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Found 15 results

  1. Neymar is not really having a good time these days – on the field and on Twitter. From making fun of his weird 'spaghetti' hair to memes about him getting continuously tackled on the field, people can't stop making jokes about him. Fine, whatever happened at the Brazil vs Switzerland match was kind of out his hands, but seriously what was he thinking with that hair? As everyone on Twitter is saying, it does look like he has a bowl of pasta on his head and you actually can't unsee it. So, in the spirit of the game, let's have some laughs at Neymar's expense because why not. Oh, that's bad. The Switzerland defenders every time Neymar gets the ball pic.twitter.com/0J8VE4CIgW — Complex Sports (@ComplexSports) June 17, 2018 Can't eat noodles for a few days now. Neymar shows off his new World Cup hairstyle. Inspired by Pot Noodles. pic.twitter.com/oOaPknPYDi — World Cup (@EPLBible) June 16, 2018 Everyone's just saying the same thing. #Neymar to make his 2018 World Cup debut with this spaghetti hairstyle pic.twitter.com/KzIAoy07c1 — Seleção Brasileira (@BrazilStat) June 17, 2018 That must have hurt. Meanwhile #Neymar last night... pic.twitter.com/kG1FsDx3mo — atul kasbekar (@atulkasbekar) June 18, 2018 He loved it. Neymar loved the grass in Russia #worldcup #BRASUI pic.twitter.com/pDYxCGMU7X — Lethabo (@OnalennaPro) June 18, 2018 Nailed it. Barber: what can I do for you pal? Neymar: ever seen a bird's nest? Barber: say no more pic.twitter.com/6j4rYR1rSP — Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 17, 2018 Well, he got what he wanted. "I'll have it like the one in the middle," said Neymar. pic.twitter.com/FS9wGcsBbO — John Brewin (@JohnBrewin_) June 17, 2018 Oops. That boy Neymar!!! pic.twitter.com/PnzFcZC3RL — JULIUS OMEKA™ (@iam_jmeka) June 18, 2018 Sounds about right. When you realise that Neymar anagrams to Ramen-y pic.twitter.com/6aU75WS7xv — Z. (@zedchrmsm) June 18, 2018 Great photoshop skills. Neymar for you! pic.twitter.com/hQBsW6TzPE — Limale Danny Mainest (@limale_danny) June 18, 2018 Can't decide. Who wore it better? pic.twitter.com/IZxld1YPQa — Michelle Angelica (@Micha_Alvez) June 17, 2018 That's a low blow. Watching the Brazil game where Neymar had his hair cut. pic.twitter.com/qzUjmmRL2D — Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) June 17, 2018 Such a huge loss. Neymar seems to have made a last-minute revision to his entry in Worst Brazilian Superstar World Cup Haircut sweepstakes; sadly still fails to match Ronaldo's record-setting 2002 effort pic.twitter.com/aKlxLZG8pT — Robert Mackey (@RobertMackey) June 17, 2018 Poor guy. Switzerland is playing WWE with neymar pic.twitter.com/Dz6LgkDg2x — Sanjay dutt (@sanju__baba_) June 18, 2018 Inspiration. Knew I'd seen that Neymar haircut elsewhere. #BrazilVSSwitzerland pic.twitter.com/MtGATAkUuV — Ben Atkins (@BenAtkins20) June 17, 2018 Only one positive comment. Neymar's hair is fabulous. Confusing, but fabulous. #WorldCup — Dan Hardy (@danhardymma) June 17, 2018 That's so specific and accurate. Neymar looks like she's just dropped a mixtape dissing Cardi B pic.twitter.com/PGgOaUd7ka — Oldfirmfacts (@Oldfirmfacts1) June 17, 2018 Oh no. Not sure about Neymar's haircut #WorldCup #BRA pic.twitter.com/JgmrMmYTUD — Historical Sport (@HistorySport_) June 17, 2018 Wow. RT @neymarjr : there's something wrong. pic.twitter.com/NfmiHIGWVg — . (@Roshanism_) June 18, 2018 Today's the day. At some point we'll get around to discussing Neymar's new hair and who allowed him to smuggle it into Russia. pic.twitter.com/RvCBrVqGM4 — Miriti Murungi (@NutmegRadio) June 16, 2018 I love that dog. Neymar's world cup haircut inspiration pic.twitter.com/5AzCJTIz5C — Magembe Herrera (@M_Sungwa) June 17, 2018 That's a scary gif. Neymar looking a little apprehensive by the occasion... pic.twitter.com/QHrWbPHj1C — Paddy Power (@paddypower) June 17, 2018 Shots fired. Is this your Neymar??? Is this why you call him a GOAT cause he's been eating Russian grass all 90 mins??? #BRASUI #WorldCup pic.twitter.com/lqIIM7JMEj — The Fresh Prince Of Chitown (@ShadayaTawona25) June 18, 2018 Seriously dude. Neymar looking at the ref like "dude, seriously?" pic.twitter.com/EL7zdF5Y7f — Nkambaku (@mr_siame) June 18, 2018 Aww. Switzerland players fouling neymar like#WorldCup #Neymar #BRASUI #WorldCup2018 pic.twitter.com/4DG9qkyqWu — Doc_segar (@doc_segar) June 18, 2018
  2. Everyone would agree that each and every picture of Donald Trump has the potential to become a meme. Actually, it's more like Trump in himself is a walking and talking meme so it doesn't really take much effort to make fun of him. While almost everyone on the internet will never back down from poking fun at all the things Trump says or tweets, I never thought German Chancellor Angela Merkel would be one of them. Intentionally or unintentionally, she shared this hilarious picture from this weekend's G7 summit in Canada. Zweiter Tag des G7-Gipfels in Kanada: spontane Beratung am Rande der offiziellen Tagesordnung. --- Day two of the G7 summit in Canada: spontaneous meeting between two working sessions. #G7Charlevoix A post shared by Angela Merkel (@bundeskanzlerin) on Jun 9, 2018 at 8:53am PDT It looks like as if she's mad at something this cocky little kid did and she's scolding while he looks unbothered. Why do I get a feeling that this is how President Trump behaves in every situation ever? While there are more pictures from the summit, but the first one is the only one that matters and that's the picture which is being shared by everyone. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one is worth like a million funny captions. There's so much potential and people took full advantage of that. Yes, they can. “Just tell us what Vladimir has on you. Maybe we can help.” pic.twitter.com/DLc7YJFXqT — Guy Verhofstadt (@guyverhofstadt) June 10, 2018 It truly is. This is a Renaissance Painting. https://t.co/vNOJOFLLTl — Pete Forester (@pete_forester) June 9, 2018 See! This is a Renaissance Painting. https://t.co/vNOJOFLLTl — Pete Forester (@pete_forester) June 9, 2018 Trump does look like the person who would always do this. When everyone knows you ate the last slice of ð but you refuse to admit it. pic.twitter.com/8oJhNh4KaP — Vir Das (@thevirdas) June 10, 2018 It's all about the perspective. One scene - four different perspectives #G7 1) by Merkel's team ð©ðª 2) by Macron's team ð«ð· 3) by Conte's team ð®ð¹ 4) by Trump's team ðºð¸ pic.twitter.com/q3qaSfaiQS — Fabian Reinbold (@fabreinbold) June 9, 2018 Message received, loud and clear. I love that Angela Merkel posted this photo on her Instagram. She knows how to send a message. pic.twitter.com/zYNATIyRjk — Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) June 9, 2018 Chrissy Teigen will never ever let go of an opportunity to make fun of Trump. baby go wah, want to go home !! https://t.co/CzKAqPXXgJ — christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) June 9, 2018 Iconic. When Art History comes for you. pic.twitter.com/kCeq9nLqiy — Cameron Bailey (@cameron_tiff) June 10, 2018 That's a little too specific. This looks like an episode of Celebrity Apprentice where Trump is about to fire Angela Merkel because her strudel marketing plan fell through. pic.twitter.com/ZLYlaDrNts — Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) June 10, 2018
  3. Amitabh Bachchan is one of the most experienced and legendary actors in Bollywood. I am sure that the current generation of actors and directors take immense pleasure and pride in getting an opportunity to work with him. While actors learn a lot from him while working on the sets, if you are one of his millions of followers, chances are that you will learn English more than acting from him. © Twitter And his latest student is his 'Brahmastra' co-star Alia Bhatt. Thanks to social media, we have now gotten closer to our favourite celebrities, who give us an insight into what's going on in their personal lives and on their movie sets. And Alia and Sr. Bachchan too have been busy updating us about their upcoming movie while also praising each other on their respective social media platforms. © Twitter So here's how it all started. AB Jr. who is working with 'AB' for the first time, took to Twitter to share her experience. She mentioned how Amitabh Bachchan stayed back on the set to give 'ques' to the team. Working with AB has been supreme greatness! Today @SrBachchan packed up an hour before the actual pack up but he stayed back on set just to give ques! I can't begin to explain the amount of things I am learning on set just by watching him!!!! ððð — Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) 7 June 2018 For those wondering, why we called Amitabh Bachchan 'AB', let us tell you these are not our words. 25-year-old Alia calls the 75-year-old actor AB. Which she even mentioned in her following tweet… Yes yes I call him AB cause that's the term of endearment we've all agreed to ð¤ð Thank you for being so wonderful sir!!! Can't wait to get back onto set with you, Ayan and Ranbir for some more Brahmastra madness! â¨â¨ð¬ð¬@SrBachchan — Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) 7 June 2018 While we went on with our lives, after these tweets; Amitabh Bachchan replied and it is basically what our teachers and parents are good at – finding mistakes. Switching his 'Wren & Martin' mode on, Amitabh Bachchan unapologetically corrected Alia's mistake and thanked her for her message. Well, we are not surprised because knowing his savagery, this is nothing for him. He has earlier tweeted to actors like Anushka Sharma for not responding to his messages. Yo .. Alia , you are the best .. thank you for the generosity .. and .. err .. its 'cues' not 'ques' ..ðððð¤ªð¤ªð¤ªððððð .. you are just tooooo cute !! — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) 7 June 2018 Alia was quick to respond to the spelling mistake and tweeted back saying, “Oh God! Not again.” Oh god!!!!!! Not again ðððð https://t.co/CqnW1fG5v1 — Alia Bhatt (@aliaa08) 8 June 2018 Alia, whose 'Raazi' has been enjoying great success since its release, is currently working on 'Kalank' and 'Gully Boy'. She will also be seen alongside Ranbir Kapoor, whom she is said to be dating, in Ayan Mukerji's 'Brahmastra'. The movie is releasing on August 15, 2019.
  4. Before May, we never even thought we'll ever even hear the names PewDiePie and Ekta Kapoor in the same sentence; but now, so much has changed. They weren't just being talked about together, but they were also involved in a Twitter war. Actually, it was just Ekta who was in a one-sided Twitter war, thanks to a very stupid misunderstanding. Let me summarize all the hilarious drama that has happened till now and then we'll move on to Felix's video all about India and Ekta herself. May 9 – PewDiePie made fun of the video quality of a YouTube video on Twitter. (good quality) pic.twitter.com/gsOmCizG3Q — ƿ૯ωá«É¿à«¯Æ¿É¿à«¯ (@pewdiepie) May 9, 2018 But, oh wait, it turns out that it's an Ekta Kapoor TV show. Things are about to get weird. May 11 – Ekta Kapoor finds out about the tweet. Obviously, because Felix is so much more famous than her and lots of people probably tweeted to her telling her that he's watching her show. Here comes trouble. Ekta thought he was making fun of her show, so of course, she went on a Twitter rant. That's the most logical solution, right? Bhai tu kaun hai! Luks like d firang junior artists we hire from colaba when we Create Paris in arey:) he will find his dopplegangers in kasam se only;) https://t.co/miESFOiFrO — Ekta Kapoor (@ektaravikapoor) May 11, 2018 I would also like to point out that she is directly addressing him but she's tweeting in Hindi – which he obviously doesn't understand – and she didn't even tag him. The same day PewDiePie posts a video called 'You India You Lose' which every sane person realized was a play on 'You Laugh You Lose'. In that video, he ended up making fun of more Ekta Kapoor shows because of the whole dramatic editing. May 14 – Ekta finds the video. Uh oh. U seem obsessed bhaiiiii! https://t.co/tZBAtDh2V5 !!! I'll send u some fresh videos — Ekta Kapoor (@ektaravikapoor) May 13, 2018 Peudy something? Ouch. Just opened my Twitter n realised I finally arrived :) this hate welcome has put me in August company :)/):)! Just one thing if anyone is waiting for me to apologise to peudy something it's NOT happening :) — Ekta Kapoor (@ektaravikapoor) May 14, 2018 Again, it's not 'India you lose'. And irreverence that he adopted to pan everything in India's popular culture ! So all those getting highly protective about his power n millions ( some even claimed wat I was ' worth') remember his video which we pass as sarcastic n ' humourous' was titled ' india u lose' — Ekta Kapoor (@ektaravikapoor) May 14, 2018 June 4 – everything was silent for a couple of weeks, but PewDiePie came back with a bang. Yesterday, he posted a video called 'She's angry because I made fun of her' and he was as confused as we are about what exactly was offensive. “What did I do to trigger this woman?”, he says in the beginning and then continues to explain what he meant by 'good quality'. He obviously proceeded to make fun of her shows again, because how can you not laugh at this? He also made sure to note that most of the Indians were actually defending him since all of us make fun of the daily soaps more than he did. He said, “I was laughing at how overly dramatic it was. I don't know how possibly I could get the idea. Completely unwarranted criticism, I fully understand.” After he was done trolling Ekta Kapoor a little, he proceeded to entertain Indians who can at least laugh at themselves. He went on to look at some 'Indian People Facebook' and went on to troll us some more but it was actually hilarious so it's fine. Here's the video: The main takeaway from the video? “Don't be like Ekta Kapoor and go on a Twitter rant when it's completely unrelated to you.” If you are like me, you are probably enjoying this whole “feud” a little too much. Here's what people are saying on Twitter: Ekta Kapoor after the new @pewdiepie video pic.twitter.com/qeHeVPVJRm — Venu Gopal Joshi (@ciphonn) June 4, 2018 Rant coming soon. Be ready for Ekta Kapoor's tweets about Pewdiepie. Man just posted a video roasting her. — ApÖorva (@psychG00nerette) June 4, 2018 And, the best part – The whole Ekta Kapoor and Pewdiepie thing was unexpected but its entertaining as hell. — Saaj (@sausaajsan) June 4, 2018
  5. As everyone knows, the biggest thing to happen this year was the fact that a freaking car was launched into space, all thanks to the genius that is Elon Musk. The Space X CEO launched a Tesla Roadster in space and it was expected to live a lonely life orbiting the sun for millions and millions of years before apparently returning (crashing) to Earth. But, looks like there were some calculation errors because turns out, it has already made its return and has taken a very important person's life in the crash. Apparently, the headline which we never thought we would read is here – “More Bad Press For Elon: The Car Elon Musk Launched Into Orbit Has Fallen Back Down To Earth And Crushed Malala” More Bad Press For Elon: The Car Elon Musk Launched Into Orbit Has Fallen Back Down To Earth And Crushed Malala Yousafzai https://t.co/9nx6RN9CLZ pic.twitter.com/AeyfXLRfu7 — ClickHole (@ClickHole) May 30, 2018 Oh no, how can Elon kill Malala like that? Just kidding, but honestly, satirical website Clickhole did pull off one of the best fake news to ever exist. So much is going on, it's so exciting. (Except for the killing part maybe) Even Elon was impressed with how much he accomplished in such a short amount of time. Hell of a week https://t.co/jKsfykkG55 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 31, 2018 What a week, truly! It's not every day you kill a Nobel Prize winner. Turns out, there is internet in the afterlife as well, and people must be so bored after dying, they spend their time on Twitter. Here's Malala's first tweet after her super cool death. Hello from the other side ð³ @elonmusk https://t.co/pRTnyptZ1N — Malala (@Malala) May 31, 2018 Also, if say you didn't sing that part, you're lying. Elon is also very excited about the 'other side'. Hi @Malala! ðð»ð — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 31, 2018 So many emojis. You know how we always rave about Elon's hilarious/cryptic tweets? But this time, it's Malala who's beating him by a long shot. What to do when you're killed by a car? You keep the car of course! I'm keeping the car btw! ðð — Malala (@Malala) May 31, 2018 I'm truly impressed, I never thought I would ever see these two tweeting each other, let alone in such a hilarious way. This is the kind of quality content we all deserve, and people agree. This is the dialogue that the world needs right now — Phillip Wilkins (@pkwilkins) May 31, 2018 When two remarkable people collide. This is my favorite thing on the entirety of the internet right now. You both are amazing, inspirational, and please keep being you. — IAM JAFO (@JAFOIAM) May 31, 2018
  6. LEFT: Pakistani Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai in Birmingham, Britain, October 10, 2014. REUTERS/Darren Staples/Files; RIGHT: Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, in San Francisco, US, June 18, 2013. REUTERS/Stephen...
  7. In this file photo taken on March 23, 2018 actress/executive producer Roseanne Barr attends The Roseanne Series Premiere at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. The US television sitcom star apologized May 29, 2018 for what she called a "bad...
  8. I think we can all agree that people trolling Rahul Gandhi on Twitter is one of the best and most enjoyable things ever. But, he's also quite well-aware of it and that kind of takes away from the enjoyment, just a li'l bit. RaGa, or affectionately known as 'Pappu' on Twitter, is well aware of how much of a target he is for trolls and his attempts at trolling back are quite hilarious. Also, the word troll has been overused in these last couple of sentences, I'm sorry. © Twitter Sonia Gandhi underwent a surgery in the United States back in 2011 and now has to go for yearly check-ups. So Rahul, being a good son, is accompanying his mother for the check-up but he's also aware of the fact that anything and everything he does is overly scrutinized by people on Twitter, especially by BJP supporters. Will be out of India for a few days, accompanying Sonia ji to her annual medical check up. To my friends in the BJP social media troll army: don't get too worked up...I'll be back soon! — Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) May 27, 2018 This disclaimer that Rahul tweeted about how he'll be back soon was because of the fact that this trip has reportedly put the allocation of ministries in Karnataka on hold, so basically just another piece of ammunition against Congress. BJP did reply to Rahul wishing well for Sonia Gandhi's health, but obviously no interaction between the two parties can be without a jibe. So they decided to remind Rahul that “women of Karnataka also await Cabinet formation so that the state Govt can start serving them”. And, obviously ended the tweet with a direct dig at him, saying that everyone wished for him to keep them entertained as well. We wish well for Sonia ji's health. Women of Karnataka also await Cabinet formation so that the state Govt can start serving them. Can you ensure Karnataka gets a working Govt before you leave? Everyone on social media hopes that you will keep us entertained from there too :-) https://t.co/doxO36Xva8 — BJP (@BJP4India) May 28, 2018 I would just like to say that I love how shady everyone is acting, and the subtle Twitter war is so hilarious to watch. Let's just hope the shade game stays strong and we get more stuff like this.
  9. It's that time of the year when the entire clan descends upon the poor students in the family. From relentless phone calls, texts and sometimes even sliding into DM's, all for just one single reason. The class 12th CBSE Board Exam results came out this morning and while for most of us, this feeling is already a decade old, the situation is still relatable. Friends, family, all your extended family comparing you to your cousins and demanding to know what course of life will you choose, now that school is officially over. The memories are still so fresh! Relatives right now.... #CBSEResult2018 pic.twitter.com/p77E8ZZAEk — Moody PRINCESS (@Jagat___Janani) May 26, 2018 So. the good people on Twitter got together to share their thoughts about the mania surrounding results. What it means to score less, how to dodge super annoying relatives and what to do now that school is over. For some it's the happiest day and for some it's not so happy but surely not the last day to prove yourself. :) #CBSEResult2018 — Lady Prufrock (@WoKaunThi) May 26, 2018 #CBSEResult2018 We are living in a society where parents are more concern about children's marks and less about their dreams. — Rijwan (@SakhtiMaan) May 26, 2018 Is this how your relatives and family behave? #CBSEResult2018 Relatives: Beta Result? Me:- My Result is my Res............ R:- Abay Chup.! My Besharmi is My Besharmi, None of your Besharmi. Chal Ab Result bata. — Rijwan (@SakhtiMaan) May 26, 2018 #CBSEResult2018 ðð after exam result pic.twitter.com/ftXIPJVE76 — Amit Srivastava (@amitkaithauliaz) May 26, 2018 Mom-Dad leaving me at the orphanage after my #CBSEResult2018 pic.twitter.com/EltGJ4HCr6 — Abhishek Pratap ð´ (@Abhi5hekk) May 26, 2018 The topper, Meghna who scored 499/500 is also a topic of debate. How on earth do people get these scores?! CBSE 12th Topper Meghna Srivastava has scored 499/500. Undoubtedly, she has left a mark in our education system. #CBSEResult2018 ð¥ð¥ — Tanish Sharma (@callmeetan) May 26, 2018 Meghna Srivastav of Ghaziabad topped in CBSE with 499/500 ðð Sala itne me to pura Pakistan aur Bangladesh pass ho jaye ðð!! #thugindian #CBSEResult2018 #CBSEResults #CBSE12thResult — ⨠Dhéèràj Guptâð®ð³â¨ (@PaRaKraMin) May 26, 2018 All things said and done, these scores definitely matter right now, and while pesky relatives will irritate you and question your confidence, here's what you can say. If your relatives are calling and asking you about your results, tell them - Our Business is our Business, None of your Business. #CBSEResult2018 — RJ Shonali (@RjShonalii) May 26, 2018 We wish all class 12th students a wonderful life ahead and a big congratulations to everyone. Your marks don't define you, but what you do with your life from this point onwards, surely will.
  10. Uday baba may not have been a superstar in Bolly-world but right now he sure as hell is leading the Twitter world with his infamous humorous stardom! You know what they say after all, if your life is in ruins, make a joke about it and spam the whole world with it. Well, all we can really say is Uday Chopra is the king of memes right now and if we ever feel bad about ourselves, we just go to his Twitter page and laugh at him making fun of himself. No really, it's quite a talent. © Facebook We stalked him enough on Twitter to compile a bunch of his tweets so you can laugh at his sorry a** existence instead of yours, for a change. Ps: He doesn't mind, really. Also, not all his tweets are funny. Some are deep, meaningful and depressing. But we really don't need those right now. Aww, this calls for a big hug. © Twitter Such wit, much wow © Twitter My Soul Is Injured My brain is broken — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) 8 May 2018 And That's When Priyanka Chopra Changed Her Surname To Khan When I was a kid I thought that I had to marry someone with my own surname. I thought that was the law. I never knew that women changed their surnames. I was constantly on the lookout for Chopra girls — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) 6 May 2018 I Can't Even... © Twitter The Resemblance Is Uncanny! No...but you look more like Chewbacca — know_mad (@Nasamajh_9jawan) 29 April 2018 We Should Celebrate A National 'Uday Chopra Day' @UdayChopraFans I think it suits me ðð pic.twitter.com/e3uSu0Y4eT — Ddimple Madan (@DIMPLEMADAN1) 1 April 2018 When Uday Baba Got No Chill © Twitter When Uday Chopra Cancelled 2018 ððððððð Its 2019 people let's be happy Uday Chopra is still called an actor. — priyansh (@priyansh2106) 14 April 2017 Savage Bhai, Savage! © Twitter Yeah, Same Here. So, We compiled His Tweets Instead I just googled Uday Chopra , look what I found...ððð pic.twitter.com/IuXwTBQqb4 — Bhrustrated® (@AnupamUncl) 15 May 2018 We <3 You Uday Baba © Twitter
  11. Being a celebrity sometimes comes at a cost of hearing bizarre and unwanted things. The internet is one place where people love to troll and things at times can go overboard. Twitter always finds their new target. Last time it was Uday Chopra trolled for tweeting about Karnataka Elections and now it's Abhishek Bachchan. © Instagram Just recently, he was trolled for living with his parents and now things just got a little harsher. A user named Bobby Deol (@aditaychopra) tweeted out saying that he doesn't deserve a wife like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, comparing him to Indian cricketer Stuart Binny. © Twitter Comparing both celebrities' lives, the person tweeted, “#KKRvRR Stuart Binny Is Replica Of Abhishek Bachan from Bollywood. Both Got a Beautiful Wife without Deserving. Both Got into Movies/ Cricket Because of their Father. Both Are "USELESS"” #KKRvRR Stuart Binny Is Replica Of Abhishek Bachan frm Bollywood. Both Got a Beautiful Wife without Deserving. Both Got into Movies/ Cricket Because of their Father. Both Are "USELESS" Retweet ðif you Agree.#ABDevilliers #KKRvRR @juniorbachchan @MayantiLanger_B @binny — bobby deol (@aditaychopra) May 24, 2018 Well, that a pretty nasty thing to say about anyone and we totally get why Abhishek decided to give the trolls a taste of their own medicine. Taking things into his own hand, the actor gave a savage reply, shutting him for once and for all. He wrote, “Walk a mile in my shoes, brother. If you even manage 10 steps I'll be impressed. Judging by your tweets don't think you'll make it too far! Spend time improving yourself, don't worry about others. God knows, we all have our own journeys. Get well soon.” Walk a mile in my shoes, brother. If you even manage 10 steps I'll be impressed. Judging by your tweets don't think you'll make it too far! Spend time improving yourself, don't worry about others. God knows, we all have our own journeys. Get well soon. 𤠗 Abhishek Bachchan (@juniorbachchan) May 24, 2018 We fail to understand what makes people this nasty. However, we totally love the way Abhishek asked the user to 'Get Well soon' proving you can't just make fun of Jr Bachchan without any reason. A single tweet by Abhishek was enough to make the person realise his/her mistake. Instantly the person apologised and tweeted, “Ab that was just for funn.. Ur one of the koolest person, even I have seen tera jadu chalgya in theatres, I like the way u dress in suits, that was a joke and apologies if you feel bad, I agreed the pressure you or sachin tendulkars son has no normal person can bear.. Apologies.” Ab that was just for funn.. Ur one of the koolest person , even I have seen tera jadu chalgya in theatres, I like the way u dress in suits, that was a joke and apologies if you feel bad, I agreed the pressure you or sachin tendulkars son has no normal person can bear.. Apologies — bobby deol (@aditaychopra) May 24, 2018 Dear whoever you are, why do anything that makes you regret it the very next second? Obviously people didn't like Abhishek being ridiculed for no reason and were seen siding with him. Have you realised just for your fun how people Dragged AB'S family in this. It is absolutely your right to express your views but sometimes maturity is more essential than immaturity. ð — ð®ð³ AJAY_LAAD ð®ð³ (@ajaylaad75) May 24, 2018 why are you so offended mate with what he has..get a life..everyone has der own journey..world is full of negativity and you just add to it. now who is useless ð — Parul (@Parulsuri_b) May 24, 2018 I feel the opposite.. Aish is lucky to enter Bachan family..Abhishek is a star — Arnav (@justdba03) May 24, 2018 Very funny coming from a user calling someone useless, especially when all you are doing is using a fake profile, keyboard warriors — Sumir Beaspal (@Sumir7) May 24, 2018 Dude whoever h r, really not interested but u don't have any right to just write any nonsense about anyone. No one is the same, and we all have different life experiences. It's not my place to judge them or for them to judge me. We should all be accountable for our own lives. — Diksha Sharma (@DikshaS80578252) May 24, 2018 So all you trolls, next time just remember that Abhishek can't be taken down easily. He knows how to slam unwanted comments like a boss. Hard luck!
  12. Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan has come under fire on Twitter over her recent remarks on feminism.At the music launch of her upcoming movie Veere Di Wedding, Kareena said she does not see herself as a feminist but believes in equality.?I...
  13. Facebook and Twitter are both tightening rules for political ads in response to concerns that the online platforms were manipulated during the 2016 US election. Photo: AFP Twitter on Thursday announced new guidelines to clearly mark political ads...
  14. Twitter You can allow your members to sign in to your website using their twitter account. In order to do this however, you first need to create an API key. Creating the twitter application First you need to go to the following URL and sign in using your twitter account. https://apps.twitter.com/ From here you will then need to select the "Create New App" button Once selected, you will be prompted to fill in the details for your site. Fill these in similar to the below, replacing the details I have entered with the details relevant for your site. Once done, agree to the disclaimer and click "Create your twitter application" Warning The URL below used is http://localhost/419 because the example location I used is this. You should be entering your own site URL. For example, if your site is located at http://www.someurlhere.com then that is what you would enter. Similarly if you installed at http://www.someurlhere.com/forums this is what you would enter. Once you are done, you will see something similar the following screen there are now 2 things you need to check. First of all take a look in the settings tab and ensure that "Allow this application to be used to Sign in with Twitter" is checked. Then select the permissions tab and ensure it is set to "Read and Write" Once you have done both of these, you can get your application key and secret from the "Kets and Access Tokens" tab, which you will need to enter into your admin cp. Setting up the connection Within your admin CP, go to System>Settings>Login Handlers and select the pencil icon at the side of the twitter login method. You can then enter the details you generated above, choose which name to use for the account, and save. Tip You can also state if you would like Admin CP logins to be allowed using twitter authorisation from this page, and allow users to share their content immediately. This will give the user a checkbox they can select when creating new content
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