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Found 39 results

  1. Google announced the Pixel 3a and 3a XL this week and if you are looking for an Android smartphone that delivers good performance, a phenomenal camera and not super expensive, it really ticks all the boxes right now. We've been using the phone for a while and simply fallen in love with the smartphone. Pixel smartphones tend to have exclusive features that give it a few advantages over its counterparts. The Pixel 3a delivers computational photography at an unmatched level and offers a pure Android experience just like the Pixel 3. Here are some of the reasons why we love the Pixel 3a: Great Cameras © Akshay Bhalla_MensXP The Pixel 3a, in our opinion, takes some of the most incredible shots with its single camera sensor. It still takes pictures today that can outmatch almost every smartphone available today, even flagship level smartphones. For the first time, Google has proved that great cameras are not exclusive to flagship smartphones. It comes with all the exclusive features you get on the Pixel 3 i.e. Night Sight, Super-Res Zoom, Top Shot, Photobooth, Playground and Google Lens built right into the camera app. Google also intruded a new time-lapse mode where you can set your frames to record at various intervals. This essentially will let you record a 20-minute video and condense the final video into 10 seconds. Here are a few camera samples from the Pixel 3a: The Best Android Experience © Akshay Bhalla_MensXP Pixel devices have the cleanest stock experience you can find on an Android smartphone and also gets more regular updates. It comes with exclusive features that are not available on other devices such as computational photography, unlimited picture storage and overall smoother experience. The operating system has been fine-tuned according to its specifications and delivers an experience that not many phones can match. Other useful features such as Digital Wellbeing, Night Light and constant updates make this the best Android experience you can have on an affordable smartphone. It Has A 3.55mm Headphone Jack © Akshay Bhalla_MensXP Flagship smartphones are now removing the headphone jack in favour of better water resistance however it does render your wired headphones useless. Many people; especially audiophiles still prefer to use wired headphones due to better audio quality. Pixel 3a comes with a headphone jack which makes me want to use my 1MORE Quad driver earphones even more. Overall, its a better experience when it comes to audio quality and Pixel 3a does a phenomenal job. Night Sight © Google Night Sight was one of our favourite features on the Pixel 3 and the same feature comes to Pixel 3a as well. If you love to go out at night like me, this will be the most important feature you want to be looking at. Basically, Google uses “computational photography” to enhance images taken in low-light environments. This will basically eliminate the need to use flash, as Google's algorithms spruce up the brightness, contrast and colour automatically. It takes multiple images and combines them together to give the best final picture that is social media ready.
  2. Currently sitting at the fourth place on the Indian Premier League's points table, the Shreyas Iyer-led Delhi Capitals announced the inception of their very first season of 'gully cricket' championship which will take place between 13th April and 5th May 2019. In what is expected to be one of Delhi NCR's biggest tennis ball cricket tournaments, the Delhi Capitals Gully Cricket Championship is scheduled across 127 matches through the month and will be spread across eight zones and will be played in eight different venues across the city. With a total of 96 teams and more than 860 cricketing fans from in and around the capital taking part in the contest, each team must go through at least 11 games in the Zonal Round in order to then qualify for the City Finals. Dilliwalon, thank you for such an amazing response to the ultimate open tennis ball tournament! *Registrations are now closed* Kaun banega @DaikinIndia Gully Cricket ka asli champion? Ho jaao taiyyaar, ab aayega mazza!#ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/kCybeC6NMi — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) April 10, 2019 "Delhi Capitals is proud to bring back the concept of gully cricket to the streets of the city. Gully cricket is something that all cricket fans and players enjoy participating in, and with this initiative, Delhi Capitals wants to bring back the gully cricket culture to the streets of New Delhi,” said Dhiraj Malhotra, CEO, Delhi Capitals. The total number of players per squad is 9 which includes seven active players and two substitutes who are allowed to replace players only as fielders but not as a batsman or a bowler. One player from every team is allowed to bowl three overs, upon the discretion of the team while all the others can deliver only two overs per innings. However, the most exciting aspect of the game is that of a 'Power-Over' during which the batting team is allowed to double the runs scored. The twist is that if a wicket falls during the Power-Over, it will also lead to five runs being deducted from the batting side's total. Intezaar hua khatam â Let the games begin Here's the complete schedule of our @DaikinIndia Gully Cricket Championship. Stay tuned with us for all the updates! Note - All teams are requested to report 45 minutes before their match timings.#ThisIsNewDelhi #DelhiCapitals pic.twitter.com/WJN4Quynu1 — Delhi Capitals (@DelhiCapitals) April 12, 2019 While the idea of a franchise as big as Delhi Capitals organising a grassroot-level competition is commendable in itself, these small alterations to the rules of the game make it that much more exciting and fun.
  3. Even though we've studied about black holes and scientists know quite a bit about the phenomenon, mankind has never really seen one. We've never witnessed one and everything we know about the phenomenon is based on inference. However, this is all about to change today. © YouTube For the first time in mankind's history, we will be able to see a proper black hole thanks to the Event Horizon Telescope project. We will be able to see it for ourselves today at 6:30 PM IST and we suggest you don't miss this monumental event. It will be our generation's “Moon Landing” moment and we may finally learn more about the mysterious phenomenon. © Paramount Pictures_Interstellar The Event Horizon Telescope will be using a network of eight radio observatories and all of them have pointed at two black holes, i.e. Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, and an even bigger black hole 53.5 million light-years away in Galaxy M87. Black holes are the most extreme environments for gravitational activity and are the best environment to test modern theories of gravity. It can be used to test general relativity and scientists expect the black hole to have a shadow in the form of a ring. This is based on Einstein's theory of relativity and if his theory does not hold, we can expect a different kind of shadow. How Can We Watch It? The live-stream of the event and the press conference is going to start at 6:30 PM IST and will be hosted on the National Science Foundation's official YouTube Channel. You can watch the live-stream below when it goes live. *Images for representational purposes only.
  4. Twelve days after the deadly Pulwama terror attack shook the nation and killed over 40 CRPF jawans, the IAF (Indian Air Force) today breached the LoC (Line of Control) and struck JeM (Jaish-e-Mohammed) terror camps in Balakot. This is the first time in almost two decades that IAF's jets crossed the border and fired in aggression. The fighter jets ambushed the terror camps with 1,000 kg laser-guided bombs. The strike was carried out around 3:30 AM by 12 Mirage 2000 fighter jets. IAF operates multiple fighter jets like the Sukhoi 30MKI, MiG 29UPG, SEPECAT Jaguar, and HAL Tejas. But, the Mirage 2000 has been a trusted jet since the 1999 Kargil Conflict, the last time it fired weapons in aggression. © MensXP / Shivam Vahia The Mirage 2000 is built by French company Dassault Aviation - the makers of the controversial Rafale jets. The IAF calls the jet "Vajra", meaning thunderbolt for its precision aiming and intercepting abilities. The Jets were first commissioned in 1985 and it was in response to Pakistan Air Force's acquisition of the American F-16 fighter. © WikiMedia Initially, 36 single-seater aircraft and four twin-seater were ordered, but after its remarkably successful performance in Kargil, the government ordered 10 more. The jet is technically classified as a multi-role aircraft, meaning it can carry out air-to-ground bombings, air-to-air superiority combat, interception, as well as reconnaissance. © Wikimedia / SRA Greg L. Davis Even though it seems like an old aircraft on paper, India has upgraded the jet's avionics to the latest standard (Mirage 2000I) and it is classified as a fourth generation fighter. Powering the fighter is a single SNECMA M53 turbofan that generates up to 95kN of thrust in afterburner stage. The engine has a single shaft modular design which helps in reducing the weight and in turn increases manoeuvrability. It can fly at a maximum speed of Mach 2.2 or 2,330kmph. © Safran It has a built-in DEFA 554 autocannon and can fire up to 1,800 rounds per minute. Five hardpoints (location where missiles and bombs are attached) are located on the fuselage and two on each wing. For today's strike, GBU-12 Laser Guided bombs were used and R.550 missile was loaded to counter any possible threat from Pakistan's air force. © WikiMedia / SSgt. Glenn B. Lindsey This is the same jet that was also landed on Yamuna Expressway near Mathura in 2015. For today's attack, reports suggest that Sukhoi 30MKI were also kept on standby to assist the Mirage 2000 in case of retaliation from Pakistan Air Force. At the same time, the attack was also backed by an EMB-145 AEW&CS "Netra" aircraft from Agra to look out for aerial targets and provide better radar coverage.
  5. The 'Super Bowl' is a widely watched event worldwide and hence always brings a bag of goodies in the form of some big shot trailers and teasers dropping our way. Here are the top 5 movies trailers that left us all excited: 1. Avengers: Endgame- Tony Stark is coming back and everyone is gearing up to take on Thanos. How do we keep calm now? April is way too far! 2. Captain Marvel- This one is going to be special with Brie Larson, as the insanely powerful Captain Marvel, getting stuck and fighting it out between two alien races. 3. Toy Story 4- This one is packed with a lot of action and nostalgia because Bo Peep is coming back after more than 20 years after making a debut back in 1999. The movie will hit theatres in June. 4. Fast And Furious Presents: Hobbs And Shaw- This is going to be the 'Fast And Furious' spin-off that we deserve and stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham who will begrudgingly join hands to fight the terror known as Brixton. 5. The Handmaid's Tale ( Season 3)- If you're a fan of this mega-popular series, then we know that you're on pins and needles waiting for the release of this one. After the last season left fans on a cliffhanger, this one promises more drama. So, which one are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comment section.
  6. With just three more weeks to go before Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt starrer 'Gully Boy' hits the screens, the movie has gone full throttle with its promotions. Right from poster releases, to teaser and trailer launches, press meets and now, the launch of the much-awaited recreation of Divine and Naezy's 2015 superhit street-anthem 'Mere Gali Mein' - the film is on a roll when it comes to keeping the audience craving for more. The recreated version of 'Mere Gali Mein' starring Ranveer Singh and Siddhant Chaturvedi, from 'Gully Boy' was released just a while ago, and this recreation is legit awesome. Still as raw and honest as the original viral song, starring Bombay-street rappers Divine and Naezy, the visualisation of the track will take you back down the memory lanes. Ranveer Singh seems to be one with his character, and it doesn't seem like he isn't a backstreet boy from the bylanes of Dharavi. View this post on Instagram Wolfpack ðº@vivianakadivine @naezythebaa #gullyboy A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 17, 2019 at 8:03am PST Director Zoya Akhtar seems to have done an amazing job at creating a movie inspired by the life story and achievements of rappers Divine and Naezy, which also depicts the lives of upcoming hip-hop singers and rappers in Mumbai at large. View this post on Instagram #MereGullyMein out tomorrow â ï¸ðð§ . @ritesh_sid @zoieakhtar @faroutakhtar #TigerBaby @aliaabhatt @zeemusiccompany @siddhantchaturvedi @kalkikanmani @reemakagti1 @vivianakadivine @naezythebaa @ankurtewari @sezonthebeat #GullyBoy A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 21, 2019 at 8:35am PST The movie is all set to release on 14th February, Valentine's Day, this year. But for now, we are more than happy to watch this video on repeat and marvel over how creatively and authentically 'Mere Gali Mein' has been created by the makers and actors of 'Gully Boy' in the film. We are more than sure that both Divine and Naezy would be extremely proud of this rendition of the song, which completely changed their lives.
  7. It was a good day in Melbourne for Rafael Nadal, who looked like his old self in a straight-sets victory against Australia's James Duckworth in a comeback game after not playing for months due to excruciating pain in his knees. © Reuters During the on-court interview after the match, Nadal said: “It's not easy to come back after a lot of months, and especially against a player who's super aggressive.” But Nadal's greatest highlight came after the game and during the press conference when the Spaniard was answering a reporter's question. Nada's eyes got stuck on a particular reporter who had dozed off during the press conference and he hinted the rest of the crowd towards the soon-to-be roast victim with a hilarious facial expression. ð´ Nothing gets past @RafaelNadal #AusOpen pic.twitter.com/PebIxmYg4t — #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 14, 2019 Displaying the sharp wit that he commands, Rafa quickly said in a very serious manner: “It's not interesting today” which resulted in everyone ending up having a laughing fit, which woke the poor journalist up very abruptly. © Twitter/Australian Open “I know you were closing your eyes to be more focused on what I was saying,” he commented jokingly to make the situation less embarrassing for the reporter. Nothing gets past Rafael Nadal!
  8. A letter issued by CEO Tim Cook addressed to investors said that Apple is expecting a $9 billion loss in revenue due to weak iPhone sales. Cook goes on to explain that this was partly because of people replacing their batteries on older iPhones. © BCCL Apple admitted to throttling older iPhones which let to the company offering cheaper battery replacements as compensation to users. The battery replacing fee was cut down by $50 which encouraged users to simply replace older batteries because their iPhones still worked like a charm. © Akshay Bhalla_MensXP Instead of upgrading their iPhones to the latest model, users preferred to replace the batteries instead of spending $1000 on a new iPhone. User's also learned how to turn off the throttling feature which resulted in better performance for older iPhones. The new iOS 12 update also improved performance on older iPhones which discouraged a lot of users from upgrading to the latest model. "Some customers taking advantage of significantly reduced pricing for iPhone battery replacement," he noted. © Pexels Cook also addressed facing growth difficulties in emerging markets such as India and Cina due to the strength of the dollar. In order to counter this issue, Apple may start manufacturing their flagship devices in India to curb the excessive tariffs imposed by the Indian Government on imported smartphones. Having said that, Cook's letter is only indicative of the difficulties faced by the company and should not be referenced for concrete sales numbers. As Bloomberg points out “this isn't to say that Apple's business is falling apart. It is still generating levels of revenue and cash flow that are the envy of the corporate world.” Source: Bloomberg
  9. 'Far Cry New Dawn' returns players to Hope County, Montana, 17 years after the nukes that brought 'Far Cry 5' to its fiery conclusion, fulfilling Joseph Seed's prophecy. America has only recently emerged from the grasp of a nuclear winter, and Hope County has been fortunate to benefit from the vagaries of a resurgent mother nature. Those people that survived have emerged into a new Super Bloom biome; colourful and full of life, blessed by sun and rain. Familiar faces return to re-stake their claim on the land and rebuild their lives for the sake of tomorrow's children. © Twitter They become farmers, peacefully producing ethanol to power their machines that plough the fields and vehicles that keep them in the hunt for food in the wild. They were not prepared for the threat riding from the Eastern seaboard; a band of modern-day pirates calling themselves the Highwaymen. Headed by sadistic siblings Mickey and Lou, the Highwaymen live for the day, claiming whatever resources they can find – woe betide anyone who stands in their way. But, of course, this is precisely what you are here to do… Survival is the key objective, defending a ramshackle home-base using makeshift weaponry in this new, lawless frontier. With all-new Friends for Hire and Fangs for Hire, the good folk of Hope County could make it through alive. Fight tooth and nail to make sure they succeed. What Happened After The Nuclear Fallout? © Youtube Within days of the explosions that rocked America, the country descended into a nuclear winter; the sun's rays prevented from reaching the earth. Even in Montana, a summer in July would see temperatures of just 2 degrees Celsius. Fast forward 17 years and the clouds have lifted. Hope County has sprung back to life, and the people emerge from their bunkers into this lush and inviting post-apocalyptic world. The Survivors' peaceful, resourceful way of life will not remain uninterrupted for long, however. A savage new threat approaches. What About The Survivors? Led by Kim Rye, who players may recall from 'Far Cry 5', the Survivors establish a home base, where children can be kept safe and prosper. The production of ethanol becomes a priority, fuelling farm vehicles and machinery, and keeping transport on the move. As resources are harvested, the home base facilities improve, with upgrades to the Training Camp, Garage, Healing Garden, and Cartographer among others. Initially, the greatest threat is scarcity. Who Are The Bad Guys? © Twitter The Highwaymen, led by the twins Mickey and Lou, are modern-day pirates that take your money or your life. Their founders got lucky, being trapped at the Eastern seaboard when the bombs dropped, putting them in close proximity to the docks with all the food, vehicles, medicine, and even weapons. There was not an infinite supply, however, forcing the group onto the road, where they encountered ruthless bandits, realising they were ill prepared. Their journey to the West toughened the Highwaymen, now they're here to take Montana. Who Are Mickey And Lou? © Twitter There are two main antagonists in 'Far Cry New Dawn' – siblings Mickey and Lou, the twin daughters of their father and Highwaymen founder. The sisters' ruthlessness knows no bounds. In Mickey and Lou's world, you are either a problem maker or a problem solver. Mickey and Lou are the group's leaders, complementing each other's hard personalities. Their world is tough; it's kill or be killed. They've grown used to folk surrendering on sight. How Do You Defend Yourself? This is the new Wild West, but instead of rifles and horses, survivors ride pick-up trucks and carry AR-15s. However, every item owned in America is now makeshift, and therefore highly personalised. Unique, signature weapons replace the old world off-the-shelf armoury, and every makeshift weapon can be upgraded given the right resources. The Saw Launcher, for example, hurls singular circular saws to start out with, but eventually, three can fire at once. Weapons are tailored on the workbench at home base, unlocking their future potential. Guns For Hire While 'Far Cry New Dawn' is balanced to give co-op players the best possible experience when playing solo the new Guns for Hire prove great company. In addition to being crack shots, they're wise-crackers too and regale their companions with stories of their life. Among the Guns for Hire made known so far are 17-year-old Carmina - the daughter of Nick and Kim Frye (Carmina was the new-born in the Far Cry 5 mission 'Special Delivery'). Carmina is a child of New Dawn, this world is all she has known. There is also Nana, an elderly lady who is a stealthy sniper, described as a sharpshooter with a sharp tongue. She chastises the Highwaymen, drawing them out into the open. Fangs For Hire Very sadly, the much-beloved Boomer has passed away. However, the good news is that Fangs for Hire are still very much a part of 'Far Cry New Dawn'. There is a new dog called Timber, an Akita, who can now accompany players in vehicles, head out of the window. Meantime, we have an element of chaos introduced via Horatio, the giant hog. Horatio is trained to attack intruders and is capable of flinging Highwaymen around like toys, three or four at a time. Between Timber and Horatio, we can see how endearing the Fangs for Hire have become. Outposts And Expeditions Make A Return The Outposts make their return but are now linked to an all-new Escalation mode. A robust gameplay loop that allows players to first of all conquer these Outposts, before scavenging for resources such as ethanol. Abandoned Outposts are claimed by increasingly higher-level Highwaymen, who reinforce the facilities while improving the alarm systems. Meanwhile, players can embark on Expeditions to exotic parts of the United States; essentially smash-and-grab missions to claim valuable resources from much further afield and face unfamiliar challenges.
  10. Animated characters are our first real introduction to cinema. They're entrusted with a very important responsibility. Shaping the minds of children. Yes, the influence animated characters have on us when we were children tends to stay with us for the rest of our lives. That's why it may not seem like much, but animated characters really do matter. When we speak of animated characters there is one name everyone knows, Mickey Mouse. For the last 90 years, Mickey (and his friends) have been educating kids while also keeping them entertained. From our grandparents to our parents, us and our kids, Mickey Mouse is going to be a part of our lives. Better believe it. So, for the 90th anniversary of Mickey's first appearance in Steamboat Willie, we thought we'd take you down memory lane and look at how the character has evolved over the years. Yeah, just like the times, Mickey too has seen some changes over the years. So, here are some fun facts about the world-famous mouse that not many would know: Here's one of the first images of Mickey from way back in 1929. Source: Disney India Initially, it was Walt Disney himself who voiced the character. Source: Disney India He was the first animated character to speak. The first words he said were, “hot dogs!” Source: Disney India Mickey was the first animated character who got his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Source: Instagram Mickey was originally supposed to be called Mortimer. Thankfully, that didn't happen. Instead, his arch enemy was called Mortimer. Source: Disney India
  11. Last month Apple announced the launch of iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS Max. But that's just one vertical of gadgets that Apple makes, we're still left to wait for the updates or refreshments of the lineups. Apple has sent out invites for a second event scheduled for today, October 30. Even though the iPhone brings in almost a majority of the giant's revenues, other segments like the MacBook and iPad contribute the other half. It seems fairly safe to speculate that the emphasis will be on creative tools that Apple's Macs and iPads are known for. A whole bunch of Apple products are due for a refresh and here's what we expect the company to announce. 1. New iPad Pro © 9to5Mac This will probably be the highlight of the event, as it's expected to get a complete overhaul in terms of design. It was last updated in June 2017 and still, run on the A10X chipset. The recently announced A12 Bionic chipset of the new iPhone's is extremely fast, in fact, faster than anything out there. We're sure Apple will leverage its abilities to market the capabilities of the new iPad Pro. When it was first announced, Apple aggressively showed off its multitasking and processing capabilities. It was clearly an attempt to place the tablet as a competitor of the Surface lineup. And with the portable keyboard, it becomes a near perfect convertible. Apple wants to target the creative demographics as well as ones who are looking for an ultralight machine that can get work done on the go. © TechRadar For starters, the new iPad Pro is expected to get a new edge-to-edge display and the Home Button will be gone for good. Face ID is sure to come in and there is a good chance that the lightning port will also be out. Since the "MacBook" launch, Apple has increased its focus on USB-C and Apple is known to have a streamlined ecosystem of products. 2. MacBook Air Refresh © BCCL It's been nearly four years since Apple last updated the MacBook Air lineup. The light and easy to carry machine has been asking for attention since the company has updated the lighter 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro series only. Even though the price has been the same, its performance is very basic and even the display hasn't reached "Retina" standards yet. Multiple reports over the last few months have suggested that the new version will have a Retina display, thinner bezels, and even Touch ID support. We expect the new laptops to get a processor bump as well, and it will either be an 8th Generation "Coffee Lake" chip or an even newer "Whiskey Lake" CPU. 3. Mac Mini Comeback © WikiMedia The chances of an updated Mac Mini are low since the company has been silent about it since its last update of 2014. Clearly, though, the demand for a new upgraded one is unprecedented. A new updated version is sure to get a huge hardware bump and hopefully support for USB-C as well. The Apple Event invites state "There's more in the making." and we sure hope they mean a new Mac Mini. This one gadget that people immensely love and is a creators low-cost paradise. Even the iMac could get a specification bump and given Intel's chip releases over the last quarter, an upgraded processor is very much a possibility. 4. AirPower And AirPods 2 © BCCL Apple has avoided the AirPower discussion for more than a year now. It was first unveiled alongside the iPhone 8 launch but hasn't been released yet. We expected Apple to launch it again, or provide an update at the September launch, but no official update. While all phones starting with the iPhone 8 support wireless charging in their ecosystem, there is no accessory to charge them yet. Lastly, the AirPods. We've been hearing rumours and reports about the new AirPods '2' for months now and really hope this becomes official this week. Going by online chatter, it's expected to sport better battery life, music output, as well as new sensors.
  12. The iPhone XS and XS Max will be available for Indian users to buy from today from 6:00 PM onwards. Users can buy the new iPhones on both online and offline platforms. The iPhone XS is exorbitantly priced in India and starts with a price tag of Rs 1,09,900. Customers can buy the new phone via Flipkart, jio.com and the Airtel Online Store. Since these smartphones cost a small fortune, retailers have come out with attractive offers for buyers that include cash-back options and EMI plans. © Twitter Here are the prices of the new iPhones, in case you plan on buying them today: . iPhone XS (64GB): Rs. 99,900 . iPhone XS (256GB): Rs. 1,14,900 . iPhone XS (512GB): Rs. 1,34,900 . iPhone XS Max (64GB): Rs. 1,09,900 . iPhone XS Max (256GB): Rs 1,24,900 . iPhone XS Max (512GB): Rs. 1,44,900 Deals: © Reuters If you're looking to save additional money, you can avail offers from various outlets. The Airtel Online Store is offering a 5 per cent cashback on online orders if you use Citi Bank or Axis Bank credit cards. You can either avail a 12-month or 24-month EMI option. You can have the iPhone XS either delivered to your home or arrange a pickup at your nearby Airtel Store. On Flipkart, you can avail other rewards such as an exchange offer that will save you up to Rs. 13,500 on any of the new iPhone models. If you pre-order on Flipkart using an RBL Bank credit cards, HDFC Bank credit card or an Axis Credit Card, customers can get a five per cent discount. If you prefer to buy on EMI, offers start at Rs 4,149 per month. The iPhone XS and XS Max come with a 5.8-inch screen and 6.5-inch screen respectively. All models are powered by Apple's proprietary A12 Bionic chip and come with a dual camera system. Both primary camera lenses have a 12MP sensor with f/1.8 wide angle lens and the second lens has an aperture of f/2.4. Both models come with iOS 12 out of the box. Will you be buying the iPhone XS or the iPhone XS Max? Let us know in the comment section below.
  13. God's own country faced one of its biggest threats last month. But the rains that beat down on the beautiful state, couldn't touch the grit and optimism the state held within its many folds. The state and its people are slowly getting back onto their feet, and life has slowly begun to fall into a normal cycle for most people. This has been possible only because of the people who inhabit the state, who bear hopeful smiles on their faces and keep pushing forward every passing minute with a resilience that has caught people's attention all over the country. © Pixabay However, as the state is slowly beginning to pick up its pace, the tourism in the state continues to suffer from the aftermath of the floods. The tourism sector is struggling to get back on its feet and that's a major setback for Kerala, because tourism adds to the state's economy. So today, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, a 1:40-minute video clip has been doing the rounds of the internet, reminding us that a major section of the state depends on tourism to survive, and now is when they need us the most. © Wikipedia The video is well made and captures the spirit of the state and its people, as they try to reclaim themselves and their lives. Watch the video here: Terrific, right? Doesn't it do the perfect job of reminding you how incredible Kerala and its people are? It sure as hell made us proud. We can't wait to book ourselves a ticket and head right out.
  14. It doesn't matter what generation you belong to; there's a high chance that you have watched 'Friends' and you love it as well! You can impersonate Phoebe's singing skills, and ensure Monica's OCD like no one's business, right? © NBC Well, guess what, if you were thinking how people in all generations of your family love the iconic show so much, then the fact is that it actually turned a whopping 24 year old today! Yes! People on social media are having a mini nostalgic meltdown today. Oh. My. God. It's been 24 years since #Friends aired. Could I BE more thankful for this show? pic.twitter.com/lW4IB2KxZU — Samantha ð (@samantha_167) September 23, 2018 24 years ago Friends premiered for first time ever Wow! I wasn't born until 2 years after but it still is one of my all time favorite shows ever! It contains something so magical that many shows lack & changed what a tv show could really encompass #Friends I'll Be There For You pic.twitter.com/SQvU7g4Os0 — Amy (@musicalways14) September 23, 2018 I am sure you suddenly feel very old right now but in a good way. 24 years ago the world was changed for the better #friends pic.twitter.com/CyDkhWBxmz — Logan Chisholm (@lmchisholmm) September 23, 2018 WE WERE ON A BREAK! #friends My fav show aired 24 years agoð­ I mean... I'm almost that old. — Maria (@simplymarialara) September 23, 2018 24 years ago today, the world was blessed with the most iconic (and my all-time favorite) show ever & the rest, as they say, is history. @FriendsTV pic.twitter.com/U4OGfdQ5cz — Charu Misra (@charumisra) September 23, 2018 Following the lives of this group of reckless crazy group has been super fun and taught us many life lessons in friendship and love. Cheers to the show who gave rise to many more shows that tried to catch on this concept, but sucked anyway. 'Friends' will always be there for you! Okay, I'll return to my binge watch marathon now.
  15. Freedom can be really underrated for those who readily have it, and didn't ever have to face the horrors of captivity - literally and otherwise. Have you ever been called a criminal without having committed any crime? Have you had to lead a life of fear, shame, and guilt, for no fault of your own? Have you ever been treated as a second class citizen in your own country - your own motherland that you love and plan to stay in for the rest of your life? I have gone through all of that, just like millions of other Indians who happen to not be heterosexual. Please note, 'millions' is an understatement here, and no, it's not a 'minuscule' number - and even if it were, should justice be denied just because the number of people suffering is 'small'? © Twitter But all of that is about to be history now. The Supreme Court of India has decriminalized Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, according to which gay *** (among other things) was a criminal offense. I no longer am a 'criminal'. I am a gay man who finally has freedom. © Twitter Not being emotional is hard right now, but I shall try my best to be objective about what exactly changes for me this moment onward. Has the quality, or standard of living been elevated for me? No. And YES! Let's just say I had been pushed into a ditch for no fault of my own, and now I have climbed out of it and stand with others - on equal footing (again, only legally, and not in entirety because we still can't get married like heterosexual people, but that's another topic, and let's just agree that this significant step suffices, for now). For me, and my people, that warrants a huge celebration, for the climb was steep. © Twitter I am not from a metro city, and belong to an extremely conservative family. My parents probably don't even know the full form of 'LGBT'. Of course, I am not out to them. How did you expect me to even start a conversation with them on the topic, when my opening line was going to be 'Legally, I am a criminal for being who I am'? Now, however, I can. I can finally tell them that I am in a loving, fulfilling relationship. The fact that I couldn't even share that part of my life with my parents because of a flawed piece of judgment was killing me everyday. Now, I can finally tell them that they can stop looking for a bride for me, because I already have found a groom. © Twitter The constant, unyielding fear of being harassed because of your sexuality is something I don't wish upon my worst enemies. You're always just a rumour away from being arrested, or blackmailed, or being a part of a full-blown scandal. I have been lucky enough to not face anything like that, but I have friends who have been a part of horror stories - stories of humiliation, exploitation, and abuse - purely and only because of their sexual orientation. That changes today. © Twitter But the battle has only began. We're no longer criminals in the eyes of the law, but what about the society? As happy as I am today, my heart still sinks when I think about all the 'Haha' and 'Angry' reactions this story is going to receive on social media. I still have to think twice before referring to 'my boyfriend' openly. I still have to 'come out'. The assumption is still that I am different, and don't fall under the category 'normal'. I still have to plan and prepare meticulously, with a counselor handy, when I am about to tell my family about my sexual orientation, while hoping and praying hard that I still have a family post that. © Twitter But I will still celebrate. I will celebrate, because today marks the day when millions have tasted freedom for the first time in their life. Today, the efforts of all the noble souls who have been crusading for the availability of something as basic as human rights, armed only with grit and hope, have borne fruit. Today, I can hold my head high, and not be ashamed of how I was born, without being penalized for it legally. Today onward, I am no longer a criminal. Today, I am free. And it feels good. Congratulations, everyone!
  16. I have said this a million times and I will say it again – Mumbai Police has the best account on Twitter and everyone else should just delete their accounts because let's be clear, no one can compete with them. There are so many meme pages on every social media platform but there's only one that matters, and we all know which one I'm talking about. Just a couple of days ago they came out with a hilarious 'Riverdale' meme and well, only Veronica Lodge would not be happy about it. Well, we don't really play cool if you break the rule! #AlwaysFollowTheRules pic.twitter.com/p7YJkjUtco — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) September 1, 2018 Yes kids, always follow rules. Side note – this scene from 'Brooklyn Nine Nine' goes perfectly with this. © FOX And now, being very topical like always, they have a cautionary message for people celebrating Janmashtami. Let your being 'on top of the world' feeling not get shattered by unnecessary carelessness! #AwareGovindaAalaRe #WearSafetyGear pic.twitter.com/EsTkpmJSSc — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) September 3, 2018 The best part about this is that no one is complaining and stopping people from celebrating however they want, it's just a warning about how to pay just a little more attention to not face any bad consequences. That's how it should be because it's a life-saving suggestion which is actually quite important to implement. Full props for the hashtag also, everyone always appreciates a good word play. So, remember to break the handi, not you head. I actually have a better suggestion for this – break the handi, not your haddi. See, isn't that better? Mumbai Police, are you reading this? Are you hiring? Like always, people really liked the PSA. Always ð — Anup N (@anupnagle) September 3, 2018 Good idea. the minimum age of Govinda phatak should be 18 years and height of the pyramid should be no more than 20 feet due to safety reasons. I hope this is adhered. Even Lord Krishna & his friends formed pyramid not more than 10ft I assume. — Allwyn Michael (@AllwynMichael) September 3, 2018 This is exactly what I said! Dear @MumbaiPolice this is what I like most about u, this is the actual way of awaring ppl. As u never ask ppl not to celebrate festival, but u say do celebrate it to fullest but beware of ur safety n make everyone around comfortable. It's gonna b busy day 4 u guys, so gud luck — rohit shukla (@srunny) September 3, 2018 Very well put. ððvery well put up, break the handi not your head — sonitaa@k (@sonitaaak0925) September 3, 2018
  17. The Pixel 2 launched last year and it was probably the most talked about Android flagship device then. We've been using the phone for almost a year and the smartphone hasn't let us down in any category so far. Google released Android Pie for the device today and our experience has been enhanced even more since the update. Since its release, many notable devices like the OnePlus 6 and the Galaxy S9 have been launched, that can give the Pixel 2 some tight competition. Having said that, the Pixel 2 has a few advantages over its counterparts that make it a flagship worth owning. This is not a knock on the OnePlus 6, as we already know it outperforms the Pixel 2 by a great margin. But not everything is about performance. Here's why we feel the Pixel 2 is still a great smartphone you can invest in today: 1. It Still Has The Best Camera © BCCL The Pixel 2, in our opinion, takes some of the most incredible shots with its single camera sensor. It still takes pictures today that can outmatch almost every smartphone available today. The Huawei P20 Pro comes close, but it still doesn't deliver what the Pixel 2 can do. Pixel 2 also has the gyro-based EIS with the OIS that makes video footage look smoother and stable. The sharpness of pictures from the Pixel 2 is still king and we feel that it can only beaten by the Pixel 3 later this year. Low-Light imagery on the Pixel 2 is out of this world and is capable of capturing the minutest of details that most phones cannot. Here are a few sample images below for your reference: These pictures were taken on the #Pixel2, not a DSLR. A post shared by Akshay Bhalla / Høax (@editorinchief) on Aug 7, 2018 at 1:43am PDT 2. Android's Best Experience Is On The Pixel The OnePlus 6 delivers a near perfect experience of stock Android, however, the Pixel smartphones always get updates before everyone else. On top of that, the Pixel also gets some exclusive features that are not available on other Android phones (for example Google's algorithm for Bokeh pictures). Services like Google Maps, Gmail, Docs, Keep are fine-tuned and deeply integrated with Pixel's OS. If you like and have already invested in Google's ecosystem, then services like Google Home, Chromecast and Google Wi-Fi should work without any hiccups. 3. It's A Steal Right Now © YouTube At the time of this story, the Pixel 2 retails for Rs 53,899 on Flipkart. If you've always been wanting a smartphone that can take amazing pictures and also performs like a beast, this is probably a steal for you right now. Sure, it's a little bit more expensive than the OnePlus 6, but you do get a superior camera in return. 4. It Has Unlimited Photo Storage © Google The Pixel 2 may not have expandable storage, however, it does support unlimited picture storage via the Google Photos app. On every smartphone, the maximum number of storage is utilised by all the pictures you take, which often makes you want to delete memories or take a backup. Google Photos on the Pixel smartphones automatically backs up your gallery without you ever having to deal with manual labour. This in turn also leaves you extra room for storing music, comic books, games and other apps. Not All Is Rosy Though Even though we've stated some great things about the Pixel 2 above, every smartphone comes with caveats. First of all, the Pixel 2 does not have an imaginative design like other flagship devices. It has noticeable bezels and a bulky design when compared to the Galaxy S9 or the OnePlus 6. © Google The other annoying missing feature is the lack of a headphone jack. Google opted to provide water resistance and removed the headphone jack in the process. The company replaced it with stereo speakers which are a plus point if you like to watch videos with the loudspeaker on. Having said that, if you are an audiophile, you will not enjoy the sound quality over Bluetooth which can be a major drawback. If you want to use your wired headphones, you will need to carry the supplied dongle with you everywhere and guard it with your life. If you want to know more about why Bluetooth headphones are inferior to wired earphones/headphones, you can read our explanation here
  18. Just a few days ago, Honor launched the stunning 9N in India that comes with a first of its kind design in the midrange segment. Today, Honor has launched the Play as well. It is a gaming-centric phone that has been selling like hot cakes in China. While top-tier phones have always been good at gaming, this is among the first phones in India that are specially built for gaming. The phone has a full metal construction and looks simple. The back houses the fingerprint scanner and the vertical dual-camera setup. On the front is a 6.3-inch Full-HD+ display with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. The display also has a notch on the top and the phone is very comfortable to hold. © sandeep9sarma / Twitter Powering this device is an octa-core HiSilicon Kirin 970 SoC along with Mali-G72 GPU. This chipset is currently Huawei's flagship chipset and also has a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit) for onboard AI. The Camera and Processes AI that is always active on the phone is due to this onboard NPU; it is also more power efficient compared to CPU doing similar AI tasks. The phone comes with Huawei's GPU Turbo technology that enables the processor to draw up to 30 percent lesser power for 60 percent faster speeds. It also has a 4D mode for an immersive gaming experience. The smartphone comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage. It also has a hybrid-SIM setup. © clintonjeff / Twitter The rear has a 16-megapixel primary lens with f/2.2 aperture and a 2-megapixel secondary lens with f/2.4 aperture. The camera supports AI Scene Recognition that automatically adjusts the settings to give out the best possible pictures. On the front, a 16-megapixel lens sits in the notch. The phone ships with EMUI 8.2 skin over Android 8.1 Oreo, and also supports Face Unlock. Backing this phone is a 3750mAh battery that supports fast charging via USB-C. Honor Play will be available for purchase starting today at 4 PM exclusively via Amazon.in. The phone is priced at Rs 19,999 for the 4GB+64GB variant and Rs 23,999 for the 6GB+64GB variant. It will be available in Midnight Black and Navy Blue.
  19. The Kargil War is a historical moment in the landscape of our country. Braving all odds and putting their own lives at stake, our brave soldiers fought for this nation to protect it. Marking the victory and commemorating the army, 26th July is observed as 'Kargil Vijay Diwas' every year. The Indian PM pays homage to the martyrs at the 'Amar Jawan Jyoti' every year on this day. On #KargilVijayDiwas, a grateful nation pays homage to all those who served the nation during Operation Vijay. Our brave soldiers ensured that India remains protected and gave a befitting answer to those who tried to vitiate the atmosphere of peace. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) July 26, 2018 #WATCH Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, Chief of the Army Staff General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Sunil Lanba and Chief of the Air Staff Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa pay tribute at Amar Jawan Jyoti in Delhi on #KargilVijayDiwas pic.twitter.com/kRdDiUOYlh — ANI (@ANI) July 26, 2018 International sand artist Sudarshan Patnaik created a dedicated sand sculpture for the occasion. #KargilVijayDiwas . We take pride in our brave soldiers #JaiJawan one of My SandArt. pic.twitter.com/946nkkGgF5 — Sudarsan Pattnaik (@sudarsansand) July 26, 2018 Twitter is abuzz with heart-warming messages pouring in from all the corners of the nation. Today we go to our office and come back, today our children go to school and come back, today we are doing whatever we wish to do in this country only because certain number of men and women are standing guard. #KargilVijayDiwas @adgpi @BSF_India pic.twitter.com/4HKiSVakA3 — Sadhguru (@SadhguruJV) July 26, 2018 Freedom is NOT for Free... Price of our Freedom is beyond our imagination and our brothers paid for us ! Beneath this land,527 of our brothers are resting after giving their EVERYTHING for our motherland.@adgpi Long Live The Glory of Our MartyrsðªðºJai Hind #KargilVijayDiwas pic.twitter.com/YjNCkR5mt9 — Maj Surendra Poonia (@MajorPoonia) July 26, 2018 Our victory is never forgotten but above all, our martyrs who laid down their own lives so that we could sleep in peace will continue to inspire us to fight for the nation. On this day, we salute the supreme sacrifice of our soldiers who fought valiantly & laid down their lives in 1999 during the Kargil war. We citizens will always be proud of their courage, heroism and service to the nation.#KargilVijayDiwas pic.twitter.com/PnQx2thQZA — DK Shivakumar (@DKShivakumar) July 26, 2018 On #KargilVijayDiwas I salute my heroes - our soldiers for their commitment towards the security of our country. For their sacrifices. I also salute the selfless parents who send their beloved children on our borders to protect us. Jai Hind. Bharat Mata Ki Jai.ðð®ð³ @adgpi pic.twitter.com/JkDYH2UeGI — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPKher) July 26, 2018 On #KargilVijayDiwas, a humble homage to all soldiers who did not shy away from even making the supreme sacrifice for the nation. The saga of Kargil is one of valor, overcoming impossible odds & epitomizing "Service Before Self" in the finest traditions of Indian Army Jai Hind! pic.twitter.com/rSgYkMSpqH — Rajyavardhan Rathore (@Ra_THORe) July 26, 2018 It takes more than just courage to do what our men in uniform do for us every day. No amount of gratitude is enough for this.
  20. File photo of PTI chairman Imran Khan. Photo: AFPKARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan will arrive in Karachi today (Sunday) as he wraps up his election campaigns.Imran is expected to arrive in the metropolis at 3:00pm.The PTI...
  21. PML-N leader Hanif Abbasi. Photo: FileRAWALPINDI: A special court conducting the narcotics smuggling trial against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Hanif Abbasi and others is set to conclude the case today (Saturday). A day earlier,...
  22. Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz. Photo: Reuters ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his daughter Maryam Nawaz will meet their counseld today (Saturday) at Adiala jail, where the duo is currently...
  23. ???? ??? (?) ?? ????? ????? ???? ?? ????? ?? ?????Posted by Geo News Urdu on Thursday, July 19, 2018 RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Senator Pervaiz Rasheed lamented...
  24. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/9e6cf6ce394e3378c40cc1a421c8848f.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ny8xOC8yMDE4IDY6NTA6MzYgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1VSkRpb24yaTFGdURzR0luVURtTWV3PT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  25. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/ea004bf67ed6e6dd85acd421ac6d5276.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ny8xOC8yMDE4IDU6MDM6MzAgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1LMHpTRm01and3aTg0aHZ3NCtOVSt3PT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...