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  1. As a designer, Amit Aggarwal can be seen as a luminary who has been pushing the sartorial envelope by using rather unconventional materials. © Amit Aggarwal Imagine seeing a groom or groomsmen in a pret outfit made using recycled plastic, and industrial materials. A decade ago, something like this would have been considered blasphemous. Today, however, such creations have not only been normalised, it seems they are the need of the hour. We sit down with Amit for a candid conversation over men's couture, sustainable clothing and all things fashion. © Amit Aggarwal Q. As a veteran designer of the Indian Fashion industry, how would you say have we grown over the years? I think the entire community has grown to be more responsible and aware in terms of what it is creating. An increased number of unique voices has added to diversity within the industry and how Indian fashion is received world over. The new wave of designers is very exploratory and sincere in everything they are doing. © Amit Aggarwal There are definitely more names that are representing the country at international platforms. A label may not be at international fashion weeks but you will find them retailing at the most exclusive concept stores worldwide, that is the kind of presence the country has, where designers are known for their craftsmanship. We are not just a production hub anymore, we have stories to tell and the world is watching us. Q. What direction do you think the industry is taking? As a fashion community, we are much more experimental and vocal than we used to be. There is an active discussion on responsible fashion, which is so commendable. We may be a younger industry but the opportunities available within and outside the country are by no means behind our western counterparts. © Amit Aggarwal Q. What is that one current trend that we see today on the ramp, that has the potential of making it big among common, regular people in the future? I think power dressing is a trend that is dominating this season and really has that potential to become the norm. A structured suit is something that has so much impact but at the same time can be worn by just about anyone. Whether it's work or an outing, I feel garments with a certain sense of versatility are the way forward. Q. Tell us something about your label AM.IT, and your fascination with man-made textiles. AM.IT happened to satiate my urge to ensure natural and manmade textiles co-exist. As a brand, it envisions organic resources to comply with technological advancements. It shares a lot of nuances with our main couture line, and yet is designed for a different occasion I would say. © Amit Aggarwal Q. How big of an impact has e-commerce or online shopping made in high fashion? The fact that one can browse a collection online with full details regarding its fabric, price, fit etc. has definitely enticed a community of online shoppers. An internet query may translate into a store visit but it is something that gives many people a reason to indulge with brands. Although I believe that any kind of clothing should be bought in person, I'm quite encouraging towards all online shoppers around me. © Amit Aggarwal Q. What is that one trend in men's fashion that you don't like, or don't agree with? The one trend that I do not agree with, is that of men playing too safe when it comes to how to dress. Fashion to me, is the biggest way to express myself, so I particularly appreciate it when men are experimental and want to push the envelope with their dressing. Q. How do you think the industry as a whole is in dealing with this issue of sustainable and “eco-friendly” fashion? Even if sustainable fashion has become a fad these days, I'm glad more brands are pushing for a common cause. There is not one but multiple blueprints around which designers are practising sustainability. I think the conversation has moved forward from utilising waste or handloom. All this effort has impacted people to be more mindful of their buying habits, the choices and the little changes they make in their personal lives. © Amit Aggarwal Q. What are your views on the debate around Maximalism vis-a-vis Minimalism? Our history is full of maximalism in arts & crafts. As a culture, we are the epitome of extravagance and there is no way we can deny it. It is bound to repeat itself like any other creative movement. A creator has a choice to utilise a concept in their work. As for minimalism, it is an aftereffect of maximalism, derived from the stress, expense and near-religious commitment of overindulgence. In my work, I try to explore all of these concepts with an active awareness of how it will affect society and ecology at large. © Amit Aggarwal Q. Tell us something about your creative process. How do you come up with themes, motifs and images for your creations? Materials and surfaces are an important aspect of my creative process. Each season is dedicated to a selection of materials that are explored in every way possible in accordance with a set of visual components that help give shape to the mood of the collection. It is a non-linear process where ideas can emerge from my recent travels, books that I happen to read, movies or even what I am going through in my personal life. I tend to get inspired by nature so that becomes a recurring element in most of our collections. © MensXP Q. Where do you think men's fashion in India is heading? I think we are at a place where various factors have enabled men to experiment with their looks without any inhibitions regarding how they are required to dress. Many designers are creating one-off collections that are primarily for men. This relationship is crucial for the men's fashion scene to thrive in any community and we are more than excited to explore this when we did. Through the years, we received continuous feedback from our clients that it was high time we designed something for men. So, our decision to create menswear was really the growing interest from customers who wanted something curated for them. Creating a collection for men is not the same as it is for women, for obvious reasons. But we are loving it so far! I look forward to men sporting the most daring and extravagant of silhouettes and colours. © Amit Aggarwal Q. Three words you'd use to describe your signature style. Experimental. Eloquent. Exploratory Q. What is your favourite historical era in terms of menswear, and why? Egyptian men were the first to adopt clothing as an expression or a sense of style. Until then the purpose of clothing was merely functional. © Amit Aggarwal Q. Do you think traditional Indian menswear is evolving? What is traditional will remain so. Yes, menswear is evolving. As designers, we try and create a contemporary outlook, building upon tradition as inspiration. Q. One celebrity who can teach everyone else a lesson or two on how to pull off the Indian aesthetic elegantly, when it comes to menswear. Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. I think they sport a traditional look exceptionally well. Q. One thing men should never do while dressing up in traditional Indian wear. Never say never! Men can always own what they wear, I would personally say experiment as much and have fun with your clothing. © Amit Aggarwal Q. One traditional Indian menswear item you believe every Indian man should have in his wardrobe, and why. A well-tailored suit, in a neutral colour. I think it's a great way to build a traditional or formal look. Men's fashion in India slipped through the cracks of the mainstream fashion scene and has stayed under the radar for far too long. Take a look at any fashion event - fashion weeks, fashion shows et all, and you'll see how in most of them, menswear seems to be an afterthought. Furthermore, shows focussing exclusively on menswear are a rarity. As a series, Draping Indian Men is an earnest attempt to celebrate the changing phase of men's fashion in India, and those pioneering geniuses who have come to define our sartorial sensibilities.
  2. Figuring out the right gift for Diwali can be a little tiring task. We've already made a bunch of lists if you're looking to spend on tech items. But if you don't want to spend on things like smartphones, headphones, or gaming console, then you might want to look into Bluetooth speakers. There are a ton of Bluetooth speakers out there, so choosing the right one can, again, be a little overwhelming. But we did the hard work of figuring out which ones are worth your money. So, here are some Bluetooth speakers that are worth buying or gifting this Diwali season. 1 JBL GO Portable Speaker © Amazon JBL is a popular player in the audio space and they have a lot of Bluetooth speakers on offer. JBL's most affordable speaker in this space is the JBL Go. It's a portable speaker that comes with 5 hours of playtime. The speaker comes with JBL's signature sound, so you can count on the quality. The speaker also comes with a noise-canceling speakerphone and a long-press button to activate Google Assistant or Siri. 2. JBL Flip 3 © Amazon You may have heard of the JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth speaker because these ones are very popular. They look incredible and have great quality, thanks to the Dual external passive Bass radiators. One of the best things about this speaker is that it comes with IPX7 certification for waterproof. This speaker has 10 hours of playtime, and it's really worth the money. 3. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom © Amazon Ultimate Ears' Wonderboom packs a lot of punch for a speaker of its size. A newer version of this speaker is also available, but that one is quite expensive. The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom delivers great audio output with crisp quality. It comes in a bunch of colors and also has IPX7 waterproof certification. The UE Wonderboom is great for listening to music when you're on the go because this one comes with a playtime of 10 hours. 4. Saregama Carvaan © Amazon Saregama Carvaan has become a lot more popular over the past couple of years mainly due to its unique design. It looks like a retro radio but it comes with modern features like Bluetooth support, USB port, radio, and app support. It also comes with a bunch of pre-loaded songs depending on the version you're getting. It's a great product for gifting.
  3. The 74th season of the National Basketball Association or the NBA is set to begin from October 22, and for the first time in a really long period, you do not see one particular “super team” winning the title. The big trades and free agencies in the off season, surprisingly good rookies, and the time to literally heal all the wounds have given the new season a sense of refreshing uncertainty. With the pre-season behind us, here is everything you need to know about the 2019-2020 season of the NBA: Summer Blockbusters: Iconic Trades and Free-Agency Signings: © Instagram - Brooklyn Nets Eight reigning All-Stars: Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, D'Angelo Russell, Kemba Walker and Russell Westbrook have changed teams during the offseason. That's the most reigning All-Stars to ever change teams in a single NBA offseason out of which, Durant, Westbrook and Rose have been former 'Most Valuable Players' of the regular season and Durant, Leonard have been former Finals MVP. Three players who were All-Stars in 2018 but not in 2019 namely Jimmy Butler, DeMarcus Cousins and Al Horford too will be seen in colours different from the previous year. Dynamic Duos (players to look out for): © Reuters After an era of title-hungry all-star players coming together to form the so called “super-team” the league has finally moved on to a comparatively more interesting and competitive era, that of dynamic duos: â Los Angeles Lakers: Lebron James and Anthony Davis â Los Angeles Clippers: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard â Brooklyn Nets: Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving â Houston Rockets: Russell Westbrook and James Harden â Dallas Mavericks: Luka DonÄiÄ and Kristaps Porzingis Legacies To Follow: â Battle: Los Angeles Ever since the Los Angeles Clippers came into existence 50 years ago, they have been branded as “ that other LA team”, simply because of the legacy that the Lakers have had in the past 72 years. And then there's also the fact that the Lakers have won 16 titles while the Clippers have won none. © Reuters However, this off-season has made the Clippers relevant once again. The critics and basketball pundits from all over the world even believe that this “other LA Team” might just become “The LA Team” this season and win their maiden NBA title thanks to the inclusion of last season's MVP candidate Paul George and the 2019 NBA Finals MVP and Champion Kawhi Leonard. Also, we have the new and upgraded Lakers side led by the powerful duo of Lebron James and Anthony Davis. © Reuters Having been well rested for over 200 days after missing the playoffs for the first time in 14 years, a 34-year-old James looks to get back to his winning ways and win his fourth NBA title. A hungry Anthony Davis in his prime alongside a brilliant but highly underrated supporting roster led by Danny Green, would be crucial in this rivalry between the two LA teams. â Lebron James' Return To The Finals? © Reuters Albeit the 3-6 losing record in the NBA Finals, the mere fact that he Akron-born star made it to eight consecutive finals is impressive. So when during his first season in the Lakers' purple and gold, he missed out on making it to the playoffs, many believed that the King's reign is over. However with the time to recover after years and years of gruelling seasons during which the team would look up to him in the moment of need, James can finally give the driver's seat to Anthony Davis and focus more on ball distribution and play-making. With a comparatively young and more talented team as compared to his Cleveland days, Lebron's second season with the Lakers surely brings a great opportunity for the King to not only make it to the NBA Finals but win it all. â Steph Curry's MVP Campaign © Reuters One of the key ingredients behind winning the MVP award is narrative and Stephen Curry, the man who revolutionised the game of basketball with his ability to score from beyond the arc, has just the narrative to win him that trophy. With Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala parting ways with the Golden State Warriors, Shaun Livingston retiring and Klay Thompson going down with a severe ACL tear during last season's finals and out of action for at least nine months, Curry will have to once again take charge a team which is not that “super” anymore. Sure he has Draymond Green and D'Angelo Russell by his side to begin the season with, but after losing the roster that helped him win three titles in an instant, has to have a major impact on the shooter's performance. If he somehow manages to make it to the top four of the Western Conference teams by the end of the regular season, the case for him becoming the MVP once again will improve vastly. Opening Day: The regular season's opening day will witness two matches: 1. Toronto Raptors Vs New Orleans Pelicans © Reuters As they celebrate their 25th season, the Raptors figure to embrace the “defending NBA champions as underdogs” perception. Being dismissed or discounted applies to many of the team's players, including the late-blooming Kyle Lowry, No. 27 pick Pascal Siakam, No. 48 pick Marc Gasol and the undrafted Fred VanVleet. © Reuters New Orleans is one of the NBA's most intriguing teams, thanks to a dramatic offseason overhaul. The offseason included the addition of No. 1 overall draft pick Zion Williamson who is one of the most highly anticipated NBA rookies in recent memory with names like Jrue Holiday, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball by his side. 2. LA Clippers Vs LA Lakers © Reuters The Clippers have never reached the Conference Finals, but expectations are high with All-Stars Kawhi Leonard and Paul George joining several returning players from last season's 48-win team. However, George will miss the start of the season as he recovers from offseason surgery on both shoulders. © Reuters The Lakers are seen as a potential championship contender with Anthony Davis by their side. They have missed the playoffs in each of the last six seasons, tied for the NBA's third-longest active drought. Before this stretch, the Lakers had missed the playoffs five times in 65 seasons. Check out the entire NBA 2019-2020 schedule, here.
  4. Fitness trackers are probably the ones that come to your mind when you think about gifting tech items. Not just for Diwali, New Year is also just a couple of months away and so you might want to buy or gift an activity tracker to someone who wants to get in shape. When it comes to fitness trackers, there are a ton of different options to choose from. So here are the best fitness trackers which we think are worth your money - 1. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 © Amazon Mi Band is, without a doubt, one of the most popular fitness bands out there. It's known for getting the job done without any burning a huge hole in your pocket. The latest version, i.e., the Mi Band 4 not just brings you all the basic features, but it also brings some new ones like a color display. Although the overall design of Mi Band 4 is more or less similar to the old ones, it still looks and feels fresh. It also tracks all the basic metrics and supports heart rate tracking as well. Mi Bands are also known for their incredible battery life and this one is no exception. Overall, the Mi Band 4 is a really good option for Rs. 2,299. 2. Amazfit GTS © Amazfit The Amazfit GTS has been making rounds on the internet and has turned out to be a really good fitness tracker. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is that it looks like an Apple Watch. Everything from its design, the watch face, etc. resembles Apple Watch, thereby making it a go-to option for a lot of people. That being said, the Amazfit GTS is a really good watch and it can track all the basic metrics very well. It's got a great display, has water resistance, a lot of sensors to track more than just the basic metrics, really good battery life, and more. It's a great option if you can spend up to Rs. 10,000. 3. Apple Watch Series 3 © YouTube/ Apple If you have an iPhone, then we highly suggest you spend some money on the Apple Watch. Now that the Series 5 is out, the Series 3 is available at a handsome price and it's still very capable hardware. We already know how useful an Apple Watch can really be when it comes to fitness, so you can't really go wrong with this one. There's also an LTE variant of the watch, which lets you use it without having to keep your iPhone around. Apple Watch has a ton of other features, and you can read all about it in our full review right here. The Apple Watch Series 3 starts at Rs. 17,999, and it's a no brainer if you have an iPhone. 4. Fitbit Versa © Amazon A fitness tracker list is incomplete if it doesn't have a Fitbit tracker. The Fitbit community is so active and engaging that it makes fitness tracking an effortless feat. You can add and interact with other friends and community members who have a Fitbit tracker and compete with them to hit your daily goals. Fitbit Versa is essentially a watch that also happens to be a good tracker. It's got a lot of good features, making it a really good fitness tracker. And if you don't like Fitbit Versa's design, then you can simply go for the Fitbit Charge 3, which costs more or less the same.
  5. The 90s and early 2000s in India was an era apart. New things were coming our way and the world was opening up, to us Indians. Influence of western culture was becoming a bit more obvious and we could see it trickle through popular culture every now and then. Our most favourable pastime though was music and since English music was pouring in immensely, India decided to dive into absolute music diversity and produce some excellent music. That's when the entire era of popular Indian music arose and we couldn't get enough of it! Remember Luky Ali's 'O Sanam'? © Sony Well, looking back at that time is just another way to welcome nostalgia back into our lives. The songs were superb and catchy, the videos spoke about heartache, young people in love, daring women or happy times and the people in the video were memorable to say the least. Both men and women alike pursuing a career in acting or modelling would be a part of these videos, and of course we would all crush on them mighty hard! Some of them stayed on to become popular actors, actresses or models while the rest remained a one-hit wonder. Here's reminiscing back in time when life was simpler, and just watching that one woman in that one video made our day! Here are six women from popular videos back in the 90s and early 2000s we wish we had amidst us, even today! (1) Nauheed Cyrusi © Sony Music Entertainment Recently I was going through my Instagram account and suddenly I saw this profile that looked so familiar. When I opened it, there was a sunken feeling of nostalgia within! It was the 'piya basanti' girl. Remember her? Well, I am sure the kids from the 90s will definitely remember her. Also, looks like, she was stuck in a time capsule because she hasn't aged a bit! © Instagram (2) Shyla Lopez © Vevo The surreal beauty, Shyla Lopez was a rage in the 90s when we first saw her in Shaan's song 'Meri Soni, Meri Tamanna'. After that, she went onto feature in many more videos, the most popular one being 'Baho mein chalein aayo', where she played a Rajasthani tribal woman. She was seriously the one and only fantasy for the 90s boys! We found her on the internet again and she looks as hot as ever. © Facebook (3) Sushma Reddy © Femina She was mostly made popular in Sonu Nigam videos back in the 90s. Girl with the beautiful smile, Sushma is Sameera and Meghna Reddy's sister, who first appeared in TV commercials before getting a gig in the pop video world. She also went on to become a VJ with Channel V when it was launched and also hosted a show on Discovery Travel and Living. She's done a bunch of movies and now she produces her own projects. © Facebook (4) Michelle Innes © Spny Music Ent This marvellous striking Anglo-Indian beauty from Allahabad was breathtaking when we first saw her in Sonu Nigam's 'Is Kadar Pyaar hai' and then again in Euphoria's 'Dhoom Picchuk Dhoom'. She appeared on the Vogue India's cover in 2007 when her modelling career was at its peak but apart from that, our only memory of her was from 'Dhoom Picchuk Dhoom' and we absolutely fell in love with her then! © BCCL (5) Meghna Naidu © Sony Actress Meghna Naidu became an overnight sensation in her hit video 'Kaliyon Ka Chaman', where she was seen in a backless almost see through sequential top, most women wouldn't dare to wear in the early 2000s! A game changing baller, she made the 2000s more daring for women and we love her for that. Currently she acts, travels and also teaches dance! © Instagram (6) Shefali Jariwala © YouTube If you don't know her then your early 2000's were an absolute waste! The 90s hangover lasted till about mid 2000s where pop culture was becoming more radical and thought-provoking with the changing narratives. Shefali was definitely one of the main protagonists for this change with her 'Kanta Laga' video which became so popular, people almost forgot the original song! Her outfit was her showing off her thong, while wearing a pair of denims but in reality, the thongs were a part of the denim! She became popular as the 'thong girl' right after she was featured in the video. © Instagram So, there you go. Six charming beautiful girls from the 90s and early 2000s we can never forget even though they're a one-hit wonders and here's hoping these songs remain on a loop in our head, for the rest of our lives!
  6. Looks like, even after years of the Baahubali franchise making waves across the globe, the world can still not get enough of the magnum opus. This weekend was a very special time and marked a big milestone for the entertainment industry back home as SS Rajamouli's Baahubali:The Beginning became the only and the first ever non-English movie to be screened at the Royal Albert Hall in London, which is huge! Standing ovation at the @RoyalAlbertHall... ð¥ð¥ðð»ðð» HUGE applause to whoever came to #ReliveTheEpic.. Thank you LONDON... We will cherish this event forever... â¤ðð» Saahore @MMKeeravaani & the entire team of BAAHUBALI... ð¥âð»pic.twitter.com/HeZ1MmwA88 — Baahubali (@BaahubaliMovie) October 20, 2019 The movie also received a standing ovation and after the thunderous applause, it made its way to social media, where fans across the globe couldn't help but go crazy all over again. The name is @ssrajamouli! ð¥ Excited #Baahubali lovers from Japan who came to watch the show at the @RoyalAlbertHall had quite the fan moment with our director outside the hotel in London... pic.twitter.com/sxcRf7A9hT — Baahubali (@BaahubaliMovie) October 19, 2019 Immense pride for all of us ððð𥠗 Prabhas Crazy Girl ™ (@Pragathiprabhas) October 20, 2019 A night to remember! The music is still playing in my head this morning! ðI'm at aw of composer Keeravaani and Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra! Just amazing! #Baahubali Films in Concert @royalalberthall — Kiran Gawali (@GawaliKiran) October 20, 2019 The screening was also attended by the ensemble cast along with the director himself. Post the screening, actors Prabhas, Anushka and Rana along with Rajamouli took over the stage to express gratitude and answer all the questions as well. View this post on Instagram TheMIGHT , TheMAJESTY, TheMAHISHMATI!! #BaahubaliTheBeginningLive #royalalberthall A post shared by Rana Daggubati (@ranadaggubati) on Oct 19, 2019 at 5:04pm PDT View this post on Instagram The best evening with the best people!! â¤ï¸ A post shared by Rana Daggubati (@ranadaggubati) on Oct 18, 2019 at 2:56pm PDT In case if you still haven't witnessed what all these hyper about, then you clearly are living under a rock my friend. This is a giant leap of recognition meant for the people and a movie which truly put India on the global map of entertainment and in a way in which even Bollywood could not achieve this standard. For now, all we can say is 'Jai Mahishmati'! and let's hope we get to see this magical team work together again soon.
  7. Ranveer Singh can literally turn anything into an eyebrow-raising outfit. The fact that the inspiration for his outfits comes from everything around him is what makes his outfits out of ordinary. Case in point: pulling off an outfit inspired from the film Joker. Who would have thought that a brilliant film like Joker could be an inspiration for Ranveer Singh but not just in terms of acting? © Viral Bhayani Now, for a recent event, he wore a head to toe Gucci outfit with vibrant red three-piece with a coordinated green tie, he finished the look with a matching red beret, a pair of shades and derbys, all by Gucci. However, the whole vibe of the outfit matched Joker's aesthetic from the scene wherein he had lost all morality in the film. The outfit references to this scene in particular wherein the Joker kills his coworker and struts across the streets of Gotham. © Joker Ranveer Singh's look clearly holds a striking resemblance to this look. This is not the first time Ranveer Singh has worn something bizarre. He usually chooses pieces to curate an outfit that is outlandish. In fact, he's the trendsetter when it comes to bizarre, over-the-top fashion and has made these trends acceptable here which is a commendable achievement.
  8. Anushka Sharma has finally signed her next film after her last film, Zero, failed to impress the audience. According to reports, in her next, she might pair up with Hrithik Roshan for the first time. The film is reportedly titled Seven, which is also said to be the remake of the 1982 hit, Satte Pe Satta. View this post on Instagram Can't hear the hatersðð»ðð A post shared by AnushkaSharma1588 (@anushkasharma) on Oct 19, 2019 at 9:56am PDT Farah Khan and Rohit Shetty are coming together for this highly speculated film. Also, Farah recently spoke to IANS in an interview, and said, “Rohit is producing the film and I am directing it. Unless we come together and make a proper official announcement, everything is speculation." "Hopefully, we will make the announcement by Diwali. I am waiting for Rohit, because he is quite occupied these days, finishing the last leg of the shooting of his film Sooryavanshi," she added. View this post on Instagram Contemplating my next move to win the #War! ð A post shared by Hrithik Roshan (@hrithikroshan) on Sep 5, 2019 at 5:39am PDT Satte Pe Satta starred Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini in titular roles and was one of the much acclaimed movies of that time. The film revolved around the story of seven orphaned brothers who live in chaos until one falls in love with a nurse. Meanwhile, Hrithik recently also hinted at his next project which is a Rakesh Roshan directorial Krrish 4. Also, the actor's latest film, War is set to cross the Rs. 300 crore mark at the box office. India grows stronger when we become healthier. Join the Times of India Hifi movement and take your steps forward to a happier life! Visit now!
  9. When we talk about B-town stars who have an impeccable collection of sneakers, Shahid Kapoor has proven time and again that he is a true sneaker God. Speaking of his fashion game, he is known to be experimental but there are times when he chooses basic over eccentric, making it quite easy for everyone to take style inspiration from. © Viral Bhayani Shahid was spotted recently for a show with Neha Dhupia where he looked effortless in smart casuals but his sneakers sure grabbed our attention. They are an oversized version and truly they are as big as they can get. Here's why we say that: © Viral Bhayani © Balenciaga © Balenciaga Shahid is wearing Triple S trainers by Balenciaga. These sneakers look super edgy with their bold aesthetics. They also have an embroidered logo on the sides. Since these sneakers have a complex three-layered sole, they look extremely bulky and oversized, making it appear quite big. © Balenciaga Since it's Balenciaga, the price of these sneakers is obviously high. They are worth Rs. 64,000 in India. We have seen Shahid sporting such heavy sneakers and undoubtedly, only he can nail it. © Viral Bhayani For his outfit, he elevated his style wearing a purple shirt teamed with purple pants that looked extra yet stylish, courtesy his stylist, Anisha Jain We are totally diggin' your look and sneakers, Shahid.
  10. Smartphones are cool and all, but have you seen the 'Banana Phone'? Yes, a phone that literally looks like a banana! Well, before we check out this cool gadget, it's worth pointing out that it isn't really a phone. The Banana Phone is essentially a Bluetooth headset that connects to your phone, and you can use it to, you know, take calls. It's one of those things that was made to keep you away from your smartphones. According to the folks over at The Verge, a new version of Banana Phone is coming soon, and it's said to have some meaningful updates from the original model. © Banana Phone Looks like the new Banana Phone will have a really good speaker, which means you can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker. The new phone is also said to have an improved battery life of 20 hours of talk time. Alright using a Banana Phone probably sounds like a weird thing to think, but come on, a phone that looks like a Banana and can play Raffi's “Bananaphone”? Are you kidding me? It's a no brainer and that's what makes it so cool! Just the fact that you can do that today is pretty awesome and I might actually pick one up just to be that guy using a phone out there. © Banana Phone But on a serious note, it's important that you keep yourself away from smartphones as much as you can to prevent exhausting and even addiction in some cases. Using a basic feature phone or companion devices like the Banana Phone is the best you can do. If you don't want to be that weird person, then you can be a little subtle and get Nokia's Banana phone instead. The Banana Phone, obviously, isn't coming to India. However, it'll be available through their official website very soon where they're currently selling the older version of the phone.
  11. It's that time of the year when you might want to splurge on a new smartphone and call it a festive season shopping. 2019 has been an exciting year for smartphones, so there are a lot of options to choose from irrespective of the budget. Well, in case you're looking to keep your expenses in check and want to go for a budget phone, then here are the ones which we think are worth buying this festive season - 1. Redmi Note 8/ Note 8 Pro © MensXP/ Akshay Bhalla Xiaomi has been the top player when it comes to budget phones for quite some time now, and this year they've launched a lot of good phones. More recently for the festive season, the company has launched the new Redmi Note 8 and the Redmi Note 8 Pro. If you're not willing to spend more than, say, Rs 10,000 or Rs 15,000, then you simply can't go wrong with either of these phones. While the Redmi Note 8 brings a quad-camera setup, Snapdragon 665 SoC and a 4,000 mAh battery, all under Rs 10,000. If you a bit more money to spend, then simply go with the Redmi Note 8 Pro which brings a quad-camera setup with a 64MP Samsung GW1 sensor, the new Helio G70T processor with up to 8GB RAM and a 4,500 mAh battery. 2. Realme 5/ 5 Pro © MensXP/ Karthik Iyer Realme has also launched a ton of phones this year and the company's latest offering in the budget range i.e., Realme 5 and the Realme 5 Pro are some of the best budget phones we tested this year. They both have a quad-camera setup and have a really cool design. You get a massive 5,000 mAh battery with the Realme 5, and a 48MP camera and support for 20-Watt VOOC 3.0 charger in the box with the Realme 5 Pro. In terms of the specs, both the Realme 5 and Realme 5 Pro seems pretty compelling for the price. Realme 5 is powered by Snapdragon 665 SoC whereas the Realme 5 Pro is powered Snapdragon 712 SoC and comes with up to 8GB of RAM. You can read our full review of the Realme 5 Pro right here. 3. Samsung Galaxy M30s © YouTube/ Techbar The new Samsung Galaxy M30s is also a great option if you don't want to spend too much on a phone. It looks sleek and the AMOLED display on the front also looks absolutely gorgeous. The phone also sports a triple camera setup at the back which includes a 48MP sensor. However, the highlight of the phone has got to be the massive 6,000 mAh battery at the back. This is a great phone if you want to gift it to, say, your parents. 4. Poco F1 © MesnXP/ Akshay Bhalla Yes, there are a lot of rumors about the launch of Poco F2, but we're not sure if it's happening at all. In the meantime, if you want to buy a new phone right now, then the original Poco F1 is still a surprisingly very good phone. The phone is now available for just Rs 14,599, and it's just a no brainer at that price. You can read our review of the phone right here.
  12. October 18 marked a pretty important day in the history of commercial aviation, as Australian airline Qantas embarked on the first test flight of Project Sunrise, which aims to establish a direct flight from Sydney to London and New York - here are some key facts behind this record-shattering attempt. It Will Break The Longest Direct Flight Record © Qantas No small feat here - Qantas is aiming to make it into the history books with this flight, which happens to cover roughly 16,200 kilometres, over 20 hours. It's so long that if you were on the aircraft, you'd have to adjust for a 15-hour difference due to time zones. The previous champion was Singapore Airlines' 18.5 hour journey from Singapore to New Jersey. The Flight Also Works As A Closely Monitored Test Environment © Qantas Naturally, any commercial airline needs to focus on the comfort, safety and health of its passengers. And as an industry first, this particular flight offers a great opportunity for Qantas to study the effects of continuous flight on both crew and passengers. As a result, the test flight will carry 40 crew members, whose movements in the cabin, eating habits and sleep schedule will be studied to prepare the flight for its planned 2022 launch. An Unusual Flight Plan © Qantas Rather than following the standard practice of serving food and dimming the lights after takeoff, Qantas plans to keep everyone awake for six hours. They'll be helped by food containing hot peppers and spices. Now that's one way to keep your crew awake and alert. “The passenger research will test alternatives to how airlines have managed in-flight service for decades,” said Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce. © Reuters The industry's traditional schedule may not be the best way to switch the body clock to the destination's time zone, he said. A Legendary Aircraft Taking On The Journey © Qantas Launched in 2011, the Boeing 787 'Dreamliner' is an aircraft that's done an incredible job of connecting the world ever since its launch. With its remarkable fuel efficiency and range, it's succeeded in helping airlines establish over 1,900 routes over the last eight years. © Qantas With a standard capacity of 296 passengers, Qantas has chosen the 787-9 variant for this test flight, but are in talks with Airbus and Boeing to adapt the A350 and 777x aircraft, as they're more commercially viable. Possible Health Risks © Steven Thompson Along with the psychological factors of being stuck in an airplane for several hours, there's some very real medical concerns for ultra-long range flyers. If stuck in your seat for too long, there's a possibility that you will develop blood clots in the veins of your legs - a condition called Deep Vein Thrombosis, or DVT. The clots formed can travel through the body and block an artery in the lungs, leading to a condition called pulmonary embolism, which can be fatal if not promptly treated. On a less serious note, there's also the prospect of the flight giving passengers the worst jet lag in human history. Thankfully, Boeing says that their cabin is pressurised to 6,000 feet rather than 8,000 feet, a move that helps reduce passenger fatigue and sleep issues. How do you think you'd handle 20 hours in an airplane? Tell us in the comments below.
  13. Chris Hemsworth is not just one of the fittest people in Marvel, but also the entire Hollywood. I mean, that's like a pre-requisite for playing Thor in any movie other than Avengers: Endgame. He's a gym bro out and out, but not the cringey, annoying one, but the kind that would give anyone the motivation to actually start working out or maybe take their workouts to the next level. He, obviously, spends a good amount of time working out, so it's no surprise that every other thing he posts online is videos of him doing just that. But, what sets him apart is his content. Unlike the usual crowd, who post gym-mirror selfies and flaunt oiled abs at the same damn gym every time, Chris likes to mix it up and actually show all the crazy workouts he does. Well, if that's not inspiring, I don't know what is. I probably heard about 'underwater workout' for the first time because of Chris. View this post on Instagram Huge thanks to @marlow_warrington @xptlife @lairdhamiltonsurf for running us through some intense pool/breath/water training. Great to try something new, keep the body guessing. Train/Eat/Live well @centrfit ð¤ð¤ A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Jul 18, 2019 at 2:30pm PDT His latest video on Instagram is also no different. He is so hot, oh wait, scratch that, it was so hot that his shirt apparently burst into flames. View this post on Instagram It was so hot my shirt literally burst into flames, luckily I was wearing my favourite pair of fire retardant shorts 𥵠give this circuit a go 6 times through @centrfit A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Oct 17, 2019 at 8:50pm PDT Can one of my life goals be working out with Chris? View this post on Instagram Wrestling some iron with Jorge and Zoco while yelling loudly and playing dramatic music. Wanna see more of this madness? Check out @centrfit! (Link in bio) A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Sep 22, 2019 at 6:56am PDT Is it just me or does that look fun? View this post on Instagram Punchy little circuit this one. 6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 rounds, no rest between individual exercises, 1 minute rest in between each round or just throw up and power through ðªð¤¢ð¥ check out @centrfit for more movement, nutrition, and mental fitness tips and techniques!!#thedevilsburn A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Aug 7, 2019 at 7:18pm PDT Now, that's a workout with a view. View this post on Instagram Just crushed a workout from the @centrfit app. Launched about a month ago and the goal was to create a holistic all-encompassing approach to building the best version of yourself. The feedback so far has all been in that arena, so we couldn't be happier! Thanks to everyone who's on board. If you haven't checked it out, head to Centr.com or jump into the @Apple App Store and get involved! (link in bio) #CentrOwner ððªð¤ A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Mar 23, 2019 at 1:00pm PDT Just wow. View this post on Instagram Mixing it up. Get creative. Keep moving. Variety is key! ðªðª @centrfit A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Feb 13, 2019 at 4:48pm PST And, that obviously led to this hilarious video. View this post on Instagram The student has become the master. #Repost @jackblack ã»ã»ã» Mixing it up. Get creative. Keep moving. Variety is key! ðªðª Who did it better? #ThorWorkout @chrishemsworth âï¸ - @mrtaylorstephens A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Feb 26, 2019 at 12:53pm PST There's never a boring workout. View this post on Instagram Trying to lock in on my workout spirit animal for 2019 @zocobodypro @da_rulk A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Jan 11, 2019 at 7:11pm PST Something anyone can do at home. View this post on Instagram Try this 10 times through ð¤®Cheers to @da_rulk for giving us this little leg burner. No equipment needed, low impact and super functional. You'll feel like you're wearing a pair of concrete gum boots afterward ð¬ðª @zocobodypro A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Dec 10, 2018 at 8:33am PST "Mixing it up." View this post on Instagram The character I'm playing at the moment is ex-military so I've been mixing up my training working with a few super humans with military backgrounds - the focus is on strength, speed, mobility and little to no rest to build endurance. Feeling goooooooood!Also been working on the sound I make after side kicking the heavy bag yeoooooooow ðªðªððð¤ð¤ðð #giveitacrack A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Nov 13, 2018 at 8:04am PST That Thor glove, tho. View this post on Instagram Outdoor session in London for MIB!! Cheers to @zocobodypro for posing as an alien and letting me beat up on him. Sorry for the boot in the face ð¬ð #MenInBlack ð¥ @azzagrist A post shared by Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) on Jul 27, 2018 at 7:43am PDT Think you have it in you to get through these workouts?
  14. When Vicky Kaushal's hit movie URI was released, his now-iconic dialogue "how's the josh" became a viral trend as everyone started making videos saying the powerful line. © RSVP Movies In a new development, it looks like the dialogue has not been restricted to being said by fans, but is also the name of a dish. Recently, the actor shared an image of a restaurant menu on his Instagram story, highlighting a dish named "How's The Josh". It comprises of Rogan Josh, a Kashmiri mutton preparation, accompanied by Jeera Naan. Here's the proof: © Instagram/Vicky Kaushal We wonder if the dish is equally high in taste as the movie was. Talking about URI, the film is based on the Indian Army's surgical strikes on terror launch pads in Pakistan in 2016, as a retaliation for the Uri attack that claimed the lives of 17 Indian Army personnel. Taking about the catchy line, director Aditya Dhar had once said, “I had some friends from Defence background, so with them, I used to go to a lot of Army clubs. There was one in Delhi where we used to go for Christmas or New Year parties. There used to be a retired Brigadier who would line up all the kids in front of him and have chocolate in his hand. He would say 'How's the josh'' and we were to respond with 'high sir!' The kid who was the loudest got the chocolate. Being a foodie, I used to be the loudest and always got the chocolate.”
  15. Overwatch is the latest game that has got a port for the Nintendo Switch and the tactical first-person shooter game is a little late than expected. Regardless of how late it is, it fulfils the need of Overwatch players who want to play the game while on the move. While I prefer to play the game in the docked mode with a pro controller, the handheld mode is also quite addictive and competitive. Nintendo Switch has been getting new ports of spectacular games like The Witcher 3 to make it a comprehensive console for this generation. I've played Overwatch on the PlayStation 4 previously and the game is as fun as it is on other consoles. Having said that, Overwatch is a fast-paced multiplayer game taking place in locations that are visually vibrant. Throw in the mix of random explosions, characters firing up their specials and the intensity of every match, and you've got a sure winner here. While playing in the handheld mode, it could get a bit overwhelming due to the small screen, but seasoned Overwatch players will not take much time to adjust. © Nintendo If you are not playing the game in docked mode, we would recommend you turn off the gyroscopic controls or at least map a button that would adjust your field of view. The gyroscopic controls can be a bit disorienting when playing and may also interfere with your gameplay if you make any subtle movements. For example, if you move to grab a glass of water, your character's field of view starts spinning and it gets a bit disorienting to get it back on track. Being an intense game, the gyroscopic controls can also screw up your aim if you adjust your posture while in the middle of a battle. © Blizzard Another issue we came across was the obvious input lag on the Joy-Cons that can be a deal-breaker depending on the character you are playing with. We like to play as Baptiste or Tracer, however while playing in handheld mode, it was easier to play Baptiste simply because of the input lag. Tracer is a very fast character that requires good accuracy and spontaneous reflexes. In order to play as Tracer, we would not recommend playing in handheld mode. For support characters like Baptiste, the handheld mode is ideal as you tend to hang back and heal your teammates while also shooting down your enemies that don't require the same spontaneous reflexes. © Blizzard When it comes to the multiplayer side of things, you will often find yourself in long skirmish queues until you can find a match to play. It's probably because not a lot of people in Asia have picked up the game yet which is why matchmaking can be a cumbersome process. The game also supports in-game voice chat, however you will not find may Switch players talking while playing. It's not because the in-game voice chat doesn't work properly, Switch players seem to be more averse to using microphones as they might be playing in a public area. So Who is It For? The main advantage of owning a Nintendo Switch is having the freedom from a TV and a power outlet, if you, as an Overwatch fan, want to play this game without being tied down to your gaming setup. It gives the ability to play a round or two when you are on a break at work or when you want to play a match while being in your bed. You can simply fire up the game and get going from the comfort of your bed before sleeping. However, if you are serious about this game and want to play it competitively, you can always play in docked mode with a pro controller. It may not look as beautiful as the PC or PS4 version, but it is still fun to play. In fact, I found myself playing this game on the Nintendo Switch more often than I would on the PS4 as I can play it whenever I want and wherever I want to.
  16. It's no secret that Apple has been rumoured to be working on the next iteration of the AirPods. It was reported earlier that the new AirPods will launch sometime next year. Now, however it seems like it will come sooner than that. The new AirPods are rumoured to be called the AirPods Pro and will have a noise-cancelling feature as reported earlier. © SlashLeaks A new report by China Economic Daily suggests that Apple will be releasing the AirPods Pro later this month. It is expected to cost $260 (~Rs 18,500) and will also have basic water resistance for gym use. Earlier, the design of the upcoming AirPods was leaked and it shows that the overall design language will remain the same with subtle changes. It was also disclosed in the iOS 13.2 beta and the same update also had a tutorial about how users can adjust the noise cancellation on the new AirPods. © Twitter/RieplhuberGD The new AirPods will compete with Amazon's newly announced Echo Buds and the upcoming Pixel Buds. The noise cancellation feature on truly wireless earphones is expected to work similarly to the Sony WF- 1000XM3. It will adapt the sound in the earphones according to your surroundings and will block out ambient noise when needed. Sony uses its own 'Headphones' app to enable the feature and it will be interesting to see how Apple will implement its version of noise cancellation on the AirPods Pro. Of course, there is no certainty whether the earphones will launch later this month even though there are have been rumours of Apple hosting an event in October. Having said that, we are now approaching the end of the month and it looks highly unlikely. Source: China Economic Daily
  17. There was a time when sneakers were frowned upon by the world for they were deemed too cazh to be worn anywhere else but on the field, the gym, or on hikes. Ah, thank God things have changed. Today, you can wear sneakers with practically everything. And, if you don't have the shoes to match an outfit, simply pick up a pair of white or black sneakers, and you're good to go much like our super stylish desi actors. We've scoured their latest posts on the 'gram, and zeroed in on ones we'd cop for ourselves, and given you matching lewks as the ones they are wearing. Yes, you're all wondering why Mister Stylish himself, Ranveer Singh, didn't make it to the top of ze list. While we love his take on everything, we wanted to keep it simpler for those of you that like to keep it a little toned down. __ECOMLOOKS__30__ __ECOMLOOKS__31__ __ECOMLOOKS__32__ __ECOMLOOKS__33__ __ECOMLOOKS__34__ __ECOMLOOKS__35__ Sneakers have been so big for sooo long, we didn't really have to make a hard sell for them, but seeing how celebrities love their sneakers just as much as the next guy 'round the block, who better than them to give us some major style inspo, no?
  18. Google announced the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL earlier this week and it's the first phone by the company that comes with facial recognition. The face unlocking system works a bit similarly to Apple's Face ID. And similar to iPhones, the Pixel 4 series does not have any form of fingerprint scanning sensors. However, according to BBC reporter Chris Fox, the Pixel 4 can unlock by scanning a face even when eyes are closed. If you need a closer look, Fox uploaded a short video on Twitter that shows this flaw. Proof, for those asking #madebygoogle #pixel4 pic.twitter.com/mBDJphVpfB — Chris Fox (@thisisFoxx) October 15, 2019 This potentially means that anyone can pick up the Pixel 4, scan your face and unlock it even when your eyes are closed. This also means that someone can access the Pixel 4 by scanning the owner's face even when they are sleeping. On other Android phones like the OnePlus 7T Pro and iPhones with Face ID, the face unlock system checks for your eyes to be open and will ask users to look into the camera. Google's support page has also confirmed that “Your phone can also be unlocked by someone else if it's held up to your face, even if your eyes are closed,” the page reads. “Keep your phone in a safe place, like your front pocket or handbag.” © Twitter It seems like Google is already working on a fix as a new image stating the fact that the Face unlock feature will have the “require eyes to be open” feature soon, has surfaced online. Google has confirmed to reporter Fox that the new feature will not be available when the Pixel 4 goes on sale. At the moment, Google is recommending users to use the lockdown function that comes on the Pixel 4. This mode uses the traditional pin code method and disables the face unlock feature. The lockdown mode can be accessed directly from the power menu by going to Settings > Display > Advanced > Lock screen display and enable the Show lockdown option.
  19. Apple has a fair lead over Qualcomm and other chipset manufacturers that have been powering Android smartphones for years and this year is no exception. In our review, simple Geekbench tests showed how far ahead Apple's A13 Bionic chipset really is even when compared to Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855+ chipset. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla However, AnandTech, a publication known for breaking down CPUs and GPUs for comprehensive reviews and comparisons just published their report on the performance of the A13 Bionic chipset. The website is highly revered for testing out CPUs and GPUs in detail, and their report shows that the A13 chip is up to 30% faster than the A12 chipset. In fact, AnandTech reports that Apple's A13 maybe 2-3 years ahead of competing processors. In their report, AnandTech said, “Overall, in terms of performance, the A13 and the Lightning cores are extremely fast. In the mobile space, there's really no competition as the A13 posts almost double the performance of the next best non-Apple SoC. The difference is a little bit less in the floating-point suite, but again we're not expecting any proper competition for at least another 2-3 years, and Apple isn't standing still either.” © AnandTech When looking at AnandTech's benchmark scores, it is quite apparent that the ASUS ROG II that comes with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855+ chipset is nowhere close to the iPhone 11. In fact, the fastest Android smartphone right now doesn't even beat the iPhone X which was launched in 2017. AnandTech also found that the A13 chipset is twice as powerful as the latest Qualcomm or any other chipset found on Android smartphones. If you are a gaming fan, it is worth noting that the GPU in the A13 chipset has 50-60% higher sustained performance scores than last year's iPhone XS according to AnandTech's GFXBench graphics benchmark results. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla If you want to read the report for yourself and check out every benchmark results in detail, you can read AnandTech's detailed review here. Source: AnandTech
  20. It's true when they say “words once spoken never die”, and that becomes all the more relevant today because of how active and eternal the WWW is. In this age of fast internet and ever-buzzing social media, every spoken and written word gets documented for posterity whether we like it or not. © SLB Films Bollywood khiladi Akshay Kumar recently got a taste of this phenomenon when a single comment from a 7-year-old interview was dug up and circulated on social media platforms to publicly shame the actor for his 'misogynistic' comment. Now, actress Sonakshi Sinha has come forward to defend Akshay, who had made the said comment as a retort to her being body-shamed right from the beginning of her career. But before we go any further, let's take a look at what exactly had Akshay said. © SLB Films Defending Sonakshi against comments about her weight, Akshay had said, “Sonakshi is a wonderful actress who has her own style of acting. She has an absolutely different figure – a typical, Indian figure and not size zero. Khaate peete gharane ki lagti hai. I am a pure Punjabi. I like heroines who are hari bhari. Chusa hua aam na lage..” © SLB Films Now, the last part of that comment did sit well with a lot of people who are calling Akshay out on his misogyny. And while Sonakshi told HT the trolls have nothing better to do in life, she also added that she has no qualms about what was said and how, because “he was being a gentleman and defending me with no intention of 'objectifying' anyone.” © SLB Films Now, now Sonakshi, more power to every gentleman and friend out there who consider it their prerogative to 'defend' their female friends but not when the defence is put up for one woman at the cost of demeaning another. By trying to normalise a “hari bhari” figure and disregarding the “chusa hua aam” is pretty much siding with the lesser of the two evils, because Akshay still ended up body-shaming all those women who are 'too thin', 'machis ki tilli' or 'anorexic' for a judgemental and short-sighted society like ours.
  21. As millions of Indian women gazed at the moon in celebration of Karva Chauth, they were joined by an unlikely fellow spectator - the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter, whose instruments recently captured the lunar surface from 100km above. #ISRO See the first illuminated image of the lunar surface acquired by #Chandrayaan2's IIRS payload. IIRS is designed to measure reflected sunlight from the lunar surface in narrow and contiguous spectral channels. For details visit:https://t.co/C3STg4H79S pic.twitter.com/95N2MpebY4 — ISRO (@isro) 17 October 2019 Using the Imaging Infrared Spectrometer (IIRS) onboard the orbiter, ISRO obtained images of the lunar farside in the northern hemisphere. The image also shows the Sommmerfield crater floor, the sunlit inner rim of crater Kirkwood, Stebbins crater floor, fresh crater Ejecta in Sommerfield crater floor and Stebbins crater central peak. According to ISRO, the IIRS equipment is “designed to measure reflected sunlight from the lunar surface in narrow and contiguous spectral channels.” These channels are represented in the form of black and white bands, which can be analysed to obtain data on the lunar surface and its composition. © Twitter/ISRO “The major objective of IIRS is to understand the origin and evolution of the Moon in a geologic context by mapping the lunar surface mineral and volatile composition using signatures in the reflected solar spectrum,” ISRO said in a statement.
  22. One of the biggest accolades in the world, The Nobel Prize is given to those who excel in the field of academics, from around the world. It's held annually and the work that's recognised, stands out when someone receives this incredible honour. The awards are given to people for academic excellence in the fields of chemistry, physics, literature, physiology, medicine and promoting and building peace. The award was first designed around the will of the first Swedish chemist, engineer and industrialist Alfred Nobel, when the first 5 Nobel prizes were awarded in 1885. The awards are given by the Swedish and Norwegian institutions in recognition of academic, cultural, or scientific advances. © nobelprize.org That's all you really need to know about the origin of the Nobel prize and some other facts related to it. What we really want to tell you is that Indians haven't been far off in receiving such a prestigious honour. Indians, both from India and around the globe, have received the Nobel Prize in various fields, with one winning it quite recently actually, in the field of economics. We thought we should list down these 9 Indian geniuses, even though most of them don't reside here, but still make the country proud of the kind of talent we possess, globally: (1) Rabindranath Tagore The first Indian who won a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913. © nobelprize.org Celebrated artist and poet. Tagore won the Nobel prize for “his profoundly sensitive, fresh and beautiful verse”. Also famously known as Gurudev, Tagore was one of the greatest literary figures India has ever had. He even composed the National Anthem of India and Bangladesh. Even today, his stories, poetry and his art are cherished amongst the cultural community of India. (2) C.V. Raman The Indian who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1930. © Finacial Express Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman, won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1930 “for his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of the effect named after him”. He is best known for discovering the 'Raman Effect', which was a path-breaking milestone in the field of physics. (3) Mother Teresa Indian citizen who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. © BCCL Even though she wasn't born here, Mother Teresa moved to India at the age of 19 and made it her home. She spent the rest of her life here as a Roman Catholic missionary, helping the poorest of the poor. Her humanitarian work led her to establish the congregation of the Missionaries For Charity, which, in turn, recognised her with a Nobel Peace Prize. (4) Amartya Sen Indian citizen who won the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1998. © nobelprize.org Dr Amartya Sen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences “for his contributions to welfare economics”. Having studied economics, Dr Sen went on to teach it in many reputed institutions in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. His research papers on welfare economics and social justice are studied even today and surely did get him a lot of awards, including the Nobel, of course. (5) Kailash Satyarthi Indian citizen who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. © nobelprize.org Kailash Satyarthi from Madhya Pradesh was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 for his “struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education”. The man has spent his life battling corporate for using child labour and has done it away from the spotlight all this while. He also put the child's right to education on the map, in India, through his work with UNESCO. Towards the end, he earned a Nobel Peace Prize and shared the same with Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan. (6) Har Gobind Khorana Indian citizen who won a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1968. © BCCL Har Gobind Khorana an Indian-born American biochemist was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1968 along with Marshall W. Nirenberg and Robert W. Holley “for their interpretation of the genetic code and its function in protein synthesis”. (7) Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Indian citizen who won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1983. © nobelprize.org Sir Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was born in India but he eventually moved to the United States and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics "for his theoretical studies of the physical processes of importance to the structure and evolution of the stars”. He happened to be the nephew of another Nobel Laureate C.V. Raman, so we guess it quite literally ran in the family! His discoveries led to the establishment of the physical processes involved in the evolution of stars. (8) Venkatraman Ramakrishnan Indian who won a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009. © nobelprize.org Indian-born American-British biologist, Venkatraman Ramakrishnan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry “for studies of the structure and function of the ribosome”, along with Thomas A. Steitz and Ada E. Yonath. (9) Abhijeet Banerjee He won the Nobel Prize this year, 2019 in Economics. © BCCL The India-origin American based economist did us proud this year by winning a Nobel Prize in economics for fighting poverty. Abhijit won the Prize for his “experimental approach to alleviating poverty,” and the world can't help but take note of this 58-year-old development economist, who has been a trailblazer when it comes to meeting poverty head-on, and helping the needy rise above it. So, there you go. In case you set foot into the outside world, you will have something to show off and take pride in, definitely. From literature to medicine, to economics and even peace, India has shown the world that we are here to fight the good fight, by slowly progressing toward a suitably developed global impact.
  23. It's obvious that every movie has so many scenes that never make it the final cut, and a lot of those scenes might be so incredible that but had to go anyway. But, for a lot of movies, we do end up getting to see some of the best deleted scenes in an extended cut. Recently, even Avengers: Endgame was re-released with some deleted scenes. Now, another comic book movie has taken over, but sadly we will never get to see an extended cut of it. Yep, Todd Phillips has made it clear that all the scenes he cut from Joker are never going to see the light of the day. He said, "I hate fucking extended cuts. I hate deleted scenes… They're deleted for a reason." While no one would mind seeing some more scenes from Joker, what he's saying actually makes sense. It would've been in the movie in the first place if he wanted it to be in it. He added, "The movie that exists is exactly the movie I want it to be and I will never show a deleted scene." Joaquin Phoenix also said that there weren't just deleted scenes, there were 'deleted acts', and then went on to talk about the 'best scene' that never made it. He said, "There was a scene that, that during the shoot we thought was one of the best scenes and we loved his behaviour in the scene, and I'd always really liked the scene. And Todd told me and said, 'We're cutting that scene out.' And at first I thought, like, 'Wait a minute, what do you mean you cut that scene out?' And then, of course, I saw it, and it was very obvious. It has to go." While he loved the scene, he also understood why it was cut. He added, "That's just what's so cool about movies, right? You can have a great scene, it's something that makes sense, but the movie is the collection of all of these scenes and they have to work together to tell the story, and it actually made that whole sequence so smooth." Coming to the scene that no one has seen, it showed Arthur talking to Randall, the guy who gave him the gun in the first place and then snitched on him, for a second time in the stairwell. Then, that deleted scene gets a callback when Arthur writes on the sign leading down the stairwell while leaving. I'm sure it was as great a scene as they're making it up to be, but they're right, the callback scene does make sense without the cut scene as well. But, that doesn't stop Todd Phillips from being "heartbroken” about losing the scene. In fact, he said it “might've been the last scene I cut out." He also went on to joke, "Maybe I'll release that one.” But, nope, he followed it up with, “I'm teasing.” So, I'm pretty sure we're never going to get to see it. But, Joaquin Phoenix loves it so much, maybe someone can convince him to leak it.
  24. Kartik Aaryan has made it pretty clear that his style statement usually revolves around relaxed outfits, unless it's a red carpet event or his movie promotions. But this time, his style took a new turn that made our jaws drop. Currently, he is gearing up with Bhumi Pednekar and Ananya Panday for the release of their upcoming movie Pati, Patni Aur Woh. The movie promotions are in full swing and the trio walked the ramp on 16th October for Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, in their reel characters from the movie. Kartik made an avant-garde statement in an embroidered kurta but his pearl juttis are what grabbed eye-balls. Exhibit A: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Kartik usually gets papped in his favourite Hummel sneakers but this time, he shined bright with pearl juttis instead. With festivities around the corner, if you are on a hunt for a pair of shoes to go well with your traditional ensemble, give these juttis a good look. The actor's recent avatar added an oomph factor to the ramp. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Kartik was at his ethnic best in an embroidered white kurta paired with churidaar and layered with a pink sherwani designed in fine mirror work, while Bhumi and Ananya looked surreal in beautiful lehengas. © Viral Bhayani The first poster of Pati, Patni Aur Woh is out now and we can't wait to see this trio together. The film is a remake of the same name where the story revolves around a couple and how the Pati gets involved with his secretary. The movie is all set for release on 6th December 2019. View this post on Instagram ð«......ðð» हायà¥...à¤à¥à¤¯à¤¾ सà¥à¤®à¤¾à¤à¤² हॠð Miliye #ChintuTyagi se Kanpur ke sabse à¤à¤¦à¤°à¥à¤¶à¤µà¤¾à¤¦à¥ Patið𤫠#PatiPatniAurWoh ð«ðð» @bhumipednekar @ananyapanday @mudassar_as_is @bhushankumar @junochopra @tseries.official @tseriesfilms @brstudiosllp A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Oct 14, 2019 at 10:30pm PDT View this post on Instagram #ChintuTyagi is always 'Right' Even if he is on the left !ðð¤«â¤ï¸ #PatiPatniAurWoh ð«ðð» ... @bhumipednekar @ananyapanday @mudassar_as_is @aparshakti_khurana @bhushankumar @junochopra @brstudiosllp @tseriesfilms @tseries.official A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Oct 15, 2019 at 9:01pm PDT We wish them good luck for Pati, Patni Aur Woh.
  25. This is the second year where OnePlus has partnered with McLaren and the result has been an exclusive OnePlus 7T Pro that uses McLaren's design philosophy on the phone. To be fair, the smartphone is identical to the normal variant with the only difference being branding, accents of papaya orange based on McLaren's racing cars and the incorporation of McLaren's Speedtail design. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The Speedtail is a limited-production sports car from McLaren that apparently hits a top speed of 250mph and has the same design on the canopy control panel that you can find on the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition. The back of the phone is glossy, smooth and the same canopy control panel pattern has been etched underneath the glass of the phone. While the idea of the design is cool, it is quite confusing as it doesn't resemble anything that can be easily identifiable. Not everyone knows about the Speedtail, let alone the design patterns you can find inside. Apart from the McLaren logo, you will often find yourself trying to explain the meaning behind the design of the phone. Having said that, if you are a super fan of McLaren cars, you will somewhat recognise the pattern at the back. Personally, it looks like a tattoo design that may have looked good as a concept but doesn't translate that well when etched. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla To be honest, I had to look up all of this up before writing about the phone. When I first saw the phone, the only thing that I could recognise was the McLaren logo. Having said that, the subtle papaya orange on the edges and the side of the phone looks awesome. I really liked this design on the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition and the same can be said for the OnePlus 7T Pro version too. The phone also comes with an exclusive theme, icons and wallpapers that you can only find on the McLaren Edition of the OnePlus 7T Pro. From the lock-screen clock to the font colour, you will find McLaren's papaya orange colour throughout the phone. It isn't garish in any way and is probably my favourite thing on the phone. The in-screen fingerprint scanner also has a different animation where it flurries an orange and green animation every time you scan your fingerprint. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla Out of the box, you will get a black with an orange accent wall charger and an orange braided USB-C cable. It's the same OnePlus 30T wall charger that can fast charge the smartphone to 100% in an hour. The smartphone also comes with an exclusive case for the phone that has been built with carbon fibre on the sides and Alcantara down the middle. Alcantara is a type of synthetic textile that is commonly used in cars and has a suede-like texture. You can find this material in clothes, helmets, handbags and also on McLaren car seats, dashboard trim etc. To complete the look of the case, there is a chrome McLaren logo at the bottom. Is It Worth It? If you aren't a fan of F1 cars or McLaren, then this phone is probably not for you. However, if you are a super fan who wants the bragging rights and have the patience to understand the design of the phone, the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition may appeal to you. It starts at Rs 58,999 and is in no way cheap, but if you want a piece of the most exclusive OnePlus phone, this is probably for you.
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