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Found 6 results

  1. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/03164001af9213718a58d2d299a8daca.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ni8xOS8yMDE4IDQ6MjI6NTAgUE0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1SeStJRFYycDcrV1RONmVRVXBZR3VnPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE=...
  2. SUKKUR: Former opposition leader Khursheed Shah said on Monday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan claims to pursue politics for masses but goes on a chartered plane to perform Umrah."There is a stark difference between his words and...
  3. The life of a soldier is always tougher than we can even imagine. They are literal guardians who spend sleepless nights so that we can sleep in peace. However, we sometimes forget the fact that they too have families, dreams, and aspirations like any other human. The photographs of a newborn baby girl named Christian are currently going viral on social media. Her father, Christopher Haan, was an American soldier who was killed in Afghanistan and did not even get to see his daughter. As a tribute to the baby's birth and her late husband, his wife decided to get a photoshoot done with his fellow soldier friends. © Facebook © Facebook © Facebook "I wanted to use everyone from the gender reveal back in October and have these special and formal photos to show Christian one day. To show her the men and women that served alongside her father. Many of which were there when he passed and a few that were survivors from his vehicle. They've been a part of her life before she was even born and I know they're going to be around for the rest of her life," Harris said in an interview. © Facebook © Facebook "No matter where the army takes them all, I will be able to show Christian how they all came together for her”, she added. Haan was deployed in Afghanistan and was killed in a suicide bomb attack. His tragic death came just a week after learning about his wife's pregnancy. It takes more than courage to be as brave as his wife is, and it takes more than mere commitment to show the love and concern that his fellow soldier friends have shown.
  4. The recorded final conversations between the MH370 pilot and air traffic control have finally been put out in public domain. The deceased pilot of the ill-fated Malaysian Airlines aircraft MH370 has long been accused by experts and public alike for being mentally unstable and killing all 239 people on board. It was recently revealed by a panel of experts, that it was almost a certainty that the pilot committed murder by drowning the aircraft somewhere in the Indian Ocean before hovering above his home country after takeoff. Although, what really transpired during the flight will always remain a mystery as the search for debris has been halted. © Twitter These are the final conversations between the pilot and air traffic control, which lasted over a span of almost an hour before the aircraft went missing. 12:25:53 (MAS 370) Delivery MAS 370, good morning. 12:26:02 (ATC) MAS 370 standby and Malaysia Six is cleared to Frankfurt via AGOSA Alpha Departure six thousand feet squawk two one zero six. 12:26:19 (ATC) ... MAS 370 request level. 12:26:21 (MAS 370) MAS 370, we are ready. Requesting flight level three five zero to Beijing. 12:26:39 (ATC) MAS 370 is cleared to Beijing via PIBOS A departure six thousand feet squawk two one five seven. 12:26:45 (MAS 370) Beijing PIBOS A six thousand squawk two one five seven, MAS 370. Thank you. 12:26:53 (ATC) MAS 370, welcome over to ground. 12:26:55 (MAS 370) Good day. 12:27:27 (MAS 370) Ground MAS 370 good morning, Charlie one requesting push and start. 12:27:34 (ATC) MAS 370 Lumpur Ground, morning, push back and start approved runway 32 right exit via Sierra four. 12:27:40 (MAS 370) Push back and start approved 32 right exit via Sierra four POB 239 Mike Romeo Oscar. 12:27:45 (ATC) Copied. 12:32:13 (MAS 370) MAS 377 request taxi. 12:32:26 (ATC) MAS 37..... (garbled) ... standard route. Hold short Bravo. 12:32:30 (MAS 370) Ground, MAS 370. You are unreadable. Say again. 12:32:38 (ATC) MAS 370 taxi to holding point Alfa 11 Runway 32 right via standard route. Hold short of Bravo. 12:32:42 (MAS 370) Alfa 11 standard route, hold short Bravo MAS 370. 12:35:53 (ATC) MAS 370 Tower. 12:36:19 (ATC) (garbled) ... Tower ... (garbled) (MAS 370) 1188 MAS 370, thank you. 12:36:30 (MAS 370) Tower MAS 370, morning. 12:36:38 (ATC) MAS 370, good morning. Lumpur Tower. Holding point... (garbled)... 10 32 Right. 12:36:50 (MAS 370) Alfa 10 MAS 370. 12:38:43 (ATC) 370 line up 32 Right Alfa 10. (MAS 370) Line up 32 Right Alfa 10 MAS370. 12:40:38 (ATC) 370 32 Right, cleared for take-off. Good night. (MAS 370) 32 Right, cleared for take-off MAS 370. Thank you. Bye. After this, the plane took off at 12:41 am, and shifted from ground ATC to outbound radar control by 12:46 am. 12:42:05 (MAS 370) Departure Malaysian three seven zero. 12:42:10 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero selamat pagi [good morning] identified. Climb flight level one eight zero cancel SID turn right direct to IGARI. 12:42:48 (MAS 370) OK level one eight zero direct IGARI Malaysian one err three seven zero 12:42:52 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero contact Lumpur Radar one three two six. Good night. (MAS 370) Night one three two six. Malaysian three seven zero. 12:46:51 (MAS 370) Lumpur Control, Malaysian three seven zero. 12:46:51 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero, Lumpur Radar, good morning. Climb flight level two five zero. 12:46:54 (MAS 370) Morning, level two five zero, Malaysian three seven zero. 12:50:06 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero, climb flight level three five zero. 12:50:09 (MAS 370) Flight level three five zero, Malaysian three seven zero. 01:01:14 (MAS 370) Malaysian three seven zero, maintaining level three five zero. 01:01:19 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero. 01:07:55 (MAS 370) Malaysian... three seven zero maintaining level three five zero. 01:08:00 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero. 01:19:24 (ATC) Malaysian three seven zero contact Ho Chi Minh 120 decimal nine. Good night. 01:19:29 (MAS 370) Good night, Malaysian three seven zero. © Twitter While these conversations hide the true mental state of the pilot, what it shows is that he expertly hid whatever his motives were before disappearing altogether. Although Malaysia's new Prime Minister Mahathir has promised to reopen the search for the aircraft if any new evidence comes to light, this case will go down as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of our times.
  5. PML-N leader Daniyal Aziz. Photo: Geo News screengrabISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Daniyal Aziz on Thursday said he firmly stands by his words that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf?s leaders are ?thieves?.?Instead of...
  6. Dosto Lets start a new game called '' Dedicate a Dialogue To Person Above You''. Tu kerna kuch yun hy k apne se oper wale member ko koi b dialogue dedicate kerna hy.... Chahye bollywood ka hu Hollywood ka Ya kisi punjabi movie ka anything. Jo app ko pasand dialogue wo app se oper jis member ny comment kiya hy us ko dedicate kerna hy. jese abhi jo sab se pahle comment kere ga wo mere liye koi dialogue likhye ga or usse neche wala apne oper wale ko.. tu hu jaoo shoro 1st Dialogue from myside '' Basanti in kutoo k samne mat nachana'' @Anabiya Rajpoot @Suzain Khan @Jannat Malik @Aks e Khushbu @Zarnish Ali @Kainat Khan @Hareem Naz @Ahsan @Uzee Khan @Meerab Raza @Dua Fasih @Ainak_Wali_Churail