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Found 75 results

  1. You must have seen bodybuilders spending hours in the gym and you might think, “I do not have the time to be in the gym 4 hours a day. Does this mean I cannot gain muscle?” The short answer is NO. You can still very much gain muscle. Spending 3-4 hours in the gym is not realistic for people with regular 9-5 jobs. Here are 3 training methods which can help you gain more muscle in less time. 1. Supersets Supersets are done with pairing opposite muscles back-to-back without resting between two muscle groups. Let's say you have an arm day, so when you train your bicep muscle, the opposite muscle triceps are resting. Perform any variation of biceps for one set and then go perform a variation of triceps without giving rest. This enables you to perform quality volume in less time. Supersets can be done on compound movements but it would be ideal if one compound lift is combined with a single joint movement. Example - Superset between bench press and cable rows. © MensXP 2. Drop Sets A simple technique where you perform a set of any exercise single joint exercise variation to failure or just short to failure. Then drop some weight and continue for more reps with reduced poundage and no rest between sets. Eg - Barbell curls: Set 1- 20kg for 10 reps, drop the weight 10-15% do another 10 reps, drop the weight 10-15% and do another 10 reps till your planned sets are done. Drop sets should be done on single joint movements and not on compound movements as it's not safe due to its method protocol © MensXP 3. Rest-Pause Sets These are modern intensity techniques in which you can increase your muscle activation and training volume in a short amount of time. Plus, you get a magnificent pump. Rest-pause sets are performed by completing a normal set of exercise to concentric failure. This is when you physically cannot do another rep with decent technique. Then you rest for 15 seconds and do another set to failure with the same weight. Then you rest 15 seconds and repeat the process as many times as you desire. Rest-pause training activates all the muscle fibres in the first set, so every rep thereafter is maximally effective. Rest-pause training should be done on single joint movements like side raises, bicep curls, etc So, the next time you think you need to spend 4 hours a day in the gym or think your workout is not going to help you, give these techniques a spin and finish an effective workout in a shorter amount of time. Author Bio: Yashovardhan Singh is an online fitness coach with www.getsetgo.fitness, an online fitness platform. Along with lifting weights and building his physique, he is also a motorbike enthusiast, an animal lover. You can connect with him on Instagram or drop him an email on yashovardhan@getsetgo.fitness.
  2. There is saying that goes “honest hearts produce honest actions”, and though most of us choose to believe that honesty as a virtue has become a rare quality to be found in an individual, we need to revisit and revise. Perhaps, it is the fact that people who come from lesser means know what it is like to go through days only keeping the next two meals in mind, that they are more than happy to be making honest money, no matter how little that might be, which is enough to ensure a sated tummy and some peaceful sleep. © Facebook While many would argue what such honesty can get someone in today's time when most people have resorted to clever means and dishonest ways of making quick bucks, we like to say, apparently a lot. Honesty can help you earn Rs. 30,000 for a Rs. 20 service! A Norwegian YouTuber named Harald Baldr, who is currently on a tour of India, decided to get a haircut from a street barber in Ahmedabad. When Harald asks the barber about his charges, he honestly says it's Rs. 20. Unlike most shopkeepers and service providers in India who hike the prices of their goods and services for foreigners, he hadn't followed the same tactic. This along with his dedication towards his work impressed Harald. So, once the haircut was done, Harald decided to not only pay for his haircut but topped it up with a donation of Rs. 30,000. Harald takes the help of an English-speaking local to inform the hairdresser that he is donating the money so that the hairdresser can get some new tools and do something good for his family. © Facebook That is not all, Harald also shares that this wouldn't be the last time he is helping someone since he plans on helping other people and entrepreneurs in need throughout his future journeys, and use up his earnings and Patreon donations for the cause. Kudos to Harald for the thoughtful act and we are sure this action will only result in a ripple effect, and even barber will “pay it forward” in kindness.
  3. With Jason Momoa's 'Aquaman' becoming the highest grossing DC movie of all time, the game for DC inspired superhero films seems to be changing, as people are now taking them seriously than ever before. via GIPHY In the past, there have been a good number of DC inspired films that have done an incredible business at the box office. Take for example Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' which transcended the whole idea of a superhero film. via GIPHY In this list we have jotted down some of the major DC blockbusters, having considered their critics' rating and viewership. Here are the best DC Comics-inspired films of all time. Scroll down to see which of your favourite films have been covered in the list: 1. The Dark Knight (2008) Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' has changed the narrative around superhero movies forever. The film is deeply involving and raised the bar of the superhero-thriller genre. With polished CGIs, out of the box storytelling and Oscar-worthy performances, 'The Dark Knight' became one of the most loved Christopher Nolan films of all time. via GIPHY Fans loved to see the Joker (Heath Ledger) waving his head out of a speeding car, spilling madness and sheer talent. He was given an Oscar posthumously for his supporting role in the film. On the other hand, Christian Bale strictly followed his character and turned out to be the most good looking Batman! The film went on to get nominated in eight categories for the Academy Awards ultimately winning two. 2. Wonder Woman (2017) Gal Gadot's 'Wonder Woman' is one film that has broken stereotypes and many records. The film is a perfect example of what a female superhero film should look like. via GIPHY The film-makers made sure to deliver a tale of a heroic character in its truest sense and succeed in their task. 'Wonder Woman' received positive reviews at the box office and has been considered the best female superhero films of all time. via GIPHY Directed by Patty Jenkins, the film is so far a good recommendation when it comes to DC movies. 3. Superman (1978) Written by Mario Puzo, 'Superman' is believed to be a thoughtful superhero film. Set in the late 70s, director Richard Donner perfectly crafted the superhero into the real world. Christopher Reeve played the protagonist and even received praise from the critics for his performance. via GIPHY The film's story revolves around how Kal Al develops superhuman abilities and is raised as Clark Kent only to save the world from evil powers. 'Superman' went on to be nominated for three Academy Awards. The film turned out to be highly entertaining and even made a good sum of money at the box office. Marlon Brando's performance has also been praised in the film. 4. Batman Begins (2005) 'Batman Begins' officially marked Christopher Nolan's arrival into mainstream Hollywood. The film franchise that had got saturated with 'Batman & Robin', was ultimately saved at the hands of the director. The world had no idea of how Warner Bros. had consciously put the film in the hands of a genius film-maker. via GIPHY With superb acting coming from Christian Bale and a darker, highly pragmatic story, the film succeeded in gathering huge box office earnings. It also received an Academy Award nomination and largely positive reviews from the critics. Christopher Nolan went on to direct two more films including 'The Dark Knight' and 'The Dark Knight Rises' (the three films constitute 'The Dark Knight Trilogy'). 5. Batman (1989) The millennials might be in love with Christian Bale or Ben Affleck playing Bruce Wayne, however, not many are aware of the fact that Michael Keaton has also remained an equally fit protagonist to have played Bruce Wayne. via GIPHY Starring Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker, the 1989 flick is the first instalment of Warner Bros.' introductory 'Batman' film series. The film revolves around the protagonist fighting the war against the evils of the Gotham city as he deals with Joker simultaneously. Directed by Tim Burton, 'Batman' has got one Academy Award win to its name. 6. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Four years after the release of 'The Dark Knight', Christopher Nolan put forth the final instalment of the trilogy; 'The Dark Knight Rises' decided the fate of the caped crusader and thus ended an era of the Bale-Nolan saga. While Christian Bale reprises the role of Bruce Wayne, Tom Hardy (Bane) plays the villain. via GIPHY Others in the cast include Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Morgan Freeman. As Bane takes control of Gotham city and turns people against the good, Batman comes out of his hiding and protects the city from getting blown away. 7. Batman Returns (1992) Directed by Tim Burton, 'Batman Returns' is the second instalment in the initial 'Batman' film series. Michael Keaton makes his return as Bruce Wayne. The film also stars Danny DeVito (Penguin), Michelle Pfeiffer (Catwoman), and Christopher Walken (businessman Max Shreck). via GIPHY Batman fights the Penguin who is on a mass killing spree. The film received an overall great response and even went on to be nominated for two Academy Awards. Unlike other films, the bats in the film were created entirely using effects. 'Batman Returns' marked the highest opening weekend in 1992 which also turned out to be highest opening weekend for any film till that date. 8. V for Vendetta (2005) Directed by James McTeigue, 'V for Vendetta' is one DC film that has got a similar theme to that of 'The Dark Knight'. A freedom fighter who calls himself V (Hugo Weaving ) spreads terror with the help of Evey (Natalie Portman), to bring down the government. via GIPHY The film is set in an alternative future and leaves the audience mesmerized by the means of a powerful story. The dystopian political thriller has remained a matter of discussion for both critics and movie buffs. The film is based on a graphic novel written by Alan Moore however, he later disowned the film and even got his name removed from the credits. 9. Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm (1993) Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski's 'Batman: Mask of the Phantasm' is one of the most imaginative films of its time. Though the film opened to disappointing statistics despite being a Christmas release, it went on to become a highly acclaimed movie. via GIPHY The animated saga didn't turn out to be an eye catcher with almost no pre-release marketing, but there was something so unusual and gripping about the film that attracted the audience years later. via GIPHY Fabricated around the Gotham City, Batman (Kevin Conroy) chases the grim-faced Phantasm (Mark Hamill), an assassinator. “The characters have feelings and motivations”, said famous film critic Roger Ebert about this dark animated story. 10. Man of Steel (2013) Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' is the first instalment in the DC Extended Universe and features 'Superman'. The film stars Henry Cavill and Amy Adams in lead roles and narrates the transformation of Clark Kent into a superhuman. via GIPHY Cavill also happens to be the first non-American and British actor to play 'Superman'. Critics have considered the film to be a religious allegory. 'Superman's' mission in the film has been understood to be similar to that of Jesus Christ. via GIPHY Not many are aware of the fact that Warner Bros. set up a website containing a nine-page long description entitled 'Jesus – The Original Superhero', during the time of the film's release. The movie became the highest-earning solo 'Superman' film ever and received mixed reviews from critics.
  4. Ever since his triumphant return to international cricket after a severe lower-back injury and a suspension levied by the Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI), Hardik Pandya has been responding to his haters in the best way possible, i.e; by performing at an exceptional level with the bat and the ball. As a crucial member of the Indian batting order, Pandya, who has been known for his explosive big hits and mounting up big individual totals in very short periods of time, just hit a hat-trick of sixes against New Zealand's Todd Astle in the fifth and final ODI of the series. Pandya achieved this feat for the fifth time in his career. On the other hand, taking at least one wicket in almost every match he has played ever since his comeback against the Kiwis in the third ODI, Pandya has been one of India's ace bowlers through the last couple of weeks. However, the New Zealand team that lost to the Men in Blue 1-4 in the ODI series, looks completely different as the other series in the T20I format began today. Skipper Kane Williamson 's decision to replace opener Martin Guptill with Tim Seifert turned out to be a hit as the righty thrashed the Indian bowling side left, right and centre. The rest of the Kiwi batters followed suit and dominated bowlers like Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Khaleel Ahmed. Having said that, the bowler who got absolutely dismantled by Seifert and Co. was Indian allrounder, Hardik Pandya. With an absolutely horrible economy rate of 12.75, Pandya turned out to be the most expensive bowler for skipper Rohit Sharma, conceding 51 runs in just 4 overs! Pandya's half a ton with the ball is the worst performance by any Indian bowler against the Kiwis. whenever nz batsmen see hardik pandya#INDvNZ pic.twitter.com/vVz8PrmYux — 㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠ã¤ã¤ 㤠㤠㤠(@firkiii) February 6, 2019 * Hardik Pandya in First T/20 against NZ * #INDvNZ pic.twitter.com/82U9IwMzKX — Hunà¤à¤°à¤° â (@nickhunterr) February 6, 2019 Brilliant innings from Hardik Pandya ( 50 runs) and Khaleel(48) 2 short of 50 hard luck . #NZvIND — #FAN (@Sarcastic__Raj) February 6, 2019 Glad to see Hardik Pandya scored 50.. #INDVSNZ #NZvIND #INDvNZ — Silly me (@Sathish03577169) February 6, 2019
  5. They say there are six other people besides ourselves in this world, who can stand in as our doppelgangers on a given day. However, research has claimed that the likelihood of bumping into our doppelganger in a lifetime is only 1 in a trillion. Yet somehow, celebrities like Salman Khan seem to have gotten lucky in this case more than once! Now joining the bandwagon very recently are two other leading Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and Anushka Sharma. Alia's lookalike Sanayaashu went viral with a video recreating a scene from Alia's upcoming movie 'Gully Boy' yesterday. View this post on Instagram #gullyboy #aliabhatt #aliabhattfans #ranveersingh A post shared by sanayaashu (@ashu0876962) on Jan 23, 2019 at 2:47am PST Whereas netizens went crazy over the sighting of Anushka Sharma's American doppelganger in Julia Michaels. The American singer is said to share striking similarities with the 'Zero' actress, and it didn't take long for her fans to notice and go crazy over it. Sure enough it caught the attention of the two individuals in question, who took to Twitter to share their amusement. While Julia tagged Anushka on her post and said “apparently we're twins lol”, Hi @AnushkaSharma apparently we're twins lol ð¯‍âï¸ð¯‍âï¸ pic.twitter.com/eYb9xjGBb2 — Julia Michaels (@juliamichaels) February 5, 2019 Anushka also came to acknowledge the possibility that the two indeed look very similar in photos. She retweeted Julia's tweet and exclaimed that she had been looking for her (and her other five doppelgangers) all her life! OMG YES!! ð² I've been looking for you and the remaining 5 of our dopplegangers all my life ð https://t.co/SaYbclXyXt — Anushka Sharma (@AnushkaSharma) February 5, 2019 It was really cool of the two ladies to play along.
  6. Time Raiders 2016 Dual Audio 480p & 720p [ Hindi Dubbed– Chinese ]
  7. While we were still busy looking at the pictures of Anushka Sharma's doppelganger, Julia Michaels and comparing their pictures, people have already found another celebrity lookalike and moved on to them. © Instagram The celebrity in question is 'Raazi' actress and our gully girl, Alia Bhatt. Not only is the resemblance between the two uncanny, but her doppelganger can even fool people into assuming that she is in 'Gully Boy'. Meet Uttarakhand's Sanayaashu, who has now gone viral after she recreated Alia Bhatt's famous dialogue from 'Gully Boy'. Here's Alia Bhatt in the 'Gully Boy' trailer with all her savagery intact. And here's Alia Bhatt's doppelganger Sanayaashu, recreating the same scene. In fact, she even nailed Alia's get-up from the movie. View this post on Instagram #gullyboy #aliabhatt #aliabhattfans #ranveersingh A post shared by sanayaashu (@ashu0876962) on Jan 23, 2019 at 2:47am PST Fans are loving both the lookalike and her version of the 'dhoptungi' dialogue. We wonder what Alia and Ranveer have to say about this video. We hope she gets a cameo in the movie as her long lost twin. Even before its release, 'Gully Boy' and Ranveer Singh are already a hit among people, thanks to the innumerable trailers, dialogue promos and rap songs. After all, he has turned 'Apna Time Ayega' into an anthem that the entire nation is singing today. Ranveer and Alia, recently, shared a fresh dialogue promo, which every couple in the world can relate with. View this post on Instagram Tu reply kyu kiya???? #ApniAlbina #GullyBoy A post shared by Alia â¨â­ï¸ (@aliaabhatt) on Feb 3, 2019 at 10:43pm PST Directed by Zoya Akhtar, 'Gully Boy' takes inspiration from the lives of Mumbai street rappers Divine (Vivian Fernandes) and Naezy (Naved Shaikh) and is expected to release on February 14.
  8. Though 2019 belongs to the horror genre, some of the greatest horror films have been made in the past 50 years in Hollywood. Picking the 10 best in the category is surely a task, we have it simplified for you. Read below to find out which films land in our list of the 10 greatest horror films of all time. Get ready to get spooked: The Shining (1980) Stephen King once used to be an alcoholic novelist. It was his visit to the 'The Stanley Hotel' in 1974 which inspired him to come up with his first bestseller 'The Shining' in 1977. Only three years later, the novel was adapted into a film by the same name, 'The Shining' has remained at the top of the critics' list since then. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, a struggling writer and recovering alcoholic, who puts his wife (Wendy) and son's (Danny Torrance) lives in danger as he goes insane. The supernatural element in the film is the quintessential representation of the horror genre. 'The Shining' is an avant-garde example of Stanley Kubrick's masterful storytelling. The film is a representation of pop culture and makes the modern day viewer get a good taste of psychic terror. We have to mention here that Kubrick made the actors work extremely hard after a year of indulging them into the film. And maybe this was the reason why we saw the madness coming out of Jack. We simply can't get over the 'Here's Johnny' bathroom scene in the film. Psycho (1960) During the beginning of the 60s, master storyteller Alfred Hitchcock redefined the narrative around Hollywood films. 'Psycho' turned out to be huge and became not only one of the greatest horror films of all time but one of the greatest films ever made. The infamous story of the Bates Motel later inspired many film-makers to revive what Hitchcock created. Viewers have not only seen and rated the film on the basis of the terror it offers, but also for the fact that 'Psycho' happened to be a cinematic marvel. It inspired generations of directors and writers to come up with something that matches the craft of the virtuoso. Starring Anthony Perkins, Janet Leigh, John Gavin, Vera Miles, and Martin Balsam, 'Psycho' remains a film unravelled and a phenomenon of its kind. The Exorcist (1973) William Friedkin's 'The Exorcist' is a film recommended by every horror lover. The very phenomenon of exorcism became a subject matter for many films after 'The Exorcist' was released. The film is adapted from the 1971 novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty. 'The Exorcist' is well constructed and chronicles the story of a possessed girl, her troubled mother and two priests who ultimately carry on the exorcism, while one of them dies during the process. It scares you to the core and can be compared to the 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'. 'The Exorcist' happened to be the first film that was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture in the horror genre. It remained the highest grossing horror film till 2017, when 'It' took its position. The air about the film's sets being cursed gave it much hype during the time of its release. The film has got all the elements that make it an unusual horror film. Halloween (1978) 'Halloween' is a movie that truly falls in the must-watch list especially on every Halloween. This film completely redefined the career of Jamie Lee Curtis (the babysitter) who later went on to appear in multiple films in the 'Halloween' series, the latest one being 'Halloween' (2018). The film depicts the story of how resident boogeyman popular as Michael Myers causes terror and killings in the neighbourhood leading to lifelong trauma to Laurie Strode, who escapes his attacks. The nerve chilling slow paced story of the film is so gripping that one can't avoid digging into what happens in the subsequent parts. John Carpenter's tour de force remains a classic in the horror genre. Get Out (2017) 'Get Out' is too good to be ignored for the list of 10 best horror films of all time. When Jordan Peele's directorial debut swept the Oscar for the Best Adapted Screenplay in 2018, it left the fans with excitement as the turnout for 'Get Out' was highly positive. Daniel Kaluuya's stint as an African-American man becoming the victim to extreme horrors has received positive reviews from the critics, earning him his first Oscar nomination. 'Get Out' was not a regular horror film, it contained brutal aphorisms and gave the audiences some bloodcurdling moments. The film reformulated horror genre and took it to an all new level. Hereditary (2018) Toni Collette's feat of strength made 'Hereditary' an unforgettable horror saga so powerful that it can give you creeps in daylight. Director Ari Aster carved the film into a tale, profoundly haunting. 'Hereditary' depicts the story of a mourning daughter who begins to face unusual incidents, ultimately leading to the death of her family members. Her children and husband succumb to the cult established by the dead matriarch of the clan. The film has been nominated for two Critics Choice Awards this year. If you plan to get scared to the core, there is no better modern day movie other than 'Hereditary'. It (2017) What can one expect from the highest grossing horror film of all times? 'It' has got it all – A good story, utopian direction, and most importantly Stephen King's involvement. The evil clown Pennywise stirred intense fright amongst kids and adults too. The conviction portrayed by the members of the 'Losers Club' is something that makes the soul of the film, as the journey of finding Georgie unfolds, Pennywise (played by Bill Skarsgård) keeps coming back in diabolical forms. Though the clown finally disappears, leaving the children, the end credits of the film says 'It: Chapter One' thus hinting to one more chapter from Stephen King's novel. 'It: Chapter Two' is finally coming to the screens this year with more twists and turns and the film is highly awaited. Rosemary's Baby (1968) The 1968 film directed by Academy Award winner Roman Polanski is one of the most talked about horror films in the world. The cast features Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes, Ruth Gordon, Sidney Blackmer, Maurice Evans, Ralph Bellamy, Angela Dorian, Clay Tanner, and Charles Grodin. The film is centred on the life of Rosemary Woodhouse who during her pregnancy discovers shocking truths about her husband and family. Rosemary's baby ultimately gets snatched from her and her husband turns out to be a follower of the devil. In 2017, a similar film titled 'Mother' was made, however it failed to create an impact. Poltergeist (1982) Tobe Hooper's 'Poltergeist' has remained one of the highly notable films in the horror genre. A moving story by Steven Spielberg turned out to be huge for stars JoBeth Williams, Craig T. Nelson, and Beatrice Straight as the film earned three Academy Award nominations. This is a story of a house that ultimately scares the shit out of its residents as they discover it to be possessed. There are a good number of special effects in the film, excellent for the audience of the 80s. The film offers many spine-chilling moments and keeps the viewers bound to their seats. The Witch (2016) This is the last film in our list and the one that makes your blood run cold. Unnerving and jaw-dropping, 'The Witch' leaves the audience gripped in fear as they slowly process the dread that follows majorly in the second half. Set in the 1630s, the period piece runs slow and once it takes its full form, it scares you to death. 'The Witch' by all means may be thoroughly dark, as it revolves around the lives of a farmer's family and the lost baby. Director Robert Eggers promises to leave you with a pounding heart and a very sinister image especially that of the last scene in the film.
  9. After becoming only the fourth Indian captain to win the ICC U-19 World Cup, Prithvi Shaw has established his reputation as one of the most promising young talents in the country. His exploits in the U-19 World Cup and domestic circuit fast-tracked him into the Indian team where he announced his arrival on the international circuit with a brilliant hundred on debut. His natural talent and artistry with the willow further saw him becoming a part of the Indian cricket team that toured Australia. But, while many expected young Shaw to shine Sachin Tendulkar Down Under, the Mumbai wonderkid unfortunately suffered an ankle injury that ruled him out of the Test series that was eventually won by his side in emphatic fashion. Since then, Shaw has been nursing his injury as India continues their tour of New Zealand. And, on 31st January, when his U-19 teammate Shubman Gill made his international debut in the 4th ODI at the Seddon Park, Shaw was seen taking inspiration from Ranveer Singh's viral rap song 'Apna Time Ayega' from his upcoming flick 'Gully Boy'. View this post on Instagram Aapna Time Aayega... Injury se Fit Hoke.... Mein Aur Run Banayega... Apna Time Aayega... #gullycrickettointernationalcricket 𤣠A post shared by MR. SHAW (@prithvishaw) on Jan 30, 2019 at 8:36am PST The 19-year-old took to Instagram and shared a photo of himself, holding the iconic MRF willow. Using the verse of Ranveer's song, Shaw captioned the image: "Aapna time ayega...Injury se fit hoke...Mein Aur Run Banayega...Apna Time Ayega". Making his debut in 2018 in the first Test of the home series against West Indies, Shaw made an immediate impact with a commendable hundred. He, then, followed it up with 103 runs in the second Test. In the two Tests he played, Shaw amassed 237 runs to eventually bag the 'Man of the Series' award. He was then prepping up for a stern test in Australia, but his injury ruled him out of the Test series. Since then, the young gun has been nursing his injury and recovering well, but he's still not fit enough to feature for India. While no comeback date has been set for him yet, Shaw recently told India TV that he would be fit for the twelfth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) where he will be seen donning Delhi Capitals' jersey.
  10. اکبر بادشاہ نے اپنے سب سے قابل وزیر بیربل کو کہا کہ اسکی مملکت میں سے پانچ احمق ترین لوگوں کو ایک مہینے میں تلاش کرکے اس کے حضور پیش کیا جائے‘ایک مہینے کی جدوجہد کے بعد بیربل نے صرف دو احمقوں کو پیش کیا‘اکبر نے ناراضگی کا اظہار کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ میں نے تو پانچ احمقوں کو پیش کرنے کا کہا تھا‘بیربل نے کہا مہاراج، مجھے ایک ایک کرکے احمقوں کو پیش کرنے کی اجازت دی جائے۔بیربل نے پہلا احمق پیش کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ یہ بڑا احمق اس لیے ہے کہ بیل گاڑی میں سوار ہونے کے باوجود اس نے سامان اپنے سر اٹھایا ہوا تھا‘دوسرے احمق کو پیش کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ اس شخص کے گھر کی چھت پر بیج پڑے تھے‘ ان بیجوں کی وجہ سے چھت پر گھاس اگ آئی‘ یہ شخص اپنے بیل کو لکڑی کی سیڑھی سے چھت پر لے جانے کی کوشش کر رہا تھا کہ بیل چھت پر چڑھ کر گھاس چر لے۔ بیربل نے کہا مہاراج، بطور وزیر مجھے اہم امور سلطنت چلانے تھے مگر میں نے ایک مہینہ احمقوں کی تلاش میں ضائع کیا اور صرف دو احمق تلاش کئے‘اسلئے تیسرا احمق میں خود ہوا۔۔ بیربل نے ذرا سا توقف کیا تو اکبر چلایا کہ چوتھا احمق کون ہے۔۔؟؟بیربل نے عرض کیا کہ مہاراج جان کی امان پاؤں تو عرض کروں‘ اکبر بادشاہ نے کہا کہ کہو‘ تمہیں کچھ نہیں کہا جائے گا۔ اس نے کہا کہ مہاراج، آپ بادشاہ وقت ہیں اور تمام رعایا اور سلطنت کے امور چلانے کے ذمہ دار ہیں مگر قابل ترین اور اہل افراد کو تلاش کرنے کی بجائے آپ نے احمق ترین لوگوں کو تلاش کرنے میں نہ صرف اپنا وقت برباد کیا بلکہ ایک اہم وزیر کا وقت برباد کیا لہٰذا چوتھے احمق آپ ہیں۔ اکبربادشاہ نے تلملاتے ہوئے سوال کیا ”اب بتا بھی دو پانچواں احمق کون ہے؟بیربل نے عرض کیا‘ مہاراج! پانچواں احمق یہ شخص ہے جو فیس بک سے چمٹا ہوا ہے‘ اپنے دفتری اور کاروباری فرائض اور خاندانی امور سے لاپرواہی برت رہا ہے اور اپنا قیمتی وقت ضائع ہونے کا احساس تک نہیں کر رہا ہے اور حد تو یہ ہے کہ ابھی تک ڈھیٹ بن کر یہ سٹیٹس پڑھتا چلا جا رہا ہے۔
  11. Hollywood is going through its resurgent years. Films are sparking new narratives as more and more agenda-driven stories are being created. The scene is not 'all white' and 'all male' anymore. Intense dramas are giving way to musicals, and biopics have recently become a top-notch genre. via GIPHY In a race for better content, film-makers are no more willing to play on one particular genre that used to drive movie buffs crazy. The hip-hop inspired stories which used to be a 'cool thing' in the 80s and 90s have taken a back seat. Over the last 30 years, some of the greatest hip-hop films have been made ultimately turning a whole generation into hip hop film lovers. Here is a quick look at the greatest hip-hop films of all time: 1. Wild Style Released in 1982, Charlie Ahearn's 'Wild Style,' is touted to be the first movie to bring the underground hip-hop revolution to a broader audience. Whether you want to watch the legendary subway artist Lee Quiñones starring as a graffiti writer or catch Grandmaster Flash and Fab Five Freddy in action, 'Wild Style' has turned out to be a cult classic. This film documents the origin of street movement which went on to conquer the mainstream pop culture and this beautifully intersperses with Graffiti Artist, Zoro's (played by Lee Quiñones) struggle with his family's discontent and his encounter with journalist Virginia (played by Patti Astor). Though the plot may not be able to discover cinematic rhythm, it surely maintains the vitality of the characters. “I know all the colours by heart'' seems to remain with us!!! 2. Breakin' Directed by Joel Silberg, 'Breakin' stars Lucinda Dickey (Kelly), a classically trained jazz dancer who forms a team with Ozone (played by Adolfo Quinones) and Turbo (played by Michael Chambers), who give exhaustingly good breakdance performances in the film. While Kelly polishes her technique, her partners turn up the volume on their ghetto blasters. via GIPHY Interesting to note, 'Breakin'' earned $57 million worldwide making it the most financially successful movie from the stable of Canon Films. If you manage to overlook the amateurish script, it is a great movie which introduced the hip-hop culture to the world. 3. The Last Dragon 'The Last Dragon,' a Kung Fu drama is aimed towards the hip hop generation. Produced by Motown Founder Berry Gordy, this film traces the journey of a black martial arts student Leroy Green (Taimak) who falls in love with a video jockey Laura Charles (Vanity). Gangsters intrude both their lives when crook Sho'nuff (Julius J. Carry III) tries to back his talentless protégé into rock stardom. via GIPHY Michael Schultz, the director of 'Cooley High' and 'Car Wash', has attempted to load the film with contemporary singing, dancing, rapping, video-art, and Kung Fu. The plot seamlessly blended Martial Arts and Breakdancing which influenced the modern hip-hop culture. 4. Krush Groove Written by Ralph Farquhar, 'Krush Groove' is a Def Jam Biopic which turned out to be a hip-hop classic forever. Hip Hop Bigwig, Russell Simmons along with film producer Michael Schultz displayed the hip-hop glory days in the Warner Bros Distributed venture. The Fat Boys, Run-D.M.C., Kurtis Blow, the Beastie Boys, and Sheila E. all starred as themselves in the film. via GIPHY 'Krush Groove' revolves around the lives of black teenagers who went on to sign recording contracts thus drawing a huge black audience, eventually leading to clashes between black and white audiences. The quasi-musical film gave hit songs like “All you can eat.'' 5. Fear of Black Hat A homage to 'This is Spinal Tap', 'Fear of a Black Hat' is a 1994 mockumentary about a gangsta-rap group called N.W.H. (Niggaz with Hats). The film is narrated from the perspective of a Sociologist, Nina Blackburn (Kasi Lemmons) who selects N.H.W as the subject of her thesis, only to familiarize with their beliefs later. This is a satirical yet refreshing film crammed with funny and weird moments quite like the uneasy meeting of the rappers who all bear “ice” in their names. 6. 8 Mile Directed by Curtis Hanson, '8 Mile' is an odd combination of 'Flashdance' and Purple Rain'. via GIPHY It stars controversial artist Eminem as Rabbit who is a poor white kid from Detroit struggling to rise above poverty. He protects his mom from an abusive live-in partner, looks out for his sister, wins public rap battles and eventually bags a record deal that transforms his life. Co-stars Kim Basinger and Brittany Murphy delivered equally power-packed performances as the protagonist of the film. 'Lose Yourself' earned Eminem his first Oscar in the Best Original Song category. An obscenity-strewn 'Rocky' for the gangsta rap generation, '8 Mile' does a convincing job to enhance the hip-hop culture. 7. Tupac Resurrection 'Tupac Resurrection' explores the spectacularly complicated life of Tupac Shakur, one of the highest selling hip-hop artists of all time. Directed by Lauren Lazin with Shakur's mother, Afeni Shakur as the Executive Producer, this film bears an autobiographical feel as Tupac does all the talking. Though much of his youth was spent in poverty, he released his first rapper album at the age of 20. via GIPHY Echoing the ideology of 'Black Panther', Shakur encouraged the downtrodden to take up arms. On September 6, 1996, he was shot four times and his murder still remains unsolved. Prolific still, Shakur has released more albums dead than alive. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. 8. Hustle & Flow Writer-Director Craig Brewer transcends the crime genre and transforms 'Hustle & Flow' into an emotionally powerful drama. In this film, Terrence Howard plays a Memphis Pimp and drug dealer (Djay) who aspires to make something of him. The plot involves Djay's attempts to meet his business duties while recording his own demo track. via GIPHY The film is not just a portrayal of Djay's rags-to-riches story, it emphasizes his transformation when he finds something he loves doing and gets better at it. Terrence Howard modulates Djay with great love and consideration for the character and it earned him an Academy Award Nomination in the Best Actor Category. 9. Step Up Quite ahead of its time, 'Step Up' introduced Channing Tatum to us. via GIPHY It is on the sets of 'Step Up' that Jenna Dewan (Nora), who plays dance student in the film, met her now ex-husband, Channing Tatum (Tyler) who essays the role of a rebel from the other side of Baltimore's tracks. He appears as an angry outsider until his skills as a street dancer draws Nora's attention. via GIPHY As love blooms between them, Tyler realizes he has the single performance to step up to a life way larger than he has lived. Julia Styles, the writer dishes out a plot which was bound to win over dance-obsessed tween and teen girls. If you haven't watched this film, you have not watched anything. 10. Beyond The Lights Written and directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, this American Romantic Drama is the classic boy-meets-girl story. Apart from rapper Machine Gun Kelly, 'Beyond The Lights' stars Gugu Mbatha-Raw who plays R&B Singer and attempts suicide repulsed by the trappings of fame. via GIPHY It also stars Nate Parker, Minnie Driver, and Danny Glover. Both in outrageous LA costumes or sophisticated British attires, Gugu Mbatha-Raw appears equally ravishing. The song 'Grateful' from the film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 2015. Honourable Mentions: Beat Street, Brown Sugar, Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, Style Wars, Boyz n the Hood, Menace II Society, CB4, Dope, Do the Right Thing, Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Juice
  12. One of the greatest sportspersons of all time, Usain Bolt will always be remembered for his astronomical achievements in the world of athletics. The Jamaican sprint king won multiple Olympic gold medals in London, Beijing and Rio to etch his name in the history books and create a legacy that is unlikely to be overhauled anytime soon. Thus, when Bolt announced his retirement as a sprinter, his fans, in every corner of the world, were undoubtedly overwhelmed by emotions as one of the greatest ever quietly walked into the shadows. But, then came a surprise. More of a joke, at first, which eventually turned out be more of a gimmick. But, Bolt thought otherwise. In fact, he began training with German club Borussia Dortmund before moving to Norwegian side Stromsgodset. But, his best opportunity came with the Central Coast Mariners of Australia's A-League. Appearing in friendlies with the club, Bolt scored a brace in a match in October last year which also earned him an opportunity to sign a contract with the team. After Usain Bolt announced his 'sports life is over', a look back at his first ever goal in football pic.twitter.com/kgKEXXFsf8 — Indy Football (@IndyFootball) January 23, 2019 However, the two parties couldn't come to an agreement on compensation as the club failed to find commercial backing to finance Bolt's desired wages. As a result, the Mariners and the 32-year-old star agreed to mutually terminate the trial in early November last year. An offer came from Maltese side Valletta last October, but they couldn't convince the sprint king to join them. Ultimately, unable to find suitors, Bolt has now decided to end his dream of becoming a professional footballer, calling time on his, supposedly, football career. "It was a good experience. I really enjoyed just being in a team and it was different from track and field and it was fun while it lasted,” Bolt said. But, with all due respect to the star athlete, did Bolt's football career ever really begin? Well, that was the question everyone was asking on the social media following his latest announcement. Career???? I done 1 day's work in a bank, never called it a career in banking on my Cv.... get back to stupid commercials — VintageEmery (@TheNormalGooner) January 22, 2019 No surprise that the fastest man in the world had the fastest soccer career — JasonA (@jasonA82189455) January 22, 2019 Only ended because no one wanted to pay his over inflated wages. One club that wanted to sign him just couldn't afford his image rights. Nothing to do with Bolt wanting to pay football, it was all down to money ð¤ð¤ð¤ — spamfiend1970 (@spamfiend1970) January 22, 2019 That was quick. pic.twitter.com/R7N9fv4vWq — The FPL Guy (@TheFPLGuy) January 23, 2019 Not what I wanted to hear about Usain's football — Inopportunesses (@bandraidoir) January 22, 2019 Gets asked to do one drug test and suddenly he quits football? Hmmm..... — arsesicky (@chaqadaqa) January 22, 2019 “Career.” ððððððð — Lord William Snootsworth (@Snootsworth) January 22, 2019 He was never a footballer. — Kev-G (@KevinG24004771) January 22, 2019
  13. Video game revenue has been on the rise for the past few years and it reached a new peak of $43.8 billion. That's 18% up from previous year and has surpassed the projected total global box office number for movies. The numbers were released by the reliable NDP group and Entertainment Software Association. In fact, we predicted this over two years ago as games like GTA V, Fortnite, Fifa 19, PUBG and others are literally taking over the world. The increase in Video Games revenue could be attributed to a variety of factors. Free-to-play games such as Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and even AAA games have implemented micro-transactions in their games that may have resulted in an 18% revenue increase. In fact, Fortnite made almost $3 billion in profit last year. The same could be said about PUBG as the game also managed to rake in a $1 billion in revenue in 2018. Last year, it was projected that global box office revenue from around the world would hit $41.7 billion, according to comScore data. In fact, Video game revenues also surpass streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime where it is estimated to rake in $28.8 billion. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix said in a shareholder letter “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO,” the company's shareholder letter stated. “When YouTube went down globally for a few minutes in October, our viewing and signups spiked for that time…There are thousands of competitors in this highly fragmented market vying to entertain consumers and low barriers to entry for those with great experiences.” According to te NPD group analyst Mat Piscatella, revenue in video games comes from a variety of sources i.e. hardware sales, micro-transactions, digital and physical game sales and mobile gaming. With keeping trends in mind, the video game revenue will steadily increase in 2019 and 2020 thanks to new consoles launching soon and blockbuster games like Anthem, The Division 2, and Death Stranding are on the horizon. Source: TechCrunch, NPD Group,
  14. There are some good shows available which keep us hooked to our screens. Not everyone can understand the delight of finding a good series. It's an amazing feeling, almost as good as love. via GIPHY But then there are some shows which cross even this mark and set up a whole new standard. Those are the shows which we can watch repeatedly without getting bored. And by “we” I mean a wide age group of people. Those are the shows which are enjoyed by a 17-year-old as much as by a 34-year-old. via GIPHY Following are such shows which can entertain many generations for a long time: 1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S via GIPHY Duh! It has to be the first one.Our teenage was spent watching it, our early '20s were spent learning from it, and our late '20s and '30s will be spent thanking it for being there for us when we really didn't have anything good to watch! 2. Game Of Thrones via GIPHY It came, it conquered, and it will leave us soon. But I can bet generations will enjoy watching Tyrion's wisdom, Arya's surviving skills, and Khaleesi's fierce hotness. via GIPHY This is the show which became “you may like it, you may hate it, but you can't ignore it.” People who loved it loved hard! Rest of the people, which are very few, just couldn't develop the taste. 3. Breaking Bad via GIPHY It's always intriguing when a chemistry teacher becomes a drug lord. This show had thrill, drama, emotions, and everything else which makes a show great. It's hard to find people who haven't watched this gem! This is the show which won't fade away anytime soon. 4. Seinfeld via GIPHY Again, a gem of a series. The humour, the characters, the screenplay; just too good! This is one of the shows in which supporting characters were enjoyed more than the lead character. Many of us weren't even born when it aired, but man did it broke all the time barriers and made it to one of our favourites! 5. The Big Bang Theory via GIPHY Another good show coming to an end. It's not easy to keep the audience entertained for 12 straight years but this show did it! It's hard to find a dull moment in the show. via GIPHY TBBT showed that people actually grow and change with time, just a little patience is required from your partner's end. I mean, if Sheldon can let a girl touch him, your girlfriend too would agree to that secret fantasy of yours. Just be a little patient. As an honourable mention, I would like to mention 'Californication'. The romance, the story, the acting, ***, drugs, love, booze, the show has it all! via GIPHY These were the shows which will be staying with us for a long time. Watching and re-watching them would never grow old.
  15. The most promising time of the year is here. Isn't it? Why is it you ask? Well, it's the time people go on overdrive making resolutions. Which they know they will never keep. Ever. via GIPHY Who has not resolved to become more productive when the New Year comes in? How many times have you chided yourself for not being productive enough? “From tomorrow onwards, I WILL be more productive!”, seems like a broken record that has become your life song. via GIPHY Even after numerous tries to get up and just do it, you seem like you are failing yourself and the sense of sadness and helplessness that comes with it is indescribable. © Unsplash Do you feel like you could have done so much more in the day had you been a little more active? Productivity is not about getting a lot done in a short time, it is about completing what you started. You do not need to compromise with life in order to be productive. I can't tell you enough about the times I have tried being productive and failed miserably. Happens to everyone. Even the best of us. You are not alone. But don't give up. © Pexels Increasing productivity is similar to be training to be a Jedi; it is going to “kick you in the ass” exhausting. Once you become one, you can't go back to be your old lazy self. No pressure. Breathe. It will work out. You just need to not take so much stress about everything. I know it's easier said than done but give yourself some time. Before embarking on committing yourself to be more productive, take a step back and analyze whether you need to be more productive or not. © Pinterest Maybe, you end up setting extreme goals and when you tend to not finish them you feel that you are not productive enough. Set a realistic standard. Don't blindly follow someone else's formula. Everyone works at their own pace. Here are six-way which can help in improving your productivity. Give them a try: 1. Sleep: Yes, you read it right! Sleep! © Pinterest I can hear you laughing! via GIPHY Do one thing. Count the number of times you have abandoned a task because you were too sleepy. Too many, right? Lack of sleep leads to irritation and ultimately the wish to kill everything and everyone in sight. via GIPHY As a result, you are not able to complete the task you have planned on. Sleeping late results in waking up late, no matter hard you try. It's the reason you find yourself rushing through the day. a) Try going to sleep at the same time each night. Seems hard, I know. Herculean, even. b) Get in the maximum number of hours of sleep you can get; 6-7 hours to be ideal. Get enough sleep. c) Have a fixed sleeping pattern; try to wake up early, at the same time. You might not be able to do it every day, that is natural and obvious. Keep the distractions away: mobile phones, books, food or anything that can hinder a good night's sleep. Once your body gets attuned to the cycle, you will find yourself feeling sleepy on the dot and waking up with a clear perspective, sans moaning or whining. How will this make you productive you ask? When you are properly rested, you will feel more focused on your work and less prone to the desire of snapping at people next to you. You will see that you are able to complete the task at hand and even give some time to yourself to pursue the resolution you have made for the year. 2. Organize: You do not need to become Monica Geller (though there's nothing wrong with being too organized :P), you need to be you, but a well-organized version of you. via GIPHY There's no shame in being messy, but when that starts affecting your productivity, it is time to change it. Removing clutter from your life is an effective way of becoming productive. When the milk expires, do you throw it away or keep using it? Exactly. Remove the unnecessary things from your life, let them go; be it clothes or people. via GIPHY Declutter. If that pair of jeans doest not fit you anymore, say bye-bye to it. The hindrance we face in being organized is the fact that we find it hard to let go of things. Start small. a) Organize your daily schedule: meetings, lunch hours, time to be spent doing a particular task. Set up a few goals in a day so that you are motivated throughout the day. © Unsplash Keep it simple. Following your schedule to the T is hard, of course. Stick to it anyway. b) Start by organizing your desk. It will save a lot of time. You won't have to run around searching for stuff. © Pexels c) Make a to-do list; I know it sounds cliché but just try it. You'll find it to be helpful to have all your tasks to be done, ready and neatly available to you when required. d) Use that Organizer App on your phone. It isn't there just to enhance the beauty of your phone or eat up space on it. Download one or go old school with planners and Filofaxes. Organising doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to make things accessible. Eventually, it will save a lot of time and effort, which can be used to be more productive instead. Once you get the hang of it, you will breeze through. You will find yourself managing your time more effectively. 3. Exercise: Hit the gym. If you can't, go for a run. If that's too tiring, just go for a brisk walk. © Pexels On the off chance of sounding as preachy as a parent, laziness is not rewarding. Exercise is essential for feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The more relaxed you feel, the more tasks you will accomplish and the happier you'll feel. © Pexels Exercise is a great motivator in itself, you make a certain goal in the gym for a certain time period. Use that same concept in life as well. Motivation is what makes productivity complete. Devote at least 30-45 minutes in your day to any form of workout, whatever floats your boat. Here when point no. 1 comes into play. The earlier you wake up, the more time you get. Bonus? You look great and will remain fit! via GIPHY 4. Stop Comparing, Start Identifying: Just don't do it. Comparing your goals to someone else's is a recipe for disaster. It will only lead to self-loathing and a loss of confidence. via GIPHY Comparing or feeling jealous is a common thing to do; it is how the human brain is wired. You need to realize what works best for you. Pace yourself. Think of food choices, for instance, it is not necessary that another person has the exact palette as yours. © Pexels Similarly, comparing your productivity to another person's won't give you satisfaction, but instead, it will throw you down the rabbit hole of feeling unaccomplished. a) Instead, identify what eats away your time. What are your time robbers? Is it sleeping too long or spending too much time on the phone? b) Try to utilize the time you already have and do not realize, like the time you have while commuting. Read your emails, catch up with texts on the commute if that takes a long time. c) Work on yourself and identify what makes you lose time and drive. If a certain concept works for your friend, doesn't mean it'll surely work for you too. d) Make a not-to-do list, just like you make a to-do list; enlist the things you plan on changing in your lifestyle, things you plan to change but never follow through. 5. Take A Break: Do not overwhelm yourself. Taking too much stress about the smallest of things leads you to become anxious and fidgety. via GIPHY Daydreaming and overthinking don't solve problems, do they? If they did, we would all be millionaires. Overworking yourself will obviously make you tired and snarky and make you angrier. Trying to do everything at once and killing yourself in the process doesn't increase your productivity, rather it is counterproductive. © Unsplash Multi-tasking is all fun and games until you lose your mettle trying to meet every expectation. Once in a while, let go of your phone and other gadgets and sit quietly to reflect. Use that as a time for yourself; read a book, cook something. Do things that make you happy. © Pexels Switch off your phone for an hour, let the tensions of the office melt away. Collect yourself and you will find yourself rested and be able to focus on things that actually need your attention. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out can become FOMO: Fun of Missing Out, if you want it. You don't always have to be everywhere, rush everything. Everything isn't compulsory. Avoid people who make you anxious and sad, take a break from them as well. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life. Let things go when you can't control them. 6. Say No: When you know that you won't be able to help, avoid taking extra responsibility. Say No. Learn to do it. © Pinterest You don't have to be rude about it. You can't make everyone happy. If they get annoyed at you, it's their problem, not yours. via GIPHY Anything that cuts into your time and makes you lose productive hours is not healthy. Stop being the ever-dependable “Yes” guy, a little “no” never hurt anyone. via GIPHY It may seem selfish, but if you don't have the time, do not say yes. You will find that it makes you feel calmer and serene. In order to be good, you do not need to be a pushover. Remember that. So, ready to try out one of these ways? Becoming productive is not a miracle, it doesn't happen overnight. You need to work for it, dedicate yourself to the process and you won't even realize when you became that productive person you idolized. Hoping these tips work for you! All the best! Have the most productive year ahead!
  16. John Wick is back to kick some more ass, and this time, his victims are bounty hunting killers. The first look of the movie came out a month ago and increased the excitement for the movie, as well as everyone's concern about the dogs. Welcome to the next chapter. #JohnWick3 pic.twitter.com/qtvXepVEvw — John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (@JohnWickMovie) December 19, 2018 Now, the first trailer is here and it's honestly incredible. John Wick is now on the run and has an army of killers behind him with a bounty of 14 million dollars on his head. 'John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum' has John running around New York City killing everyone with a variety of weapons, which also includes a book. After giving us some incredible fight sequences in New York, including one with John Wick literally riding a horse, the movie shows him somewhere in the Middle East where he meets Halle Berry's character. Super-assassin John Wick returns with a $14M price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. #JohnWick3 #Parabellum. #KeanuReeves https://t.co/fQ8wwFoYC3 pic.twitter.com/CEDALq2kED — IMDb (@IMDb) January 17, 2019 The trailer was obviously well-received, I mean people are talking about how they want Keanu Reeves to keep making these movies till he dies, which means he should be making them forever because we all know he's immortal. Here's what everyone's saying about the trailer: Love it! More over-the-top, unnecessary and grotesque violence. We love it! — Ø®lil (@ElCatalonia) January 17, 2019 Oh no, not the dog. pic.twitter.com/5ET7IewSNs — Orkun (@mightyhet) January 17, 2019 What a great series. Welcome to the next chapter. — John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (@JohnWickMovie) January 17, 2019 The horse is everything. I can't be the only one who's ready to see John ride a horse into war! #JohnWick3 pic.twitter.com/T4NZ5o7rKc — ð¦((Fitzy)) ð¦(@TheFknLizrdKing) January 17, 2019 Only John Wick can do this. "I'll sword fight you on a motorcycle!" - John Wick#JohnWick3 pic.twitter.com/3Rw6Jihi4A — Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) January 17, 2019 Thank you, John Wick. everyone say thank you john wick pic.twitter.com/gga93QymGc — abs (@bcrdsofprey) January 17, 2019 With a book! folks i am pleased to report that john wick appears to murder a goon WITH A BOOK pic.twitter.com/oii38HohLs — Brian Grubb (@briancgrubb) January 17, 2019 The horse was honestly so cool. "I'm killing people on horseback!" - John Wick#JohnWick3 pic.twitter.com/wqR3I51C19 — Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) January 17, 2019 It's just too less. I feel like they gotta start offering more than a $14m bounty for John Wick after he killed ten thousand hit men in a row. — luke o'neil (@lukeoneil47) January 17, 2019 RIP in peace. Rest in peace to everyone who comes after John Wick in #JohnWick3 pic.twitter.com/8o6rq8rzmD — UltraInstinct (@shanshan888888) January 17, 2019 All of us. LRT: Look, I'm not telling Keanu Reeves what to do with his life, but if he only made John Wick movies for the rest of his life, I'll be there with wallet in hand. — Caleb Dume (@pfunk1130) January 17, 2019 So well made. And the crazy part is that so far, they've been really good and well made films. Simple and to the point. https://t.co/qemW6xckAz — 3BG Hurricane Robbers (@3BlackGeeks) January 17, 2019 No, we're excited about both. [avengers trailer drops] ME: ok wow everyone needs to relax a bit geez [john wick trailer drops] ME: EVERYONE SHUT UP KEANU AND HIS DOG ARE IN DANGER — Brian Grubb (@briancgrubb) January 17, 2019 We all do. *sees #JohnWick riding a horse, pursued by motorcycle dudes that are wielding katanas* pic.twitter.com/00rOJfaf1x — Nathan Steinmetz (@Humanstein) January 17, 2019 It needs to be. Not totally familiar with the rules, is "Keanu Reeves Riding A Horse In John Wick 3" eligible for this year's Oscars? pic.twitter.com/vIMb6NJjBh — Alex Zalben (@azalben) January 17, 2019 Yes, he does. JOHN WICK 3 has war dogs. https://t.co/RovLbkyOVe pic.twitter.com/0btGx1e7KF — Sonny Bunch (@SonnyBunch) January 17, 2019 They sure will. John Wick's dogs. Captain Marvel's cat. Pets will save cinema in 2019. — Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) January 17, 2019
  17. The promo of the upcoming episode of Karan Johar's 'Koffee With Karan' was launched recently, and it came bearing many unexpected snippets showcasing the affinity Bachchan siblings share. The next episode of 'Koffee With Karan' will see Shweta Bachchan Nanda and Abhishek Bachchan gracing the Koffee couch, and this is going to be special for more than one reason since it will be Shweta's first time on the show! © Star World Going by the promo it seems pretty evident that the two are like any other brother-sister duo who live to nag and embarrass each other in the worst possible ways. But if there was one thing that we picked up from the short promo was that a very candid Shweta was more than willing to share inside scoop on her brother. © Star World So, in the short clip, when Karan asks Abhishek who is he more scared of between his mother Jaya Bachchan and wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, during the rapid fire round, Abhishek said that it was his mother whom he found scarier. However, Shweta was quick to point out that it was actually Aishwarya that Abhishek is more scared of. Well, that kind of reminds us of all the married guys in India who face the same uneasiness when a similar question is posed to them. Poor guys, they simply can't seem to be able to pick between two of the lesser evils. Anyhow, this led to a banter between the two, wherein Abhishek asked Shweta to be quiet since it was his rapid fire. During her turn, Shweta revealed that the one thing she tolerates about her little brother was his sense of humour. The video gives an insight into the kind of relationship Shweta and Abhishek share, and it sure seems the two are great chums in real life too.
  18. “Motivation and determination, that's what makes a true champion,“ and that's exactly what makes the person who said it, Sir Andy Murray, a legend. A person without whom the phrase, 'Four Horsemen of tennis' would be impossible. A few days ago, the tennis world suffered a major blow when the great Andy Murray opened up about his retirement plans, which he indicated to be just after the ongoing Australian Open. © Reuters But, who knew that we would witness such a heroic comeback from the former World No.1. despite going down in the first two sets, as he managed to gather all his remaining will and win the next two. Though he lost the match 4-6,4-6,7-6(5),7-6(4),6-1, he surely won our hearts by displaying his 'never give up attitude' on the court. “I believe you should give 100% on the court, and that's what I do,” is a statement given by the Scot, to which he fully complied to. The resilience of Murray is what makes him one of the best players in the world. The patience and the consistency he showed after going two sets down, shows what a true sportsperson he is. © Reuters Today, not only Murray or his mom, or his team would've sobbed, but the whole world sighed collectively over what could possibly be an end of a true era. If this was his final goodbye, it surely was the best he could have given, as by the end of the match he was visibly in pain and was hobbling around on the court. Although Murray lost eventually, his fans erupted on social media to show their affection and support towards the 3-time-Grand Slam Champion! We do not say goodbye to you ð¢ Thank you Andy ð¤ð¤ð¤♥ï¸#AndyMurray #AusOpen — Jahana Babayewa (@JahanaB) January 14, 2019 Warrior til the end! pic.twitter.com/mYFuh4182A — misterchungonfire (@mrchungonfire) January 14, 2019 Andy Murray's place in the history of the sport will be painted in bright and bold colours. — Ekekwe, Kester E (@ekekwe_) January 14, 2019 Never have I ever seen a standing ovation be given to a player who ends up second best. Andy, you have given tennis so much. Happy retirement, Sir Andy Murray! ð — Ronald D. Sampson (@RDSampson_25) January 14, 2019 Heartbroken I could never see him when he was in Melbourne but you're a legend, Sir Murray â¤ï¸ — Reena ⥠(@MendesinAction) January 14, 2019
  19. We don't know 'Gully Boy' ka time kab aayega but Ranveer ka time definitely aa gaya. 'Gully Boy' has taken over the country ever since the first trailer announcement dropped. Ranveer rapping is something we didn't know we needed so badly until now and the trailer just increased the anticipation for the movie even more. The movie is obviously about music - more specifically the underground rap scene in India - so the songs are an essential part of the promotion. We got a little snippet of 'Asli Hip Hop' before but now the first full song from 'Gully Boy' is also here. 'Apna Time Aayega' released today and it has been getting so many great reactions since then. People have been talking about the song since morning and everyone can't stop talking about how Ranveer never fails to surprise the world with every new movie. I don't know if I should even be shocked anymore but I am. I'm gobsmacked. What the **** was that! What is @RanveerOfficial up to! What... I mean...can I borrow a heartbeat ð­ #ApnaTimeAayega pic.twitter.com/66iKQUxsTe — Rujooz (@Rujooz) January 14, 2019 He can do everything, apparently. Yaas!!! #Simmba aka #GullyBoy aka my bradda @RanveerOfficial's new song from GullyBoy #ApnaTimeAayega drops today! Is there anything this guy can't do? What about @aliaa08 killing it in a whole new avatar? #SidK @ZeeMusicCompany @FarOutAkhtar #ZoyaAkhtar @VivianDivine pic.twitter.com/bSF9XM4zhU — Siddharth Kannan (@sidkannan) January 14, 2019 By the looks of it, it definitely won't. This is rare that a song is released and it immediately becomes an obsession. Can't stop listening to it, watching the video. I will be very, very mad if the film disappoints! #ApnaTimeAayega — Aseem Chhabra (@chhabs) January 14, 2019 So many kind words. Going through comments on ranveer's Instagram posts is a joy ðð» #ApnaTimeAayega ð¤ pic.twitter.com/jDKyvvl29R — Ranveer's Surbs | #GullyBoy (@surabhi207) January 14, 2019 Killed it, for sure. #ApnaTimeAayega Already hooked on to this song ððð Ranveer has killed it again.... pic.twitter.com/tUkAEzFkFh — Vinesh Prabhu (@vinshyprabhu) January 14, 2019 Yep. Class apart #ApnaTimeAayega https://t.co/D0czVaHFzz — Prosit (@prosit_roy) January 14, 2019 It suits him. Murad is wearing surmað Kill me nowð­ð­ð­ #ApnaTimeAayega pic.twitter.com/3FpDccxiXd — ShaznaFO (@shaznaFO) January 14, 2019 Better, definitely. Awesome. Even better than #AsliHipHop. Looking forward to the film @RanveerOfficial - looks intense, raw and real. #ApnaTimeAayega @VivianDivine https://t.co/oacy6DK64k — Rajiv Nema Indori (@RajivNemaIndori) January 14, 2019 That was quick. #ApnaTimeAayega crosses 1 million views on YouTube with 145K likes in just over four hours!!! ð¥ðð¥ #GullyBoy Watch the song: https://t.co/CRYk8Db0Zf pic.twitter.com/CwLWA2hw2k — #Simmba ððªð½ð®ð½‍âï¸ð« ka Cafe âï¸ (@ranveercafe69) January 14, 2019 Everyone loved it, no surprises there. Insta Updates | @iHrithik , @TheRajaKumari , @deespeak and more left a comment on Ranveer Singh's #ApnaTimeAayega post - Hrithik: Insane Stuffðð pic.twitter.com/UB2x1NrcS5 — RanveerSingh TBTð (@RanveerSinghtbt) January 14, 2019 Everyone's looking forward to Valentine's Day for a change. #ApnaTimeAayega — zaroor aayenga, lekin iss ka time toh aa gaya. ð Ranveer's out there rapping like a boss and I'm loving every second of it. Is it Valentines Day yet? #TigerBaby #GullyBoy pic.twitter.com/65M1cHZLpZ — BollyBrit® (@BollyBrit) January 14, 2019 Anup Jalota approves. .#ApnaTimeAayega ranveer singh blasts the floors with his class apart rapping skills...there is only one like him none like him.#GullyBoy — Anup Jalota (@anupjalota) January 14, 2019 Insane, indeed. This is INSANE baba!! You are so freaking good. GOOSEBUMPS!! Do you even realise what you have done ufff!! #ApnaTimeAayega — Ranveer's Surbs | #GullyBoy (@surabhi207) January 14, 2019 That's a good point. What's good is that Bollywood is finally encouraging the trend for actors to sing their own tracks. #ApnaTimeAayega looks and sounds great - mainly because of the authenticity brought in by Ranveer Singh. — Rajat Tripati (@RajatTripati) January 14, 2019 Nothing. Ranveer Singh's rapping is so dopeð¥ Is there anything that boy can't do?ð­â¤ï¸#ApnaTimeAayega pic.twitter.com/FfKr0aPSVY — ShaznaFO (@shaznaFO) January 14, 2019
  20. 2019 is already a week old, and as difficult as it may be for you to let that sink in, we just want to say that 'abhi toh party shuru hui hai'! There's a long way to go before we call it a wrap on this year, so fret not, you still have ample time to get your act together in 2019 (however that might be). However, this story is about other things - things that help us to momentarily forget about the unsettling feelings such as you just experienced a few moments ago. That thing is a good dose of Bollywood entertainment, which helps to make us all feel better when we are down. However, this year, Bollywood promises a lot more than just fun and entertainment. 2019 shall also see some fresh and first-time on-screen pairings that have the possibility to set the silver screen on fire. We list down 5 such most-awaited Bollywood pairings that will be seen on the big screen for the very first time in 2019! 1. Ranveer Singh - Alia Bhatt View this post on Instagram â¤ð§ #GullyBoy #14thFeb @ritesh_sid @zoieakhtar @faroutakhtar @excelmovies #TigerBaby @aliaabhatt @zeemusiccompany A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 1, 2019 at 8:01pm PST This one you might already be aware of, and excited for all at once, just like we are! The much talked about movie of the year, 'Gully Boy' starring Ranveer and Alia in the lead is all set to hit the screens this Friday! Though the duo has appeared in a number of ads together, this shall be their first official movie pairing! People are already loving this jodi in the trailer and poster of the film! 2. Ranbir Kapoor - Alia Bhatt © Dharma Productions The real-life couple shall be taking their chemistry on-screen with the movie 'Brahmastra', which also features Amitabh Bachchan, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Dimple Kapadia and Mouni Roy. It is one of 2019's most anticipated movies which is being directed by Ayan Mukerji and produced by Karan Johar. 3. Dulquer Salmaan - Sonam Kapoor Super happy to be a part of this unique story #ZoyaFactor an adaptation of Anuja Chauhan's bestseller. Releasing on April 5, 2019! Directed by #AbhishekSharma, co-starring @dulQuer @foxstarhindi #AdlabsFilms pic.twitter.com/Xz7G909VDF — Sonam K Ahuja (@sonamakapoor) March 13, 2018 Another refreshing pairing of the year that we can't wait to witness on the silver screen, is that of Sonam and Dulquer. The duo shall be seen together in 'Zoya Factor', which is a film adaptation of a novel by Anuja Chauhan. The movie is all set to hit the screens on 5th April this year. 4. Akshay Kumar - Parineeti Chopra View this post on Instagram #Kesari #AkshayKumar #ParineetiChopra #FilmyveryFilmy #fvf #bollywood #FirstLook #sardar A post shared by Filmy Very Filmy (@filmyveryfilmyy) on Jan 6, 2019 at 6:03am PST After his stellar innings last year with mega successful releases such as 'Padman', 'Gold' and '2.0' in 2018, Akshay Kumar yet again plans to charm the audience with his upcoming release 'Kesari' where he is paired alongside the bubbly actor Parineeti Chopra for the very first time! 5. Rajkummar Rao - Mouni Roy © Maddock Films The supremely talented method artist and ever entertaining Rajkummar shall be seen sharing the screen space with the charismatic TV diva Mouni Roy in their upcoming movie titled 'Made In China'. The movie also has Boman Irani in the lead role, and is scheduled to release on 30th August this year. View this post on Instagram This 2019 will bring you a journey of its kind. #MadeInChina in cinemas on August 30th, 2019. Happy New Year! #DineshVijan #PoojaVijan @rajkummar_rao @boman_irani @imouniroy @sumeetvyas @maddockfilms @sharadakarki @karanvyas11 @nirenbhatt @pjazzedup A post shared by mikhil musale (@mikhilmusale27) on Dec 31, 2018 at 9:40pm PST
  21. There have been numerous instances in the past where the Apple Watch saved lives, thanks to features on board that facilitates emergency services. There have been instances where users were warned of an impending heart attack, indicating heart diseases due to abnormal heart rates and even car crashes. You can read all previous cases of Apple Watch's capability to save lives here. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Now according to a report from Spectrum Bay News 9, another incident resulted in the Apple Watch saving its user's life. However, this time a woman was saved due to a car crash that flipped several times before it landed in a ditch filled with mud and water. © YouTube (for representation purposes only) During the crash, Amanda Antonio, 20, had lost her phone but managed to locate it using a feature on the Apple Watch that pings the smartphone. She then called 911 and according to the transcript this is what she said “Hi, I've been in a car accident. My car is flipped and I can't see anything and there's water getting in the car. I can't get out. The water level was apparently rising at a fast pace and had reached Antonio's chin level. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The feature on the Apple Watch lets users ping their paired iPhone that makes a sound to let the user know where it is. It's a nifty feature that not only lets you find your iPhone, but apparently can also end up saving lives. To know more about Apple's latest smartwatch, you can read our review here. Source: Spectrum Bay News 9
  22. There are literally hundreds of diets and diet books in the world today. Most of these diet books have their roots in the American or the Industrial way of eating, and are heavily influenced by the rising obesity in the West. Every diet promises you something special. While one diet is low-carb, the other is low-fat; one diet book promises you a loss of a kilo a day, while the other teaches you how to eat as per your blood type. There are some which detox you to weight loss and some which tell you to stay hungry for an extended period of time in the name of intermittent fasting. There are literally so many diets out there, that if you follow a diet pattern for a few weeks you will have a new one to follow for the rest of your life. © YouTube But there is an issue here, as there is nothing called dieting. The word dieting has somehow been associated with starvation. Whenever we hear the word 'diet', what a layman interprets it is as another low-calorie diet in which he/she would have to give away all their favourite foods and will be constantly bothered by rising hunger and cravings. But that is far from the truth as you can enjoy all your favourite foods and still reach your goal weight. Of course, some amount of moderation and control will be required in the way you eat, but that, by no way, means starvation and deprivation. Every individual is different in a number of ways. The same program may work for someone and may not have any effect on the other person. However, most diets don't work at all and even if they do, there are certain common reasons which ensure that the results are equal for almost everyone: 1. Complete Elimination Of Junk Food Whenever people go on any type of diet, irrespective of its specificities, they at the same time eliminate most of junk food from their diet. Almost all the diets will tell you to avoid certain foods and these foods are not common to any diet pattern as such, but are common to avoid in general for a better living. These include excess sugar, trans fats, refined carbohydrates, too much preservative and artificial sweeteners etc. If you analyze these foods, you will see that the reasons to avoid these foods have been taught to us since our childhood and there is nothing special you are learning from a diet book. At the same time, most diets promote the addition of healthy foods to your regular eating like different coloured fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, omega-3 rich fats, lean meats etc. But do we really need a diet book to understand this? So in the actual case, most diet books are reminding you of healthy eating and nothing else. © Thinkstock Images 2. Drastic Reduction In Caloric Intake Another common reason why most people lose weight on a diet is that every diet pattern, whether low-fat, low-carb, low-protein, low-calorie or low in everything will somehow reduce your overall calorie intake, or in simple terms, at the end of the day it's just a low-calorie diet. If you closely monitor a particular diet pattern it would amount to lesser number of calories you consume in a day. Some reduce the calories drastically while others reduce it gradually, but somehow, calories are reduced in one way or the other. And the simple equation of less calorie intake vs total calorie expenditure in a day will make you lose weight. Though there are a number of permutations and combinations to this equation, in general, this equation works for most people. 3. Placebo Effect Whenever a person starts following any diet book or a diet by a dietician, they are psychologically geared to lose weight. Their entire effort is directed towards achieving a healthy weight and shedding those unwanted kilos. Say, you are having a fever and the doctor gives you two tablets to consume on every alternate day. One day the doctor gives you the conventional medicine for fever and on the other day, you are prescribed nothing more than a salt or a sugar tablet. Most people will get an equally powerful effect from both, because their attitude is directed towards getting well. Your brain is ultra powerful and has the ability to ensure you achieve what you want. This is exactly the principle used for the placebo effect. After understanding the logic behind why someone will lose weight by following any kind of diet, you need to understand the facts behind healthy and clean eating and the reasons to consume adequate calories, not only to maintain healthy bodily functions but also to reduce cravings and rule out any nutritional deficiencies in the body. Remember, A DIET IS FOR LIFE. Anything for short-term purposes is just an adventure.
  23. There is a common fallacy surrounding bodybuilding that short men and bodybuilding are not well-matched. However, it has been proven wrong by many great men and successful bodybuilders like James “Flex” Lewis, Lee Priest and Franco Columbu. But in this article, we are not talking about an average short-heighted guy. We are talking about Flavio Baccianini who is the shortest Pro Bodybuilder on record to ever make it to the Mr. Olympia Stage. © Facebook He stands tall at 4 Foot and 10 inches and his on stage weight was in between 66 to 72 kilograms. It is not easy to become a Pro Bodybuilder with average height but it becomes exceptionally challenging when you are just 4'10”. © Facebook,muscletime Flavio has seen many ups and downs in his bodybuilding career and, at one point, he even said that bodybuilding is a waste of time in an interview. The odds were not in his favor and there was nothing that he can do about his height. But beating all the challenges and overcoming all the obstacles, Flavio made his debut in the European Championships WABBA and stood 3rd in the competition. In 1983, he won the world championships of WABBA and then shifted to IFBB in 1988. He participated in many events in the IFBB but his best achievement was coming second in Olympia – Masters IFBB in 1999. © Facebook Even though he was not able to get a podium finish, he got the attention of the entire bodybuilding community when he posed with Lou Ferrigno. © Facebook Lou was 6 ft and 5 inches and was considered one of the tallest bodybuilders at the time. His on stage weight was 137 kilogram which is more than twice of Flavio. Lou and Flavio were great friends which is evident from the photos of the 1999 Masters Olympia where Lou was captured choking Flavio with his giant biceps. Flavio placed 13th in this competition beating 10 guys. But unfortunately, Flavio could never win a single Pro show during his entire IFBB career. © Facebook Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  24. Staying alone at home or away from parents is quite a common thing these days. But, back in the day when we were kids, even the thought of staying alone gave us the creeps. But, thanks to an 8-year-old kid named Kevin McCallister, the thought of staying alone gave us an adrenaline rush more than jitters. He was one of the first few kids who single-handedly dealt with burglars in the most badass way possible, especially in a time when there were pagers and landlines with terrible service in the name of technology. Yes, we're talking about Kevin McCallister from 'Home Alone' and what better time can there be than Christmas to talk about the movie. But, that's not why we're talking about him. © YouTube The reason is Macaulay Culkin, who is back in action and recreated some of the funny scenes from 'Home Alone' after 28 years for a Google ad. He relives the same experiences and shows us how it feels living alone in the company of Google Assistant. Thanks to the campaign, Macaulay relived his Kevin McCallister days in the most millennial way possible.
  25. If you have seen 'Jurassic World', then you will remember this scene, where a bunch of people are running to save their lives from dinosaurs. via GIPHY Now, imagine yourself at the NH7 Weekender, Pune and this was the exact situation when a certain song started playing. People were not running away to save their lives or ears. They were, in fact, running towards the stage where the song was playing. People screaming the lyrics and the whole stadium echoing with 'Hum Toh Udd Gaye', was mind-blowing, to say the least. You guessed it right! We're talking about the latest musical prodigy, Ritviz. The man who dared to break free from the shackles of conventional music and is now taking the world by storm, one song at a time. We caught up with this uber talented 22-year-old budding superstar, who bared it all exclusively on MensXP and spoke about his journey so far and his future plans. © Fleck Media At the age of 10, when most of us were busy stressing over homework, Ritviz was taking his first steps towards his musical dream, "I started making music when I was 10 and it's been a really long time for me, although I am only 22. It has been an unbelievable journey and I have everybody (around me) to thank here, whom I couldn't thank enough." Ritviz has given us tracks like 'Beatific', 'YUV' and 'Jeet', but 'Udd Gaye' happens to be one of the most successful songs. It was not one of the regular tracks, yet it managed to captivate the masses and how. Blending melancholic lyrics with a peppy soundtrack, was one trippy and tricky kind of music that we didn't know we needed in our lives, until it happened. © Fleck Media "If you just listen to the A cappella, it's very sad and you can hear the sadness in the melody. But, the instrumental is very uplifting. So when we put them together, it formed a very weird combination, which I won't call something very happy. It's a nice mix that brings a different feel and I think that's what is catching people's attention," he says. Ritviz further adds, "All I do is wait for a melody to hit me and take the lead." In case you missed out on the song, here is the masterpiece everyone is talking about. This is Ritviz's third weekender and definitely one that is closest to his heart since it was in Pune, "With Pune being my hometown and my folks being here, this has by default become one of the best shows I have ever played. It was unbelievable and mind blowing and way too big. In 2015, I started doing shows. There were a few festivals where there were 3:30 or 4:30 slots, last year it was a 6:30 slot and this year I am headlining, so it's unbelievable and I hope this stays consistent." EDM has a lot of scope in India and Ritviz too thinks on similar lines, "At one point I think people just started rebelling and were like 'Oh no, this is not something that I want to follow, because the West is so much more exciting'. My whole idea was that if I want to reclaim this in a way where I feel that the classical music, our Indian roots and everything is intact, that's where it all starts." He adds, "We can be inspired by the West, but can also create our own identity and I feel people should focus on that more. That's how you can find your own way. That will make you feel that 'Yeah this is my song'. I feel like people are scared to experiment." © Fleck Media So where exactly does Ritviz derive his unusual musical influences from? "In my initial years, I used to wake up to my mom singing bandhish and stuff, those were my early influences. Then, came the VH1 era and my teen years were spent listening to pop music. But, post 2011-12, when I started producing music, electronic music was what really drew me closer to production and that's when I created 'Mukti' and 'Beatific' and started my entire journey. First, it was classical music, then VH1 top 40 and then BOOM Ritviz music (laughs)." The moment we hear EDM, Nucleya aka Udyan Sagar comes to our minds. For those who don't know, Ritviz was mentored by Nucleya and despite being a competition, he gets major inspiration from him, "He is an inspiration, he is the reason why I am here today. He's opened doors for so many people and I love that man so much." © Fleck Media Ritviz credits his success to his parents, "They are the reason why I am here. I brought them on stage today, that has been my dream for the longest time and I am happy that it came true today. Without their support, I don't think i would have been able to do anything that I am doing today because you need to let the child explore. They let me do what I wanted to and I am very grateful to them and I hope that I continue to make them proud." He has a lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline for his fans, "One that is confirmed and which I can talk about is the one with Divine that's come up recently. It's the title track of album 'Ved'. The song has a nice hook to it. Last year i was trying to figure out the vocals on top of this and I was humming and I came about saying 'Ritveda' and its also a word play around rigveda. Then we thought about getting someone on board and that's how we ended up hitting it off with Divine." © Fleck Media In every group, there is this one friend who knows you and your talents. That friend will make you do what you're good at and then boast about your talent in front of others. For Ritviz, Sahith Sethuraman and the Bacardi House Party Sessions was that friend. Bacardi House Party Sessions is a platform that gives budding artists an opportunity to showcase their talent. Apart from Ritviz, they also have artists like GURBAXX, MOJOJOJO, BABU HAABI, and MALFNKTION under their umbrella. Sahith who is the Senior Manager, Rum Brands, India & South East Asia, said "Bacardi has always had a very close association with music. We're not here to make money out of music or artists. What these guys create is pure brilliance." © Fleck Media "When we look at aspiring musicians, we realise that there is a wealth of talent in India and there are very few avenues for them to go out and explore themselves. We genuinely encourage the artists and allow them to have a platform to showcase what moves them, the talent that they have within them and the happiness that they can bring to people's faces. That's what Bacardi house party sessions sets out to do," he further added. Sahith discovered Ritviz's talents after listening to 'Mukti', "I listened to it the first time and within the first 10 seconds I realised that there is gold in this boy. This boy oozes talent. His journey started 4 years ago with his first single 'Beatific', we came along and we helped him along in this journey. He would have got there anyway, we're just trying to make this journey faster and little bit smoother for him." © Fleck Media Sahith, like a proud father, further added, "Being there on stage and watching him drop 'Udd Gaye' last year and this year, and hearing the crowd sing along gives you goosebumps, especially knowing that you had a little role to play in that journey." While most of us have incomplete assignments saved in our laptops, this guy has as many as 700 semi-finished tracks saved on his system (enough to blow our minds away). So what's left right now, is to just sit back and watch this guy wave his magic wand over his fans as we go back to humming 'Hum To Udd Gaye' at the top of our voices.