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Found 487 results

  1. 24 hours after playing the new Call of Duty Battle Royale mode called Warzone, we managed to take some notes that helped us in getting that first win. While the basic concepts of any Battle Royale game remain the same, Warzone plays a little different than other Battle Royale games. For starters, the game has 150 players trying to survive, instead of 100 and offers more flexibility. Here are some tips you need to know even if youâve been playing Battle Royale games for a while. 1. Donât Quit After Dying © Activision Even if you die when trying to survive, you still have a fighting chance to come back. Once dead, you will be transported to jail or a âGulagâ where you will have to fight to the death in a 1v1 match. If you are successful at killing your opponent, you will be redeployed in the game. Even if you do not manage to win in the gulag, your teammates can still revive you by collected $4500. When dead, you can direct your teammates to the nearest Respawn box so that they can redeploy you again. 2. Do Not Ping Enemies © MensXP Call of Duty: Warzone has a nifty pinging system, however we advise that you do not ping enemies when you see them. Pinging enemies may help your teammates to locate them, but once pinged, your enemy also gets notified that he/she is being watched. Instead, we suggest you ping the general area where you see your opponent as it will help your teammates locate the enemy without giving away the fact that you're watching them. 3. Spend Money Wisely © YouTube When exploring the map, you can pick up cash from the floor and dead enemies and use it to purchase equipment, a UAV and even a fellow dead teammate from âbuy stationsâ. We recommend getting a 'UAV' if you have enough cash, provided all your teammates are alive. You can use the UAV to spot your opponents on the mini-map which will give you a slight competitive advantage. If you are running low on armour, you can always buy the âarmour bundleâ to have enough inventory for future gunfights. If you have a lot of cash on you, make sure you purchase a self-revive kit that comes handy when you are taken down by an opponent. And finally, you can use the cash to redeploy your dead teammate which will let you get that extra hand when you need it most. 4. You Can Share Items and Money © Activision Call of Duty: Warzone has a very simple inventory system where you do not have to sit and manage your inventory and instead spend more time looting and shooting. However, you can share ammo, tactical and lethal equipment and even cash. Sharing cash with your teammates can help them purchase better equipment. If your team has enough cash to bring back your dead teammate, you can drop the cash on the floor and pool all of it together to revive your teammates. 5. Loadout Drops © Activision Make sure you have your own loadout ready before you get into the game. In-game, loadout drops are quite frequent albeit random. Make sure you always get these drops and use your preferred loadout instead of weapons found on the floor. This is also the only way to use perks such as âGhostâ, âAmped upâ and others. Additionally, if the random loadout drop is not accessible, you can buy your own from the store and call it in yourself. These loadout drops can be accessed by a maximum of three people which also happens to be the strength of your squad. 6. Use Vehicles Only When You Need To © YouTube The Verdansk map is massive and sometimes you need to use a vehicle to get to the safe zone. However, when using a vehicle, you are potentially a target for your enemies around you as your vehicle gets highlighted on the mini-map. If you are near the safe-zone, we recommend going on foot instead of a vehicle as thereâs a good chance somebody will see you. 7. Look For Gas Masks © Activision Unlike other Battle Royale games, the gas in Warzone is extremely lethal and will kill you even if it's in the first phase. If you want to survive in the gas, make sure you find yourself a gas mask that can be found in loot boxes. The gas mask will protect you from gas damage and let you survive longer than usual. If you do not have a gas mask, always stay away from the gas as it will surely kill you. View the full article
  2. India has come a long way in the way it loves. People are crossing socio-cultural, linguistic and even religious barriers to be with the one who makes their world go round. However, for many of them, such brave love stories end on a sad note. From honour killings to ostracism, couples have to bear a tragic aftermath for choosing to love or marrying outside their caste or religious community. © Instagram However, the Kerala government has come up with an innovative and highly commendable tactic to keep such tragedies at bay by opening âsafe homesâ for inter-caste and inter-religion couples. The idea is to provide these couples with a space where they can seek shelter and protection during their time of need. The initiative has been proposed by the Department of Social Justice and aims to open such multiple safe facilities across all the districts in Kerala. © Getty Images Talking about the proposal, Kerala Social Justice Minister K K Shailaja informed the media that the groundwork for setting up these 'safe homes' has already begun, and inter-faith and inter-caste couples can stay in these homes for up to one year after marriage. Thatâs not all, couples seeking the benefits of these safe homes will also be given financial assistance worth Rs 30,000 for general category couples and Rs 75,000 for scheduled caste couples, in order to promote self-employment. © Getty Images This path-breaking announcement comes after the relatives of an upper-caste woman in Kottayam abducted and killed her Dalit Christian husband in 2018. Kerala has yet again shown us that it is always stepping up its game when it comes to turning a new leaf and giving hope for a better future. And this is no exception. We hope other states notice this example and take inspiration from Godâs own country. View the full article
  3. PSL 2020 - Karachi Kings vs Peshawar Zalmi: Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar can be seen indulging in hilarious banter
  4. Admit it, at some point of time in your life you have fantasised about becoming filthy rich, by winning the lottery or a massive inheritance or something, and made a wishlist of all the things that you would do with that money. Yes or no? © iStock Now, you for sure may have thought of buying a fancy mansion in the poshest areas that you can think of, thought of going on a world tour and stay at the most luxurious hotels, and have the best that the world of culinary arts has to offer. Oh, and buy a fleet of Ferraris and Lamborghinis and some other exotic brands. With us so far? © Scenic Rush Well, believe it or not, there are a few among us who are not just savants and bon vivants who want to enjoy all the finer joys of life, but massive hypebeasts who dream of owning the most hyped sneakers and street style goods someday, well before they even hit the market. Even though they are quite content owning the latest editions of Yeezys and Jordans, they aspire to own a closet full of Ablohâs and Balenciagas. © iStock Well, if ever that day comes and you end up with a ton load of cash to burn on sneakers, these are the pieces that you ought to go for. Now mind you, they are not the most expensive sneakers out there. There are a few rare one-offs and limited edition pieces that were worn by sport legends, or that have been dipped in gold or are made from the locks of a mermaid, essentially sneakers that are monstrosities in their own right. The sneakers we are talking about are regular, run-of-the-mill pieces, which, in spite of being âcommonplaceâ are so exquisite, that they have managed to leave us absolutely smitten. Christian Louboutin Red Runners - Rs. 90,000 © Christian Louboutin Straight from the Parisian ateliers of one of the most iconic footwear makers ever, comes a sneaker that is mesmerizing in every single way. Called the Red Runners, these sneakers, come in a number of variants, each of which, have a very dandy-esque appeal. Thanks to its avant-garde design and varied use of exotic materials for its upper, including stuff like wet leather and patent leather counters and is adorned with metal spikes, this is truly a masterpiece. Gucci Flashtrek Menâs Sneakers - Rs. 85,000 © Gucci When it comes to creating a hype, no one does it better than Gucci. Their Flashtrek sneakers are genuinely one of the most iconic chunky sneakers in the market today, especially if you consider the one that they have for women, with the crystal-studded bands that spruce up the style of the sneakers. As for the ones that were designed for men, they only âmake doâ with golden lace loops. That, along with the retro-inspired Gucci logo in Sega font on the tongue, make it one of the most iconic pieces ever. This is a timeless classic in the making. Ermenegildo Zegna Couture Claudio Sneakers - Rs 80,000 © Ermenegildo Zegna Sneakers do not get any zanier than the Claudio Couture Sneakers from Ermenegildo Zegna. They have a very unusual silhouette, thanks to the bumps on the uppers, which, when combined with the rather understated colours that they come in, look rather classy, but with an oozing panache. Louis Vuitton Run Away Pulse - Rs 95,000 © Louis Vuitton There was no way that Louis Vuitton would have not have made this list. One of the most popular and iconic high fashion brands to be in the market right now, LV has been hitting out of the park for quite some time. And ever since Virgil Abloh took the reign of the company in his own hands, they are a different thing altogether. The Run Away Pulse has the silhouette of that of hiking boots, but the finish and details of that of a finely made suit. Definitely worth the price. Now, there are a number of sneakers from LV that are actually even more expensive, but we havenât been able to locate them in India. Sure, you can get them imported, but be ready to pay out some heft taxes and duties Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Chunky Sneakers - Rs 65,000 © Salvatore Ferragamo There was a time when Ferragamo was considered shoemakers to the stars. At one point of time, the whoâs who of the world were wearing Ferragamo. Is it any wonder that they would be making the list then? We particularly like their Gancini Chunky Sneakers. They have a very unique aesthetic - thanks to a chunky silhouette and quirky and zany detailings; they are a massive hit not just among our filmstars but also with celebrities and tycoons all over the world. View the full article
  5. Morgan slammed seven sixes in an innings of 57 not out off 22 balls as England chased down South Africa's 222 for six with five wickets and five balls to spare
  6. Movie history was made at the Oscars Parasite won the best picture award at Oscars 2020
  7. Oscars 2020: Hollywood's biggest night addressed a swirling row over the lack of minorities and female directors
  8. Set 178 to win, Bangladesh slumped to 106 for six before captain Akbar Ali got them back on track
  9. In a matter of hours, the 92nd Academy Awards will be premiering. The Oscars, somehow, have always trumped the other awards. In the award season, this is one red carpet everyone looks forward to. The golden statuette means a lot to the people in the industry. This year's list includes Joaquin Phoenix for Joker, Brad Pitt for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and even Laura Dern for her role in the film, Marriage Story. This is when most people are racking their brains predicting which film and actor will be triumphant amongst the lot. We have Sam Mendes' 1917 that's won most awards this season and Bong Joon-Ho's Parasite, a critically acclaimed masterpiece. So here's a list of all the nominees in the main categories and the nominee that we think will win, and the one that we think should've won. 1. Best Picture Ford v Ferrari The Irishman Jojo Rabbit Joker Little Women Marriage Story 1917 Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Parasite Will Win: 1917/ Joker Should Win: Parasite Parasite, despite being a Korean film, has been universally acclaimed as hard-hitting. While Joker and 1917 are brilliant in their own right, however, it's rare for films like Parasite to make it to the top. The last time something like this took place was back in 2009 with Slumdog Millionaire. © Getty Images Actor in a Leading Role Antonio Banderas in Pain and Glory Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Adam Driver in Marriage Story Joaquin Phoenix in Joker Jonathan Pryce in The Two Popes Will Win: Joaquin Phoenix Should Win: Joaquin Phoenix Like Leonardo Di Caprio's long-awaited win for The Revenant, I think most people will nod heads in agreement that Joaquin Phoenix in Joker was a phenomenal performance that deserves an Oscar. © Getty Images Actress in a Supporting Role Kathy Bates in Richard Jewell Laura Dern in Marriage Story Scarlett Johansson in Jojo Rabbit Florence Pugh in Little Women Margot Robbie in Bombshell Will Win: Laura Dern Should Win: Florence Pugh While Laura Dern's speech in Marriage Story was commendable which got her this nomination in the first place, it was Amy as Florence in Little Women who moved us second to Saorise's performance. View the full article
  10. A three-judge panel ruled that over 210 House of Representatives and Senate Democrats lacked required legal standing to bring case
  11. Indian cricket has witnessed numerous batsmen who have managed to capture the imagination of cricket fans over the years. But, in modern-day cricket, no one even comes close to the might and popularity of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, who continue to help India pull off miracles on the field. While Kohli has carved his niche as one of the most consistent run-scorers in international cricket, Rohit has earned plaudits for his knack of scoring big runs in dire situations. The Indian duo was at their prolific best, hammering opposition bowlers all around the park, during their team's dominating home season last year. And, it appears that there is no stopping these two this year either. © Reuters During his innings that came at a strike rate of over 140, Kohli became India's leading run-getter in the shortest version of the game. The right-handed batsman was 25 runs away from the milestone before the start of the third game. As he completed his 25th run, Kohli surpassed his predecessor MS Dhoni's tally of 1,112 runs to achieve the feat. When it comes to the overall list, Kohli now finds himself at the third spot with a tally of 1,125 runs as captain. He is only behind South Africa's Faf du Plessis (1,273 runs) and New Zealand captain Kane Williamson (1,148 runs) who currently occupy the second and first spot in the coveted list. © Twitter/@BCCI On the day, when Kohli etched his name in the history books for a milestone that will take some doing, Rohit impressed everyone by stepping up at a time when India needed it the most. While he might not be as consistent as one would like, there is no denying the batting talent this incredible right-hander brings to the table. View the full article
  12. Following a brilliant 2-1 win in the ODIs against Australia, the Indian cricket team found their next challenge in New Zealand in what seemed like a rigorous tour. For a team that had enjoyed a dominating run in the home season, India were not only wary of their opponents but also faced a tough task of getting used to the conditions in a relatively shorter span of time. But, on 24th January, the marauding Indian team laid all doubts to rest after producing a dominating performance in the 1st T20I at Eden Park. Continuing their fine run this year, Virat Kohli's men began the five-match T20I series with an emphatic six-wicket win to take a 1-0 lead. Asked to bat first, the home team got off to a good start with both Martin Guptill (30) and Colin Munro (59) coming out all guns blazing against the Indian bowling attack. But, Shivam Dube gave the visitors a key breakthrough after getting Guptill caught by Rohit Sharma, whose acrobatic fielding at the fence pegged the Kiwis back. © Twitter/@BCCI Chasing over 10 runs an over, the 'Men in Blue' were handed an early blow by Mitchell Santner who sent the dangerous Rohit Sharma (7) back into the hut in only the second over of the Indian innings. With their key batsman back in the pavilion, the onus was on KL Rahul (56) and Kohli (45) who stabilised the Indian run-chase with a vital partnership of 99 runs for the second wicket. But, just when the visitors appeared to be cruising in the run-chase, Ish Sodhi dismissed Rahul after getting caught by Tim Southee in the 10th over. The Indian team, further, found themselves in a spot of bother after losing skipper Kohli a few overs later. The likes of Shivam Dube (13) and Shreyas Iyer (58*) did try to keep India in the hunt, but the former's dismissal in the 14th over, gave an opportunity for the Kiwis to come back into the match. View the full article
  13. Will you drink five extra shots of Tequila or finish 5 pints of beer under 15 minutes, to win Rs 10,000? Hell yeah, why not! Well, that's the first reaction most of us usually have when thrown in similar circumstances. Even if there's no money involved, even if it's just a friendly challenge between friends, people are still ready to go to any lengths to win. But, what most of us don't realise is that a bet cannot be more important or valuable than your life. And this 55-year-old man's death is a hard-hitting and sad lesson for all of us. © Reuters for representation The 55-year-old man was a farmer from Uganpur village in Bareilly's Izzatnagar. He placed, what he thought was a harmless bet, with his nephew where he had to drink four quarters of country-made liquor under 20 minutes. The loser was to pay for all the 8 quarters that were bought. Reportedly, there were nine more people, including the man's son, when the bet was placed. According to his son, the man won the bet by finishing all the liquor in 10 minutes, without adding water. While he may have won the bet, he paid a huge price for it because an hour later the man started vomitting blood and died. © Reuters for representation His son told The Times Of India, "I am not sure exactly what happened to my father after drinking alcohol. He was forced by Pradeep to place a bet and the liquor was brought by someone else. We have given a complaint to police to identify the reason behind my father's death and take action against the guilty." According to the cops, he died from excessive drinking, but they are not ruling out other possibilities too and are now waiting for the autopsy report. This is not the first time that someone lost his life over a bet. Earlier, a man in UP died after eating 41 eggs as part of a challenge. View the full article
  14. Photo: ReutersCENTURION, South Africa: South Africa broke down stubborn England resistance to win the first Test of their World Test Championship series by 107 runs at SuperSport Park on Sunday. England needed 376 to win but despite some committed batting were bowled out for 268 on the fourth day of the five-day encounter. An enthralling contest swung South Africa´s way when left-arm spinner Keshav Maharaj bowled Ben Stokes to halt a brief flurry of strokes as Stokes and captain Joe Root tried to lift the scoring rate before the second new ball was due. The new ball then had an immediate impact with Kagiso Rabada having Jonny Bairstow caught at gully before Anrich Nortje claimed the crucial wicket of Root, who made a fighting 48 before he was caught behind. It was the second time in the day Nortje claimed a wicket with the second ball of a new spell after he made the first breakthrough of the day by dismissing top-scorer Rory Burns for 84. The remaining wickets fell quickly, with Rabada finishing with four for 103 and fellow fast bowler Anrich Nortje claiming three for 56. Maharaj, who broke England´s first wicket stand of 92 on Saturday when he dismissed Dom Sibley, took two for 37. South Africa produced a disciplined bowling performance, making scoring difficult on a pitch which always offered something to the bowlers with some sideways movement and uneven bounce. England added only 50 runs in 25 overs while losing two wickets during the morning. Rory Burns took his overnight score of 77 to 84 before mistiming a pull against Nortje to be caught at mid-on, while Joe Denly was leg before wicket to Dwaine Pretorius for 31. Burns and Denly saw off the threat of Vernon Philander and Rabada but found scoring difficult. Philander conceded only one run in five overs. Rabada gave up 23 in six overs, which included two hooked sixes by Denly. Burns, who faced most of Philander´s bowling, adding only seven runs off 37 balls. The change to Nortje brought an immediate result for South Africa as Burns attempted to pull the fast bowler´s second delivery and sent the ball looping to Rabada at mid-on. Nortje made a second crucial breakthrough when South African captain Faf du Plessis made an inspired bowling change. First innings destroyer Vernon Philander sent down three overs with the second new ball but was not making the batsmen play many deliveries, so Du Plessis called on Nortje with immediate success.
  15. Life is a miracle, but life is also full of some of the most unexpected surprises. Most spiritual gurus will tell you that a full life is much like a rollercoaster ride sprinkled with highs and lows that make it worth living. You may or may not choose to agree with this, but the fact of the matter is that there are people around us, in all their fleshy and bloody glory, who will vouch for it. Cricketer and cyclist Mayur Dumasia is a living proof that life can choose to mess up our life at a moment's notice, but eventually it all boils down to whether we give up or fight back in the face of the challenges life throws our way. © Instagram/Mayur Dumasia One read through Mayur's journey through life so far, and we promise you will be more than inspired by this man who rose from the ashes to write his name in gold. The Backstory Mayur was a mere teenager at 14-years-old when a train accident changed his life forever. It was back in 2001 when Mayur fell off an overcrowded train and onto the tracks. As many as 3 train coaches ran over his arm and pushed him into a coma that lasted close to a month. When he woke up, a part of his body was missing - he no longer had a right hand. The Aftermath © Mayur Dumasia Post the life-changing incident, it wasn't the physical healing, but the mental and spiritual trauma that kept dragging Mayur down. Even though his family supported him, people looked at him differently. His dream of joining the armed forces was shattered and the constant pity messed with his head. Talking to MensXP, Mayur recalled what he went through, “I am very emotional. I have cried a lot in secret. I would hide in the bathroom and cry my heart out during my lowest moments.” Broken Dreams © Mayur Dumasia It's really true when they say that open wounds heal, but it is that which cannot be seen that is truly dangerous. The trauma and depression due to the incident and people's changed behaviour towards him began to take a toll on him. He started staying in and avoided people. That only added to his distress and he attempted to take his own life, not once but twice. The Silver Lining © Mayur Dumasia But the very fact the Mayur is still around and kicking only proves that life had different plans for him. With the help of his family and his teacher Mr Ramesh, Mayur managed to overcome every hurdle and bounced back stronger than ever. Taking about healing and the importance of mental strength, Mayur said, “Mental strength is a form of inner engineering which can only come from within. Your boosting power will never come from any other person, whether it's your family or friends. It has to come from within you.” The Big Leap © Instagram/Mayur Dumasia However, it was Mayur's chance visit to Shivaji Park as a college student that things took a new turn. “I was in college and I was visiting the Shivaji Park. People were practising there and I noticed physically challenged people playing. That's when I thought if they can do it, why can't I. In 2006-07 I started playing. I thought kuch hone toh nahi wala, but still kept practising and moving forward. Eventually I got into Mumbai Cricket Association for Physically Challenged and played the division matches. Won numerous challenges and finally got into the Indian cricket team for the physically challenged. That's the biggest highlight of my life. Even though I couldn't join the armed forces, I was happy to be able to make India proud in another way.” © Instagram/Mayur Dumasia Today, Mayur has not only ticked off biggest dream, but achieved a lot more than he had set out to fulfil. His team won multiple trophies for India in the Asia Cup and he went on to become the first Indian amputee to cycle 1670 kms from India Gate to Gateway of India in 15 days with a busted knee! Mayur has run in over 30 marathons and not just that, he even became the winner of the Bharat Prerna Award in 2018. Next Adventure © Instagram/Mayur Dumasia Currently working as an Accounts teacher at Abhinav Degree College, Mayur plans to attempt Guinness World Record to become the first amputee cyclist to journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari by October 2020. His mantra is simple, “if you keep holding on to a rose, its thorns are only going to hurt you. Never hold on to your problems. Learn to let go. Every situation has two sides to it, with failures comes success. Keep at it.” What an inspiring journey this man has had, isn't it? View the full article
  16. After months of delay, the 66th National Film Awards finally took place on Monday at New Delhi's Vigyan Bhawan, where people from Bollywood fraternity were awarded for their respective contribution. From Vicky Kaushal, Ayushmann Khurrana to Akshay Kumar; many big names from Bollywood graced the award show. Usually, the President honours the winners every year, but this time he will reportedly host a high tea for the winners while Vice President Venkaiah Naidu will honour them. The feature #films this year are as much about emotions as they are about intelligence In the bouquet of films, we have films that break stereotypes and attack superstitions sensitively We see through the maker's imagination how orthodox traditions give way to modern solutions pic.twitter.com/W06Yfi9sy6 — Vice President of India (@VPSecretariat) December 23, 2019 To begin with, let's talk about the man 'jo rishte me sabke baap lagte hai', the Shahenshah of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan who was conferred with this year's Dadasaheb Phalke award. However, the 77-year-old actor could not attend the event since he was unwell so he will be honoured by the President at the high tea hosted for all winners. It is expected to take place on December 29. According to reports, Vice President Naidu paid tribute to Bachchan by calling him "an institution by himself". I extend my hearty congratulations to all the National Award winners This award is a recognition of your commitment to excellence & your hard work I also convey my heartiest congratulations to Shri Amitabh Bachchan for winning the prestigious #DadaSahebPhalkeAward @SrBachchan pic.twitter.com/Zw35vttRtg — Vice President of India (@VPSecretariat) December 23, 2019 Veteran actress Surekha Sikri received a national award for “Best Supporting Actress” for her performance in Badhaai Ho. Her portrayal as a matriarch deserves every award and praise and the fact that she has touched millions of hearts, was evident in the loud cheers and applause for her that refused to die down. Sikri, who came to receive her award in a wheelchair was welcomed by a standing ovation and cheers that probably filled the entire hall. Swanand Kirkire won “Best Supporting Actor” for Marathi film Chumbak. View this post on Instagram âªDadi, aapko aur poore Kaushik parivar ko bahot bahot #BadhaaiHo!ð⬠âª#SurekhaSikri ji receives the #NationalAward for best supporting actress. ⬠A post shared by Junglee Pictures (@jungleepictures) on Dec 22, 2019 at 10:54pm PST Sikri's onscreen grandson from the movie Ayushmann Khurrana won “Best Actor” for Andhadhun, while Vicky Kaushal won the “Best Actor” award for Uri: The Surgical Strike. Actress Keerthy Suresh won “Best Actress” for Telugu movie Mahanati and Aditya Dhar won “Best Director” for Uri. © Twitter DD News Apart from that - Padman won “Best Film” on Social Issues, Turtle won Best Rajasthani Film, Bhonga won “Best Marathi Film”, and Baaram won “Best Tamil Film”. Srijit Mukherji's Ek Je Chhilo Raja bagged “Best Bengali Film”, while Sanjay Leela Bhansali won “Best Music Director” for Padmaavat, Arijit Singh won “Best Male Playback Singer” for Padmaavat and KGF took home “Best Action” award. We congratulate all the winners. View the full article
  17. Williamson, who had been gifted two lives, was on 96 and Taylor 84 with both having posted their 32nd Test half-centuries in an unbroken 183-run partnership. Photo: FileHAMILTON: Centuries from Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor ensured New Zealand...
  18. The rivalry between Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov was real. Not like one of those made-up gimmicks that “wrestling entertainers” build up over scripted dialogues and props. The events that led up to the outpouring of hatred and utter disgust inside the octagon between the two UFC fighters in October 2018, were full of bullying, mental and physical assault, religious discrimination and all of it came from McGregor's arsenal of being 'notorious'. Conor McGregor going all in on Ali Abdelaziz: "You should never take information from an informant. Khabib's manager is a f---ing snitch, terrorist rat." — Chamatkar Sandhu (@SandhuMMA) October 4, 2018 What did Khabib bring to the floor? Sheer determination and focus to absolutely demolish his opponent inside the ring, and take revenge for all the suffering his family, supporting staff and he had to go through because of the Irishman, in one go. The result? Khabib made McGregor tap out in the fourth round of the bout with a neck crank to maintain his undefeated record of 27-0, which he eventually bettered after winning an ideal fight against Dustin Poirier to make it 28-0, earlier this year. Recently, in a press conference in Russia, Khabib announced that he will be making his return to the ring on January 18, 2020 in Las Vegas. This date is important because that's exactly the same day Conor McGregor has announced to come out of his short-lived retirement. In fact, McGregor wishes to make a return to the ring in a rematch against the man he lost his previous UFC fight with, Khabib Nurmagomedov. © Reuters However, Khabib is certain that the former doesn't want to go one on one against him, especially after he “beat him up for four rounds”. "I beat him and choked him and he tapped. It was a sign he didn't want to be there, 'let me go please' and all that. And now he wants the rematch,” Khabib said at the press conference. McGregor would b absolutely nuts to fight Khabib again after he insulted his family. Khabib I'm sure plans to hand McGregor his own head. Conor McGregor screamed 'let me go please' as Khabib Nurmagomedov choked him out at UFC 299 and 'does no... #Topbuzz https://t.co/iA68yttFWs — billy jack (@billyjack2016) November 23, 2019 Despite the obvious hatred towards his former rival, Khabib didn't say no to the battle but believes that it is McGregor's time to earn his right to challenge the champion for a fight. "First of all, he has to earn it. We're in the fourth year since his last victory. "It's been three years and now we're in the fourth. In order to fight for the title I had to win 10 fights in a row in the UFC. "That's not counting the 16 victories I had outside the UFC. In every fight I earned it not with my mouth, but with my actions. "That's where we're different. He talks about it, I just do it. And the best one “he talks all this shit then says 'it's just business'” next sentence about a rematch “it's business, I do whatever makes Khabib money” pic.twitter.com/V5l84sJQsd — Brad (@BraaaaadB) October 16, 2018 "It's nice for me, because even when I keep quiet and even when I don't say anything, people can weigh it up for themselves. 'Hang on, this guy talks and this guy just acts'. "Just talking is one thing, but when it comes to doing it, he's completely different. “So for me there are no kind of announcements or insults. He's an idiot. We don't pay attention to idiots,” Khabib said. View the full article
  19. The modern-day Indian cricket team has become a force to be reckoned with. Once terrified of fast-paced Australian and Pakistani bowlers, the Indian bowling attack itself has evolved into a pacing superpower. Add to that the extensive and steady batting lineup spearheaded by the Indian skipper Virat Kohli, Team India is virtually unbeatable at home. In the first ever Day-Night Test match to be held in India, Kohli and Co. showed their mettle in the longest format of the game at the prestigious Eden Gardens, Kolkata. Thanks to the extraordinary fast-ball lineup of Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav and Mohammed Shami, the entire Bangladesh batting order collapsed on the first day having scored just 106 runs. Sharma's 5-for combined with Yadav's three-wicket haul was the highlight the the pink-ball debut on Day 1. Ishant Sharma has only his second five-for at home, 12 years since his first against Pakistan ðï¸https://t.co/Rl7lqr69i5 #PinkBallTest pic.twitter.com/OMiWDxzmOs — ESPNcricinfo (@ESPNcricinfo) November 22, 2019 And then came Virat Kohli's thunderous 136-run innings alongside Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane's respective half-tons which gave India a 241-run lead before the skipper decided to declare the innings and let Mominul Haque's men approach the pitch for their second innings. Century No.70 ðð White ball Hundred-ðComplete Red ball Hundred-ðComplete Pink ball Hundred-ðComplete #ViratKohli ðKingð pic.twitter.com/UV4o33XDO0 — Karan Patel (@kp85karan) November 23, 2019 However, despite some serious effort shown by Mushfiqur Rahim who played a respectable 74-run knock the might of the Bengal Tigers failed to withstand the Indian pace, eventually leading to a defeat by an innings for the second of the two Tests as well. While this was Team India's first pink-ball win, it also happens to be the fourth straight Test match that they have won by more than an innings. Ahead of the two-match Test series against Bangladesh, the Indians hosted Faf du Plessis for a three-match Test series. After winning the first match by 203 runs in Visakhapatnam, they went on to seal the series win with innings victories in Mumbai and Ranchi. This is #TeamIndia's 7 straight Test win in a row, which is our longest streak ððªð#PinkBallTest @Paytm pic.twitter.com/Lt2168Qidn — BCCI (@BCCI) November 24, 2019 The series win against Bangladesh also takes Team India's undefeated streak in the red and pink ball cricket to 12 with the last series that India faced on their homeland dating back to the 2012-13 season against England. View the full article
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