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Found 5 results

  1. When I sit back and remember my childhood, I realise my major time was spent in playing sports like Football, Hockey and Cricket. I've always been actively participating in every sport which I could in my school days. Skinny Throughout Despite being superb in all sports, I've always been skinny like a bamboo. My good height was another thing that added salt to that wound. My arms looked like sticks and twigs of a tree. The body weight always hovered around 43 kgs which was the reason I was losing confidence over time even after playing a lot of sports. Gym Life & Fraud Trainers To fight with my skinny body, I decided to join a gym nearby. I soon fell in love with the whole concept of going to the gym, lifting weights and talking to people. But this did not give me any kind of results at all. The pump in the gym made me feel good about myself for a short time, but it was a temporary boost. I was given stupid sounding diets like – Eating every 1 hour, waking up midway in the night to drink Protein shake and what not! Even YouTube did not help me. I was doing this Workout Split: Monday – Chest Tuesday – Back Wednesday – Shoulders Thursday – Biceps Friday – Triceps Saturday - Legs All the trainers tried selling me supplements like Mass Gainers and other pills for their own commission, but none of it made sense to me. Totally confused about what steps to take, one fine day I met this strange, tall guy in the gym and then magic happened! Encounter With This Dedicated Guy One fine day, I went up to this person in my gym who looked committed and dedicated to whatever he did. He logged every repetition in his log book and his exercise form/technique looked stunning to watch. To my surprise, he was so humble that he corrected my form/ technique on almost all the exercises and suggested me to change my workout schedule a bit. I was educated about training a muscle twice a week for added benefits. My workout schedule looked like this now: Monday – Upper Body Tuesday – Lower Body Wednesday – Rest Thursday – Legs Friday – Push Saturday – Pull He also educated me about the myths created by the fraud trainers and helped me clear all the concepts regarding the importance of calories. Changes In Body After Getting Educated In no time, my body began to change magically. I could see my chest and biceps popping out. This made me believe more in him and I started asking for solutions to each & every problem I faced. I did not use any kind of mass gainer or meaningless supplement in this journey. Just proper guidance, smart work and consistency made me gain 15-16 kgs of weight (mostly muscle) in 1.5 years. My weight went up from 47kg to a whopping 63 kg. The name of that stranger who helped me reach this goal is Rachit Bir from BIRa Fitness (https://www.instagram.com/birafit). He runs an Instagram page with loads of fitness tips posted regularly.
  2. If you are fond of formalwear, winter is the best time to indulge in that in India. The options are aplenty, and you can layer as much as you want to. However, not knowing the 'how to' of the styling game can set you back, resulting in painfully 'basic' outfits. But, like always, we've got your back. Here are 8 tried and tested classy ways to wear formals in winter that will turn all the heads (and get the ladies weak in the knees). 1. The Classic Gentleman Wear a classic grey three-piece suit and a crisp white shirt, to begin with. Add a silk tie & a pocket chain to up your accessory game. Put it together with an iconic flat cap, and then add round-framed glasses to complete the look. All set! Outfit Credits: Three piece suit : Pawan Sachdeva (@pawansachdeva22) pocket chain : Amaare (@amaarecouture) Beret and belt : h&m (@hm) Tie : Raymonds (@raymond_the_complete_man) Umbrella : Nappa Dori (@nappadori) 2. The OG Dapper Duke Replace the shirt with a turtle neck for a casual twist. Switch the pants with joggers, and don an effortlessly stylish long trench coat. Add a lapel pin. Then, style it with a tan leather bag to keep it smart and timeless. Outfit Credits: coat and pants: Pawan Sachdeva Ig: @pawansachdeva22 Turtle neck: h&m Ig: @hm Lapel pin: Raymond (@raymond_the_complete_man) 3. Tux For The Knight A black velvet tuxedo is perfect for the night. Wear a pair of standard tuxedo pants, and pair it with a fine tuxedo shirt. Style it with a black bow-tie, and complete the look with a satin pocket square. You are now cocktail-ready! Outfit Credits: Suit, shirt, bowtie, pocket square: Amaare (@amaarecouture) Cufflinks: Raymonds Ltd. 4. Relaxed Elegance Ditch the shirt for a turtleneck and style it with smart, wide leg trousers. Then, slip into a relaxed blazer. Match it with a leather bag, and voila! Outfit Credits: Blazer and pants : Pawan Sachdeva (@pawansachdeva22) Sweater : Zara (@zaraindia) Bag : Nappa Dori (@nappadori) 5. Business Casuals A sharply tailored, solid colour suit is smart yet casual. Colour-block it with a zip-up turtleneck. Accessorize with rectangular glasses, and complete the look with a satchel bag. Outfit Credits: Suit / Turtleneck: Raymonds Ltd. Ikat satchel bag : Nappa Dori Black full rimmed glasses : @rosvineyewear 6. Debonair Work-Wear Get a complete tailored look, like an elegant gentleman. Wear a checkered three-piece suit, and accentuate with a playful pocket square. Add matching frames, plus a laptop bag to complete the look. After all, nothing is slicker than a cohesive ensemble. Outfit Credits: Shirt : Raymond Ltd. Suit: Amaare (@amaarecouture) Tie and pocket square: Amaare Tan brown handcrafted leather bag: Nappa dori Glasses: @rosvineyewear 7. Desk To Dinner Get a futuristic aesthetic in a vertically striped suit. Ditch the tie to look comfortably stylish. Add minimal chic with silver jewellery, and complete the look with uber-cool micro tinted glasses. You're all set to dine in style! Outfit Credits: Suit and shirt: Amaare (@amaarecouture) 8. Boardroom Hunting, Checked! Wear smart separates for the boardroom to stand out. Style a crisp shirt with a fine knit cardigan, and maintain the sharpness with a checkered jacket. Outfit Credits: Shirt, pants, long jacket: Raymonds Ltd. Buttoned cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger) Complete the look with half-rimmed glasses, and be ready to rule the boardroom. Editor: Namrata Nongpiur (@namratanongpiur) Photographer: Raju Raman (@raju.raman) Creative director and Stylist: Devanshi Tuli (@devanshi.15) Hair and Makeup Artist: Shalu Chandla (@shalluchandla) Models: Saurabh Chaudhary, Piyush Rathi, Zander and Sagar Bhandari Producer: Prapti Elizabeth
  3. Wearing a perfume is that extra step you take with your grooming that gets you noticed. Having just the right scent can turn heads, mesmerize people and even have you feeding your number in other people's phone. However, a bad fume is an equally big turn-off and worse than not wearing a scent at all. It's important to choose your signature scent carefully. While at it, why stick to one? You could pick one for the day and one for the night. Also, different scents work better for different seasons. Here is a list of top scents that would work really well for 2019 and make women go weak in the knees. 1. Tom Ford Noir © Strawberrynet A blend of masculine florals wrapped with a touch of vanilla, leather, resins and amber. A scent that expresses a masculine duality that can be both elegant and sensual. With woody notes, this scent tops the list of the most raved scents. Price: 10,845 Buy it here 2. Comme Des Garçons © Strawberrynet With bewitching notes of nutmeg, incense and saffron flower, and a splash of vetiver and white smoke, this incense has a mossy and woody touch to it specially designed for the modern man. Price: 8,676 Buy it here 3. Abercrombie & Fitch, Fierce Eau De Cologne Spray © Strawberrynet With distinctive notes of notes of petitgrain, cardamom, lemon, orange, and fir, the scent comes off as woody and sweet. The cologne also has aromatic heart notes of rich jasmine, rosemary, rose, and lily of the valley. And at its very base has hints of warm vetiver, musk, oakmoss, and Brazilian rosewood that bring all the sensations together. Price: 8,531 Buy it here 4. Christian Dior, Dior Homme Intense © Strawberrynet Unlike its contemporaries, this scent's mesmerizing notes make you stand out in the crowd. It'll make head turns, and will make people notice you and wonder what you're wearing. For a man who means business, this is a scent you need to have in your closet for important meetings. Price: 10,013 Buy it here 5. Paco Rabanne, One Million © Strawberrynet An energetic and invigorating fragrance that is light and spicy, and leaves a fresh citrus and woody note behind with a little extra of juniper berries and rose absolute. A great note for spring and summer wear. Price: 6,218 Buy it here 6. Creed Neroli Sauvage Fragrance Spray © Strawberrynet This scent is inspired by the legacy of Emperor Napoleon, Aventus. The scent is made of ingredients associated with his life: smoked pineapple, blackcurrant, and ambergris. With these winsome tones, this fume is slightly more expensive but completely worth the price point with that mesmerizing aroma. Price: 19,995 Buy it here 7. Yves Saint Laurent, La Nuit De L'Homme © Strawberrynet YSL La Nuit is a gooey, smooth and sweet cologne with notes of cardamom and bergamot and lavender that are present in the middle notes. A scent that is irresistible to get away from, and ideally the scent lasts for 8 hours which means no re-sprays required. Price: 6,652 Buy it here 8. Gucci, Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Spray © Strawberrynet An iconic fragrance with freshness of lemon, bergamot, and orange blossom that give this cologne its fresh and crisp aroma, and it's precisely what men love the most about it. It's rounded out with hints of orris and patchouli for a musky, wood finish. It's perfect for your daily go-to fume options. Price: 4,193 Buy it here 9. Nautica, Aqua Rush Eau De Toilette Spray © Strawberrynet This aquatic fragrance with simple tones is perfect for the closeted beach bum. It's fresh, light and energizing, with notes of yuzu splash and coriander, and middle notes of water mint, clary sage absolute & violet leaves and base notes of amberwood, watermusk and teakwood. Price: 4,699 Buy it here 10. Jimmy Choo, Man Eau De Toilette Spray © Strawberrynet An intense fume designed to get the spotlight on you. With an interesting mix of lavender and honeydew up top, davana oil and spicy black pepper in the middle, and tonka beans as the base, it's the perfect combination of masculine and sexy. A perfect fume for date night. Price: 5,206 Buy it here
  4. One person's presence of mind might have just saved the lives of a lot of people and it's a lesson for everyone to not always be so involved in themselves and always be aware about their surroundings. Krishna Poojary, a 53-year-old man hailing from Karnataka has probably now become a hero for so many people who owe him their lives. He's a daily wage worker and despite having a weak leg, he ran 3km to inform authorities about a crack in the train tracks which saved thousands of lives. Because of his leg, he was advised by doctors to go on walks daily in order to strengthen his leg since he could not afford to seek further medical help. His walk last Saturday became quite memorable, with a happy ending, thankfully. Basically, while walking at the Brahmasthana Nagabana area in Korangrapady, he stumbled upon a crack in the train tracks and while he was figuring out what to do, a train passed, and the crack became even wider and more dangerous. © TOI As soon as he realized this was tragedy waiting to happen, he started running to get help and it had to be quick, before another train passes through. He immediately took off and ended up running 3km to find railway officials. While talking to TOI, he said, “I usually take a stroll for around 2km. I was walking near the tracks around 6.45am when I happened to see the crack. Soon a train passed by. I could only think of rushing to the officials.” © Pexels After his alert, two trains were halted until the matter could be fixed. After that, he led railway engineers to the spot and they fixed the crack and only after that the trains were allowed to pass. Not all heroes wear capes hasn't been truer, tbh. What a thing to do! He even put so much physical strain on himself, even though he was already in pain. He said, “I have severe pain in the leg. But I am glad I could be of help to people.”
  5. A lot of people who come to me, are in a putrid state in terms of body composition. When I mean body composition, I mean primarily a total combination of posture, body fat percentage and lean muscle mass. This is mainly due to two reasons: - Their own mistake. they are living a sedentary lifestyle, no resistance training, eating junk food and severe nutrient deficiency. - On the other hand, are those who have lost weight in a wrong manner. In this piece, we will talk about the second group of people who lost weight in a wrong manner. Every day I meet people who have lost lots of weight but their body composition is such that, they are actually in the worst shape of their lives. The Difference Between Getting Thin & Getting Lean And Strong © YouTube In terms of weight loss, this happens primarily because people do not understand the difference between getting skinny fat and getting fit. The difference, by the way, is huge. This is also the case with most trainers and dieticians, who are ready to somehow show you a massive dip in weight on the weighing scale anyhow, to make you happy. Because that's what you want to see. Whenever you see a labourer working, he is not fit, he is thin. That's because of extremely low-calorie consumption and excessive physical activity. This is what most people actually do to get thin. However, the labourer is still ripped, because he is not doing tons of cardio a day, but primarily doing work which is a kind of high-intensity work, like digging, lifting & carrying loads, pulling or pushing movements etc. So he is basically overdoing the physical work, and undereating. Overdoing Cardio & Severely Under Eating © Thinkstock Images This is where the problem lies. The last thing an obese person needs is excessive cardio and a starvation diet. Long duration steady state cardio workouts are the worst prescriptions in this case. Excessive running coupled with a very low-calorie diet and you have a physiological disaster. The result is a drastic loss in water weight. Loss of the most precious component, muscle mass. A decline in the metabolism follows thereafter. Lose Fat, Get Stronger And Preserve Muscle Mass At The Same Time. That's Real Fitness! Anyone who needs to lose fat must first understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss and getting thin and getting fit. Resistance training and high-intensity cardiovascular workouts should always form the base of the training in such cases along with a healthy and nutritious diet. One single point I have been pressing upon again and again is that there is a big difference in weight loss and fat loss. It's the weight which most people aim for, which is simply a reduction in the needle on the weighing scale. This is what your dietician or slimming centre is an expert in showing you. Because it's easy. When you lose weight, you do lose a bit of fat, but majorly muscle mass and water. What's challenging is to lose fat, get stronger and preserve muscle mass at the same time. That's real fitness. How Do You Burn More Fat? © Thinkstock Images Muscle cells have a fat burning powerhouse called as the mitochondria. These mitochondria are responsible for the production of energy. More the muscle mass, more amount of mitochondria, and more the fat burning capacity of the body. The body needs a strong reason to produce more mitochondria. This reason is given by weight training and high-intensity workouts. These workouts create a large demand for energy above what your body can already produce and hence, the body is forced to create new mitochondria. What Happens When You Crash Diet? The exact opposite happens when you lose excess weight faster. You are slowing your metabolism down, as you are losing all your precious muscle mass. When you are training for strength, your muscle mass is going to go up. When this happens, your fat burning capacity goes up but also does go up your weight, because muscles are denser than fat. So get your focus at the right place! Akshay Chopra, is a graduate of the National Defence Academy & the Air Force Academy, and a former IAF pilot. He is one of the most qualified health, fitness & nutrition consultants in the country, and an author of multiple books & ebooks. He is among the few in the country to have a background of competitive athletics, military training and bodybuilding. He is the co-founder of the Body Mechanics chain of gyms, and India's first research based channel We R Stupid. You can check out his Youtube here.