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Found 308 results

  1. When the trailer of the film, The White Tiger came out, actor Adarsh Gourav stole the show. He plays the role of a central character in the film. He blends into the skin of his character seamlessly. But before he became an actor, Adarsh Gourav had already built a music career as a musician and the lead vocalist of the Rock band that went by the name of Oak Island. Oak Island also featured in Indies-Never Hide Sounds and had a sizeable following. Adarsh was born in Jamshedpur, there, growing up he also trained in classical Hindustani music for more than 9 years, as his music career flourished, he has also got the chance to work with industry greats including Sukhwinder Singh, Illyaraja, and Subhash Ghai over the course of time. © Instagram/Adarsh Gourav Adarsh Gourav, who is the alumnus of The Drama School in Mumbai and has directed a few theatres plays in his time, first made his big Bollywood debut with the film, My Name Is Khan starring Shah Rukh Khan where he played the role of young Rizwan Khan. Since then, the 26-year-old actor has worked in films with prominent actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Sridevi, Kumud Mishra, and more. A few of his noteworthy performances include the likes of Rukh, Mom, Leila, and Hostel Daze. Speaking about the film, The White Tiger, the story of the film is based on Arvind Adiga's 2008 book by the same name which also won the 40th Man Booker Prize in the same year. The story follows the life of Balram, a driver working for a rich couple played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Rajkummar Rao respectively, as they return from the US to live in India. Since his childhood, Balram has been made to believe that his destiny entails serving his masters. But, when circumstances make him realise the cruel maze he's trapped in, he decides to break free from the shackles. But coming back to Adrash Gourav, he has a very unique style aesthetic almost like the boy next door. Case in point: 1. Here he has layered a leather jacket with a shirt. View this post on Instagram 2. Here, he wore an all-white outfit with rad sneakers. View this post on Instagram 3. Here, he is experimenting with a purple blazer with a regular outfit. View this post on Instagram 4. He can even rock quirky prints. View this post on Instagram 5. His style aesthetic is casual, inhibited and effortless. View this post on Instagram View the full article
  2. After WhatsApp issued forceful new terms of service; many users around the world have started to switch to alternative messaging apps. However, many wonders which one to switch i.e. Telegram or Signal. Both messaging apps are great for users who are looking for an alternative but they aren’t equally the same when it comes to privacy. For users who cherish their privacy the most; we compare the two major alternatives that users should know about. 1. Disappearing Messages © Reuters Most chat leaks happened either via cloud backups or by screenshots captured by other users. While neither of the apps has any protection from screenshots; they both feature disappearing messages in case you don’t want people to capture screenshots of your texts. Telegram and Signal, both offer this feature and even lets the message sender set a duration for how long to display messages before they're deleted. This is a very nifty feature to have if you want to keep your conversations private and not let peeping toms screenshot what you are saying. 2. Encryption © Playstore This is where both applications differ from each other. On Signal, all texts and calls have end-to-end encryption by default. However, in the case of Telegram, only secret chats have the same level of encryption and do not extend to regular chats. On Signal, you can even relay your calls via Signal servers so that you don’t have to expose your IP address to the caller. This is by far the biggest difference when it comes to message encryption between the two. If you really want to protect your messages and data; Signal seems like a better choice. 3. Backups © christian-wiediger Most leaks happen via chat backup and in order to protect yourself from these problems, Signal offers a better solution than Telegram. Signal only lets people take a local backup of their chats on the smartphone and does not use the cloud whereas on Telegram; it uses cloud backup for your text and call logs. Having said that, local backups can be a double-edged sword as if you lose your phone; you will also lose your chat history along with it. 4. Data Collection © Telegram In the case of data collection, Telegram does collect basic information such as name, phone number, contacts and user ID. However, in the case of Signal, the messaging app follows strict privacy guidelines and does not collect any data. Signal prides itself on being one of the most secure and privacy-sensitive apps out there and it is clearly stated in its privacy policy about practices. Having said that, Telegram plans to roll out advertisements on its platform in the future which means it needs the data to serve ads to its customers. Signal on other hand does not plan to monetise the app anytime soon and instead is funded on donations by users. View the full article
  3. There shouldn’t be any doubt, but Hrithik Roshan is one of India’s most revered style icons. There have been numerous occasions where he has given us some really epic, statement worthy outfits. © Instagram/hrithikroshan We will go as far as to say that if ever there is an Indian version of James Bond, he should get to play 007. © Instagram/hrithikroshan Over the years, his films have proven that apart from a delectable sense of style, Hrithik Roshan also has a very strong sense of grooming: the way he styles his beard and his hair, is almost on point. © Instagram/hrithikroshan We picked 7 movies which helped establish Hrithik Roshan as a legit grooming God. 1. Lakshya © Excel Entertainment Whether you consider his looks after he joined the army, or his looks from before that, Hrithik’s sense of grooming was phenomenal in the film. As an officer of the Indian Army, however, he was a class apart. This was a perfect reminder of why young boys look at the uniform of a soldier, and army men in general, with reverence. 2. Dhoom 2 © Yash Raj Films With Dhoom 2, Hrithik pulled out all the stops when it came to grooming - colouring his hair amber, getting highlights, and sporting some really cool beards as disguises - this is a film that had it all. And the best bit about the film? Hrithik looked dapper in all his get-ups and disguises. 3. Jodhaa Akbar © UTV Motion Pictures Surprisingly, this film also makes the list. We simply loved Hrithik’s pencil moustache in the film, and the manner it sat with his curly hair. We reckon a lot of people actually seriously considered getting their hair coloured in amber. 4. Guzaarish © UTV Motion Pictures Although Guzaarish did not work at the box office, the film was monumental in cementing Hrithik’s place as a solid performer. We loved the way he carried his hair, and that thick but patchy beard that he had. 5. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara © Excel Entertainment This is one of Hrithik’s finest films, both in terms of his performance and his looks. Hrithik’s long, but carefully styled, hair was a legit grooming goal in this one. Not to forget, the numerous tasteful outfits that he had for this film. 6. Bang Bang © Fox Star Studios In Bang Bang we got to see the more playful version of Hrithik’s grooming game - longer hair, aggressive highlights, and a wavy form. This was one of the best hairstyles from a major celebrity from 2014. 7. War © Yash Raj Films Finally, we have War. Hrithik had a dope looking crew cut for this film, which went perfectly well with the militaristic vibe that most of his outfits had. This is also the film in which he shows a little bit of the grey hair that he has developed. This made us believe that Hrithik would look superb with salt & pepper hair. Which of Hrithik’s films made you want to change your hair or beard style? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  4. There’s no denying the fact that nepotism exists in our industry but why overlook the stories of people who entered the industry as outsiders and are now part of the same Bollywood. Apart from Kapoors and Bhatts, some people are running the industry and they managed to break through the biased industry norms. Only based on their talent and dedication, they turned their fate and their stories are so inspiring that they can be turned into stand-alone movies. 1. Shah Rukh Khan View this post on Instagram He might be the king of Bollywood now but he was a nobody when he saw the dreams of conquering Mumbai. SRK quit his masters in Mass Communication to pursue his acting career. With no connections, he made it big. From TV to Bollywood, his rags to riches can be an ideal script for a movie that has both romance and drama. 2. Akshay Kumar View this post on Instagram Akshay Kumar dropped out of college during higher education and went to Thailand to learn martial arts and be a chef. He had no money to even stay at a rented accommodation and now, he is probably the most business-minded in the industry. With his movie, we might get an insight into how he changed his fate and became one of the bankable stars. 3. Boman Irani View this post on Instagram Today, Boman Irani might be one of the versatile actors we have but he started his journey as a waiter. In his own words, “As a kid I had a speech defect, I had a lisp, I used to actually talk like my character Virus from 3 Idiots. To make matters worse I was dyslexic, who was not good at academics. People used to call me Boman the duffer. So I decided to do a course to be a waiter and joined The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel as a waiter. I worked there for 2 years and put my heart into it. My granny used to say – ‘gali ka mochi bano, toh bhi sabse acha mochi bano’, basically be the best in anything you do and that has stayed with me always.” When his mother met with an accident, he started to sit at his ancestral bakery story. In an interview, he said, “I started sitting in our shop. I sat in the shop for over 14 years. It was a long time. So imagine sitting in a shop and saying to myself that I think I am a creative person, I think I need to do something with my ability to either write, or to understand, or to put down words, or to break down a screenplay and understand it…I think I am passionate about all that. Actually, I have been a student in cinema since I was 12-years-old. As a kid, my mom used to encourage me to see films every day, over and over again. She told me to observe cinematography, acting, music, camera movements, lyrics, lighting… everything. I used to watch movies 30 to 40 times at Alexander theater, so I was passionate about cinema. So what do I do? At 32 nobody was making me an actor because that’s a funny age, you are neither too young nor too old to play characters. So what’s the next best thing to do? I bought a camera from the money that I had saved from the tips I got at Taj as a waiter and decided to become a photographer.” It was quite late in life that he made it big so his story can actually be a perfect plot. 4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui View this post on Instagram From a watchman to an actor that many take inspiration from is surely a story that we would want to see on the big screens. In an interview with DNA, Nawaz shared his journey and said, “belong to a family of farmers. We are based in this village called B-U-D-H-A-N-A, in district Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh. There wasn’t much scope for education there. But somehow my siblings (7 brothers and 2 sisters) and I managed to study. In my village, only three things work ,gehu (wheat), ganna (sugarcane), and gun. The fear this gun culture instilled made us move out of our village. It was much later that I started taking interest in theatre. After completing my studies, I took up jobs like that of a chief chemist in Baroda. Then I joined a theatre group in Delhi. Since there is no money in the theatre I had to take up a job as a watchman. All these things happened simultaneously. Then I enrolled myself in the National School of Drama (NSD), passing out in 1996. I worked in Delhi for four years before finally moving to Mumbai in 2000.” 5. Arshad Warsi View this post on Instagram Arshad has had a life full of hardships. He was 14 when he lost his father and everything just downhill for the actor. He dropped out of school in 10th grade to earn a living. From being a door-to-door salesman to working in a photo lab, Arshad had worked hard to sustain. Even though he has been a part of the industry for a long, he still hasn’t got the due. His life journey should surely be shown on the big screen. Would you want to see their stories on the big screens? View the full article
  5. Everyone enjoys a good drink once in a while. However, when it comes to choosing your drink of choice, not everyone can find the perfect fit. Gin, tequila, whiskey, rum and what not, there are hundreds of different brands and types of alcohol available to choose from. But you need not worry, we are here to help you out in picking the best one for yourself. Today, however, we will only talk about brandy and rum. These two types of alcohol have a lot in common and are frequently confused with one another. However, there are some major differences too. Find out which one suits you the best! __ECOMLOOKS__2369__ __ECOMLOOKS__2370__ __ECOMLOOKS__2371__ __ECOMLOOKS__2372__ __ECOMLOOKS__2373__ Final VerdictEven though brandy and rum are significantly different from one another, they are often compared. But which one of them is better? Well, that completely depends on your personal taste and the brands you choose to compare. The quality of the intoxication is the final deciding factor. If you are looking for a relaxing and a soothing high, brandy is perfect for you. If you’re looking for a stronger effect, go for rum. Explore More View the full article
  6. The much-awaited trailer of Madhavan’s Maara is here and it looks nothing less than stunning. Helmed by Dhilip Kumar, the film also stars Shraddha Srinath in a lead role opposite Maddy. What We Think About The TrailerWith stunning visuals, feel-good narrative and soothing music, the trailer keeps the viewers engrossed till the end. It takes us through a story of a young girl who dreams big. She is shown to be on the trail of a person, who apparently exists only in fairytales. The man of her dreams seems to have an itinerant lifestyle. He has no permanent address or a steady job. But, he seems to have a knack for enriching the lives of people that he comes across. It sure looks like a promising watch and we can't wait for the film's release! Other DetailsFor the unversed, Maara is the remake of Malayalam hit Charlie, which was helmed by Martin Prakkat. The 2015 film became a milestone in Dulquer Salmaan’s career as it became a huge hit both critically and commercially. Interestingly, director Dhilip Kumar earlier noted that Maara won’t be a scene-for-scene remake but a reinterpretation of Charlie. Watch the trailer here “Maara extends from being a person to a world filled with pleasant people. The incidents and conversations these people have are grounded yet the experiences they have are surreal, and that makes the audience an interesting part of the ensemble. My character has been crafted with foremost importance given to the honesty in the relationships he shares with others. And that trait makes the person somebody that the audience falls in love with instantly. You can feel him touching lives without actually putting in an effort. To me, that was the essence of this guy which got me excited to play him,” said Madhavan, in one of his interviews, talking about the movie. Meanwhile Shraddha Srinath, who steps into the shoes of Parvathy in Maara, is also quite upbeat about having had the opportunity to play such a character. “Paaru is a girl who doesn’t know what she wants. But she sure can tell what she doesn’t want. She also has a sense of motivation and empathy that draws her to other people. Paaru is the girl with whom you’re just an acquaintance chilling with her for a moment and then suddenly, you’re her partner in crime. I really love the way she explores, gets lost in puzzles and retains that kid while being part of this world which has some epic stories and people,” she said. Fun FactThe much-awaited film marks the feature film debut of Dhilip Kumar. In 2017, he directed a short film titled Kalki. The ProductionProduced by Prateek Chakravorty and Shruti Nallappa of Pramod Films, Maara also stars Sshivada Nair, Alexander Babu and Mouli among others in pivotal roles. When’s The Release?The film will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on January 8. We are totally excited about this one. What about you? View the full article
  7. John Abraham definitely has many irons in his fire with the irons being the line of films in production which include Satyameva Jayate 2, Ek Villian 2, Mumbai Saga, and Attack. All of these films are scheduled to release next year, this means that we will be seeing more of John Abraham in multiple avatars in the next couple of months as he will be prepping for his different roles. View this post on Instagram John Abraham is all of 47 years old now, and yet his style aesthetic is so unique and a class apart. Moreover, he rarely ever dips his toes in any seasonal trends or gets influenced by a major fad. It is a matter of coincidence that even the roles that he plays onscreen mimic this aesthetic. To that effect, John Abraham was spotted outside in an athleisure 'ninja' outfit recently. Take a look at his outfit here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani He was seen wearing a jet black t-shirt with a pair of drop-crotch black harem pants and a pair of black shoes to complete the look. He even wore a coordinated black mask. We believe that this casual look is inspired by one of the action scenes from his films. A lot of the action moves in the Bollywood action genre are inspired by the techniques in martial arts. While practicing the defense arts, one usually wears solid black or white track pants like the one John has worn here. © Viral Bhayani We wonder if this is one of the outfits we will be seeing in John's upcoming films. View the full article
  8. It’s after a long gap of 18 years that Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan will be seen sharing the screen space together, as they will star in the Hindi remake of the 2017 Tamil superhit film Vikram Vedha. © Y Not Studios The original starred R. Madhavan as a police officer named Vikram while Vijay Sethupathi played the role of Vedha, a gangster. The film loosely takes inspiration from the ancient folk story of Vikram-Betaal. © Y Not Studios The Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan starrer will be directed by Pushkar-Gayathri, who also helmed the Tamil original. Backed by Neeraj Panday, the Bollywood remake is expected to go on floors very soon. Film and trade analyst Ramesh Bala tweeted, “VikramVedha Hindi casting.. @iHrithik to do @VijaySethuOffl role.. #SaifAliKhan to do @ActorMadhavan role...Fantastic casting." #VikramVedha Hindi casting.. @iHrithik to do @VijaySethuOffl role.. #SaifAliKhan to do @ActorMadhavan role.. Fantastic casting.. — Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) December 25, 2020 After the announcement took Twitter by storm, some people started expressing their disappointment in the whole idea of remaking the hit movie and weren’t very satisfied as they feel Hrithik might be overshadowed by Saif. These people are going to ruin #VikramVedha to South Indians https://t.co/R07kZrBAyJ — | ಪ್ರಸಾದ್ | Prasad | Anti-Caste | (@Manjina_Hani) December 26, 2020'Tumhara khoon khoon, hamaara khoon paani?' #VikramVedha — Kamran Mahmood (@KamranMehmood1) December 26, 2020Hrithik is a very good actor but Saif Ali Khan will totally overshadow him surely in #VikramVedha — SAIFIAN CAPTAIN SIR (@SaifiansCaptain) December 25, 2020Another remake #VikramVedha https://t.co/7jBDuKAaXJ pic.twitter.com/19K3KNHlyw — Akshay Panchal (@Akshay_Speaking) December 25, 2020Fantastic casting They both are wonderful actors but its not going to workout — Eka lᴺᴷᴾ (@Ekamberl) December 25, 2020Poor choices.(Vikram veda is a gem for south indian audiance) — VisalPD (@VisalPD) December 25, 2020Also, remakes have not really been having the best of luck lately, with the recent example of Coolie No. 1, which was not met with a lot of positive reactions by the audience. While Hrithik was last seen in the action film War alongside Tiger Shroff, Saif is completing shooting for his upcoming film Bhoot Police also starring Arjun Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Yami Gautam. Saif and Hrithik were last seen in the 2002 movie Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, along with Esha Deol. © PFH Ent Ltd. Do you think Saif and Hrithik can step into the shoes of Vijay and Madhavan and do justice to the roles? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  9. PML-N lawmaker from KP Sardar Aurangzeb Nalota blamed inflation and unrest in Pakistan for his resignation
  10. Survey shows a breakdown of which parties have the people's support and which are lagging behind
  11. Aashram director Prakash Jha recently said that he’s already working on the next chapter, which ‘will be the actual Part 2’, and will focus on the downfall of Baba Nirala. View this post on InstagramGoes without saying, we are psyched for this one! Jha, in an interview with Mumbai Mirror, also claimed that the much controversial show, which streams for free on MX Player, has raked in one billion (100 crore) views. Previously, before Part 2 was released in November, he’d said that the first part had raked in 400 million views, which is a rather spectacular feat. Besides, he also emphasised on the fact that the viewership figures prove that audiences are liking the show, contrary to what certain controversies surrounding it might suggest. © Prakash Jha Productions For the unversed, Jha and actor Bobby Deol, who portrays the role of Baba Nirala, have been served with a notice for the show’s depiction of a godman. “When you make something that affects the masses, a polarised reaction is to be expected,” Jha said, adding that no Hinduphobic sentiments are being propagated on the show and that there’s no mention of any religion. He said that the viewership numbers prove otherwise. “They kept rising, but I was really surprised to see it cross the 1 billion mark. From this I gauged that people love to watch such content; I can’t imagine why though!” he said. “During my research, all of which is in the public domain, I learnt how these organisations function, and even those who go there exploit such places to absolve themselves of their sins. I had to sift through a lot of mundane stuff to explore the relationships these self-proclaimed godmen have with women, police, investigative agencies, politicians, the youth, and also drug cartels,” he added. © Prakash Jha Productions The filmmaker had taken a similar stance when he was served a notice by the Karni Sena, ahead of the release of Part 2 of the show. “Who am I to make a judgment on their demand? We had 400 million-plus views for the first season. I think viewers are the best placed to decide on ‘negative goodwill’. Shall we leave it to them?” he’d said, according to SpotboyE. The first two instalments of the show, in which Bobby plays a dhongi baba, were released in quick succession. How excited are you for Part 2 of the much talked-about show? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  12. Bollywood has been a male-dominated industry for years and continues to be so even today. This is evident from the fact that while we do have stories for male actors over 50 but sadly, the industry still falls short when it comes to presenting stories with female actors over a certain age as lead protagonists. Dia Mirza has spoken about the industry being ruled by men at length and has given valid arguments, in her interview with ETimes, to prove her stance on the very topic. 1. She addressed the bitter but unfortunate truth of Bollywood wherein not many roles are there for older actresses. She said, “I hope that this expression of female actors allows them to play the leading part even when they are older. But the unfortunate truth of the matter is that stories are not written for the female older characters as much as the male ones. It is even more unfortunate to see an older man playing younger parts." View this post on Instagram 2. She added how female actors over a certain age have to ask for work and she gave the example of Neena Gupta who despite being talented wasn’t offered any role and had to struggle for her due. Dia said, "An aberration to this would be an actress like Neena Gupta Ji. She literally has said it out loud more than once, 'I am an actor. I love my job. Please cast me.' Thankfully, some interesting filmmakers decided to cast her in lead parts that were defeating her age. But there are a lot of actresses in their middle ages who are struggling and aren’t being cast because no stories are being written for them." View this post on Instagram 3. Dia pointed out how the industry is comfortable with the fact that a 50-year old is sharing screen space with someone half his age but that’s not the case with older female actors. “The industry is male-dominated. Older men like to be cast opposite younger women to extend their own shelf life. It is bizarre that a 50 plus something actor is acting opposite a 19-year-old actress,” Dia stated. And she isn't wrong as actors like Ajay Devgn, Akshay Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan, and Salman Khan have shared the screen space with actresses half their age. View the full article
  13. The Ballon d’Or Dream Team that was announced on Monday was dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid legends, especially when it came to the three forward positions. The Ballon d'Or Dream Team, as elected by France Football pic.twitter.com/Mj3DV0QD9G — B/R Football (@brfootball) December 14, 2020At the top of the helm were Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ronaldo Nazario who were deemed to be three of the greatest players to perform as forwards in the history of the game of football. View this post on Instagram Argentine legend, Lionel Messi has scored a total of 642 goals (one less than Pele’s legendary record of most goals for a single club) over 746 appearances in the blue and garnet while being a part of the roster that won 10 La Liga titles and four Champions League trophies too. View this post on Instagram Portuguese captain, Cristiano Ronaldo on the other hand, has netted the ball 754 times over the course of his phenomenal career at club and international level till date which includes 450 goals in 438 appearances at Real Madrid between 2009 and 2018 and is currently the crown jewel of Juventus in Italy. Finally, former Brazilian striker Ronaldo Nazario, who is the current president of Real Valladolid also made the list with his 47 goals in 49 appearances for the Catalan giants during the 1996-97 before he went on to strike the ball into the nets 104 times in 177 games at Madrid. "Bro, Lev Yashin is the greatest goalkeeper of all time, none of this Neuer shit, he's the goat. Just look at these highlights " The highlights: pic.twitter.com/S4KFHnPfHE — Happy lucas (Horniest coman fan) (@ComanProdigy) December 14, 2020 Lev Yashin, the Russian goalkeeping legend was picked as the safest pair of hands to protest the post and was awarded the position of the best goalkeeper of all time while Frank Beckenbauer was selected as the greatest central defender with Cafu and Paolo Maldini to be on his right and left defending sides respectively. Former Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez and Lotthar Matthaus were the two defensive midfielders selected with Pele and the recently deceased Diego Maradona named the best attacking midfielders of all time. View the full article
  14. The breakthrough in the struggle against coronavirus came when Pfizer/BioNTech published its first results in November
  15. The winter season is finally here and the comforting Winter food is absolutely the best part about this season. From eggnog and rum cocktails to endless cups of chai and coffee, we all have a hot drink that we love consuming this time of the year. However, you do need some winter warmer food recipes too. From soups and casseroles to baked dishes and what not, what’s Winter without some hot and spicy food. Also, your cozy bonfire nights will need good food along with good drinks. If you’re on the lookout for some quick and easy recipes for your next get together, then you’re in luck because we have some of the easiest and the yummiest Winter warmer recipes for you to try on cold nights. Try them out and see for yourself! __ECOMLOOKS__2209__ __ECOMLOOKS__2210__ __ECOMLOOKS__2211__ __ECOMLOOKS__2212__ __ECOMLOOKS__2213__ Final Thoughts It’s only during the Winters that spicy food tastes even better. Try out these Winter warmer recipes and let us know which one was your favourite! Explore More View the full article
  16. Undoubtedly, Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story has emerged as the top Indian web series of 2020 according to IMDb ratings. The list was released this week. © SonyLIV The year 2020 has definitely changed the game for OTT platforms in a massive way. Also if we look closely, crime-drama was the flavour of the season, but this time around, we also saw different genres being explored in the OTT space, giving the audiences a dynamic range of shows to binge-watch. Scam 1992, the most popular of all as per the ratings, is followed by Panchayat, Special OPS, Bandish Bandits, Mirzapur, Asur: Welcome To Your Dark Side, Paatal Lok, High, Abhay and Aarya. The year-end list is determined by IMDb user ratings, which is determined by users who rate films and TV shows on a 10-point scale. Among the Indian web series streaming in 2020, these 10 shows had the highest IMDb user ratings, utilizing the same criteria as the popular IMDb Top Rated charts (as of December 1, 2020). For the unversed, IMDb ratings are determined by users who rank movies and TV shows on a 10-point scale. To rate a title, users can click the 'Rate This' star on any movie or TV show title page on IMDb. IMDb users can add these and other titles to their IMDb Watchlist. As 2020 has almost come to a close, here’s looking back at the top 10 Indian web series that kept us sane this year: Scam 1992 (SonyLIV) Filmmaker Hansal Mehta's series Scam 1992 narrates the story of one of the biggest financial scams in the Indian stock market. The financial thriller is based on Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal's book The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away. Pratik Gandhi is seen in the role of Harshad Mehta, the scam-tainted broker who was known as the Big Bull. A must-watch show. Panchayat (Amazon Prime Video) This TVF series starring Jeetendra Kumar has a simple premise, and its simplicity turned out to be its USP. The show’s uncomplicated nature introduced us to characters who were extremely likeable. The best part about Panchayat was its strong casting supported by Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta and Chandan Roy. The show was released during the lockdown and its content left the audience feeling a little warm and fuzzy. Your thoughts? Special Ops (Disney+ Hotstar) Created by Neeraj Pandey, Special Ops started in a promising manner and largely stuck to the promise. Kay Kay Menon fit right into Himmat’s part and was easily the show-stealer here (no second thoughts). Bandish Bandits (Amazon Prime Video) Even though this season’s flavour was crime-drama, Bandish Bandits took the audience by utter surprise. It only took a couple of episodes to get enthralled by the world of classical music that this series created. While the music was a significant pillar of this show, Bandish Bandits stood strong on the shoulders of its story. Sheeba Chadha, Rajesh Tailang, Atul Kulkarni and Naseeruddin Shah were a treat to watch in this Amritpal Singh Bindra and Anand Tiwari series. Not only that, but Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s out-of-the-world music added the much-needed essence to the show. Mirzapur Season 2 As expected, the world of Mirzapur in season 2 was bloodier than season 1. The raw, intense and gritty show became the most-watched show in India within just 7 days of the release. The Prime Video crime series set in Uttar Pradesh stars Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Fazal, Divyenndu Sharma , Shweta Tripathi, Rasika Dugal, and Kulbhushan Kharbanda. Besides, Vijay Varma, Isha Talwar, Amit Sial, and Anjum Sharma also were a treat to watch. Asur (Voot) Asur, which combined the genres of mythological fiction and thriller, revelled in its larger-than-life theories, but its grandness wasn’t communicated well enough. Asur also faltered when it came to tying up loose ends by the end of the season. Paatal Lok (Amazon Prime Video) This Jaideep Ahlawat-led series is another crime drama on the list. Paatal Lok definitely deserves a spot here. Loosely based on Tarun Tejpal's 2010 novel The Story of My Assassins, the series is about a disillusioned cop who lands the case of an assassination attempt gone wrong. High (MX Original Series) In this edge-of-the-seat drama, Shiv Mathur is an addict and eventually finds himself in a rehab facility. The rehab is run by people who are working on a mysterious compound. This magical pill seems to have an edge above all; but is this miracle drug worth dying for? Abhay (ZEE5) Based on real life crime stories, ZEE5 Original Abhay marks the digital debut of actor Kunal Kemmu. In this crime thriller, he plays the role of an investigative officer who juggles between dealing with his own personal life demons and solving puzzling murder mysteries. Aarya (Disney+ Hotstar) This Sushmita Sen-led series definitely stood out this year. Soon after the first episode began, it was obvious that Aarya was going to be a binge-worthy ride and it proved to be so with every episode that rolled out after. Sushmita Sen’s captivating screen presence definitely added to the popularity of the show. "Worldwide interest in Indian streaming series hit an all-time high this year," said Col Needham, IMDb Founder and CEO. "In fact, our #1 user-rated Indian web series of this year, Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story, has been so popular that it landed a top spot on the IMDb list of the Top 250 TV Series of all-time," Needham added. Which was your favourite show this year? (With inputs from IANS) View the full article
  17. It’s been a tough year and we all can unanimously agree with this fact. Secret Santa gifts would be a great way to cheer everyone up as we prepare to bid farewell to 2020. Now we know that the concept of secret Santa gifts looks sweet on paper but in practice it can be underwhelming. It’s the same old drill. Everyone waits until the last day and due to the lack of options, chooses to buy any gift under Rs 500 from the nearest shop. However, if you’re spending your money, might as well make it count with a unique gift which your colleague will actually want. We’ve done some groundwork and compiled a list of budget-friendly Christmas gifts, so you can just sit back, select and order. The sooner, the better! Ceramic Shot GlassNot just any shot glass, but a handcrafted aqua green ceramic glass to enjoy shots of your choice, be it espresso, hot cocoa or of course, vodka, in winters. You can even gift a pair because two is always better than one. __ECOMPRODUCT__968__ A Variety Pack Of Granola BarsRegular chocolate bars are mundane. Instead, consider gifting a combination of health and taste. This assorted snack bar pack contains 5 exotic flavours that are packed with nutritious ingredients like quinoa, berries, super seeds and more. __ECOMPRODUCT__521__ Antique Bottle OpenerIf you’re buying for someone who has a taste for antiques, they’ll find this key-shaped bottle opener quite enthralling. __ECOMPRODUCT__767__ Hand Painted PinInspire your work buddy to add some Christmas-y vibes to his look with this Christmas tree hand painted pin. This attractive badge can be pinned on collars, sleeves, tees, coats and bags. __ECOMPRODUCT__969__ Handcrafted BraceletIt’s the little things that matter! If you’re the secret Santa for someone who inspires you, go ahead and gift this bracelet to him. This vegan leather accent will add just the right amount of style to their look. __ECOMPRODUCT__970__ Green Tea Gift BoxAre they a tea lover? Well then, here’s a perfect gift box that they can even keep in their office shelf and enjoy the subtle flavours of green tea as many times as they want. __ECOMPRODUCT__971__ Mini PlanterThis cute planter makes a perfect gift for plant parents. If you ask us, this mini elephant will be a pleasant asset for your friend’s work desk. __ECOMPRODUCT__972__ Concrete PlanterBut if you’re looking for a more elite-looking planter, this will fit in your budget perfectly. __ECOMPRODUCT__973__ Reindeer SocksChristmas gifting is not complete until we’ve suggested a pair of Reindeer socks. It’s stylish, quirky and Christmas-y. Someone who enjoys the cheerful spirit of the festive season will love this pair. __ECOMPRODUCT__974__ Metallic BroochThese tiny accessories can up a gentleman’s style game. So a lad who enjoys dressing up will definitely appreciate this quirky maple leaf brooch. __ECOMPRODUCT__975__ Instant Coffee Tube ShotsGift a perfect blend of coffee and herbs that can turbo charge anybody’s day. This plant-based vitamin coffee is thoughtfully designed to enhance physical energy as well as subjective well-being. __ECOMPRODUCT__976__ The Bottom lineWhether you’re responsible for getting a Christmas gift for someone you know really well or someone you barely talk to, these pocket-friendly yet unique gifts will bring a smile to the recipient’s face. Explore More View the full article
  18. Good films aren’t simply made up of a good script and a solid lead pair. While these might play a crucial role in adding value to the final product, there are a number of other factors that play a vital role in deciding the fate of a successful film. One such essential factor is creating and choosing the supporting characters. © Fox Star Studios Right from how they are built and portrayed in the movie, to how they look and what they say, good supporting characters can really boost the quality of a film. So, here is a list of 7 such memorable and important supporting characters, without whom these hit Bollywood films would have never been as much fun or successful: 1. Shiva - Kabir Singh © T-Series Admit it, friends like Shiva are hard to come by. Most of us would kill for a friend like him who legit makes it a point to stick by your side to thick and thin, without ever complaining. Shiva always had Kabir’s back no matter what Kabir was going through in his personal and professional life and would go to any length to ensure his best friend finds the happiness he deserves. Kabir really would have had a much harder time without Shiva cleaning up the mess after him. 2. Pritam Vidhrohi - Bareilly Ki Barfi © Junglee Pictures There’s no doubt that Rajkummar Rao is an impressive actor but what really amazes me is the fact that he gives his best, even as a supporting character. If you’ve watched the movie, you know that Pritam Vidhrohi’s character becomes pivotal to the story at one point, and boy, does Rajkummar do justice to the role. He barges right in, does a complete 180 and delivers a performance that has all of us (including Chirag) believing that Pritam has had a complete change of heart (and personality) and will be walking away with the girl. Like it or not, Bareilly Ki Barfi would have never been as entertaining without Pritam in the picture. 3. MC Sher - Gully Boy © Excel Entertainment What can we say about MC Sher? Siddhanth Chaturvedi did such a splendid job at bringing MC Sher to life on-screen. As a guru and confidante to Murad, MC Sher shines through as a precious character who adds an indispensable layer to the film’s plot. MC Sher inspires trust and admiration and we love that he stands beside Murad like a pillar of strength all the way. Do you think Murad would have evolved as beautifully had the makers given a miss to MC Sher? Thought so. 4. Abbas - Luka Chuppi © Maddock Films Another character who stole our hearts as an irreplaceable friend was Abbas from Luka Chuppi. Aparshakti Khurrana as Abbas was just that and a bit more. Thoughtful and affectionate, Abbas, and his empathetic nature, gives us a glimpse of a friendship that can survive every storm. Abbas is willing to do whatever it takes to stick by his best friend Guddu and help him get his personal life on track. A problem solver and confidante in the truest sense, Abbas did win many hearts. 5. Jhalkari Bai - Manikarnika © Zee Studios Great visions see the light of the day only when others believe in it and join in. Such was the role Ankita Lokhande portrayed in Manikarnika as Jalkari Bai. Such was her faith in her queen, she literally gave her all to bring Rani Jhansi’s vision to fruition. On multiple occasions, Jhalkari Bai shows us what a true comrade and well-wisher looks like and how far a little bit of faith can take you when you put your heart to it. 6. Gopi - Angrezi Medium © Maddock Films Deepak Dobriyal’s Gopi adds so much charm and emotion to Angrezi Medium that it’s almost impossible to imagine the film going anywhere without him by Champak’s side. The duo might be half-brothers and share a love-hate relationship on the surface, but their fondness for each other shines through unmistakably on a number of occasions. From offering his unconditional support to adding the perfect amount of comic relief to the plot, Gopi is a total winner. 7. Dadi - Badhaai Ho © Junglee Pictures You can never get over a grumpy and quirky Surekha Sikri who charmed the audience with her performance in the film. Right from nailing the tu-tu, main-main that’s so stereotypical of desi saas-bahu, to transforming into a doting mother-in-law along the way, Dadi was a massive hit with the viewers. And then, of course, the solid comic punches she delivers with her witty dialogues throughout the movie are unforgettable! Which other memorable supporting characters should we add to the list? View the full article
  19. As the decade comes to an end with 2020 closing in on us in a few days, reminiscence is probably a good or a bad idea, depending on what you are reminiscing. As far as music is concerned, the latest remake of Husn Hai Suhana got me thinking about all the iconic 90s dancing songs we all continue dancing to. Here are 15 such tracks that we absolutely love: 1. Husn Hai SuhanaThe new version of this song has been trending since yesterday but nothing beats the charm of this original track. 2. Sona Kitna Sona HaiAnother Govinda song on the list which had all of us dancing to this song from Hero No. 1. 3. Saat Samundar PaarEven today, I don’t recall one single party which ends without people grooving and clapping to this one! 4. Main Kudi Anjaani HoWho can forget the gorgeous Sushmita Sen swooning to this refreshing track! All the girls went crazy copying this number at weddings. 5. Ole OleAll guys loved and wished it was their background life track for real! 6. Kisi Disco Main JaayeI have been personally dreaming of converting this song into reality throughout the pandemic because all I want to do is go to a disco, or go out and eat! 7. Tamma TammaBappi Lahiri’s gift to all our play lists which continues to play even today. 8. Mehendi Laga Ke RakhnaOkay this might be a wedding number avidly, but we all have danced to this track while growing up so obviously it had to be on our list. 9. Chaiyya ChaiyyaHaven’t we all dreamt of dancing on a train like SRK when this iconic dance number broke all records when it was released? 10. Yeh Kaali Kaali AankheinYepp, I know you sang ‘Tu ru ru’ and completed this sentence before I could. So I basically don’t need to tell you why it's on my list. 11. Chunnari ChunnariThat shimmy, flowing red scarf and just imagining dancing to this one with a good looking human was my inspiration for playing it all through my school life. 12. Tera Rang Balle BalleFor some weird reason, I recall this playing on every 90s birthday party, especially when we played musical chairs as the music stopped right when we shouted ‘naiyo naiyo’. 13. Kay Sera SeraI love this track and I am pretty sure you do too! Still feels like it was released yesterday. 14. Tan Tana TanThis one was repackaged and released again when the movie was remade but isn’t it still fun to dance to this iconic song from the 90s? 15. Jumma ChummaThis list would have been incomplete without this song, so it obviously had to be here. View the full article
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