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Found 98 results

  1. What can possibly go wrong with celebrities endoring popular brands? Ask Kartik Aaryan or maybe his abs and you will have your answer. On one hand where people are still fighting to put a ban on fairness creams, Kartik Aaryan is asking men to get rid of chest hair *to get the ideal body* if you want to impress women, in his latest endorsement featuring a hair removal cream and the hashtag 'Find Your Sexy'. In case you haven't seen the ad, we'll tell you so you can put your 25 seconds of time to some other better use. The ad features two Kartik Aaryan - one is Harry, the perfect shirtless guy and other is Hairy, who probably needs no explanation. Harry is uber popular among the women because he uses hair removal cream to get rid of his chest hair. Result? Harry gets more girls than Hairy. Is it just me or does anyone else smell toxic masculinity here? Men can look and be however they want to. No one, irrespective of their gender, 'needs' to look a certain way to 'impress' anyone. But, that's not the reason why Kartik Aaryan is getting trolled. He's getting trolled for his photoshop abs. It's ironic how his abs got him in trouble, given how the whole idea of endorsement revolves around his 'clean' chest and abs. Forget haters, even the fans could tell that his body was heavily and badly photoshopped to make his abs look better. View this post on Instagram By popular demand, @kartikaaryan did @veetindia put you on the #Gandi #diet? ð¤£ðð¤£ð𤣠. . . #beautyplus #lol #dietsabya #photoshop #fake #abs A post shared by Diet Sabya (@dietsabya) on Dec 7, 2019 at 6:25am PST Kartik Aaryan was recently seen alongside Bhumi Pednekar and Ananya Panday in Pati, Patni Aur Woh which released last week. View the full article
  2. As one of Bollywood's leading action heroes, Tiger Shroff knows what it must have been like for Chadwick Boseman to pull off those acrobatic stunts, flips and fight sequences that left many of us in awe and made Marvel Studios make not one, but two Black Panther movies. © Instagram/tigerjackieshroff So if we come to know that Tiger is a huge Black Panther, we wouldn't be too surprised. And if his latest airport outfit is any indication, he just might be, one huge fan of the franchise. © Instagram/tigerjackieshroff Tiger was recently spotted in a classically understated black monochrome ensemble, at the Mumbai CS Airport. As always, Tiger tried to dress up in the most inconspicuous way possible, all complete with a pair of black club master sunglasses and everything. © Viral Bhayani However, the pair of sneakers, as subtle and incognito they may be, sure turned the heads of sneakerheads. © Viral Bhayani That Tiger is a huge Asics and Onitsuka Fan, is not a surprise. For him, their sneakers provide a level of agility that is simply unparalleled. So of course, again, in this instance, he was seen in a pair of Onitsuka Tigers. © Viral Bhayani The particular pair that he's seen wearing, is the Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 SD MR, a pair of high top sneakers that normally retail for around £140 or Rs 12,780. © Onitsuka Tiger The sneakers have a very retro appeal to them, and because they have been designed keeping an athletic lifestyle in mind, are seemingly very functional. These sneakers are made using some really exotic, and rarely found materials. © Onitsuka Tiger The main body, for example, is made using banshu leather, which allows the trainers to be abused in any which way, all the while retaining its shape. © Viral Bhayani We really like the manner in which the golden accents make the branding of the sneakers sit in contrast to the rest of the outfit, giving it a much needed differentiating element. Although, we have to say, that there was something in the upper half of Tiger's outfit that would do the same. © Viral Bhayani Nevertheless, we have to say, if it was indeed Tiger's plan to step out like a ninja, and not draw too much attention, then it was mission accomplished. View the full article
  3. Be it 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag', 'MS Dhoni: The Untold Story' or 'Mary Kom', biopics based on sports stars are a sure shot formula for success and filmmakers are always eager to tap into this arena. Bollywood is increasingly looking to sports for inspiration for their stories, and with good reason too. We have had many biopics that have had a successful run at the box office. Earlier, reports stated that Tiger Shroff had been approached for the biopic on Indian football legend Bhaichung Bhutia, which will be helmed by Anand Kumar. Talking about the development, our source said, “Tiger had gone to meet Anand Kumar. Yes, he was approached for the movie and he did like the script. But, his dates and schedules are tightly packed. He might say a no to doing the biopic. That's what is known till now. Tiger is not saying anything official for now. As far as his dates and schedules are concerned, he won't be able to take it up.” View this post on Instagram #inbetweenshots #takingafewshots #ð· @shariquealy A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Dec 21, 2017 at 10:03pm PST When the speculations of the film started to float around, Bhutia had shared that he was honoured to have his life put together in a biopic. Tiger would have been a perfect fit for the role considering his fitness levels and how athletic he is. If not Tiger, then who do you think can play Bhaichung Bhutia on the big screen? Let us know in the comments below.
  4. Indian Fitness YouTube channels are no less than any comedy show these days. Well at least most of them, if not all, as you will find all kinds of bro science on these channels, which are even beyond your wildest imagination. The problem with social media platforms is that you can post literally anything without any legitimate evidence to back your content. One such advice that you will often get from certain 'Fitness YouTubers' and 'Desi Gurus' is that applying Tiger Balm on your abdomen area will help you burn more fat when you workout. They claim that if you apply Tiger Balm and workout immediately after that, it will produce more heat and will ultimately help you in achieving a six pack easily. © Amazon India Let's find out how much truth is there in this statement: How Does Your Body Burn Fat? To understand if Tiger Balm is actually going to help you or not in your fat loss journey, it's important to understand the mechanism which your body goes through to burn the stored fat. Your body will only feel the need to utilize that stored adipose tissue when it feels that the current calorie intake is falling short of the maintenance calories. Maintenance calories are the calories that your body needs to maintain its current weight. Thus, when you consume less than the maintenance calories, your body taps into the adipose tissue that is stored in the various parts of your body, including the abdomen area. Heat & Fat Loss The logic that's given behind the use of Tiger Balm is that it produces heat and thus helps in melting the fat in the abdomen area. Well, if that held an ounce of truth, then all of us would just have to sit next to a bonfire and burn all the stored fat in our body. Any kind of external gel or massage oil cannot stimulate any form of fat loss in the human body. If you ask what about those people who do claim that they have actually experienced the results? Well, it's because they were working out and were following some form of calorie deficit diet, and not just lounging on the couch with Tiger Balm on their bellies. However, their superstition leads them to believe that it's Tiger Balm that's doing the trick but the truth is that it's all about the workout and diet that's actually helping them lose weight. A portion of this belief can also be attributed to the placebo effect that such statements have on people who believe them wholeheartedly. Do Not Believe Every Random Advice Coming Your Way You will hear a lot of random advice from the people who are in very good shape. Just because a guy is ripped or is in decent shape, it does not mean that he has extensive knowledge of exercise science and nutrition too. © Getty Images You will see lots of social media 'Influencers' making useless claims for various supplements like fat burners and testosterone boosters too. The reality of which is that they do nothing except burn a hole in your pockets. Thus, it is better you approach a guy who has decent qualification and credentials and can help you with genuine advice than to waste time in applying balms and gels. Anuj Tyagi, author of this article, is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist from American Council on Exercise (ACE). Now an Online Health Coach, he is also a Chartered Accountant by education. You can connect with him through Instagram on:- https://www.instagram.com/sixpacktummy_anuj/
  5. Gone are the days when fitness was restricted to just bodybuilding and weight training. Today, the definition of a fit body is the one that not only looks good but is able to perform well too. Actors like Tiger Shroff and Vidyut Jamwal have changed the outlook on how people perceive fitness in their minds. © Instagram/tigerjackieshroff Not only do they have a chiselled body, but they also carry unique skills of being agile and athletic at the same time. They defy the age-old myth that weight training makes you slow and stiff. Its all about how you manage your training and incorporate various aspects of fitness together. I am not saying that you need to forget about weight training if you want to be fast and agile, but yes, agility exercises should be an important part of your workout routine if your aim is to be like them. © YouTube Agility in simple terms means the ability to move quickly and change direction with ease. This describes both physical and mental agility. As we age, or just become complacent in our daily routines, both our mental and physical agility suffers. Here are a few exercises that you can do to be quick on your toes and be sharp as a tack. 1. Ladder Drills The agility ladder is a common instrument which can be found in any average gym these days. It looks almost like a regular ladder. To use an agility ladder for training you need to select a method of moving through the ladder. For example, you might start with a high-knee march forward through each box, and then progress to a lateral scissor if you're more advanced. To target your upper body, move through the ladder with your hands while maintaining a push-up position. Working out on an agility ladder might seem simple, but it will get your heart rate up and your brain working in just no time. There are lots of similar ways to work out on an agility ladder to improve your agility skills. 2. Hurdle Drills Hurdle drills can be performed by using dedicated hurdles or dumbbells if the hurdles are not available in your gym. You can keep dumbbells in place of hurdle sets and use them as hurdles while performing agility drills. For example, you can set 5 to 10 hurdles in a straight row, parallel to each other. Moving laterally, start by going over the first hurdle with a high step and pausing in a stork stance before moving back to the starting position. Then move over the first two hurdles, pause and go back to the start. Continue this until all five to 10 hurdles have been travelled. When you become more advanced, speed up the hurdle steps and take out the pause. 3. Cone Drills Cone drills help you to get faster with your mind as well. You need small cones to make this drill. Take 5 or 7 small cones and name them with numbers or alphabet or colours. The identity has to be given to each cone which needs to be unique. Now ask someone to call out the name of a particular cone at random and try to touch the called out cone as fast as possible. Do this for a couple of minutes and see how your reaction time increases when you perform this more often. Anuj Tyagi, author of this article, is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist from American Council on Exercise (ACE). Now an Online Health Coach, he is also a Chartered Accountant by education. You can connect with him through Instagram on:- https://www.instagram.com/sixpacktummy_anuj/
  6. Life is a game of Snakes and Ladders; sometimes you move up and sometimes you are back to square one in the most brutal fashion. But the secret lies in learning from your failures to rewrite your success. This particular strength of character was shown by none other than the controversial golfer Tiger Woods, who made a prolific comeback to the top of the pile, over the weekend. He ended his 11-year major title drought by winning his fifth Masters title at Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday. A valiant two-under 70 clinched a one-shot victory over Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Xander Schauffele that earned the veteran the glory. The story of Woods, who hugged his father Earl after his long-due win, is nothing short of dramatic. He also cherished the opportunity to scoop his son Charlie into his arms after winning his 'Fifth Green Jacket' almost 14 years after his last. Tiger Woods has won the Masters. His 81st PGA TOUR win. His 15th major title. His 5th green jacket.#LiveUnderPar pic.twitter.com/xC8165hypE — PGA TOUR (@PGATOUR) April 14, 2019 "Prior to this comeback", Woods had said, "they only knew that golf caused me a lot of pain". The 43-year-old champion has been broken in so many ways but a moment with Charlie, the ensuing embrace of his mother Kultida and then of Sam, was telling of the soulful eventual glory. Astonishingly, when Woods won his 14 major championships - changing golf as he did so - his son wasn't even born, and his daughter was less than a year old for the last. And now, when he broke through for a historic 15th, they joined him, ecstatic, on a Sunday that reshaped golf again. © Reuters In his professional career of 23 years, Woods has been through a whole lot of controversies. Beginning in 2005, when he started having knee troubles, to later being accused of having an extra-marital affair with a nightclub worker, it was just where the tide began to turn. Later in February 2010, the golfer lost many promotion deals, including those of General Motors and Gatorade. He made an apology, not only to his wife (whom he divorced earlier in the year) but to the world following this incident. “I thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to,” he stated. “I felt that I had worked hard my entire life and deserved to enjoy all the temptations around me.” “I felt I was entitled. Thanks to money and fame, I didn't have far – didn't have to go far to find them. I was wrong. I was foolish.” He also stated that he enrolled in therapy programs to address such issues. With his back against the wall, Woods was just an inch away from one thing, and that was going to jail, which he later did when he was involved in a car accident in November 2009. Following a spinal surgery, in 2017, Woods was on a heavy dose of medications which made him drowsy the entire day. Later that year, Woods was arrested again for driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Woods told the police that he was in recovery from the surgery. When the police arrested him, the golfer was allegedly asleep, with the car's engine running and standing still in the middle of traffic. Woods said that he did not realise that the prescription drugs he was taking would affect his sleep patterns. However, he later agreed to complete the out-of-state intensive program that addressed his ways of handling his pain and his medications. Despite going through all the ups and downs in his life, pure determination brought Woods back into the limelight and placed him where he is today. This triumph brought back the talks of Woods making a run at Jack Nicklaus's record of 18 majors. And especially, after a beaming Woods slipped on his fifth Green Jacket, he will be aware that Sunday's win has brought him tantalisingly close to another Nicklaus record – that of six Augusta titles. With a hope that the Tiger roars again, we wish that he achieves all the glory forthcoming his way.
  7. The trailer of this year's much-awaited film, 'Student Of The year 2', just dropped and is making everyone jealous with their exaggerated fanciful Saint Teresa college which looks bigger than London's Buckingham Palace. via GIPHY The first one marked the debut of three promising actors - Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra - who have come a long way. Varun and Alia are currently busy promoting their film 'Kalank'. This time around, the expectations are extremely high from the film and the 'Batch of 2019'. via GIPHY Well, at least they have successfully managed to retain one thing from the first movie - 'SOTY 2' is as exaggerated and larger than life as the first one. Seriously, who organises such extreme sports events? And which sporting event has a dance competition as one of the winning criteria? Dharma Productions Most parts of the trailer were owned by Tiger Shroff and his abs and his veins popping out of his arms. Tara Sutaria and Ananya Panday too were a part of the trailer in their own 'blink and miss' ways. Dharma Productions Talking about the storyline, Tiger Shroff plays Rohan who has his heart set on the 'Dignity Cup', an inter-college sports championship. He is however expelled, so he joins another college to participate in the same competition to beat his rivals (Also, this is not a spoiler, it's there in the trailer). Amidst all of this, Tiger has to also deal with a complicated love triangle going on between him, Tara and Ananya. Tough life, I must say! Directed by Punit Malhotra, 'Student Of The Year 2' is releasing on May 10.
  8. Salman Khan is something like a Godfather to not so starry star-kids and aspiring actors in Bollywood. Over the years Salman has presented the Hindi film industry with numerous newbies by launching them, and by his own admission, he has no plans of stopping anytime soon. As 'Notebook' hits the theatres today, it also marks the debut film of yesteryear actress Nutan's granddaughter and actor Mohnish Bahl's daughter Pranutan, as well as Salman's friend Iqbal's son, Zaheer. View this post on Instagram Bina mile kabhi pyaar ho sakta hai? Introducing @pranutan & @iamzahero in this unique love story directed by @nitinrkakkar. #Notebook, releasing 29th March 2019, trailer out on 17th Feb. @SKFilmsOfficial @cine1studios @muradkhetani @ashwinvarde @tseries.official A post shared by Salman Khan (@beingsalmankhan) on Feb 13, 2019 at 10:29pm PST Now as per latest reports, Salman is all set to launch yet another face and that is Salman's bodyguard Shera's son, Tiger. Talking about launching fresh faces in the industry, Salman told Bombay Times, “Shera's son Tiger is being groomed right now and he's already being considered by so many producers and directors. Shera feels I will be the best judge of a script for his son, so I am now sifting through scripts. I am yet to find something worthy.” View this post on Instagram I am there waiting, watching and keeping to the shadows. But when he needs me, I will step out of shadows and protect my Maalik @beingsalmankhan #Salmankhan #Shera #Beingshera A post shared by Being Shera (@beingshera) on Mar 3, 2019 at 1:02am PST Reportedly, Tiger has previously worked as an assistant director on Salman's film 'Sultan' in 2016. He admits that he will continue to launch newcomers in the industry for as long as he can because, “I was also launched at some point and I think the industry can do with some more fresh talent,” he said. © Pintrest Well, we can see where that motivation is coming from, and sure enough if these aspiring actors get the boost they need, and prove their mettle, they might actually add great flavour to the industry's growing young brigade. However, only their talent will prove their worth in the longer run. Let's see what is in store for Tiger.
  9. Tiger Shroff happens to be one of the few actors in Bollywood who can challenge Hrithik Roshan's capabilities as a dancer, one who is an absolute joy to watch. Hrithik has given quite a few memorable performances as a dancer over the years, ever since he made his debut in 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai' and his moves in the songs from that movie made women drool over this “Indian Greek god”. Well, if there was one other film whose songs became a rage with the millennials, it was 'Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham'. One song from the film titled 'Deewana Hai Dekho' was played in every party and somebody would always perform on that song at an event. © Dharma Productions Close to 18 years since then, Tiger Shroff decided to recreate the song from K3G, calling it his “Fav movie...fav song!” and the end result is just as marvellous as it was so many years ago. Tiger Shroff's skills on the dance floor are unrivalled. He always manages to add his own touches which makes his performances all the more powerful, and this time too he has done just that! View this post on Instagram Fav movie...fav song! #k3g @hrithikroshan @karanjohar @piyush_bhagat @swainvikram @shaziasamji A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Mar 28, 2019 at 12:49am PDT The video that Tiger posted on his Instagram account saw 2,143,306 views in just 21 hours, and the comments pouring in totally resonate with how we feel about his rendition of this iconic song. While people are praising his performance and calling it “fire”, “smooth” and “killer”, one particular user went ahead to claim that Tiger looks more like Hrithik than Hrithik himself in that video, and we sort of agree. What do you guys think about it?
  10. When you have a physique like Tiger Shroff, you don't really need to put a lot of thought about what to wear. However, Tiger clearly doesn't believe in that and pulls off #OOTDs that are definitely Insta-worthy. He just gave us a glimpse of that with his latest outfit, which was deceptively simple but contained a piece that was 'statement' in the truest sense of the term. He wore a pair of bell-bottoms that were delightfully extra and reminded us of the huge bell-bottoms from the '70s. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani The super roomy pair is something you need guts of steel to carry off, simply because of the unusual (bordering on weird) silhouette they give rise to. © Viral Bhayani Tiger was sagaciously fashionable to have worn it with a navy blue fitted T-shirt of a similar shade, because going minimal on top is the only way one can carry it off without committing a fashion blunder. © Viral Bhayani The best thing about the look is that it's not over the top, but still makes a statement that's remarkably 'high-fashion'. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Maybe it's time to bring back the '70s to the mainstream fashion scene after all!
  11. Tiger Shroff is a man known for his good looks, a body probably made of elastic and iron, and dance moves that can throw anyone off the dance floor. Also, his action sequences are beyond our imagination. View this post on Instagram #2019, it's only getting better from here. ð #Myfitstart @prowlactive @becurefit A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 3, 2019 at 10:55pm PST View this post on Instagram Came across an amazing piece by the legendary “ @officiallestwins ”. And to my fav songgg! #liberiangirl #KING #mikej @jueevaidya @yashjain_14 A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Nov 23, 2018 at 10:55pm PST So when you're a man carved out of perfection basically, then it is natural that the social media exposure gives you more love than you can fathom. While the entire Bollywood fraternity is a fan of him and he carries the lineage of his father with great pride, Tiger's dance moves and killer looks have found a new fan in Hollywood who is none other than Gwyneth Paltrow herself. View this post on Instagram Something sparkly for under the tree @tousjewelry #touspartner #tousgift #tousjewelry #touslovers A post shared by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on Dec 21, 2018 at 2:02am PST Recently Tiger posted a killer video for his idol Hrithik Roshan's birthday where he recreated his 'Ek Pal Ka Jeena' from 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai'. As expected, people and celebs alike couldn't help but comment on how 'awesome' the video was. View this post on Instagram Blessed to be working with my inspiration ððððð thank you for being born and giving direction and inspiration to so many of us! #happybirthday @hrithikroshan ⤠A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 9, 2019 at 10:52pm PST One surprise comment that we spotted was by the Hollywood actress herself. Didn't know she followed him, but then can't blame her because have you looked at this fine man? © Instagram Can we get a crossover right here? Well, that would be a long shot but it would be fun to watch them together in a dance video if not movie, right?
  12. It's Bollywood's OG superhero, Krrish aka Hrithik Roshan's birthday today. Although age is just a number for this Greek god, who was ranked as the world's most handsome actor last year, he turned 45 today. © Instagram From his ex-wife and BFF Suzanne Khan to Sonali Bendre, Preity Zinta and Shabana Azmi, celebrities have flooded social media with birthday posts. However, it was Tiger Shroff who won the best birthday post award and took us on a nostalgic trip we were neither expecting nor ready for. © Instagram As a tribute to Hrithik, whom he calls his inspiration, Tiger posted a video of him dancing to the hit party number 'Ek Pal Ka Jeena' from 'Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai'. If you remember the song and the signature step by heart, then you had an amazing childhood. Tiger Shroff wrote, "Blessed to be working with my inspiration thank you for being born and giving direction and inspiration to so many of us! #happybirthday." Hrithik Roshan is undoubtedly one of the best dancers Bollywood has ever seen, but Tiger Shroff's tribute video was on another level. Tiger Shroff not only nailed the dance steps of the iconic song, but ended up doing better than Hrithik Roshan. View this post on Instagram Blessed to be working with my inspiration ððððð thank you for being born and giving direction and inspiration to so many of us! #happybirthday @hrithikroshan ⤠A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 9, 2019 at 10:52pm PST As we speak about 'Ek Pal Ka Jeena', let's re-watch the song again. On the work front, Tiger and Hrithik will soon share screen space in Siddharth Anand's next film. Although, not much is known about the film yet, we're confirmed about two things - an epic dance-off between Hrithik and Tiger and some insane high-octane action scenes.
  13. Who better than one of the fittest actors in Bollywood to give us advice on how to stay fit? Here's what Tiger Shroff has to say about keeping fit.
  14. There's a new 'Dilbar' in town and it's neither Sushmita Sen nor Nora Fatehi. Sushmita Sen will forever remain the OG queen and 'Dilbar' of our hearts, as she is the one who made everyone fall for her charm and beauty 19 years ago with the iconic song. Fast forward to the present, and the 'Dilbar' version 2.0 from 'Satyameva Jayate' has now turned into an even bigger hit, with Nora Fatehi belly dancing her way into our hearts and living up to all the expectations one had from this remix version. While poeple were busy voting between Sushmita and Nora, Tiger Shroff was busy making his own version of 'Dilbar' and let's just say, we're super impressed with his killer dance moves. Tiger wasn't just basking in the sun today, as he was busy giving a tough competition to Nora in dancing and looks like the diva took the bait. View this post on Instagram â¤barrr #choreoby my main man @piyush_bhagat @swainvikram @shaziasamji A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Dec 19, 2018 at 10:38pm PST Soon after Tiger posted the video, Nora commented on Tiger's video and wrote, "Yaaasss this is lit. I'm ready for a dance off." Well, now that Nora has challenged Tiger to a 'Dilbar' dance-off, let's just hope they make OG Dilbar Sushmita Sen judge their performance.
  15. After Ranveer Singh's wedding, a lot of people thought that he is going to 'sober down' in terms of his wild style game, because he is a married man now. But well, this assumption doesn't make make sense at all, and Ranveer made sure he bursts this bubble in his trademark style. He won the award for the best actor for 'Padmavat' last night, but that bit was expected. What everyone was wide-eyed about is what he wore to the ceremony. Take a look. © Instagram/Ranveersingh Ranveer wore a dazzling blue suit with tiger patterns all over, probably as a poetic measure to remind people that he's not going to let his individuality go, just because he's married now (seriously, why should anyone?). But that was not all. His accessory game was also on point and he wore a crazy tiger face pendant - the roaring face of which was enough to remind everyone that he's not going anywhere, and neither is his maximalism. © Instagram/Ranveersingh © Instagram/Ranveersingh What we love about his outfit is that it's fun and quirky, but sophisticated and regal at the same time. Another noticable thing was Deepika's outfit, which was complementing Ranveer's to the T. Her intense silhouette in black coupled with her mystical kohl-laden eyes just reminded us why this couple is, and probably will remain the most glamorous couple in Bollywood for many, many years to come. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Well done, DeepVeer!
  16. Tiger Shroff might not have a plethora of hits under his belt but he surely has a reputation of a successful star and that is why everyone is betting their money on him. View this post on Instagram #soty2 #climaxcomplete #exhausted #bts A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Sep 3, 2018 at 5:18am PDT After the raving success of 'Baaghi 2', rumour has it that the action hero has apparently caught Hollywood's eye. According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Lawrence Kasanoff, producer of the 'Mortal Combat' series, flew down to Mumbai to seal the deal with Tiger for a prestigious project. “Along with Larry, a big studio head, some of their associates and Emmy Award-winning writer Sean Catherine Derek of the Batman series had also flown to India. Sanjay Grover, who has been a part of the project for the last one year, was also present at the meetings. Larry shared the script of his film with Sanjay who suggested they bring on board a fresh new face to play the lead and strongly recommended his childhood buddy Tiger with whom he had studied in school. Larry and his team were impressed with Tiger who they felt has an international look, is trained in martial arts, has a large fan following and has age on his side”, as per the sources. View this post on Instagram No that's not a yoga pose but its relaxing and it should be ð #internationalyogaday A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jun 21, 2018 at 7:32am PDT The source further added that “This could be the biggest break for an Indian actor in a big budget, mainstream Hollywood film which could spin into a worldwide Intellectual Property Franchise like Mortal Kombat. Casting an Indian actor in the main lead in a Hollywood film is a first for Larry too”. Tiger is currently gearing up for'Rambo' and knowing his existing skills, we are pretty sure the man can give any action dude a run for his money.
  17. Tiger Shroff is yet to sweep the nation, however, it wouldn't be wrong to say that he is almost there. His smooth moves, stellar body and his insane dance skills show that the man has oodles of talent running through his veins. A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Aug 7, 2018 at 10:52pm PDT Even our B-town celebs have idols of their own and Tiger, is a big Michael Jackson fan, which is a known fact. He even did a movie inspired by him called 'Munna Michael'. So, on the occasion of MJ's 60th birthday, Tiger paid the perfect dance tribute to his idol by dancing to his iconic hit number 'Smooth Criminal'. Happy birthday to the reason i do what i do â¤ð #michaeljackson #godblessyou #longlivethekingofkings #smoothestnoncriminal @pareshshirodkar A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Aug 29, 2018 at 12:23am PDT Tiger calls Michael the 'reason for what I do', which is basically his entire career. Happy #gurupurnima guru jiâ¤ðthank you for giving me a little bit of your gift ð¤ @pareshshirodkar A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jul 27, 2018 at 1:27am PDT On the work front, Tiger will be seen in the second instalment of 'SOTY' opposite Ananya Pandey and Tara Sutaria. This is us. The Class of 2018 ð #SOTY2 @karanjohar @apoorva1972 @punitdmalhotra @ananyapanday @tarasutaria__ @dharmamovies @foxstarhindi #StudentOfTheYear2 A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Apr 11, 2018 at 12:20am PDT Tiger is going places and we are not complaining!
  18. We've all heard that there are as many as 7 people in the world who look exactly like you. Given the 7.6 billion population of the world, chances of finding your lookalike or doppelganger is literally one in a billion. Despite this fact, almost every other day we find someone or the other who looks like a carbon copy of our favourite celebrities. Instagram From Rihanna, Dwayne Johnson, Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Ryan Gosling, Katrina Kaif, to Tyrion Lannister aka Peter Dinklage; everyone has found their twin aka doppelganger enjoying half their fame, in some other part of the world. Thanks to the internet, we now have innumerable lists of celebrities and their not-so-famous doppelgangers. The latest celebrity to join this bandwagon is Jackie Shroff's son aka Baaghi aka Indian Rambo, Tiger Shroff. This is Tiger Shroff. âªI was sad to cut my hair but I guess it was worth it! ð Watch my transformation for #Baaghi2 (Link in bio) – http://bit.ly/TigerShroff-Transformation⬠âª@dishapatani #SajidNadiadwala @khan_ahmedasas @nadiadwalagrandson @foxstarhindi @amityashwant_hair #Baaghi2onMarch30⬠A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Mar 15, 2018 at 7:52am PDT This is him chilling with Disha Patani on a vacation. Son of a ð A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 1, 2018 at 1:19am PST This is him dancing his way into our hearts. I love this song from one of my fav movies @varundvn! Thanks @piyush_bhagat for this awesome block! Wish i could do your style...and thank you @jamesdance_ sir! #exprimenting #musicality #judwaa2 #aatohsahi A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jun 6, 2018 at 12:09am PDT This is his twin from Assam, which he is clearly unaware of. Maybe now he will know. Quick Repost A post shared by David Messi (@davidmessi_official) on Jan 19, 2018 at 11:09pm PST After coming across Renee Kujur, Rihanna's lookalike from Chattisgarh, the internet has now found Tiger Shroff's doppelganger, David Saharia who is a successful model and actor in Assam. Old post Being Inspiration# Shredded # Way to go A post shared by David Messi (@davidmessi_official) on May 5, 2018 at 10:16am PDT Be it his looks, hair or physique, everything thing about him screams 'I look like Tiger Shroff.' According to IB Times, David said "Initially, it was really exciting because everyone was appreciating me for my looks and I felt really good." @poster Soon #giving best A post shared by David Messi (@davidmessi_official) on Jun 29, 2018 at 11:02am PDT He further said, "Even now I feel good but they just know me by his name not mine. I feel bad about it sometimes, but it's okay. I take it as a positive thing." Castle of Glass @Being Inspiration A post shared by David Messi (@davidmessi_official) on Nov 6, 2017 at 11:26pm PST David is currently working in the local film industry and said, "Currently I am working in Assamese film industry, so that I can make my own name and people would know exactly who I am."
  19. Tiger Shroff has carved a niche for himself in Bollywood already, not with the family name that he was bestowed with, but with his immense talent. He can kick-ass and perform stunts like no one's business, his acting is also gradually wining him accolades, but it is his insane dance moves that make his social media followers and fans gape in awe. Forget dance, wish i could walk like him! #Myð! #mjreload #foolingaround #bts #soty2 A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jun 18, 2018 at 1:49am PDT 1 year ago â¤ð our small tribute to the king #munnamichael #invincible #immortal #oneyearofmunnamichael @sabbir24x7 @nidhhiagerwal @nawazuddin._siddiqui @vikirajani A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jul 21, 2018 at 12:23am PDT Remember how Hrithik Roshan set every screen on fire with his dance moves, specially in the 'Main Aisa Kyu Huun' number? Seems like Tiger has taken the mantle of 'King of Flexibility' in Bollywood now. His recent video where he is seen dancing to Salman Khan's popular track 'Aksa Beach' from 'God Tussi Great Ho' is now going viral, because even though it is an old number, no one thought that Tiger could infuse life into it like this and give it a new twist! Love jamming with this champion, trying one of his choreographies #â¡â¡â¡ #workinprogress #ð @swainvikram @piyush_bhagat A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jul 23, 2018 at 2:00am PDT Talking of beaches, it is safe to assume that this beachy vibe dance is inspired by his beach vacations, which he takes in plenty. No that's not a yoga pose but its relaxing and it should be ð #internationalyogaday A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jun 21, 2018 at 7:32am PDT Son of a ð A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 1, 2018 at 1:19am PST On the work front, Tiger is basking in the glory of his recent hit 'Baaghi 2' and will now be seen in Karan Johar's 'Student Of The Year 2' . âªSo excited to be a part of the #SOTY2 fam and to be in school again. ð¤ð⤠âª@karanjohar @punitdmalhotra @apoorva1972 @dharmamovies @foxstarhindi #studentoftheyear2 A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Apr 10, 2018 at 10:35pm PDT He is also on a personal high these days because as per reports, he has bought a 8BHK house in Mumbai worth crores and will be shifting in next year.
  20. In life, if you ever find yourself having a wardrobe full of black, then know that you're absolutely not alone. Tiger Shroff too loves wearing the globally-embraced colour almost everywhere and knows how to style it too. Whether for the red carpet, a wedding party or the airport, he has time and again opted for black ensembles and proven the might of the neutral colour. Hence, today, we're letting Shroff turn into our definitive style guide, as he shows us how to wear black for 5 crucial occasions! 1. For a Formal Setting Matching my koffee cup :) A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Dec 15, 2016 at 10:50pm PST Opting for an all-black outfit for formal gathering may get termed as 'playing safe', but let's admit: it looks great anyway. Take a cue from Tiger here, and opt for a black suit with a black shirt underneath and finish things off with a pair of black dress shoes. If the setting permits, ditch the formal necktie and unbutton your top few buttons to exude ease. Else, you can never go wrong with a bow-tie or a necktie! 2. An All-Black Workout Outfit A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Dec 15, 2017 at 9:45pm PST The gym is one place where wearing all-black or at least one black coloured piece is almost like a norm. So really, here's to abiding by the norms! Turn to a solid black tank top (instead of a T-shirt to put your guns on display), throw in a slogan if you feel like and pair it with your choice of track pants/joggers. Complete the look with trainers! 3. Black For A Special Occasion? Why Not! © Viral Bhayani Though black isn't a colour that one would opt to wear to a special occasion (like a wedding), but if Tiger can wear it, so can you. As seen here, the actor is wearing a one-off ethnic wear piece on top, featuring an open front (waist-down), paired with black trousers and black oxford shoes. Not forgetting, Tiger looks lean and tall, all thanks to those vertical stripes on top. If not this groundbreaking, turn to just plain, simple kurtas and black bandhgalas instead! 4. Black For The Airport © Viral Bhayani Thanks to celebrities, it's now important to decide what to wear to the airport. Having said that, you don't need to try too hard. Keep things simple with a black zipper jacket, paired with black jeans and a pair of black trainers. Keep your comfort imperative! 5. How Can We Forget Saturday Nights? Me heading for #Avengers like @matchlesslondon A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Apr 27, 2018 at 2:48am PDT Finally, a look that isn't too formal nor too casual and hence, perfect for a Saturday night. Throw on your favourite black T-shirt (or polo T-shirt) and pair it with dark-wash jeans, while completing the outfit with black slip-ons. If the weather permits, throw on a black leather jacket and you'd be all set to drink your way through the night!
  21. When you think of Tiger Shroff, you think of Disha Patani as well, and when you think of Disha Patani, you also think of Tiger Shroff; they've become kind of like a package deal, complementing each other in the best way possible. â¤ï¸ A post shared by disha patani (paatni) (@dishapatani) on Mar 26, 2018 at 12:48am PDT Their title of a powerful pairing was further cemented after they delivered one of the biggest hits of the year 'Baaghi 2'. Even though they are working on two different projects now, they are always spotted together, and are probably dating even if they haven't confirmed it yet. Remember their too hot to handle vacation pictures that warmed up everyone's January? Son of a ð A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jan 1, 2018 at 1:19am PST Heavenâï¸ A post shared by disha patani (paatni) (@dishapatani) on Jan 1, 2018 at 8:18pm PST They're one of the hottest couples in Bollywood right now and both of them together have found so much success, it's obviously going to up the price for them, but just by how much? According to a report in Mid-Day, apparently an oil brand had approached them to become their brand ambassadors and shoot an ad but the price they quoted was enough to shock them (and us as well). Download #musically app, follow my musical.ly ID @dishapatani and check the full 30 sec video!!! Share and comment it on musical.ly !@dishapatani @musical.lyindiaofficial #HappyHoli #Mundiyan A post shared by disha patani (paatni) (@dishapatani) on Mar 2, 2018 at 1:28am PST A source said, “The marketing team of a renowned oil brand wanted to position their product as the choice of fitness enthusiasts. Disha and Tiger seemed to be a perfect fit as brand ambassadors since the two are known to be health freaks. Considering they haven't featured in a commercial together, the team felt the ad would have the novelty factor. When the team approached them, the duo asked for Rs 5 crores as fee. Given their popularity among the youth, the brand officials agreed to cough up the amount. Though Tiger and Disha are yet to sign on the dotted line, the conversation is at an advanced stage.” Well, it's a lot of money but it could work out in the brand's favour to have Tiger and Disha together in an ad.
  22. The success of 'Baaghi 2' took many by surprise. Tiger Shroff rose as an actor, who did what many could not, and ruled the box office. The film was loved by millions and people were shook seeing Tiger's action-packed avatar. The movie not only earned big bucks at the box office but became the biggest opener of 2018, defeating Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's movies in the process. The CGI work in 'Baaghi 2' and Tiger's incredible stunts created a buzz for all the right reasons. There is no doubt that the actor owns the action space and there is no one who can compete with him. © FoxStarHindi Not many know this, but the actor worked really hard for every stunt and action scene. Tiger is trained in martial arts and most of the times, perform his stunts on his own. He is not one of those who uses stuntmen or body doubles, now how cool is that? For the second installment of the popular franchise, the actor had undergone intense physical training. For the film, the actor learned various forms of martial arts, gymnastics and took special weapon training lessons as well. Believe it or not, the actor shot for the action sequences for 78 days and trained for 476 hours and of course, the end result was remarkable. © Instagram If this was his preparation for 'Baaghi 2', one can only expect it to get more intense for the third part. With an aim to outdo its previous installment, director Ahmed Khan has decided to send Tiger to a military boot camp in Syria, where he will be receiving lessons on artillery training. The director wants more virtuosity and finesse in the upcoming movie. Talking about the same, a source close to the maker told Mid-Day, "Ahmed wants Tiger to be attuned to heavy artillery for 'Baaghi 3'. In the course of his research for the movie, Ahmed found out that Syria has great training camps. So, on his insistence, Tiger will head to a military camp there in November, where he will be taught to use weapons like M16, AT4 and rocket launchers." © FoxStarHindi And that's not it, as the maker also aims at shooting 'Baaghi 3' in Syria. The director has already started working on the script and will be shooting a crucial portion of it in the Middle-East. Well, looking at the present political scenario and the intense atmosphere there, the makers will have to wait and see if shooting will be possible. However, we are sure that Tiger will surpass his own performance and set the bar even higher for everyone else in the industry.
  23. The entire world celebrated Father's Day yesterday, and so did our beloved Bollywood actors. And among the millions of people who made father's day trend on social media, there was one name or should I say two names who broke the internet – Tiger Shroff and his dad Jackie Shroff. Was it an emotional post? No. Did Tiger share a throwback picture where he's having the time of his life with Jackie? Not really. Tiger shared a blurred picture with a caption, “Hope I look like my hero when I'm 60+. Happy father's day to my first and only hero! #dalchaawaldiet #realbaaghi” Instagram We completely agree with your words Tiger. Not only because we believe that fathers are our heroes; but also because getting a body like that at the age of 61 is truly one of the hardest things in the world. Instagram If you too looked at the picture again because you originally liked it thinking it is Tiger Shroff, trust me you're not alone. Jackie's ripped body, washboard abs and youthful face (although it's blurred) made a lot of people confuse him with his son Tiger. Here's the post. Hope i look like my hero when i'm 60+ â¡ï¸â¤ @apnabhidu happy father's day to my first and only hero! #dalchaawaldiet #realbaaghi A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jun 17, 2018 at 5:45am PDT Jackie Shroff is one of the few actors about whom we can confidently say that he'll look the same or younger even after 20 years. And we're assuming his secret is the dal chaawal diet he follows (taking a cue from Tiger's hashtag). We're sure that even today Jackie Shroff has the potential to give actors half his age a run for their money and the list includes his son too, just like he swept his competition back in the day with his debut as a lead in 'Hero'.
  24. If I had the power to nominate the best celebrity Instagram account, I will probably pick Disha Patani. From giving fitness goals, travel goals, dance classes, selfie lessons or casually chilling with her dog; it won't be wrong to say that, for many of us, she's a reason to open Instagram every five minutes. And her recent video proves why I might be right. Instagram While we express our love for our favourite celebrities, on social media all the time; watching our celebrities do the same for others is something that always takes us by surprise. After all, it's not everyday that you see King Khan aka Shah Rukh Khan drooling over and requesting for a selfie with Cate Blanchett, Elton John or Christopher Nolan. Recently Disha posted a video where she paid a tribute to her idol, Beyonce, by grooving to her iconic Coachella 2018 performance. Instagram She captioned the video, "Wanted to make this for a very long time, just for fun, a tribute to my idol @Beyonce." Honestly, we don't know if the rumours of her dating Tiger Shroff are true, but her perfect dance moves has me convinced that she is secretly taking dance lessons from Tiger. Seriously, can these two start their own dance classes where they teach us how to rock that difficult choreography? Wanted to make this for a very long time, just for fun, a tribute to my idol @beyonce â¤ï¸ thanks @jamesdance_ for teaching me the block and @shariquealy for the cool editð¤ð¤â¤ï¸ #beyonce #beychella A post shared by disha patani (paatni) (@dishapatani) on May 25, 2018 at 8:14pm PDT Jokes apart, these moves were taught by choreographer James and Disha even thanked him for teaching her these moves. This is not the first time and definitely not the last time when Disha is flaunting her effortless moves. Earlier she posted her version of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You', which we still can't get off our minds. Apart from dancing, Disha is currently gearing up for 'Bharat', where she will be seen alongside Salman Khan and Priyanka Chopra.
  25. After Akshay Kumar, Bollywood was in dire need of another action hero to fill in his shoes, and we are really glad that Tiger Shroff came and conquered the action market like a pro! Tiger Shroff is one multi-talented guy. He dances like there are no bones in his body, and fights with power-packed moves as if he has landed straight from Kung Fu Land. In almost all of his movies, he's an out-and-out action junkie! But with his chiselled looks and great fashion sense, he has been slaying the ramp too! And his wardrobe is so Tiger-customized, basically all about comfort, flexibility and style. Everything that an action hero needs, to jump in the air like a pro! 1. Distressed Ganjis That Let His Biceps, Wings, Shoulders & That Solid Core Breathe, Flex & Shine! Instagram 2. Semi-Formals That Seem Like Activewear, Coz Tiger CANNOT Stay Calm. Of course! Instagram 3. Stylish Beanies That Add To His 'Yo-I-Am-Ready-To-Kick' Mode Instagram 4. These Cross-Zipper Jackets & Sleeveless Hoodies That Let Him Effortlessly Move Between Dance And Action Instagram Instagram 5. These Flexible Denims That Allow Freedom Of Movement For His Inimitable Action Moves Love my action moves?? Then this is a surprise treat for you. Watch me test my limits as i test Forca flex denims and follow @lifestylestores to participate in a contest to win some amazing Forca goodies. Shop my favourite Forca look https://goo.gl/Lq37Nw and don't forget to comment below what you think about this video. #TigerForForca #TestedbyTiger A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Apr 13, 2018 at 10:35pm PDT Well, the real secret behind Tiger's agility and bold moves is of course his dedication towards his fitness and workout regime. But his comfortable and stylish gear is what helps him flex those long legs so easily. And these denims from FORCA are his all-day companion. This pair of jeans can now be owned by you too! All you need to do is head out to the nearest Lifestyle store and pick these FORCA jeans for just Rs 999. Take a cue from Tiger and start your fitness journey!
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