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Found 48 results

  1. After teasing his fans for months, the official teaser of Arjun Kapoor's 'India's Most Wanted' is finally out and looks like we'll see Arjun in a never-seen-before avatar. The teaser begins with a voice-over and partial glimpses of a man who is nameless and faceless. He is the mastermind behind 52 bomb blasts, which killed as many as 433 people and left 810 injured and shook the nation from its core. Fox Star Studios In a bone-chilling voice, the man says "A soul never dies, only the body dies. I am not killing people, just sending them into another body. I am not saying this, this was said by Shri Krishna in the sacred Gita." The nameless man is then referred to as India's Osama, the most dreaded terrorist. Fox Star Studios Arjun Kapoor appears in the later part of the video as Prabhaat, an intelligence officer who is willing to catch the nameless and faceless terrorist, but without any guns or support. Jut like the description of the video says, "A manhunt with no guns, no glory, only guts." Since, Arjun Kapoor and his team of unsung heroes are not going to use any guns, we wonder if they will catch him by shouting 'Thain Thain'. While Arjun Kapoor appeared in the second half of the teaser, we are more intrigued to know more about the guy playing the antagonist. We'll get to know it once the movie releases on 24th May. Inspired by true events, 'India's Most Wanted' is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta.
  2. While Sara Ali Khan maybe the new talk of the town when it comes to Bollywod, she's certainly an old timer where traffic rules are concerned. We say that because a few days ago Sara was spotted in Delhi, with Kartik Aaryan during the 'Love Aaj Kal 2' shoot. They both were seen on a bike and while Sara was riding pillion, she didn't have a helmet on, breaking an absolute important traffic rule. © Instagram A video of the two on a bike, without Sara wearing a helmet, went viral as well. @dtptraffic @DelhiPolice @CPDelhi pL note that Sara Ali khan having instagram account https://t.co/UdynVSlm8A has been riding pillion on a 2 wheeler on the streets of Delhi Without a Head Protective Helmethttps://t.co/YlijE0PodR https://t.co/ctrOxxs7gX reg No DL 35 CK O215 pic.twitter.com/cT7hPcyqop — Stinger Bee #NyayForIndia (@joerave) 17 March 2019 Now, according to reports, a complaint has been filed against Sara for disobeying basic traffic rules and not wearing a helmet, and Delhi Police is reportedly looking in to the matter closely. The police have sent her a notice and have said they wouldn't excuse her and take action against her callousness, under the Motors Vehicle Acts, after facts pertaining to the incident are received, perused and verified. Koki &Sara ðð ð from the set of #loveajkal2 خب بÙاخر٠بعد از اÛÙ ÙÙ٠حاشÛ٠دÙÙÛÙ ÙÛÙ٠از پرÙÚÙ Û Ø§ÙتÛاز عÙÛ Ø¨Ø§ سارا ٠کارتÛÚ© ÙÙتشر شد Ø ÙÙØ· ÙبخÙد سارا ر٠باشÛد ðððÚرا اÙÙدر اÛÙا عشÙ٠با ÙÙ ØØØ . . .follow @kartikaaryan_iranianfc for more update . . . . . #filmfare #sartik #salmankhan #karanjohar #ranveersingh #sushantsinghrajput #kedarnath #deepikapadukone #rohitshetty #katrinakaif #ranbirkapoor #aceofspace #sonuketitukisweety #bollywood #zero #actors #gameofthrones #simmba #gullyboy #toodles #blockbuster #lukachuppi #kritisanon #queen #khan #shahrukhkhan #bollywood @kartikaaryan @saraalikhan95 ð«ð . A post shared by KAð®ð·(f4f) (@kartikaaryan_iranianfc) on Mar 17, 2019 at 4:34am PDT When this video came out, Sara was heavily trolled on social media for not wearing a helmet, while Kartik wore one; and hence now she will face the consequences according to Delhi Police. Well, all we can say is better luck next time Sara and we hope the repercussions aren't all that bad for you. For now, we'll just wish you luck for 'Love Aaj Kal 2'.
  3. OnePlus flagship phone, the OnePlus 6T, is a powerful smartphone. It's one of the most affordable flagship phones you can buy right now, and it can handle almost everything you throw at it. If you don't believe us, then wait till you see what a Dutch hacker name Bas Timmer did. Timmer, who's recently ported Windows on Arm (WoA) on the OnePlus 6T, posted a video on Twitter showing the PC version of 'Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2' running on the OnePlus 6T. Yes, you heard it right. The video shows a OnePlus 6T smartphone running the full Windows version of the game. The hacker made it a point to clarify that he used Windows on Arm to make it happen. Here, see the video for yourself - Watch out for the most 'why would you even think of doing this' crossover gameplay video combining WoA with a modification for a formerly-popular FPS series, running live in XTA + Adreno drivers. pic.twitter.com/zBR6FcqPQl — NTAuthority (@NTAuthority) April 8, 2019 As you can see, the video shows Timmer starting the game and entering the popular Rust level. Of course, the game isn't running as smooth as it would on a proper gaming rig, but it seems to be holding up pretty darn good. In fact, the game appears to be running at over 30 FPS, although he didn't really show a proper session of gameplay. © Call Of Duty That being said, the fact that he was able to get the game even running is incredibly cool. Remember, 'Modern Warfare 2' is quite a demanding title, and being able to run on OnePlus 6T shows exactly how powerful the phone really is. Timmer will apparently be posting more info about this, and we can't wait to learn how he did it, and play it ourselves.
  4. Summer is almost here, and it is bringing with it a hoard of issues that we absolutely hate. Now, issues such as sweat are easily treatable, because they are right there, in your face - but what you need to be really careful about are issues that are not so apparent. For example, sun damage. We Indian men are not exactly careful in general about matters related to male beauty, but we should be when it comes to sun damage, because it's more to do with health. © Getty Images Sun damage can bring forth a lot of issues that don't end at simple tanning. But it can be controlled easily, if one remembers to apply sunscreen before stepping out, every time. The trouble is, most of us ignore it. Here are 5 solid reasons why you should never step out without applying sunscreen, especially in Summer. © Getty Images 1. Sunscreen can work wonders while keeping skin cancer at bay. Dermatologist Dr Ronald M. Shelton (MD) says, "Sunscreen application is important any day you'll be outside. Men and women should use sunscreen to help reduce the numbers of skin cancers that you might develop later in life. Most skin cancers develop 4 or more decades after the injury, but the additional function of sunscreen, for which it is important for you to use it even if you're 60+, is that it helps prevent the sunshine's damage to the skin's immune cells that help reverse the DNA damage of the sun from years ago. Therefore, the use of sunscreen today can lessen skin cancer that has been trying to form since youth." © Getty Images 2. According to most dermatologists, 60-90% effects of aging start showing on skin because of sun. Elastin and Collagen are the base behind youthful skin, and both are damaged because of sun exposure. Using a sunscreen regularly can help you protect them, in turn keeping your skin young. © Getty Images 3. Sunscreen can prevent hyper-pigmentation and acne. When the skin is exposed to sun rays for a long time, hyper-pigmentation takes place, and leaves your skin super tanned, and sometimes red and burnt. Also, UV rays help bacteria grow on skin, resulting in acne breakouts. Applying sunscreen before going out can minimize both, to a great extent. © Getty Images So homies, please do your skin a favour, and always remember to do the needful before you step out.
  5. Indian men face a lot of issues with their hair, because of the climactic inconsistency and pollution all around. However, more often than not, they don't pay heed to the urgency of the situation before it's too late, and as a result, end up with severe issues such as chronic hair fall, dandruff, itchy scalp, weak hair strands etc. There, however, exists an easy way out that can take care of your hair and scalp health, without much effort. The magic ingredient? Coconut oil. © Getty Images Coconut oil is a super underrated product that can transform your hair and scalp magically. Remember the good old champi from your childhood that your mother always insisted on doing every Sunday? There are several reasons behind it, and here are 5 of them. 1. Coconut oil is packed with Vitamins and micro-nutrients that can do wonders for your hair. You know how a good diet full of nutritious food items is good for your body? It works the same way with coconut oil for your hair. It is the best 'hair food'. © Getty Images 2. Coconut oil helps your hair to grow faster and thicker. The essential fatty acids and vitamins found in coconut oil help to remove sebum around hair roots, and subsequently help in faster, healthy hair growth. © Getty Images 3. Coconut oil can heal your scalp when you are suffering from dandruff. Apply warm coconut oil slowly on your scalp using your fingertips, and leave it on overnight. You should ideally wrap your head with a towel, or an old T-shirt. In the morning, wash it off with some Epsom salt solution to get rid of the excess skin bits. © Getty Images 4. Coconut oil, perhaps, is the best natural conditioner. If you want to 'deep condition' your hair, oil your hair with coconut oil, leave it on overnight, and wash it off with a mild shampoo the next day. © Getty Images 5. A head massage with coconut oil every week increases blood circulation and gets rid of headaches because of stress. Try it, and you will see the difference soon.
  6. Here's a realistic scenario for you. For some xyz reason, you have to shave the beard off your face. However, shaving your beard is like a nightmare that you don't want to take part in. You're afraid of razor burns and cuts. But if you shave while taking care of everything, you might possibly master the technique of the good shave sans razor burns. 1. Take A Hot Bath © Getty Images Hot water makes your skin soft which reduces friction between your skin and the beard and helps the razor glide through your skin smoothly. 2. Lather Up © Getty Images Take two blobs of the shaving cream and massage gently on your face and neck then you wait for a while and let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes. It's important to remember that a dry shave drags the blade across the skin, increasing the likelihood of ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and irritation. 3. Use A Fresh Blade © Getty Images Men use old blades that cause tears in the skin that can be uncomfortable. A standard razor can be used about 5 to 7 times before it gets spoilt. 4. Respect The Order © Getty Images Start with the sides of your beard, then move to your neck and up your chin, and end with your moustache. Mixing things up might lead to haphazard growth. 5. Reduce The Pressure © Getty Images Pushing hard against your skin only increases skin irritation. Avoid rough handling by smoothly gliding by using a pre-shave essential oil. 6. Rinse & Repeat © Getty Images Wash the razor after every two strokes to clear stubble and cream that can cause nicks. Finally, apply a moisturizer to help your skin heal.
  7. Now that you've found your way here, I am pretty glad. Yes, I know why you clicked on this article in the first place. It could be sheer curiosity, enthusiasm or just plain 'ol knowledge but since you're here, let me tell ways that are appropriate on how to get a girl wet this Holi. And by 'wet', I mean with water and colours and everything else Holi stands for. Why do you need to know these so-called guidelines? Because women are genuinely tired of telling men to stop groping them in the name of playing Holi, just so they can escape sheer humiliation and despair on a festival that summarises fun in every spectacular way possible. © Eros International While I am sure you all have your manners and your hands in place, there are still some instances when you'd go all out to tease your crush with colours, or try and pour a bucket of water on that 'hot' aunty, but lads, let me tell you one thing; while you suspect no one's really watching you unravel your horniest instinct on one of the most sacrosanct festivals in the country, women do have their eyes and their conscience open. How? Because it's 2019 and there's no possible escape route for you than to adhere to some guidelines, while you're out playing Holi with women, you know or may not know. So, here's how you get a woman wet this Holi: (1) Stick To The Face When you're at a Holi party or gathering, you're mostly going with the flow and applying colour to whoever comes before you. At that moment, you usually forget that while applying colours, you're also initiating 'touch' and while that's festive and enduring, it can also classify as 'inappropriate' if it's not welcomed. So, in case you're smearing colour on a woman, stick to the face, her cheeks mostly. Don't go beyond that, unless you two are absolutely comfortable with it. Because once you disobey THIS guideline, it's going to be serious hell for you, if she finds your actions inappropriate I.E. © Eros International (2) How Many Balloons Are Too Many Balloons? Nope, no double entendres here mate. By balloons, I mean water balloons. While they're fun to play with, water balloons shouldn't be fired at anyone without consent TBH. Well, if you're playing with a group of people, consent flows naturally because you all partake in the celebrations, but if you're in 'Counter-Strike' mode, hiding on your balcony and aiming balloons at neighbours by secretly turning into a peeping tom for the night, it's a pretty bad idea. No one likes to be hit with balloons when they're not playing with you. Even at a gathering, be mindful of how and where you throw a balloon on a woman and I am pretty sure you know what I mean by that. © BCCL (3) If She Doesn't Want To Drink, Respect That While you may enjoy alcohol and bhaang on Holi, a lot of people just want to have some casual fun and not get too intoxicated. Your job is to respect that and not shove a glass of bhaang down someone's gullet, just because it's Holi. If she says she doesn't want to drink, don't underestimate that and think maybe she's just being shy. No, she isn't because if she wanted to drink, she would. So, be mindful when she says no to alcohol, or anything else. © Pinterest (4) If You're Roaming About As a Group Of Boys, Don't Harass Women On The Streets This one's a common activity women are subjected to every Holi. It's true because a lot of women I know go through sheer harassment from a bunch of boys doing the rounds, drunk, on Holi. If you're drunk or intoxicated on bhaang, it's advisable to celebrate the festival in a space that's not an inconvenience to the others. But if you're going about harassing women, throwing colours or water on them without consent, then you shouldn't be playing at all! © Pinterest (5) Keep Your Eggs, Grease, Mud & Strong Colours To Yourself If you're out and about carrying any of the above, in the name of fun, I suggest don't play with women. You can keep the horrible extravaganza limited to some boy fun instead. No one, I repeat no one fancies a greasy-colour-bath or a handful of mud on their face or anywhere else on their body. It's really gross and horrible and no one wants to be subjected to it. © Pinterest So, there you go, a short but precise guide on how to play Holi appropriately with your gang or any gang of girls and get them wet in a manner they'd truly appreciate. Thank us later!
  8. Just like planning out your Holi party is on the top of your list of priorities right now, taking care of your skin is equally important. Holi colours can leave a deep hue on your face for days post-Holi. They can even leave your hair brittle and dry and in the worst case scenario, an allergy that might need medical attention. So, here are some products that you shouldn't leave your house without applying before having fun with colours: 1. Prepping Your Skin With Sunscreen Start by taking some sunscreen and dabbing it gently all over your face. Holi parties mean long hours of exposure under the sun which means you need to prep your skin with sunscreen to save your face from the exposure of the harmful UV rays. © Getty images 2. Lots Of Oil For a festival like Holi, It's best to lather your entire body and hair with a thick layer of oil. We recommend sesame oil and coconut oil but you can also apply any other effective oil that you're comfortable with. This additional layer acts as a barrier against all the strong colours and prevents them from seeping into your skin by preventing direct contact. © Getty images 3. Heavy Duty Balms Heavy duty balms like Vaseline add an extra layer of protection for your lips and for your face. If you have sensitive skin, you should definitely not step out of your house without wearing a heavy duty lip balm. © Getty images 4. Face Moisturizer Face moisturizers may seem inconsequential for this, but it's not. Your face always needs a good moisturizer to guard you against pimples, blisters, and other scars. However, use the moisturizer ten minutes after sunscreen so that everything blends in seamlessly. © Getty images
  9. When trying to come up with a shaving routine that works, different men have differing points of view on how to go about it. Some minimalists view just a razor and a source of lather as the complete package. Others are swayed by the latest advertisements and flood their bathrooms with an extensive range of shaving supplies. Unfortunately, whether it's due to lack of proper care or sheer overkill, the result of both these strategies often seems to be an unsatisfactory shave (usually coupled with some sort of annoying skin irritation or rash!) Even though men might disagree on what their ideal shaving kit should contain, there are a few essentials that should be present in any case. All of these items work together cohesively to give you the smoothest and closest shave possible. Even though you can add a product here and there based on personal preference, there's absolutely no room to compromise on these five essentials. So, to make the task of building your own shaving kit much easier, we've put together the following list of items you absolutely need to include in your shopping list. ITEM 1: Razor © Wikimedia Commons It's arguably the most indispensable item in your shaving kit, which is why selecting the best razor for your shaving needs is such an important decision. If you're just starting out with shaving, a cartridge razor would be the best option for you. It's much easier to shave with, and requires a lower initial investment. In contrast, double edge safety razors aren't just pricier, but shaving with them takes more time to master as well. However, the average monthly cost of a safety razor is much lower than cartridge razors thanks to the disposable blades that they come equipped with. Some kits are even designed for straight razors, which might be the instrument of choice for the more experienced shaver. Whatever your choice of blade may be, your shaving kit is incomplete without one. ITEM 2: Lathering Agent © Flickr Once you've picked out your razor, the next step is to find a suitable lathering agent. There are a lot of options in this department as well, ranging from shaving creams and gels, to shaving foams and shaving soaps. A quality lathering agent not only makes for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience, it also provides nourishment to your skin and leaves it refreshed and hydrated after every shave. Sub-standard products cause dry skin, leading to other forms of skin irritation including those annoying rashes, nicks and cuts. A quality shaving cream or gel will help build up a rich and luxuriant lather that is ideal for a long, indulgent shave. If you have a day off and want to devote some time to personal grooming, this is the option to go for. In contrast, the best shaving foams provide a light, airy lather with just a couple of sprays. If you're a man who's constantly on the move, this is what you need to achieve a classy clean-shaven look that's also incredibly low on maintenance. ITEM 3: Shaving Brush © Wikimedia Commons Once you've navigated through the different types of razors and lathering agents out there, the next step is to find the right shaving brush. They build up additional cushioning on your face when using a shaving cream, allowing for a much more comfortable shave. They also help your facial hair stand up on end, making it much easier for the razor to slice through it and provide a closer shave. Natural hair shaving brushes, such as badger, boar, and horse hair, are available at varying price points depending upon how they feel on your face and their lathering capability. As an animal-friendly alternative, you can even opt for synthetic shaving brushes which are soft on your skin while offering great water retention. ITEM 4: Pre-Shave Oil © Flickr If your sensitive skin is regularly left red and raw every time you shave, then the right pre-shave oil or lotion can be a gamechanger for you. These prepare your skin by opening up the pores on your face, helping flush out oil, grime and bacteria that act as blockages. They also help soften the otherwise bristly and wiry facial hair, helping the razor glide effortlessly over the contours of your face and offering a much more pleasant shave every time. This minimises the risk of post-shave skin irritation, rashes and cuts, improving your overall skin health and enhancing your appearance. ITEM 5: Aftershave Lotion/Balm © Pixabay Another essential item in all the best shaving kits is a quality post-shave product that ensures your skin is taken care of. We've all grown up seeing our fathers finish off their shaves with a quick splash of aftershave lotion, and sneakily applied a bit ourselves to savour its subtle sting and heady scent. However, almost all of these lotions contain some form of alcohol, which is a great antiseptic but also dries your skin out. If you're not keen on experiencing that all-too-familiar sting after every shave, a quality alcohol-free aftershave balm keeps your pores clean while also ensuring that your skin stays moisturised and healthy. Bonus Add-Ons: © Shutterstock 1) Shaving Stand The perfect add-on to your shaving kit, a shaving stand is not only practical, but also aesthetically pleasing. Even though it doesn't contribute to your shaving routine, it adds an element of class and elegance as you display your shaving supplies in your bathroom. It's also a great way to dry out your razor and brush, protecting them from oxidation and bacteria. 2) Replacement Blades Picking out the best safety razor or the perfect cartridge razor is pointless if you don't have replacement blades to turn to once these lose their edge. There are a number of quality blades that fit safety razors which you can stock up on without fear of rust. Similarly, having a couple of replacements for your cartridge razor handy will help you keep up with your shaving regime at all times. 3) Shaving Bowl Although these aren't very high on the priority list, a dedicated shaving bowl helps whip up a nice foamy lather, acts as a resting place for your brush, and lends a professional touch to your shaving kit. 4) Travel Bag If your work requires you to keep traveling from place to place while also maintaining a clean-shaven visage, then you need to invest in a sturdy case which can fit all your shaving gear. When choosing from the best travel kits for men who are constantly on the go, there's a wide variety of great options that will keep you from falling behind on your shaving routine even when you're on the move. 5) Electric Trimmer/Scissors Just because you're not completely clean shaven doesn't mean you don't need to maintain a shaving kit! Even the most hirsute of men need shaving supplies and regular maintenance to keep their facial hair well-groomed. Whether it's keeping a bushy beard in check or trimming around the lines of a trim moustache, a pair of scissors or an electric trimmer helps you maintain that rugged look by allowing you to groom your hair with extreme precision.
  10. One of the better football clubs in the history of the sport, with a massive following of diehard fans who take their game very seriously, Real Madrid have found themselves to be in a bit of a slump ever since Portuguese fame Cristiano Ronaldo decided to say goodbye to the Spanish club to play in Italy for Juventus back in July 2018 for a massive €100 million contract. Ronaldo's move followed his then manager Zinedine Zidane's decision to quit the team last year. Ever since, the management of Los Blancos has shifted thrice in less than a year. First was Julen Lopetegui, who was brought as a compensating replacement of the French superstar but was quickly fired after Lionel Messi's Barcelona defeated them in a humiliating 'El Clasico' match up. Next came Santiago Solari, the pride of Argentine football under whose interim reign, Real Madrid saw very little to no improvement. They crashed out of Copa del Rey and lost all hopes of winning the UEFA Champions League for the fourth consecutive time after a depressing 1-4 loss to Amsterdamsche Football Club Ajax (AFC Ajax) in the Round of 16. Now that Florentino Pérez, Real Madrid President, has decided to bring Zidane back to Santiago Bernabeu while letting go of his disagreement with the Frenchman, the franchise hopes to bring back its glory days. But, the real question is, will Zidane be able to help Los Blancos become the entity they used to be during the 'Ronaldo Era' without Ronaldo? Till now, the experiments Lopetegui and Solari tried, all of them crashed and burned while the club continued to spiral. On the other hand, the man that Madrid fans put their trust into in the absence of Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, has not only failed to step into the Portuguese's shoes but has also made no improvements to his game like he said he would if CR7 wasn't there. The fans of the club feel the same way as they took to Twitter to show their concerns about Zindane's success without Cristiano Ronaldo: I want to see if Zidane was the one who lead Real to fame or was it Cristiano Ronaldo all a long pic.twitter.com/WiJn0P8ukA — Will ™ ð¬ð§âï¸ (@ftblWilll) March 11, 2019 He is back, but can Zidane do it without superstar Ronaldo at Real Madrid pic.twitter.com/ruNjR5tba6 — BrandonKB (@chiseledout) March 12, 2019 Zidane's tactics without Ronaldo pic.twitter.com/yfKMPGan0A — Juanito Lucha Libre (@FrankSno9) March 11, 2019 Zidane's tactics without Ronaldo pic.twitter.com/yfKMPGan0A — Juanito Lucha Libre (@FrankSno9) March 11, 2019 Is it just me who thinks that Zidane coming back to Real won't change anything. Fact is they have an ageing squad and NO RONALDO NO PARTY. pic.twitter.com/RwaubcSbfr — Saman Dhawan (@DhawanSaman) March 11, 2019
  11. I don't know exactly when this meme started, but I'm so on board with the entire 'spoiler without context' thing. It's so simple and genius, if you've seen the movie, you'll get the joke and that's fun and if you haven't yet watched a certain movie, congrats nothing is getting spoiled! I think the first time I saw the movie spoiler without context tweets, was right after the release of 'Avengers: Infinity War' and since then I've seen more and more people tweet this for different movies. Along with 'Infinity War', we've seen some hilarious spoilers for movies like 'Deadpool 2' and 'Antman And The Wasp'. Now, another Marvel movie is all set to join the list. Yes, 'Captain Marvel' basically just released and well, a lot of people still have to watch it, but you know that Twitter works fast. There are already a bunch of spoilers without context floating around the website and they're hilarious. Spoiler captain marvel pic.twitter.com/CrcALRZOFI — Firmansyah Candra (@Candraaas) March 6, 2019 If you've seen the movie, you will enjoy these thoroughly, just like I did. Ooh, good ones. #CaptainMarvel spoilers but i give you no context pic.twitter.com/OrLFcLivys — space chicken (@_starstiel) March 8, 2019 What a video. #CaptainMarvel spoiler but no context. pic.twitter.com/CJsaLWJFNv — Sancheezzzy (@Scoby20) March 8, 2019 Spot on. #CaptainMarvel spoilers w/o context ðpic.twitter.com/cWD6853ctg — mazikeen (@kyzxcv) March 7, 2019 Perfect. Context clues wothought spoilers #CaptainMarvel pic.twitter.com/cXb5Q665Sb — ã«ãªã (@charlizar) March 8, 2019 The first one, tho. captain marvel spoilers but I give you no context pic.twitter.com/H8FNSoAzrc — alex (@sunmetmoon) March 6, 2019 A good one. More #CaptainMarvel spoilers with no context pic.twitter.com/s8xL3QIPlS — El | WATCH CAPTAIN MARVEL (@Soupwitches) March 8, 2019 The nerf gun yes! captain marvel spoilers without context pic.twitter.com/uRSqiWsHNU — Drei (@dre19i) March 8, 2019 Okay, these ones are funny. Captain Marvel: No-spoiler spoilers. pic.twitter.com/oXMcisZ6e5 — Apa (@apaagbayani) March 7, 2019 Yes! #CaptainMarvel spoilers without context pic.twitter.com/vvf51AmZmP — Lizzie B (@LizzieB_boss) March 8, 2019 Ooh, a new one. #CaptainMarvel spoilers with no context pic.twitter.com/lHimR3IRGO — lyndseyâ¡ï¸ (@lyndvey) March 8, 2019 That eye, tho. Spoilers of #CaptainMarvel without content pic.twitter.com/BYUYUYBnX0 — A-Sweet-Little-Fangirl (@MUravity) March 6, 2019 Yes, one of the most important ones. #CaptainMarvel spoilers without context pic.twitter.com/Q6FdTtHne9 — BlissDT (@dt_bliss) March 6, 2019 Havana, ooh na na. captain marvel spoilers without context pic.twitter.com/4D1cFl0mbc — rafa (@rafaelkjls) March 7, 2019 Good ones. #CaptainMarvel spoilers but I give you no context pic.twitter.com/yGHcLVbWdI — Meg Watt (@WattMeg) March 6, 2019 What a vine! captain marvel spoilers with no context https://t.co/TXmhTOqnsW — âµ daryl âµ SAW CAPTAIN MARVEL! (@caroldnvers) March 6, 2019 Is it okay to self-plug? #captainmarvel spoiler without context pic.twitter.com/JxgUs3Urru — âµ (@hinakshibhatia) March 7, 2019
  12. Winter hibernation is as good as it gets- binge-watching Netflix, eating good food, and staying in. But summer has come calling, and so has the need to shed those few extra pounds. Or maybe you're simply looking to upgrade your workout gear (and were regularly working out, unlike some of us). Or maybe every time you go to the gym, you realise that there is one essential item missing from your gym wear- the right activewear t-shirt. When it comes to activewear, a much-talked-about item is the compression t-shirt. Such t-shirts absorb sweat, while the pressure they exert helps increase efficiency during a workout, thereby reducing muscle soreness and increasing blood circulation. So, if you've been looking for the perfect compression t-shirt, but are confused by the vast number of options online and offline, we're here to ensure that you know all about the best compression t-shirts for men. Choose The Best Compression T-Shirt For Men From This List 1. Puma Black Compression T-Shirt © Jabong Puma is one of the go-to brands for sportswear, and they deliver on all fronts with this variant. This half sleeve compression t-shirt allows for ease of movement and is durable for the long run. This t-shirt is made using power cell technology for higher comfort and comes equipped with raglan sleeves. For the brand-conscious beings out there, it also has Puma's iconic logo across the front that is sure to make you happy. Getting this t-shirt will be a steal of a deal because it is available at a reasonable price. Fabric composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 1099 Buy it here 2. Under Armour Compression T-Shirt © Jabong Under Armour is one the most sought after activewear brands, and this compression t-shirt won't be bucking that trend anytime soon. It is a high-quality product, one which helps induce muscle repair and provides ease of movement. Its anti-odour mechanism also protects against sweat-induced chafing and irritation, making it one of the best compression t-shirts for men. Though it's a tad bit expensive, it is a worthy investment that every fitness freak should make. Fabric Composition: Nylon MRP: Rs. 4,999 Buy it here 3. Azani Compression T-Shirt © Amazon The compression t-shirt by Azani is highly rated on Amazon. It is available for next day delivery via Prime - making it a perfect option for those of you who want to hit the gym asap. This brand is also relied upon by athletes such as Mahesh Mangaonkar and Harinder Pal Singh, who have represented India at the international level. This t-shirt has a four-way stretch fabric which allows for flexibility in movement, and also helps in reducing the risk of injury, making it a great choice for beginners. Fabric Composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 750 Buy it here 4. Decathlon Weight Training Compression T-Shirt © Decathlon Decathlon is any fitness freak's dream store, what with its row upon row of activewear. The quality of activewear is top notch and the prices are budget friendly. So it shouldn't surprise you that this compression t-shirt, that is made for weight training, allows for freedom of movement and reduces muscle soreness. This is available offline as well, in Decathlon stores. Fabric Composition: 49% polyamide, 48% polyester, and 3% elastane MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 5. CHKOKKO Compression Gym T-Shirt © Amazon CHKOKKO offers this compression t-shirt in a variety of colours and patterns, perfect for those who like particular styles and colours, such as a white compression t-shirt, a patterned one, or a maroon one. This is a highly rated product on Amazon, and one of the best compression t-shirts for men available on the website. A steal of a deal, it can be used for a variety of fitness activities such as yoga, cycling and gymming. Fabric Composition: 90% polyester and 10% spandex MRP: Rs. 640 Buy it here 6. Zesteez Compression Gym T-Shirt © Amazon Zesteez offers this half sleeve compression t-shirt at a heavily discounted price. Do not jump to the low price-bad quality assumption, though, as this is a highly rated product, with reviews attesting to its quality and durability. The low price makes it the best compression t-shirt for men working under a budget. It prevents soreness and muscle pain after a workout and allows for greater flexibility. Zesteez offers this in different colours and patterns, such as a white variant with grey sleeves or a full-sleeved blue one, for those looking for some variety. Fabric Composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 499 Buy it here 7. Just Rider Compression T-Shirt © Amazon Just Rider is a highly rated brand on Amazon, and makes some pretty great activewear products, including t-shirts, wrist bands, gym shorts, and knee pads. As such, this t-shirt makes for a great addition to your workout gear and can be used for a variety of sports and fitness activities such as basketball, cycling and hiking. The t-shirt allows for greater flexibility and movement and also reduces chafing and irritation. Available in two colours - light blue and black - it also makes for a budget-friendly option at its affordable price. Fabric composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 499 Buy it here 8. Redesign Apparels Compression T-Shirt © Amazon A popular brand when it comes to designing quality activewear products, Redesign Apparels is budget and quality friendly as well. The fabric used for its t-shirts is ultra-soft and flexible and provides for greater movement. They also have half sleeve compression t-shirts, which are available in a variety of colours and sizes for those wanting to move away from a monochrome look. Fabric Composition: 77% nylon and 23% spandex MRP: Rs. 899 Buy it here 9. Nike Pro Compression T-Shirt © Koovs The best compression t-shirt for men who are Nike-holics, this comes in a range of sizes and colours. The iconic logo is also front and centre, so you can show it off quite effectively. This particular t-shirt offers Nike's heavily advertised DRI-FIT technology and is made of flexible material, thereby allowing for greater movement during those extensive workouts. The t-shirt has a bodycon fit, so do consult the size chart to get the right size, and to avoid any time-consuming exchanges and returns. Fabric composition: 92% polyester and 8% spandex MRP: Rs. 1395 Buy it here 10. Nike Crew Neck Compression T-Shirt © Ajio While we are on the subject of Nike, for those looking to upgrade their workout wear, this full-sleeve compression t-shirt also makes for a good option. While this t-shirt is on the pricier side, the Nike tag ensures that its quality will be top-notch. The crew neck style also helps make this compression t-shirt stand out, adding a bit of style to your work out. Fabric composition: 92% polyester and 8% spandex MRP: Rs. 2095 Buy it here 11. HRX By Hrithik Roshan Compression T-Shirt © Jabong Hrithik Roshan's stamp of approval ensures that this is a quality product that doesn't compromise on affordability. Its colour and pattern ensure that it can be worn outside the gym as well, giving it greater utility than other t-shirts mentioned on our list. The price, which is supremely affordable, makes this a steal of a deal you cannot afford to miss out on. Fabric composition: 90% polyester and 10% elastane MRP: Rs.719 Buy it here 12. Adidas Aqua Blue Compression T-Shirt © Jabong For the brand conscious among you, here is a product by Adidas that makes for a pretty great investment. It has a unique style (it comes with a zipper in the front), is available in an eye-catching aqua blue colour, and also has a zip pocket on the back for added functionality. Additionally, Adidas offers a mesh fitting on the side to ensure greater movement. With the Adidas stripes present on the cuffs, and the iconic logo displayed boldly on the sleeves, this is without a doubt one of the best compression t-shirts for men. Fabric Composition: Polyester MRP: Rs. 3199 Buy it here
  13. Travel routines are notoriously hard to nail down, given the time and budget constraints. The compressed air inside planes is famously unhealthy, causing skin and lips to dry. Travel by train and road is no better, and is taxing in its own special way - motion sickness being one of those stressful things that we can never run away from. To combat this nuisance, we, at MensXP, have put together twelve of the best travel kits we could find. These are budget-friendly, easily available in India, and encompass a variety of different products - travel pouches, airplane travel kits and carry-ons. Read On For The Best Travel Kits For Men In India 1. Hk Villa Multifunctional Travel Toiletry Kit © Amazon This happens to be one of the highest rated travel kits on Amazon. It is available via Prime and is waterproof to boot. It has ample, protected storage space to avoid spills and a spiffy handle that allows easy carriage. It has different storage techniques for items of different sizes, such as elastics for toothbrushes and mesh pockets for tubes. A steal of a deal at its affordable price, making this one of the best travel kits for men out there. MRP: Rs. 399 But it here 2. Mufubu Unbarred Mens Travel Kit © Amazon This is a travel kit which happens to be perfect for short day trips. This travel kit will ensure that your luggage will be with you at all times, thereby avoiding any anxiety-inducing thoughts about theft and loss. This is a highly rated kit and happens to be very spacious. It is lightweight and can carry a day's worth of clothing, along with other important essentials like running shoes, sunglasses, and earphones with ease. The bag can also be folded to make it easier to fit into a smaller space. It comes in three different colours, and at a deal of Rs. 1137 for 3, you can actually own all three colours. MRP: Rs. 379 Buy it here 3. Leaderachi Hunter Leather Toiletry Bag © Amazon For the more sartorially inclined, Leaderachi offers this Hunter Leather travel kit. Though it happens to be priced a bit on the higher side, it offers ample storage space and doesn't compromise on quality. The quality also ensures that spillage is avoided, and in case it happens, is easily absorbed. The product comes with six months of warranty against any manufacturing defects and loss. Available in shades of brown, these travel kits make for an indulgent, treat-yo-self buy. MRP: Rs. 1,799 Buy it here 4. HS-Store's Roll-On Travel Kit © Amazon This travel kit offers a multifunctional use and is perfect for storing lotions, serums, and other grooming essentials for men. It has four compartments for storage that can be rolled together and made compact. It can also function as a tool for medicine storage, as finding medication when travelling is always a bit of a pain. For men who indulge in skincare and cosmetics, this is also a convenient and budget-friendly buy. It offers great space and has the added bonus of allowing one to carry multiple products in one hefty travel kit. MRP: Rs. 299 Buy it here 5. Travel Kit by Ustraa © Ustraa This is an eye-catching travel kit for men. Available in a teal blue colour with a dark brown zipper, this kit has a waterproof lining and can store a variety of products. Reviews suggest that it is more spacious than it looks and that it can hold two to three bottles of body wash and shaving cream. Simply put, your vacations are going to be incomplete without this travel kit in your possession. MRP: Rs. 699 But it here 6. Men's Essential Travel Kit by Park Avenue © Flipkart First of all, the fact that you are getting this travel kit from Park Avenue, one that comes equipped with a variety of grooming essentials from Park Avenue's catalogue, for just Rs. 420, makes it a steal of a deal, to begin with. These include shaving cream, a shaving brush, a deodorant, an aftershave, as well as a skin lotion. The number of products provided also attests to the spaciousness of the kit. Available in black and blue, it won't be wrong to state that this is possibly one of the best travel kits for men to own. MRP: Rs. 420 But it here 7. Travel Toiletry bag by Ruby © Pepperfry This brand, available on Pepperfry, provides a spacious toiletry bag for those men who happen to be avid travellers. Available in the pleasing shades of navy blue and orange, this bag is as stylish as it is utilitarian. It is made of polyester and has ample storage, with a mesh covering for smaller products. This is a budget-friendly option that doesn't compromise on quality, making it a value purchase at its price. Pepperfry also offers free shipping for purchases above Rs.999. MRP: Rs. 613 Buy it here 8. Men's Grooming Kit By Axe © BigBasket This kit is tailor-made for Axe enthusiasts. Sleek and spacious, it also has an attached handle which makes for easy carrying. The products available with the kit include a Signature Body Perfume, a Dark Temptation Deodorant Body Spray, a Signature Denim After Shave Lotion, and a Signature Denim Shaving Cream. In short, this is a budget-friendly option that contains a wide range of products that warrant your attention. MRP: Rs. 476 Buy it here 9. Swiss Army Knife By Victorinox © Amazon Swiss army knives are multifunctional and keeping that in mind, Victorinox offers a sleek product that can be assembled and carried around easily. The knife contains a wide range of products: a letter opener, scissors, a stainless steel pin, pressurised ballpoint pen, magnifying lens, ruler, tweezers and screwdrivers - all of which can come in handy during your next vacation. This product is compact and can easily fit into your wallet. Though it's costly, it makes for an efficient investment on your end. MRP: Rs. 2,790 Buy it here 10. AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case © Amazon Carrying electronics when travelling can be quite a daunting task - they're in danger of getting stolen, misplaced, or broken. This travel case ensures that electronics are always kept safe. It has ample space for different kinds of products - tablets, cameras, phone, chargers, and more. The mesh-laden interior prevents scratches, while Amazon also offering a one-year warranty on this case. At a mere Rs. 539, there is simply no reason why you shouldn't be owning this travel case. MRP: Rs. 539 Buy it here 11. Toiletry Bag By Swiss Military © Amazon Swiss Military offers a budget-friendly, quality toilet kit. This kit is water resistant and has special storage for different kinds of products, including a special separate pocket with PVC lining. This is a highly rated product and happens to be an Amazon bestseller. Prime delivery is also available for this toiletry bag, along with additional deals and discounts. MRP: Rs. 850 Buy it here 12. AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Kit © Amazon Finally, we have this toiletry kit from AmazonBasics, one which can be hung in the washroom for ease of access, and tucked away when not required. It is made of durable polyester material which enables long term usage. Amazon also offers a one year warranty on this product. There is ample storage space for a wide variety of products, and mesh spaces are present to avoid spillage, making this one of the best travel kits for men. Prime delivers this product in a day, and offers and discounts are available, so you can immediately add to your cart if your vacation happens to be just around the corner. MRP: Rs. 849 Buy it here
  14. Do you like the thought of switching to organic products, but think it's way too expensive? You're not alone. I think money is the main reason that a lot of people are hesitant to make the switch. I like to think of it as investing in your health vs buying expensive products off the rack, but not everyone shares this point of view. So, I'm here to share with you some ways that you can make the switch without breaking the bank. Break The Routine Pexels Most people I meet are already set in routines, have already established shopping habits, and already have lives that demand a lot of their time. They care, but they don't have the time or energy to do all the research all of the time, or to try and consider every single intersecting factor that can affect whether we call something ethical, sustainable or organic. Break this routine. Don't Make The Switch Overnight Pexels This is so important. Once you start learning about chemicals and toxic ingredients, it's hard not to want to swap everything ASAP. But don't feel like you need to do this all at once. Start small. If you're having trouble prioritizing what to replace, start with the products that you use the most, such as food. Or, ditch the products that are the most toxic first. Find A Middle Ground Pexels There are different levels of organic and handmade. There are your conventional, cheap, toxic products. Then there are products that are so-so and have good ingredients as well as some bad ingredients. Then there are your SUPER pure products but are on the expensive end. Find a middle ground. Look for products that will satiate your need of being healthy but are inexpensive too. Change Your Point of View Pexels I know you don't want to hear this, but consider changing your P.O.V. when it comes to organic products. (Okay, you're probably rolling your eyes at me now. But bear with me!) If you do enough research you'll find that products that are organic can also be easy on the pocket. Especially on a website like Qtrove.com, where you find an amazing range of natural, organic and handmade products- gourmet food, home decor, beverages, kitchen essentials, and grooming products and more! Look For Deals Pexels Deals are everywhere, you just have to look. Looking at a certain product? Sign up for that brand's newsletter and wait for a sale or promo code. Shop on sites that carry multiple brands such as Qtrove.com. If you pay using your PayTM wallet, you will get 10% cashback up to Rs 100! Do good research and look for more deals and promo codes. I am sure you'll be glad you did. Let us know if this helped you in the comments.
  15. Any man knows that the mark of a true gentleman lies in his ability to suit up. Trust us, nothing looks classier than a man in a well-tailored suit. With the up and coming trends of styling suits in numerous ways and mixing it up with athleisure and business casual attire, there still remain a few things that should be left the way they are when it comes to men's fashion. Tailoring is the most adaptable piece of clothing a man can own. To get more wear out of your true business attire, the easiest and most effective move would be to lose the tie. Here are 5 ways to wear a suit without a tie and still look dapper: 1. Go for a collarless shirt © Instagram/ishabhansali Opting for a shirt that prevents you to wear a tie in the first place is possibly the best solution to your problems. Also known as the stand collar shirt, a collarless shirt adds finesse and provides a clean look without the choke of the necktie. A simple white or light blue shirt would be ideal for an update your tailored suit needs. 2. Trade the shirt for a polo © Instagram/ishabhansali To dial the tone on formality, opt for a polo tee instead of a shirt. This style retains the collar effect to make you look put together but oozes chill vibes as well making the look semi-casual. Keeping the footwear casual and accessories as minimal as possible is suggested. You can either button the polo tee up or rock an open collar depending upon the occasion. 3. Go for the classic open collar © Instagram/ishabhansali Slogging all day at the office can make your necktie feel like a noose. The best way to let it go is to open the collar for good. A simple move can make ample difference when it comes to the look and feel of the outfit. Just open the top button of your shirt and let loose. One can go from business meeting to cocktail party ready in the matter of seconds. 4. Camp collar all the way © Instagram/ishabhansali If you're a fan of the 70s fashion and want to embrace your inner OG Don, go for a camp collar. Also known as the Cuban collar, pair this shirt with earthy tones of brown, khaki and beige. This style will give you a relaxed appearance but still make you look refined. A beige suit is ideal to pair a printed shirt with. 5. A fast track button up © Instagram/ishabhansali The quickest way to look polished sans tie is to don a dress shirt in a classic button-up manner. To carry a buttoned up shirt without looking like a school kid, go for slim fit tailoring for a sharp look. For the perfect business casual style, opt for printed shirts with a neutral colored suit and loafers or derby shoes. Adapt these styling tips and they're sure to make you ditch the dreaded tie once every while and still look as debonair.
  16. It has become very common for all gym bros to take some kind of muscle building 'pills' or 'injections' these days to build muscle. Along with that, horror stories of people dying due to taking bodybuilding drugs, suffering from serious health risks, addiction, and depression frequent the news. They do build impressive physiques by taking these pills and injecting hard to pronounce compounds in their asses. Does this mean you cannot build muscle without taking these drugs? The answer would be NO. The problem with most natural lifters is that they try to imitate drugged or enhanced bodybuilders. It is like going to play cricket with a hockey stick. It is not a different level, it is a different game. How many sixes would you score even if you were the best batsman with the hockey stick? Here is what you can start doing if you are serious about gaining muscle naturally: 1. Increase Your Frequency And Divorce The Bro-Split One muscle group, once a week?! Yes, forget about that. When a person takes steroids, their Muscle Protein Synthesis shoots up for almost a week. Meaning, if they train chest on Monday, they will be repairing and building that tissue until Sunday. On Monday, they repeat again. You, a natural lifter, on the other hand, will have this elevated Muscle Protein Synthesis for 24 to 48 hours max. If you train your chest just once in a week, you will have a window where you are not making any gains for your chest. That is where you lose out on gains. If you want to avoid this, stop having a one muscle per day workout plan. Train all your muscle groups 2 to 3 times per week. 2. Do More Of Compound Exercises It's really cool to see bodybuilders have that pump and then do 20 sets of arms in one session. The fun fact here is that they can recover from these crazy high volumes due to the usage of anabolic steroids. There is nothing wrong with doing isolation exercises like above. Do your bicep curls too. But, not at the cost of compound exercises! To grow muscle, you need to get stronger aka need to have progressive overload. When you start going to the gym, you may be able to curl dumbbells of 7.5 kilos. Over time or say a period of 10 years, this will maximum reach 25 kilos. You did become stronger but the number is not a crazy increase. Let's compare that with a bench press. You start at 20 kilos. Over 10 years, this number can even go up to 120 kilos. That is a 100-kilo increase. You can overload muscle more and get stronger more in your compound exercises. Add to that, these exercises work more than just one muscle group per given time. This helps you save time too. 3. Eat In A Calorie Surplus To gain muscle, you need to eat in a calorie surplus. You cannot lose weight and gain muscle at the same time unless you are a beginner. A lot of bros waste their time trying to recomp or build muscle and lose fat at the same time. It is like two steps forward, one step back. Instead, just focus on one thing at a given time and prioritizing it. So yeah, if you think that you cannot build muscle naturally, that is a wrong notion. It is just that you have been doing things sub-optimally. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness an online fitness company and the founder of Mars Nutrition a nutrition supplement company. Both his companies are geared towards providing you the right information and products without any false or fake claims. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram.
  17. Looking back, I remember, I led a very unhealthy lifestyle and had ballooned up to an alarming 100kgs. This was the number one reason why I started to work out and going to the gym, as I was apprehensive about what could happen to me, health-wise. Making a drastic change in my lifestyle and eating habits, when everyone around me was partying and eating junk, was a big U-turn for me. But now, I am glad that I did it. When I started working out, I was told a lot of misleading things. "Don't eat this, take this supplement, eat fat burners, and purchase a mass gainer" and what not. A lot of wrong info came my way without any filter, which led me to be utterly confused and not knowing where to begin. Then came a turning point in my life, as I joined Get Set Go and decide to train under the guidance of coach and co-founder Pratik Thakkar. He helped me in achieving the kind of body I wanted for the past 7 years. He got me there in 6 months and that too, without any useless supplements. He worked on my diet and workout plans and I dedicatedly followed through. Eventually, I got in such good shape that people thought that I was on steroids. The only supplements used through my journey were Whey and Creatine Monohydrate. My training was everywhere. I was doing bro-splits and working out almost every day. This led to poor recovery and poor muscle growth. Pratik then flipped my training around and focused more on recovery and drove me away from the bro-split. My training mostly comprised of push-pull and legs and arms. In time, my volume dropped as well and I was not doing a million reps now either. This brought about the biggest change in my physique. I am now stronger than when I started, my form is way much better and I train intelligently. I don't feel beat up and swiftly get through my schedule. Fitness is about striking a good balance between diet, training and your lifestyle. Be regular, don't cheat and most importantly, get a coach to take care of things that you most certainly can't.
  18. Arguably the most popular sportsperson in India and one of the greatest cricketers to have blessed the game, Sachin Tendulkar continues to live in the memories of a billion fans through his rich legacy in the gentleman's game. While his exquisite stroke-play enticed the spectators, his humility earned him respect of his opponents in cricketing circles. Now retired and enjoying his life, Tendulkar, still, garners public interest like no other in the country. His words of wisdom on the social media are hailed as The Bible by cricketers and fans alike. And, apart from cricket, Tendulkar, over the years, has confessed his love for tennis. He has been snapped with the bigwigs of tennis and is often found sitting in the stands during the Grand Slams. And, with the Australian Open currently in progress, Tendulkar was recently seen lauding the security guard who stopped 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer from entering the locker room at the Rod Laver Arena as the Swiss ace didn't carry his identification card with him. Nothing ever stopped me from playing sports. Not even when I didn't have my shoes on. @AustralianOpen#ThrowbackThursday #TBT pic.twitter.com/RkAegtC7P2 — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) January 24, 2019 But, on Thursday, once again, showcasing his love for tennis, Tendulkar put up a 'Throwback Thursday' post on the social media. Taking to Twitter, the 'Master Blaster' shared a collage of pictures of himself from the yesteryears where he was seen playing tennis without shoes. "Nothing ever stopped me from playing sports. Not even when I didn't have my shoes on," the Indian batting great tweeted. Tendulkar's post struck a chord with the cricket fans who had different reactions to his photos on the micro-blogging website. Federer is lucky you played Cricket ð — Vinay (@SemperFiUtd) January 24, 2019 #JohnMcEnroe Fanboy Moment ð isn't ! Same Style .....Same Aura.....What a Player ð We are loving it 𥰠Missing U SRT ð#Sachislife pic.twitter.com/uu58EcLk5h — ðºð¸ðð°ð½ ð®ð³ ð´‍âï¸ (@kiranjshedge) January 24, 2019 Cheers for Rafa today!!! Next time goat!! pic.twitter.com/DQur6Lw1NS — Mahimâï¸#37 (@Cold_volley) January 24, 2019 But some Bhakts may argue this stopped you from playing cricket many times due to TENNIS elbow injury. — Saleem Hassan (@SHW634) January 24, 2019 True sports legends ð¤ð¤ — Feel my...ð (@Atharva06218414) January 24, 2019 Wow ðð Sachin saved Sampras career — Rasin Ahamed (@rasin4u) January 24, 2019 That's why we love you !! Sachin Sachin.... — Shails (@procrastinato9) January 24, 2019 That is the 'Dedication'; Who ever has it, scale new heights. You are an icon for many ð — SAMRITA™ð (@4SMSamrita) January 24, 2019
  19. It feels good when someone compliments your sincerity and dedication towards your work. It feels really good when that 'someone' is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Before the 20x Grand Slam champion and World Ranked three, Roger Federer had one of the best matches of the 2019 Australia Open (AO) against World Rank 14, Stefanos Tsitsipas, which eventually led to the two-time reigning champion's exit from the tournament, the Swiss had some trouble getting around the stadium. On Saturday, a video uploaded by Australian Open's official Twitter handle became the talk of the town. In what was a very brief moment which will be lost in all the glitz and glamour of the tournament, one exceptionally brave security guard stopped Federer from entering the locker room as he didn't have his identification card on him. Even @rogerfederer needs his accreditation ð#AusOpen (via @Eurosport_UK) pic.twitter.com/oZETUaygSE — #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 19, 2019 Sure enough, even the FedEx himself requires an accreditation. After the video went viral, the security guard became a star overnight as the internet commended his devotion to his job which prevented him from making an exception for someone as big and famous as Federer himself. Cricket legend and one of India's biggest influences online, Sachin Tendulkar joined the bandwagon and lauded not just the guard but also the Federer himself who calmly waited for his teammate to bring his card and for the guard to verify it before letting them in. Good to watch the security officer doing his job well at the @AustralianOpen. The manner in which @rogerfederer reacted was commendable as well. Such actions are not common today and they just increase the respect people have for great athletes like Roger. https://t.co/wvm24DOhbA — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) January 20, 2019 In today's day and age, it is a common thing to witness a big name in any industry to lose their cool and snap at others. But as the master blaster very rightly mentioned, Federer is one of those rare celebrities who is not only extremely humble but also treats everyone from the security guard to his biggest rivals in the world of tennis, equally and such actions make us have more and more respect for the legend. With Federer out of the AO, the 2019 edition is destined to have a new champion. After Andy Murray's surprising first round defeat and Federer's exit yesterday, all eyes are now Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.
  20. Just like brushing your teeth stems out of habit, washing your face should be another one of those things that should be done out of habit. If not, you should definitely start now. Problems like blackheads, pimples, and an itchy scalp are all things that can tackled if you use the right face wash. © nocalzone So here is a list of super affordable face washes that will brighten up your skin and rid you of all the blemishes and pimples. 1. Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Face Wash In Winters, this one not only cleanses your face well but also takes out all the impurities. It also tightens pores and is super hydrating. © Amazon Price: 135 Buy it here 2. Neutrogena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser A non-comedogenic face cleanser that clears off dead skin cells so that healthier fresh looking skin can surface. © Amazon Price: 258 Buy it here 3. Garnier Acno Fight Face Wash This one has effective micro bead technology that fights six major acne problems. © Amazon Price: 120 Buy it here 4. Pond's Pure White Anti Pollution With Activated Charcoal Facewash This one has activated charcoal which is great for fighting acne and blackhead. © Amazon Price: 162 Buy it here 5. Nivea Men All-In-1 Pump Facewash A cleanser with the cooling mud formula that gives long lasting oil control and redeems skin of acne. © Amazon Price: 129 Buy it here 6. Khadi Mauri Herbal Fenugreek Face Wash An ayurvedic face wash with natural ingredients that cleanses the skin with powers of fenugreek. © Amazon Price: 175 Buy it here 7. BLCK Activated Charcoal Face Wash A mix of tea tree oil and charcoal together, this face wash promises to fight both pimples and and blackheads. It also brightens skin up. © Amazon Price: 199 Buy it here
  21. Maintaining facial hair on a regular basis is super important if you want to grow a glorious beard. An essential component of growing your beard is maintaining the length of the crop and not have it look dishevelled. Men can either choose a razor or a trimmer to keep the crop in place. You need to anyway clear growth on your cheeks, the neck hair and the frivolous hair growth. However, using a razor means encountering a ton of cuts that tend to stick around for a week or two and make you look like a battle victim. Using a razor is too much of a hassle. Instead, try these razor sharp trimmers that will do the job for you. 1. Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4001/15 This trimmer has long lasting durapower technology that charges up to 45 minutes. Its smooth tips are skin-friendly with 10 lock-in length settings, 1-10mm with 1mm precision. © Amazon Price: 1,249 Buy it here 2. Nova NHT-1045 Rechargeable Cordless Beard Trimmer for Men Its high grade stainless steel blades cut close to the skin and give a good finish. The trimmer comes with removable and rechargeable battery. © Amazon Price: 349 Buy it here 3. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men's Beard and Hair Trimmer With Japanese blade technology, the trimmer is rechargeable and washable. © Amazon Price:1,299 Buy it here 4. Syska HT3052K Grooming Kit The high quality trimming blades make for a safe, easy and hygienic trimming experience. This trimmer promises to tackle imperfect lines and untidy beards with a grooming kit that takes care of every need. © Amazon Price: 1,899 Buy it here 5. HTC AT 210 Professional Cordless Trimmer for Men The HTC trimmer will give you a hassle-free grooming experience at home. It is extremely easy to use because of its ergonomic design. © Amazon Price: 444 Buy it here 6. Braun MGK3080-9-in-One Multi Grooming and Trimmer Kit With a varied range of blades from 0.5-10 mm for ultimate customized precision, this is a must have for every man. It has a fully washable head and comb for easy cleaning under running water. © Amazon Price: 3,919 Buy it here
  22. It's 2019, a year to introspect where you're going and what you want to become in the very bright future, that's lying ahead of you right now. But to get there, somethings should be easier said than done and by that I mean, 2019 is the OG year for all you lads, who want to change certain things about yourselves and make something more remarkable out of the remainder of your life left. (c)Getty Images The 'fuckboi' culture was at a peak and still is in our country and the wave is slowly disseminating a little less voraciously, due to the recent ongoing #MeToo movement but it's still there. But the culture stands appropriately acceptable, as long as there is undulated respect given to the person you're involved with. By definition, a fuckboy is a 'man' who has many casual sexual partners, but in practicality, the meaning goes a little beyond that definition. A fuckboy is usually classified as manipulative, shrewd, inconsiderate and assertive and sometimes, these things can and should be put aside to have some fun and casual, unadulterated ***. Although #MeToo hasn't put a demarcation on the fuckboy culture, but because of its prevalence, it does raise a a lot of questions with regard to the conditioning aspect of someone who is ardently trying to be a fuckboy and fit in. (c)Pintrest So, to put aside playing with fire in 2019, we've come up with ways you can still be a fuckboy, but be sensitive, aware and considerate, all at once and it can only happen if you change certain pertinent patterns and turn the entire wave around, while still enjoying casual fuckboy ***. This one's classified as 'fuckboy with a conscience' and it's the truest anthem of 2019! (1) Tell Her First Hand You're A Fuckboy Usually fuckboys don't like to narrate they are fuckboys because then what's the point? But truth be told, a woman of 2019 would rather know your intention than play your wicked games. Men who love to score make up enthralling stories for women about their longings, desires, vulnerability and the fact that they're damaged (a term casually used by men nowadays), to get her into bed. Instead, just tell her you're in it just for *** and she'll respect you for that and sleep with you, if she wants to. But getting into her pants after spinning a yarn and then disappearing is just frowned upon now. (c)Eros International (2) Texting Etiquette A fuckboy's known trait is his texting habit and ritual. While in talks with most women who've encountered one too many, they revealed that most fuckboys they were involved with would take hours to text back, because they could. Honestly, it's a habit garnered out of showing lack of interest in knowing someone personally. Which is fair. If it's just casual ***, why do you need to text all the time, right? So, let that sink in while you decide to keep it a bit more real. Making someone wait and substantiating the fuckboy culture even more is just not something women are looking forward to this year. (c)Twitter (3) Playing With Insecurities Is So Passé Telling her she's over-exaggerating every time she calls out on something, lying to her about why you disappeared, texting her after hours for her to ask you 'are you there', manipulating her into thinking you're in it for the long run, when you're not are all classic fuckboy signs you need to change because this is directly hampering someone's security about themselves or about the situation as a whole. Let's go back to point no.1 and emphasise on how you can be honest about what you really want out of this semblance and let these games completely go. Give it a shot. (c)UTV Motion Pictures (4) Fuckboys Don't Need To Hide Their Feelings Fuckboys, or men who don't confront their feelings often, hide them in fear of the simplest revelation about themselves. It's how they manicure the whole image to make them feel unbreakable, when they're not. But sometimes they're broken and that addressal is important, but it barely happens. So, if you're using *** as a coping mechanism and hiding the most gullible bits about yourself, it's time to start addressing the way you feel and making changes with emoting yourself better, rather than hiding behind a garb of relentlessly trying to make an impression on the women out there. Something to think about? (c)Eros International (5) Toning Down On Being Selfish Helps If you really want to reincarnate the way the world perceives your image, then start with your flaws, which you've ignored for a long time. The biggest one being the selfishness that comes with playing the fuckboy. And that's unnaturally built and not an inherent flaw, so you can weed it out when you're in for an image makeover. Most fuckboys think about their carnal needs before thinking about the other person involved. How about, put your needs aside or balance your needs with the other persons. If the other person does not fancy a fuckboy and she's not in the knowing about you being one, then don't go ahead with the plan? (c)Shemaroo Entertainment This isn't an attempt to call out ridiculous behaviours men try and immortalise and continue to do so in 2019. I was a fuckboy too till I realised my life is passing me by and all I have gained is excessive amount of karma for making a mockery out of how other people feel. In 2019, with the advent of the #MeToo movement, it's time to start fresh and change the way you perceive actions and inactions and make these changes more pronounced. *** is the need of the hour and you can find it without creating an unnecessary image for yourself in the market. You know what's in demand right now though? Just being yourself, that's what.
  23. If your target is to achieve a lean and chiselled six pack with decent muscle mass, that gives you the look of a bodybuilder, you need to get a gym membership. However, when we are talking about being 'fit', it isn't necessary that you need to spend thousands of bucks on a fancy gym membership. You can easily start working on your fitness goals, even without going to a proper gym facility. Today, I am going to tell you a few ways to start working on your fitness without going to a gym: 1) Yoga © Thinkstock Yoga is the most inexpensive form of exercise. No fancy equipment, no special shoes and clothing, just a mat and a clean floor. You don't need to be a professional to perform a few basic yoga moves. You can easily start with basic stretching on your own by reading from the books or watching a few online videos on yoga for beginners. Also, there are free yoga classes once in a while in local parks, where you can go and learn the stances and then practice on your own. Yoga will help you with flexibility and strengthening your muscles. 2) Bodyweight Strength Training © Pixabay Body weight training or callisthenics is a form of exercise where you use your own weight as a resistance to train your body. Body weight training is seriously underrated when it comes to training for strength. You can achieve a decent level of strength by working on your body using your own body weight with the help of a few exercises. Lunges, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, chest-dips, triceps-dips are a few examples of exercise that can be performed without any equipment, just by using only your body weight. 3) Walking/Running © Pixabay Long distance walking or jogging is one of the most primitive yet effective ways to stay fit. It is especially very helpful for people who have a sedentary lifestyle or a sitting job. People who do not move much throughout the day should perform long distance walking or jogging to make sure they are burning enough calories every day and also keeping their joints in a healthy condition. You can go outside in a park to jog or if there is no park available nearby just go for a walk by the roadside. 4) Jumping Rope/Skipping © Pinterest Skipping is a very good form of exercise to increase your stamina, endurance and agility. You will see professional boxers doing skipping every day in their workout routine, that's because they use it to get better with their agility. It is also a great way to bring your heart rate up and to burn more calories. Try to include some form interval sets in between to make your skipping session interesting. 5) Taking The Stairs © Thinkstock I know it's difficult to take the stairs when you have the elevator available but trust me, your body will actually thank you for doing so. This is especially true for people who otherwise have a sedentary lifestyle. Taking the stairs at work or walking the stairs up and down after a heavy lunch or during your break time, will help you to exercise without even taking out time for it. Climbing stairs will help you to elevate your heart rate and also burn more calories. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  24. Thanks to the celebration of maximalism, the likes of KJo and Ranveer Singh, the colour red, finally, is all around, especially during the Holiday season. Quite literally. We're talking Christmas decor, red-themed parties, red presents from secret Santas, red candy bars and red velvet cake with even the Starbucks cuppa assuming the colour red! This also means that you might have to or want to participate in the parade of some rouge play and we don't blame you. Now, even though you might be tempted to dress as Santa, don't. Red is a great colour to play with, but styling it right can be rather tricky and if done right, is sure to gather compliments. But don't you worry, here's a definitive guide that breaks down styling the colour rouge so you don't get called uncle Santa next time you decide to ho ho ho in the coming days! 1. Pulling off jumpers is probably the easiest, extremely effortless and a comfy way of wearing a red shade smartly. Go wild with intense and deep shades of red here, because the shade is toned down automatically with a jacket or pants that you pair along. © H&M , Marks & Spencer, Zara 2. If a knitted pullover is not your jam, red plain sweatshirts and the ones with cool graphics are also a great choice for days around Christmas. Exhibit A. © Adidas and Zara 3. Work the red flannel: Another alternative to wearing a solid red. Flannel takes the pressure off instantly if you don't want to go all-red and works great for theme parties where red is mandatory to wear. © Zara,H&M 4. Layer, layer, layer! Layering your reds with bombers, knits, scarfs, bum bags, cool sneakers takes your outfit a notch higher and gives it an added definition. Mix and match textures, prints and colours, the outfit will automatically draw attention in a good way! © Zara 5. The upside down: The red trousers, an unusual choice works well if you experiment with different materials like corduroys. Pro tip: add an over-sized long coat and see your look light up. © Marks & Spencer, Zara 6. The scarlet blazer: Maximalist fashion is risque but can also be extremely rewarding. The red blazer, an offbeat choice looks great when styled in darker shades of burgundy and maroon to tone down the intensity of the colour. © Zara
  25. If you have been serious about getting in shape and have not done anything yet, there is a good chance that you will take a New Year's resolution to get fit. Most likely, you are not new to this. You are a re-resolutioner. It has worked like this in the past: 1. You took a New Year's resolution. 2. You bought a gym membership. 3. You kept an alarm for 6 AM in the morning. 4. You exercised at the gym religiously for a couple of weeks. The 'no days off' crew. 5. Your resolution is over. Fitness resolution? What's that? You know why does this happen? It is ALL YOUR FAULT. You tend to take things to the extreme and burn out quick. Here is how you can stick to your resolution in 2019 and get in shape: 1. Set Smaller Goals Say you have 30 kilos to lose. And you start with that goal. You will feel disheartened at every step of the journey as you will check your weight every time and you won't be 30 kilos lighter. It is because you compare your progress to your goals too often. So set a goal of 1 kilo per time. Achieve it, move to the next one kilo. The eventual result can be of 30 kilos. But it should NOT be your goal right away. © Unsplash 2. One Step At A Time With The Gym Got a gym membership and you are a player of the team 'No Days Off' already? The funny part is that you have not even been to the gym seven times in the past month and now, all of a sudden, you want to be in the gym seven days a week? You will be sore. You will be tired. You will be exhausted. And you will give up. Start with 2-3 sessions per week. After a couple of weeks, move it to 4 sessions per week. If your goal is to get lean and get in good shape, 4 to 5 sessions per week are more than enough. 3. Diet Smart Clean eating is a major fail. You were gulping alcohol and hogging cake all through December. All of a sudden, you are #eatclean? Stop taking your diet to the extremes. What matters for weight loss is you being in a caloric deficit. Adequate protein intake and weight training if you would like to look muscular and lean! Focus on total calorie intake for the day and adequate protein. I am not saying food quality does not matter. It does. Eat majorly unprocessed foods and pick nutrient-dense options. Eat the things you like at times. Do not make it an on diet or off diet affair. It is plain stupid. © Unsplash 4. Work With A Professional If you wanted to be a professional cricketer, would you keep playing gully cricket or go to an academy and work with a coach? I am pretty sure you are smart enough to choose the latter. Do the same with your fitness goals. Instead of just doing trial and error all the time, work with a coach! Someone who has a track record of providing results and they talk sense. Some examples of nonsense: . You need drugs or certain fat loss pills. . You need to go on liquid or detox diets. . You should not eat carbs after 6 pm. . You need to confuse your muscles. . You need special supplements or BCAAs. . You need to do light weight more reps for fat loss and heavyweight fewer reps for muscle building. If they say any of the above, save your money. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.