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Found 2,488 results

  1. Let me just say it out loud - God bless OTT platforms. No seriously, how else are we supposed to get through these times? © iStock Although OTT platforms allow us to catch up on some really great films that we might have missed catching on the big screen, they are also a great platform for films that did not perform well at the box office, giving them a new, digital life, so to speak. Here are just some of the many films, which although were box office disasters, went on to become immensely popular on OTT platforms: 1. October- 2018 Raking in a mere 58 crore at the box office, Shoojit Sircarâs October, starring Varun Dhawan is considered actually one of the best films of 2018, thanks to its poignant storytelling, and the breathtaking manner in which the film was made. That, however, was not enough to ensure a sound collection at the box office. Once it was released on OTT, it just exploded, with people praising just how well the film was made and how it was one of Varunâs finest performances. 2. Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota- 2018 If you havenât seen Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota, at least at the cinemas, you arenât alone. The film did a measly Rs 2 crore at the box office. But man, once it was relaunched on a streaming service, it just exploded. It is through and through, a genuine laugh riot, with some over the top dialogues and actually a good story. A must watch for every millennial in India if you ask us. 3. Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year, 2009 As averse towards streaming Ranbir Kapoor has been, quite a lot of his films that did not work well on the box office actually did massively well on OTT platforms. Rocket Singh raked in a ghastly Rs 33 crore at the box office back then. Given it was at a time when Ranbir was being labelled as the next big thing in Bollywood, the performance actually took everyone by surprise. Still, thanks to torrents, and OTT platforms the film was received well, a few months and years after its release. 4. Wake Up Sid, 2009 This is yet another film that actually looked very promising, but did not live up to the commercial expectation that distributors and the filmmakers had. This is also one of the first of Ranbirâs coming of age films, and probable one of his finest. The plot and the writing were poignant, it had some really good songs, and people who saw the film actually liked the film. Still, it wasnât as successful, as some of the big blockbusters of the year, and soon sort of died out. Again, thanks to network television, and torrents it did pick up steam, but once it was rereleased on OTT, itâs appeal evolved exponentially. 5. Hunterrr, 2015 Another film that had the potential to set records at the film, but ultimately performed abysmally, was Hunterrr. The film had everything that one would expect of a blockbuster - a solid script and story, some really catchy dialogues, and immensely talented actors. Again, people who actually saw the film were going gaga over it. However, the number of people who actually saw the film was not that significant a number. Hunterrr raked in about Rs 13.5 crore before it was picked up by streaming services, where, it went on to become a cult classic. Like we said, thank God for OTT services. If you come to think about it, these films are actually responsible for making us familiar with platform-exclusive films, or films that only have a digital release, and are not released on cinemas. View the full article
  2. Amid the Coronavirus chaos while the whole country is on lockdown for 21 days and the government has ensured that the essential goods and services will be available to us throughout, things are still not that easy for most of us. Many of us are still having problems buying groceries or going to the grocery stores as we are really taking the lockdown seriously. © Facebook/Municipal Coorporation Gurugram Recently, Municipal Corporation in Gurugram has launched a new mobile bus that offers home delivery of essential food items. Exactly! While youâre still wondering if the bread is important enough to go out for, Gurugram has already a solution in place for it. The mobile bus home delivery food service has all essential food items including fruits, vegetables and packaged food such as noodles, biscuits, and bread. And theyâre delivering all this to the doorstep of the residents. Now, this is a brilliant idea and all other cities should take a cue from this and streamline a way wherein this can be implemented. © Facebook/Municipal Corporation Gurugram However, many of us are facing a lot of problems finding basic essential goods that we need as they are out of stock in most places, be it online or a store near your house. The mobile bus has been loaded with grocery items and visit all localities in G-town to supply essential goods such as atta, oil, ghee, pulses, handwashes at a comparatively cheaper price than the MRP. According to WhatsHot, you just need to write in your requirements to them and the mobile bus shop will reach you within a few hours. © Facebook/Municipal Corporation Gurugram Also, we hope all other cities implement something similar to make social distancing even simpler. View the full article
  3. Weâve been speculating about the OnePlus 8 Series for a while now and it seems like many of those speculations have been confirmed by the company. On the OnePlus forum, company CEO Pete Lau confirmed some of the specifications of the upcoming phones in a deep dive. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla We had already assumed that the OnePlus 8 Pro and the OnePlus 8 would be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 chipset and it was confirmed in the forum post by Lau. This is the same chipset that powers some of the flagship phones of 2020 including the Realme X50 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the United States. Xiaomi was also supposed to launch the Mi 10 in India that is powered by the flagship chipset, but was delayed due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The Snapdragon 865 chipset already offers impressive performance on other phones and OnePlus claims it will be 25% more energy-efficient than previous handsets. The processor is also more powerful at handling raw processing power which makes it ideal for gaming, video and image editing. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Lau also confirms that the phone will have LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 flash storage which will enable the phone to have faster read and write speeds. This, in turn, will enable the phone to launch apps and files faster than ever before. For users who like to use processor-intensive apps and multi-task at the same time, the new flash storage system will help in making the process smooth and power-efficient. The OnePlus 8 Series is already sounding like a great phone with almost every specification leaked before its official launch. While the smartphone is launching soon, currently we do not know how OnePlus plans to get their smartphones in the hands of their customers during the lockdown period. View the full article
  4. With all the free time the COVID-19 quarantine has forced upon us, thereâs a tendency to spend a lot of it daydreaming (especially if you live alone) about the day it all finally ends - seeing friends and family after perhaps the longest gap many of us have ever experienced, and hopefully planning the recovery party to end all recovery parties. Right now though, weâre all on hold. Some of us have dealt with things by avoiding depressing news statistics, some of us have thrown ourselves into work-from-home cycles fearing the inevitable tide of layoffs and some of us are simply stuck in confusion. As part of the latter, itâs not uncommon to find myself bringing up memories of life before quarantine, and how we took everything from football matches to family outings and even professional handshakes for granted. Hereâs a list of some of the things Iâve gone back to while stuck in lockdown - letâs see what you can relate to as well. 1. Crowds © Reuters With everyone cooped up at home, our cities have turned into eerie, empty shells of what they once were. 2. Hugs © Reuters A little physical appreciation goes a long way, especially in rough times. Itâs truly a shame that many of us will probably think twice even after all of this is over. 3. Dating © Reuters I donât know about you guys, but love in the time of Corona has been pretty much nonexistent. 4. Personal Space © Unsplash Conversely, many of us at home with partners and family have suddenly been deprived of our me-time. Being stuck at home during a crisis undoubtedly leads to disagreements and arguments - without the space needed to maintain a healthy relationship, even the company we have can gradually become suffocating. 5. Travel © Reuters Whether for work or for leisure, getting out and about - seeing the world is an absolute joy and necessity for many of us who love to travel. Right now, weâre unlikely to explore anywhere further than our apartmentâs gates. 6. Shopping © Reuters Many of us enjoy a bit of retail therapy when we can afford it. Unfortunately, malls and shopping centres have turned into ghost towns all over the world across the last few weeks 7. Prayer and Worship © Reuters While many of us couldnât care less, several others found comfort and peace in visiting temples, churches, mosques, gurudwaras and monasteries during tough times. Iâm sure weâre all praying for the virus to leave humanity alone, but for those with a religious bent, it isnât quite the same anymore. 8. Sports Events © Reuters For many sports fans, their true religions - from football leagues to cricket tournaments - have vanished overnight with no clear replacement. 9. Healthcare © Reuters While falling sick is never fun, catching a minor bug can lead to massive anxiety and frustration, given how terrified we all are of catching COVID-19 symptoms. While weâve previously had few qualms when it comes to visiting a doctor, getting near a clinic or hospital these days can be downright scary. 10. Fitness © Reuters Hitting the gym used to be a massive source of both mental and physical fortitude for us - one that weâve had to substitute with home workouts and other solutions that just arenât the same as busting out a weightlifting routine or working on your form with trainers and fellow gym-mates. 11. Movie Theatres © Reuters How long do we have before the TV series binges get old? Not much Iâd expect - and for film buffs around the world, not having access to escape into the world of cinema at your favourite theatre can be downright heartbreaking. 12. Predictability In Everyday Life © Reuters This one is perhaps a bit abstract, but several of us found comfort and confidence in maintaining a daily schedule of sorts - managing our lives around work, family and our own personal interests. With the pandemic surging on, many of these routines have shattered, leaving us to pick up the pieces and move on in a world where tomorrow seems quite uncertain. 13. Education © Reuters While those of us with jobs have our own concerns to worry about, students donât have it much better either. Several examinations such as the 10th and 12th boards, key entrance exams and the day-to-day functioning of both minor and major universities have been hamstrung by the COVID-19 outbreak. Imagine taking out a student loan, and discovering that your first semester was spent relying on correspondence courses through the internet, rather than the education youâve actually paid for. 14. Dressing Up © Reuters Sure you can try and pull off a good look while at home, but whatâs a nice outfit without a compliment or two from your friends, and the right place to pull it off? 15. Driving © Reuters Perhaps Iâm speaking for myself (and a whole lot of motorheads) here, but putting my hands behind a steering wheel or a bikeâs handlebars was great fun and a spectacular way to unwind. Itâs even worse considering how traffic-free the roads and highways around us are today. Weâre sure thereâs much more to feel nostalgic for. But, as the situation develops, weâll hopefully be back to enjoying these things again. Share some of the pre-quarantine things you miss in the comments! View the full article
  5. Whenever you talk about the biggest rivalries in the game of cricket, the thought of India and Pakistan definitely enters your mind. Even though in the modern era, players from both teams have downplayed the feeling of playing against each other, these five incidents from the past will surely make you feel differently. Here are the five biggest fights from the epic rivalry between the cricket teams of India and Pakistan that were captured on camera: 1. Ishant Sharma Vs Kamran Akmal, 2012: Probably the mildest altercation to make the cut, the battle of words between Indian pacer Ishant Sharma and Pakistan wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal started a delivery after the former survived getting dismissed on a no-ball. A 5â6ââ tall Akmal held his ground when a 6â4ââ giant Sharma walked right to his face and started a war of words. Suresh Raina tried to get the two athletes away from each other but Ishant went right back at it after taking a few steps back. The situation got so out of hand that the umpire had to step in and Yuvraj Singh, out of all others, had to push Ishant away in a playful manner. While Akmal was fined 5% of his match fee, Sharma was found guilty of initiating the spat and was therefore charged 15%. 2. Harbhajan Singh Vs Shoaib Akhtar, 2010: The Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan turned out to be the source of two eyebrow-raising moments. First was between Gautam Gambhir and Kamran Akmal which led to the Indian batsman hitting an angry 83 off 97 deliveries to give his side a good start to the chase. But the moment that stood out even more, was when Harbhajan Singh took over after Suresh Rainaâs dismissal and played a brilliant innings to lead India to victory with a six in the final over. The reason which led to Bhajji playing with a spark was Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtarâs attempt at sledging him in the second last over. After Raina was gone and Parveen Kumar, a tailender, was Singhâs partner, Akhtar once again tried to irk him with a few taunts and ânot so pleasantâ words. Harbhajan set the record straight with a powerful maximum on the second last ball of the match. 3. Gautam Gambhir Vs Shahid Afridi, 2007: Gautam Gambhir was one feisty cricketer, wasnât he? Even before his altercation with Akmal, Gambhir found himself a suited feud partner in Pakistani all-rounder, Shahid Afridi during an ODI match in Kanpur. This is how the fight unfolded: Gambhir hit Afridi for a four, after which the latter started running his mouth and the former retaliated with equal friendliness. On the next ball, Gambhir ran for a single and collided with Afridi who was standing in his way. This led to a second more serious argument, which disrupted the flow of the game and on-field umpire Ian Gould had to step in. Upon further inspection after the match, both Gambhir and Afridi were fined 65% and 95% of their respective match fees on the accounts of "conduct unbecoming to their status which could bring them or the game of cricket into disrepute" and "inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between players in the course of play." 4. Kiran More vs Javed Miandad, 1992 This incident was more of a Grade-A trash-talking and sledging which took place way back in 1992 when India and Pakistan were playing each other in the World Cup match. By Moreâs own admission, he hid his face with his wicket-keeping gloves and kept talking to Javed Miandad from behind the stumps. An irritated Miandad first complained to the on-field umpire about the same but More simply shot down the allegations. Soon after, Miandad wanted to take a single but was stopped by his partner in his way and had to get back to his crease. By the time, More received the ball and tried to run him out while jumping in the air. Miandad instantly started jumping in the air to mimic him. The two became really good friends after this incident. The image of the Pakistani batsman jumping animatedly while More just stood there not knowing how to react will continue to be one of the fondest memories of the India-Pakistan rivalry. 5. Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamir Sohail, 1996 And finally, the big one. The World Cup 1996 knockout match between India and Pakistan which had all the ingredients for cooking up an instant classic. There was controversy, excellent batting by both sides, and even a riot taking place not two steps away from the venue, Bangaloreâs M Chinnaswamy Stadium. After Pakistani opener Saeed Anwar lost his wicket with Pakistanâs score at 84, Aamir Sohail held the fort and how. With 9 fours and 1 six, he reached the half-century mark in less than 50 balls and felt like spicing things up a bit. After smashing his 9th four off a Venkatesh Prasad delivery, he signalled towards the bowler and asked him to go get it from the line. The delivery that followed, completely stunned the batter who got clean bowled with the stump completely ripping off the ground and laying flat on the surface. Even then, Sohail didnât give up his arrogance. With zero emotions on his face, he walked straight to the pavilion while gesturing his half-century towards the crowd. View the full article
  6. The Internet is an absolutely crazy place. It will make you see stuff and believe things you shouldnât. But with its superpower of virality, topped with the invention of great photo editing tools, we often find ourselves looking at viral photos which seem too real. Alas, thatâs the honey trap we tend to fall for every other day. Just like these 5 photos that went viral online because people believed them to be true but actually turned out to be fake. These photos created a lot of buzz around themselves because they were posted on the internet at an opportune moment and exploited an already roaring online trend. From changing the original context to photoshopping images, these have them all. 1. Prince Charles & Kanika KapoorNo wonder Prince Charles....#Corona #KanikaKapoor pic.twitter.com/k44ALoMDfz â Rajan ð®ð³ (@MissdOportunity) March 25, 2020Soon after it was announced that Prince Charles had tested positive for coronavirus, pictures of Prince Charles and Kanika Kapoor, who also tested positive for COVID-19 last week, happily chatting together began doing the rounds online. People on Twitter even began suggesting that this was probably how the Prince of Wales contracted the infection. However, in reality the pictures are from an old event and not recent. 2. âLast Momentâ Picture Of APJ Abdul Kalam © Twitter Soon after former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalamâs sudden demise due to a cardiac arrest in 2015, this image started doing the rounds on multiple online platforms claiming this was the âlast momentâ right before he passed away. However, thatâs false because this picture originally dates back to 2007 when APJ Abdul Kalam accidently slipped on a dais during an award function at the Sangeet Natak Akademi. 3. PM Modi Touching Sonia Gandhiâs Feet © BCCL In April last year, a photo showing PM Modi touching Sonia Gandhiâs feet went viral on social media. The context of the picture claimed that PM Modi was begging Sonia Gandhi to go easy on him following Rahul Gandhiâs attempts to uncover the PMâs âjumlasâ. However, it later turned out that the image was photoshopped from a 2013 picture of PM Modi touching LK Advaniâs feet during a public event. 4. Ranu Mondalâs Scary Makeover Photo © Instagram Ranu Mondal was one of the biggest online sensations of last year, and became an overnight social media celebrity after her melodious rendition of Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai broke the internet. However, following the news of her âmakeoverâ, pictures of Ranu in gaudy makeup began surfacing online. People began spewing hate on the makeup artist for the terrible makeup, but it later turned out that the picture had been edited which made Ranu look as weird as she did. The makeup artist took to her Instagram account to make things clear. 5. Ranbir-Aliaâs Wedding Invite © BCCL In October last year, an invitation card went viral online claiming that it was Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhattâs official wedding invitation for the coupleâs âJanuary 2020â wedding. The invitation details bore the names of Ranbir and Aliaâs parents and claimed that the couple is set to tie the knot on January 22, 2020 at Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur. However, on closer inspection many discrepancies were noticed and the card was confirmed to be fake. View the full article
  7. Everyone across the globe is finding ways to deal with the social distancing situation at the moment. To balance out the level of insanity, people are doing innovative things every day and are trying to make the most of this time. But if we think of our regular monthly routine, for example, getting hair coloured or even regular hair cuts, everything has now come to a standstill. In such situations, you can always rely on fun things you can do at home. Now that salons and other home services are shut due to the pandemic, you can actually colour your hair, just the way you like it, without any use of chemical hair dyes, using only natural ingredients. Check it out. 1. Carrot Juice © iStock Before we start, let us tell you that home remedies are not very long-lasting but they are better than chemical dyes since there's no damage and it looks like a natural colour. You can use carrot juice if you want a reddish tint on your hair follicles. Depending on the original colour of your hair, you can take a call on this home remedy. 1. Mix 1 small cup of carrot juice with 2 tbsp. coconut oil. Once this mixture is ready, apply it gradually on your strands. 2. Cover your hair with the help of shower cap and keep it on for at least an hour. 3. If you have apple cider vinegar, use it to wash your hair. If the colour isn't as strong, you can repeat the process again. 2. Coffee © iStock One has to limit the usage of exotic grocery items so we can survive for the coming days. So, do this only if you have stocked enough for the coming days. To give your hair a darker shade, you can make good use of coffee to add more boost to your hair as well. 1. Brew coffee (take one spoon) and add half a spoon coffee powder to it separately. Add your leave-in-conditioner as well. 2. Apply this solution on your damp hair. Once you do so, let it stay on your hair for at least an hour. 3. Wash it off later and repeat it if you can and if need be. 3. Beet Juice © iStock For a deeper red tint and cooler undertones, you can simply go for beet juice. To use this natural dye, here's what you need to do. 1. Mix 1 small cup of beet juice with a 2 tbsp of coconut oil. 2. Mix it well and use it slowly on your grey strands. Again, wrap your hair with a shower cap. 3. Let this be on for at least an hour before you wash it off. 4. Sage © iStock If you have dark hair colour and want to scale it up more, sage leaves are a hair dye solution that you should not miss out on. It will help deepen the original shade and enhance your hair colour even more. 1. Add 1 cup of dry sage leaves in boiling. The tint will get darker as you keep boiling it. 2. Let it cool down and strain it. 3. Wash your hair and then pour sage water. Keep it for as long as possible. 4. The tint will develop on your hair eventually. Rinse it off with normal water. Try these, and let us know if you have more fun ideas with other ingredients. View the full article
  8. Most of us are feeling like Bigg Boss contestants stuck inside the house for the next few weeks and we are running out of activities to pass our time. Now that you have all the time in the world whatâs better than watching a few throwback Bollywood movies? Exactly, nothing is better! So, here is a list of throwback Bollywood films that will lighten your mood and make you feel that everything is back to normal! 1. Hum Sath Sath Hai This is the all-time best multi-starrer movie that will keep your mind engrossed and has exactly everything that we need. From âmasalaâ love stories to family drama mixed with a lot of songs. If itâs been a while that you haven't watched this film, itâs time that you watch it again! 2. Biwi No. 1 This Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen, and Karisma Kapoor starrer will take you back to simple times when the only problems were family drama and not this quarantine. This film is a perfect mix of comedy and drama. Also, the songs in the film are a treat. 3. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam Now, this film will definitely make you cry if you have ever fallen in true love and is a classic love story that everyone needs to watch. This is a film that is never going to get old and stars Salman Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Ajay Devgn in the lead role. 4. Andaz Apna Apna Now, this film was neither path-breaking and nor revolutionary but still, this film is one of the most loved films of the time. From making you laugh to giving us popular characters such as Crime Master Gogo, Teja, and Amar. Just watch it for the laugh riot guys! 5. Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar This film was one of Bollywoodâs blockbusters and takes us back to our school and college days. This Aamir Khan Starrer is a classic and wouldnât let you feel bored at all. Also, some of us will watch the film just for the song âPehla Nashaâ. View the full article
  9. While coronavirus has people locked inside their homes, content streaming has reached its peak with a record number of people sitting in front of their TV and computer screens. In fact, a lot of people have come forward in support of the lockdown. Pornhub, for instance, has decided to give away its premium tier subscription for free for a year to everyone. Likewise, it looks like Google Play Movies will soon let its users watch movies for free. While there's no official confirmation on this, we do have solid evidence to back this up from the folks over at XDA Developers. © Unsplash An APK teardown of the Google Play Movies apps by XDA has revealed a string of code that says, "hundreds of movies, just a few ads.â It's very obvious what Google is trying to do here. Just like on YouTube how we get to watch almost all the videos for free by agreeing to watch the ads, Google Play Movies will also serve us free movies with ads in between. This ad-based model will let Google attract some eye-balls to the service and also allow the people to have something to watch during this lockdown period. As of now, it's not entirely clear as to how many ads will be served during these movies or at what intervals. But we're glad that Google has plans to explore this option. Not only will this allow a lot of users to check out Google Play Movies, but it'll also allow people to have some source of entertainment where they won't have to spend any money. We think it'll truly make Google Play Movies a viable source of content and a strong competitor in the market. We just hope the service lands soon. Source: XDA Developers View the full article
  10. Some of the advertisements that we have seen on television and in print are genuinely thought-provoking. Some of them are just blah, and really donât compel any action. With that being said, there are a few instances where advertisers went a little too far and had our imaginations running wild. © Unilever From the ones selling deodorants to the ones selling condoms, there have been a number of advertisements that were a little too hot to handle, especially for the time when they were launched. Obviously, most of them were pulled down almost immediately, because of the number of police cases and social uproar that they caused. Still, they remained in the zeitgeist through the ages. © Leviâs Here are some of the advertisements we have seen on television and print, that pushed the envelope a little too far when they were trying to sell us some basic fashion & grooming products. Apparently, the copywriters followed the proverb, âSex Sells,â a little too religiously: 1. Amul Macho Back in the day, Amul Macho had a number of campaigns with the catchphrase, âYe To Bada Toing Haiâ. In one of the raunchier ones, a newly-wedded bride takes some clothes to a riverbank where the women of the community meet, bathe and wash their clothes. What follows is a sequence of the bride orgasming and performing some gratifying innuendo like actions while washing the boxer, while the onlooking women look in disbelief. For the early 2000s, this was obviously a little too hot to handle. 2. Axe Deodorants Okay, this one just had to make the list. This notion that *** sells is perhaps best embodied by most of Axeâs advertising campaigns. For the longest time, no matter what the variant of their deodorant was, all of their campaigns had one basic message - using our deodorant will make women lose their sense of inhibition and chase you like wild animals. Hoards of scantily clad women, in bikinis or tattered clothes, would chase a guy all throughout a place, a city, a jungle or whatever you will, eager to âdevourâ him. 3. Set Wet Zatak This was another deodorant advertisement that was a little too hot for national television. In this one, a newly-married woman is shown to be waiting for her husband on their wedding night, when she sees her neighbour using a deodorant. The bride starts taking off her ornaments and jewellery in a very suggestive and sultry manner and ultimately takes the wedding ring off, further suggesting some rather raunchy things. Obviously, this advertisement was not taken well and was pulled, after a huge public backlash. 4. Fastrack Fastrack has been pretty forward with their branding, where the focus is essentially on the younger generation. Back in the day, they featured a TVC where Virat Kohli, as a pilot, is being hit on a stewardess portrayed by Genelia DâSouza. The two get a little busy in the cockpit, after a rather raunchy back and forth. This, the ad says was the reason why autopilot was invented. Well, whatever the intent was, the TVC did not sit well with the masses, and certainly not well, with anyone who was a pilot, or a stewardess. 5. Wild Stone Deodorants Yet another deodorant TVC that pushed the envelope too far, Wild Stone had run this campaign, albeit for a brief period of time. Here, our âhunkâ steps out after applying the deodorant and bumps into a married Bengali woman. What follows is the woman, imagining the two of them âpassionately huggingâ each other, and making love. Although the sequence was shot rather artistically, and without getting vulgar, it still was considered a little too steamy for the regular television watching audience. 6. Calida © Calida We simply cannot mention Calida, and their print ad from 1998. Calida is a Swiss inner garment manufacturer who tried to establish themselves in India. In the ad, we see Bipasha Basu, and Dino Morea getting a little amorous. Considering that this was before the turn of the millennium, and India still a rather conservative society back then, the advertisement did not sit well. 7. Tuff Shoes © BCCL Finally, we have the poster boy of controversial Indian advertisements, the one from Tuff shoes, printed back in 1995. The print ad featured supermodel Madhu Sapre & Milind Soman and was shot by the ace Indian photographer, Prabuddha Dasgupta. In the advertisement, the two models are wearing nothing but the sneakers, and have wrapped a snake around them. Apart from the hullabaloo from the self-appointed protectors of Indian culture, there was also a long drawn court case over the use of the python. We can only imagine the horror that would terrorise people when they were sitting with their families and these popped up on the television. Yikes! View the full article
  11. Virat Kohli has become the face of cricket and not just in India but the entire world. He has taken the responsibility of leading the most influential team in the international scenario while somehow managing to keep up with his batting prowess. The transformation that he has brought about in himself and the Indian cricket team is considered to be revolutionary by his supporters and critics alike. Therefore, it is highly likely that that the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) would want you to forget about some of the eyebrow-raising things the Indian captain has done in the past: 5. Flipping The Bird: © Twitter A young Virat Kohli showing the finger to the intimidating Australian crowd at Sydney Cricket Ground is something the âgentlemen of cricketâ would certainly frown upon. Yes, the Aussie cricket fans are known to get under the skin of the opponents but for a cricketer to revert, especially with a not-so-subtle hand gesture, got Kohli in the wrong kind of limelight in 2011. Kohli was fined 50% of his match fee for unprofessionalism on the field. "The matter has been sorted out. The player felt guilty and sorry and the matter has been closed," India team media manager GS Walia said, according to a 2012 BBC report. "When he went to the match referee, he said sorry and that 'out of emotions I must have done it'. 4. The Clash Of The Delhiites: © Twitter Ah, how the âDilli se hun bhench*dâ attitude got the Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli in an altercation against Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir, whoâs also from Delhi (who would have guessed, huh?) during the sixth season of the Indian Premier League. Considered to be one of the worst fights of the league till date, it broke out as Kohli lost his wicket but instead of moving back to the pavilion, he stood next to the pitch and started a verbal battle with his India teammate, who was celebrating with his KKR team nearby. What could have turned into a fistfight was thankfully disrupted by Rajat Bhatia, another Delhi lad! 3. Abusive Misidentity: © Twitter By 2015, MS Dhoni had retired from Test cricket and Kohli became the new red-ball captain of the team. However, he still needed some fine-tuning with his hotheadedness. After a practice session during World Cup 2015, Kohli lashed out at a journalist and abused him badly for writing a bad article about his future wife, Anushka Sharma, only to find out that it was the wrong person. Clearly the Indian cricket team and the Indian cricket board want you to forget about it as they denied anything of such manner taking place, despite Indian media covering it at length. 2. Bad History With ICC Tournaments © Twitter Virat Kohli has been an excellent chaser throughout his professional career when it comes to bilateral series in any format of the game, but there is one stain that continues to attach itself to the captainâs name - not winning any ICC tournament. The last time India won an ICC tournament was in 2013, under the leadership of MS Dhoni. Ever since, India has developed more of a âchokersâ tag, especially when it matters the most. Virat kohli tested positive for being a choker in ICC knockouts. â ANSHUMAN (@AvengerReturns) March 14, 2020 It is not only Kohliâs record as a captain but also as a batsman that takes a massive hit during the knockout rounds. The biggest proof of this is the 2015 World Cup during which Kohli maintained a decent form until the semi finals and headed back to the dressing room with just one run under his name while India tried to chase Australiaâs 328. 1. Anil Kumbleâs Resignation Letter © Twitter Arguably the most talked-about controversy that Kohli has been a part of, is and probably will always be, his rift with Indian legend and former head coach of the Men in Blue in Anil Kumble. The two never met eye to eye but the situation got out of hand specifically after the disappointing end of the ICC Champions Trophy in 2017. Thank you! pic.twitter.com/eF5qVzdBRj â Anil Kumble (@anilkumble1074) June 20, 2017Stories of problems between Kumble and Kohli leaked out, people began to ask questions and by the end of June 2017, Kumble stepped down from his role as the coach. That he directly mentioned Kohliâs âreservationsâ with the way he worked in his resignation letter, also wouldnât make a case in the captainâs favour. View the full article
  12. If there ever has been someone in India's pop-cultural consciousness, on whom a lot of people crushed together, it is Milind Soman. No matter what your ***, gender, or sexual orientation has been, having a crush on Milind Soman is something that every 80s and 90s kid has done. © Instagram/milindrunning Even though he doesn't have as prolific a modelling career nowadays (a pity, right?) he still manages to stay in the news in some way or the other. Whether it was his marriage to longtime girlfriend, Ankita Konwar, who is 26 years younger to him, or the countless fitness initiatives that he has taken, we simply can't seem to get enough of him. View this post on Instagram #Repost @officialhumansofbombay • • “I decided to move out of the country & started working with Air Asia, as a cabin crew in Malaysia. It was at that time that my then boyfriend, suddenly passed away. It was heartbreaking–it felt like there was no coming back. A couple of months later, I got posted in Chennai. I was staying in a hotel with my colleagues. Once, in the lobby, I saw a tall, rugged man. It was Milind Soman! I was a big fan! So I went to say hello, but he was busy. A few days later, I saw him again at the hotel's nightclub. I kept looking at him & he was staring at me too! My friends urged me to go talk to him. So I asked if he'd like to dance & he obliged! There was a vibe–I could feel it! But I didn't want to get too involved. So I excused myself & I thought he'd forget about me. But soon he came looking for me–he had to go so he asked for my number. It was a new number, so I didn't remember it & didn't have my phone on me either. So he made my friend take his number & asked me to message him. A few days passed by & I couldn't get him out of my mind. So I texted him & we met again after a week, for dinner. After that, we'd constantly text & meet. But I still couldn't bring myself to get fully involved. Until one day, I told him that because of my past, with my boyfriend, there was a part of me that couldn't let go. To which he said, 'When I fell in love with you, I fell in love with all of you. Even the part that carries the burden of your past. So don't be afraid, we're in this together.' That's when I knew–this was the man for me! We dated for 5 years after that–until we decided to get married! My family & a few others were worried because of the age gap between us. But it wasn't an issue for us! So when they saw us together & they saw how happy I was around him, they agreed too! Believe it or not, we got married thrice! We had a traditional wedding in Alibaug, a white wedding in Spain under a waterfall & the third, at a place called 'the end of the world' there. He's the best thing that's happened to me; he taught me to let go, to fall in love, to be happy. And our adventures have only just begun–I can't wait to live the rest of my life. A post shared by Milind Usha Soman (@milindrunning) on Jun 2, 2019 at 5:38am PDT Just recently he was in the news when he revealed that as a kid, he was associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, or the RSS as it is popularly known. Like with all the things that we see Milind do, this too broke the Internet, with Twitter going berserk. Instagram/milindrunning Say what you will, the Made In India star has certainly aged well. We only wish that more of us were blessed with his genes and that potent smile. With that being said, his older photos prove that when it comes to style and drop-dead gorgeous looks, Milind Soman is a sort of a yardstick. © Instagram/milindrunning Let's start with the advertisement that started it all. This iconic photograph was taken by veteran photographer, Prabuddha Dasgupta, who is considered by many the greatest thing to happen to the Indian fashion fraternity ever. © Twitter/MilindSomanFanClub This photograph, that features veteran model Madhu Sapre and Milind Soman a fresh face back then, was a part of an advertorial campaign for a footwear brand. Obviously, the advertisement faced a lot of flack. The models posed bare for the shot, wearing only the sneakers, and the snake. This is not the only time that Milind was in his birthday suit for a shoot. Like any internationally acclaimed model worth his or her salt, Milind has gone bare a number of times, but always in a very nuanced and poised manner, none of that vulgar stuff for him. Still, these images have been raunchy enough to set things buzzing. © Instagram Then, of course, there was this iconic song by Alisha Chinai. Just wrap your head around this - a pop song shot and released in 1995, uploaded on YouTube in 2014, has got over 85 million views, as of today. Take a guess about what actually got those numbers. © Youtube/SonyMusicIndiaVEVO © Twitter/MilindSomanFanClub © Twitter/MilindSomanFanClub Not just that, there were also a number of other films and music videos that he was a part of. However, it was advertisements like the ones he did for male grooming products that made everyone, men and women alike go gaga over him. © Old Spice India And when it comes to style, he has a very natural flair for it - the just-gotten-out-of-bed, messy hairstyle, a mischievous glee in his eyes and a smile that can make anyone blush, Milind has a vivaciousness that's really unsettling. © Twitter/MilindSomanFanClub © Twitter/MilindSomanFanClub And now, at over 50 years of age, he is winning triathlons and iron-man competitions in the toughest conditions. Seriously, what is this guy made of? © Instagram/milindrunning Clearly, the man knows a thing or two about style and looking good. We're pretty sure that if he starts walking the ramp today, again, he will be giving a lot of male models a pretty tough run for their money. Seriously, when was the last time you saw a male model who enjoyed this sort of cult status? © Instagram/milindrunning If only we had those good genes... View the full article
  13. Bollywood is a churning machine of talent and while "catch ém while they are young" is the mantra for a lot of successful actors in the industry, some of the most talented people in the industry managed to find major success only after the age of 40. Here is the list of five actors who have proved that age has got nothing to do with talent: 1. Boman Irani No one could go back to what would have become of the Munnabhai franchise without the presence of this talented actor who began his career in the industry only after he was 40 years of age. View this post on InstagramNavroze Mubarak to one and all!!!!! For the first time on Navroze Iâm not at a Parsi Natak. On our terrace instead. Will go down and spend the evening with family. Not a bad idea at all. The terrace however displayed a rather crisp and pastel skyline. A positive takeaway from all this. So once again. NAVROZE MUBARAK. One more thing. Whatsapp forwards spread a disease called Panic. We know what to do. So just do it. Stay home with family and take the prescribed precautions. Soap, distance and smile. They arenât very tough to follow.A post shared by (@boman_irani)2. Adil MishraHe got some attention in the 2010 Ishqiya but after a few blink and miss performances, he was nowhere to be seen until English Vinglish happened. After some strong performances in Life Of Pi and The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Adil is now a favourite amongst the new age directors. © Twitter 4. Pankaj TripathiA man who performs with grace par excellence, he has had his fair share of struggle in the industry but at the age of 43, life has come full circle and itâs the beginning of a new innings for him. View this post on Instagramमà¥à¤°à¥ à¤à¥à¤µà¤¨ à¤à¤¾ हासिल हॠ, à¤à¥à¤°à¥ à¤à¤°à¤«à¤¼à¤¾à¤¨ à¤à¥ सà¤à¤ à¤à¤ दà¥à¤¶à¥à¤¯ à¤à¤°à¤¨à¤¾à¥¤A post shared by (@pankajtripathi)5. Piyush MishraThis gem of talent is not just a brilliant actor, but his creative bursts have given us some beautiful sonnets and poetry. He has been in the industry since the time of Pardes, but at 57, he is more known than he ever was in life. View this post on InstagramThe Slow Interview with Neelesh Misra. Out Now on YouTube. Link in the bio. #TheSlowInterview #NeeleshMisra #PiyushMishra @neeleshmisra @gaonconnection @intambooA post shared by (@officialpiyushmishra) View the full article
  14. People everywhere are following the rules of staying indoors, self-quarantining and social distancing. There are ways in which you can make the most of this time by actually dipping your toes into something experimental. Take your hair for example, since it is a lockdown sort of a situation where the whole world is operating virtually, have you wondered what will happen to your hair if you cannot visit your salon, any time sooner? Even though the spread of coronavirus is rapid, the same won't be the case if you are in self-quarantine. While you are at it, you can actually treat your hair with some great nourishment at home. Here's how you can do so. 1. Use An Egg Conditioner © iStock What this means is that you should not just use your hair shampoo but also get a hair conditioner, filled with proteins and essential minerals, as it helps strengthen your hair follicles. All this while, the travelling actually deteriorates the hair quality but with conditioning, the ingredients in it will penetrate deep into your scalp, making your hair follicles stronger than ever. Try it out. 2. Don't Shampoo Every Day © iStock Now that you are self-quarantining, all your procrastination to not shower will pay off. How, you ask? Not taking head baths every day is actually beneficial for your hair. Washing your hair daily can dry your hair and also strip off your hair's natural oils. Hence, it is advised that you don't shampoo your hair as often as you do right now. 3. The Good Old Champi Days © iStock Sorry, but shampoo and conditioner will not be enough. Ask your mother for coconut oil, add some curry leaves to it and heat it on medium flame. This oil, when you massage it on your scalp, will leave your hair follicles hydrated and nourished. Moreover, it instantly makes your hair look thicker, believe it or not. 4. Hair Spa © iStock Now that you cannot go to salons and need to treat your hair at home because God knows where the virus is residing, start with hair spa at home. To do so, oil your hair first and let it stay for 20 minutes. Then, take a towel and dip it in hot water. Now, wrap it around your hair. The steam helps penetrate the oil deep inside your scalp. The next step is to wash your hair like how you would do it regularly. Use a conditioner post this step. Wash off your hair, step out and apply a mask made of two eggs and two spoons of coconut oil. Don't forget to massage your follicles when you apply this mask. Wash off after half an hour. Do this once a week, till the time you can't visit your salon! View the full article
  15. A perfume that lasts long can be really tricky to buy. With thousands of fragrances being available, choosing the wrong one from the lot is actually something that could happen to anyone. There isn't just the fragrance that you are buying that could lead to the foul-smelling misstep but there are more things associated with it like, its cost, scent, people and your patience level. If you want to avoid these common mistakes, you will finally be able to get the right perfume for your arsenal. Here's a list of the common mistakes that men make while buying a perfume: 1. Not Taking Enough Time © iStock You decided to lay your hands on perfume but after you tried it, the smell faded in the middle. Usually, you are given the strips to check the fragrance which you should avoid. Instead, spray it on your wrists. Then, take some time, probably move around for a while and then see how the notes unfold. It should meld with your skin's chemistry. This way, it will be easier for you to pick the right fragrance. 2. Limiting Samples Mistakes Men Make While Buying A Perfume When you test these scents, there are two key things to know. Come prepared with a note that you are looking at, for example, woody, musky etc. You should be able to recognise and tell the salesperson exactly what you need, in order to reduce the guessing time. Secondly, test them in a proper manner. Your nose will tire after smelling so many of them. Take intervals and then test it again. It will help determine if the perfume sticks well with you or not. 3. Neglecting Other Grooming Products © iStock You cannot just work with your perfume as other products in your regime also matter. Considering products that have fragrance add to your perfume as well. Every day, be it your grooming product or your moisturiser, the fragrance interferes with your cologne. The way to make this work is by applying all these products, for example, your hair wax or body lotion before you spray your perfume. Also, never use it immediately after your hot shower. Your scent's fragrance will sustain longer when you follow these steps. 4. Buying Perfume That Smells Good On Others © iStock Your friend bought a perfume and you instantly wanted the same one in your stash but there is a chance, that this perfume might not smell good on your skin. Therefore, it is important to research and check if the perfume that you have liked, is actually melding with your pheromones or not. A true scent will be on your skin no matter what. Hence learning about the notes stands important. 5. Finally, Storing It In The Bathroom © iStock Now that you have finally got hands on the perfume you love, don't just go and store it in your bathroom. This plays up with its longevity and sillage. We find it convenient to use the perfume but since the temperature inside changes, it can actually kill the notes of your perfume. It starts decomposing, changing colour and smells weird if stored at the wrong place. Avoid that and rather store it in cool, dark places. View the full article
  16. Beginning with the initial outbreak in China, the current crisis in Italy and subsequently, throughout the world, doctors and nurses in all departments were told they may have to start working in emergency rooms and intensive care units, a directive that sent shock waves through the medical community. Doctors and health workers across the world are giving up time with their loved ones to help keep ours safe and well. They have a simple request for all their hard work in combating #coronavirus ...#socialdistancing #stayathome #stayhomeforus #COVID2019AU #medtwitter pic.twitter.com/z9EUsiYnvs â AMA Media (@ama_media) March 19, 2020 As demands ramp up with the number of cases inching closer to 300,000, itâs sobering to realise how crucial the role of medical personnel are in society. An estimated 10-15 million doctors practice across the globe, and their counterparts in some of the worldâs more flashy, glamorous job titles receive compensation thatâs quite simply absurd - given the need of the hour. Weâre taking a closer look at the income disparities doctors have to face in four hotspots where the virusâ physical and social presence has made massive changes - India, China, Italy and the United States. Hereâs what we find: 1. Social Media Influencers © Reuters Thereâs no avoiding it - social media influencers have taken over their respective platforms in the last 10years, and their incomes have also exponentially exploded in return. Perhaps the most obvious and popular example is Kylie Jenner from the Kardashian dynasty - the âyoungest self-made billionaireâ rakes in $180 million per year according to Forbes. In case youâre wondering how much she earns compared to her counterparts, most of them are in med-school - the young celebrity is just 22 years old. © Reuters Meanwhile in India and China, while thereâs no shortage of influencers across films, music and fashion plying their trade, the emergence of Chinese-owned TikTok has spread the influencer bug much deeper into Indian cities and towns, amassing over 120 million users. Mr. Faisu, who we interviewed earlier in December, had close to 20 million followers before being hit with a ban for political content - a fanbase that allows him to earn an estimated 30-40 lakhs per annum. Thatâs about twice as much as that of a specialised cardiologist in India. 2. CEOs © Reuters It all starts from the top, of course - most of the worldâs richest people are helming global corporations with thousands of employees. In the case of India and the United States, things already seem severely tilted, with both nations topping the ranks for CEO to the average worker ratio. Reliance mogul Mukesh Ambani earns a staggering 48 times more than the average Indian doctor, not even counting stocks and a diverse portfolio of earnings. © Reuters When it comes to the US, things are clearer. Amazonâs Jeff Bezos makes about 14 times more than the average, fully-qualified doctor, not counting for his 16% stake in the company. Bring that into the picture, however, and Bezos earns an astounding 6 lakh times more. 3. Athletes © Reuters According to estimates, the worldâs sports industries make up close to $500 billion - no doubt supported by the tireless athletic and marketing efforts of the worldâs biggest athletes. Italy has been a key nation behind the dominance of football in sports today - most of the teams in Serie A pay their players between 4 to 1 million US dollars a year. Juventus, in particular, pays over twice of that with an average of 10 million, but what about Ronaldo? The legendary player pulled in a whopping $108 million in 2019 when combining both his winnings, earnings and endorsements - 805 times that of an average Italian dottore. © Reuters Things arenât that different in China - the epicentre of the worldâs viral crisis, that has major income disparity as well. The Chinese Super League attracts worldwide talent to play for its teams and the economic powerhouse pays its players around $1 million annually - around 250 times that of the Chinese average salary. Bring doctors into the mix along with the leagueâs wealthiest player, Brazilâs Oscar, and his heavy $25 million earnings tower in comparison to the $13,000 that Chinese docs take home each year. Thatâs a ratio of nearly 1:2000. © Reuters Leaving aside football, India (until recent years, perhaps) has considered sports synonymous with cricket, and on that spreadsheet, no one dominates the competition quite like skipper Virat Kohli. While the average IPL player nets around $5 million annually, the Indian captain pulls in $25 million per annum - making his bank accounts fill over 3000 times faster than most Indian doctors. 4. Filmstars © Reuters Unsurprisingly, both India and the United States have points to make here, with them both running the two most successful film industries in the world. Artists, in general, see great variation in income - while struggling actors make extremely irregular annual incomes, things are very different at the other end. Dwayne âThe Rockâ Johnson sits at the peak here, raking in close to $90 million a year. The top ten ranges anywhere from that figure to Will Smithâs $35 million, making them earn between 900 to 350 times the average American doc. © Reuters In India, the difference is truly astounding. Akshay Kumar, who also happened to be the 4th most paid actor in the world last year, raked in $65 million - close to 6.5 thousand times an Indian doctorâs takeaway even in major cities such as Mumbai. 5. Politicians © Reuters Well, at least for the other three you have the benefit of saying theyâve earned their worth - nailing down the exact incomes of politicians turns out to be an understandably difficult affair. In the United States, Donald Trump entered the presidency as the only billionaire in US Presidential history - in 2019, the POTUS raked in somewhere over half a billion dollars, making him at least four thousand times richer than the average doctor in the US. © Reuters In India, however, expecting a straight annual income figure for politicians is naive. On paper, for example, PM Narendra Modi, for example, has a salary of around $30,000 per annum - less than the average tier-1 city specialist earns. If we look at the scale of major scams led by any of the many corrupt positions in our government over the years, things seem to feel a lot bleaker. Take the mid-2010s Coalgate scam, which cost the nation $33.33 billion, close to 10% the net worth of Indiaâs entire healthcare industry - thereâs no shortage of reasons to raise eyebrows at the earnings of Indian politicians. While all these professions have their place in the society, the current pandemic is a wake-up call for many to remember just how much time, attention and money is diverted towards not so essential figures in the society. Hopefully after the crisis is averted, governments and regulatory bodies will step in to ensure that the invaluable service given by the worldâs medical professionals gets the recognition it deserves. View the full article
  17. It's the quintessential part of every man's wardrobe and there's a 99.99% chance that you're wearing one right now - yes, we're talking about T-shirts. Surely, your wardrobe is packed with all kinds of T-shirts, but are you sure your decade-old tees are not raising eyebrows during those video calls from work? If you want to feel comfortable and also look appropriate for your work-from-home week, then you've come to the right place. We have picked out five T-shirts which you can click add to cart on without a second thought. Scroll your way down and let us make your life easy. __ECOMLOOKS__303__ __ECOMLOOKS__304__ __ECOMLOOKS__305__ __ECOMLOOKS__306__ __ECOMLOOKS__307__ View the full article
  18. According to the Chinese governmentâs statements, the first Coronavirus patient - COVID-19âs âpatient zeroâ had contracted the virus on November 17th, 2019. Itâs been just over 120 days and close to 300,000 cases have been reported since then, and the global effect of this pandemic seems to have spread on a scale never seen before on Earth © Reuters; A combination picture shows school children leaving the primary school of Omar El Mokhtar in Cairo, Egypt March 11, 2020. The school is closed following government efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus. From Times Square NYC to the skies of Mumbai, things are changing rapidly - and in ways that many of us wouldnât have expected. With the economy finding new and unusual ways to keep chugging along, public streets seem emptier - very few are fancying vacations with air travel regulations in place. Hereâs how the pandemic has switched things up, at key locations around the world: 1. The Johor-Singapore Causeway The causeway between #Singapore and #Malaysia is one of of the world's busiest border crossings. Here it is before and after Malaysia imposed a travel ban to stop the spread of the #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/ElwPwIjCS5 â Aradhana Aravindan (@RDchatters) March 18, 2020 This immense 1,056-metre link between Malaysia and Singapore is crucial to the backbone of maritime Southeast Asia - being the busiest border crossing in the world with 350,000 travellers daily. After Malaysiaâs government set forth a series of travel bans, not a single civilian vehicle has made the trip. 2. The Kaabah, Mecca (left) empty mecca source from the internet. (right) i took it before coronaoutbreak last month. pic.twitter.com/YMwaV5jYMk â hazwanmatassan (@Hazwanbhm) March 19, 2020 The holiest land according to Islamic scripture, Meccaâs Kaabah brings in millions of pilgrims to worship each year - although in response to over 200 COVID-19 cases in Saudi Arabia, the country announced that the customary five prayers and weekly congregations would be on hold while combating the virus, halting a religious tradition that has continued through centuries. 3. St. Peterâs Square, Vatican City A view of empty chairs at St. Peter's Square Vatican City.#photography #coronavirus #covid19 #Rome #Italy pic.twitter.com/f351cWTghQ â The Z World (@TheZWorld) March 18, 2020 Similarly, the Vatican City has seen none of its usual crowds at St. Peterâs Square, the large plaza facing St. Peterâs Basilica, the largest and perhaps most artistically significant cathedral in the world - before the devastating outbreak in Italy, the grounds would draw over 50,000 people each day. 4. Traffic Hotspots, Bengaluru That's dream come true ð https://t.co/ow0verUiUr â Partha (@partha79) March 18, 2020 If youâve driven a vehicle in Bengaluru, itâs likely that youâve been acquainted with the cityâs mortal enemy - traffic. According to recent reports, however, Bangaloreans were stunned to see the jams calm down from 30-50 per cent since Coronavirus quarantine measures were imposed. 5. Bandra & Worli Skies, Mumbai Donât remember Mumbai Sky looking like this in last 10 years. pic.twitter.com/zpsx9tyWMc â Dhiraj (@dhirajwrites) March 19, 2020 Mumbaikars this week also found themselves pleasantly surprised - while the city usually deals with hazy, lifeless skies due to local pollution, the Coronavirus outbreak has preceded a surprising drop in pollution levels - leading to social media exploding with photos of bright blue skies, a rare occurrence in the city. 6. ISKCON Temple, Delhi A deserted view of ISKON Temple as the temple has been closed for the general public due to coronavirus outbreak at Kailash Colony. In Delhi, 9 positive cases of #COVID19 have been reported so far. Track updates here https://t.co/fliRRu2d1N (Pictures by @sanchit2294) pic.twitter.com/xf4UmMvTWE â HT Delhi (@htdelhi) March 18, 2020 ISKCON's Krishna temples have also been hit by the virus, with the religious society choosing to turn to medical precautions and technology to keep things running. While it has shut doors and preached the importance of social distancing, resident devotees continue to run aartis and special prayers that are being broadcasted on ISKONâs website. 7. Times Square, New York City Ballet dancer and performer Ashlee Montague of New York wears a gas mask while she dances in Times Square as the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak continues in Manhattan. Photo by Andrew Kelly pic.twitter.com/kcJG3tfpOL â corinne_perkins (@corinne_perkins) March 19, 2020 One of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, the glowing neon signs of Times Square usually shine on 330,000 people each day - and are now hauntingly empty, allowing artists to take to the streets in search of creative inspiration. 8. Taj Mahal, Agra #India Pictures show tourists visiting the Taj Mahal on January 3, 2018 (L) and the same view of Taj Mahal with low number of tourists on March 16, 2020, amid concerns over the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus, in Agra. ð¸ Pawan Sharma ð¸ @dofaget pic.twitter.com/FelNMSzYw9 â AFP Photo (@AFPphoto) March 17, 2020 The Taj Mahal was already in the process of limiting itâs 70,000 daily visitors to 40,000 due to safety and conservation concerns, yet the COVID-19 outbreak brought that total down to 0, with it shutting doors this Tuesday. 9. Ibiza, Mediterranean Sea Ibiza deserted by Coronavirus ð pic.twitter.com/zBjrhnDaND â Sheikh Haidar (@sheikh_haidar) March 15, 2020 Part of countless songs, music videos and party references, it now seems like no one's too excited at the famous Mediterranean party destination. Bars, clubs and pubs all fold in front of the lack of tourists and outbreak concerns from locals. 10. Central London The surrealness of the coronavirus crisis has really hit home after seeing the streets of central London totally deserted bar homeless people and Deliveroo drivers at 10pm on what turned out to be a very eerie Friday night walk pic.twitter.com/lXj3GQ2bio â Maya Oppenheim (@MayaOppenheim) March 20, 2020Perhaps even eerier than New York Cityâs streets are Londonâs - 10 PM isnât anywhere close to early in the city on usual days, yet Londoners are finding their neighbourhoods desolate and quiet. Howâs your neighbourhood looking since the outbreak began? Share your thoughts in the comments. View the full article
  19. When humanity stumbled into 2020, most of us, at least those who can read this article, have at some point in our lives, played a video game. Whether youâre casually chucking birds at pigs on your cell phone, enjoying a day off with some FIFA, exploring amazing single-player stories or competing in online tournaments - between 2012 and 2020, the market share of Earthâs most immersive form of entertainment has doubled to over $150 billion, and continues to rise meteorically. It wasnât surprising then, that through the evolution of gaming, Hollywood has been playing close attention to audiences and developers alike. Engaging characters, action sequences just waiting to be shot - and plenty of box office cheques to write. What follows is a list of some of the most popular, engaging and even surprising success stories of video games, adapted to film. 10. Mortal Kombat Okay, we know this one hasnât aged too well, but hear us out for a bit. Back in 1995, teenagers had little to compare their video games to, outside of their television screens and if they were lucky, toy tie-ins. But when it came to seeing the ultraviolence fighting game spectacle take place on the big screen, boy were crowds sold. This film was the first video game adaptation to ditch external plots and for-film narratives, sticking to the source material with extreme care. Several moves featured in the fight scenes are actual combos within the original game, and the old school CGI makes for an amusing, yet enlightening foundation stone for all the films to come in its wake. 9. Silent Hill On paper, Silent Hillâs creepy formula of atmospheric visuals, terrifying survival gameplay and amazing monster designs would have made for a good movie - so why was this one forgotten with time? In a nutshell, the filmmakers only paid attention to the first point. The film is stylistically perfect and takes us back to chilling memories of the video game - but is let down by a muddled plot and unimpressive backstory retellings. On the bright side, we do get to see Sean Bean of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fame. 8. Final Fantasy: Advent Children Straight up, if you like Final Fantasy, anime or both of the above, youâll love this. While youâll feel completely lost in the filmâs characters and plot without having played the game, it showcases some of developer Square Enixâs most stunning collaborations with Visual Works, the legendary Japanese studio behind their gorgeously detailed cutscenes. The action is pure, unadulterated spectacle - one that was so beloved by fans that PS3 sales back in 2005 skyrocketed after its release. 7. The Angry Birds Movie 2 Like any decent gamer, I approached this one with caution and doubt. Itâs improbable, silly and very much an overt cash grab - yet the quirkiness and simple charm that made the mobile game such a big hit is plastered all over this movie. It knows exactly how seriously to take itself - keeping the early pacing quick and introducing us to a series of characters and well-written gags that could engage both parents and kids alike. 6. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time It seems like thereâs two kinds of PoP fans out there - those who fondly remember the old DOS-era platformers, and those who enjoyed the brutal action-adventure thrills of Warrior Within and The Two Thrones. This film was clearly aimed at the latter - with Jake Gyllenhall backflipping through scenes into the titular princeâs role. Thereâs plenty of fun fight choreography, royal schemes and even time travel shenanigans at work here, and despite almost no real connection with the games, Ben Kinglsleyâs performance as the main villain totally makes up for it. 5. Warcraft Thereâs a common misconception with this film that several reviewers fell for - commonly thought of to be based on the titanic World of Warcraft MMORPG series, it actually focuses on the story of a slightly older game - 2002âs Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, which some of you MOBA gamers might remember as the birthplace of DOTA. Warcraft follows the tale of a desperate Orc tribe contending with warring factions, demonic magic and all the fun action set pieces that result from this. While the film is heavy with exposition, the scale and CGI work is fantastic, while Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi sets it all to a fantastic background score. 4. Sonic The Hedgehog Certainly, no one asked for this - but spurred on by longtime rival Nintendoâs success with Detective Pikachu (which weâll get to later), Sega and Paramount Picturesâ 2020 Sonic film dashes through nostalgic throwbacks for fans - referencing several themes and game design features from the 90s classics. Even more dynamic than the surprisingly relatable Sonic is his nemesis Dr. Eggman, played by Jim Carrey. Seriously, if kid me knew this was coming, Iâd have been far more excited for 2020 - serious thumbs up to the filmmakers for taking the time and effort to re-render Sonicâs visuals after major fan backlash in 2019. Segaâs seen better days, but they sure are loyal. 3. Tomb Raider Before Tomb Raider, there was Angelina Jolieâs similarly named Lara Croft: Tomb Raider from 2001. While the Angie films were riotous and enjoyable in perhaps the same way as Pierce Brosnanâs Bond flicks, this reinvention of the character was inspired by the 2013 videogame reboot, which dropped the stale action feel in favour of a gritty, realistic and much more grounded theme, with Alicia Vikanderâs performance bringing it all together. She does defy physics and heal from injuries in a way that detracts from the realism - but itâs all very slick, well made and stands as a good film by itself. 2. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu This 2019 riot came out of nowhere, with a fresh new idea that turned those old Pokemon GO ads into a reality - bringing Pokemon into our contemporary world was a very risky move that Nintendo and Game Freak took for the series. Almost immediately, itâs apparent that this movie is created by the very same people who grew up playing the video games and watching the anime⦠a hilarious, touching and often witty adventure that brings our beloved Pikachu to life - complete with Ryan Reynoldsâ voice and a mystery plot to boot. 1. The Original Pokemon Films Back in the good early 2000s when animation was in its golden age, kids the world over were absolutely brought to their knees with sequel after sequel of Pokemon feature-length animated films. While a staggering 23 of them have been produced to date, the spotlight has always belonged to the original - Mewtwo Strikes Back. With beautiful animation, all the characters we love and a truly memorable and touching plot, this one would also be remembered for having the saddest scene in Pokemon history. Did you ever play or watch any of these series? Tell us in the comments! View the full article
  20. With the COVID-19 quarantine by and large in effect for the foreseeable future now, things will be going haywire. The pressure to work from home and stay productive, the constant bickering of siblings and family members, and the manner in which we feel trapped in our own houses, is surely going to get on our nerves. © iStock It is very easy under such circumstances to panic and actually lose sight of things that are actually important. Taking proper care of yourself is one such thing. Now, you may be washing your hands every now and then, and cleaning your hands with some really good hand sanitizers which ultimately, are actually quite harsh on your skin. We recommend you follow what this dermatologist says about taking care of your hands that have gone dry from constant washing. © iStock But what about your face? How do you take care of your skin when youâre under quarantine, and supposedly safe from all the external factors that normally cause havoc on your skin. Well, when youâre under quarantine, you need a skincare routine even more, simply because you lose track of things at times. Also, do you really want to take risks right now? © iStock Here are six super easy steps that can actually prove to be quite effective and useful for your skin, especially when youâre under quarantine. Inculcate A Sleeping Routine © iStock First and foremost, inculcate a proper sleeping routine and follow it. Since youâll be spending possibly the entire day at home, you may get complacent and do things lazily. Especially on the days when youâre working from home. Instead of staying up late at night, binge-watching your favourite shows, stick to a proper sleeping routine, wherein you get at least eight hours of sleep. Now, thanks to the quarantine, you actually donât have an excuse not to sleep for eight hours or more if needed. Wash Your Face At Least Twice A Day © iStock Given that you have to wash your hands quite a few times throughout the day, it would behove you if you wash your face as well. Wash your face at least twice a day, with a face wash that suits your skin type. Also, go for something that is friendly for the environment and also on your skin, otherwise, you risk drying up your skin, which will make it all itchy and sensitive. Moisturise Thoroughly © iStock Pick a moisturiser that suits your skin, and make sure you actually use it thoroughly. Even though you might think that there is no need to moisturise your face regularly because youâre always indoors anyway, you actually should be moisturising your face, on a regular basis. Given you will have to wash your face regularly, do not skip on moisturising. Avoid Touching Your Face Unnecessarily © iStock Your hands touch all sorts of surfaces and things through the day. God knows what all germs and pathogens they pick up. Health experts, medical professionals and even the WHO suggests keeping your hands away from your face. Unless it is imperative and an unavoidable circumstance, avoid touching your face. If just have to touch your face, to adjust your spectacles, or to itch or something, rub your hands with some hand sanitiser first. Exfoliate At Least Once A Week © iStock This is actually somewhat a leisurely activity, but again, something that you should go for often. Exfoliate your skin using a slightly coarse cleansing agent. We suggest you go for something like multani clay, or some other form of clay. That not only helps your skin in maintaining its pH balance, but also gives it a thorough and deep cleansing. Stay Hydrated © iStock Finally, and this is the most important thing that you can do, keep yourself hydrated properly. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day, even though you may not feel thirsty that often. To take things to the next level, use a face mist, or some micellar water. View the full article
  21. Ever since European countries announced lockdowns to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading, everyone's staying home and streaming content on Netflix, millions to be more accurate. Since too many people are streaming content on the platform, the streaming giant has announced that it will reduce the resolution and quality of video stream so that it doesnât put a burden on the internet. © Unsplash/Freestocks Netflix took the decision after European Commissioner Thierry Breton spoke with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to reduce bitrates across Europe for a period of 30 days. "We estimate that this will reduce Netflix traffic on European networks by around 25% while also ensuring a good quality service for our members," a Netflix spokesperson said in a statement. © Unsplash/Kon Karampelas Due to forced lockdowns, millions are working from home and children are also barred from attending schools. Naturally, with so many users streaming content at the same time would put a huge strain on the internet and the infrastructure. Netflix has not detailed by how much the bitrate is going to be reduced but it is safe to assume that a full HD movie/show would now stream at standard definition. Similarly, a 4K movie/show would stream at 1080p or 720p to make sure not a lot of data is being used for streaming content. Important phone conversation with @ReedHastings, CEO of @Netflix To beat #COVID19, we #StayAtHome Teleworking & streaming help a lot but infrastructures might be in strain. To secure Internet access for all, letâs #SwitchToStandard definition when HD is not necessary. â Thierry Breton (@ThierryBreton) March 18, 2020 Netflix already adjusts the bitrate of video on its platform depending on the bandwidth available. However, restricting the bandwidth from the backend would make sure all content would stream on the standard-definition resolution. © Unsplash/YTCount As of now, Netflix is only taking these measures in Europe and it isnât clear whether it will be extended to other regions. With more countries going in lockdown, millions will be using the internet from home to work, stream movies and music. If the internet infrastructure is strained in other regions, we can expect Netflix and other OTT platforms to take similar measures. If you arenât too fussy about watching your content in lower resolution, we recommend you adjust your bitrate manually so that it doesnât put a strain on the internet infrastructure. On Netflix, you can change the bitrate from your account settings and then go to âPlayback Settings.â For other platforms like YouTube, you can adjust the quality of the video from the player itself. View the full article
  22. "Problem? Problem Yeh Hai Ki Hum Sab Genius Hai Aur Kya Problem Hai, Problem Yeh Hai Ki Hume Kisi Ki Suni Hi Nahi Hai... Garmiyon Ki Chutthi Nahi Chalu Ho Gayi Hai..." Wondering what am I talking about? Well, itâs Kartikâs Aaryanâs monologue and this time around, itâs a hard-hitting appeal to understand the dire consequences of the global pandemic of Coronavirus and start practicing social distancing. Kartikâs monologue actually comes at the right time and is the need of the hour because people are finding it hard to understand why the government is asking people, again and again, to stay indoors and not to party because you are getting to work from home or your colleges are shut. Itâs all for a reason, right? #CoronaStopKaroNa My Appeal in my Style Social Distancing is the only solution, yet ð½@narendramodi we are with you Sir !! pic.twitter.com/qhQBZSdFAd â Kartik Aaryan (@TheAaryanKartik) March 19, 2020 The actor also pointed out that theatres are shut and shootings have also been stalled but âlog nahi rukengeâ. He also hilariously piqued on people who are going to restaurants and again, thus resulting in large gatherings. He also took a potshot at the couples by saying, âNibba Nibbyon Pyaar Toh Bad Jaega Ice-Cream Khane Se But Usko Khaane Ke Liye Bachoge Tab Na.â In his monologue, he also mentioned world-renowned immunologist Anthony Fauci, saying that heâd be depressed seeing the crowd at Mumbaiâs Juhu beach, despite multiple advisories to stay indoors. The actor, who shot to stardom after the Pyaar Ka Punchnama movies, made this video, similar to the format of the infamous monologue. And it has become a hit among the masses who are lauding the actor for his appeal. Some even said itâs much better and useful than his monologue in Punchnama. This monologue was way more important than the one in Pyaar Ka Punchnaama. â Aditya Saha (@adityakumar480) March 19, 2020 Pehli baar tu desh ke kaam aaya hai londe â RDX (@India_Maharaj) March 19, 2020 Bahut badiya bcz kuch hutiyo ko seedhi baat samjh nahi aati #Nibba #Nibbi Abhi Fihal kuch mt #Corona â Sunil Rawatð®ð³ (@Sunil_Rawat21) March 19, 2020 Haha good one Corona stop Karo na â Aarohi Tripathy ð®ð³ (@aarohi_vns) March 19, 2020 Me tumhe pahle Bollywood actor samta tha.. But... pic.twitter.com/DEO8EtRxVI â nick (@Nikkisoindi007) March 19, 2020 Loving the way you are addressing your fans in this #CoronavirusOutbreakindia situation! #KartikAaryan #kartikstyle â Vishakha Jain (@VishakhaAmritl1) March 19, 2020 One of the social media users even went on to say that this message has washed off the disaster he gave to the audiences in the shape of his last release, Love Aaj Kal. Isse 'Love Aaj Kal' ke paap dhul gye tere bhai â Kaju Katli (@kaju__katli) March 19, 2020Seeing the situation in the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged the nation to observe March 22 as 'Janta Curfew' in an attempt to contain the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, letâs all fight it together and understand the true meaning of social distancing because if this pandemic goes to Stage 3, it will be almost next to impossible for the country to control it. So, stay safe and stay alert. View the full article
  23. This morning, India woke up to a new day with four less evils walking the face of this earth. Finally, Nirbhaya can rest in peace today. The calls for justice that started seven years ago, have finally been heard and justice has been served with the hanging of the four Nirbhaya convicts kept in imprisonment at Delhiâs Tihar Jail. © Reuters Jyoti âNirbhayaâ Singhâs perpetrators Pawan Gupta, Akshay, Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh were finally hanged earlier this morning, after multiple delays over the last few months, in the presence of the superintendent, deputy superintendent, the resident medical officer, the district magistrate and another jail staff member. It is not confirmed yet if a Hindu priest was also present at the place of hanging. Here are 10 things that were followed before the early morning hanging of the four Nirbhaya convicts. 1. Ahead of the hanging, the convicts were asked to sign off their wills if they had any. © Twitter 2. The convicts were also allowed to meet their family for the akhri mulaqat or last meeting. It is reported that convict Akshayâs family did not seek time for the same. 3. Over an hour before their hanging, the convicts were woken up and also asked to take a bath ahead of their final journey. Reportedly, all four refused. 4. Post this, all four of them were given new clothes to dress in and offered time to read religious scriptures if they wanted to, which reportedly they also refused. © Twitter 5. All four convicts were then served breakfast which again they didnât eat. 6. Following which, they were taken for a medical examination to confirm that they were physically okay to be hanged. 7. A final confirmation was made to ensure no documents ordering a halt to the execution had arrived. 8. The convicts were then taken to the Phansi Kothi with their faces covered and hands tied behind their back. © Twitter 9. Inside the chamber, the district magistrate asked them about their final wishes, and it is reported that they had not expressed anything on this front. 10. The âblackâ death warrant was then signed by the district magistrate and the death sentences of all four convicts were carried out. Here is what people have to say about the final hanging. Should've been five. #NirbhayaCase https://t.co/XcyrPDurDv â David B. Cohen (@DavidBCohen1) March 20, 2020 Finally. Woke up to the incredible news that all #NirbhayaCase convicts are finally executed! It took 7 yrs of constant legal battle by 2 brave women-the mother & lawyer-for this day to come. We, the Indian women, salute you! We will never forget or be defeated again.#NirbhayaVerdict pic.twitter.com/3BItnkOYOl â Tanvi Ratna (@tanvi_ratna) March 20, 2020 Good news, indeed. Some Death news are even Good.#NirbhayaCase #NirbhayaCaseConvicts #JusticeForNirbhaya #JusticeDelivered pic.twitter.com/ZqCGR2erHJ â Apurba Deb (@deb_apurba) March 20, 2020 Rest in peace. Our sister can now finally rest in peace. The 4 rapists are finally hanged. Although, Iâd still say this is no less than justice denied because it was made possible by Miss Asha Devi & not some judiciary that we are thanking. ð» to her.#NirbhayaCase #JusticeForNirbhaya â Sanyam Sharma (@Sanyam_Sharma_) March 20, 2020 True. Indeed it was necessary to hang those rapists but what's more important here is to make sure that the clan of rapists couldn't be allowed to mutate in the society like India ! 7 years 3 months on & justice ia delayed hence denied in some way ! #NirbhayaCase â Ashwin Gour (@AshwinGour4) March 20, 2020 Swati Maliwal, Chairperson, Delhi Commission for Women on #NirbhayaConvicts hanged: It's a historic day, Nirbhaya got justice after over 7 years, her soul must have found peace today. Country has given a strong message to rapists that if you commit this crime you will be hanged. pic.twitter.com/Uf3ILQRmYE â ANI (@ANI) March 20, 2020 Celebrations Delhi: People, including women rights activist Yogita Bhayana celebrate & distribute sweets outside Tihar jail where four 2012 Delhi gang-rape case convicts were hanged at 5:30 am today. https://t.co/UzgNQgeGoV pic.twitter.com/ffS56YpFt9 â ANI (@ANI) March 20, 2020 View the full article
  24. Apple just unveiled the latest iPad Pro that comes with new features that will change the way we use the tablet altogether. The new iPad Pro comes with new camera hardware and support for trackpads similar to MacBooks by the Cupertino giant. The new iPad Pro gets an additional ultra-wide camera lens and new mics for better call quality. It even comes with is own LiDAR scanner that is capable of giving better depth-sensing capabilities. It will be supported by pro photo and video apps for the iPad. © Apple In an upcoming iPadOS update, Apple will be extending support for a trackpad, bringing in a whole new way of using the iPad. It takes Apple one step closer to converting the iPad Pro into a credible replacement for a laptop. The trackpad will also support Multi-Touch gestures similar to MacBooks, making it easier for users to navigate and multitask on the iPad Pro. All of this will be possible, thanks to a new Magic Keyboard that has the trackpad in-built for using with the iPad Pro. The Magic Keyboard even has a backlit keyboard making it easier to type in dim environments. The new accessory will be available later this year in May. © Apple âThe new iPad Pro introduces advanced technologies never before available in mobile computing,â said Phil Schiller, Appleâs senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing. âCombining the most advanced mobile display with powerful performance, pro cameras, pro audio, the breakthrough LiDAR Scanner and new Magic Keyboard with Trackpad, this is another huge leap forward for iPad. Thereâs no other device in the world like the new iPad Pro and we think our customers are going to love it.â âWeâre making iPad even more capable and versatile by bringing trackpad support to iPadOS,â said Craig Federighi, Appleâs senior vice president of Software Engineering. âWe carefully considered the best way to integrate trackpad use into a touch-first environment while retaining everything our customers know and love about the iPad. Weâre thrilled to bring this new way of interacting with iPad to the millions of people using iPadOS today.â © Apple The new iPad Pro will be powered by appleâs A12Z Bionic chip to make it the most powerful tablet ever. It has an eight-core GPU capable of delivering console-level graphics in games and an improved thermal architecture to prevent throttling. It is also capable of editing 4K videos and 3D models for graphic designers and animators. Also, it can last up to 10 hours on a single charge, now. The display on the new iPad Pro will be somewhat similar to its predecessor as it will be available in both 11 and 12.9-inches. The display has a refresh rate of 120Hz and will automatically adjust depending on your activity. © Apple The new LiDAR scanner is a new addition to the camera module that will users measure objects up to 5m away. It works in both outdoor and indoor environments. The new scanner promises to deliver a new way to experience augmented reality as it uses data from both the cameras and motion sensors. The new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be available in silver and space grey colours and will start from Rs 71900 for the Wi-Fi model and Rs 85900 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. The 12.9-inch iPad Pro will start from Rs 89900 for the Wi-Fi model and Rs 103900 for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model. Both iPad Pro models are expected to be available soon in India. The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro will be available for purchase in May for Rs 27900 for the 11-inch iPad Pro and Rs 31900 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. View the full article
  25. Malls are shut, concerts are postponed and most of us are working from home - quarantine is real and we're in this together. But hey, lounging around at home does have its upsides, my favourite being binge-watching like there's no tomorrow (and not regret it). While I was at it, I made a list of five must-watch crime-dramas that will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you root for justice. Badla (2019) Red Chillies Entertainment A young, married entrepreneur (played by Tapsee Pannu) wakes up in a hotel room, only to find herself locked with her lover's dead body. She gets caught in a web of accusations and heads to a reputed lawyer (played by Amitabh Bachchan) for help. Packed with mystery, suspense, and fear, this short & slick thriller is an all-time favourite. Bhaukaal (2020) MX Player Set in Muzaffarnagar of 2003, MX Player's latest show Bhaukaal is the story of police officer Naveen Sikhera (played by Mohit Raina) who gets posted to the sin city as the new SP (Superintendent of Police). He makes justice his prime goal amidst unforgiving gang lords, bribery, corruption, and the infamous UP mafia. Inspired by true events, the story of Bhaukaal is based on the life of IPS officer Navniet Sekera, who eradicated gangsters and infamous mafias from Uttar Pradesh. All the episodes of Bhaukaal are now streaming on MX Player, for free. Risk (2017) Set in modern-day Mumbai, the film revolves around a Bangkok based don, Khalid Bin Jamal, who has the political big guns, right from the Home Minister to the Police Commissioner under his control. Things start getting out of hand when Jamal frames an honest police officer in a murder scandal and uses him as a pawn for his shrewd schemes. Starring Vinod Khanna, Randeep Hooda and Tanushree Dutta, this underrated thriller packs a punch and doesn't disappoint. Gangaajal (2003) Entertainment One Pvt. Ltd. In a world full of corruption, people like SP Amit Kumar (played by Ajay Devgn) make us believe in the power of authority, honesty and justice. In Gangaajal, he's posted to Tezpur - a city struggling with violence, crime, bribery, and favouritism. Kumar takes law and order in his hands and works towards making 'justice' the new normal. Manorama Six Feet Under (2007) Shemaroo Entertainment The film revolves around Satyaveer (played by Abhay Deol), a public works engineer living in a small town in Rajasthan. Things take an unexpected turn when an irrigation minister's wife bribes him to collect evidence against her husband who is having an extra-marital affair. Little did he know he was being deceived himself. Which are your go-to movies for a home-quarantine binge-watch sesh? Let us know in the comments section! View the full article
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