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Found 15 results

  1. Well, we're back with your weekly dose of PUBG addiction stories. No, it's not a piece of sad news about someone giving up on their marriage or getting arrested for the game. It's actually about something cool. Or, a little extra, depending on how you look at it. An Indian guy decided to take his PUBG addiction to a whole new level by giving his SUV a PUBG-style makeover. Yes, he modded his Tata Nexon into a PUBG wagon that's definitely going to attract a lot of eyeballs on the road. Yes, see if you've spotted this PUBG-themed SUV somewhere on the road. The mod is based on a kit called 'The Red Rhino'. It comes with blacked-out roof and wing mirrors. Also, the chrome accents seen on the original version of the car have been replaced with glossy black elements. In fact, even the alloy wheels have been completely blacked out. Additionally, the car also has some PUBG stickers and a replica of a pan on the dashboard, because why not? © YouTube In case you're interested, you can turn your SUV into PUBG wagon too. The Red Rhino kit will cost you Rs. 35,000. The PUBG accessories and the stickers will cost Rs. 4,500. Of course, you can always choose to go a little extra, but that'll cost you more money.
  2. Leaving gadgets around kids can be a tricky thing and this may just be one of the most feared reasons for not leaving your stuff around kids. They tend to be inquisitive and want to play around with gadgets they may not understand or to the contrary, understand rather too well. © MensXP_AkshayBhalla In an incident, a journalist's iPad was disabled for 25,536,442 minutes because his 3-year-old kid tried to unlock the device repeatedly with the wrong passcode. It happened to journalist Evan Osnos over the weekend and he took to Twitter to explain his problems. He said that his 3-year-old had been trying and failing repeatedly to unlock the iPad and posted a picture of what happened next: Uh, this looks fake but, alas, it's our iPad today after 3-year-old tried (repeatedly) to unlock. Ideas? pic.twitter.com/5i7ZBxx9rW — Evan Osnos (@eosnos) April 6, 2019 The iPad has been locked for almost 48 years in case you were trying to calculate. Osnos' iPad is now locked until 2067 which is more than anyone's levels of patience. Replying to of the tweets, one of the users said “I would just wait it out,” one wrote, while another said: “Next time just give the kid the passcode.” According to sources at Apple, there's nothing that can be done about the locked iPad and it's rendered useless until the wait time is fulfilled. In fact, the iPad may not get fixed even when hooked up to a computer and a firmware reset or update is conducted. To be honest, we feel bad for Osnos as his iPad is simply locked and he won't be able to do anything about it. In fact, this just proves that Apple's security systems work as advertised. © YouTube The iPad is supposed to do exactly that when there are repeated attempts at unauthorised access. This security feature is present in all Apple products. So, if you want to avoid a situation similar to this fiasco, we suggest you either give the passcode to your kid or keep it away in a safe spot. If you want to know more about the iPad, you can read our full review here.
  3. The recent Ethiopian Airlines crash has once again put the Boeing MAX 8 aircraft in the spotlight. Just five months ago, another MAX 8 being operated by Lion Air crashed, taking the total toll to 346. Aviation is statistically the safest mode of transport, and two crashes within such a short period are alarming. Following the crash, more than 40 countries have grounded the aircraft until further investigations are carried out and changes are made. India's DGCA has also grounded the aircraft and currently Spicejet and Jet Airways operate the plane. With more than 400 aircrafts on order from Indian carriers, the MAX 8 plays a pivotal role in boosting India's aviation market. © Utkarsh Thakkar / @vimanspotter Boeing's MAX series is the successor of 737 Next Generation family (737-700/800/900), and the company is relying on it to churn out profits. Even Boeing has been making aircraft for decades, and its expertise is often unmatched. So, the only question that arises is, how can a modern airliner be this unsafe? The MAX series was Boeing's response to Airbus's A320 NEO family. NEO stands for New Engine Option and while the fuselage remains unchanged, the engines are completely revamped to offer better-operating efficiency. Regional airlines worldwide require planes that are cheaper to operate, especially when aviation fuel is extremely dynamic globally. To compete with the NEO, Boeing started the MAX series and offered up to 14 percent more efficient engines along with increased cabin comfort. But, this came with a small challenge. © Boeing The Ethiopian crash investigation will take months to conclude, but initial data suggest striking similarity between the two crashes. The preliminary report on Lion Air crash is out, and we'll be relying on it to understand MAX 8's major flaw. The MAX 8 is powered by CFM's Leap 1B engines and they are significantly bigger than the previous CFM 56 engines (used in the 737 NG). Adding to this, the 737 was designed decades back and has an exceedingly low ground clearance when compared to the A320. To perfectly fit the new heavier and bigger engines, Boeing had to make minor changes in the design ranging from lengthening the landing gear to moving the engine slightly forward. © Aviation International News It was found that the bigger engine meant the plane handled certain situations differently and there was also a slight shift in the centre of gravity. The relocation and new engine design created an upward movement, nudging the plane's nose upwards. If the nose is lifted sharply, the plane will continue gaining altitude and could also stall mid-air. A stall is when an aeroplane cannot generate enough lift to continue flying. To compensate this upward movement, Boeing added a new system called MCAS (Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System) that prevented the plane from raising its noise to extreme levels. The system would automatically adjust the horizontal stabilizer and bring down the nose. To make these adjustments, MCAS relies on data from the Angle of Attack sensors. © Wikimedia (AoA sensor for reference) These sensors are located on the nose of the aircraft and calculate the angle at which the plane is climbing or descending in comparison to the oncoming air. In the case of Lion Air, faulty sensors triggered the MCAS and automatically the system tried to bring the nose down. According to the flight data recorder, automated MCAS repeatedly pushed the plane's nose down following take-off. The most surprising part of the MCAS though is Boeing hasn't mentioned the addition of this system during pilot training or manuals. This meant the pilot were unaware that a programmed system is trying to bring down the nose. Even if the pilots tried to takeover manual controls, MCAS cannot be simply stopped by moving the yoke. They need to manually trim the aircraft to gain control, but how will they know this procedure when the existence of MCAS is unknown to them? © Reuters The Lion Air pilot had more than 5,000 hours of experience and the Ethiopian pilot had more than 8,000 hours. Preliminary reports do not point towards any kind of crew error. Reports say pilots have in the past complained about a similar nose-down anomaly in FAA's database (US regulator) as well. Following the Lion Air crash, Boeing issued a bulletin to airlines operating the 737 MAX 8 advising pilots how to override the MCAS system. This week, the plane maker also announced it's working on a long-term plan to rejig the system and update shall be applied in the coming months. © Reuters We'll have to wait for the Ethiopian crash report to clear the air whether it was the same MCAS issue that caused the incident, or are there any other flaws in the airliner. Boeing has described the MAX series as its fastest-selling family of planes, with more than 5,000 orders placed to date from about 100 customers. The last time an aircraft suffered successive fatal incidents was the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 in the 70s. With inputs from preliminary report of Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee and FlightRadar24
  4. If you've ever been lost in Goa while touring around and looking for Baga beach specifically, then well you're not the only one. Turns out it is a common phenomenon that many tourists keep driving around the area, ramming cars and bikes in tiny alleys, contributing to traffic jams but still find it difficult to reach Baga beach even after religiously following Google maps. © Instagram Since the local people understood the plight and realised it is more common that they thought, a good Samaritan decided to end the problem and a banner has now been put which warns tourists that they've been fooled and they shouldn't trust the map location for Baga beach! Hahaha. @googlemaps what's the route to Baga beach? ð Photo credits: masud. pic.twitter.com/0K2wK2TQD2 — Sumanth Raj Urs (@sumanthrajurs) February 16, 2019 This picture went viral soon after someone posted it on social media and people are cracking up over it now. Google is Googled out ððð https://t.co/ShjGjERqX8 — Vipul Agarwal (@vipul_zend) February 16, 2019 Hahaha. @googlemaps what's the route to Baga beach? ð Photo credits: masud. pic.twitter.com/0K2wK2TQD2 — Sumanth Raj Urs (@sumanthrajurs) February 16, 2019 Turns out we all have been fooled by the maps and hence it's funny because it is so relatable. Hahaha. @googlemaps what's the route to Baga beach? ð Photo credits: masud. pic.twitter.com/0K2wK2TQD2 — Sumanth Raj Urs (@sumanthrajurs) February 16, 2019 Hahahahahahaha ! Buhahahahahaha this happened to us tooð¤£ð¤£ @googlemaps india ki gulliyan bohot zyada hain ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ https://t.co/9mSGNX0O66 — ilika s thapa (@ilikasrivastava) February 16, 2019 Well, it seems like we can't literally Google everything now, can we? The next time you're stuck in Goa, look for these signs.
  5. If someday, the important people at the International Cricket Council (ICC) do decide to name the Decision Review System (DRS) after a player, Mahendra Singh Dhoni's name would be the number one recommendation on their list. Ever since the concept of challenging the umpire's call was actualised in cricket, MS Dhoni has used it to the greatest advantage of whatever team he has played for, be it the Indian cricket team or the Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League. Here are the top 5 moments where Dhoni proved his genius: 1. LBW Call Against Pakistan's Imam-ul-Haq - Asia Cup 2018 (23/09/2018) During the Asia Cup 2018 Super Four matchup between India and Pakistan, when spinner Yuzvendra Chahal tricked Pakistani opener Imam-ul-Haq for a leg-before, the umpire seemed uninterested in the bowler's appeal. Dhoni instantly nodded at the then captain Rohit Sharma for a review to which Sharma instantly agreed. pic.twitter.com/47H8ktlOPf — CricBoll (@mycricboll) September 23, 2018 As the third umpire took a closer look, it was evident that the ball was pitched in-line, made an impact in-line and was, in fact, hitting the wickets. The next thing you know is the umpire reversing his decision and raising his finger in favour of the keeper's call. 2. Challenging LBW Call Against England - 3rd ODI At Headingley Stadium, Leeds (17/07/2018) After losing the toss, Virat Kohli's side was forced to bat first. With the half of the team wrapped up at 158 runs, it was Dhoni's turn to take the crease. After spinner Adil Rashid sent the skipper and Suresh Raina packing in the 31st over, it was Moeen Ali's turn to shock Dhoni with a beauty in the 32nd for an LBW appeal. As soon as the umpire agreed to Ali's call, Dhoni went for the DRS. The same crowd cheered after DRS(Dhoni review system), who had jeered him at Lord's. Finisher in need is DHONI indeed.#HypocriticalLove #INDvENG pic.twitter.com/9HoVBaBqMI — The Accidental Journalist (@joBless_God) July 17, 2018 While the ball was pitched at the right place and landed in-line too, the genius of Dhoni quickly led him to calculate that it has bounced too high and would miss the stumps by a lot. And that was exactly what had happened. 3. Eoin Morgan's Caught Behind Vs England - 1st ODI At MCA Stadium, Pune (15/01/2017) After winning the toss, India decided to bowl first and thanks for some brilliant performances by Englishmen Joe Root, Jason Roy and Ben Stokes, England was able to establish a huge total of 350 runs. Believe it or not, it could have been worse if MS Dhoni had not called for a review on this catch on a Hardik Pandya delivery against the skipper Eoin Morgan. MS Dhoni gets the DRS call Bang on! https://t.co/b181Dg9xp0 — Aditya Pandey (@adityapandey148) January 24, 2019 While on Pandya's appeal after Dhoni's excellent catch, the umpire immediately said “no”, Dhoni was certain that Morgan had to go. As soon as the keeper called for a review, Kohli obliged and the review went upstairs. With audio-inspection and slow motion, the third umpire was finally able to see what Dhoni saw with his naked eyes asked Morgan to go back to the locker room. 4. Saving Yuvraj Singh Vs England At Barabati Stadium, Cuttack (19/01/2017) One of the best Indian partnerships could have been missed out on if it wasn't for Dhoni's supernatural vision. During the second ODI match between India and England early in 2017, Yuvraj Singh was asked to go on a caught behind decision by the umpire. Everyone on the field, including Yuvraj Singh himself, believed that he was out but Dhoni asked for a review even before the umpire made up his mind in favour of the bowler. Decision Review System or Dhoni review system? https://t.co/hy8A2YXCgF — Aditya Pandey (@adityapandey148) January 24, 2019 Upon checking out the footage in slow motion, it was seen that after the ball touch Singh's bat, it went on to bounce once before keeper Jos Buttler caught it. Once the umpire reversed his decision, Singh went on to score 150 while Dhoni scored 134. 5. Chris Lynn's Catch At Slip - CSK Vs KKR at Eden Gardens, Kolkata (03/05/2018) In the first over the innings, when Lungi Ngidi appealed for KKR opener Chris Lynn's catch at slip, the umpire believed that the ball had only touched the pad and Lynn was therefore not out. More or less, everyone was convinced with the decision, everyone but Dhoni, who decided to go for it nonetheless. Dhoni review system on point https://t.co/HtWejye8HB via @ipl — Aditya Pandey (@adityapandey148) January 24, 2019 The bat had just scratched the surface of the ball with an almost inaudible nick which somehow Dhoni heard. Call it sixth-sense of good luck, but what is evident is that no one is better than Dhoni when it comes to following their instinct which has often led to his reviews being on point.
  6. In today's day and age, imagine living a social media nightmare! How absolutely callous do you have to be, right? Well, seems like callousness got the better of 'Baaghi 2' beauty, Disha Patani, who posted a big blunder on her Instagram, unknowingly. © Twitter The actress, who's also known as a social media influencer, posted a promotional video for a mobile phone on her Instagram page. The video was like how all promotional videos are supposed to be- well thought out, where she learns about the good camera quality the phone has and takes pictures of herself while she's in various yoga poses. Unfortunately though, while posting the video on her page, she copy-pasted the wrong text as caption and didn't realise it until she was trolled and ridiculed by her followers for it. © Instagram disha patani is an advertising agency nightmare pic.twitter.com/mlu6gkhure — n (@themdavesaves) 22 January 2019 The wrongly put caption read: “Hey - final video is here. Will mail you the high res video in something so please use that as the final video to be uploaded. Caption below,” Oops, talk about being so heavily distracted, you don't even realise one of the biggest faux-pas that can maybe question your 'influencer' abilities! Obviously her 17 million followers were appalled at her foolishness or were convinced she's an 'advertising agency nightmare'. © Instagram A lot of other followers left no stone unturned and made it a point to comment on her absentmindedness. Here, you can have a chuckle and a large bucket of popcorn while reading some of the comments below. Ctrl C+ Ctrl V isn't enough to copy. It requires brain too ð — Vishesh Arora (@vishesharora19) 22 January 2019 This one steals the show though. Copy Paste kaise karte hai yeh Disha ko Patani — LowCash Rahul (@NayaGamer) 22 January 2019 She's since changed the caption to a regular one and everything else is back to normal or so it seems. Although her fans defended her saying it's probably her team who'd captioned it and not her, we're still a tad doubtful as most celebrities usually manage their own Instagram and Twitter accounts. © Instagram Well, whatever it is, here's hoping against all hope Disha doesn't zone out again and copy-paste some seriously wrong captions at the risk of people asking her 'what are you smoking girl'?, the next time around! For now let's just wish we get to see the fit diva in 'Baaghi 3', with her rumoured bae Tiger Shroff.
  7. Let's talk about pants for a minute. Getting a perfect fit for your pants is more often than not neglected. Men's pants are either too tight or too lose. Normally, less thought is given to how a pair of pants fits than how it looks while the latter is equally pants. You need well-fitted pants not just for achieving a polished outfit but also for your own sake, because well-fitted pants can be really comfortable. Anyway, wearing ill-fitted pants to an interview is a big mistake. I mean the most obvious pointer is that if they're too baggy and falling off like this if you forget a belt one day: via GIPHY Then you get rid of them. But in case you're confused about how to judge what a comfortable pair of pants looks like, here is a guide to help you with that. 1) The Pinch Test © stitch fix man You need to pinch your pants while you're wearing it. Ideally, you should be able to pinch about 1 inch of fabric but not more. If you can pinch more, that means your pants are lose and you should get a smaller size. Your pants should never fit too tight or bend at the knees. 2) The Consistency Test via GIPHY You don't want your pants to be so uncomfortable that you have problems adjusting while sitting and standing up. A pair of pants with the said tightness won't let you move around freely which defeats the purpose of pants. Trust me, if you get the fit right, you won't even realize you're wearing pants. They'll feel like PJs. For that, your pants need to feel consistent around your butt and lower legs. A similar circumference ensures a good fit. 3) Never Trust A Number via GIPHY The waist size that you have might not match with the waist size of some other brand. Within a brand, what is a 36 this year, might not be the same next year. You need to go to the trial room or get fittings done properly. You can't assume your size. Never make that mistake. 4) The No Break Check You need to check if your pants end right above your ankle to create a no-break effect. This complements your body structure, and will make you look taller as well.
  8. In yet another bizarre incident from around the globe, a man is probably dying of shame and embarrassment right now due to his own stupidity. Well, that happens a lot, agreed, but this one particular case is a notch above the rest. © Getty Images A cheating boyfriend is in big trouble because he proposed to the wrong woman! Yep, I wouldn't really discredit this information since he's already been tagged as the 'cheating boyfriend' by all the international tabloids! An anonymous man who already had a girlfriend was having an affair with his colleague as well, and he'd decided to propose to her (the colleague of course). But instead, he ended up proposing to his OG girlfriend on New Year's Eve and we're left wondering, was he high? © Getty Images Well, apparently he wasn't high. He'd planned to break up with his current GF and propose to his colleague, but on NYE, he got carried away when he saw his friends getting engaged and since he was with his current GF then, 'he went with the flow' and asked her to marry him. Oops! Now, the anonymous dufus has taken to Reddit under the pseudonym 'propermistakeregretit' and is asking for legal advice on his dilemma. If I had a rupee for men using Reddit to solve some of their vacuous drama, I'd be a millionaire by now! © Getty Images "I'm seeing someone else, wanted to break up with her. I bought the ring for a work colleague, wasn't planning to propose until the holiday we planned," he wrote. "During New Year's Eve, I proposed to my girlfriend. It's been posted on my friends Snapchat, my girlfriends Facebook page, everywhere. "I saw people proposing so I wanted to go with the flow and proposed to my girlfriend whilst partially p*ssed. "Can I get the ring back and cancel the engagement please?" He wrote. The man expressed his sentiments, with an uncanny sense of feeling absolutely sorry for himself! Not the girl he cheated on, not the girl he didn't propose to, but himself! I mean, he'd marry a mirror if he got a chance to, to fulfil his conceited ego. Obviously, people on Reddit aren't really kind to this form of eccentric misogyny and they came out saying he doesn't have a leg to stand on legally and called out his alarming behaviour as bizarre and ridiculous. I wish there was documented evidence of this rather bizarre happenstance, so we could actually see his expression change to that of horror and shame, after proposing to his poor 'ol GF! © Getty Images The funny bit though is, out of 100 comments on his Reddit, one user by the name of 'AR-legal', summarised the whole thread, saying: "Let me check I've got this straight: "You were planning on proposing to a work colleague when you go on holiday, despite the fact you are still seeing someone you class as your girlfriend. "However, in a twist of fate, you took that engagement ring out with you on New Year's Eve. Either that or you took the wrong girlfriend out. Either way, mistakes were made. "Those mistakes were compounded when you got caught up in the heat of other people's affection and proposed to your (wrong) girlfriend. "Well, from a legal perspective you're sh*t out of luck because a gift is a gift, even when given by a moron. "However, there is a solution: tell your (current/accidental) fiancée about the mistake. Honesty may actually be your best policy here because I suspect that the realisation that you are such an utter fungus of a person will lead her to take the ring off and fling it. "If you're lucky, you may be able to find it and then can give your ex-fiancée's sloppy seconds to your bit on the side. "And what a lucky girl she will be!" Well, if you're wondering what he actually did, he gave in his notice at work and decided to stick to his actual GF, oops I mean his fiancé (now), while keeping his other affair a secret, still. Seriously, are you KIDDING ME? © Getty Images "I've known my girlfriend longer and my mum gave me a call saying she's happy and she's always wanted grandchildren and what not so I didn't want to disappoint my mum," he wrote. We're done with 'writing about extremely stupid people' today, so I am going to take a breather or two and move on to my next piece of writing. But, seriously, this man deserves a medal and some inspirational piece of logic and common sense.
  9. If you're in love with someone, it's mostly because you're attracted to one or more of the inherent qualities the person possesses. Either you're attracted to their outward beauty or you've fallen for certain traits the person has. Whatever your reason is, you find a way to justify what love means to you, when it comes to her. © Fox Searchlight Pictures But sometimes people may be truly undulating in the symphony of love without realising the person they're in love with, is absolutely wrong for them. Or even if they're aware of it, coming out of it is an entire process in itself. But most people don't realise they're in love with the wrong person, because they're more attached to the feeling of being in love, than the person itself. Let's face it, not all relationships, dynamics, equations and feelings are meant to be and that's okay to accept. It's okay to accept only because you have to protect your own heart first. © Getty images So, to simplify this further, we have listed down 5 researched and scientific facts to tell you when the person you're in love with, is wrong for you: (1) When The Relationship/Dynamic Is Taking A Toll On Your Mental Health If you feel heaviness within you and you seem to be unhappy most times, maybe the feeling is a derivate of the relationship you're in? This is the first sign of unhappiness and is absolutely non-negotiable. Your mental state is the most important thing and if you feel it's slipping away circumstantially, you need to either step up and change things around or cut the source entirely off. © Getty images (2) When You're Always The One Compromising While we all have our individuality, and that's a great thing, in a relationship it's always best to work as a team. That's because both the sides have needs. Some basic and some complex and the partner(s) always have to compromise to ensure the others needs are met. But if you're constantly stepping forward and compromising all the time wherein she's not willing to budge, does she really want to make an effort for you? That's something to think about for sure, isn't it? © Getty images (3) When The Person Keeps Feeding Your Insecurities There will be a time where you'll realise that your insecurities don't have a standstill or a place they can disappear to. The person you're with doesn't make an effort to give you closure on certain things and sometimes, it becomes an issue of trust. If she's constantly feeding off of your insecurities, it's about time to let go of her and move on because that's the trait of a toxic parasite. © Getty images (4) When Your Family & Friends Don't Like Her Much Every time she's around either your family or your friends, they always have a disapproving look on their face and it's there for a reason. Maybe she did something they didn't like and didn't apologise, maybe she doesn't respect them enough or maybe they just don't get the right vibe from her. It's still fine when one or two people from your friend circle or your family sense it, but a bunch of them being uncomfortable around her is a certain red flag! © Getty images (5) When Your Fights & Arguments Never Find A Resolve While it's healthy to fight in a relationship, most times, it's not healthy to sweep things under the rug and not resolve them then and there. Most times, the things you sweep under the rug come out at some point and become even more fierce in nature, for any relationship. A healthy fight is something that can be talked out and let go once and for all. It's not supposed to accumulate into something bigger in the future and if that happens often, and there's no resolve to it, the relationship or the person isn't really the right fit. © Getty images It's always for the best if you figure out these tell-tale sign early off with the person, before you get more involved with them. It'll definitely hurt lesser and take lesser time to get over. Not everyone is suited for you and you really need to pick and choose wisely in today's day and age in order to have a successful and sustainable relationship with them.
  10. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been trending in the last few quarters. Similarly, the hot word back in 2014-15 was "wearable". This included any gadget we could wear -- smartwatch, smart band, spectacles, ring, clothing, shoes, and more. For decades we've seen sci-fi movies featuring wearable technology, and so we expected the boom to be huge. But the segment has received a lukewarm response and is still counted as a niche category. Remember the time when tablets were a huge deal and expected to take over the world? Sure, tablets too are selling in millions, but these sales are nothing when compared to smartphones. Phones have been leading the consumer market forever now, and there's no sign of stopping it. What is stopping wearables from gaining traction? When will this segment become mainstream? And, who are the current industry leaders? Here's everything you need to know! 1. Very Limited Practicality © Samsung Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier are among the most powerful smartwatches, but in day-to-day life, you barely find any use. Except for passive health tracking and HR, you get notifications delivered to your wrist. That's it. If you go for the Apple Watch LTE variant, independent calling is possible, but that's exactly why it's niche market. Nobody wants to spend so much on a "smartwatch" when they have an equivalent phone and can spend the same amount on a luxury watch, that commands more class. © Apple There is no doubt that they have made daily tracking very simple and it's extremely helpful for fitness freaks, but when the same functionality can be ported to a "band" as well, then what's the use of a smartwatch? Remember Google Glass? It was a smart spectacle that had a small HUD (Heads Up Display) along with a camera. It failed. While the failure was because of different reasons, consumers just couldn't understand the practical use of wearing a small display right in front of you. 2. They Are Too Expensive © BCCL The Apple Watch Series 4 will easily cost you an upward of Rs 40,000. For the same price, you can get a flagship OnePlus 6T, or some more and even an iPhone. Why would one want to spend so much on a timepiece that has limited functionality when a complete phone is available? Even if we consider other gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier, it costs at least Rs 25,000. On the other hand, smart bands cost just a fraction of the amount and are capable of detecting HR. Companies like Fitbit are concentrating on health and fitness, while WearOS OEMs are very confused about what they want to do. This leaves behind an enormous vacuum in the pricing slabs, there are a lot of affordable smart bands, and ultra-expensive smartwatches, but no middle ground. 3. Stupidly Low Battery Life © iGeeksBlog Even after buying an Apple Watch, you'll have to charge it every day. Same applies to almost every other smartwatch out there, exceptions being the Amazfit Pace and Fitbit Versa. But, while the two offer battery life, they offer no feature except for notifications and passive health tracking. Even though the charging time is considerably less, the point is about having to remove the watch, plug it in and follow the routine every day. Also, you won't be able to go more than a day without the charger. 4. They Need To Stop Looking Nerdy © BCCL Apple Watch has a class-leading design, so does the Samsung Galaxy S3 Frontier and Gear Sport. Fitbits are built for intensive activities and are more on the ergonomic end. Fossil does a splendid job as well. But, pretty much all other WearOS devices suck in terms of design. If you want to make a segment mainstream, stop making it look like it's built for a niche crowd - "the nerds". The phase is gone, a normal consumer wants flaunting rights. And, rectangular plastic design's are not helping the cause. 5. Privacy Matters © Mashable There have been a lot of concerns regarding one's privacy around wearables. Like I said earlier, the Google Glass has been mired in controversy thanks to the little camera it had. Nobody wants a real-time camera watching or recording them without permission, especially when an individual is in control of it. Snapchat's Spectacles are built for exactly the same audience, record as much as you can, but it has an LED on the front to notify others. There have been multiple incidents when hackers got into wearable devices and collected GPS as well as health data of soldiers who resided in an army base. Germany has barred the sale of activity trackers to children and more concerns are always brewing.
  11. It is not uncommon to see stories of bodybuilders dying young these days in the pursuit of getting huge. Just a few months ago, Dennis McCarver, a supposed legend in the making was found dead due to choking on food. Though that was the given reason, many consider it as a mere cover-up story as he had a huge battling past with a lot of medical issues due to the abuse of anabolic steroids. © YouTube The usage of drugs to look a certain way and to compete in bodybuilding has become very normal. And these drugs come with side effects, the most common of them being. 1. High cholesterol 2. Elevated blood pressure 3. Liver and Kidney damage 4. Enlarged organs 5. Acne 6. Shut down of natural hormonal production These side effects should be reasons enough for people to not risk their lives to look a certain way. Sadly, that is not the case. Bodybuilders, especially young enthusiasts who would do anything to become more muscular are looking at novel ways to add new ingredients to the cocktail of chemicals brewing under their skin. The Rise Of AMP5 As A Pre-Workout Steroid Recently, a case of a 21-year old youth got covered in a national newspaper where it was shown that AMP5 was introduced to him by his gym trainer. The drug was introduced with the promise that if he takes it regularly, it will help him win bodybuilding championships. Naive as most youngsters are, he started taking it. AMP5 is a drug that was actually meant for horses to increase their work capacity. The drug was given to them so that they could take on more workload and put in more labor. AMP5 was first used on racehorses to improve performance and make them run faster during derbies. As people gained knowledge that it increased the performance by increasing blood circulation, bodybuilders started experimenting with it pre-shows where they would be very low on energy. Once they figured out that it gave them amazing boosts of energy, they started taking it as a pre-workout as well. Hence, AMP5 made its way into the local body building scene. © YouTube Like the other drugs, AMP5 also has very disturbing side-effects. The common ones being an addiction, development of dependency, mood alteration, low blood pressure, altering heart beating rhythm, depression, etc. The moral of the story being that drugs are harmful and you should not be using them just on the suggestions of your gym trainer. They are not doctors and nor the people to be advising or recommending medical drugs to people going to the gym. And if you do choose to do drugs (I would not recommend it anyway), do take this discussion up with your family doctor or medical practitioner and not take any Tom, Dick, or Harry's advice on how to use it.
  12. Despite his struggles with the willow, Mahendra Singh Dhoni continues to be a vital cog for the Indian cricket team in limited-overs cricket. While his brilliant glovework behind the stumps continues to brand him as one of the best wicket-keepers in the business, his know-how of the game still allows him to set the field and give valuable advice to the bowlers. Dhoni may no longer be the Team India captain, but Virat Kohli trusts his experience so much that he blindly backs the Jharkhand cricketer's calls for the Decision Review System (DRS). And, going by Dhoni's knack for getting the DRS right, not many dare to question the former Indian captain on the DRS calls. © BCCL But, the fifth and final ODI between India and West Indies saw one man, not only questioning Dhoni's judgement, but eventually proving the master tactician wrong on the DRS call. Ravindra Jadeja, who shares a close bond and good rapport with Dhoni, trumped the 37-year-old on a review that impressed everyone, including MSD. It was the 16th over of West Indies' innings when Shimron Hetmyer got struck on the pad close to the stumps. Jadeja and his teammates immediately went up in appeal, but umpire Anil Chaudhary denied the appeal. While Kohli and Dhoni were still mulling the idea of going for a review, Jadeja was convinced that the on-field umpire got it wrong. Dhoni was not sure but Sir Jadeja says it's out. Jaddu supersedes Dhoni and it's hitting the stumps. A reluctant review pays off. pic.twitter.com/IXdINbkqQ7 — This is HUGE! (@ghanta_10) November 1, 2018 Though Dhoni was convinced that it was not worth a review, Jadeja remained adamant that they bring third umpire Ian Gould into play. In a bid to avoid wasting a review, Dhoni even yelled at Jadeja for not forcing the third umpire's intervention. But, the Saurashtra cricketer insisted Kohli to go for a review after their animated discussion. Going against Dhoni, especially on DRS, is not something anyone recommends, but the replays suggested that Jadeja was indeed right on his call. The ball had pitched in line, beating the bat to hit Hetmyer right in front of the stumps and the hawk-eye suggested that it would have gone on to hit the middle stump. As soon as the replays confirmed Hetmyer's dismissal, the Indian fans cheered in the stands and Dhoni, for once, chuckled for being proved wrong. Boasting an unassailable 2-1 lead in the five-match series, Team India didn't break a sweat to clinch a nine-wicket win against the Windies in the final ODI. While Windies' mediocre total of 104 runs - thanks to Jadeja's four-wicket haul - was never going to be a problem for a strong batting side like India, the sublime form of Rohit Sharma (63*) and Kohli (33*) ensured India finished the ODI series in style, with a 3-1 win.
  13. You may have seen a lot of supposed weight loss experts, who keep posting statements on the lines of 'lose weight how, ask me now!' across the internet. They claim that you will lose weight without exercising or even watching the diet. No efforts weight loss guaranteed and more ridiculous claims. Now, these people are the worst representatives of fitness and are doing a disservice to the industry by harming people. I, personally, find them intolerable and their claims, outright ridiculous and misleading. The reason I detest them is them selling unwanted or rather harmful things to gullible people in the name of weight loss aids. © Thinkstock The Intolerably Fake Business Of Meal Replacement Most of these aids are meal replacement shakes and are sold on the premise of you buying them, using a shit ton of them, and then you selling the same stuff to others. A famous company that we can't name here basically does exactly this. The legend goes that you take one serving of this shake in some skimmed milk in place of your meals along with the pills, and you will start losing weight. Sounds easy, right? So What's In These Shakes? When you look at these shakes, they contain around 120 to 130 kcals per shake when taken with skimmed milk. Take this say three to four times a day and you are consuming around 500 to 600 calories for the ENTIRE day. And if you really want to compare how many calories you actually eat per meal in terms of other food options, it may be one medium sized banana along with 3 to 4 almonds. Yup, that's about it! That is no way sufficient food and you definitely cannot live on such small portions for long. And if you just ate that much food for the day, say 3 to 4 bananas and 10 to 12 almonds, you will end up losing weight either way, because you simply cut out major calories. The problems that I have with these shakes are: © Pixabay 1. They Are Not Fixing The Real Issue You are overweight because you have no control over your food intake or you do not exercise or a combination of the two. By having this quick fix at disposal, you are going to lose some weight, fall back to your old habits and gain back all the weight. What did it really fix? Absolutely nothing! 2. Ignorance Your nutrition habits are already terrible and re-educating yourself and aligning your actions and forming better habits should be your goal. But you'd rather choose to ignore that and run for a new solution every time you see it. Along with that, you will still consider creatine a steroid. 3. The 'Magic Pill' mentality For you, it will be one of the many such ditches you'd dip into, to lose some weight magically. It will be this shake for some, then a new fat burner on the market, then the new fad diet, then the new organic eating lifestyle. You would rather burn down your health and burn your pockets over getting the basics correct and fixing the problems once and for all. Author bio: Pratik Thakkar is the co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is regarded as someone who will make it easy for you to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can reach out to him at pratik@getsetgo.fitness and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.
  14. One of the most enigmatic players of the cricketing world, Pakistan's all-rounder Shahid Afridi has impressed his fans both on and off the field. He joined Pakistan's ODI squad as a mere 16-year-old and went on to strike a 37-ball century in the very second ODI of his cricket career, when he played against Sri Lanka in 1996. © Reuters Known to have been a crowd-puller with his sensational batting skills, he provided consistent entertainment and performance that made him an instant hit amongst the crowd as Boom Boom Afridi and now we know how he got the name! © Reuters With an on-field vigour coupled with a reckless streak, Afridi popularly came to be known as 'Boom Boom Afridi' who could dismantle the opposition's bowling attacks with his hard-hitting sixes. We've seen him charge through the game and been impressed by his calibre to completely decimate his opponents with a scorecard of gigantic 351 sixes in 398 ODIs and 73 sixes in just 99 T20Is! Super impressive, we say. © Reuters But if like us, you've always wonder how he came to be known as 'Boom Boom Afridi', then your wait is over, because all the insider deets have been revealed. In a recent interaction with his fans on Twitter, a fan asked him who had christened him 'Boom Boom Afridi': #AskLala who gave you the title #BoomBoomð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ð¥ — Talha Attiqueð¥ (@Ch_Talha10) August 26, 2018 And Afridi responded to his fan with this: Ravi Shastri — Shahid Afridi (@SAfridiOfficial) August 26, 2018 Before donning the hat of India's chief coach, Ravi Shastri had been an established cricket commentator. However, his current role has kept him away from the commentary box but we presume it must have been during one of his stints as a commentator that Ravi Shastri decided to nickname Afridi so. © Reuters It's great to finally know how he got the name and now we can put the nagging question to rest with this exposé from the man himself.
  15. After being forced to endure the tag of the second-best team, Manchester United and their fans were hoping to put their problems behind and focus on the new season. Amid the ever-growing rumours of Paul Pogba's departure and Jose Mourinho's incompetence to deliver the goods as manager, the Red Devils managed to get off to a perfect start by beating Leicester City 2-1 at Old Trafford. Despite Mourinho's rift with the United board over signings this summer, their triumph over the Foxes was a much-needed boost for the players and carried a promise of good things to come this season. But, contrary to popular perception and to the sheer horror of their fans, Man Utd returned to their mediocre performance in only the second game of the season. Locking horns with a team that was only promoted to the Premier League in 2016/17 season, United were picked apart, especially in defence, that eventually paved way for their farcical 3-2 defeat against Brighton & Hove Albion - the same team that had survived relegation by beating Mourinho's side last season. © Reuters Sloppy defending at the back and a lack of desire and work ethic from the players were the main ingredients of United's debacle at the Amex. One of England's most famous club rarely resembled a team with serious intent on winning the title, conceding three goals in a first half for the first time since Louis van Gaal presided over a collapse against Arsenal in October 2015. In 2016, Mourinho had spent a reported 31 million pounds for Benfica's Victor Lindelof and another 30 million pounds for Villarreal's Eric Bailly to fix his defensive woes. But, on 20th August, the two men responsible for the job turned out to be so poor that it beggared belief. Anthony Martial's listlessness was quite pivotal, while star man Paul Pogba looked far from the world beater. Paul Pogba has given a VERY honest assessment of Manchester United... pic.twitter.com/Z1mZE4nT1V — Match of the Day (@BBCMOTD) August 20, 2018 On the other hand, there was nothing revolutionary about Brighton's tactics. Chris Hughton's team kept it pretty simple: quick to the ball, string in challenge and brave to commit players forward. Glenn Murray opened the scoring in the 25th minute for the Seagulls, while Shane Duffy capitalised on more atrocious defending two minutes later. Romelu Lukaku managed to cut the deficit after nodding Luke Shaw's bouncing volley past Mathew Ryan in the 34th minute, but their efforts to stage a comeback were put to rest by Bailly who needlessly chopped down Pascal Gross in the box, allowing the German midfielder to make it 3-1 from the spot kick. © Reuters With time running out in the second half, United got their second goal through slotted it home via a penalty after Duffy clattered Marouane Fellaini in the box. But, a goal in additional time was clearly not enough for the Red Devils who slumped to a disappointing 3-2 defeat in the end. Such was their performance that Jamie Redknapp, former United star, minced no words in labelling it as one of their worst performances he has seen in 10 years. “If I'm being honest, I thought it was one of the worst Manchester United performances I've seen in 10 years,” Brazil, who made 31 league appearances for United, said. The mood of Man Utd fans was no different either as they took to the social media to express their anger at the team. When does pre-season end for Manchester United then? — Liam Canning (@LiamPaulCanning) August 20, 2018 Manchester United: one of those teams you watch and wonder what on Earth they do in training all week. — Adam Crafton (@AdamCrafton_) August 19, 2018 The last time Manchester United won a match by 5 or more goals was August, 2011. âð´ Since then Manchester City have done it 21 times. âðµ ð pic.twitter.com/c5xIcip1RL — Football Tweet (@Football__Tweet) August 20, 2018 Manchester City 6-1 Huddersfield. Brighton 3-2 Manchester United. The new reality. — Liam Canning (@LiamPaulCanning) August 19, 2018 The luckiest United fans are the ones who died before 2013 — Abraham Khatera (@abrahamkhatera) August 20, 2018 Highlights of Manchester United against Brighton for those who missed it pic.twitter.com/Eau5ROWAsB — UNDERRATED NINJA (@iamjoseh_) August 20, 2018 Manchester United players when they go to training: - Arrive. - Get changed. - Play hide and seek on the training pitch. - Tweet 'Training was great guys, can't wait for the game on the weekend â¤ï¸â½ï¸' - Do the Dele Alli challenge. - Eat some food. - Go Home. - Repeat. — Ryan. ð´ (@Vintage_Utd) August 19, 2018 Pogba for France ð«ð· vs Pogba for Manchester United ð¹ pic.twitter.com/17CDxqoYh3 — Ricky (@notriky) August 20, 2018 To all the Manchester United fans please Brighton uppp ððð — John Dammy (@johndamii) August 20, 2018 Imran Khan even mentioned Manchester United fans in his speech: "45% bacho ki growth nahi hoti aur dimag chotay reh jaty hain." — تÙصÛÙ (@livelyflamingo) August 19, 2018 There's only 1 explanation as to why this happened... He's a Manchester United fan. pic.twitter.com/hWWbqIyWR7 — Dean (@DViperz_) August 19, 2018