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Found 15 results

  1. OnePlus is all set to debut the new OnePlus 7 series of phones on May 14. However, it looks like there's no stopping the flood of leaks about the phones that are hitting the shores. Following the OnePlus 7 Pro box packaging, the official renders of the OnePlus 7 Pro have now leaked online. The renders have been obtained by the folks over at Android Central from a noted leaked Ishaan Agarwal, and it shows off the phone in all its glory. © OnePlus 7 Pro As you can see, the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro will have an all-screen design on the front and a triple camera set up at the back. These cameras, in case you don't know, have 3x optical zoom too. The renders apparently feature the Nebula Blue and Mirror Grey variants and we gotta say that the phone looks absolutely gorgeous. Just look at that display! We can also see the alert slider on the right side of the phone along with the power button, whereas the volume rockers are on the left. The device also looks very slim, but we can't really say if it's slimmer than the OnePlus 6T just yet. © OnePlus 7 Pro The back design of the phone is largely unchanged, and the front is where it's at. As you can see, the front is almost entirely covered with the display. It's said to be a 90Hz QHD+ resolution panel, so we're really excited to see what it looks like in person.
  2. OnePlus is all set to unveil its new OnePlus 7 series of flagship phones on May 14th. And now, in a typical OnePlus style, the company has started slowly teasing the features, and the first teaser has seemingly confirmed what the rumours have claimed so far. OnePlus posted a 10-second teaser clip on social media that says “bells and whistles make noise.” OnePlus “makes phones.” While the teaser itself doesn't show the full design of either of the phones that are expected to launch, it does confirm that at least of the phones in the series will have three cameras at the back. Here's the teaser - Bells and whistles make noise. We make phones. #OnePlus7Prohttps://t.co/ViZaz53XXk pic.twitter.com/wIHg7fd7U4 — OnePlus (@oneplus) April 25, 2019 The fact that the upcoming OnePlus phone carries a triple-camera setup shouldn't come as a surprise if you've been following the rumors around these new phones. Several trusted sources have provided plenty of information on the same. If the rumors are to be believed, then you can expect at least one of them to be a 48MP sensor, which is said to be paired with an 8MP and a 16MP wide-angle lens. This will be the first time a OnePlus phone will have three cameras, which is very exciting. © Twitter As we've said in the past, OnePlus really needs to fix its cameras. The cameras on the previous OnePlus cameras are not bad, but they're certainly nowhere near the competition. That's pretty much the only thing that's stopping OnePlus' phones from being perfect devices. Well, let's hope it changes this year
  3. In what was considered to be one of the better WrestleManias of the decade, the 35th anniversary of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) consisted of the Executive Vice President of the company, Triple H squaring up against the Guardians of the Galaxy star and former WWE employee Dave Bautista in a 'No Holds Barred' match. According to the narrative behind the rivalry, the two titans of the business wanted to bring an end to 10-years worth of hate, jealousy, animosity and loathing with a bang and they found just the time and place to finally do it at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The brawl between the two former members of 'Evolution' turned ugly in a blink of an eye when Batista tossed Hunter over the announcers' table right in front of his friend Shawn Michaels post which 'The Game' attacked 'The Animal' with a giant iron chain. Yes, they were not kidding around when they said 'No Holds Barred'. The line between the Attitude Era and the PG-13 era soon began to wear very thin as HHH put his creative mind to use. While choking a 50-year-old Batista with a chair, Hunter used a pair of pliers to get a proper hold of his opponent's nose ring and ripped it off with all his strength in front of a live audience. There's nothing @TripleH won't do to save his career... and that includes RIPPING OUT @DaveBautista's nose ring!! #WrestleMania #NoHoldsBarred pic.twitter.com/0lyzWVulHF — WWE (@WWE) April 8, 2019 With a loud “OH, SNAP!” from the audience, Trips rolled out of an agonised Batista, taking his time to bask in the glory of his new trophy, Batista's nose ring. While the match ended in Hunter's favour with some additional help by the Nature Boy, Ric Flair, the world could not get over the horror of Hunter's joy with the sadistic move: pic.twitter.com/bHM6idXXcj — Kevin Thang (@Skip2MyJays) April 8, 2019 pic.twitter.com/bHM6idXXcj — Kevin Thang (@Skip2MyJays) April 8, 2019 pic.twitter.com/lh27pCNPFQ — David ð¬ð§ (@DavidAtkins42) April 8, 2019 pic.twitter.com/36Bc8OLEVh — Shalawn Dillon (@DillonShalawn) April 8, 2019 That made me cringe — Bishop (@HEELBish) April 8, 2019
  4. Virender Sehwag, is known as one of the greatest openers in the history of Indian cricket. Despite the format he played in, he always had a unidirectional approach to batting; and that was to hit the ball beyond the fence. Test cricket was known to be a slow game in India, especially with the legacy of the likes of Sunil Gavaskar. Then came Sachin Tendulkar who brought about a change in the outlook of the audiences towards the longest format of the game. But the real revolution was brought about by the 'Sultan of Multan,' scoring 23 hundreds and amassing 8,000-plus Test runs at an average of just a shade under 50. One of the best moments of his career was when he scored his first triple hundred in Test cricket against arch-rivals, Pakistan in 2004. His knock of 309, including 39 boundaries and six sixes, made him the first Indian to score a triple hundred in Test cricket, surpassing VVS Laxman's 281, the then-highest score by an Indian batsman. View this post on Instagram 14 saal bemisaal #onthisday #gratitude #multan #309 A post shared by Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) on Mar 28, 2018 at 8:31pm PDT As cosmic as it sounds, his next triple hundred too came on the same date four years later, when he crossed his own personal best by posting 319 against South Africa at Chennai, which was made up of 42 fours and five sixes. On Friday, the same date of 29th March, Viru felt the nostalgia of both his incredible scores and shared his happiness with his fans. 29th March- A date which has ended up becoming special for me. On this day in 2004, I had the honour of becoming the first Indian to score a 300 in Test Cricket, scoring 309 against Pak & 4 years later on the same date got an opportunity to surpass 309, while scoring 319 vs SA ð pic.twitter.com/Wyik8NEskl — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) March 29, 2019 After Sehwag took everyone down memory lane with his tweet, cricket fans and pundits wished the former Indian cricketer on the anniversary of his triple hundreds. There are 2 great test openers for india .. one is this man .. — Sourav Ganguly (@SGanguly99) March 29, 2019 And all say after that "Multan Ka Sultan" ðð pic.twitter.com/ehVYd3fXpA — R.K. (@ipo_mantra) March 29, 2019 Its my Father's Birthday Too viru really its th day of Father's Indeed wht an innings Pakistan wod be thinking the same Baap Baap hota haiððð®ð³ — Syed Rizvi (@SyedRiz46367215) March 29, 2019 I still remember the commentator saying 'there it is' when you hit that six ð. — Siddhi Sankalkar (@SiddhiSankalkar) March 29, 2019 U changed the way indian crickwt was percieved in the eyes of the cricketing powers ... from being also rans and just competing to being the dominant team and being in the drivers seat from the first session @virendersehwag after #sirvivrichards in my mind you were the best sir — Salilacharya (@Salilacharya) March 29, 2019 What are your favourite memories of Sehwag? Let us know in the comments section.
  5. We sat down with Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund recently to talk about their latest movie, Triple Frontier. Here's how the discussion went.
  6. Well, it looks like we are going back to the good old days when 'The Game' Triple H and 'The Animal' Batista used to bring up jam-packed WWE Arenas to their feet with brilliant storytelling and botch-less in-ring performances. As a part of 'Evolution' - a four-men superteam involving the best talents across different eras of the WWE like the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair, Triple H, Batista and 'The Viper' Randy Orton - the four stars used to derive huge reactions from the WWE Universe on a weekly basis. Even after the team broke off, every member went on to save 'Hall of Fame' worthy careers. After a decade, Evolution was expected to reunite last week on RAW to celebrate Flair's 70th birthday. While Triple H, along with the entire WWE roster were present around the stage with a huge birthday cake inside the ring, the Jumbotron turned on and it was Batista assaulting Flair. “Hey, Hunter… Do I have your attention now?” barked Batista as he dragged the 70-year-old on the floor. According to several reports, Batista was scheduled to make an appearance on last night's episode of RAW but did not just because of the fact that he did not like Philadelphia. After Batista's video played on the jumbotron, Triple H cut a solo promo addressing what went down last week. After a small recap of how deep his friendship with Ric Flair was and how unhappy he was, not being able to celebrate the birthday that Ric Flair more than deserved, Hunter went on a killer rampage on how Dave Bautista had cried online for more than two years. Triple H spoke about how Batista quit on the WWE and the WWE Universe when he was unable to get a reaction out of the wrestling fans and how frustrating it was for him to see his wrestling career fall apart in front of his eyes. Offering Batista an open challenge, a very angry Triple H yelled: “Stand up to me, tell me what you want and I will give you everything that you want. You want my attention? Dave, you've got it,” before storming out of the ring. It is evident where all of this is headed. With less than a month left for the 35th anniversary of Wrestlemania, an epic matchup between two of the best talents of the business is shaping up. Probably a 'No Holds Barred', probably a 'Backstage Brawl', whatever it turns out to be, we are in for a wrestling treat!
  7. Residents of many parts of India are aware of the hazardous smog we live in. Delhi and Mumbai have repeatedly crossed extremely hazardous levels of air pollution and we've done nothing to curb this. In fact, a majority of the people don't realise how unhealthy the air around us is. When was the last time you looked up and got awed by a crystal clear blue sky? © Reuters In the last decade, mobile phones have evolved from machines that can make a call to portable swiss knives that can do everything. One smartphone today is capable of replacing a camera, MP3 player, television, radio, and even a PC. We've slowly managed to add complex measuring instruments like a gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer, and proximity sensor in them as well. Now, according to a patent filing by Apple, they are considering adding a poison sensor that would be capable of detecting carbon monoxide (CO) and other harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, breathing unhealthy air has become an inevitable part of daily life for many of us. Microscopic particles too small for the eye to see are released into the air from cars, trains, power plants, factories and other sources. © Via Patently Apple CO is a poisonous gas that kills many people every year. Being colourless and odourless, it is impossible to detect by humans. If Apple can actually materialize such a sensor, it'll be a vital life-saving tool. Having a miniature gas sensor built into an iPhone or Apple Watch will be able to notify a user that they could possibly be in a dangerous environment at home, at work or in the public. The process of making this feasible includes producing robust miniature gas sensors with features like improved stability, enhanced poisoning resistance, and reduced signal interference. © Via Patently Apple In terms of a long-term solution, the sensors can become part of a larger system that monitors environmental and health hazards and will be a core part of IoT (Internet of Things). Apple Watch has already saved numerous lives thanks to improper heart rate detection, thus predicting diseases and long term health issues. Even the new "trip" function onboard the Series 4 has saved many who couldn't communicate due to an accident. Source: Patently Apple
  8. It's quite rare to find earphones that offer superb balanced sound quality and offer accurate frequency response at the same time. Most earphones either offer one of the two or often compromise on build quality. However, 1More's triple driver earphones break that myth and offer all of these factors in one package. It's our favourite earphones to use at the moment and there's a good reason for it: nothing comes close to these earphones right now. We used it for casual podcast listening, music and gaming and it performed well in all scenarios apart from a few minor caveats. Here's our review of 1More's Triple Driver earphones: Packaging © MensXP Normally, we don't talk much about the packaging of an earphone as it's quite generic; even for high-end headphones. However, 1More gives you a box that is filled with accessories and overall justifies its premium aura. It comes with a hard faux-leather case for your earphones, a metal shirt clip, an adapter for planes and a set of 10 ear-tips. No other brand in India gives you so many ear-tips that cater to your personal liking. There are three pairs of foam tips and seven silicone tips giving you the freedom to use what suits you best. The box is also shaped and designed as a hard book. It has magnets that keep it closed and the interiors have sketches of the earphones. It's by far the most premium looking packaging we've ever seen and 1More deserves a point just for making that extra effort. Design © 1More 1More is a company that designs all the earphones for Xiaomi. In fact, you will see the same design language in some of Xiaomi's products today. The 1More triple driver has an aluminium shell that is shaped like a cone with an angle. Due to this design choice, it sits perfectly in the ear to give the best sound experience possible. The cable is also made of braided fabric that makes it easier to manage and does not get easily tangled. Overall, the build quality is top notch as it feels quite durable and sturdy. The cables will remain intact even if you use it quite roughly thanks to the braided fabric. The earbuds feel extra comfortable even when we used it for prolonged periods of time. We tested the earphones while gaming and the sheer comfort was able to add a few hours in game time. © MensXP The supplied pouch is also a handy thing to have as it makes it easier to commute with these headphones. You can easily store this headphone in the pouch to protect it from getting damaged in your pocket or bag. The pouch comes most handy when you are travelling on planes as you can store the adapter in the pouch as well. You can use the adapter on planes to watch content and have a far better experience than those lousy headphones you get in the flight. How Does It Sound? © YouTube The 1More Triple driver earphones consist of two armature driver and a dynamic driver in each earbud. These deliver a superior sound experience as the balanced armature drivers can host multiple drivers in a compact body. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed the sound from the earphones and this pair also happen to be THX certified. So if you love to watch movies on the go, these earphones will also deliver a surround sound experience. In terms of sound, the 1More Triple Driver earphones deliver a very precise, clear and rich sound. The bass is not too heavy leaving enough room for the mids and highs to be balanced. This combination makes the sound a little less muddy even when you turn up the volume. The slight mid-bass bump also results in a very balanced and warm tone that is quite rare to find on in-ear headphones. Is It Worth It? In India, the 1More Triple Driver earphone costs Rs 7,349 on Amazon and is worth every single rupee. To be honest, these earphones should be priced way higher for what it offers in terms of sound and build quality. It's actually quite hard to think what other earphone sounds betters than the 1More Triple Driver at an unbelievable price like this. It's got luxury level packing, full accessories and a sound that is to die for. If you are serious about your music, just buy these earphones as soon as you can.
  9. In September, Apple launched the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR. The three phones were in-line with Apple's iPhone X design language and featured major internal changes only. Though, the smartphone industry underwent some vital changes in terms of design with companies trying their luck with everything. Huawei's P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro have definitively taken over the mobile photography department and Google's Pixel still kicks ass with a single lens. In this polarised environment, we sure expect Apple to bring in radical changes to the iPhone. Last week, Apple stock dipped massively due to poor iPhone sales owing to their battery replacement program. © BCCL Users just aren't upgrading to a new iPhone thanks to easy and cheap battery replacements. In such a scenario, Apple needs more than just a design change. It needs to be prepared to take on aggressive competition from Samsung, Huawei, and Google. OnLeaks has shared a render that gives us our very first look at Apple's next smartphone – the iPhone XI 2019. The image shows only the rear of the device but it is a big reveal nonetheless. The rumour reveals that Apple will go out of its way to make the upcoming iPhones much special and better than ever before. © Digit x OnLeaks The leaked picture of the iPhone XI reveals that the new iPhone will come with triple rear cameras paired with LED flash. The three camera lenses are located in a squircle manner in the top left corner and the LED flash on the right corner, in an awkward, asymmetric location. At the moment, the exact details of each sensor remain unclear. If we're to guess, one of them shall be the primary lens accompanied by a telephoto sensor. The right lens could be a Time of Flight lens that is more accurate over long distance and can be used for 3D modelling. © Digit x OnLeaks It's being said that the 2019 iPhone models are currently in the Engineering Validation Test (EVT) stage, meaning it's still in early design and how the end product will look isn't finalised yet. The current design we see is very "un-Apple" because the company is known for its attention to detail, and we really hope such an asymmetric design doesn't make it to the finals. Source: Digit
  10. Pictures of the upcoming Galaxy S10 have been leaked on social media yesterday and it includes some details about its design. These pictures cannot be verified as the final design of the Galaxy S10 but it does give us a closer look at the final product. © SlashGear From the pictures it can be assumed we are seeing the larger Galaxy S10+ and from what we can gather it has a triple camera setup. Previous leaks have suggested that the base model i.e. Galaxy S10 will have a dual camera set up while the larger brother is expected to have a triple camera setup. The images leaked show the back of the rumoured Galaxy S10+. Both devices are somewhat unique as there is a noticeable difference in the lens size. This is indicative of the fact that either Samsung is working on multiple variants or the Galaxy S10 or the final design has not been decided yet. © Weibo An image from other sources i.e. a certain å¨-Mr强 from Weibo was sent to website SlashGear. This image may depict the accurate final design of the Galaxy S10 as it is in line with CAD drawings. There have been quite some changes in the design and renderings over the past week based on CAD drawings which makes it harder to pinpoint the leaks accuracy. © SlashGear The release date for the next Galaxy device by Samsung is set for March 2018. Samsung is also planning a massive event for Mobile World Congress 2019 and is usually the time when Samsung hosts the big Unpacked event. There's a high chance Samsung will reveal most of their smartphones of the year and Galaxy S10 is expected to be amongst the smartphone revealed. For now, we can only take these leaks with a grain of salt as the final product will only be confirmed closer to the event. Source: SlashGear
  11. The Mate 20 series, as it turns out, now consists of four brand new phones, the Mate 20, the Mate 20 Pro, the Mate 20 X, and the limited edition Mate 20 RS Porsche Design. All of these phones pack something unique, but at their core, lie varied degrees of notch design, a Kirin 980 chipset and Leica-tuned triple rear cameras. The most interesting phone is the Mate 20 RS though. It borrows most of its specs from the Mate 20 Pro but has an "uncompromised design" with an added bit of luxury. The Huawei Porsche Design Mate 10 RS is just over six months old, but the company is already back with a successor, the Mate 20 RS. © Huawei Instead of the glass rear, the Mate 20 RS has a premium leather. There is a vertical strip of glass at the centre that runs from the top to the bottom of the back panel of the Mate 20 RS. It is equipped with a 6.4-inch AMOLED QHD+ screen with an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. Powering the phone is Huawei's homebred Kirin 980 chipset, the world's first 7nm technology SoC with 6.9 billion transistors. Apple's A12 Bionic chipset is the only other equivalent that is built using the 7nm process. © Huawei It borrows the same triple camera setup from the Mate 20, consisting of a 40-megapixel sensor with f/1.8 wide-angle lens, a 20-megapixel sensor with f/2.2 ultra-wide lens and an 8-megapixel f/2.2 telephoto camera. On the front is a 24-megapixel selfie shooter. It is packed with a 4200mAh battery, that supports 40W SuperCharge fast charging and 15W wireless charging. It comes with 8GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage and is also IP68 dust and water resistant. When it comes to security, the Mate 20 Porsche Design offers both the in-display fingerprint scanner and 3D face unlock. © Huawei Reverse fast charging allows the Mate 20 RS to charge other wireless charging capable devices including smartphones by simply piggybacking them to phone. The phone is priced at €1,695 (Rs 1,45,000) for the 256GB variant and €2,095 (Rs 1,77,000) for the 512GB variant. It will be available in the European markets starting soon.
  12. 2018 has been one of the most interesting years for mobile technology, not because we saw mind-boggling flagships with groundbreaking features, but also these features slowly trickled down to the midrange segment. Companies have long focused only on developing markets like the USA and Europe, now it's time for the developing regions. It's no surprise that budget and midrange segments constitute a majority of the sales in markets like India, now that we've seen aggressively priced phones for the last few years, what more can makers do to lure buyers? Add new features, even if they are just a gimmick. The notch is a prime example, but many worthwhile additions like the in-display fingerprint scanner and top-of-the-line processors have made their way to the midrange segment. While we've seen companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, and Huawei go all-out in terms of pricing and features offered this year, Samsung has been oddly silent. Not for long though, with the A7 (2018), things are changing, and the behemoth is finally feeling the heat from the competition. The triple camera lens setup on the rear is the A7's forte, and also the most marketed feature. The Huawei P20 Pro also has one, and it has created a storm in the mobile photography world. Is the A7's setup able to actually perform, or just a gimmick? Let's find out: 1. Design and Hardware: © MensXP When you first look at the phone, it has an eerily similar design to we've seen on all other Samsung phones. But, it all changes when you look closely. The back is made of glass and has a mirrored finish, giving it a very premium yet subtle feel. The front has an average chin and top, but the bezels are huge by Samsung standards. For years, Samsung has stressed on its Infinity Display technology, no mention of that here. I wouldn't complain though, in the end, the bezels are tolerable and the 18.5:9 notch-less display is stunning thanks to a 6-inch Super AMOLED panel. While the company did cut corners in the front design, the back makes up for it. The display is class-leading, colours are perfectly saturated, brightness is sufficient, and viewing angles are exemplary as well. © MensXP Ergonomically speaking, the device has a solid feel but is very slippery thanks to the glass back. The power button cum fingerprint scanner has been shifted to the right side and is perfectly located for your thumb to reach quickly. There's a minor indent in the body to help you find the scanner easily and the volume rockers sit just above it. You may end up pressing the volume rockers at the beginning instead of the power button, but you'll have a hang of it soon. Even though the scanner is a lot thinner now, it is fast and accurate. The speaker, a micro-USB port, and the 3.5mm headphone jack sit on the bottom, while the SIM card and microSD card slot are on the left. The triple camera set up on the back is slightly protruded and barely wobbles the phone. 2. Performance: © MensXP The phone is powered by an octa-core Exynos 7885 SoC clocked up to 2.2Ghz. It is accompanied with 4 or 6GB RAM and 64 or 128GB internal storage. In simpler terms, the processor is on-par with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 600 series and supports 4K video recording as well. Honestly, this is where the phone disappoints. Even if we don't consider the POCO F1 and its Snapdragon 845 SoC, the A7 lags and struggles a lot more than the Nokia 7 Plus and its Snapdragon 660 SoC. While it did get regular tasks like browsing, social media, and entertainment pretty well, you open Snapchat and the skirmish begins. Playing games like PUBG is even more disappointing, as the frame drops are frequent and the overall experience is rarely smooth. I'd say the issue isn't just because of the chipset, as the Samsung UI on top of stock Android is also to be partially blamed, although more on that later. © MensXP For a normal joe, the phone is perfectly fine. But if you intend to have above average multi-tasking, keeping multiple browser tabs open, or gaming, you shouldn't consider this phone. The phone has a 3300mAh battery that does a fabulous job of getting you through a full day of heavy usage with data connectivity switch on all the time. While the phone takes almost 2 hours to fully charge, it makes up for the long charge time by heavily optimising background apps and the standby time is insane. 3. Software: © MensXP The phone ships with Samsung Experience 9.0, built on top of Android 8.0 Oreo. It brings a host of new features like gesture navigation, always-on display, smart view, biking mode, multi-window, and Bixby. While I do appreciate the addition of many of these features, the company hasn't been able to make sure that these don't hinder with the day-to-day running of the phone. The UI often stutters and pushing out updates for such a heavily customized skin is going to be a daunting task for the company. To add to this, the phone ships with a list of bloatware apps like Amazon, Microsoft Office apps, and Samsung's own version of all utility apps. Ultimately, the UI is a very subjective thing. Many prefer the clean UX of stock Android, while many do appreciate the add-ons Samsung Experience has to offer. 4. Camera: © MensXP This is the most interesting part of the phone and Samsung has cut no corners. The rear has a 24-megapixel primary camera, an 8-megapixel wide angle lens, and a 5-megapixel depth sensor. They are vertically located and are fully operational via the Samsung Camera app only. The primary lens is able to capture sharp pictures that tend to look slightly oversaturated, but that can be toned down. The white balance is perfect and auto-focus is quick. To capture pictures with a bokeh effect, just switch to the Live Focus mode and you can control the depth of the picture, even after you've clicked it. The phone comes with a plethora of modes like Beauty, Scene Optimiser, Hyperlapse, and Slow Motion. The portrait mode is very well exported when clicking in well-lit conditions, but often lapses when the person is wearing a headgear, or the surrounding isn't easily distinguishable. The Live Focus feature though is just one part of the story. © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP This is the first phone in the price segment to feature a wide-angle lens, and it's too good to be true. The wide-angle lens has a 120 degree field of view and can be toggled with just one click. The pictures captured are sharp, the colours are sublime, and the amount of details it can capture is fascinating. If you travel a lot and are looking for the best way to capture the maximum amount of landscape, this phone can be your best friend. In low-light, the focus tends to be too slow, and the pictures often come out blurry. The LED flash has a slightly warmer tone, giving the images a more natural look. HDR can be set to auto and it does a pretty good job as well. On the front, the phone has a 24-megapixel selfie shooter that works splendidly in daylight but fails miserably in even slightly dim areas. This is definitely not a selfie phone and has been made for the photography enthusiasts out there, who'd like to play around with the fisheye effect of the wide-angle lens. Overall, no, the triple camera setup isn't just a gimmick. It works, and the Ultra Wide pictures are mesmerizing. Even though the Live Focus feature disappoints sometimes, when it works, it's flawless. And for the artists out there, the Pro mode is going to come extremely handy. © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP 5. The Final Say: © MensXP For a starting price of Rs 23,990, the A7 is a very well balanced phone. The wide angle lens is something that helps it stand out, while all other features come with a set of their own pros and cons. Compare this phone to the POCO F1, except for the raw processing power, and the A7 excels at all other departments, including design, display, and camera. The phone gets everything right for the normal joe. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack, fast fingerprint scanner, excellent battery life, expandable storage, and dual-SIM setup. The software is something the end user needs to thoroughly think about. Are you actually going to like the Samsung Experience or are you better off with an Android One like Nokia 7 Plus?
  13. Samsung has been slowly losing market share in India this year and even after launching a wide range of products, the company has been unable to recapture the lost share. While the recently launched OnePlus 6, ASUS ZenFone 5Z, and Xiaomi's POCO F1 have been selling like hot cakes, the A7 (2018) is Samsung's answer to the midrange demand. Launched today in India, the phone's unique selling point is its triple camera setup on the rear. We've seen a similar setup previously on the Huawei P20 Pro, but that is a top-tier flagship. While Vivo and OPPO are working around sliding camera mechanism and testing out various notch sizes, Samsung wants to amp up the photography department in midrange phones. © MensXP Starting off with the design, the A7 (2018) follows the same Samsung design language that feels premium, thanks to the glass backing. The first major change you'll notice is the absence of the fingerprint scanner from the back, it has been shifted to the side and integrated with the power button, something we've seen in Sony Xperia phones in the past. The phone has a 6-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED display that has an aspect ratio of 18.5:9. The phone is powered by an octa-core processor that is clocked at 2.0Ghz along with 4 or 6GB of RAM, depending on variant. The internal storage has a 64GB and 128GB option that is expandable via a microSD card. © Samsung Coming to the cameras, the rear setup consists of a 24-megapixel autofocus f/1.7 sensor, a 5-megapixel f/2.2 depth sensor, and an 8-megapixel wide angle f/2.4 sensor. Samsung says the three in tandem produce some of the best pictures in the segment. The front of the phone has a 24-megapixel sensor for selfies along with a LED flash for low-light pictures. Backing the phone is a 3300mAh battery that charges via a USB-C port. The onboard sensors include an accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity sensor, and an RGB light sensor. The phone is available in Blue, Black, Gold, and Pink colour options and will be sold exclusively online via Flipkart. It is priced at Rs 23,990 for the 64GB variant and Rs 28,990 for the 128GB variant.
  14. The OnePlus 6T is the next phone everyone is excited for and given OnePlus' launch history, it is expected to launch in the coming months and as usual, leaks and rumours have started pouring in. Just a couple of days back, the retail box of the phone surfaced online, indicating it may house an in-display fingerprint scanner. Today, we've got our hands on a leaked render of the phone that confirms that the phone will be sporting a rear triple camera setup, just like Huawei's P20 Pro. The leaked render is also the clearest picture we've seen so far. The leak also affirms that the phone will be having a much smaller water-droplet style notch, something we've already seen in the Vivo V11 Pro and the OPPO F9 Pro. © Phone Arena While everyone's eyes are fixated at Apple's September 12 launch, the Android world has its attention fixated on the OnePlus 6T and the third generation Pixel phones. What's surprising is, the T-series of the OnePlus are supposed to have small incremental improvements over the previous flagship. This way, the company ensured that it hasn't betrayed the previous buyers too soon. This time around though, this definitely isn't the case. The triple camera combo itself is a major change and surely intended to take on Huawei. At the same time, the design change is massive too. © Weibo OnePlus, Vivo and OPPO are under the same holding company and roll-off their devices from the same assembly line. Hence, it is easier for the company to score an in-display fingerprint sensor as well as incorporate a new display design. The OnePlus 6T is a close sibling of the OPPO R17, both featuring similar specs and we've seen in the past few years that the two brands go hand-in-hand in terms of product design. © Weibo The OPPO R17 consists of a 12-megapixel sensor with a f/1.5 lens, a 20-megapixel sensor with a f/2.4 lens, as well as a supplementary, third sensor. We expect the 6T to have a similar setup. Doing a quick recap of what we know so far about the device, it shall sport a 6.4-inch OLED Full HD display. The phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset along with 8GB RAM and multiple internal storage variants. It ideally should be running Android 9.0 Pie out of the box.
  15. Going by the medals tally, it's safe to say that India has done a good job at the ongoing 2018 Asian Games. The athletes have repaid the faith of their coaches and fans through a series of medal-winning performances. But, more than the medals, it's the rise of unheard heroes in Indian sports that has captured the imagination of fans. Defying their humble backgrounds, tender ages and lack of popularity, these superstars have made the nation proud after making their months and years of hard work count on the international stage. On, 29th August, another name was added to the ever-growing list of Asian Games superheroes when an Indian athlete ended his country's 48-year wait for a gold medal in the men's triple jump category. © AP For a man who finished fourth at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Arpinder Singh made no mistake and buried all his demons with a gold-medal finish at the Asian Games. Despite beginning with a foul on his first attempt, the 25-year-old managed to reach 16.58m on his second jump. But, it was arguably his third attempt that saw him reaching 16.77m and, thereon, securing a gold medal for his country. Arpinder's effort broke the deadlock for India's gold in the event after Mohinder Singh Gill won the top prize at the 1970 Asian Games. This is India's third gold in the men's triple jump event at the Asian Games. India has also won two silver - Labh Singh (1970), Mohinder Singh Gill (1974) - and as many bronze medals - Labh Singh (1966) and S Balasubramaniam (1982) in this category at the Games. © AP Uzbekistan's Ruslan Kurbanov managed to secure the silver medal with a personal best jump of 16.62m, while Kohei Yamashita's 16.56-metre jump gave Japan a bronze. Arpinder's compatriot Rakesh Babu Arayan Veettil almost came close to the podium, but eventually finished fourth with his best effort of 16.40m. Thanks to Arpinder, India can boast of 10 gold medals. India has now won 53 medals in total - 10 gold, 20 silver and 23 bronze - and are currently placed ninth in the medals tally. Arpinder Singh , you beauty , what a Challang- 16.77m . Congratulations as we win a men's Triple Jump GOLD medal after 48 years. #AsianGames2018 pic.twitter.com/46ZYVROg9I — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) August 29, 2018 Nation is delighted and proud of Arpinder Singh for winning the Gold medal in men's triple jump at #AsianGames2018 . Many Congratulations. pic.twitter.com/B2nc4tFsDl — Amit Shah (@AmitShah) August 29, 2018 GOLD number 4âï¸âï¸from #TeamIndiaAthletics at #AsianGames2018 #EnergyofAsia presented to you by @ArpinderSingh18 Arpinder Singh of #India- 16.77m #India wins a men's Triple Jump GOLD medal after 48 years, In 1970, Mohinder Singh Gill won a Gold-16.11m@Ra_THORe @IndiaSports pic.twitter.com/qLrQriRLbf — Athletics Federation of India (@afiindia) August 29, 2018 Another gold for India! Arpinder Singh wins gold for the triple jump! #AsianGames — Advaita Kala (@AdvaitaKala) August 29, 2018 Arpinder Singh's amazing performance in the Men's Triple Jump event at the Asian Games is a huge morale booster for upcoming Indian athletes. Congratulations to him on his Gold Medal. #AsianGames2018 pic.twitter.com/Rumiv8HX1q — Rajnath Singh (@rajnathsingh) August 29, 2018 Congratulations to Arpinder Singh and Swapna Burman for their respective Gold's .Absolutely top effort #AsianGames2018 pic.twitter.com/qMQqlt5aGV — Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) August 29, 2018