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Found 524 results

  1. Dilon mein tum apni, Betaabiyan leke chal rahe ho, Toh zinda ho tum, Nazar mein khwabon ki, Bijliyan leke chal rahe ho, Toh zinda ho tum.... Call him a director, an actor, a poet, a singer, or producer, he is a man who has donned many hats and is a man of many talents. Yes, we are talking about Farhan Akhtar. Right from Dil Chahta Hai to now Toofaan, we have seen him show us different shades of the artist in him. We have loved him as a storyteller and also as an actor. He has not only impressed people with his character in Rock On but also has inspired many not to give up by stepping out of his comfort zone by stepping into Milkha Singh’s shoes or rigorously training for Toofaan. View this post on Instagram I got a chance to talk to Farhan Akhtar about how mentally draining was to play Aziz Ali in Toofaan, how he handles his lows and what’s his routine on a day off. Here are excerpts from my interview: You’re a man of multiple talents, a man who has donned many hats. How does it feel when people look up to you and get inspired by you. And also how do manage your time? Well, I mean I feel if through our work, we can touch anyone’s life in a positive way, I am grateful when that happens. When it comes to managing my time, I honestly do not have an answer to that (laughs). I would like to think that I do things that I love. I do films and the projects I truly believe in and I feel that when you love something, time automatically presents itself. When you love something, you will always make time for it and if you don’t like something, you will never ever have time for it even when you are sitting idle. You are someone who gives more than 100% to the characters that you pick up to portray on the screen. We have seen you in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and now in Toofaan. We have heard stories from you stating the fact that it was physically challenging but I want to know how mentally draining was it? You know the challenge is actually mental. You have people around you who are telling how much you need to train, how much to lift or run or what to eat. These are people who know their jobs and teaching you how to box. This is the physical side to it but the challenge is only mental. After a month of training, I knew that I had seven months still left to go. I was feeling tired as I had to get up at 5 am and learn boxing. I know I am going to have a tiresome day when we are going to do rigorous training. Your mind goes ahead and you need to keep it in control. When you know that you have to go all through these drills, you still have to keep going and that’s a big thing. If you can train your mind in that aspect, rest comes easily to you. The physical part was never a challenge as it was fun despite it being hard because I am learning a new skill. The tough part was when I used to get up in the morning in my bed and I used to push myself to go to the gym and that’s where your discipline plays the major part. For me, this needed more focus than everything else. View this post on Instagram As you just told me that you used to get up at 5 am in the morning and had rigorous training and also the fact the movie did have its own emotional sequences, were there any low moments wherein you felt giving up completely because it sure didn’t look easy? There were many moments where I felt exhausted for sure. There were moments where I didn’t feel that I was improving when it felt that I should have and I felt disappointed. I was training for a good 4 to 5 months but I was struggling with something or the other, those feelings did arise. People around you who are helping you learn the skill made me realize that it’s all a part of a learning curve. The greatest of athletes and the biggest sports personalities go through phases of self-doubt. You have to talk yourself out of it. You will hit the wall and you will be like that you can’t get through but you have to keep punching till the time the wall breaks through and suddenly, you start seeing the results. Yes, the little disappoints kept happening but not to an extent that I don’t want to do it or stop. I did get frustrated but ever I felt like that I want to give up. View this post on Instagram You have been in the industry for a long and have played many characters. Be it Bhaag Milkha Bhaag or Toofaan or any other movie that you have done, have you taken the baggage of your characters back home? I did, and the characters stayed with me after the movie was done. It also happened to me with Rock On. Actually, Rock On re-introduced my love for music in terms of performing it. I used to play guitar in my teens and my early 20s but with work and other commitments, I completely stopped playing it. Rock On reminded me of those times and that’s when that whole band thing happened. It was like life imitating art in that film. I would say Rock On to a huge extent, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and now Toofaan, these three characters have stayed with me way after the film. As you told me these three characters stayed with you way after the film was done, what have you taken back from them as artists pick up nuances from their art? With Rock On, I told you that it was a tangible thing and I started music. With Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, the biggest thing that I took away from the film was the fact that what’s possible as an actor. Up until then, the roles that I had done were relatively in my comfort zone, be it Luck By Chance, even Karthik Calling Karthik, or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. I could understand the world of these characters but Bhaag Milkha Bhaag took me way out of this comfort zone and even out of the city. It was a big challenge for me. The physical part is an altogether a different expect but to embody who he was and to be able to do that, it gave me the feeling that things are surely possible if you dedicate yourselves to it and that also came with Milkha Ji’s philosophy in life that if you have to achieve something, you have to way harder than the others. I also want to add that do not be happy in functioning within the bubble wherein you are comfortable, go out and look for challenges that push you out from your comfort zone and make you work hard. Coming to Toofaan, it’s distinctively fresh right now but I know the experience has been enriching for me as an actor and as a storyteller. Time will tell that what will stay with me but it has definitely left an impact. View this post on Instagram Farhan, you just shared that Karthik Calling Karthik was somewhere in your comfort zone but I genuinely felt it was mentally very impacting because you’re showing a character who’s dealing with his lows and deteriorating mental health. How do you deal with your lows, Farhan? Straight off the bat, it’s just about me being surrounded by those people who really care. I used to be someone who for the longest time when was feeling low tend to keep it to myself or keep it bottled inside me and not share anything with anyone. Through time and through a process of talking to people or seeking help because everyone has left low at some point in their life, you understand the value of sharing. It’s important to find a safe space to be to share. People who you know won’t judge you, those special ones are really important. If I am going through lows or mild depression, these are the people I reach out to and hang out with him, and more often than not, I land up feeling better. Also, I wanted to know what are you doing on your off days when you are not shooting? How does Farhan enjoy his day off? Days when I am not shooting, I must share with you that I can also be incredibly lazy. If I know that I am not shooting on a particular day or there are no meetings planned on that day, I am the world’s happiest person to sit on my sofa with a blanket and see the films that I haven’t seen, read something that I have been wanting for a long time just hang out with people at home, and spend time with my pets. I don’t feel the need to constantly do something. I love my downtime and when I get that chance, I absolutely relish it. I can totally switch my mind off. View this post on Instagram And before I go, I want to know when are you coming back as a storyteller as people love your narratives? Hopefully soon. I do absolutely intend on directing again and I feel in times to come, you will probably get to know and I will surely share that with you. Is it Don 3 (I obviously had to plug this in)? I can’t say anything right now, unfortunately (laughs). With this, we both ended our conversation on a lighter note sharing pleasantries and wished each other luck for better days to come in the near future. View the full article
  2. Insecurity, the ten-letter word that has spelled doom for many a relationship, often brings out the worst in people, regardless of their gender or preferences. This dreaded emotion seeps into our relationships because we’re far too occupied with projecting a version of ourselves rather than being the authentic and real individuals that we are. Finding another person attractive while we’re in a relationship can often induce guilt and anxiety in us as well as our partners. And rightfully so. All this while we’ve been spoon fed the notion that absolute and utter devotion to our partners, one that borders on subservience is the ideal all relationships should be chasing. But is it fair? Here are 3 reasons why finding other people attractive while being in a relationship is not cheating: Appreciate, But Don’t Act There’s a marked difference between appreciation and obsession. You telling your partner that you’ve a fresh crush on a new celebrity is completely okay. What isn’t okay is acting on a similar impulse and sleeping with someone behind your partner’s back. That is a clear violation of trust and commitment, and it’s a total dick move. It’s human nature to find people different from ourselves attractive, and ask any couple in a successful relationship and they’d echo that sentiment. What matters is that one doesn’t act on these impulses, unless your partner is okay with it. © iStock Be Honest With Your Partner One of the most beautiful parts of being in a relationship is being vulnerable with your partner. Openly and honestly discussing people that you are attracted to allows you to get to know each other better and on a deeper level. It also allows you to identify your boundaries, topics that are uncomfortable for you to discuss usually show aspects of your life you can work on with your partner, growing together as a couple as well as individuals. More often than not it introduces humour and allows you to laugh about these things as well. After all, honesty is always better than pretending. There’s no need to pretend to have blinders on all the time. © iStock Spicing Things Up This one might not be for everyone. But if your relationship has gone too vanilla for your preference, and you’re looking to spice things up, then opening up to your partner about your fantasies helps. You can encourage them to do the same as well. This will strengthen the bonds of your relationship. Take baby steps here, don’t go all in at once. As it might be overwhelming for some people. Figure out the pace of your relationship, and who knows maybe these conversations can lead to more fun for you and your partner in bed! © iStock It’s easier said than done, but it’s high time we normalised these discussions. There’s no point keeping them taboo, pretending as if finding people attractive isn’t basic human nature. Remember, appreciation is fine, acting on these impulses and breaking the commitment isn’t. View the full article
  3. As we have grown older, we have come to realize that the world is surely not like how it was shown in cartoons and movies with happy endings. © TikTok/tyishamacleod Urgh!! We know! What a Grade A Pervert! In the video, which has now gone viral with more than 4 million views, the landlord is also seen lifting and smelling Tyisha's bedsheet before laying it back down and quickly running out of the room. Tyisha had also recorded yet another video of the landlord earlier entering the apartment and speaking to her friend, to which he had said that he'd come to feed her cat. View the full article
  4. Britney Spears' remarks, in a lengthy Instagram post, were the latest in a series of emotional public comments
  5. Rihanna, A$AP Rocky indulged in massive PDA while shooting for an unnamed project
  6. Letter requests that the PM issue written directives asking ministers to observe code of conduct for the AJK elections
  7. Caution: This story contains graphic images from the incident that may not be suitable for some readers. A four-year-old girl’s skin suffered third-degree burns on her hand after a smartwatch exploded and burst into flames. The girl needed a skin graft after the incident which took place in her home. Yiyi, a girl in the city of Quanzhou, China suffered burns earlier this week. According to Yiyi’s father Mr Huang, the girl was playing with her three-year-old cousin under the supervision of her grandmother when the watch exploded. From the pictures, it is hard to identify which smartwatch it could be but it definitely feels like a device that is meant for children. © AsiaWire The girl’s grandmother said that she heard a loud “bang” followed by Yiyi screaming when the incident occurred. The grandmother rushed into the room after she heard the screams of her granddaughter. The grandmother said she found the room covered in thick smoke and a distinctive smell. The smoke continued to come out of the smartwatch while the girl was wearing it. It’s easy enough to deduce that the battery inside the smartwatch had exploded but it is currently unknown how it happened. The girl’s grandmother noticed that the girl’s hand was badly burned and ran it under a cold tap before taking her to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed third-degree burns on the girl’s hand and carried out a skin graft to speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of infection. © AsiaWire/Australscope The girl’s father has contacted the unknown smartwatch manufacturer and is seeking compensation. Mr Huang said that his uncle bought the watch online and never inserted a SIM card inside. This was not the first time a child’s watch has caught fire in China. According to similar reports, a similar incident also happened in Jiangmen, Guangdong on November 6th 2018. It turned out that the smartwatch saw a rapid rise in temperature out of the blue and burned another girl’s wrist during the process. It is worthy to point out that the smartwatch could be a local brand and is not sold in India at the moment. Having said that, if a smartwatch you own suddenly sees a rise in temperature while wearing, remove it from your wrist the moment you notice it to prevent burns in case of chances of an explosion. Main Image for Representation Purposes Only Source: Yahoo News via AsiaWire/Australscope View the full article
  8. Even though Bobby Deol went under the radar for a while, he made a stellar comeback with Aashram and Class of '83. However, while his path to stardom seems to be rising again, we also couldn't help but notice how his style statement has evolved. For someone, who decked up in pretty simple ensembles and sneakers, Bobby's recent experiments with fashion have left some of the best-dressed actors of Bollywood behind. His way of wearing 'dirty' sneakers by Balenciaga and stepping out in comfortable studded chappals were a few examples of that. © Viral Bhayani © Sense Bobby is wearing ON Running The Roger sneakers. These are the most expressive tennis-inspired shoes. The pair has a bold look with all-day comfort. Furthermore, the pair is designed with synthetic leather upper. The all-white sneaker has a classic mould and also features On's proprietary CloudTec and SpeedBoard technologies. © Viral Bhayani In all, we like how Bobby decided to elevate his style statement with a whole new set of significant trends. It turns out we are eyeing it too. Way to go, DJ Bobby. View the full article
  9. From common people to celebs, everyone is heading to the vaccination centre to get their shots, as this is the only way right now to try and overcome the challenges thrown at us because of the pandemic. Just recently, Malaika Arora took her second dose of the Covid vaccine on Tuesday. She shared this news with her fans on Instagram by posting a few pictures of taking the jab. Arora wrote, "Like I always say #weareinthistogether. I am going to be safe not just for myself but for YOU as well. Fully vaccinated. No words can express the gratitude I have for every single frontline warrior out there. Thank you all for being so amazing! @my_bmc @mybmchealthdept @zakaria_asif #staysafe #stayindoors #getvaccinated." While her message spoke loud and clear about the importance of getting vaccinated and staying safe, some people turned their attention towards a different matter entirely. View this post on Instagram Trolls descended on Malaika because she chose to wear a black and white sports bra with track pants which, according to them, was an inappropriate way of dressing for getting vaccinated. One of the users wrote, “Choice of clothes for vaccination is gross.” Another user wrote, “Why would you wear that for a jab routine? Like I know they look good but gym wear to a vaccine drive.” One more user attacked her saying, “For vaccination also you have to show off your assets or what? Otherwise, they won't do vaccination kya?" Here are a few more nasty comments that we saw on her post: © Malaika Arora Instagram © Malaika Arora Instagram © Malaika Arora Instagram © Malaika Arora Instagram © Malaika Arora Instagram © Malaika Arora Instagram In my opinion, trolling anyone for their choices shouldn't be acceptable and appreciated. If a man wore a sandoz and got vaccinated, would there be the same reactions and would he have been called inappropriate? If no, then why troll her? I found it completely insensitive and unwell. Sorry guys, your comments are gross not her dressing style. On the work front, Malaika Arora is currently judging the dance reality show Super Dancer 4. View the full article
  10. Thanks to the magic of technology and the internet, ordering food is just a click away. Your mindless, aimless hunger has a full stop courtesy the plethora of options available online and the food delivery apps helping us find the right place to order, not to forget the little discounts that fall in our kitty are an added bonus. However, as a consumer and a regular user of these food delivery apps, it is possible that there are some mistakes you might be making as elaborated by a former food delivery agent. In an interview with Insider, a former delivery agent pointed out the most common mistakes people make while ordering via these apps and it includes points like lack of clarity when mentioning the house address. According to Annie Smith, who worked for a US delivery company called Postmates, app users feel that it is not a big deal when they don’t keep the entrances of their houses well lit. This, however, becomes a problem for your delivery agent who has trouble locating your address. Annie recalls that she had to often walk in dark streets to locate the correct address. © Twitter The next common mistake is the lack of delivery instructions for an order. This includes not mentioning gate pass codes, if any, or landmarks, or like a floor number etc. this becomes an added headache for your delivery agent who has trouble locating your address if it’s a corner house at the end of the street or like in a gated community. So besides navigation issues, the next common mistake according to her that most users commit is not tipping enough for the rider. All food delivery apps in India have an option of choosing to tip your rider and it looks like it’s a common issue in the US as well, where riders feel they aren’t tipped well. © Twitter The last and another common mistake as pointed out by her is that most people feel weary of ordering food during a rush hour or peak traffic hours, thinking that their order will be delivered in a longer period of time than they estimate. However, that’s not always true as during busy hours, the app services have more drivers on call, so that means there’s a big chance that your order might be delivered sooner than you expected. While these mistakes have been pointed out keeping the American demography and consumer culture in mind, if we think about it, then the scene back home in India also seems pretty similar. How many of these common mistakes are you guilty of committing? View the full article
  11. You know the phrase 'gun to your head', which is often used in situations where you imagine yourself being forced to do something? “Gun to your head, who would you rather kiss…”, “Gun to your head, who would you rather kill..”, “Gun to your head, what would you rather do…” Well, looks like a man finally has an answer to the hypothetical question, where during a robbery, he literally had a gun pointed to his head, and he chose to calmly finish off his hot wings instead of freaking out. Being called the “chillest man” by the internet, after a video of a restaurant’s CCTV footage went viral, the video captured a robber in a helmet enter and rob an eatery with a weapon in his hand, all the while a man continued finishing his chicken wings off. Because, priorities. The one minute video started off casually, showing a bunch of people gabbing with each other while others sitting and enjoying their meal. And then, within the next few seconds, a man with a helmet walks in, pulls out a gun and starts pointing it at people to demand their precious belongings. Pran jaye par 'chicken' na jaye!https://t.co/t7t3JLc3w8 — StoryPick (@StoryPicker) June 28, 2021 In a normal situation or say, a typical Bollywood film, this would be a good time to do either of two things - secretly call the police and/or let your hero complex kick in and save the day. This man, however, went for a secret option no. 3 which involved him minding his own business and not breaking a sweat under the pressure. In fact, he very calmly takes his phone out of his pocket and hands it over with one hand over his head, while with the other he is still taking scrumptious bites of those chicken wings. Meanwhile, a few standing close to the exit have fled the restaurant while others are giving up their phones and wallets. Here is how Twitter is reacting to the story : Not all heroes wear capes — Follow Up News (@FollowUpNewsGuy) June 28, 2021touch the wing...you will know his special-secret-agent-move — widi antara (@tacnol) June 28, 2021"yea yea take whatever you want, just not my wings" — lmao (@fckinastronaut) June 28, 2021Aint no way — Shuichi Akai ︻デ═一 (@8_bram) June 28, 2021Savage — Becca White (@BeccaWhite45) June 28, 2021Meanwhile, we are wondering what was more startling, the robbery or the fact that a man could give his undivided attention to his chicken wings while being robbed! What would your instinct be? View the full article
  12. FIA interim report says audio and video clip of PPP leader abusing chief justice is unedited, genuine
  13. Bilawal says while people of IOJK are fighting jihad against Modi, people of AJK are battling PM Imran's inflation
  14. You’d been with your partner for a while now, seen each other through thick and thin, been each other’s biggest cheerleaders when the time came and at times, their worst critics to push them to do better. You’d shared more than just a bed with them, you’d shared laughs, secrets and life as you knew it. And one such part of life is also death. © iStock When you’re involved in a romantic relationship with someone, you are bound to come across moments of grief as a couple, whether it is through experiencing traumatic events, failure or even mourning the loss of a loved one. And it is during these very tough times that it becomes most important for us to ensure our significant other knows we are there for them as they struggle to cope with the loss of someone in their life. Here are 5 ways you can support your partner through the grief of losing a loved one. Don’t Try To Find The Silver Lining © iStock One of the most disrespectful things to say in the face of death to a loved one is to try and make them see the positive side to it. Phrases like, “but, he lived a long and fulfilling life”, often imply that you are being insensitive to the pain and expecting your partner to be okay with it. Don’t focus on cheering them up, sometimes simply being there is enough. It’s Okay To Let Them Cry © iStock Grief is often said to come in waves. It comes and goes and when that happens, it is advised to let your partner know that it is okay to cry. Crying, as a matter of fact, has been said to be therapeutic. It doesn’t just make one feel lighter but also is a healthy way to release all the emotions that would have been building up inside. Don’t Try To Fill The Silences © iStock You see your partner mourning the loss of someone close, someone special and despite being there for them in person, you feel you haven’t been more far apart from them. You want to say the right thing, but struggle to find the right words. My advice? Don’t try too hard. There are times in life where more than your consoling words, your partner needs your shoulder to lean on. Let the silence between the two of you be comfortable. You don’t have to talk to let them know, they’re not alone. Let Them Choose Their Own Pace © iStock While you may be coming from a place of concern, rushing your partner through the mourning process can only result in making them feel more displaced than ever. It is okay to let your partner figure out their own pace through it. Denial, acceptance and everything in between will take its own time to come and go, and the best thing you can do is be patient as your partner takes this journey. Step Up © iStock As much as you can be there for your partner emotionally during such a difficult time, it is important to realise that there are a few battles that they may have to win alone. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be of help in other ways. Try to step up and take charge of other things in their life. Helping them plan the funeral, taking care of daily chores and cooking food, helping them respond to condolence calls, etc. Chances are, they’d feel much better knowing they can fall on you for support. View the full article
  15. Jason Derulo's songs are a big hit on our playlists. From Swalla to Talk dirty, most of Derulo's numbers are groove-worthy. The singer is well-versed in keeping his fans entertained with his tunes. It was just last year when his Savage Love also became a massive trend on TikTok. Not just that, Derulo also recorded a new version of Jalebi Baby that became a rage, garnering more than 3.1 million creations on the app. To such an extent, people started making reels with the song on Instagram as well. © Instagram/Jason Derulo The song came in collaboration with Jalebi Baby's original singer Tesher, whose song sat atop the Official Charts' Asian Music Top 40 for more than 24 weeks. The remix made many fans across the globe turn it into creative posts for their feeds. View this post on Instagram Jason has a widespread presence on the platform and is a TikTok star who recently impressed us with his new antics. The Ridin' Solo singer was legit seen making the favourite Indian dish, jalebis, at his home and posted the process of the video. He follows the entire process of making jalebis and then finally taking out the spiralled dish, dipping it in the sugar syrup. He then shows off his skills by displaying the jalebis to the camera. To add some fun element to it, he shows Hershey's syrup but doesn't put it on the jalebis. One can hear the Mashup song Jalebi Baby in the background. I’m sorry why is Jason Derulo on tiktok making jalebis ? pic.twitter.com/X4veTAf3Lu — afshan d'souza-lodhi (@afshandl) June 22, 2021 One user shared the video on Twitter, and the internet went into a frenzy as they saw Jason's flawless skills. A user commented, "I would have never imagined in my life that I would watch Jason Derulo make jalebi." Actor Nikita Dutta also funnily said, "As a jalebi fan, I would have been highly bothered if @jasonderulo used that Hershey's syrup on the jalebis he made." She called it the best thing on the internet. Here's how Jason's video garnered all the attention. Jason Derulo making Jalebi on Tik Tok is not something I expected to see but here we are pic.twitter.com/aiVqRD25HW — gejala sosialite️‍ (@serpentbrownie) June 23, 2021I would have never imagined in my life that I would watch Jason Derulo make jalebi pic.twitter.com/tKfbeEXs5x — sb (@suhighness) June 23, 2021Jason Derulo’s made jalebi before I have pic.twitter.com/o0Z9GiMI6t — Khaalid Dangor (@KhaaliDangor) June 23, 2021didn’t realize how bad i needed to see jason derulo making jalebi pic.twitter.com/BANZ4AZVVb — no (@notraveeoli) June 23, 2021Man like @jasonderulo making #jalebi Happy Sugar Levels Wednesday pic.twitter.com/NMoCKz5qH7 — Sabji Hunter (@SabjiHunter) June 23, 2021no way did I live to see the day jason derulo make jalebiyan on tiktok to "jalebi baby" — Ambur Khalid (@ambur_khalid) June 23, 2021No way have I just seen Jason derulo making jalebi on my fyp — Z 🧸 (@hiddenzahra) June 23, 2021Why am I seeing jason derulo making jalebi am i in a fever dream — G🤍 (@gurj_kk) June 23, 2021 We hope so too. As a jalebi fan, I would have been highly bothered if @jasonderulo used that Hershey’s syrup on the jalebis he made! 🤭🤭 Though it’s the best thing on the Internet this morning — Nikita Dutta (@nikifyinglife) June 24, 2021 Yes, enough! just saw Jason Derulo making jalebi! That’s enough tik tok for a day 🏼 — hari (@harithewalrider) June 23, 2021How did I not know there’s an actual Jason Derulo version of Jalebi pic.twitter.com/K1sJ80N85a — Arsalan (@rotiarsalan) June 24, 2021 Fever dream? Haha I just saw a tik tok video of Jason Derulo making jalebi and that felt like a weird little fever dream — BunnyNinja (@Chello_R_Singh) June 23, 2021 Totally! Jason Derulo making jalebi is one of the best things I've seen today — Sha-ista (@__shaista_) June 23, 2021Tesher also said in a statement, "Seeing Jalebi Baby find listeners all over the world has been amazing, as has seeing big Billboard hits that don’t neatly fit into one genre or aren’t completely in English. It just shows that people are not only open to hearing new and unique sounds, they crave them.” The reactions are pretty hilarious but say what may, even we feel like eating those jalebis now! View the full article
  16. Maybe a briefcase is too formal for your office so most of your co-workers settled for a messenger bag or an unattractive, back-to-school backpack that comes with a laptop. But you want to break the boring trend and try something more fashionable yet convenient. Perhaps a backpack that doesn’t make you look like a student, allows you to use both hands while accessing a device and doesn’t put all the weight on one of your shoulders. Great idea! But can a man have all 3? Thanks to the ever-evolving fashion brands, there’s a backpack for every mood—from travel backpacks to military backpacks to business backpacks. As long as you know what to pick from the backpacks for men collection, you’ll live happily hands-free ever after. Steer Clear Of Bright Colours, Patterns Or PrintsWe might have started experimenting with bright-coloured smart casuals at work but we’re not there yet when it comes to backpacks. It is important that in a professional setting, you keep the silhouette, fabric and colour in mind. Pick the timeless shades—the ones that won’t get stained easily—like black, greys, blues or beiges. They’re simple, efficient and they never fail to impress. __ECOMPRODUCT__1906__ Skip The Nylon… Hello, Leather!Leather backpacks give you the benefit of looking sophisticated which a nylon backpack will not. Remember to not overfill it as that will disturb the silhouette of the bag which is equally responsible for its elegant appearance. __ECOMPRODUCT__1907__ Extra Straps & Buckles? No, Thank YouBuckles and too many straps hanging in all the directions don’t reflect professionalism. The impact of buckles is such that it adds to the informal aspect of a design. While magnetic closure makes a backpack appear tidy. __ECOMPRODUCT__1908__ No Mesh Water Bottle HolderYou would never wear a mesh T-shirt to work simply because it doesn’t fit any sort of formal dress code. The same rule applies here. Even though mesh covers a small section of a backpack, it’s more suitable for a casual outing. __ECOMPRODUCT__275__ Max One Or Two Visible Pockets You have a lot of things to keep in your backpack. But the more you fill it, the more casual it’ll begin to look reason being its stretched silhouette. Having a lot of visible pockets will make it look like your good old rucksack, which we don’t want. Minimalistic designs work the best in formal settings. __ECOMPRODUCT__1909__ Final ThoughtsWe say: Long live the backpack and may the number of pockets in it continue to increase. But to ensure its survival, we must respect each type of backpack and wear it keeping in mind the occasion. Avoid bringing backpacks to something where it’s important to make a good first impression. Like a job interview or a business meeting. Explore More View the full article
  17. Demi Lovato said they aimed to discard all gender norms imposed by patriarchy while cutting her hair short
  18. Sophie remembered her time spent in Scotland where she photographed Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
  19. There are people who just don’t take leg days that seriously, and then there are those who go all-out bonkers for that. Well, former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall will tell you, why, it is extremely crucial that in either case, balance is important, and knowing your limit is key. © Instagram/eddiehallwsm For those of you who aren’t that keen on fitness and bodybuilding, Eddie Hall won the World’s Strongest Man competition back in 2017 and formerly held the Guinness World Record for the world’s heaviest deadlift, at 500, which he set in 2016. It was only in 2020 that the record was broken by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who lifted 501 kgs. © Instagram/eddiehallwsm In an old video of his that has suddenly gone viral now, Hall can be seen building up to his target of leg pressing1,000 kgs, on one of his regular leg day workouts. In the video, Hall can be heard saying that this is the heaviest weight that he has gone for, while working on his legs. He starts out slowly, with fewer weights to get his momentum, as well as his muscles, going. In the video, we see that soon after he passes the normal weight hat he pushes, he starts struggling. © YouTube/Eddie 'The Beast' Hall So much so, that he in fact soils himself, having crapped in his gym shorts. After getting cleaned up, he goes for the target he set for the day - the 1000 kg mark. Realising that this is going to be mentally taxing for him, Hall starts to psyche himself up as he loads more weights onto the machine. He then takes his position, still psyching himself up. He tries to push the press but struggles to lift it. All this while, we can hear him grunting, and shouting. © Youtube/Eddie 'The Beast' Hall He finally manages to push the press away and does a couple of presses. With one last grunt, he completes the press, locks it in its default position, and just passes out for a few seconds. Almost immediately he regains his consciousness and asks if he blacked out. © Youtube/Eddie 'The Beast' Hall Bodybuilders often have to work with ridiculous weights in order to stand out. Trained gym trainers and medical experts, all agree, that activities such as deadlifts, bench presses and leg presses, should all be done when you’re fully aware of the limitations of your own body, and within those limits. © Instagram/eddiehallwsm Hall himself has stated that there have been some serious repercussions that he has had to live with because of the ungodly amount of weight he has tried to lift over the years. Eddie has had blackouts, nose bleeds, and some spinal injuries while attempting to lift all those weights. View the full article
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