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Found 2,035 results

  1. "We have to save Gilgit-Baltistan from Imran Khan," says Bilawal, urging GB residents to vote for PPP in the elections
  2. Retinol, salicylic acid, clay - terms from the skincare world can intimidate anybody, especially the uninitiated. Even a simple Google search can leave you saying, “I have to apply hy-what acid on oily skin?” The idea that everyone should have spot-free, ever-glowing, Insta-worthy skin without filters is honestly, unrealistic. But if some of these ingredients can help us achieve better-looking skin, it might be worth trying. A lot of Indian men have oily skin but it doesn’t mean they can’t get the glow. If you are looking to get rid of grease and acne without sacrificing the natural glow, these grooming products will fit into your daily regime, quite well. Natural Lip BalmTo remove all that extra shine from your kiss-ready lips, use Orange and Cinnamon Beeswax Lip Balm. This natural lip butter is enriched with Vitamin E and C, almond oil and cocoa butter. __ECOMPRODUCT__754__ Healing Aftershave BalmThis aftershave balm heals your skin and prevents razor bumps. Skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, cocoa butter nourish the skin while tea tree oil and Roman chamomile oil treat acne, inflammation and clean pores. __ECOMPRODUCT__307__ Cooling Shave GelIn case you haven’t noticed by now, gel-based products work like a charm on oily skin which means this gel to foam shaving gel will make your shaving experience less messy. Its alcohol-free formula is enriched with hydrating, cooling ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile and menthol. These refreshing elements can help calm razor burns too. __ECOMPRODUCT__751__ Hyaluronic Acid SerumWhy do you need this hero in your skincare routine? For the skincare-obsessed, hyaluronic acid is like holy water because it’s an anti-ageing, water-based serum that hydrates the skin and adds glow to it without the mess of oil. __ECOMPRODUCT__309__ Clay Face MaskOne of the most effective ways to refresh your skin is to remove pesky dead skin cells. You can achieve this by exfoliating via scrub or clay mask with alpha hydroxy acid. So say hello to Deep Clean Red Clay Mask with Willow Bark and AHA specially formulated for oily skin with hydrating ingredients. This face mask will absorb the excess oil and exfoliate your skin without making your face feel dry or dull. Apply it once or twice a week for 10-15 minutes and rinse it with cold water. __ECOMPRODUCT__681__ Non-Greasy SunscreenA non-sticky, non-oily sunscreen with SPF 50++ protection and zinc will efficiently shield your face from the harmful rays of the sun. It has a sweat-resistant formula that helps it stay on your skin for longer. __ECOMPRODUCT__752__ Face & Body LotionNot just your face, give your body long-lasting hydration too. Natural Face & Body Lotion SPF 15 with Vanilla Clay and Jojoba Oil is non-sticky. It’s loaded with Vitamin E and C, and provides skin nourishment. __ECOMPRODUCT__671__ Hydrating Face CreamHydrating Face Serum-Cream has a light, hydrating vegan formula designed to nurture and soothe your skin. This non-greasy, aromatic blend of natural ingredients is absorbed instantly. It moisturises, improves skin elasticity, decreases inflammation, boosts circulation and tightens pores. __ECOMPRODUCT__318__ Refreshing Face Wash & Face MistThis combo mattifies skin without completely stripping off its natural oils. Peppermint, rosemary and lemon help remove excess oil, tones the skin, reduces dark spots and treats acne while rose face mist hydrates and makes your skin feel refreshed. __ECOMPRODUCT__753__ The BottomlineThere you have it! Our top nine grooming products for oily skin that’ll keep your natural glow intact. Let us know if we’ve missed out on any skincare potion that you would like to use on your skin. Explore More View the full article
  3. Everybody has that friend — the one who starts the day with a detox drink, brings rabbit food aka salad to work and knows the nutritional value of whatever you eat. Let’s be honest, mithai, mathri and gujiya are not easy to resist but your superfood-swearing buddy does it like a boss every single time. So this festive season why not give him something that shows you support his choices? These tasty yet budget-friendly gifts for healthy eaters will make your health-conscious friend explode with happiness. Assorted Pack Of Granola BarsWhen you crave chocolate, your friend probably eats a granola bar. Not just because it’s healthy but also tasty. So why not gift him some sweet flavours to make his day special? __ECOMPRODUCT__521__ Protein CookiesA cookie that contains protein equal to an egg sounds like just the snack your buddy needs. __ECOMPRODUCT__741__ Flavoured Foxnuts No one has ever said no to foxnuts, especially when they’re roasted with a bit of salt and pepper. By the way, what are your thoughts on peri-peri flavour? __ECOMPRODUCT__746__ Crunchy, Dry-Roasted AlmondsCan you hear that crunch? That’s the best part of snacking - the sound. This vegan, keto-friendly packet of barbeque almond is also packed with good fats, fibres and proteins. __ECOMPRODUCT__747__ Energy BallsWith this flavourful collection of energy balls, your friend’s pre-and post-workout snacking will be sorted. It’s a healthier variety of tea snacks for anybody who loves fruits and nuts. __ECOMPRODUCT__748__ Snack PackThe best solution to late-night hunger pangs - a healthy snack pack that comprises instant sugar-free tomato soup, roasted jowar crispies, soya crispies, oats cranberry cookies and millet cracker. __ECOMPRODUCT__749__ Gourmet BreakfastA box filled with wholesome, body-loving gourmet breakfast options will make your friend’s day second to none. This hamper comes with so much goodness - toasted millet muesli dark chocolate and orange peel, clusters and flakes breakfast cereal oat clusters and multigrain flakes with mango, grain-free and vegan granola salted peanut butter and gluten-free rolled oats. __ECOMPRODUCT__750__ The BottomlineFinding a perfect gift for your super healthy, foodie friend is no cakewalk. We’re sure you want to surprise him on Diwali by encouraging his healthy lifestyle. So take your pick! P.S. Don’t shy away from gifting yourself a little something if you are that health-conscious foodie guy of your gang or if you want to take a healthy route to festive food this time. Explore More View the full article
  4. Will also speak to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson [about repatriating Nawaz Sharif to Pakistan], says PM Imran Khan
  5. "The opposition parties are not sincere with each other and playing politics," says information minister
  6. WhatsApp has finally rolled out a new feature we’ve been wanting for years. The instant messaging app will now let users mute chats and groups forever. Previously, users could only mute conversations for a maximum time of one year, however now people can mute all the annoying chats and groups forever. © WhatsApp The new feature is being rolled out to both Android and iOS versions of the messaging app and will also be applicable to the web version as well. WhatsApp has been testing the muting forever option for a while and in the new update it replaces the one year option with ‘Always’. Previously, WhatsApp would unmute chats automatically and force users to select the option again. Now, users will not have to worry about muting chats and groups every year, an hour or eight minutes. In order to mute chats, users will have to long-press on the chat window and select the ‘mute’ option. If the update has not rolled out to your device yet, be assured that it will be rolled out soon and you can expect an update on your respective app stores soon. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla WhatsApp is also working on a new vacation mode where it keeps archived chats permanently hidden. As of now, archived chats appear at the top whenever a new message is sent. However, with vacation mode, archived chats will remain hidden and not appear at the top of your list. Other features such as voice and video calling will be making its way to the web version of the instant messaging services and are likely being rolled out to compete with Zoom, Google Meet and other video calling services. Currently, WhatsApp can support video and voice calls with up to eight people on a single call. We’ve been wanting a forever mute option for a long time, but in case you want to see other new features on WhatsApp, let us know in the comments section View the full article
  7. The Punjabi music scene might be an omnipresent entity today, courtesy the insane number of artists that have come up with some good and some bad music in the last couple of years. But before everyone was singing and dancing to the lyrics of Lehenga or Sakhiyan, the Punjabi music scene back in 2000s was very different. Here are 15 throwback hits which every kid who grew up in the 2000s will instantly recognise: 1. Aja Mahi RDB continues to bring us a lot of hits but this one is special. When the beat dropped to ‘gale lag ja’, we all did exactly that. 2. KokaI have no clue what is the obsession of Punjabi singers with a girl’s nose pin, but this was one of the first trendsetters of those times. 3. Kangana One of those songs that was everyone’s ringtone back in the day when we were still entering high school, and some of us were lucky enough to get a Motorola Razor with Kangana as the ringtone. 4. Dil LuteyaI am sorry, but if you cannot respond to ‘Jinne Mera Dil Luteya’ with a loud ‘Oho’, then you missed out on something MAJOR back in school days. At Least all Delhi kids would agree. 5. Das JaDj Sanj used to be probably what DJ Khaled is to music now. Collaborating with every big artist back in the day, this song was a hit back in 2003. 6. Soniye Dil Nahi LagdaI have vague memories of everyone listening to this number on the radio and music channels and dedicating it to that new romantic interest of their teenage life. 7. Kanthey Wala If not for the music and Kamal Heer’s voice, you obviously know it for Neeru Bajwa, who starred in this video long before acting in the Punjabi cinema game. 8. Dhol Jageero DaOne of the very early hits of Panjabi MC, who can forget the pretty Minisha Lamba dancing to the music with a freaking dhol? Every wedding video had this song. 9. Saun Di Jhadi Babbu Mann is one of the OG gods of the Punjabi music scene elevating it to what it has become today. If you have managed to come this far on this list, you know this song. 10. MorniLong before Ayushmann’s movie got this insane number back on the charts, Morni was on all of our playlists. For the uninitiated, we’ve been asking our friends ‘Aj fir kithey chali hai Morni banke’ for over a decade now! 11. Naag Only Jazzy B can compliment a girl and compare her majestic waves of beautiful hair to a legit ‘naag’ ( snake). All the boys in my grade 7 would joke and compare girls with long hair to a beautiful ‘naag’ back in the day. 12. Dil Da Pata NahiThis song weirdly reminds me of a scenario where kids were eating Coke float at weddings and the DJ was blasting this number in the background. 13. Aaja NachleA list is incomplete without Bally Sagoo on it. This one released back in 1998 but continued being downloaded by all of us back in those early teenage days. 14. Ishq Tera Tadpave I mean, I don’t need to introduce this song to you, right? 15. Rang Rara Riri RaraGood old days when one had to buy cassettes for music and streaming was not an option yet. This one was a major hit back in the 2000s. View the full article
  8. Without a doubt, every short hairstyle for men needs a kickass fade to go with it. A fade is what adds that extra charm to a look. The reason why so many men love to get a fade haircut is because of the many variations that you can create. Low, medium, high, tapered, skin and bald fades are only a few of the popular fades that we see. With so many options, comes the chaos of choosing the right one for yourself. Well, worry not because we are here with some of the most trendy fade haircuts for men. These fade hairstyles are sure to inspire you to change up your style! __ECOMLOOKS__1885__ __ECOMLOOKS__1886__ __ECOMLOOKS__1887__ __ECOMLOOKS__1888__ __ECOMLOOKS__1889__ __ECOMLOOKS__1890__ __ECOMLOOKS__1891__ __ECOMLOOKS__1892__ __ECOMLOOKS__1893__ Final ThoughtsThere you go, these were some of our top fade haircuts that you can try next. Haircuts and beard styles are a true reflection of your personal style, which is why choosing the right one is very important. Do let us know in the comments below which one of these hairstyles do you want to try! Explore More View the full article
  9. From treating yourself with something nice to giving your loved ones something thoughtful, the festive season is all about shopping and celebrating. This year, for reasons well known, we are all trying to keep the festive gatherings and parties as small as we can. Even though we can’t celebrate with all our loved ones together, we can make them feel special through thoughtful gifts based on their interests and personalities. Fitness and health has been an important part of everyone’s lives in 2020. This is why today, we have curated a list of the most thoughtful gifts for fitness freaks and health conscious people for the festive season! No matter which stage of the fitness journey they are on, these gifts will appeal to beginners and pros alike. 1. Cotton Eye/Muscle Pillow Eye pillows are designed to help you relax no matter where you are. Even though these are eye pillows, you can use them wherever you feel tightness in your muscles. They are filled with lavender petals and f;ax seeds that will help your muscles relax. They can be used as heat pads or cool pads depending on your preference. __ECOMPRODUCT__737__ 2. Cork Meditation Cushion As you may have guessed from the name itself, these meditation cushions are made using sustainable cork fabric. If you know someone who likes to meditate but has trouble doing so because of the hard seating posture, this will make for a great gift. The cushion is made to provide long lasting comfort and more peaceful meditation sessions. __ECOMPRODUCT__738__ 3. Health Supplements Health supplements are a big part of any fitness program. Even though they are essential, they can be really expensive sometimes. This is why something like a health supplement can be a very useful and thoughtful gift for a fitness freak. Just make sure that you go for a trusted brand. __ECOMPRODUCT__739__ __ECOMPRODUCT__644__ 4. Cool Trainers Workout gear is as dear to a fitness freak as is the workout routine. The right fitness gear makes all the difference. This is why shoes will make for a great gift for fitness freaks. Also, we don’t think anyone can have enough shoes. Footwear/sneakers 5. Dark Chocolate Protein Cookies Alright, this next option is pretty obvious. Any health conscious person is likely to stay away from chocolate cookies. The unhealthy and heavy count of calories is something that anyone would run away from. However, these protein cookies are a great low-cal alternative to the usual chocolate cookies. __ECOMPRODUCT__740__ __ECOMPRODUCT__741__ 6. Speakers/Wireless Earphones Considering how public gyms and workout paces are still a risky zone, wireless speakers or earphones could be a great gift choice for fitness freaks. Working out without good music is not only boring but also slightly demotivating. Make sure that your loved one uses your gift by choosing a solid pair of earphones or speakers. Speakers/Wireless Earphones 7. MensXP Organic Tee Gift BoxLastly, fitness freak or not, no man can ever have enough T-shirts. This T-shirt gift set has 3 MensXP Basics Organic Cotton Tees that are airy, absorbent and perfect for casual as well as workout wear. __ECOMPRODUCT__742__ The BottomlineWe hope you liked these simple but useful gift ideas that are perfect for a fitness enthusiast. Not only these, there are a lot more thoughtful gift ideas that you can explore here before going gift shopping this season! Explore More View the full article
  10. It seems that Pakistani batting great Mohammad Yousuf holds the record for best ODI bowling average ? purely due to a fluke, of course
  11. A British astrologer who predicted Covid-19 claims Meghan Markle will push Prince Harry through ?the cleaners?
  12. 236th Corps Commanders' Conference "undertook a comprehensive review of the recent surge in terrorist incidents"
  13. 'The PDM has lost its credibility as it failed in gathering people for their second power show in Karachi,' claims Gill
  14. It's not every day that we get to watch a tastefully made supernatural, psychologically charged show like Netflix’s latest offering Haunting Of The Bly Manor. © Netflix This presumed sequel to the original Haunting Of The Hill House is one of the most awaited shows this year, and rightly so. © Reuters Without dishing out any spoilers, here are 6 marvellous shows which will strike a similar vein, in case you are itching to watch more amazing shows like The Bly Manor: 1. The Haunting Of Hill House © Netflix This is supposedly the prequel to Bly Manor, though the plot and characters are not related at all. Extremely well directed, this one is surely going to keep you on the edge in case you haven’t watched it till now. A re-run is also not a bad idea, if you ask us. 2. Marianne © Netflix This French series follows a horror novelist who begins to live her own nightmare when the characters sketched by her come to life. There is something unnerving about the dead playing characters in a series and this one is sure to spook you in weird ways. 3. American Gothic © Renaissance Pictures A slightly older series on this list but anyone with a penchant for gothic series would probably know about this hit show from the ’90s. The plot follows a sheriff whose evil powers enable him to gain major control on his own son. This show also has ghosts playing lead characters like in Bly Manor. 4. Bates Motel © NBC Universal Distribution Another brilliantly made psychological horror drama based in a, as the name suggests, motel. After Norman Bates' father dies, he and his mother decide to run a motel. The eventual precarious state of his deteriorating mental health puts both of them in major horrific trouble. 5. The Enfield Haunting © Sky Living The spook count for this one is a notch higher as this is based on true events. The story follows a paranormal researcher who tries to uncover what happens to a family that is plagued by supernatural forces in their own residence. 6. Penny Dreadful © Netflix Definitely recommending this one to any and every literature lover out there. This wonderfully-made show combines the combined trauma of Dorian Gray, Frankenstein and Dracula. Like The Bly Manor, this one is also laced with emotions and deep sentimental wounds that dig up from the graves. View the full article
  15. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly be ?left behind? since they are constantly ?sitting in an ivory tower?
  16. While we're still waiting to hear about the availability or the price of the PS5 in India, Microsoft seems to be on track with its Xbox Series launch in India. In case you don't know, the new Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S are already available to pre-order in India. The console will go on sale for everyone in India on November 10 and all the pre-order will also start to reach by this date. And if you're wondering about the games that'll be available to play on your new console on the launch day, then we've got you covered. Here are the four new and exciting games that'll be available to play on the new consoles. Assassin's Creed Valhalla © Ubisoft Ubisoft is bringing back the Assassin's Creed franchise to life this year with a new title. Assassin's Creed Valhalla looks like one of the best games to ever hit the franchise and we can't wait to dive in. This is one of the launch titles that'll be available to play on the Xbox Series X/S on the launch day. Watch Dogs: Legion © Ubisoft There's a lot of hype around Watch Dogs: Legion and we're glad that it's finally coming out this month. This game will also be available on the Xbox Series X/S on the launch date and it also supports Xbox's Smart Delivery. Yakuza: Like A Dragon © Sega The new iteration in the Yakuza series will also be available to play on the Xbox Series X/S on the launch day. It also supports Smart Delivery, which is great. NBA 2K21The NBA 2K21 was one of the most anticipated games this year and it'll also be available to play on the Xbox console on the launch day. This is a great addition to the launch titles line up this year. View the full article
  17. Misbah-ul-Haq has announced to resign from the post but will continue to serve as Pakistan's head coach
  18. 'This is a recent scar in my life, but I will beat it. I will be out of this cancer soon,' said Sanjay Dutt
  19. When we talk about ethnic fashion for men and traditional Indian wear, we mostly refer to kurtas and leather sandals and flats. However, this year, fashion trends have taken a 180 degree turn. Even though sneakers are still the most popular footwear for men, kolhapuri chappals have made a huge comeback in the world of traditional fashion for men. For those of you who may not know, Kolhapuris are handcrafted leather chappals that date back to the 12th century. Yes, this fashion trend is extremely old and yet has managed to stay relevant even now. The traditional craft originated in the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra and became popular throughout India. Here are the best Kolhapuris for men under Rs.1500 that are perfect for any ethnic occasion. 1. Brown Diamond Punching Leather Kolhapuris Starting with a classic pair of Kolhapuris, this pair is a must-have in every wardrobe. Be it a casual pooja at home or a full-blown festive party, these chappals will not disappoint you. Also, brown is definitely a more versatile option than black. __ECOMPRODUCT__684__ 2. Mustard Yellow Kapshi Leather Kolhapuris Apart from being an obviously eccentric pair, these kolhapuris are made by the local artisans of Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Not only is the brand an expert in the craft, it’s also supporting local artisans and their work. Do you need any more reason to get this pair? __ECOMPRODUCT__685__ 3. Tan Brown Leather Handmade Kolhapuris Another pair by the brand Korakari, these ones slightly more pricey, but still under your budget. Like all the others on this list, these are one of the best kolhapuri chappals for men because of their extremely comfortable cushioning, durable stitching and authentic leather quality. __ECOMPRODUCT__686__ 4. Blue Cross Strap One Toe Flat From the straight up traditional kolhapuris to slightly more modern ones, our next pick is perfect for anyone who likes to keep it simple. These kolhapuris are minimal and reflect elegance in the most subtle way. Easy to style, these flats are extremely comfortable too. __ECOMPRODUCT__687__ 5. Navy Blue Open Toe Flats Slightly unconventional, these kolhapuris are perfect for a contemporary look. Even though these flats don’t qualify as authentic kolhapuri chappals, they do take inspiration from the traditional designs. The modern take on this art form deserves a place in your wardrobe. __ECOMPRODUCT__688__ 6. Green Toe Style Handmade Leather Kolhapuri In case you want a kolhapuri chappal that is even more heavily cushioned, our next pick is perfect for you. These sandals are just as comfortable as they look. The soft premium leather will keep you comfortable even on extremely long days. __ECOMPRODUCT__689__ 7. Black Square Shaped Handmade Kolhapuri This pair of Kolhapuri chappals are great for contemporary outfits. Unlike any of the kolhapuris we have ever come across, these ones are hands down the most unique and fashionable. __ECOMPRODUCT__690__ The Bottomline There you go! These were our top picks for the best kolhapuri chappals for men under Rs.1500. A comfy companion for your ethnic attire! Explore More View the full article
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