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Found 5 results

  1. Arguably one of the biggest sporting events in the world, the 12th edition of the ICC World Cup is set to enthrall cricket enthusiasts when it kickstarts from 30th May, pitting the likes of hosts England and exciting South Africa against each other. Over a span of 45 days and across 48 scintillating contests, the ICC mega event is expected to bring the best of the participating nations in what promises to be an exciting affair. But, the World Cup isn't just about winning the coveted trophy. In fact, cricket's biggest tournament has a history of bringing exciting contests, fiery duels and individual brilliances to the fore. And, this year promises to be no different. From the top wicket-takers to leading run-scorers, the upcoming ICC tournament has had the cricket fans wondering who'd claim the top honours in individual performances. While we will discuss the wicket-taking heroes in another article, let's discuss the probables for the batting honours this year. © Reuters When it comes to scoring most runs in the World Cups, no one comes close to the legendary Sachin Tendulkar who scored 2,278 runs across six tournaments he played. Though Tendulkar's record will take some doing, but the current batting geniuses of the game will surely be eager to make a mark at the biggest stage. Going purely by numbers, here's a look at five batsmen who might be seen ruling the charts in the list of leading run-getters at the World Cup this year. Virat Kohli © Reuters Undeniably one of best batsmen in the world right now, Virat Kohli will be the key to India's charge at this year's World Cup. The Indian captain needs no introduction to batting and the fact that, at the age of 30, he has already slammed 41 ODI hundreds - only behind Tendulkar's tally of 49 tons, shows how special and consistent this lad is. But, that's not all. Kohli is going into the World Cup with a formidable form and, for someone who takes a special liking to big events, he is surely expected to reign supreme in England and Wales. To back that claim with numbers, Kohli has scored 4,306 runs at an average of 78.29 - most by any batsmen in ODIs since the World Cup in 2015. While it's really hard to predict whether he'll actually emerge as the leading run-scorer at the upcoming event, the numbers surely tip him as one of the favourites. And, given his artistry with the willow, we might end up seeing a Kohli special this year. Rohit Sharma © Reuters One of the most devastating openers in limited-overs cricket, Rohit Sharma, having begun his career as a middle-order batsman, found his true calling at the top of the order. A preferred opener by the Indian team management, Rohit has made the opening spot his own on the back of spectacular performances in white-ball cricket. His malleable wrists and knack to find the gaps have all added to his batting masterclass which continues to evolve over the years. Just like his skipper Kohli, Rohit will also be one of the vital cogs in India's dreams of lifting their third World Cup trophy this year. Since the 2015 edition of the World Cup, Rohit has amassed 3,790 ODI runs at an average of 61.12 - only behind Kohli in the elite list. His last stint in England saw him smashing an unbeaten 137 in the first ODI in Nottingham - something that should bolster his confidence going into the World Cup. The right-handed batsman is coming off a title-winning season with Mumbai Indians who lifted a record fourth IPL trophy this season. While there is no doubt over Rohit's abilities, the Indian opener will need convert his starts into big figures if he intends to challenge other batsmen for the top batting honours at the World Cup. Joe Root © Reuters For someone who was tipped as a future England captain at the age of 23, Joe Root has not only lived up to the billing, but has also successfully managed to rally his troops in the build-up to the World Cup at home. Rated amongst the top batsmen in the world, Root, on his day, is more than capable of running away with the game. At this year's World Cup, Root will surely be a key player, providing the much-needed stability to their batting line-up. If playing at home doesn't strengthen his case, the fact that Root has slammed 3,498 runs at an average of 58.30 in ODIs (since the 2015 World Cup) further makes a probable candidate for the top batting honours in the upcoming event. The right-handed batsman will be seen leading England's charge at the ICC spectacle, but while his leadership skills will be put to test, Root's batting might cannot be questioned. Eoin Morgan © Reuters One of the batting mainstays for England over the years, Eoin Morgan will once again be seen stabilising the innings for his side while plying his trade in the middle-order. The left-handed batsman has all the experience he needs to make this event his own and playing in familiar conditions further helps his cause. Predictions apart, according to the numbers, believe it or not, Morgan is placed fourth in the list of leading run-scorers in ODIs since the 2015 World Cup. The left-hander has scored 3,039 runs at an average of 46.75 - something that surely makes him one of the probables for the top batting honours at the World Cup this year. For those who need more than just numbers to believe his batting might, Morgan, recently, broke a roof tile with a huge six during the fifth ODI between England against Pakistan at Headingley. How's that for intent? Quinton de Kock © Reuters A sweet timer of the ball who thrives on his fearless striking abilities, Quinton de Kock has established himself as South Africa's preferred opening batsman over the years. The left-handed batsman, who grew up as a baseball player, can take on any opposition bowling attack and give them a run for their money with his brutal hitting. De Kock goes into this year's World Cup with 2,971 runs at an average of 50.33 in ODIs. There's no surprise to see him at the fifth spot in the list of top run-getters in the 50-over format since the 2015 edition of the World Cup. To put things in perspective, De Kock has amassed 353 runs, including three fifties and a hundred, in his last five ODI innings. Given the conditions, De Kock is likely to cherish the challenge and tear into the opposition bowling attack. His success with the willow will be key to South Africa's hopes of getting rid of the 'chokers' tag and clinch their maiden World Cup title this year.
  2. Shah Rukh Khan was recently roped in to feature in the astronaut Rakesh Sharma's biopic called 'Saare Jahan Se Accha' but now we hear he's opted out of that project, and we're slightly disappointed. But not that disappointed to learn that SRK might have chosen to take up 'Don 3' instead of the biopic. At least we'll see him in his best avatar this year! © Twitter Maybe it was 'Zero's' box office failure that made him decide to chose his roles wisely and hence, he chose a role that was more comfortable for him to play than the role he would have in 'Saare Jahan Se Accha'. SRK was to begin shooting for the biopic early next month, as it was lined up after 'Zero's' release but now we're not sure if that's going to happen at all. According to a popular publication, the actor opted out of the film to star in the third part of the franchise 'Don', which in all probability will hit the floors this year and we can't wait to see what goodness the third one holds for us. Director Mahesh Mathai's 'Saare Jahaan Se Accha' was going to be produced by Khan, along with Siddarth Roy Kapoor but now that seems highly unlikely. The best part though is that the lead role was initially offered to Aamir Khan but because he couldn't commit towards the venture, he recommended Shah Rukh for the role. © Twitter "I thank Aamir, who was to do the film for calling me and telling me about the role as it would suit me. I will try and spend time with Rakesh Sharma." SRK told a popular publication in an interview, when Aamir had recommended the role for him. © Instagram According to some Bollywood news sources, Priyanka Chopra will be playing the lead role in the movie as well, but there are no further speculations into that. We wonder if that's the reason SRK backed out of the movie venture in the first place? Well, that's something we'll never know! © Pinterest For now, let's just wait it out and see who takes up the lead role in 'Saare Jahaan Se Accha'. Although Farhan Akhtar did reveal that there's a 'big announcement' on its way and if it's not him tying the knot with girlfriend Shibani Dandekar, then it's definitely the release of Don 3, starring SRK, this year!
  3. Next time when you have an argument with your feline worshipping friends about whether cats are better or dogs, read them this article. Along with being cute and loving, dogs are also protecting humans like their ancestral counterparts. In a few parts of the world, humans are entirely dependent on their canine partners for protection. These guard dogs are also some of the biggest dogs in the world. Here's a list that tells you exactly how big: 1. American Akita © wikimedia © wikimedia Weight: 45-130 kg Height: 66 cm The Akita is an intelligent dog with extreme agility and is known for its courage. It is usually owned for domestic purposes, to protect households from burglars. 2. Kangal © wikipedia Weight: 50–83 kg Height: 77–86 cm The Kangal is a strong and heavy-boned dog. Its origin is traced back to Turkey. They are usually referred to as a sheepdog because they are usually trained to guard huge flocks of sheep. It is known to successfully protect sheep from wolves, bears, jackals and even lions and cheetahs. 3. Bull-mastiff © Pexels Weight: 50–59 kg Height: 64–69 cm This dog has a short muzzle and a solid build. They were originally bred by gamekeepers to guard estates in the 19th century. They quickly got the name Gamekeeper's Night Dog. Their genetic background is 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog. These dogs are considered a little hard to train but have a natural instinct for protection. Even without training, they are known to protect their owners from burglars and other attackers. 4. African Boerboel © wikipedia Weight: 68-90 kg Height: 60-69 cm The African Boerboel weighs as much as an average human. It has a powerful jaw and thick muscles which are because of its “molloser” dog family descendants. The Molloser family is the foundation of today's mastiff-type breeds. It is often considered to be the most agile of all mastiff breeds. It is extremely loyal to the family it grows with and should be trained during its early years. 5. Dogue de Bordeaux © pixabay Weight: 68 kg Height: 69 cm The Dogue de Bordeaux is also called French Mastiff. This brawny breed's role has seen major changes over the years. In historic times, they allegedly used to guard European castles. Then they moved to pull carts and transporting heavy objects and finally ended up guarding flocks. They are considered as one of the most ancient dog breeds on the face of planet Earth. 6. Fila Brasileiro © wikimedia Weight: 64–82 kg Height: 65–75 cm This is another Mastiff in the list. The Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff is considered to be an ideal guard dog. It has remarkable agility, aggressiveness, and an unforgiving temperament. In fact, their unpopular aggression got them banned in many countries. Like most other Mastiffs, the Brasileiro's first instinct isn't to attack its quarry, instead, to hold them away from the animal/person being attacked. The word “Filar” in Portuguese translates to “hold, arrest or grab”. Many years ago, these dogs were used to guard slaves and bring fugitives back to their slave masters. 7. The Tibetan Mastiff Weight: 70 kg Height: 75-79 cm © wikimedia You must have seen images of this dog as it recently went viral for its gigantic size and impressive appeal. If you had a doubt, let us assure that these photos aren't photoshopped. These dogs can actually grow this huge in size. Centuries ago, this dog originated in Tibet and China. They were always used to guard livestock and families against wild animals. Even though it is a loyal dog, their independence and stubbornness might make them neglect your commands when it senses danger. This is why it is not considered a family dog. 8. Komondor © flickr © wikipedia Weight: 60 kg Height: 80 cm The Komondor is a shaggy dog which originated from Hungary. This breed is being preserved and protected as Hungary's national treasure. It is considered a family dog but not a great fit for apartments. This dog is so protective that it keeps staring at family members for hours. If you don't train your Komondor to judge situations properly, get ready to open your doors to multiple lawsuits. 9. The Great Pyrenees © vetstreet Weight: 59 kg Height: 81 cm With a weather resistant double coat and a mane around the neck and shoulder, the Pyrenees is an ideal protector in cold weather. They have an extremely intimidating bark. Earlier, they used to be nocturnal because of their protection duties and some even end up barking uncontrollably, at night, to this day. They are not great with accepting commands, especially if they weren't disciplined during their early years. However, they prove to be a good family dog if trained properly. 10. Caucasian Shepherd © wikimedia © wikimedia Weight: 100 kg Height: 75 cm Mountain Shepherds have grown apart in physical appearance from their land counterparts. Mountain shepherds have a much stronger built. They are believed to be originated frothe m Caucasus Mountain region. They are one of the most ancient, purebred dogs. The biggest hint of their ancient ancestry are their teeth. Not many breeds alive can match the length of their teeth. Today, they are used in prisons to chase escapees. While some frame them as the most aggressive dogs, experienced trainers consider them a rewarding pet and even a good family companion.
  4. 'Bigg Boss' is all set to take over our lives and screen space on TV sets and while the entire hype around who will date whom on the show, who will fight and who will win the show keeps us busy, there is a rumour that we are banking on to be true this time. Beautiful model and actor Scarlett M Rose might be roped in for this season and we are already hoping it happens with our fingers crossed. Are you thinking of what I'm thinking?!? ððð . . . . . #Brownbarbie #ScarlettMRose #FashionBlogger #ootd #influencer #splitsvilla #tbt #throwback #curves #curvy #curvygirls #wcw #hollywood #browngirls #browngirlbloggers #schoolgirl #roleplay #indianfashionblogger #indianblogger #LuxuryBlogger #TravelBlogger #bigboss #hourglassfigure #bollywood #FitGirl #longhair #actress #ScarlettRoseStyle #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose . . . . Photographer ,Hair : @ryaowyao ð . Makeup: @doe_eyed_dolls ð . . . . Do you like this look?!? ð . @scarlettmrose â¤ï¸ A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Aug 16, 2018 at 8:08am PDT People always have something to say . When I use to be Fat they told me to loose weight , now when I work hard to get fit they tell me “I'm becoming too thin “ . When I had short hair , they all told me to grow my hair & look like a girl , now they tell me “Cut your hair , it's too long”. When I had a tan they told me to put some “fair and lovely , some curd , tomato , flour , charcoal, etc etc ., now when I stay indoors & don't step out in the sun (not because of the tan , but because of the sunburn) , they complain than I've become too light & pale . When I wear Indian wear they call me “behenji, aunty , boring , mumiji“ & when I wear a bikini , they have a 100 bad names (Slut , whore , pornstar , etc etc etc to call me ! I have reached a point in Life where, “I DO NOT CARE” Call me whatever, Talk behind my back or even in front of me. Make up stories and tell the world . Nothing affects me anymore .ð Love me or Hate me : Either way I'm on your mind ð . . . . . . . . #BodyPositive #BodyGoals #Brownbarbie #bikiniModel #Lingiere #FashionBlogger #influencer #browngirlbloggers #splitsvilla #curves #curvy #curvygirls #wcw #legs #browngirls #browngirlbloggers #LongHair #indianfashionblogger #indianblogger #ootd #dubaifashion #LuxuryBlogger #TravelBlogger #bigboss #hourglassfigure #bollywood #FitGirl #ScarlettRoseStyle #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose #ScarlettMRose . . . . Photographer ,Hair : @ryaowyao ð . Makeup : @doe_eyed_dolls ð . . . . Do you read the caption?! Leave your comments . @scarlettmrose â¤ï¸ A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Aug 12, 2018 at 9:47am PDT She was first spotted in MTV 'Splitsvilla' and she went on to even winning that show. The gorgeous woman owns her curves like no one's business, and honestly, we love her hot figure! You can be the Ripest , Juiciest Peach ð in the world ð and there is still going to be someone who hates Peaches ð¤·ð»‍âï¸ð . . . . . #BossBabe #BrownBarbie #Ootd #saturdaynight #BodyGoals #LongHair #FashionBlogger #influencer #peaches #splitsvilla #curves #curvy #curvygirls #Makeup #ibiza #travelinfluencer #browngirls #browngirlbloggers #indianfashionblogger #indianblogger #dubaifashion #LuxuryBlogger #TravelBlogger #bollywood #FitGirl #ScarlettRoseStyle #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose #ScarlettMRose . . . . Photographer : @chrisrathore.fashion ð¸ . Hair, Makeup, Styling: @scarlettmrose ⨠. Heels : @ornabliss . Top: @lasenza . Shorts : @diesel . . . @scarlettmrose â¤ï¸ . Do you like me in this look ?! ð£ A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Jul 28, 2018 at 9:58am PDT I want to be a Mermaid ð§‍âï¸ Living in Ibiza ♥ï¸ . . . . . #ScarlettMRose #ibiza #ibizaâ¤ï¸ #ibizabeach #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose #ScarlettRoseStyle #spain #Beachbabe #pacha #TravelBlogger #Travel #wanderlust #bikinimodel #bikini #bikinibabe #Vogue #Bollywood #luxuryBlogger #luxuryworldtraveller #WorldTraveller #browngirlbloggers #travelblog #Vacation #spainðªð¸ #curvyGirl #BikiniBody #travelphotography #curvygirl . . . . . Photo credits : @shreyansh007 ð¸ #ShotOnIphone . . . @scarlettmrose ð§‍âï¸ð♥ï¸ A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Apr 26, 2018 at 2:25am PDT She went on to host a few shows and even acted in a few shows on MTV. If you had to give me an Indian Name , what would it be?!? â¤ï¸ . . . . . #ScarlettMRose #BossBabe #TravelBlogger #Ootd #Curvyfashion #portrait #curvygirl #curves #fashionInfluencer #fashionblogger #browngirlbloggers #indianblogger #indianfashionblogger #fitgirl #bodygoals #Splitsvilla #influencer #LuxuryBlogger #luxuryblog #blogger #Travel #curvy #ScarlettRoseStyle #makeup #FoodBlogger #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose #BeautyBlogger #Indian #India . . . Photography: @porobo ð¸ . . Styling, Hair & Makeup: @scarlettmrose ð¹ . . . Let me know if you like this look â¤ï¸ . @scarlettmrose âï¸ðð A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Apr 5, 2018 at 9:47pm PDT I can be your Private Island ð´â¤ï¸ . . . . #BodyGoals #Brownbarbie #tropical #brownisbeautiful #island #islandgirl #hourglassfigure #FashionBlogger #influencer #TeamCurves #splitsvilla #curves #curvy #curvygirls #longhair #browngirls #browngirlbloggers #indianfashionblogger #indianblogger #dubaifashion #LuxuryBlogger #TravelBlogger #bollywood #FitGirl #ScarlettRoseStyle #CurvyFashion #BeautyBlogger #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose #ScarlettMRose . . . . Photographer : @akashjadhavphotography ð . Hair, Makeup, Styling: @scarlettmrose ⨠. Dress: @madrushfashion . . Location : @truetrammtrunk ð´ . . . @scarlettmrose ð´ð . Do you like me in this look?! â¤ï¸ A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Feb 7, 2018 at 4:59am PST This hottie hails from Goa and is now based in Mumbai. If the rumours are to be believed and they do come true then watching Scarlett on 'Bigg Boss' would definitely be the highlight for her fans. What food do you remember when you see me?!? ð«ð¦ð­ð©ðð¯ðª . . . . #Ootd #BodyGoals #Brownbarbie #bikiniModel #Lingiere #FashionBlogger #influencer #TeamCurves #splitsvilla #curves #curvy #curvygirls #longhair #eyes #browngirls #browngirlbloggers #indianfashionblogger #indianblogger #dubai #dubaifashion #LuxuryBlogger #TravelBlogger #kimkardasian #hourglassfigure #bollywood #FitGirl #ScarlettRoseStyle #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose #ScarlettMRose . . . . Photographer : @neilgrakephotography ð¸ . Team : @_jdstudio ⨠. Retoucher: @iretouche ð . . . . . @scarlettmrose ðð¦ . Comment your favourite food ?!? â¤ï¸ A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Dec 20, 2017 at 9:41am PST If you saw me standing in the balcony opposite your house, what would you do?!? ð (Excited to know the replies â¨Comment below ðð») . . . . . #Ootd #BodyGoals #LongHairDontCare #TeamCurves #LongHair #FashionBlogger #influencer #photography #splitsvilla #curves #curvy #curvygirls #makeup #picoftheday #browngirls #browngirlbloggers #indianfashionblogger #indianblogger #luxuryBlog #LuxuryBlogger #TravelBlogger #kimkardasian #hourglassfigure #bollywood #styleinfluencer #FitGirl #ScarlettRoseStyle #TravelTheWorldWithScarlettRose #ScarlettMRose . . . . Photographer : @akashjadhavphotography ð¸ . Outfit : @madrushfashion ð¸ . . . . . @scarlettmrose ð Do you like what I'm wearing ?!? ð A post shared by ðððð«ð¥ðð­ð­ ðð¨ð¬ð (@scarlettmrose) on Oct 14, 2017 at 11:12am PDT Okay, we are awaiting the confirmation so we can stay glued to the TV set.
  5. Remember 'Djarum Black'? The black-coloured clove cigarettes that initially looked cool to smoke and made you stand out, until you realised your folks could smell its strong stench from a mile away. Often labelled as a rich man's Gudang Garam, they are almost available at every roadside shop in India today. But, have you wondered where it came from? I was almost under the impression that it was being manufactured at some shady factory in Andhra Pradesh. However, it's not. 'Djarum Black' - also known as 'kreteks' - are imported from Indonesia - one of the biggest exporters of clove cigarettes, cigars and hand-rolled bidis in the world. It is manufactured by Indonesia's famous Djarum Group which was founded by an ethnic Chinese businessman in Kudus (Central Java) in 1951. Oei Wie Gwan bought a nearly defunct cigarette company known as NV Murup and gave birth to the brand Djarum we all know today. But, the company also went extinct in 1963 when a huge fire destroyed its factory which was followed by Gwan's death. © Twitter The death of Djarum Group's owner paved way for his children Robert Budi Hartono and Michael Bambang Hartono who took over the reins and re-established their brand. Today, Djarum Group has around 50 blends of clove cigarettes internationally and is the world's third-largest manufacturer of clove cigarettes. The company has an estimated net worth of over $11 billion, while Hartono family's net worth is estimated to be around $16.7 billion (according to Forbes). But, the Hartono family isn't in news for their commercial interests in tobacco, banking and communications amongst others, rather it is Gwan's son Michael whose much-anticipated participation in the 2018 Asian Games, slated to begin from 18th August in Jakarta & co-hosted in Palembang, that has got the media attention. Michael, the 78-year-old billionaire tobacco tycoon and the richest man in Indonesia, is set to represent his country on its bridge team at the world's second-biggest multi-sport event. Classified as a 'mind game', contract bridge is a card game that is played with a standard 52-card deck. In its basic format, it is played by four players in two competing partnerships, with partners sitting opposite each other around a table. © Twitter The game consists of several deals - each progressing through four phases. The cards are dealt to the players, and then the players auction or bid to take the contract, specifying how many tricks the partnership receiving the contract (the declaring side) needs to take to receive points for the deal. During the auction, partners communicate information about their hand, including its overall strength and the length of its suits, although conventions for use during play also exist. The cards are then played, the declaring side trying to fulfil the contract, and the defenders trying to stop the declaring side from achieving its goal. The deal is scored based on the number of tricks taken, the contract, and various other factors which depend to some extent on the variation of the game being played. Well, it's more of a mystery to me who has never been able to get a hold of any card game (including childish Uno). But, what's interesting here is the fact that contract bridge has been included to the Games by Indonesia as hosts. And, it appears that Michael Hartono played a crucial role in convincing a sceptical Olympic Council of Asia to gove the card game its maiden run at the Asian Games. I guess, when you are the richest man in the country, it doesn't really take much convincing, does it. © Twitter Hartono's association to bridge reportedly dates back to the tender age of six. He has also competed several times in the World Bridge Championships and now aims to strike gold for his country at the Asian Games. But, the tobacco king, claims he isn't doing it for money, but for the passion he has for bridge. In fact, Hartono has announced that he'll forego the 1.5 billion rupiah ($102,000) cash prize that the Indonesian government has promised to award to its top medallists at the Games. "If I managed to win gold, I would donate the government's cash prize to the athletes training program," he was quoted as saying by domestic news agency Antara. Apart from his rich background and passion for bridge, Hartono narrowly missed out on being the oldest player to compete at this year's Asian Games. Malaysia's Lee Hung Fong - the 81-year-old who'll compete against Hartono in contract bridge - has claimed the unique feat with his participation. Fong is seven decades older than the youngest athlete - nine-year-old Indonesian skateboarder Aliqqa Novvery Kayyisa - at this year's edition of the Games.