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Found 180 results

  1. Cheta saw his school's English teacher who was his and his friend's crush all their school days and told everyone in his group. The conversation that happened after is for you to watch. View the full article
  2. Yes, that's true. You can search, "chat.whatsapp.com" on Google and you'll start seeing hundreds and thousands of links for WhatsApp group chats as results. This means, literally anybody can access those links and join those groups which are meant to be private. So exactly how did this happen? Well, Google indexes anything it can on the web. This means Google has probably indexed the WhatsApp group links if you've ever shared them online i.e., in the open web. Your private groups aren't that private after all, yeah? Your WhatsApp groups may not be as secure as you think they are. The "Invite to Group via Link" feature allows groups to be indexed by Google and they are generally available across the internet. With some wildcard search terms you can easily find some⦠interesting⦠groups. pic.twitter.com/hbDlyN6g3q â Jordan Wildon (@JordanWildon) February 21, 2020 This problem was brought to light by a journalist in Germany named Jordan Wildon who tweeted about it on Friday. His tweet said, "Your WhatsApp groups may not be as secure as you think they are.â He found out that any group link that is shared outside of secure, private messaging can relatively easily be found and joined. The worst part about this problem is that Facebook knew about this issue beforehand. They were notified about the problem last year in November. But they said it's not Facebook's problem because they're not responsible for what the search engine crawls. View the full article
  3. Here's a story of four friends who planned a Bangkok trip on their Whatsapp. A trip that was never destined to happen. View the full article
  4. 'Strong encryption is a necessity in modern life. We will not compromise on security because that would make people less safe,' WhatsApp said
  5. WhatsApp is about to end support for smartphones running on older operating systems from today which turns out to be millions of phones. The communication application will run on both older Android and iOS devices as the company will end support from February 2 2020. © Unsplash/Kon Karampelas The older operating systems that will be not be supported are the legacy operating systems that no longer receive any updates or come installed on smartphones anymore. Most of the users who will get affected by this can simply update the operating system to have WhatsApp run-in on their smartphones. However, a massive number of users will not be able to upgrade as OEMs have not rolled out updates for older smartphones. To make things simpler, smartphones using Android 2.3.7 and older, and iPhone iOS 8 or older will not be able to use WhatsApp on the smartphones from today. Users can check their software version from the settings and tap on about phone or software version option. © Reuters WhatsApp has also said that older Android and iOS operating systems "can no longer create new accounts, nor re-verify existing accounts after February 1, 2020.â WhatsApp will work on some older operating systems such as KaiOS 2.5.1+ OS, that is being used by JioPhone and JioPhone 2. "This was a tough decision for us to make, but the right one in order to give people better ways to keep in touch with friends, family, and loved ones using WhatsApp," said a spokesperson for the company. If you are upgrading your operating system today to make WhatsApp work on your smartphone, we advise you to take a back up of your chats before going through with the update. Users can take a backup of their WhatsApp conversation by tapping on Settings> Chats> Chat Backup in both Android and iOS versions of the application. View the full article
  6. Silhouettes of mobile phone and laptop users are seen next to a screen projection of WhatsApp logo, March 18, 2018. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/Files1 Advanced issue found▲ WhatsApp, the cross-platform messaging application, experienced a major outage around the world on Sunday evening, leaving people frustrated on alternative social media platforms. Many people around the world reported having problems with the Facebook-owned messaging app earlier on Sunday; however, the company has issued a statement addressing the issue as of reporting time. Down Detector/Screenshot via Geo.tvAccording to Down Detector, nearly 800 people reported facing problems in the messaging app, as of 6PM. Down Detector/Screenshot via Geo.tvMost of the users who reported problems in WhatsApp were from Europe, while those in South Asia and South America were also hit with the outage. Down Detector/Screenshot via Geo.tvOf the total issues, 75 percent pertained to connection whereas 22 percent was related to receiving messages. This is the latest of the many outrages, with one incident in March that left users cut off for almost a whole day.
  7. Christmas is here and not everybody has a chance to celebrate the day with their friends and family. If you need a way of sending holiday greetings to your near and dear ones, you can do it by sending WhatsApp stickers. Here is how to download and send Christmas stickers on WhatsApp: 1-Open WhatsApp and go to the chat that you want to send the striker to. 2-Tap on the emoji face at the bottom left corner. 3-Click on the 'stickers' button and you will see the available sticker packs. 4-Tap on the + button at the top right corner of stickers window. 5-Scroll to the bottom of the list and tap on "Get more stickers". 6-Search for Christmas stickers and select one from the available stickers. 7-Download the sticker pack that you want to use. 8-The sticker pack will be available for use. 9-Now send a Christmas sticker by tapping on the emoji face.
  8. There is no end to people complaining about the evils of social media. Especially the previous generation finds it rather difficult to come to terms with the many marvels and power that social media holds within its many folds. However, those who have discovered the benefits of social media will tell you what a blessing it has proven to be! Just like this one couple from the city of Damoh in Madhya Pradesh. Vishakha and Deepak had been married for just two months in 2017 when their marriage hit the rocks. Vishakha filed a dowry harassment case against Deepak and a few of his family members. Following a maintenance suit, the couple separated. © Y-Films Though Deepak denied the allegations, the couple couldn't move beyond their differences and reconcile. However, the two continued to stay in touch on Facebook and WhatsApp. And eventually, it was social media that recently brought the estranged couple back together after two years. The couple's family court advocate, Manish Nagaich shared how social media played a pivotal role in the couple's reunion. “They would always check each other's status on WhatsApp and posts on other social media platforms. Gradually, they began exchanging emojis, good morning messages and then flowers, virtual ones,” he said. © BCCL Even though Vishakha ended up apologising on Facebook, Deepak didn't let things go, though he continued to keep in touch with Vishakha on social media. The couple would even get jealous if they found the other online late at night and ask who the other was talking to. But it was ultimately Karwa Chauth that did the trick for them this year. On the day, Vishakha put up a “Karva Chauth Vrat” status on Facebook. Despite having seen the status, Deepak didn't acknowledge it until it was time to break the fast. That's when he video-called Vishakha on WhatsApp and helped her break the fast. Laddoos from a famous sweet shop followed next, and that's when Vishakha was completely floored by her husband. They came together and joined hands, all thanks to social media. View the full article
  9. Facebook spokesperson says the disappearances were the result of WhatsApp?s policy on inactive accounts. Photo: FileNEW YORK: The Kashmiris, whose access to the Internet was blocked by the Indian government four months ago, are gradually losing...
  10. If your smartphone has been experiencing unusual battery drain of late, you might be wondering if something is wrong with it. You aren't alone as Android users are facing the same issue as you due to a recent WhatsApp update. WhatsApp recently updated the app on Android that lets users protect their conversation with a fingerprint lock. Whatsapp uses the traditional fingerprint sensor or an in-display fingerprint sensor on Android smartphones to unlock the messaging app. © PlayStore Users on Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms have been reporting a massive battery drain on smartphones. This is not exclusive to any brand of phones as it was being experienced by OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi and other smartphone users. After investigating, users noticed that WhatsApp was drawing more power from the battery than usual. In some cases, the application would draw 30-40 per cent of the battery while being idle. This is also not exclusive to Android 10 as users with Android 9 Pie build were also experiencing the same. © Unsplash If your WhatsApp version is 2.19.308, we recommend you downgrade to the previous edition by downloading an APK from one of the hosting websites. Alternatively, as suggested by Reddit users, you can delete and re-install the application from the Play Store. As a last resort, you can always turn on the battery saving mode on your smartphone that will prevent the application from carrying out unnecessary background activity. However, turning on the battery saving mode will also result in missing out on the latest messages since it turns off the background activity. WhatsApp is aware of the current issue and should be patching it in a future update soon. For now, you can try any of the methods mentioned above to resolve the battery drain issue temporarily. Make sure you take a backup of your conversations before deleting the application though. Source: Reddit View the full article
  11. If you're admin of any Whatsapp group, it's time you become cautious as to what participants are posting on that group, as Whatsapp is now banning users who are a part of the conversations about illegal or banned topics. The ban came to light last night when a user on Reddit, Mow 11 told how he was banned from the platform. So, the user's university group was named 'Child's Pornography' and that's when all the members of the group were banned from the app without any warning. © Unsplash When they tried to understand as to why this had happened and contacted Whatsapp, they received auto-generated replies saying that they have violated the platform's term of service. Also, Whatsapp isn't reading our conversations, but if anyone in person reports to the company that they are unhappy because of some banned topics, the company will take action against the user and ban them from using the app. The organisation also has automated processes to scan groups for data like the one mentioned above and it automatically bans the users from the app. © Unsplash You will also be banned if you're spamming people with ads and, to be honest, we are very happy about this one. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  12. NEW DELHI: A group of Indians including journalists and lawyers whose phones were hacked via Facebook?s WhatsApp messaging platform asked the government on Friday to make public its ties with the Israeli firm accused of deploying the...
  13. India has asked Facebook-owned WhatsApp to explain the nature of a privacy breach on its messaging platform. Photo. ReutersNEW DELHI: India has asked Facebook-owned WhatsApp to explain the nature of a privacy breach on its messaging platform that...
  14. In a shocking revelation, WhatsApp has confirmed that a lot of Indian users including journalists, human rights activists, lawyers, etc. were targeted and had been under state-of-the-art surveillance. The operators who were targeting these users were apparently using Israeli spyware Pegasus. This disclosure comes after WhatsApp's announcement in which it said they're suing NSO Group, an Israeli surveillance firm that's responsible for the spyware. Using the spyware, it appears as though the spies managed to hack into the phones of roughly 1,400 users. © Reuters The affected users span across four continents and include some high profile names who belong to different fields. Indian journalists and human rights activists have apparently been the target of surveillance, according to a spokesperson who spoke to The Indian Express. "Indian journalists and human rights activists have been the target of surveillance and while I cannot reveal their identities and the exact number, I can say that it is not an insignificant number," said the spokesperson. © Reuters The spyware requires the target to click on an exploit link which then allows the operator to hack into the phone's security and install the spyware without the user's knowledge. From there, the hacker can essentially access any information that's on the phone like passwords, contacts, text messages, messages from other services, emails, etc. WhatsApp says it has contacted the affected users to notify them about the breach. These users were under surveillance for two weeks, which is a lot if you think about it. And now that this has happened, we wonder how safe our messages and conversations really are. © Reuters WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging platforms in various parts of the world including India. In fact, almost all of us who own a smartphone use WhatsApp on a daily basis to catch up with our friends or family. But the news about the spyware attack is really making us reconsider. Perhaps it's time to switch to something that's more secure. View the full article
  15. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/704944912d4db73a523a83fc920f853a.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTAvMzAvMjAxOSA4OjMxOjU5IEFNJmhhc2hfdmFsdWU9RlJ5cFBoNVk5NWwxR0kvdEQ2alVGQT09JnZhbGlkbWludXRlcz02MCZpZD0x...
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