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  1. Political leaders the world over, hold a rather unique position. They have the ability to define an era or define their times in a very unique and definitive way. Naturally, keeping a track of time, therefore, is paramount to them. © Reuters Rarely, will you ever see a countryâs president or a prime minister not wear a watch. As much as watches serve a defined function, telling the time and in some cases, other things such as the date, for our world leaders, watches also go a long way in building up that public persona that they have. Watches are a key instrument for them in defining their style and how people see them. © Reuters Whether they were part of diplomatic gift packages or whether they were bought personally, we list out some of the most iconic world leaders of our era, and their favourite watches, which people have spotted them wearing on a number of important world events. 1. Vladimir Putin © Reuters As far as presidents and world leaders go, Vladimir Putin has one of the most varying and luxurious collections of watches. Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex - these are just some of the luxury brands that Putin has collected over the years. But the one piece that is very commonly associated with the Russian President, is the A. Lange & Sohne 1815 Up/Down. The watch has a very clean, and rather sombre look. Donât be fooled though - this seemingly basic watch is made of platinum and costs $27,400. Would you be surprised to know that this particular one is not the most expensive watch from his collection? That title goes to a super rare, A. Lange & Sohne that is estimated to be worth $450,000. © Hodinkee 2. The Dalai Lama © Wiki Commons The 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, is a rather modest man, with very few material possessions. Having said that, the Dalai Lama has always had a fascination with mechanical objects, especially watches. Several of the biographies that have been written on him, often recount the tales from his younger days when he used to open small, mechanical watches, and put them back together, to study the way the function. An avid watch collector, the Dalai Lama apparently always carries a Patek Philippe pocket watch, the Reference 658 on his person. Former President of The United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the watch as a gift, in 1943. Since then, this timeless horological masterpiece has often gone in for repairs and services, whenever, the Dalai Lama himself, was not able to get the watch working properly. © Patek Philippe 3. Donald Trump - Vacheron Constantin © WHCA Press Say what you will about the man, there are a few things that the current President of the United States of America does better than everyone else. Controlling the prevalent narrative, connecting with his core voters and supporters to name a few. Donald J Trump has a collection of watches with his name, which he used to sell as part of his overall brand image that has made him what he is today. He also owned a couple of Rolex Daytonas and Patek Philippes. But the watch that we see him wear whenever he is at a rally, or addressing the world, is a Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine from 1968. He has also been seen in a number of rose gold editions of the same watch. Just in case youâre wondering, how much does this one actually cost, the watch retails for north of â¬39,000, easily. © Vacheron Constantin 4. Narendra Modi © Reuters Our very own Prime Minister has a very well defined sense of style, thanks to the manner in which he accessorises. From a rather dope looking pair of sunglasses to the manner in which has jazzed up his outfits, PM Modi can indeed give a masterclass or two on style. As far as his watches are concerned, it has been documented a number of times where he was seen wearing some or the other watch from the American watchmakers, Movado. Known for their rather simple styling cues and minimalistic appeal, the watch that we have seen PM Modi wear often, are from their Museum series. © Movado 5. Barack Obama © Reuters Finally, we have the former President of the United States of America, Barrack Obama. Although for a better part of the two terms of his presidency President Obama would wear the Secret Service limited edition watch that he was gifted on his birthday, but we have also seen him wear the Tag Heuer Series 1500 from time to time. Essentially, a diverâs watch, the Tag Heuer has a luminous dial which glows in the dark. A really cool watch, if you ask us. © Tag Heuer Indeed, our world leaders know how to roll with style. View the full article
  2. A drop in demand amid the coronavirus pandemic and a plunge in global oil prices contributed to decline in rates
  3. ?In the next few days, we will reach 1 million confirmed cases and 50,000 deaths worldwide,? says WHO DG on coronavirus spread
  4. âSix weeks ago, Dr. Erin Bruce, an anesthesiologist, and her husband, Dr. Michael Szava-Kovats, had their first child, a daughter. He agonizes over the thought of exposing his young daughter and wife to infection. He accepts that he may get coronavirus. The risks to his family are outside his comfort zone, he says.â This is the story, Dr. Szava-Kovats shared with The Guardian in a recent interview - words that must have echoed in the young ER specialistâs head as he shifted into an empty apartment owned by some friends. After five days of risky, back-to-back work at his resident hospital in Calgary, Canada, the loneliness begins to set in - worry about the future, the thought of not being able to hold his newborn child and support his wife during one of the most difficult medical crises the entire world has faced. He finds some comfort in routine - calling Dr. Bruce at the same time each day, meditating to calm himself before work and bolstering himself with the camaraderie of his team... but sometimes, things are just too much. âItâs hard because I want to be with my family. I am not doing this because I want to,â he says. Dr. Szava-Kovatsâ story is nothing short of heartbreaking - but it represents the daily reality for thousands of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals across the world, from New York City to rural clinics in sub-Saharan Africa. Here are a few stories from the lives of these selfless heroes, detailing the sacrifices theyâve had to make for us - sometimes paying with their very lives. Dr. Li Wenliang, Wuhan Dr. Wenliang was an ophthalmologist from Wuhan Central Hospital. He posted his story on Chinese social network Weibo from a hospital bed a month after sending out his initial warning. The 34-year-old had noticed seven cases of a virus that he thought looked like Sars - the virus that led to a global epidemic in 2003 - which turned out to be an early discovery of the now infamous Coronavirus strain. Despite his desperate pleas for caution, the Chinese government accused him of âspreading rumoursâ and âseverely disturbing social orderâ - a month later while in hospital, he shared the above video that went viral, and tragically passed away in early February. Several Chinese citizens stormed social media in fury - âThe truth will always be treated as a rumour,â read one comment on Weibo. âHow long are you going to lie? Are you still lying? What else do you have to hide?â Nurse Naser Ali Al-Shahrani, Riyadh#Watch: Saudi doctor weeps as he follows #socialdistancing advice as #COVID19 crisis continues and refuses to hug his child as he returns home from the hospital pic.twitter.com/KZvQtrOqAy â Arab News (@arabnews) March 25, 2020 In a heartbreaking video coming in from Saudi Arabia where the number of coronavirus cases have soared past 1,500, Naser Ali Al-Shahrani, a nurse practicing at King Salman Hospital, came home from a day of duty to find his young son Mohamed ecstatic to see him. Heartbreakingly, the medical professional was moved to tears when he realised that touching his son would put him at risk to contract the virus, and the confused boy is seen backing away from his emotionally distressed father. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Dhoteja, Punjab Doctors all over the country have been pleading with the general population to stay at home, while simultaneously working round the clock to care for patients suffering from the virus - and Punjabâs medical professionals are no exception. In a video shared by BBC News Punjab, Dr. Dhoteja along with his colleagues appealed to the public in an emotional outburst. âI havenât gone home for the last one month,â he said. âI got to go home for a couple days, 15 days ago⦠but I have a two month old baby at home.â Breaking down into tears, the doctor continued, âplease, stay at home, donât come outside. Please prevent this sickness from spreading. A very big problem has come into the country⦠you arenât able to see it, but we are.â Dr. Chen, Wuhan Remember, every single doctor out there on the front lines is someoneâs son or daughter - and watching them take on a disease with no discovered cure can be downright harrowing. In Dr. Chenâs case, the young medical professional from Wuhan had to quarantine himself after developing possible symptoms. Despite requesting his family to maintain a 2-metre distance at all times, his mother would show up each day at his apartment - carrying supplies and food to feed her son while breaking down emotionally. Dr. Chenâs sister who shot the viral video, says, âWe were so sad to see her crying like this. I cried too. Itâs a difficult time for doctors and for medical workerâs families - I hope all frontline medical workers can protect themselves.â She now collects supplies for hospitals in need. Fortunately, her prayers were answered when her brother eventually emerged from his quarantine without any symptoms. Nurse Kious Kelly, New York City When news of Kellyâs status reached his only sibling Marya Patrice Sherron, it was already too late - the 48-year old nurse was already being intubated in the ICU at New York City's Mount Sinai West hospital. Kelly, who had asthma, told them it was mild and that he was doing fine. "Heâs always been protective of me [and] my parents. I knew he didnât want them to worry," Sherron said. "I asked him a couple more questions, and he said he canât talk. 'I choke if I try. Canât breathe. I love you,'" Sherron recalled him saying. "And he said he was tired and he would lay down and wanted to go to sleep." Six days later, on Tuesday evening, the hospital informed her family that Kelly had tragically succumbed to the virus. Amidst a massive pouring in of support, condolences and financial assistance with Kellyâs funeral, his sister also received a scathing, hateful comment that targeted the heroic nurse for his sexuality - âsuggesting that [Kelly's death] didnât matter because he was a gay maleâ. Despite these disgusting displays of inhumane behaviour, Sherron has been overwhelmed by the massive amount of positive support her family has received during this tough ordeal. "Itâs humbling. Itâs unreal, really,â she said to Buzzfeed News. âYou feel like youâre not alone going through this." If you know any medical workers caught up in the forefront of this pandemic - do reach out to them today with a kind word or two - every little bit helps. View the full article
  5. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is offering free FDA-approved ventilators to countries that need it most for patients affected by COVID-19. Musk will be sending the ventilators free of cost to hospitals in regions where the electric car manufacturer operates and delivers. The ventilator will also be sent without any delivery charges. © Reuters "Device & shipping cost are free. Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately for patients, not stored in a warehouse. Please (let) me or @Tesla know," Musk said in a tweet. It is currently not clear how many ventilators are on offer and how the company plans to prioritise which hospital needs it most. Previously, Musk promised to give hundreds of ventilators to hospitals in New York City which happens to be badly hit by the outbreak in the United States. We have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. Device & shipping cost are free. Only requirement is that the vents are needed immediately for patients, not stored in a warehouse. Please me or @Tesla know. â Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 31, 2020 There have been more than 8,25,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 around the world and has resulted in more than 40,000 confirmed deaths. At a time when the world is facing tough times, Musk has come to the rescue by committing to getting ventilator to the people who need them most. © Reuters However, Musk does have one condition that the ventilators be used for the recovery of patients rather than have it stored in a warehouse. Ventilators have proven to be crucial medical equipment as the novel virus attacks the lungs and causes severe difficulty in breathing. American car company Ford also plans to make 50,000 ventilators for COVID-19 patients within the next 100 days. View the full article
  6. Nation-wide tally of confirmed coronavirus cases crosses 1,200; Sindh govt bans congregational prayers in Karachi till April 5
  7. Nation-wide tally of confirmed coronavirus cases rise to 1,093; World Bank, IMF urge debt relief for poorest countries
  8. World Bank, IMF say suspending debt payments would provide 'a global sense of relief for developing countries'
  9. Kourtney Kardashian told her 8 million followers how the global pandemic is nothing but God?s punishment
  10. Gal Gadot was the one to bring all of Hollywood together to sing the uplifting song by the late Beatles member
  11. Arguably one of the most successful captains in Indian cricket's rich history, Sourav Ganguly carved his own niche in the gentleman's game on the back of a brutally honest approach. Unlike MS Dhoni, whose tenure as Indian captain rarely saw him expressing himself on the field, Ganguly was not the one to mince words or hide his emotions after an emphatic win. Even when he called time on his career, Ganguly didn't change his approach. Often seen in the commentary box, the former Indian captain's honest take and game analysis continued to make him one of the most respected voices in cricket. And, even as he became the new president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), his approach remains the same. Ever since taking up the role of the BCCI chief last October, Ganguly has been looked upon as the agent of change for Indian cricket. The former Indian captain has already taken key decisions and continues to contribute towards Indian cricket in his new role. © Twitter/@BCCI Owing to his professional commitments, the former Indian cricketer already has a lot to deal with but, with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, things have been too hectic for Dada lately. From calling off South Africa series at home to suspending the thirteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Ganguly, in the capacity of the BCCI president, has been on his toes. But, while he might have taken up more responsibility lately, Ganguly still managed to let off some much-needed steam. Owing to the hazards of the epidemic, which was led to 172 confirmed cases in India, the BCCI recently closed its offices and asked the employees to work from home. While the move was aimed at curtailing the spread of the deadly virus, it served as a blessing in disguise for Ganguly who got a rare "free" day. View this post on InstagramAmids all the corona virus scare .. happy to sit in the lounge at 5pm .. free... canât remember when I did last ..A post shared by (@souravganguly) In his latest social media post, Ganguly shared a picture of himself where he was seen relaxing in a comfortable chair. "Amid all the coronavirus scare..happy to sit in the lounge at 5pm..free...can't remember when I did last.." Ganguly wrote on Instagram. Asked to comment on the IPL 2020 recently, Ganguly claimed that the thirteenth edition, which was scheduled to begin from 29th March before being deferred to 15th April, will be a truncated affair. "If it happens, it has to be truncated because if it starts on April 15, then anyway 15 days are gone. How truncated, how many games, I can't tell at the moment," he told reporters after meeting officials from IPL franchises. View the full article
  12. Remember the time when people used to say things like âplaying sports will bring you no moneyâ? Well, the athletes mentioned in the list below have not only destroyed that notion with their sheer talent and hard work but are also making unbelievable business records while doing what they love: 4. LeBron James - Nike According to an interview between GQ and LeBron Jamesâ business partner Maverick Carter, the lifetime deal that the NBA star signed with Nike at the end of 2015 is worth more than $1 billion. Forbes estimated that as per the deal, the per year earning for the Los Angeles Lakers Forward is $32 million (approximately Rs. 237.5 crore) and still, he earns the least amount of money out of endorsements in the four people mentioned in the list. Total Earnings in 2019 (Forbes): $89 million 3. Cristiano Ronaldo - Nike One year after LeBron Jamesâ unbelievable deal, Portugal football star, Cristiano Ronaldo made the same decision and signed his very own lifetime contract with Nike. The deal, which ensures at least $32 million per year to the Juventus star, turns out to be a bargain for the sports brand which, according to Forbes, generated a staggering $474 million of revenue in just the first year of him signing the deal. Total Earnings in 2019 (Forbes): $109 million 2. Tiger Woods - Nike Despite losing some major endorsements due to the 'infidelity scandal' in 2009, Tiger Woodsâ continued to get the support of two of his biggest brands in EA Sports and, you guessed it, Nike. In 2013, the sports and apparel brand went on to extend their contract with the golfer, this time around for $200 million, according to Business Insider which spans around seven years. Total Earnings in 2019 (Forbes): $63.9 million 1. Michael Jordan - Nike Michael Jordanâs Jordan brand helped Nike earn approximately $2.5 billion in annual sales. According to the company, the Jordan section alone was going to be worth $4.5 billion in annual sales by 2020. While all the other sports stars in the world, including the likes of Ronaldo and James, earn a maximum of $32 million from their Nike endorsements per year, Jordanâs per year paycheque is worth a whopping $145 million (Forbes, 2019). Total Earnings in 2019 (Forbes): $145 million View the full article
  13. The corona virus outbreak has halted normal life, affected businesses and is pushing people to the brink of being depressed in quarantine. While humans are trying to keep each other motivated through social media, the cinema business too has taken a major pull. Here are 7 big movie releases which have been pushed for a long period of time amidst the pandemic situation. 1. No Time To DieThe much-awaited Daniel Craigâs outing as the good looking Bond spy has been pushed to November from its original release date in April. This is the second time the release date has been pushed from its primary date in November 2019 and this delay will cost the makers a whopping $30 to $50 million hit. 2. Peter Rabbit 2The release date has been pushed from March to August now and the release dates are still not specific. 3. Black WidowThe pandemic has affected the release of this Scarlett Johannson movie as well. The initial release date was around May 1st but now it has been postponed indefinitely. 4. The Personal History Of David CopperfieldIf you too have been waiting to watch this fictional character come to life, then weâll have a long wait as the date from its May release has been pushed until further notice. 5. A Quiet Place Part 2Weâll have to wait long to watch the Abbot family wander in terror as the initial March release is obviously not happening. 6. SooryavanshiRohit Shettyâs yet another cop outing with Akshay Kumar is bearing the brunt and has been cancelled for release for now. 7. 83Ranveer Singh fans will probably have to wait till August now to watch this Kabir Khan movie which recreates Indiaâs win from the 1983 World Cup. View the full article
  14. In what initially began as a cause of concern for China, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has now become a major threat to mankind. As of today, a staggering 1,98,965 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have emerged alongside the ever-increasing casualties which have now risen to 7,991 across the globe. Ever since China reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19, which originated in Wuhan, last December, the fast-spreading virus has clawed its way across the country. On 12th February, the infamous Hubei province sent ripples across the globe after reporting 14,840 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus in a single day. To sum up the state of affairs, China currently has 80,894 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3,237 deaths. While China continues to battle the deadly virus to contain its spread, Italy is the second nation in the list of worst-hit countries for Coronavirus. With a total of 31,506 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 2,503 deaths, Italy is currently under a complete lockdown as the ruling government continues to struggle in a bid to restore normalcy in the country. Second player tested positive for COVID-19https://t.co/y1c3b62lCE pic.twitter.com/gr6rNQrZfB â JuventusFC (@juventusfcen) March 17, 2020 Despite the Italian government's preventive measures to control the pandemic spread, the Coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise sharply, marking the highest number of cases and deaths outside China. In yet another case, involving a star footballer, Blaise Matuidi has tested positive for the novel COVID-19. "Blaise Matuidi has undergone medical tests that have revealed his positivity to the Coronavirus-COVID-19. The player, as of Wednesday, March 11, has been in home isolation. He will continue to be monitored and will follow the same regime. He is well and is asymptomatic," Juventus, the Turin-based football club, said in an official statement. Matuidi, the 2018 World Cup winner with France, has now become the second Juventus player to test positive for Coronavirus. Last week, Juventus defender Daniele Rugani had tested positive for the deadly virus, sending the entire squad into quarantine. On Tuesday, Spain's club Valencia CF confirmed that 35 per cent of its players and staff have tested positive for coronavirus. View this post on InstagramDans cette période difficile pour nous tous, je voulais simplement vous inviter à bien suivre les recommandations officielles et à prendre grand soin de vous et des vos proches ðð¾ Beaucoup de courage et un immense merci à toutes les infirmières, infirmiers et au corps médical, force à vous. . In questo momento difficile per tutti noi, vorrei semplicemente invitarvi a seguire bene le indicazioni ufficiali e a prendervi cura di voi stessi e delle vostre famiglie ðð¾ un grande incoraggiamento e un infinito ringraziamento a tutto il personale medico e infermieristico. Siamo con voi!A post shared by (@blaisematuidiofficiel) Matuidi had urged his fans to "take care" in a video post on Instagram last weekend. "It's a complicated time. At the beginning, I didn't really realise how serious this disease was and the danger, how fast the contagion spread here in Italy," he said in the video. "In this difficult time for all of us, I just wanted to invite you to follow the official recommendations carefully and to take great care of yourself and your loved ones. A lot of encouragement and infinite thanks to all the medical and nursing staff. We are with you," he added. In total, 13 Serie A players have officially been diagnosed with the illness including seven from Sampdoria and three at Fiorentina. Italian midfielder Zaccagni, 24, had already been in self-isolation as a precautionary measure after Verona played Sampdoria on 8th March. "Zaccagni is doing well, in recent days, he has only had a few bouts of fever. The player, as well as the whole team, will extend their voluntary isolation at home until March 25, while continuing to be monitored," the eighth-placed Serie A club said. Several leagues including La Liga, Premier League and Serie A have all been suspended owing to the Coronavirus outbreak. As researchers in China and pharmaceutical companies including Abbvie, Inovio, and Gilead Sciences continue to work on developing Coronavirus vaccines and drugs, the World Health organisation (WHO) has declared Europe as the new 'epicentre' of the coronavirus pandemic. View the full article
  15. Australia declares emergency, Belgium imposes lockdown; US President Trump calls for national unity against coronavirus
  16. Health ministry officials says Pakistan must devote all resources to contain coronavirus
  17. 'It?s a really scary time but we need to make social sacrifices right now,' said Taylor Swift amid coronavirus fear
  18. The Corona virus has currently been declared as a pandemic by the WHO and the entire globe is trying to collectively fight this war. A virus outbreak is seldom taken seriously until the affects alarm us to no ends. If you love to shake your panicked mind with numbing documentaries and movies on subjects like these, then here are five movies which mirror a similar situation to the 2020 Corona stricken world and predicted a virus outbreak. 1. ContagionIn case you never watched it back in 2011 and are hearing about it right now, well the reason is that it is quite relevant to the alarming times we are living in right now. Starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Winslet in pivotal roles, this movie follows the death of a mother-son duo which leads to doctors finding a new kind of virus which results in a pandemic across the world. 2. OutbreakBased on a medical disaster fiction Hot Zone, this movie tells the tale of a virus carried by a monkey belonging to an African rainforest which starts infecting the human race. This movie is an eye opener. 3. Pacific LinerIf you want to know a detailed description of how a pandemic might spread and the damage it causes, then watch this movie. A cholera stricken man sits on a cruise from, coincidentally, Shanghai to San Francisco, and then the workers begin getting affected while the passengers are still unaware. Sounds familiar? 4. Mothers Might LiveThis 1938 drama movie is more relevant than any other on this list currently. It even won an Oscar and rightly so. The film revolves around the subject of sanitation in maternity wards and decreasing maternal mortality rate. The doctor in question is trying to push a simple logic of âwashing hands more oftenâ. 5. Panic In The StreetsA man mysteriously dies of a pneumonic plague, the doctors are informed that in 48 hours the public will be informed. In a race against time, the doctors need to find the root of the origin of the virus. View the full article
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