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Found 4 results

  1. Audio gurus will always prefer a wired connection thanks to the native analogue output. While wireless headphones have drastically caught up in the last few years, they're still not as good as its wired counterparts. We've compiled a list of the best-wired headphones one can buy in India, considering all budget segments. Multiple factors like comfort, sound quality, added features, and usage has been contemplated for the selections. 1. Audio Technica ATH MSR7 (Rs 29,999) © Audio Technica These are made for people who solely want to enjoy music. The bass is fast and controlled, meaning it's well articulated and at no point does it overpower the rest of the music. The mids are lush and extended, while the highs are extremely detailed and effortless. DM does sound very good and you get very tight controlled thumps. They are built of aluminium and plastic, decorated with tasteful colour highlights. It looks elegant and simple. Though, over a long period of use, they do tend to get a little uncomfortable. 2. Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-C70 (Rs 39,999) © YouTube Pioneer is known for its high-quality products, and a majority of its fans are often professionals. It has become the de facto first choice of many, and these headphones continue the tradition of trust. They have no distortion, the bass output is crystal clear, and the mid frequencies are strong. The HDJ-C70 offers a frequency range of 7 to 32,000 Hz via 40mm drivers. The ear pads can be rotated by 90 degrees in either direction making it possible to monitor with one ear while wearing the headphones. 3. Bose QuietComfort 25 (Rs 20,000) © Bose Bose is known for its noise cancellation technology, and these are the best-wired headphones if you're looking to get a good night's sleep onboard an aeroplane. The best part is, they work without an external power source, hence all you need to do is connect the 3.5mm jack and enjoy. If you need ANC, just pop-in a few AAA batteries. The sound quality is top-notch and these are a perfect combo for travellers. Bose opted to use fabric instead of leather for this variant and it definitely has paid off well. 4. Sennheiser HD 429 (Rs 5,000) © YouTube The build quality of the HD 429 is quite nice considering the price point and the headband is flexible. The ear cups and headband provide padding with a leatherette material, making it exceedingly comfortable for long use. The HD 429 is definitely on the lower-to-mid level of the Sennheiser product line, and the bass is well balanced. Sennheiser products are known to have a long life span and these are perfect for content creation and work. It also includes a 10-feet long cable for you to move around easily. 5. AKG K92 (Rs 5,000) © YouTube These are near perfect over-the-ear headphones that aren't heavy on the pocket. The body is built out of plastic and as far as sound quality goes, they can surely kick some ass. They're dynamic, expressive and there's no distortion while hearing individual instruments. Most users prefer them for in-house use due to their size but being lightweight, portability is feasible. The slightly large size means they are extremely comfortable to wear, indoors as well as on the move. 6. Sony MDR-XB550AP (Rs 3,000) © YouTube The least expensive on our list, these headphones are built for bass lovers. Sony's "Extra Bass" is no joke, though they offer excellent noise isolation and are significantly lighter. Just plug and play! Given the price point, it also has a mic for calling and the sound clarity is optimal. The swivel design makes them perfect for travelling and the build quality is pretty sturdy.
  2. Seems like the New Year is bringing in more cheer for Bollywood buffs than we anticipated! One of the most awaited sequels and one of the biggest movie franchises, 'Munnabhai' is coming back and for good! The first installment, 'Munnabhai MBBS', paved way for how happiness and cheer was perceived in Bollywood and Raju Hirani instantly became everyone's favourite director. The movie also established a cult bromance between Sanjay Dutt and his side kick 'Circuit', Arshad Warsi. The second installment 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' had Sanjay Dutt practicing Gandhian philosophy after being inspired by 'Bapu' himself. After the huge success of the second movie, the third movie was eagerly awaited but due to Sanjay Dutt's sudden jail sentence being announced, all plans were shelved. However, almost 13 years later, fans are rejoicing after during a recent interview, Arshad Warsi confirmed that the script was ready and the movie was going on floors very soon. “I do know that the script is pretty much ready. I do know from Raju [Rajkumar Hirani] that the film will go on floors this year - either mid or the end of the year. The work on the script is going on. As of now, yes it's Sanju and me. These are the things I've been told. I tend to do my film and forget about my character and I move on to the next one. I tend to forget, which is what happened with Munna Bhai. When I came for the second part, I was doing the same role differently. I realised something isn't quite right. Then Raju and I saw a couple of scenes from the first one and remembered how I should be doing. This time too, I'm sure I'll do it.” © Vinod Chopra Films This piece of information has wired all the circuits of our hearts with sheer excitement!
  3. In the last few years, a lot of companies have started skipping the headphone jack. It started with the iPhone 7, as Apple said there just wasn't enough space thanks to the taptic engine and that it wants the future to be wireless. While technically we do have wireless charging, the technology is still in its early stage and is not practical for day-to-day usage. After the launch of the iPhone 7, many other companies followed the trend by removing the headphone jack and then complemented the same with their wireless earbuds. In their defense, waterproofing does get a lot easier for companies, but then you still have to deal with the charging micro USB or USB-C. For the consumers, it meant you'll have to use a dongle to use your wired headphones. And the worst part is, you won't be able to charge your phone and see a movie simultaneously. The removal trend is now slowly being observed in the midrange segment as well. So, if you are an audiophile or just dislike carrying a dongle, these are the phones you shouldn't consider: 1. Every iPhone Since The 7: © Akshay Bhalla Like we said earlier, all the iPhone since the 2016's model skip the headphone jack. Apple announced the launch of AirPods along with the removal announcement and boy, people weren't happy. Truly, wireless earbuds like the AirPods are expensive and need to be charged separately. While the AirPods or almost every other earbud case has a portable battery backup available, you'll still have to charge it at some point. And this is the biggest problem of going wireless. You do get the convenience of not having to worry about wires, but then you need to look out for dead batteries. 2. Pixel 2 / 2XL: © MensXP Even Google followed the trend and decided to remove the headphone jack from its 2017 flagships. Google announced the launch of Pixel Buds as an alternative to the dongles, and that's when Android fans too lost their cool. Google, the king of Android, removing the headphone jack and following Apple? What sorcery is this? 3. Nokia 8 Sirocco: © YouTube The stunning Nokia 8 Sirocco too skips the headphone jack. Luckily, all other Nokia products launched this year sport one, except for the international flagship. The phone is among the most attractive phones of 2018 and is a part of the Android One program and runs on stock Android like all other HMD Global designed products. 4. Xiaomi Mi A2: © MensXP The Mi A2 was launched in India this week at a very attractive price, but it loses out on one essential functionality, the headphone jack. Xiaomi has made sure that the Mi A1 successor has a kick-ass camera, and we have to give it to them, the phone is near perfect in the midrange. The phone even has a USB-C connection, but no love for the 3.5mm jack. 5. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2: © MensXP The phone with one of the best edge-to-edge display, also misses out on the headphone jack. It is also the first phone in the Xioami portfolio to skip the legacy connector. In fact, Xiaomi's flagship Mi 8, that was launched last year, also skips the headphone jack. Though we must admit, the removal of the jack has forced companies to work on cheaper as well as better quality wireless buds. Read Also: Best Affordable Wireless Headphones in India
  4. When considering budget options, it is a lot easier to select a headphone because they all have pretty much the same specifications and output. When we move on the premium segment, the variations matter immensely. There are multiple factors that need to be considered before going for one, as your taste in music matters the most, followed by comfort and type of usage. We have specially made a list of wired headphones, only because there is still a vast difference in the output when compared to wireless Bluetooth ones. Here our Editors take on why wired ones are still more preferable. 1. Audio Technica ATH MSR7: © BCCL These are studio-grade headphones that contain 45 mm True Motion drivers for minimal sound distortion. The build is plastic but surrounded by aluminium to give a higher-end feel. The large ear pads and foam make sure that these are comfortable for use over a long duration. Keep in mind, these are bare minimum excellent sound producers and do not feature noise cancellation. However, they are really good at natural noise isolation thanks to the thick foam. As far as sound quality is concerned, these aren't made for high bass but have a well-balanced midrange and a high frequency. The clarity is top notch and the wire is a standard 3.5mm jack on both the ends. Even in noisy areas, music is flawlessly directed towards the user, preventing background noise from seeping in. Buy it here 2. Bose QuietComfort 25: © BCCL The best noise cancellation along with excellent music output is offered by these. These even work without batteries, all you need to do is connect your phone. If you need ANC, just pop-in a few AAA batteries. The sound quality and noise isolation on the QC25 are exceptional. Bose opted to use fabric instead of leather for this variant and it definitely has paid off well. The sound engineered in these is exemplary. The lows, mids, and highs come through clear as day while the bass is average. Read our full review here Buy it here 3. Sennheiser HD 429: © Sennheiser It has high-output neodymium magnets for stereo sound with a smooth bass response and comes with gold-plated 3.5mm and 1/4in adaptor jacks. These are huge in size yet comfortable to wear. These are recommended for those looking for excellent bass output. These do not distort the bass even at maximum volume and have ideally balanced midrange and treble. The closed-back design and soft ear pads block outside noise very well. Due to its large size, these are not recommended if you travel a lot. Buy it here 4. Philips Fidelio NC1: © Philips These are the best in class noise-canceling headphones, perfect for travelling. They fit in a smaller case easily and can be taken along anywhere you go. They are also fairly light and have a softer foam for a more comfortable fit. They also have a microphone on the back of each ear cup that monitors ambient noise. It has 30 hours of battery life for active noise cancellation and can be charged via the micro-USB port. Coming to the audio output, they lack high-frequency treble but the clarity is top notch. Music is balanced properly and the bass is average, not too harsh like Beats. For the best music experience, you should go with the MSR7, while this one pumps decent audio along with ANC. Buy it here 5. Philips Over-Ear FX5MBK: © Philips These have 40mm neodymium drivers for rich bass and powerful sound along with noise isolating around-ear cushions for extended comfort. These also support adjustable bass boost that lets you get the perfect level of bass for every song. They are also foldable and feature a built-in mic. The connector is gold plated and the audio output is crystal clear. These are highly recommended if you are looking for high bass. Buy it here 6. Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-C70: © Pioneer Pioneer has a huge professional fanbase and always has been the first choice for many artists. The HDJ-C70 offers a frequency range of 7 to 32,000 Hz via 40mm drivers. The ear pads can be rotated by 90 degrees in either direction making it possible to monitor with one ear while wearing the headphones. There is absolutely no distortion even at high volume, it lacks high frequency because these are specially made for DJing. Bass output is clear while the mid frequencies are strong. These can be worn for an extended duration very comfortably thanks to the soft earpads. Buy it here 7. Sennheiser HD 25: © Sennheiser The second choice for the best DJing headphones, these are pretty much on par with Pioneer's offering. The bass is tight and precise while the mids and highs are perfectly balanced. These come with vinyl pads which offer superb sound isolation. For all types of genres, these work perfectly. They sound incredibly well when an external DAC is connected as well as without one. They are rather comfortable and work well in any type of setup. Buy it here 8. Beyerdynamic T5P: © Beyerdynamic The T5ps reek of quality right out of the box. There's the high-grade, sturdy aluminium frame with sick details. The T5p is a luxurious full-size, high-quality headphone that can handle portable music from devices such as iPods and iPhones. It flawlessly distinguishes between genres and handles both, EDM as well as vocals very well. The midrange clarity is outstanding with well-optimised treble and high frequency. The bass is good or great, depending on the source. buy it here