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Found 5,480 results

  1. Marvel Studios' latest feature, WandaVision is given treatment like no preceding Marvel storyline. It follows the seemingly peaceful and idealised suburban lives of super-powered beings Wanda and Vision, but soon, both start to suspect and question everything around them. © Marvel The series stars Elizabeth Olsen who plays the role of Wanda Maximoff, Paul Bettany who plays the of Vision, along with Kathryn Hahn as Agnes, and Teyonah Parris who plays Monica Rambeau, Monica was introduced to everyone with Captain Marvel earlier. Here, actor Kat Dennings has reprised her role as Darcy from the films, Thor and Thor: The Dark World, and Randall Park reprises his role as Jimmy Woo from Ant-Man and The Wasp. © Marvel WandaVision's Director and Executive Producer Matt Shakman said, "It was really important to us from the get-go that we weren't parodying sitcoms. We studied tone and style from era to era. We wanted to make sure the actors were fluent in all of these different styles. So, we had a sitcom boot camp with the cast before we began." © Marvel "We watched old episodes and we tried on different styles to figure out the physicality and the sound for each era. We wanted to make sure that what we were creating was absolutely faithful to the original touchstone shows. To that end, we watched lots of episodes, read books about the making of those shows, and interviewed, whenever possible, people who had actually worked on those shows. I went to lunch with the great Dick Van Dyke and Kevin Feige before we started production on WandaVision. That was a lovely experience and a great way to hear how they approached production on his show, which was an inspiration for our first episode.” © Marvel He also further added, “We had a wonderful dialect coach who also helped with movement and helped us sort out how people spoke differently in each era, which complemented what we learned by watching episode after episode. What we think of as being funny changes from era to era." © Marvel Talking about her experience, Writer and Executive Producer Jac Shaeffer pointed out, "I had all these posters of great series through the years for the initial pitch to the writers. We watched episodes together and everybody went home with DVDs to bone up. At the heart of all of the shows, we landed on his family. That’s what we were chasing. It’s a love story and then the twins arrive—the home is the hub, the life force of the show. We are not creating a parody of sitcoms. We really want to celebrate them and do our own version of these shows." © Marvel WandaVision is releasing its new episodes every week on Friday. The show has each episode with a distinct theme that pays homage to a particular decade of television history. View the full article
  2. Sneakers have become a huge part of every celebrity's style. Some bank on a basic pair of sneakers, while some are seen in outlandish shoes. Irrespective of the style, sneakers are undoubtedly a statement piece that can instantly amplify any basic look. © Viral Bhayani Varun Dhawan too has banked on this style several times and the formula has worked for him often. Dhawan is quite fashion-forward with his choices. Even though he is mostly seen wearing Reebok sneakers, he still never fails to make every look count. Think colourful sneakers, classic legacy shoes or dad sneakers, Varun has plausibly done it all. © Reebok Varun is wearing Brain Dead sneakers by Reebok and the iconic silhouette comes draped in mesh and nappy suede. These also have the brain dead logo on the tongue tag and the sides. Add to that, the sneakers have fuzzy yellow laces. © Viral Bhayani Coming to his outfit, we are a fan of his cargo pants here, since they have extra long strap protruding out of the pockets. Not just that, these pants are also minimally distressed. He has paired it with a white T-shirt and layered it with a grey hoodie. Overall, this is a perfect mix of street-style fashion. View the full article
  3. Karan Singh Grover has a dope sense of style. From acing power suits to acing a classic, Indian ethnic outfit, the man has done it all. © Viral Bhayani His street outfits, however, are on a different playing field altogether. Very often you will see him wearing some dope looking drop-crotch pants or jogger pyjamas, and some very casual slippers. © Viral Bhayani Well, he was spotted with Bipasha Basu once again wearing something similar, and boy oh boy, does he look awesome. Karan was seen wearing an unstructured T-shirt, and a waterfall cardigan, and his trademark drop-crotch pyjamas. And of course, there was his trademark pair of slippers, this time in white. © Viral Bhayani However, the piece that caught everyone’s attention, was the watch that he was wearing. Now, we have seen a lot of celebrities wearing some really dope looking watches. There was this awesome piece from Hardik Pandya, and also this exotic looking piece from Honey Singh. However, the piece that Karan was seen wearing trumps them all, even though it may be a quarter of the price of what those guys were wearing. © Viral Bhayani Karan is seen here wearing a rather sic looking piece from Hublot, the Swiss luxury watchmaker, based out of Geneva. He is wearing the Big Bang Unico Blue Magic. © Viral Bhayani The main case is made out of polished ceramic. The watch has an in-house movement, the HUB1242 Unico Chronograph, which consists of 330 parts, and 43 jewels. It is a work of art, to say the least. © Hublot The bezel, just like the case, is made of polished blue ceramic and has all of Hublot’s signature design elements - a hexagon, titanium screws et al. All of this gives the watch a very robust appeal. © Hublot Hublot limited the production of the Blue Magic to just 500 pieces all around the world, which basically means that if someday, the Blue Magic turns out to be a classic Hublot piece, which is extremely collectible for Hublot fans, the watch may be expensive. © Hublot As of now, getting your hands on one of these will be a task, as they are really difficult to locate in retail. Even if you do manage to find one in retail, be prepared to shell out about $20,900, or roughly Rs 16.75 Lakhs. Add to that your customs and imports and you’re looking at a figure over Rs 25 Lakhs. © Viral Bhayani Now that’s one heck of a way to tell the world that you’re a baller of a guy when it comes to fashion and style. Well done, Karan, well done indeed. View the full article
  4. 'The Simpsons' hit the headlines once again after Kamala Harris was sworn in as the vice president
  5. Virat Kohli has not just been knocking it out of the park on the field but also knows how to do it even otherwise. He has also cemented his position in the fashion department as well. Be it his clothes, sneakers or exquisite timepieces, give him anything and he will show you some zany ways to wear it. © Viral Bhayani Virat also knows how to dress according to the occasion. From wearing a statement watch on his birthday to grabbing our attention with his sneakers, he has done it all. He had gone low-key with his appearances lately but since we spotted him after a very long time, we couldn't help but notice his style. One thing that's certain about Virat is that he makes a relatable style move every time. His recent ensemble looked easy and laid-back, but our eyes were stuck at the sneakers that he was wearing. Take a look at the pair here. © Puma Moreover, the outsole is engineered to have an ideal multi-directional movement. These also have rubber wrap-ups. View the full article
  6. Here's what might be expected of the 'unseen' side of Meghan Markle that her father Thomas Markle will reveal
  7. Shaving on a daily basis may give you a skilled hand, but will also worsen your skin. Any man who has been shaving regularly for a long time now can vouch for this. Regular shaving tends to dry out the skin and make it rougher with time. It also makes your beard hair rough and difficult to handle. This is where a pre-shave oil steps in and makes your job easier. As the name suggests, a pre-shave oil is meant to be used before shaving. It preps up your beard and makes sure that you get smoother shaves, with minimal effort. Not just this, there are many more benefits of this underrated shaving product. Here are 5 reasons why you should add a pre-shave oil to your routine, pronto. __ECOMLOOKS__2443__ __ECOMLOOKS__2444__ __ECOMLOOKS__2445__ __ECOMLOOKS__2446__ __ECOMLOOKS__2447__ The Bottomline Go on and try out a pre-shave oil. Trust us, you won’t regret it. It will make your life easier and your skin a whole lot smoother. Explore More View the full article
  8. Hafeez says those who defame Pakistan should not be given the chance to represent country on international forum again
  9. Alex Rodriguez reveals his future plans and sheds light on where Jennifer Lopez fits into the equation
  10. Alibaba’s and Ant Financial’s billionaire co-founder Jack Ma, who was reported missing amid a purported rift with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has resurfaced. Recently, a video of him surfaced on the internet in which he is addressing an annual teacher’s event that was launched by the Jack Ma Foundation in 2015-Jack Ma Rural Teachers Award. Even though the whereabouts of the entrepreneur are still unknown and the video does not indicate the place or time of the shoot, Jack Ma is heard saying that he will meet after the pandemic is over. Ma, who used to be an English teacher and founder of #Alibaba, also gives wishes to village teachers via a video on Wednesday, saying usually the activity is held in Sanya in southern Hainan but this year, due to #Covid19 it has to be done via video conference. pic.twitter.com/yfi7oPB5Sb — Qingqing_Chen (@qingqingparis) January 20, 2021 This is his first public appearance in months, he says in the video, "On this day, we have held an award ceremony in Sanya for 5 years and have paid tribute to teachers. However, this year we cannot for obvious reasons. But we are all connected via video calls and I promise to meet you all soon after the pandemic is over." Earlier this month, it was speculated that Alibaba and Ant co-founder Jack Ma had gone missing. He didn’t make any public appearances since October 2020 after his IPO was halted and regulators had ordered an antitrust probe into Alibaba. Now, the internet is flooded with memes and you’ll have to get ready to undergo a laugh riot. Lol Modi: can I come to China?no ones inviting me due to the pandemic. Xi: sure you pick which house you want to stay in you can just road trip. Modiji: want some kamalam Xi: you're in China just call it dragon fruit and give some to Jack ma he's hiding there. #dragonfruit #jackma pic.twitter.com/ELPeV5Eppr — RJK (@Roshan89) January 20, 2021 This is hilarious... After missing from months #JackMa Make public appearance. China government- pic.twitter.com/ORfp6DbBR4 — ajay (@AjayPanwar3242) January 20, 2021 Hahahah Jack ki ma, now that he is back!#JackMa pic.twitter.com/mKNPoCVjO5 — phoebe buffet (@SchruteBalaji) January 20, 2021 Can’t stop laughing. #JackMa has appeared in a video conference with rural teachers. pic.twitter.com/k1BmbPkZ2n — D (@DanishKh4n) January 20, 2021 Lol #JackMa after resurfacing to media : pic.twitter.com/MCcCwaTkj6 — Karan (@pillspapi) January 20, 2021 Hmm... Jack Ma appears in a video. But his body language and eyes say he is not normal. He is under some threat and reading a script told to him. Just like Wing Commander Abhinandan was seen sipping tea and saying I have been treated well in Pakistan.#JackMa — Norbert Elekes (@SuspendedAkount) January 20, 2021 Shocking People after seeing him after missing for months #JackMa pic.twitter.com/klXC3frfWN — funn-knee (@karthik_natekar) January 20, 2021 What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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