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Found 8 results

  1. Football is not just a sport but an emotion which flows throughout the veins of its fans. No matter if a player has retired, he continues to be in the hearts of his fans. Moreover, a legend returning to his home club is a different feeling altogether. May 26th 2019, will mark the comeback of two legends of the footballing world. One being the best football manager the world has ever seen, in Sir Alex Ferguson, and the other being the best number seven Manchester United has ever had, David Beckham. David Beckham, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Jesper Blomqvist join our Treble Reunion squad! See them at Old Trafford on 26 May: https://t.co/hlG9ZC18ol#Treble99 midfield: â ð¯ pic.twitter.com/YrklMdsdxn — Manchester United (@ManUtd) March 14, 2019 The two will reunite maybe for a final game at Old Trafford as Manchester United legends team up to face Bayern Munich legends in a charity event. Beckham, in a recent interview with the club website, expressed his excitement for making a return at Old Trafford and playing under Sir Alex Ferguson in the Treble Reunion game. 'I'm so excited to be going back to Old Trafford in May. 1999 was such a massive year for us so recreating that moment is going to be really special. To be back together as a squad and to be managed by the boss again is huge. Huge for us and for the fans; I can't wait.” Becks is ð Reunited with Sir Alex and the lads to help raise money for @MU_Foundation! #Treble99 pic.twitter.com/VWbHRkzUDM — Manchester United (@ManUtd) March 14, 2019 We fans count ourselves to be extremely lucky that we will get to witness the game-play of Sir Ferguson once again. His tactical prowess will be on full display when they take on the Bayern Veterans. Sources reveal that the former England captain will be accompanied by his Class of '92 colleagues Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt for this game. Other than this, Phil and Gary Neville will also join forces with Denis Irwin and Jaap Stam at the back, while the goal would be guarded by their iconic goalie, Peter Schmeichel. This match would be taking place on May 26th, exactly 20 years after United won the Champions League final against Bayern at Camp Nou in 1998/99 season, followed by Premier League and FA Cup titles, marking their best season of all time. © Reuters The proceedings collected would be donated as charity to Manchester United Foundation to 'improve confidence, life skills and employability' of the people in Greater Manchester. Though the match is around two weeks from now, the fans of the Red Devils are already buzzing over the return of DB7 and the rest of the iconic players of the past era. I would love to be part of this historic even that reminds us of the good olden days at Old Tramford. Great MUFC, salute — Eyamanzi (@Eyamanzi1) March 14, 2019 Welcome ðððâ¤â¤ pic.twitter.com/98c457xH94 — M7md (@MuFc_86) March 14, 2019 Home sweet home. Welcome back Legend!#Treble99 pic.twitter.com/HVVfTU7IDS — Mary (@Mahbeck) March 14, 2019 Welcome back legend ð — Ø³Ø¹Ø¯ اÙØ´Ùر٠âªï¸ (@mnmnf16) March 14, 2019
  2. With Ole at the wheel, nothing seems to derail Manchester United's rollercoaster ride of a season. With the first hiccup coming in the first leg vs Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has managed to pass the second leg test as well. The man who was a part of the special night in Barcelona in 1998/99 season and knows a thing or two about scoring late winners, did it all last night but as a manager. Last proved to be a true Solskjaer-esque night. Historic win and a late winner, it cannot get better than that. United became the first side ever to turn a 2-0 home game deficit around and qualify. A brace from Lukaku and a late penalty from Rashford sent United through as Bernat was the only scorer for PSG. With 10 first string players injured and going into the game trailing by two goals, anything but a true fight would've been enough to keep Manchester United fans happy but Ole went a step further and secured the qualification. Following United's dramatic advancement, the Red Devils' fans went into a frenzy, leading to some amazing Twitter reactions. Truly A Global Club See Kenyatta University Manchester United Fans Kenyans we celebrated #ManUtd #PSGMUN #Solskjaer #PSGMUFC #UEFAChampionsLeague pic.twitter.com/BacCiPozhr — Lentoimaga98 (@LentoMemusi) March 7, 2019 Lingard Is United Through And Through Still in bed? On the bus, train or tram? Want to scare everyone within 20 feet of you? Turn your volume up and press play on Jesse Lingard ð#mufc #PSGMUN pic.twitter.com/x2i8XXpPjW — Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) March 7, 2019 You Did Ladies and Gentlemen, we got 'em... ð#PSGMUN #UCL #PSG #MUN #MUFC #GGMU #Neymar #Shook pic.twitter.com/3o6mYhiyUe — Joel (@jm327plays) March 7, 2019 Feels Rashford delivering the final blow of the night ðð#PSGMUN #UCL pic.twitter.com/m7YS2zhh7k — FootySays (@Footy_Says) March 7, 2019 OH BOY! Hi @TimmyChin you haven't got this weekend's lottery numbers by any chance?... 𤣠#mufc #PSGMUN #MatchdayMac pic.twitter.com/PyaQFJ5Od6 — Full Time DEVILS (@FullTimeDEVILS) March 7, 2019 No Words â Paul Pogba â Anthony Martial â Juan Mata â Nemanja Matic â Ander Herrera â Jesse Lingard â Phil Jones â Alexis Sanchez â Matteo Darmian â Antonio Valencia But Ole delivers once again!!!! #PSGMUN [COPIED] pic.twitter.com/6fJSO9LK7h — Man Utd Empire (@Empire_Mu) March 6, 2019 Snake Lukaku is all of us... Celebrating right in Di Maria's face ðð#PSGMUN #mufc pic.twitter.com/e0B4LNbJRp — Ash Richards (@AshJRichards) March 6, 2019
  3. It's 2019 and a lot of people - and comedians - still haven't got the memo that if they need to be insensitive and not politically correct, then they're not as funny as they think. The lastest, most unexpected person who needs to hear this is Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah, the host of 'The Daily Show', ended up making a very untasteful joke about the Indian-Pakistan tensions on an episode of his show recently. We know how the turbulence between the two countries are at an all-time high right now, and that absolutely nothing about this situation is a joke. So, Trevor's racist take on the situation, obviously, did not sit well with the desi people. He started off by saying that if India and Pakistan did go to war, “it would be the most entertaining war of all time”. Umm? What? Does he really think he can make a joke about war? And, call that war “entertaining” for crying out loud? © YouTube He then followed with his reason why it would be entertaining. He said, “Cause the Indian soldiers would run out on the battlefield and be like - 'Time for you to die'.” The last part is said while singing in a very bad, racist accent, think Apu from The Simpsons, but 10 times worse. It was then followed by some random singing for some reason. Yeah, because every war has background music right? Then, keeping up with this racist narrative, he also thought it would be the longest war of all time because of all the dance numbers. Yes, Trevor, all the soldiers here are practising new dance numbers, that's what a war is, of course, it's not serious. For the longest time, India has been stereotyped as the nation with just dancing and singing and for years, people have been making fun of that because obviously, real life is just like a Bollywood movie, right? What's disappointing is that it's still going on, it's about damn time people stop with the racism. This whole controversy has obviously enraged every sane person, and people aren't holding back while calling him out. Moreover, even with everything going on between India and Pakistan, people from both sides have united to drag him. Even though this is against India and I am a Pakistani, this is still pretty racist @Trevornoah We may have our issues but **** you for racism.pic.twitter.com/qxN9ORh9Dl — Waqas (@waqas_x) February 28, 2019 So disappointing. How tremendously disappointing, @Trevornoah. War is NOT a form of entertainment. You spend 80% of your time criticizing Trump and the violence he could be stirring, but the possibility of India and Pakistan engaging in actual war is a filmy song and dance to you? https://t.co/dlR0gdvHQU — Riddhi Chakraborty (@thisisridz) February 28, 2019 Everyone should be worried. Usually I like @Trevornoah but his remarks on the India-Pakistan situation really irked me. You cannot compare an ongoing enmity originating back to the British empire to a petty squabble between two rappers. I'm Indian, my family are in the Air Force and frankly I'm worried. — ⬡ðððððð⬡ (@ThePsychoNyx) February 28, 2019 Seriously, stay in your lane. Hey can the white left come collect their South African import Trevor Noah because nobody has the fucking patience to listen to his hot takes about escalating border tensions between India and Pakistan. Stay in your lane motherfucker. — istanbul (not constantinople) (@haryanagrandey) February 28, 2019 War is not funny and it's honestly surprising it actually needs to be explained to people. i dont fucking understand how ANYONE can find this funny,, he said it would be "entertaining"??? war is not funny? the entire world has to mourn for the loss of an american life but it's funny when it's for brown people?? what the **** pic.twitter.com/gJ9BMdjTFK — sage ð¦ (@thelastrm) February 28, 2019 Just horrible, man. @Trevornoah Your recent take on India-pakistan was a disaster and you should be ashamed of calling yourself a comedian or a host! the entire world has to mourn for the loss of an american life but it's funny when it's for brown people, right?? https://t.co/ZaoBiyHhX4 — Rahul Kapoor (@rahulcode) March 1, 2019 Obviously not. This is outrageous! War is not a joke @Trevornoah #WTF ! The Indian mumbles are no less racist. You should be ashamed of yourself! You of all people should know better! Are Syria Iraq Yemen Libya or Vietnam American led wars a laughing matter? #think #IndiaPakistan https://t.co/eobX582wj2 — Andy Kumar (@iAmVJAndy) February 28, 2019
  4. Manchester United is one of the most followed clubs in the world. But their popularity has not been a correct indicator of their on-field success over the past few years. The 20-time English champions have failed to taste domestic silverware in the last five seasons. Since the time Sir Alex Ferguson left, no matter who had the command, they just couldn't replicate the success of the Scotsman. They did get a ray of hope by getting Jose Mourinho onboard, but even that didn't pay off. And now, it has come to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer - their club legend - who has been named as the caretaker at Old Trafford. In his short stint, he, so far, has proved to be effective for the Red Devils, winning all the four games in charge. More importantly, all of their recent triumphs have come down with heavy margins - something that eluded his predecessor in his three-year stint. But, what has really impressed football pundits and the United fans is the vibe that the Norwegian has brought to, what was earlier, a chaotic dressing room. © Reuters His relationship with the players is way better than Mourinho, with Paul Pogba being a major distinction amongst others. Despite proving his mettle in France's World Cup-winning campaign, Pogba appeared to be a shadow of himself in the Red shirt under Mourinho's tutelage. Even when he played, United's star man never really got to play in the position where he thrived for France in Russia. But, contrary to his performance under Mourinho, Pogba has been a revelation for United in the past four games, scoring as many as four goals alongside three assists under Solskjaer. While Ole's biggest test was to get Pogba back into his classy form, the Norwegian still had a lot on his plate when it came to rejuvenating the demoralised United squad - a job that he has, so far, fulfilled with relative ease. © Reuters Ole's influence on the side has been so remarkable that you can feel a positive vibe when the team approaches the field or the practice sessions or in the way they play on matchday. The one thing which has improved over the course of 2 weeks is that the players have started taking everything that comes their way in their stride. Another noticeable difference between Solskjaer and his predecessor is the approach towards the team and the club. On one hand, where we saw Mourinho shifting his focus from the conventional attacking play to defensive football, his successor has stayed true to United's strength which is an all-out attacking play - something that has fared well for the side and further reflects on the recent results. © Reuters Solskjaer's positive influence was also vocally backed by Luke Shaw in a recent interview. "I think you can see from the outside how much he has changed things in such a short space of time. He is just a really positive manager, he knows what the club needs and also what the fans want in the way we are playing. He's bringing that attacking, quick playback to Old Trafford. I'm sure the fans are going to appreciate that as much as we [the players] do,” the United defender was quoted as saying by Sky Sports. While Solskjaer has ticked all the boxes so far, a sterner test awaits the Norwegian when his in-form side travels to the hallowed Wembley, where Mauricio Pochettino's Tottenham Hotspur would be eager to put up a good fight. While the Red Devils will be eager to carry on the momentum from their recent wins, Solskjaer would surely treat it as an opportunity to bolster his resume as United's newly-found saviour.
  5. A day after sacking Jose Mourinho, Manchester United have announced that their former club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will take them through this season as interim manager. The news comes as no surprise, as Solskjaer was already accidentally unveiled as Man Utd's interim manager on the club's website before it was taken down. We can confirm that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been appointed as caretaker manager until the end of the 2018/19 season. He will be joined by Mike Phelan as first-team coach, together with Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna. #MUFC — Manchester United (@ManUtd) December 19, 2018 Taking to Twitter, the Red Devils tweeted: “We can confirm that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been appointed as caretaker manager until the end of the 2018/19 season. He will be joined by Mike Phelan as the first-team coach, together with Michael Carrick and Kieran McKenna”. “Manchester United is in my heart and it's brilliant to be coming back in this role. I'm really looking forward to working with the very talented squad we have, the staff and everyone at the club,” Solskjaer was quoted as saying by manutd.com. Ed Woodward, Executive Vice Chairman, also hailed the Norwegian: “Ole is a club legend with huge experience, both on the pitch and in coaching roles. His history at Manchester United means he lives and breathes the culture here and everyone at the club is delighted to have him and Mike Phelan back. We are confident they will unite the players and the fans as we head into the second half of the season”. © Reuters The 45-year-old Norwegian spent most of his professional career playing as a forward for Man Utd. After proving his mettle for Norwegian clubs Clausenengen and Molde, Solskjaer moved to Old Trafford in 1996 for 1.5 million pounds. Owing to a serious knee injury, he called time on his football career in 2007. By the time he was done, Solskjaer had amassed 126 goals in 336 appearances during his 11-year stint with United. Following his retirement, Solskjaer began honing his skills as a football manager. In 2008, Solskjær became the club's reserve team manager. He returned to his native country in 2011 to manage his former club, Molde, whom he led to their two first-ever Norwegian league titles in his first two seasons with the club. He secured a third title in as many seasons when his team won the 2013 Norwegian Football Cup Final. His success as a manager in Norway saw him marking a return to the Premier League, where Cardiff City offered him the top job in 2014. While he won his first game in charge after Cardiff came from behind to beat Newcastle United 2-1 in the FA Cup, Solskjaer will probably like to forget his stint with the Bluebirds, who eventually got relegated back to the Championship after finishing 20th - collecting only 7 wins and 30 points - the same season. © Reuters After a forgettable outing with Cardiff, Solskjaer returned to Molde in 2015. During his second spell, he helped Molde in finishing second in Eliteserien in 2017 and 2018. Though on 3rd December 2018, the Norwegian club had announced that Solskjaer had extended his contract till 2021 season, United's cry for help proved just too hard to resist for their club legend. For a team that's currently 19 points adrift from the top in the points table, United can't really dip downwards from here - something that allows Solskjaer enough cushion to see through their tumultuous season. Whether he can inspire the Red Devils to turn their campaign around or not, his appointment didn't really impress football fans across the globe. He should have replaced Lukaku not mourinho — Nik (@Thoreira) December 19, 2018 Taking over a team trying to be Man United that's in dissaray. He got relegated last time he tried that. — ð´ó §ó ¢ó ·ó ¬ó ³ó ¿ Jim (@JayAlexTee) December 19, 2018 Big name manager suppose 18 letters is big Name. — Wayne of Wolves (@wayneofwolves) December 19, 2018 Even at our worst Jose still won more trophies then major bottler Flopp — GLAZERSOUT (@RedFredis) December 19, 2018 OMG! Shocking the same guy who got Cardiff relegated! — Andrew Owen (@owena1971) December 19, 2018 Man Utd are the new Leeds ðð — Dave D (@YorkshireDaveUK) December 19, 2018 That's horrible. He is shocking. — Masud Jaffer (@GoonerJaffer) December 19, 2018 Ole is a legend but simply not good enough as a manager at this point in his career. — Michael Hamill (@mhamill05) December 19, 2018 Whose running Utd. The Scottish FA... ð — jamiestark (@JamieStarkk) December 19, 2018 He's the next David Moyes — ð´ó §ó ¢ó ·ó ¬ó ³ó ¿JustMeAaronð´ó §ó ¢ó ·ó ¬ó ³ó ¿ (@ItsJustMeAaron1) December 19, 2018 Championship next season ððð — Ben (@DanceSturridge) December 19, 2018 Let the shit show continue! ð» — Purple Beef ððð¯ð´ó §ó ¢ó ¥ó ®ó §ó ¿ (@gkmcfc) December 19, 2018 And to think this used to be the most sought after job in the world. How times have changed. — Martin J. Ferguson (@travel_hack) December 19, 2018 He didn't have a great time at Cardiff. pic.twitter.com/En2Q2OM4YV — cemtex (@cemtex1) December 19, 2018
  6. DC vs. Marvel is the battle that will never end. We have equally enthusiastic fans on both sides that have their valid points to prove who is better. But there is one superhero that no one hates. The one who is admired by all! We can safely say that he's the Rahul Dravid of the superhero franchise. Yes, we're talking about the one and only, 'Batman'! Let's try to decode why he is loved by all: 1. The Relatable Humanity In the super-heroic world full of demigods and super-humans, we have a human being who is doing everything he can to save his city – Batman. We like him because he's fully human. He's the superhero who doesn't have any superpowers and still rose above all. He neither comes from an alien planet nor does he have a magic ring to give him superpowers. He is just a man who fought his weaknesses to be compared to the mighty superheroes. Not just compared, but he did beat the God himself! Remember 'Batman vs. Superman'? 2. The Self-Made Man Kal-El was gifted with the strength of steel which made him Superman. Peter Parker got lucky and became Spiderman. But Bruce Wayne became a superhero on his own. He overcame his fears, fought his demons, left his lavish home, learned martial arts and came back to save his city as Batman! Bruce saw his parents getting killed. He was raised by his butler. He had more money than anyone could think of. Yet he chose a different lifestyle. Remember how Nolan's Bruce maintained a playboy image to avoid suspicion of him being the Batman? That was because people expected him to be a millionaire playboy! And no one would have blamed him had he been one. But he chose a different path and served his city. 3. The Never Say Die Attitude It is easier to fight when you're a demigod or a superhuman as you know it is next to impossible to kill you. But fighting, getting defeated and getting up again to fight when you're human, is commendable. Bane almost broke Batman. Not just his spine, but his spirit too. Yet, Batman came back, stronger than ever. “I do fear death. I fear dying here while my city burns and there's no one to save it.” 4. Being The Dark Knight Batman has his own shades of life. He has his flaws and limitations. His darkness is quite alluring. The 'man' has comrades who can fly, run faster than light, read minds and yet he is the one who intimidates them when he walks into the room. Such is his persona! Batman could have been a vengeance-seeking hero who kills people. But he controlled his inner darkness and didn't let his human side go. That's what we love about him. He didn't leave his roots, he didn't forget what his father taught him. He still remained a human, despite being a superhero! As we grow up, we realise that there's no magic in this world which can make our problems go away. And there's no sky out of which a man in blue will come to save us. It is us who have to get up, take a stand, and fight our battles. Just the way Batman did. Maybe that's why we can relate to Batman more than any other superhero. Maybe that's why we love Batman more than any other superhero!
  7. Five years ago, Jose Mourinho reportedly broke into tears when he learnt that David Moyes was appointed as the successor to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. Not known for being so emotional, Mourinho had wanted this job for years and following his fallout with Real Madrid in 2013, the Portuguese was expected by many to take the charge at hallowed Old Trafford. But, it wasn't meant to be, at least not at that time. Missing out on the dream job, the master tactician had to contend with his second innings at Chelsea which lasted for two years. During that period, United's struggle to find a worthy successor to Sir Alex saw the likes of Moyes, Ryan Giggs (interim player-manager) and Louis van Gaal make brief appearances in the dug-out. It was in 2016 that Mourinho got his wish as United - struggling to match their rivals - placed their faith in the Portuguese. With many allowing him some time to get into the groove at United, Mourinho did fairly well in his debut season, winning three trophies - FA Community Shield, EFL Cup and Europa League. But, in the years that followed, Mourinho has neither been productive nor impressive. The United manager ended last season, his second year in charge at Old Trafford, empty-handed before taking in a disappointing summer transfer window and a testing start to his third year at the helm. © Reuters The ongoing season saw the Red Devils lose two of their opening three league games for the first time in 26 years, including a 3-0 home defeat to Tottenham Hotspur - also the heaviest home defeat in Mourinho's career. The fact that United are currently languishing at the 10th spot with just four wins in their first nine EPL games and, more recently, losing 0-1 to Juventus in the UEFA Champions League group game at home, sums up the plight of Mourinho. But, the Portuguese's problems don't end at the lack of trophies. The United owners and fans expected Mourinho to take his time to get going and bring the lost glory at the Manchester club. However, even if you give the benefit of doubt to the Portuguese regarding the lack of silverware, you just can't overlook the fact that United have shed their attacking style of play in favour of a more defensive and reserved approach. To the sheer disbelief of former United players and fans, Mourinho has been seen deploying different tactics in a bid to turn their misfortunes. It's like, he is stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. He wants United to play defensively and, in the process, expects his side to snatch a 1-0 win. But, the fact that he knows the fans and United stars will not accept that, further makes his style a bit dodgy and unconvincing - the current state of United's sordid campaign. © Reuters The Ferguson's United dominated the Premier League on the back of their attacking display. It was the attacking intent to score goals while standing firm in defence that allowed Ferguson's men to notch up one silverware after another. Even when they lost, the fans and pundits were content with the way they played. But, Mourinho's United is not like that, something that further dents Mourinho's reputation at Old Trafford. What makes Mourinho's situation even more difficult, is the fact that while United seem to be going backwards, their rivals have taken huge strides to establish themselves. On one hand, where United have lost their presence in the competition, the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool are scaling new heights. Even Chelsea, for that matter, have shown great signs of improvement in such a short time under new manager Maurizio Sarri. So, why after three years, United are still waiting for Mourinho to find a winning formula? - a question that continues to echo at Old Trafford. © Reuters The frustration of United fans has reached an all-time high which probably explains why they were so keen to turn up for 'The Sportsman's Manchester Referendum' - ahead of their Champions League loss against Juventus. The ballot saw thousands of United supporters casting their vote (online and in person) on Mourinho's future at Old Trafford. And, the results weren't surprising at all. Out of over 15,000 votes, 55 per cent United supporters supported the axing of Mourinho as manager. We're three seasons into Mourinho's reign now. The Man Utd management has already spent a lot of money on players. But, the results are nowhere to be seen. The time is clearly running out for the Portuguese, especially with the Glazer family eyeing former Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane as a potential replacement. And, now with the fans expressing their displeasure, it's certain that Mourinho's head will roll, the question is only 'when'.
  8. Breaking news people, apparently just holding your baby is 'emasculating now', well at least according to Piers Morgan. Yes, the guy who's known for trying to troll celebrities for stupid stuff and always getting hate in return, still hasn't learned his lesson. This time, he tried to go after none other than Daniel Craig and tried to shame him for the most bizarre reason. Oh 007.. not you as well?!!! #papoose #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/cqWiCRCFt3 — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 15, 2018 What are you smoking, Piers? Are you okay? What kind of crisis are you having that you've got to go out of your way to make fun of a dad holding his kid? I would like to reply to that tweet with a meme – 'Fellas, is it gay for a man to have a baby with a woman and hold it securely?' But, it's good to see not a single person agreeing with him. One of the first people to give it off to Piers was Chris Evans. You really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to concern yourself with how another man carries his child. Any man who wastes time quantifying masculinity is terrified on the inside. https://t.co/9jsHZ3WKRn — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) October 16, 2018 Captain America for President! Even dictionary.com told off Piers in a very nice way. Piers Morgan, we double checked the definition of emasculate. There's nothing about being a load-sharing father to be found there. https://t.co/TH9bzv9qdl https://t.co/nBcmr8fsb8 — Dictionary.com (@Dictionarycom) October 15, 2018 No, but he's still being an ass online. The entire internet secretly agrees with me. FYI. https://t.co/1cxDT0RI71 — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 16, 2018 He's trying to prove his point with a fake baby. On the red carpet tonight.. now THIS is how you hold a baby. #NoPapoose #ITVPalooza pic.twitter.com/GOboP0wd19 — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) October 16, 2018 But, his initial tweet was enough to make dads on the internet unite and troll him back. Embracing fatherhood! There's me carrying my youngest daughter, in the 7 years since this photo I've had my nails painted, hair done, been a patient at their dentist and worked in their kitchen more times than I can remember. Might not be manly, but its fun and I wouldnt change anything. pic.twitter.com/AxCXHyNsLM — Lord Helmet (@d_helmet) October 16, 2018 Look at Piers, he doesn't. Do you even lift bro pic.twitter.com/08TL9HQBTI — Skip Allums (@skippr) October 16, 2018 Destroyed. Yes Piers, its called a baby, I can see why you're confused- you only get one if a woman fucks you. — Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) October 15, 2018 Can you compete with this? I carry this guy around all day we go for walks & runs, lift weights, go grocery shopping, go to the park, cook dinner, do squats, lunges, pullups, train other ppl...I've never been more of a man @piersmorgan #dadlife #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/BhpfH0W1lW — bucktownfit (@bucktownfit) October 16, 2018 Go ahead. If Daniel Craig wearing his baby is wrong @piersmorgan call me emasculated too. #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/CxD0cuZEmd — chris wadhams (@chriswadhams) October 16, 2018 Best use of the meme. Broke: "No real man would ever wear their child in a carrier" Woke: pic.twitter.com/A1yXql0fuT — Your King Bone (@YourKingMob) October 15, 2018 Take that, Piers. This is me carrying my first born the day after she was born. It's probably my favourite picture of me ever. #emasculatedBond? pic.twitter.com/tBLEveCNZp — John Bowman-fused-with-fly-in-transporter-accident (@johnbowman) October 15, 2018 The best trend, tbh. All in on team #emasculatedBond. Because being a dad with 2 hands is free god damn amazing pic.twitter.com/IZcIwRrJCv — Dr. Jonathan Chung (@drjonathanchung) October 16, 2018 He wouldn't know. This is what real parenting looks like #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/MkiegQpoFJ — Samuel Dore (@Bursteardrum) October 16, 2018 So absurd. This is asinine. Being a good father is not being emasculated. If it is? Then I'm proud to carry my son around like this as well. @piersmorgan #emasculatedBond https://t.co/Rciyx0zku9 — Jorge A. Morales (@PugsBTP) October 15, 2018 Dog dads matter. Every Dad looks cool with a papoose â¦@piersmorganâ© #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/X6aZVdV8hd — Camilla Arfwedson (@CamillArfwedson) October 16, 2018 Yes, you do. To be honest, I think us Dads look pretty damn cool. #emasculatedBond #papoose @piersmorgan #DanielCraig pic.twitter.com/jgi7V4PXRe — Ben (@treesforskies) October 16, 2018 It's how it's supposed to be. @piersmorgan this is me, a proud dad with my little princess in a carrier. Not feeling emasculated. #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/cn0pMK5k4Y — Abraham (@IamSoundbase) October 16, 2018 Super. I was #slinging my daughter at #OccupyWallStreet while on #paternityleave, so I guess I'm a super #emasculatedBond, right @piersmorgan? pic.twitter.com/ARFCzLrJbx — Phil Sargent (@Satyrlicious) October 15, 2018 So much love! I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I loved carrying him around like this. #papoose #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/p1A8eoImAk — Chris Hansford (@HansfordChris) October 16, 2018 Sounds totally right. So wait, he's basically James Bond? Sounds about right. I'll take it â¤ï¸ #emasculatedBond #PiersNeededMoreHugs pic.twitter.com/X47syCsvxk — Emily (@riseandsci) October 16, 2018 SO BE IT. Piers Morgan - if carrying my son means masculinity is in crisis, so be it. #popoose #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/QcuKPseeA7 — Essam Y Mohammed (@EYMohammed) October 16, 2018 Well, you thought wrong. And here I always thought it was the beard that made me an #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/2pLKYPlmxB — Jamie O'Connell (@mixtwitch) October 16, 2018 Same same. The 15lbs I have on my chest is the same as your gut... So same same @piersmorgan Also note @LFC hat. #papoose #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/T5SBfljaXe — fergal carr (@fergalcarr) October 16, 2018 Obviously. Erwan and I, his obviously ball-less father. #emasculatedBond pic.twitter.com/WsQq263baR — Jeffw (@Jeffwni) October 16, 2018