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Found 351 results

  1. Huawei is already working on its own operating system since Google revoked its access to the Android license earlier this week. The Chinese company says that its own operating system for both smartphones and laptops will be ready for use by fall this year. The new operating systems will first be released for use in China, and it would only happen if the situation between Huawei and Google does not change in the coming months. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Chinese tech giant already had a contingency plan and has been developing its own OS for a while in preparation for a worst-case scenario, such as President Trump's blacklist. Huawei is looking to release the operating system that will work on both smartphones and laptops. This move comes as American companies need to seek permission from the US government before selling services and goods to Huawei. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The company has detailed that the operating system will be available for markets outside of China either by the first or second quarter of 2020. Huawei's new operating system will work with other products such as wearables, auto, laptops and other devices. The operating system will be compatible with Android apps as well and would be 60% faster than Android. However, the new Huawei OS will not have access to the Google Play Store but the Chinese company has already started talks with third-party app store 'Aptoid'. The third-party store may come pre-installed on Huawei smartphones for global markets like India and Europe. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Huawei now has a bigger hurdle to overcome as the company has also lost access to ARM, the company that provides license for the basis of most mobile device processors worldwide. This effectively leaves Huawei's HiSilicon division useless, as Huawei will not be able to build their own processors for smartphones and even IoT products. Source: CNBC
  2. Ajay Devgn and Tabu have been thick of friends ever since they were in college. They share a great camaraderie and if you are lucky to see the two of them together, you would surely agree with our statement. They were recently promoting their new movie 'De De Pyaar De' and the two didn't leave a single chance to pull each other's leg. Recently, Ajay took to Instagram to share a throwback picture of himself with Tabu, and it was the caption that stole the spotlight. In the picture, you can see Ajay dozing off and Tabu looking at the piece of the paper that he has. We wonder why did Ajay doze off? Just like us, Ajay too is clueless about it and his caption made the picture look more hilarious than it already is. Ajay wrote, "Still haven't figured if the reason to fall asleep was the puzzle or Tabu." This throwback photo is from the sets of 'Vijaypath', which was Ajay Devgn and Tabu's first film together. We wonder how Tabu will react to this throwback photo and most importantly, the caption. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Tabu had said that if there is anyone she can count on, it's Ajay and that he is like a child and yet so protective. Further sharing that the atmosphere on the sets is stress-free when Ajay is around, Tabu added that they share a unique relationship and harbour unconditional affection for each other. Check out the Instagram post here: View this post on Instagram Still haven't figured if the reason to fall asleep was the puzzle or Tabu ð¤ A post shared by Ajay Devgn (@ajaydevgn) on May 21, 2019 at 4:40am PDT Talking about their recent release, 'De De Pyaar De', the movie is doing average business at the box office and has received a mixed response from the critics. But, the audience is loving the humour in the drama flick and the positive word of mouth is helping the movie mint money at the ticket windows. Also, Ajay and Tabu's crackling chemistry has been appreciated by movie buffs.
  3. With a rather abrupt ending to 'Game Of Thrones', the series finale has left some rather gaping questions, that have now sadly become dead ends for the show. Here's a list of unanswered questions from the show that we will probably never get the answers to: 1. What Was The Point Of Jon's Heritage? © HBO Was there even a point to Jon being a Targaryen? The R+L=J theory was significant to the plotline at the very beginning and had caused a lot of noise. I remember when I first started watching the show, I was rather obsessed with Jon Snow's parentage. At that point, the mystery wasn't the identity of his parents, because it was safely assumed that Ned Stark was his biological father. The real question was, who was Jon's mother? And this used to be subject of many passionate debates by the fans. But now that we know that he was a true born Targaryen with the highest claim to the Iron Throne, does this information, which by the way is the only reason that David Benioff, D. B. Weiss got rights to produce the show in the first place, not matter at all? In the aftermath of the Queen'sassaination when the Lords gathered around to listen to what Tyrion had to say (who, by the way, is a prisoner at this point) and justified why Bran should be King, why did he not consider Jon and his claim to the Throne? Despite slaying the Queen, he does have a pretty strong claim to the Throne. 2. Varys And His Birds © HBO Firstly, Varys' execution was damn shady. How can the Master Of Whisperers, who is so conniving that he survived the most unfavourable of circumstances, be so naive? Talking to Jon directly out in the open was not a great idea, but it certainly is not something Varys would do. What happened to him? Did he hit his head against the wall that caused him to take dumb but potentially life-destroying decisions? But anyway, when he's summoned for his execution, he drops his ring in a pot and burns this one letter that he was writing, which contained the truth about what was going on. The rest of the letters were enclosed and sent off. What happened to them? Do the Lords not know? Why is there no mention of this? And if he did manage to get the message sent across, why is there no stir in all the Kingdoms of Westeros? 3. Arya's White Horse © Twitter Arya finds a white horse at the end of the penultimate episode. Some argued that there could possibly be biblical notions attached to this White Horse. Arya is then seen riding out of King's Landing. But wait, in the next episode, she's seen in King's Landing again. How does that work? What was the horse for then? To traverse past the dead burnt bodies and not step on them? It doesn't make any sense, but rather sounds preposterous instead. 4. Is Winter Still Coming? © HBO Talking about the long drawn-out catchphrase synonymous to 'GoT', we deserved to know if Winter was finally coming in the end or not. The new council meeting by Bran was set in the background of something that looked more spring-like? So, is Winter finally gone for good? 5. Bran the Broken © HBO If every main character had a purpose for which they were brought on the show, what was Bran's purpose? We've been told that the Three-Eyed Raven knows everything and has immense power but if that's the case, why doesn't Bran use it? Why does he sit quietly observing what he already knows is going to happen. And the case against him for not changing things doesn't work either. Like he has done many times before, why did he not warg into someone and potentially save thousands of lives in King's Landing? This does somehow make him an accomplice to genocide. But in retrospect, this could've possibly been his plan all along? In normal circumstances, no one would make Bran the King. He's a cripple who apparently can't father children and couldn't possibly further the lineage. And in 'Game of Thrones', we've seen the darkest of things being pulled off by characters just get their hands on the throne. Everyone's creepily obsessed with it, case in point, Daenerys. Could it be possible, that Bran schemed it all in his favour because he can clearly control the past and the present? 6. The Honeycomb and the Jackass This might seem a little irrelevant, but hear me out first. One of the series' long-running secrets, Tyrion's story about bringing a honeycomb and a jackass to a brothel, is a legend in its own right. The joke had been teased two times before the finale- when he was a prisoner at the Eyrie, in Season 1, and during a scene in Season 6, where he shared wine with Grey Worm and Missandei. In Season 1, during Tyrion's trial, he attempts to crack the honeycomb joke, which seems so out-of-place because he's a prisoner being tried for his life, why is he being given the liberty to speak at all? Then in the final episode of Season 8, when Tyrion is Hand of the King to Bran and has a Small Council Meeting, he brings up the joke again, and for a moment, we feel like we are finally going to hear the end of it, which would be perfect given how the show was coming to an end. But, no, the camera cuts and we realize how irrelevant this discussion was. This clearly makes a strong case for bad writing. Instead of showing what's relevant for better closure, we get this. A pointless, incomplete joke. 7. Where Are Daario Nahaaris, Meera Reed & Ellaria Sand? © HBO Daario Nahaaris was a Tyroshi mercenary that was once Dany's adviser and lover but was left behind by Dany when she realized forging new alliances in King's Landing will be more fruitful than taking old ones. What is he doing now? What about Meereen? Meera Reed got Bran back safely to Winterfell, protecting him from the White Walkers and then the plot conveniently forgot about her. Ellaria Sand was locked up in the dungeons to die after watching her daughter die. Did she end up dying? Why did we not get closure on these crucial characters? 8. Why Is There Still A Night's Watch? © HBO What does a Night's Watch defend if there are no White Walkers in the first place? Does it need to exist anymore? A question that no one seems to bother about, except Jon, when he was exiled to the Night's Watch. This is probably why he abandoned it and set on an adventure to discover a world further North. If these scenes held no significance to the main narrative, they shouldn't have been included in the first place. Instead, they could've probably been replaced with significant content that would've made Dany's and Jon's actions convincing, leading up to a satisfactory finale with no loopholes.
  4. Last month, a few details about Sony's next PlayStation were revealed in a Wired article where Sony dropped some specs as well. So far, the specifications look quite impressive and there's a lot of excitement about the upcoming consoles from gamers and developers alike. We got to know that the next console will have far faster load times and even have support for ray-tracing. How effective that would be on next-gen games, remains to be seen though. While speaking to Gaming Bolt, founders of Okomitive Don Schmocker and Goran Saric revealed that they are quite impressed with PS5's specifications. They were impressed in particular with the Zen Z processor. “It will definitely bring console performances closer to PC / desktop settings, which means less optimizations for ports," said Schmocker and Saric. This means that future games would require fewer optimisations for its PC versions and there will be more ports of the games made. It also means that some PC exclusive games can also release on future consoles if the performance is at par or close enough. For gamers, they will see more cross-releases than ever before which is always healthy for the gaming industry. Sony PS5 is not expected to launch any sooner than 2020, however, the Japanese company has provided an early look at what the next console is capable of. During a meeting in Japan today, Sony showed off load times of a scene on both the PS4 Pro and next-gen hardware. The results look quite impressive as you can see for yourself from the video below: Sony's official video comparing performance of PS4 Pro vs next-gen PlayStation pic.twitter.com/2eUROxKFLq — Takashi Mochizuki (@mochi_wsj) May 21, 2019 Sony's PS5 is expected to have a very powerful GPU and CPU that will be based on AMD's eight-core Ryzen chips. The new cores will be built on AMD's 7nm Zen 2 architecture and a custom Navi board. The custom board will have support extremely high-end graphics and features like ray tracing. Other improvements include 3D audio that will be most noticeable when playing on headsets. The other major hardware upgrade would be the inclusion of SSDs. The consoles will be shipped with in-built SSDs that will reduce load times considerably. The SSD on the PS5 is said to be different from what's available in the market right now and is said to be even faster. Source: Gaming Bolt
  5. With the unforgiving summer sun taking its toll on our skin and hair, the importance of a comprehensive and well-thought out grooming routine cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately, most of the products out there are packed full of harmful chemicals, leaving your skin and hair open to a whole host of issues. In these trying times, wouldn't it be great if one could count on a range of reliable, all-natural, chemical-free products that felt as luxurious as any other on the market? Fortunately for you, we've got the answer to all your hair and skincare woes - the Volcanic Clay series from Raw Nature. What exactly is 'Volcanic Clay', you ask? Well, it's as exotic as it sounds! Sourced from the volcanoes of Brazil and replete with chemicals from Earth's core, it's one of nature's finest ingredients to rely upon for your all-natural personal grooming. It has the ability to rid your skin of toxins and excess oil, without stripping away the natural oils and moisture that are required to keep your skin soft and supple. Besides providing some much-needed nourishment, volcanic clay also gets rid of fine lines and reduces dark spots. The good folks at Raw Nature have harnessed the richness of volcanic clay and curated a range of grooming products that are trustworthy, effective, and luxurious, with no synthetic chemicals or additives. Offering an all-natural, all-round grooming routine for the stylish individual, these products definitely deserve your sincere attention. 1) Raw Nature's Volcanic Green Clay Face Wash © Raw Nature Enriched with clay sourced directly from ancient volcanic regions in Brazil, this low-foam face wash gets its pale, olive green colour from the high levels of naturally occurring minerals found in the clay. It penetrates your pores to pull out excess oil, dust, and dirt particles, treating your skin to a complete cleanse. In addition to that, it also eliminates toxins and prevents the development of whiteheads, blackheads, and other blemishes, keeping your skin healthy and well-nourished. Price: Rs. 799 Buy It Here 2) Raw Nature's Volcanic Green Clay & Acai Oil Shampoo © Raw Nature This earthy and resinous shampoo is enriched with volcanic green clay and acai berry oil, which powerfully extracts sebum and grease from your scalp, leaving your hair soft to the touch. Its clarifying treatment is replete with the benefits of natural essential oils, which help maintain a healthy pH balance in your hair. Price: Rs. 1,149 Buy It Here 3) Raw Nature's Brazilian Green Clay Soap © Raw Nature The Brazilian clay in this soap absorbs oil from the surface of your skin, promoting tissue repair and tightening your pores. In addition to healthy-looking skin, it has the added benefit of clearing up any existing irritations on it, thanks to the goodness of basil. Price: Rs. 897 (Set Of 3) Buy It Here 4) Raw Nature's Volcanic Gold Clay Body Wash © Raw Nature Not just pleasing to look at, this indulgent body wash is crafted with gold clay sourced straight from the Amazonian rain forests. This offers a triple-action purifying, astringent and re-mineralising effect, while the presence of cedar and black pepper extracts make your skin healthier and protects it from environmental aggressors. Price: Rs. 1,149 Buy It Here 5) Raw Nature's Volcanic Red Clay Face Wash © Raw Nature Ideal for rejuvenating dry and dehydrated skin, this earthy face wash offers a deep cleanse while also providing complete moisturisation to your face. Formed as a result of intense volcanic activity and geothermal processes deep within the pockets of Brazil, it's an absolute miracle worker for dullness, fine lines, and under-eye darkness. Price: Rs. 799 Buy It Here 6) Raw Nature's Red Clay & Wild Argan Oil Soap © Raw Nature Harnessing the ultra-rich moisturising properties of volcanic red clay and Moroccan Argan oil, this moisture-intensive soap deeply hydrates and softens dry skin, leaving it refreshed and nourished like never before. Price: Rs. 897 (Set Of 3) Buy It Here
  6. Keeping up with the latest accessory trends can be quite a task, and we're with you. Luckily, this season, the fashion trends have changed for the better and paying attention to details can now prove incredibly rewarding. Get ready to ditch your beaded wristbands and woven belts for these accessories that are all set to maximise your style. 1. Silver Cufflinks © Pexels Dear men, stop bringing out your age-old pocket squares to go with your suits. It's time to take a detour from 'boring' by adding a pair of silver cufflinks to crank up your attire. Understated, and thus subtly charming, these cufflinks will go with almost all colours of your shirts. To show you how confident I am about this tip, feel free to put the blame on me if it doesn't work. 2. Baseball Cap © Twitter Considering how quickly sporty styles have invaded most wardrobes, why not give baseball caps a chance to preen your look? These round brimmed version in muted tones with subtle branding might be just the push you need to go from 'meh' to 'dayum'. The trick here is to dovetail the trend with all your off-duty ensembles and fully commit to it. 3. Waist Bag © Trademe.co.nz You may not think much of your girlfriend's precious little sling bag, but it might just turn out to be a vital part of your vacay. An option that's inexpensive, a waist bag (not a fanny pack) is a good enough approach for you to set a new high. Also, the fact that it easily stocks your stuff as you head out doesn't hurt. The best part? It's not too beyond your comfort zone, and you no longer need your GF for it. 4. A Reversible Belt © Esquire A sartorial deviation from everyday wear belts to an option that doesn't wear down your budget, reversible belts have come a long way. It stands by virtue of its nature to suit any outfit. No more fretting about the shirts or tees you have in your wardrobe. Be it teal, burgundy or salmon pink, this belt type does a good deed for all. 5. Vintage Eyeglasses © Haircutinspiration Splurging on eyeglasses is not a decision made lightly, especially when, thanks to the digital world, there's a style or two for every face type. We've had our eye on vintage eyeglasses that are, besides being unapologetically fashionable, a fail-proof way to enhance your routine attire.
  7. Well, we're pretty sure you're sick of all the unfortunate news surrounding PUBG Mobile during the course of the last few months. From people getting arrested to some of them even losing their lives, we've literally seen it all. As it turns out, even Tencent Games (developer of PUBG Mobile) is tired of all that bad press and has introduced a new feature to curb gaming addiction. Yes, the developers have introduced a new feature called 'Gameplay Management' that seeks to restrict how much young users are allowed to play the game. © PUBG With this new feature in place, the players who mark themselves as under 18 will receive an advisory when they start the game saying “those under 18 should avoid over-engaging”. In addition to that, the game will also send pop-up alerts at intervals telling them to put down their phones and take a break. Much needed, isn't it? In an official statement, Tencent Games manager Vincent Wang said, “Our team wants to ensure our community is equipped to make informed choices when it comes to 'PUBG Mobile. It's our proactive step in ensuring that hundreds of millions of players worldwide can continue to enjoy 'PUBG Mobile' in a sustainable manner." This new 'Gameplay Management' feature has already been deployed in countries like Indonesia, India, Nepal, the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. We hope it arrives in other countries soon too. © PUBG We aren't seeing this feature for the first time, BTW. The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile already had a similar feature that restricted young players to spend too much time in the game. In fact, it's said that the Chinese government had even provided Tencent with limited access to the national citizen database so they can verify a particular person's age. Anyway, we really hope this new feature proves to be useful and the young players manage to take some time off the game.
  8. It's always a given that you can have your cake and eat it too. Apart from being an idiom, it's quite literal as well. I mean that's what you do on your birthday mostly, isn't it? Well, you can do that, but in Gujarat you can't smear someone's face with cake in public and if you're caught doing that, you go to jail. © Pintrest After the PUBG ban, the Surat police has decide to ban cake smearing acts in public, as it's become a nuisance every passing day, as birthday celebrations are starting to turn violent. Along with cake smearing, using adhesive tapes and chemical foam in public is banned too, which people are currently and openly indulging in, on birthdays. We're guessing the usual birthday trend in Gujarat got a tad boring for people to use other means to bring in the celebrations. © Pintrest However, lawyer Apar Gupta, who has a copy of the order, translated in English from Gujarati, says this order is worrisome and has stated his reasons, as to why. The Surat Police has now banned smearing of cakes in public under Section 144 of the CRPC. This comes after the use of the same provision to ban PUBG game and the arrest of young college going students. Can someone translate the order to English? pic.twitter.com/llDQTeW4W9 — Apar Gupta (@apargupta84) 15 May 2019 A translation has been provided and it is pointed out that cake smearing is tied to injury and public nuisance. A summary is below. Let me at the same time point why this is still worrisome. https://t.co/jgCjLv0pqC — Apar Gupta (@apargupta84) 15 May 2019 1. Expansion of police power: Section 144 is titled as, "power to issue order in urgent cases of nuisance or apprehended danger". It is an emergency/curfew power intended against unlawful assembly. One must ask is, "immediate prevention or speedy remedy is desireable" ? — Apar Gupta (@apargupta84) 15 May 2019 2. Pre-existence of criminal laws/muncipal codes: Provisions under the IPC contain specific crimes for assault, battery and simple hurt. Further most muncipal codes (this may vary in gujarat) prevent littering and impose fines. Such provisions have well articulated ingredients. — Apar Gupta (@apargupta84) 15 May 2019 3. The proportion of the cake smearing: As pointed out by many, the proportion of the language prohibiting cake smearing is tiny when compared to the thrust of the order. However, such passing language itself due to its lack of articulation may lead to arbitrary application. — Apar Gupta (@apargupta84) 15 May 2019 Taken collectively, one has to ask -- whether an expansion of police powers under Section 144 when pre-existing, well reasoned laws exist to prohibit cake smearing in public is something that should be tolerable? We will get not only the politicians but the policing we deserve. — Apar Gupta (@apargupta84) 15 May 2019 "Taken collectively, one has to ask -- whether an expansion of police powers under Section 144 when pre-existing, well reasoned laws exist to prohibit cake smearing in public is something that should be tolerable? We will get not only the politicians but the policing we deserve" Apar Gupta, Lawyer Our main concern though is the adhesive tape and chemical foam that's used on people's faces to celebrate birthdays. Shouldn't that be the primary concern and not cake smearing, which is indeed harmless? I mean, if people are injuring the other person by smearing cake, that's another story altogether, but if they're doing it out of sheer jest, I guess it should be okay! But honestly, cake definitely shouldn't be wasted by smearing it on someone's face! © Twitter "Do you really think it will make a difference in Gujarat to ban anything further? We all have the facts and figures, don't we? Any forceful act whether it is ragging or eve teasing is fallacious but does that mean the state will ban something as basic as playing PUBG or smearing cake on someone's face for fun?" - Ankita, Asst. MArketing & communications manager, Ahmedabad Surat Police Commissioner, Satish Sharma issued the prohibitory orders on Monday, after various accounts of aggressive and violent behaviour came to light. Aren't there existing laws to tackle violence? How come Surat police is acting like a law maker? — ishan aranjikal (@ishotu) 15 May 2019 Surat is practically a police state after 23:30. With their need to regulate everything, I was expecting this to happen. — bhas kar-wai (@bolnabey) 15 May 2019 The cake bit comes at the end. They're talking about students putting cello tape on other's face, and applying some sort of chemical. That seems the primary concern, and then they talk about smearing cake. — Pratik Sinha (@free_thinker) 15 May 2019 Its about beating someone in the name of "birthday bumps", smashing cakes, foams and other forms of material which creates nuisance at public space like roads, bus stop,brts stops etc. Its for creating "mess" and also "bad behaviour" in public spaces. — BD (@BDsVouch) 15 May 2019 To summarize, it's an order against public nuisance which can harm those involved. Detailed summary in pic. Cake smearing is a tiny part. Bulk is against public celebration and usage of chemicals, tape & foam directly applied to the face. pic.twitter.com/sKOe1C38Nu — Harshal Modi (@grondmaster) 15 May 2019 According to TOI, section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure has been set in motion from May 14, to July 12. “We received information about incidents in which individuals suffered injuries in a birthday celebration,” Satish Sharma told Times of India. It's a little sad that birthdays will have to go traditional again, with no cake touching any part of anyone's face but maybe to tackle aggressiveness in the state because of it, this step was imperative. Well, I guess people should just stick to old-school and just feed each other cake instead of smearing it on faces.
  9. Yes, you read it right. Before you start speculating or wondering if I have a very narrow approach towards making a tall claim with this self-proclaimed yet logical thought, allow me to explain the aesthetics of this Bran Stark kind of vision my mind is having (including a few other people on the internet who seem to agree). Here's how one can draw the conclusion on the basis of what pivotal roles these main character might play in the remaining two episodes: 1. Arya Stark As per Melissandre's prediction, a pair of green eyes awaits death at the hand of Arya Stark. Now everyone's obviously considering Cersei Lannister for this position, however, if you see, the mighty Khaleesi ALSO has green eyes. What if she indeed becomes the mad queen and is killed by Arya? Also Arya could secretly be working with Sansa and this could be their plan. 2. Jon Snow Okay, the man has cheated death way too many times and he needs to die. He could possibly die while saving Dany from sister Arya and get killed as collateral damage and that will not only be a great twist to the story but serve the role of catharsis in the content cycle. 3. Tyrion He will stay alive to carry on the Lannister legacy as the last remaining heir, maybe? Also if Sansa does get the throne, he could serve as her hand. Also there is an unsaid bond between the two anyway. HBO 4. Jamie and Cersei The guy left the one woman who loved him at Winterfell and is back to save his true love. The poetic justice for his 'karma' would be dying at the hands of Cersei itself, I guess? HBO 5. Yara Greyjoy Now she has to avenge the death of her brother and also take care of Euron. 6. Hound A Cleganebowl is pending, so I guess he gets killed in there. 7. Varys He already wants to dethrone Dany dearest and could secretly be plotting against her with Sansa. Okay, coming to how Sansa fits the bill and where she comes in the puzzle. Now she is a major character in the show and if the story line has not allowed her to kill any major person yet, that means she might hold to a crazy plot twist, right? What if she warned Cersei of Dany's arrival, is in tow with Varys and Arya (who is also not trusting the dragon queen at all) and wanted the dragon and the army to be caught off guard? This doesn't sound garish at all, right? What if when the war is over, she ultimately kills Cersei and in doing so, brings the story full circle with the fact that Ned Stark's daughter kills the evil woman. Now Cersei vs Dany on the throne is an obvious choice, Jon Snow on the throne will be very predictable and boring Arya doesn't want the throne. It leaves me believing the clever and the much respected Sansa Stark rules the throne with Arya serving as her chief of military and Tyrion as the hand.
  10. Season 12 of the Indian Premier League (IPL) will come to an end today when two of the most successful teams of the league, Mahendra Singh Dhoni's Chennai Super Kings and Rohit Sharma's Mumbai Indians will lock horns for either of their fourth championship, tonight. However, while IPL 2019 will be remembered for the action-pact games on a nightly basis along with some of the most entertaining television commercials to promote them, it will also be remembered for something a lot more peculiar. Ever since the beginning of the contest, the relationship between players and the umpires has only gotten worse. Some of the most infamous incidents included Indian captain Virat Kohli trying to barge inside the umpire's room, after a no-call cost Kohli and the Royal Challengers Bangalore a game against MI. Then we had 'Captain Cool' losing his temper and march out of the dug-out and into the field to show his disagreement with the officials. Things got out of hand, played were abused and looked down at and cricketers like Dhoni even had to pay half their match fee for “breaching the code of conduct”, which is great, by the way. It is important to maintain decorum, especially for a game like cricket that attracts millions of eyeballs, daily. The whole perspective changes when the heat comes from the other side of the altercation. Umpires and match referees are known for keeping their calm under crucial moments of the game and are expected to handle a situation with care if something seems to be getting out of hand. However, when almost a week ago, when English umpire Nigel Llong was bombarded by Virat Kohli and Umesh Yadav with questions over the incorrect no-ball decision given by him, Llong's anger got the better of him and he ended up breaking a door of the M. Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bangalore. "It was an unfortunate incident. As a state association, we are writing to the COA today," Sudhakar Rao, Secretary, Karnataka State Cricket Association, told The Times of India. Indeed, it was an unfortunate incident, but to let Llong go unscathed and without punishment for such a display of anger has to be an example of the Council's double standards. To add insult to injury, Nigel Llong is also the umpire who will be officiating the IPL final, later today.
  11. They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. But as strange as it may sound, most of us fail to do just that when the time comes. We are quick to forget about the silver lining every cloud has, and dwell on the shadows that mar our life. But there was a young teenager, who continued to dream big despite the biggest challenges that life threw his way - one that challenged his survival and the dreams he wished to live someday. His name was Vinayak Sreedhar, a young teenager who lived each day like it was his last, until the last one really did manage to catch up to him. Vinayak has passed on, and it has been close to two months since he breathed his last while appearing for his class Xth CBSE board exams. © Twitter A student of Amity International School in Noida, Vinayak was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy when he was merely two years old. Growing up, Vinayak hero-worshipped Stephen Hawkings and idolised his worthwhile contribution to the field of science, and was inspired by the kind of life he led. Vinayak sought the silver linings in everything he did wherever he went. A true-blue optimist at heart, Vinayak put his heart and soul into studies because he dreamt of topping his class Xth CBSE board exams and eventually become an astronaut one day. © Getty Images But that's a dream he didn't live to fulfil. Vinayak sat for three of his final exams - English, Science and Sanskrit - but never got the chance to take his Social Science and Computer examinations. When CBSE declared the results for class Xth board exams yesterday, Vinayak's scores were nearly 100 in every single paper. He scored 100 in English, 96 in Science and 97 in Sanskrit. Any average teenager dreams of such a promising scorecard, though now we don't have any means to find out what was in store for Vinayak in the other two subjects. © Getty Images Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a genetic disorder characterised by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness got the better of this young, bright boy. Talking about his condition, Vinayak's mother told PTI, “His body movement was restricted and he was wheelchair-bound, but his mind was very sharp and aspirations very high." Yet, Vinayak never saw his condition as a setback. He even wrote his exams under the general category even though he qualified under the Children With Special Need (CWSN) category. Not only that, the resonance he found between Hawking's and his own condition motivated Vinayak to push harder towards his goals. © Getty Images His mother shared with the media, "He would always say 'I want to become an astronaut despite all the challenges and would say if Stephen Hawking could go to Oxford and make a name in Cosmology, I can go to space too'." His positivity and confidence inspired his friends and family too. "He was confident that he will be among top rankers. We were always amazed by his confidence and would encourage him further,” said his mother Mamta. Vinayak's personal beliefs and dreams fuelled his positive outlook towards life and perhaps would have turned all those dreams into reality, if only fate hadn't decided to take him away from us so soon. © Getty Images Vinayak's undying spirit in the face of life's biggest challenges and his daring to dream big against all odds, is an inspiration to all of us who worry so much about little troubles that surface in our lives every once in a while. Like Vinayak, we must consciously choose to look at the positive things in life and enjoy this life we have been blessed with.
  12. Start reading this article only and only if you have watched 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 Episode 4, for there are major spoilers ahead. Now, with that out of the way, let's get to the point. Episode 4 was all about the build-up to the final war against Cersei Lannister, and it ended on a note that left the audience hanging and hungry for answers, not to mention distressed. Daenerys Targaryen lost another dragon, but that perhaps is not the death that will haunt everyone. We lost Missandei of Naath, Dany's advisor, best friend, and confidante that she trusted more than anyone else. She was undoubtedly one of the most liked characters in the show, who was intelligent as well as loyal beyond measure to her queen. Just as her love story with Grey Worm started blooming, she met with a gruesome death. © Hotstar One question that everyone is asking, however, is what her final words meant. Cersei asked her to say her last words before ordering The Mountain to execute her, and Missandei uttered a single word, one all too familiar to us: 'Dracarys'. As we geared up for Drogon to rise up behind Cersei and rain fire from the sky in a possibly badass twist like Arya's attack on the Night King from the previous episode, we were disappointed because nothing happened, and The Mountain sliced off her head leading to a miserable, anti-climactic end to the episode. © Hotstar We, however, think that her uttering that word can have far-reaching implications, that are enough to turn around the fate of the Seven Kingdoms. The word 'Dracarys' means 'Dragonfire', and it also is the same word Daenerys utters every time she wants her dragons to attack with fire. Before we get into how and why it will possibly change everything for Westeros, let us revisit a scene from season 3 episode 4, where Daenerys frees the slaves in Astapor, and kills the master. Missandei was the translator, and that was the first time she saw the rage in Daenerys - something so ruthless and destructive, that even the most formidable leaders sometimes lack. She wanted to remind her of her own power at a time during which she was at her most vulnerable, having lost two of her dragons, the entire Dothraki army, as well as Ser Jorah Mormont. © Hotstar She knew that Daenerys has it in her to burn everything down to the ground and raze anything that comes in her way, and that is what she keyed in, as a final goodbye to the realm. She could have said goodbye to Grey Worm, the love of her life, but instead, she chose to give one final piece of advice to her queen and her best friend, which is to burn everything. © Hotstar She wanted Daenerys to get rid of all the diplomacy and all the hesitation that prevents her from raining fire down on King's Landing, and she made sure that now the barrier is broken. Daenerys, as well as Grey Worm, will now spiral down a path of vengeance, and that might just lead to Daenerys ignoring all the advice from Tyrion and Varys and she will perhaps turn into something everyone always warned her against transforming into - a mad queen. She is now anyway susceptible to her rage, something that runs in her family and ended up consuming her father Aerys II Targaryen, famously known as 'The Mad King', who had shouted "burn them all!" during his final moments. © Hotstar Missandei, by uttering 'Dracarys' just before her death, essentially told Daenerys to ignore everything else and burn Cersei down to the ground, just like she obtained all her major wins along with the Dothraki and her dragons by her side. It was a reminder, as well as a solid piece of advice.
  13. The OnePlus 7 Pro already sounds like the perfect smartphone ever by the Chinese company as its launch is scheduled for next week. OnePlus has now confirmed that the OnePlus 7 Pro will have an HDR10+ display in addition to the 90Hz refresh rate on the panel. The display on the OnePlus 7 Pro has already been awarded an A+ grade by DisplayMate however, the inclusion of HDR10 takes the smartphone even further. © Twitter Currently, only the Galaxy S10/S10 Plus supports HDR10+ on its screens and the OnePlus 7 Pro will be the second smartphone in India to have support. It is the perfect display for users who love to watch video content on the go. Currently, platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix and even YouTube have HDR compatible shows which should be supported by the OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus clarified that it's not ready to share OTT partnerships as of now. HDR10+ is known to adjust the contrast and the dynamic range on HDR content. OnePlus says, since “it is an open format, it's license and royalty free and therefore easily adoptable by manufacturers and content producers with quality maintained through an HDR10+ certification and logo program.” © Twitter “HDR10+ is the future of not just television displays, but also smartphone displays as well. We hope that our newest device will set a new benchmark for the smartphone industry and open up a new world of visual fluidity for users. We're glad we are leading the ranks in sharing quality technology with the world.” says OnePlus CEO Pete Lau. © Twitter The launch event for the OnePlus 7 series is scheduled to take place on 14th May and will be held in three cities i.e. New York, London and Bangalore and will start at 8:15 PM IST. According to rumours, the OnePlus 7 Pro is going to have a QHD+ 90 Hz AMOLED display and will be relatively cheaper than flagship devices. The OnePlus 7 Pro is rumoured to have a starting price of Rs 49,999 for 6GB + 128GB model. You can read more about pricing leaks here.
  14. The last episode of 'Game Of Thrones' was full of darkness and terror, just like the cinematography of the battle of Winterfell. With the Night King meeting his destined death at the hands of the newly crowned hero Arya Stark, today's episode had a lot riding on it in terms of content and key checkpoints for the finale. Now many feel it was boring but then they have so many story lines to end and very little time left, so therefore it was all about building up for the upcoming war. © HBO Now with one dragon presumably dead or gone out of the two and Missandei dying at Cersei's hand, Khaleesi is only burning in rage. The preview of the next episode is interesting in parts and while it does not give out a lot, it still gives out enough to fathom what is coming. It shows a glimpse of fear on Cersei's face, nervousness on Tyrion's face and a "WTF just happened" look on Euron Greyjoy's face. The only sound we hear properly is the screeching arrival of the dragon. Now will Drogon spit fire and burn this dude? Who knows! © HBO Now Dany is vengeful at the moment and she might just kill for the catch and Cersei's head. Varys and Tyrion are at loggerheads because of the options available in front of them and with Tyrion swearing his loyalty to Khaleesi, Varys is exploring options. 12th May is when we get to witness the crazy war so until then, let the assumptions flow.
  15. We're still a few days away from the official launch of the new OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. However, we already know pretty much everything about the phone, including its pricing. Yes, we just learned that the OnePlus 7 Pro will retail in India for a starting price of Rs 49,999 for the base variant of the phone with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. You will also be able to pick up the variant with 8GB RAM and 256G internal storage for Rs 52,999, or you can go all in and get the high-end variant with a whopping 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage for Rs 57,999. Exclusive: Here's the #OnePlus7Pro India Pricing: 6GB+128GB: â¹ 49,999 8GB+256GB: â¹ 52,999 12GB+256GB: â¹ 57,999 Disclaimer- Prices MAY change before launch under some circumstances and I can't be 100% sure about such leaks.#OnePlus7 Pro #OnePlus7Series #OnePlusIndia pic.twitter.com/Rgo2oD8kpA — Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24) May 4, 2019 The prices are a bit high compared to the previous OnePlus smartphones, but that's not really a surprise considering the fact that we are talking about the Pro variant of the phone here. There's no information about the prices of the regular OnePlus 7, but we think it'll comparatively cheaper. As always, it's worth pointing out that these aren't the official prices confirmed by the company. These prices were put out by Ishan Agarwal, a noted leaker with a good track record. But even he tweeted the pricing with a disclaimer, so we suggest you take it with a pinch of salt. By the way, he also noted that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be available in Mirror Grey, Nebula Blue, and Almond color variants. The new phones, as mentioned earlier, will be officially launched in a couple of weeks time, so stay tuned for more details.
  16. We live in a world of mass-produced products that are loaded with chemicals. Right from the food we eat to the cosmetics we apply, every product seems like a chemical disaster, packaged in fancy bottles. So how do we stop this? How do we start a lifestyle that is sustainable and toxin-free? Well, it's pretty simple. Organic and natural choices should be a way of living for you, and not just an experiment you want to give a try. Toxin-free and eco-friendly lifestyle starts at home, with every single choice that you make. We, at MensXP, have been trying to make some conscious lifestyle changes too. We are not going to say that we have totally aced it, but we are definitely on the right path. And, the brand that has helped us immensely on our journey towards a toxin-free lifestyle is Qtrove.com, a marketplace for all things natural and organic. So here are 6 products from Qtrove.com that we recommend if you, too, are in the quest for a healthier lifestyle. 1. Aloe Vera Juice With Pulp The advantages of aloe vera juice are not unknown to us. From treating sunburns to curing constipation, and balancing the pH levels in your body, aloe vera juice is the elixir for your skin, hair, and overall health. However, not every aloe vera juice that you see in the supermarket is 100% pure and natural. Our recommendation would be Kapiva's Aloe Vera Juice that is absolutely natural, and has no artificial colorant, or other harmful chemicals. We have been using the product everyday, and the results have been impressive. This aloe vera juice provides a healthy glow to your skin and hair, helps boost immunity and digestive systems, improves muscle tone, reduces fat content in the body, and aids the liver to process and remove impurities in the bloodstream. Buy here. 2. 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  17. Everyone knows that Robert Downey Jr has made Marvel and MCU what it is today with his exceptional portrayal of Tony Stark. For years, we've all been saying that this man has literally been carrying MCU and even he knows it for sure. Just look at his profile picture on Instagram right now! I honestly can't imagine MCU without him, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. But, today is not the time to get sad, it's the first 'Iron Man' movie's 11th anniversary and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate Tony Stark. The most memorable thing about him though is his quips and one-liners, and we all know he loves his pop culture references. So, here's a list of some of the best dialogues that were delivered by RDJ so flawlessly as Tony Stark. 1. I am Iron Man The line that started it all. (And, ended it all as well, but more on that later) 2. Cheeseburger first What do you want after being in captivity for three months? A cheeseburger, of course! A great line from 'Iron Man' that is now a little too emotional after 'Endgame'. 3. I told you I don't want to join your super secret boyband Just imagine if the Avengers actually moonlighted as a boyband? I would go for every show, tbh. 4. Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Stupid question, Cap. He's way more than just a suit. 5. Doth mother know you weareth her drapes? A perfect burn, Tony doesn't care that Thor is a God, he will roast everyone. 6. We have a Hulk Loki's army vs the Hulk, we know how that worked out. Also, Loki saying that again at the beginning of 'Infinity War' was a great callback to this moment in the first 'Avengers'. 7. I'm a huge fan of the way you lose control and turn into an enormous green rage monster I think we all are, except for Bruce Banner, of course. 8. If you're nothing without this suit then you shouldn't have it As we established before, Tony is obviously much more than his suit and that's the lesson he wants his 'ward' to have in 'Homecoming'. 9. I'm sorry, Earth is closed today Sarcastic remarks, the perfect way to get some aliens to leave you alone, a lesson by Tony Stark. 10. Uh, he's from space, he came here to steal a necklace from a wizard Remember that 'badly explain a movie trend' on Twitter? Tony would honestly, excel at it. 11. If you throw another moon at me, I'm gonna lose it Yeah, one moon per person is the limit, everyone knows that. 'ENDGAME' SPOILERS AHEAD 12. You know what, give me a break, Steve. I just got hit in the head with a Hulk (Representational gif, if that's even a thing) Who can forget one of the best scenes from 'Endgame'? Cap fighting Cap and Tony getting hit by the Hulk. 13. I love you 3000 A very heartwarming and heartbreaking quote. Brb, crying. 14. Part of the journey is the end Okay, Tony had a lot of great moments in the movie, but now everything is just sad because the Earth has lost its best defender for good. 15. I am Iron Man Yes, we're coming full circle with his dialogues. I'm still surprised this almost wasn't in the movie but I'm so glad it made it. Also, he is and will forever be Iron Man.
  18. Rockstar Games' 'GTA VI' isn't arriving anytime soon. But that's not keeping us from being excited about its release. In fact, we've started seeing an increasing number of leaks over the past few weeks. Recently we learned that the game will be set in two cities. Now, a new leak suggests that the game will be set in multiple fan-favorite cities. Yes, the GTA VI (or whatever it will be called) will be set in multiple locations which players can travel to and from. © Rockstar Games We're not entirely sure what these cities will be and what they'll be called in-game. However, the leak says that the protagonist will start off in Liberty City as a drug lord and eventually make his way to joining famous gangs in Vice City. And if the leak is something to go by, then it appears these cities will have a vast stretch of highway connecting them and there will also be some smaller counties and countrysides between them. That ring any bells? Yes, it sounds a lot like GTA San Andreas' setup, and we're totally pumped to hear that. Lastly, GTA VI is also said to borrow Red Dead Redemption 2's stranger dialogue mechanic. © Rockstar Games Since there's so much happening in the game, it's said that GTA VI will not release on the current-gen consoles i.e. the PS4 and the Xbox One. Apparently, the current gen consoles will be incapable of running the title. As always, we suggest you take all this info with a grain of salt because it's still too early to predict anything about this title. Also, all this info, which was shared on Pastebin, has been removed, so ya, that's there.
  19. No one knows what will happen to Facebook in the next fifty years. But what we do know is that if Facebook manages to stay in business till 2069, then it'll have profiles of more dead people than that of living. According to academics from the University of Oxford, the number of dead people on Facebook could outnumber the living on the social network. It looks like the number of dead users on Facebook is growing at an unstoppable rate. © Reuters Back in 2012, Facebook had 30 million accounts of dead people. But now, the platform has over two billion users and an estimated 8,000 users die every single day. Based on that, it's predicted that the number of dead users could reach at least 1.4 billion or potentially as high as 4.9 billion by the end of the century. And if Facebook's growth rate keeps going down at the current rate, then it'll literally become a digital graveyard at one point with just the 'memorial' profiles of dead people. Seriously, it's damn scary. And yes, in case you didn't know, the platform will keep your account alive in a digital form once you die. It'll preserve your online thoughts, memories, relationships, and more. The company recently added a bunch of features to manage the accounts of dead people too.
  20. OnePlus is all set to unveil its new OnePlus 7 smartphone along with a more premium model, the OnePlus 7 Pro, on May 14. While we are still a couple of weeks away from the launch, the first camera samples from the OnePlus 7 Pro are already out. The folks over at WIRED went hands-on with the phone and shared their experience. The first piece of information to note here is that the OnePlus 7 Pro will be capable of 3x optical zoom functionality. Since optical zoom is a hardware-based zoom solution, you can expect to retain the details even when you're zooming in on the image. Bells and whistles make noise. We make phones. #OnePlus7Prohttps://t.co/ViZaz53XXk pic.twitter.com/wIHg7fd7U4 — OnePlus (@oneplus) April 25, 2019 Optical zoom capability isn't something that we've unheard of. In fact, we already have smartphones like the Huawei P30 Pro that touts 5x and even 10x optical zoom. That being said, it'll be interesting to see what OnePlus has managed to pull off here with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Before we take a look at the camera samples shared online, here's a quick look at some other noteworthy features of the OnePlus 7 Pro's camera - 0.3 seconds or less shutter lag 10x digital zoom support Auto HDR enabled by default “Natural” portrait mode Anyway, here are the camera samples - While speaking to WIRED, OnePlus imaging director Simon Liu said the OnePlus 7 Pro has a shot at competing with the first tier phones. “I don't think we can beat them, but the imaging world is always subjective”, said Liu.
  21. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says doctor? Injections, painkillers, antibiotics, and perhaps a man with a grumpy face sitting with stethoscope. I am sure you get my point. Well, no matter what thoughts come to your mind, dancing never finds its way to the list. But, thanks to the Indian Air Force doctors, people can now imagine doctors as someone who is cool and likes to do fun stuff. Something like, clapping along to show that happiness is the truth, because they're happy. Twitter In case you didn't get it already, we're talking about the viral video of IAF doctors, who took a break from their work to dance to 'Happy', and let's just say this is the coolest thing we've seen on social media in recent times. Twitter Be it doctors, air force officers or patients; everyone is seen enjoying while dancing and dabbing to the tunes of Pharell Williams' hit song. Reportedly, it was shot at the 12 Air Force Hospital in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. If you Remember the Gangnam Style by the 68 DSSC at Wellington, in 2013, this will make your day. Indian Air Force Docs doing their thing with, Happy, at the No. 12 Air Force Hospital. ððððð Spreading Happiness and Joy. pic.twitter.com/U8Ce4B6Bec — LCA Tejas (India) ‏اÛÙ Ø³Û Ø§Û ØªÛجس (@Leopard212) April 27, 2019 This is one dance party I am sure all of us want to be a part of. People on Twitter too feel the same and are in love with these 'Happy' IAF doctors. Love it !! — INJESTERS (@rockyandmayur) April 27, 2019 Really cool, the docs of IAF are really chilled out folks ðð»ðð»ðð»ðð» — rajð®ð³ (@RajeshPunia) April 27, 2019 This will make your day. The HAPPY Air Force Hospital!!!!@IAF_MCC doing their thing :) (Thanks to Baba Leopard Singh/Leppeshwar Prasad for sharing this)https://t.co/v4e3b2HQj4 — Navdeep Singh (@SinghNavdeep) April 27, 2019 Because I'm happy Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!! https://t.co/8mJvl7S2Oz — Poonam Agarwal (@poonamjourno) April 27, 2019 Happy to see Military Medical corps dancing on the Happy Song..!! @SpokespersonMoD @IAF_MCC @adgpi https://t.co/nNnqNcodPd — Pranay Upadhyaya (@JournoPranay) April 27, 2019 This for sure will make you happy. https://t.co/khwvXNoHL7 — Abhishek Bhalla (@AbhishekBhalla7) April 27, 2019 In fact, this is not the first time that jawans have stunned people with their dance moves. Earlier, in 2013, officers at the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington were seen dancing to Psy's 'Gangnam Style'.
  22. OnePlus is all set to unveil its new OnePlus 7 series of flagship phones on May 14th. And now, in a typical OnePlus style, the company has started slowly teasing the features, and the first teaser has seemingly confirmed what the rumours have claimed so far. OnePlus posted a 10-second teaser clip on social media that says “bells and whistles make noise.” OnePlus “makes phones.” While the teaser itself doesn't show the full design of either of the phones that are expected to launch, it does confirm that at least of the phones in the series will have three cameras at the back. Here's the teaser - Bells and whistles make noise. We make phones. #OnePlus7Prohttps://t.co/ViZaz53XXk pic.twitter.com/wIHg7fd7U4 — OnePlus (@oneplus) April 25, 2019 The fact that the upcoming OnePlus phone carries a triple-camera setup shouldn't come as a surprise if you've been following the rumors around these new phones. Several trusted sources have provided plenty of information on the same. If the rumors are to be believed, then you can expect at least one of them to be a 48MP sensor, which is said to be paired with an 8MP and a 16MP wide-angle lens. This will be the first time a OnePlus phone will have three cameras, which is very exciting. © Twitter As we've said in the past, OnePlus really needs to fix its cameras. The cameras on the previous OnePlus cameras are not bad, but they're certainly nowhere near the competition. That's pretty much the only thing that's stopping OnePlus' phones from being perfect devices. Well, let's hope it changes this year
  23. Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone are, hands down, the most loving couple we have in the B-Town. They make sure that wherever they go they paint the town red with their love. Ranveer has always been quite open in terms of confessing his love for Deepika. Their wedding became the talking point and we couldn't stop gushing about the two of them. Ranveer has time and again given us boyfriend goals and now husband goals. Ranveer has given us one more reason to believe that he is the perfect husband material. Deepika took to Instagram to share a picture of Ranveer with her and Anisha Padukone and captioned it, "cuddles & snuggles! smashed in the middle! @ranveersingh@anishapadukone." Ranveer has wrapped his world in his arms. Well, we might as well say Ranveer is seen chilling with his 'gharwali' and his 'aadhi gharwali'. View this post on Instagram cuddles & snuggles! smashed in the middle!â¤ï¸ @ranveersingh @anishapadukone A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on Apr 24, 2019 at 3:40am PDT At the trailer launch of 'Simmba', Ranveer had said that he is working towards being called as the 'husband of the millennium'. If you ask us, we would say that he has already got the tag. Coming to the work front, Ranveer is at the top of his game. He will be seen next in Kabir Khan's '83' wherein he will be seen stepping into the shoes of Kapil Dev. Are you waiting to see Ranveer nail the role of Kapil Dev? Let us know in the comments below!
  24. Salman Khan is known for his mega-blockbuster films that vary across the board when it comes to storylines or character sketches. However, there are a few striking elements in every 'Bhai' movie that are recurrent and feature in almost all of his films. (c) T-Series The trailer for Salman's upcoming film 'Bharat' was released yesterday and amidst all the speculation about the plot and rising action of the film, we noticed that it basically seemed like a mix of Salman Khan's top 5 movies in recent times, and et voila, you have 'Bharat' served with a garnishing of patriotism to cash-in on the dominant sentiment of the audience at this point of time. Listed below are a few tropes that we can expect to see in 'Bharat' which are just like 5 of Salman's top movies: 1. A Series Of Action-Packed Sequences (c) T-Series Take any of his top films in recent years, lots of senseless action that often forgoes all understanding of science and physics, is vital to every Bhai movie. Be it all the action-packed sequences in 'Tiger Zinda Hai' or 'Kick' there's no denying that action sells it big for Salman movies. We saw similar glimpses in the trailer of 'Bharat' when Salman is seen ploughing the 'bad boys'. 2. Glitzy Item Song (c) T-Series Think of Fevicol Se in 'Dabangg 2' or Swag Se Swagat in 'Tiger Zinda Hai', 99 per cent of Bhai movies will feature an item number one way or another. Somehow, people have come to associate them to every Salman Khan movie and 'Bharat' seems to promise something along the same lines with the passing glimpse of Disha Patani and Nora Fatehi's moves in the trailer. 3. Hero Who Saves The Day (c) T-Series It's exactly how every Bhai movie unravels. Regardless of all the struggles and setbacks along the way, Salman's character always manages to save the day and comes out a hero. The very beginning of the 'Bharat' trailer hints at this very possibility. Bharat will save the day and uphold the meaning of his name. 4. Larger Than Life Portrayals (c) T-Series We don't think anyone can cross-question us on this one. Be it 'Race 3' or 'Kick' or 'Dabangg', every character Salman portrays bears an air of being larger than life. A sort of grandeur comes with Bhai's characters and they make him seem almost aspirational, and Bharat seems no different. 5. The Love-Hate Relationships (c) T-Series Another recurring trope in Bhai movies is love-hate relationships that add the right amount of spice required to lure the audience. The hits and misses with the love interest, the wooing and anguish, Bhai's films have got it all. Salman and Katrina's journey in 'Bharat' seems to have the same elements in all probability. 6. The Emotional Baggage (c) T-Series Be it in 'Dabangg' or 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan', most of Salman's characters have a tragic backstory and their emotional baggage helps to add fuel to the fire that burns in their hearts. 'Bharat' which is set against the backdrop of partition is giving us a similar feeling. 7. The Underdog's Uprising (c) T-Series But of course, with all that emotional baggage, you might expect someone to buckle and give up. But not Bhai. He (or rather his characters) are simply not wired that way. They will always rise from the ashes, just like Bharat does and come to fulfil every dream they hold in their hearts. 8. The Hook Step (c) T-Series Fans still haven't gotten over Salman's towel hook step in the song Jawani Phir Na Aaye from 'Mujhse Shaadi Karogi', while Hud Hud Dabangg and Swag Se Swagat are the more recent ones to stick. We are sure fans can expect to have one such hook step from 'Bharat' took. 9. A Hero-Worthy Dialogue (c) T-Series Remember “Mujhpe ek ehsaan karna ke mujhse koi ehsaan matt karna” from 'Bodyguard', or “Ek baar jo maine commitment ka di, uske baad tho main khud ki bhi nahin sunta” from 'Wanted'? These dialogues became almost as famous as these films themselves! Even the trailer for 'Bharat' opens with such dialogues - “Jitne safed baal mere sir or daadi mein hain, usse kayi zyada rangeen meri zindagi rahi hai” or “Jawani humari ekdum jaaneman thi”.