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  1. Pankaj Tripathi, after delivering five films in 2021 and six in 2020, is ready to take a much-deserved break
  2. Pankaj Tripathi is one Bollywood actor who probably has no haters in the world. I mean, when you look at the kind of films and TV shows that he's done over the years and the manner in which he has acted in them, it only takes little time for someone to become his true fan. His calming yet powerful on-screen presence is seen in every different character that he plays, a reason why a lot of his films and shows end up being so relatable to viewers. © Prime Video After doing projects like Stree, Mimi, Gangs Of Wasseypur, Mirzapur, and many others, the actor's latest movie is the Rani Mukherjee, Saif Ali Khan, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Sharvari Wagh-starrer Bunty Aur Babli 2. The movie is a sequel to the superhit 2005 film Bunty Aur Babli that starred Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukherjee. © YRF The sequel, while being similar to the first film, will focus on the story of two con artists from different generations in a battle to prove who's better. However, talking about the movie, Pankaj got reminded of the time when he was conned in Bollywood. As you know, in Bollywood, you need contacts and aids from people who might help you get roles and auditions faster. This is where Bollywood agents come in handy. They charge a certain commission on the money you get from projects but they help you in getting them through their knowledge of the industry and their links to the right people. As an actor, his or her agent sort of becomes a very close person as he or she may actually help in making your career. But what happens when you get betrayed by the same person you put your trust in? Well, that's what happened with Pankaj as he reveals how his agent conned him for some money. © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi He mentioned that the incident happened a few years ago, after which he decided to only deal in cheques. “When I contacted the company to check on the policy, they denied having it. After this, I made sure to make only cheque payments. It was a small amount of Rs 2,000 to Rs 5,000 but the incident made me aware.” said Pankaj. Now, having gone through that, Pankaj will be putting a stop to conmen everywhere. Well, at least in the upcoming Bunty Aur Babli film, where he plays a cop named Jatayu Singh. © YRF Speaking about his character, Pankaj said, “He is a super-intelligent cop, who thinks he is India’s biggest cop. He hopes to become a great cop or feels that he is in the process to become the greatest cop. He always wanted to become an actor but ended up joining the police force. He is a filmy cop but intelligent. He sets the old Bunty Babli behind the modern Bunty Babli so that they do his work. He feels that a cop should be intelligent and that's why he makes one chase behind the other. The audience will get to see different layers of his in the film." Directed by Varun V Sharma, Bunty Aur Babli 2 will be released in theatres on November 19. View the full article
  3. ‘Agar aap focused aur dedicated hain toh raaste apne aap bante jaate hain, Google ki zaroorat nahi padti navigation ke liye.’ - Pankaj Tripathi If you have been following Pankaj Tripathi’s journey, you would have a fair idea that the above-mentioned statement by him perfectly sums up his journey as he has found success all by himself. Tripathi entered the film industry with Run and Omkara in 2004 and has every time made his presence felt on the big screen. From Sacred Games to Stree, he has proved that he's versatile too. In an interview with Mid-Day, Pankaj Tripathi said that when he started off, things were completely different and he never imagined good things would come to him. He had said, “When I joined the movies, I had never imagined that any of these wonderful things were possible for me. I came to the movies with modest expectations, looking for good work. The very fact that the audience welcomed me with so much love is humbling.” Pankaj Tripathi’s characters in his movies are like a breath of fresh air. We decided to revisit his journey and we realized that there are characters played by him that truly deserve spin-offs. 1: Sultan Qureshi in Gangs of Wasseypur It won’t be wrong to say that Anurag Kashyap’s Gangs of Wasseypur changed how Indian cinema was perceived globally. It was raw and the characters were well-written. The powerful performances by the main lead actors only enhanced the credibility of the movie. It was this movie that made us notice Pankaj Tripathi whose character Sultan Qureshi was ruthless. He was the head of the Qureshi clan and it will be interesting to see his journey in a stand-alone movie. 2: Rudra In Stree If you have watched the film Stree, you would agree with us that Pankaj Tripathi’s character Rudra too deserves his own spin-off. Well, he is the only one who knows about the stories connected to Stree. It will be fun to watch his comical take about the entire story in a Bollywood movie led by him. 3: Akhandanand Tripathi In Mirzapur Whenever we think of Mirzapur, we cannot not think of Kaleen Bhaiya. It will be interesting to see a movie that showcases how he got the throne and how he exercises so much power. Pankaj Tripathi added life to the character of Akhandanand Tripathi and we can’t wait to see more of him on the screens. 4: Guruji In Sacred Games Guruji in Sacred Games was one of the most controversial characters played by Pankaj Tripathi. It would be interesting to know his life and how he started this entire cult. 5: Principal Srivastava In Nil Battey Sannata This was the first time we got to witness the comical side of Pankaj Tripathi. In Nil Battey Sannata, Tripathi plays a strict Maths teacher and it will be interesting to see a web series on him running the entire school and how he tackles the functioning of the education system. Do you agree with us? Or do you think we missed a few names? In any case, do let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  4. Few actors have the command and grace over their expressions, the way Pankaj Tripathi does. One of the reasons why he’s cherished by scores of fans is no matter what role he plays, he still manages to add his own unique idiosyncrasies to the character. A gentle bob of the head, a subtle flick of the wrist. That’s all this incredible actor needs to convey his character’s intentions. Pankaj Tripathi is an actor who’s definitely benefited from the OTT boom that we’re going through right now. Mimi, Ludo, Sacred Games, and Mirzapur have all been successes despite being launched on an ‘alternative’ medium. Since streaming platforms have become an ecosystem of their own, they have broken the monopoly of several ‘mainstream’ actors. This allows for a diversity of talent for the Indian audiences. Manoj Bajpayee is another actor who received long overdue appreciation of his talents thanks to his stint as Srikant Tiwari on The Family Man, a series distributed by Amazon’s Prime Video. View this post on Instagram The internet has also overhauled the way we consume content for entertainment. We now have access to global content, breaking the regional dominance that existed previously. Increasing time spent on mobile phones and other screens mean that we’re more attuned to the minor details that may have gone unnoticed previously. There’s no social media platform that isn’t in on the fun. Sometimes these minor details spring memes and trends that end up going viral guaranteeing laughs across several platforms, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit. You name it. View this post on Instagram In an exclusive interview with The Indian Express, Pankaj Tripathi discussed how viral memes have the potential to weirdly influence the scripts he gets, “People making memes are very creative. They observe small things and give it a whole new interpretation. I noticed how I do it (neck movement) in the middle of Mirzapur’s shooting. I got a script for a TVC recently where it was mentioned ‘Tripathi’s signature nod here’ (laughs). I say if you ask for it deliberately, I can’t do it. It’s spontaneous.” Kaleen Bhayya is a man in demand and deservedly so. We’re looking forward to more iconic characters from the incredible Pankaj Tripathi. More iconic roles matlab more fodder for viral memes! View the full article
  5. Manoj Bajpayee’s journey in the film industry has been one of the most inspiring stories so far. He has been the role model for many other actors who see him as their mentor. He was the one who paved the way for people who didn’t have any connections or any godfather in the industry. View this post on InstagramActors like Pankaj Tripathi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and many others have gone on record to say that they have followed in the footsteps of Manoj Bajpayee, and if it wasn’t for him, they wouldn’t have had that courage to walk all alone. View this post on InstagramThat's why it was kind of surprising to know that Manoj Bajpayee had stated that he is envious of the actors mentioned above. When Spotboye reached out to him, Manoj clarified why he had said so while also stating that he was not jealous of anyone. He said, “I didn’t mean I envied them for their talent. Of course, they are all talented and it is my good fortune that they all respect me so much. I think they are fantastic actors. But I am not jealous of any actor in the world. Because I am happy with what I have, and I want to maximize my potential before I get older.” Further clarifying why he envied the other actors Manoj Bajpayee said, “They have time on their side. Success and a kind of stardom have come early to them whereas I am now in my 50s. I've got some years to go. But I don’t want to overstay my welcome. Before the audience gets bored of me I want to do good work. These are my best years,” said the Satya actor. View this post on Instagram He also went on to add that he will quit when he will start to feel that the audience is getting tired of him and before that happens, he wants to maximize his efforts. He said, “Before the audience gets tired of me and I get tired of facing the camera I want to retire, do the things I couldn’t because of my jam packed schedules, travel to places I haven’t seen, spend time with my family, watch the films that I’ve been lining up for years. Yes, there is life beyond cinema for me. But later.” View this post on InstagramNeedless to say, it's been an incredible feat for Manoj Bajpayee to have successfully survived in this ruthless industry for over 26 years. And we respect him for doing it all alone without any support. View the full article
  6. As Indians, we take pride in our love for Cinema, with Bollywood being one of the biggest film industries in the world, not to forget the multiple successful regional film industries we boast of as well. All in all, it’s been a good time to be a cinema goer if you’ve lived in India. What isn't recent is our proclivity for the theatre experience. The romance of watching your favourite films on the big screen is incomparable to most. Before the pandemic hit us, weekend cinema was a ritual for many in the country. Throngs of families scurried with their little ones into halls, with plush, red, reclining chairs, scattered popcorn and a wondrously massive screen to witness the magic on. Ladakh, often known as the land of high passes, is one of the most spellbinding destinations in this country. As scenic as it may be, it is equally remote and hostile to inhabit. Ladakhis who live there have learnt to live with these harsh climatic conditions. Their realities, however, come at a certain cost. © Reuters However, In some much needed good news, the union territory of Ladakh can now claim to be home to the world’s highest, mobile, cinema halls at a height of 11,562 ft. The moving cinema hall offers digital movie screening on a big screen. It’s also Dolby 5.1 surround sound with DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) compliance available. All of this is housed in an inflated enclosure that holds the capacity to house 150 people. However, presently the audience count will be limited to 75 due to COVID-19 protocols. © Reuters The people of Ladakh can finally enjoy the magic of cinema halls, thanks to Picturetime Digiplex. Sushil Chaudhary, Founder and CEO of the company says: “The vision has always been to reach out to the Entertainment dark spots of this country. Ladakh had been missing out on a big cinema screen for quite some time and I always wanted to bring in a multiplex cinema watching experience for the people here. I am so grateful to the Government of Ladakh for having faith in us. We aim to install two fixed cinema screens and one moving cinema screen in Ladakh in the next thirty days, and the citizens of Ladakh shall have access to newly released films as well.” Ladakh has historically been a well frequented location for several Bollywood films such as Lakshya, Dil Se, Tubelight and most popularly 3 Idiots. But it’s taken far too long for the locals to experience the magic of seeing their enchanting home on the silver screen first hand. © Reuters The chief guest and guest of honour for the unveiling on Sunday at NSD Grounds, Ladakh were Thupstan Chewang, President, Ladakh Buddhist Association and actor Pankaj Tripathi. The moving theatre means a lot to local Ladakhis as explained by Thupstan Chewang, President, Ladakh Buddhist Association: “It has always been a very popular destination for film shoots. As you all know, Ladakh is one of the most secluded parts of the country. We are mostly cut off from the rest of the country half the year, so having a source of entertainment in the form of cinema is of great value to all of us.” He added, “After the pandemic it became all the more difficult for people to come out of their homes and even though through the digital medium people had access to entertainment. We hope that through these inflatable moving theatres we get to watch all the good and latest content that is being made.” © Reuters Actor Pankaj Tripathi also had some kind words to share,“What a beautiful initiative. Cinema reaches people in the interiors of this country. For someone like me who belongs to the film world, this comes across as such a unique and different means of film exhibition – ‘A Moving theatre’. Having a concept like this in a gorgeous location such as Leh, is absolutely incredible.” ‘Sekool’, a film by Stenzin Tankong about the Changpa Nomads Of Ladakh was screened at the launch to rapturous applause. This moving theater will undoubtedly introduce magic to the lives of many cinema loving Ladakhis. And we couldn’t be happier. View the full article
  7. Pankaj Tripathi and Kriti Sanon’s Mimi started streaming online before its actual release date to celebrate the leading lady’s birthday. Based on a National Award-winning Marathi film, this Laxman Utekar directorial touches upon the subject of surrogacy gone wrong. The film follows the story of an aspiring actor who’s struggling to raise money for her Bollywood entry as a professional photoshoot would cost a bomb. Pankaj’s character comes as a ‘messiah’ and she gets an opportunity to mint easy money by turning into a surrogate mother. Things go terribly wrong with the film taking us on an interesting journey. View this post on Instagram When the trailer was released, people went on to say that the makers have revealed everything but it seems like after watching the movie, there’s been a drastic change of heart as people are loving every bit of it. People are loving the movie because of these three reasons: 1. Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi have delivered powerful and impactful performances. 2. They are also appreciating the screenplay and the dialogues of the movie. 3. The fact that the movie is high on emotions and delivers a strong message has also resonated well with the audience. Here are the reactions: © Twitter © Twitter © Twitter Apart from Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi, the film also features Sai Tamhankar, Supriya Pathak and Manoj Pahwa in lead roles. View this post on Instagram Mimi marks the third collaboration between Sanon and Tripathi, who were previously seen together in Luka Chuppi and Bareilly Ki Barfi. Have you seen the movie already or are you planning to watch it over the weekend? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  8. The first time we saw Pankaj Tripathi on-screen was when he made an appearance in a Tata Tea advertisement and asked Indians to 'Jaago Re'. From that very moment, Tripathi has undoubtedly come a long way. For someone who used to be an underdog, his story is quite inspiring. After being a part of Bollywood for a while, his stint in Mirzapur, Sacred Games and movies like Gangs of Wasseypur, Gunjan Saxena and Ludo earned him recognition. No matter what role or character he has essayed, he leaves no stone unturned with his excellent acting skills. © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi For the unversed, Pankaj comes from an ordinary middle-class family in Bihar. Recently, he opened up about his days of struggle and mentioned how he used to wander in Andheri, looking for work. However, it took him six years to start with something. He also revealed that he didn't earn enough money, and it was his wife who took care of the expenditure. © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi Speaking to a Hindi Daily about his journey, Tripathi said, "To be honest, I did not earn anything between 2004 and 2010. She bore the burden of all expenses involved in the upkeep of our household. I used to roam around in Andheri and urge people 'koi acting karwa lo, koi acting karwa lo'. He further added, "But no one listened to me at the time. Now, when I go home, I find movies being offered in my parking lot." © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi The directors used to ask him in the parking lot where he was as they wanted to do movies with him. They would ask him to sit down for a narration. He said, "Earlier, I struggled but found no jobs even when I searched for them in Andheri, but now there are queues of movies being offered." He also praised his wife, Mridula and said she took care of everything, from house rent to other basic needs. © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi Pankaj was recently seen in Mimi, starring Kriti Sanon. The movie is a Hindi remake of the Marathi movie Mala Aai Vhhaychy. It was released on Netflix recently and has received rave reviews for its storyline. View the full article
  9. Pankaj Tripathi is one of the best actors Bollywood has. He has the talent of making his fans laugh with his extraordinary comic timing and can equally easily make them shed tears too with his spectacular acting. Now, he has spoken about what he keeps in mind while choosing a script. Recently, in an interview with IANS, Pankaj Tripathi said, “Sometimes I pick stories I like or characters I like, or something in the film that I really want to reach to the people, like a message. Before choosing a project I see if there is gender sensitivity or not and what a filmmaker is trying to say through the film.” View this post on Instagram He further added, “Box office collection is a by-product. I just want to pass on a message through a film. Every story has the purpose of giving out a message. So, I keep that in mind.” Pankaj Tripathi is currently awaiting the release of his upcoming film Mimi which stars Kirti Sanon as well. The film revolves around the story of a girl who wants to become a Bollywood actor and ends up becoming a surrogate mother for a couple. Pankaj Tripathi plays an integral role in Mimi’s journey and her struggles. The film also stars Sai Tamhankar, Supriya Pathak, and Manoj Pahwa, and will release on July 30 on Jio Cinema and Netflix. View this post on Instagram Recently, he also expressed how he had difficulty in shooting emotional scenes for Mimi, he said, “Because I am not used to it. I always try that it doesn't get over-dramatic and there's no melodrama. It should be real. So sometimes, in an attempt to keep it real, you stop yourself. So that was a difficult part. The emotional part was a little tough for me.” Well, we are really looking forward to his next release. What about you? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  10. With movies shifting their releasing platform to OTT, the option to experiment with a diverse range of topics have only increased with time. Producers and directors have the liberty to spend less money and explore fresh concepts and many actors are finally shedding the makeshift perception around the ‘small’ screen. The trailer of Kriti Sanon and Pankaj Tripathi starrer Mimi released earlier today and needless to say, it is a breath of fresh air. The movie is actually an unexpected journey of entertainment like the theme. Even though the topic of surrogacy and embracing motherhood is a sensitive one, the makers seemed to have dealt with it intelligently. A lot of underlying humour is involved in a few scenes which is courtesy good storytelling. Secondly, Pankaj Tripathi is a reason in himself to watch any movie since he has the Midas touch to embrace a role and make it his own. His comic timing and expressions seem to be a big factor for making any movie successful. © Netflix Thirdly, Kriti’s acting nuances look extremely polished and brushed in the trailer. It looks like she will do a fantastic job in carrying the titular role, like she previously did with Bareilly Ki Barfi. © Netflix Last but not the least, the music of the film is courtesy the magic of AR Rahman which needs no explanation basically. The movie is releasing on Netflix on the 30th of this month. View the full article
  11. Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya was recently questioned by a troll on social media about the absence of a dupatta with her suit for Crime Patrol. The Twitter user had written, "Crime Patrol episode me aap dupatta kyu nahi pahanati hai (Why don't you wear a dupatta in the episodes of Crime Patrol) (sic)." © Instagram_Divyanka Tripathi Divyanka replied to the user and wrote, "Taaki aap jaise bin dupatte ki ladkiyon ko bhi izzat se dekhne ki aadat dalein! Kripya khud ki aur apne aas paas ke ladkon ki neeyat sudharen, na ki aurat jaat ke pehnaave ka beda uthaayen! Mera shareer, meri aabru, meri marzi! Aap ki sharaafat, aap ki marzi! (sic) (So that people like you learn to respect women even without a dupatta. I request you not to take upon the responsibility of what women should wear, and rather change the way you and others look at women. My body, my honour, my wish! Your decency, your wish)." © Divyanka Tripathi Twitter Divyanka, in a recent interview, recalled the incident and opened up on the reason why that remark ‘triggered’ her. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Divyanka Tripathi said, "As celebrities, we’re bound to catch the eye of many and are constantly under the radar. I, however, have always been against trolls who specifically target women. I teach them how to be. It’s not that I’m a hardcore feminist... I believe in equal treatment for men and women." “When the troll questioned me about the absence of my Dupatta, it triggered me because what I was preaching in the show was an absolute opposite of it,” she added. She also added that women are often brutally attacked on social media when it comes to their clothes. View this post on Instagram She said, “Social norms differ according to regions and surroundings. Besides, a lot also depends on one’s learning through growing up years. So, no one can truly say what dress or behaviour is right or wrong. The world is grey that way.” She went on to add, “It really annoys me that during discussions on such topics, women are the first target for correction. I feel, if a person finds a dress inappropriate, they must work on getting some world exposure.” I completely support her statements. What about you? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  12. Actor Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is currently in Cape Town shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11. She recently slammed a Twitter user for commenting on her attire. A Twitter user questioned Divyanka for not wearing a dupatta with her suits in Crime Patrol. She is a host on the show and the user asked her about her clothes. View this post on Instagram The user took to Twitter and wrote, "Crime petrol episode me aap dupataa kyu nahi pahanati hai (Why don't you wear a scarf in the Crime Patrol episode)?" To which she replied, "Taaki aap jaise bin dupatte ki ladkiyon ko bhi izzat se dekhne ki aadat dalein! Kripya khud ki aur apne aas paas ke ladkon ki neeyat sudharen, na ki aurat jaat ke pehnaave ka beda uthaayen! Mera shareer, meri aabru, meri marzi! Aap ki sharaafat, aap ki marzi! (So that people like you learn to respect women even if they aren't wearing a scarf. Kindly change the way you and others look at women and don't comment on what women wear. My body, my honour, my wish! Your decency, your wish)!" Checkout the post here- Taaki aap jaise bin dupatte ki ladkiyon ko bhi izzat se dekhne ki aadat dalein! Kripya khud ki aur apne aas paas ke ladkon ki neeyat sudharen, na ki aurat jaat ke pehnaave ka beda uthaayen! Mera shareer, meri aabru, meri marzi! Aap ki sharaafat, aap ki marzi! https://t.co/tzv5CaIlte — Divyanka T Dahiya (@Divyanka_T) May 31, 2021 A fan went onto write,"Indian men should start thinking about desexualizing body parts from their mind. Go slow but please act towards changing the thinking process. It's not about clothes or body parts. It's about how our eyes see and how our mind reads. Please act. Believe me it helps a lot. #women." Another said, "What mentality..That was a superb befitting reply @Divyanka_T !!!More power to u We all need to dust this mentality n ppl like that ..Hopefully r society becomes a better place after that !" A third commented, "Mindblowing answer d it's girl choice what to wear or not no one has the rights to tell us that person is such a cheap one." Another user also tweeted in hindi saying, “Ma'am, you questioned Ghanshyamji's character but it might be possible that he is a fan and likes to see you with a scarf." Checkout the Tweet here- जी संभव है! यदि वह फैन हैं तो उस प्रेम को सलाम. पर महिलाओं के परिधान पर सवाल करना अब पुरातन काल कि बात हो गई है. हम अभिनय, विज्ञान, राजनीति, इतिहास, भूगोल कई विषयों पर चर्चा कर सकते हैं ! दुपट्टा अत्यंत तुच्छ विषय है उस मुक़ाबले. https://t.co/BduFP4d0lg — Divyanka T Dahiya (@Divyanka_T) May 31, 2021 To which Divyankaalso replied in Hindi saying, "Yes it is possible! If he is a fan then salute to that love. But questioning women's clothing has become a thing of the past. We can discuss acting, science, politics, history, geography on many subjects. Dupatta is a very trivial subject compared to that." What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  13. There should be no doubt about this by now, but Pankaj Tripathi is a gem of an actor. Saying that he is one of the best actors to have ever been a part of Indian cinema wouldn’t be farfetched. The man has found an ardent fan following, thanks to his on-screen charisma, and nuanced performances. No matter what kind of a role he plays, he just smashes it out of the park. The question is, are you an ardent fan of the actor? We think that only true and hardcore fans of Pankaj Tripathi can identify all of these 7 movies, based on his outfit. View the full article
  14. With rising cases of COVID 19 in our country, it seems like we are reliving 2020. Many industry members and actors have been struggling with COVID. Vineet Kumar Singh, who was last seen in Janhvi Kapoor’s Gunjan Saxena, took to Twitter on Friday to share that he, his family, and friends are unwell with COVID-like symptoms in Benaras, Uttar Pradesh. He also shared how they cannot be tested as local labs are crowded with many more cases. Tweeting in Hindi, Vineet shared, “I’m in Benaras. The drug (FabiFlu) is not available in the market. Private labs have been unable to perform the Covid test for five days. What should I give to the sick? Videos of your promises or your huge crowd rally, which you guys are constantly posting? Damn. Selfless blinds you. Wake up, the common man is dying.” मैं बनारस में हूँ बाज़ार में दवा( FabiFlu)नहीं मिल रही है। निजी लैब कोविड टेस्ट करने को पाँच दिन से असमर्थ हैं। बीमार को क्या दूँ?आपके वादे या आपके अपार भीड़ वाली रैली की videos?जो आप लोग लगातार पोस्ट कर रहे हैं? धिक्कार है।स्वार्थ अंधा बना देता है। जागें,आम आदमी दम तोड़ रहा है — Vineet Kumar Singh (@vineetkumar_s) April 16, 2021 When government authorities failed to help him, it was his Gangs of Wasseypur co-star Pankaj Tripathi who came forward to help in need. Today, the actor thanked Tripathi for sending him the medicines which he needed and said, while his character in Gangs of Wasseypur was killed by him, the Mirzapur star was his saviour in real life. "Those who have a doubt, some members of my family, friends are unwell. Even I am unwell. We have received the medicine. Thank you, brother Pankaj Tripathi. My character was shot by Sultan in ''Gangs...'' but he has sent medicines in real life," he added. जिन्हें सन्देह है उन्हें बताना चाहता हूँ, की मेरे परिवार के सदस्य बीमार हैं, कुछ मित्र बीमार हैं,और मैं ख़ुद भी बीमार हूँ। दवा मिल गयी है। मदद करने के लिये धन्यवाद @TripathiiPankaj भाई।मेरे किरदार को सुल्तान ने वासेपुर में गोली मारी थी लेकिन असल जीवन में गोली(दवा) भिजवायी है https://t.co/1r2EeUukPg — Vineet Kumar Singh (@vineetkumar_s) April 16, 2021 Talking about his journey, Vineet had earlier told MensXp, “It took me good 17 to 18 years to finally do something of my own choice and doors opened for me with Mukkabaaz. I came in 1999 and I was just a fresh graduate. When I used to go for asking jobs in Mumbai, people used to explain that I will destroy myself as it's not this easy to become an actor and they used to try and make me understand that I should go back and do something in medicine itself as they used to find my case very unique. I had committed to my father that I will complete my education and that I did and after which, I wanted to do something that I felt connected to. And this lockdown sort of situation when there is no source of income has been with me for years. I have made myself that strong that I can deal with uncertainty. There were days when I used to think 'Will I be able to pay the next month's rent'. So, I have learnt how to tackle the uncertainties. I had to be in the US for a festival where I was nominated for the best actor and I had to meet Robert De Niro which was a one-lifetime opportunity but this virus had its own plans.” Vineet Kumar, who made his feature film debut as a lead actor in Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz (2018) is awaiting the release of his upcoming film Aadhar. View the full article
  15. Pankaj Tripathi has created a niche for himself in Bollywood and now all of us are his fans. People not just praise him for his acting but also for how he is as a person. He is someone who believes in fighting for women’s rights and you’ll know this if you have heard him speak in his interviews. His recent suggestion on gender equality is something that should be implemented by everyone. In his recent interview with IANS, Pankaj said that boys need to be taught that no gender is superior. View this post on Instagram He said, “Boys need to learn right from the beginning that no gender is superior or inferior. There was a time when I survived solely on my wife's salary and I see absolutely no harm in doing so. My wife and daughter have impacted my life in the best way possible, to see the existence of such a large gender disparity in our country needs immediate attention and change”. He also said, “I feel that parents put all their energies into grooming and teaching their daughters how to behave themselves but when it comes to boys, it's not given the same importance. In today's education, I think the inclusion of feminism is a must for all young boys, too”. View this post on Instagram Recently, he also suggested creating a film-friendly set-up in his village near Patna where he was born. He said that it’ll be great to set up a film set-up which is well connected to the city and people from Bollywood can come and shoot. View this post on Instagram He said, “A film-friendly ‘mohalla’ or colony is possible with a little bit of funding from the government to create a film panchayat at a well-connected village near Patna, at least on a trial basis for now. The area can hence be marked by filmmakers all across the country to shoot any urban setting scenes they need to for their film, with the maximum help in the form of a solid support system provided by the locals there.” What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  16. After years of delivering powerful and significant roles, the talented and deserving Pankaj Tripathi has finally landed the solo lead role in an upcoming film titled Kaagaz. Speaking to Hindustan Times, Pankaj said, “Main santush jeev hu (I am a content man). I am satisfied with what I have. I don’t worry about it too much. Of course, everyone wants to succeed in life, be in a better position than they are in life. But I am satisfied wherever I am. Chahat zaroor thi lekin bechaini nahi thi (I did desire it but it did not make me restless).” View this post on Instagram Goes without saying that the man is super excited about starring in a movie that has him as the lead hero. However, Pankaj never thought he would ever work in a movie where he will be the main lead himself. He figured that someone who 'looked like him' would never make it to a place where he would be seen and celebrated as a hero. “It’s a hero-centric society right? We like heroes, worship them, copy them. And the hero of this film is Lal Bihari. I never came to Mumbai to be a hero, I came here to act and follow my passion. I had never thought that someday there will be a film in which I will play the lead. Because as early as 16 years ago (we came here in 2004), no one would have thought that a 45-year-old man, a plain-looking guy like me, could be the lead actor of any film. So when this thing happened two years ago, I got excited about the opportunity,” he said. View this post on Instagram “In a script, I only read the part that concerns me. I tell the writer to tell me only however much that my character knows. For example, in shows such as Mirzapur or any of my series, I never know the whole story. But here (in Kaagaz), my character knows everything because it is his story,” he added. Directed by Satish Kaushik, Kaagaz is the story of a man from Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh, who has been listed as dead in the official books. View the full article
  17. Ram Gopal Varma’s movies were once celebrated by both the cinephiles and the critics alike. Remember, Manoj Bajpayee starrer Satya? However, times have changed drastically ever since. It has been more than a decade since he delivered a hit. It was in 2008 when his movie Phoonk was declared to be profitable. He has lately been making films such as Climax, Naked, and Enter The Girl Dragon. More than his movies, he has been in the news for his controversial statements on Twitter. During a roundtable chat with film critic Rajeev Masand, many popular faces from the industry were discussing one of RGV’s best works, 1998’s Satya. It was surely one of the cult movies that introduced us to Manoj Bajpayee. At the roundtable, all the actors agreed on how Manoj’s non-dramatic death in Satya changed their perception of how a hero was supposed to die in a movie. © Google(Labeled For Reuse) Nawazuddin Siddiqui said, “The first time I was shocked by a death scene, it was Manoj Bajpayee in Satya. Because before that, the hero would deliver a long soliloquy as he died. It felt like such a hassle to die on screen. Please die quickly man, I have been watching the movie for so long. In Satya, the shot gets fired, and ‘wham!’ he goes to the floor. Now onto the next scene. The next scene started playing but my mind was stuck on the previous one. Because for the first time in the history of Hindi movies, I saw a death sequence like this one which kept me thinking about it.” Responding to him, Rajkummar Rao said, “And it was so sudden, the way Ramu sir executed it. No drama. No talking. Wham!” It was then Pankaj Tripathi who took a dig at RGV and said that after a certain point in time, all he did was drama. This comment grabbed everyone’s attention and made them crack up. “Baad mein Ramu Ji bahut drama karne lage (Ramu Ji started doing a lot of drama after that),” he said. View this post on InstagramThis was indeed a funny but a subtle way of taking a dig. Even Saif Ali Khan agreed with Pankaj’s statement and said, “I was wondering who was going to say that. Pankaj Ji is fab. But that was a badass film. Lovely movie.” We wonder how RGV would react to this criticism by Pankaj Tripathi. View the full article
  18. When Pankaj Tripathi is a part of a project, you have an idea that you are in for a roller-coaster ride. Now, news has just come in that he's become the latest one to join the cast of the Akshay Kumar-starrer Bachchan Pandey. The team will begin shooting for the film in Jaisalmer on January 6, 2021. The film already boasts of actors like Arshad Warsi, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Kriti Sanon who will be seen opposite Akshay. View this post on InstagramA source close to the film told TOI, "While Kriti and Pankaj have worked earlier in Luka Chuppi, Akshay will be teaming up with Pankaj for the first time. Both are known for their comic timing and unusual choices and one cannot wait to see the creativity that both these actors create on-screen. Pankaj will be joining Akshay, Kriti, Jacqueline, and Arshad in Jaisalmer." The source added, "It was Sajid Nadiadwala and Farhad Samji's idea to rope in Pankaj Tripathi for a pivotal role which will add a lot of humour to the storyline. It's a huge ensemble cast which will be shooting together for 90 days." With Pankaj coming on board, people have high hopes for the movie as the actor has never failed to impress the audience. Well, Twitter users are also complaining about the fact that it’s been directed by Farhad Samji. @TripathiiPankaj oo waooo sir , Congratulations for joining the great starcast of #BachchanPandey , Along with superstar @akshaykumar sir ,@kritisanon ,@Asli_Jacqueline and @ArshadWarsi sir, 3my favorite in one film akki, Arshad, pankaj it's gonna be treat for #Akkians pic.twitter.com/Fg14nOuxsN — YOUR'S TRULY HARDIK (@HardikMishra8) December 14, 2020#BachchanPandey 's only weak point so far is its director. — Radhey (@being__shiva__) December 14, 2020The cast of #BachchanPandey is getting bigger and better, can't wait to see the trio #AkshayKumar #ArshadWarsi and #PankajTripathi together , also Kriti and Jaqueline to increase the hotness , this gonna be a sure shot Blockbuster — Lampard #AK53 (@Ritesh_Dreams) December 14, 2020@TripathiiPankaj sir is now the part of every 3rd movie in the bollywood industry. His work pays off #BachchanPandey — Hasan Minhal 🇮🇳 (@hasanminhal007) December 14, 2020@WardaNadiadwala mam plz @farhad_samji ko direction se hata do #BachchanPandey ko dubo na de kahi dar lag raha hai sab kuch best hai akki kriti jack Arshad pankaj sab best hai bs director bhi best le lo plz mam bahoot dar lag raha hai @akshaykumar @ArshadWarsi — YOUR'S TRULY HARDIK (@HardikMishra8) December 14, 2020We wonder how the director would react to this. Bachchan Pandey is the Hindi remake of the 2014 Tamil film Veeram. The original film starred Ajith Kumar and Tamannaah. Akshay plays a gangster in the film, while Kriti plays a journalist. Are you all excited about this one? Let us know who you're looking forward to the most in the film in the comments section below. View the full article
  19. If you have followed Pankaj Tripathi’s work, you cannot forget his portrayal of a struggling lawyer Madhav Mishra in Criminal Justice. He is returning as Madhav and this time with more fun and 'tadka'. He succeeded against all odds in solving a complicated case through his witty nature in the first season. And now, he is back, but is seen complaining, as he hasn’t had enough cases this time. Tripathi shared a video on Instagram to vent his frustration. “I won such a big case last time. But now I am not getting any interesting cases. All I am getting is petty cases like theft and pickpockets. Others are getting such big cases but I am not,” he said in the video. View this post on Instagram Fans have been praising this very avatar of Pankaj Tripathi and cannot wait to see him once again on their laptop screens. © Pankaj Tripathi Instagram © Pankaj Tripathi Instagram Speaking about his character’s return in the second season, Tripathi said in an official statement, “It feels great to come back as one of my favourite characters — Madhav Mishra. I won't reveal too much information right now; so stay tuned for more.” The second season of Criminal Justice will see the return of Nikhat Hussain played by Anupriya Goenka while Shilpa Shukla will join the cast. Are you excited for the second season? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  20. Irrfan Khan is not just an actor but an emotion to his fans. People loved him for the iconic roles that he gave us over years and it’s hard to wrap our head around the fact that we won’t see him on the big screen ever again. It felt like a personal loss as Irrfan was surely one of the actors that many people took inspiration from. View this post on Instagram His legacy is far from forgotten though. And Pankaj Tripathi is one such person who is still distraught and coping with the loss as for him, Irrfan was his guru and inspired him immensely. Pankaj had appeared in Irrfan’s final film, Angrezi Medium. In an interview with DNA, Pankaj spoke fondly of Irrfan and said the Maqbool actor is perhaps the only Indian actor whose every film he has seen. View this post on Instagram And here's how Irrfan inspired him: 1. Pankaj felt that Irrfan was doing something different from others. “I think he was the only Indian actor whose every film I’ve seen. I felt like he was doing something different and this is the impact acting should have,” said Pankaj. 2. He has learnt a lot from Irrfan’s performances in Haasil, Maqbool, The Warrior, and Paan Singh Tomar. He said, “I’ve always been inspired by Irrfan’s performances as an actor. He has had a huge impact on my life, especially with his performances from Haasil, Maqbool, The Warrior, and Paan Singh Tomar.” 3. Pankaj always wanted to follow Irrfan’s route and impact the audience the way the legendary actor did. “My guru and also my senior from the National School of Drama, I have always wanted to impact audiences the way he does. His contribution has been greatly acknowledged in Indian Cinema and my role in this film is almost like my ‘guru dakshina’ to him,” he’d said. It’s heartening to see how Pankaj is keeping Irrfan’s legacy alive and we are proud of the fact that we have such genuine people in the industry. View the full article
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