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Found 113 results

  1. A typical summer is a burst of heat and humidity and preps for style conscious men begins here. A melange of lightweight fabrics, colours and cuts invite less sweat and you can wear them without any second guesses. With that in mind, here's our list of all the things you need for summers. 1. Lightweight Fabrics Think cotton, linen, chambray and lightweight denim that instantly mark you stylish. All these fabrics are perfect for summer days and they come with a guarantee to shield your style when the heat level shoots up. __ECOMPRODUCT__5__ __ECOMPRODUCT__12__ 2. Pastels for the win A sartorial switch up is what your style needs right now and for that, get ready to welcome pastel colours, revived in shirts, trousers and many other trends. It may seem overwhelming because you are about to keep your neutrals aside, but our curated collection has just the right spectrum of hues. So feel free to play around! __ECOMPRODUCT__6__ __ECOMPRODUCT__7__ __ECOMPRODUCT__13__ 3. Relaxed fits If you are running, heading to work or just lazing around over the weekend, the very first thing to consider is comfort. For instance, a pastel coloured t-shirt and relaxed chinos to go with it is a perfect off-duty choice. The key to nail the summer look is by sticking to breathable and airy silhouettes. __ECOMPRODUCT__15__ __ECOMPRODUCT__17__ __ECOMPRODUCT__19__ 4. Edgy silhouettes There are no rules for the new age man and if you ever needed a visual representation of what styles they wear, check out these edgy silhouettes that are asymmetrical, relaxed and sophisticated. __ECOMPRODUCT__21__ __ECOMPRODUCT__23__ __ECOMPRODUCT__24__ Get ready for a brilliant Summer with these sartorial hacks.
  2. When it comes to sartorial finesse, there is something inherently magical about the quintessential Indian aesthetic. Be it the relaxed yet conspicuously elaborate detailing, the innovative cuts, or the comfortable fit, Indian-wear always scores high when it comes to clothes that make you feel good and look fancy. 1. Mix It Up With Relaxed Jodhpuri Joggers You can never go wrong with Athleisure, and adding a bit of rustic yet edgy Indian touch to it will only make your style game stronger. Wear Jodhpuri joggers with graphic or plain T-shirts, and get ready to serve class, with comfort. __ECOMPRODUCT__14__ 2. Go minimal with Indian prints on relaxed shirts Nothing spells effortless style like wearing a relaxed shirt with a comfortable pair of linen pants and open toed sandals to go with it. Go for rich hues painted with charming local Indian prints like 'Ajrak' for a superbly fashionable aesthetic that is unparalleled. __ECOMPRODUCT__16__ 3. Experiment with edgy silhouettes Gone are the days when menswear meant only 'shirts and pants'. Be fearless with cuts and designs, as there is nothing more appealing than a confident man who is not afraid to go beyond his comfort zone and try out innovative silhouettes - just like they used to, back in the days. __ECOMPRODUCT__18__ __ECOMPRODUCT__20__ __ECOMPRODUCT__22__ Try these hacks and get ready to turn heads.
  3. Boardrooms are battlegrounds in disguise, and anyone who has ever attended a meeting in one will agree. Talking about non-verbal elements in a boardroom that can make one appear more powerful, how one dresses definitely plays a huge role. Since the ruthless Indian Summers often don't let one wear formal suits replete with ties that can make one look sharp, seemingly trivial factors like the colour of your shirt or the fit of your pants can be crucial to your demeanour. Keeping that in mind, we have curated 5 boardroom looks for you that will definitely make you look more powerful in a Summer meeting, effortlessly so. 1. Sophisticated patterns © MensXP Unique but sophisticated patterned shirts in muted shades of blue will make you look superbly confident, while not making you compromise on the 'professional dressing' factor. Pair them with trousers that fit you well, and slip into a pair of tan leather Oxfords/Brogues. __ECOMPRODUCT__1__ __ECOMPRODUCT__2__ 2. Fitted Shirts © MensXP A blue-hued grey shirt that fits you like a glove when paired with well-fitted (but not tight) navy trousers will make you look ultra sleek, which translates to fluidity, essentially making you look like you're someone who can get things done. You can experiment with your shoes, as long as they are not from a loud colour palette. __ECOMPRODUCT__3__ 3. Half-sleeved Shirts © MensXP A more playful variation of the previous aesthetic with a half-sleeved powder blue shirt will fetch you equally impressive results. Plus, it's perfect for Summer. __ECOMPRODUCT__4__ 4. Kurta Shirt © MensXP For peak summers, when the setting is a bit informal, wearing a white cotton kurta shirt with a Mandarin collar will give you an artistic edge over everyone else in the room, making you look like someone with vision. You can pair it with formal trousers or linen pants. __ECOMPRODUCT__5__ 5. Polo shirts © MensXP Polo shirts when paired with sharp trousers along with a brown belt and matching Oxfords/Brogues, will make you look like someone who not only is absolutely self-assured, but also likes to be on their toes. Also, what can possibly be a more comfortable outfit for a professional setting? __ECOMPRODUCT__6__ __ECOMPRODUCT__7__ Try these hacks, and thank us later. All the best!
  4. Whether you wish to get to know this girl in your class or want to be friends with the lively girl in your office who makes those eight hours look less dreary all of a sudden, the first step is to be able to get her to notice you. However, it's a lot easier said than done, and for obvious reasons too. More often than not, guys have a hard time going up to women and introducing themselves good-naturedly without seeming like a creep. © Dharma Productions However, things need not always be that way for men. A lot of times, men genuinely wish to get to know a woman and are honestly interested in giving it a shot and see where things will go. But a number of inhibitions and 'concerns' burden their minds, and deter them from following through with their original plans. But fret not, we have some really quick, not-at-all-awkward and “safe” ways of catching that woman's attention you are pining after. Check out these 6 easy ways of getting noticed by a girl without losing your mind over it: 1. Share A Smile (Or Five) That's the very first one that you should try. And honestly, that's also the safest way. A smile can never rub someone the wrong way, unless you are passing her a sleazy smile. But apart from that, sharing a confident smile every time you come face to face with them is just about the right way of starting things. © Red Chillis Entertainment 2. Attend To Her Before you think of anything else, no we're not talking about carrying her shopping bags for her or something (though that's always a nice touch), but what we really mean is that pay attention to what she says and does, when you share her company. Women notice when someone is being attentive towards them, and that always ends well. 3. Reciprocate Whenever necessary, make the effort of reciprocating her gestures and behaviour towards you. Reciprocating or mirroring the other person always catches their attention, try it. © RSVP Films 4. Dig Deeper To Find Shared Interests This might take a little bit of effort from your side, but try to find out what interests the woman you are crushing on. Suppose it's travelling that interests them, you can share (not brag) about your personal travel experiences when you guys share each other's company. That'll surely get her to notice you. © Maddock Films 5. A Hello Goes A Long Way A simple hello often takes too much work, but it's one of the easiest ways of taking things up a notch and gauging things for yourself. Try a “hey, how are you” the next time you see them and see how that goes. 6. Get Your Friends Involved Another fool-proof way of treading this path is to get your common friends involved so they can introduce you guys during a social setting, and there's no way things could get awkward after that.
  5. Pulling off the colour, white may seem a little tricky. However, if you really want to position yourself as a true fashion icon, it is also a colour that you must have in your closet. If you think you have been wearing white the right way, think again. Here are a few tips you should keep when you go shopping: 1. The Classic © Getty Images Nothing works as great as the classic, white shirt with blue jeans. No, seriously, you CANNOT go wrong with this. It does not matter what your body type is, or what the occasion, this combo is simple, sweet and epic. Also, not to mention, really easy to assemble. Just take care of your footwear and check if it compliments your belt, and you are good to go. 2. Plain And Simple © Instagram A plain white tee is something that every guy has to have in his closet. Extremely versatile, and really easy to carry, just ensuring that you have the right size is more than enough. Pair it with a pair of jeans, or a slim fitting pair of chinos and voila! You are good to go. Alternatively, shirts with minimal printed designs work well too. 3. Playing With Forms and Styles © Instagram The thing with white is that you can actually play around with materials, cuts, designs and whatnot, without going horribly wrong. Sure, there may be moments when your choices may seem a little out of place, but as long as you are not wearing white on white without the physique to pull it off, you will be just fine. 4. White Denims © Getty Images Although this may seem a little weird for some guys, going for a white pair of denims, or a white denim jacket can work wonders for your closet and personal style statement. You can pair light coloured shirts such as cream or off white, with a pair of jeans. If you have a white denim jacket, try pairing it with a darker shade, as that is a better look. Again, no matter what, do not go for a complete, white-on-white outfit. 5. Contrast © Instagram In case you have not been able to spot a trend here, contrasting your outfit is always a good idea. Actually, that is a rule of thumb for any situation when you are confused as to what should you wear. Plus, it also allows for your individual pieces to stand out, no matter how simple and plain they may seem.
  6. We have all been there - we go to the outlet of our favourite clothing brand, or the one that has some awesome deals on denims, browse through their offerings, try a fit or two, pick them up and call it a day. Rarely do we even think of customising them, apart from the slight alterations here and there. As a result, the world now seems lost in a sea of common and quite frankly, boring denims - be it a shirt, jacket or jeans. However, it does not have to be that way. A few brave souls have shown the world that adding bling to your regular old denims is a guaranteed way to turn heads. Do it right, and you may even be crowned as the fashion guru in your college or office. The key here is to balance things out. Go overboard, and you may end up looking like a 7-year-old girl's Ken Doll. However, if like us, going subtle as well as over the top is your thing, then read on. 1. Whacky Prints © Instagram Fans of prints, make some noise! Prints are, by far, the easiest way to get your favourite denim customised. There are plenty of service providers in most tier I and tier II cities, who can print out your favourite movie poster, or graphics on your jacket, or shirt. Alternatively, there are several denim makers who will do that for you. Just ensure that you don't go for an actual photograph, and certainly not one of yours. That just looks tacky. 2. Embroider Your Heart Out © Pinterest Embroidering stuff onto your denim shirt or denim jacket can totally change the look of your outfit and elevate it to a whole new level. Plus, because it is often done by hand, embroidery adds a distinct legacy to the piece. Similar to prints, there are tons of designs that you can go for. And, if you want to take the personalisation to a whole new level, you can always take it upon yourself to create your own masterpiece. 3. Catchy Patchy © Etsy Are you a fan of the EPL and want to shout it out to the rest of the world? Or, like any other woke millennial, do you support causes that leave your parents confused and dazed? Try adding a few patches to your denim. Now, there are two ways to go about it. You can either pick ones that need to be stitched on to your piece, which is super easy to do if you know your way around a needle and some thread. Or, you can go for an even easier route and pick up a few options that can be ironed on. The best thing about patches is that they can be added and removed as one wishes to. In effect, one can actually play to one's heart's content with patches. 4. Custom Leather Patches © Etsy Of all the things that we have listed here, nothing is as subtle as a personalised leather patch. One would ask why would one to customise something like a leather patch, a thing that is no one even looks at? Well, leather patches are one of the very few pieces that can actually bear your name, without seeming to be too full of yourself. Plus, there are tons of other designs, most of which are very classy and distinct. 5. Colour & Dye © Pinterest When it comes to coloured denims, most of us believe that singular shades are the way to go. However, if you have ever seen a reputable fashion house's summer or spring launch, you will realise that it is not necessarily true. Dyed denims, especially jeans, can be mesmerising to look at and a really fun way to make, if you choose to dye your denims, yourself. Because there are tons of options in terms of colours and oxidation processes, you don't really know what you may end up with. That's actually the fun part. Just to play it safe, we suggest that you first do a trial run, perhaps on your younger sibling's jeans before you commit to your own piece.
  7. Let's admit it, relationships can be pretty unpredictable. You may love and laugh one minute and all of a sudden find yourself in a heated argument over one of the most senseless subjects. Don't tell us it hasn't happened to you ever, because we won't believe it. But again, that's how any relationship is like, isn't it? It's just that the impact of the same is a lot more harsh when the argument or fight happens to occur in your romantic relationship. Heck, it becomes all the more difficult because we never know how best to patch-up after an argument with our partner. Now the key to this is communication, but that itself becomes such a start because we simply don't know how to initiate a conversation after a fight. But worry not, these foolproof ways of starting a conversation with your partner will not put you in a spot. 1. Text Her © Getty Images If you're too anxious about calling her, then drop her a text expressing how you feel or maybe ask them how they're feeling. That is sure to get you a response. 2. Call Her © Getty Images We always recommend calling over all else. Why? Because that's the easiest way of showing you care and also that you're thinking about them. If they pick up, that's half the problem solved right there. *Winks* 3. Seek A Middle-Ground © Getty Images That is until the argument/fight wasn't your fault. Because if it was, then there should be no hesitation in apologising for whatever you got wrong. 4. Forgive & Forget © Getty Images If it wasn't a great showdown or something major, consider the “raat gayi, baat gayi” route. No matter who is at fault, we suggest that (reasonable) forgiveness and moving beyond differences are the biggest requirements in a relationship. 5. Plan A Date & Ask Them Out © Getty Images Set up a date and then invite your partner to hang out with you. The fact that you wish to spend time with them even after the fight shows that you are making efforts and feel genuinely about reconciliations.
  8. Blackheads are two things: irritating and repugnant. When pores get clogged with oil, dead skin and dirt, blackheads erupt like a volcano. They don't hurt and you will notice them mainly on your nose, forehead and chin. Just a scrub or soap won't do the trick, but there are specific techniques engineered to clear your skin. Here are some lesser known ways to eliminate the blackheads completely from your charming face. 1. Use An Anti-Blackhead Cleanser © Getty Images A blackhead cleanser is a remedy to remove the clogged wax plugs. Make sure it has salicylic acid in it as it can break the components that form blackheads. It is gentle and doesn't irritate your skin. 2. Remove Blackheads With Aloe Vera Gel © Getty Images Aloe vera soothes the skin and has the ability to control excess oil. And not just blackheads, but aloe vera helps in getting rid of acne as well. What to do: a. Extract the gel out of the leaf and apply it directly on your face. b. Leave the gel for about 10 minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. This remedy is for all skin types and can be used everyday. 3. Moisturise Your Skin © Getty Images Moisturising can help prevent the pores from enlarging. The skin stays firm, hydrated and a thin barrier created atop prevents dirt to storm your skin out of its texture. Steer clear of environmental threats and proactively protect your skin. A soothing cream will keep the blackheads at bay. 4. Weekly Masking Is Must © Getty Images Facial masks are a must in the skincare routine because they suck the grime out. Opt for a clay mask which is oil absorbing. It removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin absolutely blackhead free. You can do it before or after you shower. Keep it on for about 15 minutes as it ensures smooth skin within two weeks. 5. Using Pore Strips © Getty Images Pore strips are small strips that you can stick on your nose and pull off the blackheads. You can use the pore strips as a supplement to the other steps. 6. Using Green Tea © Getty Images Green tea is known to detox your body, but did you know it is beneficial for your blackheads as well? Being rich in antioxidants, it can clear the skin with its power-packed benefits. What to do: 1. Mix the tea leaves with water. Blend it well to make a paste. 2. Scrub this paste on your blackheads and leave it on for 20 minutes. 3. Rinse it off with lukewarm water.
  9. Imagine, you are that beard guy who always gets attention, but only because your grooming rituals went wrong and there's no more caring. NO LONGER. Beard care has finally come into the limelight. To demystify the whole process for you, we have jotted down all the pointers to achieve strokably soft beard. 1. Trim It Right © Getty Images When I say trimming, I don't mean you go overboard with your machine. Firstly, make sure your device is clean and sharp. In case, there are leftovers from your previous session, you are about to invite trouble for your hair follicles. Clean it first, take a comb and brush your beard in the right direction. Now, with your trimming scissors, cut off the unruly, rigid hair. This helps keep your beard clean, without any stiffness. Be patient, two weeks isn't a long time! 2. Wash And Condition © Getty Images There are a plethora of beard shampoos available. Shampooing your beard at least three times a week will let you get rid of dry skin. Massage it in a circular motion. It will release all the facial muscle tension. Rinse off the shampoo now and repeat massaging with a conditioner. Wash it off and make sure no residues are left behind. 3. Brush, Please © Getty Images Using a comb or just running your hand on your beard is always a good idea to keep it looking luxe. This is also a good time to check if your beard still has stubborn hair. If yes, just take a pair of scissors and pluck it out. 4. Beard Oil © Getty Images It's always a good idea to apply beard oil. This treatment penetrates vitamins and nutrients, turning your hair relaxed and shiny. There's less scraping and scratching. All you need to do is massage the oil in a circular motion and feed every hair follicle. Give it a minute and see your beard turn style-able. 5. Style With A Beard Balm © Getty Images First and foremost, a beard balm is an on the go product that you can always carry with you. Start with a minimal amount and rub the balm on your hands. Apply it upwards, starting from the chin. Your beard is moisturised enough. What a win-win situation!
  10. If you have been trying to get in shape or build that chiselled ripped physique, I am pretty sure you are always on the lookout for the next quick-fix solution. You are looking for the best fat-burning supplement, the best muscle-gaining supplement, the easiest diet to follow where you can eat anything and everything and go to the gym as little as possible. Basically, you want a magic solution that will come to you, let you lazily sit on your couch and do the magic and make you ripped overnight. As I have told you countless times before, there is no such thing that will help you magically get a chiselled physique with minimal effort. Here, I am going to tell you five sure-shot ways that can help you build the physique that you have always wanted: 1. Go To The Gym First Thing In The Morning I know how you feel after your typical 9 to 5 job. You come home and you feel lazy. You have no motivation to go to the gym. It feels like a mountain of a task and you would rather sit on your couch and watch Netflix than working out. © Getty Images The easiest way to counter this is to get your workout done first thing in the morning. Once that is done, you will not have to deal with the motivational dilemma later in the day. 2. Find A Workout Partner Who Has A Similar Goal Like You Having a workout partner definitely helps. They support you, you support them and it benefits both of you. It would be ideal if you pick a partner who is at a similar stage as you are. I read the psychological concept of the Goldilocks Rule. The Goldilocks rule says that as humans, we find motivation ourselves if the challenge is just right. If it is too easy or too difficult, we lose interest. If it is difficult yet attainable, we give our best. © Getty Images So, if you pick a total noob to work out with you and if you are constantly lifting more or performing better than them, they may lose the motivation to train with you. If you pick someone too strong or muscular, you will be demotivated. Instead, pick someone similar to you so that it is a challenge. You beat them in certain exercises, they do that in certain exercises and that way, you both challenge each other. 3. Focus On Your Diet One saying goes that your results do not just come from the 1 hour you spend in the gym, it also comes from what you are doing 23 hours outside of the gym. Unless you follow a nutrition strategy that is specific to your goal, you won't see results irrespective of how hard you train. If your goal is fat loss, ensure that you are consuming 1.8 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilo of your body weight and eating in a calorie deficit. If your goal is muscle building, you can drop the protein to 1.6 to 1.8 grams per kilo of your weight and eat in a calorie surplus. 4. Do Not Burn Yourself Out With Clean Eating I have written an article specifically on how cheat days ruin your physique. This does not mean I expect you to eat food that is considered 'diet friendly' all the time. Do enjoy the foods you love to eat occasionally and practice moderation. Do not do the stupid clean diet and dirty cheat days. It is taxing psychologically as well. © Getty Images For starters, get comfortable with the 80/20 rule where 80% of your calories come from unprocessed and nutrition-rich whole foods and for the remaining 20% of the calories, eat things that you enjoy. This will help you stick to your diet long enough for the diet to work. 5. Stick To The Plan Most people do not achieve the physique they desire as they fail to stick to the plan. And this is a doing of their own actions. Stop having unrealistic expectations and picking on things that are incredibly complex for you to do. Do an honest assessment of your lifestyle and set smaller goals, eventually leading to bigger goals. Nail the smaller goals consistently and you will attain the bigger goal. Follow a plan that you can follow a majority of the time and do it long enough. Results will follow. Author Bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition, a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you with the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  11. If you've stopped obsessing over the Starbucks cup that magically appeared (and then disappeared) on the fourth episode of the final season of 'Game of Thrones', and have also had the time to look past the camps at the Met Gala, you'd have noticed that the Muslim world is ushering in the month of Ramzan (or Ramadan, as “better Muslims” call it). For those of you new to the word, Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is considered holy by the believers of the faith. Apart from fasting from dawn to dusk, they change their conduct in the month to be more calm, peaceful and pious (something that they can and should do during the rest of the months also). A quick AMA session with my 4,000-odd followers on Instagram about Ramzan revealed the hilarious sense of apathy most of us have about it and the festivities/religiosities. © Zain Anwar © Zain Anwar © Zain Anwar © Zain Anwar So, before you irritate your Muslim friends with stupid arguments, questions and suggestions, let me quickly give you a refresher course on the many things you shouldn't say to them during Ramzan. 1. “Bilkul Bhook Nahin Lagti?” That's a strange and morbid question, to be honest. Try to understand, hunger and thirst are basic bodily needs. People obviously feel hungry and thirsty during the day. I mean, I understand that the question is more out of concern than shock, but it never really helps. And any knightly person who tells you he/she doesn't feel hunger and thirst during the day is purely lying. Trust me. 2. “Dude, You'd Stay Without Water For The Entire Month?” No, it doesn't work like that. Muslims don't go without water for the entire month. If they did, they'd all be dead probably (Some of you may think that's cool, but no). That's not even possible, bhai. The duration of the fast is from dawn to dusk. Believers are free to eat and drink all the lawful things they can at night. 3. “Then Toh You Guys Must Be Eating All Night?” The following conversation is the model. NOT. You: “Isn't it true? Khud bata?” Them: “That's not the case. Somehow, I feel full right after eating a small portion.” You: “Arey, but how is that possible? When you are hungry all day, you will eat na?” Them: “Haan, that's what we feel all day. But sometimes we skip dinner also because we are not that hungry.” You: “That is because you guys eat all pakoras and shit. That's why you should not eat all that and always eat healthy. Like chana and all.” Them: “Dude, even if I eat healthy, I get full early.” You: “Kuch bhi? I don't believe you, man!” 4. “Cigarette Toh Pee Sakte Hain!” Technically, you are not wrong. The three things completely forbidden during the fast are food, liquids and ***. What that means is: your fast may technically not be broken. But come on, kaesi baat kar rahe ho yaar? 5. “Sorry, We Are Having It In Front Of You” Honestly, feels very good when people are considerate about your fast. But trust me, the idea of somebody fasting is not to make the other person feel guilty or sympathetic. People do it only because they want to do it. So, whenever you think bad about eating or drinking in front of your fasting friends, don't. That's not what they want. 6. “This Is Haram” Well, who can take out the haram police from this conversation? Every rare occasion you feel a spiritual connection, the haram police come knocking, to remind you that reaching God is not that easy. Every year during Ramzan, Islamic Moral policing starts which checks all the irrelevant aspects of fasting. Personally, I've been lectured about how swimming and being in a bathtub annuls my fast: not because it wastes water and is not ideal, but because water can seep inside my body through my nostrils, ears and well, the anus. Let's not even talk about how divided we can be when it comes to brushing our teeth during Ramzan. To set the record straight, I do brush my teeth and also go for an occasional swim. Author Bio: Zain Anwar is a video director and the co-founder of the popular MensXP show 'Honest Reviews'. Disclaimer: Shah Rukh Khan's image is being used for representational purposes only. Somehow his expression seemed apt for Zain's headline!
  12. Does your natural body odour attract potential partners? Maybe. As ridiculous as this sounds, sometimes people are attracted to other people's distinctive odours. We know this probably sounds gross and inexplicable but here's the thing: there is a mysterious phenomenon that can sometimes attract you to your future mate by the way of their odour, and this has been a proven theory known as the body-odour attraction. Before you brush it off as rubbish and think that only people with funny armpit fetishes do this, then you are wrong. Like they show in the movie 'Friends With Benefits' when Justin Timberlake is making out with this girl and she tries to sniff out his armpit hair and the scene, in particular, is absolutely abhorrent. © Getty Images But that's not how it works. Clock back to the last time you were physically attracted to someone. Did you not exactly mind the way they smelt? And I don't mean the scent cover-up, their natural musk and even if it smelled like nothing at all or something so distinctive that you couldn't compare it to anything else and it's so intoxicating that you can't compare it to anything else. Animals secrete pheromones to attract their mates. This is a big part of their mating process. Humans, on the other hand, secrete pheromones, but it isn't clear how they exactly work. Lindsey Bordone, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center. (Dermos are also well versed in hormones and endocrinology.) said that: “Humans don't have a functioning 'vomeronasal organ',” she further added, “which is what other animals use to detect pheromones secreted by another animal of the same species. Instead, we sense smells via the olfactory system. Perceivable smells likely do play a role in attraction, or lack of attraction, in people.” Bordone further clarifies which honestly makes sense, It's not the odor you're actually attracted to. You just don't mind it at all because you're attracted to the other person and the underlying scent. However, there's also a catch here. While you may be attracted to a person's underlying scent, that scent is not always their natural musk. It is an intricate combination of their body wash, shampoo, deodorant, fragrance, hair product, fabric-softener sheets, and other scented products used throughout everyday life. Which makes literally every scent out there super unique. In a study*, the female body odour was collected from different bodily fluids, at various times throughout their menstrual cycles. These odours were then ranked by the subjects' male partners. Body odours were found to be perceived as most pleasant smelling, and as longer-lasting, during their ovulatory phase which suggests that pheromones do have a major role to play in catalysing sexual attraction. © Getty Images But there are also other things that can heavily influence your SO's scent. Instant associations with the smell of their moisturizer or a particular flower like say lavender or jasmine that lingers when you kiss or an ingredient like cinnamon is likely. But it should help to know that products you use can majorly influence your BO. There are ways you can use your BO to your advantage. 1. Start With Basic Grooming © Getty Images Body odour could also smell rotten if you don't follow your basic grooming regime. Basically, taking a shower everyday, using an anti-antiperspirant on humid days, and grooming pubic hair. A basic routine can make a huge difference. This helps shape 80% of your BO. 2. Choose Products In Line With The Scent You Like © Getty Images For your scrub, body wash and cleansers, among other products, choose products with a scent that you wouldn't mind wearing yourself. For example, keeping an overarching common scent helps. You could choose from lavender, rose, jasmine or woody musks like redwood. 3. Keep Your Fabrics In Check In humid weather, stay away from synthetic fabrics like polyester. They will make you sweat faster and subsequently ruin your body odour. In some situations, no amount of cover-up perfume or deo helps after. * Kuukasjärvi S, Eriksson CJ, Koskela E, Mappes T, Nissinen K, Rantala MJ. Attractiveness of women's body odors over the menstrual cycle: the role of oral contraceptives and receiver ***. Behavioral Ecology. 2004 Jul 1;15(4):579–84.
  13. I love to travel, and thanks to my job, I am on the go for the most part of the year. It's fun mostly, albeit there are times it can get quite hectic, especially if it's a last minute plan. Now I have been doing this for a while. When I had started out, I had made quite a lot of mistakes each time I travelled. But you know how they always say - practice makes one perfect. In my case, I can safely say I have perfected the art of planning a last-moment trip without losing my calm. Here's what I do. 1. Keep A Travel Bag Ready With All The Basics One thing that I learnt from my round-the-clock, sudden work trips is to always keep a travel bag ready with bare minimum necessities - toiletries, laptop, pair of socks, trousers, sunglasses, and two ironed shirts. If you are on the go, it's better you find a way to save as much time as you can. And take it from a person with experience, you don't want to waste 30 minutes on packing when you have an urgent flight to catch. 2. Buy A Travel Insurance Under 60 Seconds About 20% of frequent flyers buy their travel insurance last minute, and there is a lot of hassle in getting one. I am one of those people. And if you relate to this too, there is a news for you that will come to you as a huge relief. Reliance General Insurance has made it possible for customers to buy travel insurance under 60 seconds. How you ask? Say hello to an NFC-enabled digital innovation way where you simply tap your smartphone on the NFC tags. This 'Tap and Buy' innovation has been introduced in Delhi International Airport, and about 46 screens are available to use the facility. Trust me, it has made my life so much easier, and my trips less hectic. Let me explain how you can make the most of this facility. All you have to do is tap your NFC-enabled smartphone on one NFC tags placed at one of the 46 kiosks at Delhi Airport. The moment you do that, your phone will be prompted to open WhatsApp and you can buy your travel insurance in less than a minute. Isn't that cool? And hey, I am not the only one who is vouching for this innovation. Turns out, Bollywood singer, Sukhbir Singh too is a big fan. See what he has to say about this. View this post on Instagram It's definitely a relief to know great things happen when technology meets insurance. Kudos to Reliance Travel Insurance for doing this man! Thank you guys! To all my friends, I definitely recommend you try these Tap & Buy NFC Portals where I bought my Travel Insurance last minute. I found these portals at T3 Delhi International Airport for anyone who's travelling & has forgotten Travel Insurance just like me! #RelianceGeneralInsurance #LiveSmart #RelianceTravelInsurance #TravelGram #TravelHolic #TravelSafe #GigLife #Exciting #Different #NFC #Kudos #TechnologyOfIndia #InstaTech #SmartTechnology #NewYorkCity #Tap #Buy #Insurance #Security #DigitalInnovation A post shared by Sukhbir (@sukhbir_singer) on Apr 20, 2019 at 11:13am PDT 3. Have A Reliable Travel Agent Picture this. You have your business meeting in 24 hours. You have to fly out in the next eight hours. There is a time crunch. And of course, an immense amount of stress. What I do in such scenarios is I make a travel agent work for me and help me ease the burden. Travel agents are great when it comes to accountability, and getting amazing deals at the last moment. Just give your preferences, and they will do your bookings, get your meals in place, and get you your preferred seat. Besides, you get to save a lot of time. Right? 4. Contact Hotels Directly A lot of people book hotels online. Of course, it does help in saving a lot of time but it really doesn't help when it comes to saving money. The smart way, according to me, is to contact the hotel directly, and BARGAIN till you get a deal which works for you. 5. Make Use Of Discounts, Offers & Miles When I am running out of time, I usually forget about the discounts and coupons I have earned from my past travels. I mean, it does slip your mind, doesn't it? But now, I am a little wise, and a little careful. If you have coupons lying idle, use it judiciously. And lastly, no matter where you travel, whether for work or leisure, remember to enjoy your fullest.
  14. Summer months are always exhausting as the heat makes everything all the more tiring. A list of tasks that are hard to process includes washing clothes or taking a shower because getting up and taking a shower can sometimes be so exhausting, even just in theory. So, if you want to figure out a quick and easy regime to get away from the tiresome process of taking a shower, you should consider these: 1. Have You Heard Of Dry Shampoo? © Getty Images Dry shampoo is a Godsend product, quite literally. If your hair is not on point and you need a quick fix, you should consider dry shampoos. Two-three puffs of this product will make your oily/ dirty hair look fresh again. 2. Face Wipes Are Great For A 10-Second Fix © Getty Images If you have to wake up and rush out, face wipes are a good replacement for a face wash. Scented ones will leave a lingering fragrance which makes them completely worth the money they come for. 3. Don't Forget The Deodorant © Getty Images If you're heading out and possibly don't have time for anything at all. There's one thing you should always keep handy to keep yourself stink-proof: a deodorant. 4. When In Doubt, Moisturize © Getty Images Our skin tends to dry up very easily. A good moisturizer helps hydrate skin which makes it look healthier than an unmoisturized dry face. 5. A Mouthwash Can Save Your Life © Getty Images Trust us. You don't want people to not like you just because you smell bad. A mouthwash makes that difference. Just use some before you step out.
  15. The state of torrents, and the sites from where you download them have drastically changed over the last few years. A lot of popular websites serving torrents started to disappear. We did compile a list of working torrent websites to download movies and games, but sadly not all of them are readily accessible today. But don't worry. We did the hard work of figuring out how to access the blocked torrent sites in the country, and here are some easy ways with which you can too: 1. Use A Web-Based Proxy © HideMyAss One of the easiest ways to access blocked torrent sites in India today is by using a web-based proxy. They're simply perfect for browsers and you can access pretty any torrent site, as long as it is active, of course. You can also use a dedicated proxy software like UltraSurf, but web-based proxies are the easiest ones to use. Simply access the proxy site, type the URL you want to enter and get going. 'HideMyAss' is a popular web-based proxy you can use. Of course, there are a ton of other web-based proxies out there, but not all of them are reliable. It is, however, worth pointing out that the proxy itself might be blocked by your ISP. Well, there's not a lot you can do in that case. 2. Use VPN © VPNHub A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a way of bypassing pretty much all forms of censoring. A VPN will essentially route all of your traffic through their network, so one will know of the sites you're visiting. VPN can also be used to access content that's normally blocked in your geographical region. Just use a server of some other region, and you'll be good to go. As for the VPN options, there are a ton of them that are readily available on the market. Tunnelbear, for instance, is a fairly popular and reliable option that you can use. You can down extensions for, say, Chrome browser and access the sites. Hola, DotVPN, are a few tried-and-tested options. 3. Tor © Tor If you are someone who likes to browse the internet with total anonymity, then we're sure you must have heard of Tor. Tor browser uses the Tor network to let you access the sites. The Tor network, in case you are wondering, works by constantly changing the IPs you are connected to, so it's almost impossible for anyone to trace back. Tor has been one of the most popular ways to access torrent sites ever since they were blocked in the country. However, Tor can be super slow and painful to use for the most part. 4. Look For Magnet Links © Unsplash Even the most popular sites like The Pirate Bay now hosts only magnet links instead of torrent files. A magnet link, for those of you who don't know, is essentially a hyperlink containing the hash code for the torrent, which your torrent client can use to start finding those files. Once you find the magnet link for the torrent that you are trying to download, you can simply click on it, and your browser will automatically open up your default BitTorrent client and start downloading. But where can you find these magnet links? Well, you'd find these magnet links easily on forums and some other third-party sites that host files. Honestly, if you know what to download, then you probably already know where to look for these links.
  16. Out of all the three macronutrients, protein is the one that's always discussed the most. The relevance of daily protein intake in diet cannot be overstated. Not just for someone who is training to gain muscles but also for people who are training for general fitness. A diet that contains ample amount of protein will not only help you with maintaining ideal weight but also boost your performance in the gym. The following tips will help you to easily increase your daily protein intake in your diet: 1. Make Changes In Your Breakfast © Getty Images Majority of traditional Indian breakfast dishes like parathas, Idlis and dosas, are high in carbs and have negligible protein. No, I am not saying that these are unhealthy, but yes, they are not a good source of protein. Also, all of them make up a complete meal in themselves so generally people do not consume any side dish along with them that can increase the overall protein intake in the breakfast. Consequently, you end up starting your day with a heavy carb meal with almost negligible protein. To fix this, either reduce the portion size of the above food items so that you can include protein-rich food items like egg whites. Otherwise, replace these dishes with a dish that is high in protein. A bread omelette is a perfect example of a dish that has an ample amount of carbs as well as protein. 2. Add Cottage Cheese To Your Meals After breakfast, you need to tweak your lunch and dinner as well to increase your daily protein intake. We as Indians love to eat 'Daal' and 'Gravy' in lunch and dinner, it's something that has been a part of our diet from as long as we can think of. No, I am not going ask you to replace your favourite food item with something else but just a little change in the dish will do the needful. You can add chopped cottage cheese on top of your cooked 'vegetable curry' or 'daal' to enhance its protein content. That way you will still be consuming your favourite dishes and still be able to meet your protein needs for the day. 3. Use Greek Yoghurt Instead Of Regular Yoghurt Yoghurt also serves as a staple food in majority parts of our country. From breakfast to dinner people generally prefer to include a small portion of yoghurt for better gut health. It's common knowledge that yoghurt has bacteria that helps you with maintaining good gut health. Now you can have the same benefits of regular yoghurt with more protein per portion size by replacing it with Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt has almost double the quantity of protein per serving. 4. Add Chicken/Tofu To Salads © Getty Images Salads don't really have to be boring and tasteless, it's just that you have to be a little smart when you prepare them. Take the veggies that you have a taste for and garnish it with salt, pepper, oregano and a little fat-free mayonnaise. Add pieces of chicken or tofu to this salad and mix the ingredients well. You can have this salad as a snack between meals to satisfy your hunger or you can also have it with your regular lunch or dinner. 5. Include A Whey Protein Shake In Your Routine This is the easiest way of all to increase your overall protein intake. Just take a scoop of protein powder, mix it with water or milk and have it. It's that easy. A protein shake comes in real handy when you cannot follow any kind of structured diet or cannot arrange for cooked meals. A single serving of a protein shake will easily fetch you around 25 grams of protein which will help you to meet your daily protein intake easily. Anuj Tyagi, author of this article, is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist from American Council on Exercise (ACE). Now an Online Health Coach, he is also a Chartered Accountant by education. You can connect with him through Instagram on:- https://www.instagram.com/sixpacktummy_anuj/
  17. You have to admit, the most exciting part about having a crush on someone is not knowing whether or not they like you back! The 'what ifs' usually rule your mind more often than not and you can't help but process a lot of assumptions at one go. The most blatant one though is figuring out how to get closer to the one you're crushing on. Not in a creepy way of course, but closer maybe emotionally, physically and proximity-wise. © Fox Star Studios We believe the only way to get definitive answers is not to sit there and assume what she's thinking but to be pro-active and act on what you already know or want to know! You should also give them subtle hints about that the fact that you're crushing on them and if feelings are mutual, you've already laid the groundwork for yourself! Hence, here are 5 ways that work like a charm in helping you get closer to your crush! (1) Follow Them On Social Media But Don't Be A Creep If you've met them once or twice, sending them a friend or follow request shouldn't be a problem. They'll surely accept it if you they know you. Once they have accepted your request, don't go nuts stalking them! I mean yes you can take a look at their profile etc. but make sure you don't 'like' anything accidentally. Also, stay away from creepy messages through DMs. That's just a straight up no! What you can do in fact is figure out what their interests and hobbies are through their profiles and use them to find a common connect. © Pinterest (2) Use Things In Common To Connect It's easier to start a conversation with someone you have something in common with than to aim in the dark. By that I mean if you find out she loves dogs and you do too, maybe strike up a conversation on love for animals or dogs. But if you don't like dogs, don't pretend you do or you'll be 'catfishing' her instead. Find what she loves doing, and if it's common with your interest and then strike up a conversation. © AA Films (3) Strike Up A Conversation Now, that you've made sufficient contact over social media with her, it's time to strike up a conversation on anything you may feel can connect you two. Don't push it though. Start the conversation slowly and steadily and build it up as you go forward. Figure out what's on her mind, try and be mildly sensitive and humorous about general stuff and try getting to know her better, once you establish a solid base. © Pinterest (4) Have A 'Memeship' Maybe your conversations don't last too long or happen as often as you want them to. That doesn't mean you go absolutely lull and silent. You can still continue to drop by her DMs with funny meme's that can make her laugh, or start a short conversation either on the meme or on the day in general. Having a memeship with someone you like is healthy and sometimes necessary. Although, be careful of the kind of content you send her through those memes. It shouldn't be something that offends her. © Twitter (5) Ask Them Out On A Date Once you've established a basic flow of communication through conversations, social media poking and memes, you can definitely move forward and ask her out on a date. Either you can ask her out for a coffee because that's a safer option than asking her out for drinks. If you do ask her out for drinks, it'll in all probability fall under the assumption of you wanting to have *** with her later. Well, most times it does. But she's your crush, so I am sure you'd like to take her out and get to know her for real before any other need for intimacy arises. So, ask her out for a nice cup of coffee, lunch or even dinner and I am sure she'll say yes! © Instagram Social media has become a necessary tool to establish any kind of communication and you need to know how to use it well if you want to get to know someone better. Don't over-indulge through it, or harass someone from it but try and follow these steps above to decently introduce yourself and your intentions, to your crush.
  18. Travel is the new in thing with the millennials and many are open to the possibility of finding love while globetrotting. But being date ready while you're travelling is tough so we've put together an essential 'MUST HAVES' list to carry in your bag, should you be single and ready to mingle while on the go. 1. Hair Gel Or Leave-In Serum Giphy.com They're small to carry and are great to tame those unruly curls to look fantabulous on your date. 2. Perfume Giphy.com It doesn't hurt to always smell nice! No one likes to stand around someone with bad body odor. 3. Battery Pack Giphy.com Always be connected, whether back home or if feeding in a new contact detail 4. Chocolate Giphy.com Chocolate just makes everything better and sharing some gooey goodness will only sweeten the deal 5. A Long Wire Earphone Giphy.com Bumping heads while listening to pumping tunes is always an icebreaker 6. Contraceptives Giphy.com You never know when you get lucky so better safe than sorry! 7. Your Approachable Attitude Giphy.com Be open to finding love in unexpected places. Head to the local restaurants and cafes. Don't be afraid to extend the conversation a little longer than you normally would. Remember – love can be found anywhere. One such show that mirrors everything you need for your next travel cum love trip, is An MX Original Series - Love OK Please. Hosted by the heart throb - Karan Wahi, the show explores “dating mein U-turn” that aims to see what happens when a group of single boys and girls embark on a 10-day long epic road trip to Himachal Pradesh.The 12 episodes of Love Ok Please stream for free on MX Player. Click here to watch.
  19. If you've ever found yourself in a situation where no matter how hard you try, your pictures end up looking greasy and oily, here's how you can fix it. Being excessively oily or greasy in the Summer heat is super normal however: 1. Have You Heard About A Mattifying Moisturizer? © Getty Images Moisturizers can sometimes make you sweat like if the product is dense, heavy, and oily, it's going to make the greasy situation worse. Instead, a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer allows the pores to breathe easily. 2. Or Switch To A Face Oil Instead Of A Moisturizer © Getty Images A face oil might absorb the skin residue lightly and quickly and your skin in turn produces less oil because it registers the oily levels of the skin as sufficient. Essential oils like squalene, rose hip oil and sea buckthorn oil help moisturize the face. 3. Get Acquainted With A Toner © Getty Images Skin toners have ingredients like witch hazel that attempt to reduce oil production in the skin without drying it out (avoid alcohol-based astringents). 4. Keep A Few Face Wipes Handy © Getty Images Oil builds up throughout the day but if you're in a situation where you're in no position to wash your face, it's always helpful to stock up on refreshing, skin-toning face wipes that absorb excess grime and oil, while invigorating the face at the same time. 5. Do A Weekly Mud Mask © Getty Images The clay or mud in any mask will soak all impurities and gunk from the pores, preventing breakouts and reducing shine. Blue Lagoon's Silica Mud Mask takes ingredients from the famed geothermal waters of Iceland to shrink pores, absorb grease, and give you a reset. Don't do it more than once a week, though, because your skin can in turn dry out. You need some oil in there to keep yourself hydrated. A weekly deep clean will do you go, so long as you follow with a cleanser and moisturizer.
  20. Loosened skin is a problem faced by many men. While there is no direct cause, most men are actively in search of remedies or products to reverse this first sign of ageing. There are several skin-related issues that might cause loosened skin on your face. Your skin, with time, starts producing less oil, which makes it dry and saggy. Factors, such as ageing, exposure to the sun, atmospheric pollutants, chemicals in skincare products, and an unhealthy diet, can directly affect the health of your skin. Dryness, sagging, wrinkles, and fine lines develop and are usually accompanied by dullness. In such a situation, you need a planned skin regime to tackle this problem head-on: 1. A Good Moisturizing Agent Firstly, if you have saggy skin, you also need to treat your dry skin for that. So get a good moisturizing agent. Apply the cream regularly and make a habit of wearing this cream daily. © Nykaa 2. A Skin Tightening Mask Once, a week you also need to apply a skin tightening mask to your face so that the loosened skin tightens. The key to skin tightening masks is that you've to let them be on for at least fifteen minutes and not talk or eat while you have the mask on. © Nykaa You can either get the products from the market or you use homemade remedies like: Multani mitti and rose water concoction or yoghurt, egg mixture as both work as great skin tightening masks. © Getty Images © Getty Images 3. A Serum Targetted Towards The Sagging Of The Skin There are a range of serums in the market that target the face and wrinkles and fine lines that help tighten the pores. © Nykaa
  21. Having a hairy back is normal. If hair grows on your head and your face, chances are your back, just like your chest, won't be left alone. Now, we don't have any beef against the hairy back, however, if you want to get rid of it, we can help. It is possible to shave your own back just like any other part of your body, although you'll need to take your time and be very careful not to cut yourself. 1. Shaving © Getty Images You can possibly shave your hairy back on your with a razor ( https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/wellness/50884-rules-to-follow-before-a-hookup-night.html). To get it done properly, you also need to find someone to assist you. You could start with cleaning up longer hair with a set of clippers first. Then, using plenty of shaving cream, instruct them to begin gently removing hair using the razor. 2. Salon Waxing © Getty Images While this takes a lot more effort and slightly more money, waxing does a job better than shaving in so many ways. The growth is delayed for two weeks straight. With two seconds of the 'aw, snap' pain, the wax strip clears large patches of hair growth instantly as against shaving which takes as little as a day at max. 3. Laser Hair Removal © Getty Images The treatment is permanent in its function and it'll get rid of any unwanted hair. Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments aim to destroy the hair root permanently. However, there are two things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you need a couple of sittings to see lasting results and secondly, it'll obviously burn a tiny hole in your wallet.
  22. New in the dating game? Still testing out the warm waters? That's alright, it does take courage and a lot of patience to play the game right and once you get the hang of it, you're pretty sorted. Making the first move on a girl is quite tactical and takes a lot more than confidence but the trick is to get it right the first time so you don't mess up the next time! Not like you can't mess up. Of course, you can, and by mess up, I mean you can try your best and even then she may not be impressed. But the fact of the matter is you did try your best. © UTV Motion Pictures Sometimes, making a move on someone can apply initiating a kiss or a make-out session but here, we're just going to talk about how to address your interest in a girl if you like her, have seen her and want to know her better or have known her a while and are a little clueless about how to approach her. Here are 5 sure-shot ways that can help you in making your first move: (1) Signs Are Important Signs are like an indication of whether or not you should make your move, so they are important. Signs can come through body language, the way she interacts, eye contact and other gestures. For example, if you like someone at a bar, you will know if she's interested in you if she makes eye contact with you, which reeks of interest. That's your cue to go up to her and start talking to her. Similarly while in a conversation if she strokes your arm, laughs at your jokes, then you know you can make a move further because that's a sure-shot indication of the fact that she's interested in you. © AA Films (2) Go With The Flow By that I mean stop over-thinking about the how's and what if's and just go with the first thought in your head. If the first thought is just going to the girl you like and telling her about how you feel, then go for it. Wing it as best as you can, it works most times because it reflects the confidence you exude! © Eros International (3) Try Humour You can approach a girl and crack a funny one to get her attention since girls love men who're humorous. In fact, that's one of the best ways to make a move. If you floor her with humour she would automatically want to spend time with you because you make her laugh. It's as simple as that. © Zee Tv (4) Approach Her Friends If you know her friend(s) then maybe you can try and approach them first and strike up a conversation with them and gain some perspective about the girl you like, if they're willing to help. This helps you kill the awkwardness you may develop while talking to her and boost some much-needed confidence too! © Eros International (5) Compliment Her Mind Yes, she loves hearing she's beautiful, she'd appreciate you getting her a drink but what most men don't do is compliment her mind. Strike up a rather interesting conversation with her. It could be about life, likes and the universe but pick up anything and hear her perspective on it. If it makes sense to you, definitely pay her a compliment because she deserves it. © Fox Star Studios Making the first move isn't hard if you follow through with these points. Just keep in mind to know that it's okay if she says 'no'. Rejection is part and parcel of the process, so it should be taken with positivity. After all, it all boils down to consent and how respectful you are in general towards women. Other than that, keep trying till you ace your moves!
  23. In the list of the most annoying grooming problems, raccoon eyes make it to the top three. Dark eye circles are like clingy insects or mosquitoes that ring in your ear in the middle of the night and won't buzz off till morning. But here's the thing, either you can choose to live with them or you can be smart about them. Besides home remedies, there are other ways to fix your skin as more and more brand have started to focus on male beauty than ever before. Male beauty does not mean that you slap on tedious amounts of makeup. It simply means taking care of yourself. So here are some easy ways that can help you in getting rid of dark eye circles: 1. An Under Eye Patch © Nykaa and Getty Images An under eye patch is an intensive eye treatment that creates an atmosphere to replenish dead cells and brighten the darkened circles. It is most convenient of treatments because you just need to apply it for twenty minutes and voila, you'll see great results instantly. 2. An Under Eye Cream © Nykaa and Getty Images An under eye cream has antioxidants formulated to deliver moisture and nourishment to your eye area for deep hydration. You should ideally pick a cream rich in amino acids and minerals that help catalyse the process of getting the dark circles out of the way. 3. Cucumber Slices © Nykaa and Getty Images Remember how in movies, when someone is getting a facial, the other person tends to eat the cucumber slice that is placed on your eyes? Don't. The cucumbers are good for you. The soothing effect of the cucumber along with antioxidants help clear the dark eye circles. Repeat thrice in a week to see results. 4. An Under Eye Serum © Nykaa and Getty Images A good eye treatment option, a serum like this one reduces the appearance of tired and puffy bags, fine lines and under eye dark circles. Bioactive extracts boost cellular repair for a youthful look. 5. Almond Oil © Nykaa and Getty Images Almond oil is not only used for champis but also to lighten the skin cells and further reduce dark eye circles and puffiness. 6. An Under Eye Gel © Nykaa and Getty Images An under-eye gel helps visibly reduce under-eye dark circles by dissolving the pigments that cause darkening under the eye. It is a good alternative to a cream or a serum.
  24. You became single recently. Immediately, following any break-up, there is a period of prolonged sadness and misery that can last anywhere between 24hrs – a lifetime. Symptoms of this period include, but are not limited to, self-doubt, self-pity and emotional strength resembling that of a wet towel dumped on the cold hard ground. Depending on how the break took place i.e. who caused it, who was lazy, did someone cheat, is she bored etc., there will be a different degree of work required to get over that pesky-ex. © Getty Images Let's look at the scenario and likely countermeasures required to get back in action. A couple of things to watch out for include self-destructive behaviour including drinking. Mostly drinking. Everything else is a consequence of poor decisions made under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, positive influencers like gyms are also a common treatment for the pain of heartbreak. Let's look at the type and reason for breakups and how best to deal with them: (1) You Broke Up With Her This is the easiest one to deal with. Ideally, you would have broken up with her because she had some annoying qualities. Whenever you find yourself reminiscing of the good times, just remember why you took that decision in the first place and everything should mostly run as normal. Go out with friends, dinners and such. Life feels like a blessing. Minimum gym time is required but keep going regularly to maintain muscle mass. Also, the gym is a great place to keep your confidence high and always have the opportunity to meet someone new with like-minded interests. © Getty Images (2) It Was Mutual Sometimes, when you both aren't into it, you decide to call it quits even though things weren't too bad. Like everything was vanilla ice cream. If that is the case, and the break-up was indeed mutual, chances are you and your ex will end on good terms. In such instances, you may find yourself wanting a bit of vanilla ice cream from time to time, if you know what I mean. In these cases, it is best to think of the long-term implications. © Getty Images With an ex like this, the question to ask is how much are things going to change in six months. Such patterns prevent you from finding someone better suited for you. Mutual breakups often mean that things were “okay”. Okay is alright. Okay is basic. Okay is mediocre. This is not something anyone should want from a relationship. So, if you feel like your relationship is a just 'okay' maybe it means you and your significant other are better off as friends. Try and avoid common friend groups and outings but other than that the world is your oyster. Make sure to go to the gym a couple of times a week, hard workouts are recommended. (3) Cheaters Never Win & Winners Don't Cheat Monogamy is overrated when you're young and many of us have strayed from the path of commitment and have been party to some adultery. As a general rule, cheating is bad. Cheating is bad, but it happens. It happens a lot. Let's say either you cheated on her or she cheated on you. The pain, guilt and sadness are all-encompassing. This form of heartache is particularly tough to get over and can, as we said earlier, even last a lifetime. I know of men today who still miss their high school girlfriends well into their late 30s. When you cheat, the game is forever skewed and no amount of repentance or punishment will make it alright. © Getty Images Trust is like a vase, once it's smashed, you can put all the pieces back but you can't get rid of the cracks. Such fragmented relationships need to be forgotten and buried. Do remember that the next time you want to cheat. Whether you're cheated on, or you commit the deed – you will want to spend A LOT of time in the gym. I would also include high-intensity training, some kickboxing and even yoga. This is usually when you see hermit/gym rat-like behaviour leading to drastic transformations. I say, use any anger and fire to burn down all self-doubt.
  25. Like most young adults, getting acne problems is fairly normal. While there are regular routine treatments to get rid of acne, if you have a time constraint ahead of you and you need to get rid of acne, which are smack in the middle of your face, there are ways to get rid of your acne and make it less visible. Firstly, before beginning, it's important to know that while the option of popping the pimple might be super tempting, you should never do that. Popping pimples result in scars that might take a lot longer to disappear than you anticipate. 1. Use A Pimple Patch © Getty Images A pimple patch is like any other patch. It's a spot treatment in the form of a patch that you stick on your face for the duration that it asks of you. After the time period, just rip off the patch to see your pimples quieten down. This will definitely help in situations when you don't have time. 2. Dab A Concealer © Getty Images A concealer is a cream with pigments of the same tone as your skin tone. Once you dab a concealer on your face, the marks and spots will be concealed temporarily. 3. Tooth Paste © Getty Images A known trick to get rid of pimples. A toothpaste, when applied generously around the pimple, instantly quietens it down and removes the redness and puffiness. 4. Acne Control Cream © Getty Images An acne control cream intensely works on acne-causing bacteria and attempts to eradicate them. They come with special properties of Neem and Clove that help reduce the inflammation and redness and restore natural skin growth.