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Found 17 results

  1. Spain's physical proximity to Morocco and close ties with former colonies in Latin America have made it key entry point for drugs
  2. The crustacean picks bits of food from adventurer's teeth and cleans his gums with its feet
  3. When in Dubai, do as the Emiratis do. This roughly translates to - experience diversity, the sprawling cityscape and culinary magic! While the city is celebrated for its futuristic expos and retail outlets, one must not forget that Dubai’s culinary scene is booming - not just with flavour, but unique dining experiences too. Don’t believe us? Here are 6 eateries in Dubai that are worth adding to your bucket list! At.mosphere - Dine On the 122nd FloorAt.mosphere is the world’s highest restaurant - nestled 442m above the ground! Set on the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa, this ritzy diner offers breathtaking views of Dubai’s sparkling skyline and the Arabian gulf. View this post on Instagram A post shared by At.mosphere Burj Khalifa Dubai (@atmospheredubai) The food lives up to the altitude of the place, thanks to its rich European cuisine - we’re talking world famous foie gras, oysters, lobsters, souffles and lots more. At.mosphere, 122nd floor, Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai; +971 4 888 3828 Ossiano - Dine UnderwaterTouted to be the most romantic underwater restaurant, Ossiano lives up to the hype with its sumptuous preparations and otherworldly decor! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ossiano (@ossianodubai) Believe us, there’s nothing like savouring sea food amidst the lush sea life. Ossiano presents 65,000 fish, including sharks, stingrays, snappers and lionfish - all in an immersive tank, gliding past you as you enjoy this larger-than-life, underwater dining experience. Atlantis, The Palm on Palm Jumeirah; +971 4 426 2626 Seva - Dine Amidst Nature & Well BeingIf you’re looking for a cosy nook to read and eat, or if you have a healthy-green lunch on your mind - ‘Seva’ is the place for you. It has a zen-like garden, cobbled pathways, a plant-based cafe, and log tables to build on the outdoorsy vibe! The place also has a WiFi free zone for people to keep their phones away and connect in real time. View this post on Instagram A post shared by SEVA Table,💯Plant-based Cafe (@sevatable) The food served at ‘Seva’ is free from dairy, gluten, sugar and artificial ingredients. It is here where good health and sumptuous delights meet - you’ve got to experience it to believe it! Street 27B, Jumeirah 1, Jumeirah Beach Road, Dubai Hell’s Kitchen - Dine at Gordon Ramsay’s RestaurantMichelin-star chef Gordon Ramsay brings his best to this fiery restaurant at Caesars Palace, Dubai. It is the sister restaurant of the OG Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas, and draws inspiration from Gordon Ramsay’s reality TV show. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Hell's Kitchen Dubai (@hellskitchendubai) The show’s red and blue competing themes are incorporated into the dynamic decor - giving us a theatrical dining experience. We’d highly recommend Gordon Ramsay’s signature beef Wellington, hearty burgers and grills, and sticky toffee pudding! Caesars Palace Dubai, Bluewaters Island Dinner In The Sky - Dine While Floating In The SkyWho said heights are just for adventure rides? Dubai uses its futuristic skyline and twinkling views to its advantage and offers a larger-than-life dining experience in the sky! View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dinner in the Sky UAE (@dinnerintheskyuae) Located in Skydive Dubai, diners relish the luxurious menu while being suspended from a crane, 50 meters high in the sky. Skydive Dubai, Al Seyahi St, Dubai Marina, Dubai, +971 58 819 3296 BBQ Donut - Dine In The Middle Of The SeaOut with the boring barbecues! When in Dubai, you can get into a bright orange, donut-shaped boat with a charcoal barbecue in the middle. Floating down the Dubai creek, you can soak in some sunshine, click pictures against the backdrop of Burj Khalifa and several skyscrapers on the Sheik Zayed Road. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Boardwalk Dubai (@boardwalkdubai) These BBQ donuts serve a la carte menus, self-barbecued delights and drinks too. BBQ Donut, The Boardwalk, Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club, Deira; +971 4 295 6000 Make sure you bookmark these larger-than-life eateries for your Dubai getaway. These unique culinary experiences will add that extra flavour to your luxurious getaway! View the full article
  4. The iPhone 11 is known to be practically waterproof, thanks to its IP68 rating and this incident is proof of its impressive water resistance. The smartphone is rated to survive underwater at a depth of 6.5 meters for 30 minutes but it seems like the phone is capable of surviving for longer and at a greater depth. Two divers in British Columbia, Canada recently discovered a submerged iPhone 11 in Harrison Lake. © Youtube_Aquatic-Monkey The smartphone in question was found by married couple Clay and Heather Helkenberg who run a YouTube channel called Aquatic Monkey. The channel documents their efforts to clean up garbage from local lakes and in this instance, the couple recovered an iPhone 11. They took the phone home and found it working in almost perfect condition. After turning on the device, they removed the SIM card and used it on another phone to figure out the owner’s phone number. They then called the owner to find out that the smartphone was lost in the water for about six months. As reported by CBC on the recovery “He pulled out the SIM card, put it in another phone to figure out the phone number and got in touch with owner Fatemeh Ghodsi. Ghodsi, who lives in Vancouver, was confused and thought one of her friends might be playing a prank on her. But she was soon convinced and made the trip to Chilliwack to collect the phone, which amazingly still works.” © Youtube_Aquatic-Monkey Being underwater is bound to damage the smartphone to some extent and in this case, only the speaker and the microphone were found to not be working. Apart from that, the phone was still working perfectly. Photos from the phone show that it was used in bumper boats right before it plunged to the depths of the lake. “I was in a situation where I kind of lost balance and dropped it in the water,” she said, adding that park staff was convinced it would be impossible to find the phone in the water. “Distressed and in tears, we went back to Vancouver just kind of hopeless,” she said. It is also worth noting that the phone did not corrode due to the fact that Harrison Lake is a freshwater lake. It is possible that seawater can corrode smartphones provided that it stays underwater for six months. This is not the first time the iPhone was found in working condition after being lost to the depths of a water body. Last year, an iPhone survived underwater in a river after it was discovered almost two months later. Source: CBC View the full article
  5. There have been numerous instances in the past where the Apple Watch saved lives, thanks to features on board that facilitates emergency services. There have been instances where users were warned of an impending heart attack, indicating heart diseases due to abnormal heart rates and even car crashes. You can read all previous cases of Apple Watch's capability to save lives here. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Now according to a report from Spectrum Bay News 9, another incident resulted in the Apple Watch saving its user's life. However, this time a woman was saved due to a car crash that flipped several times before it landed in a ditch filled with mud and water. © YouTube (for representation purposes only) During the crash, Amanda Antonio, 20, had lost her phone but managed to locate it using a feature on the Apple Watch that pings the smartphone. She then called 911 and according to the transcript this is what she said “Hi, I've been in a car accident. My car is flipped and I can't see anything and there's water getting in the car. I can't get out. The water level was apparently rising at a fast pace and had reached Antonio's chin level. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The feature on the Apple Watch lets users ping their paired iPhone that makes a sound to let the user know where it is. It's a nifty feature that not only lets you find your iPhone, but apparently can also end up saving lives. To know more about Apple's latest smartwatch, you can read our review here. Source: Spectrum Bay News 9
  6. What's way cooler than your go to regular art museum, in the city? An underwater art museum! Yes, you read that right and if you want to explore how art truly looks underwater, all you have to do is travel to Lanzarote in Spain. (c)CACT Lanzarote 'Museo Atlantico' , opened in Lanzarote, Spain this week and it's literally breathtaking (if you can hold your breath for long, i.e.!). Designed by British eco-sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor, this fabulous underwater museum features over 300 works, across 12 installations, all preserved beautifully under water. The installations that are preserved underwater represent a gateway to another world, according to the museum. They also lay emphasis on promoting a better understanding of the marine world and how much the human species depends on the environment under the sea. (c)CACT Lanzarote The collection is about 14- metres deep and has taken about two years to complete and now it's a permanent fixture in the Canary Islands. It was designed to be a 'large scale artificial reef', built with neutral pH materials, which are environment friendly and attract life underwater. (c)CACT Lanzarote According to the museum they "have already experienced a significant increase in the levels of generation and abundance of species, and are already being frequented by angel sharks, shoals of barracuda and sardines, octopus, marine sponges and the occasional butterfly stingray." (c)CACT Lanzarote The art museum also includes a 100 tonne 30-metre long wall, a botanical sculpture garden and a whirlwind formation made up from almost 200 human figures! Fancy that! (c)CACT Lanzarote So the next time you're planning a vacation and don't know were to head, think pristine, blue-green waters and art to go along with it. How cool would it be to venture to the Canary Islands and experience the best museum tour ever! Though the museums need to create a “strong visual dialogue between art and nature, by creating a large scale artificial reef”, it's surely making a global impact on sustaining ocean life and changing everyone's perception on how to communicate better with life under water. (c)CACT Lanzarote It's a given, that man has explored a lot in space and still continues to do so but there is so much unknown left to explore underneath ocean beds and we're glad Spain has taken a step towards that! Check out the breathtaking pictures below.
  7. If you're a water baby—that means someone who enjoys spending copious amounts of time around water bodies; be it the beach, a swimming pool, or the bath tub—then, this September, Pune is where you need to be to experience a one-of-a-kind festival that's going to take place underwater. Yes, you read that right. The Underwater Festival is happening at the Finkick Adventures Scuba Diving Center, on September 10th 2017, from 9 am onwards, and is going to be hosted by the one and only—veteran of cultural festivals—Nikhil Chinapa. Oh wait, it gets better. The festival which is aimed at celebrating the underwater world and the spirit of adventure will be bringing scuba diving just one step closer to you; it doesn't matter if you're a pro or an amateur, or have never even ventured down the road! The festival is going to be a combination of food, music and bucket loads of water, obviously. From an underwater zone that caters to the water buff in all of you to a visitor zone that lets you stay there—if that's what you choose—and enjoy good food and music. © Mumbai Underwater Festival Here's a complete breakdown of what's happening at the Underwater Festival in Pune. Underwater Sports From a playground underwater to a hockey match; there's something for everyone. There's even a slew of diving games that are restricted to Certified PADI, SSI and CMAS divers only, where an obstacle course will be set for competitors in a 15-foot long pool. From free diving to slack lining, get set to dive into a pool of fun (sorry, couldn't help the puns). © Mumbai Underwater Festival Cultural Recreation There'll be photo booths, photography exhibitions featuring the works of esteemed underwater photographers from across the world and a meet-and-greet with the best instructors in the country, to help take enthusiasts through the necessary steps on all things diving-related. © Mumbai Underwater Festival Plus, it's going to be a fun-filled day for you, your friends, and family. Tickets are being sold on Insider.in.
  8. After a ten year delay, India has finally kick-started a huge underwater defence deal with six other countries. This ‘mother of all deals' involves building six advanced stealth submarines for an estimated ₹70,000 crores ($10.9 billion) in collaboration with France, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Japan. Called Project-75, this controversial submarine programme had been languishing in politico-bureaucratic apathy, files and committees ever since it got the government's approval in November 2007. But even though this project is in its initial stage, it is on its way to be the first mega project under the new "strategic partnership" policy finalized by the defence ministry in May. © military Reportedly, officials have said that the six shipbuilders – Naval Group-DCNS (France), ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (Germany), Rosoboronexport Rubin Design Bureau (Russia), Navantia (Spain), Saab (Sweden) and the Mitsubishi-Kawasaki Heavy Industries combine (Japan) –first have to respond to the RFI (request for information) by September 15. After that, the Navy will formulate the NSQRs (naval staff qualitative requirements) before the formal RFP (request for proposal) is issued to the six for submitting their technical and commercial bids for evaluation. While that process is going on, the selection of the Indian shipyard for the strategic partnership with foreign collaborator will be done in the meantime. © The Strategist Times of India quoted a defence ministry official saying, “It may take around two years for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-Indian shipyard combine to be down-selected. Moreover, the first new submarine will roll out only seven to eight years after the final contract is inked. But the aim is to fast-track the entire process.” The Navy wants these six new diesel-electric submarines to have land-attack cruise missiles, air-independent propulsion for greater underwater endurance and the capability to integrate indigenous weapons and sensors. The official further added, “The stress will be on transfer of technology from the OEM and indigenization. The submarines, to be built with indigenous steel, should also be less maintenance-intensive to ensure a better operational cycle with minimal downtime.” © Naval Technology The approved plans indicate that for effective deterrence against China and Pakistan, the Navy should have 18 diesel-electric submarines as well as six nuclear-powered submarines with long-range nuclear-tipped missiles (SSBNs). But, the force is still grappling with 13 old conventional submarines, of which at least 10 are over 25-years-old, apart from two nuclear-powered submarines, INS Arihant (SSBN) and INS Chakra (SSN).
  9. Yoga is the new trend. Everyone is either a yoga practitioner or a yogini. Flock o' birds, we all are, like that. But, yes, yoga is the way forward, in more ways than most. And as the trend catches on, social media or not, there's yet another development in the art of learning yoga and thereafter mastering it. Why, it's underwater yoga, of course. Don't know what I mean? Well, don't get so flabbergasted because no one's asking you to breathe underwater while holding a rather bendy pose… not literally, at least. It's more like the first ever underwater yoga class in the whole wide world. And it's happening at Atlantis, The Palm, in Dubai. Heard of it, haven't you? It's at least on everyone's mainstream wish list. But, for once, this is an attraction worth being attracted to. Shortlist Dubai The five-star destination property is now offering underwater yoga classes in The Lost Chambers Aquarium in Atlantis, The Palm. Available every Tuesday and Friday, the class is a first of its kind and it is already being touted as the perfect way to start the day off. Each class is timed for the duration of about an hour and costs approximately 120 dirham which comes inclusive of a yoga mat, a bottle of water and valet parking. One class can host up to 20 guests who are privy to an underwater view of about 65,000 beautiful sea creatures. The guests will be taught hatha yoga, a discipline to bring peace and tranquillity to the mind and body. This will be amidst being surrounded in an aquatic setting that will rejuvenate and restore balance to those experiencing it. Shortlist Dubai According to a study published by researchers from the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter, contemplating fish in an aquarium has an effect in reducing levels of stress and anxiety and provides health benefits including lowering blood pressure; which is actually very telling and can make a lot of sense to those of us who have ever been to an aquarium, or owned one. Given this knowledge, it makes all the more sense that one should either visit the recreational facility or maybe facilitate the development of similar ones around other parts of the world, maybe. Or if that doesn't work, go stare at your aquarium at home while you do your yoga sessions, aye?
  10. Reliance Jio has now launched the world's longest submarine cable system that can deliver up to 40 Terabits of bandwidth in a region that expands over Asia, Africa and Europe. The AAE-1 cable is being installed to provide faster speeds and meet the growing demand for video-centric content in India. The Telecom company details that the cable is going to support all forms of communication, applications and other types of content. © Jio The cable system will go from Marseille in France and will extend all the way to Hong Kong. Jio will be working with other telecom companies from Europe, Middle East and Asia to make this huge project possible. The cable system will have PoP in Singapore, Hong King and various European cities in France, Italy and Greece. © Youtube “The new terabit capacity and 100Gbps direct connectivity to global content hubs and interconnection points ensure that Jio will continue to offer its customers the most exceptional high-speed internet and digital service experience,” said Mathew Oommen, President-Jio in a press statement. “We are excited to participate in the launch and deliver the cable landing in Mumbai at the time when India's data traffic continues its accelerated data consumption and growth,” he added. © AAE-1 The incessant demand for data consumption and for video-centric content is growing at an exponential rate in India and Jio hopes to capitalise on it. AAE-1 will also link up with other cable systems and fiber networks which will enable the company to provide service to all global markets. Reliance Jio will provide the network operations and management for AAE-1 in India, using their state of the art facility in Navi Mumbai.
  11. We all know that the iPhone 7 can withstand water, but what if you want to take it to the ocean and take pictures under 300 feet of water? What if you want to use the phone underwater without ever compromising the touchscreen controls?. Well, LenzO has developed an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus case that is designed to let you do just that. © LenzO It essentially turns your iPhone into a diving camera as the case can seal out water up to 300 feet. The case launched on Kickstarter recently and has already raised $38,000 from its $60,000 goal. Valentins Ranetkins, National Geographic’s designer for underwater housing and five-time Emmy award-winning underwater cinematography Anthony Lenzo, created the unique case. © LenzO The biggest problem we face when dealing with water-resistant phones is that it interferes with the touchscreen, making it very difficult to use when water is splashed on the display. The case solves that issues as it utilises two control systems, where operating one of the systems adjust a small arm on the inside of the case. The other system, when pressed will touch the screen on the inside; effectively letting users control camera functions within the waterproof seal case. The case also comes with built-in filters which adjust the camera's white balance in order to shoot underwater. The dome present on the camera gives the primary and front-facing camera an unobstructed view of the action. Check out the video of the case in action, below: You can book yourself this case by contributing to LenzO’s Kickstarter campaign here.
  12. Bollywood surely is pushing the envelope with path-breaking projects. India’s first war-at-sea film ‘The Ghazi Attack’ is hitting the theatres soon and the first trailer is already making a lot of noise. The story of an Indian naval officer and his entire team survived 18 days under water in India’s classified war against Pakistan in 1971 deserved to be told. The film stars Rana Daggubati in the lead role and Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni and Taapsee Pannu in pivotal roles. The legendary actor Om Puri who died recently will also be seen in this film. The trailer looks gripping and we’re really hoping Bollywood gets this war film right.
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