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Found 30 results

  1. Yes guys, women bleed from 'down there' 5 days every month. It's really not an anomaly that they do TBH because if they didn't, they wouldn't be procreating, to begin with. Yeah, why do you think a woman gets her period in the first place? To determine the fact that she will be able to bear children someday. I really don't want to get into the biology of it, because you should leave that research to when you have spare time. © Twitter But what you do need to know are certain facts about a woman's period so you don't sound utterly stupid when you don't need to! If you have a girlfriend, a sister, a mother or women friends, this info will certainly come in handy. Why? Because women love guys who are sensitive and can understand what they're going through, in every sense of the word. Here are 5 important things every guy should know about a woman's period: (1) Yes, PMS Is Real Basically, whatever you've read and heard about PMS is true. Women get cranky, they get moody, they cry, they want to eat more chocolate and they're fighting bad cramps all day. Why? Because 'that time of the month' also brings along a batch of fresh hormones and hormones cause certain mood imbalances. And that's okay, right? PMS usually begins a few days or a week before the period starts. Sometimes, they begin a lot earlier and it's not an easy time for a woman. So, the next time you want to blame the fights you've been having with her while she is PMSing, think thrice. © Pinterest (2) No, Women Are Not Untouchables During Their Period Yup, this one's indeed an interesting myth. Back in the old days, if the girl of the house was on her period, she was treated differently for those 5 days. She was given separate utensils to eat in, she wasn't allowed to chill with the rest of the family, and she wasn't even allowed to enter the temple etc. Basically, she was treated like an outlaw and if you've heard these stories from your mothers and grandmothers it's time to change your perspective! A woman on her period is a blessing, not disgusting! © Pinterest (3) Yes, Chocolate Craving Is Real Again, no one has really figured out why, but women do crave chocolate when they're on their period. It's definitely something hormonal. So, if you bring her a chocolate with a hot water bottle, you're gold to her. © Pinterest (4) Yes, Period *** Is Okay While a lot of people, including women, may find this repulsive or unhygienic, it actually is the best *** you can have, both for women and men. Men, because there is natural lubrication and women, because it relieves period cramps and let's face it, women are hornier that time of the month, so it serves their purpose. As far as hygiene goes, that is something you need to figure on your own. Maybe put a used bed sheet underneath while doing it? © 20th Television (5) Yes, They Appreciate It If You Do Nice Things For Them The 5 days when she's bestowed with her period, are the toughest for her throughout the month. And she wishes for some support, if not all. So, what you can do is understand her mood swings, let her be cranky and make her feel like it's okay to cry or just PMS because sometimes, it's not in her hands. You can also help her out by buying her sanitary pads or tampons and making her some chamomile tea to ease her pain. © Thinkstock Women having her period is like men getting an early morning boner. It's the most natural phenomena ever. So, the next time you want to cringe at it, make a face or look away in disgust, maybe try and understand it better first?
  2. When you meet someone you really like spending time with, there's only one thing left to address-is the attraction mutual? While some are really good at telling, more often than not, most other people aren't very good with it. That's when they need to study certain signs to figure when to make the right move, if the attraction is from both the ends. (c)T Series Motion Films Mutual attraction can be seen from specific behaviours and patterns you observe when you're spending time with the other person. But there are 5 prominent signs you can't miss if the other person is attracted to you to. Here are 5 signs that will tell you if the attraction is indeed mutual or not (1) They Pay Attention To Every Detail If you're spending time with a friend, there might be things she may miss in your conversations and gestures but if you're spending time with a probable love interest and if you think the attraction is mutual, she will pay attention to every minute detail you give away. Such is the law of attraction. If you notice her noticing everything, you know how she feels. (c)Zee Films (2) There Will Be Constant Eye Contact Eye contact is a definitive sign if the person is interested in you or not. Long lasting eye contact coming from a stranger can be creepy but if there is ample eye contact with the person you like, it means they like you back. Or else they won't make eye contact just as much. (c)AA Films (3) They Will Maintain A Particular Physical Proximity Just like eye contact people who are interested in each other will not mind either of the breaching their space with physical contact every now and then. It's them subconsciously establishing a level of comfort between the two. You will notice they'll always want to walk close by or sit next to you, wherever you're sitting. (c)Fox Star Studios (4) There Is A Lot Of Suggestive Teasing People who share mutual attraction have a unique way to communicate with each other and sometimes only they can get inside jokes, body language and some amount of teasing here and there. When two people are attracted to one another, they find comfort in teasing each other and poking fun in order to let the awkwardness go. It's a given! (c)Eros International (5) The Obvious: Your Presence Makes Them Smile People obviously look forward to the company of people they really like and a smile is the most obvious sign to determine that! So, if you're around someone you really like and both of you are smiling at each other like there's a hanger stuck in your mouth, then the attraction is mutual for sure! (c)AA Films So, if you see, mutual attraction can be figured out by specific behaviours, gestures, body language and said words. It's no rocket science to know for sure if the other person likes you back. You just need to pay close attention to know for sure, is all.
  3. Women's safety has forever been a concern in India, especially in New Delhi. And when reports surface about women getting molested and raped even in broad daylight, our faith only crumbles and the thought of travelling alone at night turns into a nightmarish vision for many women. However, some women have started feeling safe while travelling at night, thanks to certain people who are going out of their way to ensure that women are safe irrespective of what time it is. One such person is Praveen Ranjan, an auto driver, who commands all our respect for doing his bit to help women. Twitter Praveen Ranjan never takes fare from the women who are travelling at night. When asked about the reason, he said, "Madam main kuch nahi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pahuchana zyada zaroori hain." Praveen's story was shared by Neha Das, who said she was glad that she met him. She wrote in her post, "Yesterday was just another day in office. Finished work just in time to leave a little before 12 am. Delhi winters are here, the streets are mostly empty. While I waited for an auto outside office, this gentleman stopped. On asking the fare, he said "Madam main kuch nahi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pahuchana zyada zaroori hain." "I stood there wondering is he for real," she further wrote and I am sure everyone reading this post would have thought the same. This autowala, whom I would like to call the unsung hero, refused to take any money from Neha, but after she insisted, he took the fare without the night charges. Not all heroes wear capes, some like Praveen silently help women rebuild their trust in society and ensure their safety. We salute this unsung hero.
  4. Chetan Bhagat is in the soup right now after screenshots of his private conversation with a woman have gone viral on social media. In the screenshots, it is clear that the author of bestseller novels like 'The Three Mistakes Of My Life', 'Half Girlfriend' and '2 States' is trying to flirt with the woman and "woo" her, despite being married; and the woman appears to be uncomfortable with the chat. Instagram These screenshots were shared online by a Twitter user, who has been collecting stories of women and posting it on social media, for the world to know how people in powerful positions are misbehaving with women. She further mentioned that the woman in question is a journalist, whom Bhagat had met only in a professional capacity. And it goes on. Chetan Bhagat @chetan_bhagat pic.twitter.com/xyI9tSgfMc — ð Sheena (@weeny) October 6, 2018 After these screenshots were shared, Chetan Bhagat admitted that the screenshots are real and that this conversation was from several years ago when he tried to "woo" her. Bhagat further posted an apology letter on Facebook, where he apologised to the woman in question and his wife Anusha. He wrote, "We do feel certain things sometimes, and I did too. I found this person special, and different from all others I had met. I shouldn't have, and maybe I shouldn't have shared it with that person in a private conversation either." He further added, "I realized I was married and this was not about looking for any action. I just had not felt that kind of connection in a while. Maybe I was going through a phase, maybe these things just happen, or maybe I felt the person felt the same too based on our conversations (which I don't need to repeat here). However, it was stupid of me, to feel that way and to even share that with her." Honestly, we don't know about his books, but this is definitely one of the many mistakes of his life. Some people will argue that this is not sexual harassment, but even if it isn't, do you think his actions were justified? Do you think it's okay to apologize only when you get caught and choose to stay mum otherwise? Let us know about your thoughts in the comments section below.
  5. When you're trying to seek out a woman you fancy, you cannot expect them to simply fall into your lap, because you've got the looks for it or enough bank balance to pamper her with. While we all feel great when we come to know someone loves us, women usually like to go a step further to size up the compatibility they share with the other person. Listed below are 10 such habits or personality traits that every woman usually looks for and appreciates in a man: 1. Thoughtful Mannerisms © Dharma Productions One of the things women notice very early on during their interactions with a man, are his mannerisms. By that, we don't just mean things like holding the door for her or paying attention to her when she speaks, those are basic etiquettes anyone should follow. But an easy trace of thoughtfulness and kindness in a man's mannerisms (that aren't merely pretentious), always catch a woman's attention. 2. Willingness To Mend Things In the present times of easy availability and abundant Chinese goods around us, thoughts of ditching something when it stops working and replacing it with a new one, come quick and easy. But women aren't a fan of the idea, until it becomes absolutely necessary. Women love it when men show signs of being willing to fix things, rather than abandoning them, the very first chance they get. © Dharma Productions 3. Holding The Pace Most people are unaware of the fact that women really appreciate it when a man consciously makes an effort to hold the pace during conversations or even when they are simply walking together. Rushing a conversation, meeting or constantly walking a few steps ahead of her seems a bit crude. 4. Respecting Time Yeah, it's a no-brainer, and yet half of you fail to follow this simple rule. Punctuality in every aspect of your personal and professional life is a major turn on for women. Your respect for time comes across as an indication of meticulousness and thinking ahead of time, which women absolutely admire in a man. © Jhoom Jhoom Productions 5. Positive Vibes You may think it isn't as important, but trust us when we say that your whole game will change if a woman gets attracted to your vibe before anything else. Women love men who make them feel welcome and calm. They dig men who exude positivity in the way they look at things. Your vibes can be a total game changer for you. 6. Passion & Discipline Having a passion that's close to your heart and making it a point to follow up on it, is something every woman seeks in a man. Nobody wants a man who only works, eats, sleeps and repeats it all over again, day in and day out. So, whether it's a hobby you're passionate about or it's gymming that makes you happy, following it with a discipline will surely make her admire you all the more. © Sunshine Pictures 7. A Vision For The Future Goes without saying, but women find men with a vision for the future extremely attractive. Women directly connect it to the fact that the man is dependable and can be trusted, not only with her heart but her own visions for the future, both personally and professionally. Men with a plan come across as sincere, invested and action-oriented, and women totally love that. 8. Eating Often & Eating Right Women love food. Well, mostly. Regardless of whether they are into cooking or not, women enjoy the company of good friends and delicious food at all times. So be assured, that she'll have her eyes on you when you take your call on food. If you can cook it, superb, that's a winner right there. If not, she'll score you on how much you appreciate good food when you taste it. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures 9. Regard For Money & Finances This is something you feel we'd rather not mention, but this happens to be an important factor for women. If you're into the habit of taking care of your finances and closely monitoring your expenses and investments, while you indulge in a fair share of goodness that money provides, then that's going to be appreciated. Women don't like men who throw around their money simply because they can/want to. Dependability and security are crucial. 10. Initiating Open Conversations/Discussions If you've heard this one before, then you should know that it's true. It may be a common stereotype that women like to talk, anytime and anywhere, but the truth is, most of them want to stay away from futile conversations just as much as you do. Hence, if you can initiate open and quality conversations or are willing to initiate discussions on matters of mutual interest, she'll want to come back to you for more of it. How many of these do you think you have been blessed with?
  6. Nice guys don't always finish last, but if you're way too nice then there are chances you can come off as boring, giving women a chance to walk all over you. So, being a nice guy or being too nice doesn't often play as well as you want it to. I am not saying be an ass**** or have any bad boy traits, all I am saying is, play it cool and don't be naive when you're trying to woo a woman you like. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images I am sure you've heard women say at times 'yeah he was okay, but he was just too nice'. That's the sentence that eliminates any challenge or chase that she may want or expect from you. So, in order to cure the 'nice guy' syndrome, here are a few things you can do to save yourself from an unnecessary rejection and get that second date: (1) Stop Being Predictable Women often recognise a pattern that men may have if they like them. Like for instance, if you're texting her all the time, asking her out for coffee and movies and generally being predictable with your actions, she knows what's in store for her. Instead, do unusual things every now and then to throw her off her game, or to keep her from finding out yours. (c)Giphy (2) Don't Be Needy That's the biggest red flag ever. Too needy is also too boring. You don't want to be the needy clinger who is always there trying to get her attention. She will definitely run miles away from you! Do your own thing, have your own life and include her in yours whenever you get a chance to. No one likes needy clingy boys. (c)Giphy (3) Don't Be Too Available That's almost the same as being needy. It's when she feels like she wants to see you, you're always available. Try and be a little less available and mysterious for her. She'll definitely want to see you more and will find you elusive and less boring. (c)Giphy (4) Don't Let Her Walk All Over You If you're too nice to her she will definitely want to take advantage of the situation as much as she can. Not in an evil twisted way, but all women at most times are confused as to what they want from a guy. So, if the guy is readily available, fulfilling all their wishes all the time, then they will take advantage of that. They may not necessarily want to walk all over you, but they will find you boring regardless. (c)Giphy (5) Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone Women like adventurous men who are risk takers. They like men who love exploring new things and taking risks. So, I guess it's time to change your lifestyle. Go out of your comfort zone and take a few risks and break that boring 'nice guy' pattern. (c)Giphy There's a lot more than just being 'a nice guy' all the time. If you break a certain pattern and let her see how you can have different shades to you, there is no way in hell she will ever find you boring.
  7. Gone are the days when women got impressed with hand-written poems and flowers. Fast forward to 2018 where looks and attire trump everything and that's the truth, my friends. Women now want their partners to bring out their A-game every time they step out publicly. So dear men, it's time to trash your favourite pair of torn jeans or those joggers that you swore to never part with. Impress your girl with these 5 stylish looks that are quick to achieve, and easy on the pockets too The Ultimate White Tee & Jeans Combo Pinterest The plain white T-shirt is an essential wardrobe item for any man, and what makes it a hit with the women is the sheer casual appeal it carries. Just wear this with denims and your look is complete. The Blue Shirt & Chinos Combo Pinterest The simplicity of this look lies in the ease this attire carries. For a smart casual look, wear a baby blue classic shirt and chinos. These pieces fit really well together and if you want to give this look a boost, wear basic loafers and up your style game and your girl's smile. Who Knew Sweatshirts Would Be In Vogue? Pinterest We have seen multiple sightings of some of Bollywood's most stylish men in a basic black sweatshirt with pants. Whether it is for a coffee date, or if you're just hanging around with friends, this look screams comfort and is perfect as a day look. The Rugged Travel Look Pinterest Now, if you and your partner are deciding to go for a road trip, please don't end up wearing your over-worn and torn tracks! That look just screams 1990 and your girl will definitely not appreciate it. How about you make the look comfortable yet appealing at the same time? Wear a pair of shorts and a grey vest and add a denim jacket to stitch the look together. The denim jacket will help elevate the look by a few notches and you will thank us for the compliments you will hear from your girl. The Art Of Wearing A Suit Jacket With Jeans Pinterest This look gets 100 marks for its effortless styling and layering. Wearing a suit jacket with formal pants are so passé. Nowadays, men are experimenting with their looks and this new-age formal look is the result of that experimentation. This dinner jacket and jeans combo can be worn for a classy night out and we assure you, your girl will not be short of compliments. And did you know where you can get all of these looks for half the price- It's Club Factory to the rescue! And if you didn't know already, Club Factory is hosting the 'Club Shopping Week', a 6-day long shopping bonanza with exciting offers and never-seen-before discounts across a unique range of next-generation affordable lifestyle products. The six-day shopping fiesta, starting from September 15 to September 20, 2018, will be applicable on Club Factory's great selection of modern, trendy and unique products and accessories ranging from apparels, shoes, jewellery, home décor, handbags, beauty products to gadgets and appliances. Besides the various discounts on offer, users can also claim free phone cases and gifts, as well as get coupons by sharing their shopping details on social media. And guess what? They are offering free shipping on all orders! The Club Factory Shopping Week is so grand that even Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh and Miss World Manushi Chhillar are equally excited! What are you waiting for? Head on to Club Factory right now, and shop till you drop.
  8. Letting a girl take the lead to ask you out is a very brave and bold move, and once it happens, it's a sure shot sign that she isn't going anywhere. Most people still believe that girls should not be asking boys out and it's their job to pop the question or make the first move, but I firmly believe that times are changing and asking a guy out is kinda cool. However, getting the girl to ask you out is a challenge, a fun challenge, regardless. A lot of girls are okay with taking the lead and asking men out, but most of them set up the guy to do the asking out part, and play a beautiful mind game. But there are a few things you can do to get her to ask you out! © Warner Bros. Television But remember, not all girls enjoy asking men out. So if you're with someone or like someone who you think won't mind asking you out, definitely encourage it. Here are 5 simple ways to get the girl you like to ask you out instead: (1) Be Open About Your Feelings You don't have to hide your feelings or play mind games. It's okay to be open about your feelings. You could do that through gestures like calling her up often, texting her, hanging out with her or you could do it with words, by dropping hints on how you like her, complimenting her often, flirting with her. Basically, enough for her to know you're really into her. So, when she does ask you out, she's very sure about her decision because she knows you won't reject her. (2) Play Hard To Get Playing hard to get is a great way to get a girl interested in you. How? Well, just give her the sense you're around but don't be too around. Be the man of mystery and let her try and figure you out. Just by the sheer absence of some knowledge about you, she'll ask you out for a coffee or something, to get to know you a little bit. But you have to add the element of mystery to completely get her curious or it isn't going to work. (3) Be A Good Listener Girls like to talk about how they feel, most times. I am sure you do too, but more often than never, they look for that one person they can share most things with. So here's your chance to become her confidante. Remember to not enter the friend zone though, just maintain that distance but be there to listen to her. She would want to meet you often because you're the guy who listens! And eventually, she would want to be with you. So give yourself that chance. (4) Don't Be Impatient Being impatient can actually make it worse for you. I mean, if you wait it out she will come around but if you want to spoil it for yourself you can be impatient and ask her out instead. But patience is the key here. If you do all the things right and lay the groundwork, it will take her time, but she will develop feelings for you and would want to ask you out, or at least get you to ask her out. (5) Subliminal Messaging Usually, a date would be something you both like doing together. Be it watching a movie, or going to your favourite bar in the city or even for a play. But you need to let her know what you like doing, and indirectly hint at doing it with her if you have common favourites. This way, if there is an interesting movie that's on and she knows you like it too, she will definitely be very casual about it and ask you if you want to go see it with her. I wouldn't want to state it otherwise but this is a form of subliminal messaging or an auto-suggestion, which will make her ask you out. It isn't an easy task I know, but sometimes men need an ego boost too, just like all the women do and once in a while, it's not a bad idea. Being asked out by a girl is quite awesome I think and I'd love it if it happened more often!
  9. If you think you're surrounded by women or a woman who only gives a damn about your money, then you have yourself a gold digger, my friend. A gold digger is a loose term used for someone (mostly women) who have vested interests in dating you or being with you because all she wants is your money or for you to spend it on her. Sometimes it's tough to realise the presence of someone like this in your life but there are ways to identify a gold digger and completely cut them off from your life, because why would you let anyone use you? If you know someone who is a gold digger in someone else's life, it's time to warn them too. © YouTube If you suspect the woman in your life to be a gold digger, here are 5 ways to identify her and cut her off! (1) She Agrees With Almost Everything Gold diggers have an overtly agreeable attitude and they usually agree with anything you say to them or ask them to do. That's because they're people pleasers and will do anything to get you to spend your money on them. If you are with a girl who barely says no or stands her ground in order to please you, you know she has ulterior motives. This is a very common manipulative tactic used by a gold digger. (2) She Has Expensive Tastes Have you ever heard the saying 'cut your coat according to the cloth'? Well, that doesn't stand true for a gold digger and she'll always go beyond what she can afford because she has expensive tastes. If she's not in a high paying job and yet she likes to wear branded clothes and shoes and always expects you to buy her ridiculously expensive things, with no consideration for your wallet, then you know what you're in for. (3) Gifts Will Always Make Her Forgive You If she's angry with you, buy her a gift and she'll forget why she was angry with you in the first place. That's how gold diggers function. They're very materialistic and selfish and the only way you can pacify them is by mollycoddling their expensive tastes. Most problems in relationships should be sorted out by communicating with the other person and if gifts are the only way she calms down, then it's really not worth it. (4) She's Materialistic And Shallow That's a given right? If you're dating a gold digger, there's not much of an emotional connect you'll form with her. She won't remember important dates or events. She won't have a heart-to-heart ever and all she'll care about would be her materialistic possessions and her wants. It's like being with a hollow person devoid of emotions because she's not in love with you really. She's in love with your money! (5) She Uses *** As A Weapon She uses *** very strategically with you. By that, I mean if you do something wrong she will refuse to have *** with you, psyching you to believe that her way of getting back at you is neglecting you physically. If you do something right, like buy her an expensive present, she'll probably give you the best night of your life. She uses *** as a reward system and she's conditioning you to basically pay her for ***! Through gifts and money of course. So, if you see these signs, they're actually warning bells, my friend. Especially if the relationship is fairly new. Do yourself a solid and cut the person off, before you go bankrupt!
  10. We might have written about this a million times and you might have read it a trillion times, but somehow things still don't go right, do they? I am talking about hitting on a woman without being rejected or being called a creep! If you want to be successful at hitting on a woman without coming off as a creep, there are a few things you can do which will not put her off. Trust me, being a woman, I have pushed away many guys who come along randomly and act creepy to get attention. That's why writing an article about it is imperative, because honestly, it's not that tough to impress us at a bar, a party or any other public place. You just need to be non-creepy and normal! © YouTube Here are 5 most simple and non-creepy ways you can hit on us and probably get our attention! (1) Don't Try Too Hard I mean, I know you probably go out just to fish but sometimes don't try too hard. Don't make your evening just about meeting a girl and taking her back to your place. Make it about having genuine fun with your pals and make the 'meeting a girl' a part of your night instead. It's only then your expectations are lowered and you can be confident about going up to a girl and talking to her, once you spot her. If you start hunting the minute you get to the bar or the club, you're bound to start expecting a lot. So, yes, don't try too hard! (2) Please Don't Use Pick Up Lines! I can't stress on this enough. I am sick of men coming up to me and saying cheesy things like 'did it hurt...when you fell from heaven'? ...seriously, it'll hurt when I punch your face for sure. Keep it, simple guys. Just a 'hey how's your night going?' or 'how was your day?' will suffice. Let us decide if we want to continue with the conversation. Say no to cheesy pickup lines! (3) Don't Be A Lurker If you've attempted to talk to a woman and she's shown no interest in you, MOVE ON! Don't lurk around her and make her feel uncomfortable. It's the equivalent of not understanding a simple NO for an answer or getting what consent is. Women who usually don't want men around make it very clear at bars and clubs, so it's very important to respect her space and leave her be. Lurking is hanging around in the same space as her, trying your luck all over again. If she's already made up her mind, there is very little chance she'll change it. So just move on from her. (4) Keep The Conversation Balanced Sometimes, when I meet a guy at a bar, he starts by asking me a question to gather my attention and then in an untimely manner, starts talking about himself. I mean, I don't even have to ask him about who he is, what he does or where he's from, he just starts talking about himself and then there isn't anything I can say. Yeah, don't do that. Don't hog the limelight, it's an annoying thing to do! Keep the conversation balanced so the girl gets a chance to talk to. If you keep talking about yourself you're really just making it worse for yourself. Be both, a talker and a listener! (5) Suggest To Hang Out Together The idea is to whisk her away from the crowd and you have to do that very skilfully. She's there with her friends and having a good time. The trick is to be charming enough to start a conversation with her and whisk her away, of course with her consent. So, when you do start talking to her, and she's as into the conversation as you are, take her away from her group of friends and share an evening with her. In case she wants to hang with her friends, ask her for her number and maybe meet her another night. This way, it's a direct indication that you're interested in knowing her further and you're willing to go out with her, soon. If she's not interested in hanging with you, and tells you straight off, after a conversation that she isn't keen, then don't feel rejected. There are other fish in the sea, always! Hitting on women at a bar or anywhere else is a tricky thing but if you have the right amount of confidence and lowered expectations, you can really do it right, without creeping her out!
  11. When it comes to making girls go weak in the knees, there are only a few things that stand out, which can make you absolutely desirable to them. Obviously, all women are different and not all of them want the same things. However, there are a few things which most girls really look forward to in a man, a few things that really top the list and are actually quite irresistible, and if you know these things, you're actually sorted to get any girl you like or want. © AA Films What a girl really desires from her man has a lot to do with how he behaves around her, more than anything else, which makes it a notch up above looks and physique and it's the first thing that impresses any woman. So, here are 5 things you can do, to actually make yourself desirable to her, so that she goes absolutely weak in the knees, every time you're around her: (1) Show Genuine Kindness Whenever You Can Girls really dig a man who is super kind. She will definitely observe you in order to figure out how you treat others around you. Be it someone from the staff of a public place or even an animal, her checklist definitely includes your kindness quotient. So, even if you're faking kindness, make it seem genuine? © Zee films (2) Pay Attention To What She Says This is one of the simplest things to do, yet men all over fail to do so! By paying attention, I don't mean observe her every little move, I mean pay attention to what she says, show her that you're right there and are not zoned out while she's talking to you. You can actually win her heart if you pay attention to the things she says and does. © Yash Raj Films (3) Be Generous By that I obviously don't mean be generous with money or buying her gifts. While she would love to be pampered by you, she seeks generosity in terms of intangibles. Be generous towards her with your time, attention and affection. Inherently, that's what women seek from a man. © Eros International (4) Be Supportive She might be talking to you about a minor problem she's facing at work or how she's feeling toward a particular issue, so just be there for her and be supportive. You can do that by asking her the right questions which show concern, or giving her some unsolicited advice or even just hearing her out. Sometimes being a good listener does the trick too. Make sure she knows you're being supportive. © Yash Raj Films (5) Show Her Your Soft Side There is no harm in being a bit vulnerable towards the girl you really like or want. Every man has an EQ and if you are a softy inside, it's okay to show it. Trust me, women love that side of a man. Always acting like a tough macho man, really won't get you too far with her. If you're caring, sweet and attentive, she'll fall hard for you. © AA Films So, the next time you set your eyes on someone you really like and want, make sure you have these 5 tips nailed down to the T, before approaching her.
  12. Being with an older woman is a different experience altogether. It's really not the same as dating someone who is younger or of the same age. Relationships that cross generations are no longer frowned upon and dating someone older and wiser than you, always has a bright side to it. I dated an older woman once. We didn't last because she wanted to settle down and I still wanted to experience life and do my thing. It was the most amicable break-up I've ever had in my life. When I look back now, I realise I learned so much from that relationship, some of which I will share with you guys. © Excel Entertainment But the fact of the matter is, if you're really looking for something stable, dating an older woman is not a bad idea at all and here's why: (1) They Certainly Have More Experience Dating an older woman comes with a lot of perks. No kidding. They're called 'cougars' for nothing! I mean, it's just a respectful terminology for someone who is wild and eccentric in bed. Women usually reach their epitome of sexuality post 30 and they peak in their late 30s and early 40s. So, if you're with someone that age, you know what you're in for. Not only is she experienced in the bedroom, she's experienced in knowing what she wants from you and how to be with you and around you. The number of years she's older than you, are the years she has experienced more than you, so always give her that respect, no matter what. She has a plethora of interesting things that she might have discovered or experienced in her life and you can definitely learn a thing or two from her. In and out of the bedroom! (2) They're More Mature Not only are they mature in how they conduct themselves, the life decisions they make and managing everything on their own, they're emotionally mature too and that's really important. Boys reach emotional maturity somewhere in their 30s when life gets more serious for them. Women, on the other hand, have always had that maturity, since they deal with a lot more emotions and by the time they're older, it's already there. So, if you're dating an older woman, by the virtue of everything she's dealt with in the past, she'll be more emotionally mature and equipped to handle any hurdle that comes her way. It's a major plus point if you're dating someone older. All those senseless fights, taking care of your girlfriend all the time etc. will diminish. There will always be a sense of equality in the relationship. (3) She'll Understand You & Give Your Great Advice Again, it's a packaged deal really. If you're dating someone older than you, she'll always be one step ahead of you, because she's experienced things more than you have and she'll offer some great advice. So, if you ever need a listener or someone to give you sound advice, you already have her. Just make sure you're there for her too and are not taking her wisdom for granted every now and then. (4) She Can Handle Her Alcohol This is another major plus point, unless of course, you're dating an alcoholic! Because she's seen and been through her hay days of alcohol binging, she's probably reached a stage where she doesn't want to do that anymore and savour her alcohol. Even if she gets drunk, she's not rowdy or inconsiderate. She can still hold her alcohol and take herself back home. So, if you're ever out on a date with her, you can have some really intense conversations with her, even with copious amounts of alcohol. (5) Her Tastes Are More Sombre While you're enjoying the city nightlife in your 20s, she's already been there and done that when she was in her 20s. Her idea of fun could be very different from yours. She'd probably like a quiet bar, where you two can hold a conversation, a play or a drive around town, rather than a loud night at a local club or a bar. However, that doesn't make her boring, it just means her tastes are more refined and she's done with being pushed around at crowded bars and being hit on by random men. Take her to a house party and your friends will love her because she'll definitely stand out and be the life of the party. (6) She Helps You Grow If you're dating someone younger or your age, you grow together, share the same perspectives and have the same or limited understanding of each other. But an older woman brings a fresher and newer perspective to your life and helps you grow with her experience, her wisdom and her ability to understand a lot more. You will learn more, grow emotionally as a person and look at life differently, if you're dating someone older. While I was with someone older, life was easier and a lot of fun. We shared a lot in common, even though we were from different generations and we parted on great terms, sans the 'drama'. I think dating someone older should definitely be on your bucket list!
  13. Making an account on a website is one of the simplest things out there, as we all do it so often, without facing a problem. But, as it turns out that a lot of us were just taking this simple everyday task for granted and some people don't have that privilege. Are you confused? Let me explain. A woman named Natalie Weiner just wanted to make an account, like all of us do, but she faced a problem we could never even imagine. Her own name is apparently offensive and cannot be used online on that site. Imagine some random website telling you that your name, your whole identification is offensive. That's gotta hurt. But, Ms. Weiner here couldn't help but enjoy this hilariously absurd situation and even called it the 'best thing that has happened to her'. this is without a doubt the best thing that's ever happened to me pic.twitter.com/rnVkmhB2dy — Natalie Weiner (@natalieweiner) August 28, 2018 She soon realized she wasn't alone in this cruel world and had so many people with unfortunate names to give her company. Been there — Matt Cummings (@MattCummingsDB) August 29, 2018 Now that's such a cool name. My name's Rock, some websites tell me to "choose a real name". Fb for instance. — Alex Rock (@Pierstoval) August 28, 2018 I feel you, man. As a Dickman I know the struggle is real — Mike Dickman (@TheMikeDickman) August 29, 2018 Or, it could just be Phillips Porn. When I got my computer I had to set my last name as “Spron” because Sporn contains offensive language — Philip Sporn (@philip_sporn) August 28, 2018 Oh no, that's quite an unfortunate one. I know that feel pic.twitter.com/nMbjfTKGcZ — Nazi Paikidze-Barnes (@NaziPaiki) August 29, 2018 Indians are also sharing their name troubles. Yes, almost a daily occurrence for me! — Arun Dikshit (@ArunDickshit) August 29, 2018 This is the first time I've heard that surname. I get this a lot surprisingly — Kyle Medick (@medick32) August 28, 2018 But, it means happy as well. I was trying to get health insurance ... pic.twitter.com/ueeNzUBH4h — Paul Gay (@paulrgay1) August 29, 2018 Now that's just straight to the point. Ha! I had the same damn thing happen to me today when I tried to RSVP for a webinar. — Jen Dick (@Jennifer_Dick) August 28, 2018 What a funny name! As a person named James Butts, I know these problems. — James (@justjames8) August 28, 2018 I'm just learning new last names today. For me just occasional giggles from the U.K. — Brian Wankum (@brianwankum) August 29, 2018 Is this even real? Oh man, I feel so sorry for you. Tell me about it, Steve Suconcock is terrible for usernames — Steve Suconcock (@steve_suconcock) August 29, 2018 But, in the end, dictionary.com also came to her defence, telling the AI that it can't spell. Attention easily offended AI, it's spelled "wiener." https://t.co/64Tad9wSaphttps://t.co/EqEWnpMFAG — Dictionary.com (@Dictionarycom) August 29, 2018
  14. 'Ranchi Diaries' actress Soundarya Sharma is exactly like her name. Sundar! IIFA Readyâ£ï¸ Styled by: @shikha298 ; wearing: @appapop ; ð : @aldo_shoes ; jewellery: @minerali_store ð¶: @michaelkors #iifa #iifa2018 A post shared by Soundarya Sharma (@iamsoundaryasharma) on Jun 24, 2018 at 10:34pm PDT Wear your vulnerability and march towards your goal â¤ï¸ð·: @trishasarang ⨠A post shared by Soundarya Sharma (@iamsoundaryasharma) on May 8, 2018 at 11:30pm PDT ððð A post shared by Soundarya Sharma (@iamsoundaryasharma) on Apr 17, 2018 at 6:23am PDT After an impressive performance, the gorgeous woman is on cloud nine because she has bagged an amazing role already. She will be seen in 'Wonder Woman 1984' with Gal Gadot. Today @bombaytimes @timesfashionweek @cocoonfertility for #ShainaNC Opening show. What an Incredible Show!! Loved it. Thank you for having me. Wearing: ð: @zara ; ð : @aldo_shoes ; ð: @forever21 ; Accessories: @hm ; ð¶: @michaelkors A post shared by Soundarya Sharma (@iamsoundaryasharma) on Mar 30, 2018 at 7:32am PDT “This I can say is a 'dream coming true' situation. It's exhilarating to be a part of such a larger than life character film where you get to play your dream role. I have always dreamt of playing such a character and idolised it,” Soundarya said in a statement to IANS. We have not much information about what her character would be like in the very popular Wonder Woman sequel, but the fact that she will be a part of it is making us pretty excited. Directed by Patty Jenkins, the sequel will also star Chris Pine, who played the role of Steve Trevor in 'Wonder Woman'. Gal Gadot will return in the titular role of Amazonian warrior goddess Princess Diana/Wonder Woman. Tonight for @lakmefashionwk for @anamikakhanna.in show! Top: @zara ; Skirt: #Vintage; Dupatta: @meenabazaar ; Footwear: @myglobaldesi; Earrings: #bg's A post shared by Soundarya Sharma (@iamsoundaryasharma) on Feb 4, 2018 at 7:18am PST She was also seen in 'Meeruthiya Gangsters' back in 2015. #Repost @viralbhayani with @get_repost ã»ã»ã» Since like every year @filmfare awards happen but since media is not allowed this is our way to get our actors on our camera ð . Starting with the gorgeous newbie @iamsoundaryasharma in @jovanifashions #filmfareawards2018 #soundaryasharma @viralbhayani A post shared by Soundarya Sharma (@iamsoundaryasharma) on Jan 20, 2018 at 4:15am PST Tonight for #ZeeCineAwards2018 Wearing #TeraniCouture #MyFirst #glitterati #RedCarpet â¤ï¸ A post shared by Soundarya Sharma (@iamsoundaryasharma) on Dec 19, 2017 at 5:51am PST The 'Wonder Woman' sequel is expected to hit the screens next year and seems like Soundarya's beauty and talent are already taking her places.
  15. Women love being a tease and secretly wish men would understand that and not be confused about what they want or what they're trying to do. Being a tease for a man a woman is interested in is nothing new and has been an added game play since 'the chase' was invented. But it's better to play along teasing a girl when she likes being a tease, just so you're ahead of the game. © Pinterest Women love playful teases and they respond to them well. So if you ever want to make things more interesting and fun, start playing by her rules. Building a rapport with the girl in question is a must. Rapport is basically two people relating and connecting to each other on a very comfortable level. To establish that, you have to know the comfort level between the two of you. Always establish a common ground and ask her relevant questions to get to know her better first. Then you can act on things she secretly wishes you would do. Flirting is important in order to build that rapport and you can only do that if you try this first hand trick: joke with her offensively and tease her, pull her leg with sarcasm, in a light-hearted way. Here are 5 playful teases women secretly love. Make Fun Of Her Don't be brash or brutal when you do it but pull her leg often enough. It's a sure shot sign to get the girl's attention because you're giving her attention. Women like their legs being pulled by smart intelligent men, who have a good sense of humour. Do it cautiously and in doses so it doesn't look too odd or obvious. Point Out Something Embarrassing About Her By that I don't mean point out her flaws! Point out something you really love about her and make fun of that. I remember introducing one of my female friends to a male friend of mine and he instantly hit it off with her and started playfully making fun of her dimples and eventually nicknamed her 'dimple'. They're now seeing each other and when asked, her dimples were the first thing to floor him. So if you like her curly hair or her laugh, you can pick one thing and playfully tease her about it. Trust me, she'll figure that's the one thing you love about her. Flirt With The Others That's another way to tease a woman you really like. If you're around her and around a lot of women just be playful and friendly with the rest. She'll see that you're easily comfortable with other women around you and liked by them as well. Just don't go overboard with the flirting. Give Her A Nickname That's another thing girls like. Making it personal and paying attention to her by giving her an exclusive nickname. It could be playful and flirtatious and it doesn't have to offend her. She'll like how you've personalised your equation with her. Constantly Challenge Her Girls like being challenged and you can pick out any way that subtly teases and challenges her. Be it through a playful arm wrestle or an intellectual conversation. Whatever it is, you can always tease her for her potential to go along the challenge and also be playful about it. Teasing a girl is all about taking chances and getting to know her better. It's what girls love and if you're not too much of a risk taker, chances are you'll probably end up going home alone.
  16. Remember the old saying – 'whatever you post on the internet will stay there forever'? It also means that we should think hard before posting anything online. This is a lesson we can all learn from Twitter user Naomi's unfortunate and disastrous interaction with someone online. The entire episode is a little bit sad and very cringeworthy. So, settle in because this is a short yet wild ride. It all started with Naomi expressing her excitement by posting a tweet about how she got an internship at NASA. It's a commendable achievement; we have to give her that, anyone would be excited about it. But, then someone disagreed with her use of the word '****' and told her to mind her language, full Captain America style. Okay, her use of the word was understandable, if not justified. It's okay, you get excited and you say stuff, happens to everyone. But, things took a cringe-y turn soon. She replied with this – Well, it's not a nice thing to say to someone, especially someone you don't know. What I don't understand is how and why she didn't go through the person's profile before replying, and that too replying that aggressively. Turns out the guy is Homer Hickam, an author, Vietnam veteran, and the NASA engineer who trained the first Japanese astronauts. Yep, he's a big deal and he made sure to tell her that. The interaction is deleted now, but screenshots live forever. Remember when I said everything on the internet lasts forever? The screenshots soon went viral with surprisingly divided opinions on the matter. Someone just accepted that something like this happened because 2018 is the year of unbelievable things happening. A furry became an intern for NASA and got instantly fired after telling someone on their council to suck their dick because this is 2018. pic.twitter.com/XL7jvCKFFj — Michelle Catlin (@CatlinNyaa) August 21, 2018 Umm. Hey God. pic.twitter.com/06liEuIpn0 — Chidi Okereke (@Chydee) August 22, 2018 Some people wanted to take this as a lesson on social media. There's a lesson in this. https://t.co/0gAxkb6dPu — Toussaint Egan (@TheSaintOfTous) August 21, 2018 Kids, be careful on the Internet & don't do dumb things. If you're working for a public institution you'll have to (like it or not) be more conscious with words Homer was cool abt the situation but sadly other people weren't and they were the ones who insisted the girl be fired. https://t.co/0WnYp9TOad — Erna Mahyuni (@ernamh) August 22, 2018 This person raised a valid point. I can't believe @NASA gave an internship to someone who didn't know who Homer Hickem was. — America Offline ð¾ (@Cheechard) August 21, 2018 Some people thought she was right. Wow, Homer Hickam is kind of a jerk. Naomi did the right thing, this hectoring old dullard needs to be told off more. https://t.co/OUydOXzhAi — Agouti still believes in the railing system (@bitterkarella) August 21, 2018 And, some others laughed at people defending her. An intern told an overseer of NASA to suck her "dick and balls", and there are actually people in the comments who think firing her was an abuse of power LOL https://t.co/D0YVFmOIJX — HugS (@HugS86) August 21, 2018 After so much controversy, Homer Hickam decided to clear the air and said he had nothing to do with her firing. In a blog (https://homerhickamblog.blogspot.com/) post, he wrote: “I'm a Vietnam vet and not at all offended by the F-word. However, when I saw NASA and the word used together, it occurred to me that this young person might get in trouble if NASA saw it so I tweeted to her one word: "Language" and intended to leave it at that. Soon, her friends took umbrage and said a lot of unkind things but long after I was gone as I immediately deleted my comments and blocked all concerned. Later, I learned she had lost her offer for an internship with NASA. This I had nothing to do with nor could I since I do not hire and fire at the agency or have any say on employment whatsoever. As it turned out, it was due to the NASA hashtag her friends used that called the agency's attention to it long after my comments were gone.” Moreover, he even tried getting her reinstated. He wrote, “She reached out to me with an unnecessary apology which I heartily accepted and returned with my own. After talking to her, I am certain she deserves a position in the aerospace industry and I'm doing all I can to secure her one that will be better than she lost. I have also talked to the folks that had to do with her internship and made absolutely certain that there will be no black mark on her record.” Well, this was a rollercoaster ride, so many ups and downs. It also showed a big downside of social media. Wow! It could be like a small plot of 'Black Mirror' or something.
  17. With the death toll on a constant rise, thousands of houses destroyed, lakhs of people left homeless and seeking shelter in relief camps and scores missing; the situation in the wake of the deadly Kerala floods is only turning nightmarish with each passing day. Reuters Amid this crisis, we can't stop ourselves from saluting the Indian Navy, the NDRF and the local police for tirelessly working day and night to rescue the people stuck in deep waters. Thanks to the regular updates by the Indian Navy, we can witness the bravery and the courage with which their personnel are carrying out the rescue missions, and the risks they are taking to ensure people's safety. #OpMadad #KeralaFloods2018 #KeralaFloodRelief Some snapshots of Rescue efforts 1/n pic.twitter.com/TzH0hcag7b — SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) August 16, 2018 A few days ago, we saw how Naval rescue chopper pilot Cdr Vijay Varma and his men rescued a pregnant woman (whose water bag broke) from the rooftop of her house near Aluva. In another daring mission an 80-year-old woman was airlifted from a narrow rooftop. A pregnant lady with water bag leaking has been airlifted and evacuated to Sanjivani. Doctor was lowered to assess the lady. Operation successful #OpMadad #KeralaFloodRelief #KeralaFloods2018 pic.twitter.com/bycGXEBV8q — SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) August 17, 2018 The young lady and her new born son both are doing fine. God Bless them pic.twitter.com/ysrh1DVUx6 — SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) August 17, 2018 While the social media is filled with thank you messages for the Indian Navy, there's one gesture, in particular, that has caught people's attention and it is probably one of the most heartwarming gestures we have seen so far. To express their gratitude to the Indian Navy, someone painted a giant 'Thanks' on the rooftop, from where Cdr Varma rescued two women on August 17. The official Twitter account of Indian Navy posted these pictures. #OpMadad #KeralaFloodRelief #KeralaFloods2018 A Thank You note painted on the roof of a house where the Naval ALH piloted by Cdr Vijay Varma rescued two women. Bravo... pic.twitter.com/xsaD1RfeIk — SpokespersonNavy (@indiannavy) August 20, 2018 According to some reports, it's the same rooftop from where the pregnant woman was rescued and airlifted to a hospital. Meanwhile, people from across the country are coming together to help the flood victims in every possible way, be it by setting up relief camps, donating money and by providing necessary relief materials like ration, biscuits, medicines, milk, water and other necessary toiletries.
  18. Always remember, to be sexually attractive to a woman, display the personality traits within you, which they're naturally attracted to. If you come off as confident, funny, charming and charismatic, women are naturally drawn towards your personality. It's a given. But if you're dull, boring, socially withdrawn and shy most times, they'll never give you a second a look. Let's just say, if you're afraid to be yourself, she's afraid to get to know you. © Pinterest There are a few ways you can make yourself sexually and otherwise appealing to women. A few not-so-known-ways, which trigger the subconscious mind of a woman, making her think and do things on an instinct. Nope, don't get me wrong, these are not mind-games but instinctively natural ways to draw her towards you. Here are 3 unknown ways to attract any woman, sexually and otherwise with your personality: 1. Your Masculinity Is The Biggest Turn On If a woman interacts with a guy who knows what he wants and behaves in a 'masculine' way, she can't help but be sexually attracted towards him. But if you come off as guarded and shy or lacking in confidence, she'll definitely think you're not masculine enough for her taste. How is masculinity important? By masculinity, I don't mean you have to be buffed up and do the utmost manly things to impress her. By that, I mean having your ambition in place and knowing what you want to do and be in life and not being aimless or shying away from rising up and reaching your own potential. I mean, to have control over your life and doing what you love with utmost dedication. © Pexels 2. Women Are Turned On By The Strength Of A Man Women are naturally attracted to the strength in men and not their weakness. By that, I don't mean that a man needs to have a strong body with his muscles intact. It means that a strong man gives a woman a sense of protection and safety. It's an age-old belief that women find a mate based on their survival instincts so that they can procreate with him, in a safer environment. If she feels you can make her feel safe with your strength, she'll be instantly attracted to you, sexually. Men who display wimp-like characteristics don't make it to her attraction quotient at all. Men work on a different theory. For a man, if a woman is not as attractive as he'd like her to be, he wouldn't consider being with her because she contradicts the benefits of breeding an offspring through her. On the other hand, women don't go for looks as much as the strength of a man and his ability to guard and protect her, throughout her life. © Pexels 3. Alpha Males VS The Rest Human beings are like animals in a lot of ways. The process of selecting a mate to procreate with is very similar to that of animals. A lioness will always pick the strongest and the most alpha lion from the pack to breed with. It's a given. For her, he represents the best chances of survival, where he can fight any threat to protect her. It's a very innate need for a female lioness. No, women do not look for a mate who can beat up any other person just to protect her and be strong. She, in fact, looks for inner strength and emotional strength of a man, that he can display in a complex human dynamic, he's surrounded with. So, if you come off as a lower ranked male than an alpha male, there are chances, she won't find you attractive at all. But if you have the strength and courage, both emotionally and mentally to show her that you can take care of her (although she can take care of herself), subconsciously, of course, then you've definitely got her attention. © Pexels These are the three simple yet unknown facts about attracting any woman, sexually towards a man and if you can build on these, then you can get any woman, in and out of bed!
  19. Kim Kardashian released a book on her selfies called 'Selfish' and it gave the world another meaning to the word 'narcissism'. You may not have a Kim in your life but if you think you're in a relationship with someone or have someone in your life who is rather toxic for you and for the people around her, it's time to recognise them as narcissistic in nature. It could be just about anyone in your life- a friend, an acquaintance, someone in your family, someone you probably like or even your significant other. Narcissists draw a lot of strength from destruction and toxicity by thriving on the misery of others for their own vicarious pleasures and have no guilt or remorse in doing so. © Thinkstock Most people are under the misconception that only men are narcissistic in nature or have a narcissistic personality disorder and we live on that stereotype, but here's the thing- narcissism has no gender boundaries and women can be as narcissistic as men. Sometimes it's not easy to identify a narcissist as they disguise themselves well by manipulating their surroundings. It's easy for them to do so, because they make people the victims of their whims and play on their insecurities to get what they want. I am not saying they're terrible people, but that they've been tuned this way, all their lives, due to unforeseen or unfortunate circumstances from their past. So, if you think someone has narcissistic traits, you will easily be able to identify them through these prominent markers or personality traits they display. The best thing to do is distance yourself from them or let them know how they make you feel, time and again. Here Are 6 Main Personality Traits Of A Thoroughbred Narcissistic Woman: She Has To Be The Centre Of Attention She will continuously try and hog the limelight, just so that she can be the centre of attention and make the conversation revolve around her constantly. She will bring up topics that either revolve around her life or about her and will get mighty upset if she doesn't get the required attention. Just think back and ask yourself when was the last time she asked anything about you or your life and you'll know your answer. Narcissists are usually self-involved and self-centered people, who can't put others before them, at any cost. She Derives Pleasure Out Of Someone Else's Pain It's sad but true. Narcissistic women usually lack empathy, even during intense emotional situations and they love bringing people down. Especially people who are potential threats to them. They do have sociopathic tendencies and may also be sadistic in nature. She can't have balanced and healthy emotional relationships, so she does her best to sabotage and devalue friendships and relationships she has, which also means that she can't be in a potential long-term relationship ever. Unless of course she changes. You will always see her idealise, devalue and discard people from her life, all the time. She's Got An Unhealthy Competitive Streak She has a nasty competitive streak and she will not let up, even though she sees the other person suffer. You'll see this most in her friendships with other women, who seem like a threat to her. She will either keep putting them down or comparing herself to them and make her to be better than them. If you're dating one, you'll see these traits emerge with time. She has a competitive streak with anyone whom she thinks is better than her, at anything at all. She Will Act Like The Boss Of You If you've noticed some women have 'followers'. No, I don't mean Instagram or Twitter followers, but real-time followers who idolise her and make her feel good constantly, that's because she has a knack for bossing people around and being dominating in nature and her meat usually are insecure people, with lowered self-esteem, especially other women, who will bend to her every whim. In your relationships too, you will notice this trait of her being the dominant force and not meeting you halfway, for anything at all. She lives by 'it's my way or the highway' rule and if you don't agree with her, she's going to plot a severe revenge against you or just cut you off. She's Obsessed With Herself She's obsessed with everything she is. From her looks to her life, she loves it all. While it's great to be in love with yourself but going overboard with self-obsession is very unhealthy. Having no regard for other people around you and only thinking about yourself is a resting trademark of a narcissist. They're also very selfish and will always put themselves before anyone else. If you always see her on her phone clicking her face away, and paying no heed to the others, you have yourself a narcissist. She Lies And Manipulates Manipulation comes easily to a narcissist. They usually manipulate to get their way and don't fear to lie for small things. They're mostly pathological liars and will lie with so much conviction, that you'll never come to know the truth. If she wants something from you, she will use the handiest tool in her power- manipulation, and you have to really figure when she's trying to manipulate you. Being with or around a narcissist is not an easy ride and you have to really observe their tendencies to figure out their narcissistic side. We all have a very tiny bit of narcissism in us, but if someone is going over the top with it, it's easily identifiable. Narcissists put you down, make you feel small and manipulate you to get their way, more ways than often and the best thing to do, is to stay out of their way. So, if you know someone in your life or someone in your friend's life who is a thoroughbred narcissist and is spreading nothing but toxicity, you know what to do!
  20. If you've ever felt that you are too old to pursue a passion that you once cherished, or are too old to chase a dream which you buried alive, then this beautiful story is a life lesson for all of you. 96-year-old Karthyayani Amma from Kerala went back to school and enrolled in 4th standard in order to complete her education and wants to finish 10th grade as well. © The Week It all began in January 2018, when the literacy crew of the 'Cheppad Gram Panchayat' was on a literacy drive for the elderly, and while most people didn't show any interest, Karthyayani came forward happily to participate. She spends time learning tables in Mathematics and also took her first exam recently, which she cleared with good marks. She draws inspiration from her 60-year-old daughter Ammini Amma, who passed the literacy mission's course. Karthyayani now wants to learn English and follow the footsteps of her daughter. © entertales The elderly woman's will and passion have inspired 30 senior citizens to take up the same course and pursue education. Ironically, her father was a tutor but she and her sister gave up their education at the age of 12 owing to their circumstances. This piece of news is not only heartwarming but makes you believe that there still is hope for our nation to grow as a whole, where our elderly are not cruelly left to their fate, but embraced and cherished right until their last days.
  21. Learning a foreign language is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to learn a new language and be fluent in it. I am sorry but asking for 'wo-tah' instead of water does not count as learning a foreign language, it's just a fake accent. Language classes were a huge deal back in school and had most of us not bunked those lessons to watch movies with our friends, we would have learned something new by now, or at least could have gotten the world talking about us, just like how they are praising this Chinese woman right now. © Twitter What can be so special or unique about a Chinese woman talking about the Great Wall of China, that people are watching the video on loop? Her impeccable Tamil speaking skills. While most of us can't even speak our native language fluently, she made speaking in Tamil look like child's play for everyone watching the video. © Reuters Anand Mahindra, whose Twitter account is like a goldmine when it comes to looking for unique extraordinary talent, found and shared this video with the caption, "Not easy to learn the accent & cadence of the language but this Chinese lady seems to have conquered the Great Wall of Tamil." Thanks for this video Ravi. Fun start to a Monday. Not easy to learn the accent & cadence of the language but this Chinese lady seems to have conquered the Great Wall of Tamil. Have to ask my buddy @MM_Murugappan if he approves..ð pic.twitter.com/h3V8cr30Gm — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) July 30, 2018 Apart from her flawless Tamil speaking skills, people even loved her traditional attire (off-white Anarkali with a red dupatta). Although the way she spoke wasn't colloquial and looked like its straight from a textbook, we are really impressed with her efforts. I wish I had paid more attention to my foreign language classes, than on the food in the canteen!
  22. The temperature may be swinging between hot, humid and just pleasant, but ignorance towards a timely haircut can lead to visual debauchery. Come even a hurricane, the importance of getting a timely hair cut is vital. Plus, your mop needs to look well-groomed and appear like a million bucks. It's an unsaid rule of men's grooming, you see. But agreed, there are a lot of styles that aren't the easiest and coolest to sport. Plus, in all probability, you're also looking for a change. Fret not, here's a definitive list of celebrity-approved hairstyles that you can try today! 1. Tiger Shroff's Low-Fade Spikes A post shared by Tiger Shroff (@tigerjackieshroff) on Jul 9, 2018 at 1:17am PDT Tiger's long hair days are clearly behind him and the man now sports a low-fade with a cropped (but spiked) fringe. Honestly, since fades have been up and running for a long while (they're consistently topping grooming charts), Tiger rather relent, right? Keep things neat, a little cropped on the sides (so that it's easy to style) and come whatever outfit your way, won't cause a worry for you. Plus, this suits every hair type! 2. Varun Dhawan's Haggled Strands IIFA day 3 ð¤ð¼ A post shared by Varun Dhawan (@varundvn) on Jun 24, 2018 at 1:33am PDT Varun has been growing his hair out for quite a while now, which has now given rise to a messy, but well-tamed mop. Keep the strands on the crown longer and add some much-needed volume around the edges. In fact, with the help of a sea-salt spray, pump up the volume in your hair and let them be at ease. Style with your fingers, instead of a comb! 3. John Abraham's (Not A) Buzz Cut © Viral Bhayani While John has always been a supporter of the buzz cut, for his recent outing, we spotted him in a rather not-really-a-buzz-cut. Having said that, while in ideology, it was essentially a buzz cut, the hair length was maintained to not let the scalp sneak out. Plus, notice no contouring lines and the presence of hair length-consistency. 4. Kartik Aaryan's Faded Mess No Caption . . . - @rohanshrestha - @akshitas11 A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Jul 19, 2018 at 2:29am PDT Fortunately, Kartik is blessed with a voluminous mane and while many opt for side fades, Kartik keeps them long enough to compliment his wild, but silky straight hair. For guys with a lot of volume on top, Kartik can very well be your inspiration. The key is to play with texture on top and keep the sides short by opting for a fade, to make the cut look a lot more dramatic. 5. Ranveer Singh's Cop-Style Side Part #Repost @itsrohitshetty . . . He calls himself 'ROHIT SHETTY à¤à¤¾ HERO'... I call him 'The DYNAMITE' Yeh 28th December ko Phatega!!! @ranveersingh @karanjohar @reliance.entertainment @dharmamovies @rohitshettypicturez @simmbathefilm A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jun 16, 2018 at 10:09pm PDT Thanks to his next film 'Simmba', Ranveer can be seen in a classic cop-style, quintessential side part, put to rest with a lot of mousse. The sleek cut is perfectly complimenting his moustache and well, since it looks very polished, is easy to pair with all kinds of menswear categories. Plus, if done right, can also help define your face better!
  23. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reacts ahead of a joint news conference of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland, July 16, 2018. REUTERS/Grigory Dukor MOSCOW: Russia?s foreign minister told...
  24. Representational photograph. NEW DELHI: Indian police have arrested the owner of a guesthouse and its manager after a woman alleged she was drugged and raped by some 40 men over four days, an official said Friday.The incident is the latest in a...
  25. Zainab Bibi. Photo: Geo News Pakistan's tallest woman, Zainab Bibi, passed away on Thursday. According to media reports, Zainab was recently admitted to Allied Hospital, Faisalabad. She was 46 years old. Zainab was 7 feet 2 inches and in 2003...