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Found 243 results

  1. Today, more men have started exploring the world of skincare and even cosmetics, and have also started experimenting with products that suit their skin and also help them hide blemishes at the same time. The concealer is one such product that has an increasingly growing audience. If you haven't tried the concealer yet, you should definitely give it a try. So, What Is Concealer?A pigmented concealer is either in stick or liquid form and is used to ‘conceal’ all imperfections from the face. From an acne breakout to flare-ups and redness, all can be concealed by clever application of a concealer. It can also help conceal undereye circles, ingrown hair and acne scars. © iStock How To Choose A ConcealerWhile there is a flood of options available in the market today, you really need a concealer that suits your needs the best: Concealer TypeAmong the various types out there, liquids and creams vary in ‘coverage’. Stick concealers make the application process seamless. For dark circles, redness or small spots you could choose either. Stick concealers, however, are best for severe blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Skin TypeKnow your skin type while looking for a concealer. Oily skin requires a matte base to help with the grease. For dry skin types, a hydrating product will prevent the skin from flaking. © iStock Concealer ColourAs a rule of thumb, to brighten up the skin and work on the dark spots, you need to pick a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone. For covering spots, however, a product as close to your current skin tone works. © iStock DiscolourationConcealers with a tinge of green, purple or pink hues are based on the colour theory to ‘correct’ discolouration. It works by using opposite colours that cancel each other out. © iStock How To Use A ConcealerUse the concealer to gently dab on any problem area like under the eyes, around the nose and around the mouth. Don’t neglect the neck to hide those bumps as well. © MensXP How To Apply A ConcealerFingers work best in helping blend the concealer. The heat and natural oils on your hands are great for melting the product into your skin. You can try: __ECOMPRODUCT__881__ View the full article
  2. If you’ve been wanting to invest in Bitcoin but have no idea how to go about it, then this list will come in handy for you. You can use any of these applications for trading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and even obscure ones like Dogecoin. These apps make cryptocurrency transactions a less complicated process and are safe to use in India. Here are five of the best cryptocurrency exchange apps you should be using in 2021: 1. Binance © Binance Binance is probably the most detailed and user-friendly app you can use right now for trading all sorts of cryptocurrencies. You can buy Bitcoin using Indian Rupees and even Paytm and UPI. The best part is that the app does not charge any additional fees to purchase cryptocurrencies for Indians either. You can also transfer funds between WazirX and Finance free of charge. The app also offers tutorials for beginners. 2. Coinbase © Reuters Much like Binance, Coinbase also offers a massive knowledge base for beginners to use if they are looking to start trading crypto. The app is simple and easy to use and offers the ability to use digital wallets to transfer funds as well. If you really want to learn everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is a great starting point. 3. Zebpay © Zebpay After it was shut down for a brief period, Zebpay re-launched in June last year. It offers a seamless experience on the app. The app is also lightning fast at doing transactions such as withdrawal and deposits. Zebpay also allows users to trade cryptocurrencies at the most competitive rates. 4. WazirX © WazirX Probably one of the most popular apps to use for crypto trading that is now owned by Binance, WazirX has seamless integration with Binance and also lets users transfer their deposits free of cost between the two apps. The integration also means that traders can buy and sell cryptocurrencies at a competitive price. You can find a total of 70 cryptocurrencies and can handle numerous transactions with ease. 5. CoinDCX © CoinDCX CoinDCX was the first app to support withdrawals and deposits directly from your bank ever since India lifted the restriction on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can easily deposit and withdraw directly to and from your bank account respectively. CoinDCX features over 200 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ETH, DASH, Litecoin, Eth, XRP, and many more. View the full article
  3. The two newly approved vaccines are made by CanSino Biologics Inc and Wuhan Institute of Biological Products
  4. Let's face it, a majority of men have experienced hair thinning woes and have worked hard to make their hair look thicker. But if this has been a constant battle for you as well, there are ways to fight it. Some of the best ways to take care of your hair are by maintaining the health of your scalp and protecting your hair from any damage. In this guide, we will tell you how to make your hair look thicker with some clever hacks: 1. Use The Right Shampoo © iStock An oily scalp can be the result of your hair falling flat and looking less voluminous. To boost the strength of your hair, make sure you wash it with the right shampoo, for example, a formula that makes your hair look fuller. But, don't go overboard with volumising products, especially the ones that have paraffin as it can weaken your strands. Use a mild hair shampoo instead to avoid the chances of hair damage. __ECOMPRODUCT__1153__ 2. Use Rosemary Oil On Your Scalp © iStock Rosemary oil has worked for hair loss treatments. Use a dropper and apply this oil to the thinning areas and massage your scalp with it. The oil will calm your scalp and help with hair thickening. Use at least 15 drops to see the best results and continue to use for at least 6 months. 3. Switch Your Hair Parting © iStock If you have always kept your hair parted on the right side, it's time you switch it up and take it to the other side. When you change your parting, your hair will look a bit more voluminous but if you continue to keep it on the same side, it can lead to thinning. 4. Try A Thickening Conditioner © iStock Thickening serums or conditioners can make your hair appear voluminous. You can use this twice a week and coat the ends of your hair thoroughly with it. Once done, rinse it off completely to get rid of the excess conditioner. __ECOMPRODUCT__1043__ 5. Considering Colouring Your Hair © iStock Using a hair dye is the best way to make your hair look thicker, as it can add contrast between your scalp and hair and take the attention away from the issue of thinning. Ask your stylist to help with the right hair colour as it can leave your hair looking twice as thick as before. 6. Use Dry Texture Spray © iStock If you want quick volume for your hair but also don't want anything that weighs it down, then a dry texture spray is your best bet. All you need to do is lift sections of your hair and apply the spray. This will increase the thickness as well as add bounce to the hair. Once done, use a comb to style your hair. Even sea salt sprays work well. These sprays not only boost your hair but also make it stylish by giving a wavy, curly look. For a messy look, this one works well. 7. Don't Be Rough © iStock Human hair is weaker, especially after showers. Hence, over combing or towel drying your hair in a rough manner, can damage your hair. Instead, let your hair dry naturally or just pat dry. For more, instead of using a comb, use your fingers to style your hair. Opt for a hair tonic as it will coat your strands and add a thicker look. __ECOMPRODUCT__1154__ Takeaway:There are several ways to make your hair look thick but if you are experiencing hair thinning quite a lot, be mindful and also work on your diet. Managing thin hair can be hard, but these hacks will do the trick. View the full article
  5. Staying fit and exercising regularly is a form of self care for many. However, with so many different forms and types of workouts, it can get intimidating, especially for a beginner. Whether you’re into fitness or not, you must have seen people exercising with a gym ball. This underrated gym equipment is also known as a stability ball or an exercise ball. Today, we will not only talk about the many lesser known benefits of using an exercise ball but also share 5 high intensity gym ball exercises with you. Pull up your socks because it’s time to get that dream body! Benefits Of An Exercise Ball When it comes to fitness, most of us tend to rely on weight training as the best form of resistance. However, using a gym ball is a great way too. More so, buying fancy gym equipment can be really heavy on the pockets, while buying an exercise ball is way cheaper. Coming to the health benefits, a gym ball is popularly used for active sitting. Which means your muscles are active, even when you’re sitting, especially if it’s for long hours at an end (anyone still working from home?). Other than that, it also helps in strengthening your spine and improving overall posture. Adding a gym ball to your core workouts is an excellent way to amp up the difficulty levels. Lastly, it also helps in improving flexibility. Now that you know all about the many benefits of using a gym ball in your workouts, here are some intense exercises to get your heart rate up! __ECOMLOOKS__2585__ __ECOMLOOKS__2586__ __ECOMLOOKS__2588__ __ECOMLOOKS__2590__ __ECOMLOOKS__2592__ The Bottomline Now go ahead and try out these gym exercises for yourself. Trust us, they aren’t as easy as they seem. If you want stronger abs and back, these exercises will not disappoint you! Explore More View the full article
  6. Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives today but certain decisions in the past have changed how we interact with our devices today. From the removal of the headphone jack port to introducing a marketplace for apps; smartphone companies have come a long way from just selling phones to its customers. Some of these decisions have led to jumpstarting an entire industry while some have made our phones portable gaming devices. Here are five of the smartest decisions made by smartphone companies that changed how we use phones today: 1. Removing The Headphone Jack © Youtube/UnboxTherapy Removing the headphone jack port is quite a polarizing topic. Many felt at the time it was an atrocious move by Apple and not consumer-friendly. However, since then most smartphone companies have followed suit and removed the headphone jack port from their phones as well. While many may not agree, it did help smartphones in many ways that you may not even think. For starters, it helped in making smartphones have better resistance towards water and dust. The removal of the port meant less water would seep into the hardware and avoid water damage. Some smartphones even manage to survive weeks underwater which would not have been possible without removing the headphone port. From Apple’s point of view, it led to the success of the AirPods which has now become one of the most successful wireless earphones to date. Thanks to the AirPods’ success, we now have even more options to choose from when it comes to wireless earphones and jumpstarted an entire industry that needed that extra push. 2. Fast Chargers © OnePlus In the early days of smartphones, it was quite a pain to get your phone fully charged as at times it would take hours to get the deed done. However, one of the smartest decision companies made was implementing some form of fast-charging in their phones. OnePlus uses something called Warp Charge while most other devices including iPhones use Power Delivery (PD) charging. This method of having your gadgets charge faster than ever before also made its way to laptops, gaming consoles and wearables. If it weren’t for fast-chargers, we would still be stuck close to a power outlet hoping our phone gets enough charge for the day. 3. More Than Just a Smartphone © Apple Explained/Youtube Apple revolutionised the world when it introduced apps on the iPhones which changed how we interact with a smartphone every day. We use apps for almost everything today which wouldn’t be the case if Apple did not introduce apps on phones way back in 2007. Today, the App Store and Play Store are an integral part of their businesses with millions of apps offering solutions for all kinds of needs. We use apps to order food, online shopping, watch movies, listen to music play games, find dates and even communicate with our loved ones. The world would be a different place if it weren’t for apps on our phones. In fact, Apple’s App Store’s economy is now worth half a trillion dollars and grossed revenue of more than $64 billion in 2020. 4. Offer an Ecosystem © unsplash Selling a smartphone is just not enough. Much like any other business, smartphone companies look to expand their business by offering ecosystems or a range of products that work well with your smartphone. Companies like Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung and now OnePlus all sell either a smartwatch, a fitness tracker, a smart speaker, or other IoT devices that keep you in the ecosystem and prevent you from switching. That has been Apple’s strategy ever since it came out with the Apple Watch and it is one of the smartest decisions taken by a company that is now being emulated by other companies, 5. An Alternative to Gaming Consoles © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The main reason why Nintendo, Sony and other handheld console makers suffered from 2007 to present is that smartphones have now become a great gaming alternative to traditional handheld consoles. At first, casual games that were sold on the app store for cheap or free took over the market and killed Nintendo's grasp of the casual gamers market soon after its launch. Today, smartphone gamers can play competitively against each other in battle-royal games and MOBAs. Companies have now started making accessories for smartphones such as the Razer Kishi to give the full handheld console experience as well. If it weren't for smartphones, we would still be overpaying for casual games and playing them on a different device altogether. View the full article
  7. In Nov 2018, Italy's antitrust body ruled that Facebook had not informed users properly about its collection of data
  8. Twitter has announced that it's introducing the 'Voice DM' feature on its mobile app. This feature comes after it rolled out the audio tweets and Audio Spaces features. Twitter is clearly trying to go all-in on making audio an integral part of its platform. The voice DM feature is initially available to users in India, Brazil, and Japan starting Feb 17 which is today. We're glad that this feature is finally making its way to the users because it's been an experimental feature for quite some time now. It's slowly rolling on both Android and iOS and you should start seeing it soon. test,test: Starting today, you'll be able to record and send voice messages in DMs Here’s how PS. The experiment will be rolled out in phases. pic.twitter.com/aqQM6h9sof — Twitter India (@TwitterIndia) February 17, 2021 “We’re excited to bring the voice messages in DMs experiment to the country and give people a new way to express themselves and help them connect through the nuances, emotion, and empathy built by hearing someone’s voice,” stated Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director, Twitter India in an official press release. How To Use Twitter Voice DM Feature Open the Twitter app and head to the ‘Messages’ tab from the bottom navigation bar. Now, start a new conversation or enter an existing one to see a new 'wave' icon to the right of the message text box. Simply tap on it to start recording and tap it again to finish recording. It's different from how other apps let you tap and hold to record a voice message on Android. On iOS, however, you might have to tap and hold to record, but it'll be available to use at the same spot. The Twitter app will let you replay the message before sending it, so that's great. © Unsplash Twitter on the web won't let you record voice DMs, at least not yet, but you can listen to the ones sent to you. Considering how it manages to quickly roll out its features, we expect the voice DM feature to be available on the web very soon as well. Until then, we suggest you check out the feature on your mobile phone and try sending some audio messages to your friends. Your voice DMs will still go to Message Requests if it's coming from somebody that you don't follow, so you don't have to worry about random people sending you weird audio messages. You can simply choose to ignore it if you think it's coming from someone you don't know. View the full article
  9. It goes without saying that pitch conditions play a huge role in the way a Test match is destined to be played and when the turf becomes as drastically different between two days of the same match, it contributes substantially as to who wins the toss first. The first match of the India-England series was a pure testament to the situation and how winning the toss for Joe Root became the first and arguably the biggest reason why the touring side ended up with the win. The toss was more important to win in the 1st test than this one, as it did nothing the 1st 2 days. Then exploded. This one has been a turner from ball one. Eng should’ve bowled India out for 220. No different between spinning or seaming & Rohit showed how to play on this surface https://t.co/xg1gPDetRs — Shane Warne (@ShaneWarne) February 14, 2021 But instead of blaming the dynamics of the pitch for the loss, Indian skipper Virat Kohli owned up and took the defeat head first, with the promise of “doing better” in the second Test which was also scheduled to take place at the same Chepauk stadium in Chennai as the first. Winning the toss this time around, India chose to bat first and the results were similar, except that the scoreboard tilted in the hosts’ favour and not the Englishmen. However, some fans and even analysts in support of the touring side, ended up using the tricky surface of the pitch as an excuse for their below-average performance. It’s entertaining cricket as things are happening all the time but let’s be honest this Pitch is a shocker .. Not making any excuses as India have been better but this isn’t a Test Match 5 day prepared Pitch ... #INDvENG — Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) February 14, 2021 “It’s entertaining cricket as things are happening all the time but let’s be honest this Pitch is a shocker .. Not making any excuses as India have been better but this isn’t a Test Match 5 day prepared Pitch ...” former England skipper Michael Vaughan said after Root’s side’s humbling performance with the bat in the first innings. It didn’t do anywhere near as much for 2 sessions ... Spun but not like what it’s doing now ... India would have drawn the first Test if they had batted anything like in the 1st innings ... This isn’t a good Test match pitch ... https://t.co/HhK6dYLiHm — Michael Vaughan (@MichaelVaughan) February 14, 2021 “It didn’t do anywhere near as much for 2 sessions ... Spun but not like what it’s doing now ... India would have drawn the first Test if they had batted anything like in the 1st innings ... This isn’t a good Test match pitch ...” Vaughan backed up his claim while replying to Australian legend Shane Warne on Twitter. Various other fans of the opposition said how this is what they expected from India while hosting and how we wanted to be unfair towards the visiting side, while using the pitch to the advantage of the bowlers of the Men in Blue. Would you expect anything less from India though? — Ryan T Yule (@rtyule) February 14, 2021 The pitch is a disgrace but you getting when you play away it's a form of cheating I agree pitches should be up to certain standard but makes me wonder was done between there 1st and our 1st innings because it gave us nothing bowling them but was all over for them bowling at us — Jamie Squires (@JamiefSquires) February 14, 2021 It’s a shameful disgrace of a deck. #INDvsENG — Paul Zauch (@PaulZauch) February 14, 2021 The thing is, just like Joe Root had himself a double-ton innings on the first two days of the first Test, Indian opener Rohit Sharma’s 161-run stint proved how batsmen can perform on the deck as tricky as the one in Chepauk as well. If your excuse is that the pitch’s conditions changed drastically by Day 3, it certainly showed by the way names like Cheteshwar Pujara and Rishabh Pant got dismissed. However, Kohli’s crucial 38-run innings and a fantastic 50-run partnership with Ravichandran Ashwin before lunch proved that you can save your wicket even in the later half of the match in Chennai. Then comes the issue of using the pitch to the advantage of the home side and this tweet from former England cricketer Graeme Swann perfectly summarises why they visitors should not be complaining. I have no problem at all with a pitch offering this much spin (hardly a surprise naturally). We prepare green pitches to suit our bowlers at home when deemed necessary so it’s fair game. We should be taking notes on how to excel from @ImRo45 @RishabhPant17 and @ashwinravi99 — Graeme Swann (@Swannyg66) February 14, 2021 I have no problem at all with a pitch offering this much spin (hardly a surprise naturally). We prepare green pitches to suit our bowlers at home when deemed necessary so it’s fair game. We should be taking notes on how to excel from @ImRo45 @RishabhPant1 and @ashwinravi99,” he tweeted. View the full article
  10. In a rather unbelievable piece of development today, two Indian climbers got banned from Mount Everest for a weird reason. The couple, as per the report in Daily Mail, have been banned from mountaineering in Nepal for six years for lying that they had reached the summit of Mount Everest. © Facebook The report suggests that an investigation found that Narender Singh Yadav and Seema Rani Goswami's 2016 climb had been faked, after it was certified by the tourism department at the time. The pair, reportedly a couple from India, and their team leader were banned by Nepal after an investigation was launched when they could not provide verifiable evidence of their summit. © Shutterstock Yadav was slated to win India's prestigious Tenzing Norgay Adventure Award, but when the news broke Indian mountaineers and the media reacted with outrage and rightfully so. Analysis was shared that showed photographic evidence the climber had used to 'prove' he reached the top of the world's tallest mountain was in fact doctored. And that is crazy. Consequently, the award was subsequently retracted from Yadav, and an investigation was launched leading to their summit certification being revoked. © Shutterstock Speaking to AFP news agency, a spokesman for Nepal's tourism ministry said their investigation and enquiries with other climbers found the couple 'never reached the summit'. 'They couldn't produce any evidence of their ascent to the peak… they even failed to submit reliable photos of them at the summit,' the spokesman said. Another ministry spokesman told The Indian Express, 'In our investigation, we found that they had submitted fake documents [including photographs]. © iStock Reaching the summit of Mount Everest, standing at 29,029 feet (8,848 metres) in the Himalayas, is considered to be an outstanding feat for mountaineers globally. Climbers that reach the summit have often gone on to become motivational speakers, or have written books about their journey to reach the peak. Currently, the system requires photos and reports from team leaders and government officers stationed at the base camp as proof of reaching the summit. But the potential rewards mean the system is open to attempts at fakery, and this is not the first time climbers have been banned for doctoring photographs. In 2016, another Indian couple - both police constables - were banned for 10 years for faking photographs that they claimed showed them at the top of Everest. (Source: Daily Mail) View the full article
  11. Cricket in the era of the coronavirus pandemic has given birth to some unusual trends all over the world. Things like not allowing spectators in the stadium and adding fake crowd noise are among the ones that impact the ambiance of an international game the most. However, there is yet another rule that the International Cricket Council had established last year to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus among the players and that was banning the use of spit to shine the ball. How lovely. Cricket is returning to a quieter, less yobbish style of conduct. Apart from rubbing sweat instead of spit into the ball 🤢 #r4today — Andrew Booton 🇬🇧 (@AndrewBooton) July 8, 2020 Instead the players were asked to use their sweat for similar purposes. Indian cricketer Mayank Agarwal, however has this usual habit of going to his fellow teammates and borrowing their sweat whenever he feels the need. On Day 2 of the first Test of the India-England series, Agarwal was seen rubbing the ball on Washington Sundar’s face with the hopes of getting all the sweat he wanted as the 21-year-old allrounder looked away with a face full of embarrassment. The official Twitter handle of the BCCI even shared the picture with the fans. Every drop of your sweat counts. #TeamIndia #INDvENG pic.twitter.com/GBe7jcMQwP — BCCI (@BCCI) February 6, 2021 “Every drop of your sweat counts. #TeamIndia #INDvENG,” BCCI wrote. The fans couldn’t help but marvel at what the players have to do at the time of the pandemic: Cricket these days , you need to ask your team mates around for sweat — kiran Reddy (@Cricket_traderz) February 6, 2021All in the rules 🤣🤣 — 𝕾𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖐𝖆𝖓𝖙 𝕸𝖎𝖙𝖆𝖐𝖆𝖗𝖎 (@ShriMITAKARI) February 6, 2021Am I the only one who finds this meme-able? https://t.co/eeNEvYfpsC — Ananya Khanna (@a_khanzzzz) February 6, 2021Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time Agarwal has asked a fellow teammate to give up their sweat. During the 2020-21 Border-Gavaskar Trophy in Australia, it was Shardul Thakur who had to go through what Sundar did on Saturday. Modern-day shining techniques Live #AUSvIND: https://t.co/IzttOVL3j4 pic.twitter.com/enApdJ7MTW — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) January 18, 2021 During the final match of the series at the Brisbane Cricket Ground, Agarwal was seen running to Thakur and rubbing the ball on his sweaty arm before rubbing it on his trousers to remove the dirt and bring back the shine for the ball to swing more. However, many of the Australian fans considered this incident as going against the rules and started calling it “India’s sandpaper incident” which obviously was not the case. Cheating if that were Australia obviously. — Pickles (@swollenpickles) January 18, 2021How about this? pic.twitter.com/NJ2IeSHZch — 🅺🅳🆁 (@KDRtweets) January 18, 2021 View the full article
  12. It is the month of February and as we all know, romance and love is in the air. If you’re in a relationship, this month is extra special for you. We all know how great it feels to be in love. However, we also know that the initial romance doesn’t always last long. Once the blind excitement of a new relationship passes, the challenging part begins. Conflicts are a pretty normal part of every relationship. However, if you don’t know how to deal with them, being in the relationship will get more and more challenging for you. This is where knowing your partner’s love language will help you out. Trust us, this will help you understand your partner in a better way and help you deal with the conflicts pretty effectively. What Are Love Languages? The concept of love languages was introduced by Dr.Gary Chapman. During his practice as a marriage counsellor, he noticed that couples would often have the same complaints over and over again. Relatable, right? This led to the concept of love languages. According to him, everyone has a different way of feeling loved and appreciated. This is mostly the way they communicate their love to others as well. There are 5 different types of love languages. Let’s go through them in detail! __ECOMLOOKS__2519__ __ECOMLOOKS__2520__ __ECOMLOOKS__2521__ __ECOMLOOKS__2522__ __ECOMLOOKS__2523__ Final Thoughts It’s important to know what your partner’s love language is. But it’s just as important to know what your own love language is. Most people have more than one, but there’ll always be one which is the strongest. Communicating your love language with your partner will not only reduce the number of conflicts but also make your relationship more secure. Explore More View the full article
  13. Russian vaccine to cost double the rate at which it is available in India, says Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan official
  14. Shaving on a daily basis may give you a skilled hand, but will also worsen your skin. Any man who has been shaving regularly for a long time now can vouch for this. Regular shaving tends to dry out the skin and make it rougher with time. It also makes your beard hair rough and difficult to handle. This is where a pre-shave oil steps in and makes your job easier. As the name suggests, a pre-shave oil is meant to be used before shaving. It preps up your beard and makes sure that you get smoother shaves, with minimal effort. Not just this, there are many more benefits of this underrated shaving product. Here are 5 reasons why you should add a pre-shave oil to your routine, pronto. __ECOMLOOKS__2443__ __ECOMLOOKS__2444__ __ECOMLOOKS__2445__ __ECOMLOOKS__2446__ __ECOMLOOKS__2447__ The Bottomline Go on and try out a pre-shave oil. Trust us, you won’t regret it. It will make your life easier and your skin a whole lot smoother. Explore More View the full article
  15. Through "Cloud Drafts" users can start writing a message on one device and send it from another
  16. DRAP's authorisation allows federal and provincial governments, private sector to import Chinese COVID-19 vaccine
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