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Found 150 results

  1. Salman Khan can be heard saying, ?This is kalonji, onion seeds. It's supposed to be good for your health.?
  2. As the video made rounds on social media, netizens were seen praising the cricket legend for his humility and kind gesture
  3. Swat hotel hosted music festival from December 3 to 6 last year in violation of coronavirus SOPs
  4. The prisoner was uploading Tik Tok videos on social media despite the use of mobile phones prohibited in jail
  5. Thousands of Trump supporters can be seen clashing with police in the video, which has been retweeted more than 5,000 times
  6. "Someone has conspired to defame the police [in response to] an operation against the hotel mafia," police say
  7. "I wake up every morning, read my DMs, and cry. I legit cry. So much love?" "I call my friends and wait for them to say something stupid. I know it will happen, and it does. Then I note it down and make a video on that." "It's just easier to create content when you're always your authentic self - online as well as offline." The (almost) overnight success of Niharika NM owes its existence to the realization portrayed by her in the third statement above. While the first statement is a representation of her super vulnerable, all-over-the-place, messy yet adorable emotional side that everyone can relate to, the second statement portrays a delicious slice of the savage sass queen that everyone aspires to be. The third statement brings both of them together to make her the lovable, sweet yet fierce girl next door, who as a content creator rightfully embraced 'mainstream virality' by garnering a massive 1 million followers from 100k followers within a period of 2 months on Instagram. The one thing that characterizes Niharika's unique Instagram presence is the breath of fresh air she brings to the table. The super relatable, lighthearted slice-of-life scenarios presented accurately, wrapped in impeccable comedic timing and her charming, hilariously candid accent, are extremely potent when it comes to extracting spontaneous belly laughs on the gloomiest of days - something that has poetically found its place in front of the apocalyptic backdrop that the year 2020 has been. View this post on Instagram It all started when she started making videos on Tik Tok, because she enjoyed it. Even though she had started hitting home runs with her on-point humour right from the very beginning, the one video that brought her right under the limelight was her hilarious take on "If you love someone let them go". That was the first time she noticed that her popularity had started to snowball into something much bigger. Though Niharika has started to finally embrace all the love, and has slowly started accepting that fact that she is almost on the verge of being 'a public figure', the suddenness of it all still makes her nervous. It is evident from her response to the question: "3 things that have changed in your life since you became famous." Without skipping a beat though, she quickly responds, "Number one has to be the access I've been blessed with. It's unbelievable, the kind of people I can directly reach out to now. Number two would be the amount of love I receive daily. I wake up every morning, read my DMs, and cry. I legit cry. So much love? Number three kind of scares me, to be honest. Of late, I'm always scared of disappointing all the people who love me. I think I still need a little time to process it all." View this post on Instagram The obvious question that followed, was about the challenges her new-found fame has brought along. S: What is the most challenging thing that you have to face as an influencer? She took a couple of seconds to gather her thoughts this time. "The sheer volume of work I'm 'supposed to get done', you know? No, of course there's no tangible pressure or deadline or anything of that sort, but just the rush of creating enough content on a day to day basis sometimes takes a toll on you. I often feel like I'm not doing enough, but then again for me, quality is more important than quantity any day. Still working on perfecting that balancing act." When it comes to content creation itself, Niharika has a unique take. On being asked whether she creates content spontaneously or based on a process, she sheepishly divulges: "You know what? I just note down all the stupid stuff my friends say. I hear them, and put them down on my notes app. I call my friends every day, and I know that they'll end up saying something stupid. Most of my video ideas end up coming from there." View this post on Instagram But how can one become successful as an influencer or a comedian? Is there a recipe? S: Suppose I want to be an influencer, and have come to you asking for 3 tips/suggestions. What would those be? N: Okay first of all, being authentically yourself, both online and offline, helps a great deal. When you don't have to pretend to be someone else, the content often writes itself. Number two would be, please create content that you yourself would enjoy, as it's a great way to ensure that it's entertaining. And number three would be... don't take stress about the response and just have fun with it. You can't control how people will react to your content, so why worry about that? Just make it and then relax. I struggle with number 3 myself, but I'm trying. We then decided to venture a bit towards the other side - the one where Niharika herself is the audience, and not a creator. S:Who do you watch when you want to have a hearty laugh, like we watch you? N: I love Jordindian. I love Liza Koshy's content. And of course, David Dobrik. I want to be friends with David! S: Is there a celeb you'd like to chill with? N: Bruno Mars. Hands down. I absolutely love the happy vibe in his music. I kinda wish he could understand the Indian nuances in the stuff that I create. View this post on Instagram S: Acting ambitions? If not, any celeb because of whom you'd instantly say a yes? N: I think I'm quite content doing what I'm doing right now, and honestly haven't thought about anything else as of now. But, but, if that celeb were Mahesh Babu, I'd die. I'd legit pass out. Right from my childhood, I've been a huge fan. I grew up watching his films and I even used to say that I'm going to marry him, when I was a kid. So yeah, I'd totally lose it. S: To conclude, Niharika, is there a plan for the future? Any checklist? N: I'm just soaking it all in right now. All the love and appreciation that this year has given me, was absolutely unprecedented. The realization that I could make people laugh, especially with the year that has been, feels like the greatest blessing. I honestly get speechless at times, reading the kind messages of appreciation in my DMs. At this point, I'm just taking it one day at a time. I just want to continue doing what I'm doing, while trying to balance out my degree as well. The rest, we'll all see. I sure am excited!" - she declares, while letting out her signature sigh of thrill with an ear to ear grin. View the full article
  8. The coolest thing to happen during this shit show of a year was the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction. The once in a lifetime event that occurred on Monday was because of the two planets being closest to each other in 400 years and it could've been observed by anyone, no special equipment was needed. But, so many of us were robbed of observing this incredible thing because of the pollution in the sky but we still have pictures to marvel at. One such picture that managed to capture not just the two planets, but also our largest moons of Jupiter was clicked by an Indian photographer. View the full article
  9. Sara Ali Khan shared the video with caption, ?When in doubt You must workout.?
  10. In our bid to welcome Westernisation, many of us have come to look down upon all the riches our own culture and history holds. The true worth and depth of the ‘Indian way of life’ lays unexplored by most ‘modern’ kids who would rather trust at ‘UK/US certified’ product or service a lot more than indigenously created products. © TOI Perhaps that is why, while most of us ignore the legacy of ‘dadi ke nuskhe’ and ayurvedic remedies which used to save lives when modern medicine hadn’t even come into existence, people in the West are turning towards it to get better and heal amid a pandemic outbreak. It is all thanks to 35-year-old Tamil Nadu chef Arun Rajadurai who works at a hotel in the U.S. that thousands of Americans have now discovered the South Indian staple Rasam, and are using it to boost their immunity amidst the pandemic. © Wikipedia According to a TNIE report, it all started when Arun introduced Rasam as a complimentary dish in the three hospitals where he provided food to Covid patients. The idea struck him when he realised that the key ingredients turmeric, ginger, and garlic all help boost immunity and could be served as an immunity booster. The feedback was amazing and “the immunity boosting soup” became so popular, Arun’s employers introduced it in all their other branches too. Who would have thought that a staple most of us take for granted in our everyday lives has found loyal admirers saat samundar paar. There may be a lesson for us in this too. Culture can spread far and wide just you need be a true patron of your culture.... — প্ৰেম দাস শৰ্মা (@PremDasSharma7) December 3, 2020Mr Arun Rajadurai hailing from a village near Jeyankondam makes our melagu rasam famous across US and Canada during this pandemic times...!!! @karthickselvaa @SriramMadras @sumanthraman @Ethirajans pic.twitter.com/QbxPzdYxav — Pattabiraman K (@kpattabiraman) December 3, 2020RASAM is a diegetic Ayurvedic food in south india, tasty also. — Dr.Gyanaranjan (@DrGyanarsvp) December 3, 2020Proud of tamilnadu — Balaji (@Balaji_Agri) December 3, 2020 Vocal for local, global edition. View the full article
  11. Yasir Hussain recently shared a throwback picture of him alongside Pakistani TV legend Anwer Maqsood
  12. University of Mehran in Jamshoro has said that it will bear all educational expenses of the shepherd's son
  13. The coronavirus pandemic has made our lives come to a standstill as far as travel plans are concerned. Not that one can't travel anymore, but the fear of catching the virus is always lurking. Hence, social media is giving us a chance to treat our eyes with the extraordinary picture of places from across the globe that have been on our go-to list but unfortunately seems like a dream no. Earlier, Shillong’s cherry blossom flowers took over the town, and now a village in Kerala’s Kozhikode has turned the whole town pink due to the extensive growth of an aquatic plant known as the forked fanwort blooms. Kerala’s village Avala Pandi has enticed the locals as the image of the aquatic plant spread across the village has surfaced on the internet and also intrigued people’s attention from across the country. The photos of the rapidly growing plant have also been doing the rounds on social media and have also attracted a lot of tourists who have been visiting the village to look at the sights. Check out the post here- Kerala: Forked Fanwort blooms in Kozhikode; people visit to see flowers of the aquatic plant. (23.11.2020) pic.twitter.com/XLIZBpbovz — ANI (@ANI) November 24, 2020 The pink flower is locally known as ‘mullan payal’. The flower is also a source of income for several local vendors who have been using the pink flower bloom for making easy money amid this economic slowdown. Not only this, it has also become the go-to place for several party candidates who are fighting for votes. Dr. P Dileep told Indian Express that the plants might look beautiful to look at but are a huge threat to the local water bodies. Dr. Dileep said, “Plants may have been from aquarium escapes. Lesser number of people in the water bodies might have contributed to the increased growth of the plant.” Here’s what people on the internet have to say about the unfavorable flower growth in water bodies- This plant not so good for the eco system it seems... — midhun sb (@midhunsb) November 24, 2020Simply wow — Anjali Sharma (@AnjaliSharma797) November 24, 2020It's used in aquariums too.... Its and invasive species — chomtu (@NLCA33) November 24, 2020— AkshayaAchu️SK uyir️ (@AkshayaAchoo1) November 24, 2020Simply wow — Anjali Sharma (@AnjaliSharma797) November 24, 2020 What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  14. There are car accidents everywhere but then there are a few that could have been avoided and only took place due to the driver’s negligence. Recently, comedian and actor Sunil Grover took to his Instagram and shared an example of a car accident that could have been avoided if the driver paid a little attention. The video shows a driver ramming a brand new Kia Carnival minivan into a showroom wall just after buying the car. The video has been going viral on the internet ever since and but this isn’t the first time this video has surfaced on the internet. Earlier, this video went viral in June and was then uploaded on YouTube. Sunil Grover wrote while sharing the video, "New car, directly from showroom to service station.” Checkout the video here- View this post on Instagram In the video that was uploaded on YouTube, a showroom employee can be seen explaining something to the driver and the car has a few people sitting inside along with the driver. Next thing we see is that the car starts moving but the driver loses control in seconds and rams the car straight into the wall. This is not it, the car hits the wall many times when the driver is trying to reverse the car and that’s how people started speculating that the driver didn’t know how to drive an automatic car. Now, this is really weird and none of us can empathize with the pain of ramming a brand new car. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  15. The woman had fired shots into the air in Lahore and recorded a video of the act, which went viral on social media
  16. Lahore police say they recovered weapons from the detained individuals and were carrying out raids to nab the remaining four
  17. The video shows the final battle of 'Avengers: Endgame' between Thanos and the Avengers, but with a twist
  18. A picture of Maryam Nawaz amid a crowd of fans was shared alongside the Dothraki army swearing fealty to Khaleesi
  19. Russian YouTuber's Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S reportedly broke down several times, leading hm to burn down the thing
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