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  1. Prince William and Kate Middleton are marking their 11th wedding anniversary this month
  2. Smoky, erotic and intoxicating, Oud fragrance is all that and more that can really spice up your life. You might think it’s just a scent, like lavender or musk or citrus but what most people don’t know is that it’s not just any scent. Oud or oudh is a finer, extremely rare and pricey scent that can cost more than gold and have many sexual, psychological and spiritual benefits. All these qualities are what make this sexy masculine scent an absolute must-have for men. Here is all you need to know about this oriental fragrance and why you should add it to your perfume collection: What Is An Oud Fragrance?Oud is an oil derived from a highly aromatic and precious resin formed on agarwood trees when it gets infected and grows mould. The intense scent is popular in Middle Eastern countries. The musky and woody fragrance is naturally sensuous and aphrodisiac which heightens arousal is attractive and has Best & Affordable Oud Perfume Oud can be really expensive depending upon how old the tree is from where the oud oil is derived from. However, you can score a long-lasting and luxurious feel of oud fragrance without burning a hole in your pocket. One of the best oud perfumes that we have come across is this one from premium brand Villain. __ECOMPRODUCT__3165__ Benefits Of Wearing Oud Fragrance Apart from being extremely sensuous and intoxicating and helping in increasing sexual libido, wearing oud perfume has multiple spiritual and psychological benefits as well. From helping meditate and reducing stress and anxiety to encouraging better sleep and even treating nausea and breathing illnesses, oud is used for healing and calming. Things To Keep In Mind The scent is very strong and might smell too woody and slightly animalistic at first when you sniff it from the bottle. However, know that once it’s sprayed on the skin and gets absorbed, it’s the most intoxicating smell you would ever wear. Plus, it’s an absolute hit among the ladies. It’s also a rare fragrance that not most people know of and wear, which makes it mystical and unique to make your signature scent. Stars like Ranveer Singh and many others have admitted to being obsessed with the oud fragrance. His signature scent too is packed with smoky oud scents and agarwood notes. You can guess how nice this fragrance smells and why you should be investing in one right away. View the full article
  3. Celebrities earn a bomb and often splurge their hard-earned money on luxury items, rare artefacts and eclectic things of their choice. While we get the deets on what outfits they have in their closets, the watches they wear and the swanky cars they own, there’s one thing that adds to their star personality but isn’t really seen. It’s their favourite fragrance. © Instagram/Hardik Pandya Celebrities obviously smell great whenever they are out and about on a shoot, walking the red carpet or attending parties and events, courtesy of their signature scent. They have the best perfumes that they carefully pick, swear by and wear in their everyday life. In case you have ever wondered what perfumes these stars wear, we have all the details, thanks to an insightful (and helpful) series of Instagram stories by Diet Sabya. Take a look: 1. Ranveer SinghYou just know that when Singh walks the red carpet, he is smelling like luxury. Well, the actor confessed to crushing over Atkinsons Oud Save The Queen currently, which costs a whopping Rs 15K for a 100 ml bottle and is for women, BTW. Oud or agarwood fragrance is a heady scent from the Middle East and is a strong and intense smell. In case you’re looking for an inexpensive oud fragrance for men, here is a good one. __ECOMPRODUCT__3165__ 2. Shahid KapoorThe Kabir Singh actor exudes charm and mystery and has impeccable taste in style and the fragrance he wears as well. We say this because he wears Creed Boutique Green Irish Tweed which is a favourite of many other celebs like Karan Tacker as well. It costs over 24K in INR. 3. Hardik Pandya © Instagram/Hardik Pandya Being a sportsperson, carrying a nice fragrance with you is nothing but good manners and Pandya knows it. You’d be glad to know that his favourite scent doesn’t cost a bomb. It’s a bottle of Villain Hydra (Eau De Parfum) Perfume which he wears after a good swim sesh to feel refreshed and nice, while he wears Villain (Eau De Parfum) Perfume when he’s out for an event and wants to smell divine. __ECOMPRODUCT__3164__ 4. Rahul KhannaRahul Khanna is one of the most attractive men in Bollywood whose persona and style is simply effortless. The man can wear a sack and look cool. However, there is one thing he actually puts in effort for–smelling great. He has been wearing a spritz of Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt for quite some time now. 5. Arjun Kapoor The actor spends his big bucks on all things luxury be it clothes, shoes and cars and the fragrance he wears is no less. He wears Tom Ford Ombré Leather which costs Rs12000. The leather fragrance can be used by both men and women. There you go. Now, you can smell like these stars too. View the full article
  4. Can you really pull off jewellery in your day to day life? While celebrities like Ranveer Singh look uber cool in layered chains and funky sunglasses, in real life sporting jewellery requires a lot of effort. Do you choose silver jewellery or gold? How much jewellery is too much? What are the trendiest styles of jewellery for men? You can put all such questions to rest because we have just the right inspiration for you. Be it bedazzled pendants or silver chains, Bollywood’s love for men’s jewellery has only been evolving and we’re all for it. This newest trend may be a little out of your comfort zone, but it’s the one thing that can completely transform your look. More so, if the celebs can pull it off, so can you. Here are five styles of chains and necklaces you’ll want this year and how to style them. 1. Shahid Kapoor’s Ring Pendant © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor A ring pendant can help you elevate your everyday outfits without much effort. Be it your good old black tee or a comfy summer vest, a pendant like this will go with pretty much everything. If you’ve never worn jewellery before, something like this is perfect to get started with. __ECOMPRODUCT__3190__ Take inspiration from Shahid’s look itself and stick to just one piece of jewellery for making a subtle, yet stylish statement. 2. Siddhant Chaturvedi’s Silver Chain © Instagram/Siddhant Chaturvedi If you’re someone who loves bling and doesn’t shy away from making a bold statement, this necklace is perfect for you. A piece like this will not only elevate all your solid T-shirts but also frame your face. Shorter necklaces like these are great for men with a taller neck. __ECOMPRODUCT__3174__ 3. Shah Rukh Khan’s Gold Pendant © Spotboy.com SRK’s role in the film Raees had a very distinct look. Alongside his iconic frames and kohl-rimmed eyes, his character was also seen sporting a gold chain at all times. The character is based on a real life gangster, Abdul Latif, who always wore this necklace with his parent’s picture inside of it. __ECOMPRODUCT__3177__ 4. Arjun Kapoor’s Metal Necklace © Instagram/Arjun Kapoor Not a fan of bling? That’s okay, you can experiment with bronzed or oxidised jewellery instead. Arjun Kapoor’s simple gold chain features a faded gold finish which is perfect for a casual look. __ECOMPRODUCT__3180__ A trick to find the perfect jewellery for yourself is to check your undertones. Silver is great for cool undertones while gold is the most flattering on skin with a warm undertone. 5. Varun Dhawan’s Silver Statement © Instagram/Varun Dhawan Last but not least, you can go all out with a bolder necklace like this one. Be it a solid white kurta or a cuban collared shirt, you can elevate your look within seconds. In fact, trends may come and go but a classic style like this will never get old. __ECOMPRODUCT__3191__ The Bottomline Jewellery may seem difficult to pull off at first, but as long as you know all the rules about what and how to wear it, you’re sorted. In fact, confidence is the key to owning your style. Now go on and get experimenting. Explore More View the full article
  5. Indians are hailing airman Darshan Shah who is serving as an aerospace medical technician in the US Air Force for pursuing a religious waiver to allow him to wear tilak while in uniform. The waiver was approved after two years’ wait and the Hindu community in the US and India are expressing their gratitude towards the US military officials. © Twitter Shah is assigned to the 90th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron and has been seeking a waiver since he joined the military. He has been wearing the tilak chandlo (a red dot inside a U-shaped marking) on his forehead since he was in third grade and considers it as his identity. © Darshan Shah “I feel like that’s a part of who I am,” said Shah who is a follower of Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottan Swaminarayan Sanstha or BAPS. “I’ve been through a lot, and I feel like my religion is helping me through a lot as well in life. When I wear this uniform, that’s an identity as well. But I feel like I have my full identity when I have the Tilak Chandlo on my forehead,” he added. © India Today Through an official communication of the 90th Missile Wing Chaplain Corps, he thanked the US Air Force for letting him wear the tilak. He said, “We live in a country where we’re allowed to practise and have faith in what we want. That’s what makes this such a great country. We’re not persecuted for what we follow or believe. If it wasn’t for the first amendment, I wouldn’t be able to do this at all. I wouldn’t be able to be who I am while being a military member or even a citizen.” Shah plans to become a commissioned officer and serve as a doctor once he completes his degree. He plans to serve in the Air Force for at least the next 20 years. © Airman 1st Class Charles Munoz Religious faith and sentiments can often conflict with the rules and regulations of an institution that requires people to be viewed equally and without discrimination. A very fresh incident happened in India where female Muslim students in Karnataka were asked to remove hijab since it was not a part of the uniform. This created a political and religious row and protests on the streets. © Indian Express A lot of people on social media couldn’t help but relate this incident to the Hijab row. They called out the irony about religious bias in “secular India” and hypocrisy of people who are showing gratitude but won’t support or worse oppose the hijab protest. The same NRI uncles will oppose hijab in schools in India, hypocrisy. — Abhijith (@twelverabhi) March 24, 2022So what is the issue with wearing hijab in Indian Universities? Pls explain. This right is justified but that right isn't? — SAhmed (@SA_Humanitarian) March 22, 2022Thank Ishwar Shah lives in a country which allows him so , In Hidustan he might be thrown out at school level for wearing Tilak. — Stoic (@SachinS56500785) March 23, 2022You all want freedom to practice Hinduism in America where you just settled a generation ago. But here in India muslims are outsider after centuries of living. — Tara khan (@TaraKhanS) March 23, 2022 How is it different? Both religious displays are a choice, both aren’t conventionally a part of the uniform and both incidents happened in secular and democratic countries. Maybe we can learn something from the US Air Force, along with thanking them for making a religious waiver for an Indian-origin Hindu. View the full article
  6. Style is personal and subjective but there comes a time when you have got to start dressing according to your age. Most men make the mistake of holding on to their clothing and fashion items from their 20s or college time to feel younger and look cool, but they most certainly don’t and end up making them look childish instead. © Viral Bhayani When you cross the 30-year-old mark, you need to give up some clothing items that don’t make you look like you are having a mid-life crisis and want to transport back to your teenage years. You just need to realise that you are too old to be wearing this stuff. © Silver Pictures Here are 5 items of clothing that you need to ditch, dump or donate as soon as you turn 30 and dress like an adult. 1. Overalls & Dungarees © Rithvik Dhanjani While it looks cute on women, it just looks unflattering on men. If you already don’t own them, kudos but if you bought it on an impulse after watching the men in ‘Work From Home’ song to look cool, it’s time to let it go. You’re too old to be wearing anything like that. 2. Three-fourth Trousers/Capri Shorts © Varun Dhawan Basically any shorts that are longer than your knee and have cargo pockets should be donated to their rightful owners, the kids! Go for smart shorts that end above the knee like bermuda shorts or chino shorts to look like an adult and not an 8-year-old who’s getting late for his Math tuition. 3. A Baseball Cap…Backwards © Instagram/Kunal Kemmu We shouldn't even be telling you this. A baseball cap worn backward is as bad as a baseball cap with a propeller on top. Both are boyish and no man in his 30s should be wearing that. You can wear a baseball cap but like an adult. 4. PJs & Sweaters With Cartoon Prints © Instagram/Kartik Aaryan If you thought women find it cute, they don’t. Girls, maybe...but women? Absolutely not. While grey sweatpants and solid pullovers are attractive on men, PJs and home-knit sweaters featuring cartoons are just too kiddish. Boxers and aesthetic graphic tees are okay, though. 5. Denims With Patchwork © Instagram/Sidharth Malhotra This includes jeans, jackets and any patchwork denim item that you might own. The style was in trend for a while there and even then, no man over 30 was recommended to sport it. This belongs where your college memories do, in the past. View the full article
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