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Found 19 results

  1. Let's start off with a disclaimer - this isn't an article on the lovable breed of dogs, nor does it discuss sporting heavyweights Anthony Joshua and Mike Tyson. That being said, it deals with a staple of every man's wardrobe, so you should still read it. No matter which side of the briefs vs. boxers debate you're on, we believe that both styles warrant a place in your underwear drawer. While the snug fit and reassuring support of briefs is perfect for the man on the go, the comfort and breathability of boxers is the way to go when you're spending a relaxing day at home. When it comes to buying boxers, we don't mean stocking up on the plain styles almost every man owns. Just because your underwear is meant to be hidden away from public view doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your sense of style in favour of practicality when you go underwear shopping. In fact, there's a whole lot of variety out there that will help you put a fashion forward spin on your undergarments. Our helpful guide will enlighten you on all the available options, enabling you to choose those that suit your style the best. Style 1: The Solids © Shutterstock There's a reason why solid colours are the most common and readily available style when it comes to boxers - you can never go wrong with the classics! The best boxers for men offer not only supreme comfort, but also add a layer of style to your overall look. However, most men tend to build up a collection blacks, whites, and greys, which might get the job done but don't make for very pleasant viewing! Add a dash of colour to your basic and boring collection by giving some brighter hues like reds and blues a try. Style 2: The Patterned © Shutterstock If you're looking for options other than the classic solid colours but don't want to stray too far away from the norm, then you need to explore the world of patterned boxers. Boxers featuring a symmetrical checkered, striped or even polka-dotted pattern are among the best underwear for men out there, because they offer an enhanced visual aesthetic while still retaining the same design fundamentals that make boxers such an important part of any man's wardrobe. Style 3: The Printed © Shutterstock Printed shirts and shorts for men are all the rage right now, but there's no reason for that to be limited to your outer layer of clothing. Even your boxers are available in all sorts of eye-catching variants these days, and the best printed boxers for men can transform the dull task of picking out underwear to a fun one. Not only are there classy micro prints to choose from, you even have the option of going all out and repping your favourite superhero, cartoon character, or sports team, allowing you to express your personal sense of style and splurge on some quirky prints! Style 4: The Material © Shutterstock The fabric your boxers are made of has a huge impact on how comfortable you feel in them, which is why this is such an important decision. Cotton is the most popular choice because it is absorbent, breathable, and widely available, but it's not the only option. Thanks to a lot of innovation and advancements in this department in recent times, a variety of cotton blends and fibres have also entered the fray. One such innovation is a fibre called Modal, which has fast become extremely popular in the underwear industry because it's much softer than regular cotton. As for other materials in vogue, silk boxers are considered the epitome of luxury, while spandex and lycra are also used in some of the variants favoured by men who value coverage but also want a closer fit. Style 5: The Hybrid © Pixabay Combining the close fit and support offered by briefs with the coverage of boxers, boxer briefs are a relatively new entrant in the innerwear game. While they can't technically be classified as either boxers or briefs, the best boxer briefs for men bring together the best features of both styles into one extremely convenient garment that definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe.
  2. Who says that only the visible components of your attire have to be aesthetically pleasing? While a majority of men don't pay much heed to the colour, fabric, and the fit of their underwear, there does exist a bunch of men who put A LOT of thought into picking the right underwear. Besides the most commonly considered factors, which most men take into account, the type of print they want on their underwear also makes for a requisite factor for some, especially men who consider themselves to be fashion-forward. A well-tailored, printed pair of underwear would effortlessly amp up your innerwear game, all the while ensuring that you remain fashionable both on the inside, as well as on the outside! As such, while Indian markets are packed with a bazillion variants of printed underwear, there is a dearth of brands which tailor the ones which are both high on quality and ooze a stylish vibe. So, for the fashion-conscious men who want their entire ensemble (including their underwear!) to be in vogue, we have curated a list of the hippest printed underwear for men, which are comfortable, and in complete harmony with contemporary trends! Check Out These Underwear For Men Which Feature The Coolest Prints 1. Puma's Black Printed Briefs © Myntra Comfort may be key, but nothing can rival a pair of underwear which, besides being incredibly snug, is also visually appealing. As such, this printed underwear from PUMA has been crafted keeping in mind both these factors. Featuring a black base, and a modish grey abstract print, this pair can be worn with or without anything on top. The elasticated waistband, on the other hand, makes sure that you are at ease all day long! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 449 Buy it here 2. Jockey Black Jaspe Printed Trunk © Jockey A brand which has been ruling the innerwear industry for as long as we can remember, Jockey is a name that does not need any introduction. This pair of printed underwear from Jockey is the perfect example of its skilful craft, for it has an ultrasoft fabric and a print which would appeal to anyone! Saying that this underwear is GOOD, would be a bit of an understatement, for it has everything (and more) that you look for while picking your underwear. Fabric Composition: Super combed cotton MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 3. MeUndies Briefs With Tortoise Print © MeUndies Take your innerwear game to new heights as you don this pair of briefs from MeUndies. This brand has garnered global fame for crafting the LIGHTEST and SOFTEST underwear, owing to their MicroModal make (a fabric which is three times softer than cotton!). This pair, in a cool blue base colour, features a quirky tortoise print, which is perfect for those men who have a quirky taste in clothing Besides being in-vogue, this underwear is so breezy that you might just forget you're wearing it! Fabric Composition: 92% MicroModal and 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,666 Buy it here 4. Calvin Klein Underwear Black & White Slim Fit Boxer © Myntra For a number of men, leisure time is equivalent to lounging in a comfy pair of boxers and scoring goals in a game of FIFA. If you belong to that lot, here's a pair of boxers that you need to invest in, for it would not only ensure your comfort (thanks to its pure cotton make!) but also features a hip print, so you can walk, play, or laze around in complete ease. Also, this pair will stay in place and won't ride up when worn under jeans or trousers! And of course, when it comes to underwear, can you ever go wrong with Calvin Klein? Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 1,599 Buy it here 5. Undercolours of Benetton's Red And Blue Striped Trousers © Myntra Who says that stripes are restricted to just shirts and t-shirts? Here's a pair of striped underwear for men from Undercolours of Benetton, which features a nautical trend and makes for an ideal fit for men who can't get enough of stripes! One of the most affordable variants in this list compiling the best-printed underwear for men, this makes for a worthy investment. Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs.247 Buy it here 6. Jack & Jones Men Black & White Checked Briefs © Myntra Checkmate! Give your innerwear collection a fashion upgrade with this pair of briefs with a classic black and white checked print. Since the blazing Indian summers are upon us, it's essential that your underwear is also breezy, so you don't have to spend your day in unease. As such, the cotton fabric composition of this checked men's underwear ensures that your nether region is not devoid of the requisite ventilation, and keeps you at ease all day long. The check print, on the other hand, adds a hint of style to the pair. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton and 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 359 Buy it here 7. Tommy Hilfiger White & Navy Blue Printed Boxers © Myntra Be it a t-shirt, shirt, or in this case, underwear, every piece of garment tailored by Tommy is state-of-the-art, and this pair of printed boxers is proof of that. Whether you are planning to lounge and binge watch something on Netflix, or have your bros coming over to chill with you, these boxers, which feature a star print, are perfect for all scenarios. Besides being incredibly trendy (owing to its ultra-modern print!) these boxers are also super comfortable, which makes them a worthwhile purchase. Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs.1,299 Buy it here 8. Under Armour Men Black Printed Novel Trunks © Myntra Underwear, for many, is synonymous with black, and if you too belong to the 'All Black' clan, then you would absolutely swear by this variant from Under Armour. Crafted using sweat-wicking technology which keeps you (and your package!) cool throughout the day, this underwear might qualify as the best underwear you've ever put on. The subtle all-over print on this underwear oozes an up-to-the-minute vibe, which any man would kill to encompass. Fabric Composition: 90% polyester and 10% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,799 Buy it here 9. American Eagle Outfitters Black & Blue Printed Trunks © Myntra Are you the kind of man who is always at the forefront of every conversation regarding fashion? If yes, then you need to own this pair of trunks from American Eagle, which features an eye-catching black and blue print. Perfect to be sported with or without trousers, this printed underwear for men is incredibly snug and would become a pair that you would absolutely swear by! Fabric Composition: Pure Cotton MRP: Rs.899 Buy it here 10. Fruit Of The Loom Pack Of 2 Assorted Briefs © Myntra Fruit of the Loom is a globally recognized underwear and casualwear brand, known for crafting premium quality underwear. Their underwear is synonymous with quality, comfort, and style, which makes it one of the most sought-after innerwear brands in the market. This pack of two, which comprises of two printed briefs, speaks of the brand's unparalleled works. Perfect for those who like print, but not too much of it, this underwear features a very subtle print which does not look too gaudy, and adds a tinge of colour to this otherwise solid black pair! Fabric Composition: Cotton MRP: Rs. 538 Buy it here
  3. Your underwear forms the foundation of your outfit, and how comfortable you feel in your clothes has a LOT to do with making the right choice of underwear. However, with the wide variety of styles, cuts, fabrics, colours, and prints out there, making that choice is not the straightforward decision it once used to be. Apart from the obvious question of whether they look good or not, you also have to factor in long-term comfort, support for your privates, the right range of movement and concealment, as well as keeping sweat and body odour at bay. Faced with all these decisions, knowing what will not only fit your body type, but also fit seamlessly into your personal style is half the battle won. There are several styles for you to choose from, which is where we, at MensXP, can be of assistance. Our guide to underwear styles can help narrow down your options, taking your underwear game to the next level by helping you make all the right choices. Style 1: Briefs © Pexels This classic, standard style that we all know from our childhood is made for comfort and support. The best briefs for men are defined by their distinctive Y-shaped front, elastic waistband, and just enough fabric to cover the essentials (namely your package and backside!) while leaving your upper thighs exposed. Pros: Thanks to their excellent support and minimal coverage, they're the underwear of choice if you're wearing slim-fit jeans or fitted trousers. They're much less likely to ride up as compared to other styles, so you won't have to keep adjusting them either. Cons: Although available in a variety of cuts and colours, they're not the most visually appealing garment to own, and can also accentuate stocky figures. Style 2: Boxers © Shutterstock Boxers are shorts that are designed to be loose-fitting, airy, and roomy, with an elastic waistband, and straight leg openings that extend down the legs to varying degrees. They usually have an open fly, to offer the wearer an exit route with maximum ease. Pros: If you're chilling at home on your day off, nothing feels more comfortable than a pair of boxers. Breathable and roomy, the best boxers for men offer a freedom of movement that is simply unmatched. They're also perfect for men who don't like revealing underwear thanks to the increased coverage they provide. Cons: Due to their baggy nature, they tend to bunch up uncomfortably underneath your trousers. Another problem that arises due to them being loose and free is sweat, which falls off your body and gathers in the most uncomfortable places. Style 3: Boxer Briefs © Pixabay If you combine the best features of boxers and briefs, you get the best boxer briefs for men , a hybrid style that retains the longer leg of the boxer as well as the snug fit of the brief. Pros: Highly versatile and universally flattering, they're the reigning champions of the underwear game. They offer tons of support downstairs, and can be worn as part of any outfit without fear of unwanted sweat, body odour, or bunching up. Cons: Although they're less prone to riding up than most styles, you might experience it if you sit for an extended period of time. This happens because they extend further down your legs than briefs, which end in the natural crease between your legs and torso. Style 4: Trunks © Pexels This style sits somewhere between briefs and boxer briefs, perfect for those who can't bring themselves to choose between the two. Trunks are a newer style of underwear, but one that's quickly gaining popularity. The best trunks for men have the skin-hugging fit of briefs with legs shorter than boxer briefs, creating a simple square-cut silhouette. Pros: The body-hugging fit means that they can be worn comfortably with slim-fit trousers and denims while still offering enough room for gents who hate constriction. The close fit has the added bonus of preventing sweat from soaking through, enhancing your comfort. Cons: Finding the right cut and size of trunks is the key to ensuring your comfort, because a low-cut variant leaves you open to the risk of public embarrassment every time you bend down (unless you wear your shirts tucked in for the rest of your life). Style 5: And, The Rest! © Pexels Although the underwear styles mentioned above are what you usually find on store shelves or online, that's not where your options end. There are a whole host of styles that aren't as common, but can still be valuable additions to you underwear drawer based on personal preference. After all, the key to selecting the best underwear for men is to find options for every possible scenario! For men who like the freedom that going commando affords them but are not quite ready to take the plunge, options like the thong, bikini brief, and g-string are worth looking into. These styles also work best for men with well-sculpted bodies who like to show off the results of their hard work, as they provide maximum exposure while still protecting your modesty. Whether you want to flaunt your stuff or just enjoy freedom when you walk around, this is the way to go.
  4. What's the most comfortable pair of underwear you own? Is it cotton or some other fibre? Or are you in search for the perfect underwear? Because let's face it, comfy underwear can change your life completely. It can help say a sweet goodbye to the jock itch as well. But if it were up to you to design your perfect underwear, how would you design it? What material would you use? The brand Nice Laundry has come up with innovative material for briefs. Think luxurious fibres like cashmere. However, cashmere is not a fabric that comes cheap. The better the quality of the cashmere, the higher the price bracket. Nice Laundry's briefs are made of 100 per cent cashmere and also feature 24-karat gold thread embroidered flying pig and a horn button closure. It's the kind of luxury that you get to pamper your junk with. © Nice Laundry This brand's briefs in questions are priced at $1,000 USD which roughly translate to 69,000 Rupees. That is roughly the same amount you would spend on an iPhone. With a heavy price tag like that, the laundry instructions too come with a 'dry clean only' tag because clearly, this pair of briefs does require a lot of care. © Nice Laundry While some may call it a frivolous purchase, if you think that it's been a while that you've pampered yourself, this is one of the many options.
  5. Considering the fact that it's the first thing we put on in the morning as we get ready to face the day, it's almost criminal how little thought we put into picking out our underwear. The same applies to underwear shopping as well - most of us just grab the same type we always buy, without so much as a second thought, and repeat the same process time after time. After all, it's only underwear, right? No one else is going to see it, so what difference does it make if it's the same style (and sometimes even colour!) that you've been wearing for years? Well, we've got a newsflash for you! Picking out your underwear is one of the most personal and private decisions you can make when it comes to menswear. After all, you wear it right next to your skin all day. It plays a vital role in ensuring that you feel comfortable throughout the day regardless of what you're doing. Making the wrong choice leaves you open to a whole host of annoying problems including excessive sweating, irritating itchiness, and repeated adjustments. So, unless you're okay with spending the whole day with your hands stuffed down your pants, it's high time you paid as much attention to what's going into your underwear drawer as you do to the other contents of your closet. That's not to say that underwear shopping has to be boring, pricey, or time-consuming. A little knowledge about the variety of underwear options available to you is all it takes to ensure your comfort every day. That's exactly what we hope to provide with this extensive guide to the best underwear for men, which will make underwear shopping as comfortable and satisfying an experience as the products themselves. But First, A 'Brief' Guide To Buying Your Briefs: 1) Fit: Ill-fitting underwear can play havoc with your daily routine, which is why it's extremely important to pick up the right size of underwear (especially if you're experimenting with different brands). If it's too large, you'll spend the whole day pulling them up. If it's too small, it'll cut off the blood supply to your nether regions, and you don't need us to tell you that that's not a pleasant sensation! 2) Fabric: Cotton is the tried and tested material here, but there has been a lot of innovation in this department in recent times, which means there are many more options. Various other cotton blends and fibres come with their own pros and cons. For a luxurious experience, you might indulge in some silk boxer shorts. Similarly, spandex or lycra trunks underneath your workout attire or mesh or lenzing modal underwear with your running shorts is a smart choice. 3) Colour: The world of men's fashion is ever-changing, and you're not limited to solid colours or simple stripes or checks any more. An attractive print might catch your partner's eye when things get hot and heavy in the bedroom. You can also sport printed boxers bearing the logo of your favourite superheroes or cartoon characters during a weekend movie marathon. Just be sure you don't mix up the two! 4) Brand: When it comes to underwear, most men tend to have a fierce loyalty towards a particular brand. We're not saying there's anything wrong with that, we just recommend keeping an open mind. Who knows, you might be missing out on the perfect fit or style by refusing to try out another brand's offerings! So there you have it, guys - it's time for an underwear overhaul. Broaden your horizons and restock your underwear drawer with a variety of styles, fits, colours and fabrics based on your particular needs! Looking For The Best Underwear For Men? Here's A Helpful Guide 1. Saxx Men's Fiesta Boxers © Amazon Let's start on an upbeat note with a literal party in your pants, with these Fiesta boxers from Saxx. The design is the result of a collaboration between rally driver and Saxx ambassador Ken Block, Hoonigan Racing Division and kinetic street artist Felipe Pantone. The design is the most striking feature, as Block's colourful official FIA World Rallycross Championship race livery has been digitally printed on the waistband. Not only is it eye-catching, it's supremely comfortable as well. When you consider how much time you spend concentrating on the race while seated in a cramped space, comfort is a feature you'd expect the manufacturers to address. Along with the mesh side panels, the cotton in the fabric is moisture-wicking, so you're kept cool at all times. The viscose is not only smooth and doesn't trap body heat, but also retains its colour very well thereby ensuring the longevity of the boxers. They also include an “articulated contour pouch,” an extremely handy feature which effectively holds everything in place at all times. Combined with the anti-roll waistband, we're sure you'll agree that these are some of the most eye-catching and comfortable pairs of men's underwear you can get your hands on! Fabric Composition: 48% cotton, 47% viscose, 5% spandex MRP: Rs. 5,000 Buy It Here 2. Gildan Men's Briefs (6-pack) © Amazon Buying underwear in bulk is something that most Indian men do, because it not just sorts out clothing needs but also ensures peace of mind because you know you won't have to go shopping again for some time. When the products in question have been curated by a brand as reputed as Gildan, bulk buying is the smart choice! This six-pack of classic briefs is available in a grey and black colour tone, which means that you can wear them with any outfit. During the scorching summer heat, uncomfortable material and excessive sweating can be a real issue. Gildan addresses this problem by using COOLSPIRE moisture-wicking technology to keep you drier and cooler in the heat. These are also a great option when it comes to cotton underwear for men who value their comfort, because they're made from pure ringspun cotton, which is an incredibly soft fabric. They also feature pull-on closure, a non-binding plush waistband, and leg bands to ensure a snug fit all day. Fabric Composition: Pure cotton MRP: Rs. 3,018 Buy It Here 3. Tommy John Second Skin Dark Titanium Boxer Briefs © Tommy John The best underwear for men is that which fits them like a second skin, so you already know that Tommy John is after the right idea with this pair of boxer briefs! You have the option of choosing between classic black, smart blue and fancy red colour options, which gives you a lot of room to play around with. Speaking of enough room, a contour pouch allows you to nestle your privates gently without having to constantly adjust them. Another useful feature is the Quick Draw® Fly, which is oriented in a horizontal orientation for immediate access when nature calls. You'll also appreciate the Stay Put waistband, which doesn't roll up or leave marks on your waist even after wearing them for the whole day. Fabric Composition: 90% Non-Pilling Micro Modal, 10% Spandex MRP: Rs. 2,340 Buy It Here 4. US Polo Association Men's Trunks © Amazon We're all more familiar with the smart outerwear that US Polo Association makes, but their innerwear game is just as strong! Printed underwear is on trend right now, and these smart printed mid-waist trunks are a great option for men who value comfort just as much as style. They're made using premium Supima Cotton with a Bio Finish, which makes these much softer and stronger than their regular cotton counterparts. Featuring the classic USPA logo print on them, they're available in three eye-catching shades: a stylish black and the more flamboyant shades of red and orange. Fabric Composition: 95% Supima Cotton, 5% Elastane MRP: Rs. 449 Buy It Here 5. Under Armour Boxerjock Boxer Briefs © Amazon You always slip into your workout gear when you hit the gym, so why not invest in workout underwear as well? Under Armour has quickly emerged as the go-to option when it comes to gym attire, and with good reason too. These fitted boxer briefs provide the right level of support without squeezing too uncomfortably, while the lightweight HeatGear fabric and the articulated mesh fly panel keeps things cool. As for mobility, the 4-way stretch fabrication allows greater movement in every direction. The high-tech features don't stop there, as the Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away and dries quickly, while anti-odour technology keeps bad body odour at bay. You'll be able to power through your workout without having to worry about adjusting your shorts, sweating too much down there, or getting rashes once you're done! Fabric Composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 4,097 Buy It Here 6. MeUndies Men's Printed Boxers © MeUndies If you wanted to give your underwear a personalised touch, then MeUndies is the right option for you. Their boxers are made from their signature soft fabric, which they claim is three times softer than cotton. The soft and flexible waistband combined with the feel-good fit ensures that they won't bunch up at any point during the day. The flatlock stitching also makes them a durable garment that'll last you a long time. As for colour options, they offer a wide variety of colours and prints ranging from classic solids to quirky prints. What's more? MeUndies is a subscription service for men's underwear, so you can even opt for fresh new pairs of varying designs to be delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals, which is great for people who don't like the idea of underwear shopping! Fabric Composition: 92% MicroModal, 8% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,652 Buy It Here 7. Calvin Klein Men's Briefs © Amazon Another brand that's much more well-known for its clothing range, Calvin Klein also curates a range of top-quality innerwear. This particular option is available in a striking navy blue colour, while the elasticised waistband ensures a sung fit for the wearer without being too constrictive. It has been crafted from a premium quality fabric that makes it soft on the skin and extremely easy to maintain, making this a great choice when it comes to the best underwear for men in India. They're a ready-made style statement for those who favour low-rise jeans, as the Calvin Klein brand name peeking out over the top of your jeans will definitely up your style quotient. Fabric Composition: 91% nylon, 9% elastane MRP: Rs. 1,199 Buy It Here 8. Related Garments The Bandit Boxer Brief © Related Garments Underwear specialists Related Garments have a wide variety of styles, colours, patterns, and fits to choose from, and this pair of boxer briefs is a shining example of their undoubted quality. The Atlas Luxe fabric blend is incredibly soft, and they claim that it'll feel as if you aren't wearing anything at all! The sympathetic fit ensures that they won't bunch up and ride up your thigh when you put on your jeans. The black and white checkered waistband offers a nice contrast to the solid black boxer brief, and adds an element of flair to your underwear collection. Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% spandex MRP: Rs. 1,306 Buy It Here 9. Tani FreeForm Contour Trunk © Tani If you like to wear skinny jeans when you're out and slim-fit trousers at work but have this experience spoiled by underwear that's too big or too tight, then these trunks are exactly what you need. Tani claims to have developed a knit that doesn't unravel or roll, and this unique knitting process enhances shape retention while eliminating the need for hems or binding. This effectively creates a seamless connection between your skin and the fabric. The result? No visible lines underneath your clothing, which means that you can wear your skinny jeans with aplomb without worrying about your underwear spoiling the whole effect. Their exclusive Micro Modal® AIR fabric is soft and naturally wicking, keeping you dry while also boosting comfort. They still retain a slight stretch that allows for contouring and flexibility without causing constriction, finished off by a super soft Jacquard waistband. These trunks are available in two classic colours - black and white, ensuring that you won't compromise on style or practicality at any time! Fabric Composition: 88% Micro Modal® AIR, 12% elastane MRP: Rs. 2,748 Buy It Here 10. Jockey Men's Boxer Shorts (2-pack) © Amazon It's impossible to curate a list of the best underwear for men and not include an offering from Jockey, an innerwear giant that's globally recognised. We're pretty sure that there has been some version of Jockey underwear for men in all of our wardrobes at some point of time, and this excellent two-pack of boxer shorts showcase why. Designed to provide the best fit to your body contours, they have double-reinforced back, front, and side seams along with a broad waistband. While boxer shorts do tend to bunch up when you wear them underneath jeans or trousers, they're the ultimate garment of choice when you plan to spend some time relaxing at home, lounging around in the summers. Fabric Composition: Pure mercerized combed cotton MRP: Rs. 738 Buy It Here 11. Emporio Armani Men's Briefs (3-pack) © Amazon Continuing with te theme of underwear options that double up as a style statement, we have this pack of three men's briefs by Emporio Armani. We've all seen its world famous logo on belts and shirts, and it happens to make just as big an impact when it comes to underwear for men too! They are designed in a stylish slim fit with a seamed contour pouch that ensures comfort as well. The embossed logo on the smooth elastic waistband is another great option to pair up with low waisted jeans. You even have the option to mix and match your multipack with different colours such as white, black, grey, and red depending you your personal preference! Fabric Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane MRP: Rs. 15,535 Buy It Here 12. TexereSilk Bamboo Viscose Boxer Briefs © TexereSilk Friends of the environment will be pleased to learn that there's an eco-friendly underwear option that they can go for, and it's just as good as all the other options on this list. It's made from a bamboo-derived viscose fibre, which is guaranteed to be more absorbent, resistant to odour, and hypoallergenic, than regular cotton options. Bamboo is grown naturally and without chemicals, and also has a very low water footprint which means that there's very little impact on the environment during the making of these boxer briefs. As for the features, they will please even the most discerning of men. The ribbed fabric construction ensures comfort and durability, and they're also among the softest underwear available right now. The highly-absorbent fabric serves to wick away moisture from the body almost instantly, ensuring that you remain cool and comfortable at all times. Fabric Composition: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% ribbed cotton MRP: Rs. 3,566 (including shipping) Buy It Here 13. Paul Smith Rabbit Print Trunks © Nordstrom When it comes to the best underwear for men, printed options are all the rage right now. They allow the wearer to showcase their personality in a fun way. This pair of low-rise trunks from Paul Smith would be a flamboyant addition to any man's wardrobe and will definitely up your style game. The psychedelic rabbit print on a purple background adds a groovy note to these boxers, which have been designed in a supportive square cut. At the same time, the ultrasoft stretch cotton fabric as well as the elasticised waist ensures that comfort is taken care of as well. Fabric Composition: 94% cotton, 6% spandex MRP: Rs. 5,812 (including shipping) Buy It Here 14. Andrew Christian Almost Naked Retro Brief For Men © Amazon Don't worry, we haven't forgotten how useful the right underwear can be in the bedroom! It's not all about ladies in lingerie, men can heat things up with these limited edition briefs from Andrew Christian. Straight from The Andrew Christian Design Studio in Los Angeles, they feature a retro waistband that reduces the appearance of your waistline (a feature everyone will appreciate) with a stylish contrast trim. The revolutionary hang-free design is anatomically correct with no hidden padding, which offers much-needed extra room up front. The snuggle pocket creates a unique wearing experience as your package falls naturally into it when you put it on, creating the impression that you're not even wearing anything at all! The design minimises sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating and chafing, which is a huge bonus. Along with spicing things up in the bedroom, these briefs provide much-needed support at the gym as well, which is an unexpected bonus. Fabric Composition: 93% rayon, 7% spandex MRP: Rs. 2,200 Buy It Here 15. Lululemon AIM Men's Boxers © Lululemon Here's another brand that is more known for their range of workout and gym clothes, especially those that you wear during yoga sessions. However, Lululemon also curates an amazing range of innerwear as well that carries forward the same principles, as evidenced by this pair of 'Always In Motion' boxers. Based on the idea that you're always in motion (as the name suggests) from when you wake up to when you go to bed, they're designed for everyday comfort. The ultra soft Modal fabric is naturally breathing and quick-drying, helping you coast through the sweatiest situations with great ease. You can choose from a variety of colours as well, enhancing your gym wardrobe in the process! Fabric Composition: Pure modal MRP: Rs. 2,185 (including shipping) Buy It Here
  6. You obviously want to always smell good down there, but there will be times when you probably won't, particularly at the end of a heavy day. However, if not smelling good down there is a regular occurrence you should check this out. ( https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/wellness/50404-how-to-smell-good-down-there.html ) Alternatively, if you find your underwear stinking constantly, then here's what you can do about it. 1. Always Choose Cotton In terms of the fabric for your briefs, always choose cotton. Other synthetic fabrics not only have a tendency to stink more but can also produce rashes and become a breeding ground for bacteria. If you find yourself itching your balls too often, you should read this. ( https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/wellness/50566-how-to-get-rid-of-itchy-balls-or-jock-itch.html ) 2. Don't Reuse Your Underwear Instead, wash it. Have at least seven pair of underwear in your wardrobe so you never have to reuse your underwear again, Make sure you're washing and never using reused underwear. © Getty Images 3. Clean Up Well After taking a leak, a few drops might end up wetting your underwear and subsequently making it stinky. Clean up well by making use of the tissues in the washroom. Don't just stare at them. © Getty Images 4. Washing The Underwear Well Make sure you're washing the underwear well. If you find that the washing machine efficacy barely amounts to anything, wash them yourself on hand. This helps in making the washing more effective. © Getty Images 5. Get Rid Of Your Underwear After Six Months After six months, your underwear is probably worn out already, get rid of it. You need a change of underwear every six months so that you don't drag around briefs are already worn out and destroyed. © Getty Images
  7. Your underwear says more about you than any other part of your outfit. Let's understand how. When you dress, a part of it is always to impress others. Yes, yes, it's understandable that a lot of you will vehemently oppose this statement, because 'bro, I only dress for myself and I don't need to impress no one!' But just hear me out. The 'impressing others' bit is essentially subjective, and varies from individual to individual. Some may have only that in mind while dressing, while some don't quite care about that bit as much - but an element of it is always at play whenever you dress. This, however, is not true in case of underwear. You don't wear your underwear to impress others (unless you're going for a date or hooking up, basically). Underwear is about comfort, and your personal style - something that has got nothing to do with impressing others. But then again, this facet is essentially multilayered and not as unidirectional and simple. However, your go-to choice in terms of underwear can reveal more about your *** life that you imagined. Let's take a look: 1. Boxers © Twitter Boxers are perhaps the most comfortable type of underwear out there. Relaxed, breathable, allows breeze (yay!) - basically a 10/10 on the comfort scale. It would seem that everyone would wear only them, and nothing else, right? Wrong. A lot of men don't like wearing boxers despite the numerous pros. Here's why. If you're a boxer man, you don't care about how you look. Okay, that probably isn't a 100% true because all of us do in varying degrees, but your score on the vanity indulgence scale is pretty low. Also, you're not obsessed with your physique. You might work out, but you're not the 'sun's out gun's out' type by a long shot. You don't care that a pair of boxers is getting all bunched up inside your baggy jeans and messing up your butt shape. © Twitter In the bedroom, you're a little shy to start with, but once the initial phase of awkwardness (if at all) is over, you take charge. You're not passive at all, and you clearly know what you want in bed. This confidence is what your partner finds 'hot', because in a social setting, you're the quintessential 'cool' guy who's entertaining everyone else with his puns and wisecracks, so when things get uncharacteristically kinky in the boudoir, your partner's gasping for breath (literally, sometimes, if you know what I mean.) 2. Briefs © Twitter If you're exclusively into briefs, you definitely care about your appearance - with or without clothes. There is a good chance that you lift, or want to build muscles if you already don't have a shredded physique. Comfort? Yes, you care about that too, but keeping only your workouts in mind. To you, if it's perfect option to work out in, it's comfortable - and which type of underwear is the best for a mean lifting session? The kind that supports your balls - briefs, in other words. You squat heavy and know you have a good butt and want to make sure the world (read, your SO or your crush) knows it too. And why not? You're working hard for it. 'Have it, flaunt it' is not a flawed ideology by any means. © Twitter In the bedroom, you like to make sure they know you're well equipped to give competition to Adonis (even if that's strictly in your head). Come on, you do push ups before taking your shirt off, don't you? (wink) For you, the appeal is in knowing that they desire you and want to do it with you, because you're irresistible. This knowledge turns you on more than even perhaps your partner's appearance. Narcissistic? Hell yes, but that's not a bad thing at all! Oh, and you hate boxers. On second thoughts, you probably wear boxers on your cheat day, when you're all by yourself, with a huge plate of biryani and Netflix. 3. Trunks © Twitter You're like Switzerland. You make the middle ground between the extremes. You like to keep fit, but you're pretty flexible in your approach to that. You don't care about the fact that your trunks will be bunched up while you do squats in the gym. You like dressing in formals. You want to ask your date out for a nice dinner first, the traditional way. That's most of you, anyway. The rest of you are freaks of nature, which is a blessing for your partners in the bedroom tbh. © Twitter You're that 'seedha', often bespectacled corporate dude who goes to work in a pressed white shirt and grey trousers, but is not against doing a striptease for his SO after two shots of vodka. You're a family man that the parents approve of, but is a savage thug in the sheets (in a very good way). That is what makes you intriguing to your partner. Some of you are into heavy ass workouts, and rely mostly on body conditioning exercises like Yoga. You're not a show off, but don't mind to flash unexpectedly inside the bedroom, to your partner's absolute surprise - and delight. 4. Thongs © Twitter You're a freak. You possess inimitable confidence about your body - irrespective of whether or not it's sculpted. It's extremely likely that you are into kinkier stuff, as compared to most people. You don't mind your partner taking charge - in fact, you enjoy being objectified in the bedroom. It's very likely that you'd wear a mundane pair of ill-fitting formal trousers , and when your partner gives you that uninterested look - bam! Out comes the buns. © Twitter Your approach to *** is crazy, freaky, and uninhibited, and you have no qualms about it. In an alternate universe, you work in a strip club as a top grade stripper, and are super rich.
  8. Your underwear — what lights up her face up daily — is an entity that's prone to wear out easily. But if it's washed right, dried appropriately and chosen wisely, there's hardly a chance that you'd have to shop for it often. But that's a rarity, right? Most of us stick to our pairs for long and continue wearing them even if they start to appear baggy and hardly pay attention to caring for them. However, if you adhere to the below-listed pointers, your undies will last long and appear fresh every single time you slip into them (or slip out of them): © Marks and Spencers 1. First & Foremost, Don't Buy The Whites. Like is the case with every kind of white apparel, underwear too, will place any marks/spots (skid marks too) on the pedestal and ensure they're given enough visibility. Result? You'd have to replace them very often. Solution: don't invest in crisp white underwear. Turn to dark colours like black, blue etc, that won't get dirty or fade easily. © Instagram/David Gandy 2. Too Much Heat For Drying. The baseline is: whether you're tumble drying your undies or placing them in the sun, don't subject your pairs to extreme heat. Unnecessary heat will make your pairs lose it's elasticity, making it look ragged and baggy over time. Well now, who wants underwear that doesn't fit well (anymore)? 3. The Right Fabric Is Key. Pairs made of microfiber, breathable cotton are the ones that won't result in any infections or irritation on your skin. Microfiber underwear keeps the moisture at bay (so, perfect for even the hottest days of summer) and well, the cotton variants will feel airy, easy and won't cause any rashes. © Amazon India 4. Don't Use Fabric Softeners On Microfiber Pairs. Agreed, fabric softeners may be complete bliss for pieces made of cotton, but for microfiber pairs of underwear, they almost turn into a bad trip. And it only gets worse with time. Since microfiber pairs are supremely soft anyway, using a softener on them is unnecessary, besides, they ruin the foundation of the knit. What next? A new pair of underwear.
  9. Whether you are a religious gym freak or a casual stroller, it is essential to pay attention to what you wear for your workout session. While there are a lot of options for gym-wear, what you wear inside also matters. After all, you don't want to leave the gym early just because your undies weren't comfortable enough. Your underwear can be a deciding factor on how good your workout session was for the day. Choosing the right underwear that is comfortable, light, and breathable, but at the same time is also able to provide security is vital. You don't really have to burn a hole in your wallet for that, as there is a wide range of affordable options to choose from. We're listing down 5 hacks that'll help you buy the most comfortable pair of underwear for the gym. 1. Comfort Is Priority © Facebook/Tiger Shroff Comfort is the most important thing when it comes to selecting underwear, and what could be more comfortable than a pair of super soft undies? Besides a soft fabric, a soft waistband is also essential. After all, you don't want rash marks every time you come back from the gym. 2. Briefs Or Trunks - What To wear? © Amazon India Choosing a type of underwear is an individual choice. While briefs have less material and don't extend to the thighs, they are a good option if you don't like that extra fabric during workouts. Trunks and boxer briefs made of stretchable material will allow you to stretch as far as you can. 3. Secure That Pouch © Facebook/Hrithik Roshan If you didn't see this one coming then you clearly are not all that secured down there. Imagine this, you are doing a set of lunges and you have to stop midway to put your thing back into place, only because your underwear has issues. Let's just say it's embarrassing AF. Find a pair of underwear that has a pouch - one that actually does secure your assets. 4. Your Sack Needs To Breathe Too! © Instagram/ Varun Dhawan Yes, security is important as per the previous point, but that doesn't mean that things should be getting squished down there. It is essential to find the perfect balance between too tight and too loose. If pouch style underwears are too tight for you, opt for the ones that provide extra material around the crotch. That way, your package is secure and is also able to breathe. 5. Avoid Stinky Wangs © Facebook/Ranveer Singh The gym is 'the' sweat arena. Yes, you can always apply deodorant to control body odour, but you don't want it to stink down there. The solution: opt for odourless, sweat absorbent undies. Yes, thanks to advancement in technology, now you can get undies which don't only absorb sweat but also prevent any odour from spoiling your macho vibe. Takeaway: Make buying gym-undies your top priority!
  10. Summer is here and everyone is feeling the heat. And if it wasn't enough that we live in a country where the temperature touches 48-50 degrees in Summer, we also need to wear formals and are not allowed to wear shorts to work. As a result, the heat coupled with the sweat gives rise to that icky, weird, supremely uncomfortable feeling that we all, unfortunately, are a little too familiar with. Plus, it also gives rise to odour, irrespective of how many times you shower. Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 pairs of underwear that are specially designed to keep you cool, while keeping sweat and odour away. 1. Under Armour Men's Boxers This super comfortable underwear is breathable, and has contour stretch mesh pouch. Anti-odour technology prevents the growth of microbes, and the fabric keeps you super cool during those hot, humid days. © Amazon India Buy it here 2. Jockey Men's Polyamide Brief Made from soft and comfortable Micro touch Nylon fabric, this underwear is made of moisture wicking fabric that keeps you dry. Plus, there are added mesh panels for added breathability and contouring. © Amazon India Buy it here 3. BASIICS by La Intimo Men's Cotton Spandex Briefs This pair is made out of spandex-based absorbent fabric. This underwear is specially designed to allow you extra room down there and keep you cool. Plus, it has a specially designed pouch that gives volume to your bulge. © Amazon India Buy it here 4. ExOfficio Men's Give-N-Go Boxer Brief Especially designed for international flights and long journeys, this breathable underwear wicks away moisture, and the quick-drying fabric makes sure you're ready to go within hours. Its odour-resistant technology keeps you feeling fresh on long trips. © Amazon India Buy it here 5. Lowe Alpine Dryflo High Wicking, Stretch Fit, Anti-Odour Underpants Well-fitting, highly breathable with odour-control technology, these lightweight briefs will allow you to stay dry and comfortable for long periods of time. © Amazon India Buy it here
  11. Underwear is important. It 'supports' you in the truest sense. It prevents public embarrassments (you know what we are talking about). Plus, when you're on your own, or with a special someone, that is probably the only piece of garment you would not mind having on. You know what is really important though? Choosing the right pair of underwear. While you should always keep your body type and functionality in mind before choosing the perfect pair of underwear, there are other more interesting, unorthodox, fun ways in which you can explore that area when you're in the mood. We are focusing on one such way - your zodiac sign. In that spirit, let's see what kind of underwear will be perfect for you in the bedroom according to your sun sign. Aries: Jockstrap The Aries man is all about the adrenaline rush. You are adventurous and aggressive. You don't take no for an answer. You are straightforward about the fact that you like to get down and dirty in the bedroom. The jockstrap is all about that alpha male, gym bro-y, delightfully douchy vibe. © Flipkart Get it here Taurus: Low Rise Brief The Taurus man is perhaps the most seductive sign in the Zodiac. You are all about the luxe experience. You believe in creating that sexual tension in the room without having to utter a single word. For that, you meticulously plan your look - that needs to be sexy as hell, but not trashy. A low rise brief shows off your assets perfectly while maintaining a nonchalant air about it. © Flipkart Get it here Gemini: Bikini Brief Gemini is one of the 'naughtiest' signs of the Zodiac. You are playful, and you are not shy about it. You have a dual personality. One of them is all about meaningful, stimulating conversations, while the other one craves for no-strings-attached, passionate sexual encounters. A bikini brief shows off everything that you'd like to show off. © Amazon Get it here Cancer: Trunks Cancer is emotional and craves intimacy more than the other signs. While you really don't care about what you're wearing underneath because you know that it will come off anyway, a part of you does want to set the tone right. Trunks are the perfect mix of comfort and style that will come in handy while you cuddle with your better half while binging on that tearjerker of a drama. © Ajio Get it here Leo: Mankini No other sign of the Zodiac craves attention as much as Leo does. If there is a limelight, you will be found underneath that. You want to make a statement that goes with that dominating personality you have. Clearly, your choice of an underwear in the bedroom will be something that leaves your partner stunned. A mankini is what you're looking for. © AliExpress Get it here Virgo: Compression Tights Virgo is all about attention to detail. You are meticulous about the functionality of that underwear you are wearing, and what your partner thinks about it does not bother you at all. You want a pair that gives you perfect support and perfect shape (because how your pants fit over them mean as much to you, and you don't want any chafing from that gym session). Compression tights are your best bet. © AliExpress Get it here Libra: Mesh Underwear Governed by Venus, Libra is all about beauty. You want to look like you just stepped down from a calendar. You want to wow your partner just by giving them a glimpse of your over-the-top, high fashion avatar. A pair of mesh underwear does the job for you perfectly. © AliExpress Get it here Scorpio: G-String Scorpio is perhaps the most sexually driven sign in the Zodiac. There is a dark, intense, devil-may-care side to you that you cherish (and so do your partners). You are a force to be reckoned with in the boudoir and you do like to establish that by making an entrance. Your go-to underwear should be the one and only G-string. © Kaamastra Get it here Saggitarius: Tanga A Saggitarius is unapologetically expressive. You are not known for your tact and the same goes for your sexuality as well. No wonder you will love a pair that is expressive and not demure in the slightest. A Tanga covers the bare minimum in the front and covers the butt in a way that is extremely sexual. Perfect for you. © Amazon Get it here Capricorn: High rise briefs Capricorn is one of the most practical signs of the zodiac. You are down to earth and have a strict no-frills policy. You only want to wear something that is comfortable and does the job. Fashion and seduction are not the things you focus on, even before getting laid. A pair of high rise briefs is your best bet. © Amazon Get it here Aquarius: Long Johns Aquarius is the most eccentric sign of them all. Your thought process is unique. You function in a way that even you can't predict at times. However, you know that you are unique and like leaving that impression behind. You want to wear something that will stand apart by a mile without being immodest. A pair of Long Johns is perfect for you. © AliExpress Get it here Pisces: Boxer shorts Pisces is the most sensitive and emotional sign of the Zodiac. You believe in being proper. You like following traditions. You are all about the 'classic' style in the bedroom. What can be more 'classic' than a pair of boxer shorts? They are comfortable, gentlemanly, and very you. © Koovs Get it here
  12. Men don't care about a lot of things. But when they do, they go all the way and get absolutely touchy about that topic. A perfect example: ***** size. Controversial territory, we know, but it's 2018 so let's just get real already. You care about how big your ***** is. Those who say they don't, say that because of two reasons. One reason is that they are compulsive liars. The other reason is that they don't have 'a lot' to care about. Disclaimer: We absolutely do not subscribe to being an obnoxious size-bro. We, in fact, feel quite the contrary. It's just sad for an unfortunate few, and more so because this is something no one has any control over. We feel your pain, homies. This especially matters when you're about to get intimate with someone. When you have stripped down to the bare minimum, if your partner is visibly impressed with the size of your package, that's half the battle won. Which is why we did our research, and came up with 6 pairs of underwear that will definitely make your package look bigger. Moreover, all of them are affordable. 1. Jack & Jones Solid Logo Trunks from Koovs The medium-rise length and the detailing around the crotch helps a lot in giving its contents an enlarged appearance. Also, it's 100% cotton, so comfy AF. Price: INR 329/- © Koovs Buy it here 2. XYXX Men Trunks (pack of 3) from Flipkart These low-rise trunks are designed in super-soft MicroModal with a contour-pouch for a great fit and excellent hold. Bright colours always give things a larger appearance, plus the contrasting crotch detailing will definitely 'push things out'. Price: INR 628/- © Flipkart Buy it here 3. Playboy Panelled Caisson Briefs Tighty whiteys are to women what black laced lingerie is to men. The build of the pair is such that they will cling to your thighs and make your package (as well as your butt) look bigger. Price: INR 239/- © Ajio Buy it here 4. Calvin Klein Men's Polyester Brief from Amazon The strong, pronounced hold of the briefs push the contents of your package outwards rather than flattening it all in between your thighs. The result? Let's just say you will be happy. Price: INR 999/- © Amazon Buy it here 5. Cotton trunks from Aliexpress You know what is better than a big package? A big package that's naughty. Have a look at this pair and you will see why. It says 'Pump!' in bold and has a detailing that will definitely make your package look sizeable. You're welcome! Price: INR 252/- (approx.) © Aliexpress Buy it here 6. Long Length Trunks With Coloured Overlocking (3 Pack) from Asos These trunks in stretch cotton have a form fitting design and seam detailing. The solid construction will definitley make your package look bigger by giving your crotch a sizeable, 3D appearance. Price: INR 1210/- (approx.) © Asos Buy it here
  13. Recently, a gaggle of girls (and gays) gasped at Varun Dhawan's exposed Lux Cozy underwear strap, calling it blasphemous. “It's damn ugly ya...”, exclaimed a 20-something millennial who only identified herself as a former Varun Dhawan fangirl. “I'm sorry to say this, but this photo made him lose his *** appeal!”, messaged a gay friend whose love for Varun Dhawan goes way back to his butt-baring days from 'Student Of The Year'. So what went wrong for Varun in Budapest? Definitely not his muscle-mary abs, or his Aalim Hakim-approved hairstyle, or his aviators that are a homage to Tom Cruise. Source: Filmybeat Underwear—the good kind—can leave a long-lasting impression especially when you want to be naked in front of a certain admirer. And underwear straps (think the iconic Calvin Klein logo-ed strap) have been an item of external sexual fantasy for most women (and men). So, unless you are a bro that loves going commando, underwear is something that you should take seriously. It needs to be comfortable-yet-stylish, classic-yet-cool and most importantly not venture down the tacky route. Because it's 2017 and ain't nobody got time for that. Also, underwear for activities like gym, work, sleep, and *** should all lead different (and individual) lives and never interact with each other. Source: Aussie Bum In order to explore the sartorial nuances of the humble underwear, we asked 8 Indian men to take us through the journey of their underwear, and here's what they had to say. 1) "Honestly, I don't even know who washed my underwear. I just leave it in the laundry box and it comes back clean. Basically, you need to throw away your underwear when you can't wash off the cum stains anymore. Bonus: I wear my mesh undies when I know I'm about to get laid. Sexy, no?" - Tarun, 24 2) "I usually wash them immediately after I wear them. And, I don't have separate underwear for the gym. Alternatively, when I know I'm about to get laid, I bring out my best pair out to play. They are usually light-weight boxers that hug your package tight and make them look good. Otherwise, I prefer my underwear loose enough to feel like I've gone commando (laughs)" - Sumeet, 27 3) "I have a different underwear for every day of the week and it's usually a pair of compressions shorts. Also, when I'm about to get laid, I wear my lightest pair, 'cause it's just easier to take off!" - Aditya, 26 Source: Diesel 4) "I throw away my underwear once it becomes saggy/loose and the colour starts to fade away. And I wash it every day, obviously. I wear sexy underwear that basically means a fresh, new pair when there's sexy time involved!" - Manav, 28 5) "I wear the same undies for gym and life, and usually throw them away when it tears and doesn't up/gets ugly. When I know I'm about to get laid, I wear my CKs or my Kenneth Coles!" - Sahil, 26 Source: Calvin Klein 6) "I wash my underwear daily. Because, hygiene. I have separate underwear for regular use, gym, and play. I'm usually very particular about the underwear brands I wear. I'm a loyalist to NEXT, Diesel, and CK. But this doesn't mean I don't enjoy my Aussie Bums which are usually reserved for special dates—of you know what I mean." - Rahul, 27 7) "Just don't wear your Star Wars undies when you think you are getting laid. Unless she's into the whole nerd game (laughs)" - Karan, 26
  14. Which guy do you think would look great in women's underwear?
  15. Wee wee, pee pee or a big fat dick—if you're reading this story, you've really been wanking one lucky hunk. I mean...your hunk down there. But wait, don't close your umm...fly, yet. We're talking about guys who're 7 inches or above (sorry!). But just like surgical gloves, not every underwear fits all. Because most times, what lies beneath is bigger than what you imagined. For now, rejoice. All cocky men making a (sexual) living out of their 'fatty', here's what to stuff your big-Johnny into today. To avoid big bulges and that annoying jock itch—we've compiled a list of underwear that will do your willy good. 1. Stretch Elastane Briefs © Jockey India 95% cotton and 5% spandex is the most comfortable when your flaccid little other is almost the size of a boner. When you're big, it's all about stretch fabrics for additional support. 2. Underwear With A Pouch © New Chic The problem is your dick can't help itself from straying around. While walking, running or just simply brisk jogging—your biggie does feel like its on a goddamn trampoline. So give it a pouch and put it to rest. Trust me, it'll never bother you again. 3. Low Rise, Power Stretch Briefs © NNOW A streamlined fit is key for you. Plus, low rise underwear means more depth and comfort for your little other (actually, big). Since the fit is closer, you can wear tailored trousers to even joggers with these! 4. Micro Fiber Performance Underwear © Fruugo India Micro fibers are anti-fungal, so they kill bacteria that cause a jock itch. Since having a big package can mean the itchy-est itch sometimes, these performance-driven pairs will keep those worries at bay. 5. Mini Boxers © Ergowear Ergonomically designed for men with mountainous meat, mini boxers will keep your junk up and avoid a squeeze. Besides the fabric that'd make you feel comfy, the length of the underwear is intelligently designed. You're going to feel uptight and for once, that's 'kay.
  16. The last time when Salman Khan graced the couch on ‘Koffee With Karan’, the audience couldn’t get over his revelation of him being a ‘virgin’. He came, we saw him, and he conquered our minds for quite a while. Is there any avatar of Salman that we don’t fancy? Be it watching him as Chulbul Pandey, as the Bigg Boss host, dancing at an awards ceremony or just being there for his fans and spending time with them, Salman rules the roost for everything that he is. Yet again, he is all set to swoon us on the couch with his brothers Sohail and Arbaaz, and by the looks of the teaser, this episode is going to be a firecracker! Salman’s answer to Karan’s classic actress ranking question was straight and blunt. Without batting an eyelid, he said ‘1 to 4 Katrina Kaif’, and later, he even danced happily to ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’. © StarWorld The brothers even disclosed that they shared their underwear with each other! We cannot get over how Salman can hit the bull’s eye, without getting cheeky and leave everyone laughing at his words. This one is definitely a must watch.
  17. The first episode of ‘Koffee With Karan’ Season 5 had Shah Rukh Khan expressing his doubt over whether what we see of Ranveer Singh in that underwear scene in ‘Befikre’ is real or not. He went on to say that he was pretty sure the underwear was padded. © Yash Raj Films Of course, the unabashed and politically incorrect person that Ranveer is, everyone was waiting to see what he has to say to SRK’s comment. Ranveer Singh featured on ‘Koffee With Karan’ with Ranbir Kapoor and the question just had to come up! Let’s just say, Ranveer’s response was absolute savage! Presenting @RanveerOfficial & #RanbirKapoor, together for the first time on Indian TV! Only @karanjohar could make it happen! #KWKonSW pic.twitter.com/yxSTBsCtc5 — Star World (@StarWorldIndia) November 21, 2016 What have you got to say to that, SRK?
  18. ‘Befikre’ is being touted as the boldest YRF ever – the videos and promos are enough proof. The title track features Vaani Kapoor in striptease and Ranveer Singh in a red underwear, something that’s getting way too many eyeballs. Last week on ‘Koffee With Karan’, Shah Rukh Khan went on to say he was almost sure that’s a padded underwear. “If he’s not, then I’m a fan!” He later added! Well, just in case more of you were wondering just the same, the makers of ‘Befikre’ just released a video and it might just answer your query! “Real Anaconda”, Ranveer Singh says with a wink. Yes, we’re looking at you SRK! Got your answer, we hope!
  19. Have you ever woken up with the worst hangover ever and wondered how you managed to rip that hole in your underwear? No? That’d just be this guy then who got drunk out of wits and got wedgied by a fence real bad. PsBattle: Drunk man power-wedgied on a fence. As expected, social media had a field day giving the man some royal Photoshop treatment. oh no not again IwoJima Wedgie Lesser Known Thor 2 poster. Overnight fame isn’t a myth, you see. Some wind chimes, anyone?
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