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Found 585 results

  1. September has finally brought with it some good news for all of us. On Tuesday, people in Delhi woke up to the cleanest air it breathed in years, as the national capital recorded its air quality in the “good” category, with experts attributing it to favourable wind speed and good rains last month. The city recorded an air quality index (AQI) of 48 at 9 am on September 1st. Suprabhatam! And hello September!! Cleanest Delhi air since air quality index measurement began in 2015! Have a super day friends! pic.twitter.com/r4U6tSxtnp — Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) September 1, 2020 Let us tell you which level is considered safe and which is severe. Air Quality Index (AQI): 1. 0-50 is taken as good air quality 2. 51-100 is satisfactory 3. 101-200 is moderate. 4. 201-300 is poor 5. 301-400 is very poor which causes problems like asthma and many other lung problems. 6. 401-500 is considered severe which causes the death of asthma patients and breathing problems. People on social media gave mixed reactions to this piece of news. Some were extremely happy with this development while others saw this as temporary, given that from next month onwards stubble burning will begin in nearby states - which is one of the main causes of pollution in Delhi. Check out some of the reactions here: And credit goes to @ArvindKejriwal — Suraj Kumar (@iamsurajka) September 1, 2020 Wait for another 3 months. — Neville (@NeViLLe_bt) September 1, 2020 Yep. Cleanest air because nothing's running. Another act of God. — Jyoti Singh (@synchronise1857) September 1, 2020 Let’s hope it lasts! — Ordinary Indian (@indian_ordinary) September 1, 2020 Stubble burning is coming next month. — Diddy🧢 (@immune_soul) September 1, 2020 At last some positive news — Krishna Nohwal (@KrishnaNohwal) September 1, 2020 Earlier on Monday, the city recorded a 24-hour average AQI of 41 which was the lowest since the Central Pollution Control Board started maintaining air quality records in 2015. Isn’t this phenomenal? According to reports, it was the fifth “good” day in terms of air quality this year. AQI values were 45, 50, 50 and 45 on March 28, August 13, August 20 and August 24, respectively. In fact, the AQI value remained between 50 and 70 on most days in August. Also, 2020 has been the cleanest year in terms of air quality, as it has recorded the maximum number of good-air days, so far. Of course, this could largely be because of the nationwide lockdown due to the Coronavirus global health scare. PTI quoted a Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) official saying that the improvement in air quality can be attributed to favourable weather — good wind speed and rainfall and curbs due to COVID-19 pandemic. Finally some respite amid this dreary atmosphere we are living in and we truly hope this lasts. (With inputs from PTI) View the full article
  2. John Lennon, 40, was shot four times by David Chapman outside his Dakota apartment building in New York
  3. Lili Reinhart recently touched on the inside scoop ready to transform season five of ?Riverdale?
  4. Admit it, women are one of God’s strongest and most powerful creations. Why? Because they are simply the perfect amalgamation of strength, resolve, selflessness and deep compassion. Their resolute beliefs and the ability to put up a fight against every threat makes them invincible. That is also perhaps one of the major reasons why women make indomitable soldiers in the armed forces all over the globe. While many like to claim that women function based on their hearts and not their minds, they in fact make use of both on most occasions unlike popular belief. © Twitter/YS_Sheoran And now the Indian Army has put a stamp on it too, because for the first time women soldiers have also been deployed along the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir on regular national security duty. This only reaffirms the fact that women are equally capable of putting up a tough fight in the face of danger and serve to protect their motherland just like their male counterparts. According to reports, the deployed female soldiers are Assam Rifles recruits who are serving in the Indian Army on deputation and have been deployed at Sadhana Top. These 12 rifle women, accompanied by a female commanding officer from the Indian Army shall be on guard duty on the national border that goes towards the LoC. Incredible! Indian Army Riflewomen deployed for the first time along LoC between #India and #Pakistan in Jammu & Kashmir. Here are the brave women soldiers protecting us all!!#Girlpower!!pic.twitter.com/qVlb9Dx0rQ — Ashima Khosla (@khosla_ashima) August 3, 2020 Theirs is a key position given that it is close to Pakistan occupied Kashmir and is known for stray infiltration attempts by terrorists, apart from smuggling of narcotics, fake currency and weapons via Sadhana Pass in the area. It is also being said that this crucial position is being held by female soldiers because there are around 40 villages in the areas near the Line of Control. Vehicles from these villages enter various parts of Kashmir via the Sadhana Pass. © Twitter/official_dgar Now, given the presence of women in these vehicles, Indian Army was finding it difficult to check vehicles thoroughly and thus this all-women squad has taken on the serious job. This comes as a great move in empowering the women of our country, and we are pretty sure the next thing on the list will be to take up combat roles in the Armed Forces where female soldiers will fight their enemies side-by-side their male counterparts. They're from Assam Rifles, now deployed in LoC. Assam Rifles is a fine force. Have raised and commanded a Division as a Major General. Now they show the way re women in combat — Lt Gen Satish Dua🇮🇳 (@TheSatishDua) August 4, 2020Wish you all the very best. You make India proud. — vijay wadhwani (@WWadhwani) August 4, 2020May the force be with you. — SC (@shankar35) August 4, 2020 View the full article
  5. We’ve been compiling the greatest smartphones from each company from an era when phones used to be bold and experimental with their designs. It was a time when healthy competition resulted in great phones from every company, and one of them was Sony Ericsson. We’ve featured some of these phones in the past for being ., however, the company deserves its own list for having produced some of the greatest phones of all time. This article is all about remembering the legacy of Sony Ericsson and how it gave Nokia tough competition: 1. T68i © Sony Ericsson This was the first phone in the world that had support for tri-band compatibility, which means it could be used anywhere in the world. Countries tend to use different bands in network connectivity in different countries and this was the first phone to support it. It set a precedent for every other phone that has launched ever since, as users could use their phone in any part of the world. The phone did not even have an on-board camera, it was sold separately and could be attached for taking pictures. It was also the first phone to support two-way MMS, use an email client and compose their ringtones. The T68i was also the first phone in the world to feature a colour screen which was unheard of in 2003. 2. Sony Ericsson P-Series © YouTube/Cortado Sony Ericsson made the first true smartphones of our time that directly resulted in how smartphones are being made today. These series of PDAs were amongst the first open-source devices where third-party software could be installed. It has a full-screen design that covered with a keypad and could be used with a stylus as well. For other navigation purposes, the phone also came with a jog wheel at the top-right corner which could be used for selecting and launching applications. ' The phone also supported wireless email services using RIM (Research in Motion) technology that was later used in every Blackberry phone. The phone also had other features such as Bluetooth, GPRS, and MMS in 2003. 3. W-Series or Walkman Series © Wikipedia Commons Walkman has been Sony’s long-time brand for portable music players since the 1970s. And we got a glimpse of what the company was capable of when it came to combining music and phones. The W800 is, by far, the most notable phone with the series where it came bundled with in-ear headphones, a 512MB memory stick and a dedicated music button. The phone managed to sell 15 million units to date and remains one of the more popular phones from the company. 4. Sony Ericsson K Series © Wikipedia Commons The K-series was targeted towards photography enthusiasts where the K750 is probably the most popular phone from the series. The camera was easy to use as one just had to slide open to camera cover to turn it on. The phone even had a dedicated camera button similar to Sony’s Cybershot digital cameras. The phone later got the Cybershot branding with the K800i with better camera performance and an industry-first xenon flash. 5. Sony Ericsson T610 © Sony Ericsson The T610 was probably the most stunning phone ever made at the time, which resulted in this phone being a major success for the company. The phone had its infrared port that could be used to control TVs, vibrating alerts, polyphonic ringtones and a built-in GPRS modem. The phone looked incredible for its time and was celebrated for the curve that was divided vertically with thin metal or aluminium halves. These halves were also coloured and were available in silver, blue and red. So, these were our five best phones Sony Ericsson ever made, however, there are plenty more which were not possible to feature in one article. However, your list of the best Sony Ericsson phones can be very different from ours; let us know in the comments section which was your favourite Sony Ericsson phone of all time. View the full article
  6. It will be the second time for Ambassador Akram to head the 54-Member ECOSOC, which is the third principal organ of the UN
  7. After actor Kangana Ranaut's interview with Arnab Goswami, the journalist held yet another panel discussion called 'Bollywood Lobby', recently. Actor Kasthuri Shankar was one of the panellists for this discussion. Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, most of these panel discussions are being conducted using video conferencing apps like Skype. The highlight of this particular panel discussion was strangely the meal that Kasthuri Shankar was seen eating amid the discussion on live television! Now, the viral clip has been floating on Twitter and people are actually appreciate her for showing her authentic self on live television. I need the confidence level of this lady in my life. pic.twitter.com/DoWWQgBKgc — Scotchy(Chronological) (@scotchism) July 19, 2020 Responding to one of the posts on Twitter, she wrote, "Nothing to do with confidence. I spent 60 minutes watching Arnab in hypermode, He wasn't gonna let me talk anyway, so I left and grabbed lunch. But forgot to sign off skype. Apologies to everyone for the mess up! No offence or disrespect intended!" Lol. Nothing to do with confidence. I spent 60 minutes watching Arnab in hypermode, He wasnt gonna let me talk anyways, so I left and grabbed lunch. but forgot to sign off skype. Apologies to everyone for the mess up ! No offence or disrespect intended! — Kasturi Shankar (@KasthuriShankar) July 19, 2020 Another user asked, "I have a question. Were you eating sevai? Smart decision when Arnab is on monologue mode." Kasthuri replied, "Pongal. Helps you sleep regardless of ambient noise." However, this is not the first time that someone has been spotted eating or drinking on live television. A couple of years ago, the late Vinod Mehta was spotted drinking during a televised debate. Raghu Karnad had jokingly written: "My old boss, Vinod Mehta, shows the nation how to get through a @timesnow debate." My old boss, Vinod Mehta, shows the nation how to get through a @timesnow debate. pic.twitter.com/e4LZ207SMc — Raghu Karnad (@rkarnad) December 23, 2013 Well, kudos to Kasthuri for setting her priorities straight! If the man won't let you speak, you might as well as eat some yummy food, so what if it's on live television for the whole nation to see? View the full article
  8. It seems like the world we used to know doesn't exist anymore, now that's an existential crisis inducing thought. Everything has obviously changed because of the pandemic and the new normal for everything is not anything we expected to see in our lives. Masks everywhere, getting anxious when someone stands too close, and just overall stress of leaving our houses. It's a hard thing to adapt to, and the new reality of Indian TV shows is making it seem all the more scary. Resuming work even though there are thousands of new cases was inevitable and honestly, seeing TV shows incorporating face masks and shields is actually as scary as it is cringey. Now that we've talked about the importance of masks, we can start laughing at how the new dramatic thing in saas-bahu serials is taking off your mask in slow-mo. Is this what Star Plus are doing nowadays pic.twitter.com/l67FcWR5wm — olishaan (@olishaan) July 13, 2020 But wait, this is hilarious, yes, but it gets so much worse and funnier. There was another scene where the characters were "romanticizing hygiene" as someone on Twitter so nicely put. View this post on InstagramKaira lnockdown romance ❤ @khan_mohsinkhan @shivangijoshi18 @abdulwaheed5876 @yashoda.joshi.33 #mohsinkhan #shivangijoshi #kaira❤️A post shared by (@kaira_lovemylife) This is real. It's so hard to believe it, tho. And, whatever is happening in this scene. View this post on InstagramThe cutest catwalk 😻😻 #WelcomeBackKaira #yrkkh #kaira #shivangijoshi #mohsinkhan #momo @shivangijoshi18 @khan_mohsinkhan @vyasbhavnaA post shared by (@kaira.kakairav) Matching your mask with your sari is the new fashion statement. © Zee5 Life imitates art? © Zee5 I get that the actors also need to work, but the concept of shooting episodes over face time and Zoom Calls is so hilarious to me. © Zee5 I mean, this is awkward as hell. © Zee5 I don't understand why some parts are shot with masks and some aren't. Are they actually concerned about safety or is it just a plot device? View this post on InstagramNOTE:Posted only after episode of July 13 2020 is telecasted on tv ..last part . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . #yrkkh #yrkkh❤ #yrkkhupdates #yrkkhmemories #yrkkhrocks #yrkkhforever #yrkkhteam #kairav #kairaromance #kairaromance #kairaforlife #kairaforever😘😘 😘😘 #yehrishtakyakehlatahai #shivangijoshi #mohsinkhan #kartikgoenka #yehrishtakyakehlatahai #kartik #kaira #shivin #nairagoenka #yrkkhfamily #kairavivaah #kairaforever #serial #kairalove #kairagoals #kairabacktogether #kairabest #kairamoments #kairaforever #starplus #dailysoapA post shared by (@yrkkh_kaira_rd) View the full article
  9. Bollywood films are extremely popular in the country and hold a major power of influence at the same time. They're known to influence the audience not just in terms of trends but also mannerisms the people see in the films. Naturally, films also have a huge potential for advertising in them that brands take advantage of. But brand placements that do not make any sense do come across as weird and hilarious at the same time. Here are a few films that went overboard with brand advertisements 1. Mountain Dew In Mission Istaanbul © IMDB A product that the actors in the film constantly drank throughout the film and we wondered whether they were all addicted to Mountain Dew. 2. Saffolla In Ki and Ka © IMDB When Arjun Kapoor cooks in the kitchen, he uses the brand to cook the food in the house. Some believe that this was a smart product placement. 3. Mountain Dew In Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara © IMDB Hrithik Roshan has had a long-standing association with Mountain Dew. Even in the film ZNMD, he promoted the brand by using its tagline and drinking it whenever he could. A cheeky reference to the brand is seen when he says, âDarr Ke Aage Jeet Haiâ to his friends before they all go for sky diving. 4. Maruti In Mere Dad Ki Maruti © IMDB For a film with a title that has a huge potential, brand collaboration seemed like the most obvious step. But this was one of the most blatant brand collaborations seen. 5. Bournvita In Koi Mil Gaya And Krrish © IMDB For the film Koi Mil Gaya and its sequel, there was a brand collaboration with the kid's energy milk booster Bournvita. The collaboration was so blatant that it was hilarious when Hrithik drank Bournvita milk. 6. Tide In Chup Chup Ke © IMDB Chup Chup Ke too has done a collaboration with Tide detergent powder in a scene in which it blended so well, it looked like seamless product placement in a film for once. But we have to agree that it did come across as a tad bit hilarious. 7. Bikaji Bhujia In Veere Di Wedding © IMDB In the film, everyone seems to be munching on bhujia almost all the time. In fact, this is the most bhujia we've seen being consumed in a film. From Sonam Kapoor and Neena Gupta's character to the guests, everyone is obsessed with bhujia. While Veere Di Wedding also had other brand collaborations, this one particularly stood out. View the full article
  10. Pornography has been a part of our lives for a really long time now. Before the rise of the internet, porn was created and made available to masses via magazines or VHS cassettes or DVDs. But with the growing popularity and easier access to the online world, accessing porn sites is just a click away. The pace at which technology is growing has also made it more immersive than ever, especially with the dawn of Virtual Reality. © iStock The decision to watch porn boils down to a personâs personal choice. However, is it harmful to your health and wellness? According to a 2014 research by the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, the part of the brain which is responsible for triggering pleasure, that is, the striatum, is smaller in those who are regular porn-viewers. This essentially means that they need graphic material to get aroused. It is important to mention, however, that the researchers could not come up with a conclusion on whether the smaller striatum of the test subjects led them to watch more porn or was caused because they watched so much of it. They âassumedâ that the latter is true. © iStock These 7 alarming signs suggest that you might be getting addicted to pornography:If the amount of time you have been spending on watching porn continues to increase on a regular basis. If you feel that you HAVE TO watch porn at least once a day or else something feels missing or your day feels incomplete. If the guilt of watching porn takes over your brain and you continue to do it despite feeling low. © iStock If you spend long periods of time surfing through the internet even at the cost of missing out on other responsibilities or urgent work. If you donât feel aroused by real *** and prefer masturbation over it while watching porn. © iStock If you expect or start asking your partner to âdress like a pornstarâ or behave like one while in bed, during ***. You canât get over the urge to flip out your phone and watch porn even if you know that it is disputing your relationship both sexually and emotionally. © iStock You have to understand that what you watch online isnât real. The people you see âenactingâ sexual pleasure are professional performers who are simply doing their job. The viewers often mistake that as reality and start expecting similar things in their lives and when it feels nothing like what they see online, sometimes they choose to lose themselves in the virtual world. Just keep a check on yourself and if you relate to any of the above mentioned points, act on it for the sake of your happiness and that of the people around you. Also Watch: How to Stop Porn Addiction View the full article
  11. Bollywood is known to have deep connections and influence, as far as the fashion industry is concerned. When these celebrities ace a particular style, it instantly becomes a sartorial statement that also inspires us to experiment. But in some cases, even these celebrities have made fashion blunders which honestly didn't go unnoticed. From wearing satin shirts to showing off overly long pants, here's a look at all the real gaffes of these celebrities. 1. Shahid Kapoor In Kismat Konnection © Youtube/Rahul Arora Kismat Konnection failed at the box office for multiple reasons but one of them was definitely the costumes of this film, mainly the song Move Your Body Now. Shahid wore a satin grey shirt teamed over satin pants and three satin ties. We have no explanation either. 2. Aamir Khan In Secret Superstar © Youtube/Bollywoodfolks Aamir Khan's brilliant acting skills in Secret Superstar made it a massive success. But that aside, one can't fail to look at Aamir's outfits in the movie dressed in tight fitted jeans, emblazoned with blingy patches on his T-shirts or sweatshirts. Even though it was meant to be a character trait, it can easily be labelled as a cringe-worthy fare. Add to that, his heavily gelled hair with blonde-coloured spikes. 3. Dil Dance Maare - Tashan © YRF Films Tashan, despite being a multi-starrer movie, failed massively at the box office. Even though the songs of this movie were able to make an impact on the audience, a quick scroll through their looks in the song, and you would notice the worst outfit pairing and disastrous colour combinations. Moreover, the accessories used in this song were just unnecessary and over the top. Quirky fashion, gone too far? We reckon. 4. Honey Singh In The Xpose © Youtube/Bollywoodmasala Honey Singh did wonders in so many of his songs, but wait till until you watch Xpose. His marvellous looks in this film. where he is seen emulating Pran, is as hilarious as it can get. We don't even want to get started on Himesh Reshammiya's looks for this movie! 5. Salman Khan In Judwaa and Tere Naam © MD Productions Salman Khan has made us cringe, not just in one but many movies. Remember, Judwa when he wore a cropped Ganji with leather pants and a golden belt? Yeah, we feel your pain too. Then comes Tere Naam, where his greasy hair with middle parting made us want to bang our own heads. 6. Akshay Kumar In Kambakkht Ishq © Pinterest/Gia Even the Khiladi of Bollywood has proudly shown us some of the worst trends in movies, case in point, Kambakkht Ishq, when he wore tight scarves in a lot of scenes, studded jackets, long pants and ugly boots that didn't fit his persona, at all. Also, the idea of wearing neon pants back in the day for Aflatoon and the trend of sheer T-shirts, unless you're doing an avant garde editorial shoot, is just a big NO. 7. Aamir Khan In Rangeela © Youtube/Eros Now Even though the movie name says it all, whether it was absolutely essential for Aamir to dress like a canary, is a topic we continue to debate from time to time. 8. SRK In Duplicate © Dharma Productions In Duplicate, we digested the double role concept, but not the outfits. Dungarees were seen a lot back in time but the weird usage of it with cheetah print, leather dungarees and long necklaces still take our sartorial senses to a dark place. View the full article
  12. Joe Alwyn has shared several photos of Taylor Swift's blue-eyed cat, suggesting they are quarantining together during coronavirus
  13. 'Die Hard' actor is staying with his former wife Demi Moore 20 years after their separation
  14. Everything is on a decline these days - our bank accounts, our motivation to work, any kind of stability when it comes to sleep. An unexpected thing to join this list of falling is the crude oil prices.For the first time, the price of crude has crossed over to the negative side and is currently -$37. Coronavirus has affected not only the health of people but also so much more. Basically, as oil demand crashed all over the world, the negative price means sellers were paying buyers to take deliveries as a way to avoid incurring of storage cost. It makes sense that almost the entire world is under lockdown and obviously there's no demand for oil as of now. The oil sector, the financial sector, everything is crashing and burning so people are trying to cope up with this almost post-apocalyptic world the only they know how - memes. As oil prices keep falling, the memes on it are at an all time high, pun intended, and well, all we can do right now is laugh at it. What a transformation. #crudeoil Then Now pic.twitter.com/mLtwaTTqS4 â Yash Gorani (@whoyashgorani) April 20, 2020 Seems like a great idea. Me going to Petrol Pump #Crudeoilprice #CrudeOil #USOIL pic.twitter.com/jK0zvO7Ltc â #COVID19 #CoronaVirus Kanganatunga (@Kanatunga) April 20, 2020 Oh no. #crudeoil #OilPrices #OilCrash *When you have recently filled your petrol tank of all your cars and bikes* pic.twitter.com/ToNUY0QHVJ â JRism (@jiteshrochlani) April 20, 2020 Great reference. Crude oil right now#crudeoil pic.twitter.com/UbDNqFMIza â Tweeting Quarantino â (@rohitadhikari92) April 20, 2020 The best meme right now. Before covid19 After Covid19 https://t.co/qpJC2tYZzx pic.twitter.com/V6v9KP9dwt â Shawshank (@Ka_redemption) April 20, 2020 How many barrels for juta chhupai? Baratiyon ka swagat #crudeoil se hoga. â Yash Gorani (@whoyashgorani) April 20, 2020 And I oop. "Cruide oil prices gets low" Me at petrol pump : pic.twitter.com/o7K4qijRyf â Aman (@humourously_urs) April 20, 2020 Flawless plan. Crude oil ke rates negative hogaye hai lakhon barrel le lenge, fir uske sath wo paise bhi denge fir pic.twitter.com/SeTeRzeNz5 â Mask (@Mr_LoLwa) April 20, 2020 Forever iconic meme. Crude oil price right now : pic.twitter.com/eLwOmPHyH6 â 㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠㤠(@theesmaarkhan) April 20, 2020 Ouch. pic.twitter.com/TCm4sBjdBj â à¤à¤°à¤à¥à¤¶ (@meme__lame) April 20, 2020 The new ATM. Guy : Bhai thoda cash chahiye tha. Guy 2: Wo saamne ATM dikh Raha hai na. Guy: Thank... Guy 2: Usike baaju me petrol pump hai. â Quarantined PUNekar (@ketanpunekarrr) April 20, 2020 Of course. Without India's contribution to mathematics koi Crude Oil ka price hee nahi bol pata. â Abijit Ganguly (@AbijitG) April 20, 2020 Hmm. *Crude prices goes into negative* Me*At petrol pump* : Tanki Full kardo. Attendant: Sir, 350 hua. Me: Theek hai lao. â डà¥.à¤à¥. (@itsdhruvism) April 20, 2020 The Simpsons have always been ahead of the game. The Simpsons with another successful prediction as Oil Price falls below $0 for the first time in history ! #OilCrash #OilPrices #CrudeOil pic.twitter.com/4LWBFVzUKc â Abbas Syed عباس سÙÛد (@smollboy_abby) April 21, 2020 Ohh. #OilPrice #crudeoil *After oil price drop* Me and my friends pic.twitter.com/yT3Oo3sUoj â BekaarAadmi (@BekaarAaadmi) April 21, 2020 Full tank. International #crudeoil price drops Me and my bois going to petrol pump to fill bike tanks be like* pic.twitter.com/l8yK1k7WbD â Rajeev Hitmanð®ð³ (@HitmanRajeev) April 21, 2020 Fight! Meanwhile.. Pollution to #CrudeOil pic.twitter.com/4m4G1i9WIC â Surendra (@Arrre_bhai) April 21, 2020 Love to see it. Things you can now buy for a dollar now... #OilPrice #OilPrices #crudeoil pic.twitter.com/AEjrs9UxKS â Wasif Riaz #StayAtHome (@wasiffriaz) April 20, 2020 Top tier meme. Current crude oil situation ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£#CrudeOil #Crudeoilprice #Brent #brent #usoil #mcx pic.twitter.com/Mj92Cim6Kx â Sai (@itzsai97) April 20, 2020 When will this year end? The drama Vs The drama and chaos and chaos we thought we're seeing we'll see in 2020 #OilPrice #crudeoil pic.twitter.com/QrVw4aazNq â Lérd Chigbo Ä (@itschigbo) April 20, 2020 Yes. #crudeoil #OilPrices Me to petrol pump attendant after filling my car's petrol tank pic.twitter.com/RekofjF5Qy â Sir Yuzvendra (parody) (@SirYuzvendra) April 20, 2020 2020 is turning out to be a year straight out of our nightmares and with so many things falling apart, wonder when will we find peace and get a sigh of relief? View the full article
  15. Traders fled from expiring contract in a frenzy as barely any buyers are willing to take delivery of oil barrels because there's simply no place
  16. The Bollywood industry, like any other industry, has its own merits and demerits. Full of glitz and glamour, it never ceases to attract people from far off places. Hundreds and thousands of people, every year, come to Mumbai to get into this dream industry but not everyone succeeds. Sometimes all you need is a little luck to get recognised by someone who can see your true talent. Here is a list of such actors who were really lucky and got spotted by people in the industry before they made it this big in the glitz-town. 1. Kangana RanautNow known as Bollywood's "Queen", Kangana Ranaut was first spotted by director Anurag Basu at a coffee shop in Aamchi Mumbai. He instantly liked her and offered her a role in the movie Gangster, in which she made her debut. The movie then went on to become a super hit and people totally loved her acting. Besides, she was even awarded a Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut for this movie. © Reuters 2. Arjun RampalIf you want to be spotted by someone from the industry, you should start frequenting discotheques. No, we arenât kidding. Actor Arjun Rampal was first spotted by Rohit Bal, ace fashion designer, at a discotheque. He suggested Arjun to try modelling because of his sharp features and well-built body and the rest is history. Going forward, the 47-year-old actor was awarded the National and Filmfare award for the best supporting actor for the movie Rock On. He is currently in a relationship with South African model Gabriella Demetriades. © rampal72/Instagram 3. Akshay KumarHereâs a perfect example of how one needs both hard work and also little luck to succeed in life. Akshay Kumar is reigning in the industry today with back to back hits. But do you know how he started out? Originally called Rajiv Bhatia, he started out as a waiter and then as a cook in Bangkok. After returning back to India, he started teaching martial arts, and also had a flair for photography. One of his photographer friends suggested he try modelling and he did. Later when he approached film studios, he got his first film the same day. He made his debut with a minor role in the 1987 Mahesh Bhatt directed Indian film Aaj. Then he appeared as the lead actor in Saugandh in 1991 before making his breakthrough with the suspense thriller Khiladi in 1992. © akshaykumar/Instagram 4. Bhumi PednekarThis 30-year-old actor stands out in the industry for bravely experimenting with her roles. Before starting out to act, she was working as an assistant to Shaanoo Sharma (the casting director) at Yash Raj Films for more than six years. However, she did give auditions many times but was rejected. But one day, out of sheer luck, her audition video landed at Aditya Chopraâs desk and he signed her for her debut film Dum Laga ke Haisha to play an overweight bride, after which she got immensely famous. The rest, as they say, is history. © Instagram 5. JeetendraAn actor, TV and film producer as chairman of the Balaji Telefilms, Balaji Motion Pictures and ALT Entertainment, yesteryear actor Jeetendra has given more than 100 hits since the 1960s. However, his back story of how he got into this industry is interesting. His family was into the business of imitation jewellery without any Bollywood background. One day, he went to supply some pieces of jewellery to V Shantaram, an Indian filmmaker, and he immediately liked him and cast him as actor Sandhyaâs body double in the movie Navrang. This was his screen debut. From then on, he went on to become Bollywoodâs superstar. © Ekta Kapoor/Twitter Even though some of these B-town actors made it into the industry through luck, it's with their sheer hard work, determination and passion for acting that has made them superstars of the industry. The takeaway is that it has never been a cakewalk for them, and with utmost dedication, anyone can become a star in their respective fields. However, it's also true that you have to be in the right place at the right time to get things working for you, as sometimes it is a matter of chance. View the full article
  17. Prince Harry is reportedly in hysterics as he enjoys his time with his son Archie amid the COVID-19 lockdown
  18. Letâs be frank here, guys. Given tough circumstances, itâs pretty natural for us to split a pitcher with the lads and maybe down a solitary scotch (or three). Yet for most people stuck behind closed doors during the lockdown, alcohol remains a faraway fantasy, trapped behind locked liquor stores and barricaded bars and restaurants. If only there was a way⦠Unless youâve got the conscience and sobriety of an angel, you might have wondered, just out of curiosity, of course... how hard is it to break into a liquor store, anyway? Fortunately for us rascals, a bunch of people decided to find out first hand. Quite a few bunches, actually. Devoid of booze, several Indians across the nation have broken into liquor stores and made off with dizzying amounts of bootlegger booty - lakh upon lakh worth of rum, vodka and whiskey have been âredistributedâ and left cops and shop owners stunned and furious. Perhaps even more astounding is that many of these thefts have been just for liquor - the crooks left cash registers untouched in several cases, according to police. Here are a few of the most ridiculous liquor thefts to have hit India since the lockdown began - just donât get too inspired: 1. Mandya, Karnataka © Wikimedia High Score: Rs. 5 Lakh You heard that right - just to put things into perspective, 5 Lakh can get you somewhere in the ballpark of one thousand, two hundred and fifty bottles of Old Monk. Let that sink in. During this fateful night in early April, three stores were robbed in Karnatakaâs âSugar Cityâ - two of which were looted by the same group, according to local police. Apparently the thieves broke in by cutting open the shopâs window grills. A delegation of Mandyaâs liquor store owners soon approached top officials with a simple request - either provide security or lift the ban ASAP. 2. Narasaraopet, Andhra Pradesh © Wikimedia High Score: Rs. 4.9 Lakh While verifying CCTV footage after this shop was broken into on the 9th of April, officials found that store supervisor G. Prasant, watchman Yakob & Excise Dept. constable Satyanarayana were involved in the theft - making this a thorough inside job. While the masterminds remain at large, police have managed to recover 3.5 lakh in cash from the already-nabbed guilty parties involved. 3. Hosahalli, Karnataka © Cultural Trip High Score: Rs. 4.18 Lakh Situated a couple of hours away from Bengaluru, this scenic riverside town famous for betel nut farms, ancient temples and Vedic Hindu temples, recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Local liquor store owner K.G. Vijay Kumar was devastated earlier this week when booze burglars cracked open his shopâs shutters and made off with 25 cartons full of various kinds of liquor in both bottles and tetra packs. Upon police investigation, cops discovered that not only was a huge amount of alcohol missing - the thieves even covered their tracks by making off with both CCTV cameras and the camera receiver unit. 4. Bellary, Karnataka © Indian Rail High Score: Rs. 35,000 Youâve probably noticed a pattern by now - as a Kannadiga myself, this is hardly surprising. While the Bellary burglary wasnât as high-yield as some of the others on this list, its perpetrators deserve a âspecial mentionâ because of their sheer audacity - instead of hitting a liquor store like normal criminals, these crooks broke into a government excise office where seized bootlegger liquor was stored. Adding insult to injury, this theft was committed at the perfect time too - April Fools Day. 5. Gandhi Nagar, Hyderabad © DX News High Score: Rs. 34,000 Weâve heard of lockpicking and breaking in through windows - but this crook was really thinking out of the box. According to the CCTV footage, our thief drilled a hole through the shopâs false ceiling, and seemingly used gloves, throwing the police off-track by not leaving behind any fingerprints. After breaking in, the culprit made off with Rs 26,000 worth of alcohol, along with Rs 8,000 in cash. Despicable. While weâre in awe and shock at the level of tenacity these criminals displayed at getting their fix, itâs representative of a serious problem with alcohol in the nation. Apart from these states, similar crimes have been reported from Mumbai to Haryana and Delhi - making the lives of police officers harder than theyâve already been given the lockdown situation. Police forces have been asked to take up extra patrol, especially in localities with wine shops. âItâs no surprise that when whole city centres are deserted, thieves are moving on from residential areas to unoccupied commercial properties. We have not been able to focus much on this aspect since the force is already stretched,â said a senior police officer in Bengaluru to The Times of India. Hopefully, weâll be back to normal soon. View the full article
  19. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?s royal departure appears to have been preplanned well in advance
  20. Bollywood has been a mixed bag of some flop and hit movies. But if there's one genre that, if messed up, turns out to be really funny. Yes, we are talking action movies and to be honest, Bollywood has given us some cringe-worthy movies that were a big-time disappointment. Wondering which ones? Check out this list and tell us if you agree with us or not. 1. Dabangg 3The third of 'Dabangg' Franchise, this movie undoubtedly goes in the list of flop action movies. While there are some clap-worthy scenes in this movie, it actually fails to entice you in its action scenes. Unreasonably stretched and monotonous, the story is just like Dabangg and Dabangg 2 and quite forced. Even though the narrative is blended well together, this movie has unbearable, random scenes that no one would like to watch. Coming to the action bit, enough of seeing of Salman shirtless and trying to act like Spiderman! 2. Laal KaptaanLaal Kaptaan is an action movie, solely based on revenge. The brutal action with a number of plots can easily make anyone lose focus in the movie. Unfortunately, even this action movie is super stretched-out and if you have the patience to sit through 3 hours of bearing this one, go for it. The script is shaky and lacks a clear vision as to what the movie is trying to portray. Big time fail! 3. Race 3Remember the famous dialogue from Race 3, 'Our business is our business, none of your business'? Well, this should sum up how this action film would turn out to be. While we were banking on Salman Khan to give us an action-packed movie, this one ended up becoming a meme favourite for us. Race 3, instead of action drama, has a laughable premise that will test the viewer's intellect. 4. PlayersThe movie is a remake of the Italian Job, which instead of a remake looks more like an annoying adaptation. The movie is about how a team of experts come together to execute a heist in Russia for gold. The movie is slow-paced that lacks lustre when it comes to action. The entire robbery sequence is actually unbelievable and fake with lack of logical answers. Even though the storyline is interesting, the screenplay turns out to be a boring fare. 5. Ra.OneThe only good thing about Ra.One are the songs of this film. Besides that, one would literally yawn during the whole time. The storyline is quite emotional, but a poor screenplay where we see SRK flying on the building, jumping over cars etc. is actually weak and fails to entertain us. Not just that, the movie sort of embraces the future but is saddled with poor dialogues that will instantly make you cringe. 6. India's Most WantedBased on a real-life scenario, India's Most Wanted, starring Arjun Kapoor is a film that is a secret mission to track a terrorist. The movie starts with a great execution but there is a sluggish pace and it doesn't have good action scenes that will make you sit on the edge of the seat. It also makes you feel really disconnected. The twists in the movie are cringe-worthy and hence even this one has gone in the list of disappointing action movies. View the full article
  21. We all are locked inside our homes, owing to the lockdown imposed by PM Narendra Modi due to the Coronavirus outbreak and while it is making many of us anxious, this is a great time to invest in things and people you love. Also, if you have a pet who never gets to see his âhoomanâ at home, then make sure you are pampering your best friend as well. Take a cue from these celebrities who are spending time with their fur babies and making the most of this lockdown: 1. Anushka Sharma and Virat KohliWell, on her off days, Anushka has made sure that she spends time with their dog, Dude. She shared a photo of her chilling with Dude and Virat. This time around, both Virat and Anushka are spending time with their pooch. She wrote, "Today when I'm surrounded by all the blessings in my life, I just want to tell everyone how much compassion I feel for everyone who I see suffer." View this post on InstagramEvery dark cloud had a silver lining. And this time, while it may seem like the worst time and in so many ways it actually is, has also forcefully made us all stop and deal with things we might have been running away from because either we were âbusyâ or it was convenient to say we were 'busy'. If this time is respected for what it is, it will enable more light to shine through. This time has also made us all realise what's truly important. For me just having food, water and a roof over my head and the good health of my family seems MOST important. Everything else is a bonus that I bow my head in gratitude for. But, that which we call 'basic' is not so basic for everyone after looking at all the people who struggle for just those few things. My prayers with them and their families. May everyone be safe and secure. This time has surely made me more reflective. This need to stay at home with your loved ones has been forced upon the entire world but there is a deep lesson for us all. There is a lesson to strive for work and life balance ( I've valued and strived for this dearly for many years now ), there is a lesson to devote more time in things that actually matter. Today, when I'm surrounded by all the blessings in my life, I just want to tell everyone how much compassion I feel for everyone who I see suffer. I want to help as many possible in the best of my abilities. I feel pride in our resilience to be better human beings. I can instinctively feel this in and around me. We will all have our individual and subjective lessons from this time and hopefully, such lessons will continuously stay with us all.A post shared by (@anushkasharma) 2. Priyanka Chopra and Nick JonasWe all know that PeeCee is a dog lover and spends most of her free time with her two adopted dogs. The gorgeous couple is currently quarantined at home in Los Angeles and spending time with their German shepherd, Gino Jonas, and chihuahua Diana Chopra. The situation in the US has gone worse as there is a spike in the Coronavirus cases so Peecee and Nick have decided to stay indoors and give their time to their dogs. View this post on Instagramâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ @nickjonas @ginothegerman #stayathome ð¸- @cavanaughjamesA post shared by (@priyankachopra) 3. Alia Bhatt and Ranbir KapoorWell, the two are surely enjoying some time off their hectic schedules and thanks to the lockdown, they are now giving extra time to their pets. Alia has been treating her fans with some adorable photos of her cat Edward, along with pics of Ranbir Kapoor's two dogs. View this post on InstagramLook at that face! #lovethypet âï¸âï¸A post shared by (@aliaabhatt) View this post on InstagramTime to show off some photography.. Ufff!ð #lovethypetA post shared by (@aliaabhatt)4. Athiya Shetty and KL RahulAthiya Shetty is also spending quality time with her dog and a few days back, she also requested people to not abandon their pets as they are not prone to the Coronavirus. View this post on Instagramâthose who teach us most about humanity arenât always human.â - Donald Hicks . . *Pets do not have corona, nor can they contract it.* Please read that sentence again. You wouldnât abandon your family members. Do not abandon your pets. . . ps: swipe right to see just how much he tolerates me ð¤ªA post shared by (@athiyashetty) KL Rahul, too, took to Instagram to share a boomerang wherein he is seen chilling with his dog. View this post on Instagramð¦A post shared by (@rahulkl) 5. Disha PataniWell, this Bollywood diva is passing her days at home with her cat. She took to Instagram to share some adorable pictures of her cat. View this post on InstagramMe, passing my days at home like this ð°A post shared by (@dishapatani) 6. Shraddha KapoorShraddha is either investing her time in reading books or playing with her pet dog Shyloh. View this post on InstagramBeing home ð¶â¨ð #ShylohBabu #Brat #PureJoy #Playtime #MastiInHisEyes #InnocentEyes #PetsGiveLove #AnimalsAreFriendsA post shared by (@shraddhakapoor) Seems like these furry ones are enjoying the attention they are getting from their 'hoomans'. How are you spending time at home? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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