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Found 2,505 results

  1. Modern football is more about intelligence than physicality ? Erling Braut Haaland has both. Will he change football forever?
  2. Finnish mobile brand HMD Global introduces six new Nokia phones across three distinct lines, builds on audio accessory line-up and continues its move into the mobile services sector
  3. Polling is underway for the NA-75 by-poll as rival candidates accuse each other of code violation
  4. Pakistan, in ICC T20I rankings, is currently at 4th place with 260 points while South Africa is sixth with 251 points
  5. Local preparation of the coronavirus vaccine will be possible between six and 10 months, says Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid
  6. Busy, busy, busy, are we?! Look, we understand that your schedule is tight and your 9 to 5 job leaves you with no energy. But if you’re trying to amp up your routine and get back into the fitness game, remember to have fun. Don’t wait for your trainer to treat you like a newbie. Learn your moves in advance. We’re not here to tell you which workout should be your go-to and which exercises you should say no to. But investing an hour a day in exercises you don’t like is no less than a punishment. What if we ask you to try 10-minute workouts for beginners? That sounds doable. Get comfortable with these and then, we’ll talk about keeping it short but making it intense. __ECOMLOOKS__2827__ __ECOMLOOKS__2828__ __ECOMLOOKS__2829__ __ECOMLOOKS__2830__ __ECOMLOOKS__2831__ Cooldown & Stretch It’s very important to slow down your heart rate and stretch out your muscles before you wrap up your workout. Start with the cross body (side to side), followed by torso twist, chest stretch and full-body stretch. Explore More View the full article
  7. The summer season is almost here and we are already feeling the brunt of it. The sweaty days, dull skin and the pollution are only some of the many problems that our skin faces during the summer. More so, the sun does a lot more damage to the skin than what is visible. Apart from the tanning and dullness, long term exposure to sun can also cause premature ageing. Well, you need not worry because we are here with the best summer face packs for men. These face masks are made with natural and effective ingredients that will help your skin recover from all that damage. 1. Moisturising Honey Face Mask Turmeric is one of the most popular ingredients in Ayurvedic skincare. It is a tested ingredient because it helps in healing damaged skin and brings back the lost glow. This face pack for men is also enriched with honey making it a perfect fit for men with dry skin. __ECOMPRODUCT__1345__ 2. Combat Ageing & Acne With Glycolic Acid One of the most damaging effects of sun exposure is premature ageing. This face mask helps you combat not just ageing but also dullness and acne. It is enriched with green tea extracts, glycolic acid, kaolin and bentonite clay. All of these ingredients will exfoliate dead skin, combat acne and prevent ageing. __ECOMPRODUCT__1346__ 3. Treat Pollution & Sun Damage With Charcoal If you are living in an urban city, sun damage is not all that you need to worry about. There’s also pollution damage that you need to tackle. Luckily you can treat sun as well as pollution damage with this face pack. This sheet mask has charcoal, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extracts, which will rejuvenate your skin from within. __ECOMPRODUCT__1347__ 4. Say No To Excess Oil With A Peel Off Mask If your skin type is oily, you know that the struggle is real during the summers. Blackheads and whiteheads not only live on oily skin rent free, they also cause large pores which makes the skin look rough. This cooling face mask will not only remove blackheads and whiteheads but also help you get rid of dead cells that are accumulated on the surface. __ECOMPRODUCT__1348__ 5. Detan Your Skin With Amazonian Clay Another side effect of prolonged sun exposure is tanning. Tanning is not just about darkened skin colour but also the dullness and patchiness that it brings along. This face pack is your solution for a clear, even skin tone. __ECOMPRODUCT__1349__ 6. Purify Your Skin With Black Clay & Charcoal Next up, we have an all-natural and detoxifying formula that will purify your skin from within. With the goodness of black clay and activated charcoal, this face pack will treat pollution damage, soothe and brighten your skin. __ECOMPRODUCT__682__ 7. Soothe & Heal Your Skin With Multani Mitti Multani mitti has a cooling effect on the skin and is a great skincare ingredient for summers. This face pack for men is a unique formulation that combines the exfoliating benefits of multani mitti with the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric. __ECOMPRODUCT__1350__ The Bottomline There you go, you can now enjoy the summer season without stressing out about your skin. Pack these face packs, along with some SPF and you’re all set! Explore More View the full article
  8. Most women in the district share they are not allowed to vote without the consent of a male member of their household
  9. Delegation of Sindh writers, intellectuals, social activists call on PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto, discuss growing extremism in Sindh
  10. A royal author believes that Meghan Markle will be getting support from big names when she will run for president
  11. Saeed Ghani stressed that students will not be promoted to another class without exams
  12. LG announced today that it will be shutting down its smartphone business due to high losses. The company faced stiff competition from Samsung and Chinese rivals which caused the company to re-evaluate its smartphone business. Due to this competition, LG released a number of smartphones that stood out from the rest of the pack. Some of these phones were revolutionary while others were innovative with their design. Here are some of the top LG smartphones that we will miss in the coming years: 1. LG G8X ThinQ © Youtube_Tim Schofield The dual screens smartphone released by LG set the smartphone world on fire for thinking out of the box. The phone utilised two screens that would fold like old school Nokia communicator devices. Having two screens let users have more real estate and in turn do more with its smartphone. The hinge could also be used to place one of the displays in almost every angle making it the ideal device to watch video content. The dual screen design was also best for emulating games and using one the displays as a touch controller. It was probably the most versatile device we saw from the company that utilised a very simple concept and made it work. 2. LG Wing © LG Folding smartphones are quite prevalent now, however LG offered something entirely different and unique that has not been copied by anyone yet. The LG Wing rotates to form a “T” shaped device that also gives users some extra real estate. The phone’s swivel design works best for customers who like to watch YouTube videos and use other apps as well. The phone has a 6.8-inch primary display and a smaller 3.9-inch secondary screen that could be used for watching videos. 3. LG Prada © Wikipedia Commons We can’t ignore LG’s first few smartphone from the late 2000s that really helped shape the smartphone industry we know today. The LG Prada was technically the first touchscreen smartphone in the world that launched a few months before the first iPhone. While it was no match for the iPhone, the smartphone did have quite a few features such as a 2MP camera, Radio, and a user interface that supported touchscreen actions. 4. LG G8s ThinQ © LG If you love music and wanted the best audio experience from a smartphone, you knew that LG phones were the ones you needed to go far. The LG G8s came with a 32-bit Quad DAC that had support for 192kHz audio. The phone also had support for DTS:X 3D audio and let users tune the sound according to their own liking. Additionally, the smartphone also supported aptX HD for high-res Bluetooth streaming. View the full article
  13. LG announced today that the company is quitting the smartphone business due to high losses in the mobile division. The company said in a statement that it will shut down the division to focus “resources in growth areas.” LG will now be focusing on electric vehicle parts, smartphone home products, robotics, artificial intelligence and B2B solutions. © LG LG will keep selling current smartphone models such as the Q-series, W-series, K-series, Wing and other models until the inventory lasts. The South Korean company will also provide service support and software updates for existing customers that will depend on the location of the customer. It is unclear which regions will continue to receive software updates at the moment and for which models. The company also said that it will work “collaboratively” with business partners and suppliers through this period of closure of the mobile division. The company will shut down the entire division by July 31st, however it will continue to sell smartphones until inventory lasts. At the moment, current LG owners do not have much to worry about as the company will continue to support smartphones that are already out there for now. The company will also provide repair services for these particular models after the deadline as well. © unsplash LG has been looking to sell its mobile phone business due to the division consistently making losses. The company tried to talk to potential buyers, however it did not pan out for the company. The South Korean giant was talking to at least two companies for the sale, however nothing materialised. LG faced fierce competition from Samsung and Chinese rivals that caused the company to suffer massive losses for the past six years. Even though LG showed off its rollable phone earlier this year at CES 2021, the company will now be focusing on the B2B aspect for other smartphone OEMs like Samsung and Motorola. Now that the company is shutting down the business, a rollable phone by the smartphone maker looks quite unlikely. View the full article
  14. Tarin in interview with Geo News expresses concern regarding the direction in which Pakistan's economy is headed
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