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  1. China has been ramping research into missiles, from those that can destroy satellites in space to advanced nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles
  2. Instagram is testing "Selected People" feature as an alternative to "Close Friends" allowing users to uncheck some people from their ?close friends? list
  3. Work from home was a luxury before the pandemic. Little did we know, it would one day become our worst nightmare. The perk that we thought was the ultimate solution to our messed up work-life balance before, has now officially become ‘the problem’ itself during the last couple of years since it has blurred the line between our personal and professional life. © iStock Working remotely is certainly not easy and results in the same or worse degree of burnout since there is no EOD. However, people who have made a difference in their life by managing the exhausting schedules and toxic work culture have shared some pearls of wisdom on a social media community and it can help you out. © iStock Here are people who have mastered the art of work-life and have shared the best advice and tips on how to strike a perfect balance and not let your work take over your life: 1. Set Your Work Hours & Don’t Entertain Coworkers Post Office Hours © iStock "If you’re salaried, it’s hard to break the habits of an hourly worker. When you’re salaried, they pay you for your EXPERTISE, not your time. Don’t work more than your 40 hours, less if you can, because that isn’t why you’re paid anymore." —witchyribbon84 "Be clear with coworkers about boundaries and scheduling. If you work remote, shut your computer off at the same time every day. For the most part, unless your job is in a medical or safety field, no one will die if you send an email the next morning or return a phone call during your work hours. There are always going to be 'martyr' workers who think they are better for sacrificing their health or time for work. They are not better, and you can still get your job done during regular hours." —dellarock 2. Block Your Calendar For Yourself"Put blocks on your calendar!! You deserve time to debrief, focus, eat, take a little nap, whatever you want. But don’t let your job take over your life." 3. Let Some Things Be Undone © iStock "Working from home makes the lines blur FAST — that's why my hard-and-fast rule is that when I log off for the day, I'm done — no logging back in at night, checking email from my phone or doing one more thing. I'll write myself a note or even leave myself a voicemail if I'm worried about something that comes to mind." —manningl428 "Leave when you are scheduled to leave. The work will still be there tomorrow." —dr-doctor 4. Before & After You Start Work, Do Things You Love © iStock "I struggled to WFH prepandemic (big procrastinator over here), but this year I’m enforcing a daily routine to ensure I work during my working hours and shut off my laptop at consistent times (when possible). Waking up 30 minutes earlier, I now spend my mornings stretching or exercising, cleaning up from the night before, getting dressed, all before 9 a.m. so I feel fully prepared for the day.” —isabossy “It’s a small thing, but when I get home from work every day I take 45 minutes to sit, have a cuppa, and zone out to the TV before I start housework, dinner, etc. This allows me time to switch off from my work day and become fully engaged in being at home. It’s made my downtime more high quality.” —pritchette 5. Create An At-Home Desk That You Leave © iStock "If you WFH, create a separate space that is just for work and only do work in that space, even if it's small. My apartment is small, so I took a corner in my bedroom and that is my work corner." —kroxdz View the full article
  4. With the spread of the Omicron variant of coronavirus, a lot of Bollywood celebs have tested positive including the likes of Arjun Kapoor, Rhea Kapoor and John Abraham among others. Over the years popular Bollywood photographer Viral Bhayani’s Instagram page too has become a one-stop shop to know the whereabouts of celebs. However, recently, the paparazzi has been receiving flak on social media for his choice of pictures while announcing the COVID-19 positive news of a celeb. Recently, Sumona Chakraborty of The Kapil Sharma Show fame tested positive for COVID-19. Viral took to his Instagram account and shared a picture of the actress in a bikini while announcing her diagnosis. Check out the post below: View this post on Instagram This led to many users slamming the pap for repeatedly sharing bikini-clad pics of celebs while announcing such news. One user commented, “Yeh sahi baat nhi he viral bhaiya, har bar aisi hi pic dalte ho… (This isn't done. Why are you sharing such pictures every time?)” Another commented, “Viral ko kya ho rah he yar ...aise photos hi kyu post krta h (What has happened to him? Why is he always posting such pictures?)” One comment read, “What kind of pic selection is this viral”. Take a look at some of the comments below: © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram This was not all, a few users also took to Twitter and shared the screenshot of the post by Viral. One user sarcastically wrote, “There's only one honest chronicler of modern India and that's Viral Bhayani.” Another simply wondered, “What's wrong with #viralbhayani”. Take a look at some of the tweets below: What's wrong with #viralbhayani pic.twitter.com/a47J3QOMtC — Naitik (@NewNaitik) January 5, 2022Currently, Viral Bhayani’s insta handle is functioning as Bollywood’s Suburban Diagnostics. — Manu Maharshi (@manumaharshi) January 5, 2022Bapu ji to Viral bhayani: pic.twitter.com/pFWEBcZzeq — Professor Saheb (@Professorsaaheb) January 4, 2022Ye kya tarika h batane ka — Arman (@_m_c_q) January 5, 2022There's only one honest chronicler of modern India and that's Viral Bhayani. pic.twitter.com/loHWrpoGHJ — Nemo Dylan (@NonsensicalNemo) January 4, 2022viral bhayani posting hot pic of an actress with a caption “covid positive” — vipin (@djfrankkie) January 4, 2022 Besides Sumona, Viral has also shared bikini-clad pictures of actresses like Mrunal Thakur and Erica Fernandes. View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram What are your thoughts on his choice of pictures for some of the celebs? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  5. Jimmy Fallon thanked doctors and nurses who ?work so hard around the clock to get everyone vaxxed? in his post
  6. Betty White?s iconic method towards getting to live a long and healthy life has been unearthed
  7. As the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is gradually increasing across the country, several celebrities too have tested positive for coronavirus. After Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Arjun Kapoor among others, actress-dancer Nora Fatehi too has contracted the deadly virus. On Thursday, taking to Instagram, the Street Dancer 3D star shared the news with fans adding that she's under doctor’s supervision. View this post on Instagram On her Instagram story, she wrote, "Hey guys, unfortunately, I am currently battling Covid…It has honestly hit me real hard! I’ve been bedridden for a few days now under the doctor’s supervision. Please stay safe guys wear your masks, it's spreading fast and can affect everyone differently!" Nora added, "Unfortunately, I have reacted badly to it, this could happen to anyone please be careful! I am working on recovering at the moment that’s all that matters right now. Nothing is more important than your health! Take care, stay safe". View this post on Instagram Reacting to the news of Nora Fatehi testing COVID-19 positive, many social media users showed concern and sent get well soon wishes to her. While a section of netizens trolled her as she was recently promoting her latest song Dance Meri Rani almost everywhere with singer Guru Randhawa. Popular paparazzi Viral Bhayani too shared the news on his Instagram page and fans are trolling Nora in the comment section. A user wrote, "Kusu kusu nikal gaya madam ka". Another commented, "Ab Nach Nach Nach Nach Nach Nach Meri Rani (with laughing emojis)". A third user wrote, "Guru Randhawa ka bhi check kar lo pakka positive hoga". Watch the post and reactions here: View this post on Instagram Well, that's sad because coronavirus is not a joke. However, trollers are trollers and we just cannot expect them to be even a little sensitive. Here's hoping for Nora's speedy recovery. On the film front, Nora was recently seen in John Abraham-starrer Satyameva Jayate 2 in the item number Kusu Kusu. Reportedly, she will next be seen performing on the Hindi version of the viral Sri Lankan song Manike Mage Hithe with Sidharth Malhotra. It will be a part of Indra Kumar's Thank God which also stars Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet Singh beside Sidharth. View the full article
  8. Arpita Khan Sharma said ?I followed all the guidelines and protocols and thankfully with the grace of God I have fully recovered and have been well since.?
  9. Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has tested positive for COVID-19 and took to Instagram today to share her news after experiences some discomfort. © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut The Manikarnika actor shared an image of herself in a yoga posture and wrote, "I was feeling tired and weak with slight burning sensation in my eyes for past few days, was hoping to go to Himachal so got my test done yesterday and today the result came I am covid positive.” What’s odd is that the actor called the virus “nothing but a small time flu” which got too much attention in the press. © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut "I have quarantined myself, I had no idea this virus is having a party in my body, now that I know I will demolish it, people please don’t give anything any power over you, if you are scared it will scare you more, come let’s destroy this Covid -19 it is nothing but a small time flu which got too much press and now psyching few people. Har Har Mahadev” she said in her Instagram post. View this post on Instagram India has been seeing the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world this past week with record deaths caused by the virus. It seems a bit tone-deaf for Ranaut to call the virus “nothing but a small time flu” at a time when India has been experiencing a catastrophic second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic with the death toll only soaring by the day. Kangana has been called out in the past for not following mask hygiene in public. © Twitter Kangana was spotted at the Mumbai Airport and at a dubbing studio without a mask where some paparazzi even called it “dumbness at its best.” The actor was also recently banned from the micro-blogging site Twitter after she posted a series of tweets that were in violation of the social media company’s rules and regulations. She was found violating Twitter’s hate speech and abusive behaviour policies. Kangana has now moved her activity to Instagram and has vowed to continue voicing her opinions on the social media platform. View the full article
  10. Ali Azmat urged his fans to stay home and stay safe amid the Covid-19 pandemic
  11. Summer months are here and unfortunately, it is the time of the year when some people start to experience more breakouts than usual. In fact, these months can sometimes trigger the worst kind of seasonal acne. When it comes to adult acne, finding the root cause behind the problem is important if you want to fix it. But, if it's just the weather that's triggering the acne, we can offer help. Here are a few things that could help with seasonal acne: 1. Get An Anti-Acne FacewashAn anti-acne facewash is usually mild in its formula and helps get rid of stubborn bacteria that is behind that acne. These face washes will also help with acne scars, dehydration, dullness, and sticky skin. You could try Phy In The Clear acne-fighting face wash. __ECOMPRODUCT__1216__ 2. Don't Do Anything DrasticWhen you're dealing with Summer acne, try not to introduce any drastic changes in your skin routine. Any face mask, exfoliator or paste can do more harm than good. Stick to your basic skincare regime. 3. Wash Your Face (At Least) Twice A DayOnce after waking up and once before going to bed. Add in another round if you stepped out in the sun for a longer duration or went to the gym. This will get rid of all the free radicals you were exposed to during the day. © Mensxp 4. Get Spot Treatment For Your AcneFor pesky acne that won't go away, try spot treatment which focuses on the inflamed portion of the skin. The key is to use a tiny dot over the pimple and let it sit for a while. This will help dry out the area and reduce the scarring. You could try Re'equil's Pitstop Gel For Acne Scars & Pits Removal © Mensxp 5. Double Cleanse Your Face Before SleepingYou could use micellar water. It has tiny micelles that gets rid of all the oil and dirt by getting in deep inside of the pores. While some people may confuse it with a toner, unlike a toner, micellar water does not sting on application. Using micellar water is also great for acne as it gets rid of all the impurities instantly. __ECOMPRODUCT__923__ View the full article
  12. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, it has spared no one. It’s the same for celebrities as well, many of whom have tested positive for the virus whether due to work or otherwise. From Neetu Kapoor and Varun Dhawan to more recent cases, it seems Bollywood isn’t invincible either, especially, since actors are getting back to work. If you haven’t been keeping up with the news recently, then here’s a list of Bollywood celebrities who’ve recently contracted the coronavirus: 1. Aamir Khan © Twitter On March 24, a spokesperson for Aamir Khan issued a statement saying, “Mr Aamir Khan has tested positive for Covid 19. He is at home in self-quarantine, following all the protocols and he’s doing fine.” Only a week before this news, the actor had announced that he would be leaving social media because he wasn’t very active. 2. R Madhavan © instagram/actormaddy Only a couple of days after the news about Aamir Khan hit the headlines, R Madhavan took to Twitter to break news of his own in a humourous tweet referencing his and Aamir’s characters in the movie 3 Idiots. The actor, who had been seen at the set of Amriki Pandit in Bhopal, said, “Farhan HAS to follow Rancho and Virus has always been after us BUT this time he bloody caught up.” He also added that “this is one place we don’t want Raju in.” We’re just happy COVID doesn’t affect your sense of humour, Maddy! 3. Gauahar Khan © Instagram/gauaharkhan Earlier in March, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) had tweeted that an FIR had been filed against Gauahar Khan for not following COVID-19 safety protocols despite having tested positive. Soon, the actor had also been banned from filming activities by the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE) for two months. However, recently, a Times of India reported that FWICE lifted the ban with a warning that the offence cannot be repeated. 4. Ranbir Kapoor © Dharma Productions After his mother Neetu Kapoor recovered from the novel coronavirus in December, Ranbir Kapoor, too, tested positive for the virus in early March. Neetu Kapoor had announced the news in an Instagram post, saying, “Ranbir has tested positive for Covid-19. He is on medication and recovering well. He is in self-quarantine at home and following all precautions.” Luckily, it seems he’s recovered well and was recently seen visiting film producer Aarti Shetty’s home on Monday night. 5. Alia Bhatt © Instagram/aliaabhatt Alia Bhatt on Thursday night put up a story on Instagram, saying, “Hello all, I have tested positive for COVID-19. I have immediately isolated myself and will be under home quarantine. I am following all safety protocols under the advice of my doctors.” This comes only a few weeks after she reassured fans of her health after her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor tested positive, who has since recovered. Recently, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who directed Gangubai Kathiawadi Alia has acted in, had also recovered from the coronavirus. 6. Bappi Lahiri © Instagram/bappilahiri_official Only last month, Bappi Lahiri had announced that he had pre-registered for the COVID vaccine. However, the composer-singer on Wednesday night was admitted to a Mumbai hospital, according to a report by PTI. Bappi Lahiri’s daughter, singer Rema Lahiri Bansal said in a statement to PTI, “Bappi Da has exercised immense precaution but has been detected with mild COVID symptoms. He has been admitted under the care of Dr Udwadia at Breach Candy Hospital purely as a precautionary measure due to his age,” adding that he “will be fine and home soon”. 7. Paresh Rawal © Instagram/pareshrawal1955 Though the 65-year-old veteran actor had already received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, Paresh Rawal, on 26th March, took to Twitter to inform the public of the news. He tweeted, “Unfortunately, I have tested positive for COVID-19. All those that have come in contact with me in the last 10 days are requested to please get themselves tested.” And these are only a few of the celebrities who have tested positive for the novel coronavirus recently. It’s clear that the pandemic is still very much in swing, and that celebrities and the general public alike must practice proper precautions. So, remember to wear your masks, sanitize well, and let’s hope this is the last bit of news about celebrities falling to the coronavirus for a while! View the full article
  13. Infectious diseases expert at Indus Hospital concurs with Gill but says PM's meeting on day 5 of coronavirus came "too soon"
  14. On March 20, Dr Faisal Sultan announced that PM Imran Khan had tested positive for COVID-19
  15. Butt acne can be described as a weird bumpy texture or spots on your buttocks that sometimes, also hurt. These bumps can also look and feel like pimples. However, while they're called butt acne, they're not actually acne. While 'butt acne' is more common than you think, it is more likely folliculitis—a kind of acne that is slightly different from the acne most people get on their face. These bumps are usually caused by inflammation of the hair follicles and sometimes, also itch a lot. But do you know for sure that you have it? © istock On the bum, the folliculitis has hair in the centre of what looks like a red pimple, and white gooey material inside the bump, this is often the dead skin and the white blood cells. Usually, butt acne appears when there is a bit of friction caused in the region, which automatically means that you'll experience more of it in the Summer months and it can be exaggerated when you wear tight-fitted clothes. So, how does one get rid of butt acne? 1. Actively Exfoliate Your Skin © istock You could use an apricot scrub or even a mild chemical exfoliator with ingredients such as lactic or glycolic acids) or beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) to keep dead skin cells from clogging your pores. This will prevent the formation of new bumps and get rid of the clogged gunk from the butt region. 2. Choose Breathable Fabrics © istock The lighter and looser your briefs and the pair of pants or shorts you're wearing will be, the more your skin gets room to breathe. Your skin is then less likely to experience folliculitis flare-ups as well. Trapped sweat and friction can cause easy inflammation so, steer clear of polyester blends and other clingy fabrics in the Summer months. __ECOMPRODUCT__1196__ 3. See A DermatologistVisit a dermatologist who can recommend spot treatments for a bad case of inflammation that hurts. Spot treatments are great for reducing inflammation and killing the bacteria once and for all. 4. Change Out Of Sweaty Clothes © istock Take off the sweaty workout gear you wore to the gym as soon as you come back home. Sweaty clothes can trigger inflammation and make things worse. Ideally, get in a shower to wash off all the sweat so you don't give the bacteria a thriving atmosphere it can grow in. View the full article
  16. One of the lies we were told as teens was that pimples would magically disappear as we enter adulthood. This certainly never happened, some of us experience some form of acne in our twenties and sometimes even in our thirties. There seems to be no end to this problem unless we go out of our way to find a solution. Among the different types of acne out there, adult acne proves to be the deadliest of the lot. © iStock Adult acne is defined by the development of tender, inflammatory nodules underneath the skin that pop out and take up a significant surface area on the skin. The adult acne flare-ups tend to also pain making them impossible to ignore. Moreover, the annoying thing about these pesky breakouts is the fact that regular drug store anti-acne products don't seem to work on them. So, here's a quick guide to get rid of those pesky breakouts: 1. Never Pop Those Pimples © iStock This is one rule you should never try to break. As satisfying as it might feel, don't pop your pimples—particularly if they are cystic. By your mid-20s and 30s, the acne that you experience is not the same acne that you had in your teens. They are made of deep pockets of white blood cells that don't pop like your teen pimples, even if they do, they might damage your skin permanently. Unlike your regular blackheads and whiteheads, under-the-skin pimples do not have a core of dead skin or pus. So, when you try to pop an adult pimple, you're basically inflicting trauma to your skin which further causes more inflammation. Then, in the long term, leads to permanent scarring and skin discolouration. 2. When You're Going To Break Out, Ice The Spot Like You Would A Sprained Ankle © iStock It doesn't matter where you're going to break out, ice the spot when you feel the pop. With adult acne, by virtue of the acne being rooted skin-deep, you will feel it when it is in its initial stages. Applying an ice cube directly on your skin will restrict the blood vessels underneath and prevent inflammation and the size of the pimple. This is an excellent technique to calm the redness on your skin. 3. Use A Mild Cleanser © iStock Often times cleansers can prove to be counter-reactive and instead of preventing breakouts create an environment that encourages more acne. Go for a cleanser that is not harsh on the skin but at the same time is successful in weeding out all the gunk from your pores. 4. Use An Oil-Free Moisturiser Right After © iStock Even if you have acne-prone skin, use a face moisturiser regularly to hydrate the skin, lock in that moisture and create a visibly healthy skin barrier. Here, opting for a moisturiser that has ceramides, niacinamide, or hyaluronic acid can really help. These are all ingredients that help with redness and inflammation and restore the skin's barrier. View the full article
  17. Cardi B takes to Twitter to share her thoughts on getting tested for Covid-19 multiple times a week
  18. Hair loss is one of the most common problems that men suffer from. Whether it’s because of stress or simply because of your genes, dealing with hair fall is an ongoing problem for most young Indian men. From trying home remedies to treat hair fall to buying anti hair fall products, you may have already tried out all there is to treat your hair loss. But have you ever tried anti hair fall supplements? Most people stay away from supplements, thinking that these supplements will alter the natural functions of their body. In reality, however, these supplements are nothing but essential vitamins that improve your body’s functions. This brings us to our next point: Are Supplements Safe To Consume?For those of you who may not know, hair fall is directly linked with the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone) found in your body. Higher levels of this hormone can cause more hair fall. Factors like stress, diet and lifestyle cause an imbalance in the hormone levels which eventually causes hair loss. Hair growth supplements are an easy and effective solution to this problem. Your hair needs some essential nutrients in order to stay healthy and strong. If you cannot fulfil this requirement naturally through your diet, taking supplements is your best bet. These supplements will not only fill the nutrient gap but also help you regulate your hormones for better overall health. Now that you know how these supplements work, here are some trusted recommendations from us. Check out the best hair growth supplements and kick your hair loss to the curb! 1. Biotin Oil TabletsBiotin, also known as Vitamin H, is essential for good skin, hair and nails. Biotin helps in better absorption and utilization of certain nutrients. It also improves your body’s keratin infrastructure. For those of you who may not know, keratin is one of the most important proteins for hair and skin health. It helps in reducing signs of ageing and keeps your hair growth on point. These biotin tablets are vegetarian and organic. The recommended dose is that of 2 tablets per day, one after breakfast and one after dinner. __ECOMPRODUCT__1087__ 2. Vitamin Rich Supplements Collagen is another one of the most important proteins that help in fighting signs of ageing. These hair growth supplements by Neuherbs have collagen along with 9 additional vitamins, 8 minerals and amino acids. All of these provide wholesome nourishment to your hair and will help you strengthen thinning hair within weeks. Not just the hair, these supplements are also great for your skin and nails. The recommended dose for these hair growth supplements is 2 tablets per day. __ECOMPRODUCT__643__ 3. Multi-Collagen Protein Like we said, collagen is one of the best anti-ageing ingredients out there and this protein powder supplement has a mix of four different types of collagen. Health benefits of collagen range from better hair and skin to improved bone density and stronger muscles. This protein powder is your solution to everything from wanting stronger muscles to having thicker hair. __ECOMPRODUCT__1064__ 4. Marine Collagen Protein The last one on our list of best hair growth supplements is this protein powder. It is extremely rich in Type 1 fish collagen, which is known for strengthening hair follicles and improving skin and nails. It is also rich in Vitamin C which will improve your immunity system and make you stronger from within. Some other additional health benefits include improving joint health and bone density. If you are someone who is experiencing these signs of ageing, this is the best product for you. __ECOMPRODUCT__1063__ The Bottomline Health supplements are nothing but essential nutrients for your body. Just because they are created artificially, doesn’t mean that they are bad for your body. You can find supplements made using natural ingredients, like the ones above, if that is your concern. Trust us, these supplements will work like magic for your hair. Try them out and you’ll know why so many people swear by them. Explore More View the full article
  19. We all have dark circles, fine lines and puffiness under our eyes and we all are constantly trying new things to get rid of them. From trying home remedies to eating and sleeping right, there are so many different things out there. We get it, it can get confusing. After trying many things and failing miserably, I decided to splurge on some of the best-reviewed under eye creams. The market is flooded with these creams but do they actually work? There are quite a few opinions out there that say that under eye creams are nothing but “glorified moisturisers”. So, I decided to try each one of these creams for 2 weeks each and see for myself: 1. Eye Serum By Rustic Art This serum is enriched with not 1 or 2 but 17 active ingredients. A serum is like food for your skin. It’s also one of the best options to go for if you have oily skin. Enriched with essential oils and natural ingredients like amla and turmeric, this fluid actually did work well. It was very lightweight and got easily absorbed into my skin. I used it before bed each night and started to see a difference within a week. The fine lines were still evident, however, as far as the dark circles are concerned, it worked like magic. My under-eye bags were reduced significantly. Overall, this product is definitely worth your money. __ECOMPRODUCT__606__ 2. Mensome’s Under Eye Gel To begin with, this under-eye gel for men has cucumber and calendula extracts, which help in soothing the skin. It's a water-based formula which feels light as air on my skin. It took seconds to get absorbed and left no greasiness behind. Coming to the point, this under-eye gel had a very soothing and cooling effect on my skin. It definitely reduced my under-eye puffiness and made my eyes look fresher and more youthful. The dark circles were reduced but not as drastically as one would expect. Also, for the price you pay, the quantity of the product is great. This cream can easily last for months. __ECOMPRODUCT__608__ 3. Eye Gel With Hyaluronic Acid In case you don’t know, Hyaluronic Acid is one of the most popular skincare ingredients out there. On its own, it’s extremely hydrating and is great for oily as well as dry skin. In this formulation, however, you also get aloe vera, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, carrot seed oil and fennel extracts. This eye cream was undoubtedly my favourite. Firstly, it targeted all the three problems that I face - dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. This cream will not only make your skin firmer but also hydrate it. __ECOMPRODUCT__1082__ Final Thoughts: Do You Really Need Eye Cream We live in a digital world where we are constantly shifting from one screen to another. This has adverse effects on your eyes, skin and overall health too. Dark circles are not caused by lack of sleep alone but also because of this addiction to the screens. However, reducing your screen time is not a very practical option at this age. Therefore, using an eye cream is your best bet. Don’t just take my word for it. Try it and see for yourself! Explore More View the full article
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