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Found 58 results

  1. Emma Corrin says 'history is repeating itself' in the way Meghan Markle, Princess Diana have been treated
  2. Katy Perry is enjoying her time at work? while Orlando Bloom takes care of the duo?s newborn daughter Daisy
  3. US President Donald Trump often says things that confuse people and make them wonder if he really knows nothing or just pretends to be kinda dumb this way. His recent comment proved that he has no idea how forest fires work. In a new, illogical and unscientific claim, he said that ‘trees just explode’. When he was asked questions related to the US wildfires as to how they started, his reply shocked people across the globe. Great to be back in Philadelphia. Thank you Pennsylvania, see you again soon! #MAGA pic.twitter.com/l82C4TdlAE — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 15, 2020 He further supported his argument by saying that wildfires are caused by poor forest maintenance which makes them more combustible. He said, "There has to be strong forest management. With regard to the forests, when trees fall down after a short period of time, about 18 months, they become very dry. They become really like a match stick. They just explode." Forest fires across California, Oregon, and Washington burnt over five million acres this year and forced thousands of people to leave their homes. The towns have been completely ruined by infernos and have pumped out noxious fumes that have polluted the air for days blocking the Sun and making it extremely difficult to breathe. Photos : 500,000 Americans Flee As Wildfires Consume Homes And Vehicleshttps://t.co/PvLkoIPzlC#Americansfleewildfires #Oregonwildfires #USwildfires pic.twitter.com/gDW5S1zdMn — AutoJosh NG (@AutoJoshNG) September 12, 2020 Trump said, "It will start getting cooler. You just watch.” Wade Crowfoot, the head of the California Natural Resources Agency replied saying, “I wish science agreed with you.” “I don't think science knows, actually," Trump said. "We may be experiencing an irreversible ecological tipping point ... #heatwaves and fires like what we are seeing in #California, #Oregon & #Washington will continue to worsen as long as humanity continues to burn fossil fuels." https://t.co/sRJLAMOisi #ClimateChange #USWildfires — Ed Joyce (@EdJoyce) September 12, 2020 Here’s what people on the internet have to say about Trump’s bizarre comment- After hearing Trump is America's President. — MKS (@secularzihadi) September 16, 2020After hearing Trump is America's President. — MKS (@secularzihadi) September 16, 2020 pic.twitter.com/XaDsv7cMWo — ฟาร์ฮัด เบห์เรน่า (@MadMonkIndie) September 16, 2020Lol the crazy things I get to read sometimes. .. — Grajales (@Carlovesfam) September 13, 2020What do you think about Trump's comment that ‘trees just explode’? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  4. The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip was not pleased with Prince Harry's decision to quit royal duties and move to US
  5. The model also said companies were likely to expand their cosmetics ranges to match more skin tones.
  6. Salma Hayed pays tribute to Prince, who is regarded as one of the greatest musicians of his generation
  7. Technology, it's a funny thing really. While it solves the purpose of making the lives of humankind a lot easier than it used to be before, it has also opened new ways for people to embarrass themselves in public. Take our guy Daniel in this video, for instance. The man was bored to death in the middle of what looks like an official conference call and he decided to 'take care of himself' while the rest of the people went on talking about “consumer spending”. He thought he turned off his web-cam.pic.twitter.com/Db82LOS4c4 — Mr. Alabi of Lagos (@the_Lawrenz) May 29, 2020 A man who knows his needs, Daniel decided to bring the tools of his trade from his bathroom - a big bottle of lubricating lotion and a big box of tissues and started prepping to 'flick his bean'. The only problem was that he forgot to turn his laptop camera off before getting on with it, unintentionally (hopefully), putting his show on display for the rest of the staffers to marvel at. His colleague Bennet R (bottom left) knew what was about to go down as soon as he saw the bottle of lotion on Daniel's desk, the expression on his face was of concern, not embarrassment. He wouldn't want to be in the poor, horny man's place. My man knew what was up once he saw the toolspic.twitter.com/uGUPUGmrJk — Obinna (@Victor_oe) May 29, 2020 Sophia (centre left) just wanted to be a part of the official meeting and didn't sign up for the prime-time show. She warned Daniel that his camera was on, but her cry fell on deaf ears. As our main guy unzipped his trousers, Chris (top middle), the cat guy, felt like it was too good to watch alone and invited someone off-camera to become a part of his journey. But at the same time, he did his best to save Daniel from 'poaching his egg' in front of his boss and kept calling him. My mans said aye come look at this shitpic.twitter.com/vs1mYaNloa — slayer joe(@slayer_joe_ver) May 29, 2020 Mika (centre), with her mug of beverage, wanted to know how things would turn out and observed silently before things got really real! pic.twitter.com/PVrgLiouGw — Fleshly Gripes (@FellzWargo) May 29, 2020 Poor Xelene (bottom centre) wasn't ready for it. After a screeching “oh my god” she felt that running away from the scene of the crime would rid her of what she'd just witnessed. I wonder if it did... Gooone gal pic.twitter.com/Bq2WFfA0VO — Mumbler100 ð ð¤ð¾ (@MumblerAREA) May 29, 2020 Don't know if Michael K's (top right) screen froze or he did. With a hand covering his mouth, the man didn't move even an inch as Daniel 'cuffed his carrot'. Sean (centre right) was prepared for the meeting with his stats and numbers and had answers to everything that was about to happen during that conference, or at least that's what he thought. As soon as he saw what Daniel was up to, he jumped out of his seat and moved way back. Unfortunately, that's one problem social distancing won't help you with. And woman in-charge Chanel (bottom-right), quickly realised that there are certain things that don't fall under her jurisdiction. "Daniel??!!" pic.twitter.com/whQOEkqOa8 — Mumbler100 ð ð¤ð¾ (@MumblerAREA) May 29, 2020 Well, I am running out of ways to tell you that Daniel masturbated in front of his entire office and one of his best friends/colleagues decided to share their scarring experience with the whole world. And now that we have seen it as well, we don't really know how to get over it. And now we are both sad and depressed. *melancholy music* Note: The authenticity of this video is yet to be verified. View the full article
  8. Apple's new iPhone SE has received rave reviews thanks to its affordable price tag for the kind of hardware it offers. We haven't had the chance to use the phone yet due to the on-going Coronavirus lockdown in the country, but we think it's perfect for most Indians. The company's CEO Tim Cook recently commented about the iPhone SE and said that they're receiving positive reviews from both reviewers and customers. In response to a question about how well the new iPhone SE might sell in specific regions, Tim said that it could do well in regions with lower median incomes. © YouTube/ iJustine Tim Cook even said that the company is expecting to attract a "fair number" of Android switchers with the new iPhone SE. He believes that'd be the case because of how powerful the new iPhone SE really is. He explained that it packs the âengineâ of the iPhone 11 inside a smaller and more affordable form factor. Here's what he said - âIt plays in every geo, but I would expect to see it doing even better where the median incomes are less. Iâd expect some fair number of people switching over to iOS. Itâs an unbelievable offer. Itâs the engine of our top phones, in a very affordable package, and itâs faster than the fastest Android phones. Itâs an exceptional value.â © YouTube/ iJustine We've already seen why the new iPhone SE is actually a lot more powerful than even the most powerful Android flagship phones out there. That, on top of the price tag, even here in India, makes the new iPhone SE an incredible value for money purchase. View the full article
  9. Kourtney Kardashian told her 8 million followers how the global pandemic is nothing but God?s punishment
  10. One of the most controversial seasons of Bigg Boss might have ended on the television screen but the hangover of the drama, that brewed in the house for months, continues to keep fans busy and entertained. After Sidharth Shukla was declared the winner on Saturday, Asim Riazâs fans were totally upset over the results. Adding to the drama, a leaked video from BB control room also fuelled rumours that the show was rigged and apparently suggested that both the boys got equal votes. Now Shehnaaz Gill, one of the most entertaining contestants in the history of BB, is all set to continue entertaining us with her new show which will actually be her âswayamvarâ. View this post on Instagram@shehnaazgill dhoond rahi hai ladka aisa jo ho dil se changa! Kis se poochengi woh #MujhseShaadiKaroge? Dekhiye aaj se, Mon- Fri raat 10:30 baje sirf #Colors par. Anytime on @vootA post shared by (@colorstv)Now while the fans of this âPunjab Ki Katrina Kaifâ are all ready to support her new innings, unfortunately Shehnaazâs father has expressed his disappointment over this new show which, according to him, will hamper her growth and her public image as well. He feels that the channel didnât justify her talent and while some contestants were even paid a whopping amount of over Rs. 2 crore, Shehnaaz was compensated with just around Rs. 10 lakh. In a statement to the media, he explained how he feels. âWe have a meeting with the channel. If the channel is not considered, then we will take help of Shiv Sena. I don't want to make my daughter Rakhi Sawant from Katrina Kaif. Will not let my daughter get married. These people knew that Shehnaaz could win the show, but the makers made this plan to win the show to Siddharth Shukla.â View this post on InstagramPunjab ki #KatrinaKaif se Hindustan ki #ShehnaazGill ka yeh kaamyaab safar dekhiye aaj raat 10 baje. Anytime on @voot @vivo_india @beingsalmankhan #BiggBoss #BiggBoss13 #BB13 #SalmanKhanA post shared by (@colorstv)He feels that the makers have been unfair to her and the promos of her next show have already been released in order to cash in on her stardom. âThey have made sure the (Swayamvar) promo is already out because they wanted the voting for Shehnaaz to stop so that they could make Sidharth Shukla the winner. My daughter has really worked very hard throughout the show but now she is just being given Rs 10 lakh as compensation,â he said. âThey have made her toil so hard. There are other contestants who have been paid Rs 2 crores but they havenât quite done anything in the show. But my daughter is just given Rs 10 lakhs. She has done so much in the show and now they are literally driving her mad and they are making her do things,â he added. View the full article
  11. We really can't go even a week without a stupid comment from a politician, can we? It's entertaining as hell, but at the same time, it's very concerning that these people are responsible for our country. This time, it's BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya who shared his beautiful observation - apparently, you can tell a person is from Bangladesh if they eat Poha. Yes, Poha, one of the most common breakfast foods in India. © Reuters He made this comment after he recently had some construction work done at his house and noted that some of the labourers had 'strange eating habits' since they were only eating Poha. BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya says some of the labourers carrying out construction work at his house recently were likely to be Bangladeshis as they had "strange" eating habits and were consuming only 'poha' (flattened rice) â Press Trust of India (@PTI_News) January 23, 2020 I've honestly said this a million times before but I feel like I need to keep saying it - there needs to be a freaking IQ cutoff to become a politician! It's high time. Till then, we can always trust the people of the internet to troll the **** out of any and every stupid comment, because that's what they deserve. Important question. Is Poha not indian ? https://t.co/7LTFH7aMor â Devdutt Pattanaik (@devduttmyth) January 24, 2020 Oops. Errm. *looks at breakfast plate laden with poha* https://t.co/sMeNkLIOFt â Kiran Manral (@KiranManral) January 24, 2020 Apparently not. Isnât poha literally a typical Maharashtrian dish https://t.co/b6rF0bAu3v â feminist killjoy (@Saisailu97) January 24, 2020 At least according to this guy. Now you can trace them by the food they eat? #Poha https://t.co/zyn5hDznYM â Ravinder Singh (@_RavinderSingh_) January 24, 2020 Almost everyone, tbh. If eating poha is a proof of being Bangladeshi, then half of India, including my family, is Bangladeshi! https://t.co/VmspQnpYbW â nikhil wagle (@waglenikhil) January 24, 2020 No logic found. By this logic Indori and Punekars are also Bangladeshi. What a tool. â à¤à¤à¤¶à¥à¤² (@Ghair_Kanooni) January 24, 2020 Nope. I wonder whether this man has heard of Krishna and Sudama .... and the story of the gift of poha. https://t.co/ZXV74PbayQ â Harini Calamur (@Calamur@mastodon.social) (@calamur) January 24, 2020 No one knows. Poha toh main bhi daily khata hoon but do not understand how Poha is connect with Bangladesh ? â Abhishek Mishra (@Abhishek_Mshra) January 23, 2020Good point. This means you are not paying them well, they could only afford 'poha.' It might sound strange to you,but in Bengal, we don't call it poha! https://t.co/MNyHuxzq5k â vijaita singh (@vijaita) January 24, 2020 What happened? Really strange that construction workers in Indore were consuming Poha - a staple & cheap food of Madhya Pradesh -easily available too - and then we wonder what happened to the Indian growth story - https://t.co/sZhG9od7Uu â Yasmin Kidwai (@YasminKidwai) January 24, 2020 View the full article
  12. Imagine thinking that people just don't like you because no one has reached out to you in months, but then finding out it's because everyone thinks you're actually dead. Yeah, this is a weird situation but, it also happened for real for 75-year-old Alan Hattel. The poor guy got so concerned that no one had called him in three-four months, only to discover his own grave. Yes, it's getting weirder. Talk about being buried alive. © Paul Reid The retired welder from Forfar, Tayside in Scotland said, "My phone hasnât rung for three or four months. Iâve been confused by it all but now I know why nobody has been calling. I donât even want to be buried â I plan to be cremated." Well, what's the perfect way to announce that you're actually alive? Posing dramatically alongside your grave, of course. © Paul Reid I'm a little upset he didn't use this rare chance to just mess with people by claiming how he died but came back to life. That would be hilarious. But, the main question is why would there be a gravestone with his name on it when he's clearly not in the grave. Well, according to him, it seems like the doing of his ex-wife. © Paul Reid He said, "Iâve never, ever said I wanted to be buried alongside my ex-wife. Weâve been separated 26 years and thereâs no animosity but Iâm struggling to take it all in. To find out you have a gravestone in a cemetery while you are still alive isnât something that happens every day." There's only one explanation- When your ex really really doesn't like you ....https://t.co/AJEyB5Iy3S â Brad Pridgeon (@bpridgeo) January 23, 2020 Well, at least he already has a headstone and everything when his time actually comes if he changes his mind about getting cremated. View the full article
  13. There is no dearth of policing in the country right now wherein every Tom, Dick and Harry has come to believe that their opinion is the Bible, and it gives them the right to go around shoving their stunted opinions down people's throats. Well, guess what all you pseudo-policemen, we have had enough of your verbal (and mental) diarrhea aimed at directing how we live our lives. © ANI Why this sudden surge of emotions you ask? Well get this. At a religious function being held in Begusarai recently, Union Minister and Bihar MP Giriraj Singh made a shocking comment when he said that convent-taught students who go abroad start eating beef because missionary schools don't imbibe Indian “sanskaar” in them. © BCCL Here's what he said exactly, "I say this because it has been seen that at schools run by missionaries, children from well-off families excel academically, go on to have successful careers... but when they go abroad they eat beef. Why? This is because we have not inculcated 'sanskaar' (tradition) in them.” Err, are you serious sir? © BCCL Not just that, the old man didn't stop until he suggested why teaching the Bhagavad Gita and Hanuman Chalisa should be made mandatory in private schools because obviously that's where we can find all the anti-nationals. It's appalling to watch these top ministers and public representatives make such drastic comments about what people eat and how it defines them. View the full article
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