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Found 504 results

  1. In another bizarre incident, a married couple in Canada was fined for around over 1lakh after the woman was found walking the man on a leash. The incident took place in Canada’s Quebec where a woman was walking her husband on a leash just like a dog. She was caught as the couple broke the Coronavirus curfew which asked people to stay indoors post 8 pm. © Unsplash The 8 pm curfew was imposed by the Quebec premier Francois Legault, premier of Quebec in Canada as the Coronavirus cases in the area are dismally increasing. The couple was found breaking the curfew. She was later caught by the cops as she was seen breaking the curfew, when asked for a reason she said that according to the curfew rules she is allowed to walk her dog outside her house for 1km. © Unsplash When the cops pointed out that her husband was not a dog, she protested. Now, both husband and wife have been fined 1, 09,934 INR each. However, the woman hasn’t paid the fine yet. What do you think of the bizarre incident? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  2. The Indian Army, considered to be one of the strongest defence forces in the world, is without a doubt the pride of our nation. Almost every other day we hear brave tales of army personnel going above and beyond the call of duty and this time too, they did not disappoint when their help was needed. Recently, army personnel in Karalpura in Kupwara, Kashmir helped a pregnant woman reach hospital in knee-deep snow. The season’s first snowfall covered the plains of Kashmir Valley and covered the whole of Jammu and Kashmir in knee-deep snowfall. © Twitter Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh from Pharkian village in Kashmir expressed to the Army that he couldn’t reach the community health service nor the local transport. Within some time, Army personnel reached the location with medical staff and escorted the woman and her family through 2Km knee-deep snow. Once the Army staff got her through the snow, the woman was rushed to the Karalpura hospital where staff had been informed in advance about the pregnant woman’s situation. Later, the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy. A video of the army personnel carrying the woman was posted on Twitter. Check out the full video here- Heavy snow in Kashmir brings unprecedented challenges for citizens, especially in higher reaches. Watch the Soldier & Awam fighting it out together by evacuating a patient to the nearest PHC for medical treatment. #ArmyForAwam#AmanHaiMuqam pic.twitter.com/DBXPhhh0RP — PRO Udhampur, Ministry of Defence (@proudhampur) January 7, 2021 Here’s what people have to say about the incident- Very great, we proud of you — करन माथुर (@karankumar875) January 8, 2021Big Salute — Manish Srivastava (@ManishS40389534) January 8, 2021Very good work — ABR Bauddh (@AbrBauddh) January 8, 2021This is what all Indian Army is all about.. Bravery, Courage & over all above Humanity. Proud of our Armed Forces. Jai Hind. — sachin shah (@satin_17_2001) January 8, 2021I Salute them — Kalpana hada (@KalpanaHada) January 8, 2021Our soldiers is really great — Rohit Yadav (@RohitYa69932122) January 8, 2021What do you think of the heartwarming gesture by the army personnel? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  3. Some stories make you think that you are doing something wrong with your life and would want you to get more determined. Navalben Dalsangbhai Chaudhary, a 62-year-old woman from Gujarat has been selling milk and earning a living. Also, if you own your dairy you can make your earnings reach millions. Navalben is from Nagana Village in Banaskantha district, and she defied the odds of starting a mini-revolution in her district at the age of 62 years. She has recently made a record of selling milk worth Rs 1.10 Crore in 2020 and has been earning a profit of Rs3.50 lakh every month. © Twitter Not only this, in the year 2019, she sold milk for Rs 87.95 lakh. She started a dairy in her house last year and now she has over 80 buffaloes and 45 cows that cater to the milk needs of people from many villages. According to News18, she said she has four sons and they earn less than her. She said, “I have four sons who are studying and working in cities. I run a dairy of 80 buffaloes and 45 cows. In 2019, I sold milk worth Rs 87.95 lakh and was the first in the Banaskantha district in this case. I am also number one by selling milk worth Rs.1 crore 10 lakh in 2020.” © BCCL Nawalben milks cows herself every day morning and also has around 15 employees working for her in the dairy. Also, her milk selling achievements have now been recognized with two Lakshmi Awards and three Best Pashupalak Awards in Banaskantha district. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  4. Ever since its advent, cricket has been labelled as a gentleman's game. While the connotation largely points to the spirit of the game, cricket is no longer a gentleman's game, both literally and figuratively. The ever-growing competition has witnessed cricketers testing the spirit of the game time and again. And, the extension of the sport by involving women further highlights how far cricket has come over the years. Today, women, just like their male counterparts, have their standalone showpiece tournaments that allowed them to break away from the shadows of men's cricket. The rise of women in cricket witnessed another historic moment on 7th January. During the first day's play of the 3rd Test between India and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG), Claire Polosak etched her name in the history books as the first woman, in 144 years of Test cricket, to officiate in the longest version of the game. Congratulations to Claire Polosak who makes history today by becoming the first woman to officiate in a men's Test #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/p1APX3zpeL — ICC (@ICC) January 7, 2021 Australia's Polosak was roped in the umpiring panel as the fourth or reserve umpire for the 3rd Test. "I never played cricket, but I always followed cricket, and my parents got me into it (umpiring), Dad used to drive me up from Goulburn to do the umpires course. It took a few times to pass but it was something I was determined to do and I just kept working through the grades in the Sydney competition," Polosak was quoted as saying by India Today. "I've probably had to work a little bit harder (than men) but it's all part of the enjoyment, and being able to do well makes it even better. It just shows there is a pathway now, there are increased opportunities," she added. © Twitter/@ghostlyrants This isn't the first time when Polosak has led the way for women umpires. The 32-year-old was also the first woman to officiate in an Australian men's domestic fixture during the JLT Cup in 2017. In 2016, Polosak and New Zealand's Kathy Cross became the first women umpires to officiate at a T20 World Cup. The list of accomplishments grows for Claire Polosak! After becoming the first woman to officiate men's ODI, she today becomes the first woman to officiate a men's Test match. Congratulations Claire! #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/ON9mg7Fc60 — Cricket Australia (@CricketAus) January 7, 2021 In December 2018, Polosak and Eloise Sheridan became the first women to officiate on the field together during a professional match in Australia. The Australian duo was officiating the WBBL clash between Adelaide Strikers and Melbourne Stars. © Twitter/@WBBL The New South Wales native began umpiring at a tender age of 15. But, it was in 2015 that Polosak's international umpiring career took off following her appointment to the ICC Women's T20 qualifying tournament in Thailand, where she officiated in 8 matches including the final. She is currently part of Cricket Australia's supplementary umpire panel and the ICC development umpire panel. In addition to her experience in men's cricket, Polosak has also officiated in 17 women's ODIs, with an additional three as the third umpire, and 33 Women's T20Is alongside five more matches as the third umpire. View the full article
  5. In another episode of 'this happens only in India', a woman from Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal has agreed to leave her husband in exchange for Rs 1.5 crore. According to a report by India Today, this incident only came to light when the child of the couple filed a case in family court. The daughter said that her father was having an extramarital affair with his colleague and led to many fights at home. The minor also said that this was very disturbing to her and her sister’s education. © Unsplash Further, it was found that the man had been seeing the woman from his office. He wanted to leave his wife and wanted to live with the other woman. Later, two of them took counseling to sort matters within their marriage as suggested by the court. After multiple rounds, the woman agreed to leave her husband in a very bizarre condition. She said that the woman her husband was having an affair with would have to give her her apartment along with Rs 27 lakh in cash to her. © Unsplash She expressed to the counselor that she didn’t want to live with someone who did not share a good relationship with. So, she decided to take the amount and look after her daughters. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  6. Sonia Shamroz has been assigned as DPO for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's Lower Dir district
  7. Strapline: In the most disruptive year for mankind yet, Saloni Gaur restored some sort of sanity in our lives with her unique social commentary. We find out how the year 2020 was for India’s first woman comedian with her own show on a streaming platform. The year 2020 has been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. Natural disasters, protests, COVID-19 pandemic - hardly a moment in this deadly year was free of the specter of the disease that wreaked havoc across the globe. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call 2020 the worst year in the history of human civilisation. However, as we know, every coin has two sides to it, and there was certainly some entertainment for us to look forward to during the nationwide lockdown, courtesy the digital entertainers - who were nothing less than a saving grace. They ensured we stayed sane in this rather unexpectedly tumultuous year. It is said that there’s no better recourse in trying times than humour and music. The year 2020 might just have proved that right. View this post on Instagram Some of these performances online were seldom longer than a minute, and at least one of them graduated to get her own show on a streaming service. Yes, we are talking about Saloni Gaur aka Nazma Aapi (also popularly known as Kangana Runout). Saloni has come a long way since the end of 2019, when she first drew attention for her sketches on the protests against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Register of Citizens (NRC). Incredibly sharp and a good mimic, the 21-year-old comedian is now the host of the variety show Uncommon Sense on SonyLiv. View this post on Instagram Part of an industry that is highly misogynistic and sexist, she is changing the landscape, one funny video at a time. Recently, her video on Kangana Ranaut was extensively trolled on social media. In the video, while mimicking Kangana, Saloni constantly asks Siri who's the best actress of Bollywood, but in return Siri takes the names of other A-listers. Kangana Runout talks to Siri pic.twitter.com/x5bKQidnbp — Saloni Gaur (@salonayyy) December 17, 2020 Besides, there has been constant social media criticism of her character Nazma Aapi, in which she makes funny videos as a hijab-wearing young woman with an old Delhi accent, by a section of people as her reach has increased multifold over the years. In an exclusive tete-a-tete with MensXP, Saloni opened up about her comic journey, her unique take on ongoing social issues, her increased popularity during the COVID-19 lockdown, her experience of bagging her own show and much more. Excerpts:Q. You have become a household name in less than a year. How does that make you feel? It sure feels great. I’ve been doing this for three years. I started making videos in 2017 and it took me almost two years to reach where I am today. A lot of people know me now, my parents are really happy to see me reach new heights and now when I’ve my own show everything feels like a dream come true. Q. Tell us about ‘Nazma Aapi’. How did you come up with that character? What was the idea behind the character's conception? Nazma Aapi’s character is not inspired by anyone in particular. I come from western U.P. and a lot of people there speak like that and when I went to Delhi for my graduation, I saw many people using this dialect in old Delhi too. That's when I thought of making Nazma Aapi’s video. I made the first video on Eid 2018 which was about Eid preparations. I did not prepare much for it. Initially, I had a few keywords in mind and started speaking like Nazma aapi using those words. Back then, 100 to 200 people used to watch my videos and they loved it. So I was happy. View this post on Instagram Q. When did you start exploring social media? How did this idea of becoming a social media influencer come to you? I got my first phone in 2017 when I was moving to Delhi for my graduation. That's when I first explored social media. Before that I wasn't present on any social media platforms, not even on Facebook. I didn't even know that we can upload videos on Instagram. I used to think that Instagram is just for posting pictures, then I started using all these apps and suddenly one day I thought of making funny videos. Well, I did not think of becoming an influencer. I just wanted to be a comedian. However, when in November last year my videos went viral, everything happened on its own. Q. Your popularity has increased during this COVID-19 lockdown. Do you think this lockdown in any way has helped you more career wise? Yes, indeed, the lockdown has helped me a lot. I was at my home with no books to study for my college exams. So there was nothing much to do. Hence, I started posting videos on a daily basis. People were consuming a lot of online content during lockdown so that helped me a lot. I got my own show during lockdown. So I would rather say, fortunately the lockdown changed my life for good. Q. How has the year 2020 been for you? 2020 has been really great for me. Although I missed my graduation farewell party and my last semester in college, I got to spend some time with my parents and dadi which was great. Watching Mahabharat and Ramayan with dadi was like my everyday thing as a child and I got to relive that moment again in 2020 which was great. View this post on Instagram Q. How has your experience of bagging your own show been? Did you ever plan to be a full-time comedian? Yes, I always wanted to be a comedian but I knew that I won’t get famous overnight and neither did I want to be a burden on my parents. So I always thought that I would take up a job and maybe then will follow my passion. But fortunately everything happened at the right time. My videos went viral and then I started working even harder and got my own show. Did you know this is the first time in India that a female comedian has got her own show? So it is kind of a big deal for me and I am thankful to my audience. Q. What would you like to say about Kangana Ranaut's response to your recent video imitating her that just went viral? Well, we’ve all seen how she reacts to anything online. So taking that into consideration, I would say she was pretty easy on me. I do what I do because my audience loves it and my accountability is towards my audience. My audience enjoyed that video so I am happy. I don't really take online trolls seriously. View this post on InstagramQ. Why do you think there are very few female comedians as compared to the male ones? Or do you think the scenario is changing now? Yes, the scenario is changing now. We see a lot of female comedians now and we see them doing housefull shows just like their fellow male comedians which is great. Q. How do you ace the accent of celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut? I don’t know. I have been like this since childhood. As a kid I used to mimic all my relatives, teachers, friends and then I started mimicking these Bollywood celebs and I don't know how I do it. It just happens. Q. Since your brother is in the same field, do you ever take any suggestion or feedback from him? He has always supported me and guided me. I was in college when my videos went viral. I knew nothing about business and creating content as I was doing it just for fun. But he helped me and eased me into the process. He is five years elder to me so he has always been like this. He doesn’t let me take any pressure. Q. What are you looking forward to in 2021? Is there any new plan/project in place? Yes, I have a few things planned but I can’t reveal much as of now. View the full article
  8. Inquiry report says Punjab Healthcare Commission were surprised to see paralysed woman's condition during a house visit
  9. The woman contracted coronavirus in spring this year after which she was given paralysis-inducing sedation
  10. The farmers' protest against the new farm laws have been going on for the past 27 days and the farmer union leaders are going to meet today and discuss a plan of action after the government has invited them for another round of talks. The farmers on Monday also began their day-long relay hunger strike in the chilling weather at all protest sites on Delhi borders. The farmers will participate in hunger strikes in batches and the first batch had around 11 members. Shivering Cold ! Farmers are forced to sleep on the roads for their rights. What kind of democracy is this ?#FarmersProtest #DigitalKisan pic.twitter.com/Ukb6uPddGH — Kisan Ekta Morcha (@KisanEktaMarch) December 22, 2020 The government had also asked them to specify their concerns over its earlier proposal of amendments in the laws and asked them for a convenient date for the next round of talks so that the on-going protest could end at the earliest. Not only this, the official Twitter handle of Kisan EKta Morcha took to Twitter saying that a 62-year-old woman drove from Patiala to Singhu border to join the farmer's protest. The caption read as, “62-Year-old Manjeet Kaur, drove from Patiala to #SinghuBorder to join the protest. #FarmersProtest #KisanAandolan (sic).” Check out the post here- 62 Year old Manjeet Kaur, drove from Patiala to #SinghuBorder to join protest.#FarmersProtest #KisanAandolan pic.twitter.com/jORrkE3O5Y — Kisan Ekta Morcha (@KisanEktaMarch) December 21, 2020 Here’s what people on the internet have to say about the daredevil elderly woman who drove a jeep and joined the farmers’ protest- Wow!! first time I watched this type of protest , these grannies are also supporting,so daring, lots of love ️️ our grannies — Pooja Kumari (@KhushiK42304189) December 21, 2020 Es bebe da jigra sadde pradan mantri ton vadda ae... Sadke isde. — Sandydogra 🇮🇳 (@dograsandeep) December 21, 2020 किसान एकता को लाल सलाम। #FarmersUnityLongLive#Repeal3NewFarmLaws — Rajan Gawande (@RajanGawande) December 22, 2020 Inspiring and Historical.. Long live Kisan unity — hassan (@hassan_cse) December 22, 2020 Bebe zindabad. — Gurdeep Soi (@GSoi) December 22, 2020 Oh God! These are enthusiastic grannies,,, "Jo bole so Nihal Sat Shri akal"#kisanandolan #KisanVirodhiNarendraModi #KisanEktaMorcha — Arusha Rathore (@arusha_rathore) December 21, 2020 Pic of the Day ... Dil khush kr ditta — Abdullah (@Abdullah_Ghauri) December 21, 2020 What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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