop corona deaths, People get old and have to die". As per a Free Press Journal report, the minister was handed the charge of overseeing the Covid-19-related arrangements in a district by Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday (April 13). However, when Patel was asked to respond to a question on there being an increase in the Covid-related deaths while speaking with ANI, he said, "I agree that these deaths have occurred. No one can stop them (Covid-19 deaths). I am not the only one saying this. We have to cooperate (to fight the virus)," "People should consult doctors. We have arranged for doctors as well," "You said that many people are dying every day. As far as deaths are concerned, with age people get old and they die." #WATCH: MP Minister Prem Singh Patel speaks on deaths due to #COVID19. He says, "Nobody can stop these deaths. Everyone is talking about cooperation for protection from Corona...You said that many people are dying every day. People get old and they have to die." (14.04.2021) pic.twitter.com/os3iILZGyM — ANI (@ANI) April 15, 2021 His comments sparked fury amongst citizens who now fear there being another 2020-like grave scenario. Many took to Twitter to post their reactions on the comments of the Madhya Pradesh minister. MP Minister: If ur govt can't stop deaths due to #COVID19 , then resign&let others take control of the situation. People die due to age in a natural way, not by getting infected with a virus, getting no treatment etc.All politicians are impotent in dealing with people's problems. — Raju (@nbrengaraju) April 15, 2021People don't have to die just because they don't have access to oxygen, ventilator,remdesivir. It's yours and government's responsibility. Mujra Karne ke liye vote Nahi Diya h tum chintuo ko. — Puneet Arora (@Puneet__arora) April 15, 2021I am MP resident and these illiterate ministers of this state are like this only. They only do politics here and people are fed up from them. No development or employment there in this state becoz of these Ministers. — Subhash kumar singh (@ben10on10) April 15, 2021He is shameful and illiterate. We have been electing such people to serve us. We are bound to die like this. — cow corner (@silly_point_) April 15, 2021Thanks to Covid-19, deeply-filled insensitivity towards common people is coming out. — Harshil હર્ષિલ (@MehHarshil) April 15, 2021Mr Singh Patel, the people who are dying are the very people who voted you into power. You are seated where you are today because of those people. Don't be comfortable & take your voters for granted, they will all come for you once they start suffering losses due to your failures — JA_Discoverer (@JA_Discoverer) April 15, 2021this is nothing but wishful thinking. such buffoons will continue cming to power. ppl have been brainwashed to the point that they will sacrifice their own wellbeing to safeguard their bigotry — Shifali (@shefazzle) April 15, 2021This is what happens when such type of people are in power. Sir, people are not dying because of old age, they are dying because they don't have access to oxygen ,ventilators and injections. Why are you not accepting that our system has failed completely to save lives — Sakshi Singh (@Sakshi_Singh21) April 15, 2021what gawaar mandali is governing this country!! — theBoyWonder (@calmnreddy) April 15, 2021These people are MPs. Embarassing. — Sidrah (@SidrahDP) April 15, 2021God bless the people who rallied and voted him to be their representative. — VayuPutr (@vikram254) April 15, 2021If ministers are saying that nobody can stop these deaths, then the govt. is of no use. Instead they should ensure adequate vaccines, remdesivir , oxygen supply throughout the state. Unfortunately they have left everything bhagwaan bharose. — Yuvraj Arora 🇮🇳 (@iamyuvrajarora) April 15, 2021 View the full article
  17. When I asked my husband what he looks for in his undergarments, just to compare with my choices, he simply said ‘it should be comfortable’. It got me thinking how nothing really speaks comfort as much as boxers. So while I wanted to surprise him with something sexy, I had to factor in comfort too. I scrolled through the XYXX website and picked 5 boxers from their newly launched SAVANNA collection. Made with 100% super-combed cotton, these boxers are ultra-soft and come with an anti-roll, microfibre waistband on the inside for a no-marks, comfortable stretch. The collection is inspired by the African Savanna grasslands and every boxer is a reflection of it. This limited-edition collection is hand-drawn and showcases the majestic inhabitants of the grasslands of the African Savanna, in all its glory. The interpretation of this is however reimagined by XYXX, true to its unique classy meets cool style, to mix the culture, shades and village folks of this incredibly diverse wildlife with this collection. How many of these do you like? 1. The Giraffe Breezy with subtle flair, this light coloured pair is the summer staple every wardrobe needs. Giraffe illustrations make their presence felt bringing a touch of the wild to our urban jungles. XYXX Like it? Get it here. 2. The hornbill Love the colour? We love it too. A muted yet majestic maroon pair of Hornbill printed boxers are unlike anything I’ve seen before. This offers the much-needed refresh your closet needs. XYXX Like it? Get it here. 3. The driftwoodThe unofficial uniform for summer, these deep blue boxers with Driftwood motifs are enhanced with an anti-microbial finish to prevent unpleasant odours and rashes. XYXX Like it? Get it here. 4. The shield Amp up your wardrobe with this bright red pair of boxers with a unique shield motif. This lightweight number with a laid-back relaxed fit offering endlessly comfort is sure to be on your summer must list. XYXX Like it? Get it here 5. The cat A boxer that comes with dual pockets? Hell yes! Get your hands on these funky boxers with neon coloured cat motifs and feel like the king of the jungle (or your man cave). XYXX Like it? Get it here. So, which one is your favourite? You can shop from the entire collection here. View the full article
  18. Prince Harry will be travelling from the US to attend, but it is not yet clear who else will be on the 30-person guest list.
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