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Found 21 results

  1. People expect jewellery, cash, exquisite artefacts or in some cases wisdom to be passed down from one generation to the other as part of their family heirloom. But, a family in Michigan have been passing down a fruitcake as their family heirloom. In case, you're wondering if it's a recipe to that fruitcake, you're wrong. It's a Christmas fruitcake that was baked in 1878 by Fidelia Ford. How is the family preserving the cake since the past 141 years is a question that intrigues and haunts us at the same time. via GIPHY Fidelia baked the cake as part of her tradition and let it age a year before serving it to a family member. However, she died at the age of 65 and couldn't see her family eat the cake she baked for them. Reportedly, the cake got passed down as a family heirloom with Fidelia's great-grandson Morgan Ford being the custodian of that cake for 93 years. In 2013, Morgan breathed his last and his daughter Julie Ruttinger took over as the custodian. According to reports, she said that her father "took a lot of pride in it" and treasured the cake till his last breath and even flaunted it at church and several family gatherings. While that's an emotional story, people on the internet weren't quite moved after hearing that story. In fact, they were really grossed out and minced no words in expressing the same on social media. The infinite fruitcake is infinite. ð — jodi (@jodster112) December 14, 2019 Please send a piece to my ex wife to see if it's still good. — Jim Kilgus (@KilgusJim) December 14, 2019 pic.twitter.com/ojR62dC9IQ — âð¦ðð âð£ð ðððð (@MimiLeroch) December 14, 2019 I thought our 140 year old family pickle was gross. — Matthew “Surefire” Cohen (@gudslide) December 14, 2019 test that for DNA — Nate Harger (@NateHarger) December 14, 2019 Great. Smelly petrified fruit. Gross... — Meh. (@Nailtech41) December 14, 2019 Gross on so many levels. — Kevin (@kmrailey) December 14, 2019 Think of how much you could sell it for as "art"! — Rain (@Rain02892136) December 14, 2019 View the full article
  2. Our teachers and parents often told us that one shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes. After all that's how we learn in life, right? But, what if that mistake is an expensive one...Rs. 4 lakh (approx) to be precise? In a bizarre turn of events, Hawksmoor Manchester, a restaurant in UK served a group of three businessmen their most expensive bottle. And the best part is, they didn't even ask for it. They had called for a bottle worth £260 (Rs. 23,200 approx), but instead were 'accidentally' served wine that costs £4,500 (Rs. 4 lakh approx). © Pexels Seriously, who would order such an expensive bottle of wine? Well, in this case, literally no one. Honestly, if I was served wine that expensive, I would either pour it in a bottle and sell it to a museum or savour every drop so carefully, as if my life depends on it. According to reports, the blokes who drank that expensive wine didn't even notice and are probably still unaware about the goof-up. Or maybe they know now. It was the trainee manager's mistake, who got confused between the two bottles as they "looked pretty similar". The staff realised the mistake when the customers called for a second bottle, but didn't publicly admit the mistake. © Twitter For all the wine connoisseurs out there, what the diners called for was a 2001 bottle of Chateau Pichon Longueville Contesse de Lalande - price £260. What they got was a 2001 bottle of Château Le Pin, Pomerol, - price £4,500. Next time, you go to UK be sure about your drink. Here are the two bottles. THEY LOOK PRETTY SIMILAR OK?! ð pic.twitter.com/JWFW81cbe8 — Hawksmoor Manchester (@HawksmoorMCR) May 16, 2019 The restaurant, however, accepted their mistake in the best way possible and are now being praised on social media for their stand. They wrote, "To the customer who accidentally got given a bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol 2001, which is £4500 on our menu, last night - hope you enjoyed your evening! To the member of staff who accidentally gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway." To the customer who accidentally got given a bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol 2001, which is £4500 on our menu, last night - hope you enjoyed your evening! To the member of staff who accidentally gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway ð — Hawksmoor Manchester (@HawksmoorMCR) May 16, 2019 Reportedly, Will Beckett, co-founder of Hawksmoor said "Another manager picked up on it when they asked for a second bottle." In order to avoid an awkward situation, the staff member "gently steered the customers toward another bottle of wine and kept quiet." The restaurant staff was really sweet and charged the men a bill of over £400 (Rs. 35,700 approx). It was only after the shift was over that the trainee manager was told that she had served the restaurant's most expensive wine. But, the way the restaurant reacted to the entire incident is commendable. We hope we had such great bosses at work. And for the chaps who drank that wine, you guys are the luckiest diners ever. Source: The Telegraph
  3. 'Game Of Thrones' is not just one of the biggest shows possibly on the planet right now, but also an eyebrow raiser for a tonne of things. From the conniving plots to the gruesome deaths that might've affected millions of viewers across the globe to the dream pay packages for the actors, there are a number of reasons 'GOT' is special. via GIPHY A leading publication broke the salaries down for us: 'Game of Thrones' season 8 is a total of 434 minutes. Among the actors, the actor who plays the actor Cersei Lannister, Lena Headey screen time's is only 25 of those minutes. Another leading publication reported that her salary is around $1.2 million which comes down to 8,40,03,000 rupees, a remuneration which is on the same level as her co-stars Emilia Clarke, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Kit Harington, and Peter Dinklage. © Getty Images And apparently, her remuneration per minute would come down to $48,000, which would come down to Rs 33,60,000 approximately. And if we consider what action dominated her screen time this season: it would come down to her sipping wine and staring into the void from the safe (ahem not after the last episode: via GIPHY It is important to note at this point that Cersei Lannister's character played a central role in the preceding five seasons as a woman for her unpredictable game-changing moves in order to stick around the Iron Throne. This season, however, her character did not see much light as the central focus shifted to the White Walkers. But earning Rs 33 lakhs per minute for sipping wine and overseeing a war being shot is certainly a dream job we wouldn't mind having.
  4. Have you ever wondered how sparkling wine is brewed? Or how Rosé could be different from Red Wine? Ever thought about what it's like to go to wine tastings and experience different wines, fresh from the barrels? How long do you reckon would it take to get drunk on these little sips of wine that you keep taking every 5 minutes? I got to experience exactly that last week. © MensXP/Simran Arora Grover Zampa Vineyards unveiled a new centre for wine tastings and sales at their winery in Bangalore last week, and I got to visit them and experience wine tasting for the first time. © MensXP/Simran Arora From my experience, the tour was very different from how I had imagined it. I mean, I had pictured the tasting bit right, but not the endless but breathtaking vineyards or the ginormous stainless steel barrels that take up most of the space, of what would normally be an average seating hall with the height of two floors. © MensXP/Simran Arora And barrels that give the aesthetics of vintage films I'd seen growing up. © MensXP/Simran Arora There were also enormous sorting machines and crushing machines imported from countries like Germany, promising maximum efficiency in the initial stages of berry sorting and crushing, all the factors that are necessary for the production of good wine. © MensXP/Simran Arora The tour guide informed us that the harvesting time is crucial in determining the kind of wine it'll produce. For example, berries picked from old vines that aren't ripe yet, make for the most premium of vines if aged properly, while the ripest of berries make for a good dessert wine batch. © MensXP/Simran Arora A dessert wine is a kind of sweet wine usually paired with desserts, but a good sommelier ( a wine waiter/steward) will tell you that the high sugar content in a dessert wine comes from the ripe berries and can sometimes go up to 133 grams per litre, which as a number can be intimidating and I agree. However, at the right temperature in Summer evenings, it could be a refreshing sip and also a wonderful choice to get initiated with, if you want to start exploring wines because it's easy to get adjusted to it and even enjoy the drink. © MensXP/Simran Arora In a masterclass with Sonal Holland, she pressed on the importance of pairing dessert wines with anything and everything that isn't sweet because the dessert wine, in all its glory, has been quite underestimated. The Vendanges Tardives (my favourite amongst the lot) a new launch of Grover Zampa Vineyards, is a sweet wine. There is a long-standing analogy of the similar taste notes of dessert wines and gulab jamun, but unlike gulab jamun, the Vendanges Tardives doesn't stay put on the palate and it clears itself, as Sonal Holland notably pointed out. The dry wines take an experienced palate to appreciate, and while you may brush this off quickly, because I too consume wine occasionally and feel I know it all, a brand of wine like La Reserve Royale Brut, which is fermented in barrels and aged for more than 30 months at a go and has intricate notes of lemon zest, flowers, fresh hazelnuts and brioche, can only be dissected to the T by an experienced connoisseur. On the palate, the wine is elegant and you can see tiny persistent bubbles when you swirl it in your glass, something that Sonal Holland made us notice. In all honesty, after learning the minute details, I started to put more emphasis on my sips. But here's how I learned to sniff wine: you near the cup to your nose and sniff with the utmost concentration and then finally take a tiny sip that has to be gargled and taken in. The interesting part is that you can even sniff wine through its cork. Checking things like acidity also has a similar process of swirling it around the glass and gargling but also has the addition of leaning forward and checking for a tingling sensation at the back of your throat which signifies acidity. And here's an interesting thing I learnt from Sonal Holland's masterclass: acidity to white wine is like cheese to pizza. A fellow Sommelier, Kriti Malhotra talked about how in the workshops that she conducts, she likes to take her attendees to a world of familiarity to explore the unfamiliar notes of the wine. For example, she said, "a wine high on MLF, also known as a malolactic conversion, would have an aroma akin to your mother boiling milk in the kitchen". It would also have a "buttery taste" which on careful observation of more than three sips, I could sense and very excitedly confirmed that it did, in fact, have a milky tinge to it. Similarly, notes of citrus are sometimes mingled with vanilla and the barrel of wine it is aged in, in this wine's case, it was Oakwood. Finally, we were made to taste the Grover Zampa's most premium label 'Insignia', which is fermented in French oak barrels for 24 months which is equivalent to the ageing of average champagne production, this intensifies the richness of Shiraz grapes from a single vineyard. Insignia is a dry wine that leaves a trail of fruit-berries, coffee and chocolate, with a hint of black pepper that blends into a smooth finish. A wine like that is made to be aged even after being bought and needs someone well-initiated to appreciate its nuances, which is probably why I think if I would've had a developed palate like the connoisseurs around me, I would've learned to appreciate it better. And that's the thing about wine in general, while it's not everyone's cup of tea, I've learned that in order to enjoy a good glass of wine, you need it to be at the right temperature, you need an experienced palate and a couple of swirls before taking a sip. And those are exactly all the things I'm beginning to enjoy after this illuminating experience.
  5. We often hear people in India forcing their friends who don't drink scotch, beer, vodka or any other alcoholic beverage, to give red wine a shot. The reason they give is that it's 'good for health'. In fact, we all have also heard the same statement quite often, thanks to the Internet. So, let's get into the true story behind this haywire talk that has deceived many. Wine is actually an alcoholic drink, made from fermented grapes, and is considered a relatively healthier option compared to other alcoholic beverages, because of the presence of certain healthy compounds in it. Generally, the colour of the wines we have is either red or white, but there can be various shades of the two colours. Red wine is considered to be more beneficial of the two. © Thinkstock The Roots Of Wine According to the 2011 study in the Journal of Enology and Viticulture, by J. M. Guilford & J. M. Pezzuto, “It has been estimated that the medicinal use of wine dates back to 2200BC, making it the oldest known medicine. Historically, wine has been used as an antiseptic, a painkiller, and to treat dermatological conditions and diges­tive disorders… There is also a large body of evidence that supports the health benefits derived from grapes, grape juice, and grape seed extract (GSE). These products have been used to treat a variety of conditions, including cancer, cardiovascular dis­ease, ischemic stroke, neurodegenerative disorders, aging, hy­pertension, hyperlipidemia, and dental caries… Although the chemical constituents of grapes and wine vary to some degree, similar therapeutic effects have been attributed to wine. Some investigators believe these benefits may actually be enhanced in wine, perhaps due to additive effects with the alcohol component of wine and/or to an increased bioavailability of wine polyphenols as a result of the fermentation process.” What's Resveratrol And The Myth Surrounding It © Thinkstock The major hue and cry, when it comes to red wine and health benefits are from the polyphenolic compound found in grapes (especially red wine) called resveratrol. Wine is vulnerable to fairly rapid destruction by light and oxygen, the fact that wine is stored in air-tight, cool conditions away from sunlight protects the resveratrol content. Only immediately after a bottle of wine is opened is the maximum resveratrol potency available. Since making wine also involves the potential damage from alcohol and preservatives, many people prefer a dietary supplement source. Resveratrol, according to a 2006 study in the journal Current Drug Targets, by a research team led by French Researcher D. Delmas, is a plant toxin, which is produced in the grape skin, to protect itself from infection from a plant pathogen named Botrytis Cinerea. Resveratrol is also found in other fruits and berries like raspberry, acai berry, plums, tomatoes, peanuts and peanut products like peanut butter, and supplements like Grape Seed Extract etc. In a 2004 study in the Journal of Drug, Metabolism, and Disposition, T. Walle and fellow researchers, found that resveratrol has a high absorption rate but low bioavailability in the human body, especially from oral ingestion. Most of the oral resveratrol taken during the study was found to pass out of the body through urine and very less amount was found in the body for use. Before You Have Enough Resveratrol From Drinking Wine, You Will Die Of Alcohol Poisoning © Thinkstock What one needs to focus is on the fact that 500mg of resveratrol, which has been used in many of the studies, equates to almost 40 litres of wine. If you try your hand on this amount of wine, you would probably die of alcohol poisoning, before you could even think of any health benefits. One would need to drink roughly 1300 glasses of red wine every day to match the resveratrol content from the studies. According to the research by examine.com, “There appears to be no difference between the resveratrol in food and wine compared to capsule form. However, resveratrol has low bioavailability anyways at around 10% of the ingested dose being bioactive.” Now, having a drink or two of Red wine or for that matter, any alcoholic beverage is not the issue. There is no need to convince yourself or anybody, why you like to booze. The aim is to stay in moderation when drinking, and not to worry about health benefits the drink can incur. So, shut your 'Internet fitness freak friend' up and make him read this.
  6. I am sure you've heard one of those click-bait headlines which suggest that a glass of wine is equivalent to an hour in the gym. These taglines have been doing the rounds all over the internet and a number of so called 'fitness journals' for a while now. No doubt, this has given some lazy dudes another excuse to drink wine all day. Just when people start making legitimate efforts to get fit, stupid news like this comes up. I've also been confronted with similar arguments, so I decided to break this myth for you once and for all. How Did It Come Up? © Youtube So it all started with an article being published based on a research that was conducted to study fat metabolism with consumption of wine. This research was actually conducted on mice. Mice were given 'resveratrol' (an antioxidant) equivalent to an amount of human consuming the same level of resveratrol from 12 ounces of fruit per day. Now their finding was that mice gained 40% less weight than animals that were not fed the same substance. Research concluded that mice were able to change their excess white fat to active 'brown' or 'beige' fat which may reduce weight by burning up calories. It also said that other 'polyphenols' present in the fruit may also have the same effect. Why Is It Illogical? As you read above, the research was never conducted to establish a direct relationship of Fat with Wine. Neither the source of resveratrol was wine nor were the subjects human. Just because wine has resveratrol in it, how can you make assumptions that it will have the same effects as mice had in that study. Also, the subjects in study were not obese individuals who had sedentary lifestyle. For people who equated wine with good source of resveratrol, let me make it clear to them that they contain only a fraction of it. Majority of the beneficial polyphenols are insoluble and get filtered out during the production of wine. Why It Won't Work For You? © PIXABAY If you are an overweight individual looking to lose weight, you need to get into calories deficit. This is a universal truth that just cannot be denied. Now to achieve this calorie deficit you need to eliminate all the food sources that provide empty calories to you. Alcoholic drinks top the chart of items that provide empty calories. When you have wine in the evening, you will take some form of junk along with it. So this will just add on to your total calories and will make it very difficult for you to maintain a calorie deficit. Therefore when these inferences were made from that study, those 'experts' did not gave it a practical thought. Even if resveratrol had any fat burning effects, you would need to intake lots of wine in order to reach a good intake of resveratrol from wine alone. This will also add the amount of calories that will come along with the consumption of wine. Ultimately this will defeat the purpose as you will not maintain the calorie deficit. And no matter how much resveratrol you consume, till the time you maintain a calorie deficit diet you just won't lose weight. This is just a sham created by few internet junkies to get clicks on their 'cheesy' tag lines. These guys are smart and they know that lazy buffs out there wont click on the link that says 'work you ass off in the gym to lose weight' but will definitely hit a like button on a tag line that says, 'A glass of wine is equivalent to an hour in the gym', which is absolutely bullshit. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  7. Taking a gripping series to a decider, Ross Taylor reignited the hopes of home fans on the back of one of the greatest one-day innings to script New Zealand's magnificent chase of an imposing 336 runs in Dunedin on March 7. If his unbeaten knock of 181 wasn't enough to draw plaudits, the fact that he played the latter part of his innings despite injuring himself was just commendable. Asked to bat, England hammered their way to 335 runs at the loss of nine wickets in 50 overs. A 77-run stand got the visitors to a steady start before Ish Sodhi dismissed Jason Roy on 42. While the Kiwis aimed for further damage in the opposition's batting order, England were lifted by a sensational 190-run partnership between Jonny Bairstow (138) and Joe Root (102). © Reuters The two batsmen took the New Zealand bowlers to the cleaners while notching up their respective hundreds. But, the home side managed to make a comeback on the back of England's massive middle-order collapse. A total of six English batsmen including the likes of captain Eoin Morgan (5), Ben Stokes (1) and Jos Buttler (0) failed to score in double digits. But, Tom Curran's late onslaught propelled the visitors to an imposing total in the end. In reply, Kane Williamson's men witnessed early jitters after losing both of their openers Martin Guptill and Colin Munro for golden ducks. The Kiwis desperately needed a partnership which came through Taylor and Williamson who combined to add 84 runs for the third wicket. @RossLTaylor oh my word. One of the best. Hell of a knock and a tremendous win. Get the other eye checked mate just in case!!! Congratulations. — Stephen Fleming (@SPFleming7) March 7, 2018 However, Stokes pulled things back in England's favour after dismissing Williamson (45) to put New Zealand on the backfoot. Desperately needing a win to stay alive in the five-match ODI series, the home side was eventually aided by a gritty 187-run partnership between Taylor and Tom Latham (71) for the fourth wicket. © Reuters In fading light, it was Taylor who did bulk of the scoring in the pressure situation despite injuring himself in a dive to complete the second run shortly after reaching his hundred. He smashed a six and four in the space of three deliveries against Chris Woakes in the 47th over, then hammered him over midwicket again early in the 49th over to avoid any late blushes for his side. To the sheer horror of the visitors and utter delight of the home fans, New Zealand notched up their target with three balls to spare after Henry Nicholls smoked Curran over the square leg boundary for a six. On the back of an emphatic five-wicket win, New Zealand leveled the series 2-2 to set up a thrilling decider in Christchurch on March 10. Take a bow Ross Taylor — Carlos Brathwaite (@TridentSportsX) March 7, 2018 Taylor was rightly rewarded for his heroics after being named the Man of the Match. "(This innings is) right up there (among my best), I think. It was nice to be there at the end. I thought I batted quite well in Hamilton, but I wasn't there at the end. Got a bit of cramp. It was good to have all those partnerships. You've just got to give yourself a chance, set those little goals along the way. © Reuters "You can't win it in the first 10 overs, but you certainly can lose it. It looked like England would get 360-380 at one stage, so our bowlers did well to keep them down. I was about a 110 or 120, physio came out and asked if I wanted to stay in or come out. I'm glad I stayed in. I couldn't run any twos, so I didn't want to put any pressure on the other guy. So I had a go, and hit a couple out of the screws. The way Nicholls batted and finished it off - you don't want to panic in that situation," Taylor said after the game. Wow.. One of the great knocks @RossLTaylor ð¥ #NZvEng — Beauden Barrett (@beaudenbarrett) March 7, 2018 But, despite his heroics on the field, Taylor bemoaned the opportunity to get drunk on March 8 - his birthday. "It's my birthday tomorrow, and I was like, 'damn it, I can't drink tomorrow.' I've got a nice bottle of red, but if I have any chance of playing (the fifth ODI), I can't drink any of it tomorrow," he signed off with a smile.
  8. How do you steal the limelight at Oscars when you're not even nominated? Just be Jennifer Lawrence, that's all. Every year JLaw does something awkward or hilarious at the Oscars and obviously it makes headlines, but before we get into her antics from this year, let's reminisce all the iconic Oscar moments she has given us in the last few years. How can we forget this fall? This is the only way you can get on the stage to receive your Oscar. And, the fall may or may not be related to this. But, these unforgettable moments were from the year she won an award. Coming back to this year, let's see how you can become the talk of the town without even getting a nomination. First, be Jennifer Lawrence, obviously. © Reuters And, look this good. © Reuters First impressions really are everything, so obviously a grand entrance is a must. © Reuters Throwing in some weird faces in the mix doesn't hurt. © Reuters But, now comes the most crucial part and it involves wine. Our favourite awkward and quirky person in Hollywood JLaw knows exactly how to behave at an event such as the Academy Awards. © Twitter/MTV Just look at that, it's like a little kid getting bored of the event and doing whatever she wants. © Twitter/Access Not a single drop spilled. If someone ever says that Jennifer Lawrence is not talented, just show them this picture, because you need a lot of skill to just climb over chairs while keeping your drink intact. © Twitter/UPROXX This is nothing less than iconic, and if you disagree, then you can fight me. © Twitter/Access Jennifer Lawrence – our very own relatable queen. © Reuters
  9. You know how people just get wiser with age, but Shah Rukh Khan just keeps getting wiser and wittier, because well, he is the King Khan after all and he always takes everything up a notch. And, thanks to social media, we all get to enjoy his world-famous wit every day. He's the most followed Indian actor on Twitter, and well, no surprises there, but if you've ever gone through his tweets, you will understand it's not just because he's SRK, but he puts his humour on full display there and regularly interacts with his millions of fans. He's no stranger to having question and answers sessions on his account, and his replies are so hilarious that he always makes headlines because of that. He held one such #askSRK session yesterday, and it did not disappoint at all. People will do anything to get noticed and get a reply from him, and it's not just random people who tweet to him, but his fellow actors as well want to interact with him on Twitter. Even Ranveer Singh decided to plug in his movie 'Padmaavat' and SRK being SRK, gave the perfect reply. @iamsrk Hi Bhai ! Anxious for you to see 'Padmaavat' ! â¤ï¸ðð½ — Ranveer Singh (@RanveerOfficial) February 2, 2018 So sorry didn't realise it was u, cos now u r Khilji for me. Bahut acchhi picture hai bhai..I saw it and loved it. https://t.co/9coSNSAmNq — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 He's Khilji for all of us. Along with this vital piece of information – that SRK has indeed watched 'Padmaavat' – here's everything else we learned. Here are the highlights from the latest #askSRK – Well, he does have a point. Sir my GF told me SRK ka reply milega toh hi proposal accept karungi ð­. Now it's up to you ð¢ .. #AskSRK — SHAHID ð (@iam_Shahid10) February 2, 2018 Pyaar mein conditions nahi hoti https://t.co/ZIOdv9ZI0C — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Well, now we know what kind of music he likes. One more question, Would love to know your favorite music? And what do you prefer more classical music or western music?#AskSRK @iamsrk — Anup Jalota (@anupjalota) February 2, 2018 Sir I listen to whatever my babies listen to. Ranges from Twinkle twinkle to Rap which I can't make head or tail of. https://t.co/JNvbKeAgoz — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Someone can get married with his blessings now. Sir, next week shadi hai, reply kardo.. warna no to dulha ð­ #askSRK pic.twitter.com/qevHL1KJjI — Diksha (@Mahii7_) February 2, 2018 Kabool hai keh dena Dulhe ko please https://t.co/5JbYmKPzRK — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 I want more pictures of SRK and Zayn Malik chilling together. Have you seen @zaynmalik 's Elle India cover? Just so you know he's a huge fan of yours, always have been and devdas is one of his favourite movies of yours so I hope you're getting the February issue to send some love back ð#AskSRK — . (@_zampio) February 2, 2018 He is extremely sweet. Made me a huge hit with my kids by doing a pic with me. https://t.co/t83VP5y03a — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Too little? If you have a bag full of money nd the amount of money in bag is equal to ur phone number Then how much money do u have in bag? @iamsrk#AskSRK — KHUSHI ð¸ (@SRKsSoulmate) February 2, 2018 Very little otherwise would have shared it with you!! https://t.co/y3cciYybjz — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 When SRK tells you to stop overthinking, stop overthinking. feeling extremely unattractive, inadequate and lonely. :( #AskSRK — ÕÕ°ÉÊz (@SRKsRaeesFan1) February 2, 2018 Nooo please don't. Do a bit of exercise. Read a book. Don't think too much about yourself. Life is good https://t.co/RqFFTAksuG — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Good one. Nooo please don't. Do a bit of exercise. Read a book. Don't think too much about yourself. Life is good https://t.co/RqFFTAksuG — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Both joined to my body… https://t.co/XwPLuUR3Dz — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Well, he broke the rules but gave the best reply. Hello Sir One word for @MadhuriDixit Mam ðâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ðð#AskSrk — Prince Of MD (@princeeofmd) February 2, 2018 Two words..Aur Paas… https://t.co/LW75vAlkYN — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Someone, leak the video. your favourite song these days? #AskSRK — aaru// see pinned// (@Aarushiiiiiiiii) February 2, 2018 Ice ice baby! Did an amazing dance with the lil one on that. My Fred Astaire moment. https://t.co/bKpKYjbMKT — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 We're desperately waiting for that autobiography. #AskSRK When are we gonna get to place our dirty hands on your awesome biographical book? — Saket (@SAKET_NumeroUno) February 2, 2018 Ha ha. Abhi toh main jawaan hoon. Bahut zindagi baaki hai. https://t.co/dismQj11BQ — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 Good answer. how was it meeting Cate Blanchett ð #AskSRK — Ivory (@ivorymagic25) February 2, 2018 She was so beautifully strong and gentle. https://t.co/NI0hTycYzV — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 A little tribute to Heath Ledger as well. One Word For Heath Ledger........@iamsrk #AskSRK pic.twitter.com/eas9PkribJ — Captain RogersᶻáµÊ³áµ (@SRKsXman) February 2, 2018 Only the good die young..RIP https://t.co/fwT2otKW4s — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018 But, the session ended a little too soon. What?? I've got samosas and cake now! — Sanjeev Bhaskar (@TVSanjeev) February 2, 2018 But, not before this gem. U need to go easy on the Samosa and cake my friend that's why I ended the chat so soon. Ha ha https://t.co/SD8e3tV59N — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) February 2, 2018
  10. The death toll from some of California's worst-ever wildfires rose to 17 as thousands of firefighters battled Wednesday to bring the infernos under control. Photo: AFP SANTA ROSA: The death toll from some of California's worst-ever wildfires rose to 17 as thousands of firefighters battled Wednesday to bring the infernos under control. The fires which have devastated California's wine country are already among the deadliest ever in the western US state and officials warned they expect the toll to go up. Sonoma County, where 11 deaths have been reported, has been among the hardest hit with entire neighbourhoods reduced to ashes in the city of Santa Rosa, the county seat of 175,000 people. Thousands of people have been left homeless, according to the authorities, and 25,000 people have evacuated their homes in Sonoma County alone to escape the fast-moving fires. Photo: AFP Around 200 people have been reported missing in Sonoma County but the county sheriff's department said it expected that most of them would eventually be located. Thousands of people have been left homeless, according to the authorities, and 25,000 people have evacuated their homes in Sonoma County alone to escape the fast-moving fires. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire) said Wednesday that firefighters were battling 22 wildfires that have burned nearly 170,000 acres (68,800 hectares). "We are facing some pretty significant monsters," The Los Angeles Times quoted Bret Couvea, a Cal Fire incident commander, as saying at a strategy briefing at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds early Wednesday. President Donald Trump has declared a major disaster in California, freeing up federal funding and resources to help fight the fires, and Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in eight counties. Photo: AFP More than 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed including several wineries in Sonoma and Napa counties, the heart of the wine region. Aside from the 11 deaths in Sonoma County, three fatalities have been reported in Mendocino County, two in Napa County and one in Yuba County. President Donald Trump has declared a major disaster in California, freeing up federal funding and resources to help fight the fires, and Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in eight counties. Wind could pick up Strong winds which fueled the fires on Sunday and Monday died down on Tuesday and officials said they hoped the winds would remain light for Wednesday. "Let's hope for no wind and progress," the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department tweeted. Firefighters at the Sonoma strategy briefing were told that winds were forecast to be around five miles per hour (eight kilometres per hour) during the daytime, the Los Angeles Times said. "The homes are gone, they are like dust," said Jack Dixon, a personal trainer who has lived in Santa Rosa for two decades. "It is just like we were nuked." Photo: AFP They were expected to pick up to 15 mph (24 kph) in the afternoon and be between 25-30 mph (40-48 kph) overnight. Much of the damage in Santa Rosa could be seen from US Route 101, the north-south highway which runs from California through Oregon to Washington state. "The homes are gone, they are like dust," said Jack Dixon, a personal trainer who has lived in Santa Rosa for two decades. "It is just like we were nuked." Dixon told AFP that his own neighbourhood was spared when the fire "miraculously" changed direction but many others were not so fortunate. "I am surrounded by devastation and feel lucky it didn't happen to me," Dixon said. Blackened walls The Sonoma County Hilton perched on a hill overlooking Route 101 was a smouldering ruin of charred wood and twisted metal, as was the nearby Fountaingrove Inn. An enormous K-Mart store was entirely destroyed with only a couple of blackened walls still standing. Among the wineries which reportedly suffered damage were William Hill Estate Winery in Napa, Signorello Vineyards, Stags' Leap and Chimney Rock. Forest fires are common in the western United States during dry, hot summer months but, with 17 deaths so far, this year's California fires are among the deadliest ever in the state. The Griffith Park fire in Los Angeles County in 1933 killed at least 29 people and 25 people died in the 1991 Oakland Hills fire.
  11. A hill is being silhouetted by flames during the Nuns Fire in Kenwood, California, US, October 10, 2017. Photo: Reuters SANTA ROSA: Firefighters battling wildfires in California?s wine country face the prospect of new outbreaks when dry, windy conditions return on Wednesday to an area where at least 17 people have been killed and 2,000 homes and businesses destroyed in blazes. Gusts of up to 50 mph (80 kph) and 10 per cent humidity are forecast for later on Wednesday and into Thursday for the region where 17 fires have forced 20,000 people to flee their homes, fire officials said. ?The potential for new fires that could grow exponentially as these fires did in such a short time period is there,? said Lynne Tolmachoff, spokeswoman for California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. The weather gave firefighters a reprieve on Tuesday as cooler temperatures, lower winds and coastal fog allowed them to make headway against the fires that had burned 115,000 acres. Some evacuations in Nevada and Yuba counties in western California were lifted on Tuesday while other evacuations to the east in Sonoma and Napa counties, where more than 50,000 acres burned, were expanded, Tolmachoff said. Some 155 people were still missing in Sonoma County, although 45 others had been found and some of those unaccounted for may be due to confusion surrounding evacuations. The city of Santa Rosa was particularly hard hit by the so-called Tubbs Fire, which damaged a Hilton hotel and destroyed a mobile home park. Irene Fonzeca and her husband Luis were spending their second night in a shelter on Tuesday after the couple woke up to raging fire nearby that was being blown toward their home on Monday. The sound of fiery trees crashing down was terrifying, Luis said. ?We have no idea what?s there or if there?s anything to go back to,? Irene Fonzeca said outside the shelter holding a breathing mask as smoke and light ash blanketed downtown Santa Rosa. A firefighter works to put out hot spots on a fast moving wind driver wildfire in Orange. Photo: Reuters In the shelter, emotions were raw, Irene Fonzeca said. ?People are crying hugging helping each other. It?s devastating,? she said. In Napa County, the dead included 100-year-old Charles Rippey and his wife, Sarah, 98, according to the county sheriff?s office. The couple were married for 75 years, a CBS affiliate in San Francisco reported, citing their son, Mike. Charles Rippey?s body was found outside where her bedroom once stood, he said. ?He was trying to get from his room to her room,? Mike Rippey said. ?He never made it. Even if he had gotten there, he wouldn?t have been able to get her out ... And there is no way he would have left.? Napa Valley Vintners, a trade group, said it was too early to assess the economic impact of the fires. At least four wineries had suffered ?total or very significant losses,? and at least nine reported damage, the group said. California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in several northern counties where fires were burning and in Orange County in Southern California, where the so-called Canyon Fire 2 destroyed 14 structures and damaged 22 and forced the evacuation of 5,000 people, fire spokesman Thanh Nguyen said.
  12. A spate of wildfires fanned by strong winds swept through northern California?s wine country on Monday, leaving at least 10 people dead, destroying hundreds of homes and businesses and chasing some 20,000 people from their dwellings. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Napa, Sonoma and Yuba counties, encompassing some of the state?s prime wine-making areas, as the blazes raged unchecked and engulfed the region in thick, billowing smoke that drifted south into the San Francisco Bay area. He later extended the declaration to include four more northern California counties and Orange County in Southern California. Sonoma County bore the brunt of the fatalities, with seven fire-related deaths confirmed there, according to the sheriff?s department. Two others died in Napa County and one more in Mendocino County, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CalFire). Details on the circumstances of those deaths were not immediately available from either CalFire or local officials. But KGO-TV in San Francisco, citing unnamed California Highway Patrol officials, described one of the victims as a blind, elderly woman found dead in the driveway of her home in Santa Rosa, a town in Sonoma County. Two hospitals were forced to evacuate in Sonoma County, state officials said. Thousands of firefighters battled wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) that have rapidly spread 15 separate wildfires across some 73,000 acres in northern California since erupting late Sunday night, according to CalFire spokesman Daniel Berlant. About 1,500 homes and commercial buildings have been destroyed throughout the region, Ken Pimlott, director of CalFire, said at a news conference. A separate wildfire on Monday torched at least a half-dozen homes in the affluent Anaheim Hills neighborhood of Southern California?s Orange County, prompting evacuations there, authorities said. The cause of the fires have yet to be determined, officials said.
  13. For all the kings and queens, dragons and whores, witches and dead men in the show ‘Game of Thrones', there is one character who charms merely by virtue of his wit and his indifference towards a world he understands a little too well. He is Tyrion Lannister – sly, bold, and irreverent. In him, fans see a man ill-favoured by luck, a man who's been given a raw deal in a world where physical bravado determines your lifespan and the respect you earn. And yet he manages to outsmart them all, with his refusal to get bogged down by their broad-chested armour plates, using the one thing he has best – a quick-witted mind and a confidence that stems from realizing that. © Instagram_Peter Dinklage Peter Dinklage's struggle is not vastly different from the character he has immortalized, but unlike reel life, the struggle and success story is more layered. Born in New Jersey to an insurance salesman and a music teacher, Dinklage was born with achondroplasia, a genetic disorder that causes dwarfism. Acting began at an early age as Dinklage explored theatre at school and college level, but commercial success was to arrive much later. © Instagram_Peter Dinklage Dinklage struggled to make ends meet when he moved to New York to further his acting career. Staying in a run-down apartment that had no heating and hardly any comfort, he strived hard to get good work, something that was hard to come by given his physical stature. Despite the scarce means, he stood his ground and refused roles that were typically written for dwarves, to either bring comic relief or to heighten the supernatural element using the ‘elf' as a trope. © Reuters It was difficult. To say no when you are a struggling actor with no money. But Dinklage was ambitious enough. His story was that of any struggling actor trying to break into the glamorous world of showbiz, only in his case, there was an additional clause. His looks challenged the general perception of what a mainstream hero looked like, but Dinklage refused to be sidelined into the role society would have him set in. © Instagram_Peter Dinklage And it did pay off. Success came in spurts but it was enough to keep him going. His first breakthrough came in the form of the 2003-movie ‘The Station Agent' in which he played Finbar McBride, a character with normal human emotions, minus the caricatures. The movie got him critical acclaim and a visibility in the circles. © Miramax Films What followed were noticeable roles in movies and theatre productions. The highlight of his career was, of course, his role as Tyrion Lannister in ‘Game of Thrones' created by David Benioff and DB Weiss. The portrayal of the cynical but sharp Lannister brought him rave reviews and a fandom long due. Dinklage added an edge to the character, bringing personality to an already well-written part. © HBO Dinklage was the first actor to be cast in the show and according to the creators, he was the first choice for the role. But Dinklage himself was wary when he was approached for the role. Years of being offered caricatural dwarf roles made him get his guard up. In an interview with the New York Times, he confesses he put one condition before the creators Benioff and Weiss: that there would be no flowy beard and no pointy shoes – a typical ensemble for dwarf characters in movies. © Reuters The role was anything but typical, and Dinklage did it full justice. He went on to earn a Golden Globe award and two Emmy awards for Outstanding actor in a drama series for his role as Tyrion Lannister in the series. © Reuters Dinklage confessed to having been bitter and angry about his condition, especially in his younger years. He has often spoken in support of normalizing the condition and against the culture of bullying and mocking dwarves. During his Golden Globe acceptance speech, he urged people to google Martin Henderson, a dwarf who was picked up and hurled by a rowdy rugby fan in London. In the interview with the New York Times, he says though, “Everyone's different. Every person my size has a different life, a different history. Different ways of dealing with it. Just because I'm seemingly okay with it, I can't preach how to be okay with it. I don't think I still am okay with it. There's days when I'm not.” © Reuters Today, he has come far from the struggling actor living in a cold apartment. With prestigious awards, critical acclaim and fandom tucked by his side, he is a name to reckon with now. He married theatre director Erica Schmidt and has a daughter; of course, he lives in luxury today. But the journey wasn't easy and Dinklage stood his ground. © Instagram_Peter Dinklage He delivered a moving speech at Bennington College, where he studied acting before moving to New York to try his luck in movies and theatre. Standing at 4 feet 5 inches, Peter Dinklage has managed to reach the most coveted heights of success in showbiz. It didn't come because of luck; it didn't happen by chance. It came because he was persistent enough, because he believed in himself enough to say no to the world when it tried to push him into a definition it was comfortable with. If you have to take anything from this story, it is this. This speech, where he urges you to not wait. To not wait for the right moment, to not wait for the world to give you an opportunity. Don't wait for the world's approval or permission. Do it anyway. Quoting Becket he says, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
  14. It's fresh, like white wine; but, it's not quite like it. It's rich, like red wine; but, it's not quite like it either. It's like a rosé in the autumn; but, it's not a rosé. Orange is the new white, red, pink, sherry and rosé. And it's taking over every wine aficionado's attention, slowly but, surely. It's the new flavour of the season; it's the new wine of the world. But, where and how in the world did it come to be? And why are we hearing about it only now? Source: The Sun UK Orange wine is skin-fermented, or skin-contact white wine. What this means is that the white grapes—used to make white wine—are treated like red grapes. They are mashed up and left in a ceramic, or cemented vessel—traditionally called the ‘kvevri'—along with the grape solids—skin, seeds et all—for anywhere between four days to over a year. The result is a richer, more intense flavour and texture. Why we haven't really been made aware of such a wine before now has also to do with the fact that, for the longest time, orange wines were a thing of novelty. While the origins of orange winemaking are said to go back about 5000 years, we can roughly agree that it is said to have begun in what is now the republic of Georgia, back in 1998, where two curious Italian winemakers, Josko Gravner and Stanislao “Stanko” Radikon, the Friulian stalwarts, believed that white grapes were capable of producing more flavour than previously known in winemaking. This led to an experiment which the two successfully accomplished. Lo and behold, orange wine was born and with it, an irresistible palate with an unending thirst for the drink. Other winemakers, like Edi Kante and Paolo and Valter Vodopivec, are said to have followed suit. Source: NY Post Some of the most prominent regions where orange wine begun to be created were Italy, Slovenia, Georgia, France, United States, Australia, South Africa and Austria. Originally, the grapes used to create orange wine were strictly from the Friuli and across the Slovenian border. Today, orange wine is being manufactured across the world, in United States, Australia and Chile, just to name a few. One of the earliest Californian examples of orange wine is Scholium Project's The Prince in His Caves which is said to have come into being soon after their Italian contemporaries. Today, some of the more popular Californian wines are Keuka Lake's Dry Amber, a vignoles from the Finger Lakes; or La Garagista's Vinu Jancu, from the la crescent hybrid grape; or a rkatsiteli from Stinson Vineyards in Virginia. Source: Time UK From all of this, it would come to you as quite the surprise then that many of us are yet to sample the taste of an orange wine. This is because while the wine may no longer be an item of novelty, it still isn't mainstream enough to find a place amongst more popular whites and reds in cellars. Why it tastes different from a white or a red wine? Source: The Independent UK This has more to do with the process of orange winemaking which is comparatively natural to the makings of red and white wines; using little to no additives, or yeast. The spirit supposedly tastes like bruised apple, honey, jackfruit, hazelnut, sourdough, wood varnish, juniper and linseed oil. Experts describe the drink as robust and bold. The deep orange hue comes from the lignin found in grape seeds. Wine connoisseurs and experts suggest pairing orange wine with foods that have a bold and pronounced taste and flavour. This can include curry dishes, Moroccan and Ethiopian cuisines, Korean dishes that consist of fermented kimchi, traditional Japanese cuisine, along with a variety of meats, ranging from beef to fish. Source: Georgia Today In 2017, we popularly know it as ‘the fourth wine' and it's charting a steady rise in the ranks of aficionados and lovers of the liquid. According to Bloomberg writer, Elin McCoy, the following eight orange wine brands are the best to invest in at the moment. 2014 Pheasant's Tears Mtsvane Source: Astor Wines Priced at $20 Founded in 2007 by John Wurdeman, an American painter, it's made from the mtcvane grape and has a deep gold hue; with a spicy flavour. “It's crisp, but mouth-filling, with tastes of smoky apricots,” says McCoy. 2013 Channing Daughters Ramato Source: The Portland Press Herald Priced at $25 Prepared by Christopher Tracy, a former chef at The Hamptons, it is dry, exotic, spicy white with apricot and honey aromas from pinot grigio grapes; and spent just 14 days in contact. The wine has a copper-coloured tint. 2012 Cos Pithos Bianco Source: Lessrof Priced at $35 Prepared in a biodynamic winery in Sicily, this golden orange-hued wine is made from the local grecanico grapes and is fermented for 7 months. The wine's aroma is a mix of mint, green tea, and wildflowers, and deep, lemony, earthy and complex flavors. 2014 The Forlorn Hope Dragone Romato Pinot Gris Source: Forlorn Hope Wines Priced at $35 Made from the grapes grown in the Sierra Foothills of California, the wine is rich and fleshy, with a taste of orange bitters and wet stones. 2014 Cullen “Amber” Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Source: Just Wines Australia Priced at $35 The copper-coloured wine is the first by Vanya Cullen, a well known Australian winemaker. The complex wine comprises flavours of ginger, dried pears, and a smoky mineral note. 2012 Foradori Fontanasanta Nosiola Source: Pierosini Priced at $50 This rich, savory wine comes from the house of a celebrated winemaker, Elisabetta Foradori, who is famed for her signature red wines. This one is in a sparkling yellow-gold colour. McCoy describes it as “the kind of wine you want with grilled pork.” 2009 Paolo Bea Arboreus Source: Cellar Tracker Priced at $62 Rared in the Montefalco region of Umbria, this orange wine is said to be a benchmark made from trebbiano spoletino grapes left with the skins for at least three weeks. It has an autumnal taste with a whiff of dried flowers and herbs. 2006 Gravner Ribolla Gialla Anfora Source: Gravner Italy Priced at $100 Described as intense, powerful and smokey by McCoy, in her analysis of the wine, the spirit comes from the winery of the celebrated Josko Gravner—one of the pioneers in orange winemaking and therefore is well worth a steal. I'm personally yet to come across someone who has tasted orange wine, or even owns a bottle; but, if you happen t have tasted the spirit recently, pray do tell me more—along with where I might find the wine in India!
  15. Vidyut Jammwal is known for his daredevil attitude and a killer body. For years, Vidyut has relentlessly worked on his physique and has been a practitioner of the 3000 year-old form of martial arts called Kalaripayattu. Ever since his debut in Bollywood, his physique has only gotten better and he now has the best-looking sculpted body to ever grace the Indian silver screen. After ‘Commando's' initial box office success, Jammwal has cemented himself as a full blown action hero. And why not, he looks exactly like one. © YouTube Surprising his fans, Jammawal recently released a dangerous stunt video of his, leaving people in awe of his incredible physical abilities. What did he do in the video? Well, he performed push-ups on 4 wine bottles! Check it out below. If you don't already know, Jammwal is an ambassador for Junglee Pictures and Hollywood writer-filmmaker Chuck Russell has joined hands with Junglee Pictures to direct Vidyut Jammwal for a unique action-adventure film titled ‘Junglee'.
  16. Wine is ageless and timeless; which means, it doesn’t have to be winter for you to enjoy wine. Summer wine can be just as blissful; especially when you decide to have some fun with it. For instance, wine can stir up some of the meanest cocktails for you to enjoy this season. Did you know that? Well, now you do know; along with how to make them yourself at home; especially when you want to give the summer heat a rain check and stay home while enjoying a great cocktail! We’ve got four popular vineyard brands to shed light on the best and easiest wine cocktails to make, all by yourself. 1. Watermelon Punch © Sula Vineyards Everyone’s favorite, Sula Wines has added a refreshing twist to this one! The fresh flavours of watermelon and strawberry will last forever on your palate. What’s in it? Sula Zinfandel Rose: 2 parts Fresh Watermelon juice: 2 parts Honey: 1 tbsp Peach slice to garnish How to make it? Combine the ingredients, shake well and serve. 2. Jasmine Orange Spritz © Four Seasons The luxe brand Four Seasons Wines, mixes some great cocktails! This one is really delicious. What’s in it? Four Seasons Classics Shiraz Red Wine: 90ml Jasmine Tea syrup: 15ml Fresh orange chunks Lime juice: 20ml Tonic Water: Top up How to make it? For the Jasmine tea syrup: Allow 8 to 10 tea bags to brew in 500 ml of hot water for about an hour. Add 500 gm of sugar into the brewed tea and stir until dissolved (don't remove the tea bags). Once dissolved, allow to cool. Squeeze out excess liquid from tea bags once they’re cool and use as required. For the cocktail: Gently muddle orange chunks at the bottom of the glass along with jasmine syrup and lime juice. Add the wine, fill the glass with ice and top it up with tonic water, garnish and serve. 3. The Royale Soirée © Brut Rosé If you are a Sparkling wine lover, this one’s your go-to by Grover Zampa. What’s in it? Soiree Brut Rosé: 3 oz (9 parts) Crème de cassis: 1/3 oz (1 part) How to make it? Add the crème de cassis to the bottom of the glass, then top it up with Soirée Brut Rosé and serve it in a Flute Glass! 4. White Wine Sangria © York Sauvignon, Betty Crocker While a Sangria recipe can be subjective, this is a perfect one for starters by York Wines. What’s in it? York Sauvignon Blanc Chopped Fruits: Lemon, peaches & green apples Sugar syrup: 3 tbsp Soda water Brandy or some apple based liquor How to make it? Add fruits in the ratio of 1:2:3, some Brandy and Soda Water to top off. Serve chilled.
  17. You’ve been drinking beer most of your life and know the ins and outs of your ale, lager and pilsner. You can distinguish between a single malt, scotch and bourbon by their mere whiff. But when it comes to wine, does the long list intimidate you, the waiter rushes you and the date waits impatiently? Well, fret no more, as we are here to help you out. 1. What to do with yourself when the server is pouring the wine, with flair, to boot? Everyone’s go-to thing is to watch the wine being poured. I say revel in the weird silence, make weird eye-contact, smile. Bring it up how the table goes totally quiet when the wine is being poured. 2. Also, if you’re familiar with the bottle, you can skip the whole swirl test. One chooses on the menu first, the test is only to ensure that the wine hasn’t gone bad and tastes more or less like the last one you had of the same kind. 3. How to choose: firstly, stop freaking out about the pairings. Wine is also mood dependent more than food dependant. You might feel like a fruity one on a sunny afternoon (pinot grigio, also in pocket friendly options) or a nice syrah on a winter evening. 4. White for white meat and red for red meat is a general rule of thumb, not a strict policy. Sommeliers also recommend not mixing strong foods with a delicate wine. I myself have mixed mid range chocolate with a fruity wine more than one occasion. 5. These are types of grapes, which are available under different brands. It’s always better to decide the grape first, then the brand. People develop a preference over time, Cabernet Sauvignon over merlot, Rose or zinfandel… one is not necessarily better than the other. 6. Learn the bar talk: No one is going to pronounce the entire Baron Phillipe De Rothschild, it is BPDR. Argento becomes AG47, Cadet D’oc becomes D.O.C. This will get you service much faster (field wisdom only applicable in India*) 7. Even if you order by glass, you can insist the server open a new bottle if it seems fishy after the ‘taste’ test. If there are 2 or more wine drinkers on the table, buying the bottle will be more cost effective than going per glass. 8. Decanting: If it’s a young wine, it helps. If it’s an old one - just to check if there is any sediment (has been known to happen). 9. A lot of white wines tend to be heavier on sulfites but don’t really do a lot of damage. If she’s complaining of a headache, it has more to do with you not the wine (unless said person has food allergies).
  18. Pablo Neruda is the poet of the lovers. Unabashedly sensuous, his love poems flow much like the raw heady passion of a lover, only with a poetic restraint. Though politics formed one of the predominant themes in his writings, it’s his love poetry that he is most fondly remembered for. Infused with beautiful metaphors and intoxicating eroticism, his poetry is wine for the soul. If you’ve ever been in love or already are, these verses will speak to you. Love really is the headiest poison of them all.
  19. I’m not much of a wine drinker, unless you’re talking about mulled wine. Then, I am only ever a wine drinker. And these are the places I went drinking Mulled Wine this season and I suggest you do, too! 1. Sakleys The Mountain Café © Sakleys The Mountain Cafe The interiors are right out of a picture in a frame—from the mountains, cosy with a fireplace, a grandfather chair, antique wood work and earthy tones drape the walls and the tapestry. Why this makes for the perfect place to have mulled wine on a cold winter’s night? For one, you can enjoy it under the stars, on the absolutely romantic terrace that Sakleys has, with your favourite people. Secondly, it simply is the perfect place to indulge in a mulled wine as you sink into one of the coziest nooks of the café. 2. The Hungry Monkey © The Hungry Monkey The Hungry Monkey is easily a place you can come in unattached and still fall in love. What makes it better? The winter chill, the cosy interiors with an understated ambience and a glass of what I like to call some of the best mulled wine I’ve ever had. For maximum effect, sit on the rooftop, under the starry sky with a friend, or two… or maybe someone you’re on a date with and enjoy the mulled wine. I tend to choose the one with a hint of cinnamon. 3. Lodi The Garden Restaurant © Zomato It’s out in the open—yes, there’s also a private inside space, if you choose—facing the quaint locale of the Lodhi road area. There’s a wooden décor bar and a menu that serves some of the most delectable lamb I’ve ever had. Add to this the perfection of a glass of mulled wine during weather like this and you’re sorted. There’s literally nothing that a glass of mulled wine conquer, really. 4. Q’la © Qla It’s quiet, private and it’s one of the few places where you get the most personalized attendance by the staff, all of whom know their white wines from the red wines, can make you some of the finest suggestions of food and wine pairings. So, yes, if you have a list of places to check off for the best mulled wine in Delhi, it should definitely be in that list. From best variations to pairings with the variations, you’ll be sorted with the best of the best. 5. Olive Qutub © Olive Qutub What makes Olive one of my favourite places during winter is the festive air that engulfs you as soon as you enter. That and the exemplary food is really the only combination that matters on most days during winter, anyway. But then, you should leave all else and try the mulled wine while indulging in the mood, the music and the ambience.
  20. When the posters of ‘OK Jaanu’ came out, the first reaction of the quintessential Bollywood movie buff was that “Thank God, Aditya and Shraddha are back!” Tons of expectations from two actors who have already delivered a hit when paired together, there is actually a lot of pressure on the two. © Dharma productions The movie is a remake of ‘OK Kanmani’, and by the looks of the trailer, you will have a major nostalgic dose of ‘Saathiya’. One reason could be the fact the Shaad Ali directed that as well, and hence ‘OK Jaanu’ looks like old wine in a shiny, new bottle. The movie tells the tale of a modern day romance in the Mumbai suburbs, where the two vagabonds are preparing to leave the country to study and before that, just want a taste of a live-in. © Dharma productions The background score is fabulous, courtesy AR Rahman, Shraddha and Aditya look nice together and looks like they need to stick to each other to deliver a hit. However, everyone was already expecting an ‘Aashiqui 2’ kind of crackling chemistry. Remember ‘Tum Hi Ho’? Well, that seems to be then that is missing. Overall, the trailer looks like a great popcorn treat.
  21. Marijuana is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and there are tons of weird marijuana based products in the market already. The newest thing to hit stores is marijuana infused wine. Yes, you read that right! Weed is obviously not legal everywhere and the mixing of legal marijuana with alcohol or other drugs is usually prohibited, but California is an exception to this law and therefore winemakers there are working around a grey area. A photo posted by Mary Jane Wines® (@maryjanewines) on Sep 6, 2016 at 9:22am PDT With the medical use of marijuana being legal in California, companies are always venturing into and capitalizing on new and innovative products. Even though pot wine can be traced back to the days of ancient China, it has become a hot new thing recently. A photo posted by Mary Jane Wines® (@maryjanewines) on Sep 11, 2016 at 8:26am PDT Working around the law, the manufacturers of these products pose as completely legit businesses. Social media has played a major role in the success of these cannabis based companies and they develop a huge dedicated following online for such products. With the benefits of marijuana actually being proven through serious scientific studies, it may be ‘high’ time for India to legalize the medical use of weed in the country.
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