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Found 34 results

  1. MWC saw quite a few interesting and weird smartphones, however, the show was stolen by all the foldable smartphones that were announced. Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold at its Unpacked event, followed by a more practical foldable smartphone by Huawei called the 'Mate X'. As of now, foldable smartphones have been teased by various companies like Xiaomi, OPPO, LG, Motorola and others. Apple has considered making a foldable smartphone in the past and has also filed a patent that covers “Flexible Display Devices”, however, we have not seen anything from the Cupertino giant as of now. Even though Apple may just be the only manufacturer that has not flirted with a foldable prototype, it didn't stop Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak from wanting one. © LetsGoDigital Speaking to Bloomberg, Wozniak said that he really wants to get his hands on a foldable iPhone and wants Apple to be a leader in this segment of smartphones. “Apple has been a leader for quite a long time in a few areas such as Touch ID, (Face ID) and easy payment with the phone,” Wozniak said during the Bloomberg interview. “They're not the leader in areas like the folding phone, and that worries me because I really want a folding phone.” Apple is known to have surprises up its sleeve and we cannot be sure whether the company is already working on a foldable smartphone. Even though the Mate X and Galaxy Fold have been announced, the two smartphones are not yet ready for consumers. It's still quite expensive and is in the initial stage of development. Apple, on the other hand, is known to launch devices that just work and it may be too soon for the company to unveil its own foldable device. © LetsGoDigital Even if Apple does make a foldable iPhone, there's a good chance it may look like the image above. It's a render based on the patent filed by Apple and developed by LetsGoDigital. Do you want a foldable iPhone in the near future? Let us know in the comments. Source: Bloomberg
  2. We've already seen institutions banning PUBG (PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds) in the last few months, and now, another app is likely to join the list. Tamil Nadu's Information Technology Minister M. Manikandan made the news after he said he'll be asking the Central Government to ban the infamous video app TikTok. The minister was responding to a plea by lawmaker Thameemun Ansari. He claims that the younger generation is hooked onto the video-based social media network and is leading to cultural degeneration. He also pointed out that the platform spreads sexually explicit content by morphing innocent people's face. © Bytedance "We will take up the matter with Centre to take action (possibly banning it)," the IT Minister said, "the same way blue whale game was banned," indicating that the app could have fatal consequences among the youth if action isn't initiated. TikTok was previously famous as "Musically", a platform to create short videos. The app was acquired by Bytedance in 2017 and merged into a new app called TikTok. Users can create 15-second to 1-minute videos with background music or dialogues for lip-syncing. These short videos have received immense popularity in the last few years and according to research agencies, the app has a 39 per cent userbase from India. © Tech Advisor More than 500 million users are available worldwide and the app has been known for its poor privacy controls. There have been multiple incidents of many under-age children being spotted on the platform. In-app monitoring has been a crucial point of criticism as the content is often used to spread hate speech as well. India won't be the first country to ban the app though. In July 2018, Indonesia briefly banned the app in view of inappropriate content. Recently, the Chennai Police also busted a flesh trade racket that used morphed pictures of women, downloaded from the app to lure customers. © CNBC We reached out to TikTok and they said, "At TikTok, maintaining a safe and positive in-app environment is our priority. We have robust measures to protect users against misuse, including easy reporting mechanisms that enable users and law enforcement to report content that violates our terms of use and community guidelines. We are committed to respecting local laws and regulations, and in order to better coordinate with law enforcement agencies, we are also in the process of hiring a Chief Nodal Officer, based out of India." The company also partnered with Cyber Peace Foundation and announced #SafeHumSafeInternet initiative on Safer Internet Day (5 February). Though, it has been fairly visible that the company has done little to actually improve the platform from an abuse point of view.
  3. We've already heard a few stories about banning the insanely popular game PUBG. Last week, the Gujarat government forwarded a circular banning the game from educational institutions. The state's primary education department had issued a circular that directed primary schools to ensure that a ban has been implemented on PUBG. Now, 11-year-old Ahad has written to the Maharashtra Government to ban the game. In the letter, he said, "it promotes immoral conduct such as violence, murder, aggression, looting, gaming addiction and cyberbullying". The boy further wrote in the letter, "I will be compelled to seek appropriate legal [civil and criminal] proceeding as per law; naturally at your cost and consequences" if the game is not banned." The letter was sent to seven ministers, including Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, Ravi Shankar Prasad (Ministry of Electronics and IT), and Vinod Tawde (Maharashtra Education Minister). When Ahad didn't receive a response from the public officials, he then decided to file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Bombay High Court. © YouTube The Jammu and Kashmir Students Association has also asked the Governor of the state to ban the game immediately due to poor board exam results. PUBG Mobile has been very popular since launch and people are literally hooked onto it. There have also been cases when people got addicted to the game and turned to physical self-harm. We must keep in mind that these games are built for entertainment and not supposed to be taken so seriously. A recent report by the Quartz states that a PUBG fan spends more than 8 hours in a week on an average on the game. © YouTube More than 120 cases of PUBG addiction were registered at Services for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) clinic in National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS). Signs of addiction include deprivation of sleep, loss of real-life interests, drop in lecture attendance, and poor academic performances. While the game is fun to play, a major reason for the fan following is the fad around it. One reason why many Indians are playing the game is that “everyone's talking about it.” Source: India Today
  4. Elon Musk loves memes, who would've thought? He's full of surprises and everyone knows that. A couple of months ago, he asked people on Twitter to send him their dankest memes and everyone came through, well kinda. People took the opportunity to basically troll him and that was also fun. And, how can we forget Elon becoming one of the biggest memes of 2018 when he smoked a joint during a podcast. And now, finally, it looks like it's his turn to be the one roasting or just maybe reviewing memes. Yep, our favourite billionaire tweeted about wanting to host 'Meme Review', a show run by PewDie Pie. He took some help from his famous - or infamous? - flamethrower and tweeted this. Host meme review? pic.twitter.com/k2SFtIUh1k — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 27, 2019 A collab by Elon Musk and PewDiePie is something we never knew we wanted, but sure as hell need. Obviously, everyone is trying their best to make it happen. $5 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 27, 2019 You drive a hard bargain, but … ok — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 27, 2019 Thank you for your contribution, Tesla is now the official car of the meme community. We will drive it with pride. — MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) January 27, 2019 See? Now, this is how you sell cars! Exactly. What a time to be alive! — Jacksepticeye (@Jack_Septic_Eye) January 28, 2019 But, the most important reply came from Pewds himself, of course. â dont shoot please host ð we need this! https://t.co/6l66JTw7Vq — ƿ૯ωá«É¿à«¯Æ¿É¿à«¯ (@pewdiepie) January 27, 2019 He even went as far as making a video reacting to this. Yes, we do need this. Elon Musk could single handedly save us from T-Series — Dr Grandayy (@grandayy) January 27, 2019 Make it happen. We're desperate. — daniel (@DanielSambar) January 27, 2019 We're in the best timeline. What a time to be alive. — TheFatRat (@ThisIsTheFatRat) January 28, 2019 Everyone's invested, literally. I will invest in Tesla stock if you do. — Joey (@TheAn1meMan) January 28, 2019 Please help. Dear Elon, Meme review will only take 10 minutes of your time. LWIAY will only ask for 5. An interview with Gloria Borger on PewNews 20. That is a total of 35 minutes of your undivided attention. Mars can wait. Global warming can wait. PewDiePie cant. Help your people. Thank you. — Jay Lit (@officialjaylit) January 27, 2019 The best timeline. It's easy to let the war, famine, and widespread sadness confuse us. But this post reminds us that we're in a blessed timeline — Michael Reeves (@michaelreeves08) January 27, 2019 Someone really needs to make this happen, we do need this collaboration in our lives.
  5. It's no surprise Facebook has been losing its most lucrative bunch of users, the teens, lately. It has become a universal rule, every social network slowly starts seeing a decline in the number of active users over a period of time. This is because users are always looking for something different and get carried away with fads. Facebook killed Orkut and MySpace, and there was a time when we saw Snapchat taking over the reins. But, unlike the previous cases, Facebook has become a behemoth and acquired loads of interesting companies that'll ensure its survival. © Twitter Though, it hasn't given up on luring users back to the classic platform. How do you attract teens in 2019? Well, with memes. The social media giant is working on a whole new section called LOL that will apparently have bone-tickling memes and GIFs that can be used to share on the platform. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the company is experimenting with the idea. It's supposed to be a simple piece of software featuring a feed of memes and GIFs categorized by topics like “dogs” and “pranks,” and Facebook is currently testing it with 100 high school users. Similarly, Facebook had also tested "Facebook Watch", the company's video-centric tab to take on competition from YouTube. © TechCrunch From TechCrunch's screen grabs, LOL's design and features draw comparisons to Snapchat's Discover feed. But Facebook has yet to decide whether LOL will exist as a standalone app, or as a feature within the existing app. The social network also owns the popular image sharing social network Instagram and instant messenger WhatsApp. These two combined give the company unprecedented backup options, but Facebook wants its users to be on Facebook. While teens have flocked new apps, Facebook is now often said to have been taken over by parents. © TechCrunch According to a study from the Pew Research Center, teens and young adults in the US are leaving Facebook for other social media sites like Instagram and Snapchat. The study reveals that only 51 per cent of teens aged between 13 and 17 use Facebook in the US. Every effort to lure the younger crowd has failed and with newer genres like TikTok coming in, the company faces even more challenges. Last year, thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and repeated privacy flags have dented the social network's reputation. Source: TechCrunch
  6. CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the world's largest tradeshow for everything electronics and will be starting this week in Las Vegas. All the latest products and technologies are unveiled at the event, and due to the exponentially huge number of companies trying to make a mark, we often see them take a dig at one another. This year, Apple has a strong message for Google, Amazon and a plethora of other companies who utilize user data for advertisements. “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone,” says a billboard facing the Las Vegas Convention Center. This is right outside CES 2019, and while Google and other companies actively participate at the tradeshow, Apple has always kept a distance. © Twitter / Chris Velazco Apple has also mentioned the link to its privacy website where users can better understand the data policies of iPhones. Even though the company has no official affiliation with the industry event, it sure wants to send across a strong message. The timing is even more interesting because Apple has revised its revenue forecast due to lower than expected sales of the iPhone. The statement is similar to the popular statement, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas." Also, while Google's ads are filled with colours, Apple has opted for a black and white only palette, indirectly meaning it's damn serious. © Twitter / LVMonorail As far as technicalities are concerned, Apple isn't wrong with the ad. Even though iPhone's have suffered some really embarrassing bugs in the last few years, privacy is one point that always remains unhindered. iOS is crystal clear about these privacy norms and doesn't let any app or service access your data without explicit permission. Even if we ignore third-party services, Apple never "processes" your usage data to target ads. On the other hand, Google is definitively an "advertising" company and relies on metadata to feed your phone with relevant ads. Amazon too had a number of dubious moments last year with the latest case being-- Amazon sharing 1,700 Alexa recordings of a man with a stranger. © Reuters After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, even the end user is more aware of data privacy and the industry has undergone drastic changes. Companies have been trying their best to convince people their data is safe. Apple's CEO Tim Cook has also been very vocal about user privacy in recent times. He also called on tech companies to essentially to “deidentify customer data or not to collect it in the first place.” While the Apple vs Google fight will go on indefinitely, these snarky ads are surely very entertaining for us.
  7. Imagine you are sitting in a restaurant, and the server asks you, "Hello Sir/ Ma'am, what would you like to have today?" and you say, "Oh, just get me a Deepika Padukone." Well, no matter how awkward it sounds, it will be totally normal at this Texas restaurant that serves a dosa named 'Deepika Padukone'. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on Nov 28, 2018 at 7:00am PST We didn't know about this and neither did our beloved Mastani, until she came across the tweet where the screenshot of the menu was posted. Reacting to the dish she wrote, "What a great way to begin the year...Happy New Year!" what a great way to begin the year...Happy New Year!ðâ¤ï¸ð https://t.co/61BuaOWylC — Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) January 1, 2019 In fact, it's not a regular dosa. It's 'topped with fiery hot ghost chili and stuffed with potato mix' and it looks like we already have a taker of this delicious-sounding dosa - Simmba aka Ranveer Singh. Ranveer, who is currently basking in the success of 'Simmba' that has already entered the 100 crore club, posted on his Instagram story. He shared the menu and joked, "I'd eat that." Well, going to Texas to eat the 'Deepika Padukone' dosa might be a bit too much for mere mortals like us, but you can go to Pune to eat paranthas in her name if you want. Yup, there's a restaurant that serves a 'Deepika Padukone parantha thali' in Pune. ðªð½ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ https://t.co/Kiy84YeJie — Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) January 2, 2019 Ranveer and Deepika aka DeepVeer, who got married on November 14 and 15, are currently in New York on their honeymoon.
  8. SRK is not just the king of Bollywood but is also known for being a very doting and a super protective father to his kids, especially his beautiful daughter Suhana. View this post on Instagram Holidays as they say should really be given a speeding ticket...hate dropping my kids to the airport....when holidays end... A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Jan 8, 2018 at 1:08am PST When you are a superstar dad to famous kids, you need a special layer of protection for them and SRK is no different. In a recent interview, while promoting his latest movie 'Zero', SRK spoke about his thoughts on what happens if men, in general, behave like reel-life characters to woo Suhana. He was quick to respond and had his 'scary dad' advice ready. He said that if anyone tries to be like his character from his movies and uses the dialogue 'Rahul, naam toh suna hoga', its blatant stalking. "If a boy looks at you across a room at a party and says, 'aur paas, aur paas', go kick him in the shins. But in the film, if I'm able to activate an element of innocence and make it attractive, the role gets reinvented by itself." Now that's a firm warning for anyone trying to mess with Daddy king's daughter. SRK's latest outing 'Zero' received a lukewarm response from the audience but the critics have appreciated his character, Bauaa Singh.
  9. Arguably one of the most exciting talents during his playing days, Mitchell Johnson at his best was undeniably as fearsome as fast bowlers come in the gentleman's game. An express bowler whose bowling skills were further bolstered with a fiery attitude, Johnson's career was full of duels with opposition batsmen who, apart from negating his fierce pace, also had to contend with his verbal volleys. While the Australian paceman called time on his career in August this year, his never-back-down approach continues to echo in the cricketing world. The 37-year-old was involved in an altercation with Aakash Chopra on social media after Australia's 146-run triumph over India in Perth. And, more recently, he has been found busy trolling Indian cricket fans with quirky responses on Twitter. © Reuters For someone who shared an on-field rivalry with Virat Kohli, noticeably during the 2014/15 Test series, Johnson surprised no one by throwing a ridiculous challenge towards the Indian skipper. The left-arm seamer was trying to make a point by tweeting the photo of an open road and suggesting how easy it was for the batsmen to score runs at the flat surface of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), especially after India got off to a brilliant start on Day 1. So you're giving excuses as you came to know that virat will score 100+ ðððð — vishnu vardhan reddy (@reddyvishnu66) December 26, 2018 But, Johnson's analogy struck a nerve with the Indian cricket fans who began taking pot-shots at the former Aussie cricketer. One of the fans tweeted: "So you're giving excuses as you came to know that virat will score 100+". And, that's when Johnson jokingly replied: "No excuses, I'm not playing. If he doesn't score ð¯ plus on this, he should retire". Apart from his harmless banter, Johnson had raised a few eyebrows with his article for Fox Sports where he heavily criticised the Indian captain and opined that he gets away more because of his stature. “Kohli gets away with more than most cricketers simply because he is Virat Kohli and he gets placed on a pedestal but this Test left the Indian captain looking silly,” he had written for Fox Sports. Well, it seems that, despite his retirement from cricket, Johnson can neither stop himself from taking a dig at his old-time rival Kohli, nor he'll stop provoking Indian cricket fans with his ridiculous opinions.
  10. 'Koffee With Karan' almost always manages to make the most unexpected become a reality. Why you ask? Because the latest episode of the show saw Prabhas' first ever talk show appearance, as well as three of Telugu film industry's biggest names SS Rajamouli, Prabhas and Rana Daggubati, share the couch on the show! However, while the episode had been one cracker ride for the viewers, with much banter and inside scoop from the times of 'Baahubali' making its way to an excited audience on the other side of the camera, it is however the details of the rapid fire round on the show that caught our attention. View this post on Instagram The iconic pout has its admirers in the South too! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithTeamBaahubali A post shared by Star World (@starworldindia) on Dec 23, 2018 at 8:42am PST Rana was the first to go, and said that Deepika Padukone is the hottest actress currently, while he would like to set up Prabhas with Katrina Kaif. On the other hand, when it was Prabhas' turn, he admitted that Deepika is indeed the best actress in Bollywood, but it is Trisha he would set up Rana with. Another point that cause some curiosity was the duo's mutual admiration of Telugu star Anushka Shetty, whom the pair crowned as the sexiest actress in the Telugu film industry. Opening up about the recent rumours around Prabhas and Anushka's romantic relationship, Prabhas said that those were really rumours after all. View this post on Instagram #Prabhas has his priorities straight! #KoffeeWithKaran #KoffeeWithTeamBaahubali A post shared by Star World (@starworldindia) on Dec 23, 2018 at 7:57am PST While on the other hand, Rana also shared that he and Trisha were friends for a long time, though things simply didn't work out for the two. From confessions ranging from mile high memberships to admitting to having lied on the Koffee couch, the latest episode of 'Koffee With Karan' brings out the candid best in Rana, Prabhas and Rajamouli!
  11. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman love each other, like really really love each other. Sorry Blake, seems like your husband is into another man. When it comes to the fans, everyone loves them separately as superheroes but everyone loves them even more together and Ryan is also a huge Deadpool-Wolverine fan, because he's always trying his best to make that crossover happen. Hugh just posted a 'tbt' for one of the biggest characters he's ever played. Very innocent. (And it's in Hindi!) #Mumbai #Logan #ThrowbackThursday pic.twitter.com/XL68UMDpX0 — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018 And obviously, Ryan found the opportunity to do what he does best - troll Hugh. It'd be cool if they made a new poster. For a new movie. — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 13, 2018 Yes Ryan, it would be cool, very cool. Full props to Ryan for being so subtle. Hugh is obviously used to his friend's antics and knows how to troll him back. The obsession is real. @VancityReynolds https://t.co/HrM9daAPb6 — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018 And, their banter continued. It's true. I'll never forget how much I mean to you. https://t.co/JOZyErPjG1 — Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 13, 2018 While I look for my violin ... perhaps you'd like to answer my challenge?! https://t.co/YxlwITDWmd — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018 Honestly, everyone loves to see both of them interacting on Twitter. Ryan is the bad cop, of course. Buddy cop, bad cop, worse cop.... We need some sort of partnership here ð — BossLogic (@Bosslogic) December 13, 2018 This works. What, like this? pic.twitter.com/vVsEiBWwhr — Big Al ðªðº (@Big_Al_Warren) December 13, 2018 Not much. Your adoring fans aren't asking for much... pic.twitter.com/7XJwVHUxtT — Jeffrey Mendez (@JeffreyJMendez) December 13, 2018 Perfect. pic.twitter.com/6UtnfddMY3 — Jon Kautza (@KautzaJon) December 13, 2018 Yes, we deserve it! GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!! pic.twitter.com/eTyQ9K9FAx — Laura Ryder (@Ryder_83) December 13, 2018 Take notes. Okay Hollywood producers and or directors please make a movie with these two incredible actors in it. Ryan and Hugh are freaking hilarious https://t.co/R8vNKWIww1 — DC (@vibalacy) December 13, 2018 But then, the best reaction and contribution came from none other than Chris Evans. I have my audition monologues prepared. https://t.co/LU1b0iTNRR — Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) December 13, 2018 A Deadpool-Wolverine-Captain America crossover is not something that we knew we wanted, but now we desperately need it.
  12. This week's 'Koffee With Karan' saw B-town's most talked about sibling duo, Arjun and Janhvi, set the couch on fire with their candidness, savagery and by revealing secrets that were until now swept under the rug. During the episode, Karan hinted at the fact that she might be dating her 'Dhadak' co-star Ishaan Khatter. Well, Janhvi firmly said that Ishaan is just a good friend, but Karan was in no mood to be convinced and he couldn't let that opportunity slide past without digging deeper into the matter. © Star World Karan further asked Janhvi if she was to open an account on an online dating app, what would her bio be? To this Janhvi replied, "Cute but psycho." But, this isn't even the best part. She spoke the mind of every foodie in the world. She said that she would rather use Zomato to find a date and when asked the reason, she said that she can check the restaurant and cuisine preferences of other people and decide accordingly. Well we can't agree with her any more on this. © Star World Zomato, who earlier earned some brownie points with their Radhika Apte tweet, went all out this time too. They replied, "Marketing money saved for the week. Thank you Janhvi Kapoor." Marketing money saved for the week. ð Thank you Janhvi Kapoor. pic.twitter.com/vRKOlbDem3 — Zomato India (@ZomatoIN) November 26, 2018 While a lot of things happened on the episode, most of them majorly got overshadowed after Arjun admitted on national television that he is not single and is now open to the idea of marriage. Given the rumour mills that are buzzing with Arjun and Malaika's relationship, this statement only adds more fuel to the fire.
  13. Honestly, what is with everyone's sudden interest in statues now? Like no one really cared about any statue in the country and now it's turned into a competition on who can spend the most money and make the biggest statue. After the unveiling of Statue of Unity, there was huge debate about whether it was a waste of money – it was – and even after so much criticism, spending thousands of crores on statues still is a good idea, apparently. © Twitter It's the game of erections and Karnataka also wants to play. Reportedly, the state government has proposed a 350 feet tall statue of Mother Cauvery at the Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS) reservoir in Mandya district. Yep, it's just a competition of who has the biggest, umm, statue. © Times Now The statue is expected to be finished within the next two years and will reportedly cost â¹1,200. So, pretty cheap, as you can see. “It is not exactly a statue, it will be like a tower. The land already belongs to the govt and we will be inviting investors to invest in it, no govt money will be used. It will be a tourist destination,” said Karnataka Minister DK Shivakumar was quoted as saying by ANI. © Twitter Well, even if the government won't be spending money on it, is making statues still the correct way of spending over thousand freaking crores?
  14. Shah Rukh Khan, or as his fans love to call him the 'King of Romance', has been sitting on the throne as the uncontested ruler of Bollywood, for more than 25 years now. Be it 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge', 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', 'Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna' or 'My Name Is Khan'; with each movie the actor has proved why he is loved by billions of people. View this post on Instagram Glad to get my hands on the latest iPhone! Thank you @apple ... really enjoying the amazing Portrait Lighting. #shotoniPhoneXSMax A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Sep 27, 2018 at 7:15am PDT One such impressive and superhit movie was 'Baazigar' that recently completed 25 years. SRK even took to Twitter to post a video thanking his colleagues everyone related to the film, "25yrs of Baazigar. A film that defines my career & gave me lifelong friends. Thx Utd 7 @rtnjn @theabbasmustan @KajolAtUN @TheShilpaShetty Thomas Johnnybhai Annu Rakhiji Sid Dilip Sarojji Rekha AkbarB & everyone on the film." 25yrs of Baazigar. A film that defines my career & gave me lifelong friends. Thx Utd 7 @rtnjn @theabbasmustan @KajolAtUN @TheShilpaShetty Thomas Johnnybhai Annu Rakhiji Sid Dilip Sarojji Rekha AkbarB & everyone on the film. pic.twitter.com/5zlmNUXPLL — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) November 12, 2018 Of the millions of fans who love SRK and wished him for 'Baazigar', there's one name who recently got a special reply from King Khan himself. In fact, not just any reply but a live performance by SRK on 'Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen'. We're talking about batsman Rohit Sharma, who recently had an interesting conversation with SRK on Twitter. While congratulating SRK, Rohit Sharma revealed that 'Baazigar' is, in fact, one of his top movies. He wrote, "One of my top movies, no questions!!" One of my top movies, no questions!! @iamsrk https://t.co/rY8rUexNop — Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) November 12, 2018 SRK who is known for his wittiest comments was quick to respond to Sharma and wrote, "Next time will do Kaali Kaali Aankhen for you live at the IPL my friend. Keep healthy. Love to u." Next time will do Kaali Kaali Aankhen for you live at the IPL my friend. Keep healthy. Love to u. https://t.co/vPzChMoWY0 — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) November 13, 2018 And 'Sharmaji ka ladka' leaped on this opportunity and asked him to dance at Eden Gardens, "I'm going to hold you to that and at Eden Gardens so I can add them to my list of memories there." .@iamsrk I'm going to hold you to that ð and at Eden Gardens so I can add that to my list of memories there ð https://t.co/uoqRuKCP1W — Rohit Sharma (@ImRo45) November 13, 2018 Let's just say, we're now excited for the upcoming IPL just to see SRK dance live for Rohit Sharma.
  15. Yes guys, women bleed from 'down there' 5 days every month. It's really not an anomaly that they do TBH because if they didn't, they wouldn't be procreating, to begin with. Yeah, why do you think a woman gets her period in the first place? To determine the fact that she will be able to bear children someday. I really don't want to get into the biology of it, because you should leave that research to when you have spare time. © Twitter But what you do need to know are certain facts about a woman's period so you don't sound utterly stupid when you don't need to! If you have a girlfriend, a sister, a mother or women friends, this info will certainly come in handy. Why? Because women love guys who are sensitive and can understand what they're going through, in every sense of the word. Here are 5 important things every guy should know about a woman's period: (1) Yes, PMS Is Real Basically, whatever you've read and heard about PMS is true. Women get cranky, they get moody, they cry, they want to eat more chocolate and they're fighting bad cramps all day. Why? Because 'that time of the month' also brings along a batch of fresh hormones and hormones cause certain mood imbalances. And that's okay, right? PMS usually begins a few days or a week before the period starts. Sometimes, they begin a lot earlier and it's not an easy time for a woman. So, the next time you want to blame the fights you've been having with her while she is PMSing, think thrice. © Pinterest (2) No, Women Are Not Untouchables During Their Period Yup, this one's indeed an interesting myth. Back in the old days, if the girl of the house was on her period, she was treated differently for those 5 days. She was given separate utensils to eat in, she wasn't allowed to chill with the rest of the family, and she wasn't even allowed to enter the temple etc. Basically, she was treated like an outlaw and if you've heard these stories from your mothers and grandmothers it's time to change your perspective! A woman on her period is a blessing, not disgusting! © Pinterest (3) Yes, Chocolate Craving Is Real Again, no one has really figured out why, but women do crave chocolate when they're on their period. It's definitely something hormonal. So, if you bring her a chocolate with a hot water bottle, you're gold to her. © Pinterest (4) Yes, Period *** Is Okay While a lot of people, including women, may find this repulsive or unhygienic, it actually is the best *** you can have, both for women and men. Men, because there is natural lubrication and women, because it relieves period cramps and let's face it, women are hornier that time of the month, so it serves their purpose. As far as hygiene goes, that is something you need to figure on your own. Maybe put a used bed sheet underneath while doing it? © 20th Television (5) Yes, They Appreciate It If You Do Nice Things For Them The 5 days when she's bestowed with her period, are the toughest for her throughout the month. And she wishes for some support, if not all. So, what you can do is understand her mood swings, let her be cranky and make her feel like it's okay to cry or just PMS because sometimes, it's not in her hands. You can also help her out by buying her sanitary pads or tampons and making her some chamomile tea to ease her pain. © Thinkstock Women having her period is like men getting an early morning boner. It's the most natural phenomena ever. So, the next time you want to cringe at it, make a face or look away in disgust, maybe try and understand it better first?
  16. Virat Kohli & Co. might be busy with the 5-match ODI series against West Indies, but in the back of their minds, the team is also low-key planning for the ICC World Cup that will take place in England in 2019. In case you're wondering if they are finalising their game plan or working on their fitness, you're wrong. While this might happen eventually, but currently the team is busy preparing their odd wish list for the tour which includes lots and lots of bananas. Confused? via GIPHY Reportedly, Team India's wish list for the tour is out and it includes bananas, a reserved rail coach and permission to have their wives accompany team to the tour. These were the requests that were put forward by the team, in their review meeting with the Committee of Administrators (CoA) in Hyderabad. Just like us, the request of bananas confused the CoA as well. According to a report in The Indian Express, sources said, "Apparently, the England cricket board failed to serve the Indian team with the fruit of their choice during the tour. But the CoA was amused by the request and said that the players should have told the team manager to buy bananas on the BCCI's expenses." Twitter/ BCCI Another demand that raised eyebrows in the review meeting was the preference for train travel in England. The team wants a coach to be booked for them and although the committee was initially concerned about their safety, they "agreed under the condition that the CoA or BCCI won't be held responsible if anything untoward happens." Sources further said, "There were other demands about booking hotels with a proper gym and discussions about the duration and protocol regarding wives accompanying players on tours." Team India is currently busy smashing massive runs against West Indies and giving their opponents a tough time on the ground. For those who missed out on yesterday's match, Team India won by 224 runs in the 4th ODI that was played at Mumbai's Brabourne Stadium on Monday.
  17. No one in their right mind would turn down some extra money, isn't it? Not even if you're a big movie star who also happens to be a 'Nawab'. Now we'll just have to wait and see how long it will take Taimur to make his debut. Ever since he was born, he has been in news probably more than both his famous parents and I'm sure everyone remembers the 'Taimur- apocalypse' where no one could stop talking about how adorable he is. Yeah, that was only a little creepy. But, the main question is why didn't Saif Ali Khan use his son's star power to promote his own movies? Even Saif knows it's not that bad an idea. View this post on Instagram A post shared by kareena k khan officalðµ (@kareenakapoorkhanoffi) on Oct 16, 2018 at 12:23am PDT During a recent interview, Saif talked about this while promoting his movie 'Bazaar'. He said, “Every producer I am working with has half-jokingly said, 'Haha can we put him with white in his hair?' (Saif sports salt and pepper hair in Baazaar). With Kaalakaandi, they wanted to put rubber bands. In Hunter, they want to put that Naga Sadhu wig on this poor guy,” But nope, someone is not on board. Kareena is not open to putting her son in the showbiz already, even telling Saif to not be 'cheap'. Saif went on, “My wife says, 'Don't be so cheap. You can't sell your son (Taimur)'. I am like, 'Why not? Let's sell him'. Seriously yaar, he is anyway there on the internet.” View this post on Instagram There is so much of love for Taimur ðª #20122017ð #taimursfirstbirthdayððð A post shared by Kareena Kapoor Khan (@therealkareenakapoor) on Dec 20, 2017 at 11:20am PST Totally agree, man! He's already out there and is loved by all. Saif also jokingly said that he's open to any nappy ads or something like that for his son. He said, “I am just using this platform to say if anybody has any good nappy ads or anything... at a very reasonable price...it's not reasonable, it's quite expensive actually. And, I won't give him the money also. I'll give him some cash for his education, I am already giving it to him. And I'll spend the rest!” When asked what plans he has for the obviously huge amount of money Taimur will receive, he only had one answer – “On holidays in Switzerland yaar!” Here's the interview, if you're interested – He also addressed the most important question and it was really about time – how he feels about everyone, especially media's obsession with Taimur? He said, “Media's constant attention to him does not really bother me, but it would be better if it was not there. If the media likes it, people like it, I am okay with it; but I won't be interested in someone else's kids so much.” View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kareena Kapoor Khan (@therealkareenakapoor) on Oct 12, 2018 at 6:04am PDT On the same topic, he said, “On one level, it is nice that he makes people laugh and smile; but on another level, why is so much attention given to a kid? Why are we so interested in a little kid so much? I don't understand it. Our job is to keep him balanced. I think Indian parents like us, like my parents, have a slightly tough time trying to put good moral values and basic family values into kids who grow up with too much attention. And it is possible. So, we hope that he is going to grow up fine and we're very conscious of it.” While we know Saif Ali Khan was clearly joking about putting his son in nappy ads, we know for sure that it will probably break the internet if it actually happens.
  18. Have you as a kid or, scratch that, even as an adult wondered if you could be in top shape like the athletes out there? Ok let's be honest, we all have, and some of us dream about it even now. When it comes to the NBA, the players, apart from being immensely talented, maintain a level of fitness which is almost second to none. After all the speed, agility and endurance on the court does not come out of thin air. Years of commitment, hard work and practice are needed. What we see is the final result, what we often ignore is the effort put in behind achieving that result. So having seen how fit NBA players are, we as fans of players and basketball in general have certainly asked ourselves this question - can we be fit as them? Well, I have got news for you guys, yes we can! No, this is no joke or a pep talk to make you feel better. It is possible. NBA players don't stay in shape by some divine intervention. In fact, they do so by following a set of exercises. Now of course workout regimes, gym sessions and methods vary from player to player so there is no fixed set to follow. Nonetheless, here are some common ones you can include in your routine if you want to maintain that level of fitness. Let's take a look: 1. Split Stance Sprinters One literally has to stand in a split stance and then sprint a certain distance. The key is to keep the body alert so that the adjustment can be easily made. This improves sprinting speeds as well as the ability to jump higher. Core strength is the key for any athlete and your speed is always a major factor. 2. Jump Rope As the name suggests, just jump over the rope and keep it in motion so that the jumps are timed in sequence. This is the perfect workout to get the blood flowing in the knees. It can be done almost anywhere in the gym. The footwork of a player improves and also the knee muscles are enhanced. However, when jumping rope, one must ensure that it is not on a hard surface like cement as that can do damage to the knees over time. 3. Weightlifting Going to the gym at least three days a week is a must. Ensure that weight lifting sessions are distributed equally between light and heavy to avoid the risk of too much load. This builds body strength, particularly in the arms. 4. Power Lunge Rope Slams Slam a rope constantly on the surface of the floor and keep on doing it until a rhythm is maintained. This has to be done at a fast pace and requires both physical and mental endurance. The exercise is good for both upper and lower body strength. 5. Flexibility Exercises One can improve the flexibility of one's body by performing stretching exercises. This helps during more intense workouts to build muscle and burn a lot of fat which is a key factor to stay in shape. 6. Ball Handle Lunges Engage your core, standing hip width apart with shoulders relaxed. Holding a medicine ball a few inches in front of the chest, step forward into a lunge with the right leg. This does wonders for body strength. 7. Dumbbell Press This one is using two dumbbells to perform a hand exercise while lying on one's back. It's not an easy task as both dumbbells need to be balanced as does the body. This is good for the biceps, shoulders and also upper body endurance.
  19. The internet is a wonderful place where anyone and everyone can be glorified and go viral with a tap on the 'share' button. The recent internet celebrity is a UP cop named Manoj Kumar, who is now known as the 'Thain Thain' cop, after he tried replicating the sound of a gun in order to scare off criminals (yeah, no jokes here). #WATCH: Police personnel shouts 'thain thain' to scare criminals during an encounter in Sambhal after his revolver got jammed. ASP says, 'words like 'maaro & ghero' are said to create mental pressure on criminals. Cartridges being stuck in revolver is a technical fault'. (12.10) pic.twitter.com/NKyEnPZukh — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) October 13, 2018 While chasing criminals, the gun got jammed owing to some glitch and the cop apparently improvised by making 'thain thain' sounds. All said and done, they were able to catch the criminal in the end, so one can't even question this innovative method. Now, the UP government wants to recognise his 'heroic' effort and reward the cop. In fact, his name has even been sent for a commendation disc and a certificate from the Director-General. © Twitter A hero with immense creativity, it's not every day that you witness stuff like this.
  20. Kangana Ranaut is fierce with her acting, choice of films and even her words and opinions. Her unabashed, blunt views and brutal honesty is something which has won her many friends and many enemies as well. However, that has never stopped her from speaking her mind anyway. © Instagram The actress recently hit headlines when she accused director Vikas Bahl of sexual misconduct. “Every time we met, socially greeted and hugged each other, he (Bahl) would bury his face in my neck, hold me really tight and breathe in the smell of my hair. It took me a great amount of strength and effort to pull myself out of his embrace. He'd say 'I love how you smell K'. Even though Vikas was married back in 2014 when we were filming Queen, he bragged about having casual *** with a new partner every other day. I don't judge people and their marriages but you can tell when addiction becomes a sickness. He partied every night and shamed me for sleeping early and not being cool enough.” Bollywood has not been very vocal about the whole Vikas Bahl incident but recently, Imran Khan came out to speak against the director. © Instagram Now, in an interview, Kangana spoke about the #MeToo movement and called out Hrithik Roshan as well. Speaking about how justice should be served in the case of Vikas Bahl, she added, “whatever is happening with Vikas Bahl is absolutely correct. Our industry still has a lot of people who don't behave well with women. They assault them, they harass them, they should also be punished. People who keep their wives as trophies and keep young girls as their mistresses should also be punished... I am referring to Hrithik Roshan, people should not work with him as well.” © Instagram Kangana and Hrithik have been at loggerheads ever since their spat got ugly in public, when the actress openly claimed that he was dating her while he was still married, an allegation he later denied. Interestingly, Hrithik had recently spoken about the entire Vikas Bahl incident himself. pic.twitter.com/uGT29wKt4z — Hrithik Roshan (@iHrithik) October 8, 2018 There has been no response from actor in terms of this quote by Kangana but it seems like the spat will only get murkier.
  21. It has just been two days into 'Bigg Boss 12' and the situation is already heating up. Today's episode has something that will leave you entertained to the fullest and we have all the details. We will see ex-cricketer Sreesanth failing to meet the given task by BB, which will eventually get cancelled because of his casual attitude. This will turn all housemates against him and soon, he will threaten to leave the house. © Colors “When it was Sreesanth's turn in the task, he sat down on the panel with Sourabh Mehta and Shivashish Mishra. Seeming quite disinterested, he refused to carry on the debate. Even after being prodded by the housemates and warned by Bigg Boss, he refused to utter a word. Bigg Boss then called off the task. The moderators Shilpa Shinde and Karan Patel also looked furious at Sreesanth's unsporting attitude,” Indian Express quoted a source. View this post on Instagram Socha tha karenge jodiyon ko all-out, but @sreesanthnair36 ne task se kiya walk out. BB conference mein aaj raat hoga ek naya dhamaka! Make sure you tune in at 9 PM. #BiggBoss12 #BB12 A post shared by Colors TV (@colorstv) on Sep 18, 2018 at 2:02am PDT The entire development disappointed the housemates. It is also being said that the Khan Sisters – Saba and Somi will get into a verbal fight with him, which is only bound to make things worse. Acting as the pacifiers, Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakar will try to step in and explain Sree how the tasks are important in 'Bigg Boss'. View this post on Instagram He's definitely got both the swag and style! Catch cricketer @sreesanthnair36's mind-blowing entry only on #BB12â â . @BeingSalmanKhan #BiggBoss12â â A post shared by Colors TV (@colorstv) on Sep 16, 2018 at 10:49am PDT “Feeling irritated by the contestants' taunts, Sreesanth will threaten to leave the show. He will say that he cannot judge people in a couple of days. And if such tasks are going to be a part of the game, he wouldn't like to play it. He will also show his displeasure at being blamed by the housemates,” the source added. © Colors The show has just begun and things are already turning pretty intense. Sreesanth is controversy's favourite child and it will be interesting to see if he lands in a worse situation or play smart to survive the game. How far do you think he will go?
  22. If you've ever seen Uday Chopra's tweets, I think it's safe to assume your first reaction was – "what is this guy smoking (and where can I get some)?" I don't want to sound so presumptuous and say "oh, this guy is definitely doing drugs" but how else can you explain this? If I have a son I will name him Hashtag. Hashtag Chopra, I like the sound of it or just #Chopra — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) November 15, 2014 And this I have figured out why people aren't happy. It's cause they're sad. — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) December 28, 2014 And this 10 is the most amazing color… — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) December 29, 2014 And lastly, THIS When I was a kid I thought that I had to marry someone with my own surname. I thought that was the law. I never knew that women changed their surnames. I was constantly on the lookout for Chopra girls — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) May 6, 2018 But, something really different has finally happened on his Twitter account. Yesterday, he posted a tweet where it seemed that he was as sober as he could be, when he wrote it. Take my word on it, that's really a rare find. But ironically, the tweet was actually about marijuana. Who would've thought, right? I feel India should legalize marijuana. Firstly, It's part of our culture. Secondly, I think if legalized and taxed it can be a huge revenue source. Not to mention it will remove the criminal element associated with it. Plus and most importantly it has a lot of medical benefits! — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) September 13, 2018 He immediately followed it up with a clarification, though. And no I do not use it. I just really think it's a wise move, given our history with the plant. — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) September 13, 2018 It's kinda hard to believe he doesn't use it, but I'm not here to throw accusations, I'm just here to subtly hint at it. Whatever the case may be, I fully support Uday on everything. After all, he's my favourite meme account/shitpost generator on Twitter. He also replied to a bunch of people and actually gave very informative answers. Well in Holi, Bhaang (which is similar to marijuana) has been used for centuries. Also during Mahashivratri many sadhus smoke it in emulation of Shiva. Guess more religion than culture but the two are kind of inter related. — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) September 13, 2018 He raised some good points. So your argument is that don't make it legal cause everyone will be stoned. Wonder why that same reasoning didn't stop people from legalizing alcohol #Flawed — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) September 13, 2018 The benefits are too many to list. A brief google search will educate you I'm sure. Anyway it's better than being schooled by people like me who have no work. — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) September 13, 2018 Just to give you some perspective...coffee is also a drug! — Uday Chopra (@udaychopra) September 13, 2018 Some people tried to troll him, obviously. pic.twitter.com/4vgsaL088m — Bhrustrated® Activist (@AnupamUncl) September 13, 2018 pic.twitter.com/avHw20RRRz — SAN SEERVI (@sandeep_seervi) September 13, 2018
  23. Salman Khan is gearing up to welcome 'vichitra jodis' in 'Bigg Boss' 12, but looks like he forgot to invite one of the most interesting and entertaining jodis of this year - Radhika Apte and Netflix India. In fact, Netflix India is quite possessive about Radhika and the savagery with which it has been replying to people trolling her, proves the same. When you open Netflix these days. pic.twitter.com/z0JawlbLPm — Bade Chote (@badechote) August 27, 2018 Talking about Netflix, can you guess what's common between Netflix and Marvel? If you're thinking the answer is Radhika Apte, you're wrong. It's their love for the Indian diaspora and enjoying a huge fan base here. I mean the success of 'Avengers: Infinity War' speaks volumes about how much people love Marvel superheroes. And it is this love that has now enticed Marvel to create India based content, with major emphasis on Indian culture. © Marvel In an exclusive interview with Indian Express, Marvel's VP-Creative Development, Stephen Wacker spoke about Marvel's plans for its Indian audience and while we don't know about the story plot, we do know which actor is going to be a part of that project. Stephen said, "If we make Indian content, we have to put Shah Rukh Khan. He has to be in it." He further added, "I can't speak for the movies. If we have stories set in different countries, the goal is always to use actors from that part of the world." View this post on Instagram Switzerland main aake yeh na kiya toh kya kiya...?! Loving being at the Davos, now to get ready for the Crystal Award Ceremony. #DavosDiaries A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Jan 22, 2018 at 5:25am PST While he didn't say much about whether any superhero movie is lined up or not, he said "We need a Black Panther for India for sure.” Although it too soon to think about it, but if this ever happens I have certain questions I want answers to? Will Shah Rukh Khan disappear too at the snap of Thanos' fingers? Will he be a superhero whose powers are his 'arms wide open'? Will he be Ra.One's distant cousin? Will Marvel include an item song in their movie? I guess only time will tell. Source: Indian Express
  24. When it comes to making girls go weak in the knees, there are only a few things that stand out, which can make you absolutely desirable to them. Obviously, all women are different and not all of them want the same things. However, there are a few things which most girls really look forward to in a man, a few things that really top the list and are actually quite irresistible, and if you know these things, you're actually sorted to get any girl you like or want. © AA Films What a girl really desires from her man has a lot to do with how he behaves around her, more than anything else, which makes it a notch up above looks and physique and it's the first thing that impresses any woman. So, here are 5 things you can do, to actually make yourself desirable to her, so that she goes absolutely weak in the knees, every time you're around her: (1) Show Genuine Kindness Whenever You Can Girls really dig a man who is super kind. She will definitely observe you in order to figure out how you treat others around you. Be it someone from the staff of a public place or even an animal, her checklist definitely includes your kindness quotient. So, even if you're faking kindness, make it seem genuine? © Zee films (2) Pay Attention To What She Says This is one of the simplest things to do, yet men all over fail to do so! By paying attention, I don't mean observe her every little move, I mean pay attention to what she says, show her that you're right there and are not zoned out while she's talking to you. You can actually win her heart if you pay attention to the things she says and does. © Yash Raj Films (3) Be Generous By that I obviously don't mean be generous with money or buying her gifts. While she would love to be pampered by you, she seeks generosity in terms of intangibles. Be generous towards her with your time, attention and affection. Inherently, that's what women seek from a man. © Eros International (4) Be Supportive She might be talking to you about a minor problem she's facing at work or how she's feeling toward a particular issue, so just be there for her and be supportive. You can do that by asking her the right questions which show concern, or giving her some unsolicited advice or even just hearing her out. Sometimes being a good listener does the trick too. Make sure she knows you're being supportive. © Yash Raj Films (5) Show Her Your Soft Side There is no harm in being a bit vulnerable towards the girl you really like or want. Every man has an EQ and if you are a softy inside, it's okay to show it. Trust me, women love that side of a man. Always acting like a tough macho man, really won't get you too far with her. If you're caring, sweet and attentive, she'll fall hard for you. © AA Films So, the next time you set your eyes on someone you really like and want, make sure you have these 5 tips nailed down to the T, before approaching her.
  25. In 2015, when Son Heung-min signed a deal with Tottenham Hotspur for 22 million pounds, the South Korean footballer etched his name in the history books as the most expensive Asian player in history. For someone who honed his skills at Germany's Hamburger SV and then played for Bayer Leverkusen, Son eventually found his calling at the North London club, where he also became the top Asian goalscorer in Premier League history. If his club career scaled new heights, Son also proved his mettle on the international stage, representing South Korea. He was a vital cog of the South Korean football team at the 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups. And, more recently, he became the joint top-scorer for his country alongside Park Ji-sung and Ahn Jung-hwan at the World Cup. At the 2015 AFC Asian Cup, Son proved crucial for his side as South Korea finished the tournament as runners-up. © Reuters But, all of his records and achievements would mean nothing if Son loses the men's football final at the 2018 Asian Games on 1st September. South Korea will be looking to clinch the gold medal when they lock horns with Japan in the coveted final, but for Son, the match will probably be the last opportunity for him to save what has been a prolific football career. According to the South Korean government's policy, all able-bodied males in the country are subjected to complete at least 21 months of military service before turning 28. However, there is an exception to it. Those who have secured gold medals at the Olympics or Asian Games are automatically exempted from completing the mandatory military service for the said duration. © Reuters With Son now 26, the ongoing Games in Indonesia is probably his last chance to get out of military duty and fulfil his new five-year contract at Tottenham. But, it definitely is not going to be easy for Son and his teammates to contain fierce rivals Japan in the final. South Korea lost to Malaysia in the group stage and needed extra-time to battle past Uzbekistan in the quarterfinal. The South Koreans, then, defeated Vietnam 3-1 to storm into the final. On Saturday, when Son takes the field with his teammates against Japan in the final, apart from the South Koreans, the Tottenham team and their fans, too, will keep close tabs on the fixture in a desperate hope that their star goes on to secure the all-important gold medal.