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Found 1,764 results

  1. Soumya Swaminathan said the epidemiological features suggest that it´s an extremely rapidly spreading variant of coronavirus in India
  2. While watching a movie, most of us tend to get pretty invested in the characters, especially if it's a love story. However, the sizzling chemistry that we sense on-screen is often non-existent in real life. Thanks to the stellar skills of the actors and the camera man's dexterity, who can easily manipulate the intimate kissing scenes in such a way that we believe it's real. There are romantic Bollywood movies where the actors did not kiss each other. Here is a list of actors from the industry who have a strict no-kissing policy: 1. Riteish Deshmukh © Instagram/Riteish Deshmukh While there's nothing wrong with on-screen kissing scenes, some actors maintain their stance. Riteish is one such example. He was asked to do a kissing scene in Jane Kaha Se Ayi Hai which he refused to do so and has maintained the rule since. For him, kissing is very private and isn't something he would like to showcase on-screen. 2. Bobby Deol © Instagram/Bobby Deol Bobby hasn't worked on-screen for a very long time now but even he has kept away from intimate scenes in his past works. The shots are taken in such a way that one would believe the scenes are real. To date, no one knows the real reason why Bobby refused to do on-screen kissing scenes. 3. Sonakshi Sinha © Instagram/Sonakshi Sinha Even Sonakshi made it pretty clear since the beginning, that she won't be comfortable doing kissing scenes with her co-stars. A scene from R Rajkumar (pool scene) is a perfect example of how ardently she follows the rule. 4. Ajay Devgn © Instagram/Ajay Devgn Ajay Devgn has given several blockbusters in Bollywood. When it comes to kissing scenes though, Ajay kept away from it, as he found it uncomfortable to do lip-lock scenes with his co-stars. He might have done intimate scenes but has never kissed on-screen. 5. Tamannaah Bhatia © Instagram/Tamannaah Bhatia Tamannaah Bhatia is known for her South Indian movies. The actress has never felt comfortable wearing a bikini on-screen. For one of Sajid Khan's film, the actress vocally said that she won't kiss on-screen or wear a bikini. She mentioned that she is shy and has never said yes to kissing scenes. 6. Kangana Ranaut © Instagram/Kangana Ranaut Kangana Ranaut is the 'Queen' of controversies, but when it comes to her career, the actress has a very clear view that she doesn't like intimate scenes. This was the very reason why she also rejected The Dirty Picture. 7. Salman Khan © Instagram/Salman Khan Salman is rigid with the scripts and the scenes he does on-screen. Recently, he was seen in an intimate scene with Disha Patani for Radhe. Salman has always maintained a strict no-kissing policy. Hence, the scene came as a surprise to many. The actor later made it clear that Disha was wearing duct tape for the scene and it wasn't a lip lock. View the full article
  3. Bollywood has seen many actors but only a few make a mark and rule the silver screen. We have seen many talents getting wasted in Bollywood as they just don’t get the right roles. Many actors/actresses have not even gotten a fair chance of showcasing their talent and their roles in the films are so average that the audience is unable to see their real potential. Now, this is majorly because all hero roles are given to the actors who have a monopoly in the industry. However, the trend is changing now and underrated actors too are making their niche in Bollywood. Here’s a list of 5 talents of Bollywood who were underutilized in almost all their films- Rahul Bose View this post on Instagram Rahul Bose is a classic example of ‘Bollywood doesn’t know what to do with him.’ He was seen in Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne do. However, apart from a few handful of roles, the industry couldn’t properly utilize his talent, and it's extremely heartbreaking. Chandrachur Singh He was recently seen after many years in the Hotstar Original series Aarya. However, the actor did a few films in the 90s including Kya Kehna, Josh and Daag: The Fire that were well-received by the audience. But, we didn’t see much of him on-screen and the fairly talented actor never got his due and the recognition that he deserved. Jaaved Jaaferi View this post on Instagram Javed made his debut in Subhash Ghai’s Meri Jung where he was seen playing the role of Amrish Puri’s son Vicky Thakraal. He was also seen co-hosting a show Boogie Woogie. Now, we all know that he has a great sense of humor and he was appreciated by all for his role in Salaam Namaste but the audience never got a chance to watch more of this actor due to lack of roles. Riteish Deshmukh View this post on Instagram Riteish Deshmukh made a debut in Bollywood with the film Tujhe Meri Kasam which didn’t do well at the box office. However, the actor soon found his footing in the industry, and directors/producers found his comic timing to be extraordinary. But, he became a typecast for comic roles and wasn’t ever offered anything different. He also played a role of a psycho killer in Ek Villain which showcased his skills and proved how he is just another wasted talent in Bollywood. Mahi Gill View this post on Instagram She made her debut with Anurag Kashyap’s Dev D and later became a victim of getting typecast roles. Every role she has ever played is of a woman who is an alcoholic. She is a brilliant actress and the industry needs to offer her roles that’ll showcase her real talent. View the full article
  4. WHO gave emergency use listing to Sinopharm Beijing´s Covid-19 vaccine, making it the sixth vaccine to receive WHO validation for safety, efficacy and quality
  5. We all know about how horrible, certain bosses can be, especially if you’re a freelancer, working on a contractual basis. Career experts always say that having a good boss is the most important blessing a potential employee can ask for. © iStock Well, it seems that the internet has found out the Karen (or Ken, for that matter) of bosses. A CEO of a tech start-up paid his freelance employees using cryptocurrency, back in August 2020. However, now he’s demanding that his employees return the cryptocurrencies they received as salaries. The reason? The meteoric rise that cryptocurrencies have seen. © iStock All this came to light, when one of the employees, wrote into Marketwatch, a stock aggregating and financial news website, asking for advice, as to how to deal with the situation. The employee in question, says that he did some business development work on a contract basis, in which he was told that he would be paid using crypto. Once the job was done, he raised an invoice, and he was paid accordingly. © iStock Meanwhile, since he was paid, the value of this particular crypto (might be BitCoin or Ethereum) stands at 700 per cent of the amount that he was paid. © iStock Seeing this, the CEO sent him an email, asking him to send back those bitcoins, and regenerate an invoice, only this time, he would be paid in American dollars. That’s not all, though. The CEO also stated that since the employee’s work did not generate revenue, nor did he perform any “complimentary follow-ups” he shouldn’t actually get paid at all and that the employee was lucky as the CEO was generous in paying him something for his “efforts.” © iStock If there ever was a classic Karen move, this was one of them, for sure. Luckily, one of the financial experts came to the rescue, posting this on Twitter, and roasting the CEO. He said that the CEO could be opening himself to a lawsuit, adding, "If the value of the cryptocurrency had fallen by 100% to zero since August 2020, would he want to pay you in dollars? A reader also chimed in saying "If the value decreased, would they be paying you the difference? My guess is - NO!" Another added, "It is an unconditional payment for a job done! Nobody can ask for it back.” "This is not the kind of employer you want to be working for," said another user. © iStock What do you guys make of it? Also, do you think it is a wise idea to pay employees using cryptocurrencies, or such incidents will only come up far too often? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  6. Passion and the stubbornness to become successful will help you achieve the kind of things you thought you were incapable of. The financially mediocre family that you were born in, the limitations levied on you by the place where you grew up and the people who told you that you would not be good enough to meet your goals, all that feels no more than a pinch on your arm when you look back at the journey in life that you have completed having reached your destination. 61-year-old Vivek Ranadive, a Mumbai-born, grew up in the streets of Juhu and in an environment in which people expected nothing but the best from him. The youngest of the three children in the family, Vivek was nothing short of a genius who got a call from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) when he was only 16 and started his first company, a UNIX consulting company during his time there. Eternally grateful to @MIT for fulfilling my childhood dream. #tbt pic.twitter.com/jp6leaX6eR — Vivek Ranadivé (@Vivek) April 19, 2018 With bachelor's and master's degrees from MIT, Ranadive finished his MBA from Harvard University and went on to become the founder of TIBCO, a billion-dollar real-time computing company. “The way I was raised was that if you came second, you were a loser,” Ranadive had said a couple of days ago in a conference. “My hatred for failure is greater than my love for success.” But owning a billion-dollar company was never the end goal for the Mumbaikar. For someone who always wanted to become a major part of the basketball culture of the USA, Ranadive decided to buy shares of the National Basketball Association (NBA) team, the Golden State Warriors (GSW). In 2010, he not only became the vice-chairman of the franchise but also the first person of Indian descent to co-own an NBA team. In 2013, he sold his GSW shares and purchased 65% of the shares of the Sacramento Kings for approximately $348 million. #KingsAllDay RT @cnbcsocial: New @SacramentoKings owner Vivek Ranadive on @CNBC sporting a Kings cap: pic.twitter.com/ztFn4UjG6B — Sacramento Kings (@SacramentoKings) May 29, 2013 The elite businessman often sees the term 'philanthropist' added ahead of his name. “This will sound corny, but when I wake up, the first thought I have is, 'What can I do to make a difference and make the world better?'” he'd said back in 2019 when he was here in India. So he decided to bring the game he loves so dearly back to his country, better yet, his city. On 4th and 5th October 2019, Ranadive's Sacramento Kings played against Indiana Pacers in the first-ever NBA India Games in Mumbai in what turned out to be a great success, indicating a successful future for the sport in the country. View this post on Instagram When glam meets game! #NBAIndiaGames (Repost @Pacers) • • • • • • 👋 @PriyankaChopra! #NBAIndiaGames A post shared by NBA India (@nbaindia) on Oct 3, 2019 at 8:57am PDT “I left Bombay (Mumbai) when I was 17 years old and literally I had $50 in my pocket. So to come back here with my NBA team… to play an actual NBA game is beyond my wildest imagination,” he said in a press conference ahead of the first game. In a conversation with MensXP, Ranadive spoke about the responsibilities that came about as the owner of such a major organisation and a global franchise. “One of the first things that you discover when you buy a professional sports team is that you actually don't own the team. It belongs to the fans, it belongs to the city, even the media. We (Sacramento Kings) are committed to using our platform for impacting our community. When I bought the team, I laid out a mission statement which was to build a winning franchise that enhances the lives of those it touches and makes the world a better place,” he said. Ranadive is using this platform to indeed make his birth city a better place, especially for the younger generations. Alongside NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBA India Managing Director Rajesh Sethi, the Kings owner has laid the foundation for 'Legacy Project' at the grassroots level of sports and education in Mumbai, in which they will be supporting five under-resourced Municipal schools in Mumbai with technology equipment, trained teachers, a basketball court, and improved infrastructure capacities. “These kids are way smarter than me when I was their age,” Ranadive said at the plowing ceremony of the 'Legacy Project' on Sunday. “I have no doubt that those kids will be way more successful that I have been," he added. View this post on Instagram Reshaping the next generation with the NBA Legacy Project! #NBAIndiaGames @AIFoundation A post shared by NBA India (@nbaindia) on Oct 6, 2019 at 1:07am PDT “Indians have two natural resources. They have the ability to work hard and the second is that they have imagination. Those two resources, hard work, and imagination are the most important to succeed in the next century," Ranadive said. His work speaks for him. A self-made man who has seen the two extremes of the world when it comes to money, Vivek Ranadive is all about building an empire, sure, but he also wishes to put the society on his shoulders and run towards excellence. View the full article
  7. There are several people who become an overnight internet sensation. Take Yashraj Mukhate for example, who impressed the audience with his 'Rasode Me Kaun Tha?' video or Dhinchak Pooja, who entertained us with her cringey songs. These people made some viral videos, which we won't forget in a long time. © Instagram/Nivine Jay © Instagram/Ben Affleck The same happened very recently with a woman named Nivine Jay on TikTok. Her video has now gone viral, where she said Ben Affleck sent her a DM, and asked her why she unmatched him on a dating app. Nivine mentioned that Ben Affleck and she had matched on Raya, a dating app, designed for celebrity users. View this post on Instagram Jay is a model and an actress, who recorded a video and added text to it, which read as "Thinking of the time I matched with Ben Affleck on Raya and thought it was fake so I unmatched him, and he sent me a video on Instagram." © Instagram/Nivine Jay The video then moves onto the next clip in which Ben can be heard saying "Nivine, why did you unmatch me? It's me." This video was first posted on TikTok, and then on Twitter, after which it went viral. As of Tuesday morning, this video was viewed at least a million times on TikTok and it now has around 525,000 likes. © Instagram/PopCrave © TikTok People left several comments on the video. One user wrote, "The way he said 'it's me,' my soul would have left my body," Jay also responded to it saying "confirmed my soul did leave my body." Some people also misinterpreted the situation and were seen criticising Affleck and branding him a creep. Nivine then cleared the air and said that she never wanted Affleck to come off poorly. She mentioned in a statement “I’m seeing a lot of comments calling him a creep and l don’t think that’s fair. l wasn’t making fun of him in the video,” She further mentioned, “l was making fun of myself for thinking he was a catfish and it was just supposed to be funny.” Back in 2019, it was reported that Affleck was on Raya after his divorce from his wife Jennifer Garner in 2018. While he has been under the radar about his dating life, his relationship with Ana De Armas, couldn't be hidden. The couple recently parted ways. There are also rumours circling that Ben has now started hanging out with his ex-fiancé, Jennifer Lopez. What do you think about this whole video? Do you believe it is true? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  8. Within a couple of days, the Indian Premier League went from rescheduling a match to suspending the entire tournament indefinitely after at least one member of four out of eight franchises tested positive with the COVID-19 virus. “The IPL has been suspended for time being. We spoke to everyone from teams, broadcasters and all those who were involved in it. It was decided to defer the IPL especially looking at the sentiment and current situation in the country. For us players health is paramount and BCCI will always keeps safety first. We will meet again soon and decide when we can conclude this edition, we will have to see when is the next window available,” Rajeev Shuka, BCCI Vice President confirmed on Tuesday. IPL suspended for this season: Vice-President BCCI Rajeev Shukla to ANI#COVID19 pic.twitter.com/K6VBK0W0WA — ANI (@ANI) May 4, 2021 With uncertainty surrounding what has become the most lucrative T20 league in the world, many overseas players are trying to find their way back home, however, due to tough travel laws levied by the respective countries because of the dangerous Indian strain of the virus, the players’ journey might not be easy at all. However, co-owner of Punjab Kings, Ness Wadia feels that these “foreign players” should not be complaining so much about the situation, especially when they were made aware of the potential consequences of flying over to India for the league. Punjab Kings co-owner said hats off to the Indian players who have been playing non stop and didn't complain unlike some foreigners. The situation was different a month ago. They should study the fact that cases were very less when IPL started before commenting on it. (To PTI). — Mufaddal Vohra (@mufaddal_vohra) May 4, 2021 “Hats off to the Indian players who have been playing non stop in bubbles and not complained unlike some of the foreign players. With due respect to the international cricketers including Zampa, the situation was very different a month ago. They should study the fact that cases were very less when we started before commenting on it,” he said according to The Times of India "It happened during the Australian Open they shut the city down when it was happening. People didn't complain then, why now," Wadia added. Not everyone is convinced with Wadia’s take on the matter and fans of the numerous overseas players talk about the need to be more empathetic towards all those players who are thousands of miles away from their families while the Indian cricketers can take the next flight out and be with their families in less than one day’s time. That's such a stupid statement, Indian players don't have much of a worry of returning to home cause they ARE playing at home. Foreign players have to worry about leaving their homes, getting flights to India and back home. Plus add those insecure bubbles to the list — Human (@adangotha69) May 4, 2021This is wrong They are not slaves to play at any cost, they have every rights to play or not play — M A N D E E P (@MandeepkumarN2) May 4, 2021Saying Indians didn't complain was fine, no need for him to say on foreigners.. It's not easy to stay away from ur country in a place where cases are skyrocketing 🤷 — Raunit Ranjan (@RaunitRanjan2) May 4, 2021Well, to be honest you should be happy that some foreign players are actually playing while far away from the family + covid cases are going up day by day they was no need to disrespect the foreigner players. — Prem (@Prem99021071) May 4, 2021 View the full article
  9. There are superheroes like Superman and Thor, who have supernatural and divine origins, and therefore, are legit Gods among humans. Superheroes like these are blessed with awesome superpowers through which they fight evil. © Marvel Studios But then, there is a league of superheroes who aren’t exactly blessed this way. They are very normal human beings, who have trained themselves or have used their intelligence to elevate themselves to superhuman levels, and then fight crime. Superheroes like Batman & Iron Man. © Warner Bros. Pictures We take a look at 9 superhero characters from the Marvel & DC universes, who have no superpowers or divine abilities but have still managed to elevate themselves to superhuman levels: 1. Iron Man © Marvel Studios Of course, we begin the list with Iron Man or Tony Stark. He obviously lacks superpowers and divine abilities, but thanks to his intelligence, his wealth, and his impressive understanding of weapons and engineering, he is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful superheroes out there. 2. Batman © Warner Bros. Pictures Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark have similar capabilities, although, Stark is more engineering and scientifically sound. Bruce, on the other hand, is tenacious and covers up his weaknesses, through sheer training and hard work. While Tony’s powers come largely from his suit, For Wayne, the Bat Suit and all the other tech, are mere accessories. With that being said, he became a proper superhuman, through sheer will. Fun Fact: Here’s why we think Batman would beat Iron Man in a fight in the real world. 3. Robin © Warner Bros. Pictures We’re sort of pissed that Robin hasn’t had a solo film yet. His story truly has a lot to offer. We were actually excited when we saw Joseph Gordon-Levitt take up the mantle from Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. 4. Black Widow © Marvel Studios Black Widow is another “simpleton” with superhuman abilities. She has been one of the most savage characters in the MCU, and it will be really interesting to see how her first solo film plays out. Her origin story is something that piques a lot of interest. 5. Hawkeye / Green Arrow © Marvel Studios We’re keeping Hawkeye & Green Arrow in the same bracket here because they are the same, ability-wise. With that being said it is actually astounding to see someone never miss their mark, no matter how difficult the shot is. © Warner Bros. Television Also, it is pretty fun watching someone master the bow & arrow to such a great extent, that they stand out in proper gunfights. 6. The Punisher © Netflix The Punisher just had to be on this list. He is the archetypal superhuman and a supersoldier. Technically speaking, he is an anti-hero, rather than a superhero, but we will still add him to this list. If you know nothing about the Punisher and have been living under a rock all this time, we suggest you watch the TV series on Netflix. Or better yet, read some of the comics. Without a doubt, he is one of the most brutal human beings in either of the universes. 7. Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier) © Marvel Studios After his “death,” Bucky was actually brainwashed and trained by the Russians to be the ultimate soldier a human being could be. The only “unnatural” thing about his body and abilities is the prosthetic arm that he uses. Otherwise, all of his powers and abilities come through his training. As for his ability to not age, he was frozen for decades at a time, in between the clandestine missions for which he would be sent, which meant biologically, he stopped ageing for decades at times. 8. Deadshot © Warner Bros. Television Again, there is nothing supernatural or divine about Deadshot’s ability. However, through sheer training, and skill, he is on a different level with guns. Besides that, his skills include exceptional tracking and espionage capabilities. For sure, he is one of the deadliest people on the list. View the full article
  10. Australia has had one of the most strict set of international rules and policies when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and it is safe to say that their ways have worked, considering the very few number of people (15-25) testing positive on a daily basis with practically zero per day deaths since October 2020. So when some of the Australian citizens made their trip to India to become a member of the 14th edition of the Indian Premier League as players, coaches, and commentators and found themselves in the middle of the most adversely affected region of the world at the moment, their travel rights to go back to their country were quickly and very swiftly taken away. Official Announcment: Adam Zampa & Kane Richardson are returning to Australia for personal reasons and will be unavailable for the remainder of #IPL2021. Royal Challengers Bangalore management respects their decision and offers them complete support.#PlayBold #WeAreChallengers pic.twitter.com/NfzIOW5Pwl — Royal Challengers Bangalore (@RCBTweets) April 26, 2021 Australian cricketers Adam Zampa and Kane Richardson were the only two athletes who were able to make their way back home by finding a travel loophole in the Australian government’s plan. With direct flights between the two countries, they decided to fly to Doha first and then make their way home from there. The country’s government has shut transit flight routes via Doha, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.https://t.co/kJV9HOjrga — scroll.in (@scroll_in) May 1, 2021 However, as soon as they reached Melbourne, the government decided to fix these loopholes, shutting down ‘Via’ flights from places like Doha, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, bringing complete exodus to the rest of their citizens who are absolutely stuck in India, amid the largest wave of COVID-19 that the world has ever seen. One such person is the former Australian cricketer turned commentator, Michael Slater, who called out his Prime Minister Scott Morrison for such a move: If our Government cared for the safety of Aussies they would allow us to get home. It's a disgrace!! Blood on your hands PM. How dare you treat us like this. How about you sort out quarantine system. I had government permission to work on the IPL but I now have government neglect — Michael Slater (@mj_slats) May 3, 2021 “If our Government cared for the safety of Aussies they would allow us to get home. It's a disgrace!! Blood on your hands PM. How dare you treat us like this. How about you sort out quarantine system. I had government permission to work on the IPL but I now have government neglect,” he tweeted. On Tuesday morning, the Australian PM addressed Slater’s comments and called his take “absurd”. “What we’re doing here is we’ve got a temporary pause in place because we’ve seen a rapid escalation in the infection rate in people who have travelled out of India,” Morrison said on the Nine Network. Understanding the gravity of the situation, many of the local Australians also decided to stick with their leader’s decision of imposing the travel ban and reminded Slater that he must have known the potential risks of flying down to a hotspot even before the tournament had started. Sorry but the safety of those Australian that live in Australia supersedes those that have chose to travel overseas (to known hot spots) for work during the pandemic, ride it out now Champ, I only feel for people who have been trying to get home prior to March/April 2020!!! pic.twitter.com/D0M27Il56Q — Cebreb (@cebreb) May 3, 2021Give me a break. You chose to go there knowing full well there was a covid crisis going on over there. You must have known there would be risks. — Sami Dowd (@samidowd) May 3, 2021We’re in a pandemic but you still CHOSE to go to India. You knew the risks but you went anyway. Did you expect to be able to pull the “don’t you know who I am” card to get around it? — Nicole Ryland (@dalley8) May 3, 2021Pretty sure you knew the risks before you left! Same as the Olympic athletes, although they don’t get any coun like you. — Jodi Willis-Roberts OAM (@THROWER_7) May 3, 2021U left to work overseas during a pandemic surely u must have suspected something like this could happen. U weight up the risk v reward and u lost. If u were that worried u shouldn’t have left — cliffy1981 (@cliffy19811) May 3, 2021“This is a temporary arrangement,” Mr Morrison had said earlier in the month. “It’s being put in place to ensure that we do not get a third wave here in Australia and that our quarantine system can remain strong. View the full article
  11. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under growing pressure to take decisive action to reverse the surge as infections as the country witnessed a surge in infections that rose to around eight million
  12. Sometimes, certain things in the Bollywood industry come as a total surprise to us on the outside. For example, when we listed out the shortest marriages in the industry. Likewise, another thing that we didn't know are some family bonds in Bollywood. What if we told you that Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra are related? There are a few relationships in Bollywood that have gone unnoticed. Here are 7 lesser-known relations in Bollywood that might take you by surprise: 1. Ajay Devgn & Mohnish Bahl © Instagram/Ajay Devgn © Instagram/Mohnish Bahl_FC Ajay Devgn and the popular actor from Hum Saath-Saath Hain are actually brothers-in-law, as Mohnish's mother Nutan and Kajol's mother Tanuja are sisters. He is Kajol's first cousin. 2. Sonakshi Sinha & Pooja Ruparel © Instagram/Sonakshi Sinha © Instagram/Pooj Ruparel Remember Kajol's little sister in the movie DDLJ? Not many people know this but Pooja Ruparel is related to Sonakshi Sinha. Both their grandmothers were siblings which makes the actresses cousins too. 3. Ashutosh Gowariker & Ayan Mukherji © Instagram/ Ashutosh Gowariker © Instagram/ Ayan Mukherji Ashutosh Gowariker and Ayan Mukherji's relation is not something everyone is aware of. Ayan's father, who married twice, had a daughter from the first marriage named Sunita. Sunita is married to director Ashutosh Gowariker. Hence, the Lagaan director is Ayan's brother-in-law. 4. Fardeen Khan & Mumtaz © Instagram/Fardeen Khan_Fanclub © Twitter/Feroz Khan_FC Feroz Khan and Mumtaz were a famous on-screen couple. As for Fardeen's relation with the famous 60s actress, Mumtaz, he is married to Natasha Madhwani, who is Mumtaz's daughter. 5. Amrita Rao & Guru Dutt © Instagram/Amrita Rao © IMDB Vivaah actress Amrita Rao is said to be related to the yesteryear actor Guru Dutt. This was revealed by Amrita herself. She had mentioned that the legendary actor Guru Dutt and her grandfather were second cousins. Interestingly, she was inspired by Dutt's cult films but she was unaware back then that they were related. 6. Prem Chopra & Sharman Joshi © Instagram/Sharman Joshi Sharman Joshi also has an interesting relationship, something most of us didn't know about. He is the son-in-law of Prem Chopra. Prem Chopra and his wife have three daughters and Sharman is married to Prerna Chopra, one of the daughters of the couple. 7. Farhan Akhtar & Farah Khan © Instagram/Faru_agk Even Farhan Akhtar and Farah Khan are related from their maternal side. Turns out, Farhan's mother Daisy Irani has two sisters and Farah Khan is the daughter of one of them. Her mother's name is Maneka Irani and hence, these filmmakers are first cousins. View the full article
  13. OTT platforms became a huge hit in the last couple of years but weren't as popular. Thanks to the lockdown in 2020 and then again in 2021, these OTT platforms have now become a saviour. While these platforms have been a boon for the new talents, some of the senior actors too carved a niche for themselves through digital means. These actors probably didn't have a good run in Bollywood but OTT platforms did give a boost to their careers. Let's take a look at the Indian actors who shoneQ on OTT platforms. 1. Pankaj Tripathi © Instagram/Pankaj Tripathi Pankaj Tripathi indubitably tops the list. The actor ventured into Bollywood with the movie Run but his talent was recognised only after the release of Mirzapur and then again in Sacred Games. With his immaculate acting skills in these series, he was highly accoladed for working with OTT platforms than in Bollywood. 2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui © Netflix Sacred Games changed Nawazuddin Siddiqui's career completely. His role as Mumbai's don called Ganesh Gaitonde became a massive hit and people started recognising him after he delivered a masterpiece. After Sacred Games, Nawazuddin continued to stun the audience with more projects including Raat Akeli Hai and Serious Men. 3. Sobhita Dhulipala © Amazon Prime Video After several rejections and doing small roles, Sobhita Dhulipala landed on a huge project that changed her career 360 degrees. After her stint in Zoya Akhtar's Made In Heaven, Sobhita truly became an overnight sensation. While season 1 was a huge hit, the audience is now waiting for the release of its 2nd season. 4. Jaideep Ahlawat © Amazon Prime Video Jaideep Ahlawat gave several performances but didn't receive enough credit for his acting skills. But, Anushka Sharma Production company made Paatal Lok was a huge career shift for Jaideep. After this web series, he proved his acting prowess recently in Ajeeb Dastans. 5. Manoj Bajpayee © Amazon Prime Video Manoj Bajpayee is one of the finest actors but his talent was recognised more on OTT platforms than in Bollywood. His role in The Family Man, as an intelligence officer, showed that Manoj is truly a deserving actor. The second season of the series is slated to release in 2021. 6. Radhika Apte © Netflix Radhika Apte may have started her career being a part of several Marathi, Hindi or English movies. But, she is now called the queen of OTT. Several series on digital platforms made Radhika a part of their script and the actress hit each role out of the park with her impeccable acting skills. Think Lust Stories, Sacred Games, Raat Akeli Hai, all of which showed that she is a self-made actress. 7. Divyendu Sharma © Amazon Prime Video We all remember him as Liquid from Pyaar Ka Punchnama but it still wasn't a huge hit for the actor. He then had Toilet: Ek Prem Katha as well. But, when he played the role of Munna Bhaiya in Mirzapur, he allured the audience with his dark yet loveable character. Viewers couldn't help but praise him for his performance. View the full article
  14. With two seasons down and the third one now streaming on MX Player, MX Original Series Hello Mini fans are left wondering who the mysterious man is who goes by the name ‘Stranger’. ICYMI, Hello Mini is back on the web with its third riveting season in record time, and it introduced viewers to new characters that add to the mystery in Mini’s life. As actress Anuja Joshi reprises her role as Mini/Rivanah in the series, Suchitra Pillai makes a dramatic entry in the show as a cult society leader Kamyani Devi or as her followers address her, KD Maa. While Suchitra Pillai’s entry in the show is stirring up some much-needed drama, the number one mystery continues to remain the identity of the Stranger. And to spice things up, here’s our list of suspects that might be the face behind the mysterious voice of Stranger. Danny MX Player Rivanah’s on-again-off-again relationship with Danny (played by Mrinal Dutt) has always been complicated. With interfering exes, self-doubts, and ego fights, there’s always trouble in their relationship paradise. But with every new low, we saw this couple get back together and make a fresh new start. Is this true love or a façade? Ekansh MX Player Guilty of spending a night together with Rivanah and cheating on his girlfriend, Ekansh is confused, battered, and vengeful. His character is brought to life by actor Anshul Pandey. Right at the start of the new season, we get a glimpse of the changing dynamic between Rivanah and Ekansh. Argho MX Player Colleague and competitor Argho has always been suspicious of Rivanah. There is more to this dynamic than what comes across at first glance. This complex character is played by Vikrant Koul with just the right finesse and attitude. Nivaan MX Player Rivanah’s superior at work, Nivaan has also been one to get her out of trouble – no questions asked. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? Actor Vibhav Roy reprises the role of Nivaan in the new season as well. Virat MX Player Played by Abhinav Sharma, Virat is a software nerd, who along with his half-sister Vixy, stole the idea, and made Daredefy a popular game on the dark web. He is a wallflower and not the kind to attract girls who are looking for a stud. But under all that shyness – is there a side to him that no one knows about? Who do you think is the real ‘stranger’? Still confused? Start streaming the new season of Hello Mini on MX Player to find the hidden clues. View the full article
  15. A brief profile of NA-249 constituency's new MNA, Qadir Khan Mandokhail of the PPP
  16. PML-N VP Maryam Mawaz reacts to video showing PTI candidate for NA-249 by-election being chased and badmouthed
  17. There is a reason why people who have sincerely followed Indian Cinema love Kabir Bedi. Apart from being an immensely talented actor, he is also a gem of a man. © IMDb The veteran actor recently uploaded a video on Instagram, laying down some basic ways that using which people can fight COVID-19. View this post on Instagram Although the video shares some tips that should be pretty common knowledge or a thing of common sense by now, the sad reality is, that for a few people, it isn’t. For example, his daughter, Pooja Bedi, put up a video from Goa a few weeks back. When accused of showing off her privilege at a time when several people are facing death and severe health issues, she clamped down by saying that living with masks is akin to being caged, and that she wasn’t showing off her privilege, but merely “enjoying her freedom.” Joys of living in healthy, happy #goa . Free your mind #NoFear Life is meant to be lived... not spent caged and masked for a year/ years in fear of a virus that's clearly not going away! If you died tomorrow after year of masking/lockdown.. what would ur greatest regret be? pic.twitter.com/ydXG5OGsou — Pooja Bedi (@poojabeditweets) April 14, 2021 To make matters worse, Pooja, when confronted with the fact that there are several areas of the country where lockdowns and curfews have been imposed, stated that Goa isn’t one of those places with the lockdown. © Twitter/poojabeditweets Furthermore, when someone suggested that she should be facing charges for enticing people to break covid protocols, she flippantly responded, saying - “It's obvious no one will wear a mask while eating, drinking (in an aeroplane, restaurants, or in public places) or while taking a picture/ video.” She also asked the man if all the politicians pictured without masks at public events should be arrested: “Politicians across the country have been seen posing without masks at functions. Will you arrest them too?” Several actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Shruti Hasan, and Amit Sadh have stated that showing off one’s vacation pictures, or “freedom” as Ms Bedi would have put it, reeks of privilege and insensitivity. © IMDb Coming back to Kabir Bedi’s video, he puts up some very basic, but effective ways that one can fight and survive against COVID-19. These include wearing a good mask that actually offers some protection, washing your hands regularly especially if you have to step out for some reason, getting vaccinated in a timely manner, and most importantly, educate non-masked people. We hope people and celebrities, who are busy “enjoying their freedom” do take note of this, and follow it religiously. View the full article
  18. As surging new coronavirus infections overwhelm hospitals in India, Britain, Germany and US pledge to send urgent medical aid
  19. The Apple AirTag was officially announced last week and it’s a remarkable device for iPhone users who want to track items such as bags, keys and other items you tend to lose often. The AirTags function very similar to other tracking devices such as Tile, but it comes with precision tracking for iPhone 11 and 12 users that no one else offers. © Apple Having said that, there were concerns about other people planting an AirTag on your personal belongings that could let them stalk you. It’s a serious concern that even Apple has thought about, which is why they have included a unique feature that you cannot find on other trackers. Apple has developed a way to notify people if they are being tracked by an AirTag that isn’t theirs. “iOS devices can also detect an AirTag that isn’t with its owner, and notify the user if an unknown AirTag is seen to be travelling with them from place to place over time. And even if users don’t have an iOS device, an AirTag separated from its owner for an extended period of time will play a sound when moved to draw attention to it. If a user detects an unknown AirTag, they can tap it with their iPhone or NFC-capable device and instructions will guide them to disable the unknown AirTag” Apple said in a press release. © Apple What’s awesome is that one doesn’t need to be an iPhone user to be able to figure out if they are being tracked by an AirTag. Any smartphone that has support for NFC will be able to detect an AirTag that isn’t theirs. It is an industry-first feature that should be extended to other trackers as well. It is expected that Samsung might also add this feature to Galaxy Tags in the near future. Apple AirTags will be available in India from April 30th priced at INR 3190 and INR 10900 (four-pack). If you want to know more about how Apple’s tracking devices work; you can check out our full feature here that explains everything you need to know about AirTags. View the full article
  20. Ipsos, Pulse Consultant, and Gallup Pakistan surveys reveal voters' choice for leader and political party
  21. A ook at the complex, sometimes confounding process that leads to the winners of the 23 Academy Awards
  22. Bollywood industry has enormous talent and some actors are talented but they don’t essentially get the right chance in films to showcase their talent. Some films miserably fail at the box-office and also fail to create any impact on audience. Some movies have zero storylines but they cast A-listers in movies to make it a hit. However, such films become the biggest embarrassments for those actors. So, here are a few Bollywood celebs who wasted their talent in these movies- Akshay Kumar In Chandni Chowk To China The film starred Akshay Kumar and Deepika Padukone in lead roles and we have to agree that the film did nothing for their careers. The film failed miserably at the box office and was only able to make 62 crores worldwide whereas it was shot on a budget of 80 crores. Akshay Kumar played the role of Sidhu, who used to cut vegetables at a Delhi food stall and later consulted astrologers in hope of a better life. Amitabh Bachchan in Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag The film starred Amitabh Bachchan and just because he is a great actor and Bollywood’s megastar we expected a lot more from the film. The film revolves around the story of two bodyguards who flee to Mumbai in search of work when their old boss gets caught up in a scandal. They eventually end up with a gangster and start doing illegal work. This film tortured the audience and left them disappointed. Rajkummar Rao in Raabta Some of us didn’t even know that this film starred Rajkummar Rao as Mohak in the film. Honestly, some of us didn’t even notice that he was in the film. He played the role of 324 years old man and it was a waste of his talent to play such a role. Vicky Kaushal in Zubaan Vicky Kaushal played the role of a young boy, Dilsher in the film. The film revolves around him and how he loses his father and develops a speech impairment post that. He also wanted to pursue singing but becomes extremely hesitant to do that. However, a girl enters his life and changes everything. Ranveer Singh in Kill Dill The film stars Parineeti Chopra, Govinda, and Ranveer Singh in the lead roles. He played the role of Dev in the film, who was only involved in bad activities. However, he falls in love with a girl and then decides to leave all the wrongdoings. View the full article
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