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Found 26 results

  1. You can call me lazy or even a home bird but hey, I am just a girl who loves watching some great content in the comfort of her home, especially now with some path-breaking shows we get to stream online! I mean hello, what is the point of troubling your body when you can get access to 24/7 good quality entertainment at home, right? Well, for couples, date nights are slowly turning into binge-watching nights, all thanks to the amazing content that we get to see online nowadays. There is no denying that these online web series are introducing the masses to some quality content - realistic plots, empowering cast and stellar production design. From production quality, acting to the real hero of the story, the script, Indian web series are a force to reckon with. And one such show we simply cannot wait to start binge-watching is MX Original Series 'Thinkistan'. Based on advertising agencies, Thinkistan is directed by veteran ad filmmaker N. Padmakumar where he brings his real-life experiences to reel life. The show is set in the 1990s, and features powerful performers like Mandira Bedi, Satyadeep Misra and Vasuki in pivotal roles. It is a true depiction of the fast-paced lives people lead in the world of advertising, and showcases harsh realities of everything you thought you knew about the domain. The premise of the show follows the graphs of two contrasting characters slugging it out in the seductive, mad world of advertising. Amit (essayed by Naveen Kasturia) is a Hindi speaking junior copy writer who comes from Bhopal while English trainee copywriter Hema (Played by Shravan Reddy) is a suave, well-read metropolitan. Amit and Hema represent a divide caused by language and social class that is seen in India, till date. The plot is dynamic and compelling, and the characters are convincing. This is one show that will make you think, question, relate, and most importantly, have a great time! From corporate politics, catfights, unrealistic deadlines, to out-of-turn promotions and more, this is one show that is uber relatable and we cannot wait to start streaming it. To watch the first episode of this exciting series, click here.
  2. There's always that one person who gets upset because they're losing during a board game, so they throw a tantrum, and then leave. If you can't figure out who that person is among your friends and family members, we've got some truly surprising news - it's probably you! Moving on from any existential crises the above paragraph may have triggered - here's why board games are important. And no, we aren't going to list any kumbaya-they-bring-you-closer-together reasons. Rather, they bring out your competitive streak- your hidden need for chaos, vengeance, and absolute victory. Okay, we may have been reminiscing about 'Game of Thrones' and gotten too carried away (but honestly, BRAN?). Anyway, board games are a great way to jog your mind a bit, be it through guesswork or intricate strategies. They're also a great way to get a break from your smartphones, relax with your loved ones, and do something fun without making too much of an effort. Sold on the idea yet? Well, to make your search for the perfect board game even easier, you need to check out our list of the best indoor board games. Check Out The Best Indoor Board Games In India 1. Monopoly © Amazon Monopoly - probably the first name that comes to one's mind when we think of indoor board games. It won't be wrong to state that Monopoly is, undoubtedly, one of the best indoor board games of all time, given it's enduring popularity - mainly a result of the intense chaos it causes. The updated version also has an electronic bank machine, making the classic board game all the more exciting in our jaded, technology-driven times. For those of you who are somehow not familiar with this iconic game, Monopoly deals with trading and businesses. You play the game with just one main goal - to get richer and own more property than your rivals. In retrospect, this was a rather dark game to be playing as an eight year old, but at least life's truths were revealed to us at an early age! MRP : Rs. 1812 Buy it here 2. Scrabble © Amazon Ever since we saw Indravadan and Maya playing Scrabble in that iconic episode of 'Sarabhai vs Sarabhai', most of us have played it in the hopes of using the word 'silky' ourselves. Then there's also the fact that being good at Scrabble is akin to being a wordsmith, rather like Shakespeare. After all, playing Scrabble makes one feel like they are roaming the halls of Oxford, studying English Literature, and carrying a tattered poetry collection in a leather satchel. Or maybe that's just us. Anyhow, Scrabble is one of the best board games of all time, and while word games on smartphones have become really popular, if you're looking for some good, classic fun, you should definitely invest in Scrabble. MRP : Rs. 557 Buy it here 3. Guess Who © Amazon Guess Who is one of the best board games for families, especially if you have a large family gathering with smaller children. It's easy to follow and actually quite fun, once you get the hang of it. The tenets are simple: your opponent chooses a character, you ask them strategic questions about their chosen character, and, based on their responses, win the game if you correctly guess their character's identity. This board game is especially good for young kids, as it helps them understand different facial characteristics and logical thinking. MRP: Rs. 399 Buy it here 4. Risk © Amazon As the name suggests, this board game is all about taking calculated risks and hoping they have a good payoff. Risk is all about strategic planning on the battlefield and conquering territory. The game has different elements so you can do secret missions, add a neutral army when there are only two players, or even play a shorter version of the game called 'capital risk'. These modes ensure that the game is flexible in nature, and you can adapt it to your own needs. As such, while the game is on the pricier side, it makes for a good investment. MRP: Rs. 1749 Buy it here 5. Scotland Yard © Amazon Do you guys remember the suspenseful Scotland Yard ads that used to play in the early noughts? Ah, those were the days! If you want to do some more reminiscing, you should definitely order this iconic board game and indulge in a game or two. One of the best indoor board games out there, we can attest to the fact that playing it is as fun as ever before. After all, trying to catch Mister X as he dodges you all around Scotland is pretty thrilling (and may even help you relive some Sherlock mysteries- albeit in a different way). Scotland Yard is perfect for a round or two with friends, and now that everyone is way older, you can also indulge in some Scottish whisky while playing it! MRP: Rs.455 Buy it here 6. Othello © Amazon If you want to try out a new variation of Chess, Othello is the game for you! The board game is named after Shakespeare's play and, rather like it, is relies on using strategic planning to ensure victory. Once you get the hang of the rules, you can participate in longer games that are more challenging and more fun. As such, Othello is definitely one of the best strategy board games of all time. MRP : Rs. 502 Buy it here 7. Carrom © Amazon The smell of powder, the sound of the striker gliding across the board, the need to have that one perfect shot - yes we're talking about the endless summer afternoons we've spent playing carrom. This board game from our childhood is still as intensely competitive as it was when we were younger, which is why it still makes for a great way of killing time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. MRP : Rs. 1.599 Buy it here 8. Game Of Life © Amazon Contrary to what its name may suggest, this is actually a game for kids. It helps teach them the values of life, and what tasks they need to undertake in order to have a good life. However, it's also a good game for adults, especially if you're a bit jaded and want to escape into a fantasy world where you can retire with a big fortune. This game is also available at reasonable prices online, so you should immediately purchase it if you have kids, or are feeling especially nostalgic these days. MRP: Rs. 551 Buy it here 9. The Poll © Amazon Election season has winded up and, irrespective of the results, you should definitely check out The Poll. This is a first of its kind game, based on the Indian elections - you take control of a political party, draft a manifesto, and try to win as many seats in the Lok Sabha elections as possible, through different strategies. The Poll is perfect for both adults and children alike, it helps make one familiar with how the government functions and is complex enough that you'll definitely have to put all that grey matter to use! As such, while The Poll is very new, it's also super innovative, which makes it one of the best indoor board games we've come across. MRP: Rs. 2000 Buy it here 10. Trivial Pursuit © Amazon The classic trivia game, Trivial Pursuit is perfect for family gatherings and for when you and your friends are trying to feel especially cultured. So brush up on your general knowledge and no, cheating isn't allowed! The six categories from which questions are asked are geography, entertainment, history, art and literature, science and nature, and sports and leisure. So put your thinking hats on and make sure that you are the first person to collect all six wedges to ensure your victory! MRP : Rs. 1149 Buy it here 11. Cluedo © Amazon One of the best indoor board games out there, Cluedo has probably led to Nancy Drew-inclinations in our younger selves. As such, it is perfect board game for younger kids, and can serve as a precursor to more complex murder mysteries as well. The updated game has a two player version and also features newer characters, ensuring that children will remain hooked onto the central mystery. MRP : Rs. 424 Buy it here 12. Catan © Amazon First and foremost, Catan makes sure you learn essential life skills! It follows settlers in a new territory, as they come across an island after a long voyage. Your aim is to gain land, and build colonies- by bartering, trading, and strategic planning. Expand strategically and you'll win the 10 points required to be a victor! As such, Catan is a worthy investment, though the price of the game may have you asking - “that much for a boarding game?” Well, this version is imported from The States and is of top notch quality. Moreover, Catan was named the Game of the Century and the Perfect Social Game, besides being anointed with other titles, so owning this will give you bragging rights! MRP: Rs. 2,698 Buy it here 13. Cards Against Humanity © Amazon Cards Against Humanity is advertised as a 'a party game for horrible people', and this description could not be more accurate.This is NOT a game for children, rather a party game for adults, so please keep that in mind. With that facet clear, you should definitely pull this game out during a house party, in order to have some wacky fun. This game is also perfect for impressing your crush with your amazing wit, or getting flustered when your combination flies over everyone's heads. As such, this is one of the best indoor board games, and while this particular deck is on the pricier side, it is the first edition and contains the original cards. MRP: Rs. 1,250 Buy it here 14. Jenga © Amazon One of the best family games, Jenga is perfect for both adults and children. The rules are simple- you need to ensure that the tower of blocks doesn't tumble, and you need to use increasingly creative means to do so. This is also a very fun game for a party, especially after a few drinks, as ensuring the tower doesn't fall (while you get all the more wobbly) is definitely a worthy challenge! MRP: Rs. 548 Buy it here
  3. The long weekend is here and in case you're not doing anything, just being a couch potato, nursing bad health or loaded with work which barred you from leaving town, then my guess is that like most of us, binge-watching will be the only plan you'll have. Here are 5 interesting suggestions for you for this weekend: 1. Hanna- This drama series follows a 15-year-old girl, Hanna who is being hunted down by a CIA agent. This dark show could be a good binge watch for you! 2. The OA 2- Brit Marling is back with her brilliance. If you followed Prairie and her friends travelling across dimensions of time in the 1st season and were left shook with what followed, this one is more layered and complicated like something you didn't imagine. 3. McMafia- Nawaz fans already devoured it last year but in case you haven't, this is a good show to binge watch. The BBC drama has Nawaz playing a Mumbai importer, Dilly Mahmood. The series revolves around Alex Goldman who is brought up by Russian exiles. Makes for a good binge watch. 4. Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé- You don't need any more reasons to watch the madness and the sheer dedication that goes behind the planning of a Beyoncé concert. This is basically a testament of her persona, just watch it already. 5. Our Planet- This series explores the wonders of the world in eight parts. This insane project was in the works for over 4 years and was shot in over 50 countries. Just prepare to be mesmerised.
  4. My colleague, on a dull and drab Monday afternoon, talked about a show that had just come out on Hotstar and how intrigued she was by it, after watching the first episode. And she was right. It, in fact, caught my attention within the first 5 minutes and I was hooked, mostly by the character build-up. 'Criminal Justice', is a crime thriller, court drama, jail debauchery and police procedures, all rolled into one show, with a stellar cast that really brings out their character in the most gripping way possible. It's an adaptation of a show which was aired on BBC back in 2008, with the same name, written by Peter Moffat. This one has been adapted by Sridhar Raghavan and directed by Tingmanshu Dhulia and Vishal Furia. © Hotstar The show unravels a narrative which has been played on many times in the past, but what's thrilling is the different nuances describing the functionality of a particular space or pattern. For instance, the series took a great interest in how Aditya, the protagonist's life churned out, while he was spending time in jail. The story is simple and earthy, yet leaves you feeling quite gutted by the end of it. I reckon it's the character building that impacts the audience, more than anything else. © Hotstar The show revolves around a young bloke who plays football for his college. Seems fairly real, by the low-middle class framework that comes into play, while describing Aditya's (Vikrant Masey's) life in the show. After winning a local football tournament, the team decides to throw a party, where Aditya's presence is most favourable as he scores the winning goal for his team. When he reaches home, he's coaxed by his sister (Rucha Inamdar) to help his father drive their cab at night, which is owned by his brother-in-law and registered with 'First Cabs'. Aditya's very encapsulating, naive and innocent portrayal of a young boy who can never say 'no' is quite interesting. That's what the basic fundamental structure of the entire narrative is based on. © Hotstar While driving his cab at night, he gets a passenger he really didn't want in the first place as he was getting late for his party. When she refuses to get off, he's nothing but obligated to drop her to her destination. After she gets off, he realises she left her phone in his car and when he goes to give it back to her, she asks him to come inside and party with her instead, since she made him miss his own party. The two drink, hold conversations, drink some more while she slips him a pill, and right after they have ***. This is when you think she's that warped twisted character who'd do something rather ghastly, you're actually shocked beyond belief. When Aditya wakes up to find her stabbed to death! © Hotstar While the initial bit is fairly interesting, I am not going to go deeper into the story-line because you need to do that yourself but when the actual thread begins, it seems like the story will catch on as it should, but there are parts and scenes that are stretched out of proportion and are unnecessary. By that I mean the storyline could have been made shorter and crisper and in a 45-minute episode, there are a lot of aspects that could have been done away with. Hence the episodes lack the severity of tightness and some parts became dreary due to that in the show. Even so, the series is well adapted and presented and the character sketches are next to flawless. Here are three main aspects that made 'Criminal Justice' rather interesting: (1) Powerful Character Sketches Each character has a unique sensibility in the film and they've very clearly differentiated. For instance, Pankaj Tripathi playing Madhav Mishra is a breath of fresh air and unlike any other character, he has donned. He plays a calculative, selfish and money-minded lawyer who sparingly proves his worth through his cases until he gets stuck fighting Aditya's case. While long-surpassing guilt is eating up his life while he battles with severe eczema, his character has that goofiness that makes the viewer's experience a bit more lighter and joyful. © Hotstar Jackie Shroff, on the other hand, has a more capturing presence and a robust takeover, through the series. Mustafa, as he's called in the series is a serious gang lord in jail who takes Aditya under his protection, when is trying to deal with murder and sexual assault from the other criminals. Jackie's character gives one the certainty of hope and dilemma all at once. Each character is flawlessly perceived in the series. While the series could have caricatured clichéd characters, the ones who usually befit a crime drama, this one was more careful of that. (2) Brimming Realities Since the inception of the series until the end, the show also focuses on what happens when you're convicted in a crime. It's not just a murder mystery but a 'what's next' for Aditya, while he's fighting his battle. There's courtroom proceedings, police proceedings, jail-time drama, the effect of the case on the family, the lawyer's struggle and how cases re-open for investigation. It's got everything that goes in to battling the perfect crime and coming out of it fast-tracked and alive! The directors have made sure to play every nuance, without overplaying it and connect each parallel situation to the other. © Hotstar (3) It's Not Too Ostentatious While criminal dramas tend to overstretch and go into flamboyancy of their own, 'Criminal Justice' is a simple take on a murder mystery. It's not too over-the-top like most murder mysteries are and the characters seem real, justified and in place. There is nothing 'extra' and everything is well thought out. So, for an adapted murder mystery, the series has fared pretty well. © Hotstar Even with the best things pointed out in the show, the series does lack a stronger impact and crispness in its execution. Like I mentioned before, some episodes stretch without reason and lose the impact then and there. If you're not too keen on waiting and seeing who the real murderer is, there is a chance you may get bored with the unnecessary stretches. But the courtroom drama and case-solving situations make up for it fairly. All in all, 'Criminal Justice' has worked well as a genre choice on a digital platform, with its gripping character building, it still lacks freshness in its treatment and storyline. It's a good watch for sure if you're a murder mystery fanatic, and have a weekend to yourself.
  5. Tweet on social image: THANOS! COUNT YOUR FUCKING DAYS BITCH! THE strongest, most powerful woman is coming for you. #captainmarvel pic.twitter.com/AZ253NU5sq — uhlEEsa (@alisawhat) 8 March 2019 While we've been eagerly awaiting 'Avengers: Endgame' in April, Captain Marvel's already made her way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we can't wait to watch the most powerful superhero in the MCU in her full glory! While the movie will primarily be about the origins of Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel, she has a significant role to play in 'Avengers: Endgame'. If you've seen the 'Avengers: Infinity War' end credit scene, you will know exactly what I am talking about. © Walkt Disney Studios Motion pictures But since you're done contemplating when and where to catch this show, here is something to put your restlessness at ease. Some Twitter reaction sans spoilers to feast on, before you go watch the film. You won't regret these reactions or the film for sure: (1) Just A Little Know-How Of The Tonality #CaptainMarvel has a great '90s sci-fi vibe w/ a tone unlike any other Marvel movie, really. It's retro & trippy, mysterious & dorky. It's funny in surprising places & badass in all the right places. It remains entertaining because it's always changing. It's got the right stuff pic.twitter.com/o7AvqYY63x — Erik Davis (@ErikDavis) 20 February 2019 (2) Well, A Little About The 'Grossing' Factor #CaptainMarvel (English) - Interval - Entertainment is the main factor 'Marvel' targets at and it is achieved in an effortless way by neat making, proper script and engaging progress. 'Enjoyable' so farð¤ @captainmarvel @Marvel_India @disneyfilmindia — Review Ram (@MovieReviewRam) 8 March 2019 (3) ...And Here's Some Extreme Feedback Instant reaction: #BrieLarson was poorly cast, the plethora of writers led to a haphazard story, there are several feminist Easter eggs throughout, and the relationship between Carol and Rambeau was excessively overrated...lots to say...C- #CaptainMarvel #CaptainMarvelreview pic.twitter.com/gnha09S8MS — Odin's Movie Blog (@OdinsMovieBlog) 8 March 2019 (4) Well, This Is A Given Fans of #CaptainMarvel comics are going to love the movie. Plain and simple. — Brandon Davis (@BrandonDavisBD) 20 February 2019 (5) Here's A Happy Fan @captainmarvel was full of so much girl power I almost cried. So fantastic and empowering to see! Loved the Easter eggs and the #stanlee tribute. #captainmarvel #CaptainMarvelreview — Chantalle (@channy_cas) 6 March 2019 (6) What Did You Think About The First Half? #CaptainMarvelreview [3.75/5] #CaptainMarvelâ â kicks ass! Although this origin story does not deviate from the MCU formula, it surprisingly feels fresh. Films first half could have done with more 'excitement' that the latter parts of the film had. Overall a fun film! #Marvel — Adarsh Kandy (@Akfilmreviews) 7 March 2019 (7) Happy Women's Day Indeed! THANOS! COUNT YOUR FUCKING DAYS BITCH! THE strongest, most powerful woman is coming for you. #captainmarvel pic.twitter.com/AZ253NU5sq — uhlEEsa (@alisawhat) 8 March 2019 (8) Is The Post-Credit Scene Related To Endgame? @CaptMarvelNews An absolute great movie, great chemistry between Fury and Carol, action, humor and a pumping post credit scene! #CaptainMarvelreview #CAPTAINMARVEL #AvengersEndgame — Fer (@d5wna) 8 March 2019 (9) Only One Way To Find Out The best scene was the last one @marvel #CaptainMarvelreview — Ibrahim Nwiran (@Ibrahim_Nwiran) 6 March 2019 (10) Here's An Insight @brielarson is absolutely awesome in @captainmarvel . Her Carol Danvers is funny, sweet, charming all at the same time plus she can take down bad guys like its nothing. #CapitanaMarvel #CaptainMarvelReview — Sehbyyyman (@lazybanz) 7 March 2019 (11) Thank God For That! I saw Captain Marvel tonight, and while it may not be groundbreaking, it was fun and the personal stakes felt real/earned. Plus, it didn't have the usual 3rd act bloat that weighs down most action films today. So, yeah. Thumbs up. #CaptainMarvelreview — Evelyn Anne (@evelynanne) 8 March 2019 (12) This Is A Popular Opinion Just saw Captain Marvel. I only have to say one thing: THANOS. IS. F***ED. In all seriousness though, a hilarious, empowering, amazing film. Lots of twists and turns, an amazing end credit scene, and a beautiful tribute to the late Stan Lee. #CaptainMarvel #CaptainMarvelreview — Kyle Sandino (@KyleSandino) 6 March 2019 (13) How Many Do You Have? Everybody walking out of #CaptainMarvel reassessing their Endgame theories pic.twitter.com/6ScrfakFcz — francesca ð (@francescaaahhhh) 8 March 2019 (14) Why Would He Tweet About His Friend Though? My friend was bored through the movie, stiff acting, bland cinematography nothing vibrant, coolest shot was in the trailer, and fury loses his eye in the dumbest way possible and Brie's human character isn't that likeable. — yah (@_TheRealJerome_) 8 March 2019 (15) Touche! #CaptainMarvel's awesome. Brie Larson is wonderful as Carol Danvers, her character is beautifully realized, and her chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson is pitch-perfect. Ben Mendelsohn's Talos makes for a solid villain. It's very funny, it's wildly energetic, and it's full of heart. — DEJ #TimesUpForBryanSinger (@john_tyler646) 8 March 2019 (16) Okay, That's It, We're Booking Our Tickets #CaptainMarvel is a blast! It moved along at a wonderful pace, and introduced us to a POWERFUL new hero. Brie Larson shines, and the supporting cast Is stellar. The hype is real about Mr. Ben Mendolsohn. probably my favorite story marvel has done. So Great! endgame here we come! — Dan (@MrOptomisticrit) 8 March 2019 Also, if you are a 90s teen, you'll definitely love the soundtrack! Well, any Superhero movie first boasts of its soundtrack, doesn't it? This one's gonna be good. I FUCKING LOVED #CAPTAINMARVEL Its very different than most of the MCU films and so very 90s. It's funny and fun and super empowering. It made me feel proud to be a woman. Also, as a 90s teen, the soundtrack....oh, the soundtrack ⤠— Yolanda Machado (@SassyMamainLA) 20 February 2019 And, the movie opens with a Stan Lee tribute right in the beginning. Oops did I say too much? Well, time to book them tickets because it's going to be one hell of a show!
  6. With the weekend coming up and maximum number people looking forward to party hard, a true sports fan would be the happiest, sitting at home, glued to the television box and watching back-to-back fixtures across all sports. From India and Australia's last series before the World Cup starting tomorrow to a mouthwatering El Clasico, you have got to cancel out on all your plans for the next two days. India Vs Australia, 1st ODI (Saturday 1:30 PM ) © AP Before the Australian challenge, the Indian cricket team were carrying themselves with confidence from their victories on foreign soil in the recent past. But an astonishing comeback for the underrated Aussies reversed the equation of this on-going tour of Australia. Having being white-washed in the T20I series by 2-0, the Men in Blue would definitely pull up their socks for the Aussie's challenge in the upcoming five-match ODI series. With first ODI taking place at Hyderabad, tomorrow, let's see what Kolhi & Co. have in store for us. Real Madrid Vs Barcelona (Sunday 1:15 AM) © Reuters We should consider ourselves really lucky that we are witnessing back-to-back El Clasico matchups in a space of three days. The last fixture between Real and Barca was a one-sided event where Barca completely ruled over Santiago Bernueba and registered a 3-0 win to book a place in the final of Copa Del Ray. Eyeing revenge, Sergio Ramos & Co. would make sure that they put forward their best team effort unlike last one. With Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele on the other side, one thing can be confirmed, that this would definitely be a super exciting match to watch. Tottenham Vs Arsenal (Saturday 6:00 PM) © Reuters With El Clasico on one side, there is North London Derby on the other, where Arsenal would be travelling to Wembley Stadium to face Tottenham Hotspurs in a league match. While the Gunners are coming from an emphatic home win over Bournemouth by 5-1, Tottenham are still being trolled over their late-game blunder by Trippier in their 0-2 lose against Chelsea. Tottenham, currently on the 3rd position in the league table, can get a tough competition by the away team as if Arsenal wins, it would place them just a point away from Spurs to take the third spot. Other fixtures from the English Premier League are : Manchester United Vs Southampton (Saturday 8:30 PM) Bournemouth Vs Manchester City (Saturday 8:30 PM) Fulham Vs Chelsea (Sunday 7:35 PM) Everton Vs Liverpool (Sunday 9:45 PM) Napoli Vs Juventus (Monday 1:00 AM) © Reuters In Series A fixture, the table-toppers Juventus go head-to-head with Napoli, who are right behind them. Both played an away game as their last match and where Napoli won 4-0 over Parma, Juventus could only score a single goal to register the win over Bologna. This would be a challenging game for Massimiliano Allegri and his men, as Napoli seems to be a strong side keeping in mind their unbeaten seven-match streak in the league. Other fixtures to look forward in Series A are: Lazio Vs Roma (Sunday 1:00 AM) Atlanta Vs Fiorentina (Sunday 10:30 PM)
  7. What makes a person successful? Is it luck? Is it beauty? Brains? Or money? The answer is none of these and also all of these. But yes, there is one thing successful people have in common: they are unconventional. They do not particularly conform to social conventions. They do have to face a lot of flak for the same and hardly ever are they recognized in their time (Phoebe Buffay, anyone? :P). Their way of doing things and their thought process is much ahead of their times. The truth about being conventional is that it constricts people to think in a certain way, it makes them remain shackled in a dictated way of living life or having ideas. You are expected to act a certain way, do certain things, behave in a predetermined way. There is never room for imagination. Therefore, when one tries to break free of the societal conventions thrust upon them, they are faced with resistance. Change is never welcome and when someone tries to change a preconceived formula, it is always looked down upon. The same happens with every entity we come across: people, books, movies, TV shows, music and the list goes on. When was the last time you saw a movie and were absolutely blown away by its unusual story and eccentric characters? What is so different about these movies? These movies question the archaic rules, break stereotypes and make a niche arc for themselves. Yes, everyone might not appreciate the brilliance of the story, the avant-garde themes and the work behind these movies but if you give these a chance, they might open up recesses of your mind which have been long shut by the wax of societal convention. Planning to watch an unconventional movie? Here are 7 such movies on Netflix which you can watch: 1. The Lady In The Van (2015): © TriStar Pictures/BBC Films/Sony Pictures Releasing/Netflix Maggie Smith stars in as the eponymous lady, Miss Mary Shepherd, with a secret; a terrible past which has led her to live as a vagabond on the streets. The only solace she has is her Bedford van which she believes is blessed. When writer Alan Bennett, fresh off the success of his latest play, moves into the neighbourhood, little does he know how his life is going to change after getting acquainted with the aforementioned lady. As Alan gets to know more about Miss Shepherd, they form an unusual bond of friendship, propelled by Alan's gesture to accommodate her in his driveway. In due course, Alan begins to perceive the real, sad person behind the eccentric, perennially annoyed, unhygienic Mary. As the movie progresses, we see Alan constantly struggle with the idea of Mary, a fact cleverly portrayed through debates between his two identities: the writer and the real. His conflicted emotions make him miserable and he keeps comparing the two women in his life: the lady in the van and his mother. No one plays eccentric and prudish characters better than Maggie Smith (Remember Professor McGonagall and the Dowager Countess?), and she does it again here. She is adorable in a funny way, bringing alive the pathos of Mary. Alex Jennings is excellent as the harried writer in two minds. Based on a true story from one of Alan Bennet's memoirs, the movie encapsulates the beauty of human relations and emotions, and the power of friendship through its exceptional writing and excellent portrayals. It makes us ask ourselves about the eternal question: why can't we be more compassionate? 2. Band of Robbers (2015): © Tom Sky Entertainment/Gravitas Pictures Just imagine if Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer were still looking for buried treasure! Intriguing, isn't it? Well, Huck and Finn are back with a modern upgrade! Directed by the Nee Brothers, Band of Robbers is a reimagination of the classics: Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Heavily borrowing from the books, it plays high on the nostalgia but not in an overcompensating way and stands on its own. The borrowed incidents do not influence the entirety of the movie, an ode to the genius of the Nee Brothers. Huck (Kyle Gallner) and Tom (Adam Nee) are now adults, but they haven't forgotten their “heroic” ways. When Huck, who has been in jail for some time is released, he is greeted by his best friend, Tom, who is now a down-on-his-luck police officer. Tom is still ambitious about their childhood dream of finding and claiming the Murrell treasure and has hatched a plan to finally lay his hands on it. A reluctant Huck gives in and they are then joined by their awkward and scatterbrained friends, Joe and Ben. As they start their adventure, they run into old acquaintances and with the omnipresent clues and the mysterious hints which are a trademark of the Twain novels, they seem to be a step closer to finding the treasure. Injun Joe makes a comeback along with all our favourite characters from the books. Prepare to relive your childhood! A true masterpiece in parallel thinking. Most definitely recommended! 3. Tramps (2016): © Animal Kingdom/Rooks Nest Entertainment/Netflix When two aspiring crooks cross paths on a job not done well, sparks are bound to fly. Callum Turner stars as smart mouth Danny who gets embroiled in a heist for his brother who has recently been incarcerated. His task is simple: switch a briefcase with another at the subway. All hell breaks loose when he realizes that the briefcase was not given to the intended recipient. Armed with just an address of the person with the briefcase and an unwilling partner-in-crime, quick-witted Ellie (Grace Van Patten), these teens traverse New York City using various modes: the subway, the bus, stolen bicycles, et al and embark on a crazy joyride which both of them had never anticipated. With stunning New York as a backdrop, it is reminiscent of those '70s movies with similar themes of a romance bubbling between two con artists but that is where the similarity ends. What is different is the pure brilliance of the plot, which shifts between romance and pragmatism effortlessly: two strangers find something on their wayward journey which may or may not result in something more concrete. A hauntingly beautiful background score and engaging performances by Grace Van Patten and Callum Turner make this one of the most intriguing movies on the list so far. Sometimes, temporary meetings can change you forever. 4. The Invention of Lying (2009): © Radar Pictures/Universal Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures/Focus Features Imagine a world where there were no lies and you couldn't lie. Could you imagine? But this is the world which Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) lives in. In this alternate reality, you cannot lie and there is no such thing as fiction, everyone speaks the truth; a utopian society which tells the truth without thinking about its ramifications. When things start to go horribly wrong for him at work, where he works as a screenwriter, owing to the fact that his movies are historical 14th-century flops and his personal life goes for a toss, he discovers the art of lying and he can do it quite well. Things start getting better once he starts lying and he soon discovers that lying can be beneficial to others as well! His crowning glory comes in the form of the ultimate lie he cooks up: God! Eventually, he faces a moral quandary and what he does sets the tone for the rest of the movie. The movie is funny, though it has its share of flaws, is a satire on faith, religion and the entire concept of truth. Is honesty always the best policy? Ricky Gervais is funny as always, more so as the unfortunate Mark, and so is Jennifer Garner as the snooty socialite, Anna. Unconventional and thought-provoking, its humour is its best-selling point. 5. Paddleton (2019): © Duplass Brothers Productions/Netflix Directed by Alex Lehman, the comedy-drama movie revolves around two middle-aged neighbours, Michael (Mark Duplass) and Andy (Ray Romano), who are best friends: eating pizza, watching dubbed Kung-Fu movies and playing “Paddleton” (a mix of paddleball and badminton) and living their best lives. Tragedy strikes when Michael gets diagnosed with terminal cancer which sets both of them to take a hard look at their lives, especially Andy. When Michael asks Andy to assist him in ending his life, they set out on a road trip to get the drugs and on the journey discover what they desperately crave. Fringing on the indie-film boundary, with mumblecore elements, this movie is one of those exceptional ones which truly open your eyes to the truth of being human. Without being too preachy, the movie stresses on our perceptions of friendship and life and how far will one go to save someone they care about. Andy and Michael have the perfect bromance, platonic with just the right amount of “sweet old couple fighting” but that doesn't change the fact that they absolutely love each other. The dialogue is efficient and economical, there are no big speeches on friendship or mushy declarations of love, just two people who care about each other and have finally realized their own mortality. The humour is top-notch, and its self-deprecating tone is one of its greatest triumphs. Mark Duplass and Ray Romano portray their characters with such nuance that watching them will make you realize the sadness we all carry with ourselves and the armour we put up for the world so that no one sees the vulnerability behind the façade. Ray Romano is best remembered as Raymond from “Everybody Loves Raymond” and so it is nearly inconceivable to imagine him in some other role. Seeing him portray an intense character so well blew my mind and will do the same for you! 6. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (2018): © Blueprint Pictures/Netflix Adapted from the novel of the same name, it focuses on a successful London writer, Juliet Ashton, who gets intrigued when a letter arrives from Guernsey along with the news of a much-beloved childhood book which happens to be in the possession of the sender, Dawsey Adams. Dawsey and Juliet start a correspondence via letters as the story behind the book club, whimsically founded by Dawsey's friend, Elizabeth McKenna, and four others in an attempt to resist arrest while the island was under the German occupation, piques Juliet's interest. Juliet then visits Guernsey to meet the people behind the odd named literary society and is fascinated by the colourful characters and their unique tale of how they survived during the occupation. Juliet plans to write a book about the society, but things start to unravel as she expresses her desire to the people of Guernsey, guided by the conspicuous absence of Elizabeth which seems like a mystery. Lily James' intricate portrayal of the determined and soft-spoken author, Juliet, who has a sad past is memorable as it is heartwarming. Michiel Huisman as Dawsey Adams seems to be tailor made for the role of the homegrown, down-to-earth farmer from Guernsey. All the members of the literary society are charming people in their quirky ways, especially Isola. A beautiful and delightful story of the power of human imagination. Truly marvellous! 7. I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016): © Paris Film/Zed Filmworks/Netflix “Even the prettiest things come to rot.” A hauntingly terrifying story told through dreamy cinematography, top-notch camerawork and eloquent dialogue delivery. This new genre of horror is better than you ever expected. We go back to gothic suspense roots as newly appointed nurse, Lily (Ruth Wilson), the self-proclaimed pretty thing, takes us through the once opulent house, one step at a time, where she is supposed to take care of the once famous and now demented, reclusive author Iris Blum (Paula Prentiss) who refers to Lily as Polly. Strangely, Polly (Lucy Boynton) happens to be the name of the protagonist of Iris' best-selling novel, The Lady in the Walls. As Lily recounts her story, she tells us how she chanced upon the novel and how things started to unravel thereafter. As the movie progresses, we keep shifting from present to the past and meet the real Polly on whom apparently Iris based her book. Things take a drastic turn when Lily starts to realize that the reality of the book might be something grotesque. Not your typical brand of horror, it isn't about a fearless protagonist or ghosts which trouble you but provides a compelling narrative of the three main characters, all thanks to the genius of Osgood Perkins (the director). It surely transports you a horror world akin to the ones created by directors like Stanley Kubrick and Roman Polanski. It isn't a run-of-the-mill horror, but what makes it so unconventional is that you are left to your own devices to judge the veracity of the narration, the elusiveness of the story makes it more compelling. Appearances are deceptive: what you find pretty might not always be pretty. So, which one are you planning to watch?
  8. After a long week at work, we want nothing more than to just go out for drinks with our friends at the local watering hole. With the dress code leaning more towards casual each day, there still remains a fine line between workwear and everyday clothing. With that said, who says you can't switch things up on the weekend? Your workwear can be styled up into kickass weekend looks that will take your dress sense to the next level. Any savvy dresser knows that utilizing every piece in your wardrobe is essential. Mixing things up by combining your office and casual wear can save you the cost of twice as many outfits that you might need. Here are 4 ways to rock work clothes on the weekend and save a few bucks and up the ante on your style game: 1. Shirt © Instagram @kartikaaryan Being off the clock doesn't apply to your clothes. Especially shirts. There's nothing like loosening the tie and rolling up your sleeves at the end of a long week. Save up some work for your shirts, though. Use a shirt as a layering piece with a jumper on top and roll the sleeves. Another way could be to wear your shirt over a graphic tee shirt or underneath a denim jacket for the ultimate boy next door look. A checkered shirt can also double up as an accessory as you can tie it on your waist to add some edge to certain looks. 2. Suit Jacket © Instagram @the.vainglorious While suits usually mean business, styling them right can make them date night ready too. Swap your formal shirt with a graphic tee and use your suit jacket as a day or night appropriate look. You can also go for a hoodie or a turtle neck underneath your jacket with ankle length pants or jeans for a smart-casual look. Opt for Chelsea boots or sneakers for a great impression. 3. Tie © Pinterest While loosening up your tie is synonymous with getting off work, there are a few ways you can use a tie to amplify your style game after hours too. First of all, just use solid coloured ties and nothing in silk or printed style. A well-knotted tie with a basic white shirt, charcoal jeans and a black leather jacket make for an edgy but understated look. If you're feeling adventurous, go for a pair of combat boots to complete your grunge-casual look. A tie is the one accessory that can instantly make you look sophisticated. 4. Trousers © Instagram @vickykaushal09 As soon as the clock hits 6 pm on a Friday evening, we're pretty sure your formal trousers don't see the light of day until Monday. This shouldn't be the case, as your formal trousers or chinos can double up as great statement makers for a night out as well. Just sport your trousers with a denim or a bomber jacket and a jumper or a tee underneath, slip on some sneakers and you're sorted for the night. These are just a few examples of how you can use your officewear for other occasions. Just keep in mind that if you're off the clock on the weekend, your clothing doesn't have to be.
  9. The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is making a lot of effort to involve the Indian culture within its huge family. In the recent days, the organisation is trying to reach out to the big chunk of their worldwide audience which comes from India by both direct and indirect means, but you've got to agree, they know how to make an impact. In their latest attempt, the company's Chief Brand Officer, Stephanie McMahon can be seen donning a red chunni with colourful and shiny embellishment all around as she moves to 1997's Aamir Khan and Ajay Devgn starrer Ishq's song, Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai. Now wouldn't @StephMcMahon be perfect for a #Bollywood movie? ð @SinghBrosWWE pic.twitter.com/o3dhrQJLvq — WWE (@WWEIndia) January 29, 2019 In the video, India's newest talents to enter the ring, the Singh Bros are speaking about how Bollywood has come to become the greatest movie industry in the world and how the WWE Universe needs to see what Bollywood is all about. Enters Stephanie, with all her charisma and confidence, ready to show to the world what Bollywood songs are all about and as soon as the song began, it was McMahon's show as she did the Bhangra with the two Indian wrestlers. The skit comes just shortly after WWE's stunt to reach out to the cricket fans, especially the followers of former Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni, as they put on vote Dhoni's 2019 Royal Rumble appearance. A couple of weeks ago, Brock Lesnar's manager and spokesperson, Paul Heyman too roasted the Cricket World Cup whilst praising the cricketer, for basically stealing his catchphrase to describe his client. Why is WWE suddenly showing so much interest in their Indian audience, you ask? The organisation is looking to bring in more and more Indian talent in order to culturally diversify the competition, thereby increasing viewership internationally. .@StephMcMahon calls out all the Women athletes in #India to register for the #WWETryout in March 2019! Apply here: https://t.co/BOSB5tRetY (website also available in Hindi) pic.twitter.com/pNgGiO1Xtd — WWE (@WWEIndia) January 30, 2019 Between 3rd and 5th March, WWE is coming to Mumbai to acquire the Indian in-ring performers, especially female wrestlers to put on a show in all their brands including Raw, SmackDown and NXT. You can apply for an audition slot by signing up. The website is also available in Hindi.
  10. When most people were busy making plans for the weekend, looks like Bollywood's Badshah, Shah Rukh Khan had 'Zero' plans and spent the weekend lazying around at home. Posting this photo on social media, Shah Rukh Khan wrote, "Weekend Research: "A survey has found One in Three men are just as lazy as the other Two". We r the other two and we don't agree mom!(sic)" View this post on Instagram Weekend Research: “ A survey has found One in Three men are just as lazy as the other Two”. We r the other two and we don't agree mom! A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Jan 13, 2019 at 4:04am PST The other man in question is his 5-year-old son AbRam, who is not only one of the coolest kids in Bollywood but can easily give any of us adults a run for their money, when it comes to popularity. Their Sunday plan looks pretty much sorted as the two men were busy working on a weekend research on lazy men, while lazying around themselves and posing for pictures. View this post on Instagram Love is always only in the eyes….here's all of ours to u on Eid. Eid Mubarak to everyone & may ur families be happy & healthy. A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Jun 15, 2018 at 7:01pm PDT Clearly his millions of fans couldn't get enough of this lazy picture and flooded social media with their comments for the father-son duo. While one wrote, "The king and his little prince", others wrote that they missed SRK and the fact that he hadn't posted anything on social media in a long time. On the work front, SRK's 'Zero' failed to match up to the expectations of his fans, but we guess he will come back with a bang in his next project, the biopic on Rakesh Sharma. However, there are rumours that he may have opted out of the film, 'Saare Jahaan Se Achha', but nothing is confirmed so far.
  11. With the New Year lurking just around the corner, we all have our own plans set to usher in 2019 with full vigour! However, if parties are not your idea of celebrations, but you are all for good travel experiences, these would be some of the best places to visit with your girlfriend and ring in the New Year together. Check out these 10 offbeat, romantic destinations around the country that are simply perfect to welcome the New Year: 1. Laitlum Canyons, Meghalaya © Instagram-shngain_khongsti A truly scenic, thrill-inducing place located in the outskirts of Shillong, the canyons make for a breathtaking view. The steep height and the panoramic view of the lush greenery around is the best way to behold nature's marvel in the company of your girlfriend. 2. Rosary Church, Shettihalli, Bengaluru © Instagram-sanfamio An 1860 Gothic creation by French Missionaries, this medieval church is located on the backs of Hemavathi River. A peculiarity surrounds this structure, that evades full exposure during the rainy season when it gets submerged into water, and can only be seen in its full glory once the water level recedes. 3. Kaas Plateau, Maharashtra © Wikipedia A visit to this place will greet you with a marvellous sight of a sea of blossoms. The Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra is located 22 km from Satara city and is home to around 850 species of flowers. With its many blooms of wildflowers to charm your lady's heart, this place surely deserves a visit. 4. Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh © Instagram-niketmalpani Also known as the Marble Rocks of Bhedaghat, you simply have to take a boat ride with your lady here on a moonlit evening. The place simply looks ethereal. 5. Sela Pass, Arunachal Pradesh © Instagram-twistedshanti Located at a height of 14,000 feet above sea level in Tawang, Sela Pass is one of the highest passes in the world! It rests beside the Paradise Lake, which looks pristine with its crystal clear water, and lush greenery around - the place almost looks magical when it snows. 6. Majuli, Assam © Twitter Popularly known for being the largest river island in the world, this location should be in your 'must-visit' list. Situated along the banks of Brahmaputra river, the place is only accessible through ferries. It is also one of the potential contenders of UNESCO World Heritage Site. 7. Nubra Valley, Ladakh, J&K © Instagram-warriers_dlrg_cherry One of Ladakh's most offbeat places, Nubra Valley is an amalgamation of a cold desert, lush fields and a tiny residential town. With its quaint villages, lush greenery and monasteries, this place will blow your mind. 8. Papikondalu, Andhra Pradesh © Instagram-vignesh_vicky_official A mountain range that runs along the Godavari River in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh. The scenic beauty of the place will leave you craving for more, and the mountain range begins to close in on the river. 9. Devbagh Beach, Maharashtra © Instagram-karnatakeworld Anjunadeep in Devbagh boasts of calm environs and a visual history of the Portuguese era. People say that this place was once a haven for Bednore and Soonda, when these coastal kingdoms were invaded by Tipu Sultan. 10. Gurez Valley, Kashmir © Instagram-cativatingkashmir Located in the northern region of Kashmir, near Srinagar, the snow-capped mountains of the Valley will leave you spellbound and is home to rare species of flora and fauna.
  12. The second edition of the Riders Music Festival has created waves ahead of its opening day on December 22 at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. As much as it is a celebration of the biking community in the country, it is also a carnival that brings in other elements, like music “With the ever-evolving biking community and the increasing fad of motorcycles every year in our country, we believe there should be something for everybody,” believes Nisha Narayanan, COO RED FM. “What's better than to bring together an amalgamation of biking, music, grub and more for that perfect concoction to make your weekend a memorable one. Riders Music Festival was a huge success in its inception year in 2017. This year we look forward to the IP becoming bigger, better, and louder. Let the bikes roar & the music play,” she adds. Here are a few of the big Indian performers that you can catch live at this extravaganza. 1. Mame Khan The manganiyar singer is known for his expertise in traditional Folk and Sufi music. He is a former India's Got Talent contestant and found instant success with his rendition of the song Chaudhary for MTV India's music show Coke Studio. 2. Lucky Ali A cult star of the 90s, Lucky Ali barely needs any introduction to the generation that grew up listening to his songs and idolising him in those uber cool music videos. For the ones who are not well acquainted with him, check out a few of his tracks and prepare yourself to fall in love with his soulful brand of music. 3. Nucleya One of the biggest Indian DJs and mixers of this decade, Udyan Sagar became a countrywide phenomenon with his kitsch, bass-heavy sound that was immediately lapped up by the masses. His USP is a very distinct and unique usage of Indian street sounds that has earned him a reputation of someone who is bridging the gap between indie and mainstream in a way that few others have. 4. Divine Born with the name Vivian Fernandes, Divine's rise from the streets of Mumbai to India's coolest rap sensation has been nothing short of a dream. But behind the realisation of this dream have been many years of hard work that yielded superhit numbers like Yeh Mera Bombay and Mere Gully Mei. 5. Bhuvan Bam One of our cover stars for the month of December, Bhuvan Bam started his stage career as a musician in small-time Delhi restaurants. It took a back seat when he started making videos for his Youtube channel BB Ki Vines, but his first love has resurfaced with tracks like Safar and Sang Hoon Tere. And he's surely as good at singing as he is at other things.
  13. "The reason we're successful, darling? My overall charisma, of course." - Freddie Mercury When I was a kid, music was an integral part of my life. So much so, it would play all night and day in my house. Both my parents loved their share of music and invested a lot of their time listening to some tunes from the 60's, 70's & the 80'. While my mother loved her some disco vibes like Abba and Boney M, my father was more inclined towards rock 'n roll, jazz and some blues and swing from the 50's. © Pintrest It was in my early childhood years when he'd installed a new sound system and he played a song on it which stuck with me for life and it was possibly the first song I'd ever heard, or that I can remember. It was Queen's 'Radio Gaga'. Of course, back then I was a little too young to understand the lyrics so I'd just go 'Gaga & Goo Goo' whenever they sang the chorus but as the years progressed, I started hearing a lot more Queen, just so I could go about my day with Freddie's Mercury's perfect 5 octave pitch. Jesus, what a voice it was! Queen has been one of those pitch-perfect bands, emerging from the glam rock scenario in the 70's and becoming a sensation in its time. Although it wasn't a one-man-show kinda band, the front man and the lead singer did make the 'Queen experience' legendary- for himself and, of course, for the band too. From his outfits on stage to his witty comebacks, Freddie did it just about right in the 70's and the 80's and we loved him for the man he was. © BBC His Indian connection comes as no surprise. Yes, he was a Parsi from Mumbai who spent most of his childhood years in India and learnt to play the piano. His official name Farrokh Bulsara is lesser known to people because he chose a different name for himself which did go down in history instead. Now with the release of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' on the 15th of November, 2018, we're all geared up to revisit the 70's and the 80's, where Queen literally ruled the land with their lyrical content and music. The movie talks about the band's struggle to stick together, Freddie's ostentatious lifestyle and flamboyancy on and off stage and of course his last days, when he's struggling with a deadly disease. © Twitter Here are some lesser known facts about him, so you can brush up on history's most iconic band, before you go watch the film, which will be out soon, in theatres near you! (1) He Had An Indian Connect As I've already given you spoilers, Freddie Mercury aka Farrokh Bulsara had his roots firmly in India, before he became Britain's legendary rock star. His grandparents were from a town in Gujrat called Bulsar, which is where his last name is taken from. He was sent to St. Peter's boarding school in Panchgani, at the age of 8, where he got his nickname 'Freddie'. He also formed a band back in school with 4 bandmates and he named it 'The Hectics', which became the unofficial school band. He learnt piano in school and was a gifted all-rounder. The quiet-yet talented Mercury received the junior all-rounder trophy when he was just 12! © Freddie Mercury Biography (2) His Voice Was A Record Breaker Freddie's voice was phenomenally different! He had an extraordinary vocal range of nearly 5 octaves, as good as any opera singer and he had a baritone which sang as a tenor, making his voice stand out from the crowd! When some scientists did research on his voice, they figured he had a unique vibrato. His vibrato was actually higher than an opera singer's vibrato. © Twitter (3) He DID Have A GF He was in a long-term relationship in the 70s with his then-girlfriend Mary Austin, who later became his best friend. While with Mary, Freddie used to have *** with other men. When he confessed that he might be bisexual to her, she strongly claimed that he was purely gay! That was the first time Mercury admitted to his sexuality and never hid it from anyone. "The Love of My Life." "All my lovers asked me why they couldn't replace Mary, but it's simply impossible," - Freddie Mercury Before passing away, he left his London mansion and most of his fortune in her name. © Twitter (4) He Was An Artist Too He was an awesome graphic designer and got his degree from Ealing Art College. He, in fact, designed Queen's official logo too. Oh, and he also named the band! "The concept of Queen is to be regal and majestic. We want to be dandy. We want to shock and be outrageous" - Freddie Mercury © Twitter (5) He Snuck Princess Diana Out Yep, you read that right! She was one of the most famous women in the world and she went through great lengths to keep her identity anonymous! So, one night Freddie made her disguise as a 'male model' and took her to a bar in South London and she chilled with him and Kenny Everett, without being recognised, the entire night. Man, what a time to be alive! © Twitter (6) He Was A Party Animal Freddie was known to hit every party in town and get wasted to see the sunrise. You'd often see him party with the best of celebrities in various party zones in London. "Freddie Mercury could out-party me, which is saying something. We'd be up for nights, sitting there till 11 in the morning, still flying high" - Elton John © Twitter (7) He Wrote His No.1 Hit In A Bathtub Please tell me you've heard 'Crazy 'lil Thing Called Love'? The no.1 hit single came to him while he was bathing, in a bathtub in a hotel in Germany and the song came to him in 5 minutes. It was Queen's first no. 1 hit single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. © Pintrest (8) The Famous Song 'Under Pressure' Happened Spontaneously Even if you haven't heard 'Under Pressure' I am sure you've heard 'Ice Ice Baby', written by the American rapper- Vanilla Ice, which was based on the same bassline as Under Pressure. The song came through an impromptu jam between Mercury and David Bowie, and it was a no.1 hit in 1981. © Twitter (9) The Bottomless Mic Became His Trademark At one concert, earlier on into Queen's concert career, he accidentally broke the mic stand on stage and instead of swapping it for a new one, he performed with a bottomless mic, throughout. Later on, he used bottomless mic stands for all his concerts. © Pintrest (10) He Was A Cat-Man I don't mean his secret identity FYI. I mean he loved cats and for a while, he had all of 10 cats! In fact, his favourite was named Delilah and she inspired him to write a song about her (also one of my fav's) in the album Innuendo, the lyrics to which went something like this - "You make me so very happy / When you cuddle up and go to sleep beside me / And then you make me slightly mad / When you pee all over my Chippendale Suite." © Pintrest (11) He Kept The Band Together Queen came very close to breaking up in the 70s when they literally disagreed upon anything and everything. But most band members banked on him for his diplomatic skills and peacemaking capabilities and hence the band actually never broke up, ever. © Twitter (12) He Died Of AIDS Freddie died of severe pneumonia which was induced by AIDS. He was suffering from AIDS since a while and he'd managed to keep it a secret from the world. The only person who knew was Mary Austin. He died a day after he declared he had AIDS and he gave Mary the responsibility of burying his ashes without revealing where she'd bury them. © Twitter Not just the music and entertainment industry in the west, but people in India mourned the greatest rock star's demise. Earlier this year, we had Ranveer Singh gallivanting in Switzerland, donning a complete Freddie Mercury get-up on the streets of Montreux, dancing his heart out to 'I want to break free', in front of Freddie Mercury's statue, built there. Freddie Mercury's legacy will forever stay amidst us and never cease to exist. We still sing like wounded banshee's to Queen's famous- 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and never tire ourselves with the higher pitches and staccato that the song is comprised of! Here's hoping the movie does justice to his life and Queen's musical career. For now, revel in these facts and plug in some Queen to take your mind off the dreary week.
  14. Action movies are a great watch if you're really into some heavy duty stuff. I know a lot of peeps love spending a lot of time doing some crazy action movie marathons. But we've all seen those marathons, haven't we? Be it 'Die Hard' or the 'Bourne Series' or even 'Kill Bill', 'Terminator' etc. we've cued them together sometime in our life and binge watched them till we've had enough! © Warner Bros. Pictures But let's just focus on the lesser known action flicks you can spend your weekend watching instead . After all, it's our job to make your weekend a bit more interesting isn't it? Here are 7 underrated action flicks you can cue for the weekend. (1) IP Man (2008) © Mandarin Films 'IP Man' is a biographical martial arts movie based on the life of IP man, the grandmaster of martial arts-Wing Chun, who was also Bruce Lee's teacher. The modern classic action flick truly has us believing that Donnie Yen can take on an entire mob all my himself! Definitely watch this one if you're heavy into martial arts. (2) Ong Bak 2: The beginning (2009) © Sahamongkol Film International 'Ong Bak 2' is a follow up to the first part- Muay Thai Warrior and as the name suggests it's another Thai martial arts movie starring Tony Jaa. Although the names are the same, 'Ong Bak 2' has nothing much to do with the first part and is set in 15th Century Thailand, and is a fully fledged take on a historical epic, with a few elements of fantasy combined. 'Ong Bak 2' remains the single best showcase for Jaa's abilities as a great martial artist. You can literally see him beating up half the population of Thailand, with the help of his partner of course! (3) Haywire (2011) © Relativity Media With a kickass cast, 'Haywire' is a great watch if you want some sorted action flick for the weekend. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, the movie revolves around Mallory Kane (Gina Carano), who works for a company that handles sensitive 'black operations'. The movie is in the same vein as the Bourne franchise , with more understated and fierce fight scenes. Gina Carano gives a stellar performance though, with her willingness to perform her own stunts, giving the actions sequences more authenticity. (4) Dredd (2012) © Lionsgate 'Dredd' is based on the 2000 AD comic strip Judge Dredd and if you've read the comics you'd know how classic this movie really is. Directed by Pete Travis, the movie unfortunately didn't fair too well because it released simultaneously with 'The Dark Knight Rises' and 'The Avengers'. But fans will remain faithful of course since it's the best adaptation of the Judge Dredd comics. (5) The Grey (2012) © Open Road Films 'The Grey' is directed by Joe Carnahan and it stars Liam Neeson, Frank Grilo and Dermont Mulroney. The story is about number of 'oil-men', stranded in Alaska after a plane crash, who have to fight grey wolves who're out to get them amidst extremely cold weather conditions! The movie is the fight for survival and no one could have done it better than Neeson himself. I mean, he's the only middle-aged action hero who still looks good on camera and this movie surely falls in the same league as 'Taken'! (6) Edge Of Tomorrow (2014) © Warner Bros. Pictures 'Edge of Tomorrow' is a science fiction film starring Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise. The screenplay is adapted from a Japanese novel called 'All You Need Is Kill'. The film is futuristic and shows most of Europe invaded by Aliens. With some great action sequences, the film deserved a lot more love than it got back in 2014. But it's a great watch regardless. (7) Everly (2015) © Dimension Films The film has Salma Hayek, who obviously steals the show any given day! The film didn't have a chance to make it in the league of some popular action movies but it definitely has Hayek proving that she can play a gun-toting action heroine without any trouble. The movie revolves around her being a *** slave for the brutal Japanese criminal overlord Taiko, until Taiko realises she's been working with the police to bring his cartel down. So we've given you one busy weekend in front of your television sets/laptops, to binge watch these crazy and very underrated action movies. If you make out alive by the end of the weekend, you know you've had a successful run!
  15. 'Red Dead Redemption 2' (RDR 2) had the largest opening weekend for any form of entertainment media in history. The brand new game by Rockstar was able to beat every movie, TV, book and video game opening in history as it managed to sell copies worth $725 million. © Rockstar It is the second highest grossing entertainment launch right behind Rockstar's other property “Grand Theft Auto 5”. The only reason why RDR2 falls behind GTA V is that the latter was released on a Tuesday giving it more time for sales. Time and time again video games have beaten other forms of entertainment media reasserting our opinion about games being bigger than movies. © Rockstar Rockstar Games has not detailed the exact number of copies sold for RDR 2; however, from sheer numbers we can assure it is more than 10 million units. RDR 2 was also the most pre-ordered game of all time on the PlayStation Network and also saw the largest launch sales ever on the platform. RDR 2 is expected to cross the $1billion mark pretty soon and be one of the biggest launches for games in 2018. We are currently under the process of our review of the game and will let you know our thoughts on the game shortly. For more news on RDR 2, stay tuned to MensXP Technology. Source: IGN
  16. The Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra starrer 'Badhaai Ho' released today and the verdict is already out. The internet has already declared it loud and clear that Ayushmann rules the roost on the big screen for now. Badhaai Ho reviews are so good. @ayushmannk is competing with himself this weekend, with Andhadhun receiving so much love too. That's the kind of competition you need. Yay! â¤ï¸ — Manpreet Kaur (@Manpreeeeeet) October 17, 2018 Just watched #BadhaaiHo and have to say @ayushmannk sir again a very brilliant job..as always also I think now every Indian will understand the sweet message from the movie of #savethegirlchild loved itâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ — Sourav Narayan (@carcrazysourav) October 18, 2018 The movie also stars the supremely talented Neena Gupta, who is back on the screen after a while, and she is winning hearts out there. #BadhaaiHo is great fun! @raogajraj steals every single scene he's in; commendable with the fantastic cast of @ayushmannk @Neenagupta001 and @sanyamalhotra07. And don't miss Surekha Sikri as a cranky, yet adorable grandmum!#BadhaaiHoReview #BadhaaiHoMovieReview — Neil Soans (@RollingSoans) October 17, 2018 #BadhaaiHo is such a heartwarming movie. I laughed, I cried and I missed my family so much! @Neenagupta001, @raogajraj and Surekha Sukri are the real stars of the movie. Watch this one with your families. Amit Sharma, Badhaai Ho :) — Wo Madrasi Kudi (@dishya_sharma) October 17, 2018 Seems like everyone's loving the fact that there's a family entertainer after such a long time, for everyone to savour. Watched #BadhaaiHo and absolutely loved it. Set to be @ayushmannk's 2nd consecutive mega hit. Surprisingly the curse of second half in Bollywood films is slowly diminishing. Go watch the film with your friends and family this dussehra. Recommended! â­â­â­â­ #BadhaaiHoReview — Yash Paryani (@FilmyYash) October 17, 2018 It is unfair on other actors for @ayushmannk to chunk out two of the best movies of the year! #BadhaaiHo is wow. Keep soaring, our self proclaimed SRKian. â¤ï¸ — Hipster (@Hipsterrrific) October 18, 2018 In case you were living under a rock and have no idea what this movie is about, now is a good time to know. So, in case you have no movie plans for the weekend, you should probably make one now?
  17. If you are one of those who find Netflix unreasonably costly, then you should go for Amazon Prime. With Rs 999 a year, it's quite cheap and some of its content also is much better than the overrated shows of Netflix. I can give you '13 reasons why' Amazon Prime is better than Netflix but for now, let's see some of its shows which are lesser known but still a great watch: 1. Doctor Foster © BBC One You must have heard the phrase 'A jealous woman does better research than FBI.' This series somewhat shows that, except here, our protagonist, Dr. Foster isn't jealous but suspects that her husband might be cheating on her. It's one of the shows which brilliantly offer the 'what-would-happen-next' thrill. You will see brilliant performances by the cast, great direction, and very subtle but engaging plot twists. With an IMDB rating of 8, this drama is a must watch. 2. Coupling © BBC This series is an adult version of FRIENDS. I'm not saying it is as good, but it will definitely make you laugh. The entire series revolves around a group of friends who often meet in a bar to discuss aspects of life, relationships, ***, and everything else. Rated 8.6 at IMDB, this one is one hell of a ***-comedy. 3. The Grand Tour © Amazon Prime Video The Grand Tour is strictly for the ones who are fond of adventure and automobiles, as it offers you both. Standing tall at 9.1 IMDB rating, the show is hosted by Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. They travel the globe driving the cars that will make you curse your job. It has amazingly great cinematography and this show is a must watch for driving enthusiasts. 4. The Night Manager © BBC This is one of the best series that I've watched in the recent times. I was skeptical about it but when I found out that our beloved Dr. House is playing the role of an antagonist, I just had to watch it. And I am glad I did! The series revolves around a night manager of a hotel who tries to bring down the empire of an arms dealer. It has suspense, drama, great acting, and 'at-the-edge-to-my-seat' kind of thrill. 5. The Man In The High Castle © Amazon Studios If you're a history buff, then you should watch this. The series shows what life would have been had the Nazis won the World War II. Showing the alternate universe, this series has brilliant direction & a great story-line. Watch this show to enter in the world of Hitler. 6. This Is Us © NBC One word for this series – beautiful! This is us is a story of a set of triplets which shows their life, how 'different' they are, their struggles, and their love for each other. The plot keeps on jumping from past to present and present to past, showing every aspect of their lives. It has comedy, drama, romance and an 8.8 IMDB rating. Don't miss it.
  18. A war is definitely the worst thing to witness and it takes a toll on nations, however war movies are quite entertaining and their depiction of the conflict helps us in understanding our past. Apart from the adrenaline you experience whilst watching one, you also get a brief dose of a piece of historical significance, because almost all wars depicted in movies are based on true events. © columbia pictures For our Netflix (and other entertainment websites) weekend recommendation this time, we have picked out some excellent war movies you can binge watch to build on that adrenaline and make most of the weekend. Laugh, cry or just feel the rush of blood, whatever you do, don't call it quits in the middle of watching one. Here are 7 awesome war movies to binge-watch with or without Netflix this weekend: (1) Inglorious Basterds (2009) © Universal Pictures While this may not be Tarantino's best, it still has elements of blood and gore to add to your weekend. It's about a hypothetical scenario during World War II and Tarantino's band of vigilantes are out saving the day for everyone! Christopher Waltz won an Oscar for his performance in this movie and we haven't stopped watching him since. Definitely should be on your list of movies to cue! Watch the trailer here (2) The Imitation Game (2014) © Universal Pictures This one's definitely one of my favourites for sure. Alan Turing is up on the list of the world's most important computer scientists ever, because he's invented the Turing Test, which evaluates AI's abilities to destroy us all! Before he invented the Turing Test though, he was part of World War II as a British code breaker of the Germans transmissions. The drama is based on real events, of course, and Benedict Cumberbatch is as awesome as you can imagine him to be, in Turing's role. Watch the trailer here (3) Atonement (2007) © Universal Pictures So you thought 'Pearl Harbour' is the only romantic war movie that's out there? Definitely check out 'Atonement', a romantic epic based on a soldier who is sent off to fight in the WWII, and he finds himself in the middle of Britain's retreat from the Germans on the shores of Dunkirk beach. The heartbreaking story also depicts a love angle and separation between the soldier and his love, played by James McAvoy and Keira Knightley. Watch the trailer here (4) Dunkirk (2017) © Warner Bros. Pictures Of course, this movie had to be on the list. 'Dunkirk' depicts the Dunkirk evacuation during the World War II and portrays the evacuation in the movie through three perspectives: land, sea and air. The film is shot exceptionally and tells the tale as it is. So if you didn't catch it in cinemas last year, definitely find a copy online. Watch the trailer here (5) Black Hawk Down (2001) © Columbia Pictures Do you just want to watch an unadulterated 90-minute action flick? Then this is your film. You'll probably still hear the war in your head, long after the movie is over! Yes, it's that intense. This Ridley Scott movie is based on a non-fiction book, which was released in 1999, written by Mark Bowden. The story revolves around a 1993 raid in Mogadishu by the U.S. Military, aimed at catching faction leader Mohamed Farrah Aidid. The film has a great cast and it's definitely worth a watch. Watch the trailer here (6) Schindler's List (1993) © Universal Pictures The list wouldn't be complete without this one being here. I mean, it's only the truest and fairest depiction of the horrific genocide massacre. Spielberg made sure to keep the human element of empathy alive when he made the film. The film does have a beautiful story but I won't reveal that here. I know this has been on your 'movies to watch' list for a while, so you should get around to watching it. Watch the trailer here (7) The Hurt Locker (2008) © Summit Entertainment This one's a war thriller, and I am only putting this on the list because very little films have depicted the true reality of the state of affairs during the American-Iraq war. The film is about an Iraq War Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team, who are targeted by insurgents and it shows their psychological frame of mind during the war. While war is addictive as drugs to some, it's a torture for the others. Watch the trailer here I may not have put some really epic war movies in this list and even though this isn't a random selection of war movies, it's a well thought out attempt to get you hooked to some real time movies, that need to be watched before going over to more intense ones. So, binge away with these this weekend and we'll come back with a fresh list of more war movies, soon!
  19. The weekend is here, and it's time to return happily to our favourite spot on the couch and pick a show to binge-watch. Whether it's a working weekend, chilling scenes with your friends, or just lazy time with a tub of popcorn, here's a list of shows that will hook you to the screen within the first few episodes. This weekend, enjoy some brilliant narratives and appealing characters. Here we have for you some of the most highly acclaimed series from the West that can't be missed: 1. Damages: The award-winning legal thriller series 'Damages' revolves around Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), the New York-based ruthless lawyer who is best at what she does. Every season brings some interesting cases that Hewes and her law firm take on. With 4 Emmy Awards and 1 Golden Globe Award to its credit, 'Damages' rates high with an IMDB rating of 8.1, making it a pretty good watch. 2. Unforgettable: Starring Dylan Walsh as Lieutenant Al Burns, 'Unforgettable' is an interesting drama that's all about solving mysterious cases. Walsh is seen solving the cases with his girlfriend Carrie, which may remind you of 'Castle'. Carrie Wells, a former police detective, has a rare ability to remember virtually everything she experiences, including detailed visual recall. She returns to police work and uses her ability to solve crimes. 3. Timeless: The sci-fi drama 'Timeless' S1-2 stars some biggies like Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, and Matt Lanter. When a historian, a scientist and a soldier are assigned the herculean task of stopping a mysterious organization from changing the American history through time travel, their connection to the master plan is revealed. Witness the journey of an unlikely trio travelling through time in order to battle unknown criminals and protect history. 4. Dark: Another science fiction thriller makes its way to our list. Netflix's 'Dark' is set in an old German Town where children start disappearing from the fictional town of Winden. The disappearance of two young children exposes things that no one had thought of. Double lives and fractured relationships of four families come out, secrets are revealed. 'Dark' is a proper family saga with a supernatural twist. 5. The Tick: In the world of Superheroes, 'Tick' comes as another addition. A nigh-invulnerable superhero in a blue tick costume arrives in The City to help combat crime and uncover the mysterious figure behind the city's underworld. An interesting watch indeed! 6. Everything Sucks: 'Everything Sucks' revolves around the students at the Boring High School in Oregon in 1996. The show takes you back to teenage life in a simpler world without smartphones and other 21st-century technology. It is a story of two nerds from high school who try hard to get noticed and the things they do to get famous. A laughter riot dealing with different issues of teenagers, this show is a must watch. 7. The Red Oak: Another show that tops the comedy-drama series is 'The Red Oak'. The show is all about David, a college student, who just starts with his work in a New Jersey country club during his summer break in 1985. The show digs deeper into David's life, with small stories revolving around his family, friends, and co-workers. 8. Vikings: Not as famous as 'Game of Thrones' but this show is indeed as awesome as 'Game of Thrones'. This historical drama is inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the best-known legendary Norse heroes and notorious as the scourge of England and France. We see Ragnar as a farmer who rises to fame after successful raids in England and eventually becomes the Scandinavian king, with the support of his brother Rollo, his son Björn Ironside, and his wives—the shieldmaiden Lagertha and the princess Aslaug. Aren't you now spoilt for choice? Make a pick and start binge-watching!
  20. This is the weekend to do something more sombre (read sober) I suppose and there is nothing more sober than giving yourself some good 'ol education, to become smarter in life, perhaps? And by that I don't mean go back to your textbooks or pick up a course or something but to watch some really interesting documentaries on Netflix, which will get your IQ flowing like Salman Khan's unbearable ego. Netflix has a plethora of some good documentaries to choose from, so you never have to have a dull weekend, and they're actually quite informative, made from true facts. © Netflix So, if you're feeling a little indoor-sy this weekend, then queue some Netflix documentaries and watch them with your fam, bae or just by yourself. Here's a list of 5 recommended documentaries on Netflix to watch this weekend: (1) Citizenfour © Radius-TWC Academy award winner, the documentary was released in 2014 and is a real life thriller about Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald's meeting with Edward Snowden in Hong Kong, as he hands over classified documents containing evidence of mass indiscriminate and illegal invasions of privacy by the National Security Agency (NSA), to them. Trust me, after watching this documentary, you'll try and keep away from your phones, e-mails, credit cards, internet browsers and anything that can be used to keep an eye on you! Watch the trailer here (2) Dark Net © Vocativ You'll absolutely love this one because it's quite intriguing. Are you aware of the dark net? You thought the internet is limited to what you can browse through, didn't you? There's a world way deeper and darker than that in virtual space and this documentary exposes every nook and cranny of that world. The film talks about the Silk Road case, bit coins and the politics behind it. The dark net supplies drugs and every illegal product under the sun, but is it easy to get into it and unravel the mystery of the netherworld? Find out by watching this series. Watch the trailer here (3) Wild Wild Country © Netflix Yeah, I bet you knew this was going make it to the list! A Netflix original, this documentary is the most shocking one you'll see, if you haven't already. The series is about the controversial guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, also known as Osho and his personal assistant Ma Anand Sheela and their followers in Rajneeshpuram, a community in Oregon, USA. The film revolves around shocking truths form Osho's life, including his involvement in the world's first case of bio-terrorism. Okay, I am not going to say more, lest you curse me for giving the suspense away! Definitely watch this one though. Watch the trailer here (4) Placebo © Storyteller Ink Placebo is an intriguing documentary which brings about the inherent flaws of the Indian education system. It focuses on things that are lesser known, which happen behind closed doors, at prestigious educational institutes of India. The film is based on AIIMS, one of India's leading medical college and Abhay Kumar's (the diretors) tryst with the nuances of education there, when his brother Sahil smashed his right arm on a glass window, damaging a nerve and losing motor control. The whole documentary focuses on the cause and effect of the education system on Sahil and the sad rat race millions of Indian students are a part of, daily. It's scary how much pressure is too much pressure on a young mind. Watch the trailer here (5) Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution © Benjamin Nolot This documentary could classify as a light watch, after all that's been mentioned above but for some it could be as heavy. The New Sexual Revolution talks about the 'hook-up' culture in the western world and it follows the lives of American students while on spring break across the country, indulging in casual, rampant *** with other sexually charged millennials. The film focuses on how *** has become callous and readily available anywhere and how normalization of sexual conduct and gender roles have a huge part to play in this 'hook-up revolution'. The goal of the documentary was to show how sexual conduct is passé today and how it's trickling over everywhere. I put this documentary here because there are some nuances of this culture that we see around us today in India and most of us are okay embracing this culture, openly. Watch the trailer here So, here are some really intriguing, dark and unsettling documentaries to keep you over the edge of your seat. Indulge in as many as you can and have a great weekend!
  21. They say the best moments in life are caught within candid frames and we especially agree to it when it comes to catching our furry friends in action. If you have a pet at home or well for that matter, even if you don't have one of your own but you have met or seen one of your homie's ball of fluff, you would know how creatively funny these guys can be when they are left on their own. We have adored them at their best and clicked them at their funniest, which has only led to opening the gates of a laugh riot at family gatherings or better still, ended up as memes on your Whatsapp groups or social media handles. We know what a stellar and hilarious combination that can be and we thought what could be a better way of going through a Tuesday than with a quick break filled with funny pet memes that can help you whizz through the rest of the day in in a lighter mood. Well then, here goes nothin'. 1. *Rolls Eyes* © Imgur Tell us you haven't seen a similar expression on a gazillion other humans? Well, you can't because you have been witness to it as much as we have been. But when a dog pulls it off and that gets coupled with such an apt subtitle, I can almost hear a few girls doing that and we can't not ROFL over it. 2. Guilty As Charged © Imgur Well, that's not far from truth, you know? A lot of us are guilty of having tried the trick at least once at some point or the other and we can only imagine why this rant goes so perfectly with the expression. However, we can also think of a few other occasions when we'd get 'blessed' with this expression. Can you guys think of any? 3. You've Got The Pun © Imgur If you've got a knack for puns, this meme could be your spirit animal come to life in the digital space. For those who might not have got the joke, animal testing here means holds tests for animals to clear like the one that cat's attempting in the picture. Punny, right? 4. Down With The Dumb © Imgur That would be most of us on terribly hungover mornings when the brain just refuses to put 2+2 together! We've been there so we know the pain in the arse this situation can be and God forbid if that happens to be on a Monday. Wouldn't be the most ideal way to start the week, eh? 5. Erm...I Didn't Mean To Wake You © Imgur All the cat-men and cat-ladies reading this, tell us which criminal acts can bring you the death stare like this one from a cat? We simply can't imagine there to be a crime much worse than waking up a cat from its never-ending nap. On second thoughts, trying to dispose off an empty box of their liking could second that. 6. Not Friends With Water © Imgur This one can be true for dogs and cats alike, though even a few special homo sapiens might be guilty of not being on good terms with water. We know the struggle it is to get most of them to take a bath and clean their fluff but what's funny is we're way too familiar with this look after. 7. Ball Of Yarn? No! RIBBONS? YAS! © Imgur We know what a ball of yarn can do to even the most docile feline but apparently ribbons have the same effect of them. Who knew! But nonetheless that's good to know since now we won't have to go about unwinding all the havoc they whip up with a ball of yarn. 8. Poker Face © Imgur Well, nothing else could explain what a cat is doing at this table except of course that it was trying out its luck on last time before giving up, right? Something about this meme is awkwardly funny. 9. Calling Out The Party Pooper © Imgur What a timing! The meme is so on point and kind of goes really well with the entire image. Almost as if the cat moved near the boy to call him out for really spoiling the fun. 10. We've All Got That Friend © Imgur This one is all too relatable. We've all got that friend who loses their shit after downing a couple of drinks. Though the photographs make up for a lot of fun afterwards, but it can be a little difficult to handle at times. Funny and relatable much? We know.
  22. Love a good scare? Do you like skipping plans with the gang because Netflix and a good movie is the definition of a chill life for you? High five buddy, because Netflix is like that friend who is just there for you. This list is also your friend, if your weekend plans include watching a movie that'll scare the crap out of you: 1. The Strangers A simple family vacation over the weekend turns into a bloodbath in this slasher horror movie. What is even creepier is the fact that it draws inspiration from real life horror incidents, which include the Manson family murders and the Caddie Cabin murders which took place in California in the 80's. The original movie was released in 2008 followed by a sequel that came this year only. 2. Train To Busan This South Korean horror flick traces a father-daughter duo travelling on a train to Busan when a Zombie apocalypse jeopardises everything around them. This movie makes for a good scare! 3. The Boy What happens when a couple hires a nanny for their young boy before they leave town for forever? Nothing much, except that the boy is a doll, with an evil soul! The doll gets obsessed with his nanny and will kill for her love and attention. This one is a one-time, yet gripping watch. 4. A Dark Song This one is a niche Irish horror movie but nevertheless super intriguing to watch. The movie follows a character named Sophia who seeks the help of her occultist to tap her guardian angel. Things get weird from there and guarantee a good scare that leaves you hooked. 5. It Follows A young teenage girl is being chased by some supernatural entity post a sexual encounter, and then things get creepier and of course scarier from here. *** + Scare= Satisfaction guaranteed! Wish you a spooky weekend ahead!
  23. With the increased consumption of digital content, renowned and new filmmakers have brought a variety of short films which shall enthrall you in a very short span of time. Here is a look at some of the Hindi short films available on YouTube that are worth your time. Chutney Director: Jyoti Kapur Das Cast: Tisca Chopra, Adil Hussain, Rasika Duggal, Sumit Gulati This short film is as spicy and flavorsome as it gets with an unrecognizable Tisca Chopra, who is sharing gossips with Rasika Duggal over pakoras and thanda on her terrace. The short film which has garnered over 121 million views on YouTube is witty, dark and delicious. Jyoti Kapur Das presents this short film in a terrific way by opening up different layers to the story slowly and steadily. She intrigues her audience right from the beginning and one simply cannot wait for the mystery to unfold. Watch it for yourself and unlock the mystery. Juice Director: Neeraj Ghaywan Cast: Shefali Shah, Manish Prakash Chaudhuri With a terrific Shefali Shah playing a housewife in 'Juice', Neeraj Ghaywan (who has also directed 'Masaan') presents the ideology of male entitlement in the society. The story is set around a small gathering of husband's male friends who are enjoying snacks and discussing politics over booze and cigarettes while the women are cooking in the kitchen. It presents the idea of ingrained prejudice against women directly in the face of audience by segregating the gender role-play in a typical Indian society. It is interesting to see Shefali Shah emote beautifully through her eyes and the way she owns her character, Manju. The Schoolbag Director: Dheeraj Jindal Cast: Rasika Duggal, Sartaj Kakkar Set against the backdrop of Peshawar attacks of 2014, the film touches upon the act of terrorism and the innocent lives it costs. The film is about a heart-warming tale of a mother-son relationship on the eve of the son's birthday and the sudden turn of events in their life. Rasika Duggal is another powerhouse of talent and her work in short films like 'Chutney', 'The Schoolbag' and Zoya Akhtar directed 'Lust Stories' segment is testimony to it. Ahalya Director: Sujoy Ghosh Cast: Radhika Apte, Soumitra Chatterjee, Tota Roy Chowdhury Sujoy Ghosh directed 'Ahalya' gives us the feel of old mysterious short thrillers, which people used to read in newspapers or magazines. The film begins and ends at the same point leaving it open-ended and leaving some unanswered questions for the viewers. It leaves you intrigued while wanting for more. The Guest Director: Ayappa K. M. Cast: Shefali Shah, Davinder Madan Winner at the Mumbai Short Film Festival, 'The Guest' in its 8-minute run-time takes us through an unexpected journey of a young man, whose car breaks down in the mountains. As the film progresses, an unsettling eeriness creeps in the atmosphere and concludes leaving the film open to our wildest imaginations. Chhuri Director: Mansi Jain Cast: Tisca Chopra, Anurag Kashyap, Surveen Chawla Similar to the setting of extra-marrital affairs in 'Chutney', Tisca Chopra starrer 'Chhuri' is more direct and sharp like a knife. The film is about a cheating husband who finds excuses to meet her mistress while the wife manages the household. The twist in the tale is what happens when the wife already knows it. The most likeable part about this film is the quirky and clever take on the concept of extra-marrital affairs without resorting to melodrama or revenge saga.
  24. Tired of browsing through Netflix & Amazon Prime and not finding anything to watch? I know the feeling! It's time to open the vault and re-run an old show. There are many great series but there's only a handful which you can re-watch. Like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Not putting this one on the list as this is quite obvious. Find out the 5 other amazing TV series which you can re-watch this weekend: Sherlock © BBC Except for the last episode, this series is dope! It's a miniseries so you can easily finish it on a lazy weekend. You must be knowing all the suspense already, but still, you would enjoy it because of Sherlock Holmes! Benedict Cumberbatch played it like no one else can, be it the accent, the way he insults others or the way he makes deductions. It's always a pleasure to watch him. Cheers © Paramount Television This one is a hidden gem. If you haven't watched it, I recommend you do it now. The entire series takes place in a bar. And the bartender used to be an alcoholic who's sober for a while now. Series revolves around him, his employees and the regular customers. It's a perfect series to watch with a glass of whiskey or beer. The Big Bang Theory © Warner Bros Television Now that we're used to of watching the squad with their girlfriends, and Raj, it would be a delight to revisit their singlehood. The old nerdy gang who was afraid to approach women! If there's a series that has shown the growth of characters, it's this one. From total geeks to married and settled, it was a lovely journey which can be watched again. Band Of Brothers © DreamWorks One of the most amazing war dramas! It has just one season so it's a perfect grasp for the weekend. It has character building, depth in the story and amazingly good acting. Plus, it's always a delight to watch David Schwimmer, even if for just 3 episodes. Ohh, and you would want to watch this one with a bottle of VAT 69. Trust me! Entourage © HBO This show is just perfect for the young generation. It has friendship, booze, ***, and loyalty. Watching Ari Gold trying to impress his client, tantrums of Turtle, screwed up love life of V and charm of Vince is pure entertainment. This is one of the most entertaining series that I've ever watched! Happy binging!
  25. Food is life for us. It is our go-to friend for everything. Food is an excuse to meet friends. It brings us together. We make friends on the basis of our common tastes, literally. There are a hundred different cuisines out there. From high-end bakeries offering melt-in-the-mouth desserts to lip-smacking chicken tikkas at barbeque restaurants. From dirt-cheap draft beer to discounted combos. There's a whole world on a platter for you to have a good time. When you have food by your side, how can you not be happy? © Thinkstock/Getty Images We are young, ambitious and raring to go, and we are always stressed. We panic when we accidentally drunk text our ex. We are bummed when we don't get a parking spot. We feel life is shit when our order doesn't arrive on time. At the end of a tiring day, an indulgent warm meal is the ultimate stress-buster. The definition of a good meal, by default, eliminates anything that's home-cooked or healthy. Dripping with cheese, oil or cream, our comfort foods are high on fat, spices and junk. Food is a status symbol today. There are restaurants you have to right tick; there are dishes you must try; there are friends you have to meet every weekend. © Thinkstock/Getty Images Good food has become our source of happiness, sometimes our only source of happiness. The solution to every problem is good (read: swimming in calories) food and cold beer. Looks like a harmless thing, doesn't it? The problem is that most days are bad days. Most days are challenging. We need an anti-bummer every day. What do you do then? You indulge yourself every day. Had a dull meeting? Have a pizza. Had an argument with girlfriend? Have a beer. It's not gluttony anymore. It's an emotional need. © Thinkstock/Getty Images And even if you escape the vicious cycle of depending on food to bring a smile to your face, how do you manage your social life with a healthy diet? We millennials document everything. We Instagram our pizzas and our beers. We Snapchat our desserts with digital hearts over them. As a result, an entire generation is binging on unhealthy food. The days when people happily lived on plain dal chawal are long gone. You need to be eating good food to feel good about your life. As a result, a whole generation is becoming unfit. From obesity and hormonal problems to diabetes and heart disease, this generation is experiencing ailments that used to affect 50-year-olds. We have far more fitness options and far better awareness than our previous generation, yet we are unhealthier than our parents. © Thinkstock/Getty Images These are two opposing forces in your life – your need to be healthier, fitter, more good-looking, and your need to find easy happiness in food and bond over your common tastes. How many parties, get-togethers will you miss because you don't want to be cheating on your diet every weekend? How many times will you stay sober while the rest of your gang is busy clicking drunk pictures? How long will your resolve to live a healthy lifestyle last when everyone around you is downing pints after pints of beer and making YOLO-resolves to live life to the fullest? © Thinkstock/Getty Images How do you then avoid it? Removing junk from your life means removing certain friends, certain occasions, certain days. The reason why so many of us are never able to stick to our diets is because there's too much temptation around. Going on a diet is not a health decision anymore; it's a decision that will affect both your social and personal life. © Thinkstock/Getty Images You sweat it out in gyms or run marathons, but how do you eat clean? How do you jeopardize your social lives, how do you deny yourselves the pleasure of a perfectly grilled cheeseburger or a freshly brewed beer? How do you eliminate the one thing you look forward to in a day? Of course, many of us are able to do so. One idea is to then choose your friends wisely; have gym partners and fellow marathoners as your closest buddies. Chances are you will never cheat on your diet with junk food. But you don't always choose your company as much as your company chooses you. Changing friends is not the answer. Perseverance is also not the long-term solution. The change has to be deep and widespread. © Thinkstock/Getty Images We need to stop defining our lives with the food we eat. We need to get out of the dim-lighted pubs and find other ways of socializing, ways that don't always involve pleasures of the culinary kind. A swim in the nearby sports club, an evening walk in the ridge area, bonding over books, art and music – can we go back to the simpler yet more intimate ways of socializing, not to mention much less expensive. And while we're at it, it just might be a good idea to leave our phones behind.