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Found 86 results

  1. Superhero movies may be condemned for their high use of CGI and less of dramatic or real-life plots, but the same genre entertains a huge chunk of audiences across the globe. This fact is quite evident in the box office collections of the films in this genre. All the top five films finding their place in the highest-grossing list belong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has crossed $17 billion collectively from 20 films to date. 1. Avengers – Infinity War Box Office - $2.038 billion as of 9th July 2018 No surprises here, as we all know 'Avengers: Infinity War' was the first of its kind and one of the most ambitious superhero films to date, drawing storylines from 18 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). It broke every box-office opening record to date with quite a huge margin. Let us have a look at the box-office records created by 'Avengers Infinity War' – . Biggest worldwide opening weekend and single weekend gross – $640.5 million beating Fate of The Furious' $541.9 million . Biggest opening weekend in the United States and Canada – $257.7 million . Fastest to cross $1 billion worldwide in 11 days and $1.5 billion in 18 days . Highest grossing superhero movie and of 2018 – $2.038 billion as of 9th July 2018 . Highest number of 4DX admissions. It was the first movie to reach two million admissions . Fourth highest grossing film of all time as of 9th July 2018 It also created a splash in India by becoming the highest grossing Hollywood film to date with INR 225 crores surpassing Disney's 'The Jungle Book' at the box office and the first ever to cross INR 200 crores. 2. The Avengers Box Office - $1.519 billion The film from where everything in MCU began to shape up. 'The Avengers' brought a team of six superheroes – Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Hawkeye, together for the first time, fighting against Loki and the alien invaders, Chitauris. At the time of release, 'Avengers' not only crossed $1.519 billion in global receipts but also went on to become the third highest-grossing film of all time. 3. Avengers – Age of Ultron Box Office - $1.405 billion The second instalment in the Avengers franchise, 'Age of Ultron' brought chaos in the city of Slovakia with the artificial intelligence defense program – Ultron. Though the movie met with a polarized reception from audiences and critics alike, as it fell short of the audience's expectations, it still raked in $1.405 billion globally. The film debuted at the 5th position in the highest-grossing films at the time of its release and presently stands at the 8th position. 4. Black Panther Box Office - $1.346 billion The highest grossing superhero origins movie of all time with an all-black cast, 'Black Panther' defied all box office expectations and went on to become the 9th highest-grossing film with 1.346 billion box-office collections worldwide. It also went on to become the 3rd highest grossing film in the United States and Canada with $699.88 million only after 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and 'Avatar'. 5. Iron Man 3 Box Office - $1.215 billion Following the gigantic success of 'The Avengers', Marvel found itself facing the huge task to fulfil fans' expectations, and no other superhero could replicate the success single-handedly, except for Iron Man. Shane Black directed 'Iron Man 3' which collected $1.215 billion at the global box office, riding high on the success of 'The Avengers' and also kick-started the second-phase in the MCU.
  2. In 'MXP Body Love', we ask people with amazing bodies the key questions about how to achieve, maintain, and basically take care of our bodies in the best way possible, while seeking their guidance on the same. While we want to know hacks on seemingly superficial topics such as how to look good without clothes, we also want to delve deep and discuss bigger issues such as body positivity, acceptance, how to deal with insecurities, and also how to move past difficulties and strive to reach the best version of oneself. Our 'Body Love' expert here is model and actor Prateek Jain, who was also Mr World India 2014. © Instagram 1. One food you should never, ever eat? I'd give it straight to you, because I myself follow that religiously - please avoid fried and sugar laden foods. It's a must. © Instagram 2. The one body part you should never ignore when it comes to workout? Legs, definitely. Indian men have this weird fixation with working only their upper body, which results in the unfortunate and unsightly condition which is called 'chicken legs'. Please train legs, folks! © Instagram 3. Natural fuzz vs. waxed/trimmed body hair? Trimmed, definitely. I want to see my definition when I'm working out, but I can't take the pain of getting waxed. Trimming works perfectly well! © Instagram 4. Grooming essentials - what are the products you can't do without? I just can't do without three things which are basic, but extremely important: my perfume, my body butter, and my sunblock. © Instagram 5. Shave down there or trim it? It really depends on my mood. I do both, from time to time, but I'd say trimming works better when you have a busy schedule like I do. © Instagram 6. Best lighting for clicking nudes (or just for the boudoir)? Why don't I just leave it for the photographer? (Winks) © Instagram 7. Did you ever face any insecurity about your own body? What did you do to deal with it? Well, I have always been into sports. The result? I was skinny AF. Plus, when you're out in the sun all day, you get tanned like you've been to the sun. So yes, pretty much these two were the biggest issues I had with my body. © Instagram 8. What is the toughest challenge according to you, when it comes to obtaining and maintaining a body in its peak shape? Diet, without a doubt. When you want a shredded physique, you need 6 hours' worth of sleep, and probably 4 hours in the gym. But the rest 14 hours, you need to be on top of your game about what you're eating. Trust me, it's tough. © Instagram 9. Not everyone is content with the way their body looks. How do you suggest one should deal with it? Work towards getting your dream physique, of course. But along with that, it's extremely important to embrace what you have. When you're comfortable with your own body, you automatically become really attractive. © Instagram 10. The lines are constantly thinning, when it comes to what is beautiful and what is not. Body positivity is slowly catching up, and the 'accepted standards' of beauty and fitness are getting questioned. What are your views about it? I like how people have started becoming aware about body positivity. The usage of social media platforms to promote messages about inclusivity is something which I really find fascinating. No matter what size or shape you have, the key is to just embrace the same and be happy, provided you're healthy and fit. That's all!
  3. We've heard the wise say that life is unpredictable, but what they did not tell us was that this isn't just true about our life's final moments, but can even be applied to the most mind-blowing moments we live to experience in life. © Instagram This is the reason why every philosopher tells us to live in the moment and make the most of it. While we are busy tapping on our phones, clicking selfies or bending our fingers on a laptop at work, there are people who are taking this advice seriously and charging ahead with their hearts set on doing the right thing, by doing what they do best. This is the story about one of India's raging superstars, rapper Divine aka Vivian Fernandes from Mumbai who went from being a backstreet “gully” performer to a world-class rapper with an ardent fan following both in India and abroad. © Instagram His journey from being Vivian to Divine is a testimony that luck shines on those who dare to follow their heart and work hard. His rise to fame is nothing short of magnificent with his videos crossing the million mark within 24-hours of releasing. His songs are tales from the streets of Mumbai and range from satirical, autobiographical confessionals to rage anthem for an entire generation, that can instantly relate to the realities presented through his lyrics that talk about the city, its people and numerous other societal elements such as corruption and poverty. © Instagram Here is a 17-point guide to Divine's rise from being an underground rapper to an international performer. 1. Born Vivian Fernandes, Divine is a resident of JB Nagar in Andheri East. He had an abusive father who abandoned them due to which his mother moved to the Gulf to feed the family. He and his elder brother have been brought up by their grandmother. 2. He is a product of St. John Evangelist High School, Marol and RD National College. During his formative years as an aspiring artist, he used to play 'fillers' during college shows. © Instagram 3. Divine got hooked to the music created by Eminem and 50 Cent when a friend once gave him a CD. Inspired, he would labour over verses for hours after school. 4. His stage name is inspired by the peace he felt during his visits to the church in Marol with his grandmother. The Indian Express once quoted him, “when I began to rap, I called myself DIVINE. No other name came to mind”. 5. He started out as an underground rapper in 2011 and was a part of a hip-hop crew called Mumbai's Finest. © Instagram He became popular with his home-made YouTube video 'Yeh Mera Bombay', shot on the streets of his gully, in 2013. The video broke new grounds and received the best video of the year award from Rolling Stone India in 2014. 6. Mainstream success finally knocked on his door in 2015 when social media blew up following his collab with another Mumbai-based rapper Naezy for a track they composed together called 'Mere Gully Mein'. 7. In 2016, Divine launched his solo single 'Jungli Sher' which is a defiant anthem about growing up a broken family with limited means. The video became an instant hit on social media. © Instagram 8. He collaborated with DJ Nucleya in 'Jungle Raja' on Nucleya's album 'Bass Rani'. The track 'Jungle Raja' won 'Best EDM Track Of The Year' 2015 at the GIMA Awards. 9. Divine caught Sony Music India's attention during the Blue Frog Festival in 2014 and went on to launch his smashing debut single 'Jungli Sher' under Sony. 10. On 16 February 2017 he released his second single 'Farak' that topped the Indipop chart on iTunes India and collaborated with numerous artists such as Deep Jandu and Gangis Khas for ' Daru Daru' and India-American rapper and songwriter Raja Kumari for 'City Slums'. © Instagram 11. His big Bollywood debut came with the song 'Paintra' in collaboration with Nucleya, for the movie 'Mukkabaaz' that released on 1 December 2017. 12. January 2018 saw Divine's remix of Lil Pump's 'Gucci Gang' go viral. In March he collaborated with singer and music director Amit Trivedi for Irrfan Khan starrer 'Blackmail' on the song 'Badla'. 13. Amongst the many highs Divine has seen so far in 2018, the most special would be the release of his first single 'One Side' from his debut EP through his own label Gully Gang Records. © Instagram 14. The next big thing for the star was producing the soundtrack for 'Sacred Games' called 'Kaam-25' along with music producer Phenom. 15. Divine is one of the very rare rappers who has performed with a complete band featuring names like Randolph Correia, Jai Row Kavi and The Spindoctor, with between 5,000 and 15,000 people in attendance. 16. He was the first Hindi rapper to appear on BBC Asian Network's 'Fire in the Booth' with British DJ Charlie Sloth. © Instagram 17. Inspired by his life story and achievements, Zoya Akhtar decided to make a movie on the lives of upcoming hip-hop singer and rappers in Mumbai. The film called 'Gully Boy' is set to release on 14th February 2019 with Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead. Bhai @ranveersingh slaying Jungli sher like a boss! ð¥ð¯â¤ï¸ðð½#GullyGang #Guttaflow #GullyBoy #VoiceOfTheStreets A post shared by D I V I N E (GULLYGANG) (@vivianakadivine) on Sep 7, 2017 at 5:48am PDT There, we laid it all out for you but there still remains one detail about the rapper that we haven't shared with you. © Instagram Even after attaining so much success and fame, Divine is a humble and rooted guy who won't miss a call from his mother under any circumstance. Why? Because he says, “ My mother's love means the world to me, so I often bring it up in my music.”
  4. How many of you have played the sexy cop fantasy in your head? Most of you I am assuming? And more than once? I don't mean to sound prudish when I say you certainly can't imagine playing the fantasy out loud here, but there are some countries where the cops are hot enough for you to want to get arrested. Imagine being stopped by a really hot cop, who asks you to get out of your car and show her your car papers, as opposed to the 'thullas' you encounter here, with oversized stomachs, trying to swindle money off of you. Yeah, the scenario is quite different here but there is no harm in absolutely checking out some really hot female cops around the world! © Facebook Here's a list of 6 hot female police officers from across the world and we they're complete a badass at their jobs! I am sure the law and order is literally on stake, everywhere they're in charge. (1) Sasha Henry © Twitter Look at her, I bet you want to tap some bong right now. No, but all sleaze aside, she's from Jamaica and also one of the first police officers to participate in Miss Jamaica 2017 and she's a constable. How often would you want to get into trouble just for her? © Twitter (2) Haley Drew © Instagram I think female cops can really make a difference in the world and in a good way. They have the sass, the style and they have a brain, along with that gorgeous bod. Don't believe me? Check out this Texan beut working in the Texas sheriff department. I'm crushing real hard right now. © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (3) Rianna Conner © Instagram If every cop looks like this then I am surely going to break a rule every day of my life. How does anyone get their work done wherever she's policing around? Another one from the USA, she's a marine and also goes by the name 'Combat Barbie'. © Instagram Follow her here (4) Adrienne Koleszar © Instagram Adrienne is a German police officer and she's a true blue fitness inspiration for a lot of women across the world. She's tough, she's hot and she's a complete badass! © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (5) Samantha Sepulveda © Facebook She was a cop from Long Island and in 2013, when her friend invited her to participate in a fashion show, there was no looking back for Sepulveda then. She started modelling for lingerie and swimwear (have you see that gorgeous bod?). She's not a cop anymore but a full-time runway model. She's popular on Instagram if you want to check her out (@sammysep) with around 300,000 followers! © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (6) Leticia Faria © Instagram The fabulous Brazilian Civil Police Officer from Goias is a complete looker and she is pretty much on point with her cop game as well, which is her truest passion (7) Crodia Maximus © Instagram Her real name is Christine, and she's in the Naval Reserve, but have you checked out her form? Oh, she's also a part of 1st Phorm Legionnaire. Tattooed badass who loves to lift, she's one heavy duty officer we can't get our eyes off of. © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (8) Koral Malol © Instagram The Israel-born hottie has a real strong Instagram following. She loves her fitness as much as she loves policing around. And she's just 24! © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (9) Nochtli Peralta Alvarez © Instagram She's not a police officer anymore but when she was, she truly kicked ass. Don't believe me? Watch her fight bad guys on her Instagram page! She's now a fitness freak and a model and she loves what she does. Half Dutch and half Spanish, she started working as a street police officer and she's loved all over. Those eyes though... © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here (10) Anya Sautinsky © Instagram She's a cutie alright. A police officer from Israel, she takes her work as seriously as she does travelling to exotic places and clicking some fabulously hot pictures of herself! © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram © Instagram Follow her here That's all folks. Make sure you don't get drool on your screen.
  5. While most men associate the month of november (specifically #NoShaveNovember) with taking pride in their facial growth, many of them aren't aware of the fact that 1st September actually happens to be World Beard Day. A day when you can proudly express your love for your beard, World Beard Day also gives you an opportunity to give your facial growth the treatment it not only warrants, but also deserves. And so on that note, here are five things you should definitely gift yourself (and your beard!) on this World Beard Day. 1) A Premium Beard Oil © Official Instagram Account/ Ranveer Singh For those of you out there who have been planning on growing your beard and making it more luscious, beard oils end up being a godsend. After all, not only do they provide the necessary nourishment to your beard, but they also end up facilitating hair growth, making them an absolutely vital element of your grooming regimen. Pro tip: Ustraa and Beardo curate some of the best beard oils out there, and that too for incredibly affordable rates. 2) A Badass Moustache Wax © Official Instagram Account/Ranveer Singh While you are taking care of your beard, don't forget about your mooch. A rookie mistake that most men end up making is not taking care of your moustache, which will make for an unseemly and awkward sight. So make sure you get some grooming products catering to your mooch's wellness as well. Pro tip: Beardhood's catalogue includes some of the best moustache waxes you could possibly get your hands on. 3) A Quality Trimmer © Official Instagram Account/ Tom Hardy It doesn't matter how long or thick your beard is, if you don't properly trim it, it'll never look attractive. On the contrary, an unkempt and untrimmed beard will make sure that you look as undesirable as possible. So on this World Beard Day, why not give your beard the love it deserves by investing in a quality trimmer for yourself? Pro tip: Some of the best beard trimmers out there, that happen to affordable as well, belong to Philips, Braun and Nova's catalogues. 4) An A-Grade Face Wash © Official Instagram Account/ Kartik Aryan Many people end up underestimating the harmful effects using the wrong face wash could have on your beard. After all, most face washes are not formulated to protect your facial hair. As such, getting yourself an A-grade face wash, one that will not only take care of your skin but also protect your beard and mooch from any potential damage, is recommended. Pro tip: Beardhood and the Man Company are known for curating face washes that are not only suitable for your skin type, but are also mindful of not damaging your beard. 5) Finally, A Power-Packed Electric Shaver © Unsplash Unlike the other four products mentioned on our list, an electric shaver won't help you grow or maintain your beard. But trust us, there WILL come a time when you'll probably want to change things up a bit and shave it off. As such, getting a power-packed electric shaver for yourself doesn't make for a bad idea. Pro tip: If you're looking for a premium electic shaver that won't make you go broke, you can opt for eithier Philips or Panasonic as they curate some of the best electric shavers out there.
  6. Human trafficking (largely prevalent in India) is one of the harshest realities of the world that has destroyed millions of lives. The trailer of 'Love Sonia' brings to surface a harrowing tale of an innocent young village girl, who gets entangled in one such vicious world of flesh trade. Tamasha Talkies Sonia, played by Mrunal Thakur, is a 17-year-old girl who gets separated from her sister when her father sells her off to pay debts. Sonia then sets out on a journey to rescue her sister from the clutches of *** traffickers. As she tries to look for clues to find her sister, she finds herself slowly getting trapped in a global network of *** trade with no way out from it. Tamasha Talkies This 2-minute-42-seconds trailer is packed with a powerful star-cast, brutal yet emotional scenes and hard-hitting performances which brilliantly portray the trauma, horror and fear that the young girl goes through when thrown into *** trade. "Inspired by real events", the trailer narrates a powerful story of a girl who puts up a strong fight against human trafficking, only in hopes that she will get closer to finding and rescuing her sister. Directed by Tabrez Noorani of 'Life of Pi' and 'Slumdog Millionaire' fame, the trailer packs brilliant performances by Rajkummar Rao, Richa Chadha, Anupam Kher, Adil Hussain, Manoj Bajpayee, Mrunal Thakur, Freida Pinto and Hollywood actors Demi Moore and Mark Duplass. 'Love Sonia' is releasing on September 14.
  7. Most of us have dreamt of reaching for the skies at some point in our lives. While some of us have had the chance to turn that dream into a reality, the rest of us are still moving forward on our journeys. However, regardless of where one stands on their respective journeys or which leg of the story remains to be discovered yet, one has to overcome a zillion hurdles before they can cross the finish line. Instagram Though at times somewhere along the way a few of our comrades give up on their dreams in the face of testing challenges, there still remain a few who continue to strive against all odds and keep moving forward. The following account you're about to read is about one such young lad who has been a massive inspiration to hundreds of young Indians for displaying sheer will of character and hard work to turn dreams into reality. This is the story of Indore's homeboy Madhusudan Patidar and how he toiled hard to become the youngest Indian to climb the Mount Everest via North Ridge. He even has a world record of being 'the first person to stay on Mt. Kilimanjaro's summit for 22 hours' to his name. Rooted In Passion Instagram A resident of Rau in Indore, Patidar comes from a middle-class family of lesser means but great dreams, and an earnest hope to live a reality carved out of hard work, sincerity and faith. He is a Fire Technology engineer by degree but an avid mountaineer by profession and lives by the motto 'ain't no mountain high enough'. It all started when he was in 7th standard and went on an excursion with his father. By the end of that adventure he'd fallen head over heels with the aspect of rock climbing and his heart was soon set on scaling the mighty Everest. Instagram In no time, his love turned into an obsession and Madhusudan went on to get himself enrolled for the basic course of mountaineering from Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering, and then later, for the advance course from Himalayan Mountaineering Institute. Facing Those Challenges However, scaling up those mountains came with their own set of challenges. Madhusudan had to struggle real hard in order to arrange Rs 35 lakhs for his training and lack of funds forced his family to sell off their house and even mortgage his mother's jewellery. Instagram Even the government turned a deaf ear to his requests for financial aid. Patidar's applications found no takers in either the Department of Sports and Youth Welfare or in Lok Sabha speaker Sumitra Mahajan. Undeterred, Madhusudan approached his friends and neighbours who came together to invest in his dreams. Living The Dream On May 21, 2017, Patidar—fondly called MP's Mowgli—successfully climbed atop the Everest and became the youngest Indian to reach there via the North Ridge. He later named 21st May 2017 his 'Dream Day'. Instagram Later that year on 18th December, he went on to earn the feat of climbing atop Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. Not only this, he opted for the toughest Western Breach route to reach the Kilimanjaro summit and once there, he decided to attempt something unprecedented. He spent a record 22 hours on the summit and made it to the Guinness Book of World Records! Eyeing Newer Heights Having successfully checked two out the seven highest peaks he has on his list, he's excited than ever to take on his next expedition and move closer to his ultimate goal. From losing a part of his finger to frostbite to losing a team member to a gorge during the climb, Patidar has been witness to numerous challenges and hardships but eventually come out of them with flying colours! Instagram He has given the country many reasons to be proud of him and the youth of the nation an inspiration to learn from. We are really happy to be sharing his story with you and would love to hear your thoughts on it too.
  8. After months and months of secret dating, hand-holding, airport sightings, barely saying a word to anyone about their relationship, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, who are now officially engaged, have opened the dams and are not holding back from showing the world that they belong to each other. From accompanying each other at the Met Gala to dating to making things official, the two have come a long way. Meanwhile, the celebrations at the Chopra residence are in full swing and even though we have no clue what's going on inside, we are sure it's a bash to remember. The day started with a traditional Roka ceremony for which Nick and his parents Denise Miller-Jonas and Paul Kevin Jonas arrived on Thursday night. While we've already shown you the Roka pictures, the duo finally made their Instagram debut, after official getting engaged, in the presence of their family and friends. Congratulations to my girl, I'm so so happy for you ð #loverules @priyankachopra and @nickjonas #ICalledIT!! #rokaceremony #Pre-engagement #mumbai #india A post shared by Anjula Acharia (@anjula_acharia) on Aug 18, 2018 at 3:34am PDT The most amazing private #roka celebration for @nickjonas and @priyankachopra wishing you love for ever, joy in your hearts ♥ï¸ #fun #love #nickjonas #priyankachopra A post shared by Anjula Acharia (@anjula_acharia) on Aug 18, 2018 at 3:42am PDT (c) Instagram (c) Instagram (c) Instagram Perfect Powerful Couple #Priyanka chopra and #Nick jones looking so much in Loveð @nickjonas and @priyankachopra Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love. FOLLOW US @glitterandglamourindia #naveenpandey #RiteishDeshmukh #london2018 #rubinavkishaadi #rubinadilaik #divyankatripathidahiya #vivekdahiya #suhanakhan #fbsuhanakhan #ananyapandey #shanayakapoor #ahaanpanday #jahnvikapoor #jhanvikapoor #PriyankaNickengagement #nickjonas #priyankachopra #nick #jonas #iconicks #jonatic #teamdnce #jonasbrothers #demijonasfan #india #mumbai #family #engaged A post shared by Naveen Pandey (@glitterandglamourindia) on Aug 18, 2018 at 3:30am PDT AUGUST 18 2018- #PriyankaNickEngagment Ahhhhh she looks so happy, with her bestie xx #nickjonas #priyankachopra #jicknonas #peecee #nickyanka @nickjonas @priyankachopra A post shared by NICKYANKA'S LOVE (@nickyankaslove) on Aug 18, 2018 at 3:28am PDT AUGUST 18 2018- #PriyankaNickEngagment Nick with Priyankas friend. #nickjonas #priyankachopra #jicknonas #peecee #nickyanka @nickjonas @priyankachopra A post shared by NICKYANKA'S LOVE (@nickyankaslove) on Aug 18, 2018 at 2:56am PDT WATCH VIDEO! Priyanka Chopra's Pandit Confirms Wedding Reports, Gives Details Of The Engagement Ceremony. #priyankachopraengagement #priyankanickengagement #Priyankachopra #nickjonas @priyankachopra @nickjonas A post shared by Movie Talkies (@movietalkies) on Aug 18, 2018 at 3:05am PDT Nick introduced us to 'Future Mrs Jonas, calling her his love and heart. And boy we were knocked over by how he was gushing over her. Future Mrs. Jonas. My heart. My love. A post shared by Nick Jonas (@nickjonas) on Aug 18, 2018 at 2:45am PDT Priyanka finally declared that she was taken with her all her heart and soul. Taken.. With all my heart and soul.. A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Aug 18, 2018 at 2:45am PDT To which a cheeky Nick replied, "wow congrats...he's the luckiest guy in the world." (c) Screengrab/ Instagram One can only imagine how the fans must be feeling right now, after all, they haven't been fed like this in a long time. We wonder if they can handle this sudden rush of social media affection by the beautiful couple. Later tonight, Priyanka and Nick will be hosting a grand engagement party where close friends and family members will join to celebrate the big day. Congratulations Nick and Priyanka!
  9. How many of us today can even come to consider the option of giving up our life filled with luxuries, worldly pleasure and even perhaps the constant “updates” and sneak peeks the internet provides to us on an hourly basis? Not many. Sad but true. However, the past decade has managed to produce such a gem, who consciously chose to renounce the guilty pleasures of a sweet, urban life in pursuit of higher truth or meaning, by becoming a monk! The name is Jay Shetty and for all the uninitiated, here's what we have to say. You need to turn on all post notifications for this guy's content because whatever he touches turns to gold. If you think we are exaggerating, then read on because we have all the scoop you might want to fill up on and transform your life. © Instagram The Backstory Born to Indian parents settled in London, Jay had the usual upbringing in an Indian household. The shy, introvert kid who had parental expectations to meet. Bullied for sporting a few extra kilos, he found solace in the comfort of non-judgemental, endearing books and never let the bullies get to him. However, as teenage would have it, he had his own tryst with experimentation and thrilling adventures that landed him on suspension on numerous occasions. All the same, it was the sudden death of two of his best buddies that jolts him back to reality and he begins to ponder upon the transient nature of life and its bigger purpose. This experience changes the course of his life to explore the branch of Philosophy and Behavioural Sciences, in which he even goes on to achieve a first class B.Sc degree in. © Instagram The Monk Life Chooses Him Having crossed paths with a monk at the age of 18, Jay yet again begins to explore ways of making a positive difference to people's lives. It was at the age of 22 that he finally decides to relinquish the comforts of home and society and travel across India and Europe for the next 3 years to explore and experience the monk life for himself. For the next three years he lived as monk, with a shaved head and gown robes, and built philanthropic ventures. Like they show it on TV, he endured the tough and strict lifestyle of the monks, that included waking up at 4 am and meditating in extreme conditions as well as learning at depth about the classical philosophies and sciences of the East. Along the way Jay built sustainable villages, participated in food programs and coached millennials on consciousness, well-being and success. © Instagram The Urban Monk Soon after relocating to London after living as a monk for three long years, his friends from business school having learnt about his latest escapades and the discoveries that they led to for Jay, began to call on him for motivation and guidance, that soon broadened to speaking at well-known global corporates. He began sharing his insights on productivity, contentment and success with employees and the management, and soon graduated to work as a Social Media coach for executives in online branding and digital strategy at Accenture. It was during this time that his life was to take yet another life-changing turn. © Instagram The Story Now In 2016, Jay's videos were spotted by Arianna Huffington, who invited him to host HuffPost Lifestyle in New York. Then life happened and after having worked with HuffPost for a while, Jay launched his own brand and has since worked with global bigwigs like Google, Facebook, Coca Cola and Microsoft to name a few. His viral videos on life, relationships and success are a major hit with today's youth who swear by his words of wisdom. It has been two years since he started and today he is not one of the most popular online sensation and viral content creator who hit 2 billion views in mere 18 months but also a Class of 2017 'Forbes 30 Under 30' inspiration! His stories are relatable, founded on scientific study and often based on real life experiences. © Instagram Jay believes in touching people's lives and transforming them by looking at the issues that plague our generation and providing feasible solutions and perspectives to them. His videos are enlightening, helpful, optimistic, motivating and insightful to the level that no one who has ever come across his pearls of wisdom shall be able to ignore the value they find in them. Check Out These Snippets To Get You Started
  10. The might of an actor lies in their ability to act, yes, but it is equally about creating an impact capable of leaving the audience intrigued and hooked on for more. An actor does not just portray a character and performs on stage or the screen, but also works on the delivery that does justice to the demands of the character and renders it memorable to every theatre or movie-goer. While we talk about such fine actors, there's got to be a mention of the man of the moment, who has every cinema enthusiast going gaga about the endless possibilities over a particular '007' development. © Reuters News has surfaced that we might be looking at Idris Elba as the next “double-o-seven” in the making and we couldn't be more satisfied with the choice. Known best for his dynamic acting skills and a voice that has played a pivotal role to making many roles highly memorable (think Shere Khan in the 'Jungle Book'), we bear no doubts that Idris makes for a great fit as “Bond, James Bond” in the upcoming movies after Daniel Craig's departure from the franchise next year. More On The Man Himself © Reuters For those who might not be well aware of the man in question, Idris Elba is a 45-year-old British actor, who has made a name and carved a niche for himself in Hollywood. Fondly remembered for his stellar performance as Stringer in 'The Wire' and BBC's home production drama 'Luther', Idris has time and again showed the world that he holds immense potential to go from suave to ruthless and from sinister to disarming in a matter of few characters (or even frames for that matter). The news of him having potentially bagged the role of 007 started doing the rounds when he posted this intriguing tweet - my name's Elba, Idris Elba. pic.twitter.com/kEyyaVg8JX — Idris Elba (@idriselba) August 12, 2018 This got the tabloids into a frenzy and the news soon hit the screens across the world. However, within a little while, after the 'hype' began to gain momentum, Elba posted a new tweet that acted as sort of a killjoy to all the premature celebrations. This is what he had to say - Don't believe the HYPE... — Idris Elba (@idriselba) August 12, 2018 While we agree that we'd love to have a confirmation, this tweet has, however, left all of us hanging and we simply can't wait for a confirmation (or sadly even a denial) on the rumours! Now, while we have been voicing our support for this choice, you surely didn't expect us to leave you hanging without giving you valid reasons for it. Here are Elba's performances in 5 major productions that will re-affirm that he is indeed the best choice for the iconic role. 1. Stringer Bell From 'The Wire' © YouTube We had to kick off our argument with this one. The character of Stringer Bell portrayed by Elba in 'The Wire' is perhaps how the world went gaga over the man. His captivating and charismatic take on the aide de camp to a drug lord Barksdale, goes well with the cool and panache exhibited by Bond in difficult situations. Stringer Bell is calm and calculative with a display of intelligence we identify with 007. Convincingly cutthroat and well assessed in his means to achieve his targets, Bell reminds us of Bond's obsession of completing his missions to the T. 2. John Luther From 'Luther' © YouTube The titular role that put Elba on the map was that of detective John Luther who exhibited more than a few similarities to Bond's ways in this show. The otherwise calm Luther's demeanour stood out in greater contrast when he lost his cool, again reminding us of Bond, who is known to play to cool and sharp at all times. The show's violent edge also comes in handy when we're trying to pitch the two characters' combating skills against each. Severe and exuding vibes that scream danger, Luther chooses to stay aloof and within a shell, with not many friendships to count on, much like Bond. 3. Commandant From 'Beasts Of No Nation' © YouTube Another one of Elba's memorable portrayals, he does justice to the characters that are complex and flawed with defunct morals. His portrayal of a brutal and nuanced commandant or leader of a militia sets him as the predator who fights for the cause. The Commandant stands as an example of how situations can turn any man into a beast. The character and its struggles are relatable and on the other hand, remind us of Bond and his skilled antics and methods to achieve his goal without caring about the means. Charisma, strategy and resources all pulled into one - like Commandant, like Bond! 4. Nelson Mandela From 'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom' © YouTube When most actors shuddered at the idea, Elba came through as the perfect fit to play one of the world's most loved political leaders of all times. The stellar performance he renders in the movie befits Mandela's amazing life story. Elba effortlessly presented the leader's struggles and strengths, thereby giving the world a closer look at the man's life. From the myriad shades of Mandela that he showcases on the screen, it can be said that he possesses the capability to portray the multi-hued and demanding character of James Bond. 5. Stacker Pentecost From 'Pacific Rim' © YouTube The leader of the pack and the one who sounded the cry of war and claimed his right to might, Marshal Stacker Pentecost came through as the ideal person to look up to. The depth of character and gravity that he showcases sets him in line to take up Bond's role in the truest sense. Pentecost is stern but can be kind too, just like Bond is to M, and knows just the right way to make people follow his commands. © Reuters Based on the many skills and acting calibre exhibited by Elba over the years and across various genres of film and drama, we bear no doubt in our minds that he is indeed a great choice for Bond and is more than capable of doing justice to the iconic character.
  11. Actor Vidyut Jammwal needs no introduction. When he forayed into Bollywood with his stellar performance in 'Force', the world took notice of this man, who is probably made of steel. Vidyut is currently on an all time high after he became the only Indian who made it to coveted list of the top martial artists in the world. Vidyut told us that he never really planned on joining movies, but was always sure that he wanted to do something with action ever since he was a kid. He has been training in Kalaripayattu (a martial art of Kerala) since the age of three, so that explains his benign connection with martial arts. Vidyut is playing the role of an elephant whisperer in his next movie 'Junglee' and his preparation for this movie is way more extensive than you can imagine. © Haider Khan © Haider Khan Talking about his role and what he did to prepare for the same, Vidyut explained what went behind the scenes. “I was born in a small place and have always been surrounded by animals all my life. Elephants are majestic. They feel what you feel, you need to have a soul connection with them.” © Haider Khan He explained that he stayed around them, built a connection. “They are very forgiving and understand humans very well”. He exclaimed that theory is very different from practicality. He thought he was prepared to shoot and stay around them but when it finally happened, he was awestruck. This #WorldElephantDay, let's go #Junglee by spreading awareness about the humble giants, our oldest companions need our help from being extinct..STOP BUYING IVORY@JungleeMovie @JungleePictures Filmed by @HaiderKhanMe pic.twitter.com/TxptJ2rXhS — Vidyut Jammwal (@VidyutJammwal) August 12, 2018 The project is being helmed by Hollywood's big shot Chuck Russel. On being asked about how it was working with him, Vidyut explained that he respects animals and is very aware of how to get work done. Vidyut is actively supporting the cause of saving elephants and on the occasion of 'World Elephant Day', he urges everyone to do whatever they can to ban poaching. He is a vegan now and was even voted as PETA's 'Hottest Vegetarian' few years ago.
  12. It is a dark day in the world of literature today as we lost a literary gem to life. Celebrated Nobel winning author, VS Naipaul died at the age of 85 at his London home, according to his family. The man who gave us works like 'A House For Mr. Biswas' and 'A Bend In The River' has left a gaping hole in the hearts of all his fans. RIP Sir VS Naipaul! a literary genius of questionable character (especially to his birth country that he based some of his most successful works on), but A House For Mr. Biswas will always be one of my favourite books — saadiqa (@saadiqa_xo) August 11, 2018 The world mourns the death of this great author. Sir VS Naipaul will be remembered for his extensive works, which covered diverse subjects ranging from history, culture, colonialism, politics and more. His passing away is a major loss to the world of literature. Condolences to his family and well wishers in this sad hour. — Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) August 12, 2018 #VSNaipaul has passed away. Dostoyevski of our time. A giant who proved that language and culture belong not to those who inherit it, but to those who live it. “So he looked without trying to see and heard without listening” (Half a Life, 2009) Rest in peace, Sir Vidia! pic.twitter.com/c9SdxODz0r — Nickolay E. MLADENOV (@nmladenov) August 12, 2018 The Trinidad-born author had a love-hate relationship with his Asian readers who thought that he somewhere glorified colonialism and others felt that he dared to say things about countries like India which no one ever did in their literary work. We disagreed all our lives, about politics, about literature, and I feel as sad as if I just lost a beloved older brother. RIP Vidia. #VSNaipaul — Salman Rushdie (@SalmanRushdie) August 12, 2018 The river bends. An era ends. RIP VS Naipaul pic.twitter.com/vDGUJ9OdHe — Vikas Swarup (@VikasSwarup) August 12, 2018 RIP VS Naipaul, a giant among us. Even if you disagreed with much that he wrote, particularly about India, you couldn't help be stimulated, influenced & catalysed by the brilliance of his laser sharp vision. It was a great honour that his last appearance was @ZEEJLF — William Dalrymple (@DalrympleWill) August 12, 2018 The man was called “a literary circumnavigator, only ever really at home in himself” in his Nobel citation, which stands true. May his soul rest in peace.
  13. While most people today are busy looking for the safest spot where they can do the 'Kiki Challenge' without getting injured or arrested by cops, a few months back, our celebrities were busy taking a challenge that made sense and brought about a healthier change in the society. Twitter From Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Hrithik Roshan, Anand Mahindra, Deepika Padukone to even our PM Modi (although the social media brutally turned him into a meme later), this challenge was being accepted left right and centre by celebrities and prominent personalities. We are talking about the famous Fitness Challenge that was introduced by Union Minister for Youth Affairs and Sports, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore. Seriously, how often do you see a minister dropping to the ground and doing 19 push-ups in his office? But, Rathore did just that and soon, his social media followers, celebrities and politicians started following him, and a trend was born. Twitter While the fitness challenge gradually died down, it is now going viral once again thanks to Salman Khan. Why? Because although he's late in following the trend, he FINALLY took the Fitness Challenge, which was thrown to him by Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, and shared his workout video with his fans today. We guess he was still recovering from the shocking response that 'Race 3' got which is why it took him so long to take the challenge. Instagram Appreciating Rathore's campaign, he wrote, “Fabulous campaign by sports minister #RajyavardhanRathore on #HumFitTohIndiaFit. I accept #FitnessChallenge of #KirenRijiju. Here is my video…” 52-year-old Salman Khan, who is known for his ripped body and making women go in their knees with his shirtless avatar for decades (Remember 'Oh Oh Jaane Jaana'?), shared this video, where he is seen cycling and flaunting his biceps. Fabulous campaign by sports minister #RajyavardhanRathore on #HumFitTohIndiaFit. I accept #FitnessChallenge of #KirenRijiju ð. Here is my video ... A post shared by Salman Khan (@beingsalmankhan) on Aug 10, 2018 at 10:30pm PDT After Salman shared the video, Kiren Rijiju too replied on Twitter saying, “Great @BeingSalmanKhan bhai. You inspire millions to stay fit & healthy. Thanks for accepting my challenge.” Great @BeingSalmanKhan bhaið You inspire millions to stay fit & healthy. Thanks for accepting my challenge. #HumFitTohIndiaFit https://t.co/nx2EraTA1l — Kiren Rijiju (@KirenRijiju) August 11, 2018 On the work front, Salman Khan is currently in Malta shooting for his upcoming movie 'Bharat', the same movie that Priyanka Chopra recently made an exit from and Katrina Kaif was roped in.
  14. There can be no two ways to what an explosive combination women and sports make. Be it the ones who are actively setting their playing fields on fire or the ones ensuring that the matches go off without a hitch. We know what a sight it makes when the two come together. More often than not, one can almost feel the fizzing energy flying off the playing arenas due to the blazing levels of testosterone clashing with the swag these ladies exude on the field. While there exist no benchmarks for hotness we're trying to meet, suffice it to say that these women are in a league of their own. With looks great enough for players to miss that goal or skip that hit, these women are also great at doing a fine job as referees. They go by the book so there's no way any fault can escape their keen eyes and judgements. They are there to ensure fair play and perhaps also motivate to up the game of the players and give it their best shot because who knows, they might have their eye on you. So, here we bring you a curated list of 5 of the hottest female referees in the world. Whether they are actively officiating to date or have retired post their service, we give you an insight into who these women are: 1. Chelsea Gurr © Facebook © Facebook A New Zealand rugby official, Gurr has travelled around the world and made a mark for herself with her professionalism and well, also her good looks. She was initiated into the sport by her father who also happened to be a former coach and referee. She has been on duty at both women's matches as well as men's senior rugby leagues. She has a Diploma in Therapeutic Massage and we presume players might often just hurt themselves for a little intervention from her. 2. Aurélie Sarà Bollier © Twitter © Twitter Working as a full-time soccer referee at the Switzerland Amateur League, she is one hell of a woman. Athletic, bomb looks and an animal lover, she admitted that she does not see herself becoming a professional referee. So, for all of you who can't wait to see her in action, you might just have to fly down to one of the amateur games she's officiating. Regardless of the scale of her area of work, she does great justice to her duties. 3. Proletina Velichkova © Instagram © Instagram This 25-year old Bulgarian beauty began her career as a snooker referee in 2011. Since then, she has been on duty at multiple European Tour events in Bulgaria, which include televised matches involving top players such as Judd Trump and John Higgins. One of her career highlights was officiating at an exhibition between Ronnie O'Sullivan and Jack Lisowski just two months after she started refereeing in 2011. She sure looks like the girl-next-door. 4. Claudia Romani © Instagram Perhaps one of the greatest beauties of them all, Claudia is an Italian model who has graced the pages of some of the major publications such as GQ and Maxim. However, it was in 2014 that she made the career-changing move and decided to become a referee. She qualified to referee both Series A and B matches in her home country after qualifying in the exam. She made headlines when she posed in AC Milan's gear, causing people to wonder if she could be impartial. 5. Elena Tambini © Instagram © Instagram This Italian bombshell was a part-time model apart from being a full-time referee in lower league Italian matches. She has officiated multiple matches and stood out as a budding referee during her tenure. However, she gave up her on-field career to get behind the camera as a sports show journalist and a host. She's gorgeous, knows her game and delivers to perfection. We can only imagine the number of players who wouldn't have felt the pinch on getting a yellow card from her. Tell us, don't you agree that these women are absolute divas both on and off the field?
  15. If there's anything that's best friends with travel-anxiety, it's the thought of not having packed for dwindly temperatures. Unfortunately, as the landscapes change and latitudes variate, the weather starts to play its cards. Meaning: every time you step into a new surface area, you've got to take efforts to keep yourself warm and alternatively, cool (depending upon the city you're travelling to). Add to this, the air conditioning aboard and the cold-blast at the airport, and you're in for some serious airport-layering troubles. In that case, we've got you a terrific deal today. Lightweight parka jackets — the sole warriors of fickled weather — are going to save your day, when unexpected chills/warm weather are wrecking every hour possible. Throw them on as it starts to get cold and slip out of them if the mercury strikes. All in all, just keep them handy and use them, selfishly. © Margaret Howell That said, it won't be completely out-of-the-blue to mention, that parkas are easy to stow as well. They're capable of being folded into the smallest size (meaning: you don't need a lot of space to store them) and well, don't get too crushed if stored in the right manner. Result? You can keep them on even if you're not at the airport anymore and are off to meet that important one. Believe us, she won't notice the jacket's travel-fatigue! © Just Jared A few of you may ask: what if it starts raining in the city I'm travelling to? Well, then for #1: most parkas comes with a hood, to ensure that your mop, which is laced with hair products, isn't exposed to the unexpected shower and stays in shape, come what may. For #2, since most parka jackets are water-proof too, you won't be answering any embarrassing how-did-you-get-wet queries once you arrive. © Grailed But the question remains: what's the trick to invest in the best and most versatile one? We'd say, go for a neutral shade. Blacks, greys, blues or even olive greens (they're almost like neutrals in parka jackets) can be easily paired with any outfits of choice and in fact, hop them over your two-piece suits too and you'd realise how they'd seamlessly blend in. Just remember to take them off before entering the boardroom! Final takeaway: Temperatures may change, but your jacket needn't. That said, if you've arrived at your destination and it's a hell lot chillier, open that suitcase and layer up further. Don't catch a cold!
  16. We are more than aware of the state of our roads in India. Name any town or city, big or small, the number of wheels speeding on an already brimming road at any given point in time is truly testing on many levels. No, we aren't just thinking 'time', we're talking more along the lines of keeping our equilibrium together and reining our wayward tongue in such moments of civilian weakness when the roads threaten to get the better of us. Since that seems pretty relatable on an everyday basis and we hear some unanimous muttering of “been there, done that”, we may all come to agree upon the fact that cab-hailing services may (and have, on multiple occasions) come to our rescue during such testing times. One such platform that's an absolute hit across the Indian subcontinent is Ola and every Indian must take pride in this homegrown cab-hailing giant that's made everyday commute easy and a LOT less aggressive, to say the least. News hit the wire last afternoon with Ola Co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal's announcement that the ride-hailing service is all set to launch in the United Kingdom very soon. The news comes after just a few months of Ola's successful operations in Australia since February earlier this year. Now with its impending launch in the UK, which also happens to be the company's second major global launch, things are looking up for the company like never before. Spearheading the company's globalisation spree is Bhavish Aggarwal, the brain we're all set to anatomize today. From Humble Beginnings To The Ride © Reuters Born to a pair of doctors and hailing from the small town of Ludhiana in Punjab, Bhavish is a 2008 IIT-Bombay graduate in Computer Science and Engineering, who ranked #23 in his entrance examinations (little to his parents' disappointment, we know right?!) and went on to work with Microsoft as an Assistant Researcher for the next two years post graduating from college. IIT-B was also to be the place where he was destined to meet the future Co-founder of Ola, Ankit Bhati - the two shared dorms in college and were the first friend either of them made on campus. Though the rest is history but to cut the story short, that first introduction led to innumerable escapades together and exchange of ideas which culminated into the fathering of what was to be known as Ola Trips. At a raw age 24, Bhavish along with Ankit, co-founded an online weekend trip-booking portal in early 2010 with a personal pain point they sought a solution to. BTS Scoop You'd Wanna Know © Reuters In his own words, he was 24 when he started, had a girlfriend but wasn't married and had no money so that eliminated the risk of huge losses - and this here folks, formed the basis of his first startup. That's some way to look at it, right? However, while all might seem up and pumping to an onlooker, Bhavish often admits to having lived through numerous hiccups at the initial stages of Ola's inception. Back in the day in 2010, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India wasn't as hot and bothered as recent times which posed as a struggle for them to breakthrough. After being in operation for 6 months, Ola Trips metamorphosed into Ola Cabs harnessing on the need of the hour. Built with an aim to build urban mobility in India, Bhavish stood by his belief that startups should be established to solve big, important problems and that's how Ola Cabs came into being. Then came the funding which was slow to come by but was it worth the wait? Sure as hell! Tiger Global came onboard as their first major investor and they have never looked back since. Fast forward to 8 years, and what started as India's very own ride-hailing service has now already travelled overseas after successfully catering to the needs of Indians over the past few years! Going Global: Taking Ola Westward © Reuters 2018 marked a new phase for the company, one that came as a welcome change, mind blowing enough to leave any founder elated! Starting with the launch of their services Down Under in Australia at the beginning of this year, Bhavish is now all set to ride over to the UK and target “one of the most sophisticated transportation markets” in the world for its new challenge. As the company spreads its wings and continues to soar high, we wonder what continues to fuel Bhavish's vision everyday. Right from expanding to newer markets and exploring ways to contribute to the government's Vision 2030 by planning to introduce EVs across major towns and cities in India, to launching Ola Play and relaunching Ola Cafe, there's no backing down for the budding entrepreneur. Backing Words With Actions © Reuters Bhavish lives by ideology that their company must always be about the consumer and partner satisfaction first and we have no trouble taking his word for it because he continues to give us major reasons to place our trust on him. For every other aspiring entrepreneur, he has one advice - “don't wait for the perfect time, the perfect team or even the money - just jump into the fire”, perhaps much like how he started.
  17. Despite their oh-so-many spottings and sightings together, people are still trying to figure out as to what exactly is going on between Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. Are they engaged? Are they getting married? The rumour mill is in overdrive and everyone is waiting for a concrete answer. © Twitter The duo is definitely going strong and has managed to build a great rapport with each other's families as well. From going on dates to unabashed PDA to getting all romantic about each other on their social media, the star couple is being loud and clear about their feelings for each other. © Twitter Just a couple of days ago, Priyanka attended Nick's concert in Singapore and was seen enjoying each and every moment of his performance. PeeCee was seen losing herself in his music, bopping and dancing along, while Nick performed on-stage. They are currently touring the world together, giving many some serious couple goals. @priyankachopra and @nickjonas today before his concert in Singapore ♥ï¸. She puts her hand over his neck ð­ð­ they're so cute together ðð¥ #priyankachopra #nickjonas #nickyanka A post shared by Priyanka&Nick (@nickyanka18) on Aug 5, 2018 at 5:46am PDT #priyankachopra with #nickjonas today in singapore â¤ï¸ Omg people are calling her name ðâ¤ï¸ - #برÙاÙÙا_تشÙبرا Ùع Ù٠جÙÙاس اÙÙÙÙ Ù٠سÙغاÙÙرÙâ¤ï¸ - اÙÙاس ÙÙادÙÙÙا بدا٠ÙÙðâ¤ï¸ - - #queenofbollywood#queenofhearts#queenpri#Bollywood#priyanka#بÙÙÙÙÙد#nickyanka A post shared by Perfection is ?! PeeCeeð (@priyanka.news) on Aug 5, 2018 at 5:35am PDT Here's our desi girl grooving to the videshi beats! @priyankachopra bopping to @nickjonas during his set is probably the cutest thing you can see today ðð #priyankachopra #nickjonas #nickyanka A post shared by Priyanka&Nick (@nickyanka18) on Aug 5, 2018 at 7:13am PDT Look at her ðð | @priyankachopra #priyankachopra . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #srk #shahrukhkhan #anushkasharma #deepikapadukone #shahidkapoor #salmankhan #aamirkhan #akshaykumar #varundhawan #parineetichopra #katrinakaif #kareenakapoor #ranveersingh #aliabhatt #sonamkapoor #shraddhakapoor #aishwaryarai #siddharthmalhotra #DishaPatani #followforfollow #like4like #follow #kyliejenner #selenagomez #justinbieber #__priyankachoprafc A post shared by PRIYANKA CHOPRA FC (@__priyankachoprafc) on Aug 5, 2018 at 7:26am PDT It's priyanka choprað @nickjonas @priyankachopra #nickjonas #priyankachopra #nickyanka . . . . #kyliejenner #hollywood #mumbai #mileycryus #selenagomez #jonasbrothers #aliabhatt #katrinakaif #deepikapadukone #salmankhan #ranbirkapoor #shahrukhkhan #sonamkapoor #zaynmalik #farhanakhtar #zairawasim #theskyispink #bharatthefilm #joejonas #kevinjonas #sophieturner #kimkardashian #gigihadid #jlo A post shared by Priyankachoprafanpage (@pc_our_heartbeat) on Aug 5, 2018 at 8:13am PDT When Priyanka opted out of Salman Khan's 'Bharat' in the 'Nick of time', everyone thought that it was surely because she was getting married to the American pop sensation. However, later it was revealed that she had actually signed a movie opposite Chris Pratt in a leading role. © Twitter And now, adding more smoke to the frenzy is a new video of the couple getting cosy in a club in Singapore together. © Twitter Within no time, the video went viral, as expected. Anyway, it's great to see PeeCee so happy and enjoying every moment with Nick. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Jonas spotted at Lavo last night in Singapore! ð pic.twitter.com/PXnFRcl8Kt — Priyanka Malaysia FC (@Priyanka0nline) August 5, 2018
  18. Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has surpassed American giant Apple to become the world's second-largest smartphone seller behind the Korean behemoth Samsung in the second quarter. According to figures released by International Data Corporation, Samsung retained the top spot after shipping 71.5 million devices, Huawei took the second position by shipping 54.2 million devices, followed by Apple shipping 41.3 million iPhones. © IDC Huawei is the largest smartphone maker in China and has been rapidly expanding to other markets. In India, the company has been selling devices via Huawei branding as well as a new sub-brand, Honor. In 2018 itself, the company has launched a new device every couple of months and has been giving tough competition to Xiaomi, OPPO, and Vivo. Honor's share of overall Huawei smartphone shipments increased to 36 percent this quarter. Over 4 million Honor-branded smartphones were shipped outside China. © Bhallanator / Twitter In the last few years, Huawei has been slowly launching its flagship products in Europe as well. In terms of sales, the phones have been doing much better than expected and the company's refreshed focus on innovative phones like the P20 Pro has paid off to establish a trustable brand image. “The continued growth of Huawei is impressive, to say the least, as is its ability to move into markets where, until recently, the brand was largely unknown,” said Ryan Reith, programme vice president of IDC's Worldwide Mobile Device Tracker. © BCCL While Apple will be able to bounce back a little in the coming quarter thanks to the launch of new iPhones, Huawei has managed to establish itself as a premium player with a long-term outlook. Many reviewers have rated the P20 Pro higher than Samsung's S9, and the tri-camera setup on the rear is one of its kind. Apple, Huawei, and Samsung are the main contenders when it comes to competition for high-end smartphones priced at US$ 700 or more. © Nikkei Asian Review Huawei has been barred from selling devices in the U.S.A after concerns over Chinese government extracting user data via the smartphone maker. While Huawei has strongly denied any wrongdoing and continues to maintain that no user data is fetched back to China, the company has been forcefully dragged into the ongoing American - Chinese trade war. Source: IDC
  19. While India's aviation is growing at a massive scale, it is yet to offer world-class hospitality and in-flight catering. Air India and Jet Airways are the only Indian full-service carriers that operate international flights. While in-flight services hardly matter on a short flight, they create a huge difference over long-haul flights. Indian no-frills carrier IndiGo ranks in at 55, Jet Airways at a distant 80, followed by Vistara at 86 and obviously, Air India couldn't even make it to top 100. It's no surprise that none of the Indian carriers were able to make it to the top 10 list, but when traveling internationally, here are the first options you should check out. Skytrax has released its list, ranking airlines based on multiple factors like on-time performance, in-flight services, and on-ground facilities. The best part is, this list hasn't been compiled by experts, but by taking into account user feedback. 1. Singapore Airlines © Reuters Singapore Airlines has managed to keep itself in the top 10 list since the last few years and it constantly strives to be the best. I've flown with them once and the experience is top-notch. It operates the latest aircraft like the Boeing 787, 777 and Airbus A350 and A380. Based out of Singapore Changi, the airline operates flights to six Indian airports and serves almost every part of the world. On board, the seats are very comfortable and have ample leg space (even in economy), the in-flight catering is the best and the staff is very friendly. It even offers a special First Class Suite on a few routes that are the most luxurious class of flying available. 2. Qatar Airways © Qatar Airways Qatar Airways was ranked the number one last year, but the one rank shift hasn't affected any of its services. Since its inception, the airline has been known for its onboard hospitality and on-time performance. A whopping 89 percent of its flights have been on time and it too has a perfect 10 score for quality of service. Qatar Airways operates out of Hamad International Airport, Doha and operates flights to 13 airports in India. When traveling to Europe or America, taking a connecting flight via Doha is always a pleasant experience. The airline operates a huge fleet of Boeing 787 and 777 along with the mighty A380 and A350. 3. ANA All Nippon Airways © ANA It is the largest airline in Japan and has surpassed the nation's flag carrier long back in terms of size and ratings. The airline takes pride in its Japanese heritage and strives to offer everything according to their highly disciplined standards. Flights are always on-time, the in-flight service is amazing and the seats are among the most comforting ones you'll ever fly on. The airline operates out of Tokyo-Narita and operates flights to Mumbai and New Delhi. When going to the far east or the American west coast, this is the first airline you should consider. Fun fact, this was the first airline to operate the Boeing 787 Dreamliner back in 2009. 4. Emirates © Reuters In India, Emirates has become fairly popular as the airline operates to 9 airports in the country. Based out of Dubai International, the airline operates hundreds of weekly flights between UAE and India. The airline banks upon its strategic location in the middle-east and operates ultra-long-haul routes to North and South America as well as south-east Asia. Anywhere you want to go, Emirates has a connection available. The in-flight service has always been highly rated, the staff is polite and the company has a reputation for being customer-centric. Even Emirates offers a private First Class Suite on some of its routes. 5. EVA Air © ThePointsGuy Unfortunately, this airline does not operate a single flight out of India. It is based in Taipei–Taoyuan, Taiwan and has been among the leading airlines in Asia. The airline has claimed the title for World's Best Airport Services and is certified as a Skytrax 5-Star airline for the third consecutive year. 6. Cathay Pacific © YouTube Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific fell one spot to sixth this year but that hardly reflects in real-life. The airline operates a flight to 5 Indian airports and is perfect for a trip to the States. It also has a very good connectivity in Asia as well as a daily flight to multiple airports in Australia. The in-flight entertainment is top rated and the airline has upgraded its seats and interior in the last few years. The staff is highly rated as well and on-time performance is class leading. 7. Lufthansa © Boeing This is another popular airline in India that has a long history of operating flights out of India. The German carrier is based out of Frankfurt and one of the most preferred connecting routes to America as well as regional Europe. The airline has been marketing its flights in India for quite some time and has brought in a lot of Indian elements onboard as well. The seating is far better than its European counterparts, the frequent flyer programme is vast and hospitality is among the best. This is one of the few airlines to operate the Boeing 747-8 that incorporates the rich history of the 747 and the comfort of a Dreamliner. 8. Hainan Airlines © Hainan Airlines This airline is based out of Beijing, China and does not operate a flight out of India as of now. It is also named a Skytrax Five-Star Airline for the eighth consecutive year and the only airline from Mainland China to make it to the list. The airline operates the latest Boeing 787-9 aircraft and is in process of upgrading its business and first class seats. 9. Garuda Indonesia © Garuda Indonesia The Indonesian flag carrier is based out of Jakarta and Bali and operates flights from Mumbai. In line with the continuous improvement in service aspect, Garuda Indonesia for three consecutive years was awarded "The World's Best Cabin Crew" in 2014, 2015 and 2016. In addition, Garuda Indonesia has also won the award for "5-Star Airline" award. 10. Thai Airways © YouTube This airline is also fairly popular in India and operates out of multiple airports in India. The airline is the go-to choice for flights to anywhere in Asia. It operates a fleet of Boeing 777 and 787. For the aviation geeks out there, this airline is one of the very few that still has the 747-400 active. Source: Skytrax
  20. Search "perks of dating" on the internet and you will find thousands of articles that will make every single person feel miserable about his or her life. But of all those benefits or advantages listed there, there is one that no one openly talks about. I am sure no one mentions how dating turns every guy into a professional photographer, thanks to the millions of photographs he clicks of his girlfriend, in a single day. Call it stereotyping or whatever, but there's no denying that it happens with a majority of people. via GIPHY And when your girl is hanging out with her best friend, you have a field day (quite literally) being their official photographer and leaving no stone unturned in clicking that perfect Instagram worthy shot. In fact, Alia Bhatt's latest Instagram post is proof that every boyfriend in the world has this one thing in common, irrespective of whether he is an actor or a common guy. If you follow Alia Bhatt on Instagram, then you must have come across her picture with her best friend. But, that's not even the main point. It is the picture credit that is making the internet have a meltdown. © Instagram After applying all the permutations and combinations, and calculating the possibilities of how many RK(s) can there be in Alia's life, people came to the conclusion that it's actor Ranbir Kapoor who is currently dating her. The picture's caption read, "The view and her too...photo credit - RK." the view and her too.. ð¸photo credit - RK A post shared by Alia â¨â­ï¸ (@aliaabhatt) on Jul 25, 2018 at 11:14am PDT From playing Sanju in this year's biggest blockbuster movie to becoming a photographer for his girlfriend, Ranbir Kapoor's job switch is as great as the view in the background. This one picture was enough to raise several eyebrows and make their respective fans lose their minds. While some were shipping for them as a couple, others were calling it a promotional stunt. Whatever it is, internet and social media has given this year's 'Best Boyfriend Award' to Ranbir Kapoor and others will have to work really hard to steal it back. © Instagram For those wondering who is 'her' in the picture, it is Alia's best friend Akansha Ranjan Kapoor, who posted another picture on her Instagram with the caption, "Nothin' but blue skies (when you got the best photographer in town). nothin' but blue skies ð (when you got the best photographer in town) A post shared by ð¦Kanch (@akansharanjankapoor) on Jul 26, 2018 at 2:45am PDT On the work front, Ranbir and Alia are currently in Bulgaria shooting for Ayan Mukerji's 'Brahmastra'. Produced by Karan Johar, the movie also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Dimple Kapadia and Mouni Roy and will release in 2019.
  21. The World Cup is over and France are champions. While it's great news for all the young French players, who can now call themselves World Champions, one must ask, are they really though? Yes, they won the World Cup and played exceptional football, but did they actually play the best teams in the world? Teams like Italy and the Netherlands didn't even make it past qualifying. Some may argue it was because they didn't play good football. But, do you honestly believe that teams like Saudi Arabia and Panama are better than them? No, they aren't. They should not call it a competition among the best teams in the world, but a competition among the best teams from each part of the world. © Reuters But, on the list of reasons why FIFA scored 11 out of 10 in the Quartz corruption rating, 2015, the poor qualifying structure for the World Cups is not even a factor. Before we delve deeper into why FIFA is far from being a great role model for global sports associations, let us just clarify that this is not meant to take anything away from the thousands of players, support staff, and officials that are a part of this body. Now, let's get started: Corruption This is perhaps the only instance where the word 'corrupt' would seem inadequate to describe the underside of FIFA. Football's governing body has faced so many allegations of corruption, that listing them all out is impossible. An apt example would be the $110 million that was paid for ensuring the Copa America Centenario, 2016 would be hosted in the United States. There were also bribes worth $40 million paid by an unnamed sports company, to ensure they were the only provider of uniforms, accessories, and equipment for the Brazilian team. The picture below might help you figure out which company it was… © Reuters The allegations surrounding the bids for hosting the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups led to the bidding process for the 2026 FIFA World Cup getting delayed. More on this later. One name that kept showing up throughout these allegations was that of Sepp Blatter. For the uninitiated, he is the former President of FIFA. We'll cover him in detail when we talk about the President's position below. You get the idea, right? FIFA is not a governing body that looks out for the sport it governs, instead, FIFA is just like any other corporation. Everything goes to the highest bidder. How else could a company like McDonald's sponsor multiple World Cups? Are FIFA Presidents Elected Or Does The Position Go To The Man With The Most Influence? To say that FIFA was always a front for bribery, money laundering and racketeering wouldn't be fair. When it was formed in 1904, the members probably had the best interests of football at heart. In fact, there isn't much to complain about FIFA until the 1970's. Why? Two names, Joao Havelange and his protégé, Sepp Blatter. Not to say there weren't many great names before them like Stanley Rous and Jules Rimet who did a lot to help football become the global sport it is today. But, the hard work of all these individuals amounts to nothing today. That's the effect Havelange and Blatter have had on the sport. © Reuters Let's start with Havelange, who was the pioneer of mega contracts between brands and FIFA. He's the main reason we see athletes in their prime displaying unimaginable skills, while being sponsored by junk food companies that don't propagate healthy living in any way. He is also the one who made the World Cup Final into a boring affair. With so many sponsored seats being sold for every match, the atmosphere during a final is far from the types we would see in the 50's and 60's. Most of us have accepted the fact that even if the World Cup would be held in our hometown, the chances of us watching the final live were slim. I'm not just talking about India, but globally too. Let's not forget about the bribes he accepted from these sponsors. After all, football is a sport watched the world over. What better way to reach a global audience? He is undoubtedly the man responsible for making FIFA a $250 billion a year enterprise. But, he's far from a saint. His successor, Blatter, was an even bigger disgrace to the position. The number of allegations against the man is astounding. There's no way we could talk about everything Sepp has done better than John Oliver. He covers a few of the other topics we've mentioned here too. But, wait for it, he gets to Blatter. You'll know what kind of a person he is after. Well, Blatter resigned as President of FIFA and was banned for 6 years from being associated with football in any way. And guess what, Oliver drank that Bud Light Lime on camera! Does The FIFA World Cup Actually Benefit The Country It's Held In? The 2010 World Cup in South Africa was the first one to ever be held in an African nation. Something that was considered a remarkable gesture by FIFA quickly turned into the opposite. There were so many evictions in an effort to 'beautify the city' that there were calls by the locals to boycott the event. Considering the large footfall expected by the country during the World Cup, having the locals on edge, the local sporting events also had to be shifted since no other sporting events can take place in the host country during the World Cup. Also, all local vendors weren't allowed to sell any food or merchandise within 1.5 km of the stadium, unless they paid a registration fee upfront. Most vendors couldn't afford the fee and hence the question of whether the World Cup actually helped the local economy came up time and time again. Want to know how the fans reacted to this event? Well, there was one match with more than 11,000 seats empty. © Reuters If that was any indication of what a FIFA World Cup could do to a developing country, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil sealed the deal. Having a World Cup in a developing country was the biggest mistake ever. Why? Let's look at what all happened in Brazil: This was the first real indication that football had lost touch with its fans. No one cared if the World Cup was good for Brazil's economy, they just wanted to erect huge stadiums in the land of Pele, Ronaldo, and Zico. Brazilians used the opportunity to protest against the harsh living conditions in their country and how a World Cup was not going to help them in any way. The 200,000 people who descended on the Maracana for the final of the 1950 World Cup was a sight to behold. Unfortunately, for the 2014 final, after the number of sponsored seats that were given out, there was hardly any room left for the Germans and Argentinians who made the trip. That resulted in one of the dullest atmospheres inside a stadium for a World Cup final. But, the major negative effects of the World Cup only came to the fore months after the competition had ended. © Reuters There were more than 1 million tourists who visited Brazil during the World Cup. The infrastructure that was erected for this global tournament is now lying in waste. More than 170,000 people were forced to relocate to make room for these huge stadiums and other infrastructure. A lot of these people were relocated to huts without water or electricity. What a World Cup it must have been for them. The amount of money that was used to prepare for the World Cup could have provided social welfare for a year to 50 million people. Was the World Cup really in the best interests of the country? Hell no! Were The Best Teams In The World Competing At The 2018 FIFA World Cup? Who would have believed we would see a World Cup in Russia? Yes, it's a great place for vodka, but football? Russia was the lowest-ranked team to ever compete at a World Cup. Yes, they put in a spirited performance and made it to the quarters. But, did they deserve a spot? Of course not. Here's where the whole debate about whether the best teams in the world were actually a part of the World Cup originates? This is more to do with the qualifying process of FIFA than the country that's hosting the cup, but since we're talking about the tournament here, we'll have to bring this up too. © Reuters There are 53 member associations in both UEFA and CAF. But, while UEFA gets 13 spots at the World Cup finals, CAF gets just 5. This is why we'll never get to see Cameroon, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Tunisia in the same World Cup. At the same point, we'll get to see European teams like Iceland, Serbia, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland who would have struggled against the likes of Ivory Coast, Cameroon or Ghana on their best days. The argument here is it's not really a World Cup if you don't have the best teams in the world competing, is it? Does The World Cup Host Get Selected Or Does The Opportunity Go To The Highest Bidder? How does a country win the bid to host a World Cup? By being the most likely place to host a World Cup? No. In the words of Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness, “a bid nowadays can only be successful if payments are additionally made under the table.” Seems that's exactly what the World Cup is all about nowadays with countries like Russia and Qatar winning the bids. Russia, ranked 70th in the world, got a chance to host and compete in a World Cup. The top 32 teams are supposed to be playing a World Cup, right? How is the 70th ranked team in that list? The only explanation is that the countries bought their opportunities to host the World Cup and compete in it. © Reuters Just think about it, in what universe would it make sense to host a World Cup in Qatar? The temperature in June there is 50 degrees. We want the best athletes in the world running for 90 minutes in that heat? So, the team of delegates who choose where the next World Cup is held unanimously decided to award a country in the Middle-East hosting rights. Sounds like money talking, doesn't it? Don't even get us started on the approximate 4,000 lives that will be lost during construction work in the run-up to the tournament. Qatar is ranked 98th in the world right now. We didn't even know they had a football team till they won this bid! And now, they will be making their first appearance at a World Cup, irrespective of how good or bad their team is. Football is a global sport and is meant to unite the world. But, given the state of affairs at its governing body, the fans of the 'beautiful game' are having to deal with much more heartbreak than they deserve.
  22. Andrzej Bargiel. Photo: FacebookDaredevil Andrzej Bargiel has become the first person to ski down the world's second-highest mountain, the Polish national said Sunday.Bargiel whizzed down from the summit of Pakistan's 8,611-metre (28,251-feet) K2...
  23. Mesut Ozil. Photo: AFPMesut Ozil said Sunday he was quitting the German national football team, citing 'racism' in the criticism of him after the side's World Cup debacle.Ozil, who has Turkish roots, had been under fire since posing for a...
  24. The Brazilian superstar, who moved to PSG for a world record 222 million euros ($264 million) last year, insists that the burden of expectation on his shoulders ? whether with his club or country ? does not weigh heavily. Photo: AFP Brazil...
  25. There is something about motivational speeches that somehow tends to light that very spark inside an individual or a team, eventually pushing them to the limits. The world of sports has been witness to such memorable gems, the hard-hitting and inspiring words of wisdom. In football, John Sitton's famous rant with Leyton Orients in 1995, or Alex Ferguson's remarkable team-talk during their clash against Spurs in 2001 surely stand out. The world of football witnessed something similar in the recently-concluded FIFA World Cup. It wasn't as iconic as the ones listed above, but it was something similar and undoubtedly pivotal. It appears that during the half-time of the World Cup final between France and Croatia, Les Bleus coach Didier Deschamps imparted some words of wisdom to his players. Reuters Not that France needed a motivational speech especially when they were leading 2-1 at the first-half, but Deschamps' inspirational words noticeably put fire in the bellies of his players who gave a more spirited performance (barring Hugo Lloris' epic blunder) in the second-half to clinch the world title with a 4-2 win. In a video that recently surfaced on the social media, Deschamps can be seen motivating his team in the dressing room. “Did you see? They're using their elbows, their bodies. The guy (Mario Mandzukic) facing away he's facing away, he's facing away! Facing away from goal he's not gonna hurt us. Don't bother getting in front, we're controlling him,” he said. Didier Deschamps half time team talk during World Cup Final with English subtitles: https://t.co/dIKdKl8o9s — Adrian Moorhead (@adeymoorhead) July 18, 2018 “He can still win the ball with his head just be careful around him,” Deschamps adds. “Not to be static, to already be on the move. Close him down, think about it. Don't make it harder for yourself. They come, they're aggressive. You've all seen the energy they're giving,” he added. “Play as simple as possible. When you have the ball, if someone is on you, there's another one coming. Give it as soon as you can, give it to Kylian (Mbappe),” Deschamps concluded. Apart from their coach, Antoine Griezmann, Paul Pogba and Raphael Varane were also seen saying a few words at the end. But, it was clearly Deschamps who stole the show. France this world cup summarised here, stay firm defensively and ping it to Mbappe — Toby Petyt (@tobypetyt) July 18, 2018 pic.twitter.com/Foh8YeL7Wq — It's Ollie (@OllieRicardo) July 18, 2018 LOVE this guy ðð — Pinder Kang (@PinderKang89) July 19, 2018 Love it. Even at the very highest level its kept very simple. Good to see a few vocal players too. — Phil Coker (@PhillipeC) July 18, 2018 'Play it as simple as possible' 'Griezmann, retreat when out of possession' Simple games, continuously complicated by idiots. Nice to hear a world champion manager, as oppose to the utter tripe written about Tyrone earlier in the week. ðð» Deschamps! — Padraic Davis (@PadraicDavis) July 18, 2018 Leaders all over the dressing room..that's why they're world champions — T (@Neilturner83) July 18, 2018 Confident, Calm and Considered speech. Superior team throughout. — John Levey (@Johnnylev23) July 18, 2018