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Found 329 results

  1. Last month, the Indian government decided to ban the use of 59 Chinese apps in India, which included some of the popular apps like TikTok. Now, the government has banned 47 more Chinese apps in India, and this time, we're looking at the apps that were acting as clones to the ones that were banned previously. This news comes hot on the heels of the reports about PUBG Mobile and other Chinese apps getting banned in the country. While we don't have an official confirmation on that, we do know that these 47 clones have been banned. #Breaking 1st on TIMES NOW | Indian Govt bans 47 more Chinese apps which are reportedly, clones of the 59 applications which were earlier banned. Mohit Bhatt with details. pic.twitter.com/uUNNsALz4w — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) July 27, 2020 Following the government's order to ban 59 Chinese apps on June 29, they've repeatedly warned the makers of the banned Chinese apps to strictly comply with the ban. The government said that those violating the order would face serious action. And now, we're looking at 47 more apps. It goes to show how seriously the government is tracking down these apps. People are calling it the government's 'second digital strike on China'. As of now, we don't have a confirmed list of apps banned this time. But as mentioned earlier, it includes the clones of Chinese apps that were banned previously. © Reuters In case you didn't know, the government is banning Chinese apps citing privacy reasons. The government said they've received numerous complaints against the Chinese apps about how they're "stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users' data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India". "The compilation of these data, its mining and profiling by elements hostile to national security and defence of India, which ultimately impinges upon the sovereignty and integrity of India, is a matter of very deep and immediate concern which requires emergency measures," the ministry said. We're not sure if the government is tracking down more apps, but we won't be surprised to see more Chinese apps getting banned in India. Source: TimesNow View the full article
  2. Kangana Ranaut came live on a chat show with Arnab Goswami and dragged Taapsee Pannu in a conversation which was about Sushant Singh Rajput. She termed Taapsee as a B-Grade actress and this is actually not the first time that Taapsee has been mocked by the Manikarnika actor. Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel called Pannu a ‘sasti’ copy of the Queen actor. In an interview with Arnab, Kangana said, “I only have to lose here, because tomorrow they (referring to the 'movie mafia') will get some 20 needy outsiders like Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker who will say 'oh only Kangana has a problem with Karan Johar, but we love Karan Johar.' If you love Karan Johar, why are you both B-grade actresses? You are better looking than Alia Bhatt and Ananya, you both are better actresses, why don't you get work? Your existence is proof of nepotism. What are you telling me how happy you are with this industry?" Taapsee Pannu was quick to respond as she tweeted, “Maine suna class 12th n 10th ke result ke baad humaara result bhi aa gaya hai! Humaara grade system ab official hai ? Abhi tak toh number system pe value decide hoti thi na #MaLifeMaRulesMaShitMaPot” Maine suna class 12th n 10th ke result ke baad humaara result bhi aa gaya hai! Humaara grade system ab official hai ? Abhi tak toh number system pe value decide hoti thi na #MaLifeMaRulesMaShitMaPot — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) July 19, 2020 Today, the Manmarziyaan actor was quite active on Twitter and joked about Kangana’s terminologies. After writer Kanika said that Taapsee earned Rs 352 crores in the last 5 movies and is one of the successful actors, Taapsee tweeted: I guess that’s what qualified me for B grade :) https://t.co/zMGtU7rgR9 — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) July 20, 2020 She also responded to a journalist to how Akshay Kumar responded when he was called a B-grade actor, he had said that B stands for bread and butter. She tweeted, I will take that B and make the most awesome sandwich out of it! https://t.co/x3YKmOIlpJ — taapsee pannu (@taapsee) July 20, 2020 Taapsee did reply in the most civil manner. What do you have to say about it? View the full article
  3. Logan Paul touched on the recent controversies around Shane Dawson and how the pressure must affect him
  4. Peshawar High Court takes notice of torture incident, tells police entire department's reputation being tarnished by a few black sheep
  5. If you have seen Anurag Kashyapâs body of work, you would know that he has a different style of filmmaking and not everyone would agree to his point of view or the way he wants to project certain things. This one is no different. It might seem a regular movie but it should be classified as a horror film, especially for those who bore the brunt of demonetization, for it is powerful enough to bring back the demonic memories in its own uncanny, yet in an impactful way. Akin to his movies, Choked tells a story within a story, one that might not initially seem aggressive enough to hold your attention, but, as things unfold, manages to sink right in. Kashyapâs drama is not just about demonetization but it shows many other aspects that are needed to be questioned. The movie is based on a working-class family trying to make ends meet. While he surely paid attention to women empowerment by showcasing Sarita aka Saiyami Kher as the âmanâ of the house, the woes of a young family trying to survive in Mumbai played a catalyst to the tale of demonetization which served a severe blow, especially to the country's middle class. Saiyami Kher doesn't deliver an astronomical performance, but she convincingly nails the part of a working-class family woman. She is convincing in her performance and probably takes the cake during her emotional outburst after the big twist and I cannot reveal the big plot. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@saiyami) Sushant aka Roshan Mathew is a breath of fresh air largely for his characterization as a stay-at-home husband sans the chores. He might be ignorant to Sarita's woes, but despite seeing her enter a hotel on the questionable clip, Sushant, rather than using his fists, relies on his charm to woo Sarita back. Even when there is a confrontation, Sushant rarely looks threatening - something which is quite unbelievable, but undeniably refreshing to see. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@roshan.matthew) Tai aka Amruta Subhash leaves her mark in Choked too. Despite a limited screen-space, she manages to capture the imagination of viewers in multiple facets of the movie. One moment she's helpless and makes you feel for her, and very next minute, she's cocooning her plan to manipulate Sarita. Doing justice to the character of a typical neighbour, Tai shines as a vital cog which keeps this slow-burner interesting with her wits. Coming to a few sequences of the movie, they are subtle digs at the government and how it functions. There is a quarrel between Sarita and Sushant that somewhere is a representation of how the government has been ignoring the pleas of the common man. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@saiyami) Sarita's dream is a subtle dig at the government and the consequences of demonetization.Tai's hysterical laugh literally blurs the dialogues to signify the unbelievable news of demonetization working-class people had to contend with. Thereâs a scene wherein an elderly woman is pleading to Sarita that she lives alone and can't come every day to withdraw Rs 4000. Sarita responds: you get money in the bank, not sympathy. She advises her to plead to the government she voted for. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@saiyami) This movie talks about a lot of things. Well, the problem with the movie is that itâs following a linear progression, and characters donât have the scope to do beyond what they have been asked to do. Despite it being a nice attempt to show how the government and the system is twisted, it lacks depth and might not be everyoneâs cup of tea. In a nutshell, the movie does make for an interesting watch but could have been better. View the full article
  6. 'There is no logic as to why flour prices should increase when harvesting of the wheat crop has just recently been concluded,' says the prime minsiter
  7. Being in a self-imposed quarantine and in isolation takes a toll on the psyche of an individual. This isnât exactly a new revelation, but the fact that even the best among us are susceptible to it is something that most of us hadnât realised before. We have come to realise this today after a video surfaced online of a doctor in Mathura tried to flee from the quarantine centre set up in a government hospital, on Thursday. © Twitter/timesofindia The doctor we see in the video is Dr Piyush Chatturvedi, who, as a report by Times Of India, was under a precautionary, âself-imposedâ quarantine after he came in contact with a coronavirus positive patient. The doctor says that he was stepping out of the facility to get a few things for consumption, and can be seen breaking into a sprint as the police try and stop him. © Twitter/timesofindia This shouldnât come as a surprise. Doctors, no matter where they are in the county are in a rather precarious position. On one hand, they are at the forefront of this ongoing war against the virus, and are facing the situation without proper equipment and basic PPEs or personal protective equipment. On the other, they are facing some appalling situations and discrimination, while spending days away from their families and loved ones. © Reuters The Mathura chapter of the Indian Medical Association put out a statement condemning the actions of Dr Chatturvedi and all medical professionals in the area who are putting public health at risk in a time like this. © Twitter/timesofindia While we agree with the opinions of the IMA, we cannot help but feel sorry for people like Dr Chatturvedi. With that being said, blaming just the doctor cannot be justified. Dr Chatturvedi, and a total of 13 other people at the District Combined Hospital of Vrindavan, came in contact with a COVID-19 patient, who later died. The medical professionals have been put in a precautionary quarantine for days now, and havenât been tested as of writing this article. #Covid_19: UP doctor flees from quarantine, cops chase him down Watch pic.twitter.com/f3PjFPz2i2 â The Times Of India (@timesofindia) May 1, 2020 Clearly, the situation is so grim that even the brightest among us are behaving in a rather sorry manner. This just goes on to show the psychological cost we as a civilisation may have to bear, once this pandemic is dealt with. View the full article
  8. Nora Fatehi treated her fans to a fusion of afro, urban and dancehall styles of dancing in viral clip
  9. PM Imran tasks DG FIA to hold inquiry and submit a report on social media propaganda against chief justice and senior judges
  10. Many of us have been working from home, not going to college and quarantining ourselves as responsible citizens for the past few days already. Now, thank god most of us are living with our families. But during this quarantine time, everyone is missing their escape routine. But, as much as we are craving to go out for a 'gedi', it is important to stay indoors. © Reuters A lot of us have done everything we could have possibly done sitting at home and now we are just running out of ideas or things to do at home. Recently, Delhi Police won the internet with its response to a man who asked whether or not he could visit his friend during the novel Coronavirus lockdown. Now, no one would deny that this question hasnât crossed their minds but the good thing is not to act upon it! Check out the post here- à¤à¤à¤° सà¤à¥à¤à¥ दà¥à¤¸à¥à¤¤ हॠतॠà¤à¤° पॠरहà¥à¥¤ वà¥à¤¡à¤¿à¤¯à¥ à¤à¥à¤² à¤à¤° लà¥#StayAtHomeSaveLives â Delhi Police (@DelhiPolice) March 24, 2020A twitter user, Deepak Pyal, asked the Delhi Police if he could visit his friend for some work, who lives with a 2Km radius from his home. And Delhi Police responded saying, "Agar sachche dost ho, toh ghar pe raho. Video call kar lo.â Also, thatâs exactly how most of us are surviving during the quarantine period- by video calling all our friends and collectively crying about the same things in life. © Reuters The people on Twitter loved Delhi Policeâs response and hereâs what they have to say about it- Exactly! What an awesome reply by @DelhiPolice â Vikas Kumar (@vikaskumar) March 24, 2020LOL. à¤à¥à¤ªà¤¾ à¤à¤°à¤à¥ लठtayyar रà¤à¥à¤, सà¥à¤µà¤¾ à¤à¤¾ मà¥à¤à¤¼à¤¾ मिलनॠवाला हॠâ Neeraj Kapish (नà¥à¤°à¤ à¤à¤ªà¤¿à¤¶)ð®ð³ (@Neeraj_Kapish) March 24, 2020 Canât stop laughing⦠Hahahahaha.... â Amit Kumar (@youandbar) March 24, 2020 Indeed. Yes I follow DP advise. Love . pic.twitter.com/KJauQ0XTg1 â Shailender Kumar Bha (@ShailenderBha) March 24, 2020 Yaaas!! Awesome reply â Vikas Mehta (@VikasMehtaOWF) March 24, 2020 True. Brilliant !! â Gautam Tewari (@tewarigautam) March 24, 2020 Too funny. Bandi ke liye dost krke puch rha h â Vaibhav gupta (@iamguptavg) March 24, 2020 On Tuesday night, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that to contain the Coronavirus outbreak, the entire nation will have to be in a state of complete lockdown for the next 21 days until April 15th. Until then, all we need to do is stay indoors and only set up a video call meeting with our friends. View the full article
  11. Contrary to medical advice regarding the coronavirus, Trump was seen Friday shaking hands all round
  12. In what appears to be a major blow for both fans and franchises, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to suspend the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) till 15th April. The unexpected, yet important, decision taken by the Indian cricket board, came in light of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in the country. In a media release, the Indian cricket board claimed: "The BCCI is concerned and sensitive about all its stakeholders, and public health in general, and it is taking all necessary steps to ensure that, all people related to IPL including fans have a safe cricketing experience. The BCCI will work closely with the Government of India along with the Ministery of Youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and all other relevant Central and State Governments in this regard," the BCCI statement further stated. ??Announcement??: #VIVOIPL suspended till 15th April 2020 as a precautionary measure against the ongoing Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) situation. More details ?? https://t.co/hR0R2HTgGg pic.twitter.com/azpqMPYtoL â IndianPremierLeague (@IPL) March 13, 2020 The office-bearers of the BCCI, led by president Sourav Ganguly and secretary Jay Shah, met at the board's headquarters in Mumbai on 12th March to take the crucial call. The fate of IPL 2020 was expected to be decided in the Governing Council meeting slated to be held on 14th March in Mumbai where all franchise owners were also invited, but, it appears, the severity of the epidemic led BCCI to take the key decision. "The postponement gives BCCI the time of reassess the situation and have that much more time on hand to take a further call. The postponement will allow them to see if the threat of the virus ceases any time soon, remains in control, or gets worse. Depending on these scenarios and what the central and state governments say, a further call can be taken," a BCCI source was quoted as saying by TOI. With the visa restriction imposed on foreign players, it is quite obvious that the overseas players roped in by the eight franchises will not be able to arrive in India till 15th April which further explains BCCI's latest decision. "The postponement will allow the BCCI to reassess that situation too. If the tournament can be held from mid-April onwards, then there is time now to work on the visas. Remember, the IPL cannot be held without overseas players," the source added. Sports gatherings including IPL prohibited in Delhi pic.twitter.com/ALLf7J1NUo â Satyendar Jain (@SatyendarJain) March 13, 2020 The BCCI's decision comes a day after the Ministry of External Affairs recently advised against hosting the 13th edition of the IPL amid the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. "I think it is for the organizers to decide whether to go ahead with it or not. Our advice would be to not do it at this time but if they want to go ahead, it is their decision," MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said. Also, the Maharashtra government had earlier banned the sale of tickets for the matches in the state, while the Punjab government had given the same directive. The Rajasthan government, on the other hand, is edging towards following the footsteps of Delhi and ban IPL matches totally. Meanwhile msdhoni. Ek month tak aur rukna padega balls khane ko nahi milegi ???? pic.twitter.com/lyYeDD7UMV â Sir Chahal ? (@Sirchahal) March 13, 2020 Hopefully the situation improves to allow the tournament to begin mid April. Till then we will keep spreading #Yellove. Meanwhile let's educate and request fans to avoid unnecessary travel, take precautions for #coronavirus and stay safe. #WhistlePodu â Whistle Podu Army ® - CSK Fan Club (@CSKFansOfficial) March 13, 2020 Csk fans . Ek month aur nhi harenge mumbai se ?? pic.twitter.com/JiyzLfpBkD â Sir Chahal ? (@Sirchahal) March 13, 2020 RCB the happiest team, delayed the shame. â Chhota Maithun (@Begin_Humor) March 13, 2020 BCCI to face loss of 10,000 CR INR if IPL is cancelled. Star Sports Already signed 16000 CR with BCCI for IPL. #IPL2020 #BCCI â Baazigar ??? (@FarziBaazigar) March 13, 2020 THALA entrance has Postponed to APRIL 15 !!! ??????@msdhoni #Csk #Dhoni #BanIPL #MASTER pic.twitter.com/gsMFhpmMUg â Rohith Online VFC ?????â¢?? (@kannarohith774) March 13, 2020 ?? pic.twitter.com/7z49UoJoKr â Dr Khushboo Kadri (@khushikadri) March 13, 2020 Bas cancel mat krna?? â Simran Randhawa (@Randhawa36_) March 13, 2020 View the full article
  13. The model is followed by over 1.9 million followers on the photo and video sharing app
  14. Coronavirus: Health official says thermal screens at airports capable of detecting an infected person from 50 feet
  15. Morgan slammed seven sixes in an innings of 57 not out off 22 balls as England chased down South Africa's 222 for six with five wickets and five balls to spare
  16. Arguably one of the most successful captains in Indian cricket's rich history, Sourav Ganguly's batting might and leadership skills allowed him to carve his own niche in the gentleman's game. For someone who took 'Men in Blue' to new heights during his playing days, Ganguly continues to aid Indian cricket with his new role as the President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). Ever since taking up the role of the BCCI chief last October, Ganguly has been looked upon as the agent of change for Indian cricket. The former Indian captain has already taken key decisions and continues to contribute towards Indian cricket in his new role. While his new role keeps him pretty occupied, Ganguly still manages to find time to rekindle old memories. View this post on InstagramFanatastic memories ...A post shared by (@souravganguly) On February 13, the former Indian skipper went down memory lane and reminisced his maiden Test hundred that came on his debut against England at the hallowed Lord's cricket ground in 1996. Taking to Instagram, the BCCI chief shared a picture of himself alongside Rahul Dravid, where he was seen celebrating his maiden Test ton during that game, with a caption that read, "Fantastic memories". © Instagram/@souravganguly Ganguly's post attracted a lot of comments, not just from fans, but also from his former teammates. Sachin Tendulkar was also amongst those who responded to Ganguly's post. "This reminds us of his great knock. Is there any other instance of Dada at Lords that one can think of?," the 'Little Master' replied. © Instagram/@souravganguly Apart from Tendulkar, there was another notable comment from none other than Yuvraj Singh who made his debut under the leadership of Ganguly back in the day. But, while everyone was lauding Ganguly for his Lord's heroics, Yuvi took the opportunity to troll the BCCI chief. "Dada logo to hata lo! Your Bcci president now please be professional," he wrote. View the full article
  17. Sidharth Malhotra and rumoured girlfriend Kiara Advani will collaborate for the first time in Shershaah
  18. If you are not familiar with the Malayalam language, youâd probably never switch to a football channel with Malayalam commentary, and that would be the logical thing to do. But once you listen to Shaiju Damodaran go nuclear on the microphone after Portugalâs Cristiano Ronaldo scored on a magical free-kick against Spain during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, logic would go right out of the window and Malayalam commentary is all you would be listening to. Cristiano Ronaldo's third (hat-trick) goal against Spain in #FIFAworldcup2018 with Malayalam commentary. ENJOY! pic.twitter.com/JvUYXVLaqO â Mohandas Menon (@mohanstatsman) June 16, 2018 Ask the chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra , he will tell you. Ok thatâs it. Iâm switching to this channel with commentary in Malayalam. No, I donât understand the language but I donât need toâthese guys are so pumped up they make the English & Hindi commentators sound tame! pic.twitter.com/yWqApVx6jp â anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) June 16, 2018 Damodaranâs career, which started out as a sports journalist with a Kerala newspaper over 20 years ago, has now evolved into an entire cult. Passionate football fans, mostly Malayalis from India and many other parts of the world stopped listening to match commentary in any other language. All they wanted to lend their ears to were his energetic words. âWhatever I am today, the reason why my commentary goes viral every year is because of all the Malayali sports fans out there. Be it India or Dubai or any other part of the world, it is because of them that my voice has reached out to so many people,â an excited Shaiju Damodaran tells MensXP. âAs a professional commentator, I just try to do my job to the best of my abilities and I am extremely fortunate to have so many people loving my work every single day.â Not every moment of every football match is equally exciting and while the viewers have the option of changing the channel or turn off the television altogether, the commentators canât afford to let the energy dip. It is their job, essentially, to keep the viewer dialled in. For Damodaran, however, the ability to maintain that level of energy is more natural than making a conscious effort. âWhenever a goal happens or a player executes a good move, my reaction comes out automatically. That energy comes from within. Main yeh jaan bhuj ke nahi karta (I donât do this intentionally),â he says. The brilliance behind the mic also originates from Shaijuâs hunger to outdo himself during his next assignment. Every match is a new opportunity. A million things can happen during a game that nobody foresaw and he looks at them as points that can change the entire flow of the game. As the only Malayalam commentator for the Indian Super League in the last six seasons, he has given his voice to more than 330 matches till date. For him, what happened during the last game is the thing of the past. If there is a match today, he will treat it like the greatest assignment he has been a part of, no matter what is at stake. âThe force that drives me every day is the realisation that I have to do each game perfectly and a little better than what I did during the previous match.â Shaiju Damodaran is a busy man. Between 2018 and 2020, the longest duration for which he got to stay at home and spend some quality time with his family was one week. He did commentary during the two seasons of ISL, the Indian Premier League for a Malayalam radio station in Dubai, the FIFA World Cup 2018 and the ICC World Cup 2019. To fill the gaps in between the major tournaments, he is also working at a regional level both as a commentator but also as a public speaker. As a human being, nobody can be in that ecstatic state of mind 24x7, 365 days a year. There might be days when we feel a bit low. Sometimes, bad things happen in our lives and sadness takes over. We feel like shutting out the entire world, staying in bed and just not doing anything. Imagine commentators being in a similar predicament. Think about a match wherein the commentator sounds dull or doesn't speak with the convection required to describe a game-winning goal. Professionals like Damodaran canât afford to âsound lowâ. âWhenever I am working, I try to keep away from social issues. I stay away from anything that can upset me. I even try my best to not get in a fight with my wife,â he jokes. âMy wife and my kids deserve a lot of credit behind my successful career. If something happened in my family that they think would upset me, they wonât tell me on the day I have to do commentary.â âIn the past couple of years, we have had three deaths in our family and they kept the sad news away from me until I came back home after doing commentary so that I donât get disturbed during the match,â he says. âIt is a big deal, I believe.â While Damodaran took his career as a commentator to the next level with hard work and endless dedication, he also witnessed the evolution (although, he prefers to call it a revolution) of ISL and how it has helped make club football a big deal in this country. âIf you look at the tradition of club football in India not too long ago, it was struggling to stand on its feet. Why do you think cricket overtook football by such a large margin in India? It was only because of the unavailability of proper broadcasting of club-football games, something the Indian cricket board did exceptionally well,â he says. âFootball culture in Kerala used to be huge over two and a half decades ago but died down eventually. It was only because of broadcasting club football live that the league brought to the country that that culture got reignited. Things like my commentary are just small parts of this revolution that ISL brought about.â You can draw resemblance in Damodaranâs way of delivering dialogue with how English commentator Ray Hudson does it, especially when he is describing Barcelona FC star Lionel Messiâs magic on the field. That Hudson is idolised by the Malayali star, and that shouldnât come as a surprise to you. His wish has always been to work in the same league as the Premier League and La Liga commentator but he also goes on to clarify that his heart lies with the ISL, the league that made him what he is today. âNo matter how big you become in life, loyalty should always be a top priority for you,â he says. View the full article
  19. QUETTA: The Balochistan government on Thursday announced that it has taken the guardianship of a street child, whose video went viral in which he was seen carrying a shoe-polishing kit on a footpath in severe cold weather. Speaking to Geo News, the provincial government's spokesperson, Liaquat Shahwani, said the video of the helpless child made him very "upset". "The chief minister has taken responsibility for this [shoe-polishing] child himself," he stated. “We have already allocated a budget of 50 crore [Rs500 million] for child protection authority and will do effective legislation against child labour," he added. In the video aired by Geo News, the child was seen crouched in a corner, trying to protect himself from the bitter cold, with a show polishing kit next to him. Noting that it was unfortunate for all children, who should be playing at this age, to be stuck in the bitter cold, Shahwani said the government would "legislate against child labour". "It’s heart-wrenching to look at these visuals. I was very hurt and upset when I saw those visuals," he said. "It was around 12:30AM, I called and went there in the morning. I’ve been there three times but the child was not there. I have assigned people the responsibility and will go myself once we have the address.
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