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Found 1,157 results

  1. The boys from BTS gear up for their upcoming KBS Talk Show performance
  2. Aiman Khan, Muneeb Khan flex their massive Instagram following in front of travelers rooming around Turkey
  3. Besides the MQM-P and the GDA, PML-Q, BAP and PTI leaders address joint press conference with Abdul Hafeez Shaikh
  4. Believe it or not, but men with a lean and square face have it easier when it comes to choosing a dapper-looking beard style. © Instagram/shahidkapoor And yet, most of us end up choosing a style that hides one of our best features - a strong and visibly sharp jawline. © Instagram/vickykaushal09 Men who lack a well-defined jawline spend ages, working out and dieting to get one. So, if you do have a strong jawline, it's because of a square-shaped face. © Instagram/kartikaaryan You need to do it justice, and for that, you need a beard style that suits your face shape and enhances your jawline. These beard styles are just perfect for men with a square-shaped face, who want to highlight their jawlines: 1. The Classic French Cut/Circle Beard © IMDb The classic french cut is, well, a classic. It is actually super easy to maintain, even if you’re an expert groomer, and can be a fun beard to grow. It accentuates your cheekbones, and your jawline while adding some much-needed volume to your chin. 2. The Short Boxed Beard © Instagram/shahidkapoor This one really makes your jawline stand out. It may not do a lot for your cheekbones, of your lips, but it definitely does highlight your chin and your jawline. The box beard, when styled and trimmed properly gives a very strong character to your face. 3. The Van Dyke © Reuters The Van Dyke, again is a beard style that works for men on a number of levels. Firstly, it is a rather off-beat beard style to go for, so people will notice. Secondly, it accentuates your chin and makes it look longer. This, in turn, gives your jaw more definition, and makes everything look nice and sharp. 4. The Royale © Reuters The Royale is similar to the Van Dyke, sans the pointy edge. As sharp as the Van Dyke is, this can be a little difficult to maintain. Ergo, The Royale becomes a great alternative. You don’t need to keep the pointy chin, which in turn gives you much more leeway to groom your beard. Despite that, your jawline retains its sharpness. 5. The Short Stubble © Instagram/shahidkapoor The short stubble is another beard style that works really well for men who have square faces. It works pretty much in a similar fashion as the box beard. No matter what your face shape, a stubble that is well-groomed, well defined, and with clean lines, always sharpens up your face. 6. The Ducktail © Instagram/virat.kohli Finally, we have the ducktail. The hair towards your chin should be longer and should point downwards. You need to groom your beard properly, and closely for this to work. But trust us, it is worth it. The sharpness that your face gets from this beard style is uncanny. Your jawline, especially, comes into a life of its own. The Bottomline...You need a beard style that suits your face, you just can’t pick any style and stick to it. What’s the point of having a strong jawline if you’re not showing it off? Pick one of these beard styles and give it your own twist if you want to and see what difference a suitable beard makes. View the full article
  5. You might not even know it but you’re probably addicted to your smartphone especially since people have been stuck home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies show that we use our smartphones on an average of 80-150 times a day and there are repercussions if you don’t keep it in check. While there is a lot of good that comes out of using smartphones such as better communication, better work-life balance and entertainment, there comes a point that you simply cannot go without looking at your phone. In order to curb smartphone usage and get your life back in order, here are some ways you can reduce your addiction to smartphones: 1. Check Your Usage © Apple Both iPhone and Android smartphone now offer some form of smartphone usage tracking which tells you exactly how long you’ve been using your smartphone for. It also shows which apps you’ve been using the most and even lets you schedule down-time. During this time only apps that you whitelist will be available to use while others are greyed out for that duration. It is a great way to prevent yourself from using addictive apps like Instagram, Facebook and games. You can usually find this setting in the “screen time” settings of your smartphone. 2. Protect Your Time © Apple Being always available to your friends and co-workers does come with its own caveats as you never really get time for yourself or get other work done. You need to respect and protect your own time so reduce your smartphone usage over a period of time. I tend to keep ‘Do Not Disturb’ switched on in my phone at certain hours and ensure everyone knows that I am not available. Only favourites from my contacts can get through me which includes family members and my boss. You can also completely switch off your smartphone every day at a specific time as well. Sometimes calls and text messages can make it hard for you to carry on with your work or spend time with your loved ones. If you face this problem daily, a little bit of digital detox will not hurt. 3. Do Other Things You Enjoy © Unsplash If you love to read, play board games, watch movies, or go out on a stroll with your dog, you need to start doing more of that rather than spending time on your phone. No matter which activity you choose, the presence of a smartphone will always ruin the experience. Next time when you are watching your favourite TV show or playing a game, put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’; set it aside and don’t bother looking at your notifications. This is a great way to reduce the time spent on your smartphone while doing something else as you won’t be checking your smartphone each time you get a notification. 4. Turn Your Phone Into Grayscale © Youtube/ITJungles Research has shown that humans attach emotions to colours and whenever a notification pops up, sometimes you can’t help but see what it's about. If you turn your phone into a black and white canvas, it will reduce the urge to check notifications and apps. Some phones even offer a scheduling feature where you can turn your phone into grayscale automatically. This is best used when you’re about to go to bed or are trying to fall asleep. 5. Turn Off Notifications From Unnecessary Apps © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Unless you need to communicate with friends, family or co-workers in real-time, you should turn off notifications from unnecessary applications. Every app wants to get your attention and it often does that by sending you notifications repeatedly. There are games that send notifications to get you to spend money while social media apps send you updates about people which you can always check out later. You may even delete social media apps from your phone altogether and only check updates from your laptop/desktop. The constant updates from your distant friends and family can be very distracting and eventually get you scrolling for even more content. View the full article
  6. With the ongoing Test series between India and England being of extreme importance with regards to the World Test Championship, fans from all over the country had travelled to Gujarat to witness the first-ever pink-ball match at the Narendra Modi stadium. They were hoping to witness five days (February 24 to February 28) of quality international cricket between two of the giants of the game, having a good time at the world’s largest cricket stadium, and witness history in the making. While history was most certainly made, it was just not the kind the spectators were expecting to become a part of. Shortest Tests in post war era ending in a result (balls) 842 Ind v Eng, Ahmedabad 2020/21 872 Aus v NZ, Wellington 1945/46 883 Eng v SA, Centurion 1999/00 893 Aus v Pak, Sharjah 2002/03 * winner denoted first + two innings forfeited#INDvENG — Cricbuzz (@cricbuzz) February 25, 2021 The Day-Night match started at 2:30 PM IST on Wednesday but got finished a little after supper on Thursday. Only 842 balls were delivered during this period, while wrapping up all four innings and officially making it the shortest Test match since World War II. The inability shown by Joe Root and the rest of the English batsmen against India’s spinners led to an early collapse of the touring side in the first innings, leaving the Men in Blue with a mundane total of 112 runs to chase. View this post on Instagram Following a half-century by opener Rohit Sharma, vanishing England’s not-so-impressive lead did not take a lot of time. In the first couple of overs on Day 2, India had already overtaken England’s score and were well on their way towards a big advantage. Once India were wrapped up at 145 with a 33-run lead for the Englishmen in the second innings, the dominance of the Indian spinners returned once again to haunt the visitors. This time around, the experience was even worse as England could only score 81 runs and gave a 49-run target to the Men in Blue to win the match. View this post on Instagram Within half an hour of supper, the opening partnership of Rohit Sharma and Shubman Gill was able to chase it down and allow their side to win by 10 wickets. As impressive as this win was for the Virat Kohli-led side, it also meant that the Test, which was supposed to go on for three more days had suddenly come to an end and the fans who had paid good money to be there, were left worried about credible returns. They started sharing pictures of their tickets on social media requesting the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to give them a refund: @ICC @BCCI #MoteraStadium #MoteraTestMatch #NarendraModiStadium #INDvsENG #INDvsENG_2021 I want my refund !!!! pic.twitter.com/E7rZpb1ZFc — Mimicrywala (@mimicrywala) February 26, 2021@BCCI @GCAMotera bhai refund milega?#BCCI #EngvsInd #INDvsENG pic.twitter.com/Lo3pzW8SCi — Yash (@YashTweeets) February 25, 2021@BCCI refund my money. pic.twitter.com/W1dOyMb6tz — $mokey (@IndianSmokey) February 26, 2021While the eligibility for a refund in case a Test match ends sooner than five days varies between different cricket associations, rumours of the BCCI and Gujarat Cricket Association considering a refund due to the early conclusion of the match are floating about. However, nothing certain has been reported, so far. @BCCI @GCAMotera Please update. Allowing to book tickets for 4th Test instead of refund would also work. #INDvsENG #INDvsENG_2021 pic.twitter.com/GOQlU4YEe6 — Mitul Mehta (@mitulpm) February 25, 2021 View the full article
  7. BTS recently shed light on their inspiration behind doing a Coldplay cover for ?MTV Unplugged?
  8. The #SelfLove movement on social media propagates that taking time for yourself can do wonders for your mental and physical wellbeing. This can translate to taking out time for gaming from a busy work week if that's what you like. However, it doesn't just stop there, it goes on to include other aspects of your life as well, like building a grooming routine from scratch. This can have a positive impact on your life in more ways than one. Simple things like adding a moisturiser, a good conditioner, a beard wash, and a face serum to your grooming stash can transform your grooming game completely. But, building a new regime can seem confusing and tiresome with a flood of options available online today, so here's a quick guide to all the things that you should add to your grooming routine. These include: 1. A Pleasent Body WashStart your morning showers with a decent dollop of a body wash on your loofah. It won't just make your shower experience fun but will give a fresh start to your day. You could try the Phy Vitamin Sea Energizing body wash. __ECOMPRODUCT__670__ With ingredients like the ultra-hydrating sea kelp and refreshing mint, this body wash is worth trying out. 2. A Thorough CleanserA cleanser helps clean your face pore-deep and also promotes a consistent complexion while flushing away excess sebum. You could try the Arata refreshing face wash. __ECOMPRODUCT__1085__ This refreshing cleanser enables natural bounce and gentle exfoliation of the skin. Made with nourishing ingredients like peppermint oil, lemon oil, organic flax seed extract, and apricot seeds, this balancing blend gives mild exfoliation and controls oil build-up at the same time. 3. A Nourishing Face MoisturiserYou need daily hydration and sun protection to protect your skin from free-radicals, UV rays, and the usual: dust, oil, and pollution. __ECOMPRODUCT__1155__ With vital ingredients like Vitamin C, this cream is formulated not just to nourish & condition but to also help reduce fine lines, dark spots, signs of aging & wrinkles. 4. A Hydrating Hair ConditionerCleansing your hair a few times a week is not enough, you also need to hydrate the hair at the same time with a smart conditioner that locks in the moisture. __ECOMPRODUCT__1156__ Argan oil works really well for skin and hair care, given its power to restore moisture to make it visibly radiant. View the full article
  9. Billie Eilish and Finneas O'Connell spill the beans behind the secrets to their songwriting
  10. Court added that MPA of an area where a dog-bite incident happens would not be able to vote in Senate elections
  11. I?m all in for a #PawriHoRahiHai but can we do it with some masks on, says Akram on Twitter
  12. Let's face it, a majority of men have experienced hair thinning woes and have worked hard to make their hair look thicker. But if this has been a constant battle for you as well, there are ways to fight it. Some of the best ways to take care of your hair are by maintaining the health of your scalp and protecting your hair from any damage. In this guide, we will tell you how to make your hair look thicker with some clever hacks: 1. Use The Right Shampoo © iStock An oily scalp can be the result of your hair falling flat and looking less voluminous. To boost the strength of your hair, make sure you wash it with the right shampoo, for example, a formula that makes your hair look fuller. But, don't go overboard with volumising products, especially the ones that have paraffin as it can weaken your strands. Use a mild hair shampoo instead to avoid the chances of hair damage. __ECOMPRODUCT__1153__ 2. Use Rosemary Oil On Your Scalp © iStock Rosemary oil has worked for hair loss treatments. Use a dropper and apply this oil to the thinning areas and massage your scalp with it. The oil will calm your scalp and help with hair thickening. Use at least 15 drops to see the best results and continue to use for at least 6 months. 3. Switch Your Hair Parting © iStock If you have always kept your hair parted on the right side, it's time you switch it up and take it to the other side. When you change your parting, your hair will look a bit more voluminous but if you continue to keep it on the same side, it can lead to thinning. 4. Try A Thickening Conditioner © iStock Thickening serums or conditioners can make your hair appear voluminous. You can use this twice a week and coat the ends of your hair thoroughly with it. Once done, rinse it off completely to get rid of the excess conditioner. __ECOMPRODUCT__1043__ 5. Considering Colouring Your Hair © iStock Using a hair dye is the best way to make your hair look thicker, as it can add contrast between your scalp and hair and take the attention away from the issue of thinning. Ask your stylist to help with the right hair colour as it can leave your hair looking twice as thick as before. 6. Use Dry Texture Spray © iStock If you want quick volume for your hair but also don't want anything that weighs it down, then a dry texture spray is your best bet. All you need to do is lift sections of your hair and apply the spray. This will increase the thickness as well as add bounce to the hair. Once done, use a comb to style your hair. Even sea salt sprays work well. These sprays not only boost your hair but also make it stylish by giving a wavy, curly look. For a messy look, this one works well. 7. Don't Be Rough © iStock Human hair is weaker, especially after showers. Hence, over combing or towel drying your hair in a rough manner, can damage your hair. Instead, let your hair dry naturally or just pat dry. For more, instead of using a comb, use your fingers to style your hair. Opt for a hair tonic as it will coat your strands and add a thicker look. __ECOMPRODUCT__1154__ Takeaway:There are several ways to make your hair look thick but if you are experiencing hair thinning quite a lot, be mindful and also work on your diet. Managing thin hair can be hard, but these hacks will do the trick. View the full article
  13. Kareena Kapoor Khan and husband Saif Ali Khan welcomed their second child, a baby boy on Sunday morning
  14. 'There will definitely be at least one documentary to come from Netflix' that'll show Harry, Meghan's story
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