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Found 793 results

  1. The very first initial build of Android started developing sometime in 2003 when feature phones were still mainstream. While today we know it as the most popular operating system for smartphones, it wasnât the case in the early/late 2000s when the operating system was still in its nascent stages. While it was still being developed in secret, the operating system catered to popular phones at the time, albeit for phones that physical buttons and keypads. In fact, Android did not support touch screen interactions until the first iPhone launched in 2007. © Wikipedia Commons We know this thanks to documents made public from Apple and Samsungâs patent trial which detailed how Android worked at the time. In the specification sheet from the trial, Google clearly stated that âTouch screens will not be supported.â This document by Google was distributed to potential hardware manufacturers including Samsung that stated: "The product was designed with the presence of discrete physical buttons as an assumption.â The document was shared prior to the first iPhoneâs launch in 2006. âHowever, there is nothing fundamental in the product's architecture that prevents the support of touchscreens in the future,â Google added. The iPhone Effect © Apple The very first iPhone was announced by Steve Jobs in January 2007 which showed a radical new phone that was mostly made up of screen and metal. The phone was aptly called âiPhoneâ and it was Appleâs way to showcase its version of the touchscreen control. Touchscreen phones existed before the first iPhone however the experience was not as cohesive as the iPhone. It was the first phone that was fully controllable by the touch screen thanks to Appleâs custom operating system for the device. © EverythingApplePro At the same time, Android prototypes looked nothing like the iPhone as they resembled BlackBerry smartphones with small screens and a QWERTY keypad. The first commercially available Android smartphone i.e. the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1 launched in 2008 with physical buttons and no touchscreen support even though it had a 3.2-inch touchscreen display. However, as soon as the first iPhone became a great success, we saw Android transform its interface and basic functions to support touchscreens. If it werenât for the iPhone, we would have never really seen Android-based touch screen phones as early as we did. View the full article
  2. They say there are always two sides to every story. But while most of us have heard of this, we choose to forget about all it as per our convenience. However, while you and I can choose to overlook such matters, the law doesnât allow authorities to penalise individuals unless both sides of the story have been heard. © Pexels It was this aspect of the âBois Locker Roomâ investigation which ended up revealing a rather filmy twist in the entire secret Instagram groupchat narrative which came to the fore last week. Now with the ongoing investigation in the matter, a latest development is making headlines. It is related to the sensational âgang-rapeâ comment in one of the chat screenshots that went viral. Turns out, the guy, Siddharth who made the outrageous comment is not related to the âBois Locker Roomâ group at all. Instead, the screenshot was from an isolated Snapchat conversation between Siddharth and another guy which got âmixed upâ with the other viral photos. But thatâs not all. © Pexels Further investigation has also revealed that Siddharth wasnât even a real guy, but instead the profile belonged to a minor girl who made a fake account to allegedly check the other guyâs (receiver) response and âstrength of characterâ. For his part, the other guy refused to indulge Siddharth and ended the conversation. He further shared the screenshots with his friends, which included the girl behind Siddharth's profile, to discuss the matter. Now, to give you a quick rewind, after the malicious contents and conversations between the group members of âBois Locker Roomâ was outed, it exposed the underbelly of our flawed education system and failing moral standing. © Pexels Failures not only as individuals, but also as a society which propagates objectification of women and outraging their modesty without inhibitions or any sense of guilt. So it was only expected when the other half of our âmorally soundâ society was outraged by the revelations and made the police jump into action instantly. Now with the recent revelation about Siddharth, the police said that no case will be registered against either of the two participants involved in the conversation. An official involved with the investigation told PTI, "Although, creating a fake id is wrong, her intent was not malicious so we are not filing any complaint." © Pexels Now, while we agree with the officer for not penalising the girl given her honest intentions, we must also take into consideration that creating a fake account and starting a conversation with someone with a hidden motive is anything but right. No matter what the girl had set out to achieve, it was highly unethical for her to take the approach that she did to check the guyâs âreactionâ and âand the strength of his character, especially when someone talks bad things about her.â © Pexels When we call out men for creating fake accounts and using them to harass/threaten women, the girl in this case also needs to be reprimanded for her actions. So, while we call for much-needed strict action against the 27 members of the âBois Locker Roomâ group, there should be some repercussions to the girlâs action as well so that people are made aware of the seriousness of such unethical actions. What are your thoughts on the matter? View the full article
  3. We all love to get the hottest tech every year and the newest smartphone that launches from your favourite brand. However, there is one problem that is making the smartphone game even more boring than ever before. Lately, most smartphones across all budgets look identical to each other with slight differences that donât really matter. Innovation in design is also very incremental where most smartphones just look like a slab with screens that can only be differentiated by their branding. However, this was not the case back in the 2000s as we saw phones with innovations both in terms of functionality and software. Whether you were a Nokia user or a Motorola user, it doesnât really matter because they all looked different from each other. The competition was stiff back in the day, and it made companies innovate in terms of design that canât be replicated by phone companies today. Hardware is more or less commoditised today, which limits companies from experimenting as much they did in the early and late 2000s. There was a phone for almost every type of phone user and really do miss those days. There are plenty of phones that fit this category, but we decided to compile a list of five phones that pushed the envelope and embodied real innovation when it came to the design: 1. Nokia 3310 © Wikipedia Commons Youâve probably seen this phone before and heard many stories about its durability. In fact, the phone looked quite basic but its high durability factor was the reason why most people bought this phone; and to play Snake. The phone took the world with storm, thanks to its smaller form factor and the fact that it can last longer than your average phone during its period. The phone also upgraded the text limit to 459-character, three times longer than any phone at the time. No wonder it sold more than 125 million units. 2. Motorola Razr © Wikipedia Commons We still consider this the sexiest phone of all time as it was the coolest looking phone anyone can get. It was featured in movies, music videos and even in cartoons making it one of the most innovative designs of flip phones. It was sleek, it had a colour screen and the flip closing sound was addictive to hear. The phone also pushed boundaries with its ring tone selection and it even came with a camera that was not available on every phone. The phone was first launched in 2004 and the company tried to give a modern twist to the Razr with a foldable screen but that was a massive failure. 3. Nokia N-Gage QD © Alophone We all dreamt of playing proper games on our phones and Nokia N-Gage was the first phone to deliver on this promise. It was an attempt by Nokia to capture the Nintendo Gameboy Advance audience. The second iteration of the phone i.e. âNokia N-Gage QDâ had ironed out all the design flaws from its predecessor. However, the phone wasnât as successful as we would have liked it to be. Having said that, this phone shows that Nokia wasnât afraid of experimenting with phone designs and actually deliver a phone that can also play some awesome games. Some say Nokia N-Gage QD is the inspiration for many gaming smartphones we see today, albeit none of them are as impressive as Nokiaâs design. 4. Sony Ericsson P900 © YouTube/Cortado In a way, the Sony Ericsson P900 was the first smartphone that supported third-party Java applications, had a touch screen and a flip design all in one phone. The keypad could be flipped open to access an entire display that could be used with a stylus. The phone also had a jog-wheel on the top right corner for easier navigation. It was a great successor to the Sony Ericsson P800; however, it was the P900 that challenged the status quo in 2003. 5. Nokia Communicator © Wikiepdia Commons The first phone to infuse a laptop design into a phone was the Nokia Communicator and the phone is still considered quite legendary by many. You can say the Nokia Communicator is the Godfather of the modern smartphone as many features introduced on this phone are now being used in smartphones today. The phone looks normal from outside but when opening the clamshell front, the phone had access to a full-blown QWERTY keyboard and an LCD display that was almost as big as the phone. The phone also had internet connectivity for people to email documents that could be typed on the phone itself. 6. Apple iPhone © Reddit The most revolutionary phone of our time is no doubt the first iPhone which was introduced by Steve Jobs on stage in 2007. It was nothing like the competition and is responsible for the demise of the feature phone as we know them. It had a sleek metal and glass design and had only one main button. Instead of using a stylus, you could use your fingers for using the screen and it came with apps that were far superior to anything we had seen. The iPhone paved the way for modern smartphones in a way that we havenât really been able to go back to where phones came from. View the full article
  4. Irrfan Khan, one of India's finest actors breathed his last on April 29, 2020, at Mumbai's Kokilaben hospital. It feels like itâs the end of an era. Irrfan struggled to fame and had entertained us for years to achieve what he was in the last phase of his life. He grew up in a middle-class family in Jaipur, where the idea of acting was way too far-fetched. But, Irrfan did follow his passion and itâs his art that made two generations watch him on both the small screen and the big screens. We grew up watching Irrfan or let me say we grew with him. We have seen him laughing, weeping, and doing everything thatâs relatable. We have been talking about his movies but we need to celebrate the work he did on the small screens too because his body of work spoke volumes about him as an actor even back then. Here are the TV shows which brought out the best in him: 1. ChandrakantaIrrfanâs show Chandrakanta got him attention as the actor played a double role of twin brothers Badrinath and Somnath. Well, Irrfan was not interested in doing the shot but as fate had it, he became the part of the show and even got the attention of the viewers. Going back in time, Irrfanâs characterization was such that he got all attention for his role in the show. 2. Banegi Apni BaatIrrfan adds soul to his character and he was particular about his scenes in the show that he made his wife Sutapa Sikdar who was a screenplay writer of the show. Irrfan played the role of a guy named Kumar and his subtle way of portraying the character was worth a shot. 3. DarrWho can forget this show by Irrfan? Well, he played the role of a psycho serial killer and nailed the character to T. As far as we have known Irrfan, he can play the toughest of roles effortlessly on the screen. 4. ChanakyaDo you remember this show? If not, let me tell you that it was a 47-part historical drama wherein Irrfan played the role of Senapati Bhadrashaal making sure that he can also ace historical characters. 5. Mano Ya Na ManoWell, this one I can never forget as I used to watch this series with my parents as it used to talk about myths, ancient beliefs, and eerie happenings. His dulcet voice added authenticity to the show and you would love watching the episodes. Try it if you havenât seen them. Irrfan, you were a blessing and still are! View the full article
  5. Irrfan Khan - Bollywoodâs most iconic dark horse and an actor who passed away before his fans and film-lovers could fully explore the depths of his artistic calibre, leaves behind a memorable acting legacy. His performances were worth every single paisa and every minute of our time spent watching him spill his magic on-screen was worth it. Irrfan's psychedelic acting career, which spans close to 35 years. is sprinkled with riveting performances and innumerable roles. Many of which became iconic with passing time and others which remained undiscovered. © Maddock Films Starting off with a meagre role of a letter writer in Mira Nair's Salaam Bombay, to the brooding yet refreshing portrayal of Robert in Puzzle and winning over our hearts recently as the doting father in Angrezi Medium, Irrfan's journey both in Bollywood and Hollywood covers almost all the shades of the colour (read acting) palette. Yet, among the many unexplored roles the fine actor played over the years, here are 5 lesser-known performances by the star that are worth a mention today: 1. Anupam - The Goal Released in 1999 under the direction of Gul Bahar Singh, The Goal was inspired by a Bengali short story by Prafulla Roy where we see Irrfan take over the screen as a devoted football coach, Anupam. © Children's Film Society As Anupam, Irrfan not only comes through as a noble trainer but also gives us a glimpse of a sincere, enterprising coach who would help genuine talent flourish, even at the cost of personal setbacks. The film, given its story and exceptional camaraderie between Irrfan and child actor Tapas Dhali, went on to win numerous awards. 2. Lafcadia - The Warrior Another poignant performance by Irrfan Khan at the turn of the century, which allowed him to make his mark in the industry was the 2001 British film titled The Warrior. As the filmâs protagonist Lafcadia, Irrfan shouldered the entire project which would go on to win the âAlexander Korda Award for Best British Filmâ at the BAFTA Awards. © Film4 Irrfan as a fierce Rajasthani warrior gives us a glimpse into the feudalism in ancient India and how he suffers between the call of duty and human conscience which forces him to face his fate even as he tries hard to escape it. 3. Shankar - Kali Salwar © Andaaz Productions Another of Irrfanâs lesser-known yet memorable performances, Shankar in Fareeda Mehtaâs Kali Salwar deserves a mention. Based on the renowned author Mantoâs story, Irrfan as Shankar comes with a breath of fresh air in this voyeuristic play-out. Shankarâs wit and charm will guide you through a realist representation of life and society, as it existed then and as it evolves into new shapes now. 4. Ranvijay - HaasilA film which went on to become a cult classic amongst its viewers, Haasil is one of those films where you can find Irrfan in a negative role. Irrfan as student leader Ranvijay Singh managed to highlight little-known nuances of student politics and how it can become detrimental to the very causes it is meant to work for. © Karma Network Productions Irrfanâs convincing performance as the scheming, ruthless personality Ranvijay ended up earning him the Filmfare Award for Best Actor in a Negative Role. 5. Umber Singh - QissaSet against the backdrop of the 1947 Partition, Irrfanâs performance as Umber Singh is indeed worth a lot of praise. Through his skills, Irrfan manages to unveil our societyâs fixation with male heirs and how patriarchy overlooks all else when it comes to sustaining itself. © Augustus Film Umber Singh as the deluded, self-centred and obsessive patriarch takes over the larger narrative until his sad, lonely end. Qissa went on to win the Netpac Award for World or International Asian Film at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival. View the full article
  6. AR Rahmanâs song Jai Ho gave goose bumps when it released back in 2009 and soon, it became popular and even got the singer an Oscar. The song was featured in Slumdog Millionaire which put India on the Hollywood map as well. Would you believe that it was not originally composed for Slumdog Millionaire? It was originally composed for Salman Khanâs movie Yuvvraaj. Yes, you heard it right. Well, I am more than glad that the song didnât appear in Salman Khanâs Yuvvraaj because destiny had something big planned for AR Rahman. Not many know but Subash Ghai had rejected the song because it didnât suit the character of Zayed Khan. In 2010, the director revealed the big news at an interactive session on music in cinema at the Pune International Film Festival (PIFF). He had said, âThe words of the song were very poetic â Zareewale neele aasman ke tale... [Under the embroidered sky...] The poetry did not fit the character of Zayed Khan, on whom the song was to be shot. So I asked Gulzarji to compose another song.â View the full article
  7. Shahid Kapoor talked about his breakup with Kareena Kapoor, stating that he was tired of remaining silent
  8. Amitabh Bachchan was prohibited to be part of the media for at least 15 years back in 1975
  9. Karan Johar let the cat out of the bag about how Kajol was totally smitten by Akshay Kumar.
  10. The coronavirus lockdown across the globe has brought a looming doom on humans at the moment. As we continue to stay in quarantine, the world is divided in several categories of lifestyle. On one hand we have the privileged lot which is trying hard to make it look like one long vacation, and on the other hand are people who cannot afford a single meal. Talking about first world problems in this pandemic, Indians are dying for âthekasâ to open so they can fill up their booze stock at home and continue having a quarantined life in peace. However, as per new guidelines, sale of liquor and cigarettes is banned, and maybe rightly so. The governor of Nairobi in Kenya has been the target of some flak after the COVID-19 care packages that are being given by the government include alcohol as well. âWe will have some small bottles of Hennessy in the food packs that we will be giving to our peopleâ¦â - Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Note: WHO warns that drinking alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous pic.twitter.com/vuSuVAb8dy â Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) April 14, 2020 When the governor was questioned, he agreed to the claim and actually had an explanation for the same. He explained that alcohol is in fact a âthroat sanitiserâ although according to WHO, alcohol doesnât protect you from COVID-19 nor is consumption recommended. The video went viral on social media and people had many opinions around this move. Creative politician award to Mike Sonko governor of #Nairobi, #Kenya He distributed #COVID19 care packages included food, other needs & cognac, #Hennessy. Sonko suggested the #WHO suggested alcohol helps kill #Coronavirus, the Hennessy would serve as a âThroat Sanitizer.â ... â Delrish Moss (@Delrish_M) April 18, 2020 People actually want to vote for him and wish every government was this cool. Everyone is hating on the governor of #Kenya for giving out bottles of Henny in Rona relief packages but come on, I want my government to be this cool...@MikeSonko hook it up!!!! â Bill Tracy (@BillTracyIV) April 17, 2020Not sure about his choice of outfit here, but he had me at HENNESSY! pic.twitter.com/XRKvdyU6zz â Shawnasaurus Rex (@ShawnG927) April 18, 2020 Jokes apart, some people didnât find it cool and called him out for this health hazard. There is alot of ignorance as regards preventing COVID19 in Africa, just heard a governor in Nairobi Kenya shared cognac to his people claiming it kills coronavirus, some Men for Naija go like that kind Governor ooooo â Owen Gee (@OfficialOwenGee) April 17, 2020His hand sanitizers are pretty cool actually with all that customisation included. I wonder if it has a personalised not as well? © Twitter/ _Kimenyi All things said and done, hope you are staying indoors and adhering to the government rules. source: CNN View the full article
  11. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, made an official announcement on the extension of nationwide lockdown till May 3. People largely were okay with the extension, owing to the increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the country. However, most of them were disappointed with one thing - no new âtaskâ this time. All of the Prime Ministerâs previous announcements had been accompanied by certain âtasksâ for citizens such as clapping or banging plates from balconies to commemorate the contributions of frontline health workers at 8 pm on âJanta curfewâ, which was on March 22 or lighting candles for 9 minutes at 9 pm on April 5 to fight the coronavirus darkness. People across the county actively took part in both the events. This time, however, PM Modiâs speech was more sombre and Indians largely were disappointed with no announcement of new tasks. Most of them took to Twitter to lament the missing "task" and shared hilarious memes. Here, take a look: When the speech ends but modiji didn't give any other task to do. pic.twitter.com/0HzJ5wH5Q5 â âªï¸Sagarwaâªï¸ (@chocolateboey07) April 14, 2020Modiji: *doesnât give any new task* Indians: pic.twitter.com/6ygCMd6Khs â Akash (@vaderakash) April 14, 2020Modiji came, #lockdown2 speech given, but no task given Me and boys : pic.twitter.com/KMUGE1xH1d â Chirag Jain (@jainchirag922) April 14, 2020When Modiji concluded the speech without alloting any task. pic.twitter.com/7BDGJOiNY1 â Kishan Jhunjhunwala (@Jhunjhunastic) April 14, 2020When you are waiting for a new task but Modiji finishes speech without one pic.twitter.com/ODInGj8dAB â Ankesh Khunteta (@ankesh_k_13) April 14, 2020*Modiji finished his speech without giving any task to his fellow countrymen. *Meanwhile memers:- pic.twitter.com/leoWJMrBqq â Divyanshu Rathore (@TheFrozenWords) April 14, 2020Meanwhile, PM Modi, in his speech, made seven requests to people about behavioural guidelines that they should follow during the lockdown period, such as helping out poor people, wearing homemade face masks, taking care of elders at home and not terminating employees among others. The government will issue detailed guidelines on the lockdown on Wednesday. View the full article
  12. It's probably been almost a month of being locked down in your house if you have been following the self-isolation and social distancing protocols sincerely. Celebrities are no exception to this norm and we are all united in our fight against the pandemic. Speaking of celebrities, some of you may know that Salman Khan has been self-isolating with his family at his Panvel farmhouse and the actor recently shared a post when he had to step out. “Wah! Thank u for listening n understanding the gravity of this situation the country is in . God bless n protect each n every 1. . #IndiaFightsCorona,” the actor captioned the pictures of empty, deserted streets of Mumbai. While the first picture shows an empty street, the other is of the entrance to a graveyard that has been restricted by authorities. Wah ! Thank u for listening n understanding the gravity of this situation the country is in . God bless n protect each n every 1 . .#IndiaFightsCorona pic.twitter.com/xjHXfWA8lX — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) April 9, 2020 While it's good to see the empty streets of any city as it shows people are actually adhering to the guidelines laid down by concerned authorities, we are a bit confused as to why Salman would have had to step out in the first place. It's not like we haven't seen the empty streets of Mumbai - heck, we have seen the entire city being empty including all popular public hotspots: Beauty Of Mumbai Drone Shoot in lockdown. Thanks to mumbai live for video.#AsimSquad #SaturdayWithAsimSongs pic.twitter.com/EqMe6UXosB — Ñнαιкн ηαωαÕ¹ (ððð¾ð ðð¾ð¶ð ð¹ð¶ð) (@Nawaz0008) April 4, 2020 We already know the streets of Mumbai are empty and people across the country are observing the lockdown to the best of their abilities except for a few idiots, of course. And given how Salman has been doing his bit by financially supporting 25,000 daily wage workers whom the 21-day lockdown has hit the worst, we hope it was really inevitable for the actor to step out and he didn't have any of his help around. And if you think we are nitpicking here, well guess what, trolls didn't let this opportunity slip: Bhai gadi lekar gaye teðð¥log apne aap khali kardiye bhai roxxx ðpic.twitter.com/nP2WlNxSW8 — Mask ð­(@Mr_LoLwa) April 9, 2020 Ye road ki pic kyu Dali hai bhai gaadi lekr nikle ho kya? — RCB wali (@RCBWaliChhori) April 9, 2020 However, it's highly likely that he might have been out to offer prayers for Shab-e-Barat which was yesterday night. And most of his fans showered him with their love, support and wishes for the same: #ShabEBaraat Mubarak to evryone The night of Forgiveness. Turn to ALLAH on this nt surely he will listen & forgive doesn't matter how big or small the sin is #NightOfRepentance soul cleansing right b4 #Ramadan forgive me if I unintentionally hurted any 1 of uð #StayHomeStaySafe pic.twitter.com/tHr6s0Vt9L — SHAHID Sá´Êá´á´É´Éªsá´á´É´ (@SSALMANISTAN) April 9, 2020 Love u sir...Always...Keep smiling, keep ruling :) — WE LOVE U SK :)) (@notorious_heart) April 9, 2020 #Shab_E_Barat_Mubarak Bhaijaan ððDua Ki Guzarish ð#kirraak pic.twitter.com/9fhoNZRgtr — â¡ Kirraak Salman Fan â¡ (@KiraakSalmaniac) April 9, 2020 Stay safe sir love you â¤ï¸ — Ifty khan (@Iftykhan15) April 9, 2020 Love you bhaijaan â¤#IndiaFightsCorona #StayHomeStaySafe #inshaallah...... god bless you @BeingSalmanKhan.â¤â¤â¤ #Mashallha ð¹â¤ð¹â¤ð¹pic.twitter.com/TwiyOjrort — @Beingsalmankhan #shabeBaratMubarakgyse⤠(@SalmanK35678878) April 9, 2020 View the full article
  13. Arguably one of the greatest footballers on the planet, Cristiano Ronaldo needs no introduction to the sport. From winning league titles across countries, Ballon d'Or honours to lifting UEFA Champions League trophy, the Portuguese footballer has probably won it all in his illustrious career. But, his hunger to succeed and passion for the game, which fuels his success, also, at times, brings out the worst in him. The Portugal football team captain is so obsessed with the idea of winning that, sometimes, his competitive edge gets the better of him, and his judgement, on the field. Not one to hide his emotions, Ronaldo has often been seen expressing his disappointment, whether at a player, match official or himself, on the pitch. He has also been seen over-committing himself on the field. One such instance was in the 2018/19 edition of the Champions League when Juventus locked horns with Valencia at the Mestalla. Making his Champions League debut for Juventus, Ronaldo was sent off 29 minutes into the clash for allegedly pulling the hair of Valencia's Jeison Murillo. © Reuters For someone who had cut a fuming figure right from the opening minutes in the clash, Ronaldo's teary-eyed exit at Mestalla pretty much summed up his Champions League debut for Juventus. But, if that wasn't enough, the fact that then Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri had placed in a rule that forced the red-carded players to buy presents to the rest of the squad rubbed salt to Ronaldo's wounds. And after two months of arguing against the punishment, Ronaldo finally relented and made up for his misdemeanour. So, what did he buy? Well, how about Apple iMacs, eh! Juventus no. 1, Wojciech Szczesny, has revealed the whole on his podcast. Ronaldo bought 29 iMacs as a present for his Juventus teammates. "Yes, we all have an iMac," Szczesny revealed on his own podcast Prosto w Szczene. "It took a very long time because he couldn't process that red card and insisted high and low that he was not doing anything wrong. It took him a while, about two months of arguing, but we all have received an iMac," the Juventus goalie added. © Reuters Amongst his other rules, Allegri also penalised players who reported late for training, with Szczesny himself falling victim on one occasion. The former Arsenal shot-stopper revealed he bought his team-mates 'Dr. Dre Beats' headphones. 'I thought it was Tuesday, but it turned out to be Wednesday that day. Allegri called me and said everyone was already there. When I arrived half an hour late on the training field, everyone said: "oh, we're getting presents!" I ended up buying headphones for the boys,' he added. While the footballers don't really have to worry about their finances, owing to the staggering wages they earn, Allegri's unique way of keeping the footballers in check would have surely helped the Juventus stars in establishing who the coolest player, depending on their gifts, was at that time. View the full article
  14. Zara Noor Abbas recently attended the wedding ceremony of her best friend Sajal Ali in Abu Dhabi
  15. The world can be a very cruel place, sometimes, and can make one believe that words like empathy, kindness and love are not common attributes for many. Last month, a video of an 8-year-old boy crying and begging for a knife to kill himself after he was bullied went viral, as it left everyone heartbroken. Identified as Quaden Bayles, the young Australian kid was bullied for his condition of dwarfism and his mother put out the video as a way of sending a message to people, who need to understand what bullying can do to the innocence of a kid. A tidal wave of love and support poured in from across the globe for Quaden and in no time, he became an internet star spreading a positive message of how we all need to be there for each other. One of the many people extending their support was Malayalam cinema actor Guinness Pakru aka Ajay Kumar, who wrote a long message on social media for Quaden. Pakru explained how dwarfism had made him suffer throughout his life, and it only made him come out stronger and fight through it all. In fact, he is an inspiration to many people out there who have a similar condition. His hard work has taken him places and he has done over 50 movies, including some major lead roles. Also, he holds the Guinness World Record for being the shortest actor to play a character in a full-length film. âDear kid, just like you, I too have cried once. It was those tears that became fuel for my future journey. When you cry, your mom failsâ, his post read. © Twitter Eventually, the news reached Quaden and his mom who expressed their gratitude and thanked the actor for his support. Quadenâs mom even shared how her son wanted to meet the actor and wished to become a movie star like him someday. "He wants to be an actor too. So it has been a huge inspiration for him. Very very happy to see Mr Kumar, because he inspired Quaden. Quaden wants to be an actor too. And to see other people from a different ethnic background, with dwarfism succeeding is very encouraging and inspiring for him. If they can do it he can do it too," she said. View the full article
  16. What if tax was a person? How annoying would that be? Watch to find out. View the full article
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