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Found 3 results

  1. They say anger increases anxiety and high blood pressure, often leading to adverse effects on a person's health. In the world of sports, it often spells doom for an athlete and blurs their vision for success. But, despite all that, anger is still a positive and useful emotion (if it is expressed appropriately). Ask Virat Kohli. The Indian cricketer is already one of the most feared batsmen in the world, but when he's angry or being sledged, Kohli is an absolute nightmare for his opponents. The Delhi lad thrives on anger and seems to have mastered the art of using it for his own good. That's probably why not many would advise poking Kohli with insults on the field. A similar incident came to the fore at the 2018 Asian Games when India's Tajinderpal Singh Toor came out to represent India in the men's shot put event in Jakarta. The 23-year-old from Moga was realising his dream of representing the country on the world stage, but at the back of his mind, there was a picture of his ailing father who was battling cancer back home. © Reuters Angry with himself that he had to leave his father behind to carry the baton for India at the Asian Games, Tajinderpal almost ensured the gold medal on his first throw during the men's shot put final. But, his target was not to win the gold medal, rather it was to break the elusive 21-metre mark in the competition. But, despite beginning the round with a brilliant effort, the youngster struggled consistently to cross the 20m threshold, let alone come anywhere close to the 21-metre target he had initially set for himself. Lacking motivation and struggling to find his rhythm, Tajinderpal was getting ready for his fifth throw when his coach MS Dhillon shouted: "You die of shame". © Reuters And, the result was a 20.75m throw - a new Asian Games records and a gold-medal finish for an emotional Tajinderpal. "I wanted him to get angry. I told him 'I have left my family for you and your father is fighting cancer. Think of us'. I think it worked," Tajinderpal's coach said of his ward. After breaking the six-year old Games record set by Om Prakash Karhana (20.69m), Tajinderpal said: "I was trying hard to break the national record for the last 2-3 years and it happened today, that too with a Meet record". "This is my biggest achievement because a lot of sacrifices have been made. For the last two years, my father (Karam Singh) has been battling with cancer. My family though never let me get distracted. They allowed me to chase my dream. A lot of sacrifices have been made by my family and friends and all those have paid today," Tajinderpal, overwhelmed with emotions, told TOI. © Reuters "My family never pressurized to attend my father in hospital and it was always my friends who took care of all the hospital formalities in my absence. I have not gone home much in this period since I was training in Dharamsala. Now I will meet my dad but I will be there for only two days. I have to get ready for the next challenge. My coach MS Dhillon also needs to be credited for the hard work put in by him," the Indian athlete added. While a lot of athletes have won medals for India in the ongoing Asian Games, Tajinderpal's tryst with gold is undeniably the one that stands out among the rest. Though he stood alone on the podium as the national anthem was played in the backdrop, Tajinderpal's gold-medal finish was a collective victory for his family, coach and all those who aided him in these troubled times.
  2. Maine is toor se chaha tuje aksar jaana میں نے اس طور سے چاہا تجھے اکثر جاناں جیسے ماہتاب کو انت سمندر چاہے جیسے سورج کی کرن سیپ کے دل میں اترے جیسے خوشبو کا ہوا رنگ سے ہٹ کر چاہے جیسے پتھر کے کلیجے سے کرن پھوٹتی ہے جیسے غنچے کھلے موسم سے حنا مانگتے ہیں جیسے خوابوں میں خیالوں کی کماں ٹوٹتی ہے جیسے بارش کی دعا آبلہ با مانگتے ہیں میرا ہر خواب مرے سچ کی گواہی دے گا وسعتِ دید نے تجھ سے تری خواہش کی ہے میری سوچوں میں کبھی دیکھ سراپا اپنا میں نے دنیا سے الگ تیری پرستش کی ہے خواہشِ دید کا موسم کبھی ہلکا جو ہوا نوچ ڈالی ہیں زمانوں کی نقابیں میں نے تیری پلکوں پہ اترتی ہوئی صبحوں کے لئے توڑ ڈالی ہیں ستاروں کی طنابیں میں نے میں نے چاہا کہ ترے حسن کی گلنار فضا میری غزلوں کی قطاروں سے دہکتی جائے میں نے چاہا کہ مرے فن کے گلستاں کی بہار تیری آنکھوں کے گلابوں سے مہکتی جائے طے تو یہ تھا کہ سجاتا رہے لفظوں کے کنول میرے خاموش خیالوں مین تکلم تیرا رقص کرتا رہے، بھرتا رہے خوشبو کا خمار میری خواہش کے جزیروں میں تبسم تیرا تو مگر اجنبی ماحول کی پروردہ کرن میری بجھتی ہوئی راتوں کو سحر کر نہ سکی تیری سانسوں میں مسیحائی تھی لیکن تو بھی چارہِ زخمِ غمِ دیدہِ تر کر نہ سکی تجھ کو احساس ہی کب ہے کہ کسی درد کا داغ آنکھ سے دل میں اتر جائے تو کیا ہوتا ہے تو کہ سیماب طبیعیت ہے تجھے معلوم موسمِ ہجر ٹھہر جائے تو کیا ہوتا ہے تو نے اس موڑ پہ توڑا ہے تعلق کہ جہاں دیکھ سکتا نہیں کوئی بھی پلٹ کر جاناں اب یہ عالم ہے کہ آنکھیں جو کھلیں گی اپنی یاد آئے گا تری دید کا منظر جاناں مجھ سے مانگے گا ترے عہدِ محبت کا حساب تیرے ہجراں کا دہکتا ہوا محشر جاناں یوں مرے دل کے برابر ترا غم آیا ہے ! جیسے شیشے کے مقابل کوئی پتھر جاناں
  3. View File Toota Hua Tara By Sumaira Shareef Toor Complete Novel Read online and free Urdu novel download Toota Hua Tara by Sumaira Shareef Toor. Free Urdu books online by Sumaira Shareef Toor. in PDF format. Online read social and romantic novels in Urdu by Sumaira Shareef Toor. The largest Urdu Books Download Link Collection. Read Online Or Download social novels for free. Free Download Social novels collection in PDF by Sumaira Shareef Toor. For read only click at support topic button. Submitter waqas dar Submitted 01/22/2017 Category Urdu Novels Writer/Author Sumaira Shareef Toor