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Found 22 results

  1. This weekend saw the world divided into two parts – one was of football fans cheering for their favourite players in Russia, at the ongoing FIFA 2018 World Cup; and the other was Salman Khan fans cheering for him inside the theatres while watching 'Race 3'. SKF If your friends cancelled your plan to stay at home, after cribbing about how bad 'Race 3' will be; chances are you might spot him at a movie theatre watching it. And chances are they are also one of the people who skyrocketed 'Race 3' into the Rs. 100 crore club. You read it right, folks! It has also become the second highest weekend opener of 2018 at the box office. SKF Honestly, 'Race 3' is not a movie; it's actually a case study on how you can turn a script-less and logic-less movie into a commercial blockbuster success in literally 3 days. How else can one justify that despite all the negative reviews, hatred, cringe-worthy songs and dialogues, and 'our business is our business' memes; this movie has minted over Rs. 106 crore in its opening weekend? And #Race3 scores a CENTURY... Crosses ð¯ cr… Fourth Salman starrer to collect â¹ 100 cr mark in *3 days* [#BajrangiBhaijaan, #Sultan, #TigerZindaHai]... Fri 29.17 cr, Sat 38.14 cr, Sun 39.16 cr. Total: â¹ 106.47 cr. India biz. — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) 18 June 2018 Remo D'Souza and Salman took the help of Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Saqib Salim and Daisy Shah to ruin the movie; but that did not stop Bhai fans from flocking the theatres to watch the movie. Now that's what you a critic-proof movie! Reportedly, 'Race 3' is Salman's fourth movie to cross Rs 100 crore in its opening weekend, after 'Sultan', 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' and 'Tiger Zinda Hai'. SKF However, no matter how much you guys hate Salman Khan or his movie 'Race 3', you can't come anywhere close to how much Google hates him (or the man handling the SEO). If the North Indian-South Indian masala goof-up or showing Narendra Modi as India's first PM was not enough, then you have to see this to believe how Google can come up with savage errors. However, this time we don't know if it was an error or Google's reaction after watching 'Race 3'. Google If you type 'Worst Bollywood Actor' on Google, Salman Khan's name pops up as the top search and we honestly don't know how to react. Twitter, on the other hand, was quick to pounce on its 'golden memes' worthy fact and reacted to this at a speed faster than Usain Bolt's. Go to google and type worst bollywood actor. The answer will give you inner peace!!! ððððð — Annya (@AnnyaDasGupta33) 15 June 2018 When you search for worst bollywood actor on google ðð Google wishing #Eid to Salman khan#race3 #SalmanKhan #EidMubarak pic.twitter.com/N18FUx5oQJ — A N I S H K A S H Y A P (@BadassBawa) 16 June 2018 I've always known but now its proved why salman khan appears when we google "worst actor of bollywood" #Race3 . Save your money and go watch #Blackmailmovie #irrfankhan — Neprican (@sagarrana) 16 June 2018
  2. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Maryam Nawaz remarked on Wednesday that it is high time that vote is respected. Photo: Geo News screen grabLAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Maryam Nawaz remarked on Wednesday that it is high time that...
  3. James Marsden. Photo: PeopleActor James Marsden has become the latest name to join the cast of Quentin Tarantino?s upcoming film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.The movie which has been five years in the making is said to be similar to a ?Pulp...
  4. US President Donald Trump boards Air Force One prior to departure from Canadian Forces Base Bagotville in Canada, June 9, 2018. Trump travels to Singapore to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on June 12. ? AFPLA MALBAIE, Canada: US...
  5. German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler. Photo: TwitterGerman Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler has been winning over Pakistanis one tweet at a time. A quick scroll through his Twitter handle and you will find Kobler promoting a positive...
  6. Do you remember that feeling you had, in your childhood, when your friend had the Big Truck and you did not? Or when someone got the highest marks and they got praised by the teachers? Cut to a few years later, your friend got into a relationship and you were still single? Or that friend from work who seems to be getting all the accolades while no one admires your efforts? Yes, jealousy! It rears its head, when you are most unaware; that twinge of jealousy can have serious implications on your relationships. That little speck of worthlessness that comes with jealousy can lead to much bigger problems if not checked in time. Jealousy is a natural emotion. The human brain is wired in such a way that when it doesn't find the validation it needs, it pushes one to feel animosity for the person who seems to be getting better things than them or something which they thought they deserved. It is normal to be jealous, in fact, it drives you to better yourself. But, if you begin seeking revenge because of jealousy or trying to demean others for it, it becomes an entity which one must do away with immediately. Jealousy Thy Name Is Love? Why do we feel jealous? Jealousy stems from our own insecurity. When we give in to the insecurities and forget our self-worth, we start feeling jealous of other people. It's a manifestation of one's ego. Jealousy in love is common and much discussed in history. Where does it come from? It comes from protectiveness; when you feel threatened by another person who you think will ruin your happiness. But this does not mean you start firing up at the slightest provocation. It only makes matters worse. Shakespeare's Othello is a perfect example of this. Iago's provocation makes Othello go blind in his pathological jealousy which results in Desdemona's death. Without any proof, he keeps on doubting her, aided by Iago's words, eventually killing her. Does being jealous prove anything here? Except the loss of one's loved one; even though it is not their mistake. Love is not blind, jealousy is. And it makes you blind too. Both are different things. You cannot prove your love by being jealous and similarly, you can't be in love with jealousy. Augustine says, “He that is not jealous is not in love.” I beg to differ. Envy can't help you be in love; it eventually will ruin your happiness. Love is not about you, it's about the other person. But one does think can jealousy be healthy for love? I guess, it can be, to some extent. If your jealousy makes you love your partner more intensely or it fuels your passions, in a good way, I guess jealousy can be a catalyst in strengthening your relationship. Also, if feeling jealous of your partner does not make you take the wrong path. There is a very thin line between feeling love with jealousy and being consumed with jealousy. It has been portrayed in many movies that if you want a person to notice you, make them feel jealous. Countless movies, series and books have perpetuated the idea of making your crush jealous so that they may fall in love with you. Though it sounds good on paper, it hardly is the case in real life. You may instead of making the person fall for you, ruin anything you could possibly have. I'm So Jealous Of You! We all feel jealous countless times, with friends, siblings, family, et al. Why does that guy look better than me? Why does he have girlfriends when I can't? Why does he/she have a better job? Why don't I have a good physique like the other person? Why did they score more in that test? Why do people like them more? We need to look beyond this. It is hard, no doubt, but berating yourself and constantly comparing yourself to others doesn't serve a purpose. If the comparison works in you trying to do better, something to work towards your goals, it is beneficial. Sometimes, the lack of communication in a friendship leads to feelings of envy. Other people will try to take advantage of your jealousy to fulfill their own goals by creating a wedge between you two. If you feel threatened by the new girlfriend of your best friend, talk to them. Tell them how you feel. Or if they got a promotion, which you felt was due to you, communicate that you feel happy for them, but you do feel jealous. Honesty will increase the strength of your bond. If they laugh it off and forgive you, it shows that they truly are worthy of your friendship. On the other hand, if this is not the case, you are intelligent enough to know what to do. Sabotaging others' happiness won't make you achieve your goals. Wearing masks is second nature to us. Don't put a mask on your emotions; if you truly care about someone, you need to tell them what you feel. Keeping feelings to yourself starts corroding you as a person. Jealousy limits your ability to feel happy, not just for others but for yourself. It is like a gnawing wound, until it starts to bleed. Be open about dealing with it. However deep a friendship might be, however one may try to curb the feeling of jealousy, if once it has taken root, it only grows. Genuine happiness is very different from being completely happy. You might be happy for someone, but you may also feel jealous of them. It's nothing bad. Don't let it get the better of you. Instead of spreading rumors, back-biting or feeling bad about you, try to talk to the person. Wallowing in self-pity harms only you and makes you a pale copy of yourself. I Pity Me! The legendary Meena Kumari could cry on cue. The reason was that she was in such a state of self-pity that the tears would roll down without the help of glycerin. This shows the level of how much a person can drop down when they lose their self-esteem because of insecurities which in turn develop jealousy to an astronomical level. She, at the least, had her craft as an outlet which we don't. Being jealous is like having all the happiness in the world but still being unhappy. It's like getting a Happy Meal and finding a small toy; and that just because your toy is smaller it isn't good. We demean the worth of ourselves in our own eyes, when there is nothing to be sad about. Being ambitious is not the same as being jealous. People forget to see the difference being ambition and envy. An ambitious person strives to achieve something for themselves, a jealous person on the other hand, because someone else has it. Try to look at the bigger picture. You'll be surprised to know that the person you feel jealous of might be jealous of you. It's a vicious cycle. It affects you more than what happens to the other person, the ultimate victim is your peace of mind. Dealing with Jealousy Jealousy can be a constructive factor in your life. If you feel envious of that other person, who seems to be better off, see what they are doing different. Being blinded with envy will not help you as it will only hinder your own progress. Jealousy can crop up between the best of friends. Even a single spark is enough to ignite passions which lead to the breaking of lifelong bonds. If you feel jealous, check yourself. Look for the triggers. Talk about it with a close friend. It doesn't have to eat you up. The worst thing which we can do to ourselves is keep things to ourselves. It doesn't make you stronger. On the contrary, it leads to you becoming hollow. We all believe that the next person has a better life than us. What we fail to see is that they are also thinking the same thing. The grass is always greener on the other side; however hard we try, there might be another person doing better than us, and they might think that you are better than them. This incessant and infinite loop of comparison keeps on going throughout our lives, forever not realizing that we ourselves are enough, if we are giving it all that we can give. In Buddhism, there is a word for unselfish joy; the joy we feel for others' happiness: Mudita. Unfortunately, not everyone has it. The best thing to do is to try to find joy for others. Being envious is just one of the many flaws of being a human. What we fail to understand is that jealousy is like a boomerang; if you wish bad for someone, it will come back and get you instead.
  7. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most experienced and legendary actors in Bollywood. I am sure that the current generation of actors and directors take immense pleasure and pride in getting an opportunity to work with him. While actors learn a lot from him while working on the sets, if you are one of his millions of followers, chances are that you will learn English more than acting from him. © Twitter And his latest student is his 'Brahmastra' co-star Alia Bhatt. Thanks to social media, we have now gotten closer to our favourite celebrities, who give us an insight into what's going on in their personal lives and on their movie sets. And Alia and Sr. Bachchan too have been busy updating us about their upcoming movie while also praising each other on their respective social media platforms. © Twitter So here's how it all started. AB Jr. who is working with 'AB' for the first time, took to Twitter to share her experience. She mentioned how Amitabh Bachchan stayed back on the set to give 'ques' to the team. Working with AB has been supreme greatness! Today @SrBachchan packed up an hour before the actual pack up but he stayed back on set just to give ques! I can't begin to explain the amount of things I am learning on set just by watching him!!!! ððð — Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) 7 June 2018 For those wondering, why we called Amitabh Bachchan 'AB', let us tell you these are not our words. 25-year-old Alia calls the 75-year-old actor AB. Which she even mentioned in her following tweet… Yes yes I call him AB cause that's the term of endearment we've all agreed to ð¤ð Thank you for being so wonderful sir!!! Can't wait to get back onto set with you, Ayan and Ranbir for some more Brahmastra madness! â¨â¨ð¬ð¬@SrBachchan — Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) 7 June 2018 While we went on with our lives, after these tweets; Amitabh Bachchan replied and it is basically what our teachers and parents are good at – finding mistakes. Switching his 'Wren & Martin' mode on, Amitabh Bachchan unapologetically corrected Alia's mistake and thanked her for her message. Well, we are not surprised because knowing his savagery, this is nothing for him. He has earlier tweeted to actors like Anushka Sharma for not responding to his messages. Yo .. Alia , you are the best .. thank you for the generosity .. and .. err .. its 'cues' not 'ques' ..ðððð¤ªð¤ªð¤ªððððð .. you are just tooooo cute !! — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) 7 June 2018 Alia was quick to respond to the spelling mistake and tweeted back saying, “Oh God! Not again.” Oh god!!!!!! Not again ðððð https://t.co/CqnW1fG5v1 — Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) 8 June 2018 Alia, whose 'Raazi' has been enjoying great success since its release, is currently working on 'Kalank' and 'Gully Boy'. She will also be seen alongside Ranbir Kapoor, whom she is said to be dating, in Ayan Mukerji's 'Brahmastra'. The movie is releasing on August 15, 2019.
  8. If the words 'Dancing Uncle's video' does not remind you of your 'Delhi wale hipster Chachaji', trying some weird hip-hop moves to look cool in front of y'all, then I am going to assume that we are on the same page, and that you know we are talking about internet's latest sensation, professor Sanjeev Srivastava aka the 'Dancing Uncle'. © Twitter Srivastava's passionate dancing at a wedding turned him into an overnight celebrity and also a matter of envy and hope for many. Trust me, I won't judge you if you pushed your uncle to the dance floor and started making a video in hopes that it will go viral. I tried, but sadly it didn't work. While we were busy watching his cool moves and tagging our friends in that video, his new-found fans were busy creating their own versions of the video. That brings us to this Mumbai couple who also tried creating their own version of the dancing uncle and thank God, someone finally paid some attention to the aunty also. © Twitter Imagine both you and your friend studied from the same textbook, went to the same tuition, attempted the same questions and cheated from the same person; yet your friend got more marks than you in the exams! The pain is inexplicable. And watching our not-so-interested-in-dancing Aunty being sidelined, felt the same. But this couple brought the aunty in the picture with a role-reversal or gender-reversal twist, which probably even Ekta Kapoor couldn't think of for her serials. © Twitter This video was posted by Gaurav Kapoor, where his wife is copying the dancing uncle's moves with perfection and the guy does a fabulous job in copying the aunty's steps. He shared the video with a hilarious caption, “I am where I belong.” I am where I belong pic.twitter.com/6qgOP0DJPU — Gaurav Kapoor (@GauravKpoor) 4 June 2018 As expected, Twitter took no time in 'appreciating' the video in its own way and like me, they too couldn't move their eyes away from the guy who was playing the aunty's role. Same! Both men tbh. Mostly to see if he's copying aunty properly ð — Prithi Ashwin (@prithinarayanan) 5 June 2018 Guy in shorts did commendable job. Ek ek move copy kiya hai lounda!! ðð — Bum tam tam (@sumeet__Jain) 6 June 2018 that dude played the aunt perfectly.. #worldbelongstomen — Shashank(Sassy) (@me_shashank56) 6 June 2018 Uncle is mg ultimate dance goal. Currently I'm as awesome as that aunty ;-) — Varsha (@nvvarsha) 4 June 2018 This is level of mismatch... no one can match the "uncle"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/IUAOQpjZ44 — MeMe-fication (@memebaaz) 4 June 2018 Can we say that this is the best version we've seen so far? Let us know what your thoughts are!
  9. A combination photo shows US President Donald Trump (L) and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (R) in Washington, US, May 17, 2018, and in Panmunjom, South Korea, April 27, 2018, respectively. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque and Korea Summit Press...
  10. Afghan children study the basics for learning Koran in an open half-built mosque on the outskirts of Kabul, June 11, 2008. REUTERS/HONG KONG: High child mortality rates in conservative Afghanistan are linked not just to war but to mothers being...
  11. Serena Williams of the US celebrates after victory over Germany´s Julia Goerges in their women´s singles third round match. Photo: AFPPARIS: Serena Williams set up a mouth-watering French Open showdown against bitter rival Maria Sharapova on...
  12. PTI spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry. Photo: FileISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry said on Saturday that the general elections should be held on time at any cost.The upcoming general elections are scheduled for July...
  13. If you've watched 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam', then this series of events will crack you up, and if not, then let me give you a quick background to the iconic movie. Girl falls in love with boy, but family gets her married to another guy. Husband helps wife locate her lover and even volunteers to get them married. A Kanpur man did something on the similar lines. This is the story of Sujit, his wife Shanti and her lover Ravi. After being married for a month, Sujit has a suspicion that something was weird with Shanti, as she kept going to her parents' house and would often refuse to come back. She eventually explained that she was married against her wishes. Sujit then took matters into his own hands and decided to unite her with her lover and even get them married. © TOI He got all the three families together and mutually decided to get the lovers married, which was happily solemnised. It is a rare thing indeed for people to show this humungous level of understanding. Sujit allowed himself to be friend-zoned in his own marriage, that lasted for 3 months and united the two lovers. © TOI This is proof that marriages are actually not made in heaven, but here on Earth by human beings. It is funny that even in 2018, we are struggling to create a space for humans to co-exist where families can be more progressive and accept the choices of their children.
  14. The Apple Watch has been saving lives for a while and we recently featured a list of people who owed their lives to the smartwatch. A new report by our sister website Gadgets Now tells us that yet another life was saved by the Apple Watch and this time it was in India. Arati Jogelkar, 53, is a woman from Pune who has been practising law for the past 30 years. She currently uses the iPhone 8 Plus and recently purchased the Apple Watch due to her stressful job. She detailed that her usage of the Apple Watch was very basic and didn't utilise using any of the fitness features. © YouTube On a stressful day, the smartwatch prompted her about her elevated heart rate. One of her associates forgot to get a signature which was crucial as it was under a strict deadline. This naturally caused her extra stress and the Apple Watch started to buzz repeatedly. The watch basically asked her to control her breathing and relax as her heart rate suddenly shot up. Her heart rate was nearly 136 beats per minute — twice the normal heart rate. “I suddenly realised that the Apple Watch on my wrist is buzzing. While I initially chose to ignore it during the official proceedings, the Apple Watch continued to buzz. Disturbed by the constant vibration on my wrist, I finally saw the Apple Watch notification and was left surprised,” she added. The Apple Watch kept notifying her to “take a deep breath and relieve the stress” Jogelkar told Gadgets Now. “This notification made me realise how my health is being affected by the stress in my job,” Joglekar added. © BCCL After sharing the information with her family, her son decided to write a letter to Tim Cook thanking him for the watch's features. He also mentioned that the watch made him realise how technology saved her mother from a life-threatening condition. The Apple Watch has a variety of sensors that help in tracking footsteps, heart rate and breathing patterns. The heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch has been credited for saving lives. The Apple Watch also has the capabilities of contact emergency numbers which has also been used by users when they have been in life-threatening situations. © YouTube Tim Cook took out time from his busy schedule and responded to the mail, “I'm happy your Mum is fine. Thanks for your note and kind words. Best, Tim.” [sic]. Source: Gadgets Now
  15. There are two kinds of people in the world. One kind that can say and do whatever they want to, but no one bats an eyelid. And the other group is comprised of people who can stir up controversy even if they do nothing but sneeze or cough. Former CBFC chief Pahlaj Nahalani aka 'Master of Cuts' falls in that category of people. After making things tough for other filmmakers and a failed attempt at making it big at the box office with his erotic movie 'Julie 2', Nihalani is back in action. This time he's wearing the director's hat for yet another 'interesting movie', which is based on the life of one of the biggest scamsters in India. Twitter Talking about scamsters, who are the first few names that come in your mind? You can take your time because we know the recent additions have made the list longer than before. Well, some of the most famous names are Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi and Vijay Mallya. Now, one of these names are now a part of Nihalani's upcoming movie. No, they are not a part of the movie, but the film is is based on one of them. Any guesses? Twitter *Drum rolls* Pahlaj Nihalani is making a movie based on the life of the 'King of Good Times' aka liquor baron Vijay Mallya. And Govinda has been roped in to play the lead character. According to ANI, Nihalani said, “I have made a movie inspired by the life of Vijay Mallya, and Govinda is in the main lead, audiences will be surprised to see his new avatar. The movie will be completely entertaining.” Well, we don't have any doubts about that. I have made a movie inspired by the life of Vijay Mallya, and Govinda is in the main lead, audiences will be surprised to see his new avataar. The movie will be completely entertaining: Pahlaj Nihalani, producer & director pic.twitter.com/prYo6ZqQUK — ANI (@ANI) May 29, 2018 And if the reports are anything to go by then chances are this movie's name is going to be 'Rangeela Raja'. How else can one justify the title 'King of Good Times', right? In fact a song-and-dance sequence has already been shot. Nihalani also said, “Not the Mallya card, the Mallya calendar. The entire look, feel, appearance and rhythm of the song sequence is based on the Kingfisher calendars. As for Govinda playing who you say he is playing, let's just keep the suspense going. I am neither denying nor admitting it.” Twitter Talking about working with Govinda after a hiatus of over 30 years, “It felt just like old times when we shot together for his debut film 'Ilzaam'. Govinda is fitter now than he has ever been. And Chinni Prakash who has done many of Govinda's dances in my films gave Govinda steps this time that only Govinda can do. No concession for age. And Govinda wasn't looking for easier steps.” Teasing the curious people, he said, “A lot of people asked me who Govinda is playing. All I can say at this point of time is that Govinda plays a man who is the biggest scamster of our times. Need I say more?”
  16. India is currently in the midst of a fuel crisis but both the government and the opposition seem to have abandoned the general public. With prices of petrol touching Rs 86.24 per litre in Mumbai and Rs 78.43 per litre in Delhi, the situation is worsening by the day and with no respite in sight, the Prime Minister has already left for a trip to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. © BCCL While Modi is on an official strategic visit, leaving the country without even acknowledging the punishing fuel prices is despicable to say the least. A good government is always for the people, looking to elevate the discomfort in their day to day lives and yet there seems to a massive disconnect between what the people of the country desire right now and how the government is acting out in respect to rising fuel prices. The opposition seems to be disintegrated at the moment too, with the Congress party president, Rahul Gandhi currently on a foreign trip with his mother due to medical conditions. A headless opposition, therefore, hasn't been able to respond formidably to the government's ineptitude in dealing with the rising fuel prices. © carhelpline The price of petrol is at an all time high currently. Over the past 15 years, there hasn't been a single occasion when the public has had to pay these prices for a just a litre of fuel. It is also a failure of the Modi government which promised people cheaper fuel if it came to power in 2014. While the general public has to take the hit of these high fuel prices, both the government and the opposition have really let down the people of the country who bank on them for grievance redressal.
  17. LAHORE: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said on Monday that he appeared before the court for the 75th time in relation to the Panama case investigation. Nawaz Sharif was addressing a ceremony held to commemorate 20th anniversary of nuclear tests...
  18. Two or more people sharing the same first name, isn't something new. In fact, having 5 students with the same name in the same class was often a difficult task for teachers to deal with. I am sure we all have a Pooja, Neha or Aarti in our lives, because these names are so common. But, what are the odds that they all share the same surname? And what are the chances that one of them is a global megastar? Not many, right? Well, I would have thought so too had I not come across Ryan Reynolds. Confused? Well, I am not talking about him… © Instagram Or Deadpool… © Marvel Entertainment In fact, this is also not about Blake Lively's husband, who loves to troll his wife on social media. © Instagram I am talking about Ryan Reynolds from Australia, who went viral on social media, after he enquired about Marvel Stadium. Seriously, 'Deadpool 2' actor talking about Marvel Stadium, what can possibly be so interesting that people are going crazy over it? Well, this Ryan Reynolds is actually a sports journalist and the stadium in question has nothing to do with MCU or superheroes. Neither does this Ryan Reynolds has anything in common (except the name), with the more famous Ryan. And sense of humour probably. In fact, given the blue tick on the Twitter accounts of both the Ryans, I won't be surprised if any of us ended up following the wrong Ryan in haste. © Twitter Back story: Melbourne's Etihad Stadium will soon go by a new name – Marvel Stadium, after Disney struck an eight-year deal with them. Before 2009, Etihad Stadium was known as The Docklands Stadium, Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome. Taking a cue from this excellent 'Deadpool=Marvel' and 'Ryan Reynolds=Ryan Reynolds' opportunity; the sports reporter who works with Geelong Advertiser posted this. Do I get free entry into Marvel Stadium? #Deadpool2 — Ryan Reynolds (@Reynolds_R) May 23, 2018 In fact, Ryan even tweeted to the 'Deadpool 2' actor, asking him out for a coffee next time he's in Australia. Any chance of catching up for a coffee next time you're in Oz @VancityReynolds ? My shout. https://t.co/bd3c6YTjjP — Ryan Reynolds (@Reynolds_R) May 24, 2018 Well, thanks to his cheeky tweet we finally know that there's someone apart from Ryan, who will now probably be the target of all the Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds jokes. Good luck covering the Australian Football League (AFL), Ryan. We wonder how Ryan Reynolds will react once he comes across the lesser known Ryan. Source: Geelong Advertiser
  19. TOP: The Disney logo is seen in a store in Paris, France, March 3, 2016. REUTERS/Jacky Naegelen/Files; BOTTOM: The Netflix logo is seen on an iPad in Encinitas, California, US, April 19, 2013. REUTERS/Mike Blake/Files SAN FRANCISCO: Netflix?s...
  20. Ronaldinho is honestly on some other level. The former Brazilian footballer has been dating, living with, and engaged to two women at the same time, and is now going to marry both of them, together! Tbh, I don't have any words, and I don't even need to say anything, this story is wild from the beginning. While we can't even find one person we like enough to date, this guy is with two beautiful women and is living his best life. The 'fiancees' in question are Priscilla Coelho and Beatriz Souza, and both of them apparently already live with him at his £5million Rio de Janeiro mansion, but things are soon to become more official. According to Brazilian media reports, he will marry both of them in a private ceremony in the mansion this August. © Twitter Reportedly, he had been dating Priscilla for several years and then started dating Beatriz in 2016. I'm honestly very confused at this point. But, at least he's fair and loves both of them equally. Both of his girlfriends receive an 'allowance' of around £1,500 from the footballer to spend as they wish. He always gives them the same gifts, so as to probably avoid any fights. Smart. © Twitter In January 2017, he apparently asked both his girlfriends to marry him and presented them with engagement rings, however, he firmly denied the development last year. He wrote on Twitter, “Do not believe in any news, the day I get engaged, I will tell you.” But, with so many reports coming out now, the news of this August wedding seems legit, and we will have to just wait and see how three people actually get married, because I don't think anyone has ever seen a wedding like that.
  21. MIRACLES AT THE BIRTH TIME OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) 1. DATE AND TIME OF BIRTH 2. BEFORE BIRTH 3. MIRACLES AT THE TIME OF BIRTH 4. AFTER BIRTH 1. DATE AND TIME OF BIRTH ------------------------- DATE Every one is agreed that Rasool Allah (SAW) was born at Monday. It is ijmah that the date was 12 Rabi ul Awal(Islamic Calender). which is 571 AD(Christan calender) and 1st Jaith 628 Bakarmi(Hindi Calender). (some people also say that its 9th Rabi ul Awal(Islamic Calender) and some says its 20 August 570 AD(Christian calender). But 12 Rabi ul Awal is accepted by most of ummah's Alims. That year is also called Aam-Ul-Feel (year of the elephant), cause that year governor of Yaman, Abraha attacked Holy Qaba with elephants and his whole army was destroyed by little birds. TIME According to present Pakistani time..it was 4:20 AM that day in Makkah. According to the other time system of Saudi Arabia it was 9:57 AM. And according to hindi time it was 13 hours and 16 min pass till 1st Jaith started. 2. BEFORE BIRTH --------------- Naratted by Hazrat Qab al Ahbar "ofcource Allah told Hazrat Mosa the time of birth of Rasool Allah(SAW). and he (Mosa(AS)) told it to his people that when that(a particular) star will move from its place, it will be the time of birth of Rasool Allah (SAW). This news and will was traveling among jews from generation to generation" (Alseerat tul Nabviea, Dahlan 1:40) A Jewish scholar came from the Country Shaam and settled in Makkah. He had the knowledge of holy books. He use to say "Oo People of makkah! very soon a kid will be born among you. Arab and rest of World will follow him and he will won the rest of world. His time of birth is close. Who ever will get that time and will obey him, he will be successful and who ever will go against him, he will fail" (Alseerat tul Nabviea :41) Narrated by Ibn Ishak in Seerat Ibn Hasham that Hazrat Amina said "Between the condition of sleeping and awakening some one came (angel) and said "do u know you are gonna be the mother of king and Rasool of this ummah" (Tabqat ibn Saad 1:98) Narrated by Hazrat Amina "Came to me who was meant to come (angel) and advised me that when he(SAW) will be born then recite this dua (prayer) "i give him under the safty of Allah against all hatters and bad". And then name him "Muhammad" because in torah and injeel(bible) his name is Ahmad. All on earth and skies will prase him. He(SAW) is named Muhammad in Quran and Quran is his book" (Seerat Halbia 1:46) Narrated by Hazrat Amina (mother of Rasool Allah (SAW)) "i was pregnant but i never felt any difficulty from start till end" (Tabqat ibn Saad 1:98) Narrated by Umru bin Qatiba that Abo Naeem told me that his father was a highly knowledgeable person and he told that when time of delivery of Hazrat Amina was close then Allah ordered angels to open all the heavens and skies doors and ordered them to go there, so they came and started congratulating each other. Mountains of the world went higher with pride, seas get wild and waves went high. and earth people started congratulating each other, every angel came there and devil was hang upside down in BahreKhazir tide in 70 chains and other devils were also tide and that day Sun was given more light and 70,000 hoor's were standing in air waiting for Rasool Allah (SAW) to be born. In honor of Rasool Allah (SAW), Allah ordered whole women of the world to born boys that year. Thus when Rasool Allah (SAW) was born, whole earth was fill with noor and angels congratulated each other and in every sky a pillar of diamond and a pillar of Zabarjar was placed, because of whom every thing was lightening. Thus these pillars are very famous in skies which Rasool Allah (SAW) noticed at the time of miraj. He(SAW) was told that these pillars were placed in the happiness of your birth. That night Allah placed 70,000 trees of perfumed "kastoori" at the shore of Qosar which will be use to perfume people of heaven. That night ones in skies asked for blessing from Allah. Stone idols were fall by there faces.........." (Al khasis ul Qubra, 1:47) Abo Naeem naratted from Hazrat Abbas(RZ) "Noor of Rasool Allah(SAW) in Hazrat Amina was knows because that night every animal of the tribe Quresh was able to speak and it was saying "Swear of Rab e qaba! Rasool Allah(SAW) is born and he is peace for the world and the highest point for the universe. Slave jinns of the witches of arab tribes were unable to come to them. There knowledge was taken away......animals start running from east th west to congratulate. Sea creatures also congratulated each other. It was said in earth and skies "be happy blessed and merciful Rasool abo qasim's (father of qasim) time of birth has come" 3. MIRACLES AT TIME OF BIRTH ---------------------------- Hazrat Amina stayed pregnant for 9 months. During this time she never feel any problem like pregnant women feels. His(SAW) father already died. Angels said "Ya Allah! your Prophet will be born an orphan". Allah said "I will be his Savior and helper". Every one (angels) get blessings by his birth. Doors of heavens and skies were open. Hazrat Amina says "After 6 months of pregnancy, a person came in dream. He touched with his foot and said "Oh Amina! you are conceiving the most respectful person of the universe. When he will be born, name him Mohammad(SAW)." Then she says, "when the time of birth came near i heard a voice which make me frightant, no one was near me. Then i saw some one rubbed a white feather like thing to me and because of that all the fear was gone. I was feeling thirsty, at that time i was offered a juice, white like milk which i drink, and because of it every thing was lightening. Then i saw tall women who gathered me. They were looking the daughters of the trip Abd Manaf. I was surprise because of there strange incidents. Then i saw silky dress between earth and sky and some one said "Take the kid and hide him from people". Then i saw some people who were standing in air carrying silver bottles. Birds gathered my house. There peeks were of Zabarjad and wings were of diamonds. Allah took all the curtains away from my eyes. I saw east and west and i saw 3 flags. 1 in east, 1 in west and 1 was placed on the roof of Qabba. When the matter of giving birth was complete, i saw that unique child. He was in Sajda (Prostration) and his finger was raised up. like some one is praying with full concentration. Then i saw a white cloud came down and hide the baby, he was out of my sight. I heard some one saying "Take Muhammad(SAW) to east and west, and take him to seas also, so that every thing will recognize his name and personality, and also that he(SAW) is a destroyer too, and will destroy all the SHIRK. Then he(SAW) appeared in front of my eyes. He(SAW) was wearing a white dress at that time and under him was green silk. He(SAW) was holding 3 keys made of pearls in his hands and some one was saying Mohammad(SAW) has captured the keys of prophet ism, success and airs. Then another cloud appeared and voice of horses and birds were coming out of it. That cloud also hided him(SAW), and went out of my sight again. I hears some one saying "Take Mohammad(SAW) to east and west and the places of prophets. And introduce Genie, animals, birds and every type of spiritual creatures to him. and give him properties of Hazrat Adam, .....tears of Hazrat Nouh,....friendship of Ibrahim, Hazrat Ismael's tongue, Hazrat Yakoob's good news,Hazrat Yousuf's beauty, Hazrat Dawud's voice, Hazrat Ayoob's patience, Hazrat Yahya's piousy, Hazrat Esa's generosity and characteristics of prophets. He(SAW) again appeared in front of my eyes. This time a green silky peace of cloth was in his hand. Some one said "congratulations! Mohammad(SAW) has captured whole world and all creatures are under his control. Then i saw 3 people. one was holding a silver bottle and other was holding white silk which he oppend and took a stamp out of it. It was too shiny that one feels blind. It was washed 7 times with the water of that bottle and then marked it between the shoulders of Rasool Allah(SAW) and then put it in silk cloth again. Then he(angel) hide him between his wings for some time and then give him(SAW) to me" (Al Khasis ul Qubra, 1:47-48) Narrated by Hazrat Amina "i saw tall women, they look like from the tribe of Abd Manaf. They gathered me. I have never seen women with more bright faces. One of them came forward, i rested at her (like we take our back with chair) and then other one came forward and offered me a drink which was whiter then milk, cooler then ice and sweeter then honey. she said with love "drink it" and i did. Second said "drink more" and i did. and on my asking they told me that they are Hazat Asia and Hazrat Mariam and with them are hoors of heaven" (Al Mohaib, 1:112) (Anwar al Mohamadia, 33) There was trembling in holy Qaba for 2 days and 2 nights (qabaa was filled with almost 365 idle gods at that time) and all the idles in it fall down. This was the first sign of the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Nosherwah (king of Iran) build a castle which was said to be faultless. That castle trembled too heavely that it had cracks in it. And 14 of its pillers (or windows) fall down without any weakness. In Faris fire used for worshiping was extinguished. That fire was burning from 1 thousand years. Not only that but the fire in all the worship places was extinguished and no one was able to burn the fire for worship that night. Most of the people of the world worshiped idle gods at that time. Among the leaders of quresh ..Warqa bin nofel, zaid ibn e umar and Abdullah bin Habsh went to there idle god and found it fallen down on its face. They tried to lift it up on its feets and it fall down. And it happened 3 times. Then there was a voice from that idle that "A Child has born and with his light (noor) East and West are brightened" (Seerat e Halbia vol 1) River Sawa went dry. water in Samava Valley went dry. Before the birth of Rasool Allah (SAW), that year Arab was under heave crises of hunger and thirst because of no rain. But with the birth of Rasool Allah (SAW) every thing changed. it rained. land went green and crops were healthy. "Thats why that year was named "the year of victory and happiness" because before that Bano Quresh were in crises. Then land was green. Trees were green and there was satisfaction and wealthiness every where" (Seerat Halbia, 1:47) Prophet Moses (A.S) informed his nation about the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbup) that "when a (certain) star will move from its place that will be the time of the birth of the last prophet. Bani Israel (Prophet Moses's Nation) passed this information from generation to generation. Thats why when Prophet Muhammad (pbup) was born there was a sudden rush in Jews and they were going from one place to other to ask about the new born baby. Jew Scholars use to tell arabs that very soon a child will born and whole Arab will follow him and he will conquer rest of the world. Who ever will follow him will be succeed and who will go against him will fail. His time of birth is near. After birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbup) Hazrat Abdul Mutlab went to the Jewish scholar who came from the country Shaam and sateled in Makkah. He told him "The great child which i told u about has born. Last night the star which was suppose to give his news is also raised" (al Seerat ul Nabvia, 1:41) Narrated by Abo Naeem and Bahaki that Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit(RZ) told that "i was 7 or 8 years old. And i could understand talks. That morning a Jews was standing on a rock and was saying loudly "oh group of Jews, please gather. i have a great news" when people gathered he said "The star of Ahmad has raised. That Prophet is born tonight (which every one was waiting). (Al Mohaib al Askalani) (Al Khasis al Sayoti) Narrated by Imam Hakim that Hazrat Ayesha(RZ) said "There was a jew in Makka, at the night of birth he came out of his house and asked tribe quresh "is a Kid born among you?" people said no. He said "Listen to me carefully! today last prophet of this ummat is born. and oh tribe of Quresh! he is from you" "There is a seal of prophetism on his shoulders. These things are mention in old books. go to your houses and ask" Qureshi people were surprised. all of them went home and very soon they all came to know that Allah has granted Abdul Mutlab a grand son. and on his birth too many un natural things and miracle happen. They very soon came back to him and told him that "you are right. Abdul Mutlab has a grand son". He said take me to his home i wanna see with my own eyes. He went there and saw Rasool Allah(S.A.W). checked his seal of prophetism and said with sadness "Swear of Allah! Prophetism has went away from bani israel" (Seerat al Nabvia, Dahlan 1:41) "oo tribe of Quresh congratulate a new life to you. because of him(S.A.W) you will get that greatness that from east to west he will be famous" 4. AFTER BIRTH -------------- Hazrat Abdul Mutlab(grand father of Rasool Allah(SAW)) was in Qabba that morning and suddenly stone idols fall down and a voice start coming for Qabba.. "Mohammad(SAW) is born and non believers will fain in front of him" (al Seerat ul Nabvia, 1:41) He was thinking of these unusual things mean while a person came and told him that Allah granted him a grand son. He went to home Hazrat Amina told Hazrat Abdul Mutlab all the strange things, advices and good news which she has seen (Tabqat ibn Saad, 1:103) Hazrat Abdul Mutlab went to the jewish scholar who came from the country Shaam and sateled in Makkah. He told him "The great child which i told u about has born. Last night the star which was suppose to give his news is also raised" (al Seerat ul Nabvia, 1:41) Narrated by Abo Naeem and Bahaki that Hazrat Hassan bin Sabit(RZ) told that "i was 7 or 8 years old. And i could understand talks. That morning a Jews was standing on a rock and was saying loudly "oh group of Jews, please gather. i have a great news" when people gathered he said "The star of Ahmad has raised. That Prophet is born tonight (which every one was waiting). (Al Mohaib al Askalani) (Al Khasis al Sayoti) Narrated by Imam Hakim that Hazrat Ayesha(RZ) said "There was a Jew in Makka, at the night of birth he came out of his house and asked tribe quresh "is a Kid born among you?" people said no. He said "Listen to me carefully! today last prophet of this ummat is born. and oh tribe of Quresh! he is from you" (Seerat al Nabvia, Dahlan 1:40) "There is a seal of prophetism on his shoulders. These things are mention in old books. go to your houses and ask" Qureshi people were surprised. all of them went home and very soon they all came to know that Allah has granted Abdul Mutlab a grand son. and on his birth too many un natural things and miracle happen. They very soon came back to him and told him that "you are right. Abdul Mutlab has a grand son". He said take me to his home i wanna see with my own eyes. He went there and saw Rasool Allah(SAW). checked his seal of prophetism and said with sadness "Swear of Allah! Prophetism has went away from bani Israel" (Seerat al Nabvia, Dahlan 1:41) "oo tribe of Quresh congratulate a new life to you. because of him(SAW) you will get that greatness that from east to west he will be famous" Before the birth of Rasool Allah (SAW), that year Arab was under heave crises of hunger and thirst because of no rain. But with the birth of Rasool Allah (SAW) every thing changed. it rained. land went green and crops were healthy. "Thats why that year was named "the year of victory and happiness" because before that Bano Quresh were in crises. Then land was green. Trees were green and there was satisfaction and wealthiness every where" (Seerat Halbia, 1:47) Plz Like and Share. JazakAllah Khair
  22. waqas dar

    Story of love

    Once upon a time all feelings and emotions went to a coastal island for a vacation.According to their nature, Each was having a good time. Suddenly a warning of an impending storm was announced and everyone was advised to evacuate the island... The announcement caused sudden panic ...All rushed to their boats Yet love did not wish to flee quickly..there was so much to do . But as the clouds darkened, Love realises it was time to leave. Alas!! There was no boats to spare.,,,, Love looked around with hope.. Just then prosperity passed by in a luxurious boat. Love shouted,,, ''Prosperity'' could you please take me in ur boat??? Prosperity replied... No..my boat is full of precious possessions,gold ( gold fish nh ) and silver. There is no place for u. Sorrow passed by after some time...Again love asked for help.. but is was to no avail... ''No, I can not take u with me. I am so sad. I want to be by myself.'' When happiness passed by a few minutes later..Love again called for help. But happiness was so happy that it didn't look around,, hardly concerned about everyone. Love was growing restless and dejected ( phr v aram nh lga jnab nu)..... Just then somebody called out..''Come love, I will take you with me'' Becare ko smjh hi nh ai kon pagal itna rehmdil hy :D..becara thokrain khany k bad beth gaya boat men ... On getting off the boat,,Love met knowledge. Puzzled love inquired,,, '' knowledge,,do u knw who so generously gave me a lift just when no one else wished to help.???'' Knowledge smiled.. ''Oh ,that was time" '' And why would time stop to pick me and take me to safety??'''..love wondered. Knowledge smiled with deep wisdom and replied. ''Bcz only time knws ur true greatness and what u r capable of. Only love can bring peace and great happiness in the world'' The important message is that when we r prosperous, we over look love. When we feel important, we forget love. Even in happiness and sorrow we forget love. Only with time do we realize the importance of love. Why wait that long..??? Why not make love a part of ur life today..????