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Found 812 results

  1. First aired in 1940, Tom & Jerry has become a timeless classic. People from all over the world love the endless war between the cat and the mouse. Generations have grown watching them try to catch and beat each other up. The original show ran for over 64 years, and a total of 162 episodes were produced during this time. Even then, whenever we tuned in to watch our favourite pair of ‘frenemies’ they seemed to entertain us, just the same. Having said that, even one of the most beloved shows of all time had certain dark and disturbing undertones to a few of their episodes hinting that maybe, just maybe, the show wasn’t for the kids but for their parents as well. Here are four times Tom & Jerry was too dark and disturbing to be a ‘cartoon show for kids’. 1. Slavery and Suicide - Blue Cat Blues © MGM Animations Recognised as the most depressing episode of them all, Blue Cat Blues shows Tom being deeply in love with a female cat, desperately trying to win her love. In order to do so, he spends all his savings on a diamond ring, which is too small for her and buys a new car by signing a 20-year slavery contract (remember, it’s a humourous show for KIDS) but fails to impress her. After the love of Tom’s life marries a rich cat from town, a depressed Tom can be seen binge-drinking (albeit milk), and sitting in the middle of a railway track, awaiting his death. 2. Child Murder - Heavenly Puss © MGM Animations After being crushed by a piano (promising start, no?) Tom’s spirit needs to get past a security guard who decides if a cat goes to heaven or not. Before Tom’s turn comes, the guard is caught by surprise as a squishy, wet pouch hops its way towards him. As the rope unties, three little kittens pop their heads out, purr and rush towards their paradise. And the guard, while shaking his head, says “what some people won’t do.” Imagine explaining this scene to your kid. 3. Planned Homicide - Year of the Mouse © MGM Animations After Jerry and his friend prank Tom a number of times, Tom gets them on gun-point and traps them inside a bottle. He then boobytraps the bottle in such a way that if they try to get out of it, a gun will blow their brains off. Tom then goes on to have a great nap. © Lions Gate Films There is a movie franchise in which the bad guy boobytraps his victims to death and it’s called Saw and guess what… IT’S NOT FOR KIDS. 4. Beheading In Front Of A Child - The Two Musketeers © MGM Animations Jerry and Nibbles are portrayed as two swordsmen, looking for food when a very loyal Tom is given the task of getting rid of them by his master. The cat tries very religiously to fight them away but does not succeed. © MGM Animations In the next scene, a guillotine can be seen chopping through (although Tom is not visible) in front of the two mice eating cheese and sausages. Nibbles then says ”C'est la guerre” (that’s war), shrugs and the two simply move on. View the full article
  2. Sacred Games actor Kubbra Sait is currently seen in the latest web series Wakaalat From Home that went on air today on Prime Video. What’s worth pointing out about the much-awaited show is that it was shot over Zoom calls during the lockdown. © Prime Video The show, also starring Permanent Roommates couple Sumeet Vyas and Nidhi Singh along with Gopal Datt and Akarsh Khurana, revolves around a couple whose divorce hearings take place over video calls due to the lockdown. Save the date and join sujin and radhika virtually as they embark on their divorce hearings over video calls this sep 10 🏻‍⚖️ #WakaalatFromHomeOnPrime@Nnidhisin @vyas_sumeet #gopaldatt @KubbraSait pic.twitter.com/K4T7GRJiDH — amazon prime video IN (@PrimeVideoIN) September 3, 2020Be a witness to sujin and radhika's digital divorce diaries 🏻‍⚖️ : https://t.co/sMgSC7Yi4R#WakaalatFromHomeOnPrime, Coming on September 10!@Nnidhisin @vyas_sumeet @KubbraSait #gopaldatt @AnuvabPal @rohansippy pic.twitter.com/sOqDal3D9r — amazon prime video IN (@PrimeVideoIN) September 4, 2020Recently, in an exclusive chat with MensXP, Kubbra got candid about her show Wakaalat From Home, playing a lawyer with a twist, her life after Sacred Games and much more. Here are the excerpts from the conversation: 1. Wakaalat From Home has a very unique concept. It is a lighthearted take on the new normal that we have to adapt to. What came to your mind when you first read the script? The beauty of this entire show is that we worked on the script as we went along. We had about a month to prepare and we shot the show in 10 to 12 days. It was really exciting and a lot of fun. And finally, as we were writing the parts, the characters, the stories, the moments, there were bizarre pieces of news that we were able to collate from different parts of the world like for instance, people in shorts showing up on Zoom calls or cases being confirmed to be run on Zoom meeting by the family court and so on. So it was just funny to see that we were ahead of the curve. Of course divorce can be a very tricky subject to tread upon but that’s where comedy comes in and plays its charm out to the fullest. There couldn’t be a better way to deal with divorce than to deal with it in the sense of comedy and humour and we really enjoyed making it. 2. Tell us about your role in the series. Comedy as a genre is usually the most difficult. How was your overall experience? Can we expect to see you in more such comedy dramas? Yes, I really hope you can and the next time I do a comedy, I wish Sumeet, Gopal, Nidhi and I are in the same room looking at each other instead of looking at each other through the screen. This one was particularly challenging because we were really restricting ourselves out of any kind of sensory cues. We were literally using audio to give cue to our lines and that was really challenging and exciting at the same time. © Prime Video 3. As an actor, what do you think about this new trend of releasing movies on OTT platforms? Do you think the trend is here to stay, and watching movies in a theatre is passe? No chance. I’d love to go watch a movie in the theatre. I think there are certain experiences you can’t take away from the nostalgia that it brings. Come on, I'm not giving up my popcorn or nachos and my once in a while indulgent large cans of cola. I’ll not give them up for movies I'll only watch at home. Also the experience of watching a movie in a movie hall is that you are actually getting off your couch and doing something. It’s an activity of doing with people you love, sharing an experience. Yes, of course you can do that at the luxury of your home while you are watching TV but you are always going to be distracted which takes away the experience of watching a movie. But yes I think content on OTT is increasingly getting better and a lot of money is being pushed in. Like if I have to understand the commerce of it, movies get a far better reach, it takes away from the distribution costs, you can just pump in all the money in marketing people, know enough of the movie before the release and they can choose to watch it or not. It allows people to watch the film for the story and the message that lies in there - and they aren’t just graded as a hit or a flop based on the box office numbers. So I think it has its pros and cons. 4. You mostly opt for quite interesting unconventional roles. Is it a deliberate decision or what goes on in your mind before saying yes to any particular role? I’m extremely blessed and lucky that I've been receiving such unconventional, so to speak, roles my way. I’m yet to reach a level or a stage where I go like “Hey, wo role mujhe karna hai.” I don’t have such thoughts in my head right now. I think the team that I'm working with kind of inspires me to take up the roles. Also, I don’t make decisions with my head, I make decisions with my gut or instinct and it has played out pretty well so far. 5. How has your life changed post Sacred Games as your character Kuku managed to take away some of the limelight from the likes of Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui? Come on, they are true stars (laughs). In fact, I am an ardent fan of Nawaz and Saif and I think I’m so grateful Sacred Games happened. That’s why I was able to work with Saif in Jawani Jaaneman too. I’ve worked with both of them, and first hand I can vouch that these two incredible human beings are masters of their craft. I was just extremely blessed to share space in proximity with them and screen space with them as a co-actor. They are extremely inspiring and wonderful human beings. Has life changed? Well, my career has changed. Life is pretty awesome. It always was. It’s always been the way I look at life and it’s always been good. © Pooja entertainment 6. What were your low moments during this lockdown, as you had to stay indoors away from the sets. How were you coping with the situation? Thanks for asking me this question. No one has asked me about my low moments. I think it is very important for us to realise that the lockdown was a time to reflect upon your own inadequacies to say the least and I think it allowed me as well to reflect and spend time with myself because you always seem to have an escape in life and you tend to like kind of pass the buck on to other people and try to escape from the problems on a day to day basis. And here you had nowhere to run. You had to spend time with yourself and be in the confinements of your home and cook your own food. One thing that I realised was I will now actively, and I mentioned in my tweet as well, not ask people or tell people how they should feel. I am not going to be like, “Hey you are well and you are fine”. I am going to be far more patient to ask people how they are feeling and create a safety net around letting them tell me how they feel. And if they aren’t telling me how they feel, then we should accept that too. It is ok to not be okay. I had several “not okay” moments. My cat was sick during the lockdown, and we had to undergo emergency surgery and that wasn’t the easiest thing. I became a full blown parent during lockdown and at one point I couldn’t handle this stress and actually called my mum down. I think it’s good we dealt with it well as a family and I think it’s really important to accept that we all will have shit days and it’s ok to have shit days. 7. You are one of the actors who is quite opinionated on social media and yet oftentimes you too receive flak or get trolled. And with so many recent suicides, (16yo and 18yo old tiktokers, PubG player from West Bengal) there's so much negative impact of social media. What would be your advice for youngsters who are watching you? What should one do for their mental well being as that's equally important too? If you are not feeling okay, speak to your peer group or people you can trust. You don’t need to count your life on the number of followers you have or the number of people who you think or claim to be your friends. If you have friends by the end of your life and you can count them on your fingers, you are a blessed human being. Identify those five people who truly matter to you and who will be there, hear you out and who you feel safe with. And if you are really unable to deal with the pressures, then please reach out to professional counsellors or helplines who’ll help you to maneuver your ideas and guide you towards psychiatrists who will give you the right direction to deal with the stress you are going through. It’s okay to acknowledge that mental health today is a crisis that we are in and it’s okay to address it and nobody will judge you. And if they do, they aren’t your peer circle. Don’t ever let yourself feel terrible because someone else doesn’t understand you. What’s important is you understand yourself. 8. Tell us about your future projects. Also, what will be your first thought when you go back to the sets? I’m dying to go back to the sets and I'm really excited that I should be heading back to sets in October. Right now I'm just prepping myself and ensuring my immunity is good and strong so I can battle it out. What we are fighting is this invisible threat and it could happen to anybody. Please normalise it for people who have contracted the virus. It’s okay to go get a COVID test done. There’s a lot of drama around how it is done. Please it’s not that difficult. I had to get a COVID test done because I had a dental surgery. So please normalise these things and please don’t escape it if you are somebody who has got infected. It’s not a shame rather it’s something that’s happening to everyone. Just take care of yourselves right now. 9. There's a general opinion that people don't form "real relationships" in the industry. Is it true? I think it’s only as real as you want it to be because come on, let’s be honest. This industry deals with people project by project. I have some friends who I have only been able to become friends with because I've done more than one project with them. I don’t think I can say, I'm friends with Nawaz or Saif or Anurag. I’m not friends with anybody. These are really close working acquaintances and they have their lives beyond that set, beyond the shoot that we did. We are cordial and respectful with each other but besides that, do I respect and love them? Yes I do. Do they respect and love me? Yes they do. Is that good enough as a gratification or a validation for me as a human being for me to exist on this planet? Yes, that’s good enough. Do I want to have friends in the industry? It’s not a criteria for me to exist and do my work. Why is it even important to have friends from the industry? I worked at Microsoft and I don't think I ever made friends from my office. In fact, my ex-boss and I are friends today, many many years after I quit Microsoft. So if that doesn't happen in the corporate world, then why is it assumed that I would be best friends with people I work with in the realm of my business? 10. When is your memoir expected to release and what can we expect in that? I think in between the journey of being an anchor and an actor, I’m also a storyteller and what I picked on that was, we can look at an incident in isolation and then you will identify a beginning, a middle and an end to that incident and how it kind of impacted you as a human being and your growth. I also am excited as I’m a constant learner. What I have realised is that through the journey of learning, I don’t restrict my learning to a particular age group or a demographic or industry. I learn from everything including my cat, a 4-year-old, ruins from the 4th century or a 40-year-old person. I think it’s perfectly okay for any person of any age to write a memoir. It was just a way to address the thoughts I was going through and that’s exactly what I did. So, instead of bottling my thoughts I let them flow on paper. I realised that I had no qualms in writing 1000-3000 words a day. I would then just bang my laptop and be excited about a successful day. I celebrated many successful days like that during the lockdown as my journey towards being a nascent author. I'm just really excited that HarperCollins decided to publish the book. I think it’s a matter of serious legit honour. I’m really happy. View the full article
  3. If you’ve ever wondered how far we’ve come when it comes to mobile phones, we would like to take you back to 1973. It was the time when Motorola showcased the first mobile phone of the world that weighed 2 Kilograms and was bigger than any phone we’ve used in recent memory. While this phone was still a prototype, it was used to demonstrate cellular technology almost 47 years ago. © Wikipedia Commons Due to the development of large-scale integration (LSI) technology and metal-oxide semiconductors; it led to the development of the world’s first affordable mobile communications device. While the first commercially available mobile phone didn’t arrive before 1984; the first-ever mobile device was shown by Martin Cooper of Motorola almost eleven years before. The company later released the world’s first commercially available handled cellular phone called the Motorola DynaTac 8000x. It was a more refined version of the prototype that weighed considerably less and was a bit smaller as well. The refined version weighed around 790 g which is still quite heavy and unwieldy by today’s standard. © Wikipedia Commons To put things into perspective, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x is still considerably large when compared to phones today. The phone was also quite expensive as it retailed for $3,995 ($9,831 in today’s money) at the time and was not considered a mass-market item in 1983. The phone was powered by a lithium-ion battery, something we still use today in our smartphones. The phone was also used to place the first commercial wireless call as David D. Meilahn called Bob Barnett, former president of Ameritech Mobile Communications from his 1983 Mercedes-Benz 380SL. © Motorola Legacy Archives While we may consider the phone to be extremely bulky today and quite unwieldy; the phone was considered to be revolutionary at the time. Mobile telephones were limited to cars or heavy briefcases at the time and the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was the first true wireless handheld mobile phone. The phone also did not need any assistance from a mobile operator and users could directly call people if they knew the number. The phone was extremely popular as well and Motorola couldn’t make them fast enough to meet the demand. The phone wasn’t really made for teenagers and somewhat became a necessity for business owners that led to this phone’s success. © Motorola Legacy Archives The DynaTAC series phones are all but obsolete today as it used analogue networks or AMPS which are not used by network providers. The phone has now become more of a collector’s item for enthusiasts. What do you think about the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x and would you be able to use it today? Let us know in the comment what you think about the godfather of every mobile phone that followed. View the full article
  4. Be it fashion or grooming, Ranveer Singh is extra AF. This is becoming a universal truth, no matter what you believe. Quirky hairstyles, OTT outfits, ensembles that someone would wear only on a dare - these have been routine for Ranveer. And might we add, Ranveer does pull them off with swagger. © Instagram/ranveersingh As far as fashion is concerned, Ranveer’s competitor from the west would be someone like Jared Leto, or Billie Porter for that matter. However, in terms of grooming, it has always been the former One Direction star, Zayn Malik. © Reuters Why, you ask? Well, in case you haven’t stalked both of them on Instagram, you wouldn’t know that both of them redefine the meaning of going overboard when it comes to grooming. Thick, heavyset kohl, crazy experiments with hair and beards - these are just some of the stuff that they have tried out. Here are 4 Instances when Ranveer trumped Zayn, and out-groomed the Dusk Till Dawn hitmaker. Wearing Kajal/Kohl In Public © Viral Bhayani If your grandma often put kohl under your eyes when you were a child, you’re not alone. However, if you’ve actually stepped out of your house, with a layer of thick, but properly applied kohl under your eyes, you are confident on a whole new level. As for Zayn, although we really appreciate a major star like him normalising cosmetics and makeup. But here, Ranveer takes the cake. © Instagram/zayn Pulling Off A Traditional Quiff © Instagram/ranveersingh Well if you had assumed that after all those years of being energised and charged up like nothing else, Ranveer wouldn’t know how to pull off a basic quiff, well you certainly aren’t aware of his skill as a master of disguise that he is. When Zayn decided to go for a quiff, it was cool. Just not as cool as Ranveer. © Instagram/zayn Shaving Their Heads Off © Instagram/ranveersingh If you’re going to shave your head off, you better have a solid beard and stache game going. Human beings look very weird without any hair above their necks. We have often seen Zayn with a shaved head, and sporting a stubble instead. However, you ought to have a well-set beard, or a thick moustache or some sort of facial hair to offset the balance, especially when you have a thin face. © Reuters Going Bonkers Crazy With His Hairstyle © Instagram/ranveersingh And Finally, we have this gem. Of course, Ranveer is using some hiar extensions, but he has had to braid his hair as well for the extensions to work. Now that’s a bonkers style to go for. And here are 3 Instances When Zayn had Ranveer by the ropes. Unkempt long hair © Instagram/zayn This right here is the reason why we suggest you stalk Zayn on Instagram. Seriously, this is the best personification of a devil may care attitude that we have ever seen on anyone. Ranveer though, not so much. The point clearly goes to Zayn. © Instagram/ranveersingh Dyed Hair © Instagram/zayn Ranveer has had dyed his hair a few times, mainly for commercials and films, but nothing, and we seriously mean nothing, can even possibly come close to what Zayn has had done to his hair. The Ponytail © Instagram/ranveersingh And finally, there is the ponytail. Throughout his musical career, Zayn has experimented with a number of different styles of ponytails. Needless to say, he knows which ones work, and when your hair is best left open. Ranveer’s version of the short ponytail was a disaster and looked comical at best. Still, we love that he at least tried something different and befitting for an outfit that was all out bonkers. © Instagram/ranveersingh Say what you will about the two though, they are visionaries when it comes to creating statements out of their grooming choices. View the full article
  5. Sometimes it's hard to imagine another actor playing a highly praised role and it's even weirder to find out the actor who gave an amazing performance was not actually the first choice. Honestly, we can't imagine anyone else as the iconic Langda Tyagi now other than Saif Ali Khan but the role could have easily been portrayed by none other than Aamir Khan. View the full article
  6. An Indian court has asked Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma to appear after a former employee came forwards claiming to have been wrongfully fired. The employee was fired by the company as he objected to censorship and fake news content on apps owned by the Alibaba Group, as seen by Reuters. © Reuters The app has already been banned by Indian security agencies such as UC News, UC Browser amongst 57 other apps citing national security reasons, after the clash in June between the countries. India has also asked the affected apps for answers that include questions whether their apps have been censoring content or acted for any foreign government. Pushpendra Singh Parmar, who worked as an associate director at the UC Web office until October 2017, alleges UC Web was censoring content in India that deemed unfavourable to China and its Government. He also alleges other apps such as UC Browser were also censoring content and at times, featured false news "to cause social and political turmoil”. © Alibaba Group UC India said in a statement to Reuters, "unwavering in its commitment to the India market and the welfare of its local employees, and its policies are in compliance with local laws. We are unable to comment on ongoing litigation”. Parmar has also revelled the company had a "sensitive words list” with keywords in both Hindi and English such as "India-China border" and "Sino-India war”. Keywords such as these were censored by UC Web in India to control any news published against China and were automatically or manually rejected by an audit system. © Reuters It has been long rumoured that Chinese apps tend to censor content which is unfavourable to the Chinese Government and this is the first instance when a former employee has come forward with those claims. What do you think about Alibaba’s effort to censor content in India that was highly critical of the Chinese Government? Let us know in the comments section. Source: Reuters View the full article
  7. Seems like 2020 is getting weirder by the day and we’re paying more attention to unusual things than ever before, thanks to the pandemic. Recently, a new type of fish was discovered in Malaysia that has lips and teeth resembling a human's and it's giving the internet the creeps. The picture of the fish was posted by Twitter user Raff_Nasir with the caption "Her lips are hotter than mine” roughly translated from Malaysian. © Twitter/@raff_nasir Triggerfish are very common in Malaysia and at first, that’s what was assumed when the twitter user got a hold of this fish. It is a shallow-water marine fish that is known for its high-set eyes and a small mouth. However, this particular triggerfish has a human-like mouth. The strange-looking fish is also known as "ayam laut" or "ikan jebong". © Twitter/@raff_nasir The fish belongs to the Balistidae family and is known for charging intruders as well as human divers using their tough teeth. Their bite is known to be strong enough to puncture diving suits and is normally used to fight off crabs and sea urchins. © Twitter It is worthy to point out that this is not the first time a fish has been found with 'human teeth.' Villagers in Indonesia discovered a similar fish in 2018 that had similar bucked-toothed teeth and was caught in the town of Kimindores, in the West Papua region of the south-east Asian country. Triggerfish can be found all over the world and some are known to grow up 3.3ft long. The largest fish from the species is known as “stone triggerfish” that can be found in Chile and Eastern Pacific between Mexico. While the recent post on Twitter by Raff_Nasir garnered a lot of likes and retweets, it prompted Twitter users to come up with memes that are just hilarious. Have a look at some below: pic.twitter.com/0H3Svs7rsS — ken (@KenkenLegada) July 2, 2020and that's on bloop bloop pic.twitter.com/UFmL5K324R — 𝓂𝒾𝒸𝒽 (@passionberryy) July 3, 2020It has te te tee teeth. It has teeth!! pic.twitter.com/w2YVGwqknK — The Woo (@No2dBle) July 3, 2020 View the full article
  8. Sushant Singh Rajput was no ordinary actor but a man who made sense in every argument made or projected in his interviews. He was a space junkie, a well-learned man, a lover of meta-physics, and someone who believed in being more of an actor than a star. Suddenly, people have started to realize that he was a gem that we lost but the only question that haunts us is where was this outpour of love when he was alive. Itâs been more than half a month that he is gone and people are still trying to wrap their heads around what happened. © MensXP Saif Ali Khan, in one of his recent interviews, said that all the love that is coming for Sushant is nothing but hypocrisy and gave valid points about the double standards of the industry. For those who donât know, Saif shot with Sushant for Dil Bechara and will be seen in a special role in the movie. Well, the Nawab of Bollywood has been giving interviews and when asked about Sushant, he has all the good things to mention about him. © MensXP In a recent live interaction with The New Indian Express, Saif mentioned that he felt Sushant was brighter than him. âI got the feeling he was brighter than I was,â told the actor. Saif added that he had a bright future and always wanted to talk about intellectual things. âI thought he had a bright future. He was polite to me and appreciated my guest appearance in the film. He wanted to talk about many topics like astronomy and philosophy,â said the actor. © MensXP Well, Saif has been appreciative of how Sushant was a nice human being and he liked the actor for his generosity. In another interview, he said, "He was very nice to me and he said he wanted to come and have a drink and talk about various things, which never happened, which I feel bad about. Maybe I could have, you know, helped in some way or not⦠I donât know. But after working with him, I quite liked him because he was nice,â said Saif. Saif also mentioned in one of the interviews that Sushant was talented and was interested in the same things Saif used to like. âI think he had very refined looks and was very talented. When I met him, I thought he was a little on the edge. And he was a little, I don't know - I think he was looking for something. He was interested in the same things as me in some ways like he liked astronomy, and he liked discussing some of this philosophy,â said Saif. © MensXP In an interview with Anupama Chopra, he said that his daughter Sara Ali Khan too was quite fond of him because he was intelligent, hardworking, and a good actor. âShe liked him very much. She was quite impressed with certain aspects of his personality. She told me he was very intelligent, that he could discuss, you know, Jean-Paul Sartre and he could discuss various aspects of philosophy and engineering and that he had learned how to shoot with a bow and arrow left-handed, and he was very fit as well as very hard-working, and a good actor,â said Saif. After knowing this much, it does feel that we have lost a gem who was a master of his craft and also was an intelligent human being who was different from many people running in the daily race of life. View the full article
  9. It's almost been three weeks since we got the news of Sushant Singh Rajput's tragic death and it's still hard to believe a brilliant actor and person like him is gone forever. © Twitter For weeks, people have been paying him tributes and celebrating his work. Now, the latest person to pay his respects to the late actor is PewDiePie. Recently, in a video, he talked about the #Unsubscribe hashtag along with Sushant Singh Rajput. Not wanting to get into the entire thing with T-Series, he just remembered seeing a video of Sushant addressing students at a university. He said, "I have seen people talk about it and there was something about Sushant Singh Rajput. It was a university talk about this guy. He seemed like such a good dude, like a genuinely good dude. So people were pointing to nepotism in the industry and then it somehow got in a clash with T-Series and that is why Unsub T-Series got trending. Itâs such a shame he decided to end his life. I donât know everything about him but from what I saw he seemed a really good dude and someone the industry needs. So itâs a huge loss. Rest in peace." Someone's first impression of Sushant is so pure just because of how genuinely great he actually was. PewDiePie is also seeking advice on whether he should make a video on him or not. love you pewdiepie Sushant Singh Rajput was an amazing Bollywood actor. pic.twitter.com/m38vIzfFwC â Dan (@Danmurai) July 1, 2020 A great gesture! Whn @pewdiepie talked abt #SushantSinghRajput, it made me so happy to see a big prsn like him talk abt him whereas big people here r pressing it. Also when he said its universally talked about means voices are reaching, so keep SPEAKING Thanks @pewdiepie #CBIMustForSushant pic.twitter.com/1FQ14SlreX â #SushantInOurHeartsForever (@AnjaliT41374448) July 1, 2020 Hmm. Pewdiepie payed his respects to Sushant 𥺠pic.twitter.com/nFnS4I6LRm â Luqman bhana (@luqman_bhana) July 1, 2020 That's great. Sushant Singh Rajput follows PewDiePie on Instagram. Sushant was a floor gang....aawoo pic.twitter.com/15tGgUJWhh â Ajit Ningombam (@ajitning) June 28, 2020 Okay then. Pewdipie is an absolute gem of of a person. I didn't think he would truly talk about Sushant other than the brief mention in his Cancel Pewdiepie video. Where the Indian industry itself is trying to cover it under mud, it'd be so huge if Felix talked about it pic.twitter.com/WKK06g2HGr â rev (@revTrelos) June 30, 2020 He was a great person. #UnsubscribeTSeries pewdiepie in his latest video addressed sushant and said that it was a shame that he had to end his life that way..he seemed like a good dude in the interviews and from what he has read about him.. someone the industry needed.....andhbhakts where are you now? â Derek TJ (@derek_tj) June 29, 2020 Maybe he will. @pewdiepie please make a video on Sushant singh rajput..I am an Indian and I will love to see it â JacksonYT (@JacksonYT15) June 30, 2020 If only. For an influencer of PewDiePie's stature to appreciate the work of Sushant and even delve into his death, it shows what HUGE uproar this man's demise has created. And for the right reasons. If only the people had shown this much support when he was alive.. â ⢠S à D à A ⢠(@livenletlive25) June 30, 2020 Great guy. There is a reason I always said that pewdiepie deserves to be the most subscribed YouTuber He talked about SUSHANT SINGH RAJPUT without even knowing him Completely he still played tribute to him!!!!! Sushant was a fan of him too RESPECT https://t.co/Z1y2G4G2Ws â ðððððð (@__iamyourdaisy_) June 30, 2020 View the full article
  10. If youâre currently using the beta version of iOS 14 that Apple announced last week, thereâs a new feature that protects iPhone userâs privacy from apps. The feature will let you know whenever an app is tracking whichever text you have copied to your clipboard and Chinese social media giant TikTok was caught doing the same. The social media app was found recording whatever you are typing on your phone which could even include sensitive information like passwords. © Unsplash_Konkarampelas The app was previously found in April for tracking users with âinvasive practicesâ and promised to stop spying on its users but was still found doing the same this week. Appleâs iOS 14 now lets users know whenever an app is accessing sensitive material from your phone. For example, iOS 14 will also let users know with a notification if an app is using the camera or microphone. iOS 14 will show a dot-like notification at the top of the screen. Now that Apple has been found to be accessing copy-past information on iPhones, it can be accessed on other Apple devices since the information from the clipboard can be accessed across various Apple devices. Forbes stated in their article; if TikTok is active on an iPhone, the app can âread anything and everything you copy on another device: Passwords, work documents, sensitive emails, financial information.â (it's a beta, so I'm not complaining, just...observing in public) â Jeremy Burge (@jeremyburge) June 24, 2020 TikTok has responded to the finding and told Forbes the issue is âtriggered by a feature designed to identify repetitive, spammy behaviourâ, and that it has âalready submitted an updated version of the app to the App Store removing the anti-spam feature to eliminate any potential confusionâ. © Unsplash_KonKarampelas It is currently not known whether TikTok has access to the clipboard information on Android as well. It is alarming to see a social media is accessing sensitive information similar to a key logger on PCs. TikTok has not detailed whether the app tracks clipboard information for Android users as well. Source: Forbes View the full article
  11. The annual midsummer Festival of Music usually brings millions of people out onto the streets across the country for impromptu concerts
  12. A few days back, a desi TikTok rival app showed out of nowhere called Mitron. It became super popular with over 5 million downloads in just under a month, only to get removed from the Google Play Store. There's been a lot of speculation surrounding the app, including its origin as people say the founders copied the source code from a Pakistani company. Well, the founders of the app have spoken to CNBC-TV18 and answered a bunch of questions. Here's everything that you need to know from the interview - First of all, the founder of the app, Shivank Agarwal, is indeed an IIT Roorkee graduate. He says he always wanted an entrepreneurial journey and he loved to create services around content. The co-founder of Mitron, Anish, also answered the questions. © MensXP/Karthik Iyer Is the source code copied from a Pakistani Company?To this they said they had purchased the app template from Envato, which is an Australian marketplace. They purchased and revamped the source code to meet their scalability and security requirements. The template which they happen to purchase from Envato was developed by a Pakistani company called Qboxus. However, they weren't aware of it since Envato is an open marketplace where anyone can list their template for others to purchase. They also noted that the app is safe to use and their privacy policy now includes GDPR data protection rights. So all the documents are in place and the user's data is stored on AWS servers in Mumbai. © CNBC TV18 What Was The Idea Behind The App?The founders apparently wanted to serve the Indian consumers with an Indian platform where their data is safely stored on Indian servers. "Indian data should always be secured on Indian servers,' they said. The idea was to have an Indian social media platform that understood Indian community guidelines. And that's how the Mitron came to be. That being said, the app is now back on the Google Play Store, so you can download it if you want. View the full article
  13. Be it daily tests or setting up quarantine facilities, the Sindh province has emerged as the most prepared of all the provinces in the country
  14. For the majority of the country, this has been the toughest time they've ever had to go through. We can try to empathize with everyone who was left stranded due to the pandemic but we will never truly know the hardships they've had to go through, the hardships they're still going through. There are plenty of stories about people trying to get home and even with everything stacked against them, they're resilient and doing anything they can to survive. We would also like to bring focus on people who were left with no place to call home and that is what 70-year-old Leelavati Dubey had faced during the lockdown. © Mojo Story/Youtube Recently, Barkha Dutt did a report of her where she talked to her about her current situation and how she ended up alone at Bandra's railway station with just one bag and a packet of biscuits.Her story is one of the most heart-wrenching things ever; she had travelled to Mumbai from Delhi to take care of her son but was thrown out soon after and was left stranded during the lockdown. In tears, she narrated the horrific story and how her son even beat her up while drunk. Emotionally talking about just how alone she was since her husband's death, she said she would even probably have to resort to begging as she had no money with her. She was trying to get back to Delhi but even there, she had nowhere to go since all her children didn't want to deal with her and called paagal. We went back to Bandra Station to meet Leelavati, a 70 year old abandoned lady whose story you saw @themojo_in. She was given room to sleep by Railway Police, staff donated money, she'll be on a train to Delhi today. We'll find her a home. Watch her story https://t.co/RY8BVN8glG pic.twitter.com/ipYMTEVhhr â barkha dutt (@BDUTT) May 31, 2020 Even Barkha Dutt seemed to break down while talking to her and listening to all the atrocities she has faced by her own children nonetheless. But, then came the power of the internet and the happy ending. A couple of days ago, Barkha Dutt reported that she was given a room to sleep and was going to be on the train to Delhi. @themojo_in and @BDUTT got Leelavati ji to Delhi! She is safe, and happy Soon her words on @themojo_in pic.twitter.com/Ardv7EnVh9 â Karishma Asoodani (@tweettokarishma) June 1, 2020 Then came the best news ever and proof that the internet can actually help save lives. Social entrepreneur Kiran Verma has decided to take responsibility for her the internet's beloved 'Leelavati Dadi' and has essentially 'adopted' her. Sharing the news on Twitter, he was delighted to announce that he has been blessed with another grandmother. I am really humbled to see the kindness of @SanjayAzadSln ji. He was not a politician today, he was a son to her providing the best possible support.@BDUTT my salute to your journalism through which, I am blessed with another Grandmother. Thank you everyone. https://t.co/WEUkgWHHXf â Kiran Verma (@VermaKiran) June 1, 2020 This is the most wholesome ending ever and I'm so glad she has found a family that is worthy of her. So guys here is the update on #Leelavati Dadi. She has been tested for #COVID19 and we are waiting to get the report. But to make her safe we won't bring her out for three four days. She is doing great and very happy with us. Anyone can Whatsapp me at 9810670347 and talk to her pic.twitter.com/AQcpS2q8Jm â Kiran Verma (@VermaKiran) June 1, 2020 Look at that smile! Hopefully, all of her kids who abandoned her, especially during a time like this, realise their mistake before it's too late. View the full article
  15. The very first initial build of Android started developing sometime in 2003 when feature phones were still mainstream. While today we know it as the most popular operating system for smartphones, it wasnât the case in the early/late 2000s when the operating system was still in its nascent stages. While it was still being developed in secret, the operating system catered to popular phones at the time, albeit for phones that physical buttons and keypads. In fact, Android did not support touch screen interactions until the first iPhone launched in 2007. © Wikipedia Commons We know this thanks to documents made public from Apple and Samsungâs patent trial which detailed how Android worked at the time. In the specification sheet from the trial, Google clearly stated that âTouch screens will not be supported.â This document by Google was distributed to potential hardware manufacturers including Samsung that stated: "The product was designed with the presence of discrete physical buttons as an assumption.â The document was shared prior to the first iPhoneâs launch in 2006. âHowever, there is nothing fundamental in the product's architecture that prevents the support of touchscreens in the future,â Google added. The iPhone Effect © Apple The very first iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in January 2007 which showed a radical new phone that was mostly made up of screen and metal. The phone was aptly called âiPhoneâ and it was Appleâs way to showcase its version of the touchscreen control. Touchscreen phones existed before the first iPhone however the experience was not as cohesive as the iPhone. It was the first phone that was fully controllable by the touch screen thanks to Appleâs custom operating system for the device. © EverythingApplePro At the same time, Android prototypes looked nothing like the iPhone as they resembled BlackBerry smartphones with small screens and a QWERTY keypad. The first commercially available Android smartphone i.e. the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 launched in 2008 with physical buttons and no touchscreen support even though it had a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. However, as soon as the first iPhone became a great success, we saw Android transform its interface and basic functions to support touchscreens. If it werenât for the iPhone, we would have never really seen Android-based touch screen phones as early as we did. View the full article
  16. They say there are always two sides to every story. But while most of us have heard of this, we choose to forget about all it as per our convenience. However, while you and I can choose to overlook such matters, the law doesnât allow authorities to penalise individuals unless both sides of the story have been heard. © Pexels It was this aspect of the âBois Locker Roomâ investigation which ended up revealing a rather filmy twist in the entire secret Instagram groupchat narrative which came to the fore last week. Now with the ongoing investigation in the matter, a latest development is making headlines. It is related to the sensational âgang-rapeâ comment in one of the chat screenshots that went viral. Turns out, the guy, Siddharth who made the outrageous comment is not related to the âBois Locker Roomâ group at all. Instead, the screenshot was from an isolated Snapchat conversation between Siddharth and another guy which got âmixed upâ with the other viral photos. But thatâs not all. © Pexels Further investigation has also revealed that Siddharth wasnât even a real guy, but instead the profile belonged to a minor girl who made a fake account to allegedly check the other guyâs (receiver) response and âstrength of characterâ. For his part, the other guy refused to indulge Siddharth and ended the conversation. He further shared the screenshots with his friends, which included the girl behind Siddharth's profile, to discuss the matter. Now, to give you a quick rewind, after the malicious contents and conversations between the group members of âBois Locker Roomâ was outed, it exposed the underbelly of our flawed education system and failing moral standing. © Pexels Failures not only as individuals, but also as a society which propagates objectification of women and outraging their modesty without inhibitions or any sense of guilt. So it was only expected when the other half of our âmorally soundâ society was outraged by the revelations and made the police jump into action instantly. Now with the recent revelation about Siddharth, the police said that no case will be registered against either of the two participants involved in the conversation. An official involved with the investigation told PTI, "Although, creating a fake id is wrong, her intent was not malicious so we are not filing any complaint." © Pexels Now, while we agree with the officer for not penalising the girl given her honest intentions, we must also take into consideration that creating a fake account and starting a conversation with someone with a hidden motive is anything but right. No matter what the girl had set out to achieve, it was highly unethical for her to take the approach that she did to check the guyâs âreactionâ and âand the strength of his character, especially when someone talks bad things about her.â © Pexels When we call out men for creating fake accounts and using them to harass/threaten women, the girl in this case also needs to be reprimanded for her actions. So, while we call for much-needed strict action against the 27 members of the âBois Locker Roomâ group, there should be some repercussions to the girlâs action as well so that people are made aware of the seriousness of such unethical actions. What are your thoughts on the matter? View the full article
  17. We all love to get the hottest tech every year and the newest smartphone that launches from your favourite brand. However, there is one problem that is making the smartphone game even more boring than ever before. Lately, most smartphones across all budgets look identical to each other with slight differences that donât really matter. Innovation in design is also very incremental where most smartphones just look like a slab with screens that can only be differentiated by their branding. However, this was not the case back in the 2000s as we saw phones with innovations both in terms of functionality and software. Whether you were a Nokia user or a Motorola user, it doesnât really matter because they all looked different from each other. The competition was stiff back in the day, and it made companies innovate in terms of design that canât be replicated by phone companies today. Hardware is more or less commoditised today, which limits companies from experimenting as much they did in the early and late 2000s. There was a phone for almost every type of phone user and really do miss those days. There are plenty of phones that fit this category, but we decided to compile a list of five phones that pushed the envelope and embodied real innovation when it came to the design: 1. Nokia 3310 © Wikipedia Commons Youâve probably seen this phone before and heard many stories about its durability. In fact, the phone looked quite basic but its high durability factor was the reason why most people bought this phone; and to play Snake. The phone took the world with storm, thanks to its smaller form factor and the fact that it can last longer than your average phone during its period. The phone also upgraded the text limit to 459-character, three times longer than any phone at the time. No wonder it sold more than 125 million units. 2. Motorola Razr © Wikipedia Commons We still consider this the sexiest phone of all time as it was the coolest looking phone anyone can get. It was featured in movies, music videos and even in cartoons making it one of the most innovative designs of flip phones. It was sleek, it had a colour screen and the flip closing sound was addictive to hear. The phone also pushed boundaries with its ring tone selection and it even came with a camera that was not available on every phone. The phone was first launched in 2004 and the company tried to give a modern twist to the Razr with a foldable screen but that was a massive failure. 3. Nokia N-Gage QD © Alophone We all dreamt of playing proper games on our phones and Nokia N-Gage was the first phone to deliver on this promise. It was an attempt by Nokia to capture the Nintendo Gameboy Advance audience. The second iteration of the phone i.e. âNokia N-Gage QDâ had ironed out all the design flaws from its predecessor. However, the phone wasnât as successful as we would have liked it to be. Having said that, this phone shows that Nokia wasnât afraid of experimenting with phone designs and actually deliver a phone that can also play some awesome games. Some say Nokia N-Gage QD is the inspiration for many gaming smartphones we see today, albeit none of them are as impressive as Nokiaâs design. 4. Sony Ericsson P900 © YouTube/Cortado In a way, the Sony Ericsson P900 was the first smartphone that supported third-party Java applications, had a touch screen and a flip design all in one phone. The keypad could be flipped open to access an entire display that could be used with a stylus. The phone also had a jog-wheel on the top right corner for easier navigation. It was a great successor to the Sony Ericsson P800; however, it was the P900 that challenged the status quo in 2003. 5. Nokia Communicator © Wikiepdia Commons The first phone to infuse a laptop design into a phone was the Nokia Communicator and the phone is still considered quite legendary by many. You can say the Nokia Communicator is the Godfather of the modern smartphone as many features introduced on this phone are now being used in smartphones today. The phone looks normal from outside but when opening the clamshell front, the phone had access to a full-blown QWERTY keyboard and an LCD display that was almost as big as the phone. The phone also had internet connectivity for people to email documents that could be typed on the phone itself. 6. Apple iPhone © Reddit The most revolutionary phone of our time is no doubt the first iPhone which was introduced by Steve Jobs on stage in 2007. It was nothing like the competition and is responsible for the demise of the feature phone as we know them. It had a sleek metal and glass design and had only one main button. Instead of using a stylus, you could use your fingers for using the screen and it came with apps that were far superior to anything we had seen. The iPhone paved the way for modern smartphones in a way that we havenât really been able to go back to where phones came from. View the full article
  18. Irrfan Khan, one of India's finest actors breathed his last on April 29, 2020, at Mumbai's Kokilaben hospital. It feels like itâs the end of an era. Irrfan struggled to fame and had entertained us for years to achieve what he was in the last phase of his life. He grew up in a middle-class family in Jaipur, where the idea of acting was way too far-fetched. But, Irrfan did follow his passion and itâs his art that made two generations watch him on both the small screen and the big screens. We grew up watching Irrfan or let me say we grew with him. We have seen him laughing, weeping, and doing everything thatâs relatable. We have been talking about his movies but we need to celebrate the work he did on the small screens too because his body of work spoke volumes about him as an actor even back then. Here are the TV shows which brought out the best in him: 1. ChandrakantaIrrfanâs show Chandrakanta got him attention as the actor played a double role of twin brothers Badrinath and Somnath. Well, Irrfan was not interested in doing the shot but as fate had it, he became the part of the show and even got the attention of the viewers. Going back in time, Irrfanâs characterization was such that he got all attention for his role in the show. 2. Banegi Apni BaatIrrfan adds soul to his character and he was particular about his scenes in the show that he made his wife Sutapa Sikdar who was a screenplay writer of the show. Irrfan played the role of a guy named Kumar and his subtle way of portraying the character was worth a shot. 3. DarrWho can forget this show by Irrfan? Well, he played the role of a psycho serial killer and nailed the character to T. As far as we have known Irrfan, he can play the toughest of roles effortlessly on the screen. 4. ChanakyaDo you remember this show? If not, let me tell you that it was a 47-part historical drama wherein Irrfan played the role of Senapati Bhadrashaal making sure that he can also ace historical characters. 5. Mano Ya Na ManoWell, this one I can never forget as I used to watch this series with my parents as it used to talk about myths, ancient beliefs, and eerie happenings. His dulcet voice added authenticity to the show and you would love watching the episodes. Try it if you havenât seen them. Irrfan, you were a blessing and still are! View the full article
  19. Irrfan Khan - Bollywoodâs most iconic dark horse and an actor who passed away before his fans and film-lovers could fully explore the depths of his artistic calibre, leaves behind a memorable acting legacy. His performances were worth every single paisa and every minute of our time spent watching him spill his magic on-screen was worth it. Irrfan's psychedelic acting career, which spans close to 35 years. is sprinkled with riveting performances and innumerable roles. Many of which became iconic with passing time and others which remained undiscovered. © Maddock Films Starting off with a meagre role of a letter writer in Mira Nair's Salaam Bombay, to the brooding yet refreshing portrayal of Robert in Puzzle and winning over our hearts recently as the doting father in Angrezi Medium, Irrfan's journey both in Bollywood and Hollywood covers almost all the shades of the colour (read acting) palette. Yet, among the many unexplored roles the fine actor played over the years, here are 5 lesser-known performances by the star that are worth a mention today: 1. Anupam - The Goal Released in 1999 under the direction of Gul Bahar Singh, The Goal was inspired by a Bengali short story by Prafulla Roy where we see Irrfan take over the screen as a devoted football coach, Anupam. © Children's Film Society As Anupam, Irrfan not only comes through as a noble trainer but also gives us a glimpse of a sincere, enterprising coach who would help genuine talent flourish, even at the cost of personal setbacks. The film, given its story and exceptional camaraderie between Irrfan and child actor Tapas Dhali, went on to win numerous awards. 2. Lafcadia - The Warrior Another poignant performance by Irrfan Khan at the turn of the century, which allowed him to make his mark in the industry was the 2001 British film titled The Warrior. As the filmâs protagonist Lafcadia, Irrfan shouldered the entire project which would go on to win the âAlexander Korda Award for Best British Filmâ at the BAFTA Awards. © Film4 Irrfan as a fierce Rajasthani warrior gives us a glimpse into the feudalism in ancient India and how he suffers between the call of duty and human conscience which forces him to face his fate even as he tries hard to escape it. 3. Shankar - Kali Salwar © Andaaz Productions Another of Irrfanâs lesser-known yet memorable performances, Shankar in Fareeda Mehtaâs Kali Salwar deserves a mention. Based on the renowned author Mantoâs story, Irrfan as Shankar comes with a breath of fresh air in this voyeuristic play-out. Shankarâs wit and charm will guide you through a realist representation of life and society, as it existed then and as it evolves into new shapes now. 4. Ranvijay - HaasilA film which went on to become a cult classic amongst its viewers, Haasil is one of those films where you can find Irrfan in a negative role. Irrfan as student leader Ranvijay Singh managed to highlight little-known nuances of student politics and how it can become detrimental to the very causes it is meant to work for. © Karma Network Productions Irrfanâs convincing performance as the scheming, ruthless personality Ranvijay ended up earning him the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role. 5. Umber Singh - QissaSet against the backdrop of the 1947 Partition, Irrfanâs performance as Umber Singh is indeed worth a lot of praise. Through his skills, Irrfan manages to unveil our societyâs fixation with male heirs and how patriarchy overlooks all else when it comes to sustaining itself. © Augustus Film Umber Singh as the deluded, self-centred and obsessive patriarch takes over the larger narrative until his sad, lonely end. Qissa went on to win the Netpac Award for World or International Asian Film at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. View the full article
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