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Found 29 results

  1. After dreading the last two episodes of 'Game of Thrones', we're certainly banking on this particular fan theory which is currently giving us some serious dragon fever! Why you ask? Well, according to this theory, we will see more dragons in the next two episodes and there's a trace of hope, in the episode 5 promo for that to happen. © HBO Even though the last episode seemed rather terrible, one takeaway was that Daenerys Targaryen has only Drogon left by her side. Well, it's quite sad TBH because we're not over Rheagal's death yet and we wish the writers had enough bandwidth to acknowledge these silly flaws! Like, how in God's name can't you see a fleet down below if you're riding yea high, over the sea? Well, anyway, yes we lost yet another dragon and now the MoD (mother of dragons), has only one left for her epic face-off with Cersei Lannister. Even though the odds aren't too great for Dany, with Cersei's Golden Company and those giant scorpion crossbows, she is ready for Drogon. Besides that, Dany's advisors like Tyrion and Varys are losing trust in their queen and she's lost her most important ally, Sansa Stark. © HBO But hang on! Daenerys might have a reclamation point somewhere along the remaining storyline and we happen to believe that because a fan theory states there might be more dragons! Yes! you read that right. Now, let's focus on the how! So, these other dragons that we're talking about are apparently Drogon's offsprings who will come back to save the day for their dear grandma, which also means Drogon is a female dragon. DUH! Now, let's look at how. Well, if you've seen the promo for episode 5, you'll see Euron looking at something coming toward him like he's miscalculated its presence. Well, if it's not Jon Snow coming down in a parachute, it's definitely something Euron wasn't expecting, since Drogon was already there and Euron was aware of her (the dragon's) presence. So what could it be? Now let's backtrack to Season 4 and 5 where Drogon is missing the entire time. While Rhaegal and Viserion are tied down with chains in a cave, so they don't cause any more destruction, Drogon is roaming about in Old Valyria, the old dragon city, where she may have laid eggs? Remember when Jorah and Tyrion pass by Old Valyria and they see a dragon fly by there? Yup, that's Drogon for sure. So, anyway, there's also a scene, where Drogon emerges from a cliff and burns a field where the cattle are grazing and she takes the sheep to probably feed her baby dragons. The same farmer approached Dany in Mereen, in a later scene and complained about her dragon ruining crops and cattle. Drogon was just a pregnant dragon feeding her babies and herself is all! So if Drogon was wreaking havoc on local shepherds and eating up a ton of livestock then, her dragons would be full grown by now we're assuming. Which means there could be a possibility they've followed mama into war and are ready to fight for her and their grandma Dany, to burn King's Landing to ashes. And this could also be why Euron is looking towards the sky in the teaser, like this: © HBO Maybe we could be absolutely wrong since we're terribly missing the two dead dragons but there isn't any other way Dany can kill Cersei and her army unless of course, she has something bigger and probable in hand. And we don't mean Jon. Let's see what happens this Monday anyway. Watch the teaser for episode 5, Season 8 here
  2. After teasing his fans for months, the official teaser of Arjun Kapoor's 'India's Most Wanted' is finally out and looks like we'll see Arjun in a never-seen-before avatar. The teaser begins with a voice-over and partial glimpses of a man who is nameless and faceless. He is the mastermind behind 52 bomb blasts, which killed as many as 433 people and left 810 injured and shook the nation from its core. Fox Star Studios In a bone-chilling voice, the man says "A soul never dies, only the body dies. I am not killing people, just sending them into another body. I am not saying this, this was said by Shri Krishna in the sacred Gita." The nameless man is then referred to as India's Osama, the most dreaded terrorist. Fox Star Studios Arjun Kapoor appears in the later part of the video as Prabhaat, an intelligence officer who is willing to catch the nameless and faceless terrorist, but without any guns or support. Jut like the description of the video says, "A manhunt with no guns, no glory, only guts." Since, Arjun Kapoor and his team of unsung heroes are not going to use any guns, we wonder if they will catch him by shouting 'Thain Thain'. While Arjun Kapoor appeared in the second half of the teaser, we are more intrigued to know more about the guy playing the antagonist. We'll get to know it once the movie releases on 24th May. Inspired by true events, 'India's Most Wanted' is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta.
  3. Marvel's 'Avengers: Endgame' may not be the only blockbuster this year that is turning heads, as we finally got to know more about the latest Star Wars movie. The movie was first teased a few months ago and now we finally have the first teaser trailer and title of the movie. The movie's title is 'The Rise of The Skywalker' and we will try to decipher what it means. In 'The Last Jedi', Rey, Finn, Poe and Rose were left outnumbered and outmatched by the Empire trying to survive. 'The Rise of The Skywalker' will be the last movie that will be the end of the Skywalker saga, however, we still need to figure out what the hell is happening. Being a devout 'Star Wars' fan for the past 20 years, here's my take on the teaser trailer: Lando Is Back! (c) Lucasfilm Lando Calrissian, played by Billy Dee Williams, had a major role in the original trilogy and we finally get to see him for the third trilogy instalment. During the panel discussion, he was wearing his familiar yellow and black outfit and is back in the seat of the Millennium Falcon. Sure, Han Solo is the only pilot we want to associate Falcon with, but the only the person acceptable to pilot the falcon was Lando and we are glad to see him back. Leia Is Back Too! (c) Lucasfilm Sadly, we lost Carrie Fisher before she could start shooting for Episode IX, however, we saw her in the teaser trailer hugging Rey. These are shots that didn't make it to 'The Last Jedi' and are now being used for the final film of the trilogy. The scene is apparently taking place in the resistance base on the planet D'Qar and we will know more about this scene once the movie is out. The Medal Of Bravery (c) Lucasfilm One of the most iconic scenes from 'The New Hope' were when Han and Luke got shiny medals for their bravery shown at the battle of Yavin IV. We finally got to see those medals again in the new teaser trailer. The Death Star Wreck (c) Lucasfilm We haven't seen any reference to the Death Star in the new trilogy, however, it seems like we got a glimpse of the wreck site. The wreck is very similar to the wreck of a Star Destroyer we got to see in 'The Force Awakens' and it may just be the Death Star. The curves in the wreckage are a huge hint at something circular which we generally associate with the Death Star. Kylo's Helmet Is Repaired (c) Lucasfilm Even though I feel that Kylo Ren was trying too hard to be Darth Vader in the first movie of the new trilogy, it is kind of satisfying to see his helmet make a return. It was destroyed by Rey in “The Last Jedi” and is probably the most iconic scene in the entire trilogy. In the teaser, we see that helmet being repaired and reformed, with a strong emphasis on the cracks The Big Reveal (c) Lucasfilm Overall, the teaser trailer was good but not mind-blowing until the very end. The teaser trailer ends with a very familiar cackle every 'Star Wars' fan can recognise. The cackling laughter belongs to the Emperor. Even though we were confused at first, it was later confirmed when Ian MacDiarmid who has been playing the character since 1983, came on stage and reaffirmed our suspicion. From the last time we remember, Palpatine was thrown down a pit by Darth Vader in the Death Star 2.0 and later exploded in the vacuum of space. We aren't entirely sure how Disney plans to bring him back. He may just come back as a force ghost, a hologram recording or even back from the dead. We will have to wait for more information. 'Star Wars: The Rise of The Skywalker' hits theatres on Dec. 20, 2019.
  4. The latest tiny teaser of the final season of 'Game Of Thrones' dropped on us casually last evening. It had no characters running on the screen, no fire, no dragons; but yet, it has left everyone scared and boggled with a few questions. Now some of us GOT fans have probably read through the lines and seen the unseen and some of you out there probably are getting excited for the final season to just dawn upon us. Anyway, if you still are looking for any clues, allow us to help. Here's a detailed analysis of what the trailer probably wants us to fathom: There's a dragon glass that we spot in there which is the only tool that can possibly help a human take on a White Walker, so you know the epic battle is going to be gruesome. © HBO Around 10 seconds into the trailer, you'll spot the tiny 'hand of the King' which we all know belongs to Tyrion. So something has happened to him, or maybe not? © HBO We also spot Arya and Bran's sword and wheelchair frozen in time and in snow, so clearly more destruction is in store. © HBO The scary part is when you see Jamie's hand frozen and just casually lying there. We'll be sad to see him dead, TBH. © HBO Also, towards the end of the teaser when we see this scene with the sword, you can see a shadow forming around it, and a lot of Reddit users believe that it's the Night King himself. © HBO Well, until now, we have been programmed to believe that this guy is the ultimate enemy of the world right there. However, the poor guy might have some backstory which led to his doom and now why he'd pledged he just wants an army of dead people. This teaser sure turned our beloved Winterfell into a Wintehell actually but the whys and the hows will only be answered in 10 days now.
  5. It's been a while Sanjay Dutt has been MIA from the big screen (unless you count his brief appearance in his own biography 'Sanju' during the end credits). However, he's all set to return with a bang with 'Kalank' - probably the biggest multi-starrer movie this year has to offer. The teaser just launched today, and as excited as we are for it to release, Sanjay Dutt's all-black ensemble had our attention in a heartbeat. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani We love the elaborately textured sherwani paired with the super relaxed patialas. The fact that he almost never steps out like this, makes it all the more special. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani We are digging the salt and pepper (well, more of salt tbh) beard game. His buzz cut is making him look like the ultimate new age 'Khalnayak' that we all deserve. © Viral Bhayani When it comes to accessories, the black glasses and the gold sherwani buttons spell 'classy' like nothing else, and they do complete justice to the intense vibe. © Viral Bhayani All we can say is, we can't wait to see him on the big screen.
  6. The much-awaited first teaser of the upcoming period drama 'Kalank' is finally out amidst much hype. The movie marks Dharma Production venturing into the Sanjay Leela Bhansali genre with a period drama that is set in the pre-independence era. The onus lies on the love story between Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan, but the teaser shows a heart broken Alia marrying Aditya Roy Kapur instead. © Dharma Productions Besides the three leads, the movie brings together Sanjay Dutt and Madhuri Diixit after an insane hiatus. Also Sonakshi Sinha will be seen in a pivotal role. Sure, the teaser ensures us that this will be a stunning visual delight but however, it's not something you feel like you haven't already watched before. The movie is directed by Abhishek Varman and is set to release on 17th April.
  7. Actress Shraddha Kapoor turned 32 today and the makers of her upcoming film 'Saaho' have the most kickass birthday gift for her - 'Shades Of Saaho Chapter 2'. This one-minute teaser gives a sneak-peek into the making of the high-octane action scenes and her character. UV Creations For someone who spends 70 crores just to blow up cars, bikes and trucks in Abu Dhabi, you can't expect anything but the best and this behind-the-scenes video is proof of the same. Call it a tradition or an epic promotion strategy, the makers of 'Saaho' sure know how to get people's attention. Last year, they released the first BTS teaser of Chapter 1 on Prabhas' birthday and this year, they picked Shraddha's birthday to release the second teaser and introduce her character too. UV Creations While Shraddha plays a cop in the movie, everyone's beloved Baahubali will have to face enemies more fierce than Bhallaldeva, Kalakeyas and Katappa. By the looks of the teasers and trailers, Prabhas is all set to burn the screen with his high-octane stunts and performance. In fact, people can't get over how amazing the two, especially Prabhas looks. His dialogue, or just one word (to be precise), "Boom!" has already stirred a storm on the internet. To be honest, this one-minute teaser is better than half the Bollywood movies out there. Gunshot visuals and #SAAHO team is surely going great guns for delivering a slick 'n' stylish Hollywood level action feast! ð Rebelstar #PRABHAS...mass mentalllssss anthe! ð In @sujeethsign we believe!#ShadesOfSaaho2 #ShadesOfSaahoChapter2 pic.twitter.com/IMMNvmPzA2 — M S Krishna Prateek (@mskp_29) March 3, 2019 Just One Dialogue BOOM ð¥ð¥â#Prabhas #Saaho Full Video Linkðhttps://t.co/nNoDgYjQ8n #ShadesOfSaaho2 #ShadesOfSaahoChapter2 #ShraddhaKapoor #HBDSaahoQueenShraddha @ShraddhaKapoor #HBDshraddhaFromPrabhasFans #HappyBirthdayShraddhaKapoor #BOOM pic.twitter.com/GBb1SKSSA7 — Prabhas Raju⤠(@sandy_prabhas) March 3, 2019 Review in one Word : Fucking Awesome. #ShadesOfSaaho2 — Indian Military (@INDIAN_FORCEE) March 3, 2019 We getting Gouseboms for only making video wt abt movie ð±ð±ð±OMG...! #ShadesOfSaaho2 #Prabhas @ShraddhaKapoor@sujeethsign@SKNonline pic.twitter.com/VTokpNjNnb — Gopi kommera (@KommeraGopi) March 3, 2019 Directed by Sujeeth, 'Saaho' is expected to release in 2019 on Independence Day. 'Saaho' is being made in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and also stars Jackie Shroff, Mandira Bedi and Neil Nitin Mukesh.
  8. This season of 'Koffee With Karan' came with its own set of controversies, fodder for gossip and some fresh scoop on some of our favourite stars who made it to the couch and spilt some beans during the rapid-fire rounds of the show. However, the season is now all set to draw the curtains with a grand finale, which will have Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra brewing some insanely hot coffee for us. The star power next week will go off the charts with Begum of Bollywood #KareenaKapoorKhan and Global Sensation @PriyankaChopra on the Koffee couch. #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeFinale pic.twitter.com/pSagOiIcVX — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) February 17, 2019 One of the teasers show us the chemistry between the two hotties, where they speak about how both of them were proposed in Greece by their respective partners and another one shows a sassy PC talking about how she can beat any millennial in the art of how fast can she 'move on' in life. #KareenaKapoorKhan and @PriyankaChopra connect, reminisce and compete on the Koffee couch. #KoffeeWithKaran. #KoffeeFinale pic.twitter.com/T1gPfFczEv — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) February 17, 2019 This is going to be a great finale with some major scoop awaiting us in this episode. The two actresses haven't always been so pally in the past when Bebo commented on PC's accent and PC answered back in her unique style when she graced the couch in one of the previous seasons. The two have worked together in 'Aitraaz' in 2004 and have never really shared the screen after that. View this post on Instagram Girls just wanna have fun!!!! #seasonfinale #koffeewithkaran @priyankachopra #kareenakapoorkhan A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Dec 12, 2018 at 11:13am PST Will someone sign them up together for a movie after this episode airs? We sure hope so!
  9. April seems like a far cry for any Marvel fan awaiting the release of the 'Avengers: Endgame' movie and rightly so. A few hours ago, during the Super Bowl, Marvel casually dropped an exciting bomb for fans when the latest teaser for the movie was released. The teaser obviously gives us a glimpse of the post Thanos-stricken world which almost looks like a post-apocalyptic universe--silent and dark. The Russo brothers know how to ace their direction in order to ensure that your adrenaline continues to pump harder. The heroes must unite to fight for whatever is left and that is exactly what shall happen. The real #SuperBowl champions. #AvengersEndgame pic.twitter.com/AQ9xBGUlpc — Jennifer Ann (@jnifferann) February 4, 2019 As expected, Captain America (Chris Evans), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), War Machine (Don Cheadle), Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), Nebula (Karen Gillan) and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) make their appearances in the teaser. Oh and Tony Stark might have found a way to come back, or is that what we think? Fans are insanely excited about this one. I bet Tony sent that message to Pepper and 5 minutes later he decided that he ain't gonna die on that ship.#AvengersEndgame pic.twitter.com/PBfOM74pVE — bi-derman Kata ︽âµï¸½ (@IR0NSPIDEY) February 4, 2019 CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT CAN'T WAIT #AvengersEndgame #superbowl #HalftimeHeat @MarvelStudios pic.twitter.com/ndQ9RdgirG — ! (@aaryangoel12) February 4, 2019 The movie hits the theatres in April, so please try to keep your calm if possible.
  10. ADMIN

    Honest Review: Bharat Teaser

    Since there was nothing to review this week, Zain and Shantanu decided to review the 'Bharat' teaser. After all, when Salman Khan announces a movie, even the teaser is bound to be a super hit, right? Or so we thought.
  11. Say whatever you want about her. Her violent ways. Her crazy mind. Her absolute lack of sympathy and most of all, her inexplicable relationship with the diabolical Joker…we love Harley Quinn. via GIPHY Well, I don't know about you, but she was definitely my favourite in 'Suicide Squad' (Deadshot was a close second). How can you not be in awe of her? The pure badassery and savagery that's hidden under a mask of blue and red make up and pigtails. via GIPHY Also, a lot of my male friends loved her for entirely different reasons and, well, I can't blame them. She was the definition of crazy hot. via GIPHY And for those of us who've missed our beloved maniac, good news is here. She's back. via GIPHY The simply gorgeous Margot Robbie, who plays Harley, has revealed a new look of her iconic character, from the upcoming superhero flick 'Birds of Prey (and the fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)', and boy, are we loving it. Robbie took to Instagram to share Quinn's makeover with the caption “miss me? HQ”, and, obviously, the post has gone viral. View this post on Instagram Miss me? ðHQ A post shared by @ margotrobbie on Jan 28, 2019 at 5:00am PST The short teaser which is titled “See You Soon” shows us glimpses of all the characters in their awesome costumes, and that's when we see Harley, happily twirling about in her new look, however, still retaining her baseball batt and tattoos. via GIPHY She does look much happier here, though, right? I mean, the last time we saw her, she was being busted out of prison by her 'puddin', so, safe to say, she has all the reasons to looks particularly gleeful right now. via GIPHY Is she still with the Joker? Or has she completely severed all ties with him, which is why she is looking so cheerful? Or is she just being plain nuts? via GIPHY According to IMDB, “after splitting up with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins three female superheroes - Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya - to save the life of a little girl (Cassandra Cain) from an evil crime lord. via GIPHY Well, if I am being stereotypically cliché here, one does go through a complete image overhaul after a breakup, so, I kinda get Harley for her makeover and honestly, I am digging the shorter hair and neon pink outfit. Not that I had a problem with her old look….I mean, who in their right mind would have one?? via GIPHY In this film, which is the eighth DC instalment, Robbie is joined by castmates Ewan McGregor, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosie Perez, and Ella Jay Basco. Goes without saying that fans on social media lost it (still losing it) and gave a standing ovation to Harley's new look. The Future is Female #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/6coZXHVfE5 — Harley Quinn Updates (@HarleyMovieNews) January 28, 2019 THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON IN THIS PICTURE?? SHORT HAIR HARLEY?? A DOG TAG CHOKER THAT SAYS BRUCE?? THE CONFETTI WHICH MAY OR MAY NOT BE HER OUTFIT??? BIRDS OF PREY AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY QUINN (2020) DIR. CATHY YAN WHATS GOING ON pic.twitter.com/oxgV60JDWi — sherri (@thirdrobins) January 28, 2019 WHAT THE HELL WHY DOES SHE HAVE A DOG TAG WITH BRUCE ON IT#HarleyQuinn #BirdsOfPrey pic.twitter.com/vCSVV1iBXK — •AquaMax𱕠#ReleaseTheSnyderCut (@SupesBatsy) January 28, 2019
  12. This season of 'Koffee With Karan' has its cup full with controversies, gossip and major celebrity fodder. Last night's episode had some funny exchanges between Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao, who debated about what was it like to be an outsider in Bollywood and who do they stalk on social media. View this post on Instagram My cuppa koffee today!!! Super time with @psbhumi and @rajkummar_rao !!! Had a great time guysâï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸âï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Oct 25, 2018 at 8:05am PDT The teaser of the next episode starring Sidharth Malhotra and Aditya Roy Kapoor is out and gives us a sneak peek into their bromance. Partners in crime @SidMalhotra and Aditya Roy Kapur take the Koffee couch this week. #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithSidharth #KoffeeWithAditya pic.twitter.com/wvBkupn2et — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) January 27, 2019 The two of the hottest bachelors of B-town will gather with KJO himself to brew some more gossip and information for us to feast upon. The teaser also gives us a tiny glimpse of how sassy Sid can actually be when he says that he'd like Saif Ali Khan to be his sibling and Kareena Kapoor to be his wife! View this post on Instagram Steaming Koffee! @s1dofficial #adityaroykapoor #koffeewithkaran A post shared by Karan Johar (@karanjohar) on Nov 9, 2018 at 8:38pm PST Aditya is known to be quite an introvert, so it will be fun to know how he is like as a person when we get some more dope on the lives of these two Bollywood hunks.
  13. Bhai is back! Actually, about six of him are back, because that's kind of what the teaser of the much-awaited movie 'Bharat' is suggesting. Salman Khan, obviously, has the monopoly over Eid movie releases and while he missed the mark last time when his business just remained his business and none of our business, it looks like he's back to redeem himself. Or not, because we all know even if this is a disaster like 'Race 3', it will still earn hundreds of crores for sure. Coming back to the teaser, it seems like the movie will follow his character Bharat from different stages of his life with vastly different professions, everything from a Navy officer and then an ageing boxer. While Sallu Bhai's fans were busy raving about the teaser, everyone else got to work on the obvious, which is turning the teaser into memes. From all of Salman's different looks to the surname dialogue, everything was perfect meme material and people on Twitter came through, of course. The universal license plate? When you don't want the cops to note down your vehicle number after an accident. #BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/un5XleI7hv — Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) January 25, 2019 You just gotta do it. Me, making different email IDs to get Free Netflix subscription for a month. #BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/HFo2mlHvPL — SAGAR (@sagarcasm) January 25, 2019 Same Bhai. #BharatKaTeaser reminded us of someone. pic.twitter.com/CxwVmkVwwY — East India Comedy (@EastIndiaComedy) January 25, 2019 What a comparison! Multitasking Person #BharatKaTeaser #BharatTeaser pic.twitter.com/MmIARw4msT — Devanshu (@HiDevanshu) January 25, 2019 Ouch, that's gotta hurt. In the movie Bharat, Salman Khan is playing the role of a Navy Officer, a Stuntman and a Miner. Well, you have to take multiple jobs when your brothers are unemployed. #BharatKaTeaser — Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) January 25, 2019 Kya hai? #BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/U1yID2q1Ad — SAGAR (@sagarcasm) January 25, 2019 10-year challenge? THEN NOW#BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/IAtSHOwdiV — Krishna (@Atheist_Krishna) January 25, 2019 Is it that bad? Mumbaikar - Thank god, there is no car on road. We can walk safely. And then....#BharatKaTeaser #Bharat pic.twitter.com/LE5uMMBkvS — Ekdam Zakaass (@Ekdam_Zakaass) January 25, 2019 Just don't become Joe Goldberg. Me making different accounts to stalk my ex on social media. #BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/Fv4K7OxibX — Pakchikpak Raja Babu (@HaramiParindey) January 25, 2019 Twitter got no chill. Yogi ji had no chill.ð #BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/ouit5D7cYD — Pranjul Sharma ð(@Pranjultweet) January 25, 2019 Holi is too overrated. Me after watching #BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/rIrS7RFs5I — Principle Patel (@PatelSiddhant_) January 25, 2019 Run Sallu, run. 1: during lectures 2: bunking class #BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/YKLZFvE0Rr — Jal Ka Raja (@JalKaRaja) January 25, 2019 Remember the 'mom's gift' and 'never trust girls' tweet? *Desi nibbas after buying new bike*#BharatKaTeaser pic.twitter.com/hXwmTBQh06 — Tweeterað¦ (@DoctorrSays) January 25, 2019
  14. The much-awaited teaser of Salman Khan's 'Bharat' is out and looks like the Eid of 2019 is going to be a great one for both Salman and his fans. The teaser begins with an overcrowded train entering a railway station in Pakistan, hinting at the time of Partition of India. Then enters the 'Dabangg' Khan aka Salman and takes over the 1 minute 30 seconds video as Bharat, a man who is beyond caste, creed, religion and surname. In fact, in the voiceover, Salman Khan says that his father named him Bharat, after his country. © Salman Khan Films In the teaser, Salman appears to have multiple professions and adventures. He first appears as a badass motorcyclist who jumps through a ring of fire like it's nobody's damn business. He is then shown as a Navy officer and then an ageing boxer. Honestly, this 1 minute 30 seconds video looks better than the 2 hours 40 minutes called 'Race 3'. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, 'Bharat' also stars Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff, Sonali Kulkarni, Disha Patani and Nora Fatehi. For those who don't know, 'Bharat' is a remake of a 2014 Korean movie called 'An Ode To My Father'. 'Bharat' is expected to release in June during Eid.
  15. Priya Prakash Varrier has done it again. With just one video, she has broken the internet, only this time it wasn't a wink but the teaser of her upcoming Bollywood movie. © Instagram In case you didn't know, Priya Prakash Varrier is making her Bollywood debut with 'Sridevi Bungalow', which is being said to be based on late actress Sridevi's life (although it's not confirmed). This almost 2-minute (1 minute 49 seconds to be precise) video has already created a storm online, with people trolling the makers of the film and Priya for choosing this film. Here's the teaser that shook the internet. Directed by Malayalam filmmaker Prasanth Mambully, 'Sridevi Bungalow' is reportedly made on a budget of Rs. 70 crore. Apparently, Boney Kapoor has even sent a legal notice to the makers of 'Sridevi Bungalow'. Mambully said, "We received a legal notice from Mr Boney Kapoor last week. And we will face it, I want to. My film is a suspense thriller. I told him (Boney Kapoor) that Sridevi is a common name. My film's character also happens to be an actress. We will face it (the legal case)." © Aaraat Entertainments From attending parties to signing autographs for fans, the teaser shows the protagonist, Sridevi leading a lavish lifestyle of a superstar. Although it's not confirmed whether the movie is based on her life or not, the fact that the character's name is Sridevi and her lying in the bathtub at the end of the teaser (hinting at Sridevi's accidental drowning/ mysterious death in Dubai), raises a lot of eyebrows. The film does not have a release date yet. Recently, Priya was seen chilling with Vicky Kaushal and Ranveer Singh at the screening of 'Uri'.
  16. The wait will finally come to an end this April, when the final season of our very beloved fantasy epic 'Game of Thrones' premieres on 14th April, 2019. HBO recently made the announcement at the beginning of the premiere episode of another of its popular show, 'True Detective'. © HBO A short teaser followed the announcement, and it is the max we have seen of 'Game of Thrones' season 8. While the teaser, like all the others we have seen over the years, looks extremely promising, viewers cannot be sure if it is the real deal or simply a distraction to amp up the intrigue in the minds of eager audience. © HBO The teaser begins with the Stark children's homecoming, to reunite in their family's crypt at Winterfell. Watch the entire teaser here, to find out what follows next: April 14. #ForTheThrone pic.twitter.com/Mzy22yxM6Z — Game Of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) January 14, 2019 As per a Polygon report, it is being speculated that the first episode of the final season of GOT might open with a full-blown Stark reunion, where we will witness a joint meetup between Sansa Stark, who currently holds the reins of Winterfell, and Jon and Daenerys who are on their way back from the disastrous trip to the wall. © HBO Things are expected to get tense when Sansa is asked to swear allegiance to Dany in the upcoming season, but until we can see all of that for ourselves, we will have to wait for the premiere episode to air in April. All we can say right now is, #CantWaitWontWait
  17. Folks, director Karan Johar has created history. Looks like he has roped in John Cena for his upcoming movie, 'Drive', because you legit can't see anything. For those who got the joke, let's move ahead and read the story and for those who didn't, GOOGLE it. Karan Johar just shared the first teaser of his upcoming film, 'Drive' starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Jacqueline Fernandez. By the looks of the teaser, the movie will have four cars in a lead role and the two that zoomed past the screen might have Jacqueline and Sushant in it, unless they are the new-age self-driven cars. © Dharma Productions There's legit nothing in the teaser, except for a black screen with the cars' headlights on. So, without further ado, let's take a look at how awesome Sushant and Jacqueline look (hypothetically) in this 23 seconds video. The teaser of 'Drive' is already driving us crazy, but it's the comment section on YouTube that is making us fall off our chairs laughing. From calling it 'Gareebo ka Fast and Furious' to demanding Salman Khan to be a part of it, people have some really hilarious reactions to the teaser. 'Drive', which is said to be an official remake of the 2011 American film of the same, is expected to release on June 28 and also stars Sapna Pabbi, Boman Irani, Pankaj Tripathi and Vikramjeet Virk in key roles.
  18. "This is the Taj Hotel, you're very safe here," says Dev Patel in the chilling teaser of 'Hotel Mumbai' that is set to the bring back the haunting memories of 26/11 attacks, which shook both Mumbai and the country from its core. Presenting the teaser poster of one of the most important films of our times #HotelMumbai. ð pic.twitter.com/gAaUae8Aqs — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) December 10, 2018 Directed by Australian filmmaker Anthony Maras, the film takes us back to 2008 when some terrorists opened fire at places like Chhatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (CST), Leopold Cafe, Nariman House, the Oberoi Trident Hotel, and the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. What goes on inside the hotel and the minds of the staff and the guests, when innocent lives are being brutally taken away by the terrorists, weaves the rest of the plot. The movie stars Dev Patel, Armie Hammer and Anupam Kher in prominent roles. Dev Patel plays a waiter at the hotel, Anupam Kher is the head chef and Armie Hammer plays a tourist who is staying at the hotel. According to the synopsis, "this story celebrates humanity, compassion, courage, resilience and the unwavering desire to survive." The teaser is intriguing and bone-chilling to say the least and the movie is expected to release in 2019.
  19. RS is undoubtedly the OG 'Baap of action' and he's proved it once again with this BTS teaser video of 'Simmba'. For all those who thought we're talking about Ranveer Singh, y'all are wrong. We're talking about Rohit Shetty, who is primarily known for making movies, only to blow up cars in the air. © Instagram Actor Ranveer Singh, who plays the lead role in 'Simmba' shared this video of social media with the caption, 'Baap of action...back in action'. This video shows the making of the movie and how the high-octane stunts were shot. In fact, not just Ranveer, but even Rohit Shetty was at his savage best, while supervising the stunts and the shoot. © Instagram Rohit Shetty being Rohit Shetty, utilized the film's budget perfectly by breaking tables, shattering glass windows, action-packed punches and blowing up cars; while Ranveer Singh aka ACP Sangram 'Simmba' Bhalerao was busy breaking the bones of the criminals. BAAP OF ACTION...BACK IN ACTION ! ðð½ð¥#Simmba #RohitShetty @karanjohar #SaraAliKhan @SonuSood pic.twitter.com/N87ugnUGri — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) October 24, 2018 This 30-second video will leave you confused by the end as to who is the real action hero in the movie - Ranveer Singh or Rohit Shetty? 'Simmba' is expected to release on December 28. Apart from work, Ranveer is also busy planning his wedding with Deepika Padukone, that is due to take place on November 14 and 15. According to reports, the wedding festivities will take place in Italy.
  20. Disney is synonymous with a happy childhood and all things good. The much-awaited and everyone's favourite classic, 'Aladdin' is finally coming to life and the teaser for the movie dropped today. The teaser doesn't give out much, except a bird's-eye-view of the magical land of Agrabah and a glimpse of Aladdin himself, who is being played by Mena Massoud. View this post on Instagram ICYMI: @jackryanamazon is now streaming on #amazonprime ! I met a lot of incredible people doing this job and the cast, directors, writers & producers are absolute all-stars. A lot of incredibly talented actors-of-colour got a chance to be a part of this show and that's damn important. So you should go watch âð½ #jackryan A post shared by Mena Massoud (@menamassoud) on Sep 1, 2018 at 12:53pm PDT The movie is helmed by Guy Ritchie with Naomi Scott as Jasmine and Will Smith playing Genie. With the release of the teaser, fans across the globe are tripping over with nostalgia. Our 1st look at Aladdin grabbing for the lamp.... pic.twitter.com/2h3kNqCy06 — UrbanNoizeRmx (@UrbanNoize2) October 12, 2018 So I know what i'll be doing on May 24th, 2019. #Aladdin — Jared Smith (@jaredleesmith) October 12, 2018 WE'RE GOING BACK TO AGRABAH, LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS. LISTEN TO THE MUSIC! ððð THAT BEAT THAT HITS AT 1.00 GOOSEBUMPS! OUR DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH IS HERE. ITS TIME FOR ANOTHERRRRRR ARABIAN NIGHTTTTTT #Aladdin pic.twitter.com/yqnx9NkejC — Moneer Elmasseek (@MoneerElmasseek) October 12, 2018 But yeah, people are also upset that the teaser did not include a glimpse of the beloved Genie! How you think you can make an ALADDIN trailer and not show the damn genie — Neil Miller (@rejects) October 12, 2018 Well, it's called teaser for a reason! The movie hits the theatres next year on 29th May, so let's have some patience, shall we?
  21. You know your movie is in trouble when people talk more about the controversies, memes and basically everything else, except the movie's content. Kangana Ranaut learnt this lesson the hard way, when the teaser of her upcoming movie 'Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi' dropped. The teaser shows Kangana taking the centre stage as the fierce warrior queen, Rani Lakshmibai, who single-handedly fought the war against the British East India Company to protect Jhansi. With certain actors and even the director leaving halfway, the movie has been floating in a pool of controversies since the day it was announced. When the teaser was released, we thought people would finally stop talking about those controversies and focus on the teaser. Well, that's exactly what happened. People did forget about the controversies but instead, shifted their entire focus on churning out hilarious memes. © Zee studios The teaser was good, but these memes are great and I am sure that even if you haven't watched the teaser yet, you must have seen them by now. From cracking dentist jokes to comparing her to Voldemort, Twitter's meme war was the most harmless battle we've seen and something we want to see happening on a regular basis. close enough #ManikarnikaTeaser pic.twitter.com/gXxfq4Mblu — Kunal #Kick (@iKunnu_Kick) October 2, 2018 Pic 1 - Your Crush Pic 2 - His Wife Pic 3 - His friend Pic 4 - You#ManikarnikaTeaser pic.twitter.com/0mgKjjtGPA — Hrithik Roshan Fan (@iHrithiksSniper) October 2, 2018 Me at the Dentist after a Root Canal. #manikarnikateaser pic.twitter.com/XYlw9Cd4CN — Anid (@annoyinglyanid) October 2, 2018 Nothing to say. Just laugh ð¤£ðð¤£ðð¤£ð𤣠Even that soldier is laughing on Kangana's expression. ðð#ManikarnikaTeaser pic.twitter.com/nBn6x5WpTC — Hrithik Roshan Fan (@iHrithiksSniper) October 2, 2018 It seems like somebody was whispering "Hrithik ne tere 3000 mails ko ignore kardiya" in her ear throughout the shooting of this film ðð#ManikarnikaTeaser pic.twitter.com/YcLIFvTYhY — Hrithik Roshan Fan (@iHrithiksSniper) October 2, 2018 ðððð i can't stop laughing really ððððððð Aazaadi bol rahi hai ya Chacha Ji ððððððð#ManikarnikaTeaser #KanganaRanaut pic.twitter.com/yzdtqzFpR0 — लापरवाह (@HrxRohit_) October 2, 2018 Me at the Dentist after a Root Canal. #manikarnikateaser pic.twitter.com/XYlw9Cd4CN — Anid (@annoyinglyanid) October 2, 2018 I don't encourage trolling but this one's too obvious and too funny. #KanganaRanaut resemblrs #Voldemort in #ManikarnikaTeaser. ððð @HrithikRules @Pranaywaaa @Hrithikdbest @HrithikWeb @iHrithikFan @iHrithiksSniper pic.twitter.com/nf5a1QvQZa — Honest Opinions (@myhonop) October 2, 2018 #ManikarnikaTeaser #Manikarnika When your brother removes your phone and puts his phone on charging: pic.twitter.com/5xTA3rxwnl — serotonized (@memes_banata_hu) October 2, 2018 *this is how a soldier fight in kanpur*#ManikarnikaTeaser pic.twitter.com/Dt9e8LW9aT — Tweeterað¦ (@DoctorrSays) October 2, 2018 Who wore it better? ð¤ #ManikarnikaTeaser pic.twitter.com/6NT1xaXbzD — Ray (@BeingAntiHero) October 2, 2018 Despite these memes, the teaser of 'Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi' has already garnered over 12 million views. It is expected to hit the theatres on January 25, 2019.
  22. With his performances in movies like 'Raazi', 'Sanju' and 'Manmarziyaan'; actor Vicky Kaushal has proved that he is one of the finest and most versatile actors in Bollywood right now. After a successful stint in 'Manmarziyaan' opposite Taapsee Pannu and Abhishek Bachchan, Vicky Kaushal is back with a bang in another kickass military drama, 'Uri'. © RSVP Movies 'Uri' is a movie based on Indian Army's surgical strike across the Line of Control (LoC). If the first look of the movie wasn't enticing enough, the makers just dropped this teaser today and let's just say, it's going to be one of the most promising movies of 2019. © RSVP Movies The teaser shows Vicky Kaushal leading a group of paratroopers in the surgical strikes, post the attack on the Indian Army camp in Uri, Kashmir. It was a defining moment in India's military history and the teaser successfully captures the intensity and the gravity of the tense situation and the passion with which our brave soldiers avenged the death of the soldiers who were martyred. Check out the teaser here. Directed by Aditya Dhar, 'Uri' also stars Yami Gautam (as an intelligence officer) and Paresh Rawal, and is expected to release on January 11, 2019.
  23. As Twitter bid goodbye to Anushka Sharma's meme-worthy face from 'Sui Dhaaga', they also happily welcomed Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar's VFX-filled spectacle '2.0' After much delay, the teaser of S. Shankar's film was dropped yesterday and within minutes it was ruling the internet. While some loved the teaser, some couldn't help but criticise its 75 Million Dollar-worth VFX. Doing what they do best, the Twitterati decided to showcase their talent and churn out memes one after another from the teaser. From Diwali's chakri to Batman's Joker, Twitter has come up with hysterical examples that have left us howling! Check out the memes below: That's so like most Rajnikanth movies! If my mom had superpowers, this is the first thing she'd do. #2Point0Teaser pic.twitter.com/YgNWb4ST5y — Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) September 13, 2018 Sir musically users ke dimaag me kya chalta hai? pic.twitter.com/T4EM4Budzo — Rishabh Srivastava (@AskRishabh) September 13, 2018 #2Point0Teaser pic.twitter.com/Tryjh7Jm40 — 㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠ã¤ã¤ 㤠㤠㤠(@firkiii) September 13, 2018 Well, this one is the best for sure. Close enough? #2point0teaser #Chakrikanth pic.twitter.com/IufTFy2mWI — Bade Chote (@badechote) September 13, 2018 #WorldCup2019 #WC19 pic.twitter.com/sB5MmZIswr — Rishabh Srivastava (@AskRishabh) September 13, 2018 We feel you too. Interaction with relatives: Pic 1: Throughout the year Pic 2: On Result day pic.twitter.com/GmqsDtCsJD — Bollywood Gandu (@BollywoodGandu) September 13, 2018 When relatives visit me, I like to..#2Point0MODE #2Point0Teaser pic.twitter.com/unuujX9fcq — फ़à¤à¤à¥ βαβα  - सब मà¥à¤¹à¤®à¤¾à¤¯à¤¾ हॠâï¸ (@nillkool9) September 13, 2018 Reality vs Expectations #2Point0Teaser EXPECTATION vs REALITY pic.twitter.com/LTmNZVEqMn — Devil V!SHAL ð (@VishalRC007) September 13, 2018 This meme ðððððððð Meme creaters ð¥#2Point0Teaser pic.twitter.com/aIFgAJ4tVQ — Kutty (@its_kutty) September 13, 2018 Sad story of @akshaykumar and his fans#2Point0Teaser pic.twitter.com/U7w861NZ5N — ðð¥ (@Shubh_AD) September 13, 2018 sochta hu ki wo kya se kya ho gye kitne masum the dekhte dekhte @akshaykumar #2Point0 pic.twitter.com/9Y8oySbeHt — SANTOSHâ¡ (@SuperADianSP) September 13, 2018 '2.0' will finally hit the theatres on 29th November 2018.
  24. The much-awaited '2.0' teaser was dropped on the internet yesterday and the result wasn't that positive as expected. Starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar, it is touted to be India's first movie to spend $75 million dollars (around Rs. 545 crores), and more than 3000 technicians have invested their skills in the making of '2.0'. The makers wanted this movie to be a grand VFX spectacle, but it seems like netizens are not that pleased with the result. They are also upset with Akshay Kumar's blink-and-miss presence in the trailer. © Dharma Productions One would totally understand that a lot more is expected from Akshay, keeping his stardom in mind. And obviously, if this is the result of the $75 million dollar-worth VFX, we wonder what the makers were actually thinking? © Dharma Productions Fans took to Twitter and made sure to express their disappointment. Here's what they have to say: The teaser is below average and Akshay Kumar was just in one frame says a lot about his stardom. — Shoaib (@50Shades0fMere) September 13, 2018 #2point0Teaser Really $75M VFX? Disappointed ð — M E H A B O O B (@mehaboobkareem) September 13, 2018 Cartoon network and pogo together gives more entertainment than 2.0 #2point0teaser — RAHUL PANDEY âï¸ (@Iamrahul555) September 13, 2018 500 crores for this VFX ð Big joke.......Over the top hype...... Lower quality VFX & Old boring script. This 2.0 is not stand-up in the list of VFX world ð´#2Point0Teaser — Baazigar Abhi - ZERO/21 Dec ð (@WorldOf_Heaven) September 13, 2018 Poor graphics- disappointing long wait — z Z a Y ! p (@zzayip) September 13, 2018 Just watched 2.0 teaser and I want to crawl under a rock and hide there. Please someone do us all a favour and burn the reel. — Siddhu (@cheekyponnama) September 13, 2018 Wait is over but only a glimpse of Akshay Kumar apereance. https://t.co/DExqfm2yQp — gaurangi sagar (@gsag25) September 13, 2018 Sir personally i Don't like the teaser as it was a leaked teaser,almost everyone already saw it,Not worth waiting @LycaProductions why don't you make new teaser ? Lazy people ,also didn't saw a akshay kumar's dialogue .Don't cry for hindi collections. — Cartoon (@Games0fCart00n) September 13, 2018 My honest question to everyone. Donn know abt VFX. but where is Akshay Kumar in the 2.0 teaser !? #2Point0TeaserDay @DharmaMovies @BrijwaSRKman @5555Lucky @BlogDrive @PandilwarA — Durga Dash (@Durga_EthanHunt) September 13, 2018 While the teaser may have left fans disappointed, here is hoping the full trailer turns about. This is also the first Indian film to use 3D cameras. The film directed by S. Shankar will hit the screens on November 29, 2018, in both 3D and 2D.
  25. After teasing fans with small glimpses of its upcoming show 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina', Netflix has finally released the eerie teaser of the series, and it is nothing like what we expected. Made by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the creator of 'Riverdale', the show is a dark coming of age tale that introduces us to the world of witchcraft and occults like never before. © Netflix Starring Kiernan Shipka, who plays the lead, the show is one of the most highly anticipated reboots of the '90s sitcom 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. It wouldn't be wrong to say that we are highly impressed with the clip, even though it is scary AF. © Netflix The teaser opens with the strike of a match, a birthday cake that has 16 blood-candles being lit up and a spooky voice singing, “Happy Birthday” in the background. © Netflix The first episode will apparently start with Sabrina's 16th birthday, which is popularly known as a woman's 'Dark Baptism' in the world of witches. In the clip, she is supposed to give up her mortality and pen her name down in the Satan's book. © Netflix But for her, it's a struggle as she is half mortal too. It's a dilemma and a fight between her morals and her desire to seal a deal with the devil himself. Check out the creepy teaser here: