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Found 4 results

  1. Ah, what a great time to be Punjabi! Yesterday, we witnessed history in making, we witnessed someone having enough guts to take on the self-proclaimed Jhansi ki Rani and come out victorious. © Instagram To be honest, there was just so much emotion behind everything he said, if you can't understand Punjabi, it's really hard to fully grasp what he's saying. Since yesterday, people have been rushing to understand each and every word Diljit Tweeted and it's beautiful to see people coming together this way. Whole of south Indian Twitter rushing to learn Punjabi in a day because of Diljit Dosanjh; Central government which has been trying to get us to learn Hindi since 70 years: pic.twitter.com/avFZtcTPJe — Rakshith ಪೊನ್ನಾಥಪುರ (@PonnathPuraaNa) December 3, 2020 From 'gallan na ghuma' to 'bhuki fame di', Diljit has provided a new dictionary for everyone to use as comebacks in every fight they have from now on. What an impact to have! Maybe even Kangana will be motivated to learn the language now to come up with her Tweets because, let's be real, Diljit is the true current winner. Saloni 🏼🏼 https://t.co/JAyOw1PHOI — DILJIT DOSANJH (@diljitdosanjh) December 3, 2020 It's really hard to put in words. Everyone asking for punjabi translations doesn’t realise that we WOULD give them if we COULD but you can’t translate pure emotion — harnidh (@chiaseedpuddin) December 3, 2020 Everyone yesterday. Me cheering Diljit paaji even though I don't understand punjabi .#कंगना_को_दिलजीत_पेल_रहा_है pic.twitter.com/aAkqj3oEBp — Khurrafati_Dimaag (@KhurrafatiDimag) December 3, 2020 We do. Reading #DiljitDosanjh tweets in punjabi with his voice running in your head. We can call it a day. “Alexa, tell Diljit we love you” @diljitdosanjh — Hitashi (@Hitashi24) December 3, 2020 So proud. Diljit inspiring people to learn punjabi. @diljitdosanjh Proud. #Tractor2Twitter #कंगना_को_दिलजीत_पेल_रहा_है https://t.co/woJqIlBjdL — Harpinder singh (@iamxHarpinder) December 4, 2020 Kylie doesn't deserve him. Heard even Kylie Jenner is trying to learn punjabi now. Paaji 🏻 @diljitdosanjh #Diljit #GOAT — Gopal Mundhra (@GopalMundhra9) December 3, 2020 Good thinking. I want to learn Punjabi at the earliest so that I can get the feel of @diljitdosanjh's tweets. #Diljit #Punjabi — Manish Dhariwal (@Manish28jain) December 4, 2020 The impact! all of bollywood couldn't get south indians to learn Hindi, and it took only one day for Diljit Dosanjh to make us all want to learn Punjabi and that's very telling ain't it @KanganaTeam — Lily / Curdfriedrice stan/ AdyitA hate acc (@waterfaIIminx) December 3, 2020 Diljit, inspiring such a great change. So after a great conversation between Diljit and Kangana, the whole nation was curious to learn Punjabi. #FarmersProtest2020 pic.twitter.com/Wp36ozRfBy — Aspinder Singh (@aspinder2727) December 4, 2020 Yep. The Diljit Effect @diljitdosanjh #DiljitVsKangana #DiljitRocks #KisaanKiBaat #Zomato pic.twitter.com/fLeeqljckJ — Pritpal Panesar (@Pritpalart) December 4, 2020 Punjabi sounds better. Should I study for my exams or learn Punjabi to just understand Diljit Doshanj's tweets? Such dharmasankat :( — Cactusary (@baa_jhingaa) December 3, 2020 So cool. **** it I'm going to learn Punjabi just out of respect for Diljit — Pranav (@Jakradum) December 4, 2020 Here are the translations, approved by Diljit himself. “Jod tod Bollywood ch chalda hona Tera.. Punjabi’an Naal Ni Chalna” Translation: “your political tricks of disunifying might be effective in Bollywood ..but it won’t work on us Punjabis” https://t.co/X5w37MRDff — Gurmehar Kaur (@mehartweets) December 3, 2020Translation: Kanagana speak of unifying the nation, not dividing it Answer this first THIS ISN’T JUST YOUR COUNTRY You’ve no other work than spitting nonsense 24 hours What sort of nationalism teaches you to insult the country’s elders Plays nationalism card every time https://t.co/ZzgSjrle01 — Gurmehar Kaur (@mehartweets) December 3, 2020Translation: Our mothers who live in our heart, you say they’re on hire for 100rs I know all your ploy India is not yours alone..Hell, promoting political agenda the whole time Punjabis have sacrificed the most and now you’re abusing our mothers Dw we wont let you forget https://t.co/QCvCh2c5ym — Gurmehar Kaur (@mehartweets) December 3, 2020Translation: The way you proved your lack of brains by insulting punjabi mothers.. PUNJAB will remember you and..YOU will remember punjabi Straying peaceful protests is all you can do and have done Don’t worry, I know all your tricks and what you’re trying to do https://t.co/OgJgAeMWR0 — Gurmehar Kaur (@mehartweets) December 3, 2020Translation: It’s a peaceful protest.. everyone stands with the farmers Everyone please note, people like @KanganaTeam are trying to destabilise the movement, divert attention and politicise it.. This woman works to divert attention from real issues Punjabi’s know your truth https://t.co/eX4GDMCV6Q — Gurmehar Kaur (@mehartweets) December 3, 2020Translation: Go do your politics and wag your tail.. we want nothing to do with you. Go learn some manners before attacking our mothers and sisters. I seek prosperity and peace for everyone.. and know how to give it back if someone attacks. Fame monger promoting her own # https://t.co/rdlhRjaNsg — Gurmehar Kaur (@mehartweets) December 3, 2020Translation: So friend last tweet of the day@KanganaTeam is known to divert attention from the issues at hand The issue is about unfair Farm Bill and we stand with farmers in peaceful solidarity If one wants to fix their Karma they must apologise to the mothers of Punjab https://t.co/wure9HTJ02 — Gurmehar Kaur (@mehartweets) December 3, 2020 View the full article
  2. As we say, known is a drop and unknown is an ocean, there are so many interesting things in the world that will take us a lifetime to keep learning and exploring about. Say for instance, languages. Did you know there are up to 7,000 languages spoken across the world? Isn’t that fascinating? It may come as a surprise to many of you that despite having so much global exposure and learning and understanding different languages, there are some foreign words which have no English translation. Yes, you read that right! Interestingly, an English artist Emma Block created a series called More Than Just A Word, an illustrative book that consists of untranslatable words of love from across the globe. She created the series in partnership with jewelry company Vashi, who provided her with the meanings of romantic phrases across the places and essentially set her loose. Here we have listed out some of the interesting words from across different languages including Hindi and Tamil that cannot be translated in English: 1. Schnapsidee (German) – A plan which is hatched when you are drunk, or a plan so ridiculous you must have been drunk when you thought it up. 2. Cafuné (Portugese) – The act of running your fingers through a lover’s hair. © viraha pinterest 3. Oodal (Tamil) – The fake anger lovers display following an argument. © viraha pinterest 4. Litost (Czech) – Defined by Czech writer Milan Kundera as “a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery”. 5. Viraha (Hindi) – The realisation of love through separation. © viraha pinterest 6. Jayus (Indonesian) – A joke so unfunny that you can’t help but laugh. 7. Tsundoku (Japanese) – When you buy a book and never get round to reading it. 8. Toska (Russian) – Described by Vladmir Nabokov, the Russian-American novelist, as “a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause”. 9. Abbiocco (Italian) – The drowsiness you feel after eating a large meal. 10. Odnoliub (Russian) - Someone that only has one love in their life Tell us if you know more such interesting words. View the full article
  3. When it comes to Baba Sehgal, there is no logic applied to his idea of creating and crafting music. With an array of random lyrics and obnoxious music to his credit, the so-called pop star doesn’t wants to stop at making songs about pizza and rajma chawal. © Youtube His new found hobby seems to be digging up last year’s top music and jumping on the bandwagon of making a cover version of his own. Last year, the entire world danced to Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills’. Actually, it is still playing on our play lists. It inspired a million covers, from a Bhangra mix to even a Sanskrit version of the hit number, the world saw it all. However, perhaps owing to Baba’s delayed subscription to latest music, he recently took out his own cover in his own true style. Titled as ‘Sasti Masti’, the lyrics contain stuff like “'Baby pyaar sey yeh duniya kehti hai tujhko SIYA, Boyfriend ko yahan kehte hain hindi mein PIYA.' Yes, that’s right. © Youtube Maybe he should stick to making songs about inanimate objects around him.
  4. Badshah in a song is like the inevitable. His music, rap and lyrics, Bollywood cannot get enough of him. © Twitter You are hearing him on the radio, in the bar, at a wedding—he is basically omnipresent. We bet you are crooning to one of his numbers, now that I mentioned his name. He did a fun video with TOI entertainment where he translated some of his best works into English. He sounds all callous and laidback but we like him so much, we enjoyed it anyway! In another world, his latest song ‘Mercy’ has already crossed 25 million views. Check it out if you haven’t already:
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