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Found 7 results

  1. One of the 22 districts of the state of Haryana, Bhiwani is known for producing some of the best boxers India has ever seen. If you'd knock on every alternate door in the area, there is a high possibility that an aspiring boxer is going to answer it. Fighters like Vijender Singh, Jitender Kumar, Anil Kumar and Kavita Chahal who have not only represented the nation in international tournaments and leagues but also brought laurels back to the country to prove their worth, all of them have been raised and trained as fearless fighters in Bhiwani with the 'winning at all cost' mentality. It is because of such passion for the sport of boxing that the place is known as 'Little Cuba' of the world. But even though fighters like Vijender Singh did not belong to wealthy families, they still had people who could back them up financially while they pursued their goals of one day representing India in the ring and eventually turn pro and earn big bucks. This story is not about those guys. This story is about Rajesh Lukka, another Bhiwani-based 24-year-old boxer who is working day and night to perfect his craft and make his country proud just like his seniors have done in the past. © Mega Boxing Lukka, who started boxing in 2006, had his first bout in Gurgaon during which he got beat up pretty badly. He had seen his idols fall on the mat like deadweight after getting knocked out but rise again only to try and become better the next day and that was what Lukka aspired to be as a youth. He understood that champions aren't made in a day and he continued to work hard. But it is his struggle off the ring that makes his story worth sharing. When Lukka was all but 17 years of age, his sister was diagnosed with cancer and despite all the efforts of the family, could not win her battle against the fatal disease. This had an extremely adverse impact on Lukka, who was very close to her and believes that she was the one who raised him to become the man he is today. Losing someone so close to his heart shattered his willingness to become a fighter. He gave up boxing and decided to look for another job. In 2014, things took a turn for the worse when his father too expired due to cancer, leaving the family in a suffocating situation in which there was no earning member in the family but a lot of stomachs to feed. Lukka therefore decided to open a tea stall on the road with the hopes of trying to make ends meet. His dream of boxing for his country nowhere in sight. This is when Lukka's brother came into the picture. He used to continuously motivate him to reach for the stars and do what he was meant to do, box. He reminded Lukka of his life's purpose, made him realise what a wonderful talent he was gifted with and why he should not be wasting his life like this. © Mega Boxing Lukka began to hope once again, began to dream again. Waking up as early as 3 in the morning, he would practice between 4 am and 5 am then go to work, selling tea at his stall and returned to the ring in the evening. “I practiced night and day knowing that if I believed in myself, if I believed in my dreams long enough, something good is bound to happen one day,” says the 24-year-old pugilist. And soon after, Lukka signed a contract with Mega Boxing, India's first Professional Boxing Intellectual Property, which is recognised by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) with an aim to position professional boxing as a premium sporting entertainment entity. Lukka went on to turn professional and there is no looking back for him. Challenging under the lightweight category the Bhiwani-born has had 10 bouts under his belt so far. He has fought four national level fights winning three of them and one ending in a draw. He has also sparred in six international fights with a 100% winning record, which not only makes it a dangerous athlete, it also makes him unbeaten. For his dedication and passion to go along with the various achievements Lukka has earned through the years, he was even felicitated with the World Boxing Council (WBC) Youth Asian Title in 2018. While Lukka aims to contest for WBO Asia Pacific title in the lightweight category in the next three to four months, his end goal is far more prestigious. “I am in this for something a lot bigger. While boxers like Vijender ji inspired me to take up this game, I want to become that bridge that brings the upcoming boxers of the country the opportunity to not only have great fights with international talent but also make good money for themselves and their families in the process.”
  2. For most of us here in India, travelling finds an unwitting connection to chai. Traversing through the country's picturesque landscape, these heavenly places serving steaming cups of chai can be found in quaint villages high up in the hills, or under the thatched roofs of a dilapidated chai ki tapri along the highway. Yet, no matter where we happen to chance upon one, it never fails to fill our heart with joy at the very sight of it. © Facebook Now, imagine such a tea-stall located in a small village in some part of this country, shouldering the weight of an elderly couple's ardent dreams to explore the length and breadth of not just India, but the entire world. Yes, you are right. This almost seems like an impossible dream when you hear about it at first, but guess what, there exists such a tea-stall and such a couple who have managed to realise their dreams of travelling around the world, by running a tea-stall! © Facebook Vijayan and Mohana, both in their late 60s, are from Kochi in Kerala, but are better known to the world as the “globetrotting couple” who travel around the world by selling tea. Vijayan and Mohana have been running a nondescript tea-stall in Kochi, called the 'Sree Balaji Coffee House' for the past 40 years, and the minimal earnings from that business have allowed them to travel to over 23 countries so far! © Facebook How do they manage to make all this happen you ask? Well, the key to their success is the couple's undying grit and desire. Vijayan and Mohana refuse to be cowed down by the financial restraints or the logistic trivia that might hamper their bigger plans. The elderly couple saves from whatever little they make at their shop, and rely on small loans to fund their travels. After saving Rs. 300 every day for decades, they used it along with their meagre income and bank loans, to explore 23 countries! It was back in 1963 when Vijayan began selling tea in the streets to fulfil the travel dreams he shared with his wife. © Facebook Singapore, New York and Switzerland are some of his most favourite places. The couple has been to Brazil, Argentina, Peru, USA besides many others, but currently, their plan is to check out Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Greenland Norway. There is simply not stopping this duo! For Vijayan, travelling is all about collecting experiences and learning about other people and their culture. Vijayan marvels over the beauty of landscapes and the kinds of people they meet during their travel. © Instagram Their philosophy is simple. Keeping their nest destination in sight, the couple continues to save Rs 300 every day, and keep their expenses to the minimum (they work both as worker and manager of their tiny shop). While on their trip, they spend very little on unnecessary things. Still, the loans they take keep getting piled up, and after every trip, they spend the next three years trying to repay that debt. Their story might be laden with a lot of struggles, but Vijayan and Mohana don't plan to give up as long as their arms and legs are moving. This couple is proof that no amount of limitations are big enough to stop someone from realising their dreams if they set their heart to it.
  3. Anand Mahindra's Twitter account is a goldmine of inspiration and his over 6 million followers can vouch for the same. Be it spotting a rare talent from across the world or sharing inspirational stories; the chairman of the Mahindra Group never fails to impress us with his knack of spotting the best of the world. Reuters Recently, he tweeted about a couple in their late 60s, Vijayan and Mohana, who own a tea shop called Sree Balaji Coffee House in Kochi and spend the money earned to travel the world together. They started the shop to fulfil their dream of travelling the world and have visited over 20 countries till now. The couple's inspiring story has already made them the internet's newest hero. And Anand Mahindra is their latest admirer. YouTube He wrote, "They may not figure in the Forbes Rich list but in my view, they are amongst the richest people in our country. Their wealth is their attitude to life." They may not figure in the Forbes Rich list but in my view, they are amongst the richest people in our country.Their wealth is their attitude to life. The next time I'm in their town I am definitely dropping by for tea & a tour of their exhibits.. pic.twitter.com/PPePvwtRQs — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) January 9, 2019 Well said, Mr. Mahindra. Their positive attitude towards life and their rich travel experience truly makes them the richest couple in the whole world. After Mahindra tweeted about this, people started replying to him asking if they could help the couple in any way, as the couple takes bank loans along with the income from their tea shop to travel the world. Well, Mr. Mahindra has the perfect solution for it. He requested people to find out the couple's wedding anniversary date, crowdfund the amount for their next foreign trip and gift it to them. Well what about us finding out the date of their wedding anniversary and crowdsourcing the funding for their next trip as an anniversary gift?? https://t.co/gZescVgjQk — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) January 9, 2019 This is the reason why people love him so much.
  4. waqas dar

    tea akhir tea huti hy

    College wali lash pash huti hai. Uni wali zaberdast huti hai Hotel wali Mast huti hai. Office wali thori kerwi huti hai Gher wali Sweet huti hai. 5 Star wali thori mehngi huti hain Lakin aik baat hai ! Chaye Akhir Chaye huti hai Mager ap ki soch ko 21 toopon ki salaami
  5. It is for good reason that tea tree oil is considered the new wonder potion for skin care. With its amazing healing properties, tea tree oil is being infused into a number of skin care products to meet the growing demand for this natural remedy to a host of skin ailments ranging from acne to dry dull skin. To combat the basic skin care irritant that men face, which is acne, we have found 5 natural tea tree products for your skin. 1. Handmade Charcoal Tea Tree & Cashew Facial Soap Qtrove.com Karmik Veda Charcoal Tea Tree & Cashew Soap is especially for face and contains Activated Charcoal, Rose Clay, Cashewnut Milk that absorbs excess oil along with the dirt from the skin and is also effective in the removal of dead cells, thus providing clean and flawless skin. If you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the smoke, dust and pollution, you might notice dirt settling over your pores making them more noticeable and enlarged in appearance. This soap treats clogged pores, makes the skin look firmer and tighter at a rapid pace and protects against sun damage. Regular use of it can improve dry or mature skin. 2. 100% Organic Tea Tree Clarifying Toner Qtrove.com Cucumber Organic's Tea Tree Clarifying Toner has Witch Hazel – a nature's marvel, a natural astringent and the most effective acne treatment known to man. Combined with Mentha Arvensis (Mint), Lemongrass and Tea Tree, the toner has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. This wonder clears and refreshes oily/acne prone skin like a charm! It naturally balances excess oil and tones the skin, reduces acne/pimples, fades spots and scars, evens the skin tone and leaves your skin feeling smooth, firm, refreshed and oil-free. 3. Tea Tree Essential Oil Qtrove.com Vedaearth Tea Tree Essential Oil is a natural extraction from tea tree plants which can be used in aromatherapy to soothe your mind, body, and soul. It helps reduce mental stress, improve several skin conditions through better circulation and smell blissful. These should ideally be mixed with rose water and used on face. You can put them directly on acne. 4. 100% Organic Tea Tree Cleansing Oil Qtrove.com Cucumber Organic's Tea Tree Cleansing Oil works on the principle that oil dissolves oil and an overactive sebaceous gland is responsible for the excess oil & sebum. This cleansing oil is made carefully with non-clogging and light healing oils to cleanse your skin without making it sticky or breakout! Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil work with Tea Tree & Peppermint Oil and help control acne/breakouts. The oil deep cleanses oily skin by drawing out excess sebum and oil trapped within the pores leaving the skin balanced, clear, smooth and glowing. 5. Anti-Acne Turmeric & Tea Tree Face Wash Qtrove.com Vya Naturals Turmeric and Tea Tree face wash contains Haldi Manjal (Wild Turmeric) one of the most powerful herbs with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. The face wash is paraben-free and helps combat acne and prevent breakouts. It even cleans skin and helps keep pores clear. And the best of it all- the face wash is cruelty -free! So men, dump those chemicals and switch to a more organic, and natural way of living even when it comes to your skincare routine. Fortunately for you, we have found the perfect one-stop destination that sells only natural, organic products that you will love. Qtrove.com is all that and much more. Qtrove.com makes sure they deliver only the most natural home-grown ingredients to you. This curated marketplace exhibits and sells only natural products from passionate sellers across the country. So it's time to say bye to chemicals and boring factory-made goods. At Qtrove.com, products are made in limited numbers, either by hand or in small facilities with individual care. Embrace Qtrove.com as your go-to marketplace for all things pure and good.
  6. FIile photo of US President Donald Trump with British Prime Minister Theresa May. Photo: Reuters US President Donald Trump flies into Britain on Thursday for talks with the leader of the United States? closest ally in Europe, and tea with Queen...
  7. As you make your way through the back-lanes of Saket and enter Champa Gali, a beautifully laidback street lined with cafes and Parisian charm, a strong whiff of coffee hits you. The place is Blue Tokai, a brand that has taken upon itself to bring freshly roasted coffee to our tables. Matt Chitharanjan and Namrata Asthana, the brains behind Blue Tokai, set up the brand for this very reason – the need for a good cup of coffee. © Blue Tokai A former economist, Matt Chitharanjan had come to Chennai for work, when he met Namrata Asthana. When the couple moved to Delhi, the one thing they found missing was good coffee, like the fresh filter coffee they were so used to back in Chennai. In the North, the coffee that was on offer was the mass-produced coffee beans, sold to a crowd that had grown up on instant coffee. They wanted to change that, and connect the consumer with the farmer, a thought that soon became the brand's defining motto: “Farm-to-cup coffee company.” They wanted to bring the authentic coffee experience to the Indian consumer. Thus was born Blue Tokai, which has today gained a respectable name for its quality coffee beans, and has 10 cafes across Delhi, Mumbai, and Goa. The founders plan to open another 12 by the year 2019. © Blue Tokai In a country of tea drinkers and instant coffee, running a successful niche coffee brand doesn't come across as a very easy thing to do. Chitharanjan tells us how in India, the average person may have 70 grams of coffee a year as compared to an average person in Scandinavia who will have 7 kilos of coffee in a year. “India's never going to be a 7 kilo country,” he says, but he, along with Namrata, hope to create a culture of coffee drinking by bringing in more awareness about coffee roasts. They started out on a small-scale basis. With their savings, they invested in a roaster and began to take online orders for freshly roasted coffee. Though, initially, most of their consumers comprised NRIs and expats, they soon began receiving orders from across the country. Soon enough, they opened their first café in Saidulajab area of Saket in Delhi and there was no looking back after that. With 10 branches running successfully across the country, their sales have doubled every year. Both Matt and Namrata lay great emphasis on the farms that are the mainstay of a good batch of beans. For this reason, they make it a point to put the names of the estates on the various coffee blends they have on offer. Chitharanjan says, “They are happy to see that their name is out there and they are getting credit and recognition for the coffee that they grow.” © Blue Tokai To the outsider, it looks like the perfect entrepreneur dream – to sell a coffee experience with your partner. The couple clears the air, “People think we're spending our days, testing out coffees and travelling to coffee farms. The reality is that we're dealing with paperwork, managing people, dealing with customers, and negotiating with suppliers. It's not all that pretty.” Matt and Namrata don't mind the work – they want to create a culture of coffee drinking in India, and educate consumers about the process that goes into making a good cup of freshly roasted coffee. For the perfect cup of coffee, like good art, is one that appeases the senses. Watch them narrate their journey to bringing a coffee revival in a nation of tea drinkers.