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Found 19 results

  1. IMF says it has agreed with Pakistan to resume suspended loan programme that will inject $1.17 billion into economy
  2. The old fault-lines between the PML-N and PPP may widen close to the next general election
  3. Apple Face ID also adapts to changes in your appearance, such as wearing cosmetic make-up, etc
  4. As a first step, the performance of all ministries against their agreed targets will be made public this month
  5. How will the ADB help Pakistan create a more economically and environmentally sustainable grid?
  6. Experts believe Queen Elizabeth has been using royal duties to fill the hole that?s been left by Prince Philip
  7. The development of transparent guidelines for judicial performance evaluation will systematically improve the judiciary
  8. Express worry Queen?s old traditions will no longer serve new royals such as Prince William, Kate Middleton
  9. Germany's complex voting system combines directly elected MPs with proportional representation
  10. The daytime talk show host is 'ready to get back to work' after getting admitted to psychiatric facility earlier
  11. Prince Charles is furious at the prospect that Prince Harry, Prince William completely ?undermineded his work?
  12. Shah Rukh Khan said ?Wishing everyone who is getting back to a bit of normalcy...safe and healthy days and months of work ahead....love u all,?
  13. A ook at the complex, sometimes confounding process that leads to the winners of the 23 Academy Awards
  14. BTS?s Jin sheds light on his secrets to maintaining a good amount of self-love and adoration for his hard work
  15. NEW DELHI: Political apathy over the poisonous smog choking India´s capital has led many like businessman Kamal Meattle to take matters into their own hands, with an office building he says pumps air as fresh as from the Swiss Alps. From the outside, the Paharpur Business Centre looks like any modern office block. But inside it is a virtual jungle where rooms and corridors are lined with more than 7,000 potted plants and creepers. The greenhouse terrace, with artificial grass and green walls, houses an "air washing" system that moves polluted outside air through a series of cleaning filters. It is then pushed through the greenhouse where the plants remove bacteria, fungus, carbon dioxide and other toxins, before the air conditioning pumps it to workers on the floors below. "It would be like working in Gulmarg in Kashmir or Davos in Switzerland in this building," 73-year-old Meattle told AFP as he looked out at the smog from the protection of the lush rooftop nursery. "You are actually right now sitting in an air tank," he said, referring to the greenhouse where PM2.5 -- the most harmful particulates in the air -- registered nearly zero compared with 415 outside, according to Paharpur´s monitoring system. The outside level is more than 16 times the World Health Organization´s safe limit. ´I wanted a solution´ A Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate and trustee of Al Gore´s Climate Reality Project, Meattle began thinking about a clean office project years ago when he rejected doctors´ advice to move away from the polluted capital for his health. "I wanted a solution for myself and I didn´t want to leave Delhi," he said. His centre, whose tenants include Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft, is now rated the city´s healthiest building by the Indian government, and Meattle says people who work there benefit from improved blood oxygen levels, better brain function, and fewer asthma and eye irritation cases. Delhi chokes every winter as cool air traps a toxic blend of pollutants from crop burning, car exhausts, open fires, construction dust and industrial emissions close to the ground. The annual scourge has been particularly bad this season, and short-term measures -- such as shutting factories and restricting car use -- have failed to have a significant impact. In November, doctors declared a public health emergency and schools were shut across the capital. Fumes from backup generators are a central ingredient in the noxious cocktail, but one company is turning them into ink and paint with technology that can capture up to 90 percent of dangerous pollutants. Chakr Innovations, started by graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology, has capitalised on the smoke-belching machines that can be heard across the city. Black is the new green Its Chakr Shield is fitted to generators and converts carbon and other fine particles, including the most harmful PM0.3 and PM2.5 specks, into liquified soot through chemical and heat-exchanging processes. The captured carbon is washed down with a solvent and processed into ink pigment and paints. "What would have otherwise been a waste is captured and reborn to be used as a raw material again," said co-founder Arpit Dhupar, donning a t-shirt that says "black is the new green". Dhupar was inspired by seeing a diesel generator that was running a roadside sugarcane juice stall and turning the wall behind it black in the process. Chakr has fitted machines at more than 18 Delhi offices, and 30 other companies have signed up for the technology, including US giant Dell Computers, which will be using Chakr´s ink for printing on its cardboard boxes. Dhupar said that in 18 months, the machines had collected enough carbon to pollute about 1.5 billion litres of air. "We are running out of clean, breathable air in Delhi and our definitive objective is to make the access to clean air a basic right for everyone," he said. Others want to ensure that right extends to animals, including the high-performance ponies that compete on Delhi´s thriving polo circuit. The Army Polo and Riding Club recently ruled that horses used by the Delhi Army polo team must be allowed twice as many breaks to alleviate the physical stress of playing matches in toxic conditions. "By sheer logic and the levels of pollution that were there in Delhi we thought that it may cause a problem. The longer the pony plays, the exhaustion is that much higher," said the club´s chief executive, Colonel Ravi Rathore.
  16. Being successful in life is in your own hands. Do you agree with the previous statement? If not then please name a few who are truly successful only because they were lucky enough. You may name a few but such stars die soon as they do not have enough light of their own to shine on forever. If so is the case then why not take control of your fate? Maybe Astrology can help. Astrology believes that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events or descriptions of personality in the human world. They might not have been able to scientifically prove that, but its presence can be observed in every sphere of life. If certain movements and locations of the moon can cause tidal effects on the water bodies on earth, then there is a chance that we have not understood it all. Maybe we will know the 'why's' as science advances. If so, then there is also the probability that something can help us improve our work life. Also, focusing comes later, and before that comes identifying your strengths and then working on them to lead a successful life. If you still haven't found yours, then here is some help from your stars. Take mental notes. 1. Aries (Mar 20 – Apr 20) ©Astrology Zone Most of the time we talk about Aries first and every other sign later. Why? The answer could be the sequence they follow as per the scale based on space and time to measure their effects on our lives. But there could be one more reason, not based on any dimension but based on the traits observed in people sharing the same sign. Aries are kind of observed as born leaders or ones who show such capabilities quite often as compared to other zodiac signs. You enjoy being among the front liners. You are highly inspiring, ambitious, and you fit the bill of becoming the ultimate entrepreneur. 2. Taurus (Apr 20 – May 21) ©Astrology Zone You are known for being dependable, delivering quality, giving consistent results, confident and also for being stubborn. You are not afraid to take a stand with confidence only because you know you have earned it. You excel as a public relation manager, branding manager. Basically, you manage things very well. 3. Gemini (May 21 – Jun 21) ©Astrology Zone You, my friend, are a bag full of energy but a complex one. You are unpredictable in some weird ways too but that does not stop you from being versatile, an all-rounder and try to be the master of all trades. You badly crave for a fast-paced, pressure-packed environment and unpredictability excites you. Thanks to your endless energy you love to hustle and feel an adrenaline rush when conducting live events. 4. Cancer (Jun 21 – Jul 23) ©Astrology Zone You take care of everybody around you and not just yourself. You have a maternal energy in yourself which makes you so caring in nature. You have a remarkable ability to multitask, commitment towards solving problems, getting shit done and your attention to detail is unbelievable. Company Manager or C.E.O is the place you would be thriving and giving your best. 5. Leo (Jul 23 – Aug 23) ©Astrology Zone You are an ultimate leader that makes up for the best C.E.O, president or a C.O.O of a company. You like being the center of attraction, sometimes slightly disturbing the team dynamics, but you are aware of your actions and thus also try your best to fit and function in. You love power, money, and status but only when you have earned it. 6. Virgo (Aug 23 – Sep 23) ©Astrology Zone You prefer quality over quantity and speed. Flawless execution is your weapon which covers up for your lack of spontaneity as well. You have a perfectionist nature and are gifted with a solution-oriented mindset. Engineering, editing, project management, or research is your perfect cup of tea. 7. Libra (Sep 23 – Oct 23) ©Astrology Zone You are the people's charmer. You have a kind of aura around you which makes you the center of attraction among all. Be it growing a healthy relationship with your clients or your co-workers, you know how it works. Coming back to your charms, the one thing that disorients you from maintaining your leadership role is your indecisive nature. Also, you are not the kind of a 'working behind the scene' person, you enjoy being on the center stage. Business development is one of your best places to be. 8. Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 22) ©Astrology Zone You are the kind of person who knows his shit. You are least interested in hanging out with people whose sole interest is in bitching about someone else or even just gossip. As said above, you know your shit. You have a laser-sharp focus and thus are also quite independent in nature. And if you are given a responsibility from higher up you fulfill it way before it hits the deadline. You are the kind of guy who proves to be god gifted when working as a brain surgeon, scientist or maybe a lawyer. 9. Sagittarius (Nov 22 – Dec 22) ©Astrology Zone You are the person who goes after the bigger questions in life. Any office issue, you are the man to go to. Why? You are strong with moral values. Logic and philosophy are your special weapons. You prove to be an excellent consultant when no one knows which direction to move to. 10. Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20) ©Astrology Zone You know how to get the job done and that means you have a strong ability to predict the roadmap you or your team needs to take. Once you set a target, you will surely achieve it. You are a perfect fit when it comes to a managerial role or managing a team. 11. Aquarius (Jan 20 – Feb 18) ©Astrology Zone You are a complete entrepreneurial package. What you love is being able to see the bigger picture and bring a practical solution to the world. You have a problem-solving mind. You crave for innovation so much that if you are in a corporate situation which not headed in an innovative direction, you see yourself out of that picture soon enough. 12. Pisces (Feb 18 – Mar 20) ©Astrology Zone You have an artistic inclination, the kind who is naturally dedicated towards your work. You are often sensitive, emotionally invested and ambitious with whatever you take in hand. Do not assume that since artists are perceived to be always struggling, that will be your case as well. Being a Pisces is lucky in this case.
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